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news update - ENT and Audiology News

news updateThe latest technologicaldevelopments, plus newsfrom charities and the industry

Naish KellmeyerAB recipientHear Your Worldwith Advanced BionicsIf your patients are no longer benefitting from hearingaids, then it’s time to consider a cochlear implant fromAdvanced Bionics. Whether your patients love hitting theslopes, throwing snowballs, or relaxing at the lodge, winterseason can be fully enjoyed and life can be fully lived whenthey hear their best with AB.For more information, contact:international@AdvancedBionics.comAdvancedBionics.comThe world’s first and onlywaterproof, freestyle sound processoris ideal for all seasons.027-M155-03©2012 Advanced Bionics AG and affiliates. All rights reserved.

news updateAnother first for Puretone as LesMisérables breaks new ground insound recording techniquesOn UK general release since 11th January, the feature film version ofLes Misérables is attracting rave reviews all over the world, but manyaudiences may not be aware of the groundbreaking approach taken torecord the vocal performances of the actors. Normally actors wouldsing to pre-recorded backing tracks, however, Director Tom Hooperfelt that this would inhibit the artistic input of the actors and productioncrew, so a new approach was devised. It was decided that in orderto achieve maximum flexibility the actors would perform to themusical score being played live by a pianist out of camera shot, withthe final orchestral soundtrack being scored and overdubbed later.New approaches need cutting edge technology and Puretone weretasked with supplying all principal actors with custom-made ultraminiaturewireless earpieces in order to hear the live piano trackwithout it being picked up by the sensitive vocal microphones.Following impressions being taken, Deke Frickey, Sales Manager atPuretone, visited Pinewood Studios in order to carry out skin tonecolour matching for a number of principal players, including RussellCrowe and Hugh Jackman. This colour matching process was carriedout in order to further ‘hide’ the devices into the players’ ears.“Having supplied the earpieces for the filming of Mamma Mia andEvita a number of years ago it was a pleasure to again be involved insuch an iconic, and in this case groundbreaking, production,” saidDeke, adding: “I understand that Les Mis has been nominated for anumber of Oscars, including one for sound mixing, so we are verypleased about that and wish the cast and crew well at the awardceremony.”For further information contact: Puretone Ltd,Tel: +44 (0)1634 719 427, Fax: +44 (0)1634 719 450,Email: info@puretone.netWeb: www.puretone.netHearing Innovation Expo 2014 speaker line-upStarkey Laboratories has announced an incredible speaker line-up for the Hearing Innovation Expo 2014. Thelist includes former president, George W Bush, chief evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki and the renownedbusiness magnate, television personality and author Donald J Trump.To find out more and be part of this industry-leading, global hearing event, held at the Cosmopolitan, LasVegas, contact your Regional Manager or email Laboratories is one of the world’s largest hearing technology companies and a known-leader in thedesign, development and distribution of comprehensive digital listening systems. Headquartered inMinneapolis, USA, Starkey employs over 4000 staff in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Australia,Central America, Europe, and North America.For further information contact: Starkey Laboratories UK Limited,Web: generation RIC product line fromSeboTek – the Sebo HD2Siemens launches Bluetoothcompanion microphone device for clearspeech and conversation clarity,whatever the locationSiemens Hearing Instruments has announced the launch of VoiceLink TM ,its latest audiology innovation for miniTek® Bluetooth® streaming deviceusers. It is a remote companion microphone system that improves thelistening experience for the user when accompanied by a friend,colleague or partner in challenging acoustic situations where there isbackground noise.VoiceLink works in partnership with Siemens’ miniTek remotestreamer for hearing instruments. It increases the signal-to-noise ratio,improving speech clarity. VoiceLink can be used at distance of up to20 metres in free field situations, making it a flexible solution.Delivering an audio bandwidth range of 100Hz to seven kHz,VoiceLink is an effective device, yet remains small and lightweight.For further information contact: Siemens Hearing Instruments,Tel: +44 (0)1293 423 725, Email: mark.laben@siemens.comWeb: hearing instrumentsare recognisedaround the world for theirmagnificent sound qualityand their patentedreceiver in the canaldesign. SeboTek has nowintroduced the nextgeneration of their RIChearing instruments, theSebo HD2 product line.According to SeboTek,their groundbreaking Sebo HD2 instruments feature improvedsignal processing that taps into the 111 channels of processing and14kHz bandwidth making it the best SeboTek has to offer. Withthe introduction of hands free AutoSYNC, Sebo HD2 allows foroptimised listening in multiple environments to maximise comfort,speech clarity and HD sound quality.The Intro HD2 is SeboTek’s newest RIC solution for costconsciouspatients. The unique design of the Intro HD2 is aimed atreducing the time spent on fittings, which makes it more costeffective to dispense without sacrificing fitting accuracy or qualityof care.For further information contact: SeboTek Hearing Systems,Tel: +1 918 388 9000, Email: info@sebotek.com134ENT & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1

news updateNew regional salesmanager for InteracousticsInteracoustics hasconfirmed theappointment ofAnum Saleemi to theposition of RegionalSales Manager forInteracoustics,covering the Northof England andScotland. Anumgraduated fromQueen Margaret University in Edinburgh in2012 and joins Interacoustics from her currentrole in technical support with Phonak.“We are delighted to welcome Anum to ourexpanding team at Interacoustics,” says ClaireHague, National Sales Manager. “Anum will be afamiliar face to many of our customers throughher role as Student and Trainee Representative onthe BAA Board. Her keen knowledge of audiologyand experience in the NHS and with BAAwill stand her in good stead when representingInteracoustics equipment and we look forwardto Anum sharing in our continuing success.”Anum takes responsibility for sales ofInteracoustics equipment into the independentdispensing sector as well as NHS audiology. Tofind out more about Interacoustics’ equipmentand services, please contact Interacoustics further information contact:Interacoustics,Tel: +44 (0)1737 780 437,Email: innovation takesglobal leadership in rapidfit hearing aid technologyAlps, in its endeavor to build world class hi-techdigital hearing aids at affordable prices for theglobal market, has recently launched ERIKA-I, theworld’s first multi channel rapid fit digital hearingaid. Described by the company as a 'groundbreaking hearing solution', the ERIKA-I is a quickfit option with automatic and adaptive features.This product has brought Alps into a leadershipposition in the affordable digital hearing aidsegment of the global market.It is specifically interesting for developingeconomies where there is a requirement for highquality digital instruments at affordable prices.Alps is india’s leading hearing aid company andis today considered a quality leader in manymarkets.For further information contact: Alps,Email: Web: www.alps.inInventis Piccolo – the first audiometer controllablewirelessly through the iPad ®Piccolo is an extremely light (less than 300g), portable(only 16x16x3cm) audiometer offering air, bone andspeech audiometry functions, which can be controlledfrom a Windows PC, or wirelessly through an iPad®.Piccolo is also completely controllable through InventisDaisy software or NOAH, via a PC or laptop. A dedicatedapp is freely downloadable from the Apple App Storewhen used with the iPad®, featuring a complete patientdatabase, allowing you to print professional reports andexport data to NOAH.Together, its small size, comprehensive functionalityand powerful, user-friendly software make the Piccolo a perfect solution for those seekinga high quality portable audiometer, as well as the ideal choice for hearing professionals onthe move. Puretone are offering the chance to win an Inventis Piccolo Plus Aero, turn topage 18 for more details.(ipad® not included. ‘Apple’ and ‘iPad’ are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. ‘App Store’ isa service mark of Apple Inc.)For further information contact: Puretone Ltd,Tel: +44 (0)1634 719 427, Fax: +44 (0)1634 719 450,Email: Web: www.puretone.netStarkey introduces tinnitus treatment solutionStarkey Laboratories has run a series of successful regional launch events across the UKand Ireland, showcasing their latest innovations to over 150 hearing professionals.The seminars introduced a new tinnitus treatment solution and two new members toits 3 Series wireless family. Xino Tinnitus combines advanced hearing aid technologydesigned to provide personalised tinnitus relief. Xino Wireless includes the new micro RIC312 that offers the benefits of Starkey’s IRIS Technology. Additionally, the new 3 SeriesBTE 13, the smallest BTE 13 in the Starkey line-up, is now available.Neil Pottinger, Sales and Marketing Director, Starkey Laboratories, adds: “Personalisationenables practices to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, gain competitive advantageand to turn ordinary into extraordinary. This is a key theme to be found throughoutall our latest innovations and together with ourpersonalised marketing and our businesssupport will give hearing professionals theadvantage in their marketplace.”For further information contact: StarkeyLaboratories UK Limited,Web: ReSound ® launches thefirst made for iPhoneaccessory andaccompanying appFor the first time ever, hearing-aided peoplecan use an iPhone to control hearing aidvolume, program and streaming accessories.ReSound Control is a free download whichextends ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ functionalityonto an iPhone screen. Available on theApp Store. Soon to be available on Google Play TM .The Phone Clip+ uses any Bluetooth®-enabled telephone to transform hearing aids intotelephone headsets. As well, it includes simple remote control of the hearing instrumentand streams stereo quality music.(The trademarks listed are owned and used by The GN ReSound Group and its relatedaffiliates. Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple, Inc, registered in theUS and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. Android and GooglePlay are trademarks of Google, Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.)For further information contact: Morten Hansen, Vice President, GN ReSound,Email: Web: www.resound.comENT & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1135

news updateComfort Audio launches new products at the AudiologyNOW! CongressTechnology leader in digital hearing systems Comfort Audio will present new products at thisyear’s AudiologyNOW! Congress in Anaheim, California:1. The smallest mini-receiver in the world, Comfort Digisystem Micro Receiver DT202. Comfort Digisystem’s unique school microphone DM30 with 2,4 GHz3. The new hearing amplifier Comfort Duett.The smallest mini receiver in the world fits with all hearing aids equipped with an audio shoewith a Europlug input and is compatible with most BTE hearing aids or hearing implants on themarket. The receiver is powered by the hearing aid battery.To configure and test the mini receiver, the new Programmer DT20 is available. With its clearcolour display and integrated software, no computer is needed. The step-by-step-guide makes it easyfor the audiologist to do a fitting; moreover, the current settings of the mini receiver can be read.Comfort Digisystem’s unique school microphone DM30 gives children with a hearing loss thechance to experience clear and natural communication at school – with their teacher as well as theirclassmates. The Microphone DM30 is the perfect tool for team teaching.Comfort Duett is an easy-to-use hearing amplifier that helps persons with a hearing loss getinvolved in almost any situation, whether a lively family dinner, a telephone conversation or watchingTV. Clever technology inside the Comfort Duett picks up people’s voices and sends a clear sound toeither headphones or a hearing aid. And with its compact design, it discreetly tags along anywhere.Moreover, Comfort Audio presents a new Comfort Digisystem retail package, easy-to-use for everyday life.For further information contact: Comfort Audio Inc, Tel: +1 888 421 0843, Fax: +1 847 813 9798,Email Web: www.comfortaudio.usPick ‘n’ mix all-sorts for audiology with PC Werth’s brochureAt over 120 pages, The WIRe from PC Werth is the most comprehensive document of its type, saysthe company, and is now easier to use. Users can download the full brochure or pick ‘n ‘mix sectionsthey require from the PC Werth website, complete with a new easy-reference page numbering system.New Products, more choiceThe WIRe showcases the industry’s widest choice and range of supplies for audiology, including thenew Kamplex KMS1 and KAS8 screeners, Juno Soundfield system and diagnostic instruments andfitting systems from Otovation, MAICO and Auditdata.Easy ordering for Ireland customersSupporting the new Euro pricelist, customers in Ireland can order in Euros or by calling our local rate number – 014475250.Download The WIRe – with PC Werth’s famous multi-buy discounts – at, or email for a printededition.For further information contact: PC Werth, Email: Web: chosen to have film madeby top film makerThe British Tinnitus Association (BTA) has been selectedby national communications charity Media Trust,Sainsbury’s and Google for the Untold Stories scheme,which matches small charities with top filmmakers whocreate professional films that demonstrate the impact ofthe charities’ work.The British Tinnitus Association, the only UK charitydedicated to supporting those who experience tinnitus, isone of 25 charities selected to take part in the eighth seriesof Media Trust’s Untold Stories scheme.David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the British TinnitusAssociation, said: “Tinnitus is largely an unseen issue,although 10 per cent of adults in the UK experience it.Untold Stories will give us the unique opportunity to workwith a professional film maker to raise awareness of thecondition and our work.”The films will be broadcast on Media Trust’s nationaltelevision channel, Community Channel in the spring and,with Google’s support, distributed widely online.For further information contact: British TinnitusAssociation,Tel: +44 (0)114 275 9933, Fax: +44 (0) 114 258 2279,Email: Web: launches newgenerationConnectLine systemWith the launch of an entirely newConnectLine system, Oticon unfolds awide variety of options for hearing aidusers in terms of active communicationand listening.Oticon’s popular Streamer has beencompletely redesigned to addsimplicity and increase user-friendlinesswith the launch of Streamer Pro – and the battery life has been doubled!Oticon ConnectLine gathers all the solutions into a single, integrated userfriendlysystem. Much of today’s communication is made via electronic media, andOticon ConnectLine enables wireless transmission of sound from televisions,phones, computers, music players etc. directly to the ears of the hearing aid user,thereby ensuring the user receives maximum benefit from their Oticon hearing aids.Also for people in active employment, there is good news with a newConnectLine solution designed for the office phone and the possibility of usinginternet telephony such as VOIP.The new ConnectLine series is compatible with both Telecoil and FM, whichare widely popular technologies, and is backwards compatible for most currentOticon hearing aids.For further information contact: Oticon, Tel: +44 (0)1737 780 437,Email: Web: & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1

COCHLEAR IMPLANT SYSTEMSNew flexible & ultra-thin EVO electrode array:• Easy & smooth surgical insertion• Preservation of the cochlear tissues• Active Length: 24 mm•20 active platinum electrodes• Diameter at the base: 0.5 mm• Diameter at the apex: 0.4

news updateWhisperRoom: reducingsound to a whisper since1990WhisperRoom, Inc.from MorristownTennessee has beenmanufacturingportable and modularsound isolation boothsfor medical and audiologyapplicationssince 1990.WhisperRoom’s soundisolation booths areused worldwide forhearing tests, speech /language and sound field testing. The companyoffers two levels of sound isolation booth, a standard(single-wall) and an enhanced (double-wall).The units are portable and modular; and sizesrange from a modest 3.5x2.5’ one-person unit toa room-size 8.5x15.5’ unit. A single-wall unit canbe upgraded to double-wall at any time.WhisperRooms also offer a wide variety ofoptional features such as wall windows, audiojack panels, caster plates, and wide-access doorssuited specifically for the audiology / medicalmarket.For further information contact:WhisperRoom Inc,Tel: +1 423 585 5827, Fax: +1 423 585 5831,Email: info@whisperroom.comWeb:‘Personalising’ how hearing aids sound puts theHCP firmly at the heart of the fitting processWith the launch of Oticon Alta,Oticon hopes to create a trulypersonalised hearing care experience,supporting the HCP to helptheir client articulate their soundpreferences and fine-tuning theinstrument to meet these preferences.The secret behind Oticon Altais Oticon’s unique principle ofnatural sound. The ideal hearingsolution should not just amplifysound; the key is to amplifysound without distorting or corrupting it, retaining all the subtle nuances and clarity ofsound. The brain then gets all the information it needs to easily and effortlessly understandspeech, process messages and respond to these messages. This is where OticonAlta really stands out.”With Alta we have succeeded in significantly improving speech intelligibility. Thismeans that you can hear more words in noise than has been possible up to now. Thehuman brain is a very powerful sound processor and is best utilised by giving it preciseinformation about what goes on in a listening environment,” says Ben Colman, SalesDirector. ”And this is exactly what we do with our Oticon Alta family,” he adds.“All people perceive sound differently,” Ben comments, “and every third user whostops using their hearing aid says it is because the sound quality does not live up totheir expectations. Oticon Alta is the first ever hearing aid that can be fine-tuned tomatch the user’s subjective preferences, enabling the hearing care professional to guidethe wearer on personalising the sound their instrument makes to meet their individuallistening preferences.”For further information contact: Oticon,Tel: +44 (0)1737 780 437, Email: Werth’s new deal smashes internet pricingPC Werth has announced radical new pricing for Etymotic Research (ER) custommoulds, electronic noise protection and earphones.Tom Parker, MD at PC Werth, says: “There are recognised sales and business opportunitiesfor anyone offering custom earphones and noise protection. And whilstinternet pricing pressure is tough, the opportunity for audiologists is very real, sinceimpression-taking is virtually internet-proof.“Our new deal therefore works in two ways to capitalise on audiology’s added value and smash competition from traditional internettraders. First, by slashing prices, our customers can match online pricing. Second, buying ‘phones and custom sleeves together saves evenmore – you could advertise audiology-grade EK5 noise-limiting earphones for just £2, when bought with moulds!“Since every business and opportunity is different, I’d urge anyone interested to call Maureen Jones to discuss our PERFECTfit programmeon 020 8772 2700 or, quoting ‘PERFECTfit’.”For further information contact: PC Werth, Tel: +44 (0)20 8772 2700, Email: Web: hearing aid audiologist delighted to win electric bicycleHearing aid battery manufacturer VARTA Microbattery ran a prize draw to win apremium Stöckli electric bicycle under the logo ‘fit 4 future’ at its power one exhibitionstand at the 57th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians in Frankfurt. Thelucky winner was professional hearing aid audiologist Sabine Sommer from HörsystemeSommer in Berlin.On 31 January 2013, Malwina Piasta, Arno Niedermayer and Sonja Peitl-Steinert fromthe power one team gave the prize to Sabine Sommer during a visit to the VARTAMicrobattery headquarters in Ellwangen.“The entire power one team congratulates Sabine Sommer on winning the Stöckli electricbicycle, which is powered by VARTA Microbattery battery packs,” said the company.“The premium electric bicycle has an intelligent battery management system, a ‘soft start’function and an automatic energy recovery system, which recharges the battery whenbraking, for example. The e-bike has a possible range of over 150 kilometres (90 miles).”For further information contact: VARTA Microbattery GmbH, Tel: +49 79 61 921 526, Web: www.varta-microbattery.com138ENT & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1

news updateOtoform Xpand – the first impression materialcreated for older patientsXpand is the latest product of Dreve’sfocus on impressioning innovation. Theall-new composition has been formulatedwith older patients in mind: bygently expanding in the canal, Xpandcompensates for tissue weakness – acause of poor earmould sealing formany patients.In addition – and following the popular A Soft X material – Xpand is easier is tosqueeze, which means it is also perfect for general use and deeper impressions. And allthis, explains PC Werth, whilst delivering the superior characteristics that Dreve productsare famous for – quality, accuracy, handling and gentleness to skin.This new material is available from in cartridges (DR/XPAND)with narrow canulae (086s) and standard impressioning gun (085CD).For further information contact: PC Werth, Tel: +44 (0)20 8772 2700,Email: Web: introduces new clinical hybridaudiometer – the AC40Interacoustics has released its new AC40 clinical hybridaudiometer with two fully-independent channels. TheAC40 is a new self-contained standalone audiometerthat can run independently from a PC, while offering allof the additional benefits of a PC-based audiometer withfull Noah and EMR/HIS functionality.Key features include:• Articulating, high-resolution 8.4 inch colour display for easy to read audiograms• A comprehensive test battery• Imbedded speech presentation materials (e.g. QuickSIN)• Large internal data storage and connectivity to external devices like printers, PC keyboardsand large colour displays• The Interacoustics Diagnostic Suite 2.0 PC software provides counselling tools, easilycustomisable reports and standardised protocol setups• Paediatric Noise for frequency-specific noise testing• Intelligent Auto Masking feature• Powerful built-in amplifier for sound field applications.For further information contact:Worldwide: Email: info@interacoustics.comWeb: www.interacoustics.comUnited Kingdom: Interacoustics UK, Tel: +44 (0)1698 208 205,Email: Web: you could onlydream ofWidex has presented the WIDEX DREAM familyof hearing aids: ‘the absolute latest in advancedhearing aid technology’. DREAM sets nothing less than a new standard in hearing aidperformance, says the company.Using what Widex calls True-Input Technology, DREAM dramatically increases theinput range and maintains the fidelity of all sounds entering the hearing aid, resulting in amuch better sound picture. This gives users incredibly rich and detailed sound – even innoisy environments such as concerts or sports events.The unique technology also significantly improves speech intelligibility for DREAMusers, particularly in noisy environments. Advanced integrated signal processing providesan artefact-free signal for optimal sound processing so that users can enjoy uncompromisedspeech understanding.The launch of DREAM coincides with a new personal website for hearing aid users.Exclusive to Widex, the free site called MY.WIDEX.COM gives users all the relevant informationunique to their specific type of hearing aid and hearing loss.For further information contact: Widex,Web: or ErikWestermannThis year, Widex celebratesthe 90thbirthday of one of the hearing industry’semblematic figures, Erik Westermann, whofounded Widex in 1956 together with hispartner Christian Tøpholm.The two men laid the foundation of whatwould later become one of the world’sleading hearing aid producers. Today, thecompany employs over 3,400 people worldwideand is present in more than 100markets.One of Erik Westermann’s main contributionsto Widex’ success is the extensivenetwork of partnerships that he worked toestablish. “I’m lucky to have met a lot of fascinatingpeople from the industry with whom Ihave formed lifelong friendships,” he says.Erik Westermann retired in 1993, but evenat 90 years old his impressive energycombined with a solid sense of humour stillmake him a source of inspiration for Widexemployees and a valued friend and colleaguefor people across the industry.For further information contact: Widex,Web: and easy objectivescreening fromInteracousticsIn modernhealth caresettings fast andreliable screeningis paramount.The all newMT10 from Interacoustics is built to meet theserequirements in an easy and cost effective way.The MT10 automatic tympanometer is fastand easy to operate and provides objectivescreening analysis that cannot be obtained byotoscopy alone.The MT10 is well suited for diagnostic use astympanograms and optical reflex responses areall recorded with great detail.Four different reflex tests may be performedper ear using either fixed or automatic intensityselection. The test is carried out at the correctpressure level and the actual reflex characteristicsare displayed on the screen for the operatorto view and interpret.The MT10 can hold test results of up to 30patients in its memory. This makes it possible toscreen a large group of patients and print outthe data at a later time.For further information contact:Interacoustics UK,Tel: +44 (0)1698 208 205,Email: & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1139

news updateThe fascination of hearingAUDIOVERSUM – an adventure world of acoustic landscapesunique within Europe.Out of an aspiration to open up the diverse world of hearing topeople and raise awareness of the importance of good hearing,MED-EL, a pioneer in the field of hearing implant solutions, hasinitiated a Science Centre for acoustic landscapes that is uniquewithin Europe.AUDIOVERSUM is an interactive exhibition, which conveys the‘Fascination of Hearing’ in an educational and imaginative way. Overan area of 1,000 square metres in the heart of Innsbruck, exceptionalhearing experiences and an acoustic supporting programmepromise to take school groups, families, the city's residents andguests on an exciting journey through the world of acoustics.A virtual journey through the human ear, how bone conductionworks, the discovery of urban sounds when entering a stairwell orfeeling a loss of hearing, all of this and much more can be experiencedat AUDIOVERSUM. State-of-the-art installations and exhibitsin their actual acoustic dimension make daily noise pollution physicallypalpable as well.With the development of AUDIOVERSUM, MED-EL isaccepting its responsibility of drawing attention to and sensitivelyraising the awareness of the importance of good hearing. Thecompany's mission ‘Overcoming hearing loss as a barrier tocommunication and for quality of life’ is conveyed in an understandableand simple way.MED-EL hopes that after experiencing AUDIOVERSUM thevisitor will perceive the world differently and suddenly realise thatour ears are actually being used round the clock, seven days a week,24 hours a day, even when we are asleep.For further information contact: AUDIOVERSUM,Tel: +43 (0)512 28 88 89 720, Email: office@audioversum.atWeb: www.audioversum.atBonebridge – now available in the UKMED-EL UK has revealed that the first Bonebridge operations in theUK were performed in Edinburgh, Manchester and Dundee inDecember 2012.Bonebridge is the world’s first active bone conduction implant andfeatures an intact-skin design. Intact-skin implants have been tried andtested for years in cochlear and middle ear implants and stand out fortheir low complication rates. However, this is the first time that thistechnology has been used for bone conduction stimulation.Bonebridge consists of two components: the Bone ConductionImplant (BCI) and the Amadé BB audio processor. The BCI isimplanted in the mastoid and temporal region of the ear. The externallyworn audio processor stimulates the implant, causing the boneto vibrate and stimulate the auditory system.The audio processor features a directional microphone mode,wind noise reduction, sound smoothing and a programme forspeech and noise management.Bonebridge surgery is straightforward and takes between 30minutes to an hour. The Bonebridge implant system is particularlysuitable for people suffering from conductive hearing loss or singlesided deafness.Twenty-eight year old Alastair W from Manchester was the firstperson in the UK to have the Bonebridge implant activated. He hassuffered from single sided deafness for six years after contractingmumps and was told by his doctors that his hearing loss would bepermanent.He was referred to Manchester Royal Infirmary where he foundout he was a suitable candidate for Bonebridge. Alastair practisesmartial arts so other hearing devices were unsuitable. He wasdelighted to have regained his hearing in time for Christmas.Mr Kevin Green who performed the procedure is also very happywith the outcome: “Alastair had a really good response toBonebridge and we are very pleased. It will help him a lot and hopefullythe procedure will now help lots of other people too.”For further information contact: Sarah Bampton, MED-EL UK,Tel: +44 (0)1226 242874, Email: sarah.bampton@medel.comWeb: www.medel.comManchester Phonosurgery courseThe Manchester Phonosurgery course in September will be heldin The Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre.See advertorial on page 10 for more information.RADIESSE VoiceRADIESSE Voice (Calcium Hydroxylapatite - CaHA) injectableimplant consists of synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)microspheres with a diameter range of 25 to 45µm, suspended inan aqueous gel carrier. These consistently shaped and sized particleshave proven safe and biocompatible while allowing gradualtissue growth for a long lasting augmentation shown to be effectiveup to 12 months or longer in many patients. RADIESSE Voiceis convenient to use without preparation or mixing, and comeswith an easy-to-use needle.For further information contact:Merz Global Voice Business,Tel: +31 (0)612 509 856, Fax: +31 (0)407 440 02,Email: voice@merz.comContact information Customer Service UK,Tel: +44 (0)208 236 3516, Fax: +44 (0)208 236 3500,Email: customerservices@merz.com140ENT & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1

The new Cochlear Baha ®DermaLock Abutment (BA400)A BONE CONDUCTION HEARING SOLUTIONNo soft tissue removalThe DermaLock Abutment (BA400)is the industry’s only abutment forbone conduction specifically designedand cleared for a less invasive surgerywith no soft tissue removal.DermaLock technologyCompared with titanium, theDermaLock technology promotessoft tissue integration by allowingmore cell binding proteins to bindto the surface and orientates themin a way that makes it easier forthe cells to attach. 1Laura, Baha user, SpainMafalda, Baha user, PortugalFor more information visitwww.cochlear.com1 Kilpadi KL, Chang PL, Bellis SL. Hydroxylapatitebinds more serum proteins, purified integrins, andosteoblast precursor cells than titanium or steel.J Biomed Mater Res 2001;57:258-67E82732

news updateAge-related hearing loss – a globalview: MED-EL presents new facts andfiguresAustrian hearing implant manufacturer MED-EL presents facts andfigures on age-related hearing loss, its far-reaching consequences andscientific findings on benefits and risks of cochlear implants for olderadults. The comprehensive report is based on statistics from ninecountries in Europe, North America and Asia.Special report: MED-EL’s special report ‘Hearing Loss in OlderAdults’ is the second of a series on hearing and hearing loss. Theauthors focused on Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan,Canada, Sweden, Spain and the United States, providing a broadoverview of age-related hearing loss in Europe, America and Asia.Content: Age-related hearing loss - Incidence of hearing loss in olderadults - Hearing implant systems - No age limit for implantation -Safe surgery - Firsthand experience from users.One in two over 60 has a hearing loss: Worldwide, one in twoindividuals older than 60 years has a hearing problem. Consequencesreach far beyond sensory impairment: scientific studies have shownthat age-related hearing loss increases the risk of social isolation anddepression. A mild loss can be compensated with hearing aids,whereas moderate to severe hearing impairments often require morepowerful devices such as hearing implants to promote goodcommunication.Implantation in older adults: many benefits, low risk: Many scientificstudies have shown that cochlear implants improve speechunderstanding, increase social contacts and raise confidence in olderadults. Users report of their enhanced quality of life compared tobefore implantation. Medical risks are low and are similar to a hip orknee replacement.Order report: The Special Report No 2 ‘Hearing Loss in OlderAdults’ is available as of March 2013. For your free copy, pleasecontact MED-EL Medical Electronics, FAO: Carmen Kronawettleitner.For further information contact: MED-EL Medical Electronics,Tel: +43 512 28 88, Email: carmen.kronawettleitner@medel.comWeb: www.medel.comSmall charity raises £40,000 from10KM walkThe Mouth CancerFoundation’s seventh annual Mouth Cancer 10 KM AwarenessWalk, which took place in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday22nd September 2012, raised an impressive £40,000.00.The Walk has been designed to increase awareness andgenerate much needed funds to allow the charity to providesupport for mouth cancer patients and carers.Last September almost 800 people travelled to the capital towalk the 15,000 steps it took to complete a 10 KM course.The Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation Dr VinodJoshi says: “The profit from the walk, after costs, will beploughed into our latest initiative the Mouth Cancer ScreeningAccreditation Scheme which will launch in April this year. Thiswill accredit dental practices who actively prove they regularlycarry out thorough head and neck cancer screenings andoperate clearly documented referral pathways with a localspecialist department.”For further information contact:The Mouth Cancer Foundation,Email: info@mouthcancerfoundation.orgWeb: www.mouthcancerfoundation.orgNew Cochlear Nucleus ® Aqua Accessory:dive right in!Cochlear has launched the newCochlear Nucleus® AquaAccessory, which the companysays is the only waterproofbehind-the-ear sound processoraccessory and can be used inany wet environment that is safefor skin contact.The simple, convenient Aqua Accessory is a single-use, plastic enclosurethat completely seals in the processing unit, cable and coil. The clear, flexibleplastic makes it easy to monitor the processor, access the control buttonsand reposition the coil. It is compatible with the Cochlear CP800 Seriessound processors and designed for use with rechargeable batteries only.The fact that the Aqua Accessory can float, makes it easy to recover in apool or bath if dislodged. Additionally there is a retention hole for use with asafety line. For easy opening after use the Aqua Accessory has a quick tearnotch.To learn more about the Aqua Accessory, please visit further information contact: Cochlear AG, EMEA Headquarters,Tel: +41 61 205 04 04,Email: Web: www.cochlear-europe.comFREE RESOURCESThe resources below are offered free of charge to readers. Simply tick the items of interest on the Reader Enquiry Service on page 149 and return the coupon via fax.Free Doctor to Doctor Booklets from Karl StorzKarl Storz Endoscopy has continued to make huge contributions to education across allsurgical specialities worldwide. With their ongoing commitment to surgical education andthe support of courses, workshops and new pioneering surgical techniques, Karl Storz hasdeveloped a huge library of literature in the form of their famous silver Doctor to Doctorbooklets. These are written by doctors and surgeons for doctors and surgeons on topics ofinterest or to describe a new surgical technique. Further material includes the popularEndoWorlds and EndoGrams which provide brief overviews of new surgical techniques.Please visit the Karl Storz website for a full listing of publications on, contact the Karl Storz Endoscopy UK Ltd Customer Service Department for a fulllist of publications currently available.For further information contact: Karl Storz Endoscopy UK Ltd on Tel: +44 (0)1753 503500,Fax: +44 (0)1753 578124, or Email: customerservice@karlstorz-uk.comPlease specify the area of interest on the Reader Enquiry Service when requesting literature.142ENT & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1

news updateQatar Institute for Speech and HearingQatar Institute for Speech and Hearing is the one and only specialised centre in theState of Qatar with highly experienced professionals who are passionate in the field ofSpeech and Hearing. According to the institute, QISH is dedicated to excellence inproviding the highest quality health care services with compassion and withoutcompromise. It is dedicated to improving the health of the community in Qatar. Itoffers several services like Audiology, Speech/Language services, Auditory VerbalTherapy, Counseling & Psychology, and Preschool for children with special needs. QISHis credited to have set the highest standards for speech/language and hearing servicesin Qatar. It is also the sole distributor for more than twenty medical equipmentcompanies. It has distributed more than 100 copies of ENT & audiology news magazineto the participants of 1st Middle East Trans Oral Robotic Surgery. All the participantswere happy to receive the ENT & audiology news magazine which is very informativeand priceless.For further information contact:Qatar Instutute for Speech and HearingTel: +974 44122742, Fax: +974 44122704,Email:, Web: www.qish.infoJordan Hearing Aids launches the latest in 3DmodelingJordan Hearing Aids, the leading provider of hearing solutions in Jordan, has recentlyannounced the introduction of a new technology – the 3D printing and softwaremodeling by 3Shape's Hearing.Being the market leader in CAD/CAM technology, 3Shape's Hearing Instrumentsprovides the opportunity to digitally produce customised hearing aid shells, ear moulds,noise protection and soft molds.This latest technology is based on a unique combination of 3D software, hardware anddatabase technology.Mr Raed Billeh, General Manager of Jordan Hearing Aids, elaborated on this new technology,saying: "We at JHA thrive to provide our clients with the best service whileenhancing their experience when seeking a hearing aid solution. This new technology willallow us to increase our customer's satisfaction as we provide them with the perfect fit;thus resulting in few returns and remakes."For further information contact: Jordan Hearing Aids,Tel: +962 6 461 1331, Fax: +962 6 461 1332,Email: Web: www.hearing.joE.A.R., Inc. Adjustable Hearing Screener& Fit CheckThis compact, hand-held screener is designed to quickly screen hearingacuity and check the attenuation and fit of hearing protection. It issimple and easy to use. This fully-calibrated pulse tone generator featuresfive decibel levels (40, 50, 60, 70, and 80dB) and four frequencies (500,1000, 2000 and 4000Hz). The Adjustable Screener & Fit Check is also anexcellent marketing tool and can be used as a promotional item forretailers. It is inexpensive and can be sold directly to the consumer.Packaging is labeled in English and twelve other languages, as is theincluded operation booklet, for distribution to international markets.Charts to record results are available for download at dB levels (40/50/60/70/80dB), Four frequencies(500/1000/2000/4000Hz)Tone: two-second pulse tone Batteries: 1.5V (AAA size) x 3Size: 56.5mm x 136mm x 43mm Weight: 120gFor further information contact: E.A.R., Inc., Web: www.earinc.comI am the one in ten – acompilation album with areal storyEddy Temple-Morris, British TinnitusAssociation (BTA) Ambassador, DJ,producer and presenter is hoping to raiseawareness of tinnitus by putting together acompilation album where every singleperson involved has tinnitus.Eddy explains: “Every track on this albumwill have been donated by musicians,producers, DJs, all of whom have tinnitus.Bands (with at least one person living withtinnitus) but also the person who designsthe cover, the one that sequences andmasters the record, the promotions person,marketing person, at least one of the guys atthe record label, the publisher, the TVplugger, an artist manager, the person whowrites the label copy, the journalist whowrites a review, all the way through to thepostman who delivers it, each personinvolved will have tinnitus. The aim is to raiseawareness of the condition, how it can affectanyone, and to raise funds for the BTA.”Says Eddy: “We’ve had some incrediblesupport from some of the biggest artists inthe world, right through to some of undergroundelectronic dance music’s leadinglights, plus lawyers, writers, pluggers,managers, DJs from radio and clubs, studiosand an army of helpers, all of whom havetinnitus.“I’m so happy that Chris Martin has giventhis his blessing, with Coldplay on board, atlast we have a real chance to get through togovernment now…this album could be agame changer.”Artists including Black Eyed Peas, DJFresh, Adam F and Enter Shikari havealready pledged songs for the album.Eddy is currently seeking major labelrecord support for the album.For further information contact:British Tinnitus Association,Tel: +44 (0)114 275 9933,Fax: +44 (0)114 258 2279,Email: & audiology news | MARCH/APRIL 2013 | VOL 22 NO 1

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