Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan, 2013 - 2016 - Monroe County Sheriff's ...
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Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan, 2013 - 2016 - Monroe County Sheriff's ...

Monroe County Sheriff ’s OfficeStrategic Plan 2013 - 2016

MissionIt is the mission of the Monroe County Sheriff’sOffice to suppress, prevent and deter crime with therelentless pursuit of all criminals as a top priority. We willoperate safe and professional detention and court securityservices throughout the Keys. We are dedicated to keepingour communities and roadways safe while providing thehighest quality of service to our residents and visitors. WEARE committed to the Keys!VisionOur vision is to enhance the quality of life in theFlorida Keys through strong community partnerships,in a way that maintains the public trust. The men andwomen of the Monroe County Sheriff’s office will pursuethe highest standards of Law Enforcement Excellence ineverything we do.• Honesty• ProfessionalismCore Values• Commitment to CommunityJurisdictional AreaThe Florida Keys are a chain of islands extendingsouth and west from the southern tip of Florida. TheMonroe County Sheriff’s Office is the primary lawenforcement agency providing service to the residents ofthe county. The agency’s jurisdictional area extends fromthe Monroe County line at the 112 mile marker of U.S.One (including County Road 905 and a portion of CardSound Road) to the island of Key West at the five milemarker of the same highway. The agency is also chargedwith operating county detention facilities and serving civilpapers in the entire county.The Sheriff’s Office has its main headquartersbuilding, and its main detention center just outside ofKey West on Stock Island. The county is broken up intodistricts, including the Lower Keys (District One), theMiddle Keys (Districts Four and Five), Islamorada (DistrictSix) and the Upper Keys (District Seven).While the Sheriff’s Office is the primary lawenforcement agency for Monroe County, other local, stateand federal agencies also operate in the Florida Keys.The Florida Highway Patrol investigates most accidentson Keys’ roadways. The Florida Fish and WildlifeConservation Commission takes care of most waterbornelaw enforcement activities. The Naval Air Station, locatedin the Lower Keys, has its own security force. The city ofKey West has its own police force, as does the city of KeyColony Beach. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with alllaw enforcement agencies in the Keys, and enjoys a goodworking relationship with all of them.General InformationThe Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has 543employees, including 192 road patrol deputies, 131corrections officers, 160 support staff and 60 employeesin our South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areaoffice.1TavernierPlantationKey LargoIslamoradaStock IslandBig Pine KeyMarathon1Key Colony BeachLaytonIslamoradaSubstationKey Largo storefront,Murray Nelson BuildingRoth Building, Plantation KeyPlantation Key Detention CenterKey WestFreeman SubstationCudjoe KeyHeadquarters andStock Island Detention CenterDepartment of Juvenile JusticeMarathon SubstationMarathon Detention CenterAviation DivisionSpecial Investigations/HIDTA

Sheriff’s Office LocationsHeadquarters: Located at 5525 College Roadon Stock Island, the headquarters building houses allmain administrative offices responsible for day-to-dayoperations, including the Finance Division, HumanResources, Records and Warrants Division, the CivilDivision, Internal Affairs, Information Systems, theTraining Division, the Legal Division, the CommunityRelations Division and Professional Standards. Detectivesworking Lower Keys cases also have an office atheadquarters. The Property Division is housed separatelyat the courthouse complex in Key West at 500 WhiteheadStreet.Marathon Substation: The Marathon Substation, at3103 Overseas Highway, mile marker 48.7 in the city ofMarathon, houses Middle Keys road patrol and detectives.There is a satellite Records Office and Property Division,as well as a civil deputy assigned to the substation. DistrictFour includes the city of Marathon, from the 40 milemarker, on the Seven Mile Bridge to Tom’s Harbor CutBridge at the 60.5 mile marker of Highway U.S. One; andDistrict Five runs from Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge to theIslamorada city limits, at the 74 mile marker of HighwayU.S. One. The Sheriff’s Communications office is also inMarathon, in the Florida state building at 2796 OverseasHighway at the 47.5 mile marker.Marathon SubstationHeadquarters Building, Stock IslandDepartment of Juvenile Justice : The DJJ buildingis located adjoining the sheriff’s main detention facilityat 5503 College Road, Stock Island. The first floor isdedicated to a juvenile detention facility run by theDepartment of Juvenile Justice. The second floor housesthe sheriff’s main Supply Office, Juvenile Programs Unit,Victim’s Advocates and an office for detectives with theSheriff’s Major Crimes Unit, as well as a fully equippedgymnasium used by sheriff’s employees.Freeman Substation - Cudjoe Key: The FreemanSubstation, at 20950 Overseas Highway, is at the 21 milemarker of U.S. One, on Cudjoe Key. It is home to LowerKeys Road Patrol and two detectives who work LowerKeys cases. District One runs from the city limits of KeyWest at the 4 mile marker to the 40 mile marker on theSeven Mile Bridge.Freeman Substation, Cudjoe KeyAviation Division Headquarters: The Aviationhanger, home to the Sheriff’s Aviation Division, is onthe grounds of the Marathon Airport at 10100 OverseasHighway at the 52 mile marker. In addition to housingSheriff’s Office aircraft, it provides a home to the sheriff’smobile command post and firearm’s trailer. The buildinghas training classroom, and a gymnasium used by sheriff’semployees.Aviation Headquarters, MarathonSpecial Operations Division and High IntensityDrug Trafficking Area: This building, at the north endof Marathon, houses detectives assigned to work specifictypes of crimes including narcotics and major crimesincluding homicide, sexual battery and child abuse. VictimAdvocates are housed here, as is the sheriff’s intelligenceofficer. The Monroe High Intensity Drug TraffickingArea group (HIDTA) also works out of this building,coordinating long-term money laundering, racketeeringand other types of investigations involving the cooperativeinvolvement of local, state and federal law enforcementagencies.

Monroe County Sheriff’s OfficeOrganizational ChartSheriffSheriff's Aide General CounselDirector CommunityRelations / PIOUndersheriffCommander,Professional StandardsCitizen’s Crime WatchInternal AffairsSchool Resource OfficersAccreditationSchool Crossing GuardsStaff InspectionsJuvenile DiversionMonroe HIDTAAnimal Farm /LandscapingAirport OperationsChiefBureau of AdministrationMajorBureau of Law EnforcementMajorBureau of CorrectionsExecutive DirectorFinanceGrants Administration /Risk ManagementDirector Property &EvidenceDirectorInformation ManagementDirector CommunicationsServices & ProgramsExecutive DirectorHuman ResourcesDistrict OneCommanderDistrict SixCommanderSupport ServicesCommanderDistrict Four/FiveCommanderDistrict Seven/Ocean ReefCommanderReserve UnitKey West SecuritySite CommanderPlantation KeyAccreditationCaptainOperationsSite CommanderKey VacaDirectorProgramsFinancial AssistantDirector of RecordsUpdated 02/25/2013

Goal #1: To suppress, prevent and deter crime inMonroe CountyStrategies:• Increase the number of active crime watches county-wide.• Conduct crime prevention education programs for the community.• Assist in business and residential security efforts.• Attend homeowner’s association meetings with crime updates andinformation.• Produce weekly crime tips for distribution to local printed and radiomedia sources.• Develop a Marina Watch system by which local marinas are tied together via a blast email system that notifiesmarinas of crime trends related to boats and marinas.• Initiate crime intelligence meetings with the District Commanders and the Major of Law Enforcement to discussand combat crime trends.• Enhance partnerships to improve effectiveness in dealing with mentally ill people with the goal of reducing arrestsof the mentally ill when possible.Goal #2: The relentless pursuit of all criminalsStrategies:• Identify areas in each district where crime is problematic and conduct specific enforcement activities to reducecrime in those areas.• Apprehend known criminals with active arrest warrants.• Develop a pick-up list on the intra-net which allows detectives and officers to post suspects they have activeprobable cause to arrest for all other officers tosee.• Develop informants that will enable officers anddetectives to arrest local drug dealers and users.• Corrections will research and provide road patrolofficers and detectives with information pertainingto suspect bulletins issued by the law enforcementbureau to identify suspects of crimes.• Corrections will aggressively and meticulouslysearch for outstanding warrants on jail arresteesprior to their release from jail.

Goal #3: Operate safe and professional detentionand court security servicesStrategies:• Provide in-house jail programs to reduce recidivism rates.• Explore the implementation of a video visitation system forinmates.• Provide life skills education programs for inmates to assistin re-entry into the community.• Provide substance abuse and mental health educationservices for inmates.• Develop a security plan for courthouses and jailtransportation officers.• Implement PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) standardswithin our facilities.• Implement ACA core jail standards in the main jail facilityin Key West.Goal #4: Keep our communities and roadways safefor all citizens and visitorsStrategies:• Implement marine safety educationprograms.• Focus traffic enforcement efforts onidentified high risk areas.• Conduct directed traffic enforcementoperations for aggressive driving,impaired driving, and speeding.• Conduct school zone enforcement.• Enforce bicycle safety laws.• Develop a website based reporting systemfor community traffic concerns.

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