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SakaiGroup Project ManagerMUC-SISLTanonymous

SakaiGroup project manager• Goals– To provide cooperative work system– To enhance communication between group members– To manage group schedule and members’ work time• Tasks to accomplish– To Share Information– To manage schedule– To meet in distance and have a discussion– To edit document collaboratively– To coordinate document and files efficiently

Sharing InformationCommunication toolUser can contact methods andsee which are available

ScheduleView opitionCalendar typeUser can see team schedule.If user click the name ofmembers, he/she can see theirindividual work schedule.User can see meetinginformation.

ScheduleView opitionText typeUser can see teamschedule in forms of textand bar graph whichshow detail contents.

DiscussionUser can see discussionschedule and methods, suchas text based chat, audioconference, video conferenceUser can seediscussion result.

DiscussionUsers can share their monitorwith team members. Thisconcept is like dual monitor inone computer.There are some options.

Collaborative Editing ToolDocument listThis space is to showdocument to Edit. Itallows multi-userediting function.There are some options.

Coordinate Document and FilesDocument listDocument list

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