DEMO - 1969 Colorized Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams

DEMO - 1969 Colorized Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams

DEMO - 1969 Colorized Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams


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Copyright © 2008, Forel Publishing Company, LLC, Woodbridge, VirginiaAll Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoeverwithout written permission of Forel Publishing Company, LLC. For information write to ForelPublishing Company, LLC, 3999 Peregrine Ridge Ct., Woodbridge, VA 221921969 Colorized Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams(Extracted from Form 7098-69-3, Form FD-7795P-69, FD-7943-69,FP-7635B, and FD-7943-G)EAN: 978-1-60371-028-2ISBN: 1-60371-028-0Forel Publishing Company, LLC3999 Peregrine Ridge Ct.Woodbridge, VA 22192Email address: webmaster@ForelPublishing.comWebsite: http://www.ForelPublishing.comThis publication contains material that is reproduced and distributed under a licensefrom Ford Motor Company. No further reproduction or distribution of the Ford MotorCompany material is allowed without the express written permission of Ford MotorCompany.Note from the EditorThis product was compiled using several original Ford Motor Company publications. In some cases, there are slightdifferences between publications, so it is important to compare between diagrams, schematics, or illustrations. Thecontents of this product were extracted from: 1969 Car Shop Manual (Form 7098-69-1/5, November 1968),1965/1972 Ford Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog (Form FP-7635B, May 1975, and 1969 Wiring Diagrams(Form FD-7795P-69 & FD-7943-69) and How to Read Wiring Diagrams (FD-7943-G).DisclaimerAlthough every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this book, no representations or warranties of any kind aremade concerning the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information, either expressed or implied. As aresult, the information contained within this book should be used as general information only. The author and ForelPublishing Company, LLC shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to anyloss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book.Further, the publisher and author are not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services. If legal,mechanical, electrical, or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should besought.

ATTENTIONPlease Read ThisIt is important to note that differences exist between similar or like wiring diagrams even thoughthey are original Ford publications. It is for this reason there may be multiple versions of whatappears to be the same wiring diagram. If your vehicle has a color coded wire that does not matcha diagram you should consult the other diagrams contained in the manual for a possible match.Example of differencesIn the wiring diagrams from the Fordpublication Form 7760-69, the Radio andRear Speakers diagram shows:708 – Black- Green709 - BlackIn the Wiring Color Code section of theexact same page shows:708 – Black709 – Black-GreenThe color coded wiring diagrams are provided for illustration purposes only. Only the wirenumber should be used for the identification of the wire itself. The color coding of the wires in theproduct may not match the actual colors of the wires in the vehicle. In some cases, the colors havebeen altered to provide a visual contrast (i.e. the color white has been shaded to make it morevisible). As stated in the paragraph above, there are some variation and/or differences between theoriginal Ford wiring diagrams. If your vehicle has a color coded wire that does not match adiagram you should consult the other diagrams contained in the manual for a possible match.Disclaimer: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this book, norepresentations or warranties of any kind are made concerning the accuracy, completeness orsuitability of the information, either expressed or implied. As a result, the information containedwithin this book should be used as general information only. The author and Forel PublishingCompany, LLC shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect toany loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the informationcontained in this book. Further, the publisher and author are not engaged in rendering legal orother professional services. If legal, mechanical, electrical, or other expert assistance is required,the services of a competent professional should be sought.

1969 Color Wiring CodesNumber Wire Description Source2 WHITE-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-693 GREEN-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-694 WHITE-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-695 ORANGE-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-698 ORANGE-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-699 GREEN-ORANGE STRIPE Form 7760-6910 GREEN-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6911 GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE FD-7795P-6911 BLACK-YELLOW STRIPE FD-7795P-6911A BLACK-YELLOW STRIPE FD-7795P-6912 GREEN-BLACK STRIPE FD-7795P-6912A RED-BLUE STRIPE FD-7795P-6912B RED-BLUE STRIPE FD-7795P-6913 RED-BLACK STRIPE FD-7795P-6914 BLACK FD-7795P-6915 RED-YELLOW STRIPE FD-7795P-6916 RED-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6916 PINK Form 7760-6916A PINK Form 7760-6919 BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6919A BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6919B BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6919C BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6919D BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6919E BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6921 YELLOW Form 7760-6922 BLUE-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-6925 BLACK-ORANGE STRIPE Form 7760-6926 BLACK-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6926A BLACK-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6926A BLACK Form 7760-6928 BLACK Form 7760-6929 Unknown Form 7760-6930 BLACK-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6930 VIOLET Form 7760-6930A VIOLET (Resistance Wire) Form 7760-6931 WHITE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-6932 RED-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6932A RED-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6932B Unknown Form 7760-6934 GREEN-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69Number Wire Description Source35 ORANGE Form 7760-6937 BLACK-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6937 GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6937A BLACK-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6938 BLACK Form 7760-6938A BLACK Form 7760-6938B BLACK Form 7760-6939 RED-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-6940 BLUE-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-6944 BLUE FD-7795P-6948 Unknown Form 7760-6949 WHITE-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6950 GREEN-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-6953 BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6953A BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6953B BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6953C BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6953D BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6953E BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6953F BLACK-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-6954 GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6954A GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6954B GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6954C GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6954D GREEN-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-6954A YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6954B YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6954C YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6954D YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6954E YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6954F YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-6957 BLACK Form 7760-6957A BLACK Form 7760-6957B BLACK FD-7795P-6957C BLACK FD-7795P-6957D BLACK FD-7795P-6957E BLACK FD-7795P-6957F BLACK FD-7795P-6957H BLACK FD-7795P-6958 WHITE Form 7760-6963 RED Form 7760-69

Number Wire Description Source87 GREEN-ORANGE STRIPE Form 7760-69122 YELLOW Form 7760-69123 RED Form 7760-69137 YELLOW-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69140 BLACK-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69140A BLACK-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69152 YELLOW Form 7760-69152 GREEN-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69152A YELLOW Form 7760-69161 GREEN-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69162 GREEN Form 7760-69175 BLACK Form 7760-69257 YELLOW Form 7760-69262 BROWN Form 7760-69268 RED Form 7760-69269 BLUE Form 7760-69270 BLACK Form 7760-69296 RED Form 7760-69297 BLACK-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-69297 BLUE-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-69297 YELLOW-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-69297A BLACK-GREEN STRIPE Form 7760-69375 YELLOW-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69375A YELLOW-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69383 RED-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-69385 WHITE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69442 GREEN-ORANGE STRIPE Form 7760-69443 GREEN-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69444 GREEN-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69445 ORANGE-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-69446 ORANGE-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-69447 ORANGE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69448 GREEN-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-69449 WHITE-BLUE STRIPE Form 7760-69460 YELLOW Form 7760-69469 Unknown Form 7760-69482 BLUE-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-69482A BLUE-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-69490 BLUE-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69511 GREEN Form 7760-69520 Unknown Form 7760-69Number Wire Description Source591 BLACK-ORANGE STRIPE Form 7760-69592 BLUE-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-69593 YELLOW Form 7760-69640 RED-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-69640A RED-YELLOW STRIPE Form 7760-69643 YELLOW-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69654 YELLOW Form 7760-69655 RED Form 7760-69704 VIOLET Form 7760-69708 BLACK Form 7760-69709 GREEN-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69763 ORANGE-WHITE STRIPE Form 7760-69806 WHITE Form 7760-69807 ORANGE Form 7760-69904 VIOLET Form 7760-69904 GREEN-RED STRIPE Form 7760-69923 VIOLET Form 7760-69914 Unknown Form 7760-69924 RED Form 7760-69925 WHITE Form 7760-69950 WHITE-BLACK STRIPE Form 7760-69951 GREEN Form 7760-69977 Unknown Form 7760-69984 BROWN Form 7760-69Note – wire color codes highlighted in REDdesignate a difference either between the originalFord wiring publications or within the samepublication. Those highlighted have the same wirenumber but have different color codes.


The Jive volumes of this shop manual provide the Service Technicianwith complete in formation for the proper servicing of all the 1969 lineof Ford Passenger Cars.The information is grouped according to the type of work being performed,such as frequently performed adjustments and repairs, invehicleadjustments, major repair, etc. SpeciJications, , maintenance'information and recommendedspecial tools are included.The descriptions and speciJications in this manual were in effect at thetime this manual was approved for printing. Ford Motor Companyreserves the right to discontinue models at any time, or change specipcationsor design, without notice and without incurring obligation.SERVICE PUBLICATIONS

GENERAL INFORMATIONIndividual carline shop manuals have been combined in one CarShop Manual divided into five volumes for 1969.The 1969 Car Shop Manual has been organized into generalGroups as in previous shop manuals. All Groups are listed in the Groupindex on the first page of each Volume. Groups not contained in agiven Volume are listed with a solid gray background.To locate the beginning page of any particular Group, first selectthe Volume containing that Group. Bend the manual until the blackmark on the first pageof the Group can be seen in line with the Grouptitle on the first page of the Volume.The first page of each Group lists the material contained in theGroup under Part headings and also lists the beginning page of eachPart.On the beginning page of each Part, there is a Part index whichlists in detail all information appearing in the Part, the page wherethe information is given, and the vehicles to which the informationapplies.All pages carry a six-digit number which indicates the Group,Part and Page number.For Example:Page 14-02-01 indicatesGroup 14, Part 2, Page 1Part Indexes will use only the Part and Page reference numbers.For Example: Page 14-02-01 will appear in the Part Index as 02-01.Each Part will start with Page 0 I.c

14-0 1-02 Autolite Alternators 14-0 1-021 DESCRIPTION AND OPERATIONThe alternator charging system is anegative (-) ground system, and consistsof an alternator, a regulator, a'charge indicator, a storage batteryand associated wiring. Refer to WiringDiagram Manual Form 7795-P-69for schematics and locations of wiringharnesses.BAllERY TERMINAL ACCESSORY CHARGE GREENRED STRIPEOF STARTER RELAY TERMINAL INDICATORALTERNATORThe alternator is belt driven fromthe engine. Energy is supplied fromthe alternator-regulator system to therotating field of the alternator throughtwo brushes to two slip rings.The alternator produces power inthe form of alternating current. Thealternating current is rectified to directcurrent by six diodes for use incharging the battery. and supplyingpower to the electrical system. The alternatoris self current limiting.Figs. 1: 2 and 3 show the alternatorsystern schematics.FIG. I-Autolite ~lternator System-Indicator LightBAllERY TERMINALOF STARTER RELAYFIG. 2-AutoliteAlternator System-Ammeter

14-0 1-03 Autolite Alternators 1 4-0 1-03SHUNT AMMETER-12-VOLTBATTERYL -------------JALTERNATOR-MOUNTED ONJl409.AFIG. 3-Autolite Alternator System-With Integral Regulator2 AUTOLITE ALTERNATOR TESTINGRefer to the Ford Car and TruckDiagnosis Manual for diagnosis of theAutolite alternator system.Check the alternator drive belt andadjust it to specification (Part 13-6),before proceeding with any tests.Check and tighten all connectors atthe starter relay and battery.TESTS USING THE ROTUNDAARE 20-22 ALT ERNATORREGULATOR TESTERThe general procedure, is to connectthe tester (Fig. 4), to the charging system,start the engine, make two tests,and then comparethe pattern of lightsthat appear on the tester to each setof patterns shown on two charts (Figs.5 and 6). Follow the instructions givenwith the ARE 20-22 tester. The -ARE20-22 tester cannot be used to test thalternator with. the integral regulator.TESTS USING THE ROTUNDAARE 27-38 VOLT-AMP-ALTERNATOR TESTERTne following test procedures makeuse of the Rotunda Volt Amp-Alternator Tester ARE 27-38.Refer to Wiring Diagram ManualForm 7795-P-69 for schematics andlocations of wiring harnesses. Usecare when connecting any test equipmentto the alternator system, as thealternator output terminal is connectedto the' battery at all times.ALTERNATOR OUTPUTTEST ON ENGINEWhen the alternator output test isconducted off the car, a test benchmust be used. Follow the proceduregiven by the test bench equipmentmanufacturer. When the alternator isremoved from the vehicle for this purposealways disconnect the batteryground cable as the alternator outputconnector is connected to the batteryat all times.To tesi the output of the alternatoron the vehicle, proceed as follows:1. Place the transmission in neutralor park and apply the parking brake.Make the connections and tester knobadjustments as shown in Figs. 7 or 8Output Test. Be -sure that the field'rheostat knob is at the OFF positionat the start of this test. Follow the instructionsgiven with the ARE 27-38tester.A UTOLITE STATORNEUTRAL VOLTAGE TEST-ON ENGINEThe .Autolite alternator STA terminalis connected to the stator coil neutral;or center point of the alternatorwindings (see Figs. I and 2). The voltagegenerated at this point is used toclose the field relay in the Autolitecharge indicator light system exceptalternators with an integral regulator.To test for the stator neutral voltage,disconnect the regulator connectorplug from theregulator. Make theconnections and tester knob adjustmentsas shown in Fig. 9. Follow theinstructions given with the ARE 27-38tester.FIELD OPEN OR SHORTCIRCUIT TEST-ON BENCHAlternators WithoutAn Integral RegulatorMake the connection as mown inFig. 7 Field Open or Short CircuitTest. The current draw, as indicated

1 4-0 1 -04 Autolite Alternators 1 4-0 1 -04FIG. 4-ARE20-22 Testerby the ammeter, should be to specifications(Part 13-6). If there is little orno current flow, the field or brusheshave a high resistance or are open. Acurrent flow considerably higher thanthat specified above, indicates shortedor grounded field turns or brush leadstouching. If the test shows that thefield is shorted or open and the fieldbrush assembly or slip rings are not atfault, the entire rotor must de replaced.If the, alternator has output' at lowrpm and no o,utput at high rpm, centrifugalforce may be causing therotor windings to short to ground. Putthe alternator on a test stand and repeatthe preceding test. Run the alternatorat high speed during the test.Alternators With AnIntegral RegulatorField Voltmeter TestI. Turn the ignition switih to OFFRemove the wire from the. regulatorsupply terminal.2. Connect the ARE 27-38 tester,and m'ake the tester knob adjustmentsas shown in Fig. 8. Field VoltmeterTest.3. The voltmeter reading should beI2 volts. If there is no voltage reading,the field circuit is open or grounded.4. If the voltmeter reading in Step3 is more than one volt but less thanbattery voltage, there is an indicatedpartial ground in the alternator fieldcircuit. Perform the Alternator FieldOhmmeter. Tests.Field Ohmmeter TeshI. Disconnect the battery groundcable.2: Remove the regulator from thealternator.3.' Connect the A RE. 27-42 ohmmeterleads as shown in Fig. 12, Ohmmeter. . Field Circuit Tests. Set theohmmeter multiply-by knob at I, andcalibrate the ohmmeter' as indicatedinside the ohmmeter cover. .4. Three conditions are checked inthese tests as shown in Fig. 12: Agrounded.field; a shorted field and anopen field.

S1965/72FORD CARFINAL ISSUECATALOGDocumAccALFLOG ALOGSourceCFormand AccessoriescesoriSource ceCDoDocument AccntFord Publication Form LOGm Grm FP-7635-Bsso7635-B s75236May, 1975FINAL ISSUECOPYRIGHT 1975 -- FORD MOTOR -- DEARBORN, MICHIGANCOMPANY

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