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SHORT SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being HumanHannibal Rising (2007) is the fifth film about Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Aprequel to Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal, it is anadaptation of Thomas Harris' 2006 novel of the same name and will tellthe story of how Hannibal becomes the infamous serial killer of theprevious films and books.

KEY TALENTOur Artists AreOur LiberatorsMARTHA DE LAURENTIIS ProducerDIRECTORPeter WebberIn 1983, Marthaestablished hercompany, the Dino DeLaurentiis Companyand in 1984 togetherwith her husband,Dino, built the NorthCarolina Film Studiosin Wilmington, NC ofwhich she waspresident through1988. In the five yearsas president, twenty-seven films were shotlocally in Wilmington,establishing NorthCarolina as the secondleading filmmakingstate in the country.

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTActors areLiberators inMasqueradeGong LiGong Li is a Chinese film actress.Born on New Year's Eve, 1965, inShenyang, Liaoning, China, she firstcame into international prominencethrough close collaboration withChinese director Zhang Yimou.Gong's limited Hollywoodappearances include 1997's ChineseBox, , and expanded with 2005'sMemoirs of a Geisha, , in which shespoke English fluently, and she, inthe words of Time Magazine filmcritic Richard Corliss, , was"gloriously channeling Bette Davis“.She also appears in the 2006released film adaptation of MiamiVice.

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTDIRECTORPeter WebberActors help us: laugh, be happy,cry, get angry, and even think.Can there be any better gifts?As an award-winning documentarydirector his subjects ranged fromWagner to crash test dummies via aseries on the creatures of the deepoceans and The Curse of thePhantom Limb. Moving back intodrama he directed Simon RussellBeale as Schubert and explored thecounter-culture of tunnel-dwellingroad protesters in Underground,before creating huge controversywith the Channel Four mini-series,Men Only, charting the decline intocrime and debauchery of theformerly respectable members of afive-a-side soccer team. In theinterests of fair play, his next dramaThe Stretford Wives, , for the BBC,starred Fay Ripley in a tale ofwomen’s revenge on men.

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTDino De Laurentiis(with Martha)Filmmakers are RevolutionariesPosing as EntertainersSince his first movie, L'ultimoCombattimento, (1940) he hasproduced nearly 150 movies todate. In the early years DeLaurentiis produced neoclassicalart films as Bitter Rice (1946) andthe Fellini classics La Strada (1954)Nights of Cabiria (1956).De Laurentiis also produced theoriginal Hannibal Lecter filmManhunter. He passed on TheSilence of the Lambs, but producedthe two follow-ups, Hannibal andRed Dragon.He has four children with his firstwife, actress Silvana Mangano, whodied in 1989. Today he is married tothe movie producer MarthaSchumacher and they have twodaughters.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISStories areTransformingThe story begins in Eastern Europe at the desperate end of World War II.For many it was no longer a conflict of nations but one of individualsurvival – at any cost.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISAll Kids are Born ArtisticWhat is Natural is EssentialA young Hannibal watches from only steps away as his parents' violentlydie, leaving his cherished young sister in his care. This horrific momentwill soon pale in comparison to the atrocities he is forced to witness andperhaps survive as a result of.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISAlone and without any means ofsupport, he is forced to live in a SovietOrphanage that once served as hisfamily's beloved home. He flees to Paristo find his uncle has died but hisbeautiful and mysterious Japanesewidow, Lady Murasaki (Gong Li)welcomes him.Stories Embody theEssence of Being HumanGong Li

EXTENDED SYNOPSISCinematic Story Telling is aProfoundly Humanizingendeavor.Gong Li andGaspard UllielEven her kindness and love cannot soothe the nightmares and sorrows thatplague him. Showing a cunning aptitude for science he is accepted intomedical school, which serves to hone his skills and provide the tools toexact justice on the war criminals that haunt him day and night.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISFilm making isa CommunityEvent.This quest will ignite an insatiable lust within a serial killer who was notborn, but made.

LIFE CONNECTIONS IN HANNIBAL RISINGHannibal Rising is about a human development.It explores the idea of “becoming”.The French-born author of Catalan was correctwhen she wrote, “Life is a process ofbecoming, a combination of states we have togo through. Where people fail is that they wishto elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind ofdeath.”Art is aLiberating ForceLife is a journey. Never quit the journey. Don’tget stuck. Hannibal is a character that got stuckin a destructive part of his journey, and nevermoved on. Best advise: “Keep on Truckin.” Or,as Lyndon B. Johnson once noted, “It is theexcitement of becoming - always becoming,trying, probing, falling, resting, and tryingagain- but always trying and always gaining...”

CRITICAL OPINION ABOUT HANNIBAL RISINGHannibal Rising is a bloody goodtime!Staci Layne WilsonHorror.comThe fifth (and hopefully final) stop onthe Lecter circuit.Michael RechtshaffenHollywood ReporterDon't expect it to give you deep,probing insights into the psychologyof everyone's favourite cannibal...Anna SmithBBCThe Free SpeechDiscussion of the Arts is aMark of a Free SocietyI'm undecided whether this storybelongs in a film compendium or arecipe file.Phil VettelChicago Tribune

Visual Hollywood FILM REVIEW: HANNIBAL RISINGBECOMING “CHARMING, BUT…”The motivation behind this movie, besides the obviousfranchise reason, was to explore the background ofHannibal Lester. What happened in the life of this humanto cause him to become a cannibal.There is a certain public curiosity with Hannibal Lecterthat has made him a cultural icon. It has been said thathe is “possibly the most famous anti-hero ever created.Brilliant, charming and evil, he grips the popularimagination like no other villain.”So why the curiosity. Reason: we identify. He is anexaggerated evil character that anyone could becometo some extent. A “Charming, but…” person. Herepresents the darker side of our human nature. Themovie is an examination of that.David BruceIn deed, we all have a darker side, that we should allexamine and keep in check.--David BruceArt is the Language ofLiberation

FINDING TRUTH IN HANNIBAL RISINGDISCOVERING THE FATAL FLAWDirector Webber says: “Can you besympathetic towards a psychopathicmurderer? I’m interested in buildingsomething that is psychologicallycomplex, where you are taken on a journeyand have feelings for someone. I wouldsay that in our film maybe you don’t haveas much sympathy for Hannibal at the endas you do at the beginning, but you dounderstand why he ends up the way hedoes. Maybe that’s what’s true about alltragedies – it’s about that fatal flaw in acharacter, the one thing that brings a greatperson to their knees.”I myself am made entirelyof flaws, stitched togetherwith good intentions.--Augusten BurroughsIf you're afraid to letsomeone else see yourweakness, take heart:Nobody's perfect. Besides,your attempts to hide yourflaws don't work as well asyou think they do.--Julie MorgensternA diamond with a flaw isworth more than a pebblewithout imperfections.--Chinese ProverbSociety is only as free as itsarts. Art is the voice ofhuman freedom.

TRIVIA AND NEWSMovie Making is the Convergenceof Many Talents and Art Forms--The movie comes out exactly six yearsafter Hannibal (Rising opens on February9, 2007; Hannibal opened on February 9,2001).--This will be the only movie about theHannibal Lecter character without theactor Frankie Faison in it. In the films TheSilence of the Lambs, Hannibal and RedDragon, Faison portrayed the asylumorderly Barney (given the full name BarneyMatthews in a scene cut from Hannibal),whereas in the film Manhunter, theprevious adaptation of the book RedDragon, he portrayed Lieutenant Fisk.--This is the first Hannibal Lecter film forwhich the screenplay was written byThomas Harris, who wrote all of thenovels.

WHY MOVIES ARE SO IMPORTANT"The meaning of life is the most urgent ofquestions" --Albert Camus (Existentialist thinker).To Restrict Creativity isto Restrict the veryNature of the CreatorIn “Movies and the Meaning of Life” author KimberlyBlessing points out that movies can help us reflecton five of life’s most important questions:1) What is reality and how can I know it?2) How can I find my true identity?3) What the significance of my interactions withothers?4) What’s the point of my life?5) How ought I to live my life?The idea behind Visual Hollywood is that Movies canand must play an essential role helping us explorethe meaning of our existence and our life together.No other quest is more necessary or important.Movies are powerful. Movies bring personalmeaning, and can contribute to a peaceful world.Cinematic story telling can be a transforming event.Visual Hollywood takesan existential approachto life. We celebratewith human freedom.We use movies and thearts as a means ofunderstanding thehuman condition andour collective relation tothe world around us.Our basic quest is:1. To know what itmeans to be human inthe world.2. The pursuit of humanfreedom.

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