Export and Bioenergy Case 1: DONG Energy Inbicon - Bioenergi - DI


Export and Bioenergy Case 1: DONG Energy Inbicon - Bioenergi - DI

Export and BioenergyCase 1:DONG Energy InbiconMichael Persson, General Manager of RegulatoryAffairs, DONG Energy, Power New Bio SolutionsDI-Bioenergi Årsdag, 13 th October 2011

Introduction: Biofuels benefitsIEA:Biofuels are expectedto cover 27% of theworldstransportation fuelsby 2050 in the IEABlue Scenario.Advanced biofuelsare vital to achievethisIncreased securityof energy supplyReduced climategas emissionsJobs, particularly inrural areasGreen growth

Strong demand for biofuels all over the worldUSA• Politically determinedmarket of 137 bill. literper year in 2022 – almosthalf 2GEurope• 10% renewable energy in transport2020 – biofuels expected to fullfilthe vast majority of the demand• Double counting of 2GBrazil• Demand of E20/25• Majority of vehiclescan run on E85China• E10 in nineprovinces• 10% RE i 2010og 16% i 2020• Max. limit for 1GproductionSouth East Asis & India• 20% biofuels in transport in 2017 in India• Support for 2G in India• Blending mandates in several countries

Cellulosic Ethanol available toCellulosic Ethanol available to drivers indrivers in Denmark from October2010Denmark since October 2010

Demonstration Plant 2010 – 100 T/dayOutput:5.4 mill. l ethanol13,100 t lignin pellets11,250 t C5-molassesInput:30,000 t wheat strawEnzyme suppliers:Danisco GenencorNovozymesInvestment:€ 64 mill., incl.€ 10 mill. DK gov'tsupportDemonstrationsupported with€ 9 mill by EU

3 Consistent Value Streams

Proven TechnologyConventional and Tested New TechnologyStrawHandlingHydro-thermalPretreatment Liquefaction Fermentation DistillationDONGEnergy20 yearsexperienceInbiconCoreTechnologyTraditionalFirst-GenerationTechnology Providers

WheatStrawCornStoverInbicon Biomass RefineryMultiple Feedstocks TestedInbicon Biomass RefineryMultiple Feedstocks TestedWheatStrawSorghumMiscanthusArundoPalm OilResidueBagasse

Inbicon Core TechnologyInbicon Core Technology FeaturesFeaturesHigh ethanol yield (180-200 l/t biomass DM)Continous operating processHigh dry solids – 10% v/v beerEnzymatic liquefaction with low dosageIntegrated contamination control (no antibiotics)Low water and energy consumption

DONG Energy can bring the benefits ofcellulosic to the worldIncreased securityof energy supplyReduced climategas emissionsJobs, particularly inrural areasGreen growth

Inbicon business model based on partnershipsigangværendeforhandlingerkunde*Global teknologileverandørpartnerNovozymesDSMKøbenhavns UniversitetUnitedpowerGreenInvestmentGreat RiverDanisco/GenencorGeneseStor europæiskfødevareproducentEthanolproducentMitsuiProjektudvikler*enkelte aftaler er underlagt fortrolighed7

Unleash Biomass PotentialMichael Persson – MIPER@dongenergy.dkThe commercial use of this presentation in whole or in part to any individual or groupis not permitted without the consent of Inbicon A/S.© 2011 Inbicon A/S, Kraftværksvej 53, Skærbæk, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark, Tel +45 99 55 07 00The New Ethanol and Inbicon Biomass Refinery are trademarks of Inbicon A/S and DONG Energy A/S.Inbicon A/S is supported by the EU Commission. Seek more information at:http://www.inbicon.com/projects/kacelle/pages/kacelle_project.aspx

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