to download the full newsletter - Society for Photographic Education

to download the full newsletter - Society for Photographic Education

is a nonprofit membership organizationthat provides and fosters an understanding ofphotography as a means of diverse creativeexpression, cultural insight, and experimental practice.Executive Committee of SPE‘s National BoardMichael Marshall, ChairJeff Curto, Vice ChairNate Larson, SecretaryNancy Stuart, TreasurerExecutive DirectorVirginia Morrisonvmorrison@spenational.orgRegistrarMeghan Boratomembership@spenational.orgAdvertising, Exhibits & Designand eNewsletter Editor & DesignerNina Barcellonaadvertising@spenational.orgOffice & Accounts Manager and Regional LiaisonCarla Kurtzadmin@spenational.orgEvents & Publications CoordinatorGinenne Clarkevents@spenational.orgexposure EditorStacey McCarroll Cutshawexposure@spenational.orgexposure DesignerAmy SchelemanowSPE National Office2530 Superior Ave., #403Cleveland, OH 44114Phone 216.622.2733Fax 216.622.2712www.spenational.orgNina Barcellonadirector’scolumnVery excited about all the new activities at SPE!The summer has flown by as we have all beenworking out ways to implement the new initiativesof SPE’s “Future Focus” Campaign. We relocatedthe national office into a space large enough toaccommodate exhibitions, artist talks, critiques,workshops, presentations and other eventsnear and dear to SPE’s mission. We have beenpreparing the space to serve and support thefollowing priorities the National Board developedfrom the “Future Focus” list of initiatives:• Exhibition to spotlight member’s work andshare the wealth of SPE externally• Expansion of opportunities on SPE’s website:1. Showcase of historical Exposure journalarticles, “First Exposures”2. SPE Video Library of presentations fromSPE experts3. Database of photography programs• Lecture series, workshops, portfolio reviewsand critiques• Project grant for SPE members to complete orcontinue a body or work or project• Infrastructure to support new activitiesOur inaugural event in the new space was TheWorld of Inkjet Paper Success or Failure... ThePrint Matters!, presented by our friends at FreestylePhotographic. The attendance was excellent! Animage from the event can be found in the SPENews section of this eNewsletter. Check out Inaddition, we have invited regional educators to useSPE for class critiques and we hope to host a numberof these informal events this fall. Please if you are interested inlearning more about this opportunity. Rolling up oursleeves to begin to make SPE’s wish list becomea reality give us renewed commitment to SPE’smission and members, and I hope the fruit of ourlabors will soon be enjoyed by the membership, ifnot already!Fundraising efforts for the campaign have providedapproximately 44% of what we hope to raise tosupport these new initiatives. Please help us reachour goal of $150,000 by donating today or makinga pledge to contribute over time—click here—your support will be enormously important at thistransformative moment for SPE.Please remember to vote in SPE boardelections! We have seen an amazing boom inmember participation in all of SPE’s activitiesEXCEPT for board elections. I cannot overstatethe value of SPE’s national board as the governingbody of the organization. We rely on the boardfor vision, oversight, creativity and inspiration,yet every year we see such a small percentageof the membership participating in the electionof individuals willing to serve the organization fora term of four years. Even with the improvementof online voting, we have experienced low SPEvoter turnout for the board elections. Please takea moment to read through the slate of candidatesthat will be mailed to you and is posted on SPE’swebsite here. GET OUT THE VOTE for SPE’s boardelections and vote for those you want representingyour SPE interests!You will soon receive the fall issue of SPE’s journal,Exposure, and should notice a new look throughoutthe publication! Following the shift to full colorin the spring 2013 issue, we’ve implementednumerous design changes to make the journaleven more compelling visually. You will notice morebreathing room along with a more contemporarylook. You may also notice that Exposure is nowa proper noun beginning with a capital “E” afteryears of starting with a lower case “e.” ThePublications Committee of SPE’s national boardfelt that the 50th anniversary was a perfect timefor Exposure to grow up and mature along withthe organization, and the journal’s new “Big E”emphasizes this evolution. Enjoy!Plans are well under way for the 2014 conferencein Baltimore. After meeting there in June withconference chair Nate Larson and national officestaff, the overall program has just been approvedby the executive committee. You can look forwardto a fantastic lineup of guest speakers to includeJoan Fontcuberta, Taryn Simon, and NicholasKahn and Richard Selesnick, as well as generalsessions selected from 238 proposals, close to40% more than the previous cohort. There are anumber of special activities in the works for theevent, including:• Pop-Up Reading Room with the IndiePhotobook Library, curated by Larissa Leclair• Joint Caucus Exhibition juried by CatherineLord and Leslie King-Hammond• MICA Campus Evening• Exhibition at BWI Airport, produced byMaryland Art Place and curated by SPE boardmember Liz Wells• Photo Scavenger Hunt• And of course the SPE Film Festival, ExhibitsFair, and Industry & Education ForumMark your calendars for the 2015 conference inNew Orleans: March 12-15, 2015 at the beautifulHyatt Regency, overlooking the Superdome. Theevent will be terrific with lots of collaboration andthe possibility of some community service with thecity of New Orleans.With appreciation,Virginia “Ginny” MorrisonCONNECTWITHSPE!spe members’ eNewsletter fall

spe newsCaryn CoyleFUTUrE FOCUS: SPE’s 50th Anniversary Campaign UpdateMany thanks to the 50cc committee (Mark Klett, Gary Kolb, Steven Benson, Richard Gray, Joann Brennan, Nate Larson, Michael Marshall,Tom Fischer, committee chair, Nancy Stuart and honorary co-chairs Joan and Nathan Lyons) whose work continues to support the FutureFocus Campaign. Members and friends are invited to make a pledge that will provide support over the next several years, or make a single giftcontribution to the campaign.SPE’s national board met in Chicago to prioritize the initiatives that will be funded by the campaign including online delivery of SPE content, newopportunities for member exhibitions, enhanced publications and international outreach.SPE Board Elections 2013–2017 TermThe following slate of eight candidates hasbeen assembled by the SPE NominatingCommittee for the National Board of Directorselection this fall. The bios and statements forall eight candidates are posted on the SPEwebsite here.Board slate: Jim Casper, Stephen Chalmers,Bill Gaskins, Rafael Goldchain, Anne Massoni,Rebecca Nolan, Sonja Rieger, and Ashley SipleAll current SPE members are asked to casttheir vote in the SPE National Board of DirectorsElection online October 22 – November 30,2013.The SPE Future Focus Grant ProjectCongratulations to Annu Matthew, recipientof the SPE Future Focus Grant. Matthew’swork stood out for its conceptual strengthand innovative presentation, which animatesphotographs from historical family albumswith present day re-enactments to exploregenerational transitions. New work funded bythis grant will be used to photograph multiplegenerations of immigrants across Americarepresenting the new immigrant population inthe US. Through digital technology old andnew images flow into one another, revealing theblurring spectrum of the generations movingfrom immigrant to native. Examples of theprocess can be viewed here.Please visit to make your pledge today to make a difference for SPE’s tomorrow.List of 50th AnniversaryDonorsAs of 9/16/13Niepce Society(over $10,000)Tom FischerDaguerre Society($5,001 - $10,000)Arno Rafael & Sandra HughesMinkkinenNancy StuartMark SchwartzTalbot Society($1,001 - $5,000)AnonymousSteven BensonJoann Brennan & AndreaZocchiJames Colby and the WeeksGalleryJeff CurtoRichard GrayAllan Harris & Cheryl YoungerMark KlettGary KolbMichael MarshallLawrence McFarlandOlivia ParkerJohn Pfahl & Bonnie GordonJim StoneWendel WhiteByron WolfeCameron Society($501 - $1,000)Nicole Browning & StevenRifkin*Carlos DiazNate LarsonNathan & Joan LyonsAnne MassoniJoyce NeimanasJudith Thorpe & Janet PritchardLiz WellsLumiere Society($25 - $500)Mariette AllenTom AsheNina BarcellonaSteven BlissMeghan BoratoMary BrownnPeter BunnellCarl ChiarenzaGinenne ClarkBarbara CranePhyllis CrowleyGloria DeFilipps BrushGary EmmonsJarrod EstesBarbara Lynn EstominCass FeyAlida FishBruce ForbesCorey GeorgeRobin GermanyKen HassollAlexander HeilnerTom HinsonAmy Holmes GeorgeNina BarcellonaThomas Jacobsen*Dennis KeeleyJames KueffnerCarla KurtzMark LudakElizabeth MarcotteStacey McCarroll CutshawTim & Joni McCormickFrank MercadoRichard MisrachVirginia MorrisonGeorge NanBea NettlesDeborah OrloffJeannie PearceMichael PevenShannon RandolAllison RetterAnn Ricksecker*Jean Ricksecker*Amy SchelemanowShades of PaperGeorge SladeRobert L. SmithBarbara TannenbaumMichael TeresLupita Murillo TinnenT Ann TolinV Elizabeth TurkLilliana Vitelli*Karen Vitelli*David WilliamsSam WangOther 50th AnniversaryDonorsElizabeth BakerBen DavisKaren DavisDiane FoxBrett JurgensJames IveyKen Signorello (honor of DarkroomGallery)Thomas TurnerMicah Wallace* in memory of Reg HeronNina BarcellonaMany thanks to the jurors, SPE’s Awards andRecognitions Committee: Erika Gentry (Chair,)Claude Baillargeon, and Amy Holmes George.SPE staff and friends preparring the new national office space for future events and member opportunities.First event in SPE’s new space with Freestyle Photographic!spe members’ eNewsletter fall

2014 nationalconference© Aquilina Faginas2014 ConferenceSchedule HighlightsThursday, March 6• Student Seminar (open to studentvolunteers & scholarship recipients)• Industry Seminars• Thursday Evening Guest Speaker• Opening Night Welcome ReceptionEvening Guest SpeakersJoan Fontcuberta, sponsored by Maryland InstituteCollege of ArtTaryn SimonNicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick,invited speakerCatherine Lord, sponsored by SPE’s Caucuses—Womans,Multicultural, and LGBTQ2014 Honored educatorSusan kae Grant2014 Peer Review CommitteeClaude Baillargeon, Matthew Clowney, Liz Cohen, Gary Colby, Bih Danh, Timothy Druckrey, JulianaForero, John Freyer, Tricia Hoffman, Patricia Lois Nuss2014 Conference CommitteeNate Larson, Anne Massoni, Liz Wells, Wendel White2014 Local CommitteeMargaret Adams, Geoff Delanoy, Jay Gould, Nate Larson, Matthew MooreConference HotelHilton Baltimore, 401 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21201Plan ahead! Book your room before it fills up, and take advantage of SPE’s discounted group rateof $179. All reservations in SPE’s block also include half price in-room Internet. Staying in theconference hotel maximizes the opportunity for collegial interactions. You’ll find yourself networkingin the elevator, in the lobby; in the lounge…friendly SPE conference attendees everywhere!Book online, or call the Hilton Baltimore reservation line at 1-800-HILTONS (445-2667). Pleasereference Society for Photographic Education when making your reservations. Please note inorder to confirm a room assignment the hotel requires you to provide a first night’s deposit, refundableup to 72 hours in advance of your check-in date.Hotel Reservation Deadline: February 11, 2014Looking to share a room—click here to find out how!National Conference RegistrationConference registration opens November 1, 2013. Rates are staggered to encourage early registration.Register early to secure your place, space is limited.2014 Conference PricingSPE Member RatesEarly RateNov 1 - Dec 31Advanced RateJan 1 - Feb 14Onsite RateMar 6 - 8 (conferencesubject to sell out)Regular $250 $290 $375Adjunct/Part-time $230 $270 $355Senior (65 yrs +) $175 $215 $300Student $90 $110 $150Student Portfolio Critiques & Professional Portfolio ReviewsThese 20-minute sessions provide a platform for conference attendees to present a body of workto leading experts in the field of photography, art and media at no extra cost. Student critiques willbe held on Friday, March 7 and Professional reviews on Saturday, March 8. Participating attendeesmust enroll in reviews during online conference registration and will be prompted to make reviewerpreference requests in February. Space is limited, early registration is highly encouraged.Industry & Education ForumThe Industry & The Educators: Dating or Commitment? Sponsored by ProfotoAs photography continues to evolve, choices of image production continue to expand and budgetscontinue to shrink, what sort of relationship can best serve both the photographic industry and theeducators who use their materials and supplies? Should industry representatives and educatorsconsider themselves “just dating” or “in a committed relationship”?This year’s Industry & Education Forum will feature a trio of tables, each hosted by an industry representativeand a photo educator. The “Curriculum” table will focus on pedagogical concerns commonto both parties, the “School Demos” table will concentrate on issues surrounding demonstratingequipment or techniques in the classroom and the “Supplies” table will look at the importance ofproviding and obtaining the needed supplies for teaching photography. Participants will be able to“float” from table to table to discuss issues pertinent to them and, at the end, we’ll “report out” fromeach group and see what we’ve learned about the nature of the Industry/Education relationship as itrelates to each of these three areas.Forum Moderator Jeff Curto is looking for 3 photo educators and 3 industry representatives; one foreach table. If you’re interested in participating as a table leader, email events@spenational.orgwith a brief (no more than 200 words) description of which table you want to host and what you cancontribute to the dialogue.Curator Portfolio WalkthroughThe Curator Portfolio Walkthrough will take place Friday, March 7, 8:30-11:00 pm. Local and SPEmember curators, collectors, gallery owners, historians, and scholars are invited to join us at theHilton Baltimore to give informal feedback on both student and professional member’s portfolios.Bring your portfolio to Baltimore and take advantage of this opportunity to show your work to anew audience!SPE Student Member Volunteer OpportunitySPE is looking for committed student members to participate as volunteers at the national conference.Click here to learn more!EXHIBITS FAIRWe already have an amazing line up of sponsors and exhibitors for the 51st National ConferenceExhibits Fair in Baltimore! Click here to check out SPE’s current sponsors and exhibitors.Friday, March 7• Exhibits Fair Open• General Sessions• Region & Caucus Meetings• Adobe Demo Sessions• Student Portfolio Critiques• Friday Evening Guest Speaker• Curator Portfolio WalkthroughSaturday, March 8• Exhibits Fair Open• Industry & Education Forum• General Sessions• Adobe Demo Sessions• Professional Portfolio Reviews• Silent Auction & Raffle• SPE Members Meeting• Saturday Evening Guest Speaker• MICA Campus Evening• Dance Party© Jay Gouldspe members’ eNewsletter fall

2013 regionalconferencesNortheast ➊Redefining Influence: Balancing Relationshipsand Evolving ProcessesNovember 8-9, Portland, MEConference Chair: Justin Kirchoffnortheast.spenational.orgInfluences change and perspectives continue to shift. Theexpanding definition of what photography is and can be,creates an unsettling, but rich climate. Students hold highesteem for the craft, yet embrace the medium’s modernflexibility. Educators and their students challenge and collaborateto redefine how historic and modern tools shapethe amalgam of the medium. In this process, studentssift through what to absorb, imitate, revere, and what todiscard. This SPE Northeast Regional Conference will examinehow artists balance developing subject matter andutilizing mentors, while reinforcing the medium’s evolvingprocesses.MID-ATLANTIC ➋This Is Not PhotographyOctober 18-20, Asbury Park, NJConference Chairs: Anne Massoni, Geanna Merola,and John ViggianoHonored Educator: Wendel WhiteKeynote Speaker: Maggie Taylor, Jerry UelsmannFeatured Speakers: Nate Larson & Marni Shindelmanmidatlantic.spenational.orgAs SPE celebrates its 50th year, we are faced with thequestion, “What is photography?” In an age whereeveryone carries a phone in their pocket and considersthemselves a photographer, Instagram and Twitter providemore up-to-date imagery than newspapers; appropriationof photographs has become commonplace; how do wedefine photography? When we retouch, manipulate andcomposite photographs into imagery that bares little tono resemblance to the original, can we still call it photography?Utilizing the ground-breaking work of JerryUelsmann and Maggie Taylor as a starting point, thisconference seeks to push the boundaries of photographicpossibilities.SOUTHEAST ➌Mad Hatters to Pixel PushersOctober 18-20, Charlotte, NCConference Chairs: Laurie Schorr and Aspen HochhalterHonored Educator: Phil MoodyKeynote Speaker: Dan EstabrookFeatured Speakers: S. Gayle Stevensand David Emmit Adamssoutheast.spenational.orgAn exploration of photographic methods and makers,from the revival of antiquated photographic processes tocontemporary innovations in digital imaging. The 2013SPE Southeast Regional Conference hosted by The LightFactory Contemporary Museum of Photography & Filmand the UNC Charlotte College of Art & Architecture willtake place in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. In addition toa wide range of artist presentations and panels, we willhave many hands-on workshops including Salt Printingwith Dan Estabrook, Photo Intaglio, GigaPan Exploration,Interactive iPad Books, Cyanotype Murals, ChromoskedasicSabatier, Argyrotype Printing and more.SOUTH CENTRAL ➍Refining Humanity: Photography and EmpathyOctober 17-20, Houston and Galveston, TXConference Chairs: Kristy Peet and Juliana ForeroHonored Educator: Keith CarterKeynote Speaker: Tracy Xavia Karnersouthcentral.spenational.orgThis conference explores the many and varied ways inwhich photographers and lens-based artists illuminate thehuman experience. Is empathy at the heart of the photographicact? Are current developments in lens-based artschanging our capacity to recognize the emotions experiencedby others? As educators it is important for us toencourage students to not only look inward but to expandtheir viewpoint outward. This conference addresses issuesphotographers, educators and students experiencein the classroom as well as in their personal work whenthey challenge themselves to use lens-based media toilluminate the greater human experience.MIDWEST ➎re:searchOctober 24-27, Lincoln, NEConference Chairs: Larry Gawel and Dana FritzHonored Educator: Jeff CurtoKeynote Speaker: Christian PattersonFeatured Speaker: John Pfahlmidwest.spenational.orgJoin us in Lincoln, Nebraska for re:search, the 2013MWSPE conference. Programming will focus on the variousstrategies photographers employ to produce work.Our main speakers include 2013 Guggenheim Fellow andauthor of Redheaded Peckerwood Christian Patterson,honored educator and 2013 national conference chair JeffCurto and John Pfahl whose exhibition is on view at theSheldon Museum of Art. The conference will also includeimagemaker and graduate student presentations, lectures,workshops, portfolio reviews and walkthrough, andseveral exhibitions. All conference attendees will receivea copy of An American Century of Photography by KeithDavis, Senior Curator of Photography at the Nelson-AtkinsMuseum of Art.➐ west➑ Northwest➏ SouthwestSouthWEST ❻Letters to An Emerging ArtistOctober 12, Denver, COConference Chairs: Patti Hallock, Samantha Johnston,and Megan JacobsFeatured Speakers: Eric Paddock, Melanie McWhorter,Terry Martin, Betsy Schneider, Patrick Manning,and Paul Weinrauchsouthwest.spenational.orgSPE-SW will host an intimate regional conference in Denver,Colorado on Saturday, October 12th. The conference,Letters to an Emerging Artist, is geared towards emergingphotographers and will be held on the Auraria Campus inDenver. We will present inspirational lectures to emergingartists who are entering the world of photography. Theconference will host the opening of a graduate studentexhibition as well as film screenings on Saturday nightwith lectures from the filmmakers. There will be a portfoliowalkthrough on Saturday afternoon and this will providean opportunity to receive feedback from the speakers andlocal art reviewers.WEST ➐On the Brink: Photography as WitnessOctober 11-13, Humboldt County, CAConference Chair: Nicole Jean HillKeynote Speaker: Brian UlrichFeatured Speaker: Yougsuk Suhwest.spenational.orgThe 2013 SPE West regional conference will take placein Humboldt County, California. Co-hosted by Humboldt➎ MIDwest➍ south centraL➊ Northeast➋ Mid-atlantic➌ SoutheastState University, the regional conference will take placeagainst the breathtaking landscape of giant redwoodtrees and the Pacific Ocean. The conference will featureprofessional development training opportunities, imagemakerpresentations, and portfolio sharing. The conferencelocation is along the forested and mountainousnorth coast of California, known for majestic old growthredwoods, ornate Victorian architecture, and California’ssecond largest natural bay.northWEST ➑Community; Connecting Through PhotographyNovember 7-10, Seattle, WAConference Chairs: Melinda Hurst FryeHonored Educator: Janet NeuhauserSpecial Event: Slideluck EventFeatured Speaker: Holly Andresnorthwest.spenational.orgSPENW 2013 will be centered on educational, professional,artistic, and social circles, providing opportunity to lookat how we document and define community, highlightingthe photographic community in our region. Speakers andevents will include Holly Andres, John Keatley, and PeterBrook; student panels, portfolio reviews, demonstrations.Additional highlights include; Study center at the HenryArt Gallery visit/walk through with Sylvia Wolf, self guidedfirst Thursday tour including exhibitions by Lori Nix, RossSawyers, Art Wolfe book signing; Seattle Instagram walkabout;and Slideluck! Buy your tickets today to receiveemail updates regarding schedule and events. Don’tforget your umbrella!spe members’ eNewsletter fall

studentscholarshipopportunitiesMarlene HawthroneThomasStudents can apply for scholarship opportunities to offset the cost ofattending the 2014 SPE National Conference in Baltimore.SPE AwardsTen SPE Awards are offered and feature a $500 travel stipend to attend thenational conference.THE SPE AWARD FOR INNOVATIONS IN IMAGINGThe SPE Award for Innovations in Imaging is open to all eligible students workingprimarily with digital technology and is designated for work only possiblebecause of emerging digital technologies—no alternative processes or gelatinsilver prints. A project description describing how the work is possible as a resultof emerging digital technologies is required as part of the submission process.Jurors will seek to award work that demonstrates the most innovative, unique,and freshest uses of digital technologies.All SPE Student Scholarships come with a complimentary one-year membershipand national conference fee waiver.The student scholarship competition jurors serve on SPE’s Awards andRecognitions Committee: Erika Gentry (Chair), Claude Baillargeon, AmyHolmes George, and Lupita Murillo TinnenAll applicants must be student members of SPE or become members beforesubmitting the scholarship application online. Download full applicationrequirements here.Deadline: November 1, 2013 @ 11:59 PM EDTspe members’ eNewsletter fall

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