DAY 1: BUSINESS AND INNOVATION DAYA day addressing issues and potentials for service providers.This day will present Service Design to service providers - both public an private.How Service Thinking and Designcreates new service opportunitiesThe Horsepower Challenge.An insurance company, a hackedpedometer and changed lives.Service Montages: how servicesand storytelling create compellingservice experiencesService Design in the UK.How the Design Council managedinnovations in public servicesHow Service Design madeHeathrow Terminal 4take off for Virgin AtlanticHello Health- Innovative primary healthcarePutting users at the centre of InnovationInnovation in TourismUsing Service Design principlesin IKT projectsLavrans Løvlie -Livework (NO)Matt Cottam - Tellart (US/NL)Christian Palino - Adaptive Path (US)Marianne Guldbrandsen- The Design Council (UK)Angus Struthers - Virgin Atlantic (UK)Jay Parkinson - Hello Health (USA)Richard White - User Voice (USA)Marc Stickdorn - MCI - (A)Kjell Reenskaug - Making Waves (N)Details subject to change.

DAY 2: HALF DAY WORKSHOPSA crossover day, bringing business and research together through tutorials,workshops and more. This day will encourage discussion, learning and sharing.Morning (09.00-12.30)1. Teaching/Service Design EducationAriel Guersenzvalg- Barcelona- Service Design at ElisavaStuart Bailey - Glasgow- Developing service design teachingwithin a product design programmeJukka Ojasalo - Laurea- Developing International Expertise Services2. Methods/tools - combined workshopApril - The Serpe prototyping toolPerez, Real etc- Best tools and methods for service designMarc Stickdorn - Mobile tool for customer inputalong the service journeyLee - Trend forecasting as a tool for Service Design3. Systems thinking- understanding services as a systemNielsen - Systems thinking as the foundationfor service design (half day workshop/tutorial)

Afternoon (13.30 - 17.00)4. Game based project planning and design5. Challenges in digital services provisionKuikkaniemi etc -The project planning game(half day workshop/tutorial)Yee etc - Services in e-learningSarmento - Designing Mobile Service Experiences,an explanatory studyFavaro, Jimenez and Castan: Tibi and Dabo Robots -Service Design for Urban SettingsTeigen - Service Design and the development ofSecondbrain.com6. Designing public servicesBirgitta Cappelen - From all of us to all of you -perspectives on designing servicesin a welfare stateIda Vesterdal - Service Design - what do we want itto be known forFrancis D’Silva - Innovation in health services(tentative title)Kaja Misvær - A comparison of public service andcommercial design projects (tentative title)Bjørn Tennøe and Kjersti Corneliussen:Civic services on an infrastructure founded onsearch- Design challenge - All dayZoot, DesignIT and Live|Work together with others will be participating in the design challenge on day 2.You are welcome to spend time together with them during the day on a drop-in basis.More information will be available about this, closer to the date.Details subject to change.

DAY 3: RESEARCH DAYA day to discuss research into Service Design and design-related service innovation. This day will presentongoing and completed research into service design.Plenary papers:1. Participative, Co-operative, Emancipatory:From participatory design to service design2. Warts-and-all:The real practice of service design3. Bridging the gap between brandstrategy and customer experience.The target experience tool.4. Beyond the Experience.In search of an operative paradigmfor the industrialisation of servicesStefan Holmlid.Linköping UniversityYoko Akama. RMIT UniversitySimon Clatworthy. Oslo Schoolof Architecture and Design (AHONicola Morelli.Aalborg University.Parallel session:Service Design Thinking,Service Design Leadership and Service Design Management1. Exploring Overlaps and Differencesof Service Dominant Logicand DesignThinking2. Service Design Leadershipat the fuzzy front end of innovation3. Mind the Gap: principles and practicesin managing service designKatarina Wetter Edman,University of GothenburgJudith Gloppen. Oslo School ofArchitecture and Design (AHO)Qin Han. University of Dundee

Parallel session:Prototyping and conceptualising services1. Examples in Service Design:Tools for Communicationand Setting for Stories2. A Character Game: Gaining Inspiration and Empathyfrom User Data.3. Conceptualising Services- Servicing ConceptualisationJohan Blomkvistand Stefan Holmlid.Linköping UniversityKirsikka Vaajakallio,Peter Kaario. UIAHVesa Kantola, Kai Kuikkaniemi, VilmaLehtinen.Helsinki University of TechnologyChristian Tollestrup.University of AalborgParallel session: Visualisation during the Service Design process1. Visualtiles: Communication Toolsfor Service Design2. Visualizations as Toolsfor Communication3. Designing for a Car Park Operator:A Case Study with Multiple ActorsChiara Diana, Elena Pacenti, RobertaTassi. Domus AcademyFabian Segelström.Linköping UniversityOlof Arnell, Natalia Gonzalez, IngridMårtensson, Thomas Wreiner, StefanHolmlid,Fabian Segelström.Linkjöping University

Parallel session: Social Engagement and Co-Creation1. Co-Designing Sustainable Solutions -Combining Service Designand Change Laboratory2.Unravelling the Mystery: Love Lewisham. Improvingstakeholder satisfactionin local government services3. Clinicians as Service Designers?Reflections on current transformationin the UK health servicesSatu-Mari Korhonenand Juha Kronkvist. UIAHAlison Prendiville.University of the Arts, LondonValerie Carr, Monica Buscher, RachelCooper,Sabine Junginger,Daniela Sangiorgi.Lancaster University.Details subject to change.

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