Friends of Scouting - Troop 394
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Friends of Scouting - Troop 394

Friends of ScoutingTROOP 3942008-2009

Friends of Scouting:The Friends of Scouting FundraiserIs the primary method of funding the operations of theSanta Clara Council.The Council provides many things for our troop including: Leadershiptraining, Camp Hi Sierra, Chesebrough, Roundtable, Camporee,Bear Paw, and more!The most effective FOS Campaigns are done with a 10-15 minutepresentation at a Court-of-Honor for Boy Scout Troops.STOP ! Page 2

Friends of Scouting:I DO not believeThat a Court of Honor is theplace for Friends of Scouting. ACourt of Honor is to Honor theScouts for their Advancements& Achievements.I DO believe inFriends of Scouting, and that as aTroop we should contribute toFOS without dismissing theimportance in our Court of HonorWe did this last Year! Page 3

This is what WE Can do:If we all Pledge to Friends of Scoutingnow, we can avoid having a presentation atour March Court of Honor

Did you know that the Santa ClaraCounty Council ...• Receives no federal funding.• Receives no National BSA funding.• Receives no United Way Funding.• Raises 100% of its dollars locally.• Uses all of the dollars raised to supportyouth in our community ~ $275/ScoutMen who were involved in Scouting in their youth aremore likely to: Graduate from High School 91% vs. 87%Graduate form College 35% VS. 19%Earn Higher annual household Income $800,000 vs. $61,000Value Family relationships highly 81% vs. 72%Have lifelong friendships 89% vs. 74%Believe helping others should come before one’s own self-interest92% vs. 83%

Friends of ScoutingWhat do we need to do?Make your Pledge NOWWe expect that some families will not be able to contribute theaverage $275 per scout. (less then $23/ month in installments)We expect that some families will be able to significantly exceedthe $275 per scoutBring your pledge card (attached) and your check or if you filled inyour credit card information to the next troop meeting.Donations can also be made in installmentsThis is a different way our Troop is trying. If it does not work wewill need to have a Friends of Scouting at our Court of Honor. Iwould like to keep this separate and focus on the BoysThis is my idea to try this unorthodox way but it worked last yearand I think we can do it again.Just Remember this is less than the cost of your daily cup of coffeeat Starbucks!I believe that we can reach our FOS goals without compromisingour Court of Honor.Thank You,Bruce LeeTroop 3943357 Solano Ct.Santa Clara, Ca.95051

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