Smiley Heights
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Smiley Heights

Smiley HeightsAn Urban Traditional NeighborhoodDevelopment

Smiley Heights: An Urban TraditionalNeighborhood Development• Opportunity for a major redevelopment and pioneeringproject in the urban center of Baton Rouge• Led and anchored by educational institutions• Dynamic project will assist in addressing a variety ofcommunity needs by: Helping to reduce public school drop out rateCreating a cooperative endeavor between BRCCand EBR School System Providing education and training for skilled labor Repopulating our urban core Helping to reduce inner city crime rate Mitigating traffic congestionProviding for mixed-income housing

Smiley Heights: An Urban TraditionalNeighborhood Development• Approximately 200 acres between Ardenwood andLobdell near Baton Rouge Community College, BonCarre Business Center, and Baton Rouge GeneralMedical Center – Mid City• Will provide mix of educational institutions, retail,commercial and housing in a green, walk-able setting• Integrate ~54 acres of wetlands as green spaceamenity, including hiking and biking trails

Smiley Heights: An Urban TraditionalNeighborhood Development• RDA will engage consultants and an experienceddeveloper to master plan the vision and site• Anchored by two educational institutions: The Career Academy (EBRPSS), and Baton Rouge Community College’s East Campus• These institutions will be wrapped with supporting retail,commercial, residential and recreational development tocreate a Traditional Neighborhood Development in theurban core of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Community CollegeEast Campus• Louisiana’s community colleges and technical schoolshave doubled in enrollment over the last five years• BRCC currently has over 8,400 students with projectedgrowth to be nearly 11,000 by 2014 – the second largestcampus in EBR• Current BRCC campus has limited expansion options• Acreage to be donated to BRCC will serve as its eastcampus

RDA will engage consultants to: Develop a master plan for the site that integrates allof the desired uses in an attractive, transit-orientedand walk-able community Establish design guidelines to preserve and protectthe character of the development Propose a prioritized, market-based implementationstrategy, beginning with the construction of theeducational institutions

East Baton Rouge Parish School SystemEBRPSS Next Steps for Career Education Center:1. Formally commit to constructing the CEC at Smiley Heights2. Develop a timeline for design and construction3. Identify amount of acreage needed from RDARDA Next Steps:1. RDA to donate the property for the CEC2. RDA staff and consultants to work with EBRPSS on planningand design3. RDA will build out infrastructure for entire development

Smiley HeightsAn Urban Traditional NeighborhoodDevelopment—Reduce the dropout rate—Increase economicopportunity—Decrease crime—Foster collaborationbetween schools—Offer mixed incomehousing—Implement FuturEBR Plan

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