Boost your productivity: - Siemens Industry, Inc.

Boost your productivity: - Siemens Industry, Inc.

Best practice example:Jilin Fuel Ethanol Co. Ltd., ChinaJilin Fuel Ethanol Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China NationalPetroleum Corporation (CNPC), is a joint venture formedby CNPC, Jilin Grains Group (JGG) and China ResourcesGroup. This project was the first plant dedicated to theproduction of fuel ethanol from corn in China with acapacity of about 600,000 tons of ethanol per year. Theplant consists of two production lines and the capacity of asingle line is 300,000 tons per year. The first production linewas started on September 22, 2001 and was launched onAugust 31, 2003. This ethanol fuel pilot plant in China hasbecome a prestige project for the Chinese government.Customer requirementsThis significance and the fact that the application is quitelarge regarding the extension and the number of I/Os wereasking for a state-of-the-art automation solution. Whenchoosing the appropriate automation solution, highavailability, safety, and a future-oriented solution werecentral criteria for Jilin Fuel, as was local expertise andknow-how for project engineering and maintenance.Seamless integration of the safety technology, the greatopenness of the system, an excellent price/performanceratio of the concept, and last but not least the benefits ofthe uniform automation solutions based on TotallyIntegrated Automation tipped the balance in favor ofautomating the plant using SIMATIC PCS 7 Process ControlSystem.Siemens solutionThe entire system, which comprises a total of 9,000 I/Opoints, is controlled from two PCS 7 control rooms. Eightsafe and fault-tolerant S7-400FH automation systems andtwo fully redundant optical Industrial Ethernet rings formthe reliable backbone of the control system. The systemalso collects and transfers all production and units data,including the corn storage facilities and other utilities, toa real-time production monitoring system. The devices atthe process level are connected to the PCS 7 systems viaPROFIBUS DP fieldbus, using the fiber-optic technology tobridge distances of up to 1100 meters on the plant field.Customer benefitsThe production and process management has beenoptimized and plant efficiency has been improved.Production cost, such as materials cost and managementcost, have also been reduced.The data management has become more transparent, withthe implementation of Manufacturing Information System(MIS) and the web functionality at the operator-stationlevel. At the same time, the maintenance workload hasbeen reduced, due to the high stability and reliability ofthe SIMATIC automation systems and components. At thebottom line, product quality has been improved and nowmeets one hundred percent of the market requirements.7

Reduce risk, time to production, and Total Cost of Ownership withSIMATIC PCS 7 process automation systemLowering risk, creating faster time to production, andreducing TCO are all key drivers that support the successfulimplementation of an ethanol production facility. Theprocess automation system is a critical factor that influencesthese drivers. SIMATIC PCS 7 process automation systemfrom Siemens can help you with these needs and includesmany features that can positively impact your ethanolplant's bottom line.In the high-tech and complex world of process automation,it is important to select a process automation supplier thathas demonstrated expertise in the industry. Siemens hasproducts installed in more than 70 percent of modernethanol plants in the United States. If you choose SIMATICPCS 7, you can feel confident knowing that you are workingwith a supplier that knows your industry well.Faster time to production ultimately translates into morerevenue for your ethanol plant. Plants are brought onlinefaster with SIMATIC PCS 7 than with competing products,because the engineering tool set that comes with SIMATICPCS 7 includes a complete set of configuration languages.This includes Continuous Function Charts (CFC), LadderLogic, Structured Text, and Sequential Function Charts(SFC). SFCs include an automatically-generated, onlinevisualization capability that is also integrated into theoperator station. This tool set enables the engineer at yourplant to select the best mix of languages that areappropriate for a given application at a given time,optimizing time to production.Standard use of the world's leading digital bus network forall field-to-automation system communications, PROFIBUS®,also reduces your time to production. PROFIBUS-basedsolutions enables you to achieve faster installation due tothe decreased amount of wiring, and faster commissioningthrough the centralized checkout that can be executed onall field devices.The integrated sequential function chart faceplate (in the process graphics) that comes with SIMATIC PCS 7requires no additional configuration. This faceplate provides operators with the information they need tographically understand exactly where they are and what additional steps are needed to complete theprocess. With this informational tool, operators can more rapidly resolve issues and complete the corncleaning process.8

Once configured, SIMATIC PCS 7 automatically generatesthe operator interface display hierarchy, complete withdisplays that include dynamic symbols and faceplates—justadd the additional graphical elements from the extensivesymbol library, and the operator interface is complete.For easy commissioning, and ongoing operations andmaintenance benefits that let you resolve issues before theylead to lost production, a variety of components areavailable. These include: Siemens SIMOCODE Smart MCCmotor protection relay, Variable Frequency Drives line, andthe SIWAREX weigh scale solutions. These are all examplesof integrated intelligent devices that have the standardSIMATIC PCS 7 function blocks and integrated operatorinterface faceplates.You can view an example of the tight integration betweenSIMATIC PCS 7 and the plant's electrical infrastructurebelow. In this example, the SIMOCODE motor protectionrelay can be seen alongside the standard SIMATIC PCS 7function block and integrated operator interface faceplate.A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with its integratedSIMATIC PCS 7 faceplate and function block is also shownbelow.SIMOCODE smart overload devices are seamlessly integrated using theSIMATIC PCS 7 SIMOCODE function block and faceplates, giving you realtimeoperational and maintenance information with drop-and-dragengineering functions.Siemens smart VFDs are seamlessly integrated using the SIMATIC PCS 7VFD function block and faceplates, giving you real-time operational andmaintenance information with drop-and-drag engineering functions.9

Reduce risk, time to production, and Total Cost of Ownership withSIMATIC PCS 7 process automation system (continued)Once your system is up and running, additional standardfeatures, such as advanced alarm management andintegrated plant asset management yield even more costsavings benefits.The SIMATIC PCS 7 alarm management tool set includes thefollowing features:• Rapid identification of critical alarms and their locationsource• Access to detailed alarm handling instructions• Statistical analyses that can be used to improve alarmhandling practicesMoreover, thanks to the "smart" nature of many of today'sdevices and the digital bus network's ability tocommunicate large amounts of diagnostic data, youroperations and maintenance personnel will quickly knowabout existing conditional problems. Also in many cases,the integrated plant asset management tools from Siemenscan do the following:• Predict when a failure may occur (so that it can beaddressed prior to any occurrence)• Reduce downtime• Lower maintenance costsCommunication based on proven standardsSIMATIC PCS 7 communications are based on opencommunications standards: Ethernet is used for controllerto HMI, HMI to HMI, and controller to controllercommunications. Additionally, all SIMATIC PCS 7 softwareruns on the Microsoft® Windows operating system. So,network components can be integrated with ease; someexamples include network printers and SiemensSCALANCE® wireless LAN access points that meet thespecific needs of your plant.Communications between the I/O and controllers takesplace over the high-speed PROFIBUS DP. The decentralizedI/O can be distributed across the plant and can includeintegration of existing bus technologies such as HART®. Thisshortens cable distances to the field devices, thus reducingyour installation costs and commissioning time. Moreover,all communication-enabled components can be integratedvia PROFIBUS DP, negating line resistance andElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues if youimplement the fiber-optic option.The combination of all of these capabilities means SIMATICPCS 7 is an optimal solution for the ethanol industry—thetime and cost savings it affords throughout the entireproduction life-cycle can be considerable.Using SCALANCE technology, SIMATIC PCS 7 from Siemenssupports Ethernet technology—as well as wirelesscommunications—thereby allowing you the architecturalfreedom to have the tools you need, where you need them.With the SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station, operators receivethe clear and accurate details they need to identify, address,and resolve electrical, instrumentation, and automation systemalarms in a timely manner.10

Protecting your automation assetsIT Security is one of the most important topics inprocess automation today. The introduction of Internettechnology and open standards for communication inplant networks, along with the use of MicrosoftWindows operating systems, have increased the dangerof hacker attacks on automation and process controlsystems.SIMATIC PCS 7 forms the basis of your complete automationsolution. The flexibility of SIMATIC PCS 7 allows you to addthe field instrumentation, electrical components, processsafety inputs, desired redundancy, and remote monitoringtools that are right for your plant. The end result is a totallyintegrated architecture that will provide the performancecharacteristics needed to provide you with a competitiveedge.Siemens offers your plant a comprehensive set ofindustrial security tools, including the following:• Creation of a secure network infrastructure usingSCALANCE S security modules for VPN tunnelingand encrypted data transfer• Effective management of Microsoft security patches• User management and access control (such aspassword expiration and login monitoring) usingSIMATIC LOGON• Automatic configuration of Windows firewall andregistry using the SIMATIC Security Configurator• Implementation of a "Defense in Depth" strategybased on best practices defined in the SIMATICPCS 7 Security Manual ("Defense in Depth"advocates the creation of a nested securityarchitecture by dividing the plant into secure andclosed security cells with clearly defined andmonitored access points.)• Installation of virus scanning software on all PCs• Increase operator effectiveness with full processsimulation with SIMITThese robust security measures also allow you tocommunicate important process information and viewthe process remotely for maintenance and operationalpurposes.To provide you the highest levels of reliability, Siemensprovides the option for redundancy at all levels of yourinstrumentation and control system.You can safely operate and maintain your system remotelyusing SIMATIC PCS 7 Web clients.11

Siemens understands your processIn addition to process automationsolutions for ethanol, Siemens alsooffers process instrumentation forthe ethanol industry that fits intoany application for which yourequire instrumentation.12

The right field devices for your ethanol plantSiemens offers a wide portfolio of field devices for pressure,temperature, level, and flow measurement for generalpurpose to hazardous areas of the plant, all of which workwell with one another regardless of the components youchoose. This flexibility let's you use right products for theright applications.Fieldbus technology means less effortAll Siemens field devices are offered as smart devices; twopopular options include traditional HART technology andthe fieldbus-based PROFIBUS PA. In both cases, theinstruments have the ability to be parameterized,calibrated, and maintained over a network connection,which greatly reduces your life-cycle costs. These benefitsallow remote diagnostics that can improve time toresolution of the system. PROFIBUS PA can accommodate alarge number of devices in intrinsically safe applicationsbecause of its low current consumption.The benefits of selecting a PROFIBUS PA design overtraditional HART design include the following:• Space Savings: Reduced need for I/O cards, cabinets,wiring, and conduits• Increased Accuracy: No digital-to-analog conversionrequired since PROFIBUS PA is a digital bus• Increased Information: Provides predictive andpreventative maintenance information• Interchangeability: Profile mode allows for replacementwithout reconfiguration• Highly Reliable: PROFIBUS PA includes a self-healingring technologyHere is a sampling of the instrumentation products thatSiemens is supplying to ethanol production facilitiesthroughout the world:SITRANS® LR 460Level Measurement• Applications: Corn kernel and groundcorn silo-level measurement• Technology: FMCW (FrequencyModulated Continuous Wave) radar• Benefit: Accurately determines thefilling height in the silos— to themillimeter, even in extremely dustyconditionsSITRANS PointekLevel Measurement• Applications: Overfillprotection for storage andprocess areas such as cornstorage silos, fermentationtanks, and ethanol storagetanks• Technology: Frequency shift, ultrasonic, orelectromechanical• Benefit: Provides reliable, cost-effective levelmeasurement with diagnostics to determine if probesneed to be cleanedEngineering your system from your network engineering station or benchtop calibration PDM software enables youto interface with HART and PROFIBUS PA instruments from Siemens and other vendors, as well as SIMOCODE smartMCC overloads and Siemens VFDs.14

SITRANS DSIII TransmitterPressure Measurement• Applications: Pressuremeasurement in a molecular sieveto monitor performance duringdehydration or to monitor the levelin the fermentation or ethanolstorage tanks• Technology: Gauge pressure,absolute pressure, differentialpressure, flow, and hydrostatic level measurement• Benefit: Local push-buttons for setup and numerousdiagnostics functions, such as operating hours counters,recording process extremes, and doing simulationchecks during start-up help simplify operationsSITRANS FM Electromagnetic FlowmetersFlow Measurement• Applications: Liquids, pastes, andslurries (e.g., from distillation)• Technology: Magnetic, inductive• Benefit: Flow measurements ofmixtures of high conductivity;memory chip for fastcommissioning and easyreplacementSITRANS FC Coriolis FlowmetersFlow Measurement• Applications: Monitor thedensity of viscous syrupthat is passed through thedryer to maintain flowconditions, as well asconcentration of alcoholand alcohol content afterthe mixture passes through the molecular sieves• Technology: Coriolis flowmeter to measure density,temperature, and mass flow• Benefit: One instrument to measure the producedquantity of alcohol for all sizes of applications (theFC070 has an integrated PCS 7 function block andfaceplate for simple integration)PS2 Valve PositionerValve Control• Applications:Electropneumaticpositioners for linear androtary valves; doubleandsingle-actingactuators can be usedfor valves from almostall manufacturers• Technology: Digital designed device that uses piezotechnology• Benefit: Negligible air consumption and numerousdiagnostic features to detect a variety of abnormalities,such as pneumatic leaks (e.g., torn diaphragms), valvecones that are torn off, deposits in pipelines or fittings,excessive wear of valve seats or plugs, and static frictionin stuffing boxes, helping to keep operating andmaintenance costs to a bare minimum; additionally, thepartial stroke testing capability ensures proper valveperformance and increases safetySIWAREX®Weighing Technology• Applications: Levelmeasurement in silos;balance measurement oftrucks and dosing modules• Technology: Integratedweighing module for the beltscales, load cells, andSIMATIC ET200M I/O series• Benefit: Reducing third-party calibration and interfacingrequirements, as well as integrating with redundantcontroller solutions, yields higher reliability• Additional Benefit: SIWAREX offers a SIMATIC PCS 7function block and faceplate for drop-and-dragintegration into the SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering systemand operator HMI which helps reduce commissioningtime, simplifies calibration, and improves visualizationof the information for the operatorsSITRANS THTemperature Measurement• Applications: Temperaturemeasurement in various productionareas, such as saccharification,fermentation, and distillation• Technology: Universal designsupports various types of sensors• Benefit: High accuracy across entire ambienttemperature range15

Medium- and low-voltage solutions—better energy management, increased production, and less wasteMedium- and low-voltage intelligence components help youmanage your energy usage for electrical protection and forthe communications of your plant resources. Why is thisimportant? Sixty-four percent of the electricity consumed ina typical plant is used to power motors, drivers, andpumps. 1 It is estimated that up to 40 percent ofmanufacturing revenue is applied to maintenance tasks,and up to 60 percent of scheduled maintenance checks onvalves and motors proves unnecessary. 2 The followingcomponents can help you meet your ethanol productiongoals and significantly reduce your expenditures.9300 Power MeterPower Monitoring• Applications: Ideal forstand-alone metering inpanel boards, switchboards,switchgears,gensets, UPS systemsmetering, and integratinginto power monitoring andreporting systems• Benefit: Gives you highaccuracy measurements ata low cost with basic meters. Can be integrated withinan energy management network. A variety of modelsand capabilities offer features to suit differentapplicationsPROTEC MV RelaysProtect and Control• Applications: PROTEC® MVRelays handle medium-voltagedistribution applications suchas transformer, linedifferential, and over-currentprotection• Benefit: Communicates withthe SIMATIC PCS 7 processautomation system. The relay provides easy-to-use localcontrol, visualization and annunciation for protectionand control as well as advanced applications such asdynamic load sheddingWL Circuit BreakerCircuit Protection• Applications: WL LV CircuitBreakers include integratedmonitoring of key breakerdata such as powermonitoring, pre-alarms,contact wear, and internalbreaker temperature• Benefit: Monitoringcapability of keyparameters helps avoid breakdowns and the ability tochange contacts in the field keeps downtime to aminimumAS-Interface SlimlineSmart MCC Integration• Applications: The AS-ISlimline supports ASinterfaceand communicatesseamlessly with the smartMCC. AS-I technology alsoseamlessly interfaces withthe high-speed Profibus DPfieldbus architecture. Ideal for on/off applications• Benefit: Reduced interconnection wiring is a costeffectivesolution for the MCC and for the SIMATICPCS 7 process automation systemSIMOCODE ProMotor Management• Applications: Offers theability to monitoroperational data to identifyworn components and theability to monitor voltage,current, power, temperature, operational hours, powerfactors (Cos Phi), and number of starts• Benefit:• Local, reliable control in the event of a lost networkconnection• Modular (with removable terminal blocks andmemory module) allows units to be replaced inminutes during maintenance operations, regardlessof the motor size• The motor protection is also certified for motorslocated in hazardous areas, such as those found atan ethanol tank farm or in a distillation unit16

SIRIUS 3RW44 Reduced VoltageMotor Starters• Applications: Soft-startreduced voltage motorcontrols provide a smooth startwhile minimizing the highstarting current and torqueassociated with across-the-linemotor starting. Size rangesfrom fractional up to 900 hp• Benefit: Enable a reduction of mechanical stress onmachines and extend the life of motors and drive-traincomponentsVariable FrequencyVariable Frequency Drives• Applications: Open- andclosed-loop vector and torquecontrol. Fractional to 5000 hp.MICROMASTER is for 1/6 hp to350 hp and for stand-alonemachines applications.MASTERDRIVES 6SE70s for0.75 hp to 5000 hp for standaloneor coordinated AC-driveMICROMASTER VFDsystems• Benefit:• Energy Savings: Siemensvariable frequency drivesallow electric drives withadjustable rotation speedsto be operated preciselyin accordance withrequirements (as opposedto throttle controls).MASTERDRIVES 6SE70This is particularly helpfulwhen operating fans, pumps, or compressors,and resulting in substantial savings for youroperation• Space Savings: MICROMASTER drives can be installedin the MCC housing, in addition the SINAMICSG150 VFDs are offered as an enclosed drive• Reduced Troubleshooting and Engineering:Hardware design, factory-programmed presetoptions, and easy reparameterization allow usersto return to run status quickly. Tuning macros andapplication control modes ensure the bestperformance and reduction of component stress.Early warning codes analyze potential problems toavoid production lossesMotors for all requirements—with increased reliabilityand efficiency• Applications: Industry-leading, die cast, copper rotordesign provides cost-effective motor operation andefficiency• Benefit: In continuous operation, the investment in aNational Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)premium, energy-saving motor is often recoveredwithin the first year.• Reduced windage losses due to smooth(nonfinned) end rings• Optimized slot geometry; Siemens offers anextensive spectrum of motors, ranging fromstandard motors to energy-saving motors,conforming to eff1, and extending to motors withexplosion-proof enclosures for Zone 1/Class 1,Division 1 (e.g., pumps in a tank pit or adistillation area).Siemens engineers evaluatedeach component that affectsmotor service life and developedindividual systems withinSiemens SD motors that form acomplete system to maximizeservice life.A unique die cast rotor design isone of the key elements thatenable Siemens Ultra Efficientmotors to exceed NEMAPremium efficiency standards.References(1) U.S. Department of Energy Web site, "Improve MotorSystem Efficiency with Motor Master,",October 2005.(2) "Collaborative Process Automation Drives Return onAssets," Dave Woll, ARC, June 2002.17

NEMA solutions for your ethanol plants from SiemensTIASTAR: The NEMA motor control centerDesigned by Siemens using the highest standards in theindustry, TIASTAR is a ruggedly designed NEMA motorcontrol center that can be integrated with smartcomponents. The smart MCC can be comprised of anynumber of PROFIBUS communicating devices that can all beintegrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 control system via thePROFIBUS DP high-speed backbone communicationsnetwork. This graphic shows a WL switchboard as part ofthe low-voltage motor control center lineup.Plant ArchitectureTo give you more space and reduce installation andcommissioning costs, redundant, centralized controller pairis used over the three main rooms of the plant (see graphicbelow). Since PROFIBUS DP can be used on fiber-opticcables, large distances between sections of the plant arenot a problem, nor are there issues with cable resistancesand EMC. The system will integrate the medium-voltageand low-voltage systems, as well as the processinstrumentation.Siemens redundant automation system with PROFIBUS and AS-i interfacing to smart motor control centers, smartinstrumentation, and smart switchboards help reduce the installed cost and reduce space required, decrease commissioningtime, and improve diagnostics.18

Example of the NEMA motor control centerSENTRON Series ETI: Magnetic Trip Circuit BreakersBenefit: Integrates into the MCC cubicle and can provideauxiliary signals to show if the unit has trippedAS-Interface SLIMLINE modules replace I/O in the MCC cubicle.Benefit: Reduces wiring needed and is a cost effective solutionfor on/off motor applicationsDoor-Mounted Operator Panel for SIMOCODE ProsBenefit: Provides easily accessible, visual, diagnosticinformation and communications for fast troubleshooting ofthe systemPROFIBUS-DP: Communications Connected to eachIntelligent DeviceBenefit: High-speed network that can travel 6km as coppermedia, and even further as fiber optic as a high availability ringarchitecture. This allows for remote monitoring and control ofthe smart MCC for fast troubleshooting and productionoptimizationMM4 Variable Frequency Drive with PROFIBUS-DPCommunication portBenefit: Provides fast, local access to VFD communication portfor parameterization and troubleshootingFVNR Starter is installed with SIMOCODE Pro VBenefit: Provides local control and protection even in the eventof the loss of power. Provides maintenance diagnostics to helpavoid outages and accurate fault information to reducedowntimeSoft-Start ControlsBenefit: Reduction in the mechanical stresses on machines andextends the life of motors and drive train componentsDoor-Mounted Keypad for Variable Frequency DrivesBenefit: Provides visual display for fast, local access toparameterize and troubleshoot the VFD19

Working in accordance with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standardsThe IEC is the leading global organization that preparesand publishes international standards for all electrical,electronic, and related technologies. SIMATIC PCS 7 processcontrol system, process instrumentation, powerdistribution, and drive systems all follow and meet thestandards set by the IEC.The following examples outline the recommendations thatmeet all current standards that are set by the IEC.Intelligent control and monitoringPROFIBUS solutions provide a full scope of diagnosticspossibilities, asset management functions, and of course,centralized parameterization and engineering. Digital fielddevices are interfaced via the ET 200M PROFIBUS DPfieldbus technology. For the analog signals, PROFIBUS PA isrecommended as the fieldbus for smart instrumentation,but can also support HART technology using ET200M I/O.Three controllers in the AS-400 series can be used for thethree areas of your plant, and these can be redundant.Communication with the operation and monitoringfunctions takes place via Industrial Ethernet TCP/IP. This alsoenables simple integration of other network componentssuch as printers. PROFIBUS DP is used as the centralautomation bus for downward connection to thedecentralized periphery and to the motor control center.Controllers in the SIMATIC S7-300 series can be used onsystems that come from other vendors in smaller PLCapplications such as controlling the decanting centrifugesand also the burners on the steam boiler, the dryer, and ifinstalled, the thermal exhaust air purification system. Theycan be used as conventional or as fail-safe controllers(S7-300F) for the burners.By using PROFIBUS DP, the entire ethanol plant can be monitored and controlled from one standard graphicaluser interface in the central control room—including field actuators, sensors, power distribution, andmanagement systems.20

Optimize your power distribution and managementSIVACON® switchboards can be retooled to suit your needsduring commissioning or optimization measures in anongoing operation. The SIVACON switchboard integratesthe low-voltage distribution, and also the function of themotor control center. SIVACON can be realized as awithdrawable unit, as a plug-in unit, or as a nonwithdrawableunit. Withdrawable technology is preferred,because withdrawable units can be replaced at any timewithout having to deactivate the switchgear. Even the sizeof the withdrawable panels can be modified duringoperation.Three electrical areas contain one switchgear each. Aswitchgear consists of a central in-feed panel; withdrawableunit cubicles for motor linking; and a fused feeder panel forthe lighting, building current, and compensation panel.SIVACON S4 low-voltage center with doors opento show intelligent communication devicesThe perfect response to the specific requirements in thelow-voltage . . .The compact MICROMASTER® variable frequency driveswith PROFIBUS DP interface are housed directly in thewithdrawable unit. For motors with a constant speed, thewithdrawable units feature a short-circuit fuse, a SIRIUScontactor, and a SIMOCODE Pro motor protection/monitoring unit. SIMOCODE Pro senses both current andvoltage and serves as an overload relay and controller,protecting the pump against dry running or overload,among other functions. The hammer mills' motors arelinked via SIRIUS soft starters and reversing contactorcombinations manufactured by Siemens.. . . and medium-voltage areasThe NXAIR M air-insulated, medium-voltage switchgearinstallation is the optimum solution for ethanol plantsbecause it is economical and saves space. It, too, isintegrated into the automation system via PROFIBUS DP.The motors of the compression refrigeration system and ofthe cooling water pumpsare linked via vacuumcontactor panels. TheGEAFOL® cast-resintransformers that areused offer clearadvantages overconventional oilimmersedtransformers.SIVACON low-voltage with drawableunit with SIMOCODE ProNXAIR M Medium Voltage cubicle section.21

The bottom line—benefits of partnering with SiemensWhat does all this mean for you?Commitment to innovationSiemens views innovation as one of our keys to success.$6.15 billion was spent in research and development (R&D)globally in 2006, with $1.1 billion dedicated exclusively toresearch and development in the United States. Ethanolindustry R&D investments from Siemens have resulted inimproved, energy-efficient plant designs. Generating morethan 30 inventions every business day and working in closecooperation with customers, Siemens continuallytransforms ideas into new products, systems, and solutionsto meet customers' current and future needs.These investments enable Siemens to offer customersa comprehensive automation and drives portfolio.This commitment to innovation ensures continuedenhancements for installed and future systems, for longerproduct life-cycles, and for the best TCO of your investment.Commitment to the ethanol industryIndustry Resources and Coordination:Siemens has a national team of resources from all areas ofthe business that meet weekly to discuss ways to betterserve ethanol production customers. This cross-functionalapproach allows Siemens to develop comprehensivestrategies that provide best-practice sharing and quickerresponse times for customer issues. This national teamworks with the Siemens global biofuels center ofcompetence, and has executive sponsorship that supportsthe continuation of its mission.Going beyond ethanol productionEthanol Industry Fuel Delivery Systems:As a market leader in the production of fuel deliverymodules for ethanol applications since 2000, Siemens isfocused on creating products that improve ethanolapplications. Siemens VDO, a leading international supplierof automotive electronics and mechatronics, has producedapproximately 2 million flexible fuel modules since 2000.As of June 2007, it will be producing 800,000 unitsannually. Siemens VDO's current ethanol products include:• Ethanol compatible fuel injectors capable of the higherflow rates required with alcohol• Direct injection, multi-fuel systems will offer many ofthe same benefits for ethanol and/or flex fuel as it doesfor gasoline• An electronic control module equipped with ethanoldetermination algorithms (currently underdevelopment)• Ethanol compatible rails and fluid conveyance systems• Flex Fuel Pump Module compatible with suitably highflow ratesIndustry Research Partnership:Siemens provides state of the art SIMATIC PCS 7 processautomation solutions, process instrumentation andengineering resources to the National Corn-to-EthanolResearch Center (NCERC), located in University Park ofSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville. As a nonprofitresearch center, NCERC is focused on the validation of neartermtechnologies for enhancing the economics andsustainability of renewable fuel production. By working inpartnership with NCERC, Siemens will expand its knowledgeand product/service offering to the ethanol industry.22

Siemens has a complete and integrated line of products,systems, and solutions for production and processautomation. This means that Siemens offers systems withsingle-vendor responsibility.Siemens helps you with faster time to production bycreating the following advantages:• Easier setup by reducing the amount of cabling,termination points, and plant space required throughintegrated software solutions for Profibus fieldbustechnology in electrical, automation, andinstrumentation• Minimal commissioning time with integrated softwarethat presents key process electrical, instrumentation,and automation parameters to a networked workstation• An instrumentation partner with expert knowledge inethanol applications to help reduce costs and increaseefficiencies.Siemens helps you reduce risks by providing:• Ethanol instrumentation expertise in difficultapplications such as dusty corn silos• Experience from installing 84 ethanol plant automationsystems, 70 percent of new U.S. plants and 5.2 billiongallons of ethanol, thus providing industry provensolutions with a commitment to innovation and supportSiemens helps you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) byincluding the following cost-saving elements:• One software system for configuration,parameterization, operation, and maintenance forsafety, instrumentation, automation, water, andelectrical systems, thereby reducing engineering,operational and training requirements• Online diagnostics, alarming, and asset managementsolutions that alert operators to operationalinformation, allowing preventative action before there isa problem• Modular designs for simple and quick add-ons€€ orreplacements.Siemens welcomes the opportunity to leverage its provenethanol industry solutions to help meet your ethanolproduction needs.23

U.S. Biofuels: Biofuels: Energy & Automation, Inc.3333 Old Milton ParkwayAlpharetta, GA©2007 Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Siemens is a registered trademark of Siemens AG. Product names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respectivecompanies. Specifications are subject to change without notice.PABR-00036-0507 New 0507 Printed in USA

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