Pumps for industry (UK)(PDF : 2826.9 KB) - Watson-Marlow


Pumps for industry (UK)(PDF : 2826.9 KB) - Watson-Marlow

Industrialstrength pumpswith unrivalledprecisionPUMPS FOR INDUSTRY

PUMPS FORINDUSTRYThe ideal pump range for process industriesPump perfectionWatson-Marlow is the world’s largestmanufacturer of peristaltic pumps and tubing.We make nothing else.We have over 50 years’ experience and a worldwidereputation as the the leader of our industry in terms ofquality as well as quantity.Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps. They usethe perfect pumping principle with none of the disadvantagesof other pump types, and cost far less in maintenance andinterrupted production.They successfully handle the harshest fluids, stand up to thetoughest industrial environment, and pump with extraordinaryaccuracy and flow control up to 875,000:1 in one pump.We offer the widest range of pumps and tubes, capableof handling flows from 4µl/min to 4,000 litre/hour.Watson-Marlow 520, left, 620 and 720pumps cater for the demands of industry,from food production to mining, fromthe water industry to printing2What is peristalsis?Watson-Marlow pumpsʼ low-shear peristalticaction is created by compressing the tubeelement between rollers.Between roller passes, the elementrecovers to draw in fluid.The pump is self-priming and dry-running,with contained flow and no cross-contamination,requiring no seals or valves. No other positivedisplacement pump offers this separation of pump and fluid.Watson-Marlow pumps outperform other pump types.Watson-Marlow Value for lifeValue for life is a new way of looking at the cost of ownershipof Watson-Marlow pumps compared with other positivedisplacement pumps. We prove to customers that Watson-Marlow pumps offer the lowest-cost solution over the life of apump in comparison to competitors.We engineer our winning performance, we donʼt just turnup the speed. 60% fewer occlusions than our peristalticcompetitors for the same flow means 2½ times the tube life.

• The simplest possible pumpingprinciple: no seals or valves to clog,leak, corrode or replace• The perfect pump for difficultfluids: caustic, abrasive, viscous,shear-sensitive, gaseous, slurries,suspended solids•Configured for industrial integration:PLC remote control, analogue and Profibusnetwork controlWhy Watson-Marlow makesthe right pump for youWorld-leading pumps ...With more than one million pumps in the field, ourperistaltic pumps give our customers maximum reliabilityand minimum downtime....that eclipse the competition ...Peristaltic pump usage is growing faster than any other positivedisplacement pump type because they are simple in essence,but capable of sophisticated control.• Easy to install, maintain and clean• Nothing simpler to use• If you can drive one, you can drive them all• Upscale from pilot to production• One-minute maintenance• Self-priming to 9m (30ft)• Dry running• Reversible to cut waste• No metal-to-metal contact• The duty fluid is contained within a chemically resistant tube:there is no contamination of the pump and no contaminationof the fluid• Accurate and repeatable flow rates ± 0.5%• Designed for continuous duty 24-7• Valve-free with no backflow or siphoning• Superb metering: output is proportional to pump speed• No spares inventory needed...with the key features you need ...Watson-Marlow cased pumps combine the toughness industrydemands with the features vital to today’s highly tuned,economic production techniques.• Speed control range 3,600:1: process flexibility• Maintenance-free brushless DC motors• Up to 7 bar pressure• IP66 washdown protection• Pumps, pumpheads and tubing last longer• There’s less downtime, fewer failures, andless maintenance• In the unlikely event of a problem, next-day deliverykeeps your production rolling• Our products are recognised for quality, reliabilityand performance, backed by a five-years warrantySo the best pump really does cost less.Call us for the proof. It all adds up to Value for life.Five-year warrantyDemonstrating our totalconfidence in reliability and ourcommitment to customer satisfaction,Watson-Marlow cased pumps in thisbrochure carry a five-year warranty against faulty materialsand workmanship. It covers everything except misuse of thepump and consumable items. Your production will not stallbecause of us. See www.value4life.co.uk3

PUMPS FORINDUSTRYServing a host of industriesViscous cake batter is pumped from ahopper without degradationInvestment in new plant at a yeast production facility has increased efficiencyCeramic glaze has to be carefully meteredto prevent air entrainment500 series pumps replaced troublesome diaphragm pumps for coagulant dosing4Printing ink feedReduced downtime and spares costs meant that a heavy-dutycorrugated box manufacturer paid for a new Watson-Marlow720 series pump in less than a year.Supplying ink to flexographic presses caused air-operated diaphragm pumpsto fail when paper fibres and dried ink particles clogged filters and jammed ballvalves. Every jam cost 90 minutes' production, with an entire in-line operationstalled. Production also suffered from continual minor problems.Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps have no valves to clog and can handlesuspended solids, so they need no filters, and simple, planned maintenance.A one-minute tube change at extended intervals avoids production linestoppages.

Where are our 1 million pumpskeeping industry productive?Watson-Marlow pumps save time and moneyworldwide by successfully handling the toughestapplications in a broad range of industries including• Chemical metering and transfer:corrosive acids and bases• Water and waste water treatment:sodium hypochlorite, hydrofluorosilic acidand ferric chloride• Paint and pigments: dispersion millfeed, pigment and latex transferAt a remote water treatment works, chemicals are metered to balance pH levels• Pulp and paper: dyes, brighteners, sizing agents,retention aids and titanium dioxide• Mining and mineral separation:reagents, polymers and floccullants• Construction: cement, brick and rooftiles; metering and spraying of colorants,coatings and additives• Brewing: metering and transfer ofyeast, flocculants, stabilisers and finingsIn a difficult lacquer handlingapplication, close coupled pumpssaved time and moneySodium hypochlorite causesgas locking problems in manyother pump types• Printing and packaging: varnishes,inks, coatings and adhesives, withno colour cross-contamination or aeration• Food and beverage: Clean-in-placeapplications, dairy, bakery, flavouringsand additives• Textiles: fibre coatings, dyes and acids• Fine chemicals production: meteringof process chemicals• Engineering: spray coating and waste recovery• OEM: versions available for system suppliersIn an aggressive chemical recovery application, the pump paid for itselfin less than 12 monthsPutting diaphragms into the shadeAccurate and repeatable metering ofprocess fluids into dispersion mills iscritical in achieving uniformity fromone batch of paint pigments to another.Because of their ability to provide consistent,reproducible flows at low volumes, Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps were chosento replace double diaphragm pumps at BASF'sMichigan paint mixing plant.The pumps require minimal set-up time andmaintenance. The sealless design eliminates theneed to clean the pumps, thereby avoiding thecosts, health risks, and environmental issuesassociated with cleaning solvents.“It is essential for colour consistency that flowrates to the mills be stable and reproducible,”says the production manager. “The doublediaphragm pumps we had been using wereapt to stall at low flow rates. We no longerhave that problem since we installed theWatson-Marlow peristaltic pumps.”5

PUMPS FORINDUSTRYThe perfect pump: which one is right for you?How to pick aWatson-Marlow’s tough industrial casedpumps are a team, and they’re on your side.520, 620 and 720, using continuous tubing orelements, cover flows from 4µ/minto 4,000 litres/hour, with high accuracy andindustrial compatibility.The 720 is a powerful pump which canbe fitted with one or two pumpheads: twinchannels double the flow for high-flowmetering or transferThe versatile, medium-flow 620 is availablewith two rollers, for maximum throughput,or four rollers, for minimum pulsation.Other pumpheads are availableWith its eight tubing sizes, the 520 rangehas a flow ratio of 875,000:1, giving superbcontrol. As well as standard metering duties,the 520 offers specialist pumping such asmulti-channel and minimal pulsationNo simpler maintenanceMaintenance costs, in cash anddowntime, are unavoidable for all pumps– except peristaltic pumps. Stators androtors wear, valves jam, gas causesbreakdowns – every one cuttingproduction. Peristaltic pumps neednew tubes at long, predictable intervals.Changing them takes moments –truly, one-minute maintenance.The same principle applies to 520,620 and 720 pumpheads:1: Open the tool-unlockable safety guard(or track); remove the old tube or element, helpedby ergonomic features such as the 520’s clutchedrotor and the 620’s retractable rollers2: Fit another tube or element3: Close the guard; and (if you have anelement model) connect up to your system6

Pick the pump you needwinnerAll share the same technology, the samehuman-machine interface, and the samespace-saving design concept. The controlsare the same, allowing process scale-upand easy operator training: if you knowone pump, you know them all.• Flow rates to 4,000 litre /hour• Pressures up to 2 bar (30 psi)• LoadSure® elements in three materialsand four sizes• Tubing in six materials and five sizes• Flow rates to 18 litre/minute• Pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi)• LoadSure ® elements in three materialsand two sizes• Tubing in six materials and four sizes• Flow rates to 3.5 litre/minute• Three element configurations offer pressurecapabilities up to 2 bar, 4 bar and 7 bar(30 psi, 60 psi, 100 psi)• LoadSure® elements in six materials andthree sizes• Tubing in six materials and eight sizesChoosing the perfect pump from our many options is easy.Just answer four questions:1 How much fluid?2 What pumphead characteristics?3 Which control option?4 Which tubing or element?0.12-4,000 litre/hr1 HOW MUCH FLUID?0.01 litre/min-18 litre/min720 620 520The choice forhigh-flow meteringor transferHigh torque meanspowerful pumpingwith pressures to4 bar0.4µl/min-3,500 ml/minElement models:three pressureranges to 7 bar;continuous option2 WHAT PUMPHEAD CHARACTERISTICS?Continuous tubeThe right choicewhere your applicationrequires no jointsbetween source anddischarge. The widestrange of tubingmaterials720S620S520SpumpsManualkeypadcontrolpage12LoadSure ®elementsFor error-free tubeloading and quickreleasesystemconnection. Forpressures to 7 barin the 520 seriesSpecialpurposeDi: specialistdispensing option.Atex: pumps foruse in hazardousatmospheres. Askfor our datasheets3 WHICH CONTROL OPTION?720U620U520UpumpsManualkeypad andremote controlpage10720Du620Du520DupumpsManual keypad,expandedremote control,RS485720Bp620BP520Bp4 WHICH TUBING OR ELEMENT?page8page18PROFIBUSnetwork controlpage19page18Changing a LoadSure ® elementAs easy as...1231 12MarpreneSTA-PURE PFLNeopreneSTA-PURE PCSPumpsilStyle 400Whatever your needs, Watson-Marlow manufacturethe industrial pumps of first choice.PICK YOURPUMPHEAD7

520Pumpheads: choose a 520 for flows up toLow-flow pumpheads for a wide range of metering applications. Up to 2 bar pumping withcontinuous tubing or LoadSure ® elements and up to 7 bar chemical injection with the 520REHLoadSure ® pumpheads guarantee correct tube loading7 bar pressures(100 psi) withthe 520REH4 bar pressures(60 psi) with the520REMFlow rates up to 450 ml/min. LoadSure ® elements areavailable in Marprene TH and STA-PURE PCS2 bar pressures(30 psi) withthe 520RELFlow rates up to 3500 ml/min. LoadSure ® elementsare available in Marprene TL, Pumpsil, Neoprene,STA-PURE PFL and Style 400Flow rates up to 1500 ml/min. LoadSure ® elements areavailable in Marprene TM and STA-PURE PFL and Style 400Continuous tubing for clearflow from source to dischargeChoose 520R for 1.6mm thin wall tubing or 520R2 for 2.4mmthick wall tubingNo tube joins,and the widest tubematerial choice withthe 520R and 520R2Pumphead benefits• Large track diameter and two rollers givelong tube life: 2½ times the competition• Sprung rollers give low-shear pumping• Tough, chemically resistant constructionFlow rates up to 3500 ml/min Pressures up to 2 bar.Continuous tubing in Marprene, Neoprene, Pumpsil,STA-PURE PFL, STA-PURE PCS and Style 400.??????????????8

3,500 ml/min, or pressures to 7 bar (100 psi)520REH performance (4-7 bar, 100 psi)520 pumpheads: flow ranges, 0.1-220 rpm, ml/minFlow rate (ml/min)Flow rate (ml/min)520REL performance (0-2 bar, 30 psi)Flow rate (ml/min)1600140012001000800600400200Performance wasachieved using7 bar constantpressure520REM performance (2-4 bar, 60 psi)Performance wasachieved using4 bar peakpressure0 0 50 100 150 200 220Drive speed (rpm)Performance wasachieved using2 bar peakpressureDrive speed (rpm)Bore6.4mm3.2mm1600140012001000800600400200Flow rate (ml/min) Flow rate (ml/min) Flow rate (ml/min)Tube bore (mm, in, #)520R and520R2(continuoustubing)520REL(elementsto 2 bar)520REM(elementsto 4 bar)520REH(elementsto 7 bar)NeopreneSTA-PURE PCSSTA-PURE PFLPVC, PumpsilMarprene /64 shore tubingStyle 400NeopreneSTA-PURE PCSPumpsilStyle 400Marprene TLSTA-PURE PCSStyle 400Marprene TMMarprene THSTA-PURE PCSStyle 4000.51/501120.0040-9.50.0040-9.00.81/32130.01-240.01-231.61/16140.04-970.04-923.21/8160.18-3900.17-3700.13-2800.18-3900.17-3700.18-3900.17-3700.20-450520R2 performance (0-2 bar, 30 psi)Flow rate (ml/min)Borre9.6mm8. .0mm4.8mm3.2mmFlow rate (ml/min)4.83/16250.40-8700.38-8300.29-6306.41/4170.70-15000.67-15000.51-11000.70-15000.67-15000.70-15000.67-15008.05/16181.1-24001.1-23009.63/81931.6-35001.5-33001.6-35001.5-3300Drive speed (rpm)Drive speed (rpm)Flow rate varies with tube material, discharge pressure, suction and viscosityConstruction materials: High-spec engineering plastics and stainless steel defeat chemical attack. There is no known solvent that will attackpolyphenylene sulphide (PPS) below 200C (392F). Robust enough for the most arduous environment. No paint or surface treatments.Pumphead track: PPS; guard, inner/outer: polycarbonate; guard seal: Neoprene; rotor hub: stainless steel 316; roller arms, rotor cover: PPS;rollers, main/guide: stainless steel 316; main roller bearings: stainless steel with PTFE seals; drain port and nut: polypropylene; drain plug: HytrelNOW SELECTYOUR DRIVEWater treatmentA water company in Washington State, US, has replaceda diaphragm pump with a 520DuN/REH to inject sodiumhypochlorite into a mains supply at 4.5 bar (65 psi), via an18m (60ft) carrier water line at 4.8 bar (70 psi).The flow rate varies between 1.1 litre/hr and 7.6 litre/hr. The pump is inthe open air, under a shelter. It endures ambient temperatures of -7C-32C.Initially set up to operate manually, it is now analogue-controlled.During testing after installation, water company engineers confirmed thatthe pump would hold its pressure at up to 6.6 bar (95 psi), well above thepressure actually required. They found the pump easy to install, and weredelighted with the quick-connect element connectors.9

620Pumpheads: choose a 620 for flows up to 18Mid-flow pumpheads for metering or transfer. The 620 is available with continuous tubing for pumping up to 2 bar (30psi).For guaranteed loading and pumping to 4 bar (60psi), LoadSure ® pumpheads are available in two or four-roller versions.LoadSure ® pumpheads guarantee correct tube loadingMaximumthroughput andlonger tube lifewith the 620RE’stwo rollersHighest accuracyand minimalpulsation withthe 620RE4’sfour rollersFlow rates up to 18 litre/min, pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi).LoadSure ® elements are available in Marprene TM 4 bar(60 psi), Pumpsil and Neoprene 2 bar (30 psi). IndustrialCam-and-Groove connectors allow universal drop-in fitting.Flow rates up to 13 litre/min, pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi).LoadSure ® elements are available in Marprene TM 4 bar (60 psi),Pumpsil and Neoprene 2 bar (30 psi). Industrial Cam-and-Grooveconnectors allow universal drop-in fitting.Pumphead benefits• Tough, chemically resistant construction• Large track diameter and two rollers for longtube life: up to 2½ times the competition• Sprung rollers give low-shear pumpingContinuous tubing forjoint-free flow fromsource to dischargeNo tube joins, and the widest tubematerial choice with the 620RFlow rates to 13 litre/min. Pressures to2 bar (30 psi). Employs tube clamps tosecure the tubing. Continuous tubing inMarprene TL, Neoprene,Pumpsil, STA-PURE PFL,STA-PURE PCS and Style 400True versatility: switch fromcontinuous tubing to elementsin moments10

litre/min, with pressures to 4 bar (60 psi)Flow rate (litre/min)620R performance graphFlow rate (litre/min)Tube orelementbore(mm, in, #)MarpreneMarprene620 pumpheads: flow ranges, 0.1-265 rpm, litre/min620R (continuoustubing, two rollers)6.41/4170.001-3.49.63/81930.003-6.612.71/2880.004-1115.95/41890.01-12620RE(elements,two rollers)620RE4(elements,four rollers)12.0 17.0 12.0 17.00.004-9.80.004-9.80.01-160.01-180.003-8.30.003-8.30.004-110.005-12Pumpsil0.001-3.20.003-7.20.004-110.01-150.004-100.01-160.003-8.70.004-11Drive speed (rpm)STA-PURE PCSNeopreneStyle 4000.001-3.20.003-6.60.004-110.01-160.004-110.01-180.003-9.00.01-13620RE4 performance graph620RE performance graphFlow rate (litre/min)Flow rate (litre/min)Flow rate (litre/min)Flow rate (litre/min)Drive speed (rpm)Drive speed (rpm)Limited to 2 bar below 50 rpmFlow rate varies with tube material, discharge pressure, suction and viscosityConstruction materials: 620 pumpheads are designed for ultimate impact and corrosion resistance. Pumphead track: powder-coatedaluminium LM24; guard, inner/outer: Grilamid TR55/polyurethane PBA; rotor hub, roller arms: Fortron 1140L4 (PPS); rotor cover:Dupont Hytrel G5544; rollers, main/guide: stainless steel 303/Nylatron; main roller bearings: carbon steel; tube clamp sets: polypropyleneNOW SELECTYOUR DRIVEChemical processA major British aluminium supplier uses a 620 pumpto scavenge excess lacquer from a sheet aluminiumcolouring process.The Watson-Marlow pump has solved a host of problems associated with thediaphragm pump which was in use previously. The lacquer to be pumped variesin quantity. When the diaphragm pump was required to run dry, it clogged, andthe corrosive lacquer spilled from its holding reservoir, coating the productionmachinery and becoming soiled and unusable.When a colour change was required, the pump had to be stripped down forcomplete cleaning.The self-priming 620 can run dry; it is not affected by corrosive duty fluids; andwhen a colour change is required, its tube can be changed in less than a minute.11

720Pumpheads: choose a 720 for flows to 4,000High-flow pumpheads for metering or transfer applications. The 720 delivers a lot for its size.Five sizes of continuous tubing and elements in four sizes give optimum performance over a wide flow range.Extension pumpheads double the available flow to 4,000 l/hr.LoadSure ® pumpheadsensure correcttube loading2 barpressures(30 psi) withthe 720REContinuous tubing forjoint-free flow fromsource to dischargeNo tubejoins, andthe widest tubematerial choicewith the 720RFlow rates up to 4,000 litre/hr. Pressures up to 2bar (30 psi). LoadSure ® elements are available inMarprene TL, Pumpsil and Neoprene. IndustrialCam-and-Groove connectors allow universaldrop-in fittingFlow rates to 4,000 litre/hr. Pressures to 2 bar (30 psi).Employs tube clamps to secure the tubing. Continuoustubing in Marprene TL, Neoprene, Pumpsil, STA-PURESeries PCS and Style 400Pumphead benefits• Four driven rollers and sprung track for longtube life and low pulsation• Tough, chemically resistant powder coatinginside and out12

litre/hour, with pressures to 2 bar (30 psi)720 performance graphFlow rate (litre/hour)Flow rate (litre/min)Drive speed (rpm)720 pumpheads: flow ranges, litre/hr701R (continuous tubing)720RE (LoadSure elements)Tube orelementbore(mm, in, #)9.63/819312.71/28815.95/8189193/419125.419212.71/28815.91/2189191/219125.41920.1-360 rpm 0.12-4200.22-7800.30-11000.42-15000.56-20000.22-7800.30-11000.42-15000.56-2000An optional second pumphead doubles pumpflow or provides two separate flows.Flow rate varies with tube material, discharge pressure, suction and viscosityConstruction materials: All 720 pumpheads are designed for strength and durability. Pumphead track: aluminium; drive shaft: stainlesssteel 440C; rotor end plates: aluminium; cradle assembly, track: aluminium; central shaft: EN24 steel; rollers: MOS2 filled Nylon 6(Nylatron); springs, spindles: stainless steel; coating: Alocrom pre-treatment with polyester powder coating.NOW SELECTYOUR DRIVEAbrasive slurryWith 50% solids, the oxide-water mix that a major roof tilemanufacturer uses to colour his products is highly abrasive.He tried piston pumps, but abandoned them when he found that the slurrywas effectively being de-watered: the pumps pumped the water, but leftthe solids to clog the cylinders. He tried centrifugal pumps, but poor flowcontrol led to inconsistent colouring.Then he bought a Watson-Marlow 720 series pump. The slurry remaineduniform and could be applied in precise quantities. Since the fluid iscontained within the tube, the pump cannot clog. in addition, the pump issmall enough to be conveniently set up in various parts of the factory, andits impervious casing protects the pump in a very messy environment.13

YOUR CHOICE OFDRIVESChoose the Watson-Marlow drive to suit yourA family of pumpsthat perfectly fit allproduction line needsThe new generation of Watson-Marlowperistaltic pumps offers a complete range tosuit industrial and process application needs• Efficient and reliable through a clean and brushlessDC motor consuming up to 36% less power withminimal maintenance• Comprehensive functionality and control. Manual controlfor plug-and-go; auto control for straightforward set-upof analogue remote control; digital control using RS485• Pump scaling has never been easier. The 520, 620 and 720pumps have the same footprint: they are interchangeableon the line. Similar keypad layout and menu options.No further operator training is required; use one pump,use them all• Value for life: the tube is the only consumable; unbeatabletube life; no installation; minimal maintenance; and afive-years warranty• Tough, powder-coated housing and IP66 water-tightenclosure: perfect for industrial environments andwash-down• Speed controls up to 3600:1 and eight tubing sizesgive metering capability of 875,000:1. Comprehensivecalibration and precise speed adjustment ensuremetering accuracyDrop-in diaphragm pump replacement• Tubing is the only consumable.No crystallisation and no gassing problems;no dismantling; no headaches• Simple and easy installation• Software-calibrated remote analogue speedcontrol plus a second analogue control forflow scaling. A facility which rendersredundant the stroke control adjustmentincluded in some diaphragm orpiston pumps• Minimal maintenance means lessdowntime, less downtime meansmore profit. A cost effective solutionfor production• Efficient motors means lesspower consumption14

control needs: 520, 620 and 720DuN: the ultimate pump forproduction process520DuN, 620DuN and 720DuN offer full industrial connectivityand process control through PC, PLC or other plantcontroller. 16-key numeric keypad makes manual control trulysimple, too: just type in the flow rate or speed you need• Digital network control with RS485•Comprehensive calibration with a choiceof flow units•PIN-secure process protection withtwo PIN levels• Twin analogueinputs for scaledflow adjustment• Full remotecontrol• AnaloguespeedfeedbackBp: PROFIBUS DP pumps• Fast communication for all pump functions• No additional gateways or I/O convertersrequired reducing cable needs and costs• Predictive maintenanceUN with analogueand remote control520UN, 620UN and 720UN offer keypad and remote control withanalogue speed inputs and status outputs. The drives areconfigurable in software, and password-protected• Analoguespeed control• Industrial logicremote control• Analoguespeed feedbackSN with manual control520SN, 620SN and 720SN are plug-and-play pumps: Just plug inand switch on. They offer low cost of ownership, simple, accuratemetering and one-key keypad access to all major controls• Manual control:9-key display pad•Calibration todisplay flow rate•MemoDose foreasy one-shot dispensingCoping with chemicalsWatson-Marlow peristaltic pumps are helping leading finepaper manufacturer, Arjo Wiggins, to improve product qualityand overall production efficiency at Europe's leading businessstationery plant.Arjo Wiggins operates 14 Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps as replacementsfor lobe and progressive cavity pumps. Twelve 500 and 600 series pumps addsizing agents, retention aids and optical brightening agents. Two larger 700series pumps transfer bleach.Commented the process engineer, “Accurate pumping is very important tominimise waste. When we went to Watson-Marlow pumps I had concernsabout tube life, which has not been an issue. The pumps have provenextremely durable, despite the harsh chemicals used in paper making.”15

YOUR CHOICE OFDRIVESSelect your pump control featuresFeatureBp520DuN620DuN720DuN520UN620UN720UN520SN620SN720SNManual controlRun/stop; speed adjustment; forward/reverse; max key for rapid primingand purging; auto-restart • • • •Choice of flow rate display; metric and imperial unitsNumeric keypad for entry of speed, flow or PINCumulative flow display 720Remote control•••••Run/stop direction change; auto/manual mode; leak detector input(via contact closure or 5V TTL to 24V industrial logic) • •Remote switch operation of MemoDose • •Analog speed controlSoftware programmable inputs; 0-10V, 1-5V or 4-20mA • •Second analogue or keypad scaling of primary input•Digital network controlFull RS485 network connectivity for process control through PC or PLC•PROFIBUS DP network communication•Process securityKeypad lockBasic security code to protect set-up••• ••PIN-secure process protection: two-level PIN access• ••Pump status outputsAnalogue frequency (and 0-10V analogue) output of pump speed • •Four 24V change-over relay pump status outputs, software-configurable • •4-20mA and 0-10V analogue output of pump speed•MemoDoseEasy single-shot dispensing • • •CalibrationSimple calibration to display the flow rate as well as the rotation speed•• •Comprehensive calibration for precise metering. Choice of flow units• •Sophisticated, but simplicity itself to set-upSpecificationsWidth Depth Height Weight520, drive only276mm10 7 /8in322mm12 3 /4in158mm6 1 /4in10.7kg23lb 10oz520 with 520R pumphead276mm10 7 /8in407mm16in158mm6 1 /4in11.5kg25lb 5oz620, drive only280mm11in328mm12 7 /8in305mm12in17.4kg38lb 6oz620 with 620R pumphead280mm11in448mm17 5 /8in305mm12in20.5kg45lb 3oz720, drive only280mm11in328mm12 7 /8in305mm12in18.5kg40lb 13oz720 with 720R pumphead280mm11in508mm20in305mm12in25.0kg55lb 2oz16

We have the technologyRobust and resilientAdvanced technology and good design underlieWatson-Marlow industrial pumps’ long life of quality service.Our admirable reliability record is maintained by features suchas brushless DC motors, a toughened LCD screen and a toughmembrane keypad. The chemical resistance of the wholerange outlasts our competition; the powder-coated casingsoutperform stainless steel when exposed to aggressive fluidssuch as ferric chloride or sodium hypochlorite.IP66 protectionAll industrial pumps meet the criteria for IP66and NEMA 4X classification: they are secureagainst high-pressure washdown. IP31 modelsare also available in the 520 and 620 series.Profibus casedpumpsNo point-to-point wiring and a simple 9-pinPROFIBUS connector means real-time, two waycommunication for pump control and statusfeedback, including a full range of diagnosticinformation. The 520, 620 and 720 series pumpsrun from the same GSD file which enables trueprocess scaling. Pumps communicate at the fullPROFIBUS bus speed range, automaticallydetecting and adjusting to fit your network.Speed scalingProgrammable twin analogue inputs to allow flowpacing to be coupled with downstream qualityfeedback. The second input over-rides the mainspeed control, making stroke adjustment on adiaphragm pump redundant. Drop-in diaphragmpump replacement could not be simpler.AccuracyClass-leading flow control up to 3,600:1 andsimple, accurate configuration mean that yourflow will match your needs precisely. Couple thatwith tube bores from 0.8mm to 25.4mm, and youhave a range of unbeaten versatility.Easy wiringWiring-up all the cased pumps in this brochureis standard and easy. The watertight module atthe rear of the pump has four watertight glandsproviding ample access for whatever controlsystem connections you require. Inside: nosoldering, no D-connectors, no fiddling - justlarge, clearly marked screw terminals. With clearinstructions in product documentation, you willbe up and running in minutes.RS485Full industrial-standard connectivity with RS485permanent connection to control systemsincluding PC and PLC.Status outputsFour configurable 24V relay outputs. MonitorRun/Stop; Rotation direction; auto/manualoperation; general fault alarm; automaticshut-down if the guard is opened; leakdetectedshutdown.Operator safetyOperator safety comes first, with sturdy metalor impact-resistant guards and drain ports forsafe disposal of spillages. Tool-lockable orelectronic guard switches are standard on allpumps. Optional leak detection for all models.NOW SELECTYOUR TUBEControl rangeVoltage/frequencyMaximum voltagefluctuation520: 0.1-220 rpm; 620: 0.1-265 rpm; 720:0.1-360rpmFiltered 100-120V/200-240V 50/60Hz 1ph±10% of nominal voltage. A well regulatedelectrical mains supply is required along withcable connections conforming to the bestpractice of noise immunityEnclosure ratingIP66 to BS EN 60529; Equivalent to NEMA 4Xto NEMA 250* (indoor use). Suitable for heavyindustrial, process and harsh environments.The drive uses a Gore membrane vent toequalise the pressure inside the enclosure and toprevent ingress of water and corrosive vapours.Installation category(over voltage)Power consumptionFull load currentEprom versionII520: 135VA; 620N: 250VA; 720N: 350VA520:

YOUR CHOICE OFDRIVESATEX and dosing pumpsDirective 94/9/EC, commonly known as the ATEX directive, carries obligations to the person who placesequipment on the market in EU territory for use in potentially explosive environments. All of Watson-Marlow’sATEX pumps in close-coupled or baseplate formats have been rated as Group II, Category 2 equipment, intendedfor use in gas-based environments only. ATEX pumps are available in 520, 620 and 720 ranges.All close coupled pumps are 24 hour duty rated, have IP55 enclosures andcarry a two year warranty.501 pumpheads: flow ranges, ATEX pumps, ml/minTube bore(mm, in, #)0.51/501120.81/32131.61/16143.21/8164.83/16256.41/4178.03/8501DF/RLA• Fixed speed: 62 rpm, 223 rpm or 281 rpm• 501RLA pumphead for 1.6mm wall thicknesstubing and pressures up to 2 bar.• Flow rates from 2.6 ml/min to 2810 ml/min501DF/RL2A• As 501DF/RLA• 501RL2CA pumphead: for higher pressuresusing STA-PURE PCS or STA-PURE PFL,2.4mm wall continuous tubing in seven boresizes501DV/RL2A• Variable speed ball drive variator: 7 rpm –250 rpm• 501RL2A pumphead for 2.4mm wall thicknesstubing and better pressure performance• Flow rates from 0.29 ml/min to 2500 ml/min621DF/RA and 621DF/REA• Fixed speed: 77 rpm or 251 rpm• Flow rates from 0.92 litre/min to 18 litre/min• Pressures to 2 bar with continuous tubing and620RA pumpheads and up to 4 bar withLoadSure elements in 620REA pumpheads701DFB/RA• Fixed speed: 112 rpm or 360 rpm• Three-phase ATEX II 2G (Zone 1) motor• Continuous tubing in five sizes andseven materials• Flow rates to 4,000 litre/hour withtwo pumpheads• 24-hour-duty rated• Two-years warranty701DFB/REA• As 701DFB/RA• Tubing elements in four sizes andthree materials701DFB/RXA and REXA• As 701DFB/RA• Extension pumpheads for 701DFB drive62 rpm223 rpm281 rpm7-250 rpm720 pumpheads: flow ranges, ATEX pumps, litre/hrTube orelementbore(mm, in, #)112 rpm360 rpm2.69.3127.627342695120120410520250900110039014001800620223028100.29-10 0.86-31 3.0-110 13-470 28-1000 45-1600 70-2500620 pumpheads: flow ranges, ATEX pumps, ml/minTube or elementbore (mm, in, #)701R continuous tubing9.63/8193130420rpm12.71/288240780620RA (continuoustubing, two rollers)6.41/41715.95/818934011009.63/8193193/4191470150012.71/28825.4192620200015.95/8189620REA 620RE4A(elements, (elements,2 rollers) 4 rollers)12.71/28824078012.0 17.0 12.0 17.0Marprene TL 77 1.0 1.9 3.1 4.2 2.8 5.2 2.4 3.6Marprene TMLoadSureelementsPumpsilSTA-PURE PCSSTA-PURE PFLNeoprene251 9.3 15 7.9 1077251772510.923.00.923. elements15.95/818934010002. and 621DV/REA• Variable speed ball drive variator: 7 rpm –250 rpm• ATEX II 2G (Zone 1) 0.25kW 6-pole 230/400V 3-phase 50Hz TEFC electric motor• Pressures to 2 bar with continuous tubing and620RA pumphead and up to 4 bar withLoadSure elements in 620REA pumpheads• Flow rates from 0.09 litre/min to 18 litre/minClose-coupled pumps Availablein ATEX and non-ATEX configurationsto satisfy a host of industrialpumping requirementsNOW SELECTYOUR TUBE520DiN and 620DiN for dosing18• Accurate dosing to ±0.5%• Dosing triggered by keypad, remotesignal or additional footswitch,handswitch or proximity switch• Output batch records for cGMPrequirements• Calibration while dispensingStore up to 50 dispensingprograms for immediate use,complete with all parameters:batch size, dose size, flow speedand dosing interval. You can evensave the ramp and drip settings.Need a variation? Instant changesare easy.

TUBINGTECHNOLOGYSelect the tubing for your applicationAt the centre of all Watson-Marlow pumps is a range of abrasion-resistant tubes and elementsavailable in chemically stable materials including Marprene, Style 400, STA-PURE PCS,STA-PURE PFL, Pumpsil and Neoprene.Choosing the best tubing for your applicationSelecting the right tubing is as important as the choice of pump. The best way to select a tube material is to check the fluid tobe pumped against those listed in our chemical compatibility guide, via the website or request a printed copy of the guide.• For maximum tube life use a large bore tube at low speed.• For maximum flow rate use the largest bore size tube at maximum speed.• For maximum accuracy use a small bore size tube at high speed.Suction lift depends on the tube restituting fully before the advance of the next roller. If this does not occur, the flow rate will bereduced. For maximum suction lift, use the smallest practicable bore size of tubing and run the pump at the slowest speed.MarpreneSTA-PUREPCSSTA-PUREPFLPumpsilNeopreneStyle 400Up to 10,000 hourspumping life••••Wide chemical resistance•••High pressurecapability (0-7 bar)••••Additional abrasionresistance•High dispensing accuracy•••Low gas permeability••LaserTraceability•Meets or exceeds USPClass VI requirements•••Tubing immersion samplesA tubing sample pack is available which contains the full range of materials forchemical compatibility testing. For critical application, we recommend thatcustomers carry out an immersion test using the duty fluid and the intendedtubing material. A short length of tube is immersed in the duty fluid for a period of48 hours and then examined for signs of swelling, embrittlement or deterioration.To request a tube sample pack please order 999.0001.00019

TUBINGTECHNOLOGYSelect your tubeChoosing the PERFECT tubefor all of your applicationsWatson-Marlow is the only peristaltic pump manufacturer in the world to manufacture its owntubing, optimising our tubing tolerances and formulation to deliver the best process pumpperformance. In a peristaltic pump, the tubing largely dictates pump and system performance:Its restitution creates suction, its strength resists pressure, its flex resistance determinespumping life, its bore defines the flow rate, its wall thickness controls pumping efficiency andits purity protects your product from contamination. Watson-Marlow offers tubing in eightmaterials and over 40 sizes, giving an extraordinary range of chemical and applicationcapability.Marprene is our highperformancegeneral-purposetube. This thermoplasticelastomer provides chemicalcompatibility, long pumping lifeand pressure handling. Marprene ®is ideal for general-purpose pumpingor food handling and is highly resistant tooxidising agents such asozone, peroxides and sodium hypochlorite. Meets FDArequirements 21 CFR 177.2600 and USDA standards forfood handling. Working temperature range 5C to 80C.Autoclavable.GORE High ResilienceTubing Style 400is an expanded PTFE andViton fluoroelastomer and enables the benefits of peristalticpumps to be introduced to a wide range of applications forpumping concentrated acids like sulphuric and nitric acid,as well as aromatic hydrocarbons like toluene and xylene.Style 400 tubing offers tube life morethan 50 times that of extrudedViton or Fluorel tube and can beused for pumping up to 4 bar.The elastomer used in thistubing is Viton GF-600S, aperoxide-cured fluoroelastomerbased on DuPont's advancedpolymer architecture.Secure linking upWatson-Marlow tubing elements for 520,620 and 720 pumps link to the rest of yoursystem using secure instant connectors: industrialstandardCam-and-Groove connectors for 620 and720, left; and quick-release push-fit connectors for 520pumps, above. Both guarantee a secure seal andimmediate release when required.20

GORE STA-PURE Series PCS has aunique composite construction of silicone in a PTFE latticegiving it superior burst resistance up to 7 bar(100psi) and 18 times longer life thansilicone tubing.It produces virtually no spalling,is USP Class VI approved andis classified as non-toxic. Workingtemperature range 0C to 80C.Opaque white. Autoclavable, SIPand CIP compatible.GORE STA-PURE Series PFL iseffectively pumpable PTFE – a high performance compositeof PTFE and a high-grade fluoroelastomer – offeringextraordinary chemical resistance, long lifeand very high burst pressures.STA-PURE PFL is USP Class VI andfood grade approved, making itsuitable for foods and pharmaceuticalsas well as aggressive chemicals.Pumpsil platinum-cured siliconetubing is manufactured by Watson-Marlow in our ownsilicone-dedicated ISO1644-1 class 7 (class J/10,000)cleanroom. Developed specifically for biopharmaceuticalapplication, Pumpsil carries full biopharmaceuticalcertification USP Class VI and ISO10993 and complies withFDA 21CFR177.2600 for food contact. Pumpsil is entirely freeof 2,4 DCBA and other leachables associated with peroxidecuredsilicone and is post-cured to remove linear and cyclicsiloxanes, cytotoxic materials which can leach out of othermanufacturers’ non-post-cured platinum-cured tubing.Pumpsil ® has an ultra-smooth bore to control proteinbinding and bacterial growth, making it ideal for productionapplications where there is long-term contact with theprocess fluid. Our LaserTraceability provides an ink-free,indelibly etched record of part number, lot number and usebydate right on the tubing. This means that lottraceability is carried through from box tobag to the tube itself. Workingtemperature range: 20C to 80C.Translucent. Autoclavable.Neoprene offers excellent performance with abrasiveslurries and sustained pressure applications. Good suctionand pressure capabilities. Workingtemperature range 0C to 80C.Black.Pipework andaccessoriesA range of interface pipework isavailable for our LoadSure elementpumps with industrial valved or nonvalvedconnectors. Leak detectionsensors are also available for most ofour pump range.Make reel savingsMany of our tubes are available in bulk,as well as in the standard shorterlengths - up to 152m at a time,depending on the bore size. Bulk buyinggives important benefits in convenience,and huge cost savings: 36% less permetre than the metre price for 3m and5m cut lengths. Further discounts areavailable on orders for multiple reels.Ask for our reel leaflet for the tubematerial of your choice.21

100200300400500600700800SPXNEWSmall, simple and precisepumps for biopharm andscience. Manual or auto control,single or multi-channel.Near pulseless, multi-channelcassette pumps with up to 32channels.Single or multi-channel benchtoppumps with manual, remote,analogue, RS232 control andaccurate dispensing.Ultra-compact scientificpumps for low flow single ormulti-channel applications.Superb range of IP31 and IP66rated pumps for science andindustry as well as fixed and variablespeed close-coupled pumps.IP66 mid-flow process pumpswith full clean-in-place andsteam-in-place capability.NEW Industrial cased andbaseplate mounted pumps for use withcontinuous tubing or new LoadSureelements. Three phase motors, ATEXrated drives or pneumatic.High-flow hygienic pumpingusing USP Class VI Bioprenetubing or STA-PURE tubing.High flow high-pressureindustrial pumps withunique patented directcoupled design. Duplex andCIP models available.• Flows up to 190ml/min from new 114 flip-top pumphead• Exceptional speed control• Minimal key presses, intuitive operation• Flow rates from 0.6µl/min to 22ml/min per channel• Precise flow control for each individual channel• Manual, auto and digital TTL control• Flow rates from 2µl/min to 3 litre/min• High visibility digital display with membrane keypad• Single channel or up to ten separate channels• Zero maintenance brushless DC motors• New 323Dz general purpose dispensing pump• Flow rates from 1µl to 610 ml/min• Precision multi-roller pumpheads for accurate flows• Digital and analogue process signal control• Flow rates from 0.4µl/min to 4.4 litre/min• Manual, analogue and digital RS232/RS485 control• ATEX rated, three phase and pneumatic drives• LoadSure tube elements with quick-release Tri-clamp orindustrial connectors for error free tube loading• Dosing and dispensing pump for ±0.5% accuracy• Flow rates from 0.001ml/min to 18.3 litre/min• Manual, auto and digital control• Close coupled pumps for the three phaseoperation including pneumatic and ATEX options• One minute maintenance LoadSure elements• Flow rates from 0.12 litre/min to 4,000 litre/ hour• Single or twin channel operation• Driven roller pumphead extends tube life• LoadSure elements ensure correct tube loading every time• Fixed or variable speed drives• Flow rates 2 litre/min to 8,000 litre/hour• Full Clean-In-Place and Steam-In-Place capability• Extensive motor/gearbox control options• Flow rates to 0.3 litre/min 80 cubic metre/hour• Reinforced hoses enable pressures up to 16 bar• Fixed and mechanically or electronically variablespeed drives including ATEX versions• DuCoNite and PetroProof pumps for tough chemicalduties including hydrocarbons2bar2bar2bar2bar7bar4bar2bar3.5bar16bar120U/DV825 620UN/R 520S, U and Du/R323E, S and U/D 205S/CA403U/R1 and403U/UL2720DuR, 720U/Rand 720S/RSPX10 and 15SPX25 and 32 840323Du/D 205U/CA 120S/DM3403U/VM2and VM4520 sanitaryLoadSure620 sanitaryLoadSure720DuRE,720U/REand 720S/REOEMA wide range of instrumentquality and industrial OEMpumpheads for fitting to usersown drives, or with faceplatemountedmotor options.• Flow rates from 0.01µl/min to 33 litre/min• Single and multi-channel pumpheads• Synchronous, DC, induction, shaded-pole orstepper motors• Optional Eurocard pcb enables full controllability2bar100NEW 114FlexiconTabletop, semi-automatic, fullyautomatic and OEM asepticfilling solutions including bottlehandling, stoppering and crimpcapping.• 0.5ml to 5 litre/minute fills• Handle up to 75 vials/minute• 0.5% fill accuracy• Easy product changeover and no cleaning validationPF6FF20MasoSineNo shear, high suction liftsinusoidal pumps. Pulsation-freeand extremely low maintenance.• Pressures up to 15 bar• Flow rates to 90 cubic metre/hr• Handle high viscosity products without cavitation• 3A certified and CIPable15barSPSEcoSineTubingHoses22Extensive range of tubing ensureschemical compatibility. USP ClassVI and FDA approvals. Precisionmachined, re-inforced hosesprovide flow stability and excellentsuction performance.• Twelve tubing materials in bore sizes 0.13mm to 25.4mm• Autoclavable Marprene, STA-PURE PCS, STA-PURE PFLand Pumpsil Silicone (platinum-cured) and Style 400• Four hose materials including Natural Rubber, Nitrile NBR,Hypalon and EPDM from 10mm to 100mmMarpreneBioprene

120F/R323Dz/D120U/D1Watson-Marlow pumps bring you• Accurate and repeatable flow rates•Contamination free pumping - idealfor shear-sensitive fluids, viscoussludges or slurries, and aggressiveacids and caustics• Easy to install, operate and maintain•Virtually maintenance-free – no expensiveseals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to leak,clog or corrode•Designed for continuous duty -24 hours/7 days• Pumps act as their own check-valves• Self-priming up to 9 metres (30 feet)and dry running• Reversible flow directionPumpsil (silicone)STA-PURESeries PCSPureWeldNeopreneStyle 400STA-PURESeries PFLHosesMRFC10/FC32MasoSinecustom solution FPC50FMB210300400500520R600700SPX DuCoNite 701F/RSPX PetroProof701PB/RSPX40 - SPX100701D/RESPX DUPLEX620 industrialLoadSure620Di/L621F/R621VI/RE621P/RE520 industrialLoadSure520UN/R2521F/R2521DF/RLA520Di/L405U/R1405U/L23

Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has five world-classfactories supported by direct sales operations in 20countries and distributors in more than 50 countries.For contact details visit our website:www.wmpg.comH B O 2 4 0 I s s u e 3Watson-Marlow Bredel Alitea Flexicon MasoSineWatson-Marlow onlineOur engineers around the world can help youchoose the perfect pump and tubing for yourneeds.More information? Our brochures are on ourwebsite - www.wmpg.comCopyright of Watson-Marlow Pumps Group 2010Tel: +44 (0)1326 370370info@wmpg.co.ukWatson-Marlow Pumps GroupFalmouth, Cornwall TR11 4RU, UKwww.wmpg.co.ukThe information in this document is believed to be correct, but Watson-MarlowPumps Group accepts no liability for any errors it contains, and reserves the right toalter specifications without notice. WARNING: These products are not designed foruse in, and should not be used for, patient-connected applications.Watson-Marlow,Pumpsil, PureWeld, LoadSure, LaserTraceability, Bioprene and Marprene areregistered trademarks of Watson-Marlow Limited. STA-PURE PCS and STA-PUREPFL and Style 400 are trademarks of WL Gore & Associates Inc.

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