view the December 22, 2011 issue as a PDF. - Woodbury Gazette

view the December 22, 2011 issue as a PDF. - Woodbury Gazette

2 CommunityEDITORIALOh, give thanks to the LORD,for He is good!Happy Hanukkah – MerryChristmas – Happy New YearWe at the Woodbury Gazette wish our Jewish friends a “Happy Hanukkah”,and our Christian friends a “Merry Christmas”, - and aHappy New Year to each and every one of you!What a year! Hurricane and blizzard caused record destruction,and both within twelve months. Homes were destroyed, familieswere displaced, and roads and bridges were closed; only to be reopenedthis month – although Route 105 is still closed until nextMarch.But, an opportunity arose from these horrible trials. Citizens ofWoodbury came together to relieve those in distress.Last year at this time, I gave praise to Woodbury’s emergency respondersin my editorial. What can we say now! Firemen and policeofficers worked around the clock in the torrential rains to rescuepeople from their flooded homes. Highway personnel blocked offdangerous roads that were washed away. Firemen were pumpingmuddy water out of basements for days. Town Councilman JamesSkoufis and others worked tirelessly to collect clothing, funds andfood for the dispossessed. Tom Bompensiero worked with theWoodbury Community Association as he organized the largest fundraiser ever held by the organization. They distributed significantfunds that were welcome help to many families. The same dedicationwas found with the Women of Woodbury, and the local churches.There is not enough space to highlight all of the many goodmen and women who contributed time and treasure to help theirneighbors.The bible tells us about how God wants us to live. Jesus explained,“…thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with allthy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength. The second(great commandment) is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor asthyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”As we celebrate God’s greatness this Christmas and during thisHanukkah celebration, we can thank Him for his past mercy andgrace, and we can ask Him now for guidance in the New Year. Thisis another opportunity.Have a blessed holiday!From the staff at the Woodbury GazetteChris ScibelliB R O K E R / O W N E RCSA REALTY GROUP, LLCServingMonroe-WoodburySince 1977 Residential Commercial Business Brokerage Land Development Property ManagementDIVISION OF2004 Route 17M, Goshen, NY 10924845-928-8000Email: Web: ChrisScibelli.comFacebook: MotorsYour Complete Auto Care Center.24 Hour Towing and Recovery.845-928-3088Highland Mills, NYSave this phone number70 years ofauto mechanical experience.Gary Emerizy, Joe Oliveri, Ed PriceP.S. We pump the gas for you.December 22, 2011ATTENTION!WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM2012-Town &County Tax Collection-2012Town and County taxes for 2012 will be mailed at the end of December with adue date of January 31, 2012 postmark.Payment can be made in person at the Town Clerk’s office 9AM - 3PM Monday- Fridays, Thursday 9AM - 7:30PM, and Saturdays 9AM - 2PM during themonth of January ONLY. Payment made February 1 through March 31 mustinclude the penalty as indicated on your bill. This year, credit card payments areaccepted.Please contact Carol Herb, Tax Collector, at 928-6062 for information on howto pay by credit card. You are also able to view your tax bill online at There is a three year record of tax bills available online to be viewed forboth Village and Town of Woodbury.Pat Conques EMT,Celebrates35 Years and1500 CallsWoodbury CommunityAmbulance CorpsBy Shawn GrahamDuring its December meeting, the Woodbury Community Ambulancerecognized EMT and resident Pat Conques for recently celebratingher 35th year as a member of the corps. In addition, Pat alsorecently responded to her 1500th call. The officers and membersof the Woodbury Community Ambulance wish to congratulate Patfor reaching these milestones and for her continuing service to theresidents of Woodbury.WINTERCheckupTIMEWater BillNOTICE!Village of WoodburyResidents with MunicipalWater!Water bills were mailed on December 1 and are due,without a penalty, by January 2, 2012.If you did not receive your water bill, you needto call the Water Department at 928-9514 and onewill be mailed to you, or your amount due will beprovided verbally.All water bills not paid by January 2, 2012 will besubject to a 10 percent (%) late fee.Water bills can be paid in person at the TownClerk’s Office or through the mail.

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011Community 3Project Cont. from p. 1Town Board MeetingBy Desiree Potvin, Clerk for the Town of WoodburyWoodbury - Summary of Meeting, December 15, 2011Renewal of Dial-A-Bus Agreement: TheBoard authorized the Supervisor JohnBurke to sign the Dial-A-Bus Agreementwith the Town of Monroe for2012 at a cost of $5000. Services willcontinue to be on Tuesdays. CouncilmanJames Skoufis asked if the agreementcould be amended in the futureto change the service day from Tuesdayto Wednesday. Attorney RichardLiberth stated he did not believe thatwould be an issue, as long as agreed byboth entities.Receipt of 2008 Audit: SupervisorBurke noted the audit of the 2008 financialrecords has been completedand filed. The 2009 audit is expectedto be completed within the next twomonths.Morgan Court Update: JeanetteVanWinkle asked for a status updatefor Morgan Court. Supervisor Burkestated the work is almost completedpursuant to the agreed upon plan andthere is noticeable improvement already.The Building Inspector and hehave been on site daily to inspect thework being done and it is visible thatthe water is draining correctly now.Mrs. VanWinkle asked if the drainagepipes that run along Gregory Laneand Morgan Court will be cleared aswell and Supervisor Burke stated theywould not be as they are owned by theindividual property owners.Saying Goodbye to LeavingOfficials: Councilmen Carlton Levineand Amidee Haviland were each recognizedfor their service during thepast four years and each were wishedthe best of luck in their future endeavors.Both thanked the public for allowingthem to serve and welcomedthe new Board members. HighwaySuperintendent Peter Stabile was recognizedfor his service during the pasteight years, as well as his service tothe Country while enlisted.Village Board MeetingBy Desiree Potvin, Clerk for the Village of WoodburyWoodbury - Summary of Meeting, December 15, 2011Speed Limit on all Village Roads is 30MPH Mayor Queenan reminded thepublic that the speed limit on all Village roads is 30MPH and asked motoriststo use caution when driving through work zones or around schoolbuses.Route 105 RepairApproved by CountyClosed by Irene – will open in MarchBy Ben MeyersGoshen – Kristin Jensen, Assistant to County Executive Diana, informed theWoodbury Gazette that the main road from Highland Mills to Monroe, whichhas been closed since hurricane Irene, will be repaired by early March – weathernot interfering too much. Construction will entail concrete and steel retainingwalls as well as resurfacing the road. This will relieve Roselawn Road from theadditional traffic that it has borne since the storm in August.Woodbury Gazette Contact InformationPO Box 511, Highland Mills, NY 10930845-928-9101editor@woodburygazette.comadvertising@woodburygazette.cominfo@woodburygazette.comwww.woodburygazette.comThe bridge on Ridge Road, another disaster victim of hurricane Irene, has recentlybeen opened to traffic. It had been closed along with that section of CountyRoute 105 creating detours for the area. Residents of Highland Lakes Estatescan now access Monroe, Highland Mills and Central Valley without a circuitousdetour. Earl Reservoir is also easier to reach from the other direction with thebridge’s repair. The Town’s Highway Department, Engineer and Board membersworked diligently since September to get this done.The Park Avenue streambed project is also in its final stage. Nearing the endof construction, it will bring a close totraffic disruption experienced in theHollis and Adams Streets area. Residentsalong the stream have sufferedflooding for years after any significantstorm. With the FEMA aid and alot of engineering, the work done byJorrey Excavating should bring greatrelief to these home owners.Decoration Cont. from p. 1Central Valley – Christian families in Woodbury celebrate the birth of Jesus onChristmas with many variations on decorations. Their homes display, inside andout, evergreen garlands, wreathes and trees highlighted with colorful lights. Ofcourse, Saint Nick or Santa Claus, as depicted by Haddon Sunblom for Coca-Cola, is always a part of Christmas lore and decoration.The Woodbury Gazette’s front page both last year and in our last edition theDeLello’s beautiful display. On Estrada Road, the Phil Nask family has beenwell known for the same tradition over the years. Phil’s wife Marty, Mr. Naskand his son Phil, all share the task when it comes time for display set up. Theirlights are choreographed to change with music, and, if you drive by their house,don’t miss Santa Claus waving to everyone.VolunteerBy volunteering time with yourlocal Red Cross, you will contributeto your community’sblood supply and change lives,starting with your own. TheAmerican Red Cross providesthe fabric that enables ordinaryindividuals to perform extraordinaryservices.Benefits of volunteering➤ You will feel great knowingyou are making a difference.➤ You will meet donors andhear why they give blood orhow blood transfusions havetouched their lives. It maychange your own.➤ You can do good on yourown schedule, volunteer asmuch as and as often as yourschedule permits.➤ You will enjoy flexiblelocations and times.➤ You will become part of a125-year-old tradition ofneighbors helping neighborsin need.Caption: Jorrey Excavationcompany nears completion ofmuch needed work on ParkAvenue’s stream. Residentsshould see relief from ravagescaused be the flood pronestream. Photo by Ben MeyersPediatric OTS O L U T I O N SPediatric OT Solutions,located at 615 Route 32in Highland Mills, offersoccupational therapy servicesindividually or in groups forchildren of all ages. We have aspacious and well equippedsensory gym with professionaland caring therapists trained insensory integration treatment,handwriting skills, InteractiveMetronome, Brain Gym®, andfine/gross motor development.Our small groups areoccupational therapy based andwe focus on having fun withmovement and crafts.Call 845-827-5360for more details.Visit:www.pediatricotsolutions.comto view clinic

December 22, 2011 WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM4 CommunityHoliday Party at the Woodbury Senior CenterCounting days till Santa comes…By Fred UngererThe Woodbury Parks and RecreationCommissioners hosted their annualkids’ holiday party on Saturday, December10th at the Woodbury SeniorCenter in Highland Mills.The children were able to makeand decorate Christmas ornaments,sing and dance to music by DJ BrucePerone, and sit on Santa’s lap to tellhim what they wanted for Christmas.Then they listened to Santa’s readingof “The Night before Christmas”and filled their tummies with sweetgoodies. Everyone went home happy,counting the days till Santa comes totheir house.The Parks Commissioners wouldlike to thank all the volunteers whohelped to make this year’s party asuccess.Mrs. Claus and Santa at work during the Holiday Party atthe Woodbury Senior Center. Photo by Fred UngererWOODBURY LIBRARYPROGRAMS for NEXT WEEKTuesday, December 27th 3-4 p.m.Grades K-5Vacation’s Here! Escape Cabin Fever at the Woodbury Public Library.Play games, enjoy snacks and have an indoor snowball fi ght!Call 928-2114 to sign up.Thursday, December 29th 1:30 - 4 p.m.Grades 6-9Babysitting WorkshopGet Ready to Babysit! Learn about Child Health and Safety,The Business of Babysitting, Child Development,Age-Appropriate Activities and Toys.Call 928-2114 to sign up.The people of Highland MillsYou are invited to join us for Christmas Services654 Route 32 | Highland Mills, NY 10930 | (845) | info@highlandmillsumc.orgChristmas Eve 5:30 pmChristmas Day with Holy Communion 10:00 amWe look forward to welcoming you as we celebrate the birthof our Savior, Jesus. Luke 2:1-20DOGHOUSE TWO DOGS, CHOICE OF GOURMET TOPPINGS, SODA,SPECIAL CURLY FRIES, OR FRENCH FRIES, OR ONION RINGS$6

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011Community 5WOODBURY PUBLIC LIBRARYBABYSITTINGWORKSHOPGrades 6-9Thursday, December 291:30—4 p.m.LEARN ABOUT: Child Health and Safety The Business of Babysitting Child Development Age-AppropriateActivities and ToysCall 928-2114 to sign upVACATION’S HERE!ESCAPE CABIN FEVER!Grades K-5 Tuesday,Dec. 273-4 p.m.Play games, enjoy snacks and havean indoor snowball fight!Call 928-2114 to sign upWishing you alla healthy and a happyHoliday SeasonYour Friends at the Central Valley Pharmacy228 Route 32, Central Valley, NY (845) 928-1117

6 HistoryW E E K D A Y S P E C I A LPrix Fixe Menu**** $ 20 95 ****(plus tax & gratuity)Menu includes–Choice of Appetizer, Tossed Salad,Choice of Entrée, & Choice of Dessert w/Coffee or Tea for theabove price. Available Monday through Thursday,4:30 to 7:30, only.(Choices can only be selected from this menu, no substitutions)Appetizer ChoicesEggplant RollatiniBaked Stuffed ClamsStuffed MushroomsRoasted Peppers & Fresh MozzarellaSteamed MusselsSaladA tossed garden salad with house vinegarette dressingEntrée ChoicesShrimp Scampi over LinguiniSole Francese w/Rice & VegetablesPenne ala Vodka w/Grilled ChickenChicken Marsala w/Rice & VegetablesVeal Parmigiana w/ LinguiniBoneless Strip Steak w/ potatoes & vegetablesDessert ChoicesN.Y. Style CheesecakePeach MelbaMini Homemade CanoliCoffee or TeaGift Certificates Availble for ChristmasLike Us on Facebook-Mario’sRoute 32, Highland Mills, NY 10930845-928-2805 www.mariosny.comDecember 22, 2011On this day in 1783, following the signingof the Treaty of Paris, General GeorgeWashington resigns as commander inchief of the Continental Army and retiresto his home at Mount Vernon, Virginia.Washington addressed the assembledCongress: “Happy in the confirmation ofour independence and sovereignty, andpleased with the opportunity afforded theUnited States of becoming a respectablenation, I resign with satisfaction the appointmentI accepted with diffidence; adiffidence in my abilities to accomplishso arduous a task; which however was supersededby a confidence in the rectitudeof our cause, the support of the supremepower of the Union, and the patronage ofHeaven.Washington’s willingness to return tocivilian life was an essential element inthe transformation of the War for Independenceinto a true revolution. During thewar, Congress had granted Washingtonpowers equivalent to those of a dictator andhe could have easily taken solitary controlof the new nation. Indeed, some politicalfactions wanted Washington to become thenew nation’s king. His modesty in decliningthe offer and resigning his military postat the end of the war fortified the republicanfoundations of the new nation.Although he asked nothing for himself,Washington did enter a plea on behalf ofhis officers:“While I repeat my obligations to theWWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COMAmerican RevolutionDecember 23, 1783George Washington resigns asCommander in Chief, 228 Years agoarmy in general, I should do injustice tomy own feelings not to acknowledge, inthis place, the peculiar services and distinguishedmerits of the gentlemen who havebeen attached to my person during the war.It was impossible the choice of confidentialofficers to compose my family shouldhave been more fortunate. Permit me, sir,to recommend in particular, those whohave continued in the service to the presentmoment, as worthy of the favorable noticeand patronage of Congress.The patronage Washington requestedseemed most pressing as the army had narrowlysurvived several mutinies and a nearattemptedcoup the previous autumn. Theveteran officers who had helped to keep thearmy intact desired western lands in thanksfor their service. Their claims would constitutea major issue for the new Americangovernment as it attempted to organize thesettlement of what had been the colonialbackcountry.Washington concluded: “Having nowfinished the work assigned to me, I retirefrom the great theatre of action; and biddingan affectionate farewell to this augustbody, under whose orders I have so longacted, I here offer my commission, andtake any leave of all the employments ofpublic life.”General Washington’s respite proved extremelybrief. He was unanimously electedto the first of two terms as president of theUnited States in 1788.It’s All About -M-W Little LeagueMWLL is Preparing for Our 61st SeasonIt’s hard to believe that MWLL is preparing for our 61st Season. The history of ourleague dates back to October 1950. Soon after one of their regular lunchtime meetings,the local “Lion’s Club” decided to apply to Williamsport, PA for a Charter. The title onthe application read: “Little League Baseball of Monroe, NY”. In those days, Monroe& Woodbury each had their OWN education systems. It makes for an interesting factabout our Towns’ history, that they were joined together as Little League - before theywere joined as a school district. The Charter was approved and issued in late 1950. Thefirst games were played in the spring of 1951.Prior to the spring 2011 Season, MWLL added the Charter to include Little LeagueGirls’ Softball. MWLL invited the Monroe-Woodbury Girls’ Softball League (“MW-GSL”) to join the program. The MWGSL had provided a competitive softball leaguefor forty years. It took a concerted effort by the boards of BOTH leagues, to ensurethat our Girls would be on the field on Opening Day-2011. They were!Now with Baseball and Softball combined, the MWLL has over 900 players in2011. With Spring Registration going strong, we may be able to reach 1,000 for our2012 season. Our new season will offer 10 Baseball and 5 Softball Divisions. Ourentry level divisions accommodate children as young as five years old.We are also proud to offer our “Challenger Division”-for our mentally & physicallydisabled children. At the end of regular season play, our competitive divisions(baseball & softball) offer a Playoff and All-Star Games. Additionally, these divisionschoose players to make up one team that represents MWLL in District play(vs. other towns).With the help of ALL of our Families & Volunteers, the 2012 season will beour best ever. We will continue to serve the community, and follow our MissionStatement: “To provide our players with the opportunity to experience the game ofBaseball & Softball in a safe, supportive environment which stresses fun, sportsmanship,character building and learning.” PLAY BALL!!!

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011History7OLD WESTDecember 23, 1829Prince Wurttemberg explores the West,182 Years agoBorn near Stuttgart in southwesternGermany in 1797, Prince Paul (laterthe Duke) of Wurttemberg was theson of King Friedrich I. As the scionof a powerful royal family, the Princecould have chosen to live out a quietlife in the lap of luxury in Germany.But from an early age he developed apassionate interest in natural sciencepaired with a strong desire to explorethe world beyond his castle walls.When he was 25, the Prince madethe long ocean journey to the UnitedStates, arriving in New Orleans in December1822. He and his small companyof retainers took a riverboat upthe Mississippi to St. Louis, where thePrince met with the Superintendent ofIndian Affairs, William Clark, who--along with his co-captain, MeriwetherLewis--led the famous Corps of Discoverynearly two decades earlier.Though Clark questioned whether theyoung German prince had the mettleto make his proposed expedition upthe Kansas River to study the regionalbotany, he granted him a passport intothe interior country.Clark’s doubts seemed confirmedwhen the Prince was forced to retreatdown the Kansas River by swarmsof bloodthirsty mosquitoes. But thePrince was tougher than Clark realized,and in the months to come, hetraveled up to the Missouri Fur Companyfort in South Dakota and spentthree days with the Pawnee Indiansalong the Platte River. The youngGerman prince must have finally impressedthe veteran western explorer,Solution6 2 9 3 8 1 7 4 55 8 1 4 7 9 3 2 64 3 7 2 6 5 8 9 13 1 6 7 4 2 5 8 92 9 8 1 5 3 4 6 77 4 5 6 9 8 2 1 31 6 3 8 2 7 9 5 48 5 4 9 3 6 1 7 29 7 2 5 1 4 6 3 8for when the Prince left to return toGermany in 1824, Clark gave himpermission to take along Jean BaptisteCharbonneau, Clark’s sixteenyear-oldfoster son, whose mother,Sacagawea, had accompanied theCorps of Discovery. For six years, theFrench-Indian Charbonneau was thePrince’s constant companion in histravels in Europe and North Africa.The Prince returned to the UnitedStates in 1829, safely delivering thenow cosmopolitan and highly educated(he learned to speak French,German, and Spanish) Charbonneauback to his home. Charbonneau wenton to his own adventures, eventuallybecoming a celebrated fur trapper andmountain man. Meanwhile, the Princeembarked on his second Americanexpedition, traveling into the upperMissouri River country and then intonorthern and central Mexico. A thirdexpedition in 1849 took him all theway to the California gold fields.During his journeys, the Princegathered thousands of scientificallyvaluable botanical, geological, andzoological specimens, and his ethnologicalstudies of the Native Americanswere thoughtful and perceptive.Also a fine sketch artist, he providedthe illustrations for his voluminous diaries,some of which were publishedin German and later translated intoEnglish. He died in 1860 at the age of63, four months after returning froman expedition to Australia.Source: History ChannelAs vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes,So is the lazy man to those who send him.MEL’s TREESERVICE• Mel fells trees for you!• High quality Firewood!• Keep your home• snug this winter.• Remember -10 degreewinter weather will• be here again!meljennings55@yahoo.comHome 845-446-5810Mobile 845-216-4416~Psalms 10;26O’ Christmas Tree,O’ Christmas TreeHighland Mills Fire Department’sAnnual Sale is hereBalsam Firs freshcut from CanadaBring your tree standto measure an exact cut– save work at home…Free Delivery inWoodbury!Support your Fire Company – Prices range from $25 to $100Select from a limited quantityof Fully Decorated Wreaths & Grave BlanketsHudson Valley’s PremierNatural Health Care,Holistic Day Spa & Yoga CenterMANY new services including the natural alternative to Botox or a facelift$5 off any Gift Certificates of $50 or more$10 off any Gift Certificate of $100 or morewww.wellness-springs.comMerry Christmas everyone!Hours: Thursdays & Fridays from 6:00 to 9:00 pmSaturdays & Sundays – 9:00 am to 9:00 pm until all are sold…Route 32 in Highland MillsGive the Gift of WellnessJust 2 miles from Woodbury CommonNot to be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/11

8 CommunityDecember 22, 2011WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COMDisillusioned as attemptto fund Valley View failsBy Sheryl Thomas, Co-founder of Orange-Sullivan Tea PartyPolitics. Sometimes it’s sickening, other times maddening and often times sad, as was thecase as eight lawmakers joined with Ed Diana to defund Valley View effective July 1, 2012.Only one more vote was needed to keep Valley View funded for a full year in order to givethe county time to prepare residents and family members for privatization or closure. Of the14 Republicans who eagerly signed on for Legislator Dan Depew’s 3-3-3 plan days earlierto amend Diana’s 2012 budget only 6 voted to override Diana’s veto.It is no wonder people say, “I want nothing to do with politics. It never changes. It’s arigged game played by insiders.” From my vantage point, it did look this way at manytimes throughout the months long ordeal. One more vote would have disarmed scared seniors,and a public upset to see a county landmark suddenly and carelessly tossed to thecurb.Diana’s rhetoric did not match his actions. Numerous meetings to find possible solutionsfor cost savings were promised; few were scheduled. It appears the only course of actionhe was entertaining was no more funding for Valley View, the sooner the better. But why?Why when several legislators stated openly that there was enough money in the countytreasury to see Valley View through 2012. Why when legislator Mike Anagnostakis offeredan actual amended budget that would not cost the county any extra surplus money, wouldnot leave the deal hanging on hopeful Union give backs, and would literally save the taxpayer?Why when legislators Depew,Castricone and the entire Democrat caucus offeredsensible proposals to fund Valley View for twelve months. Why?Where is the money going to be spent that is now “saved” from the defunding of ValleyView?Diana has been heard saying he believes this will not hurt his reelection campaign; thatpeople will forget by the time 2013 rolls around. That may be true but they are acutely awarenow that something is amiss with politics in Orange County. A case could be made that OrangeCounty voters have two years to prepare for a change in leadership. Nothing should betaken for granted. Voters should expect a plethora of challengers to many coveted seats.Decisions have consequences and voters have recourse. Time will tell if constituents whohave found their elected officials lacking in job performance are diligent to remember.The fight for Valley View has been an emotional roller coaster, even those that have nopersonal stake in its future. The story of Valley View has touched me and brought unexpectedfriendships. I’m sure we will see each soon, possibly when the games begin againwith Diana’s push to build a new government centerJ ewelryTHEBOXTwenty Years In Orange CountyKevin Gutierrez, owner and MasterJeweler, invites you to visit TheJewelry Box and see for yourself themagnificent work that he has created.Kevin, a Tiffany’s trained master jeweler for many years, cameto Orange County twenty years ago. Now, his shop in CentralValley is five years old. Having done personal work for many individuals,he brings many years of experience to you.Let Kevin evaluate your gold and diamonds and compare hispricing. It’s a small family business and his prices are always fairand right.• CUSTOM DESIGNS• REMOUNTS & SETTINGS• REPAIRS• ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES• WE BUY GOLD AND DIAMONDSOak Clove mall, Route 32, Central Valley, NY 10917845-928-2215

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011Community 9Storm Water Retention Area DredgedFilled with silt - it impacted adjacent propertiesCentral Valley – Throughout this past year, MorganCourt and Gregory Lane property owners regularlyattended Town Board meetings. During public commentafter many of the meetings, Supervisor JohnBurke was asked, “Can you give us an update aboutthe Morgan Court retention pond?”For some time Woodbury Town attorneys had beencommunicating with the owner of the overgrownand silted-over retention area. After building attractivehomes surrounding this drainage area, the retentionpond, or, catch basin for storm run-off, had beenneglected for years. Yards were easily flooded, andit didn’t take major rains to cause flooding. Anotherannoyance during warmer weather was the abundanceof mosquitoes nesting in what had grown tobe a swamp. Notices were ignored for a long time,and not until legal action was about to the served tothe land owner by the Town of Woodbury, was anagreement finally worked out.Driving on Route 32 as one leaves Central Valley,large backhoes could be seen for about the last tendays, scooping into the mud, and moving the silt toembankments. The dam next to Route 32 has beencleared of mud and debris, an island in the centerA win-win for all – large backhoe dredgessilted over retention pond bounded byRoute 32, Morgan Court and GregoryLane. Photo by Ben Meyershas been retained, and the stream finally flows freely.This remedy is evidence of how persistence paysoff when holding your local government officials responsible.It also shows how the Town Board usedcommunications and authority to get its job done. Awin-win for all!Dear Friends of Woodbury, WE ARE RELOCATING!34 SMITH CLOVE RD. CENTRAL VALLEY 298 MAIN STREET. CORNWALLThe past eventful couple of months have leaded us to the decision to relocate. My mission all along was to be able to start myown business where I can still be with my children as much as possible. While the “business plan” would eventually free meup a year or two from now to do so, I have realized that my children need me NOW the most. Tropical Storm Irene reallytook a toll on us, as well as pneumonia and other common challenges. We are simply down- sizing to keep it all manageable.It was very important to me to partner with each and every Consignor & Vendor -for your understanding & support- as I feelthe business is really owned by each & every one of you, however, (and proudly) that includes over 230 of you! Please acceptmy apology for the past few unusual months & join me in the exciting, new adventures! We will be running the new storewith the same enthusiasm! I wish you warm, healthy & happy Holidays, & of course, sent w/ big hugs & kisses…. ChristineDon’t miss outIn Central Valley- Come shop our crazy In Cornwall- Come meet your local talentRELOCATION SALE!at this month’s OPEN HOUSE!Now through Friday, DEC. 23rdThursday, Dec 15 th 7-9 pmon the GREAT deals!(Wed, Thu, Fri: 11-7, Sat: 11-5, Sun: 11-3)(An ALL VENDOR Meet & Greet special event)Cornwall Store Hours: Mon-Closed, Tues, Wed, Thu: 11-2 Fri: 11-7, Sat. 11-5, Sun. 11-3ABConsignment@gmail.comFriend us on fb: “Christine Around Back Consignment” for store details, directions, info, pics & updates.

10 FaithThe Story of ChristmasFrom the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 1And it came to pass in those days that a decree wentout from Caesar Augustus that all the world shouldbe registered. This census first took place whileQuirinius was governing Syria. So all went to beregistered, everyone to his own city.Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the cityof Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David, whichis called Bethlehem, because he was of the houseand lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, hisbetrothed wife, who was with child. So it was, thatwhile they were there, the days were completed forher to be delivered. And she brought forth her firstbornSon, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes,and laid Him in a manger, because there was noroom for them in the inn.Glory in the Highest: Now there were in the samecountry shepherds living out in the fields, keepingwatch over their flock by night. And behold, an angelof the Lord stood before them, and the glory ofthe Lord shone around them, and they were greatlyafraid. Then the angel said to them, “Do not beafraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of greatjoy which will be to all people. For there is born toyou this day in the city of David a Savior, who isChrist the Lord. And this will be the sign to you:Central Valley United Methodist Church12 Smith Clove Road, Central Valley, NY 10917www.centralvalleyunitedmethodistchurch.comPhone/fax: 845-928-6570All are welcome to join us!Worship: Sundays @ 9:30 amChildren’s Sunday School @ 9:45 amFellowship Hour: Sundays @ 10:30 amAdditional fellowship and service opportunities forall ages.Come join us as we do justice, love mercy, and walkhumbly with God!Highland Mills United Methodist Church654 Route 32, PO Box 611, Highland Mills, NY 10930www.highlandmillsumc.orgE-mail: info@highlandmillsumc.orgPhone: (845) 928-6177Pastor: Reverend Darlene ReslingWorship: Sundays @ 9:15 amSunday School @ 9:15 amMen’s Bible Study: Saturdays @ 8:30-9:30 amMonroe Temple of Liberal Judaism314 N. Main St., Monroe, NYTelephone: (845) 783-2626Rabbi Garry Loeb; Cantor Elana SchwartzWorship ScheduleFirst Friday: an eclectic, intergenerational Shabbatexperience for young families, singles, couples, andempty nesters. Held the 1st Friday of each month, itusually begins at 6:30 pm with a picnic or pot luckdinner, and is followed by an hour of interesting activities.An hour-long Kabbalat service then followsat 8:00 pmKabbalat Shabbat Services: Friday evenings at8:00pm. Shachrit Service: 10:00 am Saturdaymorning (unless otherwise specified), includingSaturdays on which there is no Bar or Bat Mitzvah.Tot Shabbat Service: 3rd Saturday of the month at9:00 am.St. Patrick’s Church - Highland Mills448 Route 32, Highland Mills, NY 10930www.stpatrickshm.orgMass ScheduleSaturday Vigil: 5:30 pmSpanish Mass: 7:00 pmSunday: 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am & 12:00 pmWeekdays: Monday thru Saturday 9:00 amHoly Days - See BulletinYou will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,lying in a manger.”And suddenly there was with the angel a multitudeof the heavenly host praising God and saying:“ Glory to God in the highest,And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”So it was, when the angels had gone away fromthem into heaven, that the shepherds said to oneanother, “Let us now go to Bethlehem and see thisthing that has come to pass, which the Lord has madeknown to us.” And they came with haste and foundMary and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger.Now when they had seen Him, they made widelyknown the saying which was told them concerningthis Child. And all those who heard it marveled atthose things which were told them by the shepherds.But Mary kept all these things and pondered themin her heart. Then the shepherds returned, glorifyingand praising God for all the things that they hadheard and seen, as it was told them.Circumcision of Jesus: And when eight days werecompleted for the circumcision of the Child, Hisname was called JESUS, the name given by the angelbefore He was conceived in the womb.Jesus Presented in the Temple: Now when the daysof her purification according to the law of Moseswere completed, they brought Him to Jerusalem topresent Him to the Lord (as it is written in the law ofthe Lord, “Every male who opens the womb shall becalled holy to the LORD”), and to offer a sacrificeaccording to what is said in the law of the Lord, “Apair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.”Simeon Sees God’s Salvation: And behold, therewas a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon,December 22, 2011By Pastor Steve SnavelyBirth announcements are usually made by the parents ofa new baby. These announcements may be in the form ofphone calls, “birth announcement” cards, pictures postedon social networks or e-mails, or even giant stork signsplanted in the front yard of a house, reading “It’s a girl” or“It’s a boy!” But in the case of Jesus Christ, it was not theparents – that is, Joseph or Mary – who shared the goodnews, but heavenly angels which announced His birth.The Participants of the AnnouncementThe Shepherds - At the time of the birth of Christ, shepherdswere considered to be heathens and thieves. Becauseof their reputation, they were forbidden to be witnesses incourt. The only group of people considered to be lowerthan shepherds by the Jewish community were lepers.Yet, how fitting that this group of people were the primaryrecipients of the heavenly message. Jesus, the Messiah,is “the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin ofthe world” (John 1:29). He would be proclaimed as theGood Shepherd in chapter 10 of John’s Gospel.The Multitude of Angels - All of heaven rejoicedgreatly with the pronouncement of Jesus’ birth by the angelof the Lord, so that the sky was filled with the limitlessnumber of angels praising God. These angelic beings hada greater understanding of the miracle which involved thebirth of the Christ-child than anyone on earth.The Proclamation of the AnnouncementA Good Message - “I bring you good tidings” (Luke2:10). This phrase comes from the single Greek word“evengelizo,” which means to evangelize or spread goodnews. Jesus came to earth to do the “good work” of savingmen from their sin.A Glad Message - “Of great joy” (Luke 2:10). Theword in the original language means “laughter.” The angels’enthusiastic singing and the shepherds’ excited responsereflect the great joy of their hearts upon hearing ofWWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COMand this man was just and devout, waiting for theConsolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was uponhim. And it had been revealed to him by the HolySpirit that he would not see death before he had seenthe Lord’s Christ. So he came by the Spirit into thetemple. And when the parents brought in the ChildJesus, to do for Him according to the custom of thelaw, he took Him up in his arms and blessed Godand said:“Lord, now You are letting Your servant depart in peace,According to Your word;For my eyes have seen Your salvationWhich You have prepared before the face of all peoples,A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles,And the glory of Your people Israel.”And Joseph and His mother marveled at thosethings which were spoken of Him. Then Simeonblessed them, and said to Mary His mother, “Behold,this Child is destined for the fall and rising ofmany in Israel, and for a sign which will be spokenagainst (yes, a sword will pierce through your ownsoul also), that the thoughts of many hearts may berevealed.”Anna Bears Witness to the Redeemer: Now therewas one, Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel,of the tribe of Asher. She was of a great age, andhad lived with a husband seven years from her virginity;and this woman was a widow of about eightyfouryears, who did not depart from the temple, butserved God with fastings and prayers night and day.And coming in that instant she gave thanks to theLord, and spoke of Him to all those who looked forredemption in Jerusalem.The Announcement to the Shepherdsthe birth of Christ.A Global Message - “Which shall be to all people”(Luke 2:10). Eight days after Jesus’ birth, a man in thetemple, Simeon, prophesies that Jesus was the “light tolighten the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel”(Luke 2:32). Jews and Gentiles alike have been eternallyaffected by this birth.The Greatest Message - “For unto you is born … aSavior, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11). As Savior,He is the One who saves, delivers, or preserves from evilor danger, whether physical or spiritual. As Christ, He isthe Anointed One, the Messiah, whom the Jewish nationhad been looking for to bring deliverance. As Lord, Hisrank is given as supreme and above all others. He is Lordof lords and King of kings.A “Go” Message - “Ye shall find the babe wrapped inswaddling clothes, lying in a manger” (Luke 2:12). Onlythe shepherds would know where the barns and caveswere that housed animals, where they might find a manger(feeding trough) in Bethlehem. This clearly showsGod’s divine wisdom in choosing this group of peoplewith whom to share the initial birth announcement.A Glorious Message - “Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14).Although the angels had undoubtedly sung this song“Glory to God” in heaven many times, now they added anew phrase “peace on earth, good will toward men.” ThePrince of heaven left Glory to dwell on earth, bringingsalvation to mankind.Have you experienced this great message – that Christcame to earth to provide salvation and deliverance from sinfor you? If you have received this message for yourself, areyou sharing the announcement with those around you?Glory to God, Jesus was born on earth to bring salvation!What a wondrous birth announcement!

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011Faith11Festival of Lights Commemorates Rededication of the Holy TempleCelebrating Hanukkah this Week in WoodburyWhat is Hanukkah?By Chaim CoffmanBasic Concepts And LawsThe Talmud tells us that beginning with the 25th of Kislev,eight days of Hanukkah are observed, during which noeulogies are delivered, nor is fasting permitted. For whenthe Greeks entered the Sanctuary, they defiled all the oils,and when the Hasmoneans (the Maccabees) defeatedthem, they searched and found only one remaining jar ofoil with the seal of the Kohen Gadol (the High Priest). Althoughit contained only enough oil to burn for one day,a miracle occurred, and the oil burned eight days. A yearlater the Rabbis designated these days as Yomim Tovim(Holidays) on which praise and thanksgiving were to besaid. (Tractate Shabbat 21)The Greek’s Harsh Decrees: During the SecondTemple period, the Greek kings outlawed the Jewish religion,forbade them to engage in the study of Torah andthe practice of mitzvot, and ravaged and defiled all thathad been ritually pure. The Hasmoneans were finally ableto subdue the enemy, whereby they designated a king torule over Israel which lasted for more than 200 years. TheSages of that generation therefore decreed, that the eightdays beginning with the 25th of Kislev should be days ofrejoicing; that Hallel (praise) be recited and that lights belit in the entrance to their homes each of the eight nights,in order to publicize the miracle. These days were calledHanukkah, that is to say Chanu Kaf-Hay (they rested onthe 25th), for on the 25th, they rested from their enemies.The above expression of the Talmud: “They made it aYom Tov for praise and thanksgiving” refers to the literalrecitation of Hallel (praise) and therefore, the completeHallel is said during schararit (morning prayers) all eightdays of Hanukkah. The term “thanksgiving” refers to alhanisim, which is included in each shmoneh esreh (silentmeditation, amidah) during these days as well, as well asin birkat hamazon (grace after meals).What may one use to light the Hanukkahcandles? The preferred way to perform the mitzvahis to light the Hanukkah menorah with pure oliveoil and cotton wicks, since their light is pure andit causes us to remember the light of the Menorahwhich was lit with olive oil. All other oils and wicksare permissible if their light is pure and does notflicker. One may also use candles made of wax. Onemust be careful and make sure the lights stay lit forabout a half an hour or as long as people cominghome from the marketplace would be able to seethem. If one is using wax candles specifically, it isa good idea to put them in the freezer before usesince it lengthens their burning time. The menorahitself should be pretty and can be made of metal orglass. An earthenware holder is permissible but mayonly be used once while it is still new. After one usageit becomes unclean and may not be used for thenext night. A wick which was used one night maybe used on succeeding nights as well. The same istrue of the remaining oil or of the remainder of waxcandles. If one is lighting with oil, one way to saveon the mess and expense of using many cotton wicksis to pull the part of the wick that is black up fromthe holder and continue to use the rest of the wickand continue this for many succeeding nights untilthe wick becomes very small.One must also be careful with the menorah that onechooses. There are many menorah’s on the market that althoughaesthetically beautiful, are not permitted to be used.For example, the eight candles of the menorah must be in astraight line with the shamash a little bit above them. Anymenorah which is fancily shaped in a circle or not permitted to be used since the candles must be in astraight line and none may be higher or lower than the others.There must also be enough space between one candleand another so that the flames of each are not intermingled.How does one light the lights? On the first night ofHanukkah, one light is lit and on each successive nightanother light is added until the eighth night when all thelights are lit. When one lights on the first night, one lightsthe one on the extreme right. The following night he addsthe one immediately to the left and kindles it first. He thenturns to the right and kindles the light of the previous night.He follows the same procedure each night always addingfrom right to left but always lighting from left to right. Thereason for this procedure is that the additional light recallsthe greatness and growth of the miracle.On the first night of Hanukkah, three blessings are recitedbefore the lights are kindled:(1) “Baruch ata Hashem,Elokenu melech ha’olam, asher kidshanu b’mitzvotavv’tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.” (Blessed are You,L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has sanctified uswith His commandments and has commanded us to lightthe Hanukkah lights.) (2) “Baruch ata Hashem, Elokenumelech ha’olam, she’asah nisim la’avotenu, bayamimhahem bazeman hazeh.” (Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d,King of the Universe, Who has doen miracles for our fathersin days gone by, at this time.) (3) “Baruch ata Hashem,Elokenu melech ha’olam, shehecheyanu, vekiyemanuvehigi’anu lazeman hazeh.” (Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has given us life, and has sustainedus, and has brought us to this time.) After one makesthese three blessings, he kindles the light. On the remainingnights, one only recites the first two blessings and doesnot say “shecheyanu.” If one was prevented from lightingthe candles on the first night or forgot to say shecheyanu,he may say it the next time he kindles the lights.There is also a custom of using an extra candle, theshamash to light the other candles. The shamash mayonly be used for lighting the other candles and one mayderive benefit from its light. The Hanukkah lights themselves,however, may not be used for any other purposewhile they are burning for the purpose of the mitzvah.One should preferably have other lights on in the house inorder that one does not run into this problem.After the first light is kindled, “hanerot halalu” is saidand the rest of the lights can now be lit. After the lightshave been kindled, Hanukkah songs are sung and foodscontaining oil, such as jelly donuts are eaten. Every customaccording to the place in which one lives!Source: www.chanuka.comBuilt by Solomon, King David’s sonTemple in JerusalemCenter of conflictThe Bible reports that the First Templewas built in 957 BCE by King Solomon(reigned c.970-c.930 BCE). Asthe sole place of Jewish sacrifice, theTemple replaced the portable sanctuaryconstructed in the Sinai Desertunder the auspices of Moses, as wellas local sanctuaries, and altars in thehills. This temple was however sackeda few decades later by Sheshonk I,Pharaoh of Egypt. Although effortswere made at partial reconstruction, itwas only in 835 BCE when Jehoash,King of Judah in the second year ofhis reign invested considerable sumsin reconstruction, only to have itstripped again for Sennacherib, Kingof Assyria in c700 BCE. The FirstTemple was totally destroyed by theBabylonians in 586 BCE when theysacked the city.According to the Book of Ezra,construction of the Second Templewas authorized by Cyrus the Greatand began in 538 BCE, after the fallof the Babylonian Empire the yearbefore. It was completed 23 yearslater, on the third day of Adar, in thesixth year of the reign of Darius theGreat (12 March 515 BCE), dedicatedby the Jewish governor Zerubbabel.Despite the fact that the new templewasn’t as extravagant or imposing asits predecessor, it still dominated theJerusalem skyline and remained animportant structure throughout thetime of Persian suzerainty. The templenarrowly avoided being destroyedagain in 332 BCE when the Jews refusedto acknowledge the deificationof Alexander the Great of Macedonia.Alexander was allegedly “turnedfrom his anger” at the last minute byastute diplomacy and flattery. Afterthe death of Alexander on 13 June323 BCE, and the dismembering ofhis empire, the Ptolemies came to ruleover Judea and the Temple. Under thePtolemies, the Jews were given manycivil liberties and lived content undertheir rule. However, when the Ptolemaicarmy was defeated at Paniumby Antiochus III of the Seleucids in198 BCE, this policy changed. Antiochuswanted to Hellenize the Jews,attempting to introduce the Greekpantheon into the temple. A rebellionensued and was brutally crushed, butno further action by Antiochus wastaken. When Antiochus died in 187BCE at Luristan, his son SeleucusIV Philopator succeeded him. However,his policies never took effect inJudea, since he was assassinated theyear after his ascension.Antiochus IV Epiphanes succeededhis older brother to the Seleucid throneand immediately adopted his father’sprevious policy of universal Hellenisation.The Jews rebelled again and Antiochus,in a rage, retaliated in force.Considering the previous episodes ofdiscontent, the Jews became incensedwhen the religious observance of theSabbath and Circumcision were officiallyoutlawed. When Antiochuserected a statue of Zeus in their templeand began sacrificing pigs their angerbegan to spiral. When a Greek officialasked a Jewish priest to perform a pagansacrifice, the priest (Mattathias),killed him. Predictably, Antiochus resortedto the same bloody reprisals. In167 BCE the Jews rose up en massebehind Mattathias and his five sons tofight and win their freedom from Seleucidtyranny. Mattathias’s son JudasMaccabeus, now called “The Hammer”,re-dedicated the temple in 165BCE and the Jews celebrate this eventto this day as a major part of the festivalof Hanukkah.After the Muslim conquest of Jerusalemin the 7th century, UmayyadCaliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan orderedthe construction of an Islamicshrine, the Dome of the Rock on thesite of the Temple. The shrine hasstood on the mount since 691 CE;the al-Aqsa Mosque, from roughlythe same period, also stands in theTemple courtyard. The mount bearssignificance in Islam as it acted as asanctuary for many Hebrew prophets.Islamic tradition says that a templewas first built on the Temple Mountby Jacob and later renovated by Solomon,son of David.Source: Wikipedia

12 CommunityWho is Saint Nicholas?The true story of Santa Claus beginswith Nicholas, who was born duringthe third century in the village ofPatara. At the time the area wasGreek and is now on the southerncoast of Turkey. His wealthy parents,who raised him to be a devoutChristian, died in an epidemic whileNicholas was still young. ObeyingJesus’ words to “sell what you ownand give the money to the poor,”Nicholas used his whole inheritanceto assist the needy, the sick, and thesuffering. He dedicated his life toserving God and was made Bishop ofMyra while still a young man. BishopNicholas became known throughoutthe land for his generosity to thosein need, his love for children, and hisconcern for sailors and ships.Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian,who ruthlessly persecuted Christians,Bishop Nicholas suffered forhis faith, was exiled and imprisoned.The prisons were so full of bishops,priests, and deacons, there was noroom for the real criminals—murderers,thieves and robbers. After his release,Nicholas attended the Councilof Nicaea in AD 325. He died December6, AD 343 in Myra and was buriedin his cathedral church, where aunique relic, called manna, formed inhis grave. This liquid substance, saidto have healing powers, fostered thegrowth of devotionto Nicholas. The anniversaryof his deathbecame a day of celebration,St. NicholasDay, December 6th(December 19 on theJulian Calendar).Through the centuriesmany stories andlegends have beentold of St. Nicholas’ life and deeds.These accounts help us understand hisextraordinary character and why he isso beloved and revered as protectorand helper of those in need.One story tells of a poor man withthree daughters. In those days a youngwoman’s father had to offer prospectivehusbands something of value—adowry. The larger the dowry, the betterthe chance it was that a young womanwould find a good husband. Withouta dowry, a woman was unlikely tomarry. This poor man’s daughters,without dowries, were therefore destinedto be sold into slavery. Mysteriously,on three different occasions, abag of gold appeared in their homeprovidingthe needed dowries. Thebags of gold, tossed through an openwindow, are said to have landed instockings or shoes left before the fireto dry. This led to the custom of childrenhanging stockings or putting outDecember 22, 2011shoes, eagerly awaitinggifts from SaintNicholas. Sometimesthe story is told withgold balls instead ofbags of gold. That iswhy three gold balls,sometimes representedas oranges, are oneof the symbols for St.Nicholas. And so St.Nicholas is a gift-giver.One of the oldest stories showingSt. Nicholas as a protector of childrentakes place long after his death. Thetownspeople of Myra were celebratingthe good saint on the eve of his feastday when a band of Arab pirates fromCrete came into the district. They stoletreasures from the Church of SaintNicholas to take away as booty. Asthey were leaving town, they snatcheda young boy, Basilios, to make intoa slave. The emir, or ruler, selectedBasilios to be his personal cupbearer,as not knowing the language, Basilioswould not understand what the kingsaid to those around him. So, for thenext year Basilios waited on the king,bringing his wine in a beautiful goldencup. For Basilios’ parents, devastatedat the loss of their only child, theyear passed slowly, filled with grief.As the next St. Nicholas’ feast day approached,Basilios’ mother would notWWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COMjoin in the festivity, as it was now aday of tragedy. However, she was persuadedto have a simple observance athome—with quiet prayers for Basilios’safekeeping. Meanwhile, as Basilioswas fulfilling his tasks servingthe emir, he was suddenly whiskedup and away. St. Nicholas appearedto the terrified boy, blessed him, andset him down at his home back inMyra. Imagine the joy and wondermentwhen Basilios amazingly appearedbefore his parents, still holdingthe king’s golden cup. This is the firststory told of St. Nicholas protectingchildren—which became his primaryrole in the West.Source: www.stnicholascenter.orgGOT DIESEL?Now-fill up 24/7No attendant required!ALWAYS LOW SULFURCLEAR DIESEL TREATEDWITH WINTER BLENDThe Oil Heat Specialist200 Route 32Central Valley, NY10917845-928-6731845-928-6739Visit our web site at www.reynoldsoil.comPREMIUM DIESELPUMP STATIONNow– H.Reynolds & Son has thestate of the art diesel pumping dispenserat our tank farm. Just fill upwith our premium diesel any timeday or night, seven days a week,and each time you fuel up it isrecorded from our fuelmasterpump. You are billed monthly alongwith a monthly usage log. Itcouldn’t be easier!OIL HEATFROMH.REYNOLDS& SON, INC.Member of The Woodbury Chamber of Commerce Serving All Faiths Pre-planning Cremation Service Monuments andCemetery LetteringDirectors:Thomas P.SullivanRichard J.SullivanColin W. CampbellEst.1835Two locations:515 Rt. 32, HighlandMills, NY 10930117 Maple Avenue,Monroe, NY

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011Community 13Start the New Year off in Black Forest Style!Black Forest Mill❅★Music by leader of“The Austrian Boys Band”,“Frank Billowitz”❅✽❅✽RESTAURANTNew Year’s Eve Seatings:5pm ◆ 7pm ◆ 9pm ❅❅★◆ Accordion Music & Dancing ★◆ Midnight Complimentary ChampagneToast for 9pm Seating ★716 Route 32, Highland Mills, NY✽Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us!★Make your reservation today! 845-928-9895Wishing You All a Merry ChristmasTHANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN THE NEW YEAR.& a Happy and Healthy New Year❅✽❅Come Let Us Adore HimA Poem by Douglas TaylorWe say that we adore Him.We worship with bent knee, bowed head.We sing His praise in song and hymn,But do we do the things He said?He said to “Love your enemy,” have compassion for the cruel;Too often even neighbors go unloved.So many times we bend or break that Golden Rule,And are those less well off embraced by us or shoved?How shall we adore this man from Galilee,Who’s known to wash His disciple’s feet,With monuments of gold or our humility?We could of course have open hearts for everyone we meet.Nurturing a generous heart,The willingness to share,Is the thing that will set us apartFrom the vulgar herd that doesn’t care.Be tolerant of what others do or say.Let forgiveness dwell in you.Perfection’s not the human way,We do the best that we can do.Oh come let us adore Him, in spirit and in deed.Let the milk of human kindness flow to all who are in need.Oh come let us adore Him, my sister and my brother,Thru the love that we can give to one another.CALCOLLISIONFrank BussiLaw OfficesOfDavid V.Hasin, P.C.JORREYExcavationBlack ForestMill InnTo Our Readers and Advertisers...Thank You For Your Support ThisPast Year. We look Forward toContinually Reporting the LocalNews and Events In The New Year.Sincerly,Ben Meyers, Publisherand the Entire Staff of theWoodbury Gazette.WoodcockAuto BodyOF CENTRAL VALLEY

14Teen SpotlightChristmas Treesin Central ValleySupport a CV Fire Company Fundraiserbehind the Central Valley Firehouse – 9:00 am.Get a Jump OnOld Man WinterCall SKYLINEChimney SweepA CLEANCHIMNEY ISA SAFECHIMNEYMerry Christmas to ALLBecause of the smashing success last year, we’re back again thisyear with the most fragrant evergreens for Christmas – fresh cut– and holiday wreaths, too.Reasonable prices for small trees to big ones!Free Delivery in Woodbury!We’ll cut the bottoms – bring your stand.Thank you all for yourpast support!!!Hours:Thursdays & Fridays from5:30 to 9:00 pmWeekends:All day until 9:00 pmLocation: 24 Smith Clove Roadacross from the elementary school.928-8018SNOW PLOWINGJoe Gianzero, Owner-An established Woodbury business Since 1990.For all your chimney needs- Chimney Cleaning, Caps, Chase Covers,Waterproofing Dampers, Masonry Repairs, Stainless Steel Liners.Our Newly Expanded Services Include:Sales & Installation of Wood, Pellet, and Gas Stoves.Featuring: Napolean, Pacific Energy, Vermont Casting.Give us a call to set up an appointment!Reliable and Dependable Service, Fully Insured.December 22, 2011Home for theHolidaysBy Laura BakstComing homefor the firsttime from collegeis one ofthe most surrealexperiences Ihave ever had.I knew leavingfor schoolwould changethings, but I never imagined thatthe strangest part of it would be thatthings remained unchanged. Dailyroutine in Highland Mills stayed thesame, yet mine has changed so significantlyover the past few months.I have a whole other life in anotherworld, and returning to my old oneto find it the exactly as I left it is likedéjà vu.I go to the diner with friends likeold times, or visit the high schooland walk through the same crowdedhalls, and it all seems the same, butinstead of feeling like I am back inmy old life I feel like a reminiscentspectator. A major part of it is becauseI have another home and communitywith other friends that are separatefrom the ones here. In school I amin my own bubble, and unless it is ofmajor national attention, most of thenews I hear only pertains to Cornellor Ithaca. I am distanced from everythingelse.Yet, coming home definitely makesme appreciate everything I havehere. Yes there are the major things,seeing family and old friends, buteven minor details. For example, thefood! I am lucky to go to a schoolthat has delicious dining options, butthere is something to be said for havinga familiar home cooked dish andeating the same meal as everyone atthe table. Furthermore, being ableto walk into the kitchen and bakeWWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COMFor the first time from college…cookies, make a sandwich or blenda smoothie of fresh fruit is one ofthe biggest privileges I have missed.Of course, that is closely followedby showering without shoes under ashowerhead with water pressure andsleeping in a bed that is low enoughto reach without having to jump,climb, or claw my way onto it.It is also nice to once again be thebig fish in the sea. Starting over isextremely overwhelming, and evenafter forming relationships and acclimatingto school it is still easy to feellike just a small freshman amongstthousands. To quote Cheers, it is niceto be “where everybody knows yourname and they’re always glad youcame.” I have an established sense ofcommunity here with my role clearlydefined, unlike at school where I amstill working to find my place. AlthoughI am extremely happy andcomfortable at college, there is nothinglike the familiar faces of peopleyou have grown up with: friends whoshare the same childhood as you andwho know you much better thanthose at school and family who arethere to support and nurture you unconditionally.As the holidays are approaching Iam grateful for the world I have atschool, but also for the supportivecommunity I know I can always dependon here. It is nice to know thatregardless of how long I am gone,there will always be those who I canreturn to and act just as we did backin high school. Thank you for providingsuch a warm community here,and I wish you a joyful holiday and ahappy, healthy, new year.Laura Bakst is a recent graduate of Monroe-Woodbury High School and a freshman atCornell University, where she is studyingIndustrial and Labor Relations.How will 2012 be different?Review your business’ finances with an experiencedCPA who can help you reach your financial goals.Take the first step!845-827-5804Bennett

WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COM December 22, 2011Community 15SUDOKUHow to Play: Complete the grid so that every row, column, and 3x3 cubecontains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive with no repetition.2 3 7 57 9 24 6 81 6 4 92 5 77 9 2 13 2 45 9 39 2 4 3PleaseRecycleWoodbury GazettePO Box 511, Highland Mills, NY 10930E-mail: editor@woodburygazette.comadvertising @woodburygazette.cominfo @woodburygazette.comwww.woodburygazette.comEstablished April 1 • Benjamin Meyers - Editor and PublisherLayout and Design • STP Graphics, Sindi PriceThe Woodbury Gazette publishes every other Thursday.READER NOTICE:Editor’s Note: The views expressed in the various columns in this publication are those ofthe writers and not of the newspaper.The Woodbury Gazette will never knowingly accept any advertisement or informationalarticle that is illegal or considered fraudulent. The Woodbury Gazette cannot be held responsiblefor any negative consequences that occur because of readers doing business withthese advertisers.Advertisers are not responsible for typographical errors. The Woodbury Gazette is notresponsible for any errors and subsequent consequences of those errors.The Woodbury Gazette reserves the right to reject of modify copy or pictures and to cancelan advertisement at any time.All artwork, layout and design remain the sole property of The Woodbury Gazette.Reproduction in whole or any part of any advertisement is strictly forbidden.Submissions: The Woodbury Gazette welcomes readers to submit photos and press releasesfor possible publication. The Woodbury Gazette is not responsible for submitted materialsand will not return submitted materials. We are not responsible for typographical errors.The publisher is not responsible for typographical errors, nor the omission of copy in advertisements.In the event of an error, the Woodbury Gazette will furnish a letter to be postedstating the correct price or subscription. The liability of this newspaper will be limited tothe actual cost of the space in question on the first insertion only, provided that the publisheris notified of the error within three business days of the publication date.The Woodbury Gazette is delivered free to Town and Village of Woodbury residents and isavailable by subscription outside our circulation area for $45 per year.School CalendarDec. 2011Friday, Dec 23, 2011School ClosedWinter RecessSunday, Dec 25, 2011ChristmasMonday, Dec 26, 2011Kwanzaa BeginsSunday, Jan 1, 2012Kwanzaa EndsNew Year’s DayTuesday, Jan 3, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PM, Middle SchoolWednesday, Jan 4, 2012Odyssey of the Mind, SpontaneousScrimmage6:30 PM, Central ValleyThursday, Jan 5, 2012OCMEA Scholarship AuditionsMiddle SchoolSC BLC8:00 AMFriday, Jan 6, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PM, Middle SchoolHS Coffee House6:30 PMSunday, Jan 8, 2012Family Swim1:00 PM - 3:45 PM, Middle SchoolMonday, Jan 9, 2012HS All Night Grad Party MeetingRm 130, 7:00 PMTuesday, Jan 10, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PM, Middle SchoolMS Concert Gr 6 Blue/YellowBand/Orch/Chorus/Wind7:30 PMHS PTSARm 1307:00 PMSE BLC2:50 PMWednesday, Jan 11, 2012Bus Driver Safety Refresher9:30 AMOCMEA All-County Jazz AuditionsCV PTA10:00 AMNM PTA9:30 AMThursday, Jan 12, 2012BOE - Visitation Committe Meeting5:00 PM, Central ValleyMS Concert Gr 6 Red/Green Band/Orch/ChorusSC PTA9:30 AMSE PTA10:00 AMFriday, Jan 13, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PM, Middle SchoolMonday, Jan 16, 2012School ClosedMartin Luther King, Jr. DayTuesday, Jan 17, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PM, Middle SchoolWednesday, Jan 18, 2012MS PTA9:30 AMNM BLC8:15 AMThursday, Jan 19, 2012HS Gr 10 College Planning Night6:30 PMCV BLC3:45 PMHS BLCRm 1302:30 PMMS BLC3:30 PMPT BLC8:15 AMPT PTA7:00 PMFriday, Jan 20, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PMMiddle SchoolCV Movie Night7:00 PMMS 8th Gr Winter WonderlandDance6:30 PM - 9:00 PMNM Movie Night7:00 PMSaturday, Jan 21, 2012OCMEA Elementary All-CountyAuditionsSunday, Jan 22, 2012Family Swim1:00 PM - 3:45 PM, Middle SchoolYoung Artists of MWHS Recital3:00 PMTuesday, Jan 24, 2012Family Swim7:30 PM - 9:45 PM, Middle SchoolMusic Boosters7:30 PM, Central Valley

16 CommunityDecember 22, 2011 WWW.WOODBURYGAZETTE.COMWishing You All a Merry ChristmasTHANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN THE NEW YEAR.& a Happy and Healthy New YearADGClassic RealtyJBAFineImportsH. Reynolds& Son INC.JAY’SDeli & PizzaHAIRIT ISWoodburyPharmacyBHG Rand RealtyKimChiapperinoActiveAuto & TireMARGRETBROWERInteriorsRobertHunterPLUMBING & HEATINGMario’sRESTAURANTBryan’sDogHouse

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