Scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning ...
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Scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning ...

AcademiaEuropaeaTHE ACADEMYOF EUROPEDIRECTORY2012Scientists andscholars whocollectively aim topromote learning,education andresearch.

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Academia Europaea Directory 2012The Academy of EuropeContentsSection APresident’s Introduction.......................................................................................2History and Mission................................................................................................3Structure and contacts..........................................................................................3Gold Medal................................................................................................................4Honorary Membership.........................................................................................4Burgen Scholars.......................................................................................................4Russia prizes..............................................................................................................4Erasmus Medal.........................................................................................................5Patron membership...............................................................................................6List of Nobels............................................................................................................6Benefits for Initiatives Fund..............................................................................................7Governance:1. Legal structure..................................................................................................82. Composition of Board and Council...........................................................83. List of Sections and chairs............................................................................94. Members of the Nominations sub Committee.................................. 105. Regulations (AE)............................................................................................ 106. Regulations Section Committees........................................................... 137. Nominations and Elections procedures............................................... 148. Subscriptions policy.................................................................................... 14European Review online access...................................................................... 15EASAC....................................................................................................................... 15Section BPublished by Academia Europaea4th floor, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4HSTelephone: 44 (0)20 7 495 3717Fax: 44 (0)20 7 629 5442e-mail: admin@acadeuro.orgwww.acadeuro.orgRegistered with the Charity Commissioners forEngland and Wales No: 1001978A-Z members List................................................................................................. 17Patron member..................................................................................................... 40Honorary members............................................................................................. 40A-Z foreign members ........................................................................................ 39All members listed by Section......................................................................... 41All members listed by Country ...................................................................... 46Emeritus members.............................................................................................. 58No mail members................................................................................................ 58Data extracted May 2012If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl1

Academia Europaea Directory 2012From the PresidentDear fellow members of Academia Europaea,2011 was an important year for us. We have made much progress and increased our visibility and influence on theEuropean scene. We are gradually realizing our vision as set out in our objectives: for the Academia Europaea topromote excellence among European scientists and scholars”, who collectively as a group, are important for thestandard and sustainability of European research and scholarship. Some of our achievements are mentioned below,and other examples can be found on our website.Financially, the Academy has survived a difficult couple of years, and we now seem to be entering more quietwaters. Our main difficulties were in large part a result of the ending of our core support from the Royal Societyand from the earlier loss of a proportion of the support from Germany and also from Spain – all long-term andsignificant sponsors. This was a sign of the times and does not diminish in any way the immense gratitude that we have for all of theirpast support. AS a consequence, we had to reduce our expenses, especially in London, but we have also managed to also find some newsources of support.On 1 January this year, the Academia Europaea opened a new office – a “knowledge hub” – in Wroclaw, Poland. The operating costs of thisoffice, including pay for a staff of two, are being met wholly by the city of Wroclaw. The agreement is for four years, but may be renewed.The idea is for the Wroclaw office to have two main functions. Firstly, it will organize meetings, seminars and summer schools in all parts ofEurope, but especially in the east, thus making Academia Europaea a much more functional academy for scientists and scholars. Secondly,the office will take over all membership administration from the London office, including the administration of the nomination process.During the transition period, part of this work will be done in collaboration with Professor Hermann Maurer’s informatics group in Graz. Weare grateful both to the Technical University of Graz and also to the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond for financial support that has enabled thenew ae-info web portal and nominations process to be so successfully developed and implemented.This year, all the new nominations were sent electronically for the first time. I hope that you, the members, like the new arrangements?Our thanks are especially due to Professor Hermann Maurer and his team in Graz for the effort they have put into developing the system.There have been a few teething troubles, especially for Mac users! but these will be corrected before nominations start for next year. TheGraz group has also developed our new information website for the Academy at, which already contains muchvaluable information about Academia Europaea and our individual members. I suggest that those who have not already visited this site doso as soon as possible and if necessary correct and supplement the information about themselves that they find there. The aim is to mergethis website with the Academy’s corporate website at a later date.We, the Academia Europaea are in the process of establishing the Young Academy of Europe (YAE). The Board has been discussing thisidea for some time. A ‘young academy’ will give early career scientists and scholars the chance to discuss socio-political issues and to worktogether to influence policy makers. The Board recently met with a group of young scientists and scholars who presented with their casefor forming a young academy. Initially, the plan will be to elect members who have received the European Research Council (ERC) StartingGrants. Starting Grant holders face similar challenges in career development, are of roughly the same age and can learn a great deal fromeach other. The YAE will also be able to communicate directly with Brussels. The YAE concept has the blessing of the ERC, and I hope thatplans will be advanced enough for it to be officially launched at our annual conference in Bergen in September. Whilst the initial cohortwill be chosen from amongst ERC Starting Grant holders: we will ensure that the YAE does not remain exclusively an ERC group. It willinclude all disciplines, and over time will elect other members from across Europe, on the basis of academic merit.The Academia Europaea is currently negotiating for a dedicated secretariat for the YAE in Barcelona, which will receive substantial financialsupport from the city of Barcelona and the Catalan regional government. Other tasks for this secretariat are being discussed, and it may inaddition also be given responsibility for activities in southern Europe and the Mediterranean region.We still need to identify new members, especially in some of the biological disciplines and certain disciplines in the humanities. Nearlyevery week I come across the name of a scientist or scholar who, in my opinion, should definitely be a member of our academy, but whofor some reason has not been nominated. In such cases I try to pass the name on to a relevant member, but not always with success. Withthe new electronic nomination system, there is no need to wait till the call for nominations is sent out from the secretariat. Nominationscan be made throughout the year.Last year the Annual Meeting and Conference was held in Paris, in the UNESCO headquarters. There were fewer participants than we hadhoped for, but the programme of lectures was excellent. Thanks are due to Professor Michel Che for the successful arrangements.This year (2012) the Annual Academy Meeting and Conference is being held in Bergen, Norway, in September. The programme can befound on the corporate website . I hope that many of you will find the programme interesting and will be ableto attend. I realize that Norway is an expensive country, but the programme committee has managed to include most meals as part of thesocial programme, so that members can avoid expensive restaurant bills if they wish. There are also a number of specific Section meetingsimmediately before the main conference programme.Next year, our Annual Meeting marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Academia Europaea. The Board is planning a larger-thanusualconference in Wroclaw, in September 2012. The main subject for the conference will be decided by the Board in July, and sectionswill then be asked about possible topics related to the main subject. Other meetings are also being planned in Wroclaw during the comingyear. See our website for details.I hope to see many of you both in Bergen this year and in Wroclaw next year.Lars Walløe2

Academia Europaea Directory 2012HistoryThe concept of a ‘European Academy of Sciences’ was raised at ameeting in Paris of the European Ministers of Science in 1985. Theinitiative was taken by the Royal Society (UK) which resulted in ameeting in London in June 1986 of Arnold Burgen (UK), Hubert Curien(F), Umberto Columbo (ITA), David Magnusson (S), Eugen Seibold(Germany) and Ruud van Lieshout (NL) – who agreed to the need fora new body that could express the ideas and opinions of individualscientists from across Europe.This body was seen to be a complement to the European ScienceFoundation in its role as a co-ordinator of the European interests ofnational research funding agencies and organisations. The objectiveswere kept deliberately broad covering the humanities, social andnatural sciences, so as to ensure interdisciplinary discourse andactivities. Initial modalities were to include annual meetings ofmembers, multidisciplinary meetings, an interdisciplinary journal,a newsletter, providing independent advice, improving mobility ofscholars within Europe and improving public understanding of science.The new body was named the Academia Europaea and its FoundationMeeting was held in Cambridge in September 1988 under the firstPresident, Arnold Burgen. Hubert Curien, who was at that time theFrench Minister of Science (and later became the second President ofthe Academia) arrived by helicopter and gave the inaugural address andprovided the active support of the French government. The first PlenaryMeeting was held in London in June 1989, by which time there were627 members. The current numbers stand at over 2,600 scholars electedfrom the continent of Europe and beyond.Since 1998, there has been a period of remarkable changes to thescientific, political and economic landscape of the continent of Europe.The Academia Europaea has evolved within this environment, fromits origins as an organisation of predominantly “western European”scholars, into a uniquely independent body - a truly pan-EuropeanAcademy of Sciences, Humanities and Letters.2012 has already seen further development, with the opening of a new“Knowledge Hub” in Wroclaw, Poland to compliment the London base.The Academia Europaea –mission statementThe Academia Europaea is an international, non-governmentalassociation of individual scientists and scholars, who are experts andleaders in their own subject areas as recognised by their peers.The Academia will:n Promote a wider appreciation of the value of European scholarshipand research.n Make recommendations to national governments and internationalagencies concerning matters affecting science, scholarship andacademic life in Europe.n Encourage interdisciplinary and international research in all areas oflearning, particularly in relation to European issues.n Identify topics of trans-European importance to science andscholarship, and propose appropriate action to ensure that these issuesare adequately studied.The Academia will endeavour to:n Encourage the highest possible standards in scholarship, researchand education.n Promote a better understanding among the public at large of thebenefits of knowledge and learning, and of scientific and scholarlyissues which affect society, its quality of life and its standards of living.ContactsSecretariat staffs (2012)From January 2012, the Academia Europaea has operated out oftwo regional hubs:1. Corporate Headquarters, London, UKExecutive Secretary:David Coates BSc., MSc., Ph.D, M.B.A ( officer:General – Teresa McGovern ( and postal address:The Royal Institution Building,21 Albemarle Street, Fourth Floor,London W1S4HSTel: +44(0)207 495 3717Fax: +44(0)207 629 5442Corporate website: www.acadeuro.orgMembership information site: Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub, Wroclaw, PolandAdministrative officers:Ms Marta Tarnowska ( Katarzyna Majkowska ( for support to regional activities and events; supportto the International Secretary; membership administration andnominations process; development of the regional hub and itsidentity.Visiting and postal address:Academia EuropaeaRynek 13, 50-101 Wroclaw,PolandTel: +48 71 7 70 20 00The Wroclaw hub has been established through a joint agreementwith the Mayor (Dr Raphael Dutkiewicz MAE(Hon) and the City ofWroclawIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl3

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Awards, Honours and BenefitsRussian PrizesschemeThe scheme was launched in 1993 for youngscientists and scholars in Russia, and nowapplies to young scholars from across theFederation.Past sponsors include: The InternationalScience Foundation, New York (Soros);Amersham International, UK; the RayneFoundation, London; and the Danish PhysicalSociety. In previous years additional sponsorshave been the Robert Koch MicrobiologicalSociety, Heidelberg; and Mr T Mann ofCleveland. Current sponsors include: MAIK-INTERPERIODIKA and ROBUSBUISNESSBANKThe award consists of a medal, a certificateand a monetary award currently someUS$1000. These prizes are given at adedicated ceremony in Moscow.Prizes are awarded in Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, Medicineand the Humanities.The scheme is supervised by a committee ofRussian members of the Academia Europaea,and has been chaired since the start byProfessor Vladimir Skulachev. Informationabout the scheme is advertised in appropriatenewspapers and in universities. Initialproposals are sifted by the committee andthe best are sent to international expertsfor assessment. About 25 prize winners areselected each year.The scheme is highly regarded and attractssubstantial local publicity.The AcademiaEuropaeaBURGENSCHOLARHIPSThe ‘Burgen Scholarships’, are named inhonour of the founding President – ProfessorArnold Burgen.They provide recognition to youngerEuropean scholars, at the post-doctorallevel, who are emerging talents andpossible potential future leaders in theirfields. Recipients usually do not yet have anestablished position.The nomination of candidates is a task thatis given to the members of the Academiaresident in the country that is hosting theannual meeting.Up to ten awards are made. The awards coverthe costs of attendance and participationin the Annual Conference (travel,accommodation and registration fees).The Burgen Scholarship award is marked bya citation and presentation of a certificateto the successful candidates, and a nonmonetary prize.The local committee of Academia members,who are responsible for the organisationof the Annual Conference, make the finalselection of the list of Burgen scholarsfrom amongst those nominated by theirfellow national members of the AcademiaEuropaea.HonoraryMembershipThe Board may, subject to scrutiny andapproval, elect individuals to HonoraryMembership of the Academia Europaea.To be considered for election to this categoryof membership: the candidate should be aperson who, by means other than throughhis own individual scholarship has made asignificant contribution to the achievementof the objectives of the Academia Europaea.Although Honorary members are not entitledto hold any office in the Academia or to bemembers of the Council, such members haveall the other privileges of Ordinary Members.Current Honorary members include:Olivier APPERTIrina G. BOKOVA.Dan A. BrändströmGro H, BRUNTLANDPhilippe BUSQUINFancesco FEDISeamus HEANEYRalph KOHNMarçal E. GRILORaphael DUTKIEWICZFrank H.T. RHODESKlaus TSCHIRAThe Academia’s Gold MedalThe Academia’s Gold Medal, is awarded to those non-members of the Academia and toorganisations in recognition of the contribution made to European science through inspiration,public support, management expertise or by financial means. The Gold Medal has been awarded to:The Royal Society of London (1997)Professor Heinz Riesenhuber (1997)Dr George Soros (1997)Dr Paul Sacher (1998)Jacques Delors (2000)Dr h.c. Klaus Tschira (2004)The Max Plank Society [ Der Max-Planck Gesellschaft] (2005)The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinshaft (2005)Riksbankens Jubileumsfonds (The Royal Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation) (2007)The Wenner Gren Foundations, Stockholm (2008)The Compagnia di San Paolo, Turin, Italy (2009)4

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Erasmus MedalThe Erasmus Medal (andaccompanying Lecture) is a highlightof the year of the AcademiaEuropaea. It is awarded to honourindividual European scholarshipand achievements over a sustainedperiod.The procedure for identifyingcandidates to receive the award:1. The Council decide on the area(s) for the award. This might be forexample, on a four year cycle e.g. humanities, physical sciences, socialsciences, biological and medical sciences.2. A search group of appropriate section chairs will be established,under the co-ordination of a member of the Board of Trustees.3. The search group will agree on a process and carry out a search forcandidates. The search may involve an open call for proposals; acall from within the AE membership, or a more restricted search.Whatever the method chosen, all nominations should come with acitation and suggested referees. The search group create a long-listof at least five candidates.4. The Search group will then agree a short-list (of not less than threenames) and seek referees’ reports for these candidates.5. The medallist is selected by a vote of the whole Council.The medallist is selected (at least) one year before the award is actuallygiven.Being a recipient of other awards is no barrier to receiving the Erasmusmedal.will take into account the international profile of the potential medallistand a candidate’s likely attraction and ability as a public speaker tonon-specialist audiences.Candidates are not limited to current members of the Academia, as theaward carries with it automatic membership.General criteria for the awardThe Erasmus Medal of the Academia Europaea, is awarded on therecommendation of the Council, to a member or scholar who hasmaintained over a sustained period, the highest level of internationalscholarship and recognition by peers. The medalist is invited to give theannual Erasmus Lecture and if appropriate to receive membership.In addition the search group will take into account:• that all purely academic nominations are supported by detailedevidence of the suitability of any candidate. This includes theirinternational standing, achievements/impacts in their respectivefield(s) and impact on European scholarship and the community ofscholars.• Candidates do not already have to be elected members of theAcademia Europaea, as the award automatically comes with aninvitation to membership.• Nominations for candidates who might not meet the ‘normal’Academic/scholarship criteria can be considered: but only wheresuch people have also made a significant and long term impact onscholarship and learning through their personal actions, or wheretheir involvement in ‘the European learning Sector’ and environmentshas contributed in a substantial way to the promotion of and supportfor research and learning.• There is no obligation or suggestion to find a candidate from thecountry hosting the annual meeting, or a national from the hostingcountry. However, wherever possible a European based scholar (of anynationality) is most definitely preferred.• The award is in two parts- the Medal and the Lecture. It is thereforecritical that the group take into account the quality of the potentialspeaker, and their willingness to have the lecture published.The Erasmus Medal and lecture are currently sponsored by The Heinz-Nixdorf FoundationErasmus Medal Winners (since 1992)DOBAge at award1992 Budapest (H) János Kornai (H) 1925 671993 Uppsala (S) Ernst Mestmäcker (D) 1926 671994 Parma (I) Lawrence Freedman (UK) 1948 461995 Cracow (PL) Alain Touraine (F) 1925 701996 Barcelona (E) Hubert Markl (D) 1938 581997 Gent (B) Paul Crutzen (NL) - Nobel Chemistry 1995 1933 641998 Basel (CH) Peter Burke (UK) 1937 611999 Copenhagen (DK) Raoul van Caenegem (B) 1927 722001 Rotterdam (NL) Edoardo Boncinelli (I) 1941 602001 not an annual meeting Giorgio Bernardi (I) 722002 Lisbon (P) Harold Kroto (UK) - Nobel Chemistry 1996 1939 632003 Graz (A) Carl Djerassi (A) 1923 802004 Helsinki (Fl) Stig Strömholm (SW) 1931 732005 Postdam (D) Pierre Léna (F) 1937 682006 Budapest (H) Bert Sakmann (D) - Nobel Medicine 1991 1942 642007 Toledo (E) Francisco Márquez Villaneuva (E) 1931 762008 Liverpool (UK) Semir Zecki (UK) 1940 702009 Naples (I) Carlo Ginzburg (I) 1939 702010 Leuven (B) Jean Frechét (USA) 1944 652011 Paris (F) Manuel Castells (E) 1942 692012 Bergen (N) Geoffrey Burnstock (UK) 1929 832012 Bergen (N) Tomas Hökfelt (SW) 1940 72If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl5

Academia Europaea Directory 2012AffiliatemembershipThis category of (institutional) membership wasestablished by the members in their AnnualGeneral Meeting of September 2009.Why have this category? The intention, is toenable the development of a close dialogue andpractical, collaborative links with like-mindedorganisations over a period of time; these maybe from the public and the private sectors.Affiliate members will encouraged to make anactive contribution to the work and life of theAcademia Europaea.Affiliate members shall be designated asPatrons of the Academia Europaea and willreceive due recognition in all appropriate publicmedia relating to the Academy, as agreed by theBoard.To become an affiliate member: Organisationswill be required to make a formal request tothe Board of the Academia Europaea underarticle 7 of the current regulations. Such arequest must be accompanied by some clearevidence that the organisation has a substantivetrack record of strong support for EuropeanScience and Scholarship. Such support shouldbe demonstrably practical. For example;support through its own activities, through thefinancing of, or by other means of support to theexcellence of European science and scholarship.The Board will take steps to evaluate the requestand as necessary will seek external independentviews on the validity of any application, wherethis is considered appropriate.The Board will not exclude from consideration,any bona fide and legally constitutedorganisation: but will reserve the right not toproceed to an election of any organisationwhich in the judgement of the Board mightconflict with the mission, ethos, ideals andphilosophy of the Academia Europaea andconflict with its own charitable and legal status.The Board will be the final arbiter of anydecisions on election. No appeal or otherrecourse will be possible in the event of arejection. No reasons shall be given for anyrejection.Successful applications shall be admittedinto ‘Affiliate membership’ and shall enjoy allsuch benefits of membership as described inthe Regulations. Affiliate membership shallcontinue until such time that the memberexpresses a wish to resign, or becomes inarrears in subscription. The expectation is for amembership to run for a minimum period of fiveyears in the first instance.What are potential the benefits ofbecoming a Patron?Patron membership provides direct associationwith a multidisciplinary and pan European notfor-profitorganisation that is an authoritativeconvocation of eminent scholars and scientists.Patron membership provides a linkage into anexclusive community of eminent scholars ofEurope, who are all recognised by their peers asleaders in their respective disciplines.Patron membership provides access toindividuals from all fields and across the entirecontinent of Europe.Patron members have priority access to theorigination, to the development and to thedelivery of activities of the Academia Europaea.Patron members may be invited to sendobservers to meetings of the Council and theBoard.Patron members may attend the Annualmeeting and other such eventsPatrons may propose and exclusively supportjoint activities and initiatives, including forEuropean Policy developments.Patrons receive access to the journals andnewsletters and also to the website forpromotion purposes.Patrons may nominate suitable individuals aspossible candidates for consideration as futuremembers.Is there a cost?Becoming a ‘Patron’ member strongly impliesa sympathy and empathy for the missionof the Academia Europaea and recognisedthe charitable basis of the organisation. It istherefore expected that any Patron wouldcommit to a long-term relationship, In orderto enable beneficial collaboration andmutual development to emerge. To this end,a Patron is expected pay an annual or blocksubscription. The actual monetary value of thatsubscription would be subject to negotiationand arrangements agreed by mutual agreement.A minimum commitment for 5 years, renewablethereafter, will be expected.Section 5: Patrons1. Patrons are organisations, CharitableFoundations, funding bodies, LearnedAssociations, Academies, Societies and othersuch organisations and individuals, that throughsome significant and substantive actions, canbe judged to have demonstrated a genuinesupport for and major commitment to theobjects of the Academia Europaea and whichmay in accordance with [Section 13(6)of] theseregulations be invited to accept to becomePatrons of the Academia Europaea.2. Patrons are Affiliated Members of theAcademia Europaea.3. Patrons may participate in meetingsof the membership. Patrons may on arecommendation of the Board attend meetingsof the Board and of its committees in anobserver capacity, subject to any such conditionsas may be determined from time-to-time by theBoard and may enjoy any other privileges asmay be decided from time-to-time.4. Patrons shall not be entitled to hold or toexercise any executive powers, or to vote in anyelection and shall not be eligible to stand, holdor otherwise take up any substantive officein the Academia, or to exercise a vote on anycommittee of the Board.5. Patrons shall otherwise than is set out abovehave all the privileges of Ordinary members.Full nameNobelRudolf Mössbauer Nobel 1961James Watson Nobel 1962Andrew Huxley Nobel 1963François Jacob Nobel 1965Manfred Eigen Nobel 1967Christian de Duve Nobel 1974Antony Hewish Nobel 1974John Cornforth Nobel 1975Werner Arber Nobel 1978Bengt Samuelsson Nobel 1982Aaron Klug Nobel 1982Carlo Rubbia Nobel 1984Simon van der Meer Nobel 1984Klaus von Klitzing Nobel 1985Heinrich Rohrer Nobel 1986Jean-Marie Lehn Nobel 1987Jack Steinberger Nobel 1988Robert Huber Nobel 1988Hartmut Michel Nobel 1988J. Michael Bishop Nobel 1989Thomas R. Cech Nobel 1989Richard Ernst Nobel 1991Bert Sakmann Nobel 1991Erwin Neher Nobel 1991Reinhard Selten Nobel 1994Seamus Heaney Nobel 1995Paul Crutzen Nobel 1995Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Nobel 1996François Crouzet Nobel 1996James Mirrlees Nobel 1997John Walker Nobel 1997Harold Kroto Nobel 1997Rolf Zinkernagel Nobel 1997Jens Christian Skou Nobel 1998Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Nobel 1998Günter Blobel Nobel 1999Arvid Carlsson Nobel 2000Paul Nurse Nobel 2001Tim Hunt Nobel 2001Kurt Wüthrich Nobel 2002John Sulston Nobel 2002Sydney Brenner Nobel 2002Aaron J. Ciechanover Nobel 2004Gerhard Ertl Nobel 2007Harald zur Hausen Nobel 2008Luc Montagnier Nobel 2008Robert G. Edwards Nobel 2010Christopher A. Pissarides Nobel 20106

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Benefits for members (outline)Honorific:Election to the Academia Europaea is a personal Honour thatmarks a distinct recognition by international peers of personalexcellence in scholarship within the European convocation oflearned and professional scholars. As such,all members of the Academia Europaea can us the following specific epithets (ifdesired)MAE(Member of the Academia Europaea)MAE (Hon). (Member of the Academia Europaea, honoris causa)Members only, can propose candidates for election as new members, to anycategory of membership and Section.Journal(s): All members receive an gratis online subscription to the internationalpeer reviewed Journal of the Academia Europaea – “The European Review”,published by the Cambridge University Press. Members can submit suitablereview articles to the Editor - in – Chief for “fast-track” consideration and havepreference in being named guest editors of themed “focus” issues or parts ofissues.Publications: Other publications by the Academia Europaea can be obtained bymembers either ‘on request’ or at special rates.Members may use the general Academia E-newsletters system to promote theirlatest publications; awards and honours and other items of information that willbe of interest. Members may also propose and prepare ‘specific newsletters’ ofsignificance for publication and distribution to target audiences – at no cost tothe member.Events: All members can attend any AE events: either free of charge, or atsubstantial discounts. Members may also propose new events through theirSections and are eligible to bid into the New Initiatives Fund for “seedcornfunding” to lever additional external financial support for major initiatives.Members may seek authorisation to use the Academia Europaea brand as a “nocost” “sponsor” for non AE events.Representation: From time-to-time, the AE will seek permission of specificmembers to be named as nominees of the AE onto major International bodies;Boards, Committees and as experts for review panels.Members can submit requests to they Board for consideration of theirinstitutions or organisations as affiliated members (Patrons).Personal CommunicationsPersonal web presence: All members have free access to members via the AEInformation Portal . All members have the use of (unlimited)personal webspace to manage their online content; to establish discussiongroups and forums and set up blogs on specific topics. (see below)WWW.AE-INFO.ORGThis link can be found on the Corporate webhomepage ( it is your route toinformation about all the members of the AcademiaEuropaea; to information about Sections and theiractivities and to information about the nominations procedures and other activities. Ithas been developed for individual members to use.The site has been developed through a collaboration with the Technical University ofGraz and the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Sweden), under the direction of our memberProf. dr. Herman MaurerThis is what you can find on the ae-info home page: members can access their own data and update it (or help can be given). Allmembers have available free and unlimited webspace to develop their own webpagecontent under the AE umbrella. This portal provides members with a unique resourceto help publicise their work to external audiences and also to other members.For information and help on how to use the site contact Ms Dana Kaiser in Graz (Tel: +43 316 873 5637)If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plGuidelines forproposals to the “newInitiatives” fundOPEN TO MEMBERS ONLYConditions (availability is subject tofinances)• The Board makes decisions on applications and theirdecision will be final.• Applications can be submitted to the Secretariatoffice in London at any time and will be considered atthe next available Board meeting, after receipt.• All applications will be acknowledged.• Applications may be made electronically, but asigned and dated copy of the proposal should alsobe sent by mail.• Applications will only be considered where theseare submitted by a member of the Academia. Theproposing member will be held responsible forexecution of the grant, if awarded.• Applications for grants may be made by individualmembers, by collective groups of members, includingby the Section Committees.• There is no prescribed format for applications, but thecase should be clear and contain enough informationto allow the Board to make a decision. Any financialrequests should be justified, as part of the proposal.• The Board reserves the right to seek advice onany proposal received and to consult with theappropriate Section Committees where necessary.• An upper-limit on grants will apply. This limit will beset by the Board and reviewed on an annual basis.Scope of the awards1). Proposals should be for small amounts (a maximumof 3K Euros (for 2012), smaller amounts may be givenpreference).2). The intention is to provide limited, seed corn money,that would be used to deliver the mission of theAcademia;• Support planning meetings or exploratoryworkshops that would lead to major eventsattracting significant external finance.• To finance smaller, more specialist events with limitedbut high-level participation. These could be “inhouse”events.• To support regional meetings and cross-disciplinarymeetings of members within a single country or aregion.3). Proposals for initiatives other than meetings willbe welcome. For example, proposals for small scalestudies, scholarly publications under the Academianame, or other initiatives that would help to raise theprofile of the Academia, and to meet our charitableobjectives.ReportingThe proposer of the application will submit a reportand financial statement on the use of the grant. withinthree months of the completion of the event/activityand will acknowledge the AE support in publicitymaterials and in any publications that may arise fromthe activity. Activities will be announced through thewebsite and a report should be suitable for publicationin the Academia newsletter and on the website (

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Legal Structure andGovernance (summary)1. The Academia Europaea (AE) is a Company limited by Guarantee(all members are liable to pay one pound sterling in the event we gobankrupt!) under English law. We are also a registered not-for-profitcharity. Because the AE is a Company, it has its own legal personalityand can enter into contracts and agreements in its own right (theDirectors act as the proxy for the Company).2. The Board of Trustees are both the Directors of the Company(and carry all the fiduciary responsibilities under English CompanyLaw) and the Trustees of the Charity (to ensure that we comply withour charitable objectives). Each year we are legally obliged to submitaudited reports on our finances and activities to both authorities andwe are (at this time) obliged to hold an annual business meeting ofmembers (the AGM). The core agenda of this meeting is set out in thearticles of association.3. Our Articles of Association set out at the highest level what theAE does and how it does it. (can be viewed on the website at )4. The Regulations are subsidiary to the Articles and are used for day-todaymanagement of the AE. These can be changed by the members atany Annual General Meeting, or any extraordinary general meeting andcarry full legal weight (as long as any changes are within the law andthe scope of the Articles).5. At the present time: the Articles prescribe a Board of Trustees madeup of not less than 3 and NOT MORE than 15 members. The Articlesdescribe a Board made up of elected officers (President, Vice Presidentsand the Treasurer – all elected by the general meeting); a number ofmembers (elected by the Council) and a number of co-opted (by theBoard) members. The Regulations are used to determine numbers andbalance up to the limit of 15. The current formula is: President, onevice president (approved by AGM ); Treasurer. Three members from theCouncil. A maximum of 4 co-opted members.6. A Secretary is described in the Articles of Association and thefunction is also set out. The Secretary is the de facto Chief Executive ofthe Company.7. Board members serve for a period set out in the regulations (whichcan be changed only by an AGM). This currently is 3+3 years for electedofficers and a single 3 years period for members appointed from theCouncil. Co-opted members are re-appointed (annually or at an agreedperiod) subject to approval by the AGM. The current co-opted memberswere approved for a three year period by the AGM.8. Council: Council was re-formulated to be an advisory body, meetingonce a year. The terms of reference are described elsewhere in thisdirectory. Members of Council are: all of the Section chairs (who shouldbe re-elected every three years for a maximum of six years); betweenthree and five independent members elected by the AGM; and upto a maximum of 5 co-opted members. Currently there are threeindependent members and no co-opted members.9. Nominations sub committee. New members are elected followingan annual assessment phase by Section committees and a plenaryscrutiny of proposed Section lists by the members of the Council anda group of independent members (the nominations sub committee.Other nominations (Honorary and President’s list) are made by theBoard and also subject to scrutiny by the Nominations committee. Thecurrent members of the nominations sub committee are: Prof Petersen(chair) and Profs. Bergsagel (Humanities), Mittelstrass (Humanities),Barbara Wright (Humanities), Marie-Lise Chanin (Natural (Physical)Sciences); Quintanilha (natural (Life) Sciences). Final lists are agreed bythe nominations sub committee and the Board recommends to Councilfor approval.10. Sections and Section committees. Section chairs and theircommittees are listed in the directory. Section committees terms ofreference and regulations are also included in the directory.Composition of the ExecutiveBoard of Trustees - April 2012All terms of office are three years, with the possibility of renewal for onefurther period of three years.Sectn.Firstappoint.ReappointRetireD.o.bPresidentLars Walløe, Oslo C4 Sept. 2008 [2011] [2014] 20/05/38Vice-PresidentSierd Cloetingh, Amsterdam B5 Sept. 2008 [2011] [2014] 20/08/50TreasurerRoger Elliott, Oxford, UK B3 Jan. 2010 [2012] [2014] 08/12/28Trustees appointed by CouncilCinzia Ferrini, Trieste, ITA A6 Sept 2009 [2010] [2013] 30/06/56Michel Ché, Paris, F B4 Sept. 2009 [2010] [2013] 29/12/41Peter Emmer, Leiden, NL A1 Sept. 2009 [2010] [2013] 17/10/44Co-optedTheo D’ Haen, Leuven, BE A4 Sept. 2009 2012 [2015] 31/01/50Ole Petersen, Cardiff, UK C3 Sept. 2009 2012 [2015] 03/03/43Jerzy Langer, Warsaw, PL B3 April 2010 [2013] [2016] 18/07/47Andreu Mas-Colell ESP A9 Dec 2010 [2013] [2016] naComposition of the Council –April 2012Following the creation of the new legal status and the adoption of thenew regulations by the AGM in September 2009. The Council has thefollowing composition:The Chair of the Council – The PresidentVice Chair of the Council – The Vice PresidentOther members of the Board of TrusteesChairs of the Academic Sections (see separate table)Independent members elected by the AGM (as follows);Sectn.Firstappoint.Reappoint Retire D.O.BSusan Bassnett, Warwick, UK A4 Sept 2007 2010 2013 naCinzia Ferrini, Trieste, ITA* A6 Sept 2007 2010 2013 30/06/56Balazs Gyulas, Stockholm, SE C3 Sept 2010 2013 2016 na8

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Section chairs & committee members (as at April , 2012)1Chairperson 2 Committee 3A1. History & ArchaeologyPieter C. Emmer (2013) 4Leiden UniversityDept. of History, P O Box 95152300 RA Leiden THE NETHERLANDSp.c.emmer@let.leidenuniv.nlA2. Classics & Oriental StudiesHarm Pinkster (2013/16)Herengracht 102G,1015 BS,AmsterdamNetherlandsh.pinkster@uva.nlA3. Linguistic StudiesWolfgang Dressler (2015)Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology (ICLTT)Austrian Academy of Sciences, Sonnenfelsgasse 19A-1090, Vienna, Literary & Theatrical StudiesSvend Erik Larsen (2012/15)Institute of Aesthetic StudiesDept.of Comparative LiteratureAarhus UniversityLangelandsgade 139 DK 8000Aarhus C Musicology & History of Art & ArchitecturePhilippe Vendrix (2013/16)11, Rue de Parçay37100, ToursFrancevendrix@univ-tours.frA6. Philosophy, Theology & Religious StudiesSimo Knuuttila (2012/15)University of Helsinki, Dept. of Systematic TheologyPO Box 33 – Aleksanterinkatu 7Helsinki 14 Simo.knuuttila@helsinki.fiA7. Behavioural SciencesJohannes Siegrist (2013)Heinrich Heine University of DüsseldorfDept. of Medical SociologyP B 101007 D-40001 Düsseldorf GERMANYsiegrist@uni-duesseldorf.deA8.Social SciencesAnne Buttimer (2012/15)University College DublinDept. GeographyDublin 4.IrelandAnne.Buttimer@ucd.ieA9. LawJoseph Straus (2012/15)Max-Planck Inst. for Intellectual PropertCompetition and Tax LawMarstallplatz 1Munich D-80539 Germanyj.straus@ip.mpg.deHorst PietschmannRab HoustonOlivier Pétré-GrenouilleauIrene de jongI. Hijiya-KirschnereitTonio HölscherBarbara Kellner-HeinkeleHeikki SolinCarmela baffioniJuha JanhunenGreville G. CorbettFerenc KieferHemut SchnelleBernard ComrieAlain PeyraubeTimothy MatthewsErika Fischer-LichteMonika Schmitz-EmansMihály Szegedy-MaszákTheo D’HaenOttmar EtteRudolf FlotzingerRoger StalleyUlrich KonradHeinrich SchwabHenri VanhulstDavid HileyWolfgang KünneChristophe MarkschiesOnora O’NeillAndrew SteptoeTöres Theorell (Vice C)Ulrich TeichlerTerrie MoffitKurt PawlikYola VerhasseltJustin StaglLeif LewinSture ObergAntoine BaillyDagmar Coester-WaltjenDitlev TammWalter van GervenEivind SmithAttila HarmathyWilliam CornishA10. Economics, Business and Management SciencesPeter Nijkamp (2012/15)Faculty of Economics Dept. of Spatial EconomicsFree University De Boelelaan 1105 Amsterdam 1081 HVThe Netherlands van den BerghGianmarco OttavianoKlaus ZimmermannB1. MathematicsGisbert WüstholzDepartement Mathematik, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 ZurichTel.: 0041/44/632 3413 wustholz@math.ethz.chB2. InformaticsHermann Maurer (2012/15)IICM, Graz University of TechnologyInffeldgasse 16c, Graz, A-8010 Austriahmaurer@iicm.eduB3.Physics and Engineering SciencesLászlo Csernai (till Sept 2012)University of BergenSection for Theoretical & Computational PhysicsAllégaten 55N-5007 BergenNORWAYcsernai@ift.uib.noB4. Chemical SciencesMichel Ché (2013)Lab. de Réactivité de SurfaceUMR 7609, CNRS, 4 Place Jussieu75252 Paris FRANCEche@ccr.jussieu.frB5. Earth and Cosmic SciencesDonald Dingwell (2014)University of MunichEarth SciencesTeresienstra. 41/11180333, MunichDingwell@lmu.deC1. Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMoshe Yaniv (2013)Institut PasteurDept. des Biotechnologies25 rue du Docteur Roux75724 Paris Cedex 15 FRANCEyaniv@pasteur.frC2. Cell BiologyMargaret Buckingham (2013)Institut Pasteur, Dept. Biologie du DéveloppementCNRS URA257825 rue du Dr Roux Paris Cedex 75724margab@pasteur.frC3.Physiology and MedicineAlexei Verkhratsky (2013)University of ManchesterSchool of Biological Sciences1.124 Stopford BuildingOxford RoadManchester M13 and Evolutionary BiologyYvon Le Maho (2012/15)Centre d’Ecologie et Physiologie EnergetiqueCNRS, 23, rue Becquerel67087, Strasbourg, Cedex 2 Franceyvon.lemaho@c-strasbourg.frC5. Translational and Applied BiologyNew Section. Committee to be appointedin 2012Hans FöllmerNigel HitchinJohn KingmanPaul SpirakisKrzysztof AptJozef GruskaReinhard WilhlemPavel ExnerJörg AichelinHorst StöckerMarie Farge (Vice chair)Vladimir FortovMushin HarakehAnke R Kaysser-PyzallaJanos Ginsztler (Jan Vaagen - from Sept 2012)Peter DayTorbjörn NorinFrigyes SolymosiJohn MeurigThomasHerbert RoeskyEnric BandaAndré BergerPaul CrutzenJean DercourtCamiel de LooreJean-Claude DuplessyKerstin FredgaSierd CloetinghPiet BorstRiccardo CorteseMichel LazdunskiTomas LindahlMargarita SalasFrancesco BlasiMeinrad BusslingerCarl-Henrik HeldinIngrid GrummtRaymond ArdaillouEva SykováMarie RoncaroloOleg KrishtalAndrás SpätBernd NiliusLeszek KaczmarekPierluigi NicoteraBertil FredholmRoy AndersonGotthilf HempelCarlos HerreraLars Walloe1 Committees are elected by the members of the section accordance with the Regulations for Section Committees. At least 50% of the committee has to be elected by a ballot of the membership of the Section. All members of theSection are eligible to stand for election as Committee candidates. The exact procedure for rotation and elections is decided by the Committees themselves. The Chair must ensure the committees reflect a balance of representation ofthe fields within the Section and should ensure a regular rotation of members of the committee.2 Chairs serve a three term, renewable once only for a further three years.3 Committee members serve a three year term that can be renewed once only for a further three year period.4 (date first term ends/ date second and final term ends subject to agreement of the committee and Council)If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl9

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Nominations sub-committee 2012The committee is responsible for the independent assessment of candidates for membership that have been scrutinised and submitted by theSection committees.The committee prepares a list of recommendations to Council for the annual election of new members.Professor Ole Petersen (Medicine & Physiology - Liverpool) – ChairProfessor Jürgen Mittelstrass (Philosophy - Konstanz)Professor Barbara Wright (Literary and Theatrical Studies - Dublin)Professor Marie-Lise Chanin (Physics and Engineering - Paris)Professor John Bergsagel (Musicology - Copenhagen)Professor Alexandre Quintanilha (Molecular Biology – Oporto)Regulations of theAcademia Europaea[The Academy of Europe]--------------------------------------------------------------Regulations as adopted by the AnnualMeeting in September (2009).--------------------------------------------------------------In the following Regulations, the interpretivewords as defined in the Sections ofAssociation (General, paragraph 1) will applyand the words he, him, and his should beunderstood to apply equally to both male andfemale persons.Section 1: Membership1. The Academia shall consist of memberswho shall be natural persons or organisationsand shall be elected according to a definedprocedure and assigned to a category ofmembership that shall be as determined fromtime-to-time by the membership. Categoriesof membership shall comprise Ordinarymembers, Foreign members and Honorarymembers, and Patrons.2. There shall be a number of officers of theAcademy drawn from within the membership,comprising a President, a Treasurer andsuch number of Vice-Presidents as shallbe determined in the manner hereinafterprovided.3. There shall be a Board of Trustees(hereinafter called the “the Board”) with fullexecutive powers and with a composition asdefined herein.4. There shall be a Council of the Academia(hereinafter called ‘the Council’) acting asa sub Committee of the Board, and that isrepresentative of the membership, and withcomposition, responsibilities and functions asdefined from time to time by the Board.5. There shall be Academic sections, or othergroupings to which the members shallbelong. Each section (or grouping) shall havea Committee. Section committees shall becomposed of members as determined in themanner hereinafter provided.6. Acceptance of the invitation to membershipof the Academia Europaea in any categoryshall carry with it an obligation to pay a fee orsubscription for membership in a manner andunder such conditions as will be prescribed bythe membership.Section 2: Ordinary Members1. The primary criterion for election as anOrdinary Member shall be based uponevidence recognised and judged by peers, ofsustained, international academic excellencein the candidate’s field of scholarship.2. Only scholars that are substantively residentin Europe shall be eligible to be elected as10Ordinary Members of the Academia, providedthat an Ordinary Member who ceases to beso resident in Europe shall not for that reasoncease to be an Ordinary Member.3. Ordinary Members shall be elected inaccordance with [Section 13 of ] theseRegulations.Section 3: Honorary Members1. A person who, by means other than throughhis own individual scholarship has made asignificant contribution to the achievement ofobjectives of the Academia may be elected toan Honorary Membership in accordance with[Section 13 of ] these Regulations.2. Honorary Members shall not be entitled tovote in any election or at any meeting andshall not be qualified to hold any office in theAcademia or to be members of the Council,but shall otherwise have all the privileges ofOrdinary Members.Section 4: Foreign Members1. A scholar who is not substantively residentin Europe but possessing in outstandingmeasure all of the qualities and attributesnecessary for ordinary membership andadditionally demonstrates a verifiable andsustained link with European scholarship maybe elected a Foreign Member in accordancewith [Section 13 of ] these Regulations.2. Foreign Members shall be entitled to votein any election or at any meeting but shall notbe qualified to hold any office in the Academiaor to be members of the Council, but shallotherwise have all the privileges of OrdinaryMembers.Section 5: Patrons1. Patrons are organisations, CharitableFoundations, funding bodies, LearnedAssociations, Academies, Societies and othersuch organisations and individuals, thatthrough some significant and substantiveactions, can be judged to have demonstrateda genuine support for and major commitmentto the objects of the Academia Europaea andwhich may in accordance with [Section 13of ] these regulations be invited to accept tobecome Patrons of the Academia Europaea.2. Patrons are Affiliated Members of theAcademia Europaea.3. Patrons may participate in meetingsof the membership. Patrons may on arecommendation of the Board attendmeetings of the Board and of its committeesin an observer capacity, subject to any suchconditions as may be determined from timeto-timeby the Board and may enjoy any otherprivileges as may be decided from time-totime.4. Patrons shall not be entitled to hold or toexercise any executive powers, or to vote inany election and shall not be eligible to stand,hold or otherwise take up any substantiveoffice in the Academia, or to exercise a vote onany committee of the Board.5. Patrons shall otherwise than is set out abovehave all the privileges of Ordinary members.Section 6: The President1. The President shall normally be electedfrom amongst the Ordinary Members of theAcademia in accordance with Section 13 ofthese Regulations and shall serve for threeyears from the date of his election. A retiringPresident shall be eligible for re-election onthe expiry of his period in office, provided thatno person shall serve as President for morethan six years.2. Unless prevented by grave cause thePresident shall act as Chairman at the AnnualGeneral Meeting of the Academia and at allmeetings of the Board and Council. He shallalso act as Chairman at all other meetings ofthe Academia unless he shall have delegatedthe function of Chairman of any such meetingto a Vice-President or another OrdinaryMember of the Academia.3. In the event that the President shall for anyreason become permanently incapable offulfilling the duties of his office he shall bedeemed to have resigned, and the duties ofthe President shall be discharged by the seniorVice-President (seniority being measuredby reference to length of service as a Vice-President) until such time as a new Presidentis elected.4. The office of President shall be honorary andshall carry no stipend.Section 7: The Vice-Presidents1. There shall be such number of Vice-President(s), being not less than one, as maybe determined from time to time by theindividual members in general meeting.2. Vice-President(s) shall be elected fromamong the Ordinary Members of theAcademia in accordance with [Section 13 of] these Regulations and shall serve for threeyears. A retiring Vice-President shall be eligiblefor re-election provided that no person shallserve as a Vice-President continuously formore than six years.3. Subject to Section 6 of these Regulationsthe duties of each Vice-President shall be asdetermined from time to time by the Board.4. In the event that a Vice-President shall forany reason become permanently incapableof fulfilling the duties of his office he shall bedeemed to have resigned, and the Board shallappoint another member to fulfil his dutiesuntil such time as a new Vice-President iselected in accordance with the Regulations.5. The office of Vice-President shall behonorary and shall carry no stipend.

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Section 8: The Treasurer1. The Treasurer shall normally be electedfrom among the individual Members of theAcademia in accordance with [Section 13 of ]these Regulations and shall serve for threeyears from the date of his election. A retiringTreasurer shall be eligible for re-election onthe expiry of his period in office, provided thatno person shall serve as Treasurer for morethan six years.2. The duties of the Treasurer shall includebudgeting and control and the maintenanceand supervision of the accounts of theAcademia and the receipt and expenditureof money on behalf of the Academia and anyother such duties as the Board may decide.3. In the event that a Treasurer shall for anyreason become permanently incapable offulfilling the duties of his office he shall bedeemed to have resigned, and the Board shallappoint another member to fulfil his dutiesuntil such time as a new Treasurer is elected inaccordance with the regulations.4. The Office of Treasurer shall be honoraryand shall carry no stipend.Section 9: The Board1. The Board shall consist of the electedofficers (the President, Vice President(s), theTreasurer), and not less than three and notmore than six members of the Council. Boardmembers drawn from the Council shall ensurea fair representation of the Academic Sectionsand the Independent members. The Boardmay recommend to co-opt not more than fouradditional members to the Board for specificpurposes.2. Recommendations for co-option shall beapproved by the Council acting on behalf ofthe membership. The period of service of anyco-opted members shall be approved by themembership in general meeting.3. Subject to paragraph 1 above: The Councilshall itself decide on a process for selection ofits nominees to serve on the Board.4. Each officer serving on the Board shall servefor three years and shall be eligible for reelection,provided that no officer shall serve asa member of the Board continuously for morethan six years.5. The period of service of Council memberson the Board shall be as determined by theCouncil from time-to-time but shall notexceed a single period of three years for anyindividual.6. In the event that a Council member servingon the Board shall for any reason becomepermanently incapable of fulfilling theduties of his office he shall be deemed tohave resigned from the Board. The Councilshall as soon as possible appoint anotherof its number to serve on the Board for theremainder of the period of service of theresigning member.7. The Board shall meet as necessary for thecorrect conduct of business, but at least twicein each year and shall act on behalf of themembership as the Executive body of theAcademia.8. Subject to the provisions of the Act andthe Memorandum and Articles of association,the Board shall have powers to make rulessubsidiary to these Regulations for theconduct of its business, for the conduct ofelections, for the procedure for the expulsionof members, and to propose the amendmentof all or any of these Regulations, and therecommendation to a general meeting ofnew Sections and the revocation of existingSections, on which the general meeting aloneIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plhas the power to decide upon changes ofthese Regulations.9. The Board may establish sub-committeesto deal with any aspect of its business. Eachsub-committee should include at least onemember of the Board.Section 10 : The Council1. The Council shall consist of the electedofficers (“officer members”), the chairs of theacademic sections (“section members”), andnot less than three (3) and not more thanfive (5) independent members who shall beelected from amongst the ordinary membersof the Academia in accordance with [Section13 of ] these regulations. Not more than three(3) co-opted members may also be appointed.The numbers of independent and co-optedmembers of the Council shall be determinedfrom time-to-time by the membership ingeneral meeting.2. Officer members shall serve for the periodof their elected office. Section members shallserve on Council for the entire period of theirSection chairmanship. The period of serviceof co-opted members shall be determinedannually. Independent members shall servefor three years and shall be eligible for reelectionprovided that no member shallserve as an elected member of the Councilcontinuously for more than six years.3. In the event that a section member ofthe Council shall for any reason becomepermanently incapable of fulfilling the dutiesof his office he shall be deemed to haveresigned and the section committee shallappoint another Ordinary Member to bea member of the Council to serve until theexpiry of the period of service of the resignedmember. In the case of elected independentmembers, a vacancy shall be filled by anelection to be held at the next availableannual general meeting.4. Except where necessary, the Council shallwherever practicable transact its businessusing methods other than by plenarymeetings. The frequency of plenary meetingsof the Council shall be decided by the Board.The Council will undertake only such businessand tasks as may be assigned to it by theBoard.Section 11: The Executive Secretary1. The Executive Secretary shall direct theoffices and manage the day to day businessof the Academia on behalf of the Board andshall act as secretary to the Board, the Counciland at all meetings of the Academia and ofany sub committee of the Board. Subject tothe approval of the Board he shall engage andfix the terms of the employment of such othersecretariat staff as the Board may determineto be necessary for the management of theaffairs of the Academia.Section 12: General Meetings1. The agenda for each Annual GeneralMeeting shall include those items as set out inthe Memorandum and Articles of Associationand also the following:(a) a report by the President;(b) a report by the Board including plans andproposals for future activities of the Academia;(c) Proposals relating to the setting and levelsof subscriptions;Proposals for the election of members of theCouncil and of Officers of the Academia;Proposals to approve the appointment of cooptedmembers of the Board and the Council(f ) proposals for the amendment of theseRegulations.3. An Extraordinary General Meeting of theAcademia may be called by the Board andshall also be so called if the Board receives awritten requisition for such a Meeting signedby not less than five percent of the totalnumber of Ordinary Members or fifty suchmembers, whichever shall be the less.4. Notice of the place and date of any GeneralMeeting shall be given to all membersof the Academia in accordance with theMemorandum and Sections of Association.Notice of any motion intended to be raisedby an Ordinary Member shall be given to theExecutive Secretary, so as to reach him not lessthan fourteen days before the date fixed forthe meeting.5. Save where otherwise provided by theSections of Association and Memorandumand these Regulations, decisions at anygeneral Meeting shall be by a simple majorityof those present and voting.Section 13: Elections1. The Ordinary, the Honorary and theForeign Members(a) The Ordinary, the Honorary and the ForeignMembers shall be elected by ballot of themembers of the Board.(b) Nominations for candidates as Ordinary,Honorary or Foreign members of theAcademia may be made by any OrdinaryMember and in a manner as set down by theBoard.(c) The Board may at any meeting proceed tothe election of a memberor members in any category, or it may refer anomination or nominations to one or moreof the membership advisory committeeshereinafter mentioned for advice and deferthe election until after such advice has beenreceived.(d) For the purpose of obtaining advice on thequalifications for membership of any personnominated for election to Ordinary, Honoraryor Foreign membership of the Academia,the Board may appoint such membershipadvisory committees with such terms ofreference as the Board sees fit. The ExecutiveSecretary shall be authorised to inform anyOrdinary Member of the composition andterms of reference of such committees.2. The President(a) The President shall be elected by a ballot ofmembers at a general meeting.(b) The Board shall establish a procedure forthe election.(c) Not less than eighteen (18) months beforethe expiry of a President`s period of officeor immediately upon the actual or deemedresignation of the President under Section 6of these Regulations, the Executive Secretaryshall inform all Ordinary Members of theimpending presidential election, of their rightto nominate candidates and of the closingdate for the receipt of nominations, and heshall invite nominations.(d) Following the closing date for the receiptof nominations, the Board shall consider allthe nominations received and shall make aproposal to the next General meeting.(e) The result of the election shall becommunicated at the AGM and to all themembers as soon as possible and thePresident elect shall enter into Office atthe conclusion of the next Annual GeneralMeeting following his election.(f ) Where an election takes place followinga resignation howsoever caused of the11

Academia Europaea Directory 2012incumbent President, the senior Vice Presidentshall assume the Presidency until the expiryof the normal period of Office, or until anelection is held and a new president isapproved by the members, whichever is thesoonest.3. The Vice-President(s)(a) The Vice-President(s) shall be elected byballot of the members at a general meeting(b) Not less than twelve (12) months beforethe expiry of a Vice-President`s period ofoffice or immediately upon the actual ordeemed resignation of a Vice- President underSection 7 of these Regulations, the ExecutiveSecretary shall inform all Ordinary Membersof the impending vice-presidential election, oftheir right to nominate candidates and of theclosing date for the receipt of nominations,and he shall invite nominations.(c) At its meeting next following the closingdate for the receipt of nominations the Boardshall consider the nominations received, andshall make a proposal to the next generalmeeting.(d) The result of the election shall becommunicated to the members as soon aspossible and the Vice - President shall enterinto Office at the conclusion of the annualgeneral meeting.(e) In the event that an election follows theexpiry of a Vice-President`s normal periodof office, the Board shall appoint anotherordinary member to serve as a Vice Presidentuntil such time as a new Vice-President can beelected in accordance with the Regulations.4. The Treasurer(a) The Treasurer shall be elected by ballot ofthe members at a general meeting(b) Not less than twelve (12) months beforethe expiry of a Treasurer’s period of office,or immediately upon the actual or deemedresignation of a Treasurer under Section 8 ofthese Regulations, the Executive Secretaryshall inform all Ordinary Members of theimpending election, and of their right tonominate candidates and of the closing datefor the receipt of nominations, and he shallinvite nominations.(c) At its meeting next following the closingdate for the receipt of nominations the Boardshall consider the nominations received, andshall make a proposal to the next generalmeeting.(d) The result of the election shall becommunicated to the meeting and to allother members as soon as possible andthe Treasurer shall enter into Office at theconclusion of the annual general meeting.(e) In the event that an election follows theexpiry of a Treasurer’s normal period of office,the Board shall appoint another ordinarymember to serve as a Treasurer until suchtime as a new Treasurer can be elected inaccordance with the Regulations.4. The Council(a) The Independent members of the Councilshall be elected by ballot of the OrdinaryMembers in general meeting.(b) It shall be open to any Ordinary Memberof the Academia at any time to propose tothe Board the name of any other OrdinaryMember for election to the Council.(c) It shall be the duty of the Board to preparea list of candidates for election to the Councilat each Annual General Meeting, such a list tocontain, if possible, the names of at least twiceas many candidates as there are vacancies. TheBoard shall aim to ensure that membership of12the Council includes a satisfactory distributionof disciplines and of the regions of Europe.5. Section committees(a) Section committees shall berepresentative of the membership of theirSection. Committees shall be composed ofmembers that are elected from amongst themembership of the Section and in a mannerdefined by the Board.(b) Each Section Committee shall appoint achair from amongst its number in accordancewith rules as set out by the Board.(c) Section chairs shall serve as members ofthe Council for a period not exceeding sixyears.Affiliated Members(a) Affiliated Members shall be invited intomembership by the Board.(b) The Board shall establish criteria for theidentification and suitability of candidates asAffiliated Members and establish proceduresfor the assessment of any such candidates asset out in Section 5.(c) The terms of membership applicable toAffiliate Members shall be as defined by theBoard and may be varied from time-to-time bythe Board.(d) The numbers of Affiliated Members shall beas agreed by the members in general meetingacting on a proposal from the Board.Section 14: Expulsion of members1. A member of the Academia in any categoryshall be deprived of his membership iffound guilty by the Board of a continuous orrepeated course of conduct incompatible withthe purposes and objectives of the Academia.If the person so deprived of membershipholds at the time the office of President, Vice-President, Treasurer or member of the Councilor any Sub Committee of the Board, he shallimmediately vacate his office.2. The Board shall prescribe rules for usewhen a charge of such conduct as aforesaidis preferred against a member. In addition tosuch other matters as may appear convenientto the Board, such rules shall provide:(a) for the summary dismissal of a charge asfrivolous or vexatious;(b) for a charge not so dismissed to be put inwriting to the membercharged and his written response requested;(c) for the summary dismissal of the charge inthe light of such response;(d) for a hearing before the Board or speciallyappointed committee thereof of any chargenot summarily dismissed at which evidenceshall be taken orally or in writing and at whichthe member charged shall be entitled to beheard in his own defence;(e) for the representation at the hearing of themember charged, if he so desires, either byanother member of the Academia or by anyother person whether legally qualified or not.(f ) for the number of votes of the membersof the Board in favour of a finding of guiltyrequired for the member charged to bedeprived of his membership.3. The Board shall prescribe rules applicable tocases of non-payment of subscriptions.Section 15: Assets of the Academia1. The assets of the Academia shall beemployed exclusively in furthering thepurposes and objectives of the Academia andfor no other purpose provided that nothingin these Regulations shall contravene theSections of Association and Memorandum orprevent:(a) the payment of reasonable and properremuneration to any employee of theAcademia;(b) the reimbursement of reasonable out-ofpocketexpenses incurred in relation to theactivities of the Academia by any member ofthe Academia or the Executive Secretary.2. The Academia shall open and maintain abank account or accounts in its name, andevery withdrawal from any such account shallbe authorised by the signatures of any two ofthe Executive Secretary, a designated memberof the Secretariat, the Treasurer, President orVice-President(s).3. The signatories to any bank account openedand maintained as aforesaid shall operate thesame in accordance with the directions of theBoard.Section 16: InterpretationIf any question arises in regard to theinterpretation of these Regulations or any ofthem, it shall be decided by the Board.Section 17: LanguageThese Regulations may be translated into anyEuropean language other than English but theversion in English shall be the only authenticversion.

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Regulations: SectionCommitteesOn a Board recommendation: The Council adopted the proposedchanges to amend the policy for Section Committees on 9 September,2011. The policy became effective on 1 January 2011.BackgroundWith the adoption of this policy in September 2007, the then chairs ofSections were formally ‘appointed’. All Chairs’ terms of office under thepolicy started on 1st January 2008. Chairs were invited to present listsof names for appointment to the “new” Section committees (in linewith the procedures) at the April 2008 Council meeting. Subsequently,Section committees became responsible for operating their ownrotation and elections system.A. Policy documentRules of procedure for Section Committees (version 4 FIN) 1General1. In accordance with the Regulations of the Academy (Section 10), allSections are represented in the Council. This will usually be the chair, ora nominated alternate from the committee. Section committees will beexpected to follow the policy set out in this document.2. The Board may review any of the provisions of this policy andrecommend amendments to Council for adoption.3. With effect from January 1st 2011, only members who are“in subscription” or those who have an agreed exemption frompayment may serve on a Section committee. If a member of acommittee (including a Chair) falls out of subscription (other than byexemption), then he/she will be expected to resign.Structure of the committees4. Each Section shall have a committee that is as far as practicablebroadly representative of all categories and disciplines of themembership. Notwithstanding the Regulations, and at the discretionof the chair, Honorary and/or Foreign members may be invited toparticipate as working members of section committees.5. Each committee shall have a minimum of four (4)members plusa chair) and not more than eight (8) members plus a chair, asappropriate to the needs of the Section. 26. The chair of each committee shall be approved by the Councileither following an election of the Section committee members, or ifnecessary on a recommendation from the Board.7. The chair of a committee shall serve for three years from the dateof their first appointment. A retiring chair may be re-appointed bythe Council on a recommendation from the Board, for a further singleperiod of three years. No member may serve as a Section chair for morethan six years.8. Past chairs may serve as an individual member of a Sectioncommittee.9. Members of a Section committee shall be approved by the Council.Committee members shall serve for three years from the date of theirappointment, or election. Retiring committee members may seek to bere-appointed or re-elected for a further, single period of three years. Nomember may serve as an appointed or elected ordinary member of aSection committee, for more than six years.10. Past ordinary members of a committee may be appointed/electedas a section chair (see para. 6).11. Each committee shall appoint a Vice chair (pro bono) from amongstits number to serve on a rotational basis, as agreed by that committee.Composition of membership of committees12. Section committees shall take active steps to seek a balance ofthe disciplinary interests of the section. The membership of eachcommittee should as far as practicable, reflect both the gender and agebalance of the membership of that Section. The chair is responsible forensuring such a balance.13. Committees shall be composed by a mixture of appointment andthrough election by members of the whole Section.14. Each committee is required to establish and operate a process forthe regular rotation of members to achieve a 50:50 balance betweenappointment (by the chair) and election [from the membership].15. Sections are free to determine their own process and timings fororganising elections amongst the section members. The Board willmonitor the composition of Section Committees.Decisions16. All decisions made by the Section committees shall be on the basisof consensus, as interpreted by the chair. In the event of no consensus,the chair may choose to put any matter to a vote. Decisions shall bemade by simple majority of all committee members. In the event of atie, the chair shall have a casting vote.Reporting17. All sections shall provide a brief annual report on activitiesundertaken and planned, for inclusion into the Annual Report of theAcademia Europaea. Reports will be published on the website.Disputes and resolutions18. In the event of disputes that cannot be settled within thecommittee, the chair may seek a resolution by the Board. A Boarddecision will be considered as binding on the Committee.19. In the event that a chair shall become incapacitated during theirperiod of office, the vice chair shall immediately assume responsibility.20. Where there is evidence of a sustained period of inactivity onthe part of a Section committee, and/ or a clear failure to meet theobligations as set out in this document: the Board shall take any stepsnecessary to rectify the situation.AnnexTerms of Reference for Section Committees.Core responsibilities1. To manage the selection procedures for the nomination of newmembers in line with the nominations policy of the AcademiaEuropaea.2. To stimulate and to help in the development of activities by themembers of the Section and to help develop collaboration betweensections and externally, where these strengthen academic disciplinesand promote scholarship in the wider European and internationalcontexts.3. To promote the Academia Europaea mission within the membershipand externally and to seek collaboration and cooperation where thiswill assist in delivery of the objectives of the Academy.4. To help the Board and the Council to seek and secure externalsupport for the Academia Europaea and to deliver agreed objectives.5. To undertake active communication with the members.Specific Section targets and objectives.6. Section committees will work towards the delivery of the strategicplan of the Academy as approved by Board through development oftheir own contributory plans of activity.1re-confirmed by Council 9 September 20102The Board may agree to vary these figures based upon a proposal from an individual Section.If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl13

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Nominationand electionof members tothe AcademiaEuropaeaThis brief paper summarises theprocedures that members need to follow.The full procedures and application form(PDF) can be accessed from the AE-infowebsite (or follow the link from ).All Members (excluding Foreign andHonorary categories) who intend tonominate a candidate, must now use thepdf form that can be downloaded web portal . Old paperbased forms and older versions of the PDFform are no longer acceptable.Instructions on how to complete the formcan be found on the same page fromwhich you download the form. and mostare also incorporated into the form. Avery detailed explanation can be foundon follow the link on ).FIRST: save the PDF form (one for eachperson you want to nominate) onto yourown computer. It can then be emailed toother people for them to complete specificparts of the form. SAVE ALL CHANGES.Once fully completed, the main nominatorshould send the PDF file as an emailattachment to this email Keep a copy onyour own computer!The system will automatically check thatthe form is correctly completed. If there areany errors or gaps, the form is rejected andsent back to you with indications of whatis wrong.Once submitted, the file is stored and if anychanges need to be made, the file can beamended and re-submitted by email. Anynew file sent by email will automaticallyreplace any earlier stored versions UNTILTHE OFFICAL CLOSING DATE – 30 Mayeach year. After this date, no furtherchanges can be made.After the closing date, all files are madeavailable to the appropriate Section chairand committee (see the list and contactdetails at ) for assessment.You can nominate a scholarfrom outside your own field andSection.To summarise the eligibility: Candidates(or of any nationality) who have their mainresidence and place of work in Europe(including Russia and those states of the14former Soviet Union west of the Urals;and including Israel) are eligible to beOrdinary members. Candidates (of anynationality) working/living permanentlyoutside of Europe (which includes themiddle east and north Africa) will beconsidered for Foreign membership.Place of birth/nationality is not relevant.Any candidate can be considered forelection as an Honorary member (see thespecific criteria in the full rules document).Nominators: To be valid, a dossier MUSThave the support of two elected, ordinarymembers. One of the nominators has tobe living or working in a different countryto the candidate.The first nominator is responsible formaking sure the dossier is complete andsubmitted correctly and before the closingdate.Submitting a dossier. Nominators canask the candidate to complete [sections1 - 3] if absolutely necessary. The list ofpublications (fully and correctly described)is limited to ten recent and the mostsignificant ones. Authorship must beclearly indicated and described. If possible,citation figures and evidence of impactand the standing of the candidate shouldbe included. Honours and awards mustbe substantial national and internationalawards for achievement. Success atwinning grants or funding is not in itselfconsidered significant on its own.The case for election is critical andmust describe very concisely thereasons why the candidate shouldbe elected. This evidence must beunderstandable by non specialistsfrom the specific field of thecandidate. Repetition of informationfrom other parts of the dossier shouldbe avoided.Evaluation: The Section committees willconsider all correctly competed dossiers.They will be scored and ranked anda priority list agreed by each Sectioncommittee. The Independent NominationsSubcommittee then considers all sectionlists, and holds a plenary discussionmeeting with Section chairs wherecandidates may be discussed. A final,recommendation list is then submittedto the next full Council meeting. Councilformally elects new members. This usuallytakes place in September each year.Candidates elected by the Council arethen sent written letters of invitation bythe President. Official membership is onlyactivated when a candidate has acceptedthe invitation in writing.Unsuccessful candidates can be renominated,on submission of a newdossier.The annual timetable for nominationsis published on the website and in themembers’ newsletters.Annual Subscriptions1. This document sets out the policy relating to theannual payment of subscriptions by members ofthe Academia Europaea. The basis for payment ofsubscriptions is set out in the Regulations (2009) underSection 1 (6) and Section 14 (3).2. Scholars and Organisations that are suitably qualifiedand elected to membership under Section 13 of theRegulations (2009) and who accept the formal invitationto become members, shall as a result of that acceptance,acquire an obligation under the regulations to pay anannual subscription, in recognition of the honour andrights and benefits accruing to the individual scholarthrough the acquisition of membership and theirsubsequent association.3. The following rules govern the payment of annualsubscriptions:1) Subscriptions shall become payable on 1 April eachyear by all categories of member unless otherwisedetermined.2) The Council shall set a level of subscription on anannual basis.3) The General meeting shall approve the level.4) Council at its discretion, may vary the level ofsubscription to reflect financial, membership andbenefits conditions, and may introduce differential orvariable levels.5) Council may grant exemptions and derogationsfrom payment and may vary the range and nature ofbenefits that members receive as a condition of anysuch variations.4. The following categories of membership areexempted from payment of annual subscriptions:• Honorary members.• Members of 75 years of age and above.• Members who have made a lifetime subscription.5. Derogations from payment of annual subscriptionsAny Ordinary or Foreign member (other thanexemptions granted under paragraph 4) may at anytime, and on a personal application to the Treasurer, askfor derogation from payment of an annual subscription.Requests must contain the reasons for any suchapplication. All applications will be considered in thestrictest confidence. Derogations will be granted on anannual basis.6. Non- payment of subscriptions• Excepting for exemptions and derogations, all othermembers in arrears will receive a written reminder topay an annual subscription no later than 31st December.• Where a payment at the appropriate level has notbeen made, or a request for derogation has not beenreceived or granted by the Treasurer by 31 March: theBoard will be asked to consider and approve the transferof such members into an “Inactive Member” register. Allsuch members will lose all rights, honours and benefitsof association, until such time that a payment is made,or a derogation as described above, is requested andgranted.7. Subject to the provisions relating to the business ofthe Council as set out in the Regulations: Council maypropose amendments to these rules. Such amendmentswill be put to the annual business meeting for adoption.8. Level of subscription with effect from 1 April 2012until31 March 2013The AGM have (in September 2011) approved thefollowing levels of subscription:• 120 Euros or the equivalent in national currency

Academia Europaea Directory 2012The European Review – is nowONLINE and free for membersFrom January 2012 (Volume 20 issue 1) All members of the Academiaare entitled to access the online version of the journal, free of charge.Members who want to continue to receive hard copies by post mustnow pay for a paper subscription direct to CUP. Please either do thisvia the CUP journal page (after log in), or use the form in this directory,or download the form from the AE website ( tab page. It is only 20 pounds sterling per year (for fourissues)How to access the full journal and the archive issues:First register to enable ‘log in’ to the members only page on the AECorporate website ( are the steps: (insert the slides and text from the powerpoint file)Then you can log in to the ‘members only’ page. From there you simplyclick on the link to the journal at it takes you to the full current issueand gives access to the full archives. You can also set up email alerts sothat you receive email contents information as soon as the issues arepublished online. You can download articles etc.How to register to access themembers only pages on ourwebsite1. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click onthe text (arrowed)2. Type in your email address and then enter your date ofbirth as indicated3. CLICK on the REGISTER button4. If you are successful you will receive an email with a linkto let you set your own password.5. If the registration fails you will get this screen6. This means that the email address that you entered hadmistakes in it or that the email address we have in ourdatabase is different to the one that you used.7. You can either try again with another email address, ORcontact Betty Lim at the office: membership@acadeuro.organd we will check what is in our database.8 When you are successfully registered, you can log in toour member only pages at any time, by entering your emailaddress and chosen password into the log in boxes on thehome page.9. Log out when you have finished.10. This Powerpoint slide shown can be downloaded fromthe homepage of www.acadeuro.orgEASAC – The EuropeanAcademies Science AdvisoryCouncilThe Academia was a founding member of this Council that was createdby a number of European Academies, and supported by the AcademiaEuropaea. EASAC is now providing EU institutions and other pannationalbodies with fully independent advice on the scientific aspectsof public policy.and collaborates with our sister Academies in making available ourmembers’ expertise where needed, for the many study groups thatare established. The Academia provides a financial contribution tothe running of the secretariat of EASAC, which is based at the GermanNational Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina) in Halle, with a subsidiaryIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.ploffice in Brussels. AE Members Prof. Jan S. Haagen (Norway) andAlexandre Quintanilha (Porto) were active in the new SustainableEnergy panel and the Biotechnology panel. The Academia covers thecosts of participation of Professor Heap and of those of our participatingmembers in the activities of the EASAC. [ ].Professor Brian Heap, is the current Chair of the EASAC Council. Heremains as the Academia Europaea representative (supplemented bythe AE President).Full information about EASAC activities can be found via their website.All publications are freely available to download or on request . The AELondon office also keeps a number of reports which can be sent onrequest.15

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[3076]CRYSTAL CHEMISTRY Lomonosov MoscowState University, Chemistry Faculty,1-3 Leninskie Gory, 119991, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9393375 Fax:(7) 495-9394788 evgeny.antipov@gmail.comANTWEILER Christoph [3117]CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY Universityof Bonn, Institute of Oriental & AsianStudies, Nasserstr. 2, D-53113, BonnGERMANY Tel: (49) 228-739740christoph.antweiler@uni-bonn.deAPEL Karl-Otto [406] PHILOSOPHYAm Schillertempel 6, 65527,Niedernhausen GERMANY Tel: (49)6127-2170 Fax: (49) 6127-2058 karlotto.apel@main-rheiner.deAPT Krzysztof R. [2406] COMPUTERSCIENCE CWI, Kruislaan 413, 1098SJ, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDSapt@cwi.nlARAQUE Alfonso [2847] CELLULARPHYSIOLOGY Instituto CAJAL, DoctorArce 37, 28002, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-5854710 Fax: (34) 91-5854754araque@cajal.csic.esARBER Werner [255] GENETICSUniversity of Basel, Biozentrum,Department of Microbiology,Klingelbergstrasse 70, CH-4056, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-2672130Fax: (41) 61-2672118 werner.arber@unibas.chARCHER Margaret S. [1439]SOCIOLOGY Centre for Social Ontology,EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale deLausanne, EPFL Collège des Humanités,CM 1 516, Station 10, CH-1015,Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)21-6934876 Fax: (44) 1203-523150margaret.archer@epfl.chARDAILLOU Raymond [1969]PHYSIOLOGY Académie de Médecine,16 rue Bonaparte, 75272, Paris Cedex06 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-42345782 Fax:(33) 1-40468755 raymond.ardaillou@academie-medecine.frARECCHI Fortunato T. [2149]PHYSICS Università di Firenze, Dip. diFisica, via Sansone 1, 50014, SestoFiorentino (FI) ITALY Tel: (39) 055-23081Fax: (39) 055-2337755 arecchi@ino.itARIGONI Duilio [290] CHEMISTRYLaboratory of Organic Chemistry,ETH Hönggerberg, HCI H307, CH-8093, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)1-6322891 Fax: (41) 1-6321154arigoni@org.chem.ethz.chARNDT Nicholas [2007] PETROLOGYLGCA, Université Joseph Fourier, 1381Rue de la Piscine, 38031, St. Martind’Hères FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-76635931Fax: (33) 4-76514058 arndt@ujfgrenoble.frAROM Simha [1801]ETHNOMUSICOLOGY 12 rue ErnestPsichari, 75007, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45513950 Fax: (33) 1-45513950arom@vjf.cnrs.frARSAC Jacques [339] COMPUTING11 rue Robert Marchand, 92260,Fontenay aux Roses FRANCE jacques.arsac@free.frARTEMIEVA Irina M. [2448]SOLID EARTH GEOPHYSICS University ofCopenhagen, Dept. of Geography &Geology, Oester Voldgade 10, DK-1350,Copenhagen DENMARK Tel: (45)35322473 Fax: (45) 33148322 irina@geo.ku.dkASCH Ronald G. [2775] EARLYMODERN HISTORY Universität Freiburg,Historisches Seminar, Rempartstrasse15, D-79085, Freiburg GERMANY Tel:(49) 761-2033448 Fax: (49) 761-2033425 ronald.g.asch@geschichte.uni-freiburg.deASCHER Philippe [343]NEUROSCIENCE Laboratoire dePhysiologie Cérébrale, CNRS UMR 8118/UFR Biomédicale, 45 rue des SaintsPères, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-42863839 Fax: (33) 1-42863830philippe.ascher@parisdescartes.frASH Eric [730] ENGINEERING 11Ripplevale Grove, N1 1HS, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76074989 Fax: (44) Michael [295]GENETICS University of Cambridge,Department of Genetics, DowningStreet, CB2 3EH, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-333969 Fax:(44) 1223-333992 Michael [242] ENGINEERING51, Maids Causeway, CB5 8DE,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-332635 Fax: (44) Frances M. [2087]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE NO MAILASPECT Alain [2720] QUANTUMOPTICS & ATOMIC PHYSICS Institutd’Optique Graduate School, CampusPolytechnique, 2 avenue AugustinFresnel, 91127, Palaiseau Cedex FRANCETel: (33) 1-64533106 alain.aspect@institutoptique.frASSENMACHER Ivan [839]PHYSIOLOGY NO MAILASSMANN Jan [2230] EGYPTOLOGYIm Neulich 5, D-69121, HeidelbergGERMANY Tel: (49) 6221-480078 jan@assmanns.deASTRUC Didier [2376]CHEMISTRY Lab. de Chimie Organiqueet Organométallique, UMR 5802/Université Bordeaux 1, 351 Cours dela Libération, 33405, Talence CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 540006271 Fax:(33) 540006646 d.astruc@lcoo.ubordeaux1.frATABEKOV Joseph G. [1593]Academia Europaea Directory 2012GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY MoscowState University, Department ofVirology, 119991, Moscow RUSSIA Tel:(7) 495-9395534 Fax: (7) 495-9380601atabekov@genebee.msu.suATIYAH Michael [22] MATHEMATICSUniversity of Edinburgh, School ofMathematics, James Clerk MaxwellBldg./Mayfield Rd., EH9 3JZ, EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6505086 Fax: (44) 131-650 6553 Tony [18] ECONOMICS93 Hamilton Road, OX2 7QA, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-278519 Fax: (44) 1865-278676 Janette [2582]DEVELOPMENTAL COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCEUniversity College London, Departmentof Psychology, Gower Street, WC1E6BT, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76797574 Fax: (44) Oleg [3119] PHYSIOLOGYJSC ‘Russian Railways’, 2, NovayaBasmannaya str., 107174, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 499-2623296 Fax: (7)499-2627581 cz-oa@css-rzd.ruAUBOUIN Jean [46] GEOLOGY 27avenue des Baumettes, 6000, NiceFRANCE Tel: (33) 4-93860376 Fax: (33)4-93860376 jaubouin@wanadoo.frAUSIELLO Giorgio [1743]COMPUTER SCIENCE Università ‘LaSapienza’, Dipartimento di Informatica eSistemistica, Via Ariosto 25, 185, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-8841923 Fax: (39) 06-85300849 ausiello@dis.uniroma1.itAUZINSH Marcis [2926] PHYSICSUniversity of Latvia, Department ofPhysics, 19 Raina Blvd, LV-1586, RigaLATVIA Tel: (371) 67034301 Fax: (371)67034302 marcis.auzins@lu.lvAVILA Jesús [1537] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Centro deBiologia Molecular, Severo Ochoa’(CSIC-UAM), Universidad Autonomade Madrid, 28049, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 91-3978440 Fax: (34) 91-3974799javila@cbm.uam.esAVNIR David [2688] ORGANICALLYDOPED METALS The Hebrew Universityof Jerusalem, Institute of Chemistry,91904, Jerusalem ISRAEL Tel: (972)2-6585332 Fax: (972) Jerzy [1403] CLASSICS ul.Odynca 27 m 11, 29 Jan 606, WarsawPOLAND Tel: (48) 22-840116 Fax: (48)22-8280285 Michael R. [2353]PHILOSOPHY Wadham College, OX13PN, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-277900 Fax: (44) 1865-277937michael.r.ayers@btopenworld.comBAADER Franz [2935] COMPUTERSCIENCE Institute for theoreticalComputer Science, TU Dresden,Nöthnitzer Str. 46, 1062, DresdenGERMANY Tel: (49) 351-4633916049) 351-46337959 baader@inf.tu-dresden.deBACK Ralph-Johan [1721]COMPUTER SCIENCE Abo Akademi,Dept.of Information Technologies,Joukohaisenkatu 3-5, FIN-20520,Turku FINLAND Tel: (358) 40-5842358backrj@abo.fiBÄCKMAN Lars [1919] COGNITIVEPSYCHOLOGY Karolinska Institute, AgingResearch Center, Box 6401, S-113 82,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-6905826Fax: (46) 8-6905954ÄCKVALL Jan-Erling [2377]ORGANIC CHEMISTRY StockholmUniversity, Department of OrganicChemistry, Arrhenius Laboratory,SE-10691, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-6747178 Fax: (46) 8-154908 Alan [160] PSYCHOLOGYUniversity of York, Department ofPsychology, Heslington, YO10 5DD,York UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1904-432882 Fax: (44) Carmela [2491]ISLAMIC & GREEK THOUGHT Via GregorioVII 474, 165, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-6634821 Fax: (39) 06-6634821cbaffioni@katamail.comBAGGIOLINI Marco [2127]IMMUNOLOGY NO MAILBAIER Christel [2960] AUTOMATATHEORY Technische UniversitätDresden, Fakultät Informatik, Inst. fürTheoretische Informatik, 1062, DresdenGERMANY Tel: (49) 351-46338548Fax: (49) 351-46338348 baier@tcs.inf.tu-dresden.deBAILLY Antoine [2743] GEOGRAPHYRue de la Tour 51, CH-1867, OllonSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 79-4186847antoine.bailly@unige.chBAK Thor [1720] CHEMISTRY NO MAILBAKER Alan [1835] MATHEMATICSTrinity College, CB2 1TQ, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-338423 Fax: (44) John Macleod [2512]MATHEMATICS University of Oxford,Mathematical Institute, 24-29 St Giles’,OX1 3LB, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-615110 Fax: (44) 1865-615101 Marc [582]NEUROSCIENCE 52 rue des Bains, CH-1205, Geneva SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)22-3201200 marc.ballivet@unige.chBALMINO Georges [1897]GEODESY C.N.E.S., 18 Av. Edouard Belin,31401, Toulouse Cedex 9 FRANCE Tel:(33) 5-61332889 Fax: (33) 5-61253098georges.balmino@cnes.frBALSIGER Hans [1164]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCHUniversity of Bern, PhysikalischesInstitut, Sidlerstrasse 5, 3012, BernSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 31-654414Fax: (41) 31-654405 hans.balsiger@phim.unibe.chBALZANI Vincenzo [464]CHEMISTRY Dipartimento di Chimica ‘G.Ciamician’, University of Bologna, viaSelmi 2, I-40126, Bologna ITALY Tel:(39) 051-2099560 Fax: (39) 051-2099456 vincenzo.balzani@unibo.itBANATI Diana [3073] FOOD SAFETYLoczy Lajos u. 15, 1022, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-7952518d.banati@cfri.huBANDA Enric [1071] EARTH SCIENCEFundacio Catalana per a la Recerca,Santa Tecla 6,, 8012, Barcelona SPAINTel: (34) 93-4671788 Fax: (34) 93-4671761 enric.banda@fcri.esBARBACID Mariano [2268]TUMOUR BIOLOGY Centro Nacional deInvestigaciones Oncologicas, MelchorFernandez Almargo 3, E-28029, MadridSPAIN Tel: (34) 91-2246938 Fax: (34)91-2246980 barbacid@cnio.esBARBAULT Robert [1871]ECOLOGY Institut d’Ecologie, UniversitéParis-6, 7 quai Saint-Bernard, F-75252,Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44275671 Fax: (33) 144272734biodiv.barbault@snv.jussieu.frBARBER James [370] PLANTBIOCHEMISTRY Imperial College London,Dept. of Biological Sciences, WolfsonLaboratory, SW7 2AZ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-75945266 Fax:(44) 20-75945267 Edouard [2699]CLIMATOLOGY Collège de France, CEREGE,Europole de l’Arbois BP 80, 13545,Aix-en-Provence FRANCE Tel: (33)4-42507418 Fax: (33) 4-42507421bard@cerege.frBARDE Yves-Alain [1706]NEUROSCIENCE University of Basel,Pharmacology/NeurobiologyBiozentrum, Klingelbergstrasse 50/70,CH-4056, Basel SWITZERLANDBARDET Jean-Pierre [221]HISTORY Paris University IV Sorbonne,Centre Roland Mousnier, 1, rue VictorCousin, 75230, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40462513 Fax: (33) GrigoryIsaakovich [1329] ENGINEERINGUniversity of California at Berkeley,Department of Mathematics, 735Evans Hall, CA 97420-3840, BerkeleyUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 510-6424162Fax: (1) 510-6428204 gibar@math.berkeley.eduBARENDREGT Hendrik [1165]COMPUTING & MATHEMATICS University ofNijmegen, Dept.of Computer Science,Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED, Nijmegen THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 24-3652642Fax: (31) 24-3652525

Academia Europaea Directory 2012BARKAI Naama [2874] SYSTEMSBIOLOGY Weizmann Institute of Science,Dept. of Molecular Genetics, 76100,Rehovot ISRAEL Tel: (972) 8-9344429Fax: (972) 9343107 Horace [1155]NEUROSCIENCE Physiological Laboratory,Downing Street, CB2 3EG, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-333813 Fax: (44) 1223-333840 OleE. [823] MATHEMATICS University ofAarhus, Department of MathematicalSciences, Ny Munkegade 118, DK-8000,Aarhus C DENMARK Tel: (45) 89423521Fax: (45) 86131769 Yann [3023] CELLBIOLOGY Ecole Polytechnique Fédéralede Lausanne, School of Life Sciences,SV-131-LDCS, Station 10, 1015,Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 21-3142461 Fax: (41) 21-3142468 yann.barrandon@epfl.chBARROW John D [2604]COSMOLOGY University of Cambridge,DAMTP, Centre for MathematicalSciences, Wilberforce Rd, CB3 0WA,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-766696 Anton [889] ECONOMICSCatholic University of Louvain,Centrum voor Economische Studiën,Naamsestraat 69, B-3000, LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-326816 Fax:(32) 16-326910 Tamas [1538]NEUROSCIENCE The Harold L.DorrisNeurological Res. Center, Dept. ofNeuropharmacology/The Scripps Res.Inst., 10550 N. Torrey Pines Road,SR-307, CA-92037, La Jolla UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 858-7848402 Fax: (1)858-7849099 tbartfai@scripps.eduBARTH Fredrik [143]ANTHROPOLOGY Rödkleivfaret 16, 788,Oslo NORWAY Tel: (47) 22147483 Fax:(47) 22145748BARTH Friedrich G. [1722]ZOOLOGY Biozentrum Institut fürZoologie, Universität Wien, Althanstr.14, A-1090, Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43)1-427754470 Fax: (43) Anne [1636] LITERATURETrinity College, CB2 1TQ, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-338466 Fax: (44) Antonin [1440]CLASSICS University of Brno, Instituteof Classical Studies, Arne Nováka 1,60200, Brno CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420)5-41321250 bartonek@phil.muni.czBASBØLL Hans [2818] LINGUISTICSSolvangen 5, DK-5260, OdenseDENMARK Tel: (45) 66151156 Fax: (45)65932483 hba@language.sdu.dkBASEDOW Jürgen [2177] LAWMax-Planck-Institute for Foreign,Private Law, 187 Mittelweg, D-20148,Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 40-41900316 Fax: (49) 40-41900309basedow@mpipriv-hh.mpg.deBASLER Konrad [1981]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY UniversitätZürich, Institut für Molekularbiologie,Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057,Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6353110 Fax: (41) 1-6356864 basler@molbio.unizh.chBASSNETT Susan [2412]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Universityof Warwick, Dept. of English &Comparative Literary Studies, CV47AL, Coventry UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 24-76523655ÈREMarianne [2133] HISTORY 92boulevard de Port Royal, 75005, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-43262051 Fax: (33)1-43547202 bastid@canoe.ens.frBATES Ray [1842] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE School of MathematicalSciences, Science Education & ResearchCentre, UCD, Belfield, 4, Dublin IRELANDTel: (353) 1-7162421 ray.bates@ucd.ieBATES David R. [2669] MEDIEVALHISTORY 2 Ivy Court, Sleaford Street,CB1 2NX, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-363062ÁTHORY Zoltán [1539]EDUCATION NO MAILBÄTSCHMANN Oskar [2735]HISTORY OF ART Schweizerisches Institutfur Kunstwissenschaft, Postfach1124, Zollikerstr. 32, CH-8032, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-3885145oskar.baetschmann@sik-isea.chBATTAGLIA Bruno [491] GENETICSUniversity of Padua, Department ofBiology, 10 via Loredan, 35131, PaduaITALY Tel: (39) 049-831737 segret2s@bio.unipd.itBATTERSBY Alan [201]CHEMISTRY 20 Barrow Rd, CB2 8AS,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-336400 Fax: (44) Laurent [2107] PHYSIOLOGYHôpital Tenon, INSERM U 489, 4 ruede la Chine, 75020, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 156017951 Fax: (33) 156017003laurent.baud@tnn.ap-hop-paris.frBAUDELET Bernard [1008]MATERIALS SCIENCE La Grange, 7440,Champis FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-75580633Fax: (33) 4-75580633 bernardbaudelet@wanadoo.frBAUER Siegfried [1166] SPACERESEARCH University of Graz, Inst.for Geophysics, Astrophysics &Meteorology, Universitätsplatz 5, 8010,Graz AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-3805256Fax: (43) 316-3809825 David [2159]PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Universityof Cambridge, Dept. of Plant Sciences,Downing Street, CB23 5BL, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-339386 Fax: (44) 1223-333953 Etienne [205]BIOCHEMISTRY INSERM UMR 788, Bldg.Gregory PINCUS - Secteur Marron, 80rue du Général Leclerc, 94276, BicêtreCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-49591882Fax: (33) 1-49599203 baulieu@kb.inserm.frBAUSINGER Hermann [1524]ANTHROPOLOGY Ludwig-Uhland-Institutfür, Empirische Kulturwissenschaft,Schloss, 72070, Tübingen GERMANYTel: (49) 7071-2977307 Fax: (49)7071-295330 hermann.bausinger@uni-tuebingen.deBAYCAN Tüzin [3098] URBAN& REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT IstanbulTechnical University, Faculty ofArchitecture, Dept. of Urban & RegionalPlanning, Taskisla, 34437 Taksim,Istanbul TURKEY Tel: (90) 212-2931300Fax: (90) 212-2514895 Christopher [1637]HISTORY St. Catharine’s College, CB2 1RL,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-338321 Fax: (44) Christian [2927] NUCLEARPHYSICS Université de Strasbourg,Inst. Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien,CNRS/IN2P3, BP 28, Bat 20(2), 23 ruedu Loess, F-67037, Strasbourg Cedex2 FRANCE Tel: (33) 3-88106845 Fax:(33) 3-88106614 christian.beck@ires.in2p3.frBECKER Peter B. [2452]CHROMATIN STRUCTURE & FUNCTIONLudwig Maximilians Universität, Adolf-Butenandt-Institut, Schillerstr. 44,D-80336, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-218075427 Fax: (49) 89-218075425pbecker@med.uni-muenchen.deBECKER Ulrich [2868] LAWMax-Planck-Inst. fur Auslandischesund, Internationales Socialrecht,Amalienstrasse 33, D-80799, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-38602511 Fax:(49) 89-38602590 becker@mpisoc.mpg.deBECKER Bernd [3107] COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN University of Freiburg,Department of Computer Science,Georges Koehler Allee 51, D-79110,Freiburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2038140 Fax: (49) 761-2038142becker@informatik.uni-freiburg.deBEDDINGTON John R.[2886] APPLIED POPULATION BIOLOGYGovernment Office for Science, 2ndfloor, 1 Victoria Street, SW1H 0ET,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-72151032 Jean [2073] MOLECULARBIOLOGY The Wellcome Trust Centrefor Cell Biology, ICMB, University ofEdinburgh, Kings’s Buildings, MayfieldRd, EH9 3JR, Edinburgh UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6505351 Fax:(44) 131-6508650 Doris[2342] ISLAMIC ART & CULTURAL HISTORY33 Avenue Mansions, Finchley Road,NW3 7AX, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-779946984 Fax: (44)20-77946984 Carlos [1472]NEUROSCIENCE Universidad MiguelHernández - CSIC, Instituto deNeurociencias, Ramon y Caja/2, 3550,San Juan de Alicante SPAIN Tel: (34) 96-5919530 Fax: (34) 96-5919547 carlos.belmonte@umh.esBELSKY Jay [2742] DEVELOPMENTALPSYCHOLOGY Birkbeck University ofLondon, Institute for the Study ofChildren,, Families & Social Issues, 7Bedford Sq, WC1 3RA, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-70790835 Fax:(44) 20-73234735 Hans [1009] ART HISTORYHochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe,Lorenzstr. 15, D-76135, KarlsruheGERMANY Tel: (49) 721-8203-2275 Fax:(49) 721-8203-2276 hans.belting@hfg-karlsruhe.deBEN-AVRAHAM Zvi [1744]MARINE GEOPHYSICS Tel Aviv University,Dept.of Geophysics & PlanetarySciences, 69978, Tel Aviv ISRAEL Tel:(972) 3-6408528 Fax: (972) Fabrizio [2834]PHYSIOLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE Universityof Turin Medical School, Departmentof Neuroscience, Corso Raffaello30, 10125, Turin ITALY Tel: (39) 011-6708492 Fax: (39) 011-6708174fabrizio.benedetti@unito.itBENESTAD Finn [1167]MUSICOLOGY Agder allé 4A, 4631,Kristiansand NORWAY finn.benestad@getmail.noBENGMARK Stig [934] CLINICALSCIENCE 185 Barrier Point Rd, E16 2SE,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-75116842 Fax: (44) Lennart [287]METEOROLOGY Max-Planck-Institutfür Meteorologie, Bundesstrasse 55,D-20146, Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49)40-41173349 Fax: (49) 40-41173366bengtsson@dkrz.deBENINI Luca [2790] COMPUTERSCIENCE Universita di Bologna, DEIS,Viale Risorgimento 2, I-40136, BolognaITALY Tel: (39) 051-2093782 Fax: (39)051-2093073 luca.benini@unibo.itBENISTON Martin [1937] CLIMATEMODELLING University of Geneva, Sitede Battelle, 7 route de Drize, CH-1227,Carouge SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-3790769 Fax: (41) 22-3790744 martin.beniston@unige.chBENSASSON René [740]BIOPHYSICS Muséum National d’HistoireNaturelle, Chimie et Biochimie desSubstance Naturelles, Case 54, 57 rueCuvier, F-75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40793692 Fax: (33) 1-40793135rvb@mnhn.frBENSOUSSAN Alain [358]MATHEMATICS University of Texas atDallas, School of Management, Box830688, 75083-0688, Texas UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 972-8836117 alain.bensoussan@utdallas.eduBENT Margaret [1638]MUSICOLOGY All Souls College, OX14AL, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-279379 Fax: (44) Marina [2664]NEUROSCIENCE University of Verona,Dept. of Morphological & BiomedicalSciences, Strada le Grazie 8, 37134,Verona ITALY Tel: (39) 045-8027155 Fax:(39) 045-8027163 marina.bentivoglio@univr.itBENZI Roberto [3065]COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICSUniversity Roma ‘Tor Vergata’, Dip. diFisica, via della ricerca Scientifica 1,133, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 335-8052129Fax: (39) 06-2023507 roberto.benzi@gmail.comBERCKHEMER Hans [931] EARTHSCIENCE Hardtbergweg 13, 61462,Königstein i. T. GERMANY Tel: (49) 6174-22331 berckhemer@freenet.deBERDAL Mats R. [2785]INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS King’s CollegeLondon, Dept. of War Studies, Strand,WC2R 2LS, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-83184604 Botond [1168]PHARMACOLOGY 20 Kapellenstrasse,CH-4052, Basel SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)61-3119137BEREND Ivan [234] ECONOMICHISTORY University of California, LosAngeles (UCLA)/Dept. of History, 405,Hilgard Ave, CA 90024-1473, LosAngeles UNITED STATESBERÉNYI Dénes [1289] PHYSICSInst. of Nuclear Research, of theHungarian Academy of Sciences, Bemtér 18/c, P.O.Box 51, 4001, DebrecenHUNGARY Tel: (36) 52-413945 Fax: (36)52-413945 berenyi@atomki.huBERG Maxine [3080] GLOBALHISTORY University of Warwick,Department of History, CV4 7AL,Coventry UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)2476-523377 Fax: (44) André [182] METEOROLOGYCatholic University of Louvain, Inst.d’Astronomie et de Géophysique,G Lemaître, 2 Chemin du Cyclotron,B-1348, Louvain-La-Neuve BELGIUMTel: (32) 10-473303 Fax: (32) 10-474722 Per-Olof [2615]EXPERIMENTAL ENDOCRINOLOGYKarolinska Institutet, Dept. ofMolecular Medicine & Surgery,Karolinska University Hospital L1,SE-17176, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel:(46) 8-51775731 Fax: (46) 8-51779450per-olof.berggren@ki.seBERGMAN Yehudit [3110]MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY The HebrewUnivesity of Medical School, Dept.of Developmental Biology &, CancerResearch, 91120, Jerusalem ISRAEL Tel:(972) 2-6758362 Fax: (972) Marianne[2129] GREEK & ROMAN ARCHAEOLOGYHolsteinische Strasse 22, 10717, BerlinGERMANY marianne.bergmann@phil.uni-goettingen.deBERGSAGEL John [693]MUSICOLOGY Strandvejen 63, 2100,Copenhagen DENMARK Tel: (45)39200202 jberg@hum.ku.dkBERGSTRA Johannes A. [2362]COMPUTER SCIENCE Koningslaan 114,3583 GV, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 30-2540075 Fax: (31) 651-553536j.a.bergstra@uva.nlBERGSTRÖM Gunnar W. [2084]ETHOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Kolonigatan3, SE-41321, Göteborg SWEDEN Tel:(46) 31-204378 oddsoxinventions@comhem.seBERKER A. 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[3030]CONTEMPORARY HISTORY OF EUROPEUniversity of Erlangen-Nuremburg,Rechts und WirtschaftswissenschaflicheFakultaet, Lammsgasse 10, D-90403,Nuernberg GERMANY Tel: (49) 911-2419271 Fax: (49) 911-5302658wlbernecker@aol.comBERNS Anton [1908] MOLECULARGENETICS Antoni van LeeuwenhoekHuis, The Netherlands CancerInstitute, Plesmanlaan 121, 1066 CX,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5121991 Fax: (31) 20-5122011a.berns@nki.nlBERQUE Augustin [801]GEOGRAPHY NO MAILBERRIDGE Michael [459]BIOCHEMISTRY The Babraham Institute,Babraham Hall Babraham, CB2 4AT,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-496621 Fax: (44) Gérard [1404] COMPUTING374 ch. du Hameau de Plan Sarrain,6370, Mouans-Sartoux FRANCE gerard.berry@inria.frBERTAGNA Xavier [1970]CLINICAL SCIENCE Hospital Cochin,Department of Endoninology, 27 rueFg St Jacques, 75014, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-58411790 Fax: (33) 1-46338060xavier.bertagna@cch.ap-hop-paris.frBERTENS Hans [2232] MORDENLITERATURE Achter de Dom 20, 3512JP,Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)30-2536085 Fax: (31) 30-2536083j.w.bertens@uu.nlBERTHELSEN Asger [1072]TECTONICS Fredensvej 14, 1st floor, DK-2920, Charlottenlund DENMARKBERTHOLD Peter [1802] BIOLOGYVogelwarte Radolfzell (ResearchCentre of the, Max Planck Society),Schlossallee 2/Schloss Moeggingen,D-78315, Radolfzell GERMANY Tel: (49)7732-15010 Fax: (49) 7732-150134berthold@orn.mpg.deBERTHOZ Alain [1525]NEUROSCIENCE Collège de France, 11Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75006, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271299 Fax: (33)1-44271425 alain.berthoz@collegede-france.frBERTINETTO Pier M. 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Czarnieckiego 82, 30 Dec 540,Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-8396365Fax: (48) 22-8396365 andrzej.blikle@blikle.plBLINC Robert [980] PHYSICS J.Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000,Ljubljana SLOVENIA Tel: (386)1-41773344 Fax: (386) 1-41263269robert.blinc@ijs.siBLIX Arnoldus [2173] PHYSIOLOGY& POLAR BIOLOGY University of Tromsø,Department of Arctic Biology, N-9037,Tromsø NORWAY Tel: (47) 776-44867Fax: (47) 776-45750 asb000@uit.noBLOCKMANS Wim [1745] HISTORYEmiel Poetou straat 25, 9030, GentBELGIUM wimblockmans7@gmail.comBLONDEL Jean [1406] POLITICALSCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHY 38 A Queen’sGardens, W2 3AA, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-74024980BLONDEL Jacques [1974]EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Centre d’EcologieFonctionnelle et Evolutive, (CNRS-UMP5175), 1919 Route de Mende, F-34293,Montpellier Cedex 5 FRANCE Tel: (33)4-67613210 Fax: (33) 4-67412138jacques.blondel@cefe.cnrs.frBLOTEVOGEL Hans [1995]HUMAN GEOGRAPHY TechnischeUniversität Dortmund, FakultatRaumplanung, August-Schmidt-str.10, D-44221, Dortmund GERMANY Tel:(49) 234-375432 hans.blotevogel@tu-dortmund.deBLUNDELL Derek [770] EARTHSCIENCE Springwood, Tite Hill, TW20ONF, Englefield Green, Surrey UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1784-433170derekjblundell@btinternet.comBLUNDELL Tom [1441]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Cambridge,Department of Biochemistry, TennisCourt Rd, CB2 1GA, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-333628 Fax:(44) 1223-766082 Jonathan D. [2917]EARTH SCIENCES University of Bristol,School of Earth Sciences, Wills MemorialBuilding, BS8 1RJ, Bristol UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 117-9545447É Leonard [2863] HISTORYDe Lairessestraat 106-2, 1071 PK,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-8467494 vblus@chello.nlBOCCALETTI Mario [620]EARTH SCIENCE Via del Pianerottolo9/11, 50135, Florence ITALY Tel: (39)055-697298 Fax: (39) 055-290312marioboccaletti@yahoo.itBOCK Rudolf M. [3109] NUCLEARPHYSICS Annastr. 20, D-64285,Darmstadt GERMANY Tel: (49) 6151-292764 r.bock@gsi.deBÖCKENFÖRDE Ernst-Wolfgang [1674] LAW NO MAILBODE Christoph [2905] ENGLISH& AMERICAN LITERATURE Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich,Dept. of English & American Studies,Schellingstr 3, D-80799, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-21803934christoph.bode@anglistik.unimuenchen.deBODEN Margaret [1475]PHILOSOPHY 5 Windlesham Road, BN13AG, Brighton UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1273-678386 Fax: (44) 1273-671320 Hendrik [82]ORIENTAL STUDIES Stolberglaan 29, 3583XL, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)30-2510047BODMER Walter [148] GENETICSCancer and ImmunogeneticsLaboratory, WIMM, John RadcliffeHospital, OX3 9DS, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-222422 Fax:(44) 1865-222431 Egon [2791] COMPUTERSCIENCE Universita di Pisa, Dip. diInformatica, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo3, I-56127, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39) 050-2212730 boerger@di.unipi.itBOERI Tito [2787] ECONOMICSUniversity of Bocconi, Via Roentgen 1,I-20136, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-58363323 Fax: (39) 02-58363309 tito.boeri@unibocconi.itBOGAERTS Annemie [3019]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Universityof Antwerp, Dept. of Chemistry,Universiteitsplein 1, BE-2610, WilrijkBELGIUM Tel: (32) 3-2652377 Fax:(32) 3-2652376 Alexey [2021]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULARBIOLOGY Moscow State University,A.N.Belozersky Inst. of Physico-Chemical Bio., Vorobjevy Hills, 119992,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9393143Fax: (7) 495-9393181 bogdanov@belozersky.msu.ruBOHLE Hans-Georg [2077]DEVELOPMENT GEOGRAPHY RheinischeFriedrich-Wilhems Universität Bonn,Geographisches Institut, Postfach 1147,53001, Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49) 228-737232 Fax: (49) 228-739657 bohle@giub.uni-bonn.deBÖHM Corrado [861] COMPUTINGNO MAILBOISSON Michel [827] MARINESCIENCE Centre Scientifique de Monaco,16 Boulevard de Suisse, Villa Girasole,98000, Monte Carlo MONACO Tel: (33)4-93158596 Fax: (33) 4-93158674mboisson@gouv.mcBOITANI Piero [1989] COMPARATIVELITERATURE Università di Roma ‘LaSapienza’, Dip. di Anglistica, Via C. Fea 2,161, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-49917218Fax: (39) 06-44249216 piero.boitani@uniroma1.itBOKSENBERG Alexander [476]ASTRONOMY Institute of Astronomy,University of Cambridge, MadingleyRoad, CB3 0HA, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-339909Fax: (44) 1223-339910 Thomas [3014] PHYSICSOF BLACK HOLES Max-Planck-Institute forExtraterrestrial Physics, Giesenbachstr.1, 85741, Garching GERMANY Tel:(49) 176-62226301 thomas_boller@gmx.netBOLOGNESI Martino [2969]STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY University ofMilan, Dept. o Biomolecular Sciences &Biotechnology, via Celoria 26, 20133,Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-50314893 Fax:(39) 02-50314895 martino.bolognesi@unimi.itBOLTON Thomas [1783] SMOOTHMUSCLE PHYSIOLOGY University ofLondon, Basic Medical Sciences, StGeorges’s, Cranmer Terrace, SW17 ORE,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-87255617 Fax: (44) Enrico [2862] EARTHSCIENCES Instituto di Scienze Marine-If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plCNR, Via Piers Gobetti 101, 40129,Bologna ITALY Tel: (39) 051-6398862enrico.bonatti@ismar.cnr.itBONCINELLI Edoardo [1640]CELL & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY ViaG Pascoli 60, 20133, Milan ITALYboncinelli.edoardo@hsr.itBONHOEFFER Tobias [2210]NEUROBIOLOGY Max-Planck-Instituteof Neurobiology, Dept. of Cellular &Systems Neurobiology, Am Klopferspitz18A, D-82152, Martinsried GERMANYTel: (49) 89-85783751 Fax: (49)89-89950050 tobias.bonhoeffer@neuro.mpg.deBONNET Roger [446] SPACERESEARCH International Space ScienceInstitute, 6 Hallerstrasse, 3012, BernSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 31-6313255Fax: (41) 31-6314897 rmbonnet@issibern.chBOON-FALLEUR Thierry [674]GENETICS Cellular Genetics Unit, U.C.L.7459, avenue Hippocrate 74, 1200,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-7647580Fax: (32) 2-7647590 nathalie.krack@bru.licr.orgBOONE Marc [2419] MEDIEVALHISTORY Aannemersstraat 23, B-9000,Gent BELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-2291156 Fax:(32) 9-2644182 marc.boone@ugent.beBOOTSMA Dirk [933] GENETICSManegelaantje 12, 3062 CV, RotterdamTHE NETHERLANDS bootsmad@planet.nlBOR Zsolt [1494] PHYSICS Universityof Szeged, Dept.of Optics & QuantumElec., P O Box 406, 6701, SzegedHUNGARY Tel: (36) 62-544654 Fax: (36)62-544658 bor@physx.u-szeged.huBORSLEY Robert [2663]THEORETICAL LINGUISTICS Universityof Essex, Dept.of Language &Linguistics, Wivenhoe Park, CO4 3SQ,Colchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1206-873762 Fax: (44) Piet [170] BIOCHEMISTRY TheNetherlands Cancer Institute, Divisionof Molecular Biology, Plesmanlaan121, 1066 CX, Amsterdam THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-5122880Fax: (31) 20-6691383 p.borst@nki.nlBORYSIEWICZ Leszek K. [2578]IMMUNOLOGY & VIROLOGY University ofCambridge, The Old Schools, TrinityLane, CB2 1TN, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-332290ÖSCHENSTEIN Bernhard[609] LITERATURE 51 chemin du Grand-Pin, CH-1802, Corseaux SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 21-9218988 Fax: (41) 21-9218988 bernard.boeschenstein@lettres.unige.chBOSCHI Enzo [1170] EARTH &MARINE SCIENCES National Inst. ofGeophysics & Volcanology, I.N.G.V., Viadi Vigna Murata, 605, 143, Rome ITALYTel: (39) 06-5041279 Fax: (39) 06-5041287 enzo.boschi@unibo.itBOSQUE Ignacio [3004]LINGUISTICS Calle de la Mimosa 9,28023, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34) 91-3572428 ibosque@filol.ucm.esBOUCHIAT Marie-Anne [1476]PHYSICS Département de PhysiqueENS, 24 rue Lhomond, 75231, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44323598 Fax: (33)1-45350076 marie-anne.bouchiat@lkb.ens.frBOUDON Raymond [81]SOCIOLOGY Maison des Sciences del’Homme, GEMAS, 54, boulevardRaspail, 75270, Paris Cedex 06 FRANCETel: (33) 1-49542155 Fax: (33)1-42223366 raymond.c.boudon@gmail.comBOUGEAULT Philippe [1888]METEOROLOGY CNRM/GAME URA 1357CNRS/Météo-France, 42 Av G. Coriolis,31057, Toulouse Cedex FRANCE Tel:(33) 561079371 Fax: (33) 561079600)philippe.bougeault@meteo.frBOURGEOIS Jean [3000]ARCHAEOLOGY University Ghent,Department of Archaeology, St.Pietersnieuwstraat 35, B-9000, GentBELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-33310152 Fax: (32)9-33310297 jean.bourgeois@ugent.beBOURGUIGNON Jean-Pierre[1683] MATHEMATICS I. H. E. S., 35 routede Chartres, F-91440, Bures-sur-YvetteFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-60926666 Fax: (33)1-60926669 jpb@ihes.frBOUTRON Claude F. [2764]CHEMISTRY OF ATMOSPHERE UniversityJoseph Fourier of Grenoble/CNRS, Lab.of Glaciology & Geophysics, 54 rueMolière, P O Box 96, 38402, St. Martind’Heres FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-76824200Fax: (33) 4-76824201 boutron@lgge.obs.ujf-grenoble.frBOUVERESSE Jacques [1526]PHILOSOPHY 22, rue Stendhal, 75020,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-47974393 Fax:(33) 1-47974393 bouveres@noos.frBOVENBERG Lans [2869]GOVERNMENT FINANCE Warandelaan 2,5037 AB, Tilburg THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 6-46156139 Fax: (31) 13-4663066a.l.bovenberg@uvt.nlBOZZONI Irene [2193] MOLECULARBIOLOGY University of Rome ‘LaSapienza’, Dept. of Genetics & MolecularBiology, P. Le Aldo Moro 5, 185, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-49912202 Fax:(39) 06-49912500 irene.bozzoni@uniroma1.itBRADDICK Oliver J. [2507]EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Universityof Oxford, Dept. of ExperimentalPsychology, South Parks Rd, OX1 3UD,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 7768295173 Fax: (44) 1865-271354 Richard J. [2227]ARCHAEOLOGY The University of Reading,School of Human & EnvironmentalSciences, Whiteknights PO Box 227,RG6 6AB, Reading UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 118-3788130 Fax: (44) 118-3786718 Alexander [2004]CHEMICAL PHYSICS Fritz-Haber-Institut inBerlin, faradayweg 4-6, D-14195, BerlinGERMANY alex.bradshaw@ipp.mpg.deBRAGINSKY Vladimir B. [1641]PHYSICS Moscow State University, Dept.of Physics, Vorob’evy Gory, 119992,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9395565Fax: (7) 495-9393987 brag@hbar.phys.msu.ruBRANDSTETTER Gabriele[3081] THEATRE & DANCE STUDIES Institutfür Theaterwissenschaft, Grunewaldstr.35, D-12165, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-83850323 Fax: (49) 30-83850352theater-tanz@fu-berlin.deBRANDTSTÄDTER Jochen[981] PSYCHOLOGY Universität Trier,Fachbereich I - Psychologie, D-54286,Trier GERMANY Tel: (49) 651-2012969Fax: (49) 651-2012971 brandtst@uni-trier.deBRASSEUR Guy [2060]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Climate ServiceCenter (CSC), Bundesstr. 45a, P O Box3000, DE-20146, Hamburg GERMANYTel: (49) 40-226338402 Fax: (49) 40-226338163 guy.brasseur@gkss.deBRATKO Ivan [2871] ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE University of Ljubljana,Faculty of Computer & Information Sc.,Trzaska 25, 1000, Ljubljana SLOVENIATel: (386) 41-748483 Fax: (386)1-4264647 bratko@fri.uni-lj.siBRÄUCHLE Christoph R[2658] NANO SCIENCES Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München,LMU Munich, Department Chemistryand Biochemistry, Butenandtstrasse11, Haus E, Gerhard-Ertl-Building,D-81377, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-218077549 Fax: (49) 89-218077550christoph.braeuchle@cup.unimuenchen.deBRAUER Wilfried [1598]COMPUTING NO MAILBRAUN-MUNZINGERPeter [3015] NEUCLEAR PHYSICSGSI Helmholtzzentrum für,Schwerionenforschung GmbH,Planckstr. 1, 64291, DarmstadtGERMANY Tel: (49) 6159-712760p.braun-munzinger@gsi.deBRAUNSTEIN Pierre [2154]INORGANIC/ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRYLaboratoire de Chimie de coordination,Institute de chimie (UMR 7177 CNRS),Université de Strasbourg, 4 rue BlaisePascal, F-67081, Strasbourg FRANCETel: (33) 03-68851308 Fax: (33) 03-68851322 braunstein@unistra.frBRECHET Yves [2963] MATERIALSCIENCE 75 Cours Jean Jaures, 38000,Grenoble FRANCE Tel: (33) 6-70448028Fax: (33) 476826644 yves.brechet@wanadoo.frBRECHIGNAC CatherineAcademia Europaea Directory 2012[2705] NANOSCIENCE University ParisSud, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton Bat 505,Campus Orsay, 91405, Orsay CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-60777933 catherine.brechignac@u-psud.frBREDEKAMP Horst [2891] ARTHISTORY Humboldt-Universität Berlin,Institut fur Kunst und Bildgeschichte,Unter den Linden 6, 10099, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-20934287 Richard [2136] SOCIOLOGYYale University, Sociology Department,P O Box 208265, CT- 06520-8265, NewHaven UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 203-4323324 richard.breen@yale.eduBREIMER Douwe [1171]PHARMACOLOGY Leiden University,Gorlaeus Laboratories, P O Box 9502,2300 RA, Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 71-5273143 Fax: (31) 71-5273052ddbreimer@lacdr.leidenuniv.nlBREMAN Jan [299] SOCIOLOGYCentre for Asian Studies, Amsterdam- CASA, Oude Hoogstraat 24, 1012,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-5252745 Fax: (31) 20-5252446BRENNER Sydney [206] GENETICSKing’s College, CB2 1ST, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM backhill.brenner@googlemail.comBRÉZIN Edouard [2238]PHYSICS Ecole Normale Supérieure,Département de Physique, 24 rueLhomond, 75231, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44323495 Fax: (33)1-47071399 brezin@physique.ens.frBREZIS Haim [573] MATHEMATICSRutgers University, Hill Center,Department of Mathematics, 110Frelinghuysen Rd, NJ 08854-8019,Piscataway UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 732-4452390 Fax: (1) 732-4455530 brezis@math.rutgers.eduBROADIE Sarah J. [2354]PHILOSOPHY The University of St.Andrews, The Scores, KY16 9AL, St.Andrews UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1334-462486 Fax: (44) Jeremy [648]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY UCL - ResearchDept. of Structural, & Molecular Biology,Darwin Bldg/Gower Street, WC1E 6BT,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76794483 Bengt [275] LAWRaatimiehenkatu 2A9, 140, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-174148BRONFEN Elisabeth [3093]ENGLISH & AMERICAN LITERATUREOttikerstr. 18, 8006, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-3628207bronfen@es.uzh.chBROOK Richard [490] MATERIALSSCIENCE University of Oxford,Department of Materials, Parks Rd, OX13PH, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-273782 George [751] SOCIOLOGYNO MAILBROWN David [925]PHARMACOLOGY University CollegeLondon, Department of Pharmacology,Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76797297 Fax: (44) Terence [1542]LITERATURE Trinity College, Dept. ofEnglish, Dublin 2 IRELAND Tel: (353)1-6772941 Fax: (353) 1-6717114tbrown@tcd.ieBROWN Robert G. W. [2185]PHYSICS 19 Jubilee Mews, Westbury,SY5 9EZ, Shrewsbury UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 07900-905320 robert_g_w_brown@hotmail.comBROWN Judith M. [2950] HISTORYBalliol college, University of Oxford, OX13BJ, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Keith [200]METEOROLOGY NO MAILBROWNLEE George G. [1543]GENETICS Sir William Dunn School of,Pathology/Chemical Pathology Unit,South Parks Road, OX1 3RE, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-275559 Fax: (44) 1865-275556 Manfred [1076] COMPUTINGTechnische Universität München,Institut für Informatik, Boltzmannstr.3, 85748, Garching bei MünchenGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-28917304 Fax:(49) 89-28917307 broy@in.tum.deBRUMBERG Victor [1334]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH Instituteof Applied Astronomy, 10 Kutuzov quay,191187, St. Petersburg RUSSIA Tel: (7)812-2751118 Fax: (7) 812-2751119brumberg@quasar.ipa.nw.ruBRUN Jean-Pierre [2312]EARTH SCIENCES University Rennes 1,Geosciences Rennes, Bat. 15, Campusde Beaulieu, F-35042, Rennes CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 2-23236094 jeanpierre.brun@univ-rennes1.frBRUNDIN Patrik [2271]NEUROLOGY Lund University, BMC A10,Wallenberg Neuroscience Center,Section for Neuronal Survival, 221 84,Lund SWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-462220529Fax: (46) 46-2220531 Pierre [798] LITERATURE17 rue de l’Annonciation, 75016, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-40462676 Fax: (33)1-40463229 pierre.brunel@paris4.sorbonne.frBRUNET Pere [2792] COMPUTERGRAPHICS Psg. de Sant Gervasi 8, AT-2,E-08022, Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34)93-2127159 Fax: (34) 93-4137959pere@lsi.upc.eduBRUNORI Maurizio [1803]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYDepartment of Biochemical Sciences,University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, PleA. Moro 5, 185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-4450291 Fax: (39) 06-4440062maurizio.brunori@uniroma1.itBRYANT Peter [649] PSYCHOLOGYNO MAILBUAT-MÉNARD Patrick [1843]BIOGEOCHEMISTRY OF OCEANS & ATMOSPH23 Avenue du Lac, F-33610, CanejanFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-56750484 buatmenardpatrick@orange.frBUCHBERGER Bruno [1125]SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION JohannesKepler University, Research Inst. forSymbolic Computation, A-4232,Schloss-Hagenberg AUSTRIA Tel: (43)732-24689921 Fax: (43) Margaret[1864] MOLECULAR GENETICS InstitutPasteur, Dept de Biologie du,Développement, CNRS URA2578, 25rue du Dr. Roux, 75724, Paris Cedex 15FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688477 Fax: (33)1-40613452 margab@pasteur.frBUDELMANN Harald [2528]CIVIL ENGINEERING Technical UniversityBraunschweig, Inst. of BuildingMaterials, Concrete Structures,Beethovenstr. 52, D-38106,Braunschweig GERMANY Tel: (49)531-3915405 Fax: (49) 531-3918179h.budelmann@tu-bs.deBUESCU Helena [2233] LITERARYSTUDIES University of Lisbon, Facultyof Letters, Alameda da Universidade,1600-214, Lisbon PORTUGAL Tel: (351)21-7920000 Fax: (351) 21-7960063h.buescu@netcabo.ptBUNGE Hans-Peter [2547]GEODYNAMICS, GEOPHYSICS Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Dept.of Geo & Environmental Sciences,Theresienstrasse 41, D-80333, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-21804225 Fax:(49) 89-21804215 bunge@lmu.deBUNKOV Yury [2756] PHYSICSInstitut Neel, MCBT, 25 av. des Martyrs,F-38042, Gronoble FRANCE Tel: (33)4-76881252 yuriy.bunkov@grenoble.cnrs.frBURES Jan [1304] NEUROSCIENCEInstitute of Physiology, Academy ofSciences of te Czech Republic, Vídenská1083, 14220, Prague 4 CZECH REPUBLICTel: (420) 2-41062539 Fax: (420)2-41062488 bures@biomed.cas.czBURGEN Arnold [1]PHARMACOLOGY 8A Hills Avenue, CB17XA, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-415381 Max [1865] CELLRECOGNITION Novartis InternationalAG, WKL 125.13.02, CH-4002, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-6967690Fax: (41) 61-6967693 max.burger@group.novartis.comBURGOYNE Robert [2088] CELLPHYSIOLOGY University of Liverpool,19

Academia Europaea Directory 2012Institute of Translational Medicine, L693BX, Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 151-7945305 Fax: (44) 151-7945337 Peter [1707] HISTORYEmmanuel College, CB2 3AP,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-334272 Fax: (44) Walter [1684] CLASSICSWildsbergstrasse 8, CH-8610, UsterSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-9403013walter_burkert@bluewin.chBURLAND John Boscawen[2200] SOIL MECHANICS Imperial CollegeLondon, Dept. of Civil & EnvironmentalEngineering, South KensingtonCampus, SW7 2AZ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-75946079Fax: (44) 20-72252716 Geoffrey [1172]NEUROSCIENCE Autonomic NeuroscienceCentre, University College MedicalSchool, Royal Free Campus, RowlandHill St, NW3 2PF, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-78302948 Fax:(44) 20-78302949 Evgueni [2632] EARTHSCIENCES University of Pierre & MarieCurie, ISTEP, Case 129, T46-00 e2, 4place Jussieu, 75252, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-44273859 Fax: (33) 1-44275085evgenii.burov@upmc.frBURROWS Malcolm [1173]NEUROSCIENCE University of Cambridge,Department of Zoology, DowningStreet, CB2 3EJ, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-336628 Fax:(44) 1223-336687 Rodney [297]COMPUTING 4/12 Belhaven Place, EH105JN, Edinburgh UNITED Niels E. [263] METEOROLOGYMandalsgade 4, 4th Floor, DK-2100,Copenhagen DENMARK Tel: (45)35266486 nebusch@post11.tele.dkBUSSLINGER Meinrad [2056]CELL BIOLOGY Research Institute ofMolecular Pathology, Dr. Bohr-Gasse7, A-1030, Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43)1-79730884 Fax: (43) Manuel[2931] EARLY MODERN HISTORY Universityof Cádiz, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras,Avda Dr. Gomez Ulla, s/n, 11003, CadizSPAIN Tel: (34) 956273392 Fax: (34)956015501 manuel.bustos@uca.esBUTT John [2469] MUSIC Universityof Glasgow, Dept. of Music, 14University Gardens, G12 8QH, GlasgowUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) Ian [307]PHYSICS HEP Physics Group, The BlackettLaboratory, Imperial College, PrinceConsort Rd, SW7 2AZ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-75947525 Fax:(44) 20-78238830 Anne [1335]GEOGRAPHY University College Dublin,Department of Geography, Belfield,Dublin 4 IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-7168174Fax: (353) 1-2695597 anne.buttimer@ucd.ieCABOCHE Michel [1077] PLANTSCIENCE Laboratoire de BiologieCellulaire, INRA, 78026, VersaillesFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-30833060 Fax: (33)1-30833111 caboche@versailles.inra.frCADOGAN John [935] CHEMISTRYUniversity of Wales, Swansea,Department of Chemistry, SingeltonPark, SA2 8PP, Swansea UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1792-295506 DE AZEVEDORaimondo [1616] POLITICALSCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHY Faculty ofEconomics, University ‘La Sapienza’,Via del Castro Laurenziano 9, I-00161,Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-49766423Fax: (39) 06-4957606 raimondo.cagianodeazevedo@uniroma1.itCALAS Georges [3070]MINERALOGY 8 Allee du Filon, F-92140,Clamart FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44276872Fax: (33) 1-44273785 georges.calas@upmc.frCALIFANO Salvatore [272]20CHEMICAL PHYSICS NO MAILCALNE Roy [1309] CLINICAL SCIENCE& MICROBIOLOGY NO MAILCAMERINI Fulvio [1161] CLINICALSCIENCE Via Romagna 38, 34134,Trieste ITALYCAMERLENGHI Angelo [2278]MARINE GEOSCIENCES ICREA, C/o GRCGeociencies Marines, Universitat deBarcelona, Campus de Pedralbes,E-08028, Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34)93-4034884 Fax: (34) 93-4031340acamerlenghi@ub.eduCAMERON Averil [2038] HISTORYNO MAILCAMODECA Giuseppe [2281]ROMAN HISTORY Università di NapoliL’Orientale, Dip. Studi Mondo Classico,Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore 12,I-80134, Naples ITALY Tel: (39) 081-6909746 Fax: (39) 081-6909631gcamodeca@tin.itCANAL Ramon [1322] ASTRONOMY& SPACE RESEARCH Departamentd’Astronomia i Meteorologia,Universitat de Barcelona, Fac. deFisica, c/.Martí Franqués, no.1, 8028,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-4021120Fax: (34) 93-4021133 ramon@am.ub.esCANESTRARI Renzo [430]PSYCHOLOGY Università degli Studi diBologna, Dipartimento di Psicologia,viale Berti Pichat 5, 40127, BolognaITALY Tel: (39) 051-243418 Fax: (39)051-243086CANLON Barbara [2956]PHYSIOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY KarolinskaInstitute, Dept. of Physiology &Pharmacology, 171 77, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-52487248 barbara.canlon@ki.seCANNADINE David N. [2815]HISTORY Institute of Historical Research,Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78628740 Fax: (44) Nicholas [1642] HISTORYNational University of Ireland,Department of History, GalwayIRELAND Tel: (353) 91-524411 Fax:(353) 91-750556 nicholas.canny@nuigalway.ieCANTOR Brian [1923] MATERIALSSCIENCE University of York, Heslington,YO10 5DD, York UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1904-432001 Jacqueline [2226]BIOCHEMISTRY INSERM U402, Faculty ofMedicine St Antoine, 27 rue Chaligny,75571, Paris Cedex 12 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40011332 Fax: (33) 1-40011352capeau@st.antoine.inserm.frCAPOGROSSI COLOGNESILuigi [274] HISTORY via B. Eustachion.22, 161, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-4402816 Fax: (39) 06-49910241 luigi.capogrossicolognesi@uniroma1.itCAPRARA Gian V. [1993]PSYCHOLOGY University ‘La Sapienza’,Faculty of Psychology, via Dei MarsiN. 78, 185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-49917532 Fax: (39) 06-4451667gianvittorio.caprara@uniroma1.itCAPUTO Michele [558] EARTHSCIENCE Dipartimento Fisica Università,dacasa, via duse 23, 197, Rome ITALYTel: (39) 06-49913516 Fax: (39)06-4957697 mcaputo@g24ux.phys.uniroma1.itCARAFOLI Ernesto [1036]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Padova, Inst.of Biological Chemistry, Via Colombo3, I-35121, Padova ITALY Tel: (39)049-8276137 Fax: (39) 049-8276125ernesto.carafoli@unipd.itCARBONE Emilio [2387] GENERALPHYSIOLOGY University of Torino,Department of Neuroscience, CorsoRaffaello 30, 10125, Torino ITALY Tel:(39) 11-6707786 Fax: (39) 11-6707708emilio.carbone@unito.itCARDELLI Luca [2363] COMPUTERSCIENCE Microsoft Research, 7 JJThomson Avenue, CB3 0FB, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-479700 Fax: (44) 1223-479999 luca@microsoft.comCARDONA Manuel [1012]PHYSICS Max-Planck-Institut fürFestkörperforschung, Heisenbergstrasse1, 70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49)711-6891710 Fax: (49) 711-6891712m.cardona@fkf.mpg.deCARLESON Lennart [1310]MATHEMATICS Royal Instituteof Technology, Department ofMathematics, Lindstedtsvägen 30,100 44, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-7906239 Fax: (46) 8-7231788carleson@math.kth.seCARLSSON Arvid [662]PHARMACOLOGY Torild Wulffsgatan 50,413 19, Göteborg SWEDEN Tel: (46) 31-829045 Janne [1148]MECHANICS Strakvagen 24, SE-187 34,Täby SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7586854jannec@kth.seCARLSSON Lena [2075]ENDOCRINOLOGY Res. Centre forEndocrinology & Metabolism, Dept.of Internal Medicine, SahlgrenskaUniversity Hospital, SE-413 45,Göteborg SWEDEN Tel: (46) 31-3422866Fax: (46) 31-821524 Edward [1081]CARDIAC ELECTROPHYSIOLOGYDuivenstraat 101, 3052, BlandenBELGIUM edward.carmeliet@med.kuleuven.beCARMIGNOTO Giorgio [2616]NEUROBIOLOGY, BIOMEDICINE Universityof Padova, Dept. of ExperimentalBiodemical Science, Via Colombo3A, 35121, Padova ITALY giorgio.carmignoto@bio.unipd.itCARRA Sergio [542] PHYSICALCHEMISTRY Politecnico di Milano/Dip. Chimica, Materiali e, IngegneriaChemica ‘Giulio Natta’, Via Mancinelli7, 20131, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-23993147 Fax: (39) 02-23993147sergio.carra@polimi.itCARRIER Martin [2740]PHILOSOPHY University of Bielefeld,Department of Philosophy, P O Box 1001 31, D-33501, Bielefeld GERMANYTel: (49) 521-1066441 martin.carrier@uni-bielefeld.deCASANOVA Jean-Claude[2879] POLITICAL ECONOMY 11-13 rue deL’Aude, F-75014, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-43265195 jcc-1@wanadoo.frCASARI Ettore [1126] PHILOSOPHYScuola Normale Superiore, Piazza deiCavalieri 7, I-56126, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39)050-509075 Fax: (39) 050-563513casari@sns.itCASATI Giulio [637] PHYSICSUniversità degli Studi dell’Insubria,Center for Nonlinear & ComplexSystems, via Valleggio 11, I-22100,Como ITALY Tel: (39) 031-2386211Fax: (39) 031-2386279 giulio.casati@uninsubria.itCASHMORE Roger [1242] PHYSICSBrasenose College, OX1 4AJ, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 8165-277821 Fax: (44) 8165-277514 Lorna A. [2559]FUNGAL GENETICS University of Oxford,Department of Plant Sciences, SouthParks Road, OX1 3RB, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-275000 Fax:(44) 1865-275074 Antonio [172] LAW ViaBelgio 7, 50126, Florence ITALY Tel: (39)055-6821060 Fax: (39) 055-6821060cassesea@tin.itCASTAGNA Giuseppe [3036]INFORMATICS 19 rue du ChercheMidi, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)674116167 giuseppe.castagna@pps.jussieu.frCASTELLS Manuel [1544]SOCIOLOGY Universitat Oberta deCatalunya, Av. Tibidabo 47A, E-08035,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-2535772Fax: (34) 93-2110126 mcastellso@uoc.eduCAVALIERE Alfonso [1243]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCHAstrofisica, Dip. Fisica II Università, viadella Ricerca Scientifica 1, 133, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-72594432 Fax: (39)06-2023507 cavaliere@roma2.infn.itCAVALLI Alessandro [399]SOCIOLOGY Via XX Settembre, 8/25,I-16121, Genova ITALY Tel: (39)010-8602836 Fax: (39) 0382-21726aless_cavalli@hotmail.comCAVE Terence [834] LITERATURE St.John’s College, OX1 3JP, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Anny [936] EARTHSCIENCE LEGOS-CNES/GRGS, 18, avenueEdouard-Belin, 31400, ToulouseFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-61332922 Fax: (33)5-61253205 anny.cazenave@cnes.frCEA Jean [401] MATHEMATICS 13ave Caravadossi, 6000, Nice FRANCEcea@unice.frCEBERS Andrejs [2301]THEORETICAL PHYSICS Institute of Physics,Salaspils-1, LV-2169, Latvia LATVIATel: (371) 3195961 Fax: (371) 7901214aceb@tesla.sal.lvCEDAR Howard [3056] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Hebrew University MedicalSchool, Dept. of DevelopmentalBiology, Ein Kerem, 91120, JerusalemISRAEL Tel: (972) 2-6758167 Fax: (972)2-6415848 Julio [1336] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Danish CancerSociety, Institute of Cancer Biology,Strandboulevarden 49, DK-2100,Copenhagen DENMARK Tel: (45)35257364 Fax: (45) 352577376 jec@cancer.dkCERI Stefano [3089] WEB & DATAMANAGEMENT Piazza Lavater 3, 20129,Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-29531664Fax: (39) 02-23993411 stefano.ceri@polimi.itCERMÁK Vladimir [1037]EARTH SCIENCE Czechoslovak Academyof Sciences, Geophysical Institute,4-Sporilov, 141 31, Prague CZECHREPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-67103385 Fax:(420) 2-72761549 cermak@ig.cas.czCERVENY Vlastislav [1407]EARTH & MARINE SCIENCES Instituteof Geophysics, Charles University,Ke Karlovu 3, 12116, Prague CZECHREPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-21911215 Fax:(420) 2-21911214 vcerveny@seis.karlov.mff.cuni.czCERVERO Fernando [1643]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS McGillUniversity/Anesthesia Res. Unit,McIntyre Medical Bldg. Room 1207,3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, H3G1Y6, Montreal, Quebec CANADA Tel: (1)514-3985764 Fax: (1) 514-3988241fernando.cervero@mcgill.caCESARSKY Catherine [1938]ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS EuropeanSouthern Observatory, Karl-Schwarzschild-str.2, D-85748, Garchingbei München GERMANY Tel: (49)89-32006227 Fax: (49) 89-32006366ccesarsk@eso.orgCHAMBON Pierre [34] MOLECULARGENETICS IGBMC, BP 163, Parcd’Innovation, 67404, Illkirch CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 3-88653215 Fax:(33) 3-88653203 chambon@igbmc.ustrasbg.frCHANGEUX Jean-Pierre [63]NEUROSCIENCE Institut Pasteur, 25, ruedu Dr Roux, 75724, Paris Cedex 15FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688805 Fax: (33)1-45688836 changeux@pasteur.frCHANIN Marie-Lise [47]ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS 41 Allée desVaupépins, 91370, Verrières-le-BuissonFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69202045 Fax: (33)1-69202999 chanin@latmos.ipsl.frCHANIOTIS Angelos [2408]ANCIENT HISTORY Institute for AdvancedStudy, School of Historical Studies,Einstein Drive, 8540, Princeton, NewJersey UNITED STATES achaniotis@ias.eduCHAPPELL Hilary M. [2777]LINGUISTICS EHESS, ERC ‘Sinotype’Project, 4 rue Küss, 75013, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45651336 Fax: (33)1-45888643 hmchappell@gmail.comCHARNAY Patrick [1856]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY INSERMU368, Ecole Normale Supérieure,46 rue d’Ulm, 75230, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44323607 Fax: (33)1-44323988 charnay@biologie.ens.frCHAUDHURI Kirti [1644] HISTORYNO MAILCHAZEL François [2179]SOCIOLOGY Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Maison de la Recherche/Dept. de Sociologie, 28 rue Serpente,75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-53105830 Fax: (33) 1-53105848martine.chouquet@paris4.sorbonne.frCHE Michel [1174] CHEMISTRYLaboratoire de Réactivité de Surface,UMR 7197 CNRS, Université Pierre etMarie Curie, 3 rue Galilée, 94200, Ivrysur-SeineFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44275533Fax: (33) 1-44276033 michel.che@upmc.frCHEETHAM Anthony K. [2689]MATERIALS CHEMISTRY University ofCambridge, Department of MaterialsScience, Pembroke St, CB2 3QZ,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-767061 Fax: (44) Mohamed [2183]SOCIOLOGY Université de Paris-Sorbonne(Paris IV) - CNRS, Maison des Sciencesde l’homme, 54 Bd Raspail, 75006, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-49-542231 Fax: (33)1-42223366 mcherkaoui@yahoo.frCHIUDERI Claudio [737] PHYSICSNO MAILCHIUSOLI Gian Paolo [681]CHEMISTRY Dipartimento ChimicaOrganica e, Industriale/Università diParma, viale delle Scienze, 43100,Parma ITALY Tel: (39) 0521-905554 Fax:(39) 0521-905472 chiusoli@unipr.itCHRISTIN Anne-Marie[1477] LITERATURE 84 boulevardSaint-Marcel, 75005, Paris FRANCETel: (33) 1-43364335 christin_am@club-internet.frCHROUSOS George P. [2813]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Kyprou 2, PalaioPsychiko, 15452, Athens GREECE Tel:(30) 210-7794023 Fax: (30) 210-7759167 chrousge@med.uoa.grCHUDAKOVA Marietta [1137]RUSSIAN LITERATURE Mikluho-Maklaja St,No. 39 kor. 3 Kv 380, 117485, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-3359257CIAIS Philippe [2721] CARBONCYCLE SCIENCE CEA/LSCE, l’Orme desMerisiers, 91191, Gif-sur-Yvette CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69089506 Fax: (33)1-69087716 philippe.ciais@lsce.ipsl.frCIARLET Philippe G. [323]MATHEMATICS City University of HongKong, Department of Mathematics, TatChee Avenue, Kowloon HONG KONG Tel:(852) 21942175 Fax: (852) Aaron J. [2702]INTRACELLULAR PROTEOLYSIS Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty ofMedicine, Efron St, POB 9649, 31096,Haifa ISRAEL Tel: (972) 4-8295427Fax: (972) 4-8521193 SIRONI Maria [104]GEOLOGY Università degli Studi diMilano, Department of Earth Sciences,via Mangiagalli 34, 20133, MilanITALY Tel: (39) 02-23698249 Fax: (39)02-70638261CLARAC François [1723]NEUROSCIENCE CNRS, DPM, 31, cheminJoseph Aiguier, 13402, Marseille Cedex02 FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-91164139Fax: (33) 4-91775084 clarac@dpm.cnrs-mrs.frCLARK Robin [901] CHEMISTRYUniversity College London, Departmentof Chemistry, 20, Gordon Street, WC1H0AJ, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76797457 Fax: (44) Peter A. [3001] URBANHISTORY Kotipellontie 13B, 680, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-2724572 peter.clark@helsinki.fiCLARKE Eric F [2650] MUSICOLOGYUniversity of Oxford, Faculty of Music,St. Aldate’s, OX1 1DB, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-276137 Torben [1082]PHYSIOLOGY University of Aarhus, Inst.of Physiology & Biophysics, DK-8000,Aarhus C DENMARK Tel: (45) 89422822Fax: (45) 86129065 Martin [1939]METEOROLOGY Max-Planck-Institutefor Meteorology, Bundesstrasse 53,D-20146, Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49)40-41173225 Fax: (49) 40-41173350claussen@dkrz.deCLAVAL Paul [580] GEOGRAPHYUniversité de Paris-Sorbonne, Géographie, 191, rue Saint-Jacques, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44321400 Fax: (33) 1-44321438CLEMENTI Francesco [2772]PHARMACOLOGY, NEUROSCIENCEUniversity of Milan, Department ofPharmacology, Via Vanvitelli 32, 20129,Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-50316962 Fax:(39) 02-29406341 francesco.clementi@unimi.itCLEVERS Hans [2679]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY HubrechtInstitute, Uppsalalaan 8, 3584 CT,Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)30-2121831 Fax: (31) 30-2121801h.clevers@hubrecht.euCLIFF Andrew David [2137]GEOGRAPHY University of Cambridge,The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, CB2 1TN,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-339655 Fax: (44) Jean [2974]EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY Stationd’ecologie Experimentale du, CNRS aMoulis, USR 2936, 9200, Saint-GironsFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-61040369 Fax: (33)5-61960851 jean.clobert@ecoexmoulis.cnrs.frCLOETINGH Sierd [1408] EARTH& MARINE SCIENCES Utrecht University,Faculty of Geosciences, Tectonics Group,Dept. of Earth Sciences, P.O. Box 80.021,3508 TA, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 30-253 7314 sierd.cloetingh@uu.nlCLOUT Hugh D. [2744] GEOGRAPHYUniversity College London, Departmentof Geography, Pearson Building, GowerStreet, WC1E 6BT, London UNITEDKINGDOM Filippo [1760] CLASSICSIstituto di Studi Comparati sulle, SocietàAntiche, Via Armonica 3, 6123, PerugiaITALY Tel: (39) 075-5854955 Fax: (39)075-5854941 pabrak@unipg.itCOATES John H. [2513]MATHEMATICS University of Cambridge,Emmanuel College, St Andrew’s Street,CB2 3AP, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-740260 Fax: (44) 1223-337920 Edward [1337] CELL& DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Universityof Nottingham, School of BiologicalSciences (UP), University Park, NG7 2RD,Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)115-9513233 Fax: (44) Enrico [1869] DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY John Innes Centre, Departmentof Genetics, Research Park, Colney, NR47UH, Norwich UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1603-450000 Fax: (44) 1603-450045 Dagmar[2138] LAW Hilariastr. 7, D-82049,Pullach GERMANY Tel: (0)89 796354Fax: (0)89 74996437 coewa@freenet.deCOHEN Philip [937] BIOCHEMISTRYNO MAILCOHEN-TANNOUDJI Claude[1326] PHYSICS Départementde Physique de l’Ecole, NormaleSupérieure, Lab.Kastler Brossel, 24 rueLhomond, 75231, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-47077783 Fax: (33) 1-44323434claudect@gmail.comCOLES John [629] ARCHAEOLOGYFursdon Mill Cottage, EX5 5JS,Thorverton, Devon UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1392-860125 Fax: (44) 1392-861095 jmcoles@btinternet.comCOLLEN Désiré [353] BIOCHEMISTRYK U L/Campus Gasthuisberg/Center,for Molecular & Vascular Biology,Herestraat 49, 3000, Leuven BELGIUMTel: (32) 16-345772 Fax: (32) 16-346001 Linda J. [2838] HISTORYPrinceton University, Department ofHistory, 136 Dicknson Hall, NJ 08544,Princeton, New Jersey UNITED STATESTel: (1) 609-2588076 Fax: (1) 609-2585326 lcolley@princeton.eduCOLLINGRIDGE GrahamL. [2704] NEUROSCIENCE Universityof Bristol, MRC Centre for SynapticPlasticity, Department of Anatomy,University Walk, BS8 1TD, BristolUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 117-3311905 Fax: (44) Patrick [313] HISTORYTrinity College, CB2 1TQ, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-338400 Fax: (44) 1433-650918COLOMER Josep M. [2360]POLITICAL SCIENCE GeorgetownUniversity, ICC 501, BMW Center forGerman & European Studies, DC 20007,Washington UNITED STATES

COLQUHOUN David [1175]PHARMACOLOGY University CollegeLondon, Department of Pharmacology,Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-73877050 Fax: (44) Françoise [2690]ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICSObservatoire de Paris/LERMA, 61ave de l’Observatoire, F-75014, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-40512077 Fax:(33) 1-40512002 francoise.combes@obspm.frCOMPAGNON Antoine [2350]MODERN FRENCH LITERATURE Collège deFrance, 11 place Marcelin-Berthelot,75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44271191 Fax: (33) 1-44271645antoine.compagnon@college-defrance.frCOMRIE Bernard S. [2345]LINGUISTICS Max-Planck-Institut fürEvolutionäre, Max-Planck-Institut fürevolutionäre Anthropologie, DeutscherPlatz 6, D-04103, Leipzig GERMANYTel: (49) 341-3550315 Fax: (49) 341-3550333 comrie@eva.mpg.deCONTAMINE Philippe [1478]HISTORY 13, rue de l’Amiral Roussin,75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45678964 Fax: (33) 1-40462588philippe.contamine@club-internet.frCONTOPOULOS George [471]ASTRONOMY Academy of Athens,Research Center of Astronomy, 14Anagnostopoulou St, 10673, AthensGREECE Tel: (30) 210-3634452Fax: (30) 210-3634667 gcontop@academyofathens.grCOOK Nicholas [2840] MUSICUniversity of Cambridge, Facultyof Music, 11 West Road, CB3 9DP,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1722-710012 Robin [2637] LINGUISTICSGöteborg University, Department ofPhilosophy & Linguistics, Box 200,SE-405-30, Göteborg SWEDEN Tel: (46)31-7862536 Fax: (46) Yves [109]PALAEONTOLOGY Collège de France,3, rue d’Ulm, 75231, Paris cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271039 Fax: (33)1-44271289 yves.coppens@collegede-france.frCOQUAND Thierry [2909]COMPUTER SCIENCE University ofGothenburg, Dept. of Computer Science& Engineering, Rännvägen 6B, SE-41296, Gothenburg SWEDEN Tel: (46) 31-7721030 coquand@chalmers.seCORBETT Greville G. [2497]LINGUISTICS Surrey MorphologyGroup, University of Surrey (J1), SMG,English, Fac. of Arts & Human Sciences,GU2 7XH, Guildford, Surrey UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Avelino [1724] CHEMICALKINETICS Instituto de TechnologiaQuimica, Universidad Politécnica deValencia, Avda. Naranjos, S/n, 46022,Valencia SPAIN Tel: (34) 96-3877800Fax: (34) 96-3877809 acorma@itq.upv.esCORNA-PELLEGRINI Giacomo[1545] GEOGRAPHY Viale Coni Zugna 19,20144, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-462913giacomo.cornapellegrinis@tin.itCORNFORTH John [1546]CHEMISTRY NO MAILCORNISH William [2091]INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW MagdaleneCollege, 10 West Rd, CB3 0AG,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-330081 Fax: (44) Eugenio [2652]CHEMICAL SCIENCES Universidad deValencia, Inst. de Ciencia Molecular(ICMoL), Poligono de la Coma s/n,46980, Paterna SPAIN Tel: (34)96-3544415 Fax: (34) 96-3543273eugenio.coronado@uv.esCORTESE Riccardo [1339]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Ist.di Ricerche di Biologia Molecolare,P. Angeletti (IRBM), Via M. Massimo16, 144, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-91093201 Fax: (39) 06-91093634riccardo_cortese@merck.comCORVOL Pierre [938] CLINICALSCIENCE, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Collège deFrance, 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot,75231, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44271675 Fax: (33) 1-44271691pierre.corvol@college-de-france.frCOSSART Pascale [1816]BACTERIAL PATHOGENESIS Unité desInteractions Bactéries-Cellules, InstitutPasteur, 28 rue du Docteur Roux,75724, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688841 Fax: (33) 1-45688706pcossart@pasteur.frCOSSU Giulio [2994] MYOGENICCELL LINEAGES San Raffaele ScientificInstitute, Division of RegenerativeMedicine, 58 Via Olgettina, 2032, MilanITALY Tel: (39) 02-26434954 Fax: (39)02-26434621 cossu.giulio@hsr.itCOTTON Hannah M. [2856]CLASSICS 22 Sheshet Haymim, P OBox 1678, 90805, Mevasseret ZionISRAEL Tel: (972) 2-5340378 Fax: (972)2-5335184 Alan [1015] MATERIALSSCIENCE 40, Maids Causeway, CB5 8DD,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-363806 ah.cottrell@virgin.netCOUPLAND George M. [2676]PLANT BIOLOGY Max Planck Inst. forPlant Breeding, Carl von Linne Weg 10,D-50829, Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49)221-5062205 Fax: (49) 221-5062207coupland@mpiz-koeln.mpg.deCOURTÈS Georges [455]ASTRONOMY NO MAILCOURTILLOT Vincent [1547]EARTH & MARINE SCIENCES Institut dePhysique Du Globe, 4 place Jussieu,75252, Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44273908 Fax: (33) 1-44273373courtil@ipgp.jussieu.frCOUSOT Patrick [2398]INFORMATICS 10 le Pré Launay, 91440,Bures-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel: (33)1-69281283 Fax: (33)1-44322152cousot@ens.frCOUSY Herman A. [2218]LAW Catholic University of Louvain,Rechtsfaculteit, Tiensestraat 41,B-3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-325134 Fax: (32) 16-325314 Alan [690] NEUROSCIENCEUniversity of Oxford, Dept. ofExperimental Psychology, SouthParks Road, OX1 3UD, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-271352 Fax:(44) 1865-310447 David [142] MATHEMATICSNuffield College, OX1 1NF, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-278690 Fax: (44) 1865-278621 Tony [1157] ATMOSPHERICCHEMISTRY Centre for AtmosphericScience, Dept.of Chemistry/Universityof Cambridge, Lensfield Rd, CB2 1EP,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-336253 Fax: (44) RUGGINI Lellia [265]CLASSICS, ROMAN HISTORY Corso ReUmberto 54, 10128, Torino ITALY Tel:(39) 011-597865 lellia.ruggini@unito.itCRANE Tim [2587] PHILOSOPHYUniversity of Cambridge, Faculty ofPhilosophy, Sidgwick Avenue, CB39DA, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMcranetim@mac.comCRAWFORD Michael [1685]CLASSICS Department of History,University College London, Gower St,WC1E 6BT, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-76797396 Fax: (44) 20-74138394 Michael John [2560]ECOLOGY Imperial College London,Silwood Park, SL5 7PY, Ascot UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Kenneth [926] EARTHSCIENCE University of Edinburgh, Schoolof Geo Sciences, Grant Inst. King’sBuildings, EH9 3JW, Edinburgh UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6507285 Fax:(44) 131-6683184 Nicolaie [1772]ENGINEERING 4110 NW 62nd Ave, FL32653, Gainesville UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 352-3926747 Fax: (1) 352-3927303cristesc@ufl.eduCROUZET-PAVAN Elisabeth[2176] HISTORY Université de Paris-Sorbonne, UFR Histoire, 1 rue VictoireIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plCousin, 75230, Paris cedex 05 FRANCETel: (33) 1-43206004 Fax: (33)1-40462649 elisabeth-crouzet.pavan@paris4.sorbonne.frCROZIER Michel [1979] SOCIOLOGY116 Ave du Général Leclerc, 75014, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45391407 Fax: (33)1-45392976CRUMPTON Michael J. [1725]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 8Ticknell Piece Road, Charlbury,OX7 3TW, Chipping Norton UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1608-81145mikcrumpton@googlemail.comCRUNELLI Vincenzo [2848]NEUROSCIENCE Cardiff University,School of Biosciences, NeuroscienceDivision, Museum Avenue, CF10 3AX,Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)29-20874091 Fax: (44) Paul [72] ATMOSPHERICCHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institute forChemistry, Dept. of AtmosphericChemistry, Joh.-J-Becher-Weg 27,55128, Mainz GERMANY Tel: (49) 6131-305328 Fax: (49) 6131-305511 paul.crutzen@mpic.deCSERNAI Lászlo Pál [1924]NUCLEAR PHYSICS Haukeberget 11, 5119,Ulset NORWAY Tel: (47) 55582802 Fax:(47) 55589440 csernai@ift.uib.noCSIKAI Julius [1016] PHYSICSInstitute of Experimental Physics,University of Debrecen, Bem tér 18/a/Pf.105, 4010, Debrecen 10 HUNGARYTel: (36) 52-415222 Fax: (36) 52-315087 csikai@delfin.klte.huCSORGO Tamas [2939] PHYSICSMTA Wigner RCP, RMKI, Konkoly-Thege 29 - 33, H-1121, Budapest XIHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-3922707 Fax:(36) 1-3922727 csorgo.tamas@wigner.mta.huCSURGAY Arpád [821] COMPUTING,ENGINEERING Tanácsház utca 17,1215, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2764845 Fax: (36) 1-4633189acsurgay@itk.ppke.huCUÉNOD Michel [537]NEUROSCIENCE Laboratoire Universitairede, Neurosciences Psychiatriques,Hôpital de Cery, CH-1008, Prilly-Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)21-6436567 Fax: (41) 21-6436562michel.cuenod@inst.hospvd.chCULHANE John L. [2101]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH UniversityCollege London, Mullard Space ScienceLaboratory, Holmbury St Mary, RH56NT, Dorking, Surrey UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1483-274111 Fax: (44) 1483-278312 Barrington [595]ARCHAEOLOGY NO MAILCUTHBERT Alan [1746]PHARMACOLOGY 7 Longstanton Road,Oakington, CB24 3BB, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-336853 Fax: (44) Anne [1920] PSYCHOLOGYMPI for Psycholinguistics, PO Box310, NL-6500 AH, Nijmegen THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 24-3521377Fax: (31) 24-3521213 anne.cutler@mpi.nlCUZIN François [870] GENETICSUniversity of Nice, Unité INSERM U470,Parc Valrose, 6108, Nice Cedex 02FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-92076411 Fax: (33)4-92076402 fcuzin@unice.frCZICHOS Horst [1708] MATERIALSSCIENCE Thielallee 13, 14195, BerlinGERMANYD’ARGENIO Bruno [1940]GEOLOGY NO MAILD’HAEN Theo [1914] ENGLISH &AMERICAN LITERATURE Leuven University,Dept. of English/Faculty of Arts,Blijde-Inkomststr 21, B-3000, LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-324876 Fax:(32) 16-325068 theo.dhaen@arts.kuleuven.beDAEMS Herman [483] ECONOMICSKatholieke Universiteit Leuven, Dept.TEW, Naamsestraat 69, B-3000, LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-326759 Fax: (32)16-326760 Östen [2346] LINGUISTICSStockholm University, Department ofLinguistics, 106 91, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-162331 Terence [150] LAWInstitute of Advanced Legal Studies,University of London, Charles CloreHouse/17 Russell Sq, W1CB 5DR,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78625844 Fax: (44) 20-78625850terence.daintith@wanadoo.frDAL PIAZ Giorgio [553] EARTHSCIENCE Università di Padova, Dip. diGeologia Paleontologia e Geofisica, viaGiotto 1, 35137, Padua ITALY Tel: (39)049-8272055 Fax: (39) 049-8272070dalpiaz@geol.unipd.itDALIBARD Jean [3100] PHYSICSLaboratoire Kastler Brossel, 24 rueLhomond, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44322534 Fax: (33) 1-44323434 jean.dalibard@lkb.ens.frDAMOUR Thibault [2878] PHYSICSNO MAILDANEHOLT Bertil [429]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Dept.of Cell &Molecular Biology, Medical NobelInstitute, Karolinska Institute, S-17177,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7287370Fax: (46) 8-313529 Frantisek [723]LINGUISTICS NO MAILDANTHINE Jean-Pierre [1244]ECONOMICS DEEP-HEC, Swiss NationalBank, P O Box, CH-8022, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-6313227Fax: (41) 44-6313911 jean-pierre.danthine@snb.chDARWIN John [3111] HISTORYOF EMPIRE Nuffield College, OX1 1NF,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-278563 Partha S. [2717]ECONOMICS University of Cambridge,Faculty of Economics, Sidgwick Avenue,CB3 9DD, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-335227 Robert [396] PHYSICSAcadémie des Sciences, 23 Quai Conti,75006, Paris FRANCE robert.dautray@orange.frDAVIDS Karel [2930] HISTORY VUUniversity of Amsterdam, Faculteit derLetteren, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5986354 Fax: (31) 20-5986500c.a.davids@vu.nlDAVIES Huw [772] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE Institute for Atmospheric &Climate Sciences, ETH, CHN (N15.2),Universitätstrasse 16, CH-8092, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-761 1418huw.davies@env.ethz.chDAVIES Kay [1079] GENETICSUniversity of Oxford, Dept. of PhysiologyAnatomy & Genetics, Parks Rd, OX13PT, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-285880 Fax: (44) Alun M. [2919]DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROBIOLOGYCardiff University, Cardiff School ofBiosciences, Life Sciences Building(BIOSI 3), Museum avenue, CF10 3AT,Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)2920-874303 Fax: (44) Norman [3136] HISTORYSt. Anthony’s College, OX2 6JF, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-557429 norman@normandavies.comDAVIES-MITCHELL Margaret[875] LITERATURE 7 Cunliffe Close,Banbury Rd, OX2 7BJ, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-558329 John [813] SOCIALANTHROPOLOGY All Souls College, OX14AL, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-279300 Fax: (44) Ann-Christine [2628]THEORETICAL PHYSICS University ofCambridge, Centre for MathematicalSciences, Wilberforce Rd, CB3 0WA,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-337878 Fax: (44) Peter [1176] CHEMISTRY 16,Dale Close, OX1 1TU, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865 249 ALENCASTRO Luiz F. [3002]SOUTH ATLANTIC HISTORY Universityof Paris Sorbonne, 1, rue VictorAcademia Europaea Directory 2012Cousin, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-4046268 luiz.de_alencastro@paris-sorbonne.frDE BAKKER Jaco [778] COMPUTINGMinervalaan 60 1, 1077 PD, AmsterdamTHE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-6722861 Fax: (31) 06-54602929jacoenlien@hotmail.comDE BOODT Marcel [1884] DESERTSCIENCE Patijntjesstraat 113, B-9000,Gent BELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-2226668 Fax:(32) 9-2226668DE CALLATAY François [2776]ANCIENT HISTORY Royal Library ofBelgium, 4 bd de l’Empereur, B-1000,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-5195603Fax: (32) 2-5195602 callatay@kbr.beDE CARVALHO Arsélio Pato[900] NEUROSCIENCE University ofCoimbra, Center for Neuroscience,Department of Zoology, 3004-517,Coimbra PORTUGAL Tel: (351)239-835812 Fax: (351) 239-822776carvalho@cnc.uc.ptDE CLERCQ Erik [337] MEDICALRESEARCH Katholieke UniversiteitLeuven, Rega Inst. for Medical Research,10 Minderbroedersstraat, B-3000,Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-337341Fax: (32) 16-337340 erik.declercq@rega.kuleuven.beDE CORTE Erik [1645] EDUCATIONPanoramalaan 5, B-3360, BierbeekBELGIUM erik.decorte@ppw.kuleuven.beDE JAGER Cornelis [940]ASTROPHYSICS Molenstraat 22, 1791 DL,Denburg THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)222-320816 cdej@kpnplanet.nlDE JONG Irene J.F. [2423]CLASSICS Buiksloterdijk 272, 1034 ZD,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-5252559 i.j.f.dejong@uva.nlDE LA TORRE Consuelo[59] PLANT SCIENCE CSIC, Centro deInvestigaciones Biologicas, CSIC, Ramirode Maeztu 9, 28040, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 914-298690 Fax: (34) 918-373112consuelodelatorre2009@hotmail.comDE LEENHEER André [414]MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY UniversiteitGent, Laboratory of Toxicology,Harelbekestraat 72, 9000, GentBELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-2648131 Fax:(32) 9-2648197 LOORE Camiel [434]ASTRONOMY Wouwersveld 3, 2630,Aartselaar BELGIUM Tel: (32) 3-8773983cdeloore@pandora.beDE MARSILY Ghislain [1941]EARTH SCIENCES Laboratoire de GéologieAppliquée, Universitée Pierre et MarieCurie, B123, 4 place Jussieu, 75252,Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44275126 Fax: (33) 1-44275125gdemarsily@aol.comDE MAURO Tullio [494]LINGUISTICS NO MAILDE MEESTER Paul [671]ENGINEERING Katholieke UniversiteitLeuven/Dept.of MTM, Centre forNuclear Engineering, B-3001, LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-321301 Fax: (32)16-321990 MICHELI Giovanni [2826]INFORMATICS Ecole PolytechniqueFederale de Lausanne, INF 341, Station14, CH-1015, Lausanne SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 21-6930911 Fax: (41) 21-6930909 giovanni.demicheli@epfl.chDE MONTBRIAL Thierry [1364]POLITICAL SCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHYInstitut Français des, RelationsInternationales, 27 rue de la Procession,75740, Paris cedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40616000 Fax: (33) 1-40616061tdm@ifri.orgDE NATALE Giuseppe[2313] PHYSICS OF THE EARTH INGV -Osservatorio Vesuviano, Via Diocleziano328, I-80124, Naples ITALY Tel: (39)081-6108370 Fax: (39) 81-6108351pino@ov.ingv.itDE NICOLA Rocco [3088]INFORMATICS IMT - Inst. for AdvancedStudy, Piazza S. Ponziano 6, 55100,Lucca ITALY Tel: (33) 0583-4236730rocco.denicola@imtlucca.itDE PLANHOL Xavier [814]GEOGRAPHY Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Institut de Géographie, 191,rue Saint Jacques, 75005, Paris FRANCETel: (33) 1-43290147DE QUEIROS MATTOSO Katia[1901] HISTORY 5 Square Thiers, 75116,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-40463193 Fax:(33) 140463192 kmattoso@wanadoo.frDE RENZI Ennio [1571]NEUROSCIENCE Via Paganini 37, 41100,Modena ITALY Tel: (39) 059-379360 Fax:(39) 059-424299 derenzi@unimo.itDE RIBAUPIERRE Anik [2294]PSYCHOLOGY University of Geneva,Faculté de psychologie et des sciencesde l’éducation, 40 Bd. Du Pont d’Arve,Ch-1205, Geneva SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 22-3799221 Fax: (41) 22-3799229anik.deribaupierre@unige.chDE RIDDER-SYMOENSHildegarde [2675] HISTORYSint-Denijslaan 47, B-9000, GentBELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-3729011 Fax: (32)9-3729011 hilde.symoens@skynet.beDE RÙJULA Alvaro [1040] PHYSICSCERN, 1211, Geneva SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 22-7672436 Fax: (41) 22-7823914alvaro.derujula@cern.chDE SCHONEN Scania [807]PSYCHOLOGY Laboratoire Psychologiede la Perception UMR 8158, CNRS- Université Paris Descartes UFRBiomédicale des Saints-Pères, 45, ruedes Sts Pères, 75270, Paris cedex 06FRANCE Tel: (33) 1 42 86 4023 Fax: (33)1 42 86 33 22 STROOPER Bart [3044]NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES Center forHuman Genetics, VIB and KULeuven,O&N4, Herestraat 49, Box 602, 3000,Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-373101Fax: (32) 16-372700 bart.destrooper@cme.vib-kuleuven.beDE SWAAN Abram [1996]SOCIOLOGY Universiteit van Amsterdam,Maagdenhuis K 012, Postbus 19268,NL-1000 GG, Amsterdam THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-3209110a.deswaan@xs4all.nlDE VAN Gilles [1990] MODERNITALIAN LITERATURE 44 rue Pétion,75011, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-49239846 Fax: (33) 1-49239846gdevan@wanadoo.frDE WITT HUBERTS Peter [95]PHYSICS Herschelstraat 23, 1098 JB,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-627377324 pdwh@nikhef.nlDEBEAUVAIS Michel [1138]COMPARATIVE EDUCATION 11, rue PierreDemours, 75017, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45742865DÉCAMPS Henri [2694] ECOLOGY3 Chemin de Narrade, 31400, ToulouseFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-62171118hdecamps@cict.frDECAUX Guy [2167] MEDICINEHopital Universitaire Erasme, Servicede Medecine Interne, 808 Route deLennik, 1070, Brussels BELGIUM Tel:(32) 2-5554415 Fax: (32) 2-5553211guy.decaux@skynet.beDEETJEN Peter [673] PHYSIOLOGYUniversity of Innsbruck, Institute ofPhysiology, Fritz-Pregl-Strasse 3,A-6010, Innsbruck AUSTRIA Tel: (43)512-5073750 Fax: (43) Stanislas [2708]PSYCHOLOGY, COGNITIVE SCIENCE INSERMU 992, CEA-SACLAY, DVS, 12BM,NeuroSpin, Bat. 145, 91191, Gif-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69087932Fax: (33) 1- 69087973 stanislas.dehaene@cea.frDEHANT Véronique [1942] EARTH& COSMIC SCIENCES Royal Observatory ofBelgium, 3 Avenue Circulaire, B-1180,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-3730266Fax: (32) 2-3749822 v.dehant@oma.beDEISENHOFER Johann[650] BIOPHYSICS U.T. SouthwesternMedical Center, The University ofTexas Southwestern Medical Center,6001 Forest Park Road, ND10.502,TX 75390-8816, Dallas, Texas UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 214-645-5941 Fax: (1)214-645-5939 johann.deisenhofer@utsouthwestern.eduDEJANA Elisabetta [2635] CELLBIOLOGY IFOM Foundation FIRC Inst.of Molecular Oncology, Via Adamello16, 20129, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-574303234 Fax: (39) 02-574303231elisabetta.dejana@infom-ieocampus.it21

Academia Europaea Directory 2012DEJEAN Anne [2319] MOLECULARGENETICS Nuclear Organisation &Oncogenesis Unit, INSERM U.579,Institut Pasteur, 28 rue du Dr. Roux,75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688886 Fax: (33) 1-45688943adejean@pasteur.frDELIVORRIAS Angelos [1308]ARCHAEOLOGY Benaki Museum, 1Koumbari Street, 106 74, AthensGREECE Tel: (30) 210-3671032 Fax: (30)210-3671063 delivorrias@benaki.grDELLA-SETA Fabrizio [2289]MUSICOLOGY Università di Pavia, Facultyof Music, Corso Garibaldi 178, 26100,Cremona ITALY Tel: (39) 0372-25575Fax: (39) 06-6621260 f.dellaseta@unipv.itDELMAS Robert J. [1038]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE Laboratoirede Glaciologie et, Géophysique del’Environnement, BP 96, 38402, St.Martin d’Hères Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)4-76824265 Fax: (33) 4-76824201delmas@lgge.obs.ujf-grenoble.frDELSENY Michel [636] PLANTSCIENCE University of Perpignan/ Physiologie, et Biologie Moléculairedes Plantes, UMR 5545 CNRS, 66860,Perpignan FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-68668848Fax: (33) 4-68668499 delseny@univ-perp.frDELUMEAU Jean [1495] HISTORY23, rue des Lauriers, 35510, CessonSevigne FRANCE Tel: (33) 2-99839196Fax: (33) 3-44271109DÉNARIÉ Jean [2102] PLANTSCIENCE Laboratoire des Interactions,Plantes - Micro-Organismes, INRA -CNRS, BP 27, 31326, Castanet-TolosanCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 5-61285050Fax: (33) 561-285459 denarie@toulouse.inra.frDÉNES Iván Z. [1646] HISTORYBeregszasz ut 62, H-1112, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-7860596 Fax: (36)1-3510930 diz@kodolanyi.huDENISSE Jean-François [1409]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH 48rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-43294874DENZEL Markus A. [2816]ECONOMIC & SOCIAL HISTORY Universityof Leipzig, Department of History,Beethovenstrasse 15, D-04107, LeipzigGERMANY Tel: (49) 341-9737100 Fax:(49) 341-9737149 denzel@rz.unileipzig.deDERCOURT Jean [417] EARTHSCIENCE Académie des Sciences, 23 quaide Conti, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44414505 Fax: (33) 1-44414418 jean.dercourt@academie-sciences.frDERTILIS George [664] HISTORYL’École des Hautes Études en SciencesSociales, 190-198 ave de France, 75244,Paris Cedex 13 FRANCE dertilis@ehess.frDEWEY John [761] EARTH SCIENCESherwood Lodge, 93 Bagley WoodRoad, OX1 5NA, Kennington, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-735425 dewey@geology.ucdavis.eduDEXTER Michael [1964] CELLBIOLOGY NO MAILDEYEV Sergey M. [2483]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Shemyakin& Ovchinnikov Inst. of BioorganicChemistry, Russian Academy ofSciences, Miklukho-Maklaya str. 16/10,117997, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-4998810 Fax: (7) 495-4998810deyev@ibch.ruDEZANI-CIANCAGLINIMariangiola [1496] COMPUTINGDipartimento di Informatica, Universitàdi Torino, c. Svizzera 185, 10149, TorinoITALY Tel: (39) 011-6706732 Fax: (39)011-751603 dezani@di.unito.itDI FIORE Pier P. [2898] CELLBIOLOGY IFOM-IEO CAMPUS, ViaAdamello 16, 20139, Milan ITALYTel: (39) 02-574303257 Fax: (39)02-574303231 pierpaolo.difiore@ifom-ieo-campus.itDIAKONOV Dmitri I. [3114]THEORETICAL PHYSICS Petersburg NuclearPhysics Institute, Theory Division,Gatchina, 188300, St. PetersburgRUSSIA Tel: (7) 813-7146096 Fax:(7) 813-7131969 dmitri.diakonov@gmail.comDICZFALUSY Egon [138]PHARMACOLOGY Rönningevägen 21,144 61, Rönninge SWEDEN Tel: (46)228-53251035 Fax: (46) 8-53250751egon.diczfalusy@glocalnet.netDIEHL Volker [1686] CLINICALSCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGY Klinik I fürInnere Medizin der, Universität zuKöln, Joseph-Stelzmann-Str.9, 50924,Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49) 221-4780Fax: (49) 221-4785455 v.diehl@uni-koeln.deDIETERLEN Françoise [1039]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY NO MAILDIETL Tomasz [3066] PHYSICS PALInstitute of Physics, Polish Academyof Sciences, al. Lotnikow 32/46, PL 02668, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-8435324 Fax: (48) 22-8475224 Luis [1675] LAWGral. Pardiñas, 116, 1º, 28006, MadridSPAIN Tel: (34) 91-5622934 Fax: (34)91-5622983 luis.diez-picazo@diezpicazoabogados.comDIFFLEY John [2672] CELL CYCLECancer Research UK, London ResearchInstitute, Blanche Lane, EN6 3LD, SouthMimms UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1707-625869 Fax: (44) Dario [1270]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS Università diMilano, Dip. di Scienze Biomolecolarie Biotecnologie- Lab. FisiologiaMolecolare e Neurobiologia, via Celoria26, 20133, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-50314931 Fax: (39) 02-50324932 dario.difrancesco@unimi.itDIHLE Albrecht [902] CLASSICSSchillingsrotter Platz 7, 50968, CologneGERMANY Tel: (49) 221-381842DIJKGRAAF Robbert [2566]MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Universityof Amsterdam, Spui 21, 1012 WX,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-5252248 r.h.dijkgraaf@uva.nlDILLENBOURG Pierre [3061]COMPUTER SCIENCE CRAFT, EPFL Station20, 1015, Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 22-3661759 pierre.dillenbourg@epfl.chDINGWELL Donald B. [2449]EARTH SCIENCES University of Munich,Earth & Environmental Sciences,Theresienstr. 41/III, 80333, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-21804250Fax: (49) 89-21804176 dingwell@tonline.deDINU Corneliu [1687] EARTH& MARINE SCIENCES University ofBucharest, Faculty of Geology &Geophysics, T. Vuia St. No.6, 70139,Bucharest ROMANIA Tel: (40)1-2117390 Fax: (40) 1-2113120DOBBELAERE Karel [581]SOCIOLOGY rue Docteur Olyff 9 et 10,B-4570, Marchin BELGIUM Tel: (32)85-235129 Fax: (32) 85-235129dobbelaere.voye@skynet.beDOBBERSTEIN Bernhard[1177] CELL & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGYZMBH, Zentrum für MolekulareBiologie, der Universität Heidelberg,Im Neuenheimer Feld 282, 69120,Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-546825 Fax: (49) 6221-545892dobberstein@zmbh.uni-heidelberg.deDOBSON Christopher M. [2997]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYSt. John’s College, The Master’s Lodge,Bridge St, CB2 1TP, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-763070 Fax:(44) 1223-763418 Graham [1647]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS The Universityof Liverpool, Department of Physiology,P O Box 147/Crown St, L69 3BX,Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)151-7945324 Fax: (44) Carlo [2314] EARTHSCIENCES Università La Sapienza,Dipartimento di Scienze Della Terra, P.le Moro 5, Box 11, I-00185, Rome ITALYTel: (39) 06-49914549 Fax: (39) 06-4454729 carlo.doglioni@uniroma1.itDOISE Willem [1149] SOCIALPSYCHOLOGY University of Geneva, FPSEDepartment of Social Psychology, 40Blvd du Pont d’Arve, CH-1205, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7059311Fax: (41) 22-7059319 willem.doise@pse.unige.chDOLLERY Colin [128] MEDICALSCIENCE 101 Corringham Rd, NW117DL, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-84582616 Fax: (44) 20-84585315colindollery@aol.comDOMANSKI Ryszard [1245]GEOGRAPHY Poznan University ofEconomics, al.Niepodleglosci 10, 61875,Poznan POLAND Tel: (48) 61-8411269Fax: (48) 61-8543433 r.domanski@ue.poznan.plDOMINGO Esteban [1857]MOLECULAR VIROLOGY Centro de BiologíaMolecular ‘Severo Ocha’, UniversidadAutónoma de Madrid, Cantoblanco,28049, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-3978485 Fax: (34) 91-3974799edomingo@cbm.uam.esDOMINGUEZ José [2150]STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Universidad deSevilla, Escuela Superior de Ingenieros,Camino de los Descubrimientos, 41092,Seville SPAIN Tel: (34) 95-4487293 Fax:(34) 95-4487295 jose@us.esDOMINGUEZ PRIETO Cesar[2729] COMPARATIVE LITERATUREUniversidad de Santiago deCompostela, Depto. Literatura espanola,Teoria da literatura, Burgo das Nacionss/n°, 15782, Santiago de CompostelaSPAIN Tel: (34) 982510458 cesar.dominguez@usc.esDONACHIE William David[292] MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 18 GrosvenorCrescent, EH12 5EL, Edinburgh UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-3372025DONALD Athene [2684] PHYSICSUniversity of Cambridge, CavendishLaboratory, J J Thomson Avenue, CB30HE, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-337382 Fax: (44) 1223-337000 Simon [1457]MATHEMATICS Imperial College,Department of Mathematics, 180Queen’s Gate, SW7 2BZ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-75948559 Fax:(44) 20-75948517 Mauro [2741] PHILOSOPHYPiazza San Saturnino 5, I-00199, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-85304293 dorato@uniroma3.itDORE Ronald [475] SOCIOLOGYNO MAILDORIGO Marco [2750] SWARMINTELLIGENCE Université Libre deBruzelles, CP 194/6 IRIDIA, 50ave. F. Roosevelt, B-1050, BrusselsBELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-6503169 Fax: (32)2-6502715ÖRNER Dietrich [252]PSYCHOLOGY Universität Bamberg,Institut für Theoretische Psychololgie,Markusplatz 3, 96045, BambergGERMANY Tel: (49) 951-8631861 Fax:(49) 951-601511 dietrich.doerner@ppp.uni-bamberg.deDOUMAS Christos [615]ARCHAEOLOGY Lambrou Photiadou27, 11636, Athens GREECE Tel: (30)210-9229264 Fax: (30) 210-9241300doumases@otenet.grDOWLING Ann P [2606]MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Universityof Cambridge, Department ofEngineering, Trumpington Street, CB21PZ, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-332739 Fax: (44) 1223-223812524 John [2597] ENGLISHLITERATURE University of Stirling, Dept.of English Studies, FK9 4LA, StirlingUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1786-467501 Pieter J. D. [262]PSYCHOLOGY Pekkendam 6, 1081 HR,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS pjdd@xs4all.nlDRESSLER Wolfgang U.[2283] LINGUISTICS Institute forCorpus Linguistics & Text Technology(ICLTT), Austrian Academy of Sciences,Sonnenfelsgasse 19, A-1010, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427741701 Fax:(43) 1-42779417ÈZE Jacques [271] ECONOMICSCatholic University of Louvain, Centrefor Operations Res. & Econometrics, 34,voie du Roman Pays, B-1348, Louvain-La-Neuve BELGIUM Tel: (32) 10-474321Fax: (32) 10-474301 jacques.dreze@uclouvain.beDRIVER Jon [2358] COGNITIVENEUROSCIENCE University CollegeLondon, UCL Institute of CognitiveNeuroscience, 17 Queen Square, WC1E6BT, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76791121 Fax: (44) Guillaume[1271] PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS Lab.voor Fysiologie, Campus Gasthuisberg,K.U. Leuven, 3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel:(32) 16-345726 Fax: (32) Manfred [2936]COMPUTER SCIENCE & ALGEBRA UniversitätLeipzig, Institut für Informatik, PF100920, 4009, Leipzig GERMANYTel: (49) 341-9732200 Fax: (49)341)9732209 droste@informatik.uni-leipzig.deDRURY Luke O’Connor [2315]ASTROPHYSICS Dublin Institute forAdvanced Studies, 5 Merrion Square,Dublin 2 IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6621333Fax: (353) 1-6621477 ld@cp.dias.ieDRUSCHEL Peter [2520]COMPUTER SCIENCE Max Planck Inst.for Software Systems, Campus E1.4,66123, Saarbrücken GERMANY Tel: (49)681-93039100 Fax: (49) 681-9325299druschel@mpi-sws.orgDUARTE Carlos M. [2328]ECOLOGY, OCEANOGRAPHY InstitutoMedierrraneo de Estudio Avanzados,C/Miquel Marques 21, 7190, Esporles,Mallorca SPAIN Tel: (34) 971-611725Fax: (34) 971-611761 carlosduarte@imedea.uib.esDUBOULE Denis [1726]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Universitéde Geneve, Sciences III, 30 quaiErnest-Ansermet, 1211, Geneva 4SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7026771Fax: (41) 22-7026795 denis.duboule@zoo.unige.chDUCHEN Michael R. [2456]PHYSIOLOGY University College London,Department of Physiology, Gower St,WC1E 7BT, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-76793207 Martial [2239] ATOMIC& MOLECULAR PHYSICS UniversitéParis-Nord, Laboratoire de Physiquedes Lasers, 99 ave J. B. Clément,F-93430, Villetaneuse FRANCE Tel: (33)1-49403900 Fax: (33) 1-49403200ducloy@lpl.univ-paris13.frDUDDECK Heinz [1340]ENGINEERING Institut für Statik, TUBraunschweig, Beethovenstrasse 51,38106, Braunschweig GERMANY Tel:(49) 531-3913667 Fax: (49) 531-3918116 statik@tu-bs.deDUDITS Dénes [803] PLANT SCIENCEBiological Research Centre/HAS, P OBox 521, 6701, Szeged HUNGARY Tel:(36) 62-599769 Fax: (36) 62-433188dudits@nucleus.szbk.u-szeged.huDUFF Antony [2418] PHILOSOPHYUniversity of Stirling, Department ofPhilosophy, Pathfoot Building, FK94LA, Stirling UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1786-467556 Fax: (44) Bernard [2023] GENETICS,MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institut Pasteur,Dept. of Biotechnologies, 25 rue duDr. Roux, F-75724, Paris Cedex 15FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688482 Fax: (33)1-40613456 bdujon@pasteur.frDUMMETT Michael [760]PHILOSOPHY 54 Park Town, OX2 6SJ,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-558698 Fax: (44) 1865-558698 necDUMONT Jacques [668]BIOCHEMISTRY University ofBrussels, Campus Erasme, Inst. ofInterdisciplinary Research, (Bldg C)/route de Lennik 808, B-1070, BrusselsBELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-5554134 Fax: (32)2-5554655 Jack [183] CHEMISTRYETH-Hönggerberg, Laboratorium fürOrganische Chemie, CH-8093, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6322892Fax: (41) 1-6321109 dunitz@org.chem.ethz.chDUPLESSY Jean-Claude[224] EARTH SCIENCE Lab. des Sciencesdu Climate et de l’Environnement,Laboratoire Mixte CNRS-CEA, Parc duCNRS, 91198, Gif-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-69823526 Fax: (33) 1-69823568jean-claude.duplessy@lsce.cnrs-gif.frDUSSAULE Jean-Claude [2211]RENAL PHYSIOLOGY Saint-AntoineHospital, Department of Physiology,184 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine,75571, Paris Cedex 12 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-49282314 Fax: (33) 1-49282052jean-claude.dussaule@sat.ap-hopparis.frDUURSMA Egbert [505] MARINESCIENCE 302 Av. Du Sémaphore, 6190,Roquebrune/Cap Martin FRANCE Tel:(33) 4-93789793 Fax: (33) 4-93789793duursma@orange.frDUVAL Erik [2715] METADATASint-Michielskaai 4, 2000, AntwerpBELGIUM Tel: (32) 486-270657 Fax: (32)16-327996 erik.duval@cs.kuleuven.beDUVE Christian de [622]BIOCHEMISTRY Christian de DuveInst. of Cellular, Pathology, 75.50,ave. Hippocrate 75, 1200, BrusselsBELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-7647537 Fax: (32)2-7647573 Thomas [2726] LEGALHISTORY Max-Planck-Inst. furEuropäische Rechtsgeschichte,Hausener Weg 120, D-60489, Frankfurt/Main GERMANY Tel: (49) 69-78978222Fax: (49) 69-78978211 duve@rg.mpg.deDYMNIKOV Valentin P. [2262]MATHEMATICAL THEORY OF CLIMATEInstitute of Numerical Mathematics, 8Gubkina Stz., 119991 GSP-1, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9383903 Fax: (7)495-9381821 dymnikov@inm.ras.ruDZIUBALSKA-KOLACZYKKatarzyna [2638] LINGUISTICS AdamMickiewicz University, Poznan, Schoolof English, al. Niepodleglosci 4, 61-874,Poznan POLAND Tel: (48) Patricia [1688]CLASSICS NO MAILECK Werner [1178] CLASSICSUniversität zu Köln/Institut fürAltertumskunde -, Alte Geschichte,Albertus-Magnus-Platz, D-50923,Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49) 221-4703469 Fax: (49) 221-4705956werner.eck@uni-koeln.deECKHOFF Rolf K. [2964] PROCESSSAFETY TECHNOLOGY University ofBergen, Dept. of Physics & Technology,P O Box 7803, N-5020, Bergen NORWAYTel: (47) 55-582858 Fax: (47) 55-589440 rolf.eckhoff@ift.uib.noECKMANN Jean-Pierre [2098]MATHEMATICS & PHYSICS University ofGeneva, Dept. of Theoretical Physics,24 quai Ernest Ansermet, 1211, Geneva4 SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7026360Fax: (41) 22-7026870 jean-pierre.eckmann@physics.unige.chEDELSBRUNNER Herbert[2683] COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRYInstitute of Science & TechnologyAustria, AM Campus 1, A-3400,Klosterneuburg AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 2243-90003301 Robert [156]PHYSIOLOGY Duck End Farm, DryDrayton, CB3 8DB, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1954-780602Fax: (44) 1954-781171 Suad [1791] PHYSIOLOGYKarolinska Institute/KarolinskaHospital, Dept. of Molecular Medicine,The Endocrine & Diabetes Unit, SE-171 76, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-51774365 Fax: (46) 8-51773096suad.efendic@ki.seEGGER Joseph [2008] DYNAMICMETEOROLOGY NO MAILEGLINTON Geoffrey [763] EARTHSCIENCE 7 Red House Lane, BS9 3RY,Bristol UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)117-9683833 Fax: (44) 117-9626065geoffrey.eglinton@dartmouth.eduEHHALT Dieter H.[1041] ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEForschungszentrum Jülich, Institutfür Atmosphärische, Chemie (ICG-II:Troposphäre), 52425, Jülich GERMANYTel: (49) 2461-613103 Fax: (49) 2461-615346 die.ehhalt@fz-juelich.deEHLERS Eckart [788] GEOGRAPHYUniversität Bonn, Institut fürWirtschaftsgeographie, MeckenheimerAllee 166, 5300, Bonn GERMANYTel: (49) 228-737232 ehlers@giub.uni-bonn.deEHRENDORFER Friedrich[1442] PLANT & ANIMAL SCIENCESUniversity of Vienna, Inst.of Botany &Botanical Gdn., Rennweg 14, 1030,Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427754154Fax: (43) 1-42779541 Manfred [304] CHEMISTRYNO MAILEILERS Martin [1858] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Lehrstuhl für PhysiologischeChemie II, Am Hubland, 97074,Würzburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 931-319411 Fax: (49) 6421-2865196martin.eilers@biozentrum.uniwuerzburg.deEINASTO Jaan [903] ASTRONOMYTartu Astrophysical Observatory, 20244,Tôravere ESTONIA Tel: (372) 1434-31097EISNER David A. [2457] CARDIACPHYSIOLOGY University of Manchester,Unit of Cardiac Physiology, 3-18Core Technology Facility, M13 9NT,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)161-2752702 Fax: (44) Gösta [1272] PHYSICSMedsolsbacken 15, SE-16561, HässelbySWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7392211 Fax: (46)8-347817 Olav [904] EARTHSCIENCE University of Bergen, Dept.of Earth Science, Allegt. 41, N-5007,Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47) 55583495Fax: (47) 55583660 olav.eldholm@geo.uib.noELIA Annibale [408] LINGUISTICSUniversità di Salerno - Campus, Istitutodi Linguistica, 84084, Fisciano ITALY Tel:(39) 089-962276 elianni@tin.itELICES Manuel [1497] MATERIALSSCIENCE Universidad Politecnica deMadrid, E.Caminos, Dpto.Ciencia deMateriales, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040,Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34) 91-5433974Fax: (34) 91-5437845 melices@mater.upm.esELLIOTT John [805] HISTORY OrielCollege, University of Oxford, OX1 4EW,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-716703 Fax: (44) Roger J. [2530] PHYSICS11 Crick Road, OX2 6QL, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-558369 Fax:(44) 1865-558369 Katharine [2737]MUSIC University of London, MusicDepartment, Royal Holloway, TW200EX, Egham, Surrey UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1784-434455 Robert [905] LITERATURE15, rue Olivier Noyer, 75014, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45393249 Fax:(33) 1-45393249 robert.ellrodt@dbmail.comELSCHEK Oskár [1775] MUSICOLOGYBeskydská 6, SK-811 05, BratislavaSLOVAKIA Tel: (421) 7-52493377 Fax:(421) 7-52493377 hudvelos@savba.savba.skELSTER Jon [422] POLITICAL SCIENCENO MAILEMMER Pieter C. [2228] HISTORYVan Beuningenlaan 32, 2334 CC,Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)71-5173480 Fax: (31) 71-5272615p.c.emmer@hum.leidenuniv.nlEMMERMANN Rolf [982]EARTH SCIENCE GeoforschungszentrumPotsdam, Telegrafenberg, Haus G,14473, Potsdam GERMANY Tel: (49)331-2881000 Fax: (49) 331-2881000emmermann@gfz-potsdam.deENCRENAZ Pierre J. [2126]EARTH & COSMIC SCIENCES DEMIRM,Observatoire de Paris, 61 ave del’Observatoire, 75014, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 140512036 Fax: (33) 140512002pierre.encrenaz@obspm.frENCRENAZ Thérèse [2156]PLANETARY SCIENCES LESIA, Observatoirede Paris, F-92195, Meudon FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-45077691 Fax: (33) 1-45072806therese.encrenaz@obspm.frENDERBY John [347] PHYSICS7 Cotham Lawn Rd, BS6 6DU, BristolUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 117-9733411 Fax: (44) 20-74512691 john.enderby@btinternet.comENDERS Jürgen [3083] POLITICALSOCIOLOGY CHEPS, University of Twente,P O 217, 7500 AE, Enschede THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 53-4893237j.enders@utwente.nlENGDAHL Horace [2500]LITERATURE Skomakargartan 34, SE-11129, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-201034 Fax: (46) 8-55512549 horace.

engdahl@svenskaakademien.seENGEL Christoph [2139] LAWMax Planck Project Group:CommonGoods:, Law, Politics & Economics, Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 10, D-53113, BonnGERMANY Tel: (49) 228-9141610 Fax:(49) 228-9141611 engel@coll.mpg.deENGELBRECHT Jüri [2276]ENGINEERING Estonian Academy ofSciences, Kohtu Str. 6, 10130, TallinnESTONIA Tel: (372) 6442129 Fax: (372)6451805 je@ioc.eeENGELER Erwin [1042]MATHEMATICS E.T.H. Zürich, Zentrum,Huttenstrasse HUT E13, CH-8092, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6322225engeler@math.ethz.chENGWALL Lars [2361] BUSINESSSTUDIES Lilla Frescativägen 4D, 10405,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-4589868Fax: (46) 8-4716810 lars.engwall@fek.uu.seENYEDI György [942] GEOGRAPHYLabanc-u 15.1.5, H-1021, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-3552455 Fax: (36)1-3552455 enyedi@rkk.huEOGAN George [350] ARCHAEOLOGY59 Brighton Rd, Rathgar, Dublin 6IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-4906218 eogan@eircom.netEPHRUSSI Anne [2876]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY EMBL,Developmental Biology,Meyerhofstrasse 1, 69117, HeidelbergGERMANY Tel: (49) 6221-3878429 Fax:(49) 6221-3878166 ephrussi@embl.deEPSTEIN Anthony [133]MICROBIOLOGY University of Oxford,Nuffield Dept. of Clinical Medicine, JohnRadcliffe Hospital, Headington, OX39DU, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-221334 Fax: (44) Barbara [3122] HIGHENERGY NUCLEAR PHYSICS 36, Ave deFontainbleu, 44800, Saint HerblainFRANCE Tel: (33) 6-81449126 barbara.erazmus@subatech.in2p3.frERIKSON Robert [1548]SOCIOLOGY Swedish Institute for SocialResearch, Stockholm University,S-10691, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-162093 Fax: (46) 8-154670 Gerhard [2201] CHEMISTRYOrganisch-Chemisches Institut der,Universität Münster, Corrensstrasse 40,48149, Münster GERMANY Tel: (49)251-8333221 Fax: (49) 251-8336503erker@uni-muenster.deERLL Astrid [2885] ANGLOPHONELITERATURES Goethe-University, FB10/IEAS, Grueneburgplatz 1, 60323,Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Tel: (49)69-79832380 Fax: (49) 69-79832353erll@em.uni-frankfurt.deERNST Richard [513] CHEMISTRYETH Zürich, Lab.für PhysikalischeChemie, Wolfgang-Paul-Str. 10 HCI,CH-8093, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)1-6324368 Fax: (41) 1-6321257 ernst@nmr.phys.chem.ethz.chERTL Gerhard [1182] PHYSICALCHEMISTRY Fritz Haber Institut der,Max Planck Gesellschaft, Faradayweg4-6, 14195, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-84135100 Fax: (49) 30-84135106ertl@fhi-berlin.mpg.deERZAN Ayse [3027] PHYSICSInstanbul Technical University,Department of Physics, Faculty ofSciences & Letter, Maslak, 34469,Istanbul TURKEY Tel: (90) 212-2853277Fax: (90) 212-2856386 Albert [26]ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Laboratory ofOrganic Chemistry, ETH Hönggerberg,HCI H309, CH-8093, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6322893 Fax:(41) 1-6321043 eschenmoser@org.chem.ethz.chESIK Zoltan [2805] COMPUTERSCIENCE University of Szeged, Dept.of Computer Science, POB 652, 6701,Szeged HUNGARY Tel: (36) 62-544289Fax: (36) 62-544895 ze@inf.u-szeged.huESPARZA Javier [2910]THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCETechnische Universität München,Institut fü Informatik, I 7, Boltzmannstr.3, 85748, Garching bei MünchenGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-28917204 Fax:(49) 89-28917207 javier.esparza@mytum.deESTERHAMMER Angela [2501]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Universityof Zurich, Department of English,Plattenstrasse 47, CH-8032, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-6343680Fax: (41) 44-6344908 esterhammer@es.uzh.chESTEVE Daniel [3092] MESOSCOPIC& QUANTUM PHYSICS CEA Saclay - SPEC,F-91191, Gif-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-69085529 Fax: (33) 1-59087442daniel.esteve@cea.frETEMAD Bouda [3097] ECONOMICHISTORY OF EUROPEAN COLONIZATION5 avenue Paul Chaix, 1231, ChochesSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7892953bouda.etemad@unige.chETTE Ottmar [2730] COMPARATIVELITERATURE Feuerbachstrasse 3,D-14471, Potsdam GERMANY Tel: (49)331-903268 Fax: (49) 331-903268ette@uni-potsdam.deEVANS Robert [1911] HISTORYUniversity of Oxford, Faculty of History,OX1 32RL, Oxford UNITED Pavel [2808] MATHEMATICALPHYSICS Doppler Institute, Brehova 7,11519, Prague CZECH REPUBLIC Tel:(420) 266-173293 Fax: (420) 220-940165 exner@ujf.cas.czEYCKMANS Luc [418] CLINICALSCIENCE NO MAILEYSKENS Mark [655] ECONOMICSDe Grunnelaan 17, 3001, HeverleeLeuven BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-5168211Fax: (32) 2-406018 m.eyskens@syknet.beFACCENNA Claudio [2548] EARTH& PLANETARY SCIENCES Universitá RomaTre, Dip. Scienze Geologiche, L.S.L.Murialdo 1, 146, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-57338029 Fax: (39) 06-57338201faccenna@uniroma3.itFADDEEV Ludwig D. [596]MATHEMATICS Steklov MathematicalInstitute, Fontanka 27, St. PetersburgRUSSIA Tel: (7) 812-3124058FAGOT-LARGEAULT Anne[2355] PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE Collègede France, 11 place Marcelin-Berthelot,75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44271307 Fax: (33) 1-44271330anne.fagot-largeault@college-defrance.frFALK Armin [2858] NEUROECONOMICUniversity of Bonn, Inst. for EmpiricalRes. in Economics, Adenauerallee24-42, D-53113, Bonn GERMANY Tel:(49) 228-739240 Fax: (49) 228-739239armin.falk@uni-bonn.deFÄLTHAMMAR Carl-Gunne[906] PHYSICS Borägen 35, 18143,Lidingö SWEDEN Fax: (46) 8-245431carl-gunne.falthammar@ee.kth.seFARDEAU Michel [1676]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS NO MAILFARGE Marie [2303]COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS LMD - EcoleNormale Supérieure, 24 rue Lhomond,75231, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44322235 Fax: (33) 1-43368392farge@lmd.ens.frFARR Robert [1043] PSYCHOLOGYApartment 8, No. 1 Avenue Elmers, KT64SP, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-79557712FASSMANN Heinz [2140] HUMANGEOGRAPHY Institute for Geography,Universitätsstrasse 7A 520, A-1010,Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427748680Fax: (43) 1-42779531 Joël-Marie [3033]FRENCH HISTORY OF MUSIC C.N.R.S., 19avenue Président Poincaré, F-33400,Talence FRANCE joel-marie.fauquet@wanadoo.frFAUTH Soren R. [2820] LITERATURE,PHILOSOPHY Aarhus University, Instituteof Language Literature & Culture, JensChr. Skous Vej 5, DK-8000, Aarhus CDENMARK Tel: (45) 89-426343 Stephan [3079] PHYSICSLaboratoire de Physique Statistique,Ecole Normale Superieure, 24 rueLhomond, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-44322521 Fax: (33) 1-44323433fauve@lps.ens.frFAVRHOLDT David [302]PHILOSOPHY Oehlenschlegersvej57, 5230, Odense M DENMARK Tel:If you see any errors contact: 65503319 Fax: (45) 65932375favrholdt@ifpr.sdu.dkFEHR Ernst [2640] MICROECONOMICSUniversity of Zurich, Laboratory forSocial & Neural Systems Research,Blümlisalpstrasse 10, CH-8006, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-6343701ernst.fefr@econ.uzh.chFEISSEL Denis [2403] HISTORY 82rue de l’Amiral Mouchez, F-75014, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45801728 denis.feissel@college-de-france.frFELDBAEK Ole [1984] HISTORYNO MAILFELLNER Dieter W. [2697]COMPUTER SCIENCE Fraunhofer IGD,Fraunhoferstr. 5, 64283, DarmstadtGERMANY Tel: (49) 6151-155100Fax: (49) 6151 155105 d.fellner@igd.fraunhofer.deFENCHEL Tom [1890] MARINEBIOLOGY Marine Biological Laboratory,University of Copenhagen,Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000,Helsingør DENMARK Tel: (45) 35321960Fax: (45) 35321951 tfenchel@bio.ku.dkFENSTAD Jens Erik [41]MATHEMATICS University of Oslo,Institute of Mathematics, P O Box1053/Blindern, 316, Oslo NORWAY Tel:(47) 22855865 Fax: (47) 22854349jfenstad@math.uio.noFERERES Elias [2026] ECOLOGY IAS-CSIC, Alameda del Obispo, Apartado4084, 14080, Cordoba SPAIN Tel: (34)957-499229 Fax: (34) 957-499252ag1fecae@uco.esFÉREY Gérard [1550] CHEMISTRYInstitut Lavoisier, (UMR CNRS 8637)/Université de Versailles, 45 Ave desEtats-Unis, 78035, Versailles CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-39254359 Fax: (33)1-39254358 ferey@chimie.uvsq.frFERGE Zsuzsa [1377] SOCIOLOGYRetkoz utca 9/A II.22, 1118, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-2461329 fergesp@axelero.huFERGUSON-SMITH Malcolm[376] MEDICAL GENETICS CambridgeUniversity, Dept.of Clinical VeterinaryMedicine, Madingley Rd, CB3 OES,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-766496 Fax: (44) Ben L. [2853] CHEMISTRYUniversity of Groningen, StratinghInstitute, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG,Groningen THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)50-3632569 b.l.feringa@rug.nlFERRARY Jean-Louis [2329]ANCIENT HISTORY 23 rue des Ecouffes,F-75004, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-42741716 ferrary@univ-paris1.frFERREIRA Carlos M. [2151]PHYSICS & ENGINEERING SCIENCESInstituto Superior Tecnico, Dept. ofPhysics & Centre of Plasma Physics, Av.Rovisco Pais, 1096, Lisbon PORTUGALTel: (351) 21-8419319 Fax: (351) 21-8464455 Manuel P. [2738]MUSICOLOGY Travessa Do Moinho DeVento, N° 30 - 3° Andar, 1200-728,Lisbon PORTUGAL Tel: (351) 93-4323280 mpferreira@fcsh.unl.ptFERRINI Cinzia [2293] HISTORYOF PHILOSOPHY Università degli Studidi Trieste, Dipartimento di Filosofia,Androna Campo Marzio 10, I-34123,Trieste ITALY Tel: (39) 040-5584422 Fax:(39) 040-311796 ferrini@units.itFERRO Marc [2696] HISTORY 25rue du Vieil Abreuvoir, 78100, Saint-Germain-en-Laye FRANCE Tel: (33)1-34514217 ferri@ehess.frFERSHT Alan [479] CHEMISTRYMRC Centre for Protein Engineering,University of Cambridge, Hills Rd, CB2OQH, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-402136 Fax: (44) 1223-402140 Albert [2722] PHYSICS UnitéMixte de Physique CNRS/Thales, 1avenue Augustin Fresnel, 91767,Palaiseau Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)1-69415864 Fax: (33) 1-69415878albert.fert@thalesgroup.comFESENKO Evgueniy [1410]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS Institute ofCell Biophysics, Russian Academy ofSciences, 142292, Pushchino, MoscowRegion RUSSIA Tel: (7) 095-9255984Fax: (7) 095-1355337FETTWEIS Alfred [1273]ENGINEERING Ruhr-Universität Bochum,Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik,D-44780, Bochum GERMANY Tel: (49)234-3222497 Fax: (49) 234-3214100fettweis@nt.rub.deFICHEFET Thierry [2157]CLIMATOLOGY Université Catholique deLouvain, Institut d’Astronomie et deGéophysique, 2 Chemin du Cyclotron,1348, Louvain-La-Neuve BELGIUM Tel:(32) 10-473295 Fax: (32) 10-474722thierry.fichefet@uclouvain.beFIERS Walter [165] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Beukendreef 3, B-9070,Destelbergen BELGIUM Tel: (32)9-2284392 Fax: (32) 9-2280883 walter.fiers@skynet.beFILIPOWICZ Witold [2332]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Friedrich MiescherInst. for Biomedical Research,Maulbeerstrasse 66, CH-4058, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-6976993Fax: (41) 61-6973976 filipowi@fmi.chFINLAYSON Clive [2836]EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY The GibraltarMuseum, 18-20 Bomb House Lane,GX11 1AA, Gibraltar GIBRALTAR Tel:(350) 200-74289 Fax: (350) 200-79158jcfinlay@gibraltar.giFINSCHER Ludwig [1247]MUSICOLOGY NO MAIL necFIOCCO Giorgio [591] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE University ‘La Sapienza’, PhysicsDepartment, piazzale Aldo Moro 2, 185,Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-4453245 Fax:(39) 06-49913522 fiocco@g24ux.phys.uniroma1.itFISCH Jörg [2837] GENERAL MODERNHISTORY Hammerstrasse 91, CH-8032,Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-3810321 Fax: (41) 44 3800936 jfisch@access.uzh.chFISCHER Wolfram [1480]HISTORY Gelfertstr. 13, D-14195, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-83853058Fax: (49) 30-8382140 aws@zedat.fu-berlin.deFISCHER Alain [2617] MEDICINE,IMMUNOLOGY-GENETICS INSERMU768, Hopital Necker, 149 rue deSevres, 75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44494822 Fax: (33) 1-44495070alain.fischer@inserm.frFISCHER-LICHTE Erika [1551]LITERATURE Freie Universität Berlin, Inst.für Theaterwissenschaft, Grunewaldstr.35, 12165, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-83850315 Fax: (49) 30-83850319theater@zedat.fu-berlin.deFISCHMEISTER Hellmut [589]MATERIALS SCIENCE Fürstenwarteweg 11,A-8020, Graz AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-586425 Fax: (43) 316-584321FISCHMEISTER Rodolphe P.[2458] MEMBRANE PHYSIOLOGY INSERMU769 - Université Paris Sud-11, Signalisation et PhysiopathologieCardiaque, 5 rue Jean-Baptiste Clément,F-92296, Chatenay-Malabry CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-46835771 Fax: (33)1-46835475 rodolphe.fischmeister@inserm.frFISHER Shaun N. [2913] LOWTEMPERATURE PHYSICS LancasterUniversity, Department of Physics, LA14YB, Lancaster UNITED KINGDOMFISIAK Jacek [983] LINGUISTICSLubczykowa 31 d, 61-680, PoznanPOLAND Tel: (48) 61-8659764 Fax: (48)61-8523103 John [2217]ENGINEERING Trinity College, Dept.of Mechanical & ManufacturingEngineering, Dublin 2 IRELAND Tel:(353) 1-6081778 Fax: (353) 1-6795554john.fitzpatrick@tcd.ieFLAVELL Richard [32] PLANTGENETICS Ceres Inc, 1535 Rancho ConejoBoulevard, CA 91320, Thousand OaksUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 805-3766517Fax: (1) 805-4999017 rflavell@ceresinc.comFLECK Norman [2112] MECHANICSOF MATERIALS University of Cambridge,Department of Engineering,Trumpington St, CB2 1PZ, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-332650 Fax: (44) 1223-332662 Bernhard[1179] MICROBIOLOGY Institut fürKlinische und Molekulare Virologie,der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,Schlossgarten 4, 91054, ErlangenGERMANY Tel: (49) 9131-8523563 Fax:Academia Europaea Directory 2012(49) 9131-8522101 Andreas [1498]EDUCATION Im Rotbad 43, 72076,Tübingen GERMANY Tel: (49) 7071-65421 Fax: (49) 7071-294954 siegfried.mueller@uni-tuebingen.deFLOR Herta [2272]NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Ruprecht-KarlsUniversity of Heidelberg, CentralInstitute of Mental Health, Dept. ofClinical & Cognitive Neuroscience, J5,68159, Mannheim GERMANY Tel: (49)621-17036301 Fax: (49) 621-17036305herta.flor@zi-mannheim.deFLORA Peter [1978] SOCIOLOGYUniversität Mannheim, Lehrstuhlfür Soziologie I, SeminargebäudeA5, D-68131, Mannheim GERMANYTel: (49) 621-1812015 Fax: (49)621-1812016 pflora@sowi.unimannheim.deFLOTZINGER Rudolf [1290]MUSICOLOGY Hans Mauracherstr. 81,A-8044, Graz AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-398921 Fax: (43) 316-398924 rudolf.flotzinger@uni-graz.atFLOWER Roderick J. [2168]PHARMACOLOGY The William HarveyResearch Institute, Dept. of BiochemicalPharmacology, Charterhouse Square,EC1M 6BQ, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-78826073 Fax: (44) 20-78826076 Monika [2502]ENGLISH LITERATURE University ofFreiburg, English Department,D-79085, Freiburg GERMANY Tel: (49)761-2033310 Fax: (49) 761-2033359sekretariat.fludernki@anglistik.uni-freiburg.deFOIANI Marco [2766] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Fondazione IFOM, Via Adamello16, I-20139, Milan ITALY Tel: (39)02-576303238 Fax: (39) 02-576303231marco.foiani@ifom-ieo-campus.itFOKKEMA Jacob T. [2243] EARTHSCIENCES Delft University of Technology,P O Box 5, 2600 AA, Delft THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 15-2785391Fax: (31) 15-2781622 j.t.fokkema@tudelft.nlFØLLESDAL Dagfinn [273]PHILOSOPHY Staverhagan 7, 1341,Slependen NORWAY Tel: (47) 67550001Fax: (47) 67550002 dagfinn@csli.stanford.eduFOLLETT Brian [646] ZOOLOGY 120Tiddington Rd, CV37 7BB, Stratfordupon-avonUNITED KINGDOMÖLLMER Hans [1084]MATHEMATICS Humboldt Universität,Institut für Mathematik, Unter denLinden 6, 10099, Berlin GERMANY Tel:(49) 30-20935817 Fax: (49) 30-20935848 Marc [2767]BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY CEA Grenoble,17 ave des Martyrs, F-38053, GrenobleCedex 09 FRANCE Tel: (33) 04-38789103Fax: (33) 04-38789124 mfontecave@cea.frFOPPA Klaus [223] PSYCHOLOGYBellevuestrasse 20, CH-3052, ZollikofenSWITZERLAND Tel: (31) 31-9113834FORSBERG Hans [1112]ENGINEERING Banérjatan 10, S-11523,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-6671564Fax: (46) 8-6671486 forsberg.hans@telia.comFORSDICK Charles [2954] FRENCHUniversity of Liverpool, Dept. of French,Cypress Building, L69 7 ZR, LiverpoolUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 151-7942740 Vladimir E. [1778]PLASMA PHYSICS IHED, RAS, Izhorskaya13, bld 2, 125412, Moscow RUSSIA Tel:(7) 495-9381204 Fax: (7) Kevin [2849] NEUROSCIENCECardiff School of Biosciences, CardiffUniversity, Museum Avenue, CF103AX, Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)29-20874632 Richard [1648]NEUROSCIENCE Service de Neurologie,CHUV BH10, 46 rue du Bugnon, CH-1011, Lausanne SWITZERLAND richard.frackowiak@gmail.comFRACZEK Adam [1044]PSYCHOLOGY Institute of AppliedPsychology, Academy of SpecialEducation, Szczesliwicka St. 40, 31Jan 353, Warsaw POLAND adamfra@poczta.onet.plFRANCESCHINI Nicholas[1727] VISION PROCESSING 34 bis CheminJ. Aiguier, Bat 46, 13009, MarseilleFRANCEFRÄNGSMYR Tore [203] HISTORYUniversity of Uppsala, History ofScience, Box 256, SE - 75105, UppsalaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 18-4711579 Fax:(46) 18-108046 tore.frangsmyr@idehist.uu.seFRANK Manfred [890] PHILOSOPHYNO MAILFRANKE Werner [448] MOLECULARBIOLOGY German Cancer ResearchCenter, Division for Cell and TumourBiology, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280,69120, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-423212 Fax: (49) 6221-423404w.franke@dkfz-heidelberg.deFRANKE Wolfgang [1321]EARTH & MARINE SCIENCES Institut fürGeowissenschaften der, Geothe-Universität, Altenhoefer Allee 1,D-60438, Frankfurt a. Main GERMANYTel: (49) 69-79840187 w.franke@em.uni-frankfurt.deFRASER Peter [2929] NUCLEARORGANIZATION The Babraham Institute,Nuclear Dynamics Programme,Babraham Research Campus, CB223AT, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-496644 Kerstin [78] SPACERESEARCH Tärnvägen 4, S-13150,Saltsjö-Duvnas SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-7161223 Fax: (46) 8-7161223 fredga.jonsson@nacka.mail.telia.comFREDHOLM Bertil B. [1274]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Dept. ofPhysiology & Pharmacology, Sectionof Molecular Neuropharmacology,Karolinska Institutet, S-171 77,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7287939Fax: (46) 8-341280 bertil.fredholm@ki.seFREEDMAN Lawrence [181]POLITICAL SCIENCE King’s CollegeLondon, James Clerk MaxwellBuilding, 57 Waterloo Road, SE1 8WA,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78483984 Fax: (44) Rusins M. [2860]QUANTUM COMPUTATION University ofLatvia, Computer Science Dept., RainaBlv. 29, LV 1459, Riga LATVIA Tel: (371)26563358 Fax: (371) 67820153 Hans-Joachim [1728]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Fritz-Haber-Institute der Max-Planck-, Gesellschaft,Faradayweg 4-6, D-14195, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-84134100 Fax:(49) 30-84134101 freund@fhi-berlin.mpg.deFREUND Tamás [2064]NEUROSCIENCE Institute of ExperimentalMedicine, Hungarian Academy ofSciences, POBox 67, H1450, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-2109410 Fax: (36)1-2109412 freund@koki.huFREY Luigi [2141] LABOURECONOMICS University of Rome,Dept. of Public Economics, Via CastroLauremziano 9, I-00161, Rome ITALYTel: (39) 06-49766355 Fax: (39) 06-4462040 Wolf H. [3087]IMMUNOLOGY Cordeliers ResearchCentre, 15 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine,75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44279102 Fax: (33) 1-40510420herve.fridman@crc.jussieu.frFRIEDERICI Angela D. [2437]NEUROCOGNITION OF LANGUAGE MaxPlanck Institute for Human, Cognitive& Brain Sciences, Stephanstr. 1A,4103, Leipzig GERMANY Tel: (49)341-9940111 Fax: (49) 341-9940113angelafr@cbs.mpg.deFRIEDLANDER Gerard [2169]PHYSIOLOGY INSERM U845 - Dept. ofPhysiology, Faculté de Médicine Necker-Enfants Malades, 156 rue de Vaugirard,75730, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40615410 Fax: (33) 1-40615591friedlander@necker.frFRIJHOFF Willem [2594] EARLYMODERN HISTORY Jan van Ghestellaan25, NL-3054 CE, Rotterdam THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 10-422054023

Academia Europaea Directory 2012willem.frijhoff@gmail.comFRITH Uta [1180] PSYCHOLOGYInstitute of Cognitive Neuroscience,Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square,WC1N 3AR, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-73911166 Fax: (44) 20-78132835 Chris [1921]NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Wellcome Dept.of Imaging Science, Institute ofNeurology, 12 Queen Square, WC1N3BG, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78337457 Fax: (44)ÖHLICH Claus [830]ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS Physikalisch-Meteorologisches, ObservatoriumDavos/World Radiation Centre,Dorfstrasse 33, 7260, Davos-DorfSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 81-4175136Fax: (41) 81-4175100 cfrohlich@pmodwrc.chFRÖHLICH Jürg [1401]MATHEMATICS Institute for TheoreticalPhysics, ETH Zurich/HIT K23.7,Wolfgang-Pauli Strasse, CH-8093,Zürich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)1-6332579 Fax: (41) 1-6331115 juerg@itp.phys.ethz.chFRÖMTER Eberhard [812]PHYSIOLOGY Karlsbader Strasse 24,63150, Heusenstramm GERMANY Tel:(49) 6104-3990 Fax: (49) 6104-406382froemter@em.uni-frankfurt.deFRÖSÉN Jaakko [724] CLASSICSProfessorintie 6 A 7, FI-00330, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-2413150 Fax:(358) 9-19122161 jaakko.frosen@helsinki.fiFROWEIN Jochen [102]INTERNATIONAL LAW NO MAILFRÜHWALD Wolfgang F. [1275]LITERATURE NO MAILFUCHS Karl [822] EARTHSCIENCE Universität Karlsruhe,Geophysikalisches Institut, Hertz-Strasse 16, D-76187, KarlsruheGERMANY Tel: (49) 721-517625 Fax:(49) 721-9512533 karl.fuchs@gpi.uni-karlsruhe.deFUCHS Alain H. [2968] CHEMISTRY14 BIS Blvd. de L’Hopital, 75005, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 676359911 alain.fuchs@cnrs-dir.frFUMAROLI Marc [785] LITERATURENO MAILFURBER Stephen B. [2521]COMPUTER ENGINEERING The Universityof Manchester, School of ComputerScience, Oxford Road, M13 9PL,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)161-2756129 Fax: (44) Paolo [630]NEUROSCIENCE Corso Umberto Saba28, 34131, Trieste ITALY Tel: (39)333-7317338FUSSMAN Gérard [1459]ORIENTAL STUDIES 1, rue Staedel,67100, Strasbourg FRANCE Tel: (33)3-88659714 Fax: (33) 1-44271818fussman@ext.jussieu.frFUXE Kjell [328] NEUROSCIENCEKarolinska Institutet, Departmentof Neuroscience, 171 77, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7287080 Fax: (46)8-337941 Emilio [1402] CLASSICSDipartimento di Scienze, dell’AntichitàUniversità, Strada Nuova 65, 27100,Pavia ITALY Tel: (39) 0382-504376GABRIELSEN Roy [2009]STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY University of Oslo,Department of Geosciences, P O Box1047 Blindern, NO-0316, Oslo NORWAYTel: (47) 22856600 roy.gabrielsen@geo.uio.noGAGO José Mariano [2119]PHYSICS & ENGINEERING SCIENCES Ministryof Science, Technology & HigherEducation, Palacio das Larenjeiras,Estrada da Laranjeirias 197-205, PT1649-018, Lisbon PORTUGAL Tel: (351)21-7231016 Fax: (351) 21-7271457gago@lip.ptGAHMBERG Carl [433]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Helsinki,Division of Biochemistry, P O Box 56,FIN-00014, Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)9-19159028 Fax: (358) 9-19159068carl.gahmberg@helsinki.fiGALEEV Albert [945] PHYSICSSpace Research Institute, RussianAcademy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya2484/32, 117810 GSP-7, Moscow RUSSIATel: (7) 495-3332588 Fax: (7) 495-3333311 agaleev@esoc1.iki.rssi.ruGALINDO TIXAIRE Alberto[1677] PHYSICS UniversidadComplutense de Madrid, Facultad deCiencias Físicas, 28040, Madrid SPAINTel: (34) 91-3944505 Fax: (34) 91-3945197 galindo@eucmos.sim.ucm.esGALJAARD Hans [189] GENETICSNO MAILGALLAVOTTI Giovanni[2531] PHYSICS Università di Roma‘La Sapienza’, Dipartimento di Fisica,Piazzale Moro 5, 185, Rome ITALYTel: (39) 06-49914370 Fax: (39)06-4957697 giovanni.gallavotti@roma1.infn.itGALLINO Luciano [466] SOCIOLOGYUniversity of Torino, Departmentof Social Sciences, via Sant’Ottavio,20, 10100, Turin ITALY Tel: (39) 011-6702644 Fax: (39) 011-6702612luciano.gallino@unito.itGALLWITZ Dieter [1085]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry,Dept.of Molecular Genetics, AmFassberg 11, D-37077, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-2011496 Fax:(49) 551-2011718 dieter.gallwitz@mpi-bpc.mpg.deGAMBARO Antonio [1817] LAWUniversity of Milan, Centro Studi DirittoCivile, Largo Richini 2/A, 20122, MilanITALY Tel: (39) 02-58305665 Fax: (39)02-58313403 antonio.gambaro@unimi.itGAMKRELIDZE Thomas V.[2401] LINGUISTICS Georgian NationalAcademy of Sciences, Rustaveli Ave. 52,108, Tbilisi GEORGIA Tel: (995) 32-998891 tgamkrelidze@gw.acnet.geGANNON Bernard F. [2248]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Science FoundationIreland, Wilton Park House, WiltonPlace, 2, Dublin IRELAND Tel: (353)1-607314220 Detlev [984]PHARMACOLOGY Charité - UniversityMedicine Berlin, Schumannstr. 20/21,10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-450570001 Fax: (49) 30-450570900ganten@charite.deGARCÍA DE ENTERRIAEduardo [802] LAW UniversidadComplutense, Príncipe de Vergara62, 28006, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-4352560 Fax: (34) 91-5774704abogados@garciadeenterria.comGARCÍA-BELLIDO Antonio [58]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY UniversidadAutonoma de Madrid, Centro deBiologia Molecular, Cantoblanco,28049, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-4974129 Fax: (34) 91-4978632agbellido@cbm.uam.esGARCÍA-OLMEDO Francisco[1413] GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYETS Ingenieros Agronomos-UPM,28040, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34) 91-3365706 Fax: (34) 91-3365757GARCIA-RAMON Maria-Dolores [1833] GEOGRAPHYAutonomous University of Barcelona,Dpt. Geography, Faculty of Arts, 8193,Bellaterra SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-5811527Fax: (34) 93-5812001 mariadolors.garcia.ramon@uab.esGARCÍA-SANCHO Javier [1900]PHYSIOLOGY IBGM, Dept. Fisiología yBioquímica, Facultad de Medicina,47005, Valladolid SPAIN Tel: (34)983-423084 Fax: (34) 983-423588jgsancho@ibgm.uva.esGÄRDENFORS Peter [1893]COGNITIVE SCIENCE Lund UniversityCognitive Science, Kungshuset, S-22222, Lund SWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2224817 Fax: (46) 46-2224424 Richard [383]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY NO MAILGAREGNANI Pierangelo [659]ECONOMICS University of Rome, Facultyof Economics, via Castro Laurenziano, 9,161, Rome ITALYGARTHWAITE John [1499]NEUROSCIENCE The Wolfson Inst. forBiomedical Research, University CollegeLondon/The Cruciform Bldg, Gower St,WC1E 6BT, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-76796694 Fax: (44) 20-72090470 Jorge [1414] GEOGRAPHYCentro de Estudos Geográficos,Faculdade de Letras, Universidade deLisboa, 1699, Lisbon PORTUGAL Tel:(351) 21-7940218 Fax: (351) 21-7938690 jbgaspar@netcabo.ptGASSER Susan [1804] MOLECULARCELL BIOLOGY Friedrich MiescherInstitute, for Biomedical Research,Maulbeerstrasser 66, CH-4058, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-6975025susan.gasser@fmi.chGASTON Kevin J. [3024] ECOLOGYUniversity of Exeter, Environment& Sustainability Institute, CornwallCampus, TR10 9EZ, Penryn, CornwallUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1326-255795 Fax: (44) Dante [2446]INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Via Latini 16,50133, Florence ITALY Tel: (39) 055-2338711 Fax: (39) 055-2480111 dante.gatteschi@unifi.itGAUNT David J. [2900] HISTORYBadstigen 6, SE-13552, Tyreso SWEDENTel: (46) 70-2080811 david.gaunt@sh.seGAVIRAGHI Giovanni [2799]DRUG DISCOVERY NO MAILGDOUTOS Emmanuel E. [2568]ENGINEERING MECHANICS DemocritusUniversity of Thrace, Dept. of CivilEngineering, GR-67100, Xanthi GREECETel: (30) 2541-79651 Fax: (30) 25410-79652 egoutos@civil.duth.grGEE David [1943] EARTH SCIENCESUniversity of Uppsala, Departmentof Earth Sciences, Villavägen 16,SE-75236, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46)18-4712380 Fax: (46) 18-501110 david.gee@geo.uu.seGEHRING Walter [141]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Biozentrum,University of Basel, Department ofCell Biology, Klingelbergstrasse 70,CH-4056, Basel SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)61-2672051 Fax: (41) 61-2672078walter.gehring@unibas.chGEHRKE Hans-Joachim [2623]ANCIENT HISTORY University CollegeFreiburg, Haus zur Lieben Hand,Löwenstrasse 16, D-79098, FreiburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 761 203-67342hj-g-gehrke@t-online.deGEIPEL Robert [718] GEOGRAPHYHangstrasse 44, D-82131, GautingGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-8509662 Fax:(49) 89-8503185 robert.geipel@tonline.deGEISS Johannes [280] PHYSICSInternational Space Science Institute,6 Hallerstrasse, CH-3012, BernSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 31-6313253Fax: (41) 31-6314897 geiss@issi.unibe.chGELENBE Erol [2299] COMPUTERSCIENCE Imperial College, Dept. ofElectrical & Electronic Engineering,Exhibition Rd, SW7 2BT, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-75946342Fax: (44) 20-75946274 Mikhail S. [2852]BIOINFORMATICS Inst. for InformationTransmission Problems, Bolshoi Karetnyperulok 19, 127994, Moscow RUSSIATel: (7) 916-6092971 gelfand@iitp.ruGENZEL Reinhard [1689]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrischePhysik, Postfach 1312, 85748, GarchingGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-32992380Fax: (49) 89-32993601 genzel@mpe.mpg.deGEORGHIOU Luke G. [3118]SCIENCE & INNOVATION POLICY &MANAGEMENT 17 Crescent Grove,Cheadle, SK8 1PP, Stockport UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 161-2755921 Georgii P. [155]MOLECULAR GENETICS Institute of GeneBiology, Russian Academy of Sciences,Vavilov St. 34/5, 119334, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-1356089 Fax: (7)495-1354105 georg@biogen.msk.suGEORGIEV Pavel [1958]MOLECULAR GENETICS Institute of GeneBiology, Russian Academy of Sciences,34/5 Vavilov St, 117334, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-1359734 Fax: (7)495-1354105 gpg@mx.ibg.relarn.ruGEORGIEVA Sofia [2666]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute ofMolecular Biology, Russian Academyof Sciences, Vavilova str. 32, 119991,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (8) 499-1359731Fax: (8) 499-1354105 Giovanni [849] CLASSICSUniversità degli Studi di Bologna,Dipartmento di Storia Antica, ViaTorreggiani 4, 40126, Bologna ITALY Tel:(39) 051-2098370 giovanni.geraci@unibo.itGÉRARD Jean-Claude [1844]ATMOSPHERIC & PLANETARY SCIENCESLPAP, Université de Liège, B5c, 17 alléedu 6 Août, B-4000, Liege BELGIUM Tel:(32) 4-3669775 Fax: (32) Jacques [458] ORIENTALSTUDIES 12 rue André-Theuriet, 92340,Bourg La Reine FRANCE jacques.gernet@college-de-france.frGETHMANN Carl [385] PHILOSOPHYUniversität Essen, Institut fürPhilosophie, 45117, Essen GERMANYTel: (49) 201-1833006 Fax: (49) 201-1833485 gethmann@uni-essen.deGÉTREAU Florence [2780]MUSICOLOGY Institut de Recherche sur lePatrimoine, Musical en France (IRPMF),2 rue de Louvois, F-75002, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-53793708 Fax: (33)1-49269475 getreau.cnrs@bnf.frGHENDON Yuri [1344] CLINICALSCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGY Frunzenskayanab.36, Flat 26, 119146, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-2423580 Fax: (7)495-2745710 yurighendon@gmail.comGHYSEN Alain [511]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Lab. deNeurogenetique - INSERM E343,Université Montpellier II, cc 103,place E. Bataillon, 34095, MontpellierCedex 5 FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-67144802Fax: (33) 4-67143928 alain.ghysen@univ-montp2.frGIANTURCO Franco A. [2831]CHEMICAL PHYSICS University of Rome‘Sapienza’, Dept. of Chemistry, PiazzaleA. Moro 5, I-00185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-49913306 Fax: (39) 06-49913305fa.gianturco@caspur.itGIARDINA Andrea [2492] ANCIENTROMAN HISTORY Via Monserrato 105,186, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-6877896Fax: (39) 06-6877896 andrea.giardina@sumitalia.itGIDDENS Anthony [1345]SOCIOLOGY The London School ofEconomics &, Political Science,Houghton St, WC2A 2AE, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-79557007 Fax: (44) Philippe [2450] EARTH& PLANETARY SCIENCES 17 place XavierRicard, 69110, Sainte Foy les LyonFRANCE Tel: (33) 6-08740245 Fax: (33)4-72728681 philippe.gillet@ens-lyon.frGILLIS Steven [2347]PSYCHOLINGUISTICS Hulzenstraat 143,B-3570, Alken BELGIUM Tel: (32)3-8202799 Fax: (32) 3-8202762 Gerard F. [2244]ASTRONOMY University of Cambridge,Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Rd,CB3 0HA, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-766097 Fax: (44) 1223-339910ÉNEZ-MARTÍN Gonzalo[1086] CELL REPRODUCTION Centrode Investigaciones, Biológicas, CSIC,Velázquez 144, 28006, Madrid SPAINTel: (34) 91-5644562 Fax: (34) 91-5627518 delatorrec@cib.csic.esGINSZTLER János [1838]MATERIALS SCIENCE HungarianAcademy of Engineering, Pf. 149,H-1057, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-3533996 Fax: (36) 1-3532241 mma@mail.bme.huGINZBURG Carlo [2622] HISTORY1 Piazza San Martino, I-40126, BolognaITALY Tel: (39) 051-223374 ginzburg@history.ucla.eduGIRALDO Rafael [2769]PROTEIN-DNA INTERACTIONS Centrode Investigaciones Biologicas - CSIC,Department of Chemical & PhysicalBiology, C/Ramiro de Maeztu 9,E-28040, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-8373112 Fax: (34) 91-5360432rgiraldo@cib.csic.esGIRARD Jean-Yves [1711]INFORMATICS Institut de Mathématiquesde Luminy, UPR 9016, 163 Avenue deLuminy, Case 930, F-13288, MarseilleCedex 9 FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-91827025Fax: (33) 4-91827015 girard@iml.univ-mrs.frGIROUD Jean-Paul [1712]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYDépartement de PharmacologieClinique, CNRS URA 1534 - IMPCM/Hôpital Cochin, 27 rue du FaubourgSaint-Jacques, 75679, Paris Cedex 14FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44412551 Fax: (33)1-58412947 giroud@cochin.inserm.frGISPEN Willem H. [1756]NEUROPHARMACOLOGY UtrechtUniversity, Achter de Dom 20, 3512JP, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDSw.h.gispen@uu.nlGJEDDE Albert H [2618]NEUROBIOLOGY & PHARMACOLOLGY673 Silkeborgvej, DK-8220, BrabrandDENMARK Tel: (45) 35327601 Fax: (45)35327610 gjedde@sund.ku.dkGLADDEN Lynn F. [2832]MAGNETIC RESONANCE 79 Green End,Landbreach, CB2 9FD, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-860022 Kristof [6] ECONOMICHISTORY Hoeghsmindeparken 10,DK-2900, Hellerup DENMARK Tel:(45) 39403977 Fax: (45) 39403976K.Glamann@mail.dkGLASSMEIER Karl-Heinz [2532]GEOPHYSICS Sauerbruchstrasse 17,D-38116, Braunschweig GERMANY Tel:(49) 531-3915214 Fax: (49) 531-3915220 kh.glassmeier@tu-bs.deGLEBA Yuri Y. [848] PLANTMOLECULAR BIOLOGY Inst. of Cell Biologyand, Genetic Engineering, Lebedevastr. 1, 252650, Kiev UKRAINE Tel: (380)44-2252360 Fax: (380) 44-2667104GLINSKI Jan [2010] AGROPHYSICSInstitute of Agrophysics, PAS,Doswiadczalna 4, P O Box 201, 20-290,Lublin 27 POLAND Tel: (48) 81-7445061Fax: (48) 81-7445067 jglinski@demeter.ipan.lublin.plGLOVER Jane A. [2975] MUSIC199 Albany Street, NW1 4AB, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-73877721 jglover912@aol.comGLOWINSKI Jacques [196]NEUROSCIENCE Collège de France,Inserm Unit 114, 11, place MarcelinBerthelot, 75231, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44271229 Fax: (33) 1-44271260GLOWINSKI Roland [421]MATHEMATICS University of Houston,Department of Mathematics, TX 77204-3476, Houston UNITED STATES Tel: (1)713-7433473 Fax: (1) 713-7433505roland@math.uh.eduGLYNN Ian [633] PHYSIOLOGY TrinityCollege, CB2 1TQ, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-353079 Fax:(44) 1223-338564 Gherardo [863] ORIENTALSTUDIES Istituto Italiano per l’Africa el’Oriente (IsIAO), via Aldrovandi 16/A,197, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-328551Fax: (39) 06-3225348 presidente@isiao.itGODFRAIND Théophile [985]PHARMACOLOGY Université Catholiquede Louvain, Ave Hippocrate 54 - UCL54.10, B-1200, Brussels BELGIUM Tel:(32) 2-7647240 Fax: (32) 2-7645460theophile.godfraind@uclouvain.beGOELITZ Peter [2760] CHEMISTRYWILEY-VCH, Angewandte Chemie,Boschstrasse 12, D-69469, WeinheimGERMANY Tel: (49) 6201-606315Fax: (49) 6201-606331 pgoelitz@wiley-vch.deGOESSENS Guy [373] CELL BIOLOGYUniversity of Liège, Institute A. Swaen,20, rue de Pitteurs, 4020, LiegeBELGIUM Tel: (32) 4-3665160 Fax: (32)4-3665173 John [152]SOCIOLOGY Nuffield College, OX1 1NF,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-278559 Fax: (44) 1865-278621 Georgui [2011]GEOPHYSICS A.M. Obukhov Inst. ofAtmospheric Physics, Russian Academyof Sciences, 3 Pyzhevsky, 119017,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9515565Fax: (7) 495-9531652 mail_adm@ifaran.ruGOLLWITZER Peter [1729]PSYCHOLOGY Social Psychology andMotivation, University of Konstanz,P O Box D39, D-78457, ConstanceGERMANY Tel: (49) 7531-882390 Fax:(49) 7531-883286 peter.gollwitzer@uni-konstanz.deGOMARD Bernhard [162] LAWCopenhagen Business School, Centre forFinancial Law, Solbjergvej 3, 1st Floor,DK-2000, Frederiksberg DENMARK Tel:(45) 38152642 Fax: (45) 38152660bg.ckk@cbs.dkGOMBRICH Richard [756]ORIENTAL STUDIES University of Oxford,Balliol College, OX1 3BJ, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-277706 Fax:(44) 1865-769886 Antonio [2951] SOCIALHISTORY 32 rue Mégevand, 25000,Besançon FRANCE Tel: (33) 3-81665473antonio.gonzales@univ-fcomte.frGOODFELLOW Peter [1553]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 14Parliament Hill, NW3 2SY, LondonUNITED KINGDOM pngoodfellow@gsk.comGOODFELLOW Julia M. [2575]COMPUTATIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY Universityof Kent, The Registry, CT2 7NZ,Canterbury, Kent UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1227-823201 John [1046] ANTHROPOLOGYSt. John’s College, CB2 1TP, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-338638 Fax: (44) 1223-338638 Roland[1248] EARTH & MARINE SCIENCES LundUniversity, Dept. of Geology, GeoBioCentre, Solvegatan 12, S-223 62, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2224597 Fax:(46) 46-2224419 Georg [2364] COMPUTERSCIENCE Oxford University ComputingLaboratory, Wolfson Building, ParksRd, OX1 3QD, Oxford UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1865-283504 Fax: (44)1865-273839ÖTZ Magdalena [2389]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Institute ofPhysiology at the, Ludwig-Maximilians-University München, Schillerstrasse46, 80336, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-218075252 Fax: (49) 89-218075216magdalena.goetz@helmholtzmuenchen.deGOUYON Pierre-Henri [2561]EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY MuséumNational d’Histoire Naturelle,Systématique & Evolution CP39, 12 rueBuffon, F75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40793194 gouyon@mnhn.frGOWANS James [1087] CELLBIOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY 75, Cumnor Hill,OX2 9HX, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-862304 Fax: (44) 1865-865548 jamesgowan@btinternet.comGOZZI Marco [2639] MUSIC HISTORYvia Ai Piani 9, 38049, Bosentino (TN)ITALY Tel: (39) 0461-848772 marco.gozzi@unitn.itGRAF Thomas [1047] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Center of Genomic Regulation,Dr. Aiguader 88, E-08003, BarcelonaSPAIN Tel: (34) 93-3160127 thomas.graf@crg.esGRAHAM-SMITH Francis[1346] ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCHOld School House, Henbury, SK119DL, Macclesfield, Cheshire UNITEDKINGDOM fgsegs@talktalk.netGRAIER Wolfgang F. [2556] CELLBIOLOGY Medical University Graz, Inst.of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry,Harrachgasse 21/III, A-8010, GrazAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-3807560 Fax:(43) 316-3809615 wolfgang.graier@medunigraz.atGRANDMONT Jean-Michel[521] ECONOMICS CREST-CNRS, 15boulevard Gabriel Péri, 92245, MalakoffCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-41177804Fax: (33) 1-41176046 grandmon@ensae.frGRANGER Gilles [1690]PHILOSOPHY NO MAILGRANÖ Olavi [663] GEOGRAPHYUniversity of Turku, 20014, TurkuFINLAND Tel: (358) 2-3335595 Fax:(358) 2-3335896

GRASSL Hartmut [1649] GLOBALCLIMATOLOGY Klosterallee 53, D-20144,Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 40-4229263 Fax: (41) 22-7340357 grassl@dkrz.deGREEN Alan [1944] EARTHSCIENCES Institute of Geophysics, ETHHönggerberg (HPP), 8093, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6332657 Fax:(41) 1-6331065 alan@aug.ig.erdw.ethz.chGREINER Walter [2724]THEORETICAL PHYSICS Frankfurt Institutefor Advanced Studies (FIAS), J.W.goethe-Universität Frankfurt amMain, Ruth-Moufang-Str 1, 60438,Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Tel: (49)69-79847526 Fax: (49) 69-79847527greiner@fias.uni-frankfurt.deGREINER Martin O. W. [3115]RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS AarhusUniversity, Dept. of Engineering &Dept. of, Mathematical Sciences,Ny Munkegade 118, 8000, AarhusDENMARK Tel: (45) 871-55546 Carsten [3133] NUCLEARASTROPHYSICS University of Frankfurt,Institute for Theoretical Physics,Max-von-Laue Str. 1, 60438, FrankfurtGERMANY Tel: (49) 69-79847850 Fax:(49) 69-79847876 casten.greiner@th.physik.uni-frankfurt.deGRENCIS Richard K.[2920] IMMUNOLOGY University ofManchester, Faculty of Life Sciences,A V Hill Building, Oxford Rd, M13 9PT,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 161-2755238 Elmars [1415] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Latvian BiomedicalResearch & Study Centre, University ofLatvia, Ratsupites iela. 1, LV-1067, RigaLATVIA Tel: (371) 7808003 Fax: (371)7442407 Ingmar [1818]CHEMISTRY Sätravägen 19, S-18452,Österskär SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-54069713Fax: (46) 8-54069713 ingmarg@kth.seGRIFFIN Beverly [1859] NUCLEICACID CHEMISTRY Imperial College Schoolof Medicine (ICSM), at St.Mary’s ViralOncology Unit, Norfolk Place, W2 1PG,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-75943670 Fax: (44) Sten [886]NEUROSCIENCE Nobel Institute forNeurophysiology, Department ofNeuroscience, Karolinska Institutet,S-171 77, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-7286900 Fax: (46) 8-349544 Dieter [1691] LAWWissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin,Wallotstrasse 19, D-14193, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-89001119 Fax:(49) 30-89001100 grimm@wikoberlin.deGRISHIN Eugene [2280]MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of, BioorganicChemistry, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya,117997, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-3305895 Fax: (7) 495-3350812 grev@mail.ibch.ruGROENEVELD Karl-Ontjes[1599] PHYSICS Zehn Morgenstr. 48,D-60433, Frankfurt am Main GERMANYTel: (49) 69-95107400 Fax: (49)69-79824212 groeneveld@em.unifrankfurt.deGROMOV Mikhael [1443]MATHEMATICS Institut des Hautes ÉtudesScientifiques, 91440, Bures-sur-YvetteFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-60926660 Fax: (33)1-60926609 gromov@ihes.frGRØNMO Sigmund [2984]SOCIOLOGY University of Bergen,N-5020, Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47)95-770068 sigmund.gronmo@rektor.uib.noGROS François [227] BIOLOGICAL &MEDICAL SCIENCES Institut Pasteur, Biologie Moleculaire, 26, rue du DrRoux, 75724, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688473 Fax: (33) 1-45688963GROS Pierre [2231] CLASSICS ParcCézanne, 55 ave des Ecoles-Militaires,F-13100, Aix-en-Provence FRANCE Tel:(33) 4-42214172 Fax: (33) 4-42524399direction.iraa@mmsh.univ-aix.frGROSSMANN Alexander [2642]MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS 12 Domaine duSequoia, 91400, Orsay FRANCE Tel: (33)1-69077695 agrossmann@gmail.comGROSVELD Frank [288] GENETICSErasmus Medical Centre, Dept.of CellBiology & Genetics, P O Box 1738, 3000DR, Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 10-4087593 Fax: (31) 10-4089468f.grosveld@erasmusmc.nlGRUMMT Ingrid [1867]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Div.MolecularBiology of the Cell II/A030, GermanCancer Research Center, ImNeuenheimer Feld 280, D-69120,Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-423423 Fax: (49) 6221-423401i.grummt@dkfz-heidelberg.deGRUNBERG Bernard[3060] MODERN HISTORY 47 rue deFreland, 67100, Strasbourg FRANCEgrunbergb@orange.frGRUNBERG-MANAGOMarianne [53] MOLECULAR BIOLOGYInstitut de Biologie, Physico-Chemique,13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-43252609 Fax:(33) 1-40468331GRUSKA Jozef [2365] THEORETICALINFORMATICS Masaryk University,Faculty of Informatics, Botanicka 68a,60200, Brno CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420)54949-4592 Fax: (420) 54949-1820gruska@fi.muni.czGRUSS Peter [450] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Max-Planck-Society,Hofgartenstr. 8, 80539, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-21081213Fax: (49) 89-21081112 peter.gruss@gv.mpg.deGRYGLEWSKI Ryszard [563]PHARMACOLOGY Jagiellonian University,Medical College/Dept. of Pharmacology,16 Grzegórzecka, 31-531, CracowPOLAND Tel: (48) 12-4211168 Fax: (48)12-4217217 Agust[2158] EARTH SCIENCE Royal HollowayUniversity of London, Department ofEarth Sciences, Queen’s Building, TW200EX, Egham, Surrey UNITED STATES Tel:(44) 1784-276345 Fax: (44) 1784-471780 Emanuela [2224]HISTORICAL SEISMOLOGY SGA StoriaGeofisica Ambiente s.r.1., via A.Fioravanti 59/2, 40129, Bologna ITALYTel: (39) 051-333282 Fax: (39) 051-332741 guidoboni@sga-storiageo.itGUILLEMARD Anne-Marie[269] SOCIOLOGY Paris DescartesSorbonne, Bureau 562, bloc B, 190-198avenue de France, 75244, Paris Cedex13 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-49542599Fax: (33) 1-49542670 anne-marie.guillemard@ehess.frGUILLERY Rainer [874]NEUROSCIENCE Department of Anatomy,University of Wisconsin Medical School,1300 University Ave, WI 53706-1532,Madison UNITED STATES Tel: (1)608-2634763 Fax: (1) 608-2627306rguiller@wisc.eduGUINOT Bernard [336]ASTRONOMY 2, rue des Soupirs,77590, Chartrettes FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-64811133 guinot.bernard@wanadoo.frGUINOVART Joan J. [3091]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYIRB Barcelona, Baldiri Reixac 10, 8028,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-4037111Fax: (34) 93-4037114 guinovart@irbbarcelona.orgGULYÁS Balázs [2323]NEUROSCIENCE Karolinska Institute,Department of Clinical Neuroscience,S-171 76, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-51770910 Fax: (46) 8-51771753balazs.gulyas@ki.seGURDON John [1030]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY The WellcomeTrust, Cancer Research UK GurdonInstitute, Tennis Court Rd, CB2 1QN,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-334090 Fax: (44) Carlos [3103]LINGUISTICS Groesbeekseweg 72, 6524DH, Nijmegen THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 24-3612839 Sten [119]ENGINEERING Sörliden 4, 144 62,Rönninge SWEDENGUSTAFSSON Bengt [878]ASTRONOMY Uppsala AstronomicalIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plObservatory, P O Box 515, 75120, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46) 18-535157 Fax: (46) 18-527583 bengt.gustafsson@astro.uu.seGUSTAFSSON Gunnel [3046]POLITICAL SCIENCE Hoppets Grand 4, 90334, Umea SWEDEN Tel: (47) 46-951044gunnel.gustafsson@nordforsk.orgGUTERCH Alexander [1249]EARTH SCIENCE Institute of Geophysics,Polish Academy of Sciences, KsieciaJanusza 64, 1452, Warsaw POLAND Tel:(48) 22-6915781 Fax: (48)ÜTLICH Philipp [2475]CHEMISTRY Georg Büchnerstr. 9,D-64380, Rossdorf GERMANY Tel: (49)6154-81373 Fax: (49) 6154-83461guetlich@uni-mainz.deGUYON Etienne [2533] PHYSICS &ENGINEERING SCIENCES 24 rue Ronsard,91470, Limours FRANCE Tel: (33)67162169 guyon@pmmh.espci.frGUYOT Pierre [1017] MATERIALSSCIENCE 6 Allee de la Roseraie, 38240,Meylan FRANCE guyotpaug@aol.comGUZ Alexander [1183]ENGINEERING Institute of Mechanics, 3Nesterov Street, 3680, Kiev UKRAINETel: (380) 44-4469351 Fax: (380) 44-4460319 guz@carrier.kiev.uaGYÖRFI Laszlo [2757]MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS BudapestUniversity of Technology & Economics,Dept. of Computer Sciences & Inf.Theory, Stoczek u.2., H-1521, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-4633146 Fax: (36)1-4633147 gyorfi@szit.bme.huHAAPARANTA Leila T. [2932]PHILOSOPHY University of Tampere,School of Social Sciences & Humanities,Kanslerinrinne 1, FI-33014, TampereFINLAND Tel: (358) 40-1909780 leila.haaparanta@uta.fiHAASE Günter [1088] PHYSICALGEOGRAPHY NO MAILHAASS Christian [2074] CELLBIOLOGY Adolf-Butenandt Institut,Universität München/Dept. ofBiochemistry, Schillerstrasse 44, 80336,Munich GERMANY Tel: (49) 89-5996471Fax: (49) 89-5996415 christian.haass@med.uni-muenchen.deHAAVIO-MANNILA Elina[1416] SOCIOLOGY University of Helsinki,Department of Sociology, Box 18(Unioninkatu 35), FIN-00014, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19123960 Fax:(358) 9-19123967 elina.haaviomannila@helsinki.fiHABERMAS Jürgen [612]PHILOSOPHY Rinstr. 86, 82319, StarnbergGERMANYHABING Harm [775] ASTRONOMYUniversiteit Leiden, Sterrewacht,P O Box 9513, 2300, Leiden THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 71-5275833Fax: (31) 71-5275819 habing@strw.leidenuniv.nlHABSCHEID Walther [627]INTERNATIONAL LAW NO MAILHACKER Winfried [1185]PSYCHOLOGY Technische UniversitätDresden, Mommsenstrasse 13,D-01062, Dresden GERMANY Tel: (49)351-4636226 Fax: (49) 351-4637775hacker@psychologie.tu-dresden.deHACKER Jörg H. [2712]MICROBIOLOGY Deutsche Akademieder Naturforscher Leopoldina, Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 37, D-06108, HalleGERMANY Tel: (49) 345-4723910 Fax:(49) 345-4723919 joerg.hacker@leopoldina-halle.deHADJIIVANOV KonstantinI. [3020] CHEMISTRY Inst. of General& Inorganic Chemistry, BulgarianAcademy of Sciences, 1113, SofiaBULGARIA Tel: (359) 2-9793598 Fax:(359) 2-8705024 kih@svr.igic.bas.bgHADZIIOANNOU Georges[2845] POLYMER PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY158 Chemin du Coquillat, F-33850,Leognan FRANCE Tel: (33) 556-495194hadzii@me.comHAEFNER Harold [125]GEOGRAPHY, REMOTE SENSING UniversitätZürich-Irchel, Geographisches Institut,Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6355131 Fax:(41) 1-6356842 haefner@geo.unizh.chHAERENDEL Gerhard [919]SPACE RESEARCH Max-Planck-Institut forExtraterrestrial Physics, P O Box 1312,85741, Garching GERMANY Tel: (49)89-300003516 hae@mpe.mpg.deHAFEN Ernst [1892] ZOOLOGYInstitute for Molecular Systems Biology,ETH Zürich/HPT E72, Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 16, 8093, Zurich SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 44-6333688 ernst.hafen@ethz.chHAGENMULLER Paul [1417]CHEMISTRY ICMCB-CNRS, 87 ave Dr.Albert Schweitzer, F-33608, PessacCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 5-56846325Fax: (33) 5-56846324 hagen@icmcb.ubordeaux.frHAGGETT Peter [54] GEOGRAPHYUniversity of Bristol, Institute forAdvanced Studies, The Royal FortHouse, BS8 1UJ, Bristol UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 117-9289172Fax: (44) 117-9289173 Klaus [1348]BIOCHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institut fürZüchtungsforschung, Carl-von-Linné-Weg 10, D-50829, Cologne GERMANYTel: (49) 221-5062300 Fax: (49)221-5062353 hahlbroc@mpiz-koeln.mpg.deHAHN Frank [282] ECONOMICS 16Adams Rd, CB3 9AD, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-352560 Fax:(44) 1223-352560 Ionel [2155] CHEMISTRYBabes-Bolyai University, ChemistryDepartment, RO-3400, Cluj-NapocaROMANIA Tel: (40) 264-440145 Fax:(40) 264-190818 ihaiduc@chem.ubbcluj.roHÁJEK Petr [2002] MATHEMATICALLOGIC Institute of Computer Science,Academy of Sciences of the CzechRep., Pod vodárenskou vezi 2, 182 07,Prague 8 CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420)2-66053760 Fax: (420) 2-8585789hajek@cs.cas.czHAJICOVÁ Eva [2039] LINGUISTICSHvozdnická 1049, 100 00, Prague 10CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-7810623Fax: (420) 2-21914252 hajicova@ufal.mff.cuni.czHAKEN Hermann [1048]PHYSICS Institut für TheoretischePhysik, Zentrum für Synergetik,Pfaffenwaldring 57, 7000, StuttgartGERMANY Tel: (49) 711-6854990 Fax:(49) 711-6854909 haken@theo1.physik.uni-stuttgart.deHAKONEN Pertti [2152]PHYSICS Low Temperature Laboratory,Puumiehenkuja 2B, Espoo, P O Box5100, FIN-02015, TKK FINLANDTel: (358) 50-3442316 Fax: (358)9-4512969 pjh@boojum.hut.fiHALÁSZ Béla [986] NEUROSCIENCENeuroendocrine Research Laboratory,Department of Human Morphology,Túzoltó u. 58, H-1094, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-2155847 Fax: (36)1-2153064 halasz@ana2.sote.huHALBWACHS Nicolas [2751]INFORMATICS VERIMAG, 2 Avenuede Vignate, F-38610, Gieres CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 456520355 Fax: (33)456520344 nicolas.halbwachs@imag.frHALL Peter [641] GEOGRAPHYUniversity College London - UCL, WatesHouse, 12 Queens Rd, 22 Gordon Street,WC1H 0QB, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (+44) (0) 20 8810 8723 Fax: (44)20-88108723 Alan [2207] CELL BIOLOGYMemorial Sloan-Kettering CancerCenter, 1275 York Avenue, Box 572, NY10021, New York UNITED STATES Tel: (1)212-6392387 halla@mskcc.orgHALL Wendy [2707] COMPUTERSCIENCE University of Southampton,School of Electronics & ComputerScience, SO17 1BJ, SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 2380-592388 Fax: (44) 2380-592865 Jacques [1650]EDUCATION 81 Boulevard de Courcelles,75008, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-47639204 jack_hallak@hotmail.comHALLER Rudolf [1460]PHILOSOPHY University of Graz, Institutfür Philosophie, Heinrichstrasse 26,A-8010, Graz AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-391517 Fax: (43) 316-356144 Ian G. [3075]THEORETICAL PARTICLE PHYSICSAcademia Europaea Directory 2012Derwant House, Walkley Hill, GL53TX, Rodborough by Stroud UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: ((44) 7718-909245 ian.halliday@e-halliday.orgHALSEY Albert H. [1276]EDUCATION Nuffield College, OX1 1NF,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-278521 Fax: (44) 1865-278557 Matti J. [2390]NEUROPATHOLOGY Ritarikatu 7A4,FIN-00170, Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)9-666100 Fax: (358) 9-19126700matti.j.haltia@helsinki.fiHAMBRAEUS Gunnar [719]ENGINEERING, INFORMATION SCIENCEBergsbovägen 5, S-191 35, SollentunaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-353252 Fax: (46)8-859427 ehg263m@tninet.seHAMMER Claus Uffe [1846]GEOPHYSICS University of Copenhagen,Department of Geophysics, JulianeMaries Vej 30, DK-2100, Copenhagen 0DENMARK Tel: (45) 35320559 Fax: (45)35365357 cuh@gfy.ku.dkHÁMORI József [1089]NEUROSCIENCE Semmelweis University,Dept. of Anatomy, Tüzoltó u. 58,1450, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2176937 Fax: (36) 1-2176937hamori@ana1.sote.huHAMPL Martin [1651] GEOGRAPHYCharles University, Faculty of Science,Albertov 6, 128 43, Prague CZECHREPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-21952196 Fax:(420) 2-24960657 ksgrrsek@natur.cuni.czHAND Sean [2906] FRENCHUniversity of Warwick, Department ofFrench Studies, 22 Warwick Street, CV47AL, Coventry UNITED KINGDOM Eric [14] CLASSICS ColtHouse, 44 High Street, Little Eversden,CB23 1HE, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-338413Fax: (44) 1223-338564 Peter [2444] THEORETICALPHYSICS University of Augsburg,Institute of Physics, Universitätsstr.1, D-86135, Augsburg, BavariaGERMANY Tel: (49) 821-598-3250 Fax:(49) 821-598-3222 hanggi@physik.uni-augsburg.deHÄNSCH Theodor W. [2686]QUANTUM PHYSICS Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Schellingstrasse4/III floor, D-80799, Munich GERMANYTel: (49) 89-21803212 Fax: (49)89-285192 t.w.haensch@physik.uni-muenchen.deHANSEN Jens Christian[946] GEOGRAPHY University ofBergen, Department of Geography,Fosswinckels gt 6, N-5007, BergenNORWAY Tel: (47) 55959365 Fax: (47)55959393 jens.hansen@geog.uib.noHANSEN Niels [1349] ENGINEERINGRisø National Laboratory, MaterialsResearch Dept./Bldg.228, P.O. Box 49,DK-4000, Roskilde DENMARK Tel: (45)46775769 Fax: (45) 46775758 niels.hansen@risoe.dkHANSKI Ilkka [1792] POPULATIONBIOLOGY Dept.of Ecology & Systematics,Department of Biological andEnvironmental Sciences, PO Box 65,Viikinkaari 1, FI-00014, University ofHelsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19157745ilkka.hanski@helsinki.fiHANSSON Göran K. [2459]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE KarolinskaUniversity Hospital, Center forMolecular Medicine L8:03, SE-17176, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-51776222 Fax: (46) 8-313147 goran.hansson@ki.seHAPPÉ Francesca [2983]COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE MRC SGDPCentre, Institute of Psychiatry (PO80),De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, SE58AF, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78480928 Fax: (44) Muhsin N. [2534]NUCLEAR PHYSICS RijksuniversiteitGroningen, Kernfysisch VersnellerInstituut, Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA,Groningen THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)50-3633554 Fax: (31) 50-3633555harakeh@kvi.nlHAREL David [2366] COMPUTERSCIENCE The Weizmann Institute ofScience, Faculty of Mathematics &Computer Science, 76100, RehovotISRAEL Tel: (972) 8-9344050 Fax: (972)8-9346023 Annick [2484]EPIGENETICS OF CELL PROLIFERATIONLaboratoire Epigenetique et Cancer FRE3377, CEA Saclay, 91191, Gif-sur-YvetteCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69083586Fax: (33) 1-69084712 annick.harelbellan@cea.frHARGITTAI István [1601]CHEMISTRY Budapest University ofTechnology & Economics, P O Box 91,H-1521, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-4634051 Fax: (36) 1-4634052 istvan.hargittai@gmail.comHARGITTAI Magdolna[2378] INORGANIC CHEMISTRYBudapest University of Technology& Economics, Materials Structure &Modeling Res. Group, HAS, P O Box91, H-1521, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-4633407 Fax: (36) 1-4634052hargittaim@gmail.comHARI Riitta [1350] NEUROSCIENCEHelsinki University of Technology, LowTemperature Laboratory, Brain ResearchUnit, FIN-02015 HUT, Espoo FINLANDTel: (358) 9-4512959 Fax: (358)9-4512969 hari@neuro.hut.fiHARMATHY Attila [1555] LAWIstvanffy utca 28/B, 1147, BudpaestHUNGARY harmathy@ajk.elte.huHARRIS Martin [947] LINGUISTICSClare Hall, Herschel Road, CB3 9AL,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-332360 Fax: (44) John [2976] PHILOSOPHY,BIOETHICS University of Manchester, Inst.for Science Ethics & Innovation, Schoolof Law, M13 9PL, Manchester UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 161-2753473Fax: (44) 161-2757704 Stephen J. [2424]CLASSICS Corpus Christi College, OX14JF, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-276762 Fax: (44) Christiaan[876] LITERATURE Université deLausanne, Section d’Allemand, 1015,Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)21-6924603 christiaan.hartnibbrig@unil.chHARVEY Jonathan [657]MUSICOLOGY 35 Houndean Rise, BN71EQ, Lewes UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1273-471241 Fax: (44) Brian [2069] CELL &MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY Royal College ofSurgeons in Ireland, RCSI Education andResearch Centre, Beaumont Hospital/PO Box 9063, Dublin 9 IRELAND Tel:(353) 1-8093817 Fax: (353) 1-8093778bjpharvey@rcsi.ieHARVEY Paul [2467] ZOOLOGYUniversity of Oxford, Department ofZoology, South Parks Rd, OX1 3PS,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-27160 Fax: (44) Nikita L. [3031]HISTORY University of Paris X-Nanterre,35 rue de Noailles, 78100, Saint-Germain-en-Laye FRANCE Tel: (33)1-30614731 harwich.nikita@noos.frHASINGER Günther [2698]PHYSICS Max-Planck-Institut fürPlasmaphysik, Boltzmannstr.2,85748, Garching GERMANY Tel: (49)89-32991375 Fax: (49) 89032991001guenther.hasinger@ipp.mpg.deHASPELMATH Martin [2284]LINGUISTICS Max-Planck-Institut fürevolutionäre Anthropologie, DeutscherPlatz 6, D-04103, Leipzig GERMANYTel: (49) 341-3550307 Fax: (49) 341-3550333 haspelmath@eva.mpg.deHASSELL Michael [1819]ECOLOGY Imperial College London,Silwood Park Campus, SL5 7PY, Ascot,Berkshire UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-75942207 Fax: (44) Klaus [94]METEOROLOGY Max-Planck-Institutfür Meteorologie, Bundesstrasse 55,D-20146, Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49)40-41173236 Fax: (49) 40-41173298klaus.hasselmann@zmaw.deHASTAD Johan [2441] THEORYOF COMPUTATION The Royal Institute25

Academia Europaea Directory 2012of Technology, KTH, Department ofComputer Science, S-10044, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7906289 Fax: (46)8-7900930 johanh@kth.seHASTIE Nicholas [2103]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYMRC Human Genetics Unit, WesternGeneral Hospital, Crewe Rd, EH4 2XU,Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)131-4678401 Fax: (44) Andreas [2290] MUSICOLOGYInstitut für Musikwissenschaft,Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,Bismarkstrasse 1, D-91054, ErlangenGERMANY Tel: (49) 9131-8529348Fax: (49) 9131-8522403 ashaug@phil.uni-erlangen.deHAUG Gerald H. [2549] CLIMATEGEOLOGY ETH Zurich, GeologicalInstitute, Dept. of Earth Sciences,Sonneggstr. 5, 8092, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-6328610Fax: (41) 44-6321080 gerald.haug@erdw.ethz.chHAVEL Ivan [1530] COMPUTINGCenter for Theoretical Study, CharlesUniversity, Jilská 1, 110 00, Prague 1CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-22220671Fax: (420) 2-22220653 havel@cts.cuni.czHAVERLING Gerd V M [2624]LATIN University of Uppsala, Dept.of Linguistics & Philology, Box 635,SE-751 26, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46)18-4711419 Fax: (46) 18-4711094 gerd.haverling@lingfil.uu.seHAYNES Peter [1847] ATMOSPHERICDYNAMICS University of Cambridge,Dept.of Applied Mathematics &Theoretical Physics, Centre forMathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Rd,CB3 OWA, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-337862 Fax: (44) 1223-765900 György [948] ORIENTALSTUDIES Kozraktar utca 12/A,H-1093, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-2175559 Fax: (36) 1-2150925dr.hazai.kinga@pronet.huHEAP Brian [1895] PHYSIOLOGYLincoln House, 8 Fendon Road, CB1 7RT,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-410686 Fax: (44)ÖM Peter [2934]SOCIOLOGY Institute for Future Studies,Box 591, 101 31, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-4021229 Fax: (46) 8-245014peter.hedstrom@iffs.seHEIMANN Martin [1805]EARTH SCIENCE Max-Planck-Institutfür Biogeochemie, Postfach 100164,7701, Jena GERMANY Tel: (49) 3641-576350 Fax: (49) 3641-577300 martin.heimann@bgc-jena.mpg.deHEINEMANN Uwe [1971]NEUROPHYSIOLOGY Johannes-Müller- Institute of Physiology, HumboldtUniversity Berlin, Tucholskystr. 2,D-10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-450528091 Fax: (49) 30-450528962uwe.heinemann@charite.deHEISENBERG Martin [1806]NEUROGENETICS NO MAILHELANDER Vilhelm [124]HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE Kapteeninkatu14 A6, 140, Helsinki FINLAND Tel:(358) 9-630722 Fax: (358) 9-630726helander.leiviska@kolumbus.fiHELDIN Carl-Henrik [1965]MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY LudwigInstitute for Cancer Research, Box 595,S-75124, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46)18-160401 Fax: (46) 18-160420 c-h.heldin@licr.uu.seHELENIUS Ari [2175] BIOCHEMISTRYInstitute of Biochemistry, ETHHönggerberg HPM E6.3, 8093, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6326817Fax: (41) 1-6321269 ari.helenius@bc.biol.ethz.chHELLER Jiri [1353] PHYSIOLOGY &BIOPHYSICS NO MAILHELLERSTRÖM Claes [1354]CLINICAL SCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGYNO MAILHELLWIG Martin [987] ECONOMICSMax-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung,von Gemeinschatsgutern, Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 10, D-53113, BonnGERMANY Tel: (49) 228-9141622Fax: (49) 228-9141621 hellwig@coll.mpg.de26HELMFRID Staffan [1351]GEOGRAPHY Björkhagsvägen 40,S-18635, Vallentuna SWEDEN Tel:(46) 8-51174833 staffan.helmfrid@swipnet.seHEMKER Coenraad [909]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Maastricht,Carim-Synapse BV, P O Box 616, 6200MD, Maastricht THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 43-3881675 Fax: (31) 43-3670916hc.hemker@thrombin.comHEMPEL Gotthilf [117]OCEANOGRAPHY Eidergrund 5, 24113,Molfsee GERMANY Tel: (49) 431-650773Fax: (49) 431-650605 ghempel@marketing.bremen.deHENQUIN Jean-Claude[2065] PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Unitéd’Endocrinologie et Métabolisme-UCL 55.30, Faculté de Médecine del’Université de Louvain, Ave Hippocrate55, B-1200, Brussels BELGIUM Tel:(32) 2-7645529 Fax: (32) Dieter [364] PHILOSOPHYMaximilians-Universität München,Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539,Munich GERMANY dieter.henrich@lrz.uni-muenchen.deHENRY Claude [438] ECONOMICSÉcole Polytechnique, Laboratoired’Econometrie, 1 rue Descartes, 75005,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-55558239Fax: (33) 1-55558428 lysa@poly.polytechnique.frHENZINGER Thomas A. [2367]COMPUTER SCIENCE IST Austria, AmCampus 1, A-3400, KlosterneuburgAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 66-488509110thenzinger@gmail.comHÉRITIER Françoise [742] SOCIALANTHROPOLOGY Collège de France,Lab. d’Anthropologie Sociale, 52, ruedu Cardinal Lemoine, 75005, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271732 Fax:(33) 1-44271766 francoise.heritier@college-de-france.frHÉRITIER Adrienne [2191]POLITICAL SCIENCE NO MAILHERLIN Denis [2865] FRENCH MUSIC3 rue de L’Abbé Patureau, 75018, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-42525670 denis.herlin@orange.frHERMENEGILDO Manuel[2793] COMPUTER SCIENCE UniversidadPolitecnica de Madrid, IMDEA SoftwareInstitute, Facultad de Informatica,28660, Boadilla del Monte, MadridSPAIN Tel: (34) 91-3363734 Fax: (34)91-4524819 herme@fi.upm.esHERMERÉN Göran [599]PHILOSOPHY Lund University,Department of Medical Ethics, BioMedical Centre (BMC) C13, S-221 84,Lund SWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2221280 Fax:(46) 46-2221285 Carlos M. [1678] PLANT& ANIMAL SCIENCES Estacion Biologicade Doñana, Consejo Superior deInvestigaciones Cientificas, Apartado1056, E-41080, Seville SPAIN Tel: (34)95-4232340 Fax: (34) 95-4621125herrera@cica.esHERRESTHAL Harald [2504]MUSICOLOGY Apalveien 28, 371, OsloNORWAY Tel: (47) 22598073 herresth@online.noHERRLICH Peter [1324]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYForschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institutfür Toxikologie und Genetik, P.O. Box3640, 76021, Karlsruhe GERMANY Tel:(49) 7247-823292 Fax: (49) 7247-823354 herrlich@fli-leibniz.deHERRMANN Theo [824]PSYCHOLOGY NO MAILHESSE Mary [625] PHILOSOPHYNO MAILHESSE Joachim J. [2336] SOCIALSCIENCES International Institute forComparative, Government & EuropeanPolicy, Behrenstrasse 34, D-10117,Berlin-Gendarmenmarkt GERMANYTel: (49) 30-20613990 Fax: (49)30-20613999 jjhesse@internationalesinstitut.deHEWISH Antony [1355]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH Universityof Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory,Madingley Road, CB3 0HE, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-337299 Fax: (44) 1223-363263 Maya [2577]PSYCHOLINGUISTICS CNRS-UPS Pouchet,Laboratoire Structures Formelles duLangage, 59 rue Pouchet, 75017, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-40251015 Fax:(33) 1-40251041 maya.hickmann@sfl.cnrs.frHIDE Raymond [215] GEOPHYSICS17 Clinton Ave, KT8 0HS, East MoleseyUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-88733366 arhide@ntlworld.comHIERY Hermann J. [2817]MODERN HISTORY Universität Bayreuth,95440, Bayreuth GERMANY Tel: (49)921-554180 Fax: (49) 921-55844180hermann.hiery@uni-bayreuth.deHIJIYA-KIRSCHNEREITIrmela [1652] ORIENTAL STUDIESFreie Univesität Berlin, OstasiatischesSeminar, Ehrenbergstrasse 26-28,14195, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-83853857 Fax: (49) 30-83857114i.hijiya@fu-berlin.deHILDENBRAND Werner[281] ECONOMICS Universität Bonn,Wirtschaftstheorie II, Lennéstr. 37,53113, Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49) 228-739242 Fax: (49) 228-736102HILEY David [1813] MUSICOLOGYInstitut für Musikwissenschaft,Universität Regensburg,Universitätsstrasse 31, D-93053,Regensburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 941-9433512 Fax: (49) 941-9434408 david.hiley@psk.uni-regensburg.deHILLERT Mats [1128] METALLURGYRoyal Institute of Technology,Department of Materials Science,100 44, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-100411 Fax: (46) 8-100411 mats@met.kth.seHINCH Edward J. [2914] FLUIDMECHANICS University of Cambridge,DAMTP - CMS, Wilberforce Road, CB30WA, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-337864 Fax: (44) 1223-765900 Robert [757] PSYCHOLOGYSt. John’s College, CB2 1TP, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-339356 Fax: (44) 1223 337720 Hans-Joachim [2564] HISTORY OF MUSICMusikwissenschaftliches, Institutder Universität, Florhofgasse 11,CH-8001, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6344770 Fax: (41) 44-6344964hjhinrichsen@access.uzh.chHIRSCH Peter [548] MATERIALSSCIENCE University of Oxford,Department of Materials, Parks Road,OX1 3PH, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-273773 Fax: (44) 1865-273789 Friedrich [112]MATHEMATICS Max-Planck-Institut fürMathematik, Postfach 7280, D-53072,Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49) 228-402244Fax: (49) 228-402277 hirzebruch@mpim-bonn.mpg.deHITCHIN Nigel [1400]MATHEMATICS Mathematical Institute,24-29 St Giles, OX1 3LB, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-273515 Fax:(44) 1865-273588ÄRPE Jan [1090] ISLAMIC STUDIESVirvelvindsvägen 4 F, S-222 27, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-135567 Fax: (46)46-2224426 Charles [315] COMPUTINGMicrosoft Research Ltd, 7JJ ThomsonAve, Madingley Rd, CB3 OSB,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-479800 thoare@microsoft.comHOBCRAFT John [1621] POLITICALSCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHY University ofYork, Dept. of Social Policy & SocialWork, Heslington, YO10 5DD, YorkUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1904-321278 Fax: (44) 1904-321270 Jonathan [1189]GENETICS Genetics Unit/Dept. ofBiochemistry, University of Oxford,South Parks Rd, OX1 3QU, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-275317 Fax: (44) 1865-275318 Alex C [2607] PHYSICSUniversity of Bergen, Institute of Physics& Technology, Allegaten 55, 5007,Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47) 55582876Fax: (47) 55589440 alex.hoffmann@ift.uib.noHOFMANN Franz [2212]PHARMACOLOGY TechnischeUniversität, Forschergruppe 923Carvas, Biedersteiner Strasse 29,D-80802, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-41403240 Fax: (49) 89-41403250hofmann@lrz.tum.deHOFMANN Sigurd [3039]NUCLEAR PHYSICS GSI, Planckstrasse 1,64291, Darmstadt GERMANY Tel: (49)6159-712734 s.hofmann@gsi.deHOHN Barbara [92] PLANT SCIENCEFriedrich Miescher Institute, P O Box2543, 4002, Basel SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 61-6976682 Fax: (41) 61-6973976hohnba1@fmi.chHOHN Thomas [540] MOLECULARBIOLOGY University of Basel, BotanicalInstitute, Schoenbeinstr. 6, CH-4056,Basel SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-2672977 thomas.hohn@fmi.chHÖKFELT Tomas [173]NEUROSCIENCE Karolinska Institutet,Department of Neuroscience, Retziusväg 8, S-171 77, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-7287070 Fax: (46) Charles Hepworth[543] EARTH SCIENCE Trinity College,Department of Geology, Dublin2 IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6081585hepwholl@tcd.ieHÖLLDOBLER Bert [1556] PLANT& ANIMAL SCIENCES Biozentrum (ZoologyII) of the University, Am Hubland,D-97074, Würzburg GERMANY Tel: (49)931-8884307 Fax: (49) 931-8884309bertholl@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.deHÖLSCHER Tonio [2070] CLASSICALARCHAEOLOGY Archäologisches Institut,Universität Heidelberg, Marstallhof 4,69117, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-542511 Fax: (49) 6221-543385tonio.hoelscher@zaw.uni-heidelberg.deHOLT James [616] HISTORYFitzwilliam College, University ofCambridge, CB3 0DG, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-332041HONDIUS Ewoud [3128]COMPARATIVE LAW Molengraaff Instituutvoor Privaatrecht, Janskerkhof 12, NL-3512 BL, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 30-2537167 Fax: (31) 30-2537203e.h.hondius@uu.nlHONDROS Ernest [75]METALLURGY 37 Ullswater Crescent,Kingston Vale, SW15 3RG, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-85499526 Fax: (44) Seppo [873]ECONOMICS Bank of Finland, P O Box160, 101, Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)10-8312005 Fax: (358) 10-8312086seppo.honkapohja@bof.fiHÖÖG Christer [2614] MEIOSISKarolinska Institutet, Dept. of Cell& Molecular Biology, Berzelius Väg35, 13141, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel:(46) 8-52487365 Fax: (46) 8-323672christer.hoog@ki.seHOOGLAND Walter [501] PHYSICSFaculteit der Natuurwetenschappen,Kruislaan 404, 1098 SM, AmsterdamTHE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-5257679 Fax: (31) 20-5257675w.hoogland@uva.nlHOOYKAAS Paul [1091] PLANTDEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY LeidenUniversity, Dept Mol Dev. Genetics,Molecular & Developmental GeneticsDept., Sylvius Laboratory, Sylviusweg72, 2333 BE, Leiden THE NETHERLANDSTel: (31) 71-5274933 Fax: (31) 71-5274999 p.j.j.hooykaas@biology.leidenuniv.nlHOPE Einar [3016] ECONOMICSNorwegian School of Economics,Helleveien 30, 5045, Bergen NORWAYTel: (47) 55959344 Fax: (47) 55959543einar.hope@nhh.noHOPKINS Colin [1238] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY NO MAILHOPPER Andy [2806] COMPUTERENGINEERING University of Cambridge,Computer Laboratory, JJ Thomson Ave,CB3 0FD, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-767008 Fax: (44) 1223-334611 David [127] GENETICSJohn Innes Centre, Norwich ResearchPark, Colney, NR4 7UH, Norwich UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1603-450338 Fax:(44) 1603-450778ÖRMANDER Lars [859]MATHEMATICS University of Lund, P OBox 118, 221 00, Lund SWEDEN Tel: (46)46-2228556 Fax: (46) 46-2224213 lvh@maths.lth.seHORVÁTH Ferenc [950] EARTHSCIENCE Eötvös University, GeophysicalDepartment, Pazmany P. setany 1/C,1117, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-3812191 Fax: (36) 1-3812192horvath@rkk.huHORVÁTH Gyula [2142]ECONOMICS Hungarian Academy ofSciences, Centre for Regional Studies,PF 199, H-7601, Pécs HUNGARY Tel:(36) 72-233704 Fax: (36) 72-233704horvath@rkk.huHOSKINS Brian [833] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE Anchor House, Green Lane,RG6 7BG, Pangbourne, Berks. UNITEDKINGDOM Mir Wais [2379]CHEMISTRY 6 rue Victor Hugo, 67550,Vendenheim 1 FRANCE Tel: (33)390-241323 Fax: (33) 390-241325hosseini@chimie.u-strasbg.frHOUGHTON John [261]METEOROLOGY Brynhyfryd, Aberdyfi,LL35 OSN, Gwynedd UNITED Norman [2668]HISTORY University of Leicester, Schoolof Historical Studies, AttenboroughBuilding, LE1 7RH, Leicester UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 116-2522801 Fax:(44) 116-2523986 Frédéric [2063]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE UniversitéCatholique de Louvain, RheumatologyDepartment, Ave Hippocrate 10,B-1200, Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32)2-7645391 Fax: (32) Robert [2078] HISTORYUniversity of St. Andrews, Departmentof Modern History, KY16 9AL, St.Andrews UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1334-462901 Fax: (44) Michael [1603]HISTORY The Old Farm, Eastbury, RG177JN, Hungerford, Berkshire UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1488-71387 Fax:(44) 1488-71387 michaelhoward@supanet.comHOWARD Jonathan C. [2555]CELL BIOLOGY University of Cologne,Institute for Genetics, Zülpicher Strasse47, 50674, Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49)221-4704864 Fax: (49) 221-4706749j.howard@uni-koeln.deHROMKOVIC Juraj [2752]INFORMATICS ETH Zurich, Department ofInformatic, CAB F16, Universitätstrasse6, CH-8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6324408 Fax: (41) 44-6321390juraj.hromkovic@inf.ethz.chHUBER Robert [869] BIOCHEMISTRYMax-Planck-Institut für Biochemie,Am Klopferspitz 18, 8033, MartinsriedGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-85782677 Fax:(49) 89-85783516HUBER Martin [951] SPACERESEARCH Glaernischstrasse 20, CH-8700, Kuesnacht SWITZERLAND mceh@bluewin.chHUBER Franz [1092]NEUROETHOLOGY Watzmannstr. 16,D-82319, Starnberg GERMANY Tel: (49)8151-15630 Fax: (49) 8157-932209huber.f@online.deHUDSON Ray [2439] GEOGRAPHYDurham University, University Office,Old Shire Hall, DH1 3HP, DurhamCty UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 191-3340070 Fax: (44) 191-3340075 Gérard [387] COMPUTING Inst.National de Recherche en, Informatiqueet en Automatique, domaine deVoluceau, 78153, RocquencourtFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-39635460 Fax: (33)1-39635330 gerard.huet@inria.frHULTQVIST Bengt [354] SPACEPHYSICS Swedish Institute of SpacePhysics, P O Box 812, 98128, KirunaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 980-84340 Fax: (46)980-84340 hultqv@irf.seHUMPHREY Caroline [2440]SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY River FarmHouse, CB2 2EJ, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Colin [1018]MATERIALS SCIENCE University ofCambridge, Department of MaterialsScience, Pembroke Street, CB2 3QZ,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-334457 Fax: (44) Martin J. [2386]CELL ADHESION University of Manchester,Faculty of Life Sciences, MichaelSmith Bldg/Oxford Rd, M13 9PT,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)161-2755071 Fax: (44) Tim [1868] CELL CYCLECONTROL Cancer Research UK, Clare HallLaboratories, Blanche Lane, EN6 3LD,South Mimms, Herts. UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1707-625981 Julian C.R. [2682] APPLIEDMATHEMATICS University CollegeLondon, Department of Earth Sciences,Gower St, WC1E 7BT, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76797743D Fax:(44) 20-76797883 Herbert E. [2977]THEORETICAL GEOPHYSICS Universityof Cambridge, Dept.of AppliedMathematics &, Theoretical Physics,Wilberforce Road, CB3 0WA, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-337853 Fax: (44) 1223-765900 Eduard C. [2453] GENEEXPRESSION University of Heidelberg,BZH, Im Neuenheimer Feld 328,D-69120, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-544173 Fax: (49) 6221-544369ed.hurt@bzh.uni-heidelberg.deHUTCHINGS Graham J. [2761]HETEROGENEOUS CATALYSIS CardiffUniversity, School of Chemistry, CF103AT, Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)2920874059 Fax: (44) Michael [3040] GRANULARELECTRONIC MATERIALS PhysikalischesInstitut, Goethe-Universität, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, 60438, Frankfurt am MainGERMANY Tel: (49) 69-79847235 Fax:(49) 69-79847272 michael.huth@physik.uni-frankfurt.deHÜTTL Reinhard F. [2945] EARTHSCIENCES Helmholtz Centre Potsdam,GFZ German Research Centre forGeosciences, Telegrafenberg, House G,14473, Potsdam GERMANY Tel: (49)331-2881000 Fax: (49) 331-2881002huettl@gfz-potsdam.deHUXLEY Andrew [500] PHYSIOLOGYManor Field, 1, Vicarage Drive, CB3 9NG,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-840207 Fax: (44) 1223-840207HUXLEY George L. [746] CLASSICSForge Cottage, Church Enstone,Oxfordshire, OX7 4NN UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1608 677 595 necIBANEZ Carlos [2489] MOLECULARNEUROBIOLOGY Karolinska Institute,Division of Molecular Neurobiology,Berzelius väg 35, 171 77, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-52487660 Fax: (46)8-339548 carlos.ibanez@ki.seIGGO Ainsley [1129] NEUROSCIENCE5 Relugas Rd, EH9 2NE, EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6674879IHSANOGLU Ekmeleddin[2236] HISTORY OF SCIENCE InternationalUnion of the History &, Philosophy ofScience, P O Box 24, Besiktas 34354,Istanbul TURKEY Tel: (90) 212-2600717Fax: (90) 212-2584365 ircica@superonline.comILIFFE John [1747] HISTORY NOMAILILLES Peter [2971] PHARMACOLOGY& TOXICOLOGY University of Leipzig,Rudolf-Boehm-Inst. for Pharmacology&, Toxicology, Haertelstrasse 16-18,4107, Leipzig GERMANY Tel: (49) 341-9724614 Fax: (49) 341-9724609 peter.illes@medizin.uni-leipzig.deILYIN Yurii [1604] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY V.A.Engelhardt Inst.of Molecular Biology, Russian Academyof Sciences, Vavilov str. 32, 117984,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-1357228Fax: (7) 495-1351405 ilyin@eimb.ruIMBERT Michel [432]NEUROSCIENCE Ecole Normale

Supérieure, Neuroscience - Départmentd’Etudes Cognitives (DEC), 45 rued’Ulm, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-43254690 Fax: (33) 1-44323610michel.imbert@ens.frIMBODEN Dieter M. [2535]AQUATIC PHYSICS Zürichstrasse 128,CH-8700, Küsnacht SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-9104601 Fax: (41) 44-9101970imboden@env.thz.chIOANNIDIS Yannis [3129]INFORMATICS University of Athens, Dept.of Informatics & Telecommunications,Panepistimioupolis, Informatics Bldgs,175-84, Ilisia-Athens GREECE Tel: (30)210-7275224 Fax: (30) 210-7275185yannis@di.uoa.grIRVINE Robin F. [2205]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Cambridge,Department of Pharmacology, TennisCourt Rd, CB2 1PD, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-339683 Fax:(44) 1223-334040 Ivar [1848] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCES University of Oslo, Departmentof Geophysics, PB 1022, 0315 Blindern,Oslo NORWAY Tel: (47) 22855822 Fax:(47) 22855269 ivar.isaksen@geofysikk.uio.noISENBERG Gerrit [2460]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE NO MAILISRAEL Alain [2028] CELL BIOLOGYInstitut Pasteur/Unité de BiologieMoléculaire, de l’Expression Génique,25 rue du Dr. Roux, 75724, Paris Cedex15 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688553 Fax:(31) 1-40613040 aisrael@pasteur.frISRAEL Jonathan [2033] HISTORYOF PHILOSOPHY 48 Parkside Drive, HA88JX, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-89053945ITKIS Mikhail G. [3041] NUCLEUSRESEARCH Joint Institute for NuclearResearch, Flerov Laboratory of Nuclearreactions, Joliot-Curie St. 6, 141980,Dubna, Moscow Region RUSSIA Tel: (1)7496-2165911 Fax: (1) 7496-2165210itkis@jinr.ruIVERSEN Leslie [306]NEUROSCIENCE University of Oxford,Department of Pharmacology,Mansfield Rd, OX1 3QT, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-271850 Fax:(44) 1865-271882ÄCKLE Herbert [866] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institut fürBiophysikalische Chemie, Am Fassberg,37077, Göttingen GERMANY Tel: (49)551-2011482 Fax: (49) 551-2011755hjaeckl@gwdg.deJACOB François [892] GENETICSInstitut Pasteur, Département deBiologie Moléculaire, 25 rue du Dr.Roux, 75724, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-45688487 Fax: (33) 1-40613116fjacob@pasteur.frJACOBSON-WIDDING Anita[594] ANTHROPOLOGY Roslagsgatan20, 113 55, Stockholm SWEDEN anita.jacobson-widding@antro.uu.seJACQUART Danielle [2420]HISTORY OF SCIENCES 74 rue desCévenees, 75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45585019 danielle.jacquart@ephe.sorbonne.frJAHR Ernst Håkon [2498]LINGUISTIC University of Agder, Facultyof Humanities & Education, Service Box422, NO-4604, Kristiansand NORWAYTel: (47) 38141102 ernsthakon.jahr@uia.noJANHUNEN Juha A. [2493]ALTAIC STUDIES Nylandsgatan 23 A 7,120, Helsinki 12 FINLAND Tel: (358)9-19123376 Fax: (358) 9-19122094asiemajeure@yahoo.comJANICH Peter [2330] PHILOSOPHYAm Galgenberg 5, D35282,Rauschenberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6425 -6245 Fax: (49) 6425-6330 peter.janich@t-online.deJANNSEN Uwe [2925] NUMBERTHEORY Universität Regensbury, Fakultätfür Mathematik, Universitätsstr. 31,93053, Regensburg GERMANY Tel: (49)941-9432771 Fax: (49) 941-9432576uwe.jannsen@mathematik.uniregensburg.deJANSE Michiel [163] CLINICALSCIENCE Academic Medical Centre-M-O-052, Lab. of ExperimentalCardiology, Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ,Amsterdam 20 THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5663264 Fax: (31) 20-6975458m.kraayenhof@amc.uva.nlJANSEN Jan [894] NEUROSCIENCENO MAILJANSEN Martin [2058] INORGANICCHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institut fürFestkörperforschung, Heisenbergstr. 1,D-70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49)711-6891500 Fax: (49) 711-6891502m.jansen@fkf.mpg.deJANULAITIS Arvydas [1418]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Instituteof Biotechnology, Fermentas, Graiciuno8, 2028, Vilnius LITHUANIA Tel: (370)2642468 Fax: (370) 2642624JARD Serge [1094] PHYSIOLOGY,BIOCHEMISTRY NO MAILJARLSKOG Cecilia [2331]THEORETICAL PARTICLE PHYSICS LundUniversity, Div. Of MathematicalPhysics, LTH, Box 118, SE-22100, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2223151 Fax:(46) 46-2224416 cecilia.jarlskog@matfys.lth.seJAUMOTTE André [1095]ENGINEERING Avenue Jeanne 33, Box17, 1050, Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32)2-6503271 Fax: (32) 2-6504599 Claude [2873]GEOPHYSICS Institut de Physique duGlobe de Paris, 1 rue Jussieu, 75238,Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-83957409 jaupart@ipgp.frJAVOY Marc [2012] EARTH & COSMICSCIENCES 86 avenue de Choisy, F-75013,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44276091 Fax:(33) 1-44272830 mja@ipgp.jussieu.frJEANNERET Michel [619]LITERATURE Université de Geneve,Faculté des Lettres, 3 placede l’Université, 1211, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7057387Fax: (41) 22-7057305 michel.jeanneret@unige.chJEFFNER Anders [1915]PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Storforsplan 5,SE-123 47, Farsta SWEDEN ajeffner@hotmail.comJEFFREYS Alec [219] GENETICSUniversity of Leicester, Department ofGenetics, University Road, LE1 7RH,Leicester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)116-2523435 Fax: (44) Nicholas R. [2524]COMPUTER SCIENCE University ofSouthampton, School of Electronics& Computer Science, SO17 1BJ,Southampton UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 23-80597681 Fax: (44) 23-80592865 Thomas [2049]PHYSIOLOGY FMP / MDC, Robert-Rösslestrasse10, D-13125, Berlin GERMANYTel: (49) 30-94062975 Fax: (49) 30-94062960 jentsch@fmp-berlin.deJENTSCH Stefan [2918]MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Dept. ofMolecular Cell Biology, Am Klopferspitz18, 82152, Martinsried GERMANYTel: (49) 89-8573010 Fax: (49) 89-85783011 jentsch@biochem.mpg.deJESSURUN D’OLIVEIRA Ulrich[371] LAW Groenburgwal 36, 1011 HW,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-6208235 Fax: (31) 20-6208235hudo@xs4all.nlJEZOVA Daniela [2213]PHARMACOLOGY Slovak Academy ofSciences, Institute of ExperimentalEndocrinology, Vlarska 3, 83306,Bratislava SLOVAKIA Tel: (421)2-54772800 Fax: (421) 2-54774247ueenjezo@savba.skJIRICNY Josef [2029] BIOCHEMISTRY& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY University ofZurich, Institute of Molecular CancerResearch, Winterthurerstrasse 190,CH-8057, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6353450 Fax: (41) 44-6353484jiricny@imcr.uzh.chJOACHAIN Charles J. [2375]QUANTUM COLLISION THEORY UniversitéLibre de Bruxelles, Campus Plaine C.P.227, Boulevard du Triomphe, B-1050,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-6505578Fax: (32) 2-6505098 Hans [3006] SOCIOLOGYBamberger Str. 51, 10777, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 761-20397428 hans.joas@frias.uni-freiburg.deJOHANSEN Hans Christian[154] ECONOMIC HISTORY Anne MariesIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plAlle 4A, 5250, Odense DENMARK Tel:(45) 65502139 Fax: (45) 65957766hcj@hist.sdu.dkJOHANSEN Søren [2888]MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS Argentinavej8, DK-2800, Kongens Lyngby DENMARKTel: (45) 45934945 sjo@math.ku.dkJOHANSSON Barbro B. [1419]CLINICAL SCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGYWallenberg Neuroscience Center, ExpBrain Research Lab. BMC A13, SE-22184, Lund SWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2220621Fax: (46) 46-2220626 Brian [1201] CHEMISTRYThe University of Cambridge,Department of Chemistry, Lensfield Rd,CB2 1EW, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-336337 Fax: (44) 1223-336017 Louise Napier [2085]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY105A Lonsdale Road, OX2 7ET, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Pierre [402] BIOLOGYInstitut de Biologie, Physico-Chemique,13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-58415044 Fax:(33) 1-58415022 pierre.joliot@ibpc.frJOLOWICZ John Anthony[16] LAW West Green House, 20 WestGreen, CB22 7SA, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-870495 Fax:(44) 1223-872852 Philip [1785] CLIMATOLOGYUniversity of East Anglia, ClimaticResearch Unit, NR4 7TJ, NorwichUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1603-592090 Fax: (44) Neil [1885] PROGRAMMINGLANGUAGES NO MAILJONES Alan G [2673] EARTH SCIENCEDublin Institute for Advanced Studies,School of Cosmic Physics, 5 Merrion Sq,2, Dublin IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6535147Fax: (353) 1-44430575 alan@cp.dias.ieJONES Alun R. [2985] POLITICALGEOGRAPHY University College Dublin(UCD), School of Geography, Planning,Environmental Policy, Belfield, DublinIRELAND Tel: (353) 1-7168683 alun.jones@ucd.ieJONSSON Inge [235] LITERATURETarnvagen 4, SE-131 50, Saltsjo-DuvnasSWEDEN fredga.jonsson@nacka.mail.telia.comJONSSON Jan O. [2180] SOCIOLOGYNO MAILJORDAN Carole [1412] ASTRONOMY& SPACE RESEARCH University of Oxford,Dept.of Physics (Theoretical Physics),1 Keble Road, OX1 3NP, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-273980 Fax:(44) 1865-273947 Michel [1422] PHYSIOLOGY& BIOPHYSICS La Colombière, Sainte-Croix, 1120, Montluel FRANCE Fax: (33)4-78066671JOUZEL Jean [665] EARTH SCIENCELab.des Sciences du Climat et del’Environnement, UMR CEA-CNRS1572, CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers,91191, Gif-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel: (33)1-69087713 Fax: (33) 1-69087716jouzel@lsce.saclay.cea.frJULIAN Desmond [1130] CLINICALSCIENCE Flat 1, 7 Netherhall Gardens,NW3 5RN, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-79350185 Fax: (44) 20-74861273 djulian@dial.pipex.comJULVE OLCINA Miguel [2942]CHEMICAL SCIENCES Universität deValencia, Instituto de Ciencia Molecular,Catedratico Jose Beltran 2, 46980,Paterna SPAIN Tel: (34) 96354440miguel.julve@uv.esJUREWICZ Joanna [2134]ORIENTAL STUDIES Warsaw University,Oriental Institute, Dept. of South Asia,ul. Krakowskie Przedmiesie 26/28,00-927, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-5520459 Fax: (48) Alejandro [2216]BEHAVIOURAL ECOLOGY University ofOxford, Department of Zoology, OX13PS, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-271164 Fax: (44) Leszek [2080]NEUROBIOLOGY Nencki Institute,Pasteura 3, 3 Jan 93, Warsaw POLANDTel: (48) 22-659300 Fax: (48) 22-8225342 Fotis [465] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Imperial College London,Faculty of Natural Sciences, SirAlexander Fleming Building, SouthKensington Campus, SW7 2AZ,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-75945360 Fax: (44) Yuri M. [1653] PHYSICSKurchatov Institute, Kurchatov Sq.46, 123182, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-1969418 kagan@kiae.ruKAHMANN Regine [1879]GENETICS Max-Planck-Institut fürterrestrische Mikrobiologie, Karl-von-Frisch-Strasse, D-35043, MarburghLahn GERMANY Tel: (49) 6421-178501Fax: (49) 6421-178509 kahmann@mpi-marburg.mpg.deKAISER Wolfgang [502] PHYSICSFichtenstr. 25, D-85598, BaldhamGERMANY Tel: (49) 8106-8514KÄLLÉN Erland [2184] DYNAMICMETEOROLOGY Stockholm University,Department of Meteorology, S-106 91,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-162396Fax: (46) 8-157185 Sophien [3026] PLANTMICROBE INTERACTIONS The SainsburyLaboratory, Norwich Research Park,NR4 7UH, Norwich UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1603-450410 Fax: (44) 1603-450011 Hans [2413] LINGUISTICS IMS,University of Stuttgart, Azenbergstrasse12, D-70174, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel:(49) 711-68581362 Fax: (49) 711-68581366 hans@ims.uni-stuttgart.deKÄMPFER Burkhard [2651]PHYSICS OF STRONG INTERACTIONForschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, PF 510119, 1314, DresdenGERMANY Tel: (49) 351-2603258 Fax:(49) 351-2603700 kaempfer@fzd.deKAPITZA Serguei [1251]ENGINEERING,PHYSICS Institute forPhysical Problems, Russian Academyof Science, 2 Kosygina, 117334, RasMoscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 095-1376577Fax: (7) 095-9382030 sergey@kapitza.ras.ruKARDASHEV Nikolai S. [887]ASTRONOMY Astro Space Centre,of Lebedev Physical Institute,Profsoyuznaya st. 84/32, 117810,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-3332189Fax: (7) 495-3332378 nkardash@asc.rssi.ruKARHUMÄKI Juhani [2409]MATHEMATICS University of Turku,Department of Mathematics, 20014,Turku FINLAND Tel: (358) 2-3335613Fax: (358) 2-3336595 karhumak@utu.fiKARLI Pierre [680] NEUROSCIENCELes Jardins D’Arcadie, 6 Place Saint-Louis, 67000, Strasbourg FRANCE Tel:(33) 3-88310134 necKARLSSON Fred [382] LINGUISTICSUniversity of Helsinki, Departmentof General Linguistics, P O Box 9, FIN-00014, Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)9-19123512 Fax: (358) Annette[1139] PSYCHOLOGY Birkbeck College,School of Psychology, 32 TorringtonSquare, WC1E 7HX, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76316 Fax: (44)20-76316312ÄRRE Klas [2131] IMMUNOLOGYMicrobiology & Tumor Biology Center,Karolinska Institute, Box 280, S-17177,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7286282Fax: (46) 8-304276 Arkady [3077]ELECTROANALYSIS M. V. LomonosovMoscow State University, ChemistryFaculty, Lenin Hills 1/3, 119991,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9394605Fax: (7) 495) 9394675 aak@analyt.chem.msu.ruKASKI Kimmo [2099]COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE HelsinkiUniversity of Technology, P O Box 9203,FIN-02015, HUT FINLAND Tel: (358)9-4514825 Fax: (358) 9-4514833kimmo.kaski@hut.fiKATICIC Radoslav [988]LINGUISTICS Institut für Slawistikder Universität Wien, AAKH Hof 3,Spitalgasse 2-4, A-1090, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427742801 Fax:Academia Europaea Directory 2012(43) 1-42779428 Anke R.[2967] MATERIAL SCIENCES HelmholtzZentrum Berlin für, Materialien undEnergie GmbH, Hahn-Meitner-Platz1, 14109, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-806243812 Fax: (49) 30-806242047anke.pyzalla@helmholtz-berlin.deKEIDING Niels [2897] STATISTICSUniversity of Copenhagen, Biostatistics,P O Box 2099, DK-1014, CopenhagenDENMARK Tel: (45) 35327903 Fax: (45)35327907 nike@sund.ku.dkKEILIS-BOROK Vladimir[1946] SOLID EARTH SCIENCE Universityof California, Inst. of Geophysics &Planetary Physics, 3845 Slichter Hall/Box 951567, 90095-1567, Los Angeles,California UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 310-2065667 Fax: (1) 310-2063051 vkb@ess.ucla.eduKEIM Wilhelm [1931] CHEMICALSCIENCES Brüsseler Ring 99, D-52074,Aachen GERMANY Tel: (49) 241-8026480 Fax: (49) 241-8022177wrkeim@t-online.deKELLAGHAN Thomas [1557]EDUCATION Educational Research Centre,St. Patrick’s College, Dublin 9 IRELANDTel: (353) 1-8373789 Fax: (353)1-8378997 tkellaghan@erc.ieKELLER Walter [492] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Department of Cell Biology,Biozentrum, University of Basel,Klingelbergstrasse 70, CH-4056, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-2672060Fax: (41) 61-2672189 walter.keller@unibas.chKELLERMAN Aharon [2986]HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 14 Vitkin St, 34756,Haifa ISRAEL Tel: (972) 54-2065300Fax: (972) 4-8262134 Barbara[1325] ORIENTAL STUDIES Weddigenweg64, D-12205, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-83853955 Fax: (49) 30-83853823heinkele@zedat.fu-berlin.deKELLY Anthony [1020] MATERIALSSCIENCE Churchill College, CB3 0DS,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-313222 Fax: (44) Michael J [2629] PHYSICS &ENGINEERING 38 Warkworth Street, CB11EG, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-309820 Fax: (44) 1223-309830 Ruth [1916] LINGUISTICSKing’s College London, Departmentof Philosophy, The Strand, WC2R 2LS,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78482655 Fax: (44) Olga [1481] CHEMISTRYKeelson, 8A Hills Ave, CB1 7XA,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-415381 Fax: (44) Dennis [2234] THEATRE& PERFORMANCE STUDIES Trinity College,School of Drama, 2, Dublin IRELAND Tel:(353) 1-2846080 Fax: (353) 1-6793488dkennedy@tcd.ieKENNY Anthony [953] PHILOSOPHYSt. John’s College, St. Giles, OX1 3JP,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-277300KERAMEUS Konstantinos[1558] LAW Hellenic Inst.ofInternational, & Foreign Law/AthensUniversity, Solonos 73, GR-10679,Athens GREECE Tel: (30) 210-3615646Fax: (30) 210-3619777 hiifl@ath.forthnet.grKÉRI Szabolcs [2783] BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES University of Szeged,Department of Physiology, Dom Square10, H-6720, Szeged HUNGARY Tel:(36) 20-4483530 Fax: (36) 62-545842szkeri@phys.szote.u-szeged.huKETTENMANN Helmut [2477]CELLULAR NEUROBIOLOGY Max DelbrückCenter for Molecular Med.(MDC),Cellular Neurosciences, Robert-Rösslestr.10,13092, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-94063325 Fax: (49) 30-94063819kettenmann@mac-berlin.deKHOKHLOV Alexei [2068]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF POLYMERSMoscow State University, PhysicsDepartment, 117234, Moscow RUSSIATel: (7) 495-9391013 Fax: (7) 495-9392988 khokhlov@polly.phys.msu.ruKHOSROKHAVAR Farhad[2189] SOCIOLOGY & ANTHROPOLGY Écoledes Hautes Études, en Sciences Sociales,54 Boulevard Raspail, 75270, ParisCedex 06 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-49542563cavard@ehess.frKIBBLE Tom [2005] THEORETICALPHYSICS Blackett Laboratory, ImperialCollege, SW7 2AZ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-75947845 Fax:(44) 20-75947844 Ferenc [1587] LINGUISTICSResearch Inst.for Linguistics, HungarianAcademy of Sciences, Benczur utca 33,H-1068, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-3510413 Fax: (36) 1-3229297 kiefer@nytud.huKIELAN-JAWOROWSKA Zofia[910] PALAEONTOLOGY ul. Sadowa9/1, PL-05 520, Konstancin-JeziornaPOLAND Tel: (48) 22-7544434 Fax: (48)22-7544435 zkielan@twarda.pan.plKIELTY Catherine M [2619]CELL BIOLOGY University of Manchester,Faculty of Life Sciences, Michael SmithBuilding, Oxford Street, M13 9PT,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)161-2755739 Fax: (44) Elisabeth [2417]ART & ARCHITECTURE BibliothecaHertziana, Max-Planck-Institut fürKunstgeschichte, Via Gregoriana28, I-00187, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)6-69993227 Fax: (39) 6-69993335kieven@biblhertz.itKIMCHI Adi [2552] CELL DEATH/CANCER Weizmann Institute of Science,Department of Molecular Genetics,76100, Rehovot ISRAEL Tel: (972)8-9342428 Fax: (972) 8-9315938 Mervyn [1202] ECONOMICSNO MAILKING Anthony [1820] POLITICALSCIENCE Department of Government,University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, CO43SQ, Colchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1206-873393 Fax: (44) 1206-873598 necKING David [2576] CHEMICALPHYSICS 20 Glisson Road, CB1 2HD,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-614965 John [1692]MATHEMATICS Harley Lodge, CliftonDown, BS8 3BP, Bristol UNITEDKINGDOM Kuno [1872]NEUROSCIENCE Max-Planck-Institutfür Biologische Kybernetik,Spemannstrasse 38, D-72076, TübingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 7071-601580 Fax:(49) 7071-601577 kuno.kirschfeld@tuebingen.mpg.deKIRWAN Frances [2579]MATHEMATICS University of Oxford,Balliol College, OX1 3BJ, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Katalin E. [2285] LINGUISTICSResearch Institute for Linguistics,Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Benczur utca 33, H-1068, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-3284130 Fax: (36)1-3229297 ekiss@nytud.huKIVIMÄKI Mika J [2600]EPIDEMIOLOGY University CollegeLondon, Dept. of Epidemiology & PublicHealth, 1-19 Torrington Place, WC1E6BT, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76798260 Fax: (44) Kari [398]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Oulu, Dept.of Medical Biochemistry, P O Box 5000,FIN-90014, Oulu FINLAND Tel: (358)8-5375801 Fax: (358) 8-5375810 kari.kivirikko@oulu.fiKLEIBER Michal [2665]COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE Polish Academyof Sciences, Palace of Culture & Science,00-901, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-620 3353 Fax: (48) 22-6204910mkleiber@pan.plKLEIN Peter Wolfgang [97]HISTORY NO MAILKLEIN George [431] IMMUNOLOGYKarolinska Institute, Microbiology &Tumor Biology Centre, P O Box 280,S-171 77, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-52486731 Fax: (46) 8-330498 georg.klein@ki.seKLEINER Matthias [2415]27

Academia Europaea Directory 2012MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DeutscheForschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), DFG-Vorstand, D-53170, Bonn GERMANY Tel:(49) 228-8852223 Fax: (49) 228-8853002 matthias.kleiner@dfg.deKLEINERTZ Rainer L. [2739]MUSICOLOGY Kobenhüttenweg 20,66123, Saarbrücken GERMANY Tel:(49) 681-9380627 rainer.kleinertz@mx.uni-saarland.deKLEY Dieter [1947] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCES Inst. für Chemie und Dynamikder Geosphäre, Dr. Dieter Kley,Max-Planck-Str. 10, D-52428, JülichGERMANY Tel: (49) 2461 51461 Fax:(49) 2461 9380008 d.kley@fz-juelich.deKLOP Jan W. [3062] THEORETICALCOMPUTER SCIENCE Clarenburg 29, 3621GB, Breukelen THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 346264567 j.w.klop@vu.nlKLUG Aaron [868] MOLECULARBIOLOGY MRC Laboratory of MolecularBiology, Hills Road, CB2 2QH,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-248011 Fax: (44) Vladimir [1140]ENGINEERING, MATERIAL SCIENCES MSIA‘Spectrum’, Build. 1, 35 St. Usacheva,119048, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-2455656 Fax: (7) 495-2468888v.klyuev@spektr.ruKNIGHT Peter [2082] PHYSICSImperial College London/NaturalSciences, L3 Faculty Building, SouthKensington Campus, SW7 2AZ,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-75947500 Fax: (44) Dmitri G. [1049]CHEMISTRY Institute of BioorganicChemistry, Dept. of BiopolymerModifications, Lavrentiev Str. 8,630090, Novosibirsk RUSSIA Tel: (7)3832-360632 Fax: (7) 3832-353459knorre@miboch.nsc.ruKNÖZINGER Helmut [2057]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY UniversitätMünchen, Dept. Chemie, PhysikalischeChemie, Butenandtstrasse 5-13,D-81377, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-21807604 Fax: (49) 89-21807605helmut.knoezinger@cup.unimuenchen.deKNUUTTILA Simo [2258]PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION University ofHelsinki, Dept. of Systematic Theology,P O Box 33 (Aleksanterinkatu 7), 14,Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19123024Fax: (358) 9-19123033 simo.knuuttila@helsinki.fiKOCH Helmut [858] MATHEMATICSOybiner Str. 12, D-01324, DresdenGERMANY h101k@gmx.deKOCKA Jürgen [86] HISTORYRework/IGK, HU-Berlin, Georgenstr. 23,D-10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49) 302093 70200 Fax: (49) 30-2093 Jerzy [1693] CLASSICSRozlogi 14A, m.94, 1310, WarsawPOLAND Tel: (48) 22-6647481 Fax: (48)22-8231162KONDOROSI Éva [2875] MICROBIALGENETICS BayGen Institute, Közép fasor41, H-6726, Szeged HUNGARY Tel:(36) 62-566442 Fax: (36) 62-566441kondorosie@baygen.huKONNERTH Arthur [2269]DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROBIOLOGYLudwig-Maximilians-UniversitaetMuenchen, Physiologisches Institut,Pettenkoferstrasse 12, D-80336,Munich GERMANY Tel: (49) 89-218075510 Fax: (49) 89-218075512konnerth@lrz.uni-muenchen.deKONRAD Ulrich [2335] MUSICOLOGYInstitut für Musikforschung der, Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet Wuerzburg,Domerschulstr. 13, D-97070, WurzburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 931-312828 Fax:(49) 931-312830 muwi003@mail.uni-wuerzburg.deKONTSEVICH Maxim [2041]MATHEMATICS Institut des Hautes ÉtudesScientifiques, 35 route des Chartres,91440, Bures-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-60926631 Fax: (33) 1-60926609maxim@ihes.frKOORNNEEF Maarten [2208]PLANT GENETICS Wageningen University,Droevendaalse Steeg 1, Radix West,Laboratory of Genetics, 6703 BD,Wageningen THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 317-483642 Fax: (31) 317-48314628maarten.koornneef@wur.nlKOPTJEVSKAJA-TAMMMaria [2864] LINGUISTICS StockholmUniversity, Dept. of Linguistics,Universitetsvagen 10C, S-10691,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-162620Fax: (46) 8-155389 Henri [509] NEUROSCIENCEPasteur Institute/Lab. ‘Receptors& Cognition’, Department ofNeurosciences, 25, rue du Dr Roux,75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688801 Fax: (33) 1-45688369hkorn@pasteur.frKORNAI János [220] ECONOMICSCollegium Budapest, Szentharomsagu.2, 1014, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2248312 Fax: (36) 1-2248328 janos.kornai@uni-corvinus.huKORNBERG Hans [126]BIOCHEMISTRY 134 Sewall Avenue, Apt.B, MA 02446-5327, Brookline UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 617-3534020 Fax: (1)617-3535084 hlk@bu.eduKÖRNER Christian [2187] BOTANYInstitute of Botany, Schönbeinstrasse6, CH-4056, Basel SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 61-2673510 Fax: (41) 61-2673504ch.koerner@unibas.chKORNHAUSER Aleksandra[99] CHEMISTRY University of Ljubljana,Faculty of Natural Sciences &Engineering, Vegova 4, P O Box 18/1,1001, Ljubljana SLOVENIA Tel: (386)1-2514326 Fax: (386) 1-4223880aleksandra.kornhauser@guest.arnes.siKOSKELA Erkki [1998] ECONOMICSUniversity of Helsinki, Department ofEconomics, P O Box 54, FIN-00014,Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 9-1918894Fax: (358) 9-1918877 erkki.koskela@helsinki.fiKOSSEN Nicolaas [685]ENGINEERING Park Berkenoord 15, 2641,CW Pijnacker THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 15-3697251 Fax: (31) Jacek [3051] PHYSICS OFSEMICONDUCTORS Institute of Physics,Polish Academy of Sciences, Al.Lotnikow 32/46, 29 Jan 668, WarsawPOLAND Tel: (48) 604-638128 Fax: (48)22-8430926 Ivica [2250]NEUROSCIENCE University of Zagreb,Croatian Institute for Brain Research,Salata 12, 10000, Zagreb CROATIA Tel:(385) 1-4596902 Fax: (385) 1-4596942ikostov@hiim.hrKOTLYAKOV Vladimir M.[855] GEOGRAPHY Russian Academyof Sciences, Institute of Geography,Staromonetny Str. 29, 119017, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9590032 Fax: (7)495-9590033 igras@igras.geonet.ruKÖTZ Hein [158] LAW Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches, undinternationales Privatrecht, Mittelweg187, 20148, Hamburg GERMANY Tel:(49) 40-41900243 Fax: (49) 40-41900277 koetz@mpipriv-hh.mpg.deKOUNADIS Anthony [1203]ENGINEERING National Tech.Universityof Athens, Civil Engineering Dept., 42Patission & Sturnari Str., 10642, AthensGREECE Tel: (30) 210-7723441 Fax:(30) 210-7723442 kounadis@central.ntua.grKOURILSKY Philippe [1204]IMMUNOLOGY VEOLIA Environment,36-38 avenue Kleber, 75116, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688545 Fax:(33) 1-71751211 gisele.le-cabellec@veolia.comKOVACS Laszlo [2265] CELLPHYSIOLOGY University of Debrecen,Dept. of Physiology, Medical Center, PO Box 22, H-4012, Debrecen HUNGARYTel: (36) 52-416634 Fax: (36) 52-432289 kovacs@phys.dote.huKOVACS Ilona [2601] BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES Budapest Universityof Technology, Department ofCognitive Science, Stoczek utca 2,H-1111, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-4631053 Fax: (36) 1-4631072ikovacs@cogsci.bme.huKOVACS Zoltan [2745] GEOGRAPHYToboz u. 30, H-1037, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-3677297 Fax: (36)1-2092684 zkovacs@iif.huKOVALEVSKY Jean [425]ASTRONOMY Observatoire de la Côted’Azur, CERGA, avenue Copernic, 6130,Grasse FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-93405387Fax: (33) 4-93405333 kovalevsky@obs-azur.frKOZIOL Helmut [2803] LAWEuropen Centre of Tort & Insurance Law,Reichsratsstrasse 17/2, A-1010, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427729652 Fax:(43) 1-427729670 koziol@ectil.orgKRAAS Frauke [2260] HUMANGEOGRAPHY University of Cologne,Department of Geography, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, D-50923, CologneGERMANY Tel: (49) 221-4707050Fax: (49) 221-4704917 f.kraas@uni-koeln.deKRAGGERUD Egil [700] CLASSICALPHILOLOGY Bygdöy allé 13, 257, OsloNORWAY Tel: (47) 22442744 egil.kraggerud@ifikk.uio.noKRAMER Jürg [2988] MATHEMATICSHumboldt-Universität zu Berlin,Department of Mathematics, Unterden Linden 6, 10099, Berlin GERMANYTel: (49) 30-20935842 Fax: (49) 30-20935877 Peter H. [2206]CANCER RESEARCH German CancerResearch Center, TumorimmunologyProgram/D030, Im Neuenheimer Feld280, D-69120, Heidelberg GERMANYTel: (49) 6221-423718 Fax: (49) 6221-411715 p.krammer@dkfz.deKRATTENTHALER Christian[3084] MATHEMATICS University ofVienna, Faculty for Mathematics,Nordbergstrasse 15, A-1090, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427750453Fax: (43) 1-427750620 John [1654] PLANT &ANIMAL SCIENCES University of Oxford,Department of Zoology, South Parks Rd,OX1 3PS, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-271166 Fax: (44) 1865-271221 Bernt [2042] INORGANICCHEMISTRY Universität Münster, Inst. FürAnorganische und Analytische Chemie,Corrensstrasse 30, 48149, MünsterGERMANY Tel: (49) 251-8333131Fax: (49) 251-8338366 krebs@unimuenster.deKREIL Günther [1205] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Am Gois 17, A-5081, Anif/Salzburg AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 6246-75914gkreil@gmx.atKREINER Josef [1099]ANTHROPOLOGY, ORIENTALSTUDIES Institut für Orient-undAncienwissenschaften, UniversitätBonn, Regina-Pacis-Weg 7, D-53113,Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49) 228-737223Fax: (49) 228-735054 j.kreiner@uni-bonn.deKRIFKA Manfred [2348]LINGUISTICS Institut für DeutscheSprache &, Linguistik/Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Unter Den Linden6, 10099, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-20939670 Fax: (49) Oleg [911]NEUROSCIENCE A A Bogomoletz,Institute of Physiology, Bogomoletzstr. 4, 252024, Kiev UKRAINE Tel: (380)44-2932466 Fax: (380) 44-2932141krishtal@serv.biph.kiev.uaKROEMER Guido [2461]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Institut GustaveRoussay, INSERM U848, PR1, 39 rueCamille Desmoulins, 94805, Villejuifcedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-42116046 Fax:(33) 1-42116047 kroemer@orange.frKRONKE Herbert [2786]PRIVATE LAW Institut für Auslandischesund Internationals, Privat undWirtschaftsrecht, Augustinergasse 9,D-69117, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-542248 Fax: (49) 6221-543632kronke@ipr.uni-heidelberg.deKROO Norbert [1462] PHYSICSHungarian Academy of Sciences,Roosevelt sq. 9, H-1051, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-2690114 Fax: (36)1-2690114 kroo@office.mta.huKRÖPLIN Bernd-Helmut[2120] PHYSICS & ENGINEERING SCIENCESInstitute for Statics & Dynamics of,Aerospace Structures, Pfaffenwaldring27, D-70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel:(49) 711-6853612 Fax: (49) 711-6853706 kroeplin@isd.uni-stuttgart.deKROTO Harold [1252] CHEMISTRYUniversity of Sussex, The School ofChemistry, Physics, and EnvironmentalSciences, BN1 9QJ, Brighton UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1273-678329 Fax:(44) 1273-677196 Ada [1959]IMMUNOLOGY VUMC, Cancer CenterAmsterdam, P O Box 7057, 1007 MB,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-4444356 Fax: (31) 20-4444081a.kruisbeek@vumc.nlKRUSIUS Matti [1883] PHYSICSAalto University, Low TemperatureLaboratory, P O Box 15100, FI-00076,Espoo FINLAND +358505747078,+358503442578 +358947022969mkrusius@neuro.hut.fiKRYUKOV Michael V. [847]ANTHROPOLOGY NO MAILKUICH Werner [2990] THEORETICALINFOMATICS Herzogbergstrasse 15a,A-2345, Brunn am gebinge AUSTRIATel: (43) 2236-33379 Fax: (43) 1-58801-10499ÜNNE Wolfgang [2481]PHILOSOPHY Eichengrund 30,D-22589, Hamburg GERMANY Tel:(49) 40-8703219 wolfgang.kuenne@uni-hamburg.deKUPER Adam [1463]ANTHROPOLOGY 16 Muswell Road, N102BG, London UNITED KINGDOM adam.kuper@googlemail.comKÜPPERS Bernd-Olaf [2267]NATURAL PHILOSOPHY Wilhelm-Külz-Str.20, D-99423, Weimar GERMANY Tel:(49) 3643-514126 Fax: (49) 3643-504516 bernd.kueppers@uni-jena.deKURTHS Jürgen [2758]THEORETICAL PHYSICS Potsdam Inst. forClimate Impact Research, P O Box 6012 03, D-14412, Potsdam GERMANYTel: (49) 331-2882644 Fax: (49) 331-2882600 kurths@pik-potsdam.deKÜTTLER Wolfgang [688]HISTORY Seefelder Strasse 40, 13053,Berlin GERMANY w.kuettler@arcor.deKWIATKOWSKA Marta Z.[2911] COMPUTER SCIENCE 6 SquitcheyLane, OX2 7LB, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-510470 FONTAINE Jean [1482]ANTHROPOLOGY 14 Addington Square,SE5 7JZ, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-77084496 ROCCA Eugenio [2591]CLASSICS Università di Roma ‘LaSapienza’, Dip di Scienze Storiche,Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 185, Rome ITALYlarocca@comune.roma.itLABEYRIE Laurent [1786]CLIMATIC CHANGE NO MAILLABEYRIE Antoine [1948]ASTRONOMY Observatoire de HauteProvence, 4870, St Michel l’ObservatoireFRANCE Tel: (33) 4-92706433 Fax: (33)4-92766295 labeyrie@obs-hp.frLABITZKE Karin [1051]ATMOSHPERIC SCIENCE MeteorologischesInstitut der, Freien Universitaet Berlin,Carl-Heinrich-Becker Weg 6-10,D-12165, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-83871166 Fax: (49) 30-83871167karin.labitzke@met.fu-berlin.deLACHMANN Renate [1052]LITERATURE Universität Konstanz,Fachbereich Literaturwissenschaft,78457, Constance GERMANY Tel: (49)7531-882451 Fax: (49) 7531-883897renate.lachmann@uni-konstanz.deLACHMANN Peter [1206]IMMUNOLOGY Centre for VeterinaryScience, Madingley Road, CB3 OES,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-766242 Fax: (44) Ulrich [519] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Geneva University, Dept.ofMolecular Biology & Biochemistry,30, quai Ernest-Ansermet, CH-1211,Geneva SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-3796122 Fax: (41) 22-3796868 ulrich.laemmli@molbio.unige.chLAERUM Ole Didrik [2116]PATHOLOGY Gullfjordungsvegen 1, 5700,Voss NORWAY Tel: (47) 55972572 Fax:(47) 55972577 ole.laerum@gades.uib.noLAGO Maria [1253] ASTRONOMY &SPACE RESEARCH Centro de Astrofisica,Universidade do Porto, Rua das Estrelass/n, 4150-762, Porto PORTUGAL Tel:(351) 22-6089830 Fax: (351) 22-6089831 mtlago@astro.up.ptLAHIRI Aditi [2427] LINGUISTICSCentre for Linguistics & Philology,Clarendon Press Institute, WaltonStreet, OX1 2HG, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-280400 Fax:(44) 1865-280412 Eric F. [2746] GEOGRAPHYUniversité Catholique de Louvain,Department of Geography, 3 place LouisPasteur, B-1348, Louvain-la-NeuveBELGIUM Tel: (32) 10-474477 Fax: (32)10-472877 eric.lambin@uclouvain.beLAMBRINOUDAKIS Vassilis[1313] ARCHAEOLOGY 27 ThemistokleousStr., GR-14578, Ekali GREECE Tel: (30)210-8137716 Fax: (30) 210-8137716labrin@otenet.grLANCIOTTI Lionello [1021]ORIENTAL STUDIES Istituto Italianoper L’Africa e L’Oriente (IsIAO), viaAldrovandi 16/A, 197, Rome ITALY Tel:(39) 06-328551 Fax: (39) 06-3225348LAND Michael [1881] BIOLOGYSchool of Biological Sciences, Universityof Sussex, BN1 9QG, Brighton UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1273-678505Fax: (44) 1273-678535 Ole [436] LAW Skovlodden26, DK-2840, Holte DENMARK Tel: (45)45423010 ol.jur@cbs.dkLANE David P. [2125] BIOCHEMISTRYUniversity of Dundee, Dept. of Surgery& Molecular Oncology, NinewellsHospital & Medical School, DD1 9SY,Dundee UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1382-496362 Fax: (44) Karlheinz [2940]NUCLEAR PHYSICS GSI Darmstadt,Planckstr. 1, 64291, DarmstadtGERMANY Tel: (49) 6159-712746 Fax:(49) 6159-713746 k.langanke@gsi.deLANGE Otto L. [473] PLANTSCIENCES Leitengraben 37, 97084,Würzburg GERMANY ollange@botanik.uni-wuerzburg.deLANGENHORST Falko [2245]EARTH SCIENCES Universität Bayreuth,Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Universitätsstr.30, D-95447, Bayreuth GERMANY Tel:(49) 921-553727 Fax: (49) 921-553769falko.langenhorst@uni-bayreuth.deLANGER Salomon [956]PHARMACOLOGY IUPHAR, Alpha-2Pharmaceutica AB, 8 H. Rosemblum st.,apt. 4650, 69379, Tel Aviv ISRAEL Tel:(972) 3-6902581 Fax: (972) 3-7411840langer.salomon@gmail.comLANGER Jerzy M. [2536] PHYSICSInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy ofSciences, Al. Lotnikow 32/46, 29 Jan668, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-8436601 Fax: (48) 22-8430926 Dominique [2100]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Laboratoire dePhysique des Solides, Université Paris-Sud, Bâtiment 510, 91405, Orsay cedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69155351 Fax: (33)1-69156086 langevin@lps.u-psud.frLANGSLOW David R. [2425]CLASSICS University of Manchester,Dept. of Classics & Ancient History,Humanities Lime Grove, M13 9PL,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)161-2753028 Fax: (44) Yves [1445] PHYSIOLOGY& BIOPHYSICS Collège de France, 11Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75231, ParisCedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271390Fax: (33) 1-44271379 yves.laporte@college-de-france.frLAROQUE Guy [1207] ECONOMICSSciences Po-Département D’économie,27 rue Saint Guillaume, 75337, ParisCedex 07 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-41177718Fax: (33) 1-45497467 guy.laroque@sciences-po.orgLARSEN Mogens [1305] ORIENTALSTUDIES Kronprinsesse Gade 46A,DK-1306, Copenhagen K DENMARKTel: (45) 33126208 Fax: (45) 35328926trolle@hum.ku.dkLARSEN Søren E. [2190]CLIMATOLOGY Technical University ofDenmark, Risø National Laboratory forSubstainable Energy, Frederiksoborgvej399, P O Box 49, Building 125, DK-4000,Roskilde DENMARK Tel: (45) 46775012Fax: (45) 46775970 sola@risoe.dtu.dkLARSEN Svend Erik [2235]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AarhusUniversity, Dept. of Aesthetic Studies,Langelandsgade 139, DK-8000, AarhusC DENMARK Tel: (45) 89421847 Nils-Göran [2462]MEDICINE, GENETICS Max Planck Inst. forBiology of Ageing, Robert-Koch-Str.21, 50931, Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49)221-47889771 Fax: (49) 221-47897409larsson@age.mpg.deLASKEY Ronald [293] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Cancer Cell Unit, Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, Hills Road, CB22XZ, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-334107 Fax: (44) 1223-763293 Pierre [303] MARINEBIOLOGY Université Pierre et MarieCurie - Paris VI, 71 rue du CardinalLemoine, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-43548328 lasserrep29@orange.frLAURITZEN Steffen [1101]MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS Universityof Oxford, Department of Statistics,1 South Parks Rd, OX1 3TG, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-272877 Fax: (44) John H. [2395]ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY The Hayloft,Holburns Croft, YO10 5DP, York UNITEDKINGDOM Michel [400]BIOCHEMISTRY Inst. de PharmacologieMoleculaire, et Cellulaire, UPR 411du CNRS, 660 r. des Lucioles, SophiaAntipolis, 6560, Valbonne FRANCE Tel:(33) 4-93957703 Fax: (33) 4-93957704lazdunski@ipmc.cnrs.frLAZZERONI Romano [423]LINGUISTICS University of Pisa,Dipartimento di Linguistica, via S. Maria36, 56100, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39) 050-913720 Fax: (39) 050-913709 s.vari@ling.unipi.itLE DOUARIN Nicole [121]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY NO MAILLE GOFF Jacques [184] HISTORYÉcole des Hautes Études, en SciencesSociales, 54 Bouleavard Raspail, 75006,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-49542300 Fax:(33) 1-45449311 christine.bonnefoy@ehess.frLE MAHO Yvon [1975] ORGANISMICBIOLOGY Institut PluridisciplinaireHubert Curien, Dep. Ecologie, Pysiologieet Ethologie, 23 rue Becquerel, F-67087,Strasbourg Cedex 2 FRANCE Tel: (33)3-88106933 Fax: (33) 3-88106944yvon.lemaho@iphc.cnrs.frLE MEN Ségolène [2711]HISTORY OF ART University Paris XNanterre, 92001, Nanterre FRANCE Tel:(33) 6-61543251 segolene.lemen@gmail.comLE MOUËL Jean Louis [598]EARTH SCIENCE Institut de Physique,du Globe de Paris, 4 place Jussieu,75252, Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44273904 Fax: (33) 1-44273777lemouel@ipgp.jussieu.frLE PICHON Xavier [70]GEOPHYSICS Collège de France, Europolede l’Arbois, B P 80, 13545, Aix-en-Provence Cedex 04 FRANCE Tel: (33)4-42908520 Fax: (33) 4-42908519lepichon@cdf.u-3mrs.frLE ROY LADURIE Emmanuel[549] HISTORY Collège de France, 11Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75231, ParisCedex 05 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271038Fax: (33) 1-44271240 e.le-roy-ladurie@college-de-france.frLE TREUT Hervé [1949]CLIMATOLOGY Laboratoire deMétéorologie Dynamique/IPSL,Université Paris 6, Case 99, 4 placeJussieu, 75252, Paris cedex 05 FRANCETel: (33) 1-44278406 Fax: (33)1-44276272 letreut@lmd.jussieu.frLEAVER Christopher [136] PLANTSCIENCE Glebe House, 51 Church Lane,OX3 OPT, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-275143 Fax: (44) 1865-275144 Wolfgang [1985] CLASSICS& AUXILIARY DISCIPLINES Pfalzgrafenstr.9, D-50259, Pulheim-BrauweilerGERMANY Tel: (49) 2234-89777 Fax:(49) 2234-81890 ala10@uni-koeln.deLEBRETON Jean-Dominique[2703] ECOLOGY Center of Evolutionary& Functional Ecology, CEFE UMR5175, 1919 Route de Mende,34293, Montpellier FRANCE Tel: (33)4-67613200 Fax: (33) 4-67412138

jean-dominique.lebreton@cefe.cnrs.frLECHAT Michel [653]EPIDEMIOLOGY, PUBLIC HEALTH 109rue Trois-Tilleuls, B-1170, BrusselsBELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-6732476 Fax: (32)2-6732476 lechatdasnoy@skynet.beLEECH Geoffrey [957] LINGUISTICSOld Manor House, 14 Mill Brow, KirkbyLonsdale, LA6 2AT, Carnforth, Lancs.UNITED KINGDOM Joseph T. [2857]LITERARY HISTORY University ofAmsterdam, Moderne EuropeseLetterkunde, Spuistraat 134, 1012 VB,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-5252280 leerssen@uva.nlLEFÈBVRE Pierre [134] CLINICALSCIENCE Centre Hospitalier Universitairede, Liége, Diabetes,Nutrition &Metabolism, C H U Sart Tilman (B35), 4000, Liège 1 BELGIUM Tel: (32)4-3667238 Fax: (32) 4-3667068 Aldo [644] MEDICALSCIENCE Università degli Studi di Trieste,Istituto Clinica Chirurgica Generale,piazzale Europa 1, 34127, TriesteITALY Tel: (39) 040-910992 Fax: (39)040-776473LEGOCKI Andrzej [1534] GENETICS& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute ofBioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academyof Sciences, Noskowskiego 12/14,61-704, Poznan POLAND Tel: (48)61-8528919 Fax: (48) 61-8520532legocki@ibch.poznan.plLEGRAS Bernard [2414]GEOPHYSICAL FLUID DYNAMICSLaboratoire de MétéorologieDynamique, Ecole Normale Supérieure,24 rue Lhomond, F-75231, LhomondFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44322228 Fax: (33)1-43368392 legras@lmd.ens.frLEHMANN Christian W [2819]GENERAL LINGUISTICS Rudolstr. 4,D-99092, Erfurt GERMANY Tel: (49)361-2113417 Fax: (49) 361-2113418christian.lehmann@uni-erfurt.deLEHN Jean-Marie [45] CHEMISTRYCollège de France, ISIS - UdS, 8 alleeGaspard Monge - BP 70028, F-67083,Strasbourg Cedex FRANCE lehn@isis.u-strasbg.frLEHNER Christian [2047]GENETICS Universität Zürich,Institute of Molecular Life Sciences,Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057,Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)44-6354871 Fax: (41) 44-6356820christian.lehner@imls.uzh.chLEHTO Olli [535] MATHEMATICSRitarikatu 3 A 7, 170, Helsinki FINLANDTel: (358) 9-662526 olli.lehto@helsinki.fiLEMBECK Fred [33] PHARMACOLOGYUniversität Graz, Dept. ofExperimental & Clinical Pharmacology,Universitätsplatz 4, 8010, Graz AUSTRIATel: (43) 316-3804306 Fax: (43) 316-3804323 fred.lembeck@uni-graz.atLÉNA Pierre [435] ASTRONOMYObservatoire de Meudon, LESIA 5,place Jules Janssen, 92195, MeudonFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45077697 Fax: (33)1-45072806 pierre.lena@obspm.frLENAERTS Koenraad [645] LAWBrainestraat 20, B-3052, Blanden (Oud-Heverlee) BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-325128Fax: (352) 43032900 koen.lenaerts@law.kuleuven.beLENGAUER Thomas [2861]COMPUTER SCIENCE Max Planck Institutefor Informatics, Campus E1.4, 66123,Saarbrucken GERMANY Tel: (49)681-9225300 Fax: (49) 681-9325399lengauer@mpi-inf.mpg.deLENSTRA Hendrik W. [2300]MATHEMATICS University of Leiden,Department of Mathematics, P OBox 9512, 2300 RA, Leiden THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 71-5277127Fax: (31) 71-5277101 hwl@math.leidenuniv.nlLENSTRA Arjen K. [2515]MATHEMATICS EPFL - IC - LACAL, Station14, CH-1015, Lausanne SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 21-6938101 Fax: (41) 21-6937550 akl@epfl.chLENZERINI Maurizio [3007]INFORMATICS Università di RomaLa Sapienza, Dip. di Ingegneria Inf.Automatica e Gestionale, Via Ariosto 25,185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-77274008Fax: (39) 06-77274002 lenzerini@dis.uniroma1.itLEOPOLD-WILDBURGERUlrike [3085] APPLIED MATHEMATICSUniversity of Graz, Dept. ofStatistics & Operations Research,Universitaetsstrasse 15, A-8010, GrazAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-3803490 Fax:(43) 316-3809560 ulrike.leopold@uni-graz.atLEPENIES Wolf [254] SOCIOLOGYWissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin,Wallotstrasse 19, 14193, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-89001277 Fax:(49) 30-89001200 lepenies@wikoberlin.deLEPSIUS Rainer [1158] SOCIOLOGYNO MAILLEPTIN Maria [1860] GENETICS& DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Institutefor Genetics, University of Cologne,Weyertal 121, 50931, CologneGERMANY Tel: (49) 221-4703401Fax: (49) 221-4705264 mleptin@uni-koeln.deLEQUEUX James [249] ASTRONOMYRadioastronomie ENS, 24, rueLhomond, 75231, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-43291225LERCHER Johannes A. [2872]CHEMISTRY Adalbert-Stifter-str. 39,85521, Ottobrunn GERMANY Tel: (49)89-60668784 Fax: (49) 89-60668785johannes.lercher@ch.tum.deLERMA GOMEZ Juan [2773]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Instituto deNeurociencias, CSIC-UMH, Campus deSan Juan, 3550, San Juan de AlicanteSPAIN Tel: (34) 965-919220 Fax: (34)965-919561 jlerma@umh.esLERNOUT Geert [2430]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE University ofAntwerp, Stadscampus D134, GroteKauwenberg 18, B-2000, AntwerpBELGIUM Tel: (32) 3-2204257 Jacques [453]ECONOMICS 52 rue de Vaugirard, 75006,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-43256605jolesourne@wanado.frLESTHAEGHE Ron [1360]POLITICAL SCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHYBoesbeeklaan 35, B-9051, GentBELGIUM Tel: (32) 9 220 4947rlesthaeghe@yahoo.comLEVELT Willem [193]PSYCHOLOGY Max-Planck-Institut fürPsycholinguistik, Wundtlaan 1, 6525,Nijmegen THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 80-521317 Fax: (31) 80-521213pim@mpi.nlLEVI-MONTALCINI Rita [604]NEUROSCIENCE European Brain ResearchInstitute, Via del Fosso di Fiorano 64/65,143, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-501701Fax: (39) 06-501703302 scientific.assist@ebri.itLEVINE Raphael David [1521]CHEMISTRY The Fritz Haber ResearchCenter, for Molecular Dynamics, TheHebrew University, 91904, JerusalemISRAEL Tel: (972) 2-6585260 Fax: (972)2-6513742 Stephen C. [2198]PSYCHOLOGY & ANTHROPOLOGY MaxPlanck Institute for Psycholinguistics,Wundtlaan 1, 6525 XD, Nijmegen THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 24-3521276Fax: (31) 24-3521300 stephen.levinson@mpi.nlLEVITZKI Alexander [2798]CELLUAR SIGNALLING The AlexanderSilberman Inst. of Life Sciences,Department of Biological Chemistry,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,91904, Jerusalem ISRAEL Tel: (972)2-6585404 Fax: (972) 2-6512958 Bernard [2391] VASCULARBIOLOGY Centre for CardiovascularResearch, INSERM U 689, 41 Boulevardde la Chapelle, 75010, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-42813128 levy@larib.inserm.frLEWIN Leif [225] POLITICAL SCIENCEUniversity of Uppsala, Department ofGovernment, Gamla Torget 3, Box 514,SE-751 20, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46)18-4713412 Fax: (46) 18-4713409 Leif.Lewin@statsvet.uu.seLEWIS Jack [367] CHEMISTRYRobinson College, Grange Rd, CB3 9AN,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-339198 Elisabeth[1102] POLITICAL GEOGRAPHYIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plSchikanedergasse 13/12, 1040, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-5862265 Fax: (43)1-5862265 Olof [635] ORIENTAL STUDIESOverodvej 67B, 2840, Holte DENMARKTel: (45) 42425024LIENHARD Siegfried [176]ORIENTAL STUDIES August Wahlströmsväg 1, 8 tr, S-182 31, DanderydSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7559125 siegfried_lienhard@yahoo.comLIGETI Erzsébet [2214] CELLPHYSIOLOGY Semmelweis University,Department of Physiology, P O Box 259,H-1444, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2667426 Fax: (36) 1-2666504 ligeti@puskin.sote.huLINDAHL Tomas [377] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Cancer Research UK,London Research Institute, Clare HallLaboratories, EN6 3LD, South Mimms,Herts. UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-72693993 Fax: (44) Assar [191] ECONOMICSStockholm University, Institute forInternational Economic Studies, 106 91,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-163078Fax: (46) 8-162946 Per Olof [498]ASTRONOMY Stockholm Observatory,Observatoriebacken 11, SE-13336, Saltsjöbaden SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-164446 Fax: (46) 8-7174719polindblad@hotmail.comLINDEGREN Jan A. [2219] HISTORYUniversity of Uppsala, Department ofHistory, Box 628, SE-751 26, UppsalaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 18-4711553 Fax: (46)18-4711528 jan.lindegren@hist.uu.seLINDENCRONA Gustaf [1834]TAX LAW Stureparken 2, SE-11426, Stockholm SWEDEN Georg [1067]MATHEMATICS Lund Institute ofTechnology, Dept. of MathematicalStatistics, P O Box 118, 221 00, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2228547 Fax: (46)46-2224623 georg@maths.lth.seLINSENMAIR Karl Eduard[1821] ANIMAL ECOLOGY TheodorBoveri Institut, Lehrstuhl Zoologie III,Biozentrum, Am Hubland, D-97074,Würzburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 931-8884351 Fax: (49) 931-8884352ke_lins@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.deLIONS Pierre-Louis [1694]MATHEMATICS Collège de France, 3 rued’Ulm, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44054682 Fax: (33) 1-44054599pierre-louis.lions@college-de-france.frLIPKOWSKI Janusz S. [3099]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Szeligowska 4a/9a,31 Dec 318, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-6640030 janusz.lipkowski@wp.plLIPTÁK András [1758] CHEMICALSCIENCES Institute of Biochemistry,University of Debrecen, Egyetem tér1, H-4010, Debrecen HUNGARY Tel:(36) 52-316666 Fax: (36) 52-512913liptaka@tigris.klte.huLIQUORI Alfonso [557] CHEMISTRYNO MAILLITTLE Roger [777] LITERATUREPlattinstown, Arklow, Co. WicklowIRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6081084 Fax:(353) 1-2806487 rlittle@tcd.ieLIVERANI Mario [570] ORIENTALSTUDIES via Palestro 63, 195, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-445460314 Fax: (39)06-4467661 mliver@mclink.itLIVINGSTONE David N. [2144]GEOGRAPHY School of Geography,School of Geography, Archaeology &Palaeoecology, Queen’s University, BT71NN, Belfast UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)28-90975145 Fax: (44) Pierre-Marie [2392]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Institut Pasteur,Unité ‘Perception et Memoire’, 25 ruedu Dr. Roux, 75724, Paris Cedex 15FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688803 Fax: (33)1-45688369 pmlledo@pasteur.frLLERA RAMO Francisco José[2143] POLITICAL SCIENCE Catedráticode Ciencia Politica, Bidebarrieta6-4°, E-48005, Bilbao SPAIN Tel: (34)94-4157187 Fax: (34) 94-6015140cppllraf@lg.ehu.esLLEWELLYN-SMITHChristopher [308] PHYSICS 14Apsley Road, OX2 7QY, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Geoffrey [669] CLASSICSNeedham Research Institute, SylvesterRd, CB3 9AF, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-311545 Fax:(44) 1223-362703 Leopold [2040]EARTH & MARINE SCIENCES P.P. ShirshovInst. of Oceanology, Russian Academyof Sciences, Nakhimovsky prospect36, 117851, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-1245990 Fax: (7) 495-1245983llobkovsky@geo.sio.rssi.ruLOBODA Jan [2145] GEOGRAPHYUniversity of Wroclaw, Inst.ofGeography & Regional Development,pl. Uniwersytecki 1, 50-137, WroclawPOLAND Tel: (48) 71-3752244 Fax: (48)71-3435184 jan.loboda@uni.wroc.plLOCKWOOD David [792]SOCIOLOGY 82 High Street, WivenhoePark, CO7 9AB, Wivenhoe, Essex UNITEDKINGDOM Siro [474] POLITICALSCIENCE via Roaschia 137, Chieri, 10023,Turin ITALY Tel: (39) 011-9478048 Fax:(39) 011-9421352 sirolombardini@alice.itLOMBARDO Patrizia [2563]LANGUAGES & LITERATURE University ofGeneva, Dep. de Français moderne,Rue de Candolle 5, CH-1211, Geneva4 SWITZERLAND Tel: (33) 41-3420748patrizia.lombardo@lettres.unige.chLOMNICKI Adam [1873] ECOLOGYJagiellonian University, Institute ofEnvironmental Sciences, Gronostajowa7, 30-387, Cracow POLAND Tel: (48) 12-6364796 Fax: (48) 12-6341978 Malcolm [748]ASTROPHYSICS Cavendish Laboratory,Madingley Road, CB3 OHE, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-337429 Fax: (44) 1223-363263 Antonio [551]EARTH SCIENCE Università di Parma, Dip.di Scienze della Terra, Parco area delleScienze 157A, 43100, Parma ITALY Tel:(39) 0521-905321 Fax: (39) 0521-905305 longi@ipruniv.cce.unipr.itLONGO Giuseppe [1208]COMPUTING Lab. Et Dépt.D’Informatique, CNRS - Ecole NormaleSuperieure, 45 rue d’Ulm, 75005, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44323328 Fax: (33)1-44322156 longo@di.ens.frLOPES DA SILVA Fernando[656] NEUROSCIENCE Institute ofNeurobiology, Kruislaan 320, 1098,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5257637 Fax: (31) 20-5257709silva@bio.uva.nlLÓPEZ-BARNEO José [1793]MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGYDepartamento de Fisiología Médica yBiofísica, Facultad de Medicina, Avda.Sánchez Pizjuán 4, E-41009, SevilleSPAIN Tel: (34) 95-4389299 Fax: (34)95-4551769 lbarneo@us.esLOPEZ-DE-SILANES Florencio[2748] ECONOMICS, FINANCE & LAWEDHEC Business School, 393 Promenadedes Anglais, BP 3116, 6202, Nice Cedex3 FRANCE Tel: (33) 493-187807 Fax: (33)493-187841 florencio.lopezdesilanes@edhec.eduLÓPEZ-OTÍN Carlos [1861]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR Bioquímica y BiologiaMolecular, Facultad de Medicina,Universidad de Oviedo, 33006, OviedoSPAIN Tel: (34) 985-104201 Fax: (34)985-103564 clo@uniovi.esLOPORCARO Michele [2982]COMPARATIVE ROMANCE LINGUISTICSUniversity of Zurich, RomanischesSeminar, Zurichbergstrasse 8, CH-8032, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)44-6343611 Fax: (41) 44-6344940loporcar@rom.uzh.chLORDKIPANIDZE David [2866]HUMAN EVOLUTION Georgian NationalMuseum, 3 Purtseladze Street, 105,Tbilisi GEORGIA Tel: (995) 32-984811Fax: (995) 32-982133 dlordkipanidze@museum.geLORENZ Kuno [230] PHILOSOPHYTurnerstrasse 30, D-66292, RiegelsbergGERMANY klorenz@mx.uni-saarland.deAcademia Europaea Directory 2012LORIUS Claude [167]METEOROLOGY Laboratoire deGlaciologie et, Géophysique deL’Environment, BP 96, 38402, St. Martind’Hères FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-76824279Fax: (33) 4-76824201 lorius@glaciog.ujf-grenoble.frLOUD Graham A. [2677] MEDIEVALHISTORY University of Leeds, Schoolof History, LS2 9JT, Leeds UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 113-3433601 Fax:(44) 113-2342759 Andrew S. I. [2972]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE University ofManchester, Faculty of Life Sciences,AV Hill Building 3.001, M13 9PT,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 161-2753888 Daniel [1054] CELLBIOLOGY Institut Curie - Research Div.,26 rue d’Ulm, 75248, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-42346623 Fax: (33)1-43268087 dlouvard@curie.frLOVAS Rezso G. [3052] NUCLEARSTRUCTURE THEORY Meszena u. 15,H-4029, Debrecen HUNGARY Tel: (36)52-509289 Fax: (36) 52-416181 rgl@atomki.huLOVÁSZ László [1131]MATHEMATICS Eötvös Loránd University,Dept. of Computer Science, Mùzeumkrt 6-8, 1088, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-1186484 Fax: (36) 1-1187396lovasz@cs.elte.huLOWDEN John H. [2352] HISTORYOF ART Courtauld Institute of Art,Somerset House, Strand, WC2R ORN,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-78482668 Fax: (44) William [2014]GEOPHYSICS Institute of Geophysics,Sonneggstrasse 5, 8092, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-6332607Fax: (41) 44-6331065 lowrie@mag.ig.erdw.ethz.chLUCAS Amand [174] PHYSICSFacultés Universitaires Notre-Dame, dela Paix, 61, rue de Bruxelles, B-5000,Namur BELGIUM Tel: (32) 81-724708Fax: (32) 81-724707 Jacques [1840] CHEMICALSCIENCES Glass & Ceramics Laboratory,University Rennes I, Campus deBeaulieu - Bât. 10 B, 35042, RennesCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 2-23236260Fax: (33) 2-23235622 jacques.lucas@univ-rennes1.frLUCASSEN Leo [2882] SOCIALHISTORY Leiden University, HistoryInstitute, Doelensteeg 16, P O Box 9515,2300 RA, Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 71-5272724 Fax: (31) 71-5272652l.a.c.j.lucassen@hum.leidenuniv.nlLUDDEN John [2407] EARTH &COSMIC SCIENCE British GeologicalSurvey, Keyworth, NG12 5GG,Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)115-9363226 Walther [713] CLASSICSUniversität Hamburg, Inst. fürGriechische und Lateinische Philologie,Von-Melle-Park 6, 20146, HamburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 40-428384770 Fax:(49) 40-428384764 walther.ludwig@uni-hamburg.deLÜER Gerd [1277] PSYCHOLOGY &BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Georg-Elias-Müller-Institut für Psychologie,Georg-August-Universität Göttingen,Gosslerstrasse 14, D-37073, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-393619 Fax:(49) 551-393662 gluer@gwdg.deLUGIATO Luigi [2992] PHYSICSUniversity of Insubria, Dept. of Science& Technology, Via Valleggio 11, 22100,Como ITALY Tel: (39) 031-2386213Fax: (39) 031-2386119 luigi.lugiato@uninsubria.itLUGMAIR Günter [2015]COSMOCHEMISTRY University ofCalifornia, Univ. of California, San Diego,Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, 9500Gilman Driv, GRD 0212, 92093-0212,La Jolla, CA UNITED STATES Tel: (1)858-5342746 Fax: (1) 858-8224945glugmair@ucsd.eduLÜHRMANN Reinhard[2160] BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGYMax-Planck-Institute for BiophysicalChemistry, Am Fassberg 11, 37077,Göttingen GERMANY Tel: (49) 551-2011407 Fax: (49) 551-2011197reinhard.luehrmann@mpi-bpc.mpg.deLUND Raymond [1563]NEUROSCIENCE University of Utah HealthScience Center, Dept. of Ophthalmology& Visual Sc., Moran Eye Center, 75 NorthMedical Drive, UT 84132, Salt Lake CityUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 801-5818142Fax: (1) 801-5851295 raymond.lund@hsc.utah.eduLUNDBERG Ingvar [1655]EDUCATION Göteborg University,Department of Psychology, Box 500,SE-40530, Göteborg SWEDEN Tel:(46) 31-139793 Fax: (46)ÜSCHER Thomas [2108]VASCULAR BIOLOGY UniversityHospital Zurich, Rämistrasse 100,CH-8091, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 1-2552121 Fax: (41) 12554251cardiotfl@gmx.chLÜST Reimar [195] ASTROPHYSICSMax-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie,Bundestrasse 53, D-20146, HamburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 40-41173300Fax: (49) 40-41173390 cornelia.sengbusch@zmaw.deLÜTOLF Max [1254] MUSICOLOGYKluseggstrasse 13a, CH-8032, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-4222054 Fax:(41) 1-6344964 max.luetolf@access.unizh.chLÜTTEKEN Laurenz [2505]MUSICOLOGY MusikwissenschaftlichesInstitut, Universität Zurich, Florhofgasse11, CH-8001, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6344761 Fax: (41) 44-6344535luetteken@access.uzh.chLÜTTGE Ulrich [1209] PLANTECOPHYSIOLOGY NO MAILLUTY Tadeusz [3078] CHEMISTRYul. S. Moniuszki 26, 51-610, WroclawPOLAND Tel: (48) 713483109 tadeusz.luty@pwr.wroc.plLYON Mary F. [2701] MAMMALIANGENETICS MRC Mammalian GeneticsUnit, Harwell Sciences & InnovationCampus, OX11 0RD, Didcot UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1235-841152Fax: (44) 1235-841200 EOIN Gearóid [503] CELTICSTUDIES University College, Departmentof Old and Middle Irish, GalwayIRELAND Tel: (353) 91-24411MACFARLANE Alan [755]ANTHROPOLOGY NO MAILMACINTYRE Angus J. [2516]MATHEMATICS 53 Wilderness Road,RG6 7RR, Reading UNITED Johan P. [2508]PUBLIC HEALTH Erasmus MC, Departmentof Public Health, P O Box 2040, 3000CA, Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 10-7038460 Fax: (31) 10-7038475j.mackenbach@erasmusmc.nlMACKINTOSH Nicholas [776]PSYCHOLOGY NO MAILMACLEAN Ian [1830] INTELLECTUALHISTORY All Souls College, OX1 4AL,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-715915 Fax: (44)ÁDL Ferenc [1210] LAW Universityof Budapest, School of Law, EgyetemTér 1-3, 1364, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-1186486MAEDER André [394] ASTRONOMYGeneva Observatory, CH-1290,Sauverny SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7552611 Fax: (41) 22-7553983MAEHLER Herwig [743] CLASSICSZeltgasse 6/12, 1080, Vienna AUSTRIAhgt.maehler@virgin.netMAFFEI Lamberto[348] NEUROSCIENCE Istituto diNeurofisiologia, CNR - Area della Ricercadi Pisa, Via Giuseppe Moruzzi 1, 56100,Pisa ITALY Tel: (39) 050-3153179 Fax:(39) 050-3153212 maffei@in.cnr.itMAGISTRETTI Pierre [2109]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Center forPsychiatric Neurosciences, DP-CNP, Sitede Cery, CH-1008, Prilly SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 21-6436949 Fax: (41) 21-6436950 Pierre.Magistretti@unil.chMAGNUSSON David [8]PSYCHOLOGY Stockholm University,Department of Psychology, S-106 91,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-1658652Fax: (46) 8-159342

Academia Europaea Directory 2012MAGRIS Claudio [639] GERMANLITERATURE Università degli Studi diTrieste, Istituto di Filologia Germanicadella, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia,34143, Trieste ITALY Tel: (39) 040-6767252 longoit@yahoo.itMAIER Joachim [2339] PHYSICALCHEMISTRY Max Planck Institute forSolid State Research, Heisenbergstr. 1,70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49)711-6891720 Fax: (49) 711-6891722s.weiglein@fkf.mpg.deMAIMETS Toivo [2277] CELLBIOLOGY University of Tartu, Institute ofMolecular & Cell Biology, 51010, TartuESTONIA Tel: (372) 7350120 Fax: (372)7350200 tmaimets@ebc.eeMAINZER Klaus [2433] PHILOSPHYTechnical University of Munich, Carl vonLinne Academy, Dept. of Philosophy ofScience, Arcisstr. 21, D-80333, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89 289 25360 Fax:(49) 89 289 25362 mainzer@cvl-a.tum.deMAJER Hans Georg [1320]ORIENTAL STUDIES Institut für Geschichteund Kultur, des Nahen Orientssowie Turkologie, Veterinärstr. 1,80539, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-21802434 Fax: (49) 89-21803799hg.majer@noi.fak12.uni-muenchen.deMAJORAL Jean Pierre [1932]CHEMICAL SCIENCES Lab. de Chimie deCoordination du CNRS, 205 route deNarbonne, 31077, Toulouse CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-61333123 Fax: (33)5-61553003 majoral@lcc-toulouse.frMAKAROW Marja [2660] APPLIEDBIOCHEMISTRY European ScienceFoundation, 1 quai Lezay-Marnesia, B P90015, 67080, Strasbourg FRANCE Tel:(33) 388-767116 Fax: (33) 388-366945ceo@esf.orgMAKOSZA Mieczyslaw [1822]CHEMISTRY Institute of OrganicChemistry, Polich Academy of Sciences,Kasprzaka 44/52, 1 Jan 224, WarsawPOLAND Tel: (48) 22-6318788 Fax: (48)22-6326681 Nikolaos [3017]STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS University ofPatras, Division of Structures, Dept. ofCivil Engineering, GR-26504, PatrasGREECE Tel: (30) 2610-996538 Fax: (30)2610-996565 nmakris@upatras.grMALDONADO Andrés [114]MARINE GEOLOGY Instituto Andaluzde Ciencias de la Tierra, CSIC/Univ. deGranada Facultad de Ciencias, Campusde Fuentenueva, s/n, 18002, GranadaSPAIN Tel: (34) 958-243158 Fax: (34)958-271873 amaldona@ugr.esMALINVAUD Edmond [65]ECONOMICS 42 avenue de Saxe, 75007,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-41176030 Fax:(33) 1-41176046MALLET Jacques [528]NEUROSCIENCE LGN - CNRS, 83 Bvd dl’Hopital, 75013, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-42177532 Fax: (33) 1-42177533mallet@infobiogen.frMALMQVIST Göran [30] CHINESELITERATURE Svalnäs Allé 12B, 18267,Djursholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7555437Fax: (46) 8-7554782 goran.malmqvist@gmail.comMANDEL Jean-Louis [1588]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYI.G.B.M.C., 1, rue Laurent Fries, BP 163,67404, Illkirch Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)3-88653244 Fax: (33) 3-88653246mandeljl@igbmc.u-strasb.frMANGERUD Jan [990] EARTHSCIENCE University of Bergen,Department of Earth Science, Allégaten41, N-5007, Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47)55583504 Fax: (47) 55583660 jan.mangerud@geo.uib.noMANIN Yuri [1314] MATHEMATICSMPI für Mathematik, Vivatsgasse 7,53111, Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49) 228-402271 Fax: (49) 228-402277 manin@mpim-bonn.mpg.deMANOLIS George D. [2965]STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AristotleUniversity, Dept. of Civil Engineering,GR-54124, Thessaloniki GREECE Tel: (30)2310-995663 Fax: (30) 2310-995769gdm@civil.auth.grMANSFELD Jaap [480] PHILOSOPHYUtrecht University, Dept. of Philosophy,P O Box 80.126, 3508 TC, Utrecht THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 30-2532094Fax: (31) 30-2532816 jaap.mansfeld@phil.uu.nl30MANSHARD Walther[527] GEOGRAPHY Institut fürKulturgeographie der Universität,Werderring 4, 79085, Freiburg i. Br.GERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2033571 Fax:(49) 761-2033575 walther.manshard@geographie.uni-freiburg.deMANTL Wolfgang [3074]POLITICAL SCIENCE Wiener Strasse 256/XI/33, 8051, Graz AUSTRIA Tel: (43)316-681306 Fax: (43) 316-3809452wolfgang.mantl@uni-graz.atMARCHESONI Fabio [2941] NONEQUILIBRIUM STATISTICAL MECHANICSUniversity of Camerino, Department ofPhysics, I-62032, Camerino ITALY Tel:(39) 320-7985898 fabio.marchesoni@pg.infn.itMARCKER Kjeld [1446] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Laboratory of GeneExpression, University of Aarhus, GustavWieds Vej 10, 8000, Aarhus DENMARKTel: (45) 89425017 Fax: (45) 86201222marcker@biobase.dkMARDESIC Sibe [684]MATHEMATICS Savska Cesta 1A, 10000,Zagreb CROATIA Tel: (385) 1-4829407Fax: (385) 1-4680335 smardes@cromath.math.hrMARIANI Franco [682] SPACERESEARCH Dipartimento FisicaUniversità, Università Roma Tor Vergata,Via Ricerca Scientifica 1, 133, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-72594434 Fax: (39)06-2023507 franco.mariani@roma2.infn.itMARKL Hubert [57] ZOOLOGYUniversity of Konstanz, Departmentof Biology, Mail Box M 612, D-78457,Constance GERMANY Tel: (49) 7531-882725 Fax: (49) 7531-884345 hubert.markl@uni-konstanz.deMARKSCHIES Christoph J.[2434] CHURCH HISTORY Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Unter den Linden6, D-10099, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-20932100 Fax: (49) Fritz [1105]CARDIOVASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY DasQuerigfeld 3, D-99192, FrienstedtGERMANY Tel: (49) 36208-70678 Fax:(49) 36208-70678 fmarkwardt@tonline.deMARMOT Michael [1695]PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCESUCL Epidemiology & Public Health,1-19 Torrington Place, WC1E 7HB,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76791694 Fax: (44)ÓTH Miklós [1741] GREEK& ARABIC PHILOLOGY Pázmány PéterCatholic University, Egyetem utca1, H-2081, Piliscsaba HUNGARY Tel:(36) 26-375375 Fax: (36) 26-375375maroth@btk.ppke.huMARSLEN-WILSON William[1731] PSYCHOLOGY University ofCambridge, Dept. of ExperimentalPsychology, Downing St, CB2 3EB,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-766975 Genoveva [2641]PHILOSOPHY ICREA and Universitat deBarcelona, Dept. de Logica,Facultatde Filosofia, Montalegre 6-8, 8001,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-4037980Fax: (34) 93-4037980 genoveva.marti@gmail.comMARTIN Georges [1779] PHYSICALMETALLURGY 34 bis rue Dr. Le Savoureux,92290, Chatenay-Malabry FRANCETel: (33) 1-46607967 gp.martin@mageos.comMARTIN André [2006] PARTICLEPHYSICS Chemin Taverney 17, 1218Grand Saconnex, Geneva SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 22-7982237 Fax: (41) 22-7673850 andre.martin@cern.chMARTIN-LÖF Per [411]PHILOSOPHY, MATHEMATICS Barnhusgatan4, 111 23, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-200583 Karel [958]BIOCHEMISTRY Na Nebesich 14 Lanzov,CZ-544 01, Dvur Kralov n.L. CZECHREPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-2358065Fax: (420) 2-3110784 kmznebes@centrum.czMARTINEZ DE CODES RosaM. [2980] HISTORY UniversityComplutense, Faculty of Geography& History, Department of AmericanHistory, 28004, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-3945791 Fax: (34) 91-3955797rmcodes@ghis.ucm.esMARTINEZ-A Carlos [2490]CELL BIOLOGY National Center forBiotechnology, Dept. of Immunology& Oncology, Campus UniversidadAutonoma, E-28049, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 91-5854537 Fax: (34) 91-3720493cmartineza@csic.esMARTINOTTI Guido [559]SOCIOLOGY via del Caravaggio 5,I-20144, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-64487529 Fax: (39) 02-64487560guido.martinotti@unimib.itMARTY Alain [2674] CELLULARNEUROSCIENCES Laboratoire PhysiologieCerebrale, 45 rue Des Saints Peres,75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-42863807 Fax: (33) 1-42863830alain.marty@paris.descartes.frMAS-COLELL Andreu [2656]ECONOMICS Government of Catalonia,Ministry of Economy and Knowledge,Rambla de Catalunya, 19-21, 8007,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-3162154Fax: (34) 93-3162110 Peter [2093]INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS CopenhagenBusiness School, Dept. of Innovation& Org. Economics, Kilevej 14A, DK-2000, Frederiksberg DENMARK Tel:(45) 38152881 Fax: (45) 39292226maskell@cbs.dkMASON John [335] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE 64 Christchurch Road, SW147AW, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 20-88762557 necMASON Paul [1850] METEOROLOGYNO MAILMATHEWS Timothy P. [2431]LITERATURE University College London,Department of French, Gower Street,WC1E 6BT, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-76793080 François [2043]CHEMISTRY DCPH - Ecole Polytechnique,91128, Palaiseau Cedex FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-69334079 Fax: (33) 169333990francois.mathey@polytechnique.frMATHIAS Peter [298] ECONOMICHISTORY 33 Church St, Chesterton,CB4 1DT, Cambridge, Herts. UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Diane [1211] IMMUNOLOGYNO MAILMATILE Philippe [512] PLANTSCIENCE NO MAILMATTAJ Iain [1898] MOLECULARBIOLOGY European Molecular BiologyLab (EMBL), Meyerhofstrasse 1,D-69117, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-387393 Fax: (49) 6221-387518mattaj@embl-heidelberg.deMATTHIESSEN Poul C. [96]DEMOGRAPHY The Royal Academyof Sciences & Letters, H C AnersensBoulevard 35, DK-1553, Copenhagen VDENMARK Tel: (45) 33422734 Fax: (45)33323686 pcm@post.tele.dkMATTHIESSEN Christian [2092]GEOGRAPHY NO MAILMAUERSBERGER Konrad[1950] ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS NO MAILMAURER Hermann [2003]INFORMATICS IICM, Graz University ofTechnology, Inffeldgasse 16c, A-8010,Graz AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-8735613Fax: (43) 316-8735699 hmaurer@iicm.eduMAY Robert [1564] PLANT & ANIMALSCIENCES Department of Zoology,University of Oxford, South Parks Road,OX1 3PS, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-271170 Fax: (44) 1865-281060 Karl Ulrich [179]SOCIOLOGY Leibniz Association,Schützenstrasse 69, D-10117, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-20604955 karl.mayer@yale.eduMAYER OLIVÉ Marc [1777]CLASSICS Guillem Tell 19, SAT., 8006,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-3185263mayerolive@yahoo.esMAYNTZ Renate [9]SOCIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institut fürGesellschaftsforschung, Paulstrasse 3,D-50676, Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49)221-2767206 Fax: (49) 221-2767555mayntz@mpifg.deMAYOR Federico [1323]BIOCHEMISTRY Fundación Ramón Areces,Calle Vitruvio 5, 28006, Madrid SPAINTel: (34) 91-5630696 Fax: (34) 91-5645243 f.mayor@inves.esMAZURKIEWICZ Antoni [1056]COMPUTING Institute of ComputerScience of PAS, Ordona 21, PL-01-237,Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-8770304Fax: (48) 22-8376564 a.mazurkiewicz@ipipan.waw.plMAZZARELLO Paolo [2835]HISTORY OF MEDICINE University ofPavia, Museum for History, Dep.t ofExperimental Medicine, Strada Nuova65, 27100, Pavia ITALY Tel: (39) 0382-984712 Fax: (39) 0382-29724 paolo.mazzarello@unipv.itMCINTYRE Michael [447]ATMOSPHERIC DYNAMICS Universityof Cambridge, Dept. of AppliedMathematics & Theoretical, Physics/Wilberforce Rd, CB3 0WA, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-337871 Fax: (44) 1223-765900 Dan [764] EARTHSCIENCE NO MAILMCKITTERICK David J. [2901]HISTORY OF THE BOOK University ofCambridge, Trinity College, CB2 1TQ,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-338513 RosamondD. [2902] EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPEANHISTORY University of Cambridge,Sidney Sussex College, Sidney Street,CB2 3HU, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-338808 Fax: (44) 1223-338884 Donald [1024] MATERIALSSCIENCE 28, St James Road, TW12 1DQ,Hampton Hill, Middx. UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-82877626 April M. S. [2802]LINGUISTICS Aberystwyth University,Old College, King Street, SY23 2AX,Aberystwyth, Ceredigion UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 01970-622002 Fax:(44) 01970-611446 ALEXANDER Robert[1732] BIOMECHANICS 14 Moor ParkMount, LS36 4BU, Leeds UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 113-3432911 Fax:(44) 113-3432911 Jacques [326]PSYCHOLOGY SISSA / ISAS, via Beirut2-4, 34014, Trieste ITALY Tel: (39)040-3787463 Fax: (39) 040-3787528jacques.mehler@gmail.comMEHLHORN Kurt [1715]COMPUTER SCIENCE Max-Planck-Institutfür Informatik, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 85,66123, Saarbrucken GERMANY Tel: (49)681-9325100 Fax: (49) 681-9325199mehlhorn@mpi-inf.mpg.deMEIER Christian [568] ANCIENTHISTORY Universität München, Inst. fürAlte Geschichte, Geschwister SchollPlatz 1, D-80539, Munich GERMANYTel: (49) 89-21803541 Fax: (49)89-21802322MEISSNER Rolf [1362] EARTH& MARINE SCIENCES Struckbrook 2,D-24161, Altenholz/Kiel GERMANY Tel:(49) 431-8803908 Fax: (49) 431-8804432 rmeissner@email.uni-kiel.deMEISSNER Ulf G. [2759]THEORETICAL NUCLEAR PHYSICSUniversität Bonn, HISKP, Nussallee14-16, D-53115, Bonn GERMANY Tel:(49) 228-732365 Fax: (49) 228-733728meissner@hiskp.uni-bonn.deMELCHERS Fritz [449]IMMUNOLOGY Muttenzerstrasse 29,D-79639, Grenzach GERMANY fritz.melchers@unibas.chMELDOLESI Jacopo [992]PHARMACOLOGY, CELL BIOLOGY UniversitàVita-Salute S Raffale, Dept. ofNeurosciences, DIBIT, via Olgettina58, 20132, Milan ITALY Tel: (39)02-26432770 Fax: (39) 02-26434813meldolesi.jacopo@hsr.itMELINO Gerry [2889]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYUniversity of Rome, Tor Vergata, viaMontpellier 1, 133, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-72596976 Fax: (39) 06-72596977gerry.melino@uniroma2.itMELLARS Paul [1896] PREHISTORICARCHAEOLOGY Corpus Christi College,CB2 1RH, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-338006 Fax: (44) 1223-338061ÉNDEZ MENÉNDEZAurelio [1566] LAW Uria Menéndez,Principe de Vergara 187, 28002, MadridSPAIN Tel: (34) 91-5860407 Fax: (34)91-586040 mm@uria.comMENGER Pierre-Michel[2859] SOCIOLOGY EHSS, 105 Blvd.Raspail, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-43064544 menger@ehess.frMENNELL Stephen J. [2958]SOCIOLOGY 2 Lambs Brook, Sandyford,18, Dublin IRELAND Tel: (353)1-2950276 Fax: (353) 1-7161125stephen.mennell@ucd.ieMÉNY Yves [1889] COMPARATIVEPOLITICS 19 bis, rue des Saints-Pères,F-75006, Paris FRANCEMENZEL Randolf [1212] ZOOLOGYInstitut für Neurobiologie, FreieUniversität Berlin, Königin-Luise-Str.28-30, D-14195, Berlin GERMANY Tel:(49) 30-83853930 Fax: (49) 30-83855455 menzel@zedat.fu-berlin.deMESINGER Fedor [829]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE SerbianAcademy of Sciences & Arts, Dept. ofMathematics, Physics & Geo-sciences,Kneza Mihaila 35, 11000, BelgradeSERBIA fedor.mesinger@gmail.comMESSERLI Bruno [809] EARTHSCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY Brünnweid, 3086,Zimmerwald SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)31-8193381 Fax: (41) 31-8197681bmesserli@bluewin.chMESTMÄCKER Ernst-Joachim[239] LAW Max-Planck-Institute forForeign &, International Private Law,Mittelweg 187, 20148, HamburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 40-41900298 Fax:(49) 40-41900304 mestmaec@mpiprivhh.mpg.deMÉSZÁROS Erno [815]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE University ofVeszprém, P O Box 158, H-8201,Veszprém HUNGARY Tel: (36)88-422022 Fax: (36) 88-421869meszaroserno@freemail.huMETCALFE Neil B. [2948]BEHAVIOURAL & PHYSIOLOGICAL ECOLOGYUniversity of Glasgow, Graham KerrBuilding, MVLS, G12 8QQ, GlasgowUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 141-3305968 Fax: (44) 141-3305971 Urs [1293] PHARMACOLOGY& TOXICOLOGY Biozentrum of theUniversity of Basel, Div. Pharmacology/Neurobiology, Klingelbergstr. 50/70,4056, Basel SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-2672220 Fax: (41) 61-2672208 urs-a.meyer@unibas.chMEYER Bertrand [3037]INFORMATICS ETH Zurich, Clausiusstrasse59, 8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6320410 Fax: (41) 44-6321435bertrand.meyer@inf.ethz.chMEYERSTEIN Dan [3054]INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Ariel UniversityCenter of Samaria, Biological ChemistryDepartment, 40700, Ariel ISRAEL Tel:(972) 3-9066153 Fax: (972) Ferenc [959] PHYSICS Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Glienicker Strasse 100,D-14109, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-80622031 Fax: (49) 30-80622523mezei@hmi.deMEZGER Peter [169]ASTRONOMY Max-Planck-Institut fürRadioastronomie, Auf dem Hügel69, 53121, Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49)228-525304 Fax: (49) 228-525299pmezger@mpifr-bonn.mpg.deMICHEL Hartmut [1589]BIOCHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Inst. fürBiophysik, Max-von-Laue-Strasse 3,D-60438, Frankfurt am Main GERMANYTel: (49) 69-63031001 Fax: (49)69-63031002 hartmut.michel@mpibpfrankfurt.mpg.deMICHEL Martin C. [2557]PHARMACOLOGY University ofAmsterdam, Dept. Pharmacology& Pharmacotherapy, Meibergdreef15, 1105 AZ, Amsterdam THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-5666762Fax: (31) 20-6965976 m.c.michel@amc.nlMICHEL Philippe [2907]MATHEMATICS Ecole PolytechniqueFederale de Lausanne, TAN Station 8,CH-1015, Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 21-6932576 Fax: (41) 21-6935839philippe.michel@epfl.chMICHELBERGER Pál [1363]ENGINEERING Technical Universityof Budapest, Müegyetem rkp.3,1111, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-4631728 Fax: (36) 1-4631783 jvkt@kme.bme.huMICHELSEN Axel [372]PHYSIOLOGY Rosenvaenget 74,5250, Odense SV DENMARK Tel:(45) 65502466 Fax: (45) 65502786a.michelsen@biology.sdu.dkMICHON John A. [357]PSYCHOLOGY Brigantijnwal 7, NL-2317,GL Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)71-5212342 Fax: (31) 71-5221927michonja@xs4all.nlMIGUS Arnold [3067] OPTIC/ULTRASHORT PHENOMENA Cour DesCcomptes, C507, 13 rue Cambon,75100, Paris Cedex 01 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-42989652 arnold.migus@ccomptes.frMILLAR Fergus [1068] HISTORYNO MAILMILUTINOVIC Veljko [3008]COMPUTER ENGINEERING Dalmatinska55, 11120, Belgrade SERBIA Tel: (381)64-1389281 vm@etf.rsMINSTER Jean-François [233]EARTH SCIENCE TOTAL - DSER/ DirectionScientifique, Tour Coupole, 2 place de laCoupole, 92078, Paris la Defense CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-47445857 Fax: (33)1-47444494 jean-francois.minster@total.comMIQUEL André [1425] ORIENTALSTUDIES 6 rue Auguste-Bartholdi,75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44271211 Fax: (33) 1-44271109MIRANDA Jorge [1103]HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCE NO MAILMIRAS-PORTUGAL MariaT. [3072] BIOCHEMISTRY UniversidadComplutense de Madrid, Departmentof Biochemistry, Ciudad Universitaria,28040, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-3943894 Fax: (34) 91-3943909mtmiras@vet.ucm.esMIRAVITLLES-TORRAS Carlos[1800] CRYSTALLOGRAPHY Instituto deCiencia de Materiales de, Barcelona/Campus de la UAB, 8193, BellaterraSPAIN Tel: (34) 93-5801853 Fax: (34)93-5805729 miravitlles@icmab.esMIRRLEES James [310]ECONOMICS Trinity College, Trinity Street,CB2 1TQ, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-339516 Fax: (44) 1223-338564 Igor N. [2719]THEORETICAL NUCLEAR PHYSICS FrankfurtInstitute for Advanced Studies, J. W.Goethe University, Ruth-Moufang str. 1,60438, Frankfurt/M GERMANY Tel: (49)69-79847504 Fax: (49) 69-79847611mishustin@fias.uni-frankfurt.deMISUND Ole Ar. [2979] MARINESCIENCE Institute of Marine Research, PO Box 1870, Nordnes, N-5817, BergenNORWAY Tel: (47) 55-238497 Fax: (47)55-238586 olem@imr.noMITCHELL John [1807] CLIMATE &CLIMATE CHANGE Meteorological Office,Fitzroy Road, EX1 3PB, Exeter UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1392-886662 Fax:(44) 1392-884400 Murdoch [296] CELLBIOLOGY Great Yew, Ormiston, Tranent,EH35 5NJ, E. Lothian UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1875-340530 Avrion [960]IMMUNOLOGY NO MAILMITTELSTRASS Jürgen [38]PHILOSOPHY University of Constance,Department of Philosophy, D-78457,Constance GERMANY Tel: (49) 7531-882511 Fax: (49) 7531-882502 juergen.mittelstrass@uni-konstanz.deMITTER Wolfgang [1278]EDUCATION Im Rosengärtchen 43,D-61440, Oberursel GERMANY Tel: (49)69-24708122 Fax: (49) 69-24708444mitter@dipf.deMLYNEK Jürgen [2537] ATOMICPHYSICS Helmholtz Association ofGerman Res.Centres, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Strasse 2, 10178, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-20632952Fax: (49) 30-20632959 president@helmholtz.deMOCEK Reinhard J. [3121]

PHILOSOPHY Verlängerter Landrain,6118, Halle (Saale) GERMANY Tel: (49)345-6846875 philochess@aol.comMOELLER Bernd [1658] HISTORYGrosslerstrasse 6a, D-37073, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-42850MOESEN Willem [462] ECONOMICSKatholieke Universiteit Leuven, Centrefor Economic Studies, Naamsestraat69, B-3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32)16-326824 Fax: (32) 16-326796 Keith [1607] PHYSICS 6Banhams Close, CB4 1HX, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Terrie E. [2295] ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Institute of Psychiatry,P080, SGDP Centre, De Crespigny Park,SE5 8AF, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-78480937 Fax: (44) 20-78485262 Carl Erik [1608]CLINICAL SCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGYMedical Department M, Diabetesand Endocrinology, AarhusKommunehospital, DK-8000, AarhusC DENMARK Tel: (45) 89492011 Fax:(45) 86137825ÖHLER Hanns [1306]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Instituteof Pharmacology/Federal Inst. of,Technology (ETH) and University ofZurich, Winterthurerstr. 190, 8057,Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44 63559 10 Fax: (41) 44 635 59 55 mohler@pharma.uzh.chMÖHWALD Helmuth [3021]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Inst. ofColloids & Interfaces, Research CampusGolm, 14476, Potsdam GERMANY Tel:(49) 331-5679200 Fax: (49) 331-5679202 moehwald@mpikg.mpg.deMOISEEV Ilya [1502] CHEMISTRYN. S. Kurnakov Inst. of General &,Inorganic Chemistry, Leninsky Prospekt31, 119991, Moscow GSP-1 RUSSIA Tel:(7) 495-9521203 Fax: (7) 495-9541279iimois@igic.ras.ruMOLITOR Michel [1503]SOCIOLOGY NO MAILMÖLLERS Thomas M. J. [3106]EUROPEAN UNION LAW Schwammerlweg25, 86199, Augsburg GERMANY Tel:(49) 821-5984515 Fax: (49) 821-5984517 thomas.moellers@jura.uni-augsburg.deMOMMSEN Hans [1504] HISTORYPossenhofener Str. 14, D-82340,Feldafing GERMANY Tel: (49) 8157-929505 Fax: (49) 8157-922909 hans.mommsen@t-online.deMONAGHAN Pat [3025]EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY Universityof Glasgow, Institute of Biodiversity& Animal Health, Graham KerrBuilding, G12 8QQ, Glasgow UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 141-3306640 Fax:(44) 141-3305971 Salvador [1214]PHARMACOLOGY Wolfson Inst. forBiomedical Research, UniversityCollege London, Gower St, WC1E 6BT,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76796666 Fax: (44) Lucien [1464]MATERIALS SCIENCE 69 rue ClaudeBernard, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-43362907MONOS Emil [1426] PHYSIOLOGY& BIOPHYSICS Semmelweis University/Inst. of Human, Physiology & ClinicalExperimental Research, Ülloi út78/A, H-1446, Pf. 448, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-2106038 Fax:(36) 1-3343162 monos.emil@med.semmelweis-univ.huMONTADA Leo [248] PSYCHOLOGYNO MAILMONTAGNIER Luc [106] VIROLOGYWold Foundation AIDS & Research, &Prevention, 1 rue Miollis, 75732, ParisCedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45683841Fax: (33) 1-42733745 lucmontagnier@hotmail.comMONTANARI Ugo [1023]COMPUTING Università di Pisa,Dipartimento di Informatica, Universityof Psa, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3,56127, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39) 050-2212721Fax: (39) 050-2212726 ugo@di.unipi.itMONTECUCCO Cesare [1903]CELLULAR BIOLOGY Università degli diPadova, Dip. di Scienze Biomediche, ViaG Colombo n 3, I-35100, Padova ITALYTel: (39) 049-8276058 Fax: (39) 049-8276049 cesare.montecucco@unipd.itMONTERO José Ramón [2192]POLITICAL SCIENCE Valle de la Fuenfria8-1° A, 28034, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-4354240 Fax: (34) 91-5763420montero@ceacs.march.esMOOK Willem [811] MARINESCIENCE Oranjedreef 1, 9752, LVHaren THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)50-5346852 Fax: (31) 50-3634738wgmook@xs4all.nlMOOREN Leon [442] HISTORYKatholieke Universiteit Leuven,Departement Klassieke Studies, Blijde-Inkomststraat 21, B-3000, LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-325070 Fax:(32) 16-324909 Dino [1808] STRUCTURALBIOLOGY Lab. de Biologie et GénomiqueStructurale, IGBMC, 1 rue LaurentFries - BP 163, 67404, Illkirch CedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 3-88653351 Fax: (33)3-88653276 moras@igbmc.u-strasbg.frMORAW Peter [1483] HISTORYJustus-Liebig-Universität Giessen,Historisches Institut, Otto-Behaghel-Str.10 C1, 35394, Giessen GERMANY Tel:(49) 641-9928220 Fax: (49) 641-9928229 peter.moraw@geschichte.uni-giessen.deMORAWSKI Witold [2146]SOCIOLOGY Korotynskiego Street 19A,Apt. 195, 2 Jan 123, Warsaw POLANDTel: (48) 22-6584526 morawski.k@aster.plMORETTA Lorenzo [993]IMMUNOLOGY Istituto Nazionale perla Ricerca sul Cancro, C/o CentroBiotecnologie Avanzate, L.go R. Benzi10, 16132, Genova ITALY Tel: (39)010-5737217 Fax: (39) Helmut [1215] EARTHSCIENCE Graz University of Technology,Institute of Navigation & SatelliteGeodesy, Steyrergasse 30, A-8010, GrazAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-8736350 Fax:(43) 316-8736337 helmut.moritz@tugraz.atMORPURGO DAVIES Anna[696] LINGUISTICS Somerville College, 22Yarnells Hill, OX2 9BD, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-247099 Edgar [2411]PHILOSOPHY Universität Salzburg,Fachbereich Philosophie/KWG,Franziskanergasse 1, A-5020, SalzburgAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 662-80444050 Fax:(43) 622-80444056 Peder [393]ARCHAEOLOGY University ofCopenhagen, Dept. of Cross-Cultural& Reg. Studies, Snorresgade 17-19,DK-2300, Copenhagen 5 DENMARKTel: (45) 35329608 Fax: (45) 35328926pmortensen@hum.ku.dkMORTIER Roland [882]LITERATURE NO MAILMORTON John [758] PSYCHOLOGYInstitute of Cognitive Neuroscience,University College London, AlexandraHouse, 17-19 Queen Sq, WC1N 3AR,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76791154 Fax: (44) Jorge [2385]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYUniversity of Cincinnati/GenomeRes. Institute, Dept. of MolecularOncogenesis, 2180 E. Galbraith Rd, OH45237, Cincinnati UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 513-5588419 Fax: (1) 513-5585061moscatje@ucmail.uc.eduMOSCOVICI Serge [780]PYSCHOLOGY 10 rue d’Aligre, 75012,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-46285228MOSER Edvard [2998]NEUROSCIENCE Kavli Institute forsystems Neuroscience, & Centrefor Biology of Memory, NTNU, TheFaculty of Medicine, P O Box 8905,7491, Trondheim NORWAY Tel: (47)73-598278 Fax: (47) 73-598294 edvard.moser@ntnu.noMOSER May-Britt [2999]NEUROSCIENCE Kavli Institute forSystems Neuroscience, & Centre for TheIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plBiology of Memory, NTNU, The Facultyof Medicine, P O Box 8905, 7491,Trondheim NORWAY Tel: (47) 73-598277 Fax: (47) 73-598294 may-britt.moser@ntnu.noMÖSSBAUER Rudolf [77] PHYSICSTechnische Universität München, PhysikDepartment E15, James-Franck-Strasse,D-85748, Garching GERMANY Tel: (49)89-28912522 Fax: (49) 89-28912680beatrice.vbellen@ph.tum.deMOSTERIN Jesus [1465]PHILOSOPHY CSIC, Instituto de Filosofia,C/ Pinar 25, 28006, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 93-8300243 Fax: (34) 93-8300243jesus@mosterin.comMOUNOUD Pierre [194]PSYCHOLOGY University of Geneva, 40blvd du Pont-d’Arve, 1205, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7059251Fax: (41) 22-7059229 pierre.mounoud@pse.unige.chMOUT [2903] HISTORY OF EARLYMODERN EUROPE Oranje Nassaulaan 27,2361 LB, Warmond THE NETHERLANDSTel: (31) 71-3011407 Fax: (31) 71-3011407 mehn@xs4all.nlMOZHAYEVA Galina [1505]NEUROSCIENCE Institute of Cytology, TheRussian Academy of Sciences, 194064,St. Petersburg RUSSIA Tel: (7) 812-2471497 Fax: (7) 812-2470341MUDRY François [2569]METALLURGY, MATERIAL SCIENCES43 avenue Paul Doumer, 78360,Montesson FRANCE Tel: (33)6-20477028 francois.mudry@arcelormittal.comMUELLER Alex C. [2474] NUCLEARPHYSIC CNRS - IN2P3, 3 rue Michel-Ange, F-75016, Paris FRANCE Fax: (33)1-44965340 mueller@in2p3.frMULLER Alexander [208]EPIDEMIOLOGY Engelanderweg 78, 7361CW, Beekbergen THE NETHERLANDSTel: (31) 55-3015510 wildemuller@gmail.comMÜLLER Achim [1787] CHEMICALSCIENCES Lehrstuhl für AnorganischeChemie I, Fakültat für Chemie derUniversitaet Bielefeld, Postfach 10 0131, D-33501, Bielefeld GERMANY Tel:(49) 521-106 6153 Fax: (49) 521-1066003 a.mueller@uni-bielefeld.deMÜLLER-HILL Benno [378]GENETICS Institut für Genetik der,Universität zu Köln, Weyertal 121,50931, Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49)221-4702388 Fax: (49) 221-4705170muellerhill@uni-koeln.deMÜLLER-HOHENSTEINKlaus [1748] GEOGRAPHY Universityof Bayreuth, Department ofBiogeography, D-95440, BayreuthGERMANY Tel: (49) 921-562233 Fax:(49) 921-552315 klaus.muellerhohenstein@uni-bayreuth.deMULLIGAN Kevin [2482]PHILOSOPHY University of Geneva,Department of Philosophy, UniBastions, CH-1211, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-3797051kevin.mulligan@lettres.unige.chMUNK OLSEN Birger [52]MEDIEVAL STUDIES Univ. of Copenhagen/Inst. for Greek, & Latin/MedievalPhilology (IGLM), Njalsgade 90, 2300,Copenhagen DENMARK Tel: (45)31542211 Fax: (45) 31543211MURDIN Paul [1567] ASTRONOMY32 Belvoir Rd, CB4 1JJ, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-312848 Fax: (44) 7977-438015 paul@murdin.comMURER Heini [1794] RENALPHYSIOLOGY University of Zurich,Institute of Physiology, Winterthurerstr.190, CH-8057, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 1-6355030 Fax: (41) 1-6355715hmurer@access.uzh.chMURRAY Kenneth [87]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY University ofEdinburgh, Inst. of Cell & MolecularBiology, King’s Buildings/MayfieldRoad, EH9 3JR, Edinburgh UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6505388 Fax:(44) 131-6683870 Robin M. [2333]PSYCHIATRY Institute of Psychiatry, DeCrespigny Park, Denmark Hill, SE5 8AF,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-77036091 Fax: (44) Fionn [2753]INFORMATICS Science FoundationIreland, Wilton Park House, WiltonPlace, 2, Dublin IRELAND Tel: (353)1-6073056 fionn.murtagh@sfi.ieMUSIL Jirí [1427] SOCIOLOGY Ujezd15, 150 00, Prague CZECH REPUBLICTel: (420) 2-533588 Fax: (420)2-273780533MUSMANN Hans [118]ENGINEERING Universität Hannover,Inst. für Theor. Nachrichtentechnik& Informations-, verarbeitung,Appelstrasse 9A, 30167, HannoverGERMANY Tel: (49) 511-7625317 Fax:(49) 511-7625333 musmann@tnt.uni-hannover.deMUSSELIN Christine [2924]COMPARATIVE HIGHER EDUCATION CSOCentre de Sociololgie des Organisations,19 rue Amelie, 75007, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-40626570 Fax: (33) 1-47053555c.musselin@cso.cnrs.frMUSZBEK László [1294] CLINICALSCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGY UniversityMedical School, Department of ClinicalChemistry, P.O.Box 40, 4012, DebrecenHUNGARY Tel: (36) 52-17631 Fax: (36)52-13847 muszbek@med.unideb.huMUYSKEN Pieter C. [2778]LINGUISTICS Radbound UniversityNijmegen, Faculteit der Letteren,Postbus 9103, NL-6500 HD, NijmegenTHE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 24-3612169 Fax: (31)ÄÄTÄNEN Risto [1069]PSYCHOLOGY Cognitive Brain ResearchUnit, Dept. of Psychology, P O Box 9(Siltavuorenpenger 20C), 14, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19129445 Fax:(358) 9-19129450 risto.naatanen@helsinki.fiNAGL Walter [379] MOLECULARBIOLOGY NO MAILNASLAIN Roger [2083] CERAMICCOMPOSITE MATERIALS 8 rue du PetitPoucet, 33600, Pessac FRANCE roger.naslain@free.frNASMYTH Kim [1428] GENETICS& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY University ofOxford, Department of Biochemistry,South Parks Rd, OX1 3QU, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-275263 Fax: (44) 1865 275259 Yuri [1141] PHYSIOLOGYSechenov Institute of Evolutionary,Physiology & Biochemistry, 44 ThorezAve, 194223, St. Petersburg RUSSIA Tel:(7) 812-5523086 Fax: (7) 812-5523086natochin@iephb.ruNATVIG Jacob [922] IMMUNOLOGYInstitute of Immunology, RikshospitaletOslo University Hospital HF, postbox4950 Nydalen, N-0424, Oslo NORWAYTel: (47) 22 29 15 33 (private) Fax: (47)22 84 03 07 j.b.natvig@medisin.uio.noNAUMANN Manfred [638]LITERATURE NO MAILNEARY Peter [584] ECONOMICSUniversity of Oxford, Department ofEconomics, Manor Rd, OX1 3UQ, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-271085 Fax: (33) 1865-271094 Bernhard [3028]ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Institut fürInformatik, Georges-Köhler-Allee 52,79110, Freiburg GERMANY Tel: (49)761-2038221 Fax: (49) 761-2038221nebel@uni-freiburg.deNEDELMANN Birgitta [597]SOCIOLOGY NO MAILNEDOSPASOV Sergei A. [2814]IMMUNOLOGY Engelhardt Institute ofMolecular Biology, Vavilova Str. 32,119991, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 499-1359964 Fax: (7) 499-1351405 sergei.nedospasov@gmail.comNEFEDOV Oleg [1142] PHYSICALORGANIC CHEMISTRY Russian Academyof Sciences, Leninsky Prospect 14,117901 GSP-1, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-9385151 Fax: (7) 495-9381844onefedov@ras.ruNEGENDANK Jorg F. W. [2316]PHYSICAL & APPLIED GEOLOGY Reuterstr.10, D-14482, Potsdam GERMANY Tel:(49) 331-2881180 Fax: (49) 331-2881302 neg@gfz-potsdam.deNEHER Erwin [593]BIOPHYSICS Max-Planck-Institutfür Biophysikalische Chemie, Dept.Membrane Biophysics, Am Fassberg,Academia Europaea Directory 2012D-37077, Göttingen GERMANY Tel: (49)551-2011630 Fax: (49) 551-2011688eneher@gwdg.deNEJDL Wolfgang [2842]COMPUTER SCIENCE L3S Research Center,Appelstrasse 4, D-30167, HannoverGERMANY Tel: (49) 511-76219710 Fax:(49) 511-76219712 nejdl@l3s.deNESPOR Marina [2499] GENERALLINGUISTICS ERC - PASCAL, SISSA, viaBonomea 265, 34136, Trieste ITALYnespor@sissa.itNESSELRATH Heinz-Günther[2892] ANCIENT GREEK LITERATURESeminar fur Klassische Philologie,der Georg-August-Universität,Humboldtallee 19, D-37073, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-394681 Fax:(49) 551-394682 heinzGuenther.nesselrath@phil.uni-goettingen.deNEUBAUER Franz [1798] GEOLOGYUniversity of Salzburg, Dept. of Geologyand Paleontology, Hellbrunnerstr. 34,A-5020, Salzburg AUSTRIA Tel: (43)662-80445401 Fax: (43) Else-Ragnhild[1365] EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESUniversity of Oslo, Physics of GeologicalProcesses, P O Box 1048 Blindern,N-0316, Oslo NORWAY Tel: (47)22856663 e.r.neumann@geologi.uio.noNEUMANN Peter [1696]MATERIALS SCIENCE Bachstr. 16,D-40822, Mettmann GERMANY Tel: (49)211-6792216 Fax: (49) 211-6792440p.neumann@mpie.deNEUPERT Walter [872]BIOCHEMISTRY Adolf-Butenandt-Institut der Universität, München/Physiologische Chemie, Butenandtstr.5, Bld. B, D-81377, Munich GERMANYTel: (49) 89-218077095 Fax: (49)89-218077093 christine.werner@med.uni-muenchen.deNEUVO Yrjö [556] ENGINEERINGKontionkuja 3, 021 10, Espoo FINLANDFax: (358) 94512474 yrjo.neuvo@tkk.fiNICHOLLS John [888]NEUROSCIENCE SISSA, Via Beirut 2,I-34014, Trieste ITALY Tel: (39) 040-3787250 Fax: (39) 040-3787528nicholls@sissa.itNICHOLSON Robin [113]METALLURGY Penson, Diptford, TQ9 7NN,Totnes, Devon UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1548-821650 Fax: (44) 1548-821650 rbnich@aol.comNICOLIS Grégoire [732]CHEMISTRY PHYSICS Université Librede Bruxelles, Faculté des Sciences,Campus Plaine, CP 231, 1050, BrusselsBELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-6505537 Fax: (32)2-6505767 Pierluigi [2324]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Universityof Leicester, MRC Toxicology Unit,Hodgkin Building, PO Box 138, LE1 9HN,Leicester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)116-2525611 Fax: (44) Mogens [2368]COMPUTER SCIENCE University of Aarhus,Department of Computer Science,IT-Parken, Aabogade 34, 8200, AarhusN DENMARK Tel: (45) 89-429292 Fax:(45) 89-425601 Angela [2612]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Instituto deNeurociencias CSIC-UMH, Avda. Ramony Casal S/N, 3550, San Juan de AlicanteSPAIN Tel: (34) 965919243 anieto@umh.esNIGG Erich [1795] CELL CYCLECONTROL University of Basel, Cell BiologyBiozentrum, Klingelbergstrasse 70,CH-4056, Basel SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)61-2671656 Fax: (41) 61-2672098erich.nigg@unibas.chNIHOUL Jacques [177] MARINESCIENCE GeoHydrodynamics &Environment Research - GHER,University of Liège, B5 Sart-Tilman,B-4000, Liège BELGIUM Tel: (32)4-3663350 Fax: (32) Paul Louis [2880] LAWrue de la poste 255, 1030, BrusselsBELGIUM paul.nihoul@uclouvain.beNIINILUOTO Ilkka [2259]THEORETICAL PHILOSOPHY Universityof Helsinki, P O Box 33, 14, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19122211 Fax:(358) 9-19123008 ilkka.niiniluoto@helsinki.fiNIJKAMP Peter [2511] REGIONAL& URBAN ECONOMICS VU University,Dept. of Spatial Economics, Room4A-33, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5986090 Fax: (31) 20-5986004p.nijkamp@vu.nlNIKISHIN Anatoly [2035]REGIONAL GEOLOGY Moscow StateUniversity, Geological Faculty, VorobiovyGory, 119899, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-9394928 Fax: (7) 495-9328889nikishin@geol.msu.ruNILIUS Bernd [789] PHYSIOLOGY KULeuven/Campus Gasthuisberg, Dept. ofMolecular Cell Biology, 49 Herestraat,B-3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32)16-345737 Fax: (32) 16-345991 bernd.nilius@med.kuleuven.beNILSSON Lars-Göran [994]PSYCHOLOGY Department of Psychology,Stockholm University, S-10691,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-163940Fax: (46) 8-159342 Jan [1925] THEORETICALPHYSICS Knut och Alice WallenbergsStiftelse, Box 16066, S-103 22,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-54501781 Fax: (46) 8-54501785jan.s.nilsson@telia.comNILSSON Dan-Eric [2188]ZOOLOGY Lund University, Dept. of Cell& Organism Biology, Zoology Bldg,Helgonavagen 3, S-223 62, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2229345 Fax: (46)46-2224425 Maurice [349] COMPUTING10 avenue des Chardonnerets, 95570,Attainville FRANCE Tel: (33) 39359695mnivat@wanadoo.frNIVAT Georges [786] RUSSIANLITERATURE Esery, 74930, ReignierFRANCE Tel: (33) 4-50365408 Fax: (33)4-50365864 nivat@gmail.comNOBLE Denis [129] PHYSIOLOGYUniversity Laboratory of Physiology,Parks Road, OX1 3PT, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-272528Fax: (44) 1865-272554 Guust [267] GEOPHYSICSGeosciences Azur, 250 Rue AlbertEinstein, 6560, Sophia Antipolis FRANCETel: (33) 4-92942632 nolet@geoazur.unice.frNOMBELA CANO César [2022]MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY CSIC,Serrano 117, 28006, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 91-5855052 Fax: (34) 91-5855053nombela@orgc.csic.esNOORT Ed [3126] HEBREW BIBLERijnlaan 8, NL-9606 RP, Kropswolde(Gr.) THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)598-350751 Fax: (31) 50-3636200e.noort@rug.nlNORDÉN Bengt [2307] PHYSICALCHEMISTRY Chalmers Universityof Technology, Dept. of PhysicalChemistry, SE-412 96, GothenburgSWEDEN Tel: (46) 31-7723041 Fax: (46)31-730346441 norden@chalmers.seNORIN Torbjörn [123] CHEMISTRYRoyal Institute of Technology, Dept. ofChemistry, Organic Chemistry, 100 44,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7908122Fax: (46) 8-7912333 tnorin@kth.seNORMARK Staffan [1763]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYKarolinska Institute, Microbiology &Tumorbiology Center (MTC), S-171 77,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7287164Fax: (46) 8-342651 Erling [1880] VIROLOGYThe Royal Swedish Academy ofSciences, Box 50005, SE-104 05,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-6739500Fax: (46) 8-155670 erling@kva.seNORTH Richard A. [2251]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE University ofManchester, Faculty of Life Sciences,Oxford Road, M13 9PT, ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 161-2751497 Fax: (44)ÖTH Heinrich [1506]CHEMISTRY Bayerische Akademie derWissenschaften, Marstallplatz 8,D-80539, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-23031135 Fax: (49) 89-23031100praesident@badw.deNÖTHIGER Rolf [1429] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Zoological InstituteUZI, Winterthurerstr. 190, 8057, Zurich31

Academia Europaea Directory 2012SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6354861 Fax:(41) 1-6356823 rolnot@zool.unizh.chNOVIKOV Sergei P. [864]MATHEMATICS L D Landau Institute forTheoretical Physics, ul. Kosygina 2,117940, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-1373244 Fax: (7) 495-9382077NOVIKOV Igor [1160]ASTROPHYSICS Astro Space Center ofthe, P N Lebedev Physics Institute,Profsoyuznaya 84/32, 117997, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495) 3332378 Fax: (7)495-3332378 novikov@asc.rssi.ruNOWOTNY Helga [166] SOCIOLOGYEuropean Research Council, WWTFVienna Science & Technology Fund,Schlickgasse 3/8, 1090, Vienna AUSTRIATel: (43) 1-402314318 Fax: (43)1-402314320 helga.nowotny@wwtf.atNOZIÈRES Philippe [1590]PHYSICS NO MAILNURSE Paul [961] GENETICS TheRoyal Society, 6-9 Carlton HouseTerrace, SW1Y 5AG, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-74512500 paul.nurse@royalsociety.orgNUSSER Zoltan [2973]NEUROSCIENCE Szigony Str. 43,1083, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2109983 Fax: (36) 1-2109984nusser@koki.huNÜSSLEIN-VOLHARDChristiane [322] DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institut fürEntwicklungsbiologie, Spemannstrasse35/III, 72076, Tübingen GERMANY Tel:(49) 7071-601487 Fax: (49) 7071-601384 christiane.nuesslein-volhard@tuebingen.mpg.deNUTI Mario [716] ECONOMICSFacoltà di Economia, Università di Roma‘La Sapienza’, Via del Castro Laurenziano9, 161, Rome ITALY dmarionuti@gmail.comNUTTON Vivian [1986] HISTORY OFMEDICINE 225 Sandpit Lane, AL4 OBT,St. Albans UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-6798146 Fax: (44)’BRIEN Patrick [2135] ECONOMICHISTORY London School of Economics,Department of Economic History,Houghton St, WC2A 2AE, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-79556586 p.o’’HARE Peter [2581] BIOCHEMISTRY& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Imperial College,Section of Virology/Faculty of Medicine,St. Mary’s Campus, Norfolk Place, W21PG, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-75949517’NEILL Alan [1851] METEOROLOGYUniversity of Reading, Data AssimilationResearch Centre, Department ofMeteorology, RG6 6BB, Reading UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 118-9318317Fax: (44) 118-9318316’NEILL Onora [2593] PHILOSOPHYNewnham College, Sidgwick Avenue,CB3 9DF, Cambridge UNITED’NIONS Keith [843] EARTH SCIENCEUniversity of Oxford, Department ofEarth Sciences, Parks Road, OX1 3PR,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-282112 Fax: (44) 1865-272072ÖBERG Sture [1568] GEOGRAPHYUniversity of Uppsala, Dept. of Social &Economic Geography, Box 513, SE-75120, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46) 730-370710 nils.sture.oberg@gmail.comOBERHAMMER Gerhard[386] ORIENTAL STUDIES Magtstrasse 2,A-6020, Innsbruck AUSTRIA Tel: (43)512-291658OBUCHOWSKI Kazimierz[1609] PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES Lubeckiego 18, 60-348,Poznan POLAND Tel: (48)ÉN Birgitta [896] HISTORY LundUniversity, Department of History, P OBox 2074, 220 02, Lund SWEDEN Tel:(46) 46-107961OECHSLE Siegfried [3094]MUSICOLOGY MusikwissenschaftlichesInstitut, Christian-Albrechts-Universität,Wilhelm-Seelig-Platz 1, D-24118, KielGERMANY Tel: (49) 431-8802201 Fax:(49) 431-8807304 oechsle@musik.uni-kiel.deOERLEMANS Johannes [405]GEOPHYSICS University of Utrecht,32Faculty of Physics and Astronomy,Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC, Utrecht THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 30-539111j.oerlemans@phys.uu.nlOESCH Franz [1295] PHARMACOLOGY& TOXICOLOGY Rheinblick 21, D-55263,Wackernheim GERMANY Tel: (49) 6131-231721 Fax: (49) 6131-230506 oesch@uni-mainz.deOESTERHELT Dieter [278]BIOCHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institutfür Biochemie, 82152, MartinsriedGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-85782387 Fax:(49) 89-85783557 oesterhe@biochem.mpg.deOFFE Claus [151] POLITICAL SCIENCEHertie School of Governance, Quartier110, Friedrichstr. 180, 10117, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-259219309Fax: (49) 30-259219222 offe@hertieschool.orgÖHMAN Arne [1219] PSYCHOLOGYKarolinska Institute, Dept. of ClinicalNeuroscience/Section of, Psychology/Karolinska Hopsital, Z6, S-17176,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-325933Fax: (46) 8-307298 arne.ohman@psyk.ks.seOHMURA Atsumu [1951]CLIMATOLOGY NO MAILOKUN Lev [962] PHYSICS Instituteof Theoretical &, Experimental Physics,B. Cheremushkinskaya 25, 117218,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-1230292Fax: (7) 495-8839601 okun@heron.itep.ruOLSEN Olaf [85] MEDIEVALARCHAEOLOGY Strevelshovedvej 2, Alrø,DK-8300, Odder DENMARK Tel: (45)86552128 Fax: (45) 86552128 olaf.olsen@rikkeslyst.dkOLSEN Dag R. [3101] BIOMEDICALPHYSICS University of Bergen, Facultyof Mathematics & Natural Sciences, P OBox 7803, N-5020, Bergen NORWAY Tel:(47) 55588152 dag.olsen@mnfa.uib.noOLSNES Sjur [1610] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute for CancerResearch, The Norwegian RadiumHospital, Montebello, 310, OsloNORWAY Tel: (47) 22935640 Fax: (47)22508692 olsnes@radium.uio.noOLVING Sven [1152] PHYSICSChalmers Industriteknik, SE-41288,Göteborg SWEDEN Tel: (46) 31-7724340Fax: (46) 31-827035 sven.olving@usa.netOLWEUS Dan [963] PSYCHOLOGYUniversity of Bergen, Research Centerfor Health Promotion, Christies Gt.13, N-5015, Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47)55582327 Fax: (47) 55588442 olweus@uni.noOMLING Par [2809] SOLID STATEPHYSICS Ferievaen 9, S-224 67, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 708229839 par.omling@hotmail.comONCKEN Onno [2381] GEOLOGY &GEODYNAMICS Geoforschungszentrum(GFZ) Potsdam, Telegrafenberg,14473, Potsdam GERMANY Tel: (49)331-2881310 Fax: (49) 331-2881370oncken@gfz-potsdam.deONEGA Susana [2503] ENGLISHLITERATURE University of Zaragoza, Filologia Inglesa y Alemana,Pedro Cerbuna 12, 50009, ZaragozaSPAIN Tel: (34) 976-761521 Fax: (34)976-761519 sonega@unizar.esOORT Frans [2989] MATHEMATICSUniversity of Utrecht, Department ofMathematics, P O Box 80.010, 3508TA,Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)30-2531514 Fax: (31) 30-2518394f.oort@uu.nlOOSTERLINCK André [731]COMPUTING, ENGINEERING KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven, Schapenstraat34, B-3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32)16-320937 Fax: (32) 16-324088 andre.oosterlinck@associatie.kuleuven.beOQUIST Gunnar [2266] PLANTPHYSIOLOGY Umea University, UmeaPlant Science Center, Department ofPlant Physiology, SE-90187, UmeaSWEDEN gunnar.oquist@plantphys.umu.seORBAN Guy A. [2463] COGNITIVENEUROSCIENCE K.U. Leuven MedicalSchool, Lab. Neuro en Psychofysiologie,Herestraat 49 Bus 1021, BE-3000,Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-345740Fax: (32) 16-345993 guy.orban@med.kuleuven.beORCI Lelio [1894] CELL BIOLOGYUniversity of Geneva Medical Center,Department of Morphology, 1 rueMichel-Servet, 1211, Geneva 4SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7025253Fax: (41) 22-7025302 lelio.orci@medecine.unige.chOREN Moshe [2454] MOLECULAR &CELL BIOLOGY The Weizmann Institute,Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, POB26, 76100, Rehovot ISRAEL Tel: (972)8-9342358 Fax: (972) Anna [2649] CLASSICSViale Del Bosco n.259, 44022, Lido diVolano (FE) ITALY Tel: (39) 533-355219sid6158@iperbole.bologna.itORO Luis A. [1611] CHEMISTRY Dept.of Inorganic Chemistry, ICMA-CSIC,University of Zaragoza, 50009, ZaragozaSPAIN Tel: (34) 976-761143 Fax: (34)976-761143 oro@unizar.esORRENIUS Sten [424] TOXICOLOGYKarolinska Institute of Environmental,Medicine/Division of Toxicology, Nobelsväg 13, SE-171 77, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-7287590 Fax: (46) Michel [2762] SINGLEMOLECULE SPECTROSCOPY HuygensLaboratory, University of Leiden, PO Box 9504, 2300 RA, Leiden THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 71-5271720Fax: (31) 71-5275819 orrit@molphys.leidenuniv.nlORTH Gérard [1698] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institut Pasteur,25 rue du Docteur Roux, 75724, ParisCedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688742Fax: (33) 1-45688966 gorth@pasteur.frOS Henk van [541] ART HISTORYUniversity of Amsterdam, Spui 21, 1012WX, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5256170 h.w.vanos@uva.nlOSBORN Mary [1659] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Max PlanckInst. for Biophysical Chemistry, AmFassberg 11, D-37077, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-2011486 Fax:(49) 551-2011578 mosborn@gwdg.deOSNES Eivind [2304] PHYSICSUniversity of Oslo, Department ofPhysics, PO Box 1048 Blindern, N-0316,Oslo NORWAY Tel: (47) 22856428 Fax:(47) 22856422 eivind.osnes@fys.uio.noÖSTERBERG Eva [2256] HISTORYUniversity of Lund, Department ofHistory, Box 2074, 220 02, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-2224876 Jürgen[2229] MODERN HISTORY Ziegelweg 36,D-79100, Freiburg GERMANY Tel: (49)7531-882496 Fax: (49) 7531-882134juergen.osterhammel@uni-konstanz.deOTLEWSKI Jacek [2946]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYUniversity of Wroclaw, Faculty ofBiotechnology, Tamka 2, 50-137,Wroclaw POLAND Tel: (4871) 3752655Fax: (4871) 3752608 otlewski@protein.plOTTAVIANO Gianmarco I. P.[2870] ECONOMICS Bocconi University,Dept. of Economics, Via Roentgen1, 20136, Milan ITALY Tel: (39) 02-58363385 Fax: (39) 02-58363309gianmarco.ottaviano@unibocconi.itOTTEN Ernst [1891] EXPERIMENTALPHYSICS Institut für Physik, JohannesGutenberg-Universität Mainz,Staudinger Weg 7, 55099, MainzGERMANY Tel: (49) 6131-3922518Fax: (49) 6131-3925179 ernst.otten@uni-mainz.deOUDAR Jacques [533] MATERIALSSCIENCE NO MAILOXBURGH Ronald [61]GEOLOGY 14, Bentley Road, CB2 2AW,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-357199 Fax: (44) 1223-333450oxburghe@parliament.ukPÄÄBO Svante [1823] MOLECULARGENETICS Max-Planck-Institute forEvolutionary Antropology, DeutscherPlatz 6, D-04103, Leipzig GERMANYTel: (49) 341-3550501 Fax: (49) 341-3550555 paabo@eva.mpg.dePAALANEN Mikko [1926] PHYSICSHelsinki University of Technology, LowTemperature Laboratory, P O Box 2200,FIN-02015-HUT, Helsinki FINLAND Tel:(358) 9-4512957 Fax: (358) 9-4512969paalanen@neuro.hut.fiPACI Massimo [628] SOCIOLOGYUniversita di Pisa, Dip. di IngegneriaChimica, vis Diotisalvi 2, I-56126, PisaITALY Tel: (39) 050-511230 Fax: (39)050-511266 m.paci@ing.unipi.itPAIC Guy [1507] PHYSICS CERN,PPE Division, CH-1211, Geneva 23SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7676618Fax: (41) 22-7679285 guy.paic@cern.chPAK Namik Kemal [1484] PHYSICSMiddle East Technical University,Department of Physics, 6531, AnkaraTURKEY Tel: (90) 312-2101281 Fax: (90)312-2101281 Jozsef [2608]PHYSICS Bekecs u 21B, 4028, DebrecenHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-3327176 Fax: (36)30-9846920 palinkas@atomki.huPALKOVITS Miklós [1316]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS Laboratoryof Neuromorphology, SemmelweisUniversity Medical School, Túzoltó u.58, H-1094, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-2181612 Fax: (36) 1-2181612palkovits@ana.sote.huPALME Klaus [1108] PLANT SCIENCEAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,Institut für Biologie II, Schänzlestr. 1,79104, Freiburg GERMANY Tel: (49)761-2032672 Fax: (49) 761-2032675klaus.palme@biologie.uni-freiburg.dePALMER Frank [965] LINGUISTICSWhitethorns’, Roundabout Lane,Winnersh, RG41 5AD, WokinghamUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 118-9786214 Timothy N. [2246]PREDICTABILITY OF WEATHER & CLIMATENO MAILPALOUS Jan [1216] ASTRONOMYAstronomical Institute, Academy ofSciences of the Czech Republic, Bocni II1401, 14131, Prague 4 CZECH REPUBLICTel: (420) 2-67103065 Fax: (420)2-72769023 palous@ig.cas.czPANZA Giuliano [797] EARTHSCIENCE Università di Trieste,Department of Geosciences, via Weiss4, I-34127, Trieste ITALY Tel: (39)040-5582117 Fax: (39) 040-5582111panza@units.itPAOLETTI Rodolfo [1430]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Universityof Milan, Dept. of PharmacologicalSciences, Via Balzaretti 9, 20133, MilanITALY Tel: (39) 02-50318383 Fax: (39)02-50318266 rodolfo.paoletti@unimi.itPAP László [2538]TELECOMMUNICATIONS BudapestUniversity of Technology & Economics,Fac. of Electrical Engineering &Informatics, 2 Magyar tudosok krt,1117, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-4633260 Fax: (36) 1-4633263 pap@hit.bme.huPAPALE Paolo [3055] VOLCANOLOGYIstituto Nazionale di Geofisica eVulcanologia, Sezione di Pisa, Via DellaFaggiola 32, 56126, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39)050-8311931 Fax: (39) 050-8311942papale@pi.ingv.itPAPANICOLAS Costas N. [3095]NUCLEAR & PARTICLE PHYSICS The CyprusInstitute, 15 Kypranoros Street, 1061,Nicosia CYPRUS Tel: (357) 22-208700Fax: (357) 22-447800 Floriano [1366] PLANT &ANIMAL SCIENCES NO MAILPAQUET Paul [2059] EARTHROTATION NO MAILPARADISO Maria [2747]GEOGRAPHY University of Sannio,Dept SEGIS, Piazza Arechi II, 82100,Benevento ITALY Tel: (39) 81-5469574Fax: (39) 81-5469574 paradiso@unisannio.itPAREKH Anant B. [2170]PHYSIOLOGY University of Oxford,Department of Physiology, Parks Road,OX1 3PT, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-272439 Fax: (44) 1865-272488 Bhikhu [2627] POLITICALPHILOSOPHY 211 Victoria Avenue, HU53EF, Hull UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1482-345530 b.parekh@bigfoot.comPARISI Domenico [850]PSYCHOLOGY Institute of CognitiveSciences & Technologies, NationalResearch Council, 44 via S. Martino dellaBattaglia, 185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-4459533 Fax: (39) 06-44595243domenico.parisi@istc.cnr.itPARISI Giorgio [2723] PHYSICSUniversity of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, PhysicsDepartment, Piazzale Aldo Moro 2,185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-49914311Fax: (39) 06-4957697 giorgio.parisi@roma1.infn.itPARKER Roger [1991] MUSIC King’sCollege, Music Faculty, Strand, WC2R2LS, London UNITED KINGDOM Robert C. T. [3112]ANCIENT HISTORY New College, OX1 3BN,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-279520 David [1466]ANTHROPOLOGY All Souls College, OX14AL, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-279379 Renato [1966]DEVELOPMENTAL GENETICS ETH Zurich,D-BSSE, Mattenstrasse 26, 4058, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-3873120Fax: (41) 61-3873996 renato.paro@bsse.ethz.chPARPOLA Asko [1987] ORIENTALSTUDIES NO MAILPARPOLA Simo [2117]ASSYRIOLOGY NO MAILPARSONS Peter [747] CLASSICSChrist Church, OX1 1DP, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-276223 Benno [885] PLANTSCIENCE Deutsche Akademie derNaturforscher, Leopoldina, Postfach110543, 6019, Halle (Salle) GERMANYTel: (49) 345-472390 Fax: (49) 345-4723919PATERSON Michael [1000]COMPUTING NO MAILPATON Boris [1132] MATERIALSSCIENCE E. O. Paton Electric WeldingInstitute, 11 Bozhenko str., 3680, KievUKRAINE Tel: (380) 44-2208787 Fax:(380) 44-2680486 office@paton.kiev.uaPATRONO Carlo [2252] CLINICALPHARMACOLOGY University of Rome ‘LaSapienza’, Ospedale Sant’ Andrea, Via diGrottarossa 1035, 189, Rome ITALY Tel:(39) 0871-541260 Fax: (39) 0871-541261 cpatrono@unich.itPATZIG Günther [2626]PHILOSOPHY Otfried-Müller-Weg 6,D-37075, Göttingen GERMANY Tel: (49)0551-42929 jkaraku@gwdg.dePAUL Wolfgang J. [2369]COMPUTER SCIENCE Saarland University,Computer Science Dept., Building E13,R.305, 66123, Saarbrücken GERMANYTel: (49) 681-3022436 Fax: (49) 681-3024290 wjp@cs.uni-sb.dePAULE Peter [3049] SYMBOLICCOMPUTATION Research Inst. forSymbolic Computation, JohannesKepler University Linz, AltenbergerStrasse 69, A-4040, Linz AUSTRIA Tel:(43) 732-24689921 Fax: (43) 732-24689934 peter.paule@risc.jku.atPAUN Gheorghe [2370]INFORMATICS Institute of Mathematicsof the Romanian, Academy, P O Box1-764, 14700, Bucharest ROMANIAgeorge.paun@imar.roPAVCNIK Marijan [2804] LAWUniversity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law,Poljanski nasip 2, 1000, LjubljanaSLOVENIA Tel: (386) 1-4203197 Fax:(386) 1-4203115 marijan.pavcnik@pf.uni-lj.siPAWLIK Kurt [784] PSYCHOLOGYParkberg 9, D-22397, HamburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 40-41234722 Fax:(49) 40-41236591 pawlik@unihamburg.dePEART Stanley [566] CLINICALSCIENCE NO MAILPECCERILLO Angelo [2550]GEODYNAMICS Piazza Università,Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra,6100, Perugia ITALY Tel: (39) 075-5852608 Fax: (39) 075-5852603pecceang@unipg.itPECKER Jean-Claude [43]ASTRONOMY Collège de France, 3 Rued’Ulm, 75231, Paris Cedex 05 FRANCETel: (33) 2-51585827 j.c.pecker@wanadoo.frPEDLEY Timothy J. [2915]BIOLOGICAL FLUID DYNAMICS University ofCambridge, DAMTP - CMS, WilberforceRoad, CB3 0WA, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-339842Fax: (44) 1223-765900ÉDRO Georges [518] SOILSCIENCE 53 Ave de Villiers, 75017, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-42676922 Fax: (33)1-47051037 sylvie.verger@paris.inra.frPEERS Chris [2921] CELLUARPHYSIOLOGY University of Leeds, LIGHT,Faculty of Medicine & Health, ClarendonWay, LS2 9JT, Leeds UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 113-3434174 Fax: (44) 113-3434803 François [2830]NANPHYSICS Berthoutstraat 43, B-2531,Boechout BELGIUM Tel: (32) 31-2810918 Udo [2121] STRUCTURALENGINEERING Institut für Stahlbau,Technische Universität Braunschweig,Beethovenstr. 51, 38106, BraunschweigGERMANY Tel: (49) 531-3913379 Fax:(49) 531-3914502 u.peil@tu-bs.dePEKLENIK Janez [672]ENGINEERING University of Ljubljana,Dept. of Control and Manufact. Systems,Askerceva 6, 1000, Ljubljana SLOVENIATel: (386) 1-4771200 Fax: (386)1-2518567 janez.peklenik@fs.uni-lj.siPELETIER Lambertus [522]MATHEMATICS NO MAILPELHAM Hugh [966] MOLECULARBIOLOGY MRC Laboratory of MolecularBiology, Hills Road, CB2 2QH,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-248011 Fax: (44) Stuart [333]ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY University ofEast Anglia, School of EnvironmentalSciences, NR4 7TJ, Norwich UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1603-592532Fax: (44) 1603-452420 Josef [2613]FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS Institute ofMolecular Biotechnology, Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3, 1030, Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43)1-790444702 Fax: (43) Joao S. [2255]ORGANISMIC & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGYInstituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA),Tapada da Ajuda, 1349-017, LisbonPORTUGAL Tel: (351) 21-3653483 Fax:(351) 21-3645000 jspereira@isa.utl.ptPÉREZ-DIAZ Victor [79]SOCIOLOGY Analistas Socio-Politicos,Research Center, c/Quintana, 24-5°dcha., 28008, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-5414746 Fax: (34) 91-5593045asp@ctv.esPÉREZ-JIMÉNEZ Mario de J.[2961] COMPUTER SCIENCE c/Juan Pablosn°. 21 - pta. 3-2°A, 41014, Seville SPAINTel: (34) 954-557952 Fax: (34) 954-556251 marper@us.esPERHAM Richard [1296]BIOCHEMISTRY St. John’s College, CB21TP, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-338635 Fax: (44) 1223-338707 Donald [1217] PHYSICSUniversity of Oxford, Nuclear PhysicsLaboratory, Keble Road, OX1 3RH,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-513353 Fax: (44) 1865-273418PERNER Josef [2509] COGNITIVESCIENCE University of Salzburg,Department of Psycholoyg,Hellbrunnerstrasse 34, A-5020,Salzburg AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 662-80445124 Fax: (43) Giuseppe C. [1431]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH ViaAngelo Celli, 4/1, I-00044, Frascati (RM)ITALY perola@fis.uniroma3.itPERRETTI Mauro [2800]PHARMACOLOGY Bart & The LondonSchool of Medicine, William HarveyResearch Institute, CharterhouseSquare, EC1M 6BQ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Dominique [321]COMPUTING Université de Marnela-Vallee,77454, Marne-la-ValleeFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-60957002 Fax: (33)1-60957070 perrin@univ-mlv.frPERRYMAN Michael [1852]ASTROPHYSICS 3 Marlborough Lane,BA1 2NQ, Bath UNITED KINGDOM mac.perryman@gmail.comPERZ Miroslaw [1529] MUSICOLOGYNO MAILPETER Thomas [1882]

ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Institute forAtmospheric & Climate Science, ETHZurich, Universitätstr. 17, CHN O12.1,CH-8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6332756 Fax: (41) 44-6331058thomas.peter@env.ethz.chPETERS Keith [750] CLINICALIMMUNOLOGY 7 Chaucer Rd, CB27EB, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMKeith.2.peters@gsk.comPETERSEN Ole [20] PHYSIOLOGYCardiff University, Cardiff School ofBiosciences, Biomedical SciencesBuilding, Museum Avenue, CF10 3AX,Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)29-20874108 Fax: (44) Christine [1887] HUMANGENETICS Unité de Génétique etPhysiologie, INSERM UMRS 587/Inst. Pasteur, 25 rue du Docteur Roux,75724, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688890 Fax: (33) 1-40613442cpetit@pasteur.frPÉTRÉ-GRENOUILLEAUOlivier [2479] MARITIME CAPITALISM38 rue des Mortiers, 44230, St-Sébastien-sur-Loire FRANCE Tel: (33)2-28015964 olivier.petregrenouilleau@sciences-po.orgPETROU Maria [2846] IMAGEPROCESSING Informatics & TelematicsInstitute, Centre for Research &Tecnology Hellas, 6 km Harilaou-Thermi, P O Box 60361, 57001,Thessaloniki GREECE Tel: (30)2311-257701 Fax: (30) 2310-474128petrou@iti.grPETTERSSON Ulf [1432] GENETICS& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY The RudbeckLaboratory, Dept. of Immunology,Genetics & Pathology, 751 85, UppsalaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 18-4174580 Fax: (46)18-4714808 ulf.pettersson@igp.uu.sePETTIFOR David [1718]MATERIALS SCIENCE University of Oxford,Department of Materials, Parks Road,OX1 3PH, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-273751 Fax: (44) 1865-273783 Günter [1508]MATERIALS SCIENCE Max-Planck-Inst.für Metallforschung, Heisenbergstr. 5,70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49)711-7544409 Fax: (49) 711-7544445petzow@mf.mpg.dePEYERIMHOFF Sigrid [122]THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY UniversitätBonn, Inst. für Physikalische undTheoretische Chemie, Wegelerstrasse12, D-53115, Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49)228-732351 Fax: (49) 228-739064unt000@uni-bonn.dePEYRAUBE Alain [2404]LINGUISTICS Ecole des Hautes Etudesen Sciences Sociales, 54 BoulevardRaspail, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-49542431 Fax: (33) 1-49542670peyraube@ehess.frPEYTON-JONES Simon [3123]COMPUTER SCIENCE Microsoft Research,7 JJ Thomson Avenue, CB3 0FB,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-479848 Fax: (44) 1223-479999simonpj@microsoft.comPFANNER Nikolaus [2320]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYInstitute of Biochemistry & MolecularBiology, University of Freiburg, Stefan-Meier-strasse 17, D-79104, FreiburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2035224 Fax:(49) 761-2035261 nikolaus.pfanner@biochemie.uni-freiburg.dePFEILSCHIFTER Josef[2050] PHARMACOLOGY Institute ofPharmacology &Toxicology, Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, D-60590, Frankfurt amMain GERMANY Tel: (49) 69-63016951Fax: (49) 69-63017942 pfeilschifter@em.uni-frankfurt.dePHILIBERT Jean [1025] MATERIALSSCIENCE 24 Rue Ste. Radegonde,F-78100, St. Germain en Laye FRANCETel: (33) 1-39732937 jean.philibert@lpces.u-psud.frPHILIPSON Lennart [967]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Karolinska Institute,Box 285, S-171 77, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-7287333 Fax: (46) 8-348135lennart.philipson@ki.sePHILLIPS David R. [1660]GEOGRAPHY Department of Politics &Sociology, Lingnan University, TuenMun, Hong Kong CHINA Tel: (852) 2616-7179 Fax: (852) 2891-7940 Renate [2855] ECONOMIC& CULTURAL HISTORY Karl-franzensUniversity, Department of History,Attemsgasse 8, 8010, Graz AUSTRIA Tel:(43) 3136-3802353 Fax: (43) 3136-3809733 renate.pieper@uni-graz.atPIETERS Danny [2296] SOCIALSECURITY LAW Brouwersstraat 33,B-3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32)16-221380 Fax: (32) 16-221102 danny.pieters@law.kuleuven.bePIETRONERO Luciano [3053]CONDENSED MATTER THEORY Universityof Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Departmentof Physics, Piazzale A. Moro 2, 185,Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 335-1770031 Fax:(39) 06-4463158 luciano.pietronero@roma1.infn.itPIETSCHMANN Horst [2562]HISTORY Mommsenstr. 27, 50935,Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49) 221-436253 hpietschmann@t-online.dePILENI Marie-Paule [2710]NANOSCIENCE University Pierre etMarie Curie, LM2N, BP 52, 4 PlaceJussieu, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44272516 Fax: (33) 1-44272515marie-paule.pileni@upmc.frPILLET Claude-Alain [2916]MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Université duSud Toulon - Var, B. P. 20132, 83957,La Garde Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)4-94142227 Fax: (33) 4-94142633pillet@univ-tln.frPIN Jean-Eric [3038] THEORYOF FINITE AUTOMATA LIAFA, CNRS& University Paris-Diderot, Case7014, 75205, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)157279256 Herbert [132]CLINICAL SCIENCE VU Medical Center,P O Box 7057, PK 7Z, 172, 1007 MB,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-4444433 Fax: (31) 20-4444081hm_pinedo@hotmail.comPINKAU Klaus [175] PHYSICSMeistersingerstrasse 52a, D-81927,Munich GERMANY Tel: (49) 89-912990Fax: (49) 89-92091322 pinkaumuenchen@t-online.dePINKSTER Harm [384] LINGUISTICS& CLASSICS Herengracht 102 G, 1015BS, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-6206220 Fax: (31) 20-6206220h.pinkster@uva.nlPISSARIDES Christopher A.[3047] ECONOMICS London School ofEconomics, Houghton Street, WC2A2AE, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-79557513 Fax: (44) Jean-Robert [2147]GEOGRAPHY 11 rue Jean de Beauvias,F-75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-685100832 jean-robert.pitte@wanadoo.frPIZZORNO Alessandro [98]SOCIOLOGY European UniversityInstitute, Department of SocialSciences, CP No 2330, 50100, FlorenceITALY Tel: (39) 055-46851 Fax: (39) 055-4685201 pizzorno@datacomm.iue.itPLATT Ulrich [1952] ATMOSPHERICCHEMISTRY & PHYSICS University ofHeidelberg, Institute of EnvironmentalPhysics, Im Neuenheimer Feld 229,D-69120, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-546339 Fax: (49) 6221-436405ulrich.platt@iup.uni-heidelberg.dePLÉH Csaba [2438] PSYCHOLOGYZichy Peter utca 4, H-2092, BudakesziHUNGARY Tel: (36) 23-453933 pleh@cogsci.bme.huPLEKET Henri W. [1297] CLASSICSGerrit Rietveldlaan 46, 2343 ET,Oegstgeest THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (pleketbot@versatel.nlPLOTKIN Gordon [631]COMPUTING University of Edinburgh,School of Informatics, EH9 3JZ,Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)131-6505158 Fax: (44) Paolo [2727]COMPARATIVE PHILOLOGY Via apoleoneIII, 70, I-00185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-49040430 Fax: (39) 06-72595007paolopoccetti@tiscali.itPOHL Ulrich [1982] HEART &CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY Institute ofPhysiology, Schillerstr. 44, 80336,If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plMunich GERMANY Tel: (49) 89-5997388Fax: (49) 89-5996378 upohl@lmu.dePOIRIER Jean-Paul [1467]GEOPHYSICS 18 Place des Vosges, 75004,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1 42715645jean-paul.poirier@noos.frPOLTEROVICH Victor [1256]ECONOMICS Central Economics-Mathematics Inst. (CEMI), RussianAcademy of Sciences, Nakhimovskyprospekt 47, 117418, Moscow RUSSIATel: (7) 495-3324392 Fax: (7) 495-3107015 polterov@cemi.rssi.ruPONGOR Sandor [2485]BIOINFORMATICS InternationalCentre for Genetic Engineering, andBiotechnology (ICGEB), Padriciano99, 34012, Trieste ITALY Tel: (39)040-3757300 Fax: (39) 040-226555pongor@icgeb.orgPOPOVIC Alexandre [1317]ORIENTAL STUDIES 10 Avenue PaulAppell, 75014, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45426306 Fax: (33) 1-49542672etudes-turques@ehess.frPOTRYKUS Ingo [524] PLANTSCIENCE Im Stigler 54, CH-4312,Magden SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-8412412 Fax: (41) 61-8439451 ingo@potrykus.chPOTTASCH Stuart [415]ASTROPHYSICS Kapteyn AstronomicalInstitute, Postbus 800, 9700 AV,Groningen THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)50-3634073 Fax: (31) 50-3636100pottasch@astro.rug.nlPOTTER Barry V L [2610]CHEMICAL BIOLOGY University of Bath,Dept. of Pharmacy & Pharmacology,Claverton Down, BA2 7AY, Bath UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1225-386639Fax: (44) 1225-386114 Barbara [3032]LATIN AMERICA HISTORY Universität zuKöln, Historisches Institut, AlbertusMagnus Platz, D-50923, CologneGERMANY Tel: (49) 221-4702446 Fax:(49) 221-4704996 barbara.potthast@uni-koeln.dePOUCHARD Michel [1799]CHEMICAL SCIENCES Bellegrave - LePoujeau, 97 rue Jean Giraudoux,33290, Le Pian Medoc FRANCE Tel: (33)5-56848374 Fax: (33) 5-56848373pouchard@icmcb.u-bordeaux.frPOUNDS Kenneth [207]ASTRONOMY University of Leicester,Department of Physics & Astronomy,LE1 7RH, Leicester UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 116-2523509 Fax: (44) 116-2523311 Olivier [3086]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY IGBMC, 1 rueLaurent Fries, B.P. 10142, 67404, IllkirchCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 3-88653216Fax: (33) 3-88653203 pourquie@igbmc.frPOUYSSEGUR Jacques [2104]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYInstitute of Signaling, DevelopmentalBiology, & Cancer Research, Centre A.Lacassagne, 6189, Nice FRANCE Tel:(33) 492031222 Fax: (33) 492031225pouysseg@unice.frPOZELA Juras [1509] PHYSICSSemiconductor Physics Institute, A.Gostauto 11, 2600, Vilnius LITHUANIATel: (370) 2627122 Fax: (370) 2627123pozela@uj.pfi.ltPOZZAN Tullio [1809] PHYSIOLOGY& MEDICINE University of Padova,Department of Biomedical Sciences,Viale G. Colombo 3, 35121, PadovaITALY Tel: (39) 049-8276070 Fax: (39)049-8276049 Dag [237] PHILOSOPHYStockholm University, FilosofiskaInstitutionen, 106 91, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-163360 Fax: (46)8-152226 Walter [202] HISTORYVlieguit 14, 9830, St Martens LatemBELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-2824855 Fax:(32) 9-2644182 walter.prevenier@pandora.bePREZIOSI Paolo [1750]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY CatholicUniversity of the Sacred Heart, Instituteof Pharmacology, Largo F. Vito 1, 168,Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-30154253Fax: (39) 06-3050159 ppreziosi@rm.unicatt.itPRICE G. David [2018] GEOPHYSICSUniversity College London, Office ofthe Vice-Provost (Research), Gower St,WC1E 6BT, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-76797083 Fax: (44) 20-73871612 Eric R [2605] SOLAR PHYSICSUniversity of St. Andrews, School ofMathematics & Statistics, KY16 9SS, St.Andrews UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1334-463709 Wolfgang [1716]PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCESNimmersather Strasse 12A, D-33803,Steinhagen GERMANY Tel: (49) 341-99402287 Fax: (49) 341-99402330prinz@cbs.mpg.dePROFUMO Francesco [2881]ENGINEERING Politecnico di Torino, CorsoDuca degli Abruzzi 24, 10129, TorinoITALY Fax: (39) 011-5646399 francesco.profumo@polito.itPUELLES Luis [2396]NEUROANATOMY University ofMurcia, Dept. of Human Anatomy &Psychobiology, Campus EspinardoMurcia, E-30071, Murcia SPAIN Tel:(34) 968-364342 Fax: (34) 968-363955puelles@um.esPUGET Jean-Loup [689]ASTRONOMY Institut d’AstrophysiqueSpatiale, Université Paris XI, Bâtiment121, 91405, Orsay Cedex FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-69858665 Fax: (33) 1-69858700puget@ias.frPUIGDOMÈNECH Pere [1110]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Consorci CSIC-IRTA-UAB, Campus UAB, Edifici CRAG,Bellaterra - Cerdanyola del Vallès, 8193,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-5636600pere.puigdomenech@cragenomica.esPULKKINEN Lea [217]PSYCHOLOGY University of Jyväskylä,Department of Psychology, P O Box 35(AGORA), 40014, Jyväskylä FINLANDTel: (358) 14-2602854 Fax: (358) 14-2604400 lea.pulkkinen@psyka.jyu.fiPULKKINEN Tuija I. [3022] SPACESCIENCE Aalto University, School ofElectrical Engineering, P O Box 13000,FI-00076, Aalto FINLAND Tel: (358)9-47025593 tuija.pulkkinen@aalto.fiPUMAIN Denise [1662]GEOGRAPHY Université Paris I, 13 ruedu Four, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40464000 Fax: (33) 1-40464009pumain@parisgeo.cnrs.frPYLE John [1367] GLOBALCLIMATOLOGY Centre for AtmosphericScience, Department of Chemistry,Lensfield Rd, CB2 1EW, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-336473 Fax: (44) 1223-336362Ö Pekka P. [2447]CHEMISTRY Etumetsäntie 14B, 620,Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19150171Fax: (358) 9-19150169 pekka.pyykko@helsinki.fiQUINKERT Gerhard [539]CHEMISTRY Universität Frankfurt,Merton Viertel, Maria Curie Str. 11,60439, Frankfurt am Main GERMANYTel: (49) 69-79829220 Fax: (49)69-79829225 quinkert@chemie.uni-frankfurt.deQUINTANILHA Alexandre[1591] BIOCHEMISTRY Instituto deBiologia Molecular e Celular, Ruado Campo Alegre, 823, 4150, PortoPORTUGAL Tel: (351) 22-6074900 Fax:(351) 22-6099157 alexq@ibmc.up.ptQUIRK Randolph [146]LINGUISTICS University College London,Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-72192226 Fax: (44) 20-79162054RABINOWICZ Wlodek [2599]PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY Lund University,Department of Philosophy, Kungshuset,Lundagard, SE-222 22, Lund SWEDENTel: (46) 46-2227595 Fax: (46) 46-2224424 Julian [1679] ORIENTALSTUDIES Freer Gallery of Art, Arthur M.Sackler Gallery, P O Box 37012, MRC707, DC-20013-7012, WashingtonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 202-6330456Fax: (1) 202-6339026 julian.raby@si.eduRADDA George [1972]BIOCHEMISTRY University of Oxford,Dept. of Physiology, Anatomy &Genetics, Sherrington Building, OX13PT, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)Academia Europaea Directory 20121865-272471 Fax: (44) DI BROZOLO Luigi[228] PHYSICS 37 via del Capannone,I-56100, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39) 050-532436RADMAN Miroslav [1899]MOLECULAR GENETICS LaboratoireRadman/INSERM U571 2’ Etage,Faculté de Médecine Necker, 156 rueVaugirard, 75015, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-40615321 Fax: (33) 1-40615322radman@necker.frRAFF Martin [294] NEUROSCIENCEMRC Lab.for Molecular Cell Biology,University College London, WC1E 6BT,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76797016 Fax: (44) Stefan F. [2382]PHYSICS OF THE OCEANS PotsdamInstitute for Climate Impact, Research(PIK), P O Box 60 12 03, D-14412,Potsdam GERMANY Tel: (49) 331-2882688 Fax: (49) 331-2882600rahmstorf@pik-potsdam.deRAIMOND Jean-Michel [2928]QUANTUM OPTICS Laboratoire KastlerBrossel, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44323488 Fax: (33)1-44323434 jmr@lkb.ens.frRAINER Franz [2728] LINGUISTICSHartgasse 32/3, A-1190, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-313364746 Fax:(43) 1-313361729ÄISÄNEN Heikki M. [2237]BIBLICAL STUDIES Vantaanjanne 1 B 11,FI-01730, Vantaa FINLAND Tel: (358)9-898422 Fax: (358) 9-19122106heikki.raisanen@helsinki.fiRAJEWSKY Klaus [107]IMMUNOLOGY Immune Regulationand Cancer, Max Delbrueck Centre forMolecular Medicine, Robert RoessleStrasse, 10, 13125 Berlin, BerlinGERMANY +49 30 9406 2391 +4930 9406 3636 klaus.rajewsky@mdcberlin.deRAMM Ekkehard [2122]STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Institutfür Baustatik, Universität Stuttgart,Pfaffenwaldring 7, D-70550, StuttgartGERMANY Tel: (49) 711-6856123 Fax:(49) 711-6856130 eramm@statik.uni-stuttgart.deRAMSAY John [623] GEOLOGYCratoule, Issirac, F-30760, St. Julien dePeyrolas FRANCE Tel: (33) 4-66823228john.ramsay@ethz.chRAMSTEIN Gilles [2476]CLIMATOLOGY Lab. des Sciences duClimate et de, l’environnement (LSCE),Bat. 701, C.E. Saclay, 91191, Gif-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69086495gilles.ramstein@cea.frRANG Humphrey [1220]PHARMACOLOGY 1 Willow Rd, NW31TH, London UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 20-77948924 humphrey.rang@btopenworld.comRANKIN Susan K. [2480]MUSICOLOGY Emmanuel College, CB23AP, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-334206 Christopher G. [2811]CLIMATE SCIENCE 22 Artington Walk,Portsmouth Rd, GU2 4EA, GuildfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1483-851538 Tom [1368] CELL& DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY HarvardMedical School/HHMI, Dept. of CellBiology, LHRRB-613, 240 LongwoodAve, MA 02115-6091, Boston UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 617-4320637 Fax: (1)617-4321190 tom_rapoport@hms.harvard.eduRAPP Ulf [2105] STEM CELL BIOLOGYRothweg 39, D-97082, WürzburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 931-20145140 Fax:(49) 89-85782036 ulf.r.rapp@gmx.deRASPOR Peter [3138]BIOTECHNOLLOGY, MICROBIOLOGYUniversity of Ljubljana, BiotechnicalFaculty, Jamnikarjeva 101, 1000,Ljubljana SLOVENIA Tel: (386)1-3203750 Fax: (386) 1-2574092 peter.rasport@bf.uni-lj.siRATAJCZAK Henryk [1933]CHEMISTRY ul. Heblarska 33, 53-206,Wroclaw POLAND Tel: (48) 71-3519889henryk.ratajczak@gmail.comRAUCH Helmut [796] PHYSICSAtominstitut der Österreichischen,Universitäten, Stadionallee 2, 1020,Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-21701266Fax: (43) 1-2189220 Bernard [2380] NON-STOICHEMISTRY IN OXIDES LaboratoireCRISMAT, ENSICAEN, 6, Boulevard duMaréchal Juin, 14050, Caen cedex4 FRANCE Tel: (33) 231-451382 Fax:(33) 231-951600 bernard.raveau@ensicaen.frRAVID Dorit [3005] LINGUISTICS TelAviv University, School of Education,69978, Tel Aviv ISRAEL Tel: (972)3-6408626 Fax: (972) Dominique [1700]GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGY Laboratoirede Glaciologie et, Géophysique del’Environnement, B.P. 96, 38402, St.Martin d’Hères Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)4-76824245 Fax: (33) 4-76824201raynaud@glaciog.ujf-grenoble.frRAZBOROV Alexander [1448]COMPUTING University of Chicago,Department of Computer Science,1100 E 58th Street, room 152, IL60637, Chicago UNITED STATES Tel: (1)773-7023497 Fax: (1) 773-7028487razborov@cs.uchicago.eduRAZIN Sergey [1765] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Ostrovitianova Str. 45/2,ap.72, 117342, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-1356089 Fax: (7) 495-1354105sergey.v.razin@usa.netREEDIJK Jan [2241] INORGANICCOORDINATION CHEMISTRY LeidenUniversity, Leiden Institute ofChemistry, P O Box 9502, 2300 RA,Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)71-5274450 Fax: (31) 71-5274671reedijk@chem.leidenuniv.nlREES Martin [147] ASTRONOMYInstitute of Astronomy, University ofCambridge, Madingley Road, CB3 0HA,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-337548 Fax: (44) Lesley [1434] PHYSIOLOGY& BIOPHYSICS Great Ormond StHospital, Renal Office, WC1N 3JH,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-74059200 Fax: (44) 20-78298841reesl@gosh.nhs.ukREES David [1570] CHEMISTRYFord Cottage, 1 High Street Denford,NN14 4EQ, Kettering UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1832-733502 Sjur [1318] ASTRONOMYHamburg Observatory, Gojenbergsweg112, 21029, Hamburg GERMANYTel: (49) 40-72524124 Fax: (49)40-725224198 srefsdal@hs.unihamburg.deREICHARD Peter [351]BIOCHEMISTRY Karolinska Institutet,Department of Biochemistry, MBB,S-171 77, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-7287001 Fax: (46) 8-313985 Jürg [2062] CLINICALPHARMACOLOGY NO MAILREICHENBACH Andreas [2654]NEUROBIOLOGY Leipzig University,Paul Flechsig Inst. of Brain Research,Jahnallee 59, D-04109, LeipzigGERMANY Tel: (49) 341-9725731 Fax:(49) 341-9725739 reia@medizin.uni-leipzig.deREIK Wolf [2947] EPIGENETICSThe Babraham Institute, EipgeneticsProgramme, CB22 3AT, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-496336 Wolfgang [2372]COMPUTER SCIENCE Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut fürInformatik, Unter den Linden 6, 10099,Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49) 30-20933065Fax: (49) 30-2093-3067 Robert [199]PHYSIOLOGY Maastricht University,Department of Physiology, CARIM, PO Box 616, 6200 MD, Maastricht THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 43-3881198Fax: (31) 43-3884166 reneman@maastrichtuniversity.nlRENFREW Colin [17] ARCHAEOLOGYThe McDonald Institute forArchaeological Research, DowningStreet, CB2 3ER, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Pietro [312] LAW via33

Academia Europaea Directory 2012XX Settembre 1, 187, Rome ITALY Tel:(39) 06-474831 Fax: (39) 06-4870397p.rescigno@unlaw.itRESTIVO Antonio [3124]THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCEUniversity of Palermo, Department ofIRO, Via Francesco Scaduto n.4, 90144,Palermo ITALY restivo@math.unipa.itREUTER Harald [346]PHARMACOLOGY Hofenstrasse 15, CH-3032, Hinterkappelen SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 31-9010592 reuter@pki.unibe.chRÉVÉSZ Pál [1002] MATHEMATICSTechnische Universität Wien, Institutfür Statistik, Wiedner Hauptstrasse8-10, 1040, Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43)1-5880135902 Fax: (43) Félix A. [2553] STRUCTURALVIROLOGY Institut Pasteur, VirologyDepartment, 25-28 rue du DocteurRoux, 75015, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688563 Fax: (33) 1-45688993 rey@pasteur.frREYKOWSKI Janusz [1003]PSYCHOLOGY Strzelca 13, 27 Feb 668,Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-6755847Fax: (48) 22-8340907 jreykow@psychpan.waw.plRHODES Daniela B. [3043]STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY MRC Laboratory ofMolecular Biology, Hills Road, CB2 2QH,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-402441 Fax: (44) Antonio [1109]STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY Faculdade deCiências, Departamento de Geologia,rua Escola Politécnica 58, 1250-102, Lisbon PORTUGAL Tel: (351)21-3921844 Fax: (351) 21-3905850aribeiro@fc.ul.ptRICARD Yanick [3042]GEODYNAMICS Laboratoire de Géologie,Batiment Géode, 2 rue Raphael Dubois,69622, Villeurbanne Cedex FRANCE Tel:(33) 472-448413 ricard@ens-lyon.frRICCI BITTI Pio Enrico [1922]PSYCHOLOGY University of Bologna,Dept. of Psychology, Viale Berti Pichat5, 40127, Bologna ITALY Tel: (39)051-2091343 Fax: (39) 051-243086pioenrico.riccibitti@unibo.itRICCI-LUCCHI Franco [585]EARTH SCIENCE Via Fossatone 3, 40026,Imola (Bologna) ITALY frarilu@libero.itRICHMOND Timothy J. [2024]STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY ETH Zürich,Institute of Molecular Biology andBiophysics, Schafmattstr. 20, CH-8093,Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44 633 2470 Fax: (41) 44 633 11 50 richmond@mol.biol.ethz.chRICQUIER Daniel [2691]MITOCHONDRIAL BIOCHEMISTRY FacultéMédecine Necker Enfants Malades,CNRS-UPR 9078, 156 Rue de Vaugirard,F-75730, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-40615670 Fax: (33) 1-40615673daniel.riquier@parisdescartes.frRIETVELD Wop [130] PHYSIOLOGYChronobiology Foundation, SbnDoormanlaan 57, 2243 AK, WassenaarTHE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 70-5117998 Fax: (31) 70-5145441w.j.rietveld@circadia.nlRIETVELD Piet [2788] SPATIALECONOMICS VU University, Dept. ofSpatial Economics, De Boelelaan42, 1081 HV, Amsterdam THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) Rudolf [1862] MOLECULARBIOPHYSICS Department of MedicalBiochemistry, & Biophysics, KarolinskaInstitutet, S-17177, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-332274 Fax: (46) Ann [3140] COMPARATIVELITERATURE University of Utrecht,Department of Comparative Literature,Faculty of Letters, Trans 10, NL-3512JK,Utrecht The Netherlands Tel: 00 3130 253 6693 Fax: 00 31 30 253 6000a.rigney@let.uu.nlRISSANEN Kari [2546]SUPRAMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY Universityof Jyväskylä, Dept. of Chemistry/Nanoscience Center, P O Box 35,FI-40014, Jyväskylä FINLAND Tel: (358)14-2602672 Fax: (358) 14-2602651kari.t.rissanen@jyu.fiRITOÓK Zsigmond [1279]CLASSICS Mátyás utca 20, H-1093,34Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2174033 ritookne@citromail.huRITTER Gerhard A. [618] HISTORYWindscheidstrasse 41, D-10627, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-31015794 Fax:(49) 30-31019614 GARitter@web.deRIZZI Luigi [2428] LINGUISTICSCISCL-Centro Interdipartimentale di,Studi Cognitive sul Linguaggio, IIIPiano, Complesso S. Niccolo, I-53100,Siena ITALY Tel: (39) 0577-234760rizzil@unisi.itRIZZOLATTI Giacomo [560]NEUROSCIENCE Università di Parma,Dipartimento di Neuroscienze, Sezionedi Fisiologia/Via Volturno, 39, 43100,Parma ITALY Tel: (39) 0521-903879 Fax:(39) 0521-903900 giacomo.rizzolatti@unipr.itRIZZUTO Carlo [392] PHYSICSSincrotrone Trieste, S.S. 14, Km 163, 5,34148, Basovizza Trieste ITALY Tel: (39)040-3758311 Fax: (39) 040-9380903carlo.rizzuto@elettra.trieste.itRIZZUTO Rosario [2661] GENERALPATHOLOGY University of Padova, Dept.of Biomedical Sciences, via Colombo 3,35121, Padova ITALY Tel: (39) 049-8276481 Fax: (39) 049-8276049 rosario.rizzuto@unipd.itROBERT Christian [2851]MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS UniversitéParis-Dauphine, Bureau C638, Placedu Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,F-75775, Paris Cedex 16 FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-44054335 Fax: (33) 1-44054599robert@ensae.frROBERTS Ian [2584] LINGUISTICSUniversity of Cambridge, DowningCollege, CB2 1DQ, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-334834 Fax:(44) 1223-356931 Elizabeth J.[3045] DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY &GENETICS Sir William Dunn School ofPathology, University of Oxford, SouthParks Road, OX1 3RE, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-285648Fax: (44) 1865-285492 Jean-David [2161]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYUniversity of Geneva, Departmentof Molecular Biology, 30 quaiErnest-Ansermet, 1211, Geneva 4SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7026187Fax: (41) 22-7026868 jean-david.rochaix@unige.chROCHE Daniel [283] HISTORYCollège de France, 11 Place MarcelinBerthelot, 75231, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271038 daniel.roche@college-de-france.frRODHE Henning [1788]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE StockholmUniversity, Department of Meteorology,S-10691, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-164342 Fax: (46) 8-159295 PENA Angeles[3137] CELL BIOLOGY Instituto deInvestigaciones Biomedicas, ArturoDuperier, 4, 28029, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 91-5854443 Fax: (34) 91-5854401arodriguez@iib.uam.esROEHRICH Dieter [3120]EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS GamleKalvedalsveien 29, 5019, BergenNORWAY Tel: (47) 55-699032 dieter.rohrich@ift.uib.noROESKY Herbert W. [1766]CHEMISTRY Georg-August-University,Institute of Inorganic Chemistry,Tammannstr. 4, D-37077, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-393001 Fax:(49) 551-393373 hroesky@gwdg.deROGAEV Evgeny I. [2854]GENETICS University of MassachusettsMedical School, Department ofPsychiatry, Brudnick NeuropsychiatricResearch Inst., 303 Belmont Street,MA 01604, Massachusetts UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 508-8568438 Fax:(1) 508-8564004 evgeny.rogaev@umassmed.eduRÖHRBORN Klaus [1774]ORIENTAL STUDIES NO MAILROHRER Heinrich [1060] PHYSICSRebbergstr. 9d, CH-8832, WollerauSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-7841572 Fax:(41) 1-7841379 h.rohrer@gmx.netROLAND Per [2464] NEUROSCIENCEKarolinska Institute, Department ofNeuroscience, Retzins väg 8, B2:2,S-17177, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-52487785 per.roland@ki.seROLLINGER Robert [2953]CLASSICS Universität Innsbruck, Inst. furAlte Geschichte und Altorientalistik,Langer Weg 11, A-6020, InnsbruckAUSTRIA Tel: (43) Edmund [694]NEUROSCIENCE University of Warwick,Department of Computer Science,CV4 7AL, Coventry UNITED KINGDOMedmund.rolls@oxcns.orgROMMETVEIT Ragnar [90]PSYCHOLOGY NO MAILRONCAROLO Maria G. [2325]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE San RaffaeleTelethon Inst. for Gene Therapy, ViaOlegettina 58, I-20132, Milan ITALYTel: (39) 02-26434875 Fax: (39) 02-26434668 m.roncarolo@hsr.itRONCO Pierre [2089] PHYSIOLOGY& MEDICINE Hôpital Tenon, Service deNéphrologie B, 4 rue de la Chine, 75020,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 156016639 Fax:(33) 156016999 pierre.ronco@tnn.ap-hop-paris.frRORSMAN Olof P. [2393]PHYSIOLOGY, BIOPHYSICS Oxford Centrefor Diabetes, End. & Metabolism,Churchill Hospital, University of Oxford,OX3 7LJ, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1865-857348 Fax: (44) 1865-857074 Andrew W. [3050]COMPUTER SCIENCE Oxford University,Department of Computer Science,Wolfson Building, Parks Road, OX13QD, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-273859 Fax: (44) Tamás [1370] ENGINEERINGAnalogic and Neural, ComputingLab./MTA SzTAKI, Kende-u 13,1111, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2095263 Fax: (36) 1-2095264 roska@sztaki.huROSSI Pietro [66] PHILOSOPHY ViaCarlo Alberto 59, I-10123, Torino ITALYTel: (39) 011-887078 Fax: (39) 011-8124543 pietrorossi.w@virgilio.itROSSI Paolo [369] PHILOSOPHYDipartimento di Filosofia, Via Bolognese52, 50139, Florence ITALY Tel: (39)055-472498ROSSIER Bernard [1280]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Institutde Pharmacologie et, de Toxicologiede l’Université, rue du Bugnon 27,CH-1005, Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 21-6925350 Fax: (41) 21-6925355Bernard.Rossier@unil.chROSSWALL Thomas [187]ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SanktPaulsgatan 22D, SE-118 48, StockholmSWEDEN thomas.rosswall@gmail.comROTHWELL Nancy J. [2326]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Universityof Manchester, Oxford Rd, M13 9PT,Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)161-2755357 Fax: (44) Grzegorz [1239]COMPUTING Leiden University, LeidenInst. of Advanced Computer Science(LIACS), Niels Bohrweg 1, 2333 CA,Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)71-5277067 Fax: (31) 71-5276985rozenber@liacs.nlRUBBIA Carlo [1258] PHYSICSCERN, European Laboratory for Particle,Physics, 1211, Geneva SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 22-7672282 Fax: (41) 22-7677555RUBIO-LLORENTE Francisco[89] LAW Tribunal Constitucional,Doménico Scarlatti 6, 28003,Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34) 91-5441828rubiollorente@telefonica.netRUDOLPH Ulrich [2123]ISLAMIC STUDIES Universität Zürich,Orientalisches Seminar, Wiesenstrasse9, CH-8008, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 1-6340730 Fax: (41) 1-6343692u.rudolph@access.unizh.chRUELLE David [1510] PHYSICS I.H. E. S., 35 route de Chartres, 91440,Bures-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel: (33)1-60926652 Fax: (33) 1-60926609ruelle@ihes.frRUGGIU François-Joseph[3048] HISTORY Centre RolandMousnier, IMR 8596, Université deParis-Sorbonne, 1 rue Victor-Cousin,75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)663525371 francois-joseph.ruggiu@paris-sorbonne.frRÜHLE Manfred [1701] MATERIALSSCIENCE Max-Planck-Institut fürMetallforschung, Hessenbergstr.3,D-70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49)711-6893520 Fax: (49) 711-6893522ruehle@mf.mpg.deRUITENBERG E. Joost [192]IMMUNOLOGY Vrije UniversiteitAmsterdam/Athena Institute, Facultyof Earth & Life Sciences, De Boelelaan1085, 1081 HV, Amsterdam THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-5987031Fax: (31) 20-5987027 Garry [1435]SOCIOLOGY Trinity College, CB2 1TQ,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-338515 wgr@wgrunciman.unet.comRUNGGALDIER Edmund [2470]PHILOSPHY Humboldt Universität,Burgstrasse 26, D-10099, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-20937371Fax: (49) 30-20937381 Julian G. [2841]MUSICOLOGY 362 Leymoor Road,Golcar, HD7 4QF, Huddersfield UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Michael [105] PSYCHIATRYInstitute of Psychiatry, PO 80 SGDPCenter, De Crespigny Park/DenmarkHill, SE5 8AF, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-78480882 Fax: (44) 20-78480866 Michael [2884] ARCHAEOLOGY& EARLY-MEDIEVAL ART HISTORYThe Haven, 6 Holmpatrick Terrace,Skerries, Co. Dublin IRELAND Tel: (353)1-8490297 gmfryan@gmail.comRYCROFT Michael J [2066]ATMOSPHERIC & SPACE SCIENCES 35Millington Rd, CB3 9HW, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-353839 Fax: (44) 1223-303839michaelrycroft@btinternet.comRYTTER Wojciech [3108]COMPUTER SCIENCE University of Warsaw,Institute of Informatics, ul. Banacha2, 3 Jan 97, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-5544484 Roberto [1953]PHYSIC OF THE EARTH University of Milan,Department of Earth Sciences, Via L.Cicognara 7, 20129, Milan ITALY Tel:(39) 02-50318476 Fax: (39) 02-50318489 roberto.sabadini@unimi.itSACCO Rodolfo [804] LAW CorsoSan Maurizio 77, 10124, Turin ITALY Tel:(39) 011-885844SACHS Leo [1781] HEMATOLOGYWeizmann Institute of Science, Dept.of Molecular Genetics, 76100, RehovotISRAEL Tel: (972) 8-9344068 Fax: (972)8-9344108 Robert [178]METEOROLOGY 24 rue du fer à Moulin,75005, Paris FRANCE rsadourny@orange.frSADOVNICHII Viktor [1876]IMAGE PROCESSING Moscow LomonosovState University, 119899, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9392729 Fax: (7)495-9390126SAEDLER Heinz [995] MOLECULARPLANT GENETICS Max-Planck-Institut fürZüchtungsforschung, Carl-von-Linné-Weg 10, 50829, Cologne GERMANY Tel:(49) 221-5062100 Fax: (49) 221-5062113 saedler@mpiz-koeln.mpg.deSAGARRA Eda [1026] LITERATURETrinity College, Department ofGermanic Studies, Arts Building, DublinIRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6081373 Fax:(353) 1-6772694 esagarra@tcd.ieSAKMANN Bert [1221] MOLECULARBIOPHYSICS Max-Planck-Institute ofNeurobiology, Am Klopferspitz 18,D-82152, Martinsried GERMANY Tel:(49) 89-85783459 Fax: (49) 89-85783705 berninger@neuro.mpg.deSALAMINI Francesco [836]PLANT SCIENCE Fondazione ParcoTecnologico Padano, Via Alberteinstein c/o Polo Universitario, CascinaCodazza, 26900, Lodi ITALY Tel: (39)0371-4662200 Fax: (39) 0371-4662217francesco.salamini@iasma.itSALAMON Dietmar [2908]MATHEMATICS ETH Zurich, Departmentof Mathematics, Rämistrasse 101,CH-8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)44-6323425 salamon@math.ethz.chSALAS Margarita [91] GENETICSUniversidad Autonoma, Centro deBiologia Molecular, Canto Blanco,28049, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-3978435 Fax: (34) 91-3978490msalas@cbm.uam.esSALCEDO Jose A. R. [2539]LASER PHYSICS & ENGINEERINGMultiwave Photonics, SA, R. Eng.Frederico Ulrich 2650, 4470-605, MaiaPORTUGAL Tel: (351) 22-9408260Fax: (351) 22-9408261 jsalcedo@multiwavephotonics.comSALMELIN Riitta [2171]FUNCTIONAL BRAIN IMAGING AaltoUniversity, School of Science andTechnology, P.O. Box 15100, FI-0076AALTO, Espoo FINLAND Tel: (358)9-47022950 Fax: (358) 9-47023508riitta@neuro.hut.fiSALOMAA Arto [1222] COMPUTING,MATHEMATICS Jaanintie 34 A 26, 20540,Turku FINLAND Tel: (358) 2-3338481Fax: (358) 2-2410154 asalomaa@utu.fiSALVADORI Massimo [546]POLITICAL SCIENCE Via Mazzini 2, 10123,Turin ITALY Tel: (39) 011-8398558SALVANES Anne G. V. [3105]BEHAVIOURAL ECOLOGY University ofBergen, Department of Biology, P O Box7803, 5020, Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47)55584487 anne.salvanes@bio.uib.noSALVINI Giorgio [547] PHYSICSAccademia Nazionale, dei Lincei, Viadella Lungara 10, 165, Rome ITALY Tel:(39) 06-6838831 Fax: (39) 06-6893616segreteria@accademia.lincei.itSAMSONOWICZ Henryk [852]HISTORY Polska Akademia Nauk, WydzialI Nauk Spolecznych, pl. Defilad 1, Skr.Poczt. 24, 00-901, Warsaw POLAND Tel:(48) 22-6203352 Fax: (48) 22-6203352wydzial1@pan.plSAMUELSSON Bengt [60]BIOCHEMISTRY Karolinska Institutet,Dept. of Med.Biochem.& Biophysics,SE-17177, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-7287600 Fax: (46) 8-7360439 bengt.samuelsson@ki.seSANCHEZ Clément [2943]CHEMICAL SCIENCES Collège de France,Chimie de la Matière Condensée deParis, 11 place Marcellin Berthelot,F-75231, Paris Cedex05 FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-44271501 Fax: (33) 1-44271504clement.sanchez@college-de-france.frSÁNCHEZ SERONDO Marcelo[2680] HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY ThePontifical Academy of Sciences,Casina Pio IV, V-00120, Vatican CityITALY Tel: (39) 066-9883451 Fax: (39)066-9885218 academy.sciences@acdscience.vaSANDER Klaus [1560] PLANT &ANIMAL SCIENCES Institut für BiologieI, (Zoologie), Hauptstr. 1, D-79104,Freiburg i. Br. GERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2032577 Fax: (49) 761-2032596SANDEWALL Erik [2709]COMPUTER SCIENCE Sodra Vagen 32,S-58245, Linköping SWEDEN Tel: (46)13-281408 erisa@ida.liu.seSANDMO Agnar [216] ECONOMICSNorwegian School of Economics and,Business Administration, Helleveien30, N-5045, Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47)55959276 Fax: (47) 55959543 agnar.sandmo@nhh.noSANDU Niculae-Gabriel [2955]PHILOSOPHY University of Helsinki,Dept.of Philosophy History Culture &Art Studies, P O Box 24, FIN-99914,Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 504154810Fax: (358) 919128060 Mircea [1223]EARTH & MARINE SCIENCES Universityof Bucharest, Faculty of Geology &Geophysics, 1 Balcescu blvd. Sect.5, 71018, Bucharest ROMANIA Tel:(40) 1-3143508 Fax: (40) Kirsten [2174] PROTEINTOXINS Institute for Cancer Research/Dept. of Biochemistry, The NorwegianRadium Hospital, Montebello, N-0310,Oslo NORWAY Tel: (47) 22934294 Fax:(47) 22508692 ksandvig@radium.uio.noSANGIORGI Davide [2991]INFORMATICS University of Bologna,Department of Computer Science, MuraAnteo Zamboni 7, I-40126, BolognaITALY Tel: (39) 051-2094980 Fax: (39)051-2094510 davide.sangiorgi@cs.unibo.itSANSONETTI Philippe J. [2076]MICROBIOLOGY Unité de PathogénieMicrobienne, Moléculaire, UnitéINSERM 389, 28 rue du Docteur Roux,75724, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688342 Fax: (33) 1-45688953psanson@pasteur.frSANTELLA Luigia [2270]DEVELOPMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY & BIOLOGYLaboratory of Cell Biology, StazioneZoologica ‘A. Dohrn’, Villa Comunale,I-80121, Naples ITALY Tel: (39) 081-5833289 Fax: (39) 081-7641355santella@szn.itSANTONI Angela [2894]MOLECULAR MEDICINE University ofRome - La Sapienza, Dept. of MolecularMedicine, Viale Regina Elena 324, 161,Rome ITALY Tel: (39) 06-44340632 Fax:(39) 06-44340632 angela.santoni@uniroma1.itSARKADI Balazs [2327]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE National MedicalCenter, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Dioszegi u. 8. 64, 1113, BudapestHUNGARY Tel: (36) 1-3724316 Fax: (36)1-3724353 sarkadi@biomembrane.huSARKADI László [2540] ATOMIC& MOLECULAR PHYICS Inst. of NuclearResearch of the, Hungarian Academy ofSciences, P O Box 51, H-4001, DebrecenHUNGARY Tel: (36) 52-509200 Fax: (36)52-416181 sarkadil@atomki.huSARNOWSKY Jürgen [2839]MEDIEVAL HISTORY Universität Hamburg,Historisches Seminar, von-Melle-Park 6,D-20146, Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49)40-428382581 juergen.sarnowsky@uni-hamburg.deSARNTHEIN-LOTICHIUSMichael [774] MARINE GEOLOGYUniversität Kiel, Institut fürGeowissenschaften, Olshausenstr.40-60, D-24098, Kiel GERMANY Tel: (49)431-8802851 Fax: (49) 431-884376ms@gpi.uni-kiel.deSASSONE Vladimiro [3063]COMPUTER SCIENCE ECS, University ofSouthampton, University Road, SO171BJ, Southampton UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 2380-599009 Fax: (44) 2380-592783 Joachim [2631] CHEMICALSCIENCES Humboldt Universität zuBerlin, Institut für Chemei, Unter denLinden 6, 10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel:(49) 30-20337135 Fax: (49) 30-20337136 Lars O. [2731]LITERATURE Finsens Alle 13, DK-5230,Odense M DENMARK Tel: (45) 66-121403 los@litcul.sdu.dkSAUERLÄNDER Willibald[111] ART HISTORY Zentralinstitut fürKunstgeschichte, Meiserstrasse 10,80333, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49) 89-28927596 Fax: (49) 89-28927607 necSAWCZUK Mieczyslaw [1572]LAW Maria Curie - SklodowskaUniversity, Pl. M.C. Sklodowskiej,5, 20-031, Lublin POLAND Tel: (48)81-5375329 Fax: (48) 81-5375329Sawczuk@temida.umcs.lublin.plSCANLAN John [1307] ENGINEERINGDept. of Electronic & ElectricalEngineering, University College Dublin,Engineering Bldg., Belfield, Dublin 4IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-7161909 Fax:(353) 1-2830921 eleceng@ucd.ieSCHAFFNER Kurt [526]CHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institut fürBioanorganische Chemie, Postfach101365, D45413, Mülheim an der RuhrGERMANY Tel: (49) 208-3063612 Fax:(49) 208-3063955 schaffner@mpimuelheim.mpg.deSCHAFFNER Walter [1004]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institut fürMolekularbiologie, Abt. II, UniversitätZürich, Winterthurerstrasse 190,CH-8057, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)1-6354910 Fax: (41) 1-6356811 walter.schaffner@molbio.uzh.chSCHALEKAMP Maarten [913]CLINICAL SCIENCE Klein Paradijs 40, 7361TD, Beekbergen THE NETHERLANDSSCHARPF Fritz [342] POLITICALSCIENCE Max-Planck-Institute forthe Study of Societies, Paulstr. 3,50676, Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49)221-2767204 Fax: (49)

SCHATZ Gottfried [100]BIOCHEMISTRY Unterer Rebbergweg 33,CH-4153, Reinach SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 61-7112795 Fax: (41) 61-7112448gottfried.schatz@unibas.chSCHÄTZL Ludwig [795]GEOGRAPHY Universität Hannover,Geographisches Institut, Schneiderberg50, 30167, Hannover GERMANY Tel: (49)511-7623536 Fax: (49) 511-7623051schaetzl@wigeo.uni-hannover.deSCHEID John [2343] ROMANHISTORY, RELIGION Collège de France,11 place Marcelin-Berthelot, F-75005,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44271701 Fax:(33) 1-44271002 john.scheid@collegede-france.frSCHEIDENBERGER Christoph[3104] PHYSICS GSI, Planckstrasse 1,D-64291, Darmstadt GERMANY Tel: (49)6159-712706 Fax: (49) 6159-712902c.scheidenberger@gsi.deSCHERER Klaus [853] PSYCHOLOGYUniversity of Geneva, CISA, Ruedes Battoirs 7, CH-1205, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7059215Fax: (41) 22-7059219 klaus.scherer@unige.chSCHERRER Klaus [1767] GENETICS& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institut JacquesMonod, Université Paris 7, 2 PlaceJussieu, F-75251, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-47075231 Fax:(33) 1-47075231 scherrer.klaus@ijm.univ-paris-diderot.frSCHIAFFINO Stefano [2770]CELL BIOLOGY Venetian Inst. of MolecularMedicine (VIMM), Via Orus 2, I-35129,Padova ITALY Tel: (39) 049-7923232Fax: (39) 049-7923250 stefano.schiaffino@unipd.itSCHIBLER Ueli [753] MOLECULARBIOLOGY University of Geneva, Dept.of Molecular Biology, 30, quaiErnest-Ansermet, 1211, Geneva 4SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7026175Fax: (41) 22-7026868 ueli.schibler@molbio.unige.chSCHILLING Heinz A. [2282]MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut fürGeschichtswissenschaften, Unter denLinden 6, D-10099, Berlin GERMANYTel: (49) 30-20932210 Fax: (49)30-20932237 Dagmar [2037]PHYSICS Thüringer Ministerium fürWissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst,Werner-Seelenbinder Str. 8, 99096,Erfurt GERMANY Tel: (49) 361-3791100Fax: (49) 361-3791109 kgerling@tmwfk.thueringen.deSCHLAG Edward [1796] PHYSICALCHEMISTRY TU Munich, Inst. fürPhysikalische und Theoretische Chemie,Lichtenbergstr. 4, 85748, GarchingGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-28913391 Fax:(49) 89-28913389 schlag@ch.tum.deSCHLAGER Wolfgang [928]MARINE SCIENCE Free University, Instituteof Earth Sciences, De Boelelaan 1085,1081, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDSTel: (31) 20-4447328 Fax: (31) 20-4449941 Wolfgang P. [2541]THEORETICAL PHYSICS UniversitätUlm, Institut fur Quantenphysik,Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, 89081, UlmGERMANY Tel: (49) 731-5023080 Fax:(49) 731-5023086 wolfgang.schleich@uni-ulm.deSCHMALZRIED Hermann [493]CHEMISTRY NO MAILSCHMIDT Siegfried J. [921]LITERATURE Inst. für Publizistik - undKommunikationswissenschaft, derWestfälischen Wilhelms-UniversitätMünster, Bispinghof 9-14, 48143,Münster GERMANY Tel: (49) 251-8323000 Fax: (49) 251-8321310sjs3811@uni-muenster.deSCHMIDT Arnold [1839]QUANTUM ELECTRONICS TechnischeUniversität Wien, Institut für Photonik,Gusshausstrasse 29/387, A-1040,Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43) Thomas[2625] MUSICOLOLGY Bangor UniversitySchool of Music, College Rd, LL57 2DG,Bangor, Gwynedd UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1248-382190 Fax: (44) 1248-383895 Peter H. [3130]THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE KIT,Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, AmFasanengarten 5, D-76131, KarlsruheGERMANY Tel: (49) 721-60844000 Fax:(49) 721-60844215 pschmitt@kit.eduSCHMITZ-EMANS Monika[2286] COMPARATIVE LITERATURERuhr-Universität Bochum, Fakultatfür Philologie, Universitätsstr. 150,D-44780, Bochum GERMANY Tel: (49)234-3222564 Fax: (49) 1-32214583monika.schmitz-emans@ruhr-unibochum.deSCHNELLE Helmut [355]LINGUISTICS Rochstr. 4, D-10178, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-23457846helmutschnelle@t-online.deSCHNURMANN Claudia[2904] ATLANTIC HISTORY Universityof Hamburg, Department of History,Von-Melle-Park 6, 20146, HamburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 40-428384636claudia.schnurmann@uni-hamburg.deSCHOLZ Hasso [1752]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYFüuhlsbütteler Weg 28, D-22453,Hamburg GERMANY Tel: (49) 40-428032180 Fax: (49) 40-428034876h.scholz@uke.uni-hamburg.deSCHÖN Wolfgang [2297] LAWMax Planck Institute for IntellectualProperty, Competition & Tax Law,Marstallplatz 1, D-80539, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-242465417 Fax:(49) 89-24246524 wolfgang.schoen@tax.mpg.deSCHÖNHAGE Arnold [1224]MATHEMATICS NO MAILSCHÖNIG Claus [2344] TURKOLOGYInstitut für Turkologie, Freie UniversitätBerlin, Schwendenerstr. 33, 14195,Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49) 30-83853955Fax: (49) 30-83853823 clcs@gmx.deSCHOPPER Herwig [1225]PHYSICS CERN, 1211, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7675350Fax: (41) 22-7511710 herwig.schopper@cern.chSCHREYER Werner [927] EARTHSCIENCE Ruhr-Universität, Institut fürGeologie, Mineralogie, und Geophysik,D-44780, Bochum GERMANY Tel: (49)234-3223522 Fax: (49) Gerhard [2095] LAWMax-Planck-Inst. für ausländischesund int.Patent, Urheber undWettbewerbsrecht, Marstallplatz 1,D-80539, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-24246400 Fax: (49) 89-24246503inb@intellecprop.mpg.deSCHRIJVER Alexander[2567] MATHEMATICS CWI, SciencePark 123, 1098 XG, Amsterdam THENETHERLANDS lex.schrijver@cwi.nlSCHUH Dieter [1111] TIBETOLOGY,HISTORY Seminar für Sprach & Kultur-,wissenschaft Zentralasien, Regina PacisWeg 7, 5300, Bonn GERMANYSCHULMANN Karel [1810]PETROLOGY Charles University, Inst.Of Petrology & Structural Geology,Albertov 6, 128 43, Prague 2 CZECHREPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-21952255 Fax:(420) 2-21952255 schulman@prfdec.natur.cuni.czSCHULZ-HOFER Irene [769]PHYSIOLOGY Buchenbergweg 3, 78464,Constance GERMANY Tel: (49) 7531-61016 Fax: (49) 7531-882903 irene.schulz@uni-konstanz.deSCHULZE Winfried [1988]MODERN HISTORY Virchowstr. 26,D-44801, Bochum GERMANY Tel:(49) 0234-9343374 Fax: (49) 03212-1128630 winfried@schulze-wum.deSCHUSTER Peter [2611] THEORYOF MOLECULAR EVOLUTION Neustift amWalde 10, A-1190, Vienna AUSTRIA Tel:(43) 1-4403031 Fax: (43) Peter Maria[2687] PHYSICS Oberneuberg 78,8225, Poellauberg AUSTRIA Tel: (43)3335-4850 Fax: (43) 3335-4851peterschuster@eircom.netSCHÜTZ Günther [1143]MOLECULAR & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGYDept.of Molecular Biology of the CellInstitute, German Cancer ResearchCenter, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280,D-69120, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49)6221-423411 Fax: (49) 6221-423470g.schuetz@dkfz-Heidelberg.deIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plSCHWAB Martin [1573]NEUROSCIENCE Brain Research InstituteUniversity of Zurich, Dept. of Biology,Winterthurerstr. 190, CH-8057, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6353330 Fax:(41) 1-6353303 schwab@hifo.unizh.chSCHWAB Heinrich W. [2291]MUSICOLOGY University of Copenhagen,Musikvidenskabeligt Institut,Klerkegade 2, DK-1308, Copenhagen KDENMARK Tel: (45) 35323760 Fax: (45)35323738 schwab@hum.ku.dkSCHWARTZ Jean-Charles[1703] PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYResearch Center BIOPROJET-Biotech, 4rue du Chesnay Beauregard, F-35762,Saint-Grégoire Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)2-99280456 Fax: (33)2-99280444jc.schwartz@bioprojet.comSCHWARZ Helmut [1768]CHEMISTRY Technische Universität Berlin,Department of Chemistry, Sekr. C4,Strasse des 17 Juni 135, D-10623, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 30-31423483 Fax:(49) 30-31421102 Peter [1282] EDUCATIONInstitute of Education, University ofLondon, 20 Bedford Way, Room 829a,WC1H OAl, London UNITED Hamish M [2647] EARLYMODERN HISTORY University of Glasgow,Department of History, 2 UniversityGardens, G12 8QQ, Glasgow UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) Dieter [428] CHEMISTRYLaboratorium für Organische Chemie,ETH-Hönggerberg HCI H331, Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 10, CH-8093, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6322990Fax: (41) 1-6321144 seebach@org.chem.ethz.chSEEBASS Tilman [2432]MUSICOLOGY Dörferstrasse 37, A-6067,Absam AUSTRIA Tel: (43) Alfred [514] PHYSICSMax-Planck-Inst. für Metallforschung,Heisenbergstrasse 3, D-70569,Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49) 711-692348 Fax: (49) 711-6855271 seeger@physix.mpi-stuttgart.mpg.deSEELIG Joachim [531] BIOPHYSICSUniversität Basel, Biozentrum,Klingelbergstrasse 70, 4056, BaselSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-2672190Fax: (41) 61-2672189 joachim.seelig@unibas.chSEELMANN Kurt [3035]PHILOSOPHY OF LAW Mohrhaldenstrasse166C, CH-4125, Riehan SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 61-6411975 kurt.seelmann@unibas.chSEGAL Menahem [2394]NEUROBIOLOGY OF LEARNING & MEMORYThe Weizmann Institute, Departmentof Neurobiology, 76100, RehovotISRAEL Tel: (972) 89342553 Fax:(972) 89344140 Denis [2867]SOCIOLOGY OF WORK Institut d’etudesPolitiques de Paris, Centre desociologie des organisations, 13 ruede l’Université, 75007, Paris FRANCETel: (33) 1-45497774 denis.segrestin@sciences-po.frSEGUI Juan [1487] PSYCHOLOGYl’Institut de Psychologie, LaboratoireExperimentale, 71 ave Edouard-Vaillant,92100, Boulogne Cedex FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-55205727 Fax: (33) 1-55205854segui@psycho.univ-paris5.frSEIBOLD Eugen [10] EARTHSCIENCE Richard-Wagner-Strasse 56,79104, Freiburg i. Br. GERMANY Tel: (49)761-553368 Fax: (49) 761-5565740seibold-freiburg@t-online.deSEIFERT Friedrich [773] EARTHSCIENCE NO MAILSEILER Hansjakob [971]LINGUISTICS Eisengasse 26, CH-5600,Lenzburg SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)62-8913736 Fax: (41) 62-8924540hjseiler@bluewin.chSEIXO Maria-Alzira [918]LITERATURE Largo Maria Leonor, 12-12A, 1495, Miraflores (Lisbon) PORTUGALTel: (351) 21-4109172 Fax: (351)21-7960063SEJERSTED Francis [236]HISTORY Institute for Social Research,Munthesgate 31, 260, Oslo NORWAYTel: (47) 23086141 Fax: (47) 23086101fse@isaf.noSEKERIS Constantine [1298]BIOCHEMISTRY National HellenicResearch Foundation, Institute ofBiological Res. & Biotechnology, 48Vas. Constantinou Ave, 11635, AthensGREECE Tel: (30) 210-7272767 Fax: (30)210-7273677 csekeris@eie.grSELIGMANN Maxime [463]IMMUNOLOGY 80 rue d’Assas, 75006,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-43259493maxime.seligmann@anrs.frSELIH Alenka [2987] CRIMINOLOGYPod Bukvami 40, 1000, LjubljanaSLOVENIA Tel: (386) 1-2834701 alenka.selih@siol.netSELTEN Reinhard [914]ECONOMICS NO MAILSEMENZA Giorgio [171]BIOCHEMISTRY NO MAILSEMMER Norbert K. [3034]PSYCHOLOGY Universität Bern,Institut für Psychologie, Unitobler,Muesmattstrasse 45, CH-3000, Bern9 SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 31-6314027Fax: (41) 31-6318212 norbert.semmer@psy.unibe.chSENGÖR Celâl [920] EARTH SCIENCEI T Ü Maden Fakültesi, Jeoloji Bölümü,Ayazaga, 34469, Istanbul TURKEY Tel:(90) 212-22766209 Fax: (90) 212-2766210 Richard [2094]SOCIOLOGY London School of Economics,The Cities Programme, Houghton St,WC2A 2AE, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-79556076 Fax: (44) 20-79557697 André [1977] GENEEXPRESSION Service de Biochimie etGénétique Moleculaire, CEA/Saclay,91191, Gif-sur-Yvette FRANCE Tel: (33)1-69082236 Fax: (33) 1-69084712sentenac@dsvidf.cea.frSENTIEIRO Joao [2592]COMPUTING Fundaçao para a Ciencia eTechnologia, Av. D. Carlos 1, 136 - 2,1249 - 074, Lisbon PORTUGAL joao.sentieiro@fct.mctes.ptSETTI Giancarlo [314] ASTRONOMYUniversità di Bologna, Istituto diRadioastronomia, Via P. Gobetti 101,40129, Bologna ITALY Tel: (39) 051-851734 Fax: (39) 051-243130 setti@ira.inaf.itSETTIS Salvatore [658] CLASSICSScuola Normale Superiore, Piazza deiCavalieri 7, 56100, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39)050-509111 Fax: (39) 050-509101direttore@sns.itSEWERYÑSKI Michal [1680] LAWul. Kopcinskiego 41 m.25, 90-134, LódzPOLAND mseweryn@uni.lodz.plSGALL Petr [1512] LINGUISTICSNO MAILSHALLICE Tim [1734] PSYCHOLOGY& BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Institute ofCognitive Neuroscience, UniversityCollege London, Alexandra House, 17Queen Sq, WC1N 3AR, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76797561 Fax:(44) 20-78132835 Adi [2488] CRYPTOGRAPHYThe Weizmann Institute of Science,Dept. of Computer Science, 76100,Rehovot ISRAEL Tel: (972) Nathan [1960]BIOCHEMISTRY The Weizmann Inst.ofScience, Dept.of Biological Chemistry,76100, Rehovot ISRAEL Tel: (972)8-9343605 Fax: (972) William [1769] HISTORY OFSCIENCE Università di Padova, CattedraGalileiana di Storia della Scienza, ViaJappelli 1, 35121, Padova ITALY Tel: (39)049-8275073 Fax: (39) 049-8275068william.shea@unipd.itSHELDON Roger [1811] ORGANICCHEMISTRY & CATALYSIS Delft Universityof Technology, Lab. for OrganicChemistry & Catalysis, Julianalaan 136,2628 BL, Delft THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 15-2782675 Fax: (31) 15-2781415r.a.sheldon@tnw.tudelft.nlSHEPHERD John [1449] CLINICALSCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGY BryanstonMansions, Flat 6, York Street, W1H 1DA,London UNITED KINGDOMSHEVTSOVA Maria [3082]THEATRE STUDIES Goldsmiths,University of London, Dept. ofAcademia Europaea Directory 2012Theatre & Performance, SE14 6NW,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-79197407 Fax: (44) Alexander E. [1113]CHEMISTRY Institute of Problemsof Chemical Physics, 142432,Chernogolovka RUSSIA Tel: (7) 096-5244401 Fax: (7) 096-5244401 Albert N. [865]MATHEMATICS Steklov MathematicalInstitute, Gubkina Str. 8, 119991,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9383760Fax: (7) 495-9381880 albertsh@mi.ras.ruSHNIRELMAN Victor [1831]ANTHROPOLOGY Institute of Ethnology& Anthropology, Russian Academyof Sciences, Leninskii prospekt 32-A,119334, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9381779 Fax: (7) 495-0600 shnirv@mail.ruSIEGRIST Johannes [1994]MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY Heinrich HeineUniversity of Düsseldorf, Departmentof Medical Sociology, P B 101007,D-40001, Dusseldorf GERMANY Tel: (49)211-8114360 Fax: (49) 211-8112390siegrist@uni-duesseldorf.deSIFAKIS Joseph [2525]INFORMATICS 18 Place de la Republique,38610, Gieres FRANCE Tel: (33) 456-520351 Fax: (33) 456-0446 joseph.sifakis@imag.frSIJACKI Djordje [2993] PHYSICSInstitute of Physics, University ofBelgrade, Pregrevica 118, 11080,Belgrade SERBIA Tel: (381) 11-3162758Fax: (381) 11-3161190 Rainer K. [1114]PSYCHOLOGY Friedrich Schiller Universityof Jena, Dept.of DevelopmentalPsychology, Am Steiger 3/1, D-07743,Jena GERMANY Tel: (49) 3641-945201Fax: (49) 3641-945202 rainer.silbereisen@uni-jena.deSILVERMAN Bernard [2081]MATHEMATICS IN FILE UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1865-278900 Eugen [1299] LITERATUREStrada Apolodor, 13 - 15, 70663,Bucharest V ROMANIA Tel: (40)1-3122760 Fax: (40) 1-3120209esimion@acad.roSIMMONS Ian [1574] GEOGRAPHY15 Orchard Drive, DH1 1LA, DurhamUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 191-3861570 Paul C. [478] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE Institut d’Aéronomie Spatialede Belgique, 3 ave Circulaire, 1180,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-3730413Fax: (32) 2-3759336 paul.simon@oma.beSIMON Dieter [578] LAW Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der,Wissenschaften, Jägerstrasse 22/23,D-10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-20370645 Fax: (49) 30-20270622simon@bbaw.deSIMON Arndt [929]CHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institut fürFestkörperforschung, Heisenbergstrasse1, 70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel: (49)711-6891640 Fax: (49) 711-6891642a.simon@fkf.mpg.deSIMONS Kai [427] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Max-Planck Institut fürMolekulare, Zellbiologie u. Genetik,Pfotenhauerstrasse 108, 1307, DresdenGERMANY Tel: (49) 351-2102800 Fax:(49) 351-2102900 simons@mpi-cbg.deSIMONS Peter [2356] PHILOSOPHYTrinity College Dublin, Department ofPhilosophy, College Green, 2, DublinIRELAND Tel: (353) 1-8961671 Fax:(353) 1-6715760 psimons@tcd.ieSINGER Wolf [247] NEUROSCIENCEMax-Planck-Institut für Hirnforschung,Deutschordenstrasse 46, 60528,Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Tel: (49)69-96769218 Fax: (49) 69-96769327wolf.singer@brain.mpg.deSINGH-MANOUX Archana[2822] COGNITIVE AGEING Hopital PaulBrousse, INERM U1018, Batiment15/16, 16 ave Paul Vaillant Couturier,95807, Villejuif Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)1-77747410 Fax: (33) 1-77747403archana.singh-manoux@inserm.frSIXMA Titia K. [2554] STRUCTURALBIOLOGY Netherlands CancerInstitute, Plesmanlaan 121, 1066 CX,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5121959 Fax: (31) 30-5121954t.sixma@nki.nlSJOBERG Lennart [2957]PSYCHOLOGY Falks vag 14, 182 54,Djursholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7557234lennartsjoberg@gmail.comSJÖQVIST Folke [590]PHARMACOLOGY Karolinska Institutet,Department of Clinical Pharmacology,14186, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-58581069 Fax: (46) 8-58581070Folke.sjoqvist@ki.seSKALKEAS Gregory [587]CLINICAL SCIENCE Academy of Athens,Foundation of Biomedical Research,4 Soranou Ephessiou St, 115 27,Athens GREECE Tel: (30) 210-6597000Fax: (30) 210-6597545 gdskalkeas@bioacademy.grSKEHEL John [1227] VIROLOGYMRC National Institute for MedicalResearch, The Ridgeway, NW7 1AA,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-88162048 Fax: (44) Quentin [643] POLITICALSCIENCE University of Cambridge,Faculty of History, West Road, CB3 9EF,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-335345 Jens Christian [1450]PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS NO MAILSKULACHEV Vladimir P.[1061] BIOCHEMISTRY Belozersky Inst.of Physio-Chemical Biology, MoscowState University, Leninskie Gory 1, Bldg40, 119991, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-9395530 Fax: (7) 495-9390338skulach@genebee.msu.ruSLACK Paul A [2595] HISTORYLinacre College, OX1 3JA, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-271650 Fax:(44) 1865-271668 Ivo [76] NUCLEAR PHYSICSRudjer Boskovic Institute, Bijenicka54, 41001, Zagreb CROATIA Tel: (385)1-425652 Fax: (385) 1-434467 slaus@rudjer.irb.hrSLEVIN James [2542] ATOMICPHYSICS 56 Waterloo Road, Dublin 4IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6687677 james.slevin@ichec.ieSMAK Józef [800] ASTRONOMYCopernicus Astronomical Centre,Bartycka 18, 716, Warsaw POLAND Tel:(48) 22-410041 Pieter [1228]PHARMACOLOGY NO MAILSMEYERS Paul [218] ASTRONOMYKatholieke Universiteit Leuven, Instituutvoor Sterrenkunde, Celestijnenlaan200B, B-3001, Heverlee LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-327033 Fax: (32)16-327999SMITH Eivind [1664] LAWUniversity of Oslo, Faculty of Law, P.O.Box 6706, St. Olavs Plass, N-0130, OsloNORWAY Tel: (47) 22859421 Fax: (47)22859420 eivind.smith@jus.uio.noSMITH Jim [2048] DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY MRC National Institute forMedical Research, The Ridgeway,Mill Hill, NW7 1AA, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-334133 Fax:(44) 1223-334134 Jacqui [2222] PSYCHOLOGYInstitute for Social Research, Universityof Michigan, 426 Thompson St, MI48106-1248, Ann Arbor UNITED STATESTel: (1) 734-6470591 Fax: (1) 734-6471186 smitjacq@isr.umich.eduSMITH Austin [2771] STEM CELLBIOLOGY University of Cambridge,Wellcome Trust Centre for StemCell Res., Tennis Court Rd, CB2 1QR,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-760233 Fax: (44) Thomas C. [2670]ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY Chesterhill,Shore Rd, Anstruther, KY10 3DZ, FifeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1333-310330 Nikolay [1371] EARTH &MARINE SCIENCES Institute of Mineralogyand Petrography, 3 UniversitetskyProspect, 630090, Novosibirsk RUSSIATel: (7) 383-2354655 Fax: (7) 383-2352692SOERGEL Volker [1259] PHYSICSSchulbergweg 20, D-69118, Heidelberg35

Academia Europaea Directory 2012GERMANY Tel: (49) 6221-804152Fax: (49) 6221-804162 v.soergel@tonline.deSOGNER Sölvi [3003] HISTORYSköyen Terrasse 30, 276, Oslo NORWAYTel: (47) 22501136 solvi.sogner@iakh.uio.noSOLIN Heikki [683] CLASSICSHelsingin Yliopisto, KlassillisenFilologian Laitos, PL 4 (Yliopistonkatu3), FIN-00014, Helsinki FINLAND Tel:(358) 9-191 22591 Fax: (358) 9-19122161 heikki.solin@helsinki.fiSOLTER Davor [1260] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Institute ofMedical Biology, 8A Biomedical Grove,#06-06 Immunos, 138648, SingaporeSINGAPORE Tel: (65) 64070170 Fax:(65) 64642048 Stanislaw [2823]INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW SoltysinskiKawecki & Szlezak, ul. Wawelska 15B,3 Jan 34, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-6087001 Fax: (48) 22-6087070stanislaw.soltysinski@skslegal.plSOLYMOSI Frigyes [1261]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Institute ofSolid State & Radiochemistry, AttilaJózsef University, H-6701, SzegedHUNGARY Tel: (36) 62-420678 Fax: (36)62-420678 Frigyes.Solymosi@chem.uszeged.huSOMFAI László [2292] MUSICOLOGYBartok Archives, Tancsics utca 7, Pf. 28,1250, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-3759282 somfai@zti.huSOMOGYI Peter P [2655]NEUROSCIENCE Oxford University, MRCAnatomical Neuropharmacology Unit,Mansfield Rd, OX1 3UT, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-271898 Fax:(44) 1865-271648 Tarmo [2644] PHYSICALOCEANOGRAPHY Institute of Cybernetics,Akadeemia tee 21, 12618, TallinnESTONIA Tel: (372) 620-4176 Fax: (372)620-4151 soomere@cs.ioc.eeSORSA Marja [413] GENETICSNO MAILSOTELO Constantino [482]NEUROSCIENCE Université Paris 6,Bâtiment B, Case 12, 9 Quai Saint-Bernard, 75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44273485 Fax: (33) 1-44272669sotelo@chups.jussieu.frSOTIN Christophe [2072]PLANETARY GEOPHYSICS Lab. dePlanétologie et Géodynamique,Faculté des Sciences, 2 rue Houssinière,BP 92208, 44322, Nantes cedex 3FRANCE Tel: (33) 2-51125267 Fax:(33) 2-51125268 sotin@chimie.univ-nantes.frSOURIAU Annie [2247] EARTH &COSMIC SCIENCES Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Laboratoire de DynamiqueTerrestre et Planétaire, 14 AvenueEdouard Belin, 31400, ToulouseFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-61332964 Fax:(33) 5-61332900 annie.souriau@dtp.obs-mip.frSOUTOU Georges-Henri [2194]INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 31 Avenue de laBourdonnais, 75007, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-45556936 Fax: (33) 1-40462588georges-henri.soutou@wanadoo.frSPADA Hans [1681] PSYCHOLOGY& BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Universityof Freiburg, Institut of Psychology,Engelbergerstr. 41, D-79085, FreiburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2032489 Fax:(49) 761-2032490 spada@psychologie.uni-freiburg.deSPÄT András [1973] PHYSIOLOGYSemmelweis University, Dept. ofPhysiology, P O Box 259, H-1444,Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36) 14591500Fax: (36) 1-2667480 spat@eok.sote.huSPEAKMAN John R. [3116]BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES University ofAberdeen, Department of Zoology,Tillydrone Ave, AB24 2TZ, AberdeenUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1224-272879 Fax: (44) David [39]MATHEMATICS Trinity College Dublin, No.25 Trinity College, Dublin 2 IRELAND Tel:(353) 1-6082360 Fax: (353) 1-6082303david.spearman@tcd.ieSPERBER Dan [1513] PSYCHOLOGY6 rue Boissonnade, 75014, ParisFRANCE dan.sperber@gmail.com36SPEVAK Olga [2923] LATINLINGUISTICS 11 rue de Quatrefages,F-75005, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)6-293598 spevak@orange.frSPIRAKIS Paul G. [2827]COMPUTER SCIENCE Research AcademiaComputer Technology Inst., ResearchAcademic Computer Tech Institute, N.Kazantzakis str. Building ‘D. Maritsas’,University Campus, 26504, PatrasGREECE Tel: (30) 2610-960300 Fax: (30)2610-960490 spirakis@cti.grSPIRIDON Monica [2821]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 22 Bitolia St,11677, Bucharest ROMANIA Tel: (40)21-2301424 Fax: (40) 21-2527171mspiridon@ines.roSPIRIN Alexander S. [871]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute ofProtein Research, Russian Academy ofSciences, Pushchino, 142292, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9752014 Fax: (7)495-9752014SPOHN Tilman [3071] PLANETARYPHYSICS Institut für Planetenforschung- DLR, Paula-Fürst-Str. 8, 10317, BerlinGERMANY Tel: (49) 172-5372162 Fax:(49) 30-67055303 tilman.spohn@dlr.deSPUR Günter [1436] ENGINEERINGRichard-Strauss-Strasse 20, 14193,Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49) 30-31423349Fax: (49) 30-31425895 spur@ipk.fhg.deSTAAB Heinz A. [93] ORGANICCHEMISTRY Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg43, 69118, Heidelberg GERMANY Tel:(49) 6221-486421 Fax: (49) 6221-486351STAEHELIN Martin [1229]MUSICOLOGY NO MAILSTAGL Justin [1468]ANTHROPOLOGY/SOCIOLOGY Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 6, A-5020, SalzburgAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 662-80444106Fax: (43) 662-8044413 Roger [1992] HISTORYOF ART & ARCHITECTURE Trinity College,Dept. of the History of Art, Dublin 2IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-6082053 Fax:(353) 1-6772694 rstalley@tcd.ieSTARKE Klaus [972]PHARMACOLOGY, NEUROBIOLOGYUniversität Freiburg/Institut fürExperimentelle und, KlinischePharmakologie und Toxikologie,Albertstrasse 25, D-79104, Freiburg i.Br. GERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2035313Fax: (49) 761-2035318 starke@ruf.uni-freiburg.deSTARKEL Leszek [1230]GEOGRAPHY Polish Academy of Sciences,Institute of Geography, ul.sw. Jana22, 31018, Cracow POLAND Tel: (48)12-4224085 Fax: (48) 12-4224085starkel@zg.pan.krakow.plSTARLINGER Peter [352]GENETICS Thomas Mann Str. 19,44141, Dortmund GERMANY Tel:(49) 231-593793 peterstarlinger4@compuserve.deSTAROBINSKI Jean [110]EUROPEAN LITERATURE 51 avenuede Champel, CH-1206, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-3209864Fax: (41) 22-3298003 jean.starobinski@bluewin.chSTEEDMAN Mark [2349]COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS School ofInformatics, University of Edinburgh,Informatics Forum 415, 10 CrichtonStreet, EH8 9AB, Edinburgh UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 131 650 4631 Fax:(44) 131 650 6626 Luc [2718] COMPUTERSCIENCE VUB Al Lab, Pleinlaan 2, 1050,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-6293701Fax: (32) 2-6293729 Niels [240]HISTORY Lemnosvej 19, 2300,Copenhagen DENMARKSTEIN Peter [131] LEGAL HISTORY 36Wimpole Rd, Great Eversden, CB23 7HR,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-262349 Fax: (44) 1223-335522STEIN Gabriele [1917] LINGUISTICSSchwärzlocher Str. 48, 72070, TübingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 7071-409824gabriele.stein@urz.uni-heidelberg.deSTEINBERGER Jack [1144]PARTICLE PHYSICS CERN, CH-1211,Geneva 23 SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)22-7678125 Fax: (41) 22-7679425 jack.steinberger@cern.chSTEINER Dieter [695] GEOGRAPHY,HUMAN ECOLOGY Drusbergstrasse 39,CH-8053, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)1-2518861 steinerhamel@bluewin.chSTEINMETZ Michael [588]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 65 Cutler Road, MA02492, Needham UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 617-9492200 Fax: (1) 617-9492201msteinmetz@clarusventures.comSTEMPEL Wolf-Dieter [782]LINGUISTICS Universität München,Institut für Romanische Philologie,Ludwigstrasse 25, 81371, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-7254916WStempel@dom.badw.deSTENSETH Nils C. [2334]POPULATION BIOLOGY University of Oslo,Centre for Ecological & EvolutionarySynthesis (CEES), P O Box 1066Blindern, N-0316, Oslo NORWAY Tel:(47) 22854584 Fax: (47) 22854001n.c.stenseth@bio.uio.noSTENSTRÖM Per [2754] COMPUTERARCHITECTURE Sjomarksvagen 2, S-42361, Torslanda SWEDEN Tel: (46) 31-7721761 Fax: (46) 31-7723663 pers@chalmers.seSTEPHANIDIS Constantine[2755] COMPUTER SCIENCE Institute ofComputer Science, FORTH, n. Plastira100, Vassilika Voutou, GR-70013,Heraklion, Crete GREECE Tel: (30)2810-391741 Fax: (30) 3810-391799cs@ics.forth.grSTEPHENSON Francis R.[2202] APPLIED HISTORICAL ASTRONOMYUniversity of Durham, Department ofPhysics, Rochester Building, South Rd,DH1 3LE, Durham UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 191-3343713 Fax: (44) 191-3343521 David B. [2765]STATISTICAL CLIMATOLOGY University ofExeter, Exeter Climate Systems, HarrisonBuilding, EX4 4QF, Exeter UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1392-269275 Fax:(44) 1392-217965 Andrew [2199] HEALTHPSYCHOLOGY University College London,Dept. of Epidemiology & Public Health,1-19 Torrington Place, WC1E 6BT,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-76791804 Fax: (44) William [1451] PLANT& ANIMAL SCIENCES 1 Calrendon Drive,Perth Rd, DD2 1JU, Dundee UNITEDKINGDOMSTIERLE Karlheinz [481]LITERATURE Universität Konstanz,Rotenbühlerweg 28, 66123,Saarbrücken GERMANY Tel: (49)681-9386250 karlheinz.stierle@uni-konstanz.deSTOCK Günter [2465] PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE Berlin-Brandenburg Academyof Science, & Humanities, Jaegerstrasse22-23, D-10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel:(49) 30-20370645 Fax: (49) 30-20370622 guenter.stock@bbaw.deSTOCKER Thomas [1855] CLIMATE& ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSICS Universityof Bern, Physics Institute, Sidlerstrasse5, 3012, Bern SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)31-6314464 Fax: (41) 31-6314405stocker@climate.unibe.chSTÖCKER Horst [2113]PHYSICS GSI Helmholtzzentrum für,Schwerionenforschung Darmstadt,Planckstr. 1, 64291, DarmstadtGERMANY Tel: (49) 6159712649 Fax:(49) 69-79847875 H.Stoecker@gsi.deSTORME Marcel [231] LAWCoupure 3, 9000, Gent BELGIUM Tel:(32) 9-2253394 Fax: (32) 9-2239950m.storme@storme-law.beSTOYAN Dietrich [1283]MATHEMATICS Institut für Stochastik, TUBergakademie Freiberg, 9596, FreiburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 3731-392118 Fax:(49) 3731-393598 stoyan@math.tu-freiberg.deSTRATA Piergiorgio [1115]NEUROSCIENCE National Instituteof Neuroscience, Corso Raffaello30, I-10125, Torino ITALY Tel: (39)011-6708173 Fax: (39) 011-6708174piergiorgio.strata@unito.itSTRATHERN Marilyn [744]SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY 2 Latham, CB27EQ, Cambridge UNITED Joseph [2096]INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Max-PlanckInst. for Intellectual Property, andCompetition Law, Marstallplatz 1,D-80539, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-24246110 Fax: (49) 89-24246506j.straus@ip.mpg.deSTREECK Wolfgang [2148]SOCIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institut forStudy of Societies, Paulstr. 3, D-50676,Cologne GERMANY Tel: (49) 221-27671202 Fax: (49) 221-27671402streeck@mpifg.deSTRELAU Jan [291] PSYCHOLOGYWarsaw School of Social Psychology,Chodakowska 19/31, 25 Feb 815,Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-5179707Fax: (48) 22-5179901 Reinhard [1575]MUSICOLOGY University of Oxford,Faculty of Music, St. Aldate’s, OX1 1DB,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-276137 Fax: (44) 1865-276128 Gotthard [2494]GREEK HERITAGE IN ISLAM Wisbyerstr. 8,10439, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49) 30-4452219 strohmaier-wiederanders@tonline.deSTRÖMHOLM Stig [140] LAWFlogstavagen 5 C, 752 73, UppsalaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 18-515045 gunnila.stromholm@telia.comSUENKEL Hans [2877]MATHEMATICAL GEODESYHohenrainstrasse 115, 8042, GrazAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 316-8736000 Fax:(43) 316-8736009 hans.suenkel@tugraz.atSUESS Erwin [1983] MARINE SCIENCEDueppelstr. 18, 24105, Kiel GERMANYTel: (49) 431-6002232 Fax: (49) 431-6002928 esuess@ifm-geomar.deSUHUBI Erdogan [1134]THEORETICAL & APPLIED MECHANICSArikoy Sitesi, Orman Yolu No. 64,Uskumrukoy, Sariyer, 34450, IstanbulTURKEY Tel: (90) 216-5780682 Fax: (90)216-5780672 ebsuhubi@gmail.comSULSTON John [2034] BIOLOGY39 Mingle Lane, Stapleford, CB2 5SY,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-842248 Fax: (44) Da-Wen [2949] APPLIED &TRANSLATIONAL BIOLOGY UniversityCollege Dublin, School of BiosystemsEngineering, Agriculture & Food ScienceCentre, Belfied, 4, Dublin IRELAND Tel:(353) 1-7167342 Fax: (353) 1-7167493dawen.sun@ucd.ieSUNDERMANN Werner[844] ORIENTAL STUDIES Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der,Wissenschaften/AkademienvorhabenTurfanforschung, Jaergerstrasse 22/23,D-10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-20370472 Fax: (49) 30-20370467sundermann@bbaw.deSUNDHOLM Bo G. [2933]PHILOSOPHY OF LOGIC PhilosophicalInstitute, P O Box 9515, 2300 RA, LeidenTHE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 71-5272031 Fax: (31) 71-5272028 goran.sundholm@gmail.comSUNYAEV Rashid A. [915]ASTRONOMY Space Research Institute,Russian Academy of Sciences,Profsouznaya 84/32, 117810, MoscowRUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-3333373 Fax: (7)495-3335377SUPPLE Barry [137] ECONOMICHISTORY NO MAILSURANI Azim [1576] CELL& DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY TheWellcome Trust, Cancer Research UKInstitute, Tennis Court Road, CB2 1QN,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-334136 Fax: (44) Annmarie[2646] PHYSIOLOGY & CELL BIOLOGYUniversity of Manchester, Faculty ofLife Sciences, Michael Smith Building,M13 9PT, Manchester UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 161 3060505 Fax: (44) 161-2751498 Margit [2274]PHILOSOPHY University of Tartu,Department of Philosophy, UlikooliStr. 18, 50090, Tartu ESTONIA Tel: (372)7375327 Fax: (372) 7375427 margit.sutrop@ut.eeSVANBORG Catharina [1905]MICROBIAL PATHOLOGY Lund University,Institute of Laboratory Medicine,Sölvegatan 23, SE-223 62, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-173933 Fax:(46) 46-137468 Jan [317] LINGUISTICSTumlaregränden 7, SE-226 51, LundSWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-248412 jan.svartvik@telia.comSVENSSON Lars [1231] ECONOMICSSveriges Riksbank, SE-103 37,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7870107Fax: (46) 8-210531 Eugene D. [2249]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute ofMolecular Genetics, Russian Academyof Sciences, 2 Kurchatov sq., 123182,Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-1960000Fax: (7) 495-1960221 sverd@humgen.siobc.ras.ruSWINNERTON-DYER Peter[647] MATHEMATICS The DowerHouse, Thriplow, SG8 7RJ, Royston,Herts. UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1763-208220 Fax: (44) Bernard[1284] PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS InsermU 572, Hôpital Lariboisière, 41 Bd dela Chapelle, 75475, Paris Cedex 10FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44631720 Fax: (33)1-48742315 bernard.swynghedauw@inserm.frSYDNES Leiv K. [2309] CHEMISTRYUniversity of Bergen, Department ofChemistry, Allegaten 41, NO-5007,Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47) 55583450Fax: (47) 55589490 leiv.sydnes@kj.uib.noSYKA Josef [2254] NEUROSCIENCEInstitute of Experimental Medicine,Academy of Sciences of the CzechRepublic, Videnska 1083, 14220, PragueCZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-41062700Fax: (420) 2-41062787 syka@biomed.cas.czSYKOVÁ Eva [1906] NEUROSCIENCEInstitute of Experimental MedicineASCR, Department of Neuroscience,Vídeñská 1083, 14220, Prague 4 CZECHREPUBLIC Tel: (420) 2-41062230 Fax:(420) 2-41062782 sykova@biomed.cas.czSYMS Richard R. A. [2795]ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ImperialCollege, EEE Department, Exhibition Rd,SW7 2AZ, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-75946203 Fax: (44) 20-75946308 Eörs [2110]ORGANISMIC & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGYCollegium Budapest, Szentharomsagu.2, H-1014, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-3954900 Fax: (36) 1-3954900szathmary@colbud.huSZEGEDY-MASZÁK Mihály[1665] LITERATURE Völgy u. 25,H-1021, Budapest HUNGARY Tel:(36) 1-1763913 Fax: (36) 1-2663845szegedy@caesar.elte.huSZÉKELY György [897]NEUROSCIENCE University MedicalSchool, Department of Anatomy,Nagyerdei krt 98, H-4012, DebrecenHUNGARY Tel: (36) 52-416392 Fax:(36) 52-432290 szekely@chondron.anat.dote.huSZNITMAN Alain-Sol [2583]MATHEMATICS ETH Zurich, Departmentof Mathematics, Rämistrasse 101,CH-8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6323415 Fax: (41) 44-6321085sznitman@math.ethz.chSZTOMPKA Piotr [884] SOCIOLOGYJagiellonian University, Institute ofSociology, Grodzka 52, 31-044, CracowPOLAND Tel: (48) 12-4116769 Fax: (48)12-4222129 Patrick [2966]MICROFLUIDICS Ecole Superieure dePhysique et, de Chemie Industriella(ESPCI), 10 rue Vauquelin, 75005, ParisFRANCE patrick.tabeling@espci.frTADIC Marko [2030] MATHEMATICSUniversity of Zagreb, Dept. ofMathematics, P O Box 335, 10002,Zagreb CROATIA Tel: (385) 1-4605777Fax: (385) 1-4680335 tadic@math.hrTAG Brigitte [2959] CRIMINAL LAWUniversity of Zurich, Institute of Law,freiestr. 15, 8032, Zurich SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 44-6343939 Fax: (41) 44-6344937 lst.tag@rwi.uzh.chTÅHLIN Michael [2181] SOCIOLOGYStockholm University, Swedish Institutefor Social Research (SOFI), SE-10691,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-163181Fax: (46) 8-154670 Martti [443] PSYCHOLOGYSofianlehdonkatu 5 A 7, 610, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-797615TALLON Denis [793] LAW 8Boulevard Jourdan, 75014, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45887207TAMAS Gabor [2995] NEUROSCIENCEUniversity of Szeged, Dept. ofPhysiology, Anatomy & Neuroscience,Kozep fasor 52, H-6726, SzegedHUNGARY Tel: (36) 62-544851 Fax: (36)62-544291 gtamas@bio.u-szeged.huTAMINIAUX Jacques [610]PHILOSOPHY Université de Louvain,Institut Supérieur de Philosophie,Collège Cardinal Mercier, 1348, Louvain-La-Neuve BELGIUM Tel: (32) 10-474786TAMM Ditlev [2182] LAWUniversity of Copenhagen, Det.Retsvidenskabelige Institut A,Studiestraede 6, DK-1455, CopenhagenK DENMARK Tel: (45) 35323167 Fax:(45) 35323205 ditlev.tamm@jur.ku.dkTAMMANN Gustav [1145]ASTRONOMY Astronomisches Institut,Venusstr. 7, 4102, BinningenSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 61-2055454Fax: (41) 61-2055455 g-a.tammann@unibas.chTAMUZS Vitauts [1702] MATERIALSSCIENCE Institute of Polymer Mechanics,Latvian University, Aizkraukles str.23, LV 1006, Riga LATVIA Tel: (371)7543306 Fax: (371) 7820467 tamuzs@pmi.lvTANNER Widmar [1613] PLANT &ANIMAL SCIENCES NO MAILTARASCON Jean Marie [2225]CHEMISTRY Lab. de Réactivité et deChimie des Solides, 33 rue St Leu,80039, Amiens FRANCE Tel: (33)22-827571 Fax: (33) 22-827590 jeanmarie.tarascon@u-picardie.frTARASTI Eero [660] MUSICOLOGYUniversity of Helsinki, Department ofMusicology, Vironkatu 1, 170, HelsinkiFINLAND Tel: (358) 9-1917877TARKOWSKI Andrzej [1005]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Instituteof Zoology/University of Warsaw,Department of Embryology,Miecznikowa 1, 3 Jan 96, WarsawPOLAND Tel: (48) 22-5541208 Fax: (48)22-5541203 Andrzej [2399]COMPUTER SCIENCE Warsaw University,Institute of Informatics, ul. Banacha2, 3 Jan 97, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-5544475 Fax: (48) Daniel [1824]POLITICAL SCIENCE Däldvägen 9,S-18162, Lindingö SWEDEN Antony [1918]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 11 TrafalgarTerrace, Monkstown, Co. DublinIRELAND Tel: (353) 1-2805141 Fax:(353) 1-2804712 atatlow@tcd.ieTAYLOR Stephen S. [2774]CANCER CELL BIOLOGY University ofManchester, Faculty of Life Sciences,Oxford Road, M20 4TY, ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 161-2755100 Fax: (44) Jürgen [3029] EMBEDDEDSYSTEM DESIGN University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Department of ComputerScience, Cauerstrasse 11, 91058,Erlangen GERMANY Tel: (49) 9131-8525148 Fax: (49) 9131-8525149teich@informatik.uni-erlangen.deTEICHLER Ulrich [1285] EDUCATIONUniversität Kassel, INCHER Kassel,Mönchebergstr. 17, D-34109, KasselGERMANY Tel: (49) 561-8042417 Fax:(49) 561-8043301 teichler@incher.uni-kassel.deTEKALP Ahmet M. [2828] IMAGEPROCESSING Koc University, College ofEngineering, 34450, Sariyer IstanbulTURKEY Tel: (90) 212-3381593 Fax: (90)212-3381548 Reshef [2944]NANOMATERIALS Weizmann Institute,Dept. of Materials & Interfaces, 76231,

Rehovot ISRAEL Tel: (972) 8-9342394Fax: (972) 8-9344138 Hendrik [783]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE NO MAILTER MEULEN Volker [1213]CLINICAL SCIENCE Inst. für Virologie undImmunbiologie, Universität Würzburg,Versbacher Str. 7, 97078, WürzburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 931-20149971 Fax:(49) 931-20149970 volker.termeulen@mail.uni-wuerzburg.deTERENIUS Lars [506]NEUROSCIENCE Karolinska Institute/Experimental Alcohol, and DrugAddiction Research, 171 76, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-51774860 Fax: (46)8-341939 Gunther [277] LAWJohann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität,Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft,Senckenberganlage 31, D-60054,Frankfurt GERMANY Tel: (49) 69-79822320 Fax: (49) 69-79822909g.teubner@jur.uni-frankfurt.deTEYSSIÈ Philippe [592] CHEMISTRYLaboratory of MacromolecularChemistry, B6, University of Liège, Sart-Tilman, 4000, Liège BELGIUM Tel: (32)4-1563460 Fax: (32) 4-1562355THAUER Rudolf [359]MICROBIOLOGY MPI für TerrestrischeMikrobiologie, Karl-von-Frisch-Str.,D-35043, Marburg GERMANY Tel: (49)6421-178200 Fax: (49) 6421-178209thauer@mpi-marburg.mpg.deTHEODOSIS Dionysia T [2620]NEUROANATOMY University of Bordeaux,Institute Magendie Neurocenter, 146rue Leo Saignat, F-33077, BordeauFRANCE Tel: (33) 5-57573731 Fax:(33) 5-57573750 dionysia.theodosis@gmail.comTHEORELL Töres [2055]PSYCHOSOCIAL MEDICINE Institute forPsychosocial Factors & Health, Box 230,S-171 77, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-7286950 Fax: (46) 8-344143 Stephen [600]NEUROSCIENCE Karl XII gatan 20A,S-22220, Lund SWEDEN Tel: (46) 46-121683 Fax: (46) 46-121683 stephen.thesleff@lsn.seTHESLEFF Irma [2051]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Institute ofBiotechnology, University of Helsinki,POB 56, 14, Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)9-19159401 Fax: (358) 9-19159366irma.thesleff@helsinki.fiTHIEDE Jörn [1577] EARTH & MARINESCIENCES GEOMAR, Wischofstr. 1-3,D-24148, Kiel GERMANY 49 431 6002830 jthiede@geomar.deTHIELE Lothar [2843] COMPUTERENGINEERING Gladbach Strasse 89,CH-8044, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6327031 Fax: (41) 44-6321035thiele@ethz.chTHIERY Jean Paul [1135]IMMUNOLOGY UMR 144 CNRS, IMCBPROTEOS A*STAR, 61 Biopolis Drive,138673, Singapore SINGAPORE Tel:(65) 65869621 Fax: (65) Walter [678] PHYSICSInstitute for Theoretical Physics,Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427751516Fax: (43) 1-42779515 Joan [229] HISTORY 1,Hadlow Castle, Hadlow, TN11 0EG,Tonbridge, Kent UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1732-850708 Fax: (44) 1732-850708 jthirsk@onetel.comTHOENEN Hans [407]NEUROSCIENCE Max-Planck-Instituteof Neurobiology, Department ofNeurobiochemistry, Am Klopferspitz18A, D-82152, Martinsried-PlaneggGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-85783600 Fax:(49) 89-8561211 hans@neuro.mpg.deTHOMAS John Meurig [157]PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY University ofCambridge, Dept. of Materials Science,Pembroke St, CB2 3QZ, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-334300 Fax: (44) 1223-334567 René [642] GENETICSUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, ChimiePhysique, CP231, Bd. du Triomphe,B-1050, Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32)2-6505117 Fax: (32) 2-6505767 Jean [1006] BIOCHEMISTRYSt. Catharines College, Masters Lodge,CB2 1RL, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 1223-338300 Fax: (44) 1223-338340 Keith [1491] HISTORY AllSouls College, OX1 4AL, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-279379 Wolfgang [2373]COMPUTER SCIENCE Lehrstuhl InformatikVII, RWTH Aachen, Ahornstr. 55,52074, Aachen GERMANY Tel: (49)241-8021700 Fax: (49) 241-8022215thomas@informatik.rwth-aachen.deTHOMPSON John M. T. [2810]STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING 33 West HillRoad, CB22 6SZ, Foxton, Cambs. UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-704354 Mads Rosendahl[2732] COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AarhusUniversity, Dept. of Aesthetic Studies,Section for Comparative Literature,Langelandsgade 139, DK-8000, AarhusC DENMARK Tel: (45) 89421838 Marianne [2887]NEONATAL NEUROSCIENCE St. Michaels’Hospital, University of Bristol, ChildHealth, Level D, Southwell Street, BS28EG, Bristol UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)117-3425607 Fax: (44) Niels [1667] PHYSIOLOGY& BIOPHYSICS Institute of MedicalPhysiology, University of Copenhagen,3 Blegdamsvej, 2200, CopenhagenDENMARK Tel: (45) 39642705 Fax:(45) 35327537 ingrid-niels.a.thorn@mail.tele.dkTHRUSH Brian [828] CHEMISTRYUniversity Chemical Laboratory, Dept.of Chemistry, Lensfield Road, CB2 1EW,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-336458 Fax: (44) Klaus [1116]PHYSIOLOGY, NEPHROLOGY Universityof Munich, Physiological Institute,Pettenkoferstrasse 12, 80336, MunichGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-218075558 Fax:(49) 89-218075532 klaus.thurau@med.uni-muenchen.deTHYBO Hans [2263] EARTH SCIENCESUniversity of Copenhagen, GeologicalInstitute, Oster Voldgade 10, DK-1350,Copenhagen DENMARK Tel: (45)35322452 Fax: (45) 33148233 thybo@geo.ku.dkTISSOT Bernard [749] EARTHSCIENCE Institut Français du Pétrole,1 avenue Bois-Préau, 92506,Rueil-Malmaison FRANCE Tel: (33)2-47526665 Fax: (33) 2-47490411TITS Jacques [11] MATHEMATICSCollège de France, 11 Place MarcelinBerthelot, 75231, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45889603 Fax: (33)1-45884585TIURYN Jerzy [1735] INFORMATICSWarsaw University, Institute ofInformatics, Banacha 2, 3 Jan 97,Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48) 22-5544572Fax: (48) 22-5544400 Igor [2310]CHEMISTRY Université de Bourgogne,LSEO - UMR 5188 CNRS, 9 ave. A.Savary, BP 47870, F-21078, DijonFRANCE Tel: (33) 380393771 Fax: (33)380393772 tkatchen@u-bourgogne.frTOBLER Hans Werner [2221]SOCIAL ECONOMIC & POLITICAL HISTORYTorlenstrasse 24, CH-8713, UerikonSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6324011 Fax:(41) 1-6321366 hans.tobler@history.gess.ethz.chTOCCHINI-VALENTINI Glauco[2061] CELL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYEMMA - IBCN CNR, Via Ramarini 32,I-00015, Monterotondo Scalo ITALYTel: (39) 06-9060317 Fax: (39) 06-90091261 gtocchini@emma.cnr.itTOL Richard S. J. [2749]ECONOMICS OF ENERGY Economic &Social Research Inst. (ESRI), WhitakerSq, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, 2, DublinIRELAND Tel: (353) 1-8632120 Fax:(353) 1-86321200 richard.tol@esri.ieTOLLEBEEK Jo [2596] CULTURALHISTORY University of Leuven,Department of History, BlijideInkomstraat 21/PO Box 3307, B-3000,If you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plLeuven BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-324975Fax: (32) 16-324993 jo.tollebeek@arts.kuleuven.beTOLOCHKO Petr [1301]ARCHAEOLOGY 9, 17 ul. Sretenskaya,1025, Kiev UKRAINE Tel: (380) 44-2121537 Fax: (380) 44-4183306 ira@iarh.kiev.uaTONIOLO Gianni [679] ECONOMICHISTORY Via Emanuele Filberto 180,185, Rome ITALY toniolo@economia.uniroma2.itTOOZE John [1372] GENETICS& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY RockefellerUniversity, Scientific & FacityOperations, 1230 York Avenue, NY10065, New York UNITED STATES Tel: (1)212-3278000TORELLI Mario [2053] CLASSICALARCHAEOLOGY NO MAILTORNÉ Montserrat [2203]GEOPHYSICS Travessera de Dalt 31, 8, 2,8024, Barcelona SPAIN dgi@micinn.esTORRAS Carme [2794] ROBOTICS& ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Institut deRobotica (CSIC-UPC), Llorens I Artigas4-6, E-08028, Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34)93-4015790 Fax: (34) 93-4015750torras@iri.upc.eduTORSTENDAHL Rolf [259]HISTORY University of Uppsala,Department of History, P O Box 628,SE-75126, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46)18-4711534 Fax: (46) 18-4711528 rolf.torstendahl@hist.uu.seTORSVIK Trond H. [2317]PLATE TECTONICS Geological Survey ofNorway, Leif Eirikssonsvei 39, N-7491,Trondheim NORWAY Tel: (47) 73904411trond.torsvik@ngu.noTORTELLA Gabriel [1913]ECONOMIC HISTORY Conde de Cartagena5, 28007, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-5515714 Fax: (34) 91-5515714gtortella@yahoo.comTOUBERT Pierre [691] HISTORY 34,rue Guynemer, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-42222123 Fax: (33) 1-44271089TOUBERT Hélène [692] ARTHISTORY 34 rue Guynemer, 75006, ParisFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-42222123TOUGU Enn [2807] COMPUTERSCIENCE Soone 3-18, 12616, TallinnESTONIA Tel: (372) 6726526 Fax: (372)6726526 tyugu@ieee.orgTOUMAZOU Christofer [2445]RADIO FREQUENCY ELECTRONICS ImperialCollege London, Inst. of BiomedicalEngineering, Bessener Bldg, Level 4,SW7 2AZ, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-75946255 Fax: (44) 20-75945196 Alain [791] SOCIOLOGYCADIS, 54, boulevard Raspail, 75006,Paris FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-49542457 Fax:(33) 1-42840591 touraine@ehess.frTOURET Jacques [1578] EARTH &MARINE SCIENCES Musee de Mineralogie,Ecole des Mines, 60 Bvd SaintMichel, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-40519290 jacques.touret@minesparistech.frTOURNOUX Michel [1797] SOLIDSTATE CHEMISTRY Institut des Matériauxde Nantes, 2, rue de la Houssinière- BP 32229, 44322, Nantes Cedex 3FRANCE Tel: (33) 2-40373917 Fax:(33) 2-40373995 michel.tournoux@cnrs-imn.frTRAMONTANO Anna [2692]BIOCHEMISTRY University La Sapienza,Dept. of Biochemical Sciences, P. le AldoMoro 5, I-00185, Rome ITALY Tel: (39)06-49910556 Fax: (39) 06-4440062anna.tramontano@uniromal1.itTRAN Minh Quang [3018]PLASMA PHYSICS Ecole PolytechniqueFédérale de Lausanne, Centre deRecherches en Physique des Plasmas,EPFL-CRPP, Station 13, 1015, LausanneSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 21-6935474Fax: (41) 21-6935176 minhquang.tran@epfl.chTRAUTNER Thomas [550]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Max-Planck-Institutfür Molekulare Genetik, Ihnestrasse73, 14195, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-84131260 Fax: (49) 30-84131382trautner@mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.deTRAUTWEIN Wolfgang [381]PHYSIOLOGY NO MAILTREISMAN Richard [1968] CELLBIOLOGY Cancer Research UK/LondonResearch Inst., Transcription Laboratory,44 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3LY,London UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)20-72693271 Fax: (44) Balazs [2952]HISTORY Central European University,Department of History, Nador u. 11,1051, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-2395560 trencsenyib@ceu.huTRETIAKOV Yuri [1934] CHEMISTRYOF MATERIALS Moscow State University,Faculty of Chemistry, 119899, MoscowV-234 RUSSIA Tel: (7) 495-9392074Fax: (7) 495-9390998 yudt@inorg.chem.msu.ruTREUMANN Rudolf A. [2264]THEORETICAL PHYSICS InternationalSpace Science Institute, Hallerstr. 6, CH-3012, Bern SWITZERLAND treumann@issibern.chTREWAVAS Anthony [2164]PLANT BIOLOGY University of Edinburgh,Institute of Plant Molecular Biology,Kings Buildings, EH9 3JH, EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6505328 Fax: (44) Jürgen [329] PHYSICALCHEMISTRY Universität Göttingen,Institut für Physikalische Chemie,Tammannstrasse 6, D-37077, GöttingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 551-393121 Fax:(49) 551-393150 shoff@gwdg.deTROITSKAYA Yuliya I. [2451]EARTH & COSMIC SCIENCES RussianAcademy of Sciences, 46 Ulyanov str.,603950, Nizhny Novgorod RUSSIA Tel:(7) 831-4368297 Fax: (7) 831-4365976yuliya@hydro.appl.sci-nnov.ruTROPÉ Claes Goran [1286]CLINICAL SCIENCE & MICROBIOLOGY TheNorwegian Radium Hospital, Dept. ofGynecologic Oncology, Montebello,N-0310, Oslo 3 NORWAY Tel: (47)2506050 Fax: (47) 2525559 c.g.trope@medisin.uio.noTROWELL Brian [745] MUSICOLOGYNO MAILTRUDGILL Peter [2681]LINGUISTICS 32 Bathurst Road, NR2 2PP,Norwich UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1603-618036 peter.trudgill@unifr.chTRÜMPER Joachim [562]ASTROPHYSICS Max-Planck-Institutfür Extraterrestrische Physik,Giessenbachstrasse, 85740, Garchingbei München GERMANY Tel: (49)89-300003559 Fax: (49) 89-300003315jtrumper@mpe.mpg.deTRYGGVASON Karl [2165]MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY KarolinskaInstitutet, Division of Matrix Biology,Dept. of Medical Biochemistry &Biophysics, 171 77, Stockholm SWEDENTel: (46) 8-7287720 Fax: (46) Maurice [2693]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE Centre AntoineBéclère, Faculte de Medecine, 45 rue deSaints-Péres, 75270, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-42862295 maurice.tubiana@biomedicale.univ-paris5.frTUCKER John V. [2962]COMPUTER SCIENCE Swansea University,Department of Computer Science,Singleton Park, SA2 8PP, SwanseaUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1792-295649 Kaarlo H [2603] LAWUniversity of Helsinki, Faculty of Law,P O Box 4, FI-00014, Helsinki FINLANDTel: (358) 50-3245267 Fax: (358)9-19123090 kaarlo.tuori@helsinki.fiTUPPY Hans [571] BIOCHEMISTRYHofzeile 3, A-1190, Vienna AUSTRIATel: (43) 1-427761670 Fax: (43)1-42779616 Vito [1062] BIOCHEMISTRYJozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39,SL-1000, Ljubljana SLOVENIA Tel: (386)1-4264245 Fax: (386) 1-4252017 vito.turk@ijs.siTYLER Lorraine [2359] COGNITIVENEUROSCIENCE University of Cambridge,Dept. of Experimental Psychology,Downing Street, CB2 3EB, CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-766458 Fax: (44) 1223-766452 Victor [529] LAW ViaBacigalupo 4/15, 16122, Genova ITALYTel: (39) 010-818871 Fax: (39) 010-812656 studioge@uckmar.comAcademia Europaea Directory 2012UDIAS Agustin [1955] GEOPHYSICSUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, Geofisica, Facultad de CienciasFisicas, 28040, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-3944390 Fax: (34) 91-3944398audiasva@fis.ucm.esULFSTRAND Staffan [1874]ANIMAL ECOLOGY Öfre Slottsgatan 14A,SE-753 10, Uppsala SWEDEN Tel: (46)18-105737 staffan.ulfstrand@ebc.uu.seULLRICH Axel [1146] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Max-Planck Institut fürBiochemie, Am Klopferspitz 18A,D-82152, Martinsried GERMANY Tel:(49) 89-85782513 Fax: (49) 89-8577866 ullrich@biochem.mpg.deUMILTÀ Carlo [1117] PSYCHOLOGYUniversità di Padova, Dipart. diPsicologia Generale, via Venezia 8,35131, Padua ITALY Tel: (39) 049-8276610 Fax: (39) 049-8276600 carlo.umilta@unipd.itURONEN Paavo [1928]ENGINEERING Munkinpolku 8C, FIN-00330, Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)9-485976 paavo.uronen@kolumbus.fiUSPENSKY Boris [856] LINGUISTICSVia Principe Eugenio 15, 185, RomeITALY Tel: (39) 06-4468157 borisusp@gmail.comUYTTERHOEVEN Jan [738]CHEMISTRY NO MAILVAAGEN Jan S. [2305] NUCLEARPHYSICS University of Bergen, Dept.of Physics & Technology, Allegaten55, N-5007, Bergen NORWAY Tel: (47)55582724 Fax: (47) 55589440 jans.vaagen@ift.uib.noVACHAUD Georges [1790] EARTHSCIENCES LTHE, UMR5564, UniversitéJoseph Fourier, BP 53, F-38041,Grenoble Cx 09 FRANCE Tel: (33)4-76825070 Fax: (33) 4-76825001georgesvachaud5@gmail.comVAIKMÄE Rein [1373] GLOBALCLIMATOLOGY Tallinn University ofTechnology, Ehitajate tee 5, 19086,Tallinn ESTONIA Tel: (372) 6202005 Fax:(372) 6202004 rein.vaikmae@ttu.eeVALERO Mateo [2657]COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE BarcelonaSupercomputing Center, CentroNacional de Supercomputacion, c/JordiGirona 29, Edifici Nexus II, E-08034,Barcelona SPAIN Tel: (34) 93-4134097Fax: (34) 34-4137721 mateo@ac.upc.esVÄLIMAA Jussi P. [3102]EDUCATION Kekkolantie 11 A 4, FIN-40250, Jyväskylä FINLAND Tel: (358)40-5306612 jussi.p.valimaa@jyu.fiVAN BENTHEM Johan [1123]MATHEMATICS, PHILOSOPHY, COMPUTINGUniversity of Amsterdam, Inst. for Logic,Language & Computation, PlantageMuidergracht 24, 1018-TV, AmsterdamTHE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 20-5256051 Fax: (31) 20-5255206 johan@science.uva.nlVAN CAENEGEM Raoul [185]HISTORY University of Ghent, Faculty ofLaw, Universiteitstraat 4, 9000, GentBELGIUM Tel: (32) 9-2646853 Fax:(32) 9-2646707 DE KAA Dirk [532]DEMOGRAPHY NIDI, VanHogenhoucklaan 63, NL-2596 TB, TheHague THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)70-3249380 Fax: (31) 70-3243701djvandekaa@cs.comVAN DEN BERGH Jeroen [2824]ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS ICTA - UAB,Ed. Cn - Campus UAB, 8193, BellaterraBarcelona SPAIN jeroen.bergh@uab.esVAN DEN BERGHE Herman[144] GENETICS J. Scheepmansstraat9, B-3050, Oudheverlee BELGIUMhervdb@pandora.beVAN DEN HEUVEL Edward[1188] ASTRONOMY University ofAmsterdam, Astronomical InstituteAnton Pannekoek, P O Box 94249, 1090GE, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5257491 Fax: (31) 20-5257484e.p.j.vandenheuvel@uva.nlVAN DER AALST Wil [2912]COMPUTER SCIENCE Eindhoven Universityof Technology, Dept. of Mathematics& Computer Science, (HG 7.74), P OBox 513, NL-5600, Eindhoven THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 40-2474295Fax: (31) 40-2463992 w.m.p.v.d.aalst@tue.nlVAN DER EB Alex [621]MOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS Crucell b.v.,Archimedesweg 4, 2301 CA, Leiden THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 71-5248701Fax: (31) 71-5248702 lex.vandereb@crucell.comVAN DER LAAN Harry [108]ASTRONOMY Schoener 18, 3961 KZ, Wijkbij Duurstede THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 343-579186 Fax: (31) 343-579085vdlaan@astro.uu.nlVAN DER LINDEN Ronald[2580] SOLAR PHYSICS RoyalObservatory of Belgium, Ringlaan 3,B-1180, Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32)2-3730249 Fax: (32) 2-3749822 ronald.vanderlinden@oma.beVAN DER MEER Simon [1027]PHYSICS 4, chemin des Corbillettes,1218, Grand-Saconnex SWITZERLANDTel: (41) 22-7984305 Fax: (41) 22-7984305 vdmeer@freesurf.chVAN DER MEER Jos W M [2636]PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE RadboundUniversity Nijmegen Medical Centre,Dept. of General Internal Medicine, PO Box 9101, 6500 HB, Nijmegen THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 24-3614763Fax: (31) 24-3541734 j.vandermeer@aig.umcn.nlVAN DER MOLEN Henk [164]ENDOCRINOLOGY Veld en Beemd 6,2923 ES, Krimpen a/d IJssel THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 180-514441Fax: (31) 180-467480 vandermolen@ext.eur.nlVAN DER WEE Herman[48] SOCIAL & ECONOMIC HISTORY DeHettinghe’, Ettingestraat 10, B-9170,Sint-Pauwels BELGIUM Tel: (32)3-7760333 Fax: (32) DER WUSTEN Herman[1753] GEOGRAPHY Universiteitvan Amsterdam, Departmentof Geography, Planning, andInternational Development Studies,Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130, 1018 VZ,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 20-5254063 Fax: (31) 20-5254051h.h.vanderwusten@uva.nlVAN DIJK Pieter [246] LAWNO MAILVAN DONZEL Emeri [1770]ORIENTAL STUDIES van Ommerenpark128, 2243 EV, Wassenaar THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 70-5124628evdonzel@casema.nlVAN ESS Josef [1122] ISLAMICSTUDIES, SEMITIC LANGUAGES LiegnitzerStrasse 11, D-72072, TübingenGERMANY Tel: (49) 7071-31499 josef.van-ess@uni-tuebingen.deVAN GERVEN Walter [197] LAWDemarsinstraat 42, B-3012, Wilsele(Leuven) BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-284611walter.vangerven@law.kuleuven.beVAN GINKEL Hans [2031]GEOGRAPHY Park Arenberg 63, 3731 EP,De Bilt THE NETHERLANDS vanginkel@concepts.nlVAN GORP Hendrik [452]LITERATURE Erasmushuis, Blijdeinkomststraat21, 3000, LeuvenBELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-324842 Fax: (32)16-325068 hendrik.vangorp@arts.kuleuven.beVAN LEEUWEN Jan [2402]INFORMATICS Utrecht University, Dept.of Information & Computing Sciences,Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC, Utrecht THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 30-2534001Fax: (31) 30-2523791 j.vanleeuwen1@uu.nlVAN LIESHOUT Ruurd [12]PHYSICS Bieruma Oostingweg 5, 8453JJ, Oranjewoud THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 513-632389 vanlies@xs4all.nlVAN MONTAGU Marc [327]GENETICS Ghent University, Inst.Plant Biotechnology for DevelopingCountries, K.L. Ledeganckstraat35, 9000, Gent BELGIUM Tel: (32)9-2648727 Fax: (32) 9-2648795mamon@psb.UGent.beVAN OOSTROM Frits [2397]MEDIEVAL LITERATURE Utrecht University,Faculty of Humanities, Muntstraat 2A,3512 EV, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 30-2536277 frits.vanoostrom@let.uu.nlVAN OUTRYVE D’YDEWALLEGéry [374] PSYCHOLOGY University ofLeuven, Department of Psychology,3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32)37

Academia Europaea Directory 201216-325964 Fax: (32) 16-326099 Gery.dYdewalle@psy.kuleuven.beVAN ROOD Johannes [256]MEDICAL SCIENCE Plesmanlaan 1-B, 2333BZ, Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)65-3244415 Fax: (31) 71-5210457vanrood@europdonor.nlVAN VUGHT Frans A. [1886]POLICY SCIENCES University of Twente,P O Box 217, 7500 AE, Enschede THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 53-4893263Fax: (31) 53-4892191 f.a.vanvught@utwente.nlVAN WIJNGAARDENLeendert [1771] FLUID DYNAMICS VonWeberlaan 7, 7522 KB, Enschede THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 53-4352078l.vanwijngaarden@utwente.nlVAN ZWET Willem [825]MATHEMATICS University of Leiden,Department of Mathematics, P O Box9512, 2300, Leiden THE NETHERLANDSTel: (31) 71-5277046 Fax: (31) 71-5277101 vanzwet@math.leidenuniv.nlVAN ZWIETEN Pieter A.[1754] PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYMinervalaan 47 (II), 1077 NN,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)20-5664977 Fax: (31) 20-6760511VANDEKERCKHOVE Joël[1579] GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYUniversity of Gent, Department ofBiochemistry, A. Baertsoenkaai 3,B-9000, Gent BELGIUM Tel: (32)9-2649317 Fax: (32) 9-2649490 joel.vandekerckhove@ugent.beVANDENPLAS Paul [1929]PHYSICS 264 ave Paul Deschanel,B-1030, Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32)2-2413180 Fax: (32) 2-7352421dpvandenplas@skynet.beVANDER VORST André [391]ENGINEERING European MicrowaveAssociation, Chemin du Cyclotron6, B-1348, Louvain-La-NeuveBELGIUM Tel: (32) 10-390068 Fax:(32) 10-390001 andre.vandervorst@uclouvain.deVANDERHAEGHEN Jean[601] NEUROSCIENCE Laboratoire deNeurophysiologie, Université Libre deBruxelles, 808 Route de Lennik, 1070,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-5554203Fax: (32) 2-3723003 Joseph [1930]COMPUTING Katholieke UniversiteitLeuven, Dept. Electrical Engineering- ESAT, Arenberg 10, B-3001, Leuven-Heverlee BELGIUM Tel: (32) 16-321052Fax: (32) 16-321970 joos.vandewalle@esat.kuleuven.beVANEK Zdenko [917]BIOCHEMISTRY Academy of Sciencesof the Czech Republic, Institute ofMicrobiology, Videnská 1083, 14220,Prague 4 CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420)2-4752350 Fax: (420) 2-4752347pistorov@biomed.cas.czVANHOUTTE Paul [1719]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Universityof Hong Kong, Dept. of Pharmacology,Faculty of Medicine Bldg., 2/FLaboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road,78630, Hong Kong CHINA vanhoutte.hku@hku.hkVANHULST Henri [2257]MUSICOLOGY Université Libre deBruxelles, 50 Av. F. D Roosevelt (CP175), B-1050, Brussels BELGIUM Tel:(32) 2-6502485 Fax: (32) Gilbert [2186]MOLECULAR GENETICS University ofBrussels, Institute of InterdisciplinaryRes. (IRIBHM), Bldg C, Route de Lennik808, B-1070, Brussels BELGIUM Tel:(32) 2-5554145 Fax: (32) Guy [2486] CARDIACPHYSIOLOGY INSERM U-637,Physiopathologie Cardiovasculaire,CHU Arnaud de Villeneuve, F-34295,Montpellier FRANCE Tel: (33)4-67415248 Fax: (33) 4-67415242vassort@montp.inserm.frVAUCLAIR Sylvie [2046]ASTROPHYSICS Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, 14 ave Edouard-Belin,F-31400, Toulouse FRANCE Tel: (33)5-61332950 Fax: (33) 5-61332840sylvie.vauclair@obs-mip.frVEINSTEIN Gilles [1580] ORIENTALSTUDIES École des Hautes Études,en Sciences Sociales, 54 Boulevard38Raspail, 75006, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-49542301 Fax: (33) 1-49542672etudes-turques@ehess.frVEIS George [2204] SPACE GEODESY18 Lykias Street, 115 27, Athens GREECETel: (30) 210-7752066 Fax: (30) 210-7752066 asep@otenet.grVELARDE Manuel G. [1492]PHYSICS Instituto Pluridisciplinar,Universidad Complutense Madrid,Paseo Juan XXIII, No.1, 28040, MadridSPAIN Tel: (34) 91-394 3242 Fax: (34)91-394 3243 mgvelarde@pluri.ucm.esVELTMAN Bernard [88] APPLIEDPHYSICS Gevrogne 3, 6987, Trinal/Rendeux BELGIUM Tel: (32) 84-457281Fax: (32) 84-457892 bptveltman@skynet.beVENDRIX Philippe [2506]MUSICOLOGY 11 rue de Parçay, 37100,Tours FRANCE Tel: (33) 6-08131160vendrix@univ-tours.frVENETIANER Pál [1232]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute ofBiochemistry, Biological ResearchCentre, P O Box 521, H-6701, SzegedHUNGARY Tel: (36) 62-432232 Fax: (36)62-433506 venetpal@brc.huVENNSTRÖM Björn R. [2209]MOLECULAR GENETICS KarolinskaInstitute, Dept. of Cell & MolecularBiology, Box 285, S-171 77, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-52487350 Fax: (46)8-348135 bjorn.vennstrom@ki.seVERDAGUER Michel [2763]MOLECULAR INORGANIC CHEMISTRYLes Verdiers, 127 avenue du GénéralLeclerc, 91120, Palaiseau FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-60102418 michel.verdaguer@upmc.frVERHASSELT Yola [1233]GEOGRAPHY Perckhoevelaan 19, 2610,Wilrijk BELGIUM yola.verhasselt@skynet.beVERKHRATSKY Alexei [2215]NEUROSCIENCE University of Manchester,1.124 Stopford Building, OxfordRd, M13 9PT, Manchester UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 161-2755414 Fax:(44) 161-2755363 Lieven [2784]INSTRUCTIONAL PSYCHOLOGY KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven, Center for Inst.Psychology & Technology, Vesaliusstraat2, B-3000, Leuven BELGIUM Tel: (32)16-326258 lieven.verschaffel@ped.kuleuven.beVERSTAPPEN Herman [1063]GEOGRAPHY Mozartlaan 188, 7522HS, Enschede THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 53-4351554 hergraverstappen@planet.nlVERSTRAETE Marc [260] CLINICALSCIENCE NO MAILVESENTINI Edoardo [232]MATHEMATICS Scuola NormaleSuperiore, Piazza dei Cavalieri 7,56100, Pisa ITALY Tel: (39) 050-543854vesentini@lincei.itVESTWEBER Dietmar [1863]CELL BIOLOGY MPI for MolecularBiomedicine, Vascular Cell Biology,Röntgenstrasse 20, 48149, MünsterGERMANY Tel: (49) 251-70365210 Fax:(49) 251-70365299 vestweb@mpimuenster.mpg.deVIANO Carlo [1452] PHILOSOPHYUniversità Di Torino, Dipartimento diFilosofia, Via Sant’Ottavio 20, 10124,Turin ITALY Tel: (39) 011-8122657 Fax:(39) 011-8124543 cviano@tin.itVICENTE José [1234] MATHEMATICSUniversidad de Sevilla, Facultad deMatemáticas, Apartado 1.160, 41080,Seville SPAIN Tel: (34) 95-4557954 Fax:(34) 95-4556938 jlvc@us.esVICSEK Tamas [1668] PHYSICSNO MAILVIERECK Wolfgang [2197]ENGLISH LINGUISTICS Obere Dorotheenstr.5a, D-96049, Bamberg GERMANY Tel:(49) 951-58288 wolfgang.viereck@uni-bamberg.deVIGNERON Jean Pol [2054]PHYSICS Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Département dePhysique, Rue de Bruxelles 61, B-5000,Namur BELGIUM Tel: (32) 81-724711Fax: (32) 81-724707 Jean-Didier [1119]NEUROSCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY InstitutAlfred Fessard - Bat.33, CNRS, Avenuede la Terrasse, 91198, Gif-sur-YvetteCedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69823434Fax: (33) 1-9070538 vincent@bobby.iaf.cnrs-gif.frVINEN William [569] PHYSICS 52,middle park road, B29 4BJ, BirminghamUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 121-4751328 Geneviève [1262] LAWNO MAILVINNIK Lev [1374] EARTH &MARINE SCIENCES Institute of Physicsof the Earth, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya10, 123995, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-2549325 Fax: (7) 495-2556040vinnik@ifz.ruVINOGRADOV Igor [1235]LITERATURE Ryleev St, No. 23 KV.59,119034, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-2015741VIRSU Veijo [1614] PSYCHOLOGY &BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Department ofPsychology, University of Helsinki, P OBox 9, FIN-00014, Helsinki FINLANDTel: (358) 9-19123449 Fax: (358)9-19123493 veijo.virsu@helsinki.fiVITANYI Paul [3009] COMPUTERSCIENCE Keizersgracht 16, 1015 CP,Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS paulv@cwi.nlVIVARELLI Roberto [1514]HISTORY Scuola Normale Superiore,Piazza dei Cavalieri 7, 56126, PisaITALY Tel: (39) 050-597111 Fax: (39)050-563513VIZI E. Sylvester [1263]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Instituteof Experimental Medicine, HungarianAcademy of Sciences, Szigony u. 43,1083, Budapest HUNGARY Tel: (36)1-3319353 Fax: (36) 1-3328943 esvizi@koki.huVLAD Ionel V. [2306] PHYSICS-OPTICS Institute of Atomic Physics,NILPRP, Dept. of Lasers, Atomistii Str.,409, R-077125, Bucharest ROMANIA Tel:(40) 21-4574467 Fax: (40) 21-4574243vlad@nipne.roVOLAIT Mercedes [2850]ARCHITECTURAL ORIENTALISM INVISU -CNRS/INHA, 2, rue Vivienne, F-75002,Paris FRANCE 33-1 47 03 86 12mercedes.volait@inha.frVÖLK Heinrich [35] ASTROPHYSICSMax-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik,Postfach 103980, 69029, HeidelbergGERMANY Tel: (49) 6221-516295 Fax:(49) 6221-516549 heinrich.voelk@mpi-hd.mpg.deVOLLMER Gerhard [2435]PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE Prof. Döllgaststrasse14, D-86633, Neuburg/DonauGERMANY g.vollmer@tu-bs.deVOLTERRA Andrea [2416]NEUROBIOLOGY Université de Lausanne,Dépt. De Biologie Cellulaire et deMorphologie, Rue du Bugnon 9, 1005,Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 21-6925271 Fax: (41) 21-6925105 andrea.volterra@unil.chVON ALBRECHT Michael[1740] CLASSICS Am Forst 9, D-69207,Sandhausen GERMANY Tel: (49) 6224-4180 Fax: (49) 6224-4180VON BEYME Klaus [25] POLITICALSCIENCE Universität Heidelberg, Inst. fürPolitische Wissenschaft, BergheimerStr. 58, D-69115, Heidelberg GERMANYTel: (49) 6221-542880 Fax: (49)6221-542896 klaus.von.beyme@urz.uni-heidelberg.deVON BOEHMER Harald [899]IMMUNOLOGY Harvard Medical School,Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 44 BinneyStreet, Smith 736, MA 02115, BostonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 617-6326880Fax: (1) 617-6326881 harald_von_boehmer@dfci.harvard.eduVON DER DUNK Hermann[226] HISTORY Nicolailaan 20, 3723 HS,Bilthoven THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)30-2285401 hwdunk@hotmail.comVON DER MALSBURGChristoph [710] PSYCHOLOGYFrankfurt Institute for AdvancedStudies, Ruth-Moufang-strasse 1,D-60438, Frankfurt am Main GERMANYTel: (49) 69-79847614 Fax: (49)69-79847615 schmitz@fias.unifrankfurt.deVON HEIJNE Gunnar [1789]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY StockholmUniversity, Dept. of Biochemistry andBiophysics, SE-106 91, StockholmSWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-162590 Fax: (46)8-153679 HENTIG Hartmut [1124]EDUCATION Kurfürstendamm 214,10719, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-8850805 necVON KLITZING Klaus [284]PHYSICS Max-Planck-Institut fürFestkörperforschung, Heisenbergstrasse1, D-70569, Stuttgart GERMANY Tel:(49) 711-6891570 Fax: (49) 711-6891572 k.klitzing@fkf.mpg.deVON MATT Peter [895] LITERATUREUniversität Zürich, Deutsches Seminar,Schönberggasse 9, CH-8001, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-6342571Fax: (41) 1-6344905 von.matt.peter@swissonline.chVON THADDEN Rudolf [632]HISTORY Seminar für Mittlere undNeuere Geschichte, Platz der GöttingerSieben 5, 37073, Göttingen GERMANYTel: (49) 551-394644 Fax: (49) 551-394632 bkausch@gwdg.deVON WEIZSÄCKER C. Christian[80] ECONOMICS Max-Planck-Institut zurErforschung, von Gemeinschaftsgütern,Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 10, 53113, BonnGERMANY Tel: (49) 228-91416800Fax: (49) 228-9141611 weizsaecker@coll.mpg.deVON WETTSTEIN Diter [51]PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Departmentsof Crop & Soil Sciences, WashingtonState University, WA 99 164-6420,Pullman UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 509-3353635 Fax: (1) 509-3358674 diter@wsu.eduVON WRIGHT Johan [977]PSYCHOLOGY Ilmarinkatu 12A, 100,Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 9-497274Fax: (358) 9-497274VOUTIRAS Emmanuel[2495] CLASSICS Tsimiski 137, 54621,Thessaloniki GREECE Tel: (30) 2310-220219 Fax: (30) 2310-997303voutiras@hist.auth.grVRIES Peer H. [2421] GLOBALHISTORY University of Vienna, Institutefor Economic & Social History, Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring 1, A-1010, Vienna AUSTRIATel: (43) 1-427741310 Fax: (43)1-42779413 Rudolf [2426]COMPARATIVE HISTORICAL LINGUISTICSHolbeinstrasse 19, 4051, BaselSWITZERLAND rudolf.wachter@unibas.chWAGENAAR Willem [338]PSYCHOLOGY University of Leiden,Department of Psychology, P O Box9555, 2300, Leiden THE NETHERLANDSTel: (31) 71-5273630 Fax: (31)71-5273619 w.a.wagenaar@umail.leidenuniv.nlWAGNER Heinz Georg [1620]CHEMISTRY Institut für PhysikalischeChemie, Georg-August-UniversitätGöttingen, Tammannstr. 6, D-37077,Göttingen GERMANY Tel: (49) 551-393112 Fax: (49) 551-393117 necWAGNER Erwin [1878] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Spanish National CancerResearch Centre, C/ Melchor FernandezAlmagro 3, E-28029, Madrid SPAIN Tel:(34) 917-328000 Fax: (34) 912-246980ewagner@cnio.esWAGNER Hermann [2128]NEUROSCIENCE Dept. of Zoologa/Animal Physiology, Institute Biology II,RWTH Aachen, Kopernikusstrasse 16,D-52074, Aachen GERMANY Tel: (49)241-8024835 Fax: (49) 241-8022133wagner@bio2.rwth-aachen.deWAGNER Christoph [2598]HISTORY OF ART Universität Regensburg,Lehrstuhl für Kunstgeschichte,Universitätstrasse 31, D-93053,Regensburg GERMANY Tel: (49)941-9433752 Fax: (49) 941-9433844christoph.wagner@psk.uni-regensburg.deWAIN-HOBSON Simon [2455]VIROLOGY URM - Institut Pasteur, 25 ruedu Docteur Roux, 75724, Paris Cedex 15FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-45688821 Fax: (33)1-45688874 simon@pasteur.frWALKER David [1581] PLANT &ANIMAL SCIENCES 9 Canterbury Crescent,S10 3RW, Sheffield UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 114-2305904 John [1825] BIOCHEMISTRYMRC - Mitochondrial Biology Unit,Wellcome Trust / MRC Building, HillsRoad, CB2 0XY, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-252701 Fax:(44) 1223-252705ØE Lars [1976] PHYSIOLOGYUniversity of Oslo, Department ofPhysiology, P O Box 1103-Blindern,N-0317, Oslo NORWAY Tel: (47)22851218 Fax: (47) 22851249 lars.walloe@medisin.uio.noWÄNKE Heinrich [1469]ASTRONOMY & SPACE RESEARCH Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Postfach3060, 55020, Mainz GERMANY Tel: (49)6131-305231 Fax: (49) 6131-371290waenke@mpch-mainz.mpg.deWARDLE Jane [2471] PSYCHOLOGYUniversity College London, Dept. ofEpidemiology & Public Health, GowerStreet, WC1E 6BT, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76796642 Fax:(44) 20-78132848 Graham [1669] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Max F. PerutzLaboratories, Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9, A-1030,Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-427724011Fax: (43) 1-42779240 Jeffrey [891]NEUROSCIENCE 8 Lower Court Rd,Almondsbury, BS32 4DX, Bristol UNITEDKINGDOM jeffwatkins@onetel.comWATT Fiona M [2645] CELL BIOLOGYCR-UK Cambrdige Research Institute,Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way, CB20RE, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1223-404400 Fax: (44) 1223-404573 Anthony [1956] MARINEGEOLOGY University of Oxford, Dept.of Earth Sciences, Parks Rd, OX1 3PR,Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-272032 Fax: (44) Denis [1826] PHYSICSTrinity College Dublin, School of Physics,Dublin 2 IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-8961055Fax: (353) 1-6711759 dweaire@tcd.ieWEATHERALL David [44]MEDICAL SCIENCE Weatherall Instituteof Molecular Medicine, John RadcliffeHospital, Headington, OX3 9DS, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-222360 Fax: (44) 1865-222501 Roy E. [771] PHYSIOLOGYUniversity of Aarhus, Department ofZoophysiology, Ole Worms Alle 131,DK-8000, Aarhus DENMARK Tel: (45)89422599 Fax: (45) 86194186 Klaus [997] BIOCHEMISTRYMax-Planck-Inst. For BiophysicalChemistry, 37077, Göttingen GERMANYTel: (49) 551-2011485 Fax: (49)551-2011578 Bert [2797]SPECTROSCOPY & SURFACE CHEMISTRYUtrecht University, Inorganic Chemistry& Catalysis Group, Universiteitsweg 99,3584 CG, Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Tel:(31) 30-2534328 Fax: (31) 30-2511027b.m.weckhuysen@uu.nlWEGNER Gerhard [1064]CHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Inst. fürPolymerforschung, Postfach 3148,D-55021, Mainz GERMANY Tel: (49)6131-379130 Fax: (49) 6131-379330wegner@mpip-mainz.mpg.deWEHNER Rüdiger [661] ZOOLOGYUniversity of Zürich, Department ofZoology, Winterthurerstrasse 190,8057, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)1-6354831 Fax: (41) 1-6355716rwehner@zool.unizh.chWEIBEL Ewald [1812] CELLBIOLOGY Riedernstrasse 12, CH-3037,Herrenschwanden SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 31-3020003 Fax: (41) 31-3024503weibel@ana.unibe.chWEICKERT Joachim [3125]SCIENTIFC COMPUTING SaarlandUniversity, Faculty of Mathematics& Computer Science, Campus E1.1,66041, Saarbrücken GERMANY Tel: (49)681-30257340 Fax: (49) 681-30257342weickert@mia.uni-saarland.deWEIGEL Sigrid [2468] LITERARYHISTORY Zentrum für Literatur - und,Kulturforschungforschung, Schützenstr.18, D-10117, Berlin GERMANY Tel: (49)30-20192173 litera@zfl.gwz-berlin.deWEIKUM Gerhard [3131]INFORMATICS Max Planck Institute forInformatics, Databases & InformationSystems, Campus E1.4, 66123,Saarbrücken GERMANY Tel: (49)681-93255000 Fax: (49) 681-93255099weikum@mpi-inf.mpg.deWEILER Elmar [1738] PLANTPHYSIOLOGY Ruhr-Universität Bochum,Department of Plant Physiology,Universitätsstr. 150, D-44801, BochumGERMANY Tel: (49) 234-3224291 Fax:(49) 234-3214187 elmar.weiler@ruhr-uni-bochum.deWEINRICH Harald [975]LINGUISTICS Raesfeldstrasse 18,D-48149, Münster GERMANY Tel: (49)251-1312 846 Fax: (49) 251-1312 916WEISKRANTZ Lawrence [759]PSYCHOLOGY University of Oxford, Dept.of Experimental Psychology, SouthParks Road, OX1 3UD, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-271355 Fax:(44) 1865-310447 Robin [1376] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY UniversityCollege London, Div. of Infection &Immunity, Cruciform Building 3.1,Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, LondonUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-31082137 Nigel O. [2978]MATHEMATICAL ASTROPHYSICS Centrefor Mathematical Sciences, Dept. ofApplied Mathematics &, TheoreticalPhysics, Wilberforce Road, CB3 0WA,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-337910 Charles [241]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Scripps Florida,RF2, Room 248, 5353 Parkside Drive,JUPITER, 33458, Florida UNITED STATEScharlesw@scripps.eduWELTE Dietrich [976] EARTHSCIENCE IES GmbH, Ritterstrasse 23,52072, Aachen GERMANY Tel: (49)2461-5158610 Fax: (49) 2461-5158690iesdhw@aol.comWELZL Emo [2374] COMPUTERSCIENCE Institute of TheoreticalComputer Science, ETH Zentrum,CH-8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44-6327370 Fax: (41) 44-6321063emo@inf.ethz.chWENZEL Friedemann [2383]ENGEERING SEISMOLOGY KarlsruheInstitute for Technology, GeophysicalInstitute, Hertzstrasse 16, 76187,Karlsruhe GERMANY Tel: (49)721-6084558 Fax: (49) 721-71173friedemann.wenzel@kit.eduWERNER Wendelin [2586]MATHEMATICS Université Paris-Sud,Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Bât.425, 91405, Orsay cedex FRANCEwendelin.werner@math.u-psud.frWESOLOWSKI Wlodzimierz[1438] SOCIOLOGY ul. Czesnika 15, 27Jan 929, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-8265234 Fax: (48) 22-8267823wwesolow@ifispan.waw.plWESSELING Henk [214]HISTORY Wijttenbachweg 43, 2341VX, Oegstgeest THE NETHERLANDSh.l.wesseling@tele2.nlWEST Richard [838] ASTRONOMY,ASTROPHYSICS Möwestrasse 59A,D-81827, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-4308731 richard@rmwest.netWEST Martin [1829] CLASSICS AllSouls College, OX1 4AL, Oxford UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-279289 Fax:(44) 1865-279299 Stephen [2025]BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYLondon Research Institute, Clare HallLaboratories, Cancer Research UK, EN63LD, South Mimms, Herts. UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-72693868 Fax:(44) 20-72693811 Eric [2086] STRUCTURALBIOLOGY UPR 9002 CNRS, Institut deBiologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, 15rue René Descartes, 67084, StrasbourgFRANCE Tel: (33) 3-88417046 Fax:(33) 3-88417066 e.westhof@ibmc.ustrasbg.frWHITE Simon D M [2634]ASTROPHYSICS Rheinlandstrasse 10B,80805, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)80-3242001 swhite@mpa-garching.mpg.deWHITFIELD Michael [508]MARINE SCIENCE NO MAIL

WICK Georg [1437] IMMUNOLOGYInnsbruck Medical Univeristy,Laboratory of Autoimmunity, Peter-Mayr-strasse 4a, A-6020, InnsbruckAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 512-900370960 Fax:(43) 512-900373960 Jiri [2400]THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCEAcademy of Sciences of the CzechRepublic, Institute of ComputerScience, Pod Vodarenskou vezi 2, 18207, Prague CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420)2-66053520 Fax: (420) 2-86585789 jiri.wiedermann@cs.cas.czWIELAND Felix [2970] PROTEIN-LIPID INTERACTIONS HeidelbergUniversity Biochemistry Center,Im Neuenheimer Feld 328, 69120,Heidelberg GERMANY Tel: (49) 6221-544150 Fax: (49) 6221-544366 felix.wieland@bzh.uni-heidelberg.deWIEVIORKA Michel [2716]SOCIOLOGY Fondation Maison desSciences de l’homme, 54 boulevardRaspail, F-75006, Paris FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-49542003 Fax: (33) 1-49542133wiev@msh-paris.frWIGLEY Tom [1065] ATMOSPHERICSCIENCE National Center for AtmosphericResearch, CGD/ACACIA Program, PO Box 3000, CO 80307-300, BoulderUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 303-4972690Fax: (1) 303-4972699 wigley@ucar.eduWIGZELL Hans [116] IMMUNOLOGYKarolinska Institute, MTC, S-171 77,Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46) 8-7286680Fax: (46) 8-317027 Marten K. F. [2768]PHYSICAL BIOCHEMISTRY University ofHelsinki, Institute of Biotechnology,Viikinkaari 1 (PB 65), Fin-00014,University of Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358)9-19158000 Fax: (358) 9-19159920marten.wikstrom@helsinki.fiWILDHABER Luzius [523] LAWNO MAILWILHELM Reinhard [2526]COMPUTER SCIENCE Universität desSaarlandes, FR.6.2 Informatik, CampusE13, D-66123, Saarbrücken GERMANYTel: (49) 681-3023434 Fax: (49) 681-3023065 wilhelm@cs.uni-sb.deWILKE Günther [451]CHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institut fürKohlenforschung, Kaiser-Wilhelmplatz1, 45466, Mülheim an der RuhrGERMANY Tel: (49) 208-3062433 Fax:(49) 208-3062984 guenther.wilke@tonline.deWILKINSON Denys [916]PHYSICS Gayles Orchard, Seaford Road,Friston, BN20 0BA, Eastbourne UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1323-423333 Fax:(44) 1323-423956WILLIAMS Robert [1470]CHEMISTRY Inorganic ChemistryLaboratory, South Parks Road, OX13QR, Oxford UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1865-272621 Fax: (44) David [1907] MEDICALENGINEERING University of Liverpool,Dept. of Clinical Engineering, P OBox 147, L69 3BX, Liverpool UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 151-7064203 Fax:(44) 151-7065920 Lothar [1583]GENETICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYMax-Planck-Inst. für MolekularePflanzenphysiologie, D-14476, GolmGERMANY Tel: (49) 331-5678202 Fax:(49) 331-5678201 willmitzer@mpimpgolm.mpg.deWILSON Alan [1121] URBAN ®IONAL GEOGRAPHY MaryleboneExchange/Flat 1, 25 Luxborough Street,W1U 5AR, London UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 20-74875653 David [1302]ARCHAEOLOGY The Lifeboat House,Castletown, IM9 1LD, Isle of ManUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1624-822800 Fax: (44) 1624-824664 dmw@mcb.netWIMMER Heinz [2510]PSYCHOLOGY University of Salzburg,Department of Psychology,Hellbrunnerstrasse 34, A-5020,Salzburg AUSTRIA Tel: (43) 662-80445128 Fax: (43) Hans [575]PHARMACOLOGY University of Innsbruck,Dept.of Pharmacology, Peter-Mayr-Strasse 1A, A-6020, Innsbruck AUSTRIATel: (43) 512-5073700 Fax: (43) 512-5072783 Ernst-Ludwig[461] BIOCHEMISTRY Human FrontierScience Program Organisation, 12 QuaiSt. Jean, BP 10034, 67080, StrasbourgCedex FRANCE Tel: (32) 2-2987804 Fax:(33) 3-88215122 elwinnacker@hfsp.orgWINSKEL Glynn [2937] COMPUTERSCIENCE University of Cambridge,Computer Laboratory, 15 JJ ThomsonAvenue, CB3 0FD, Cambridge UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 1223-334613 Fax:(44) 1223-334678 Jacques [677] PHYSICS8 rue Irvoy, 38000, Grenoble FRANCETel: (33) 4-76492666 jacques.winter@gonlin.frWINTERFELDT Ekkehard[1773] CHEMISTRY Universität Hannover,Institut für Organische Chemie,Schneiderberg 1B, D-30167, HannoverGERMANY Tel: (49) 511-7624649 Fax:(49) 511-7623011 winterfeldt@mbox.oci.uni-hannover.deWIRTH Eugen [790] GEOGRAPHYMembacher Weg 41, D-91056, ErlangenGERMANY Tel: (49) 9131-8522633 Fax:(49) 9131-8522013 necWITHERS Charles [1999]GEOGRAPHY University of Edinburgh,Department of Geography, DrummondStreet, EH8 9XP, Edinburgh UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 131-6502559 Fax:(44) 131-6502524 Els [2671] CONTEMPORARYHISTORY Jozef II straat 106/53, B-1000,Brussels BELGIUM Tel: (32) Alfred [2124]BIOCHEMISTRY Max-Planck-Institut fürMolekulare Physiologie, Otto-Hahn-Str.11, 44227, Dortmund GERMANY Tel:(49) 231-2100 Fax: (49) 231-1332199alfred.wittinghofer@mpi-dortmund.mpg.deWITTROCK Björn [2118] SOCIALSCIENCES The Swedish Collegiumfor Advanced Study, Linneanum,Thunbergsvägen 2, SE-752 38, UppsalaSWEDEN Tel: (46) 18-557085 Fax:(46) 18-521109 bjorn.wittrock@swedishcollegium.seWODAK Ruth [2779] LINGUISTICLancaster University, Dept. of Linguistics& English Language, County South, LA14YT, Lancaster UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 1524-592437 Fax: (44) 1524-893085 Dietrich [1288] ENGINEERINGInstitut für Angewandte Physik, JohannWolfgang Goethe-Universität, Postfach11 19 32, D-60054, Frankfurt am MainGERMANY Tel: (49) 69-79822390 Fax:(49) 69-79828865 dietrich.wolf@iap.uni-frankfurt.deWOLFENDALE Arnold [1827]PHYSICS University of Durham, PhysicsDepartment, DH1 3LE, Durham UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 191-3343580 Fax:(44) 191-3343717 Claes B. [1066]BIOCHEMISTRY University MedicalCenter, Department of Cell Physiologyand Metabolism, 1, rue Michel-Servet,CH-1211, Geneva 4 SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 22-3795548 Fax: (41) 22-3795543claes.wollheim@unige.chWOLPERT Lewis [320]DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY UCL, Anatomy,Gower St, WC1E 6BT, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76791320 Fax:(44) 20-78132813 Gereon [2782]PHILOSOPHY University of Constance,Department of Philosophy, D-78457,Constance GERMANY Tel: (49) 7531-882636 Fax: (49) 7531-882502 gereon.wolters@uni-konstanz.deWOLTJER Lodewijk [845]ASTRONOMY Observatoire deHaute-Provence, 4870, St-MichelL’Observatoire FRANCE Tel: (33)4-92766621 Fax: (33) 4-92766295dw@bluewin.chWOODS John [42] MARINE SCIENCEVia Antica Romana, Di Quinto 37,16166, Genova ITALYWORTEL Rinus [1704] EARTHIf you see any errors contact: MARINE SCIENCES Faculty of EarthSciences, Utrecht University, P.OBox 80.021, 3508 TA, Utrecht THENETHERLANDS Tel: (31) 30-2535074Fax: (31) 30-2535030 wortel@geo.uu.nlWRAY Susan [2558] PHYSIOLOGYUniversity of Liverpool, School ofBiomedical Sciences, Crown Street, L693BX, Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM Tel:(44) 151-7945306 Fax: (44) 151-7945321 Barbara [412] FRENCHLITERATURE Trinity College, Departmentof French, Arts Building, Dublin 2IRELAND Tel: (353) 1-896 1575 Fax:(353) 1-671 7118 bwright@tcd.ieWRIGLEY Tony [186] HISTORY13 Sedley Taylor Road, CB2 8PW,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-247614 Guillaume [1615]POLITICAL SCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHYInstitute of Demography, Universityof Louvain, Place Montesquieu 1/17,B-1348, Louvain-La-Neuve BELGIUMTel: (32) 10-474104 Fax: (32) 10-472952 g.wunsch@uclouvain.beWÜSTHOLZ Gisbert [2517]MATHEMATICS ETH - Zentrum,Departement Mathematik, Rämistrasse101, CH-8092, Zurich SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 44632-3413 Fax: (41) 44632-1746wustholz@math.ethz.chWÜTHRICH Kurt [577] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Institut für Molekularbiologieund Biophysik, ETH-Zurich,Schafmattstrasse 20, CH-8093, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 44-6332473Fax: (41) 44-6331151WYLLIE Andrew [1670] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Universityof Cambridge, Department ofPathology, Tennis Court Rd, CB2 1QP,Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44)1223-333691 Fax: (44) Moshe [1236] GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institut Pasteur,Site Fernbach, 25 rue du Docteur Roux,75724, Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE Tel: (33)1-45688512 Fax: (33) 1-40613033yaniv@pasteur.frYNDURÁIN Francisco [1671]PHYSICS Departamento de Física Teórica,C-XI, Univ. Autónoma de Madrid, CantoBlanco, E-28049, Madrid SPAIN Tel: (34)91-3974879 Fax: (34) 91-3973936 fjy@delta.ft.uam.esYOR Marc Jean [2518]MATHEMATICS Université Pierre etMarie Curie - Paris VI, Laboratoire deProbability, 175 rue de Chavaleret,75013, Paris FRANCE Tel: (33)1-44273780 Fax: (33) 1-44277223deaproba@proba-jussieu.frYOUNG Robert J. [2287] ENGLISHLITERATURE New York University, 13University Place, 514, NY 10003, NewYork UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 212-9929595 rjy2@nyu.eduZABUS Chantal [2288]COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 14 rue duDoyenné, 1180, Brussels BELGIUM Tel:(32) 2-3472969 czabus@hotmail.comZACHARASIEWICZ Waldemar[2733] NORTH AMERICAN STUDIESMesserchmidtgasse 14, A-1180, ViennaAUSTRIA Tel: (43) 1-4709671 Elizabeth[1584] ORIENTAL STUDIES P O Box 75271,T.K. 17610, Kallithea, Athens GREECETel: (30) 210-9560958 Fax: (30) 210-9560912 nikosveta@ath.forthnet.grZACHAU Hans [363] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Adolf-Butenandt-Institut derLudwig-, Maximillians-Universität/Molekularbiologie, Schillerstrasse 44,80336, Munich GERMANY Tel: (49)89-5996429 Fax: (49) Hans [820] LAW Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches, undinternationales Sozialrecht, Postfach34 01 21, D-80098, Munich GERMANYTel: (49) 89-38602502 Fax: (49) 89-38602590 zacher@mpisoc.mpg.deZAGIER Don [1379] MATHEMATICSMax-Planck-Institut für Mathematik,Postfach 7280, 53072, Bonn GERMANYTel: (49) 228-402233 Fax: (49) 228-402277 makela@mpim-bonn.mpg.deZAGREBAEV Valeriy [3090]NUCLEAR & THEORETICAL PHYSICS FlerovLaboratory of Nuclear Reactions,Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,Joliot-Curie 6, 141980, Dubna, MoscowRegion RUSSIA Tel: (7) 49621-64762Fax: (7) 49621-65083 zagrebaev@jinr.ruZAHRADNÍK Rudolf [1935]CHEMISTRY Dolejskova 3, 182 23,Prague 8 CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: (420)2-86583029 Fax: (420) 2-86582307rudolf.zahradnik@jh-inst.cas.czZAKHAROV Vladimir [3135]MATHEMATICAL PHSYICS P.N. LebedevInstitute of Physics (FIAN), Leninskii Pr.53, 119951, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)499-1354264 Fax: (7) 499-1357880zakharov@math.arizona.eduZANDBERGEN Pieter [586]MATHEMATICS Weleweg 410, 7500,Enschede THE NETHERLANDS Tel: (31)53-4281794 Fax: (31) 53-4283108pieterjz@netscape.netZANKER Paul [1265] CLASSICSNO MAILZASLAVSKAIA Tatiana [1493]SOCIOLOGY Profsoyuznaia 45 r 1 ap37, 117420, Moscow RUSSIA Tel: (7)495-3316961 Fax: (7) 495-4347547common@inerc.msk.suZEILINGER Anton [2938]FOUNDATIONS OF QUANTUM PHYSICSInst.of Quantum Optics & QuantumInformation, Boltzmanngasse 3, 1090,Vienna AUSTRIA Tel: (43) Semir [881] NEUROSCIENCEUniversity College London, WellcomeDept of Cognitive Neurology, GowerStreet, WC1E 6BT, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-76797316 Fax:(44) 20-76797316 Theodore [1471] HISTORYSt. Anthony’s College, OX2 6JF, OxfordUNITED KINGDOM Tel: (44) 1865-59651Fax: (44) 1865-310518ZENK Meinhart [334] PLANTSCIENCE Danforth Plant Science Center,975 North Warson Rd, Room No. 1006,MO 63132, St. Louis UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 314-5871474 Fax: (1) 314-5871574mhzenk@danforthcenter.orgZEREFOS Christos [2551]ATMOSPERIC PHYSICS NationalObservatory of Athens, I. Netaxa & Vas.Pavlou, Palea Penteli, 15236, AthensGREECE Tel: (30) 210-8109190 Fax: (30)210-8109170 zerefos@geol.uoa.grZHIMULEV Igor [1717] GENETICS& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Institute ofCytology and Genetics, Siberian Div.of Russian Academy of Sciences,630090, Novosibirsk RUSSIA Tel: (7)3832-301665 Fax: (7) 3832-301665zhimulev@bionet.nsc.ruZICHICHI Antonino [1454]PHYSICS CERN, 1211, GenevaSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 22-7677755Fax: (41) 22-7850207ZICKLER Denise [2166] CELLBIOLOGY Institut de Génétique etMicrobiologie, Université Paris-sud,Bâtiment 400, 91405, Orsay cedexFRANCE Tel: (33) 1-69157013 Fax: (33)1-69156678 zickler@igmors.u-psud.frZIEGLER Peter A. [767] EARTHSCIENCE Kirchweg 41, CH-4102,Binningen SWITZERLAND Tel: (41)61-4215535 Fax: (41) 61-4215535paziegler@magnet.chZIERATH Juleen R. [3057]CLINICAL INTEGRATIVE PHYSIOLOGYKarolinska Institutet, IntegrativePhysiology, von Eulers väg 4a, IV,17177, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel: (46)8-52487581 Fax: (46) 8-335436 juleen.zierath@ki.seZILITINKEVICH Sergej[2019] ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES FinnishMeteorological Institute, Dept. ofMeteorological Research, PL 503, 101,Helsinki FINLAND Tel: (358) 9-19294678Fax: (358) 9-19294103 sergej.zilitinkevich@fmi.fiZILLIACUS Clas [1672] LITERATURESvartmunkegr. 2A 6, FIN-20700, ÅboFINLAND Tel: (358) 2-21531 Fax: (358)2-2154661 czilliac@abo.fiZIMA Peter V. [2734] GENERAL &COMPARATIVE LITERATURE UniversitätKlagenfurt, Inst. fur Kultur, Literaturund Musikwissenschaft, Universitätsstr65-67, A-9020, Klagenfurt AUSTRIA Tel:(43) 463-27002011 Fax: (43) 463-27002009 Herbert [2621]Academia Europaea Directory 2012NEUROSCIENCE Goethe University,Inst. of Cell Biololgy & Neuroscience,Max-von-Laue-Str.13, D-60438,Frankfurt-am-Main GERMANY Tel: (49)69-79829602 Fax: (49) 69-79829606h.zimmermann@bio.uni-frankfurt.deZIMMERMANN Klaus [2825]LABOUR & POPULATION ECONOMICS IZAForschungsinstitut z. Zukunft der,Arbeit GmBh, Schaumburg-Lippe-Str5-9, 53113, Bonn GERMANY Tel: (49)228-3894200 Fax: (49) 228-3894210zimmermann@iza.orgZIMMERMANN Bernhard[3127] CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Seminarfür Klassische Philologie, Platz derUniversität 3, D-79085, FreiburgGERMANY Tel: (49) 761-2033122Fax: (49) 761-2033126 bernhard.zimmermann@altphil.uni-freiburg.deZINKERNAGEL Rolf [325]IMMUNOLOGY University HospitalZurich, Department of Pathology,Schmeizbergstrasse 12, CH-8091, ZurichSWITZERLAND Tel: (41) 1-2552989 Fax:(41) 1-2554420 rolf.zinkernagel@usz.chZIOLKOWSKI Anton [2020]GEOPHYSICS University of Edinburgh,School of Geosciences, Grant Institute,The King’s Buildings, West Mains Rd,EH9 3JW, Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOMTel: (44) 131-6508511 Fax: (44) 131-6683184 Viktor [979] LITERATUREAbteilung für Germanistik, UniversitätZagreb, Ivana Lucica 3, HR-10000,Zagreb CROATIA Tel: (385) 1-6120052mbobinac@ffzg.hrZOLO Danilo [266] POLITICALPHILOSOPHY NO MAILZOREC Robert [2466] CELLPHYSIOLOGY Brdnikova Ulica 31, 1000,Ljubljana SLOVENIA Tel: (386) 5437080Fax: (386) 5437036 robert.zorec@mf.uni-lj.siZU PUTLITZ Gisbert [1029]PHYSICS Universität Heidelberg,Physikalisches Institut, PhilosophenWeg 12, D-69120, HeidelbergGERMANY Tel: (49) 6221-549211 Fax:(49) 6221-549360 putlitz@physi.uni-heidelberg.deZUR HAUSEN Harald [854]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY NO MAILZWAENEPOEL Willy [2527]COMPUTER SCIENCE Lab.of OperatingSystems (LABOS), EPFL - Computer &Comm. Sciences, Bât. BC - Station 14,CH-1015, Lausanne SWITZERLAND Tel:(41) 21-6934779 Fax: (41) 21-6936490willy.zwaenepoel@epfl.chZWIERLEIN Otto [712] CLASSICSMozartstr. 30, 53115, Bonn GERMANYTel: (49) 228-737339 Fax: (49) 228-737748 zwierlein@uni-bonn.deZYLICZ Maciej [2106] MOLECULARBIOLOGY International Institute ofMolecular, and Cell Biology, Ks. Trojdena4, 2 Jan 109, Warsaw POLAND Tel: (48)22-6685086 Fax: (48) Jan D. [2844]THEORETICAL & APPLIED MECHANICS 711Roslyn Terrace, IL 60201, EvanstonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 847-8649282achenbach@northwestern.eduALBERTS Bruce [1532] CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY University ofCalifornia, San Francisco (UCSF), Deptof Biochemistry & Biophysics, Box220, Genentech Hall, Room N312C, CA94158-2517, San Francisco UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 415-5144825 Fax: (1)415-5144145 balberts@ucsf.eduANPO Masakazu [2544]PHOTOCHEMISTRY ON SOLID SURFACESOsaka Prefecture University, Dept. ofApplied Chemistry, 1-1 Gakuen-Cho,Sakai-city, 599-8531, Osaka JAPANTel: (81) 72-2549282 Fax: (81) 722-2549910 Halton [1742] ASTRONOMY &SPACE RESEARCH Max-Planck-Institutfür Astrophysik, 85740, GarchingGERMANY Tel: (49) 89-300002204Fax: (49) 89-300002235 arp@mpagarching.mpg.deBAILYN Bernard [1623] HISTORYHarvard University, Department ofHistory, MA 02138, Cambridge UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 617-4963066 Fax: (1)617-4968869 bailyn@fas.harvard.eduBALTIMORE David [1962]BIOLOGY California Institute ofTechnology, 1200 E. California Blvd,Mail code 204-31, CA 91125, PasadenaUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 626-3956301Fax: (1) 626-4499374 baltimo@cco.caltech.eduBARABASI Albert-Laszlo[2442] PHYSICS NortheasternUniversity, Department of Physics,110 Forsyth Street, MA 02115, BostonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 617-3732902Fax: (1) 617-3732943 alb@nd.eduBASSET Jean-Marie [3134]CHEMISTRY King Abdullah University ofScience & Technology, KAUST CatalysisCenter, Bldg. 3, Level 4, #4234, 23955-6900, Thuwal KINGDOM OF SAUDIARABIA Tel: (966) 2-808-02995 Fax:(966) 544-700047 Alexander [2000]MATHEMATICS 1414 Park Ave, IL 60305,River Forest UNITED STATES Tel: (1)708-7712451 Fax: (1) 773-7029787sasha@math.uchicago.eduBENNEH George [1875]GEOGRAPHY University of Ghana, Dept.of Geography & Resource Development,P O Box 59, Legon,, Accra GHANA Tel:(233) 21-502407 Fax: (233) 21-500310gbenneh@ghana.comBERGER Wolfgang [2115]GEOLOGY Scripps Institution ofOceanography, University of California,San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, MS0244, CA-92093-0244, La Jolla UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 858-8222545 Fax: (1)858-5347840 wberger@ucsd.eduBERKMAN Lisa F. [2588] SOCIALEPIDEMIOLOGY Harvard Center forPopulation &, Development Studies,9 Bow Street, MA 02138, CambridgeUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 617-4958498Fax: (1) 617-4955418 lberkman@hsph.harvard.eduBISHOP John Michael [2130]MICROBIOLOGY University of California,San Francisco, G. W. Hooper ResearchFoundation, 513 Parnassus Avenue,HSW 1501, CA 94143-0552, SanFrancisco UNITED STATES Tel: (1)415-4765158 Fax: (1) 415-4766185bishop@cg1.ucsf.eduBLOBEL Günter [1169] CELL& DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY TheHoward Hughes Medical Institute,The Rockefeller University, 1230 YorkAvenue, NY 10065-6399, New YorkUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 212-3278096Fax: (1) 212-3277880 blobel@rockefeller.eduBOMBIERI Enrico [1633]MATHEMATICS Institute for AdvancedStudy, School of Mathematics, NJ08540, Princeton UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 609-7348109 Fax: (1) 609 951 4459BOURGAIN Jean [2574]MATHEMATICS Institute for AdvancedStudy, School of Mathematics, 1Einstein Drive, NJ 08540, Princeton,39

Academia Europaea Directory 2012New Jersey UNITED STATES Tel: (1)609-7348097 Fax: (1) 609-9514459bourgain@math.ias.eduCALUDE Cristian S. [2519]INFORMATICS University of Auckland,Department of Computer Science,Private Bag 92019, 1142, AucklandNEW ZEALAND Tel: (64) 9-3737599Fax: (64) 9-3737453 William [1518]PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY Universityof Washington, Department ofPharmacology, Box 357280, F-427,HSC, WA 98195-7280, Seattle UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 206-5431925 Fax: (1)206-5433882 wcatt@u.washington.eduCECH Thomas R. [1910]BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Howard HughesMedical Institute, 4000 Jones Bridge Rd,MD 20815, Chevy Chase UNITED STATESTel: (1) 301-2158550 Fax: (1) 301-2158558 president@hhmi.orgCHEN Zhu [2388] MOLECULARBIOLOGY Shanghai Institute ofHematology, Ruijin Hospital, 197 RuijinRoad II, 200025, Shanghai CHINA Tel:(86) 21-64377859 Fax: (86) 21-64743206 Noam [1673]PHILOSOPHY M.I.T., E39-219, MA 02139,Cambridge UNITED STATES Tel: (1)617-2537819 Fax: (1) 617-2539425chomsky@mit.eduCHUA Leon O. [1762] ENGINEERINGUniversity of California at Berkeley,Dept. of Electrical Eng. & ComputerSciences, CA 94720, Berkeley UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 510-8487652 Fax:(1) 510-8454267 chua@fred.eecs.berkeley.eduCLEYMANS Jean [2662] PHYSICSUniversity of Cape Town, Departmentof Physics, 7701, Rondebosch SOUTHAFRICA Tel: (27) 21-6504062 Fax:(27) 21-6503342 jean.cleymans@gmail.comCROWLEY Thomas J. [2114]PALEOCLIMATOLOGY Maryfield,Braeheads, EH40 3DH, East Linton,East Lothian UNITED KINGDOMtcrowley111@gmail.comDARNTON Robert [1626] HISTORYPrinceton University, Department ofHistory, NJ 08544, Princeton UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 609-2584169 Fax:(1) 609-2585326 robert_darnton@harvard.eduDHONDT André A. [2695]ORNITHOLOGY Cornell University,Laboratory of Ornithology, 159Sapsucker Woods Rd, NY 14850,Ithaca UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 607-2542445 Fax: (1) 607-2542104 aad4@cornell.eduDJERASSI Carl [2220] CHEMISTRYStanford University, Department ofChemistry, CA 94305-5080, StanfordUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 650-7232783djerassi@stanford.eduDRELL Sidney [1627] PHYSICSStanford University, Stanford LinearAccelerator Center, 2575 Sand Hill Rd,MS 80, CA 94025, Menlo Park UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 650-9262664 Fax: (1)650-9264500 drell@slac.stanford.eduDRESCHER Seymour [2648]HISTORY 5550 Pocusset Street, PA15217, Pittsburgh UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 412-5215978 syd@pitt.eduEISNER Thomas [1628] PLANT& ANIMAL SCIENCES Section ofNeurobiology & Behavior, W347 SeeleyG.Mudd Hall, Cornell University, NY14853, Ithaca UNITED STATES Tel: (1)607-2554464 Fax: (1) 607-2556186tel4@cornell.eduFERNÁNDEZ-ARMESTOFelipe [3010] HISTORY University ofNotre Dame, Department of History,219 O’Shaughnessy Hall, IN 46556,Notre Dame UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 574-6311609 felipe.fernandezarmesto@nd.eduFERNANDO Harinda J [2643]ENVIRONMENTAL FLUID MECHANICSUniversity of Notre Dame, Dept. of CivilEngineering & Geological Sciences, 156Fitzpatrick Hall, 46556, Notre dame,Indiana UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 574-6319346 fernando.10@nd.eduFISK Lennard [2045] SPACERESEARCH University of Michigan,Dept.of Atmospheric,Oceanic & Space40Sciences, 2455 Hayward Street, MI48109-2143, Ann Arbor UNITED STATESTel: (1) 734-7638184 Fax: (1) 734-6159723 lafisk@umich.eduFRÉCHET Jean M. [2706]CHEMICAL SCIENCES University ofCalifornia - Berkeley, College ofChemistry, 631 Latimer Hall, MC 1460,CA 94720-1460, Berkeley UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 510-5941573 Fax: (1)510-6433079 frechet1@gmail.comFUCHS Roland [1519] GEOGRAPHYInternational START Secretariat, Suite200, 2000 Florida Avenue NW, DC20009, Washington UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 202-4622213 Fax: (1) 202-4575859rfuchs@agu.orgFUJISHIMA Akira [2630]PHOTOCATALYSIS Kanagawa Academyof Science & Technology, KSP, 3-2-1Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City,213-0012, Kanagawa JAPAN Tel: (81)44-8192020 Fax: (81) 44-8192038fujishima@newkast.or.jpGAY Peter [1739] HISTORY NO MAILGHIL Michael [1845] GEOSCIENCESÉcole Normale Supérieure, DépartmentTerre-Atmosphere-Océan, 24 rueLhomond, 75231, Paris Cedex 05FRANCE Tel: (33) 1-44322244 Fax: (33)1-44322000 ghil@lmd.ens.frGUREVICH Yuri [2522] COMPUTERSCIENCE Microsoft Research, OneMicrosoft Way, 98052, Redmond, WAUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 425-7035664Fax: (1) 425 -9367329 gurevich@microsoft.comHALLIDAY Michael [1520]LINGUISTICS P O Box 46, 145 SydneyRoad, 2094, Fairlight, N.S.W.AUSTRALIA necHAMILTON Joseph H. [3012]EXPERIMENTAL NUCLEAR PHYSICSVanderbilt University, 6301 StevensonCenter, TN 37235, Nashville UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 615-3222456 Fax:(1) 615-3437263 j.h.hamilton@vanderbilt.eduHANSEN James [1945]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE Goddard Institutefor Space Studies, 2880 Broadway, NY10025, New York UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 212-6785500 Fax: (1) 212-6785622jhansen@giss.nasa.govHARRIS William [1629]HISTORY Columbia University, HistoryDepartment, 624 Fayerweather Hall, NY10027, New York UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 212-2223934 Fax: (1) 212-9320602wvh1@columbia.eduHARUTA Masatake [2659]CHEMICAL SCIENCES Tokyo MetropolitanUniversity, Graduate School of UrbanEnv. Sciences, Minami-osawa 1-1,Hachioji, 192-0397, Tokyo JAPAN Tel:(81) 42-6772852 Fax: (81) Helmut H. W. [2514]MATHEMATICS Institute for AdvancedStudy, 1 Einstein Drive, NJ 08540,Princeton UNITED STATES Tel: (1)609-7348101 hofer@ias.eduHOFFMANN Roald [1190]CHEMISTRY Cornell University,Department of Chemistry/Baker Lab.,Ithaca, NY 14853-1301, New YorkUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 607-2553419Fax: (1) 607-2555707 rh34@cornell.eduHUBEL David [1630]NEUROSCIENCE Harvard MedicalSchool, Department of Neurobiology,200 Longwood Ave, WAB 213, MA02115, Boston UNITED STATES Tel: (1)617-4320791 Fax: (1) 617-4320210david_hubel@hms.harvard.eduHUGLO Michel V. [2781]MUSICOLOGY 13108 CollingwoodTerrace, Silver Spring, MD 20904,Maryland UNITED STATES mhuglo@aol.comIBARRA Oscar H. [2523]COMPUTER SCIENCE University ofCalifornia of Santa Barbara, Departmentof Computer Science, 93106, SantaBarbara, California UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 805-8934171 Fax: (1) 805-8938553ibarra@cs.ucsb.eduKALNAY Eugenia [2013]ATMOSPHERIC & OCEAN DYNAMICSUniversity of Maryland, Departmentof Meteorology, MD 20742-2425,College Park UNITED STATES Tel: (1)301-4055370 Fax: (1) 301-3149482ekalnay@atmos.umd.eduKATES Robert [1423] GEOGRAPHY33 Popple Point, ME 04605, TrentonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 207-6675450rwkates@gmail.comKIRSCHNER Marc [1980] CELLBIOLOGY Harvard Medical School, 200Longwood Ave, Warren Alpert Bldg532, MA 02115-5701, Boston UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 617-4322250 Fax: (1)617-4320420 marc@hms.harvard.eduLAMBECK Kurt [1902] GEOPHYSICSResearch School of Earth Sciences, TheAustralian National University, ACT0200, Canberra AUSTRALIA Tel: (61)2-61255161 Fax: (61) David [1759] HISTORYHarvard University, Department ofEconomics, Littauer 217, MA 02138,Cambridge UNITED STATES Tel: (1)617-4954849 Fax: (1) 617-4957730dlandes@harvard.eduLEAKEY Richard E. [2713]ANTHROPOLOGY P O Box 24926, 502,Nairobi KENYA Tel: (254) 20-3865120Fax: (254) 20-3865121 leakey@turkanabasin.orgLI Can [2545] PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYState Key Laboratory of Catalysis,Dalian Inst. of Chemical Physics, 457Zhongshan Road, 116023, DalianCHINA Tel: (86) 411-84379070 Fax:(86) 411 84694447 Juan [1631] SOCIOLOGY YaleUniversity, Department of Sociology,P O Box 208265, CT 06520-8265, NewHaven UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 203-4323328 Fax: (1) 203-4326976MANABE Syukuro [1522] GLOBALCLIMATOLOGY Princeton University,AOSP, 300 Forrestal Campus, NJ08540, Princeton UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 609-2582700 manabe@splash.princeton.eduMÁRQUEZ Francisco [2478]LITERATURE Harvard University, Dept. ofRomance Languages & Literatures, 476Widener Library, MA 02138, CambridgeUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 617-4955464Fax: (1) 617-4964682 fmarquez@fas.harvard.eduMASCHMEYER Thomas[3058] CHEMISTRY 47 Ivey Street,NSW 2070, Lindfield AUSTRALIA Tel:(61) 9351-2581 Fax: (61) Françoise [2589]FRENCH & GERMAN LITERATURES SchillerStreet, IL 60610, Chicago UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 312-4401034 Fax: (1)312-4401352 mltz@uchicago.eduMOONEY Walter M. [2273]GEOPHYSICS United States GeologicalSurvey, 345 Middelfield Rd, CA 94025,Menlo Park UNITED STATES Tel: (1)650-3294764 Fax: (1) 650-3295163mooney@usgs.govMUIR Edward W. [2981] HISTORYNorthwestern University, Departmentof History, 1881 Sheridan Rd, Evanston,60208, Illinois UNITED STATES Tel: (1)847-4913653 Fax: (1) 847-4671394e-muir@northwestern.eduMURPHY Alexander B. [3011]GEOGRAPHY University of Oregan,Department of Geography, 1251Kincaid Street, OR 97403-1251, EugeneUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 541-3464571Fax: (1) 541-3462067 abmurphy@uoregon.eduMYSAK Lawrence A. [2016]ATMOSPHERIC & OCEANIC SCIENCES McGillUniversity, Dept. of Atmospheric &Oceanic Sciences, 805 Sherbrooke St.West, QC H3A 2K6, Montreal CANADATel: (1) 514-3983768 Fax: (1) 514-3986115 lawrence.mysak@mcgill.caNATTIEZ Jean-Jacques [1749]MUSICOLOGY Université de Montréal,Faculté de Musique, C.P. 61-28, Succ.Centre-Ville, H3C 3J7, MontrealCANADA Tel: (1) 514-8444212 Fax: (1)514-8441164 jean-jacques.nattiez@umontreal.caNORSKOV Jens K. [3068]SURFACE CHEMISTRY Stanford University,Dept. of Chemical Engineering, CA94305, Stanford UNITED STATES Tel: (1)650-9263647 norskov@stanford.eduPAPADIMITRIOU Christos H.[2410] COMPUTER SCIENCE UC Berkeley,Computer Science Division, CA 94720,Berkeley UNITED STATES Tel: (1)510-6428736 Fax: (1) 510-6425775christos@cs.berkeley.eduPEDLOSKY Joseph [2017]OCEANOGRAPHY Woods HoleOceanographic Institution, Clark 363MS21, MA 02543, Woods Hole UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 508-2892534 Fax: (1)508-4572181 jpedlosky@whoi.eduPUCHNER Martin [3059] WORLDLITERATURE 19 Avon Street, MA 0213,Cambridge UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 617-6610102 puchner@fas.harvard.eduRAMANATHANVeerabhadran [1733] CLIMATEDYNAMICS C4/Center for AtmosphericSciences, Scripps Institution ofOceanography, UCSD, 9500 GilmanDrive, CA 92093-0221, La Jolla UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 619-5348815 Fax: (1)619-8221632 vram@ucsd.eduRAO C.N.R. [1764] CHEMISTRYJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced,Scientific Research, Jakkur P. O., 560064,Bangalore INDIA Tel: (91) 80-8563075Fax: (91) 80-8462760 JR. Julius [2308]CHEMISTRY The Scripps ResearchInstitute, 10550 North Torrey Pines Rd,CA-92037, La Jolla UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 858-7842250 Fax: (1) 858-7842876jrebek@scripps.eduRESCHER Nicholas [1780]PHILOSOPHY 1033 Milton Avenue, PA-15218, Pittsburgh UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 412-6245950 Fax: (1) 412-3837506rescher@pitt.eduREYNOLDS John C. [2472]COMPUTER SCIENCE Carnegie MellonUniversity, Dept. of Computer Science,5000 Forbes Ave, PA 15213-3891,Pittsburgh UNITED STATES Tel: (1)412-2683057 Fax: (1) 412-2685576john.reynolds@cs.cmu.eduSASSEN Saskia [2279] SOCIOLOGYColumbia University/Dept. ofSociology, 410 Fayerweather Hall, 1180Amsterdam Avenue, NY 10027, NewYork UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 212-8542274 Fax: (1) 212-8542963 sjs2@columbia.eduSCHLESINGER Michael [1853]ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Universityof Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Department of Atmospheric Sciences,MC 223, 105 South Gregory Ave, IL61801-3070, Urbana UNITED STATESTel: (1) 217-333-2192 Fax: (1) 217-2444393 schlesin@atmos.uiuc.eduSCHUBERT Gerald [2633]GEOPHYSICS & PLANETARY PHYSICSUniversity of California, Dept. of Earth &Space Sciences, 2810 Geology B1, 595Charles E. Young Dr. East, CA-90095-1567, Los Angeles UNITED STATES Tel:(1) 310-8254577 Fax: (1) 310-8252779schubert|@ucla.eduSCOTT Dana [1226] COMPUTING,MATHEMATICS 1149 Shattuck Avenue,CA 94707-2609, Berkeley UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 510-5275287 dana.scott@cs.cmu.eduSCULLY Marlan [2052] PHYSICS& ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Texas A &M University, Institute for QuantumStudies, 4242 TAMU, Texas 77843-4242,College Station, Texas UNITED STATESTel: (1) 979-8622333 Fax: (1) 979-4581235 scully@tamu.eduSHUAI Zhigang [3069]THEORETICAL & COMPUTATIONALCHEMISTRY Tsinghua University,Department of Chemistry, 100084,Beijing CHINA Tel: (86) 10-62797689Fax: (86) 10-62525573 Yakov G. [2585]MATHEMATICS Princeton University,Department of Mathematics, Fine Hall,Washington Road, NJ 08540, PrincetonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 609-2584199Fax: (1) 609-2581367 sinai@math.princeton.eduSOLOMON Susan [1954]ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY NOAAAeronomy Laboratory R/AL8, 325Broadway, CO 80303, Boulder UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 303-4973483 Fax: (1)303-4975686 solomon@al.noaa.govSOMMERVILLE Chris [2162]PLANT BIOLOGY Carnegie Institution,260 Panama Street, CA 94305, StanfordUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 650-3251521Fax: (1) 650-3256857 crs@andrew2.stanford.eduSPANOS Pol D. [2543] STOCHASTICMECHANICS Rice University, LB RyonChair in Engineering, 6100 Main Street- MS 321, TX 77251-1892, HoustonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 713-3484909Fax: (1) 713-3485191 spanos@rice.eduSTEIN Seth [2700] GEOPHYSICSNorthwestern University, Departmentof Earth & Planetary Sciences, IL 60208,Evanston UNITED STATES Tel: (1) 847-4915265 Fax: (1) 847-4918060 seth@earth.northwestern.eduSTEITZ Joan A. [2163] CELL &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Howard HughesMedical Institute, Yale University, BCMM136E, 295 Congress Ave, P O Box 9812,CT 06536-9812, New Haven UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 203-7374418 Fax: (1)203-6248214 joan.steitz@yale.eduSTOLPER Edward M. [2812]GEOLOGY California Institute ofTechnology, Div. of Geological &Planetary Sciences, 1200 E. CaliforniaBlvd. MC 170-25, CA-91125, PasadenaUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 626-3956504Fax: (1) 626-5680935 ems@caltech.eduTOWNES Charles [1927] PHYSICSUniversity of California, Department ofPhysics, 366 Le Conte Hall - 7300, CA94720-7300, Berkeley UNITED STATESTel: (1) 510-6421128 Fax: (1) 510-5438497 cht@sunspot.ssl.berkeley.eduTULVING Endel [1736]PSYCHOLOGY 45 Bâby Point Cres, M6S2B7, Toronto, ON CANADA Tel: (1)416-7623736 Fax: (1) 416-7852862tulving@psych.toronto.eduVARDI Moshe Y. [2473]COMPUTER SCIENCE Rice University, Dept.of Computer Science, 6100 S. MainSt, TX 77005-1892, Houston UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 713-3485977 Fax: (1)713-3485930 vardi@cs.rice.eduVARSHAVSKY Alexander[2321] CELL BIOLOGY California Instituteof Technology, Division of Biology, 1200E. California Bldv., CA 91125, PasadenaUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 626-3953785Fax: (1) 626-4409821 avarsh@caltech.eduVESPIGNANI Alessandro[3096] NONEQUILIBRIUM STATISTICALPHYSICS Northeastern University, 132Huntington Avenue, MA 02115, BostonUNITED STATES Tel: (1) 617-3737367Fax: (1) 617-3737971 a.vespignani@neu.eduWATSON James [1870]MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Cold Spring HarborLaboratory, One Bungtown Rd, NY11724, Cold Spring Harbor UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 516-3678310 Fax: (1)516-3678480 necWIESEL Torsten [1634]NEUROSCIENCE The International HumanFrontier, Science Progam Organisation,12 quai Saint-Jean, 67080, Strasbourgcedex FRANCE Tel: (33) 3-88215123Fax: (33) 3-88328897 jhusser@hfsp.orgWYLLIE Peter [1755] IGNEOUSPETROLOGY Div.of Geological &Planetary Sciences, California Instituteof Technology, 1200 East CaliforniaBoulevard, CA 91125, Pasadena UNITEDSTATES Tel: (1) 626-3956461 Fax: (1)626-5682840 wyllie@gps.caltech.eduHONORARYAPPERT Olivier [2996] EARTHSCIENCE IFP Energies Nouvelles, 1-4avenue de Bois-Préau, 92852, Rueil-Malmaison Cedex FRANCE Tel: (33)1-47526548 Fax: (33) 1-47526754olivier.appert@ifpen.frBOKOVA Irina G [2893] SOCIALSCIENCES United Nations, Educational,Scientific & Cultural Org., 7 placeFontenoy, 75352, Paris 07 FRANCE Tel:(33) 1-45681311 Fax: (33) 1-45685569dg@unesco.orgBRÄNDSTRÖM Dan A. [2571]POLITICAL SCIENCE Valhallavägen 192,SE-11527, Stockholm SWEDEN Tel:(46) 8-7600536 dan.brandstrom@telia.comBRUNDTLAND Gro H. [2678]PUBLIC HEALTH IN FILE NORWAYBUSQUIN Philippe [2340]PHYSICS European Parliament, RueWiertz 60, 12G153, B-1047, BrusselsBELGIUM Tel: (32) 2-2847514 Fax: (32)2-2849514 Rafal [2899]MATHEMATICS The City Mayor ofWroclaw, Sukiennice 9, 50-107,Wroclaw POLAND Tel: (48) 71-7778201rafal.dutkiewicz@um.wroc.plFEDI Francesco [2685]TELECOMMUNICATIONS via PaoloBentivoglio 29B, 165, Rome ITALY Tel:(39) 06-39387241 francesco.fedi@tiscali.itHEANEY Seamus [2570]LITERATURE 191 Strand Road, Dublin 4IRELAND Fax: (353) 1-2800607KOHN Ralph [2573]PHARMACOLOGY 14 Harley Street,W1G 9PQ, London UNITEDKINGDOM Tel: (44) 20-74366001Fax: (44) 20-72551168 rkohn@harleystreetholdings.comMARÇAL GRILO Eduardo[2572] PHYSICS & ENGINEERING SCIENCESFoundation Calouste Gulbenkian,Avenida di Berna 45-A, 1093, LisbonPORTUGAL Tel: (351) 21-7823000Fax: (351) 21-7823088 iandrade@gulbenkian.ptRHODES Frank H. T. [2338]EARTH & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESCornell University, 3104 Snee Hall, NY14853, Ithaca UNITED STATES Tel: (1)607-2556233 Fax: (1) 607-2544780mjw11@cornell.eduTSCHIRA Klaus [2590] COMPUTERSCIENCE Klaus Tschira Stiftung GmbH,Villa Bosch, Schloss-Wolfsbrunnen-Weg33, 69118, Heidelberg GERMANYTel: (49) 6221-533101 Fax: (49)6221-533199 klaus.tschira@kts.villa-bosch.dePATRONSCHNITZER-UNGEFUG Jutta[2725] Deutsche Akademie derNaturforscher Leopoldina-, Nationaleakaemie der Wissenschaften, Postfach110543, D-06019, Halle GERMANY Tel:(49) 345-4723912 Fax: (49) 345-4723919

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RobertsonJean-David RochaixAngeles Rodriguez PenaE. Joost RuitenbergHeinz SaedlerFrancesco SalaminiKlaus SanderPhilippe J. SansonettiAngela SantoniStefano SchiaffinoMaxime SeligmannKai SimonsJim SmithAustin SmithDavor SolterChris SommervilleMarja SorsaPeter StarlingerJoan A. SteitzJohn SulstonAzim SuraniWidmar TannerAndrzej TarkowskiVolker ter MeulenRudolf ThauerJean Paul ThieryGlauco Tocchini-ValentiniRichard TreismanAnthony TrewavasKarl TryggvasonAxel UllrichHerman van den BergheMarc van MontaguGilbert VassartBjörn R. VennströmHarald von BoehmerErwin WagnerDavid WalkerGraham WarrenJames WatsonFiona M WattElmar WeilerRobin WeissGeorg WickHans WigzellLewis WolpertAndrew WyllieMeinhart ZenkIgor ZhimulevDenise ZicklerRolf ZinkernagelHarald zur HausenCHEMICAL SCIENCESFreddy AdamsPer AhlbergJoan AlbaigesGeoffrey AllenChristian A. AmatoreJean-Marie AndréMarius AndruhMasakazu AnpoEvgeny V. 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KnorreHelmut KnözingerAleksandra KornhauserBernt KrebsHarold KrotoJean-Marie LehnJohannes A. LercherRaphael David LevineJack LewisCan LiJanusz S. LipkowskiAndrás LiptákAlfonso LiquoriJacques LucasTadeusz LutyJoachim MaierJean Pierre MajoralMieczyslaw MakoszaThomas MaschmeyerFrançois MatheyDan MeyersteinCarlos Miravitlles-TorrasHelmuth MöhwaldIlya MoiseevAchim MüllerOleg NefedovGrégoire NicolisBengt NordénTorbjörn NorinJens K. NorskovHeinrich NöthLuis A. OroMichel OrritSigrid PeyerimhoffMarie-Paule PileniBarry V L PotterMichel PouchardPekka P. PyykköGerhard QuinkertC.N.R. RaoHenryk RatajczakBernard RaveauJulius Rebek Jr.Jan ReedijkDavid ReesKari RissanenHerbert W. RoeskyClément SanchezJoachim SauerKurt SchaffnerEdward SchlagHermann SchmalzriedPeter SchusterHelmut SchwarzDieter SeebachRoger SheldonAlexander E. ShilovZhigang ShuaiArndt SimonFrigyes SolymosiHeinz A. StaabLeiv K. SydnesJean Marie TarasconReshef TennePhilippe TeyssièJohn Meurig ThomasBrian ThrushIgor TkatchenkoMichel TournouxYuri TretiakovJürgen TroeJan UytterhoevenMichel VerdaguerHeinz Georg WagnerBert WeckhuysenGerhard WegnerGünther WilkeRobert WilliamsEkkehard WinterfeldtRudolf ZahradníkCLASSICS & ORIENTALSTUDIESJames N. AdamsJean AndreauJan AssmannJerzy AxerCarmela BaffioniAntonin BartonekDoris Behrens-AbouseifMargarethe BillerbeckHendrik BodewitzWalter BurkertGiuseppe CamodecaAngelos ChaniotisFilippo CoarelliHannah M. CottonLellia Cracco RugginiIrene J.F. de JongAlbrecht DihlePatricia EasterlingWerner EckDenis FeisselJean-Louis FerraryJaakko FrösénGérard FussmanEmilio GabbaHans-Joachim GehrkeJacques GernetAndrea GiardinaGherardo GnoliRichard GombrichPierre GrosEric HandleyStephen J. HarrisonGerd V M HaverlingGyörgy HazaiIrmela Hijiya-KirschnereitTonio HölscherGeorge L. HuxleyJuha A. JanhunenJoanna JurewiczBarbara Kellner-HeinkeleJerzy KolendoEgil KraggerudEugenio La RoccaLionello LanciottiDavid R. LangslowMogens LarsenWolfgang LebekOlof LidinSiegfried LienhardGeoffrey LloydWalther LudwigHerwig MaehlerHans Georg MajerMiklós MaróthMarc Mayer OlivéFergus MillarAndré MiquelLeon MoorenBirger Munk OlsenHeinz-Günther NesselrathGerhard OberhammerAnna OrlandiniRobert C. T. ParkerAsko ParpolaSimo ParpolaPeter ParsonsHarm PinksterPaolo PoccettiAlexandre PopovicZsigmond RitoókKlaus RöhrbornRobert RollingerUlrich RudolphJohn ScheidClaus SchönigDieter SchuhSalvatore SettisHeikki SolinOlga SpevakGotthard StrohmaierWerner SundermannEmeri van DonzelJosef van EssGilles VeinsteinMichael von AlbrechtEmmanuel VoutirasRudolf WachterMartin West41

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FokkemaWolfgang FrankeKerstin FredgaClaus FröhlichKarl FuchsRoy GabrielsenDavid GeeJohannes GeissReinhard GenzelJean-Claude GérardMichael GhilPhilippe GilletGerard F. GilmoreJan GlinskiGeorgui GolitsynRoland GorbatschevFrancis Graham-SmithOlavi GranöHartmut GrasslAlan GreenAgust GudmundssonEmanuela GuidoboniBernard GuinotBengt GustafssonAlexander GuterchHarm HabingGerhard HaerendelClaus Uffe HammerJames HansenKlaus HasselmannGerald H. HaugPeter HaynesMartin HeimannAntony HewishRaymond HideCharles Hepworth HollandFerenc HorváthBrian HoskinsJohn HoughtonMartin HuberBengt HultqvistHerbert E. HuppertReinhard F. HüttlIvar IsaksenClaude JaupartMarc JavoyPhilip JonesAlan G JonesCarole JordanJean JouzelErland KällénEugenia KalnayNikolai S. KardashevVladimir Keilis-BorokDieter KleyVladimir M. KotlyakovJean KovalevskyLaurent LabeyrieAntoine LabeyrieKarin LabitzkeMaria LagoKurt LambeckFalko LangenhorstSøren E. LarsenPierre LasserreJean Louis Le MouëlXavier Le PichonHervé Le TreutBernard LegrasPierre LénaJames LequeuxPer Olof LindbladLeopold LobkovskyMalcolm LongairAntonio LonginelliClaude LoriusWilliam LowrieJohn LuddenGünter LugmairReimar LüstAndré MaederAndrés MaldonadoSyukuro ManabeJan MangerudFranco MarianiJohn MasonPaul MasonKonrad MauersbergerMichael McIntyreDan McKenzieRolf MeissnerFedor MesingerErno MészárosPeter MezgerJean-François MinsterJohn MitchellWillem MookWalter M. MooneyHelmut MoritzKlaus Müller-HohensteinPaul MurdinLawrence A. MysakJorg F. W. NegendankFranz NeubauerElse-Ragnhild NeumannJacques NihoulAnatoly NikishinGuust NoletIgor NovikovAlan O’NeillKeith O’NionsJohannes OerlemansAtsumu OhmuraOnno OnckenRonald OxburghTimothy N. PalmerJan PalousGiuliano PanzaPaolo PapalePaul PaquetAngelo PeccerilloJean-Claude PeckerJoseph PedloskyGeorges PédroStuart PenkettGiuseppe C. PerolaMichael PerrymanThomas PeterUlrich PlattJean-Paul PoirierStuart PottaschKenneth PoundsG. David PriceJean-Loup PugetTuija I. PulkkinenJohn PyleStefan F. RahmstorfVeerabhadran RamanathanJohn RamsayGilles RamsteinChristopher G. RapleyDominique RaynaudMartin ReesSjur RefsdalFrank H. T. RhodesAntonio RibeiroYanick RicardFranco Ricci-LucchiHenning RodheThomas RosswallMichael J RycroftRoberto SabadiniRobert SadournyMircea SandulescuMichael Sarnthein-LotichiusWolfgang SchlagerMichael SchlesingerWerner SchreyerGerald SchubertKarel SchulmannEugen SeiboldFriedrich SeifertCelâl SengörGiancarlo SettiPaul C. SimonJózef SmakPaul SmeyersNikolay SobolevSusan SolomonTarmo SoomereChristophe SotinAnnie SouriauTilman SpohnLeszek StarkelSeth SteinFrancis R. StephensonDavid B. StephensonThomas StockerEdward M. StolperHans SuenkelErwin SuessRashid A. SunyaevGustav TammannHendrik TennekesJörn ThiedeHans ThyboBernard TissotMontserrat TornéTrond H. TorsvikJacques TouretRudolf A. TreumannYuliya I. TroitskayaJoachim TrümperAgustin UdiasGeorges VachaudRein VaikmäeEdward van den HeuvelHarry van der LaanRonald van der LindenSylvie VauclairGeorge VeisHerman VerstappenLev VinnikHeinrich VölkHeinrich WänkeAnthony WattsNigel O. WeissDietrich WelteFriedemann WenzelRichard WestSimon D M WhiteMichael WhitfieldTom WigleyLodewijk WoltjerJohn WoodsRinus WortelPeter WyllieChristos ZerefosPeter A. ZieglerSergej ZilitinkevichAnton ZiolkowskiECONOMICS, BUSINESS& MANAGEMENTSCIENCESTony AtkinsonAnton BartenTito BoeriLans BovenbergJean-Claude CasanovaHerman DaemsJean-Pierre DanthinePartha S. DasguptaJacques DrèzeLars EngwallMark EyskensLuigi FreyPierangelo GaregnaniJean-Michel GrandmontFrank HahnMartin HellwigClaude HenryWerner HildenbrandSeppo HonkapohjaGyula HorváthMervyn KingJános KornaiErkki KoskelaGuy LaroqueJacques LesourneAssar LindbeckFlorencio Lopez-de-SilanesEdmond MalinvaudAndreu Mas-ColellPeter MaskellJames MirrleesWillem MoesenPeter NearyPeter NijkampMario NutiGianmarco I. P. OttavianoChristopher A. PissaridesVictor PolterovichPiet RietveldAgnar SandmoReinhard SeltenLars SvenssonRichard S. J. TolJeroen van den BerghC. Christian von WeizsäckerKlaus ZimmermannHISTORY &ARCHAEOLOGYDavid AbulafiaMaurice AgulhonBernard AikemaFranklin R. AnkersmitRonald G. AschBernard BailynJean-Pierre BardetMarianne Bastid-BruguièreDavid R. BatesChristopher BaylyMaxine BergMarianne BergmannWalther L. BerneckerWim BlockmansLeonard BlusséMarc BooneJean BourgeoisRichard J. BradleyJudith M. BrownPeter BurkeManuel Bustos-RodriguezAveril CameronDavid N. CannadineNicholas CannyLuigi Capogrossi ColognesiKirti ChaudhuriPeter A. ClarkJohn ColesLinda J. ColleyPatrick CollinsonPhilippe ContamineYves CoppensMichael CrawfordElisabeth Crouzet-PavanBarrington CunliffeRobert DarntonJohn DarwinKarel DavidsNorman DaviesLuiz F. de AlencastroFrançois de CallatayKatia de Queiros MattosoHildegarde De Ridder-SymoensAngelos DelivorriasJean DelumeauIván Z. DénesMarkus A. DenzelGeorge DertilisChristos DoumasSeymour DrescherThomas DuveJohn ElliottPieter C. EmmerGeorge EoganBouda EtemadRobert EvansOle FeldbaekFelipe Fernández-ArmestoMarc FerroJörg FischWolfram FischerTore FrängsmyrWillem FrijhoffDavid J. GauntPeter GayGiovanni GeraciCarlo GinzburgKristof GlamannAntonio GonzalesBernard GrunbergWilliam HarrisNikita L. HarwichHermann J. HieryJames HoltNorman HousleyRobert HoustonMichael HowardJohn IliffeJonathan IsraelDanielle JacquartHans Christian JohansenPeter Wolfgang KleinJürgen KockaWolfgang KüttlerVassilis LambrinoudakisDavid LandesJacques Le GoffEmmanuel Le Roy LadurieJan A. LindegrenMario LiveraniGraham A. LoudLeo LucassenGearóid Mac EoinIan MacleanRosa M. Martinez de CodesPeter MathiasDavid J. McKitterickRosamond D. McKitterickChristian MeierPaul MellarsHans MommsenPeter MorawPeder MortensenMoutEdward W. MuirVivian NuttonPatrick O’BrienBirgitta OdénOlaf OlsenEva ÖsterbergJürgen OsterhammelOlivier Pétré-GrenouilleauRenate PieperHorst PietschmannHenri W. PleketBarbara PotthastWalter PrevenierColin RenfrewGerhard A. RitterDaniel RocheFrançois-Joseph RuggiuHenryk SamsonowiczJürgen SarnowskyHeinz A. SchillingClaudia SchnurmannWinfried SchulzeHamish M ScottFrancis SejerstedPaul A SlackThomas C. SmoutSölvi SognerGeorges-Henri SoutouNiels SteensgaardBarry SuppleJoan ThirskKeith ThomasJo TollebeekPetr TolochkoMario TorelliRolf TorstendahlGabriel TortellaPierre ToubertBalazs TrencsenyiRaoul van CaenegemHerman van der WeeRoberto VivarelliHermann von der DunkRudolf von ThaddenPeer H. VriesHenk WesselingMichel WieviorkaDavid WilsonEls WitteTony WrigleyTheodore ZeldinINFORMATICSSerge AbiteboulSamson AbramskyJean-Raymond AbrialElisabeth AndréKrzysztof R. AptJacques ArsacGiorgio AusielloFranz BaaderRalph-Johan BackChristel BaierHendrik BarendregtBernd BeckerLuca BeniniJohannes A. BergstraGérard BerryDines BjørnerPetter E. BjørstadAndrzej BlikleEgon BoergerCorrado BöhmIvan BratkoWilfried BrauerManfred BroyPere BrunetBruno BuchbergerRodney BurstallCristian S. CaludeLuca CardelliGiuseppe CastagnaStefano CeriThierry CoquandPatrick CousotJaco de BakkerGiovanni De MicheliRocco De NicolaMariangiola Dezani-CiancagliniPierre DillenbourgMarco DorigoManfred DrostePeter DruschelErik DuvalHerbert EdelsbrunnerZoltan EsikJavier EsparzaDieter W. FellnerJens Erik FenstadRusins M. FreivaldsStephen B. FurberErol GelenbeMikhail S. GelfandJean-Yves GirardGeorg GottlobJozef GruskaYuri GurevichPetr HájekNicolas HalbwachsWendy HallDavid HarelJohan HastadIvan HavelThomas A. HenzingerManuel HermenegildoCharles HoareAndy HopperJuraj HromkovicGérard HuetOscar H. IbarraYannis IoannidisNicholas R. JenningsNeil JonesJuhani KarhumäkiMichal KleiberJan W. KlopWerner KuichMarta Z. KwiatkowskaThomas LengauerMaurizio LenzeriniUlrike Leopold-WildburgerGeorg LindgrenGiuseppe LongoHermann MaurerAntoni MazurkiewiczKurt MehlhornBertrand MeyerVeljko MilutinovicUgo MontanariFionn MurtaghBernhard NebelWolfgang NejdlMogens NielsenMaurice NivatAndré OosterlinckChristos H. PapadimitriouMichael PatersonWolfgang J. PaulPeter PauleGheorghe PaunMario de J. Pérez-JiménezDominique PerrinSimon Peyton-JonesJean-Eric PinGordon PlotkinAlexander RazborovWolfgang ReisigAntonio RestivoJohn C. ReynoldsAndrew W. RoscoeGrzegorz RozenbergWojciech RytterViktor SadovnichiiArto SalomaaErik SandewallDavide SangiorgiVladimiro SassonePeter H. SchmittDana ScottJoao SentieiroAdi ShamirJoseph SifakisPaul G. SpirakisLuc SteelsPer StenströmConstantine StephanidisAndrzej TarleckiJürgen TeichAhmet M. TekalpLothar ThieleWolfgang ThomasJerzy TiurynCarme TorrasEnn TouguKlaus TschiraJohn V. TuckerMateo ValeroJohan van BenthemWil van der AalstJan van LeeuwenMoshe Y. VardiPaul VitanyiJoachim WeickertGerhard WeikumEmo WelzlJiri WiedermannReinhard WilhelmGlynn WinskelAnton ZeilingerWilly ZwaenepoelLAWAulis AarnioJürgen BasedowUlrich BeckerXavier Blanc-JouvanErnst-Wolfgang BöckenfördeBengt BromsAntonio CasseseDagmar Coester-WaltjenWilliam CornishHerman A. CousyTerence DaintithLuis Diez-PicazoChristoph EngelJochen FroweinAntonio GambaroEduardo García de EnterriaBernhard GomardDieter GrimmWalther HabscheidAttila HarmathyEwoud HondiusUlrich Jessurun d’OliveiraJohn Anthony JolowiczKonstantinos KerameusHein KötzHelmut KoziolHerbert KronkeOle LandoKoenraad LenaertsGustaf LindencronaFerenc MádlAurelio Menéndez MenéndezErnst-Joachim MestmäckerJorge MirandaThomas M. J. 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Haaparanta PHILOSOPHY leila.haaparanta@uta.fiElina Haavio-Mannila SOCIOLOGYelina.haavio-mannila@helsinki.fiPertti Hakonen PHYSICS pjh@boojum.hut.fiMatti J. Haltia NEUROPATHOLOGYmatti.j.haltia@helsinki.fiIlkka Hanski POPULATION BIOLOGY ilkka.hanski@helsinki.fiRiitta Hari NEUROSCIENCE hari@neuro.hut.fiVilhelm Helander HISTORY OFARCHITECTURE helander.leiviska@kolumbus.fiSeppo Honkapohja ECONOMICS seppo.honkapohja@bof.fiJuha A. 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Räisänen BIBLICAL STUDIESheikki.raisanen@helsinki.fiKari Rissanen SUPRAMOLECULARCHEMISTRY kari.t.rissanen@jyu.fiRiitta Salmelin FUNCTIONAL BRAINIMAGING riitta@neuro.hut.fiArto Salomaa COMPUTING,MATHEMATICS asalomaa@utu.fiNiculae-Gabriel Sandu Solin CLASSICS heikki.solin@helsinki.fiMartti Takala PSYCHOLOGYEero Tarasti MUSICOLOGYIrma Thesleff DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGYirma.thesleff@helsinki.fiKaarlo H Tuori LAW kaarlo.tuori@helsinki.fiPaavo Uronen ENGINEERING paavo.uronen@kolumbus.fiJussi P. Välimaa EDUCATIONjussi.p.valimaa@jyu.fiVeijo Virsu PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES veijo.virsu@helsinki.fiJohan von Wright PSYCHOLOGYMarten K. F. 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Chappell LINGUISTICShmchappell@gmail.comPatrick Charnay DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY charnay@biologie.ens.fr46François Chazel SOCIOLOGY martine.chouquet@paris4.sorbonne.frMichel Che CHEMISTRY michel.che@upmc.frMohamed Cherkaoui SOCIOLOGYmcherkaoui@yahoo.frAnne-Marie Christin LITERATUREchristin_am@club-internet.frPhilippe Ciais CARBON CYCLE SCIENCEphilippe.ciais@lsce.ipsl.frFrançois Clarac NEUROSCIENCE clarac@dpm.cnrs-mrs.frPaul Claval GEOGRAPHYJean Clobert EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGYjean.clobert@ecoex-moulis.cnrs.frClaude Cohen-Tannoudji PHYSICSclaudect@gmail.comFrançoise Combes ASTRONOMY& ASTROPHYSICS francoise.combes@obspm.frAntoine Compagnon MODERN FRENCHLITERATURE antoine.compagnon@college-de-france.frPhilippe Contamine HISTORYphilippe.contamine@club-internet.frYves Coppens PALAEONTOLOGY yves.coppens@college-de-france.frPierre Corvol CLINICAL SCIENCE,MOLECULAR BIOLOGY pierre.corvol@college-de-france.frPascale Cossart BACTERIALPATHOGENESIS pcossart@pasteur.frVincent Courtillot EARTH & MARINESCIENCES courtil@ipgp.jussieu.frPatrick Cousot INFORMATICS cousot@ens.frElisabeth Crouzet-Pavan HISTORYelisabeth-crouzet.pavan@paris4.sorbonne.frMichel Crozier SOCIOLOGYFrançois Cuzin GENETICS fcuzin@unice.frJean Dalibard PHYSICS jean.dalibard@lkb.ens.frRobert Dautray PHYSICS robert.dautray@orange.frLuiz F. de Alencastro SOUTH ATLANTICHISTORY luiz.de_alencastro@parissorbonne.frGhislain de Marsily EARTH SCIENCESgdemarsily@aol.comThierry de Montbrial POLITICALSCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHY tdm@ifri.orgXavier de Planhol GEOGRAPHYKatia de Queiros Mattoso HISTORYkmattoso@wanadoo.frScania de Schonen de Van MODERN ITALIANLITERATURE gdevan@wanadoo.frMichel Debeauvais COMPARATIVEEDUCATIONHenri Décamps ECOLOGY hdecamps@cict.frStanislas Dehaene PSYCHOLOGY,COGNITIVE SCIENCE stanislas.dehaene@cea.frAnne Dejean MOLECULAR GENETICSadejean@pasteur.frRobert J. Delmas ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEdelmas@lgge.obs.ujf-grenoble.frMichel Delseny PLANT SCIENCEdelseny@univ-perp.frJean Delumeau HISTORYJean Dénarié PLANT SCIENCE denarie@toulouse.inra.frJean-François Denisse ASTRONOMY &SPACE RESEARCHJean Dercourt EARTH SCIENCE jean.dercourt@academie-sciences.frGeorge Dertilis HISTORY dertilis@ehess.frMartial Ducloy ATOMIC & MOLECULARPHYSICS ducloy@lpl.univ-paris13.frBernard Dujon GENETICS, MOLECULARBIOLOGY bdujon@pasteur.frJean-Claude Duplessy EARTH SCIENCEjean-claude.duplessy@lsce.cnrs-gif.frJean-Claude Dussaule RENALPHYSIOLOGY jean-claude.dussaule@sat.ap-hop-paris.frEgbert Duursma MARINE SCIENCEduursma@orange.frRobert Ellrodt LITERATURE robert.ellrodt@dbmail.comPierre J. 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Mueller NUCLEAR PHYSICmueller@in2p3.frChristine Musselin COMPARATIVEHIGHER EDUCATION c.musselin@cso.cnrs.frRoger Naslain CERAMIC COMPOSITEMATERIALS roger.naslain@free.frMaurice Nivat COMPUTING mnivat@wanadoo.frGeorges Nivat RUSSIAN LITERATUREnivat@gmail.comGuust Nolet GEOPHYSICS nolet@geoazur.unice.frGérard Orth GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY gorth@pasteur.frJean-Claude Pecker ASTRONOMYj.c.pecker@wanadoo.frGeorges Pédro SOIL SCIENCE sylvie.verger@paris.inra.frDominique Perrin COMPUTINGperrin@univ-mlv.frChristine Petit HUMAN GENETICScpetit@pasteur.frOlivier Pétré-GrenouilleauMARITIME CAPITALISM olivier.petregrenouilleau@sciences-po.orgAlain Peyraube LINGUISTICSpeyraube@ehess.frJean Philibert MATERIALS SCIENCE jean.philibert@lpces.u-psud.frMarie-Paule Pileni NANOSCIENCEmarie-paule.pileni@upmc.frClaude-Alain Pillet MATHEMATICALPHYSICS pillet@univ-tln.frJean-Eric Pin THEORY OF FINITEAUTOMATA Pitte GEOGRAPHY jeanrobert.pitte@wanadoo.frJean-Paul Poirier GEOPHYSICS jeanpaul.poirier@noos.frAlexandre Popovic ORIENTAL STUDIESetudes-turques@ehess.frMichel Pouchard CHEMICAL SCIENCESpouchard@icmcb.u-bordeaux.frOlivier Pourquie DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY pourquie@igbmc.frJacques Pouyssegur BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY pouysseg@unice.frJean-Loup Puget ASTRONOMYpuget@ias.frDenise Pumain GEOGRAPHY pumain@parisgeo.cnrs.frMiroslav Radman MOLECULARGENETICS radman@necker.frJean-Michel Raimond QUANTUMOPTICS jmr@lkb.ens.frJohn Ramsay GEOLOGY john.ramsay@ethz.chGilles Ramstein CLIMATOLOGY gilles.ramstein@cea.frBernard Raveau NON-STOICHEMISTRY INOXIDES bernard.raveau@ensicaen.frDominique Raynaud GLOBALCLIMATOLOGY raynaud@glaciog.ujfgrenoble.frFélix A. Rey STRUCTURAL VIROLOGY rey@pasteur.frYanick Ricard GEODYNAMICS ricard@ens-lyon.frDaniel Ricquier MITOCHONDRIALBIOCHEMISTRY daniel.riquier@parisdescartes.frChristian Robert MATHEMATICALSTATISTICS robert@ensae.frDaniel Roche HISTORY daniel.roche@college-de-france.frPierre Ronco PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINEpierre.ronco@tnn.ap-hop-paris.frDavid Ruelle PHYSICS ruelle@ihes.frFrançois-Joseph Ruggiu HISTORYfrancois-joseph.ruggiu@parissorbonne.frRobert Sadourny METEOROLOGYrsadourny@orange.frClément Sanchez CHEMICAL SCIENCESclement.sanchez@college-de-france.frPhilippe J. Sansonetti MICROBIOLOGYpsanson@pasteur.frJohn Scheid ROMAN HISTORY, RELIGIONjohn.scheid@college-de-france.frKlaus Scherrer GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY scherrer.klaus@ijm.univ-parisdiderot.frJean-Charles SchwartzPHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYjc.schwartz@bioprojet.comDenis Segrestin SOCIOLOGY OF WORKdenis.segrestin@sciences-po.frJuan Segui PSYCHOLOGY segui@psycho.univ-paris5.frMaxime Seligmann IMMUNOLOGYmaxime.seligmann@anrs.frAndré Sentenac GENE EXPRESSIONsentenac@dsvidf.cea.frJoseph Sifakis INFORMATICS joseph.sifakis@imag.frArchana Singh-Manoux COGNITIVEAGEING archana.singh-manoux@inserm.frConstantino Sotelo NEUROSCIENCEsotelo@chups.jussieu.frChristophe Sotin PLANETARYGEOPHYSICS sotin@chimie.univ-nantes.frAnnie Souriau EARTH & COSMIC SCIENCESannie.souriau@dtp.obs-mip.frGeorges-Henri Soutou INTERNATIONALHISTORY georges-henri.soutou@wanadoo.frDan Sperber PSYCHOLOGY dan.sperber@gmail.comOlga Spevak LATIN LINGUISTICS spevak@orange.frBernard Swynghedauw PHYSIOLOGY& BIOPHYSICS bernard.swynghedauw@inserm.frPatrick Tabeling MICROFLUIDICSpatrick.tabeling@espci.frDenis Tallon LAWJean Marie Tarascon CHEMISTRY jeanmarie.tarascon@u-picardie.frDionysia T Theodosis NEUROANATOMYdionysia.theodosis@gmail.comBernard Tissot EARTH SCIENCEJacques Tits MATHEMATICSIgor Tkatchenko CHEMISTRYtkatchen@u-bourgogne.frPierre Toubert HISTORYHélène Toubert ART HISTORYAlain Touraine SOCIOLOGY touraine@ehess.frJacques Touret EARTH & MARINESCIENCES jacques.touret@minesparistech.frMichel Tournoux SOLID STATECHEMISTRY michel.tournoux@cnrs-imn.frMaurice Tubiana PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE maurice.tubiana@biomedicale.univ-paris5.frGeorges Vachaud EARTH SCIENCESgeorgesvachaud5@gmail.comGuy Vassort CARDIAC PHYSIOLOGYvassort@montp.inserm.frSylvie Vauclair ASTROPHYSICS sylvie.vauclair@obs-mip.frGilles Veinstein ORIENTAL STUDIESetudes-turques@ehess.frPhilippe Vendrix MUSICOLOGYvendrix@univ-tours.frMichel Verdaguer MOLECULARINORGANIC CHEMISTRY michel.verdaguer@upmc.frJean-Didier Vincent NEUROSCIENCE,PHILOSOPHY vincent@bobby.iaf.cnrs-gif.frMercedes Volait ARCHITECTURALORIENTALISM mercedes.volait@inha.frSimon Wain-Hobson VIROLOGYsimon@pasteur.frWendelin Werner MATHEMATICSwendelin.werner@math.u-psud.frEric Westhof STRUCTURAL BIOLOGYe.westhof@ibmc.u-strasbg.frTorsten Wiesel NEUROSCIENCE jhusser@hfsp.orgMichel Wieviorka SOCIOLOGY wiev@msh-paris.frErnst-Ludwig WinnackerBIOCHEMISTRY elwinnacker@hfsp.orgJacques Winter PHYSICS jacques.winter@gonlin.frLodewijk Woltjer ASTRONOMY dw@bluewin.chMoshe Yaniv GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY yaniv@pasteur.frMarc Jean Yor MATHEMATICSdeaproba@proba-jussieu.frDenise Zickler CELL BIOLOGY zickler@igmors.u-psud.frGEORGIAThomas V. Gamkrelidze LINGUISTICStgamkrelidze@gw.acnet.geDavid Lordkipanidze HUMANEVOLUTION dlordkipanidze@museum.geGERMANYDetlef Altenburg MUSICOLOGY detlef.altenburg@hfm-weimar.deEgon Althaus EARTH SCIENCE necElisabeth André COMPUTER SCIENCEandre@informatik.uni-augsburg.deMeinrat O. Andreae GLOBALCLIMATOLOGY m.andreae@mpic.deChristoph Antweiler CULTURALANTHROPOLOGY christoph.antweiler@uni-bonn.deKarl-Otto Apel PHILOSOPHY karl-otto.apel@main-rheiner.deHalton Arp ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH arp@mpa-garching.mpg.deRonald G. Asch EARLY MODERNHISTORY ronald.g.asch@geschichte.uni-freiburg.deJan Assmann EGYPTOLOGY jan@assmanns.deFranz Baader COMPUTER SCIENCEbaader@inf.tu-dresden.deChristel Baier AUTOMATA THEORYbaier@tcs.inf.tu-dresden.deJürgen Basedow LAW basedow@mpipriv-hh.mpg.deHermann Bausinger ANTHROPOLOGYhermann.bausinger@uni-tuebingen.dePeter B. Becker CHROMATIN STRUCTURE& FUNCTION pbecker@med.unimuenchen.deUlrich Becker LAW becker@mpisoc.

mpg.deBernd Becker COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGNbecker@informatik.uni-freiburg.deHans Belting ART HISTORY hans.belting@hfg-karlsruhe.deLennart Bengtsson METEOROLOGYbengtsson@dkrz.deHans Berckhemer EARTH SCIENCEberckhemer@freenet.deMarianne Bergmann GREEK & ROMANARCHAEOLOGY marianne.bergmann@phil.uni-goettingen.deWalther L. Bernecker CONTEMPORARYHISTORY OF EUROPE wlbernecker@aol.comPeter Berthold BIOLOGY berthold@orn.mpg.deHeinrich Betz NEUROSCIENCE heinrich.betz@mpih-heidelberg.mpg.deManfred Bierwisch LINGUISTICSbierwisch@gmx.netHans Blotevogel HUMAN GEOGRAPHYhans.blotevogel@tu-dortmund.deRudolf M. Bock NUCLEAR PHYSICSr.bock@gsi.deChristoph Bode ENGLISH & AMERICANLITERATURE christoph.bode@anglistik.uni-muenchen.deHans-Georg Bohle DEVELOPMENTGEOGRAPHY bohle@giub.uni-bonn.deThomas Boller PHYSICS OF BLACK HOLESthomas_boller@gmx.netTobias Bonhoeffer NEUROBIOLOGYtobias.bonhoeffer@neuro.mpg.deAlexander Bradshaw CHEMICALPHYSICS alex.bradshaw@ipp.mpg.deGabriele Brandstetter THEATRE &DANCE STUDIES theater-tanz@fu-berlin.deJochen Brandtstädter PSYCHOLOGYbrandtst@uni-trier.deGuy Brasseur ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESguy.brasseur@gkss.deChristoph R Bräuchle NANOSCIENCES christoph.braeuchle@cup.uni-muenchen.dePeter Braun-Munzinger NEUCLEARPHYSICS p.braun-munzinger@gsi.deHorst Bredekamp ART HISTORY Broy COMPUTING broy@in.tum.deHarald Budelmann CIVIL ENGINEERINGh.budelmann@tu-bs.deHans-Peter Bunge GEODYNAMICS,GEOPHYSICS bunge@lmu.deManuel Cardona PHYSICS m.cardona@fkf.mpg.deMartin Carrier PHILOSOPHY martin.carrier@uni-bielefeld.deCatherine Cesarsky ASTRONOMY &ASTROPHYSICS ccesarsk@eso.orgMartin Claussen METEOROLOGYclaussen@dkrz.deDagmar Coester-Waltjen LAWcoewa@freenet.deBernard S. Comrie LINGUISTICScomrie@eva.mpg.deGeorge M. Coupland PLANT BIOLOGYcoupland@mpiz-koeln.mpg.dePaul Crutzen ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRYpaul.crutzen@mpic.deHorst Czichos MATERIALS SCIENCEMarkus A. Denzel ECONOMIC & SOCIALHISTORY denzel@rz.uni-leipzig.deVolker Diehl CLINICAL SCIENCE &MICROBIOLOGY v.diehl@uni-koeln.deAlbrecht Dihle CLASSICSDonald B. Dingwell EARTH SCIENCESdingwell@t-online.deBernhard Dobberstein CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY dobberstein@zmbh.uni-heidelberg.deDietrich Dörner PSYCHOLOGY dietrich.doerner@ppp.uni-bamberg.deManfred Droste COMPUTER SCIENCE& ALGEBRA droste@informatik.unileipzig.dePeter Druschel COMPUTER SCIENCEdruschel@mpi-sws.orgHeinz Duddeck ENGINEERING statik@tu-bs.deThomas Duve LEGAL HISTORY duve@rg.mpg.deWerner Eck CLASSICS werner.eck@uni-koeln.deDieter H. Ehhalt ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEdie.ehhalt@fz-juelich.deEckart Ehlers GEOGRAPHY ehlers@giub.uni-bonn.deMartin Eilers MOLECULAR BIOLOGYmartin.eilers@biozentrum.uniwuerzburg.deRolf Emmermann EARTH SCIENCEemmermann@gfz-potsdam.deChristoph Engel LAW engel@coll.mpg.deAnne Ephrussi DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGYephrussi@embl.deGerhard Erker CHEMISTRY erker@uni-muenster.deAstrid Erll ANGLOPHONE LITERATURESerll@em.uni-frankfurt.deGerhard Ertl PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY ertl@fhi-berlin.mpg.deJavier Esparza THEORETICAL COMPUTERSCIENCE javier.esparza@mytum.deOttmar Ette COMPARATIVE LITERATUREette@uni-potsdam.deArmin Falk NEUROECONOMIC armin.falk@uni-bonn.deDieter W. Fellner COMPUTER SCIENCEd.fellner@igd.fraunhofer.deAlfred Fettweis ENGINEERINGfettweis@nt.rub.deWolfram Fischer HISTORY aws@zedat.fu-berlin.deErika Fischer-Lichte LITERATUREtheater@zedat.fu-berlin.deBernhard FleckensteinMICROBIOLOGY Flitner EDUCATION siegfried.mueller@uni-tuebingen.deHerta Flor NEUROPSYCHOLOGY herta.flor@zi-mannheim.dePeter Flora SOCIOLOGY pflora@sowi.uni-mannheim.deMonika Fludernik ENGLISH LITERATUREsekretariat.fludernki@anglistik.unifreiburg.deHans Föllmer MATHEMATICS Franke MOLECULAR BIOLOGYw.franke@dkfz-heidelberg.deWolfgang Franke EARTH & MARINESCIENCES w.franke@em.uni-frankfurt.deHans-Joachim Freund PHYSICALCHEMISTRY freund@fhi-berlin.mpg.deAngela D. Friederici NEUROCOGNITIONOF LANGUAGE angelafr@cbs.mpg.deEberhard Frömter PHYSIOLOGYfroemter@em.uni-frankfurt.deKarl Fuchs EARTH SCIENCE karl.fuchs@gpi.uni-karlsruhe.deDieter Gallwitz MOLECULAR BIOLOGYdieter.gallwitz@mpi-bpc.mpg.deDetlev Ganten PHARMACOLOGYganten@charite.deHans-Joachim Gehrke ANCIENTHISTORY hj-g-gehrke@t-online.deRobert Geipel GEOGRAPHY robert.geipel@t-online.deReinhard Genzel ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH genzel@mpe.mpg.deCarl Gethmann PHILOSOPHYgethmann@uni-essen.deKarl-Heinz Glassmeier GEOPHYSICSkh.glassmeier@tu-bs.dePeter Goelitz CHEMISTRY pgoelitz@wiley-vch.dePeter Gollwitzer PSYCHOLOGY peter.gollwitzer@uni-konstanz.deMagdalena Götz PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE magdalena.goetz@helmholtzmuenchen.deHartmut Grassl GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGYgrassl@dkrz.deWalter Greiner THEORETICAL PHYSICSgreiner@fias.uni-frankfurt.deCarsten Greiner NUCLEAR ASTROPHYSICScasten.greiner@th.physik.uni-frankfurt.deDieter Grimm LAW grimm@wikoberlin.deKarl-Ontjes Groeneveld PHYSICSgroeneveld@em.uni-frankfurt.deIngrid Grummt MOLECULAR BIOLOGYi.grummt@dkfz-heidelberg.dePeter Gruss MOLECULAR BIOLOGY peter.gruss@gv.mpg.dePhilipp Gütlich CHEMISTRY guetlich@uni-mainz.deChristian Haass CELL BIOLOGY christian.haass@med.uni-muenchen.deJürgen Habermas PHILOSOPHYWinfried Hacker PSYCHOLOGY hacker@psychologie.tu-dresden.deJörg H. Hacker MICROBIOLOGY joerg.hacker@leopoldina-halle.deGerhard Haerendel SPACE RESEARCHhae@mpe.mpg.deKlaus Hahlbrock BIOCHEMISTRYhahlbroc@mpiz-koeln.mpg.deHermann Haken PHYSICS haken@theo1.physik.uni-stuttgart.dePeter Hanggi THEORETICAL PHYSICShanggi@physik.uni-augsburg.deTheodor W. Hänsch QUANTUM PHYSICSt.w.haensch@physik.uni-muenchen.deGünther Hasinger PHYSICS guenther.hasinger@ipp.mpg.deMartin Haspelmath LINGUISTICShaspelmath@eva.mpg.deKlaus Hasselmann METEOROLOGYklaus.hasselmann@zmaw.deAndreas Haug MUSICOLOGY ashaug@phil.uni-erlangen.deMartin Heimann EARTH SCIENCEmartin.heimann@bgc-jena.mpg.deUwe Heinemann NEUROPHYSIOLOGYuwe.heinemann@charite.deIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plMartin Hellwig ECONOMICS hellwig@coll.mpg.deGotthilf Hempel OCEANOGRAPHYghempel@marketing.bremen.deDieter Henrich PHILOSOPHY dieter.henrich@lrz.uni-muenchen.dePeter Herrlich GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY herrlich@fli-leibniz.deJoachim J. Hesse SOCIAL SCIENCESjjhesse@internationales-institut.deHermann J. Hiery MODERN HISTORYhermann.hiery@uni-bayreuth.deIrmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit ORIENTALSTUDIES i.hijiya@fu-berlin.deWerner Hildenbrand ECONOMICSDavid Hiley MUSICOLOGY david.hiley@psk.uni-regensburg.deFriedrich Hirzebruch MATHEMATICShirzebruch@mpim-bonn.mpg.deFranz Hofmann PHARMACOLOGYhofmann@lrz.tum.deSigurd Hofmann NUCLEAR PHYSICSs.hofmann@gsi.deBert Hölldobler PLANT & ANIMALSCIENCES bertholl@biozentrum.uniwuerzburg.deTonio Hölscher CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGYtonio.hoelscher@zaw.uni-heidelberg.deJonathan C. Howard CELL BIOLOGYj.howard@uni-koeln.deRobert Huber BIOCHEMISTRYFranz Huber NEUROETHOLOGY huber.f@online.deEduard C. Hurt GENE EXPRESSIONed.hurt@bzh.uni-heidelberg.deMichael Huth GRANULAR ELECTRONICMATERIALS michael.huth@physik.uni-frankfurt.deReinhard F. Hüttl EARTH SCIENCEShuettl@gfz-potsdam.dePeter Illes PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYpeter.illes@medizin.uni-leipzig.deHerbert Jäckle MOLECULAR BIOLOGYhjaeckl@gwdg.dePeter Janich PHILOSOPHY peter.janich@t-online.deUwe Jannsen NUMBER THEORY uwe.jannsen@mathematik.uni-regensburg.deMartin Jansen INORGANIC CHEMISTRYm.jansen@fkf.mpg.deThomas Jentsch PHYSIOLOGY jentsch@fmp-berlin.deStefan Jentsch MOLECULAR CELLBIOLOGY jentsch@biochem.mpg.deHans Joas SOCIOLOGY hans.joas@frias.uni-freiburg.deRegine Kahmann GENETICSkahmann@mpi-marburg.mpg.deWolfgang Kaiser PHYSICSHans Kamp LINGUISTICS hans@ims.uni-stuttgart.deBurkhard Kämpfer PHYSICS OF STRONGINTERACTION kaempfer@fzd.deAnke R. Kaysser-Pyzalla MATERIALSCIENCES anke.pyzalla@helmholtzberlin.deWilhelm Keim CHEMICAL SCIENCESwrkeim@t-online.deBarbara Kellner-Heinkele ORIENTALSTUDIES heinkele@zedat.fu-berlin.deHelmut Kettenmann CELLULARNEUROBIOLOGY kettenmann@macberlin.deKuno Kirschfeld NEUROSCIENCE kuno.kirschfeld@tuebingen.mpg.deMatthias Kleiner MECHANICALENGINEERING matthias.kleiner@dfg.deRainer L. Kleinertz MUSICOLOGYrainer.kleinertz@mx.uni-saarland.deDieter Kley ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESd.kley@fz-juelich.deHelmut Knözinger PHYSICALCHEMISTRY helmut.knoezinger@cup.uni-muenchen.deHelmut Koch MATHEMATICS h101k@gmx.deJürgen Kocka HISTORY Konnerth DEVELOPMENTALNEUROBIOLOGY konnerth@lrz.unimuenchen.deUlrich Konrad MUSICOLOGY muwi003@mail.uni-wuerzburg.deHein Kötz LAW koetz@mpipriv-hh.mpg.deFrauke Kraas HUMAN GEOGRAPHYf.kraas@uni-koeln.deJürg Kramer MATHEMATICS H. Krammer CANCER RESEARCHp.krammer@dkfz.deBernt Krebs INORGANIC CHEMISTRYkrebs@uni-muenster.deJosef Kreiner ANTHROPOLOGY, ORIENTALSTUDIES j.kreiner@uni-bonn.deManfred Krifka LINGUISTICS Kronke PRIVATE LAW kronke@ipr.uni-heidelberg.deBernd-Helmut Kröplin PHYSICS& ENGINEERING SCIENCES kroeplin@isd.uni-stuttgart.deWolfgang Künne PHILOSOPHYwolfgang.kuenne@uni-hamburg.deBernd-Olaf Küppers NATURALPHILOSOPHY bernd.kueppers@unijena.deJürgen Kurths THEORETICAL PHYSICSkurths@pik-potsdam.deWolfgang Küttler HISTORYw.kuettler@arcor.deKarin Labitzke ATMOSHPERIC SCIENCEkarin.labitzke@met.fu-berlin.deRenate Lachmann LITERATURE renate.lachmann@uni-konstanz.deKarlheinz Langanke NUCLEAR PHYSICSk.langanke@gsi.deOtto L. Lange PLANT SCIENCES ollange@botanik.uni-wuerzburg.deFalko Langenhorst EARTH SCIENCESfalko.langenhorst@uni-bayreuth.deNils-Göran Larsson MEDICINE, GENETICSlarsson@age.mpg.deWolfgang Lebek CLASSICS & AUXILIARYDISCIPLINES ala10@uni-koeln.deChristian W Lehmann GENERALLINGUISTICS christian.lehmann@unierfurt.deThomas Lengauer COMPUTER SCIENCElengauer@mpi-inf.mpg.deWolf Lepenies SOCIOLOGY lepenies@wiko-berlin.deMaria Leptin GENETICS &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY mleptin@uni-koeln.deJohannes A. Lercher CHEMISTRYjohannes.lercher@ch.tum.deKarl Eduard Linsenmair ANIMALECOLOGY ke_lins@biozentrum.uniwuerzburg.deKuno Lorenz PHILOSOPHY klorenz@mx.uni-saarland.deWalther Ludwig CLASSICS walther.ludwig@uni-hamburg.deGerd Lüer PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES gluer@gwdg.deReinhard Lührmann BIOCHEMISTRY& CELL BIOLOGY reinhard.luehrmann@mpi-bpc.mpg.deReimar Lüst ASTROPHYSICS cornelia.sengbusch@zmaw.deJoachim Maier PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYs.weiglein@fkf.mpg.deKlaus Mainzer PHILOSPHY mainzer@cvl-a.tum.deHans Georg Majer ORIENTAL STUDIEShg.majer@noi.fak12.uni-muenchen.deYuri Manin MATHEMATICS manin@mpim-bonn.mpg.deWalther Manshard GEOGRAPHYwalther.manshard@geographie.uni-freiburg.deHubert Markl ZOOLOGY hubert.markl@uni-konstanz.deChristoph J. Markschies CHURCHHISTORY christoph.markschies@rz.huberlin.deFritz Markwardt CARDIOVASCULARPHARMACOLOGY fmarkwardt@t-online.deIain Mattaj MOLECULAR BIOLOGYmattaj@embl-heidelberg.deKarl Ulrich Mayer SOCIOLOGY karl.mayer@yale.eduRenate Mayntz SOCIOLOGY mayntz@mpifg.deKurt Mehlhorn COMPUTER SCIENCEmehlhorn@mpi-inf.mpg.deChristian Meier ANCIENT HISTORYRolf Meissner EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESrmeissner@email.uni-kiel.deUlf G. Meissner THEORETICAL NUCLEARPHYSICS meissner@hiskp.uni-bonn.deFritz Melchers IMMUNOLOGY fritz.melchers@unibas.chRandolf Menzel ZOOLOGY menzel@zedat.fu-berlin.deErnst-Joachim Mestmäcker LAWmestmaec@mpipriv-hh.mpg.deFerenc Mezei PHYSICS mezei@hmi.dePeter Mezger ASTRONOMY pmezger@mpifr-bonn.mpg.deHartmut Michel BIOCHEMISTRYhartmut.michel@mpibp-frankfurt.mpg.deIgor N. Mishustin THEORETICALNUCLEAR PHYSICS mishustin@fias.uni-frankfurt.deJürgen Mittelstrass PHILOSOPHYjuergen.mittelstrass@uni-konstanz.deWolfgang Mitter EDUCATION mitter@dipf.deJürgen Mlynek ATOMIC PHYSICSpresident@helmholtz.deReinhard J. Mocek PHILOSOPHYphilochess@aol.comBernd Moeller HISTORYHelmuth Möhwald PHYSICALCHEMISTRY moehwald@mpikg.mpg.deThomas M. J. Möllers EUROPEANAcademia Europaea Directory 2012UNION LAW thomas.moellers@jura.uni-augsburg.deHans Mommsen HISTORY hans.mommsen@t-online.dePeter Moraw HISTORY peter.moraw@geschichte.uni-giessen.deRudolf Mössbauer PHYSICS beatrice.vbellen@ph.tum.deAchim Müller CHEMICAL SCIENCESa.mueller@uni-bielefeld.deBenno Müller-Hill GENETICSmuellerhill@uni-koeln.deKlaus Müller-HohensteinGEOGRAPHY klaus.mueller-hohenstein@uni-bayreuth.deHans Musmann ENGINEERINGmusmann@tnt.uni-hannover.deBernhard Nebel ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE nebel@uni-freiburg.deJorg F. W. Negendank PHYSICAL &APPLIED GEOLOGY neg@gfz-potsdam.deErwin Neher BIOPHYSICS eneher@gwdg.deWolfgang Nejdl COMPUTER SCIENCEnejdl@l3s.deHeinz-Günther Nesselrath ANCIENTGREEK LITERATURE heinzGuenther.nesselrath@phil.uni-goettingen.dePeter Neumann MATERIALS SCIENCEp.neumann@mpie.deWalter Neupert BIOCHEMISTRYchristine.werner@med.uni-muenchen.deHeinrich Nöth CHEMISTRY praesident@badw.deChristiane Nüsslein-VolhardDEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY christiane.nuesslein-volhard@tuebingen.mpg.deSiegfried Oechsle MUSICOLOGYoechsle@musik.uni-kiel.deFranz Oesch PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY oesch@uni-mainz.deDieter Oesterhelt BIOCHEMISTRYoesterhe@biochem.mpg.deClaus Offe POLITICAL SCIENCE offe@hertie-school.orgOnno Oncken GEOLOGY & GEODYNAMICSoncken@gfz-potsdam.deMary Osborn CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY mosborn@gwdg.deJürgen Osterhammel MODERNHISTORY juergen.osterhammel@uni-konstanz.deErnst Otten EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICSernst.otten@uni-mainz.deSvante Pääbo MOLECULAR GENETICSpaabo@eva.mpg.deKlaus Palme PLANT SCIENCE klaus.palme@biologie.uni-freiburg.deBenno Parthier PLANT SCIENCEGünther Patzig PHILOSOPHY jkaraku@gwdg.deWolfgang J. Paul COMPUTER SCIENCEwjp@cs.uni-sb.deKurt Pawlik PSYCHOLOGY pawlik@uni-hamburg.deUdo Peil STRUCTURAL ENGINEERINGu.peil@tu-bs.deGünter Petzow MATERIALS SCIENCEpetzow@mf.mpg.deSigrid Peyerimhoff THEORETICALCHEMISTRY unt000@uni-bonn.deNikolaus Pfanner BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY nikolaus.pfanner@biochemie.uni-freiburg.deJosef Pfeilschifter PHARMACOLOGYpfeilschifter@em.uni-frankfurt.deHorst Pietschmann HISTORYhpietschmann@t-online.deKlaus Pinkau PHYSICS pinkaumuenchen@t-online.deUlrich Platt ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY &PHYSICS ulrich.platt@iup.uni-heidelberg.deUlrich Pohl HEART & CIRCULATORYPHYSIOLOGY upohl@lmu.deBarbara Potthast LATIN AMERICAHISTORY barbara.potthast@uni-koeln.deWolfgang Prinz PSYCHOLOGY &BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES prinz@cbs.mpg.deGerhard Quinkert CHEMISTRYquinkert@chemie.uni-frankfurt.deStefan F. Rahmstorf PHYSICS OF THEOCEANS rahmstorf@pik-potsdam.deKlaus Rajewsky IMMUNOLOGY klaus.rajewsky@mdc-berlin.deEkkehard Ramm STRUCTURALENGINEERING eramm@statik.unistuttgart.deUlf Rapp STEM CELL BIOLOGY ulf.r.rapp@gmx.deSjur Refsdal ASTRONOMY srefsdal@hs.uni-hamburg.deAndreas Reichenbach NEUROBIOLOGYreia@medizin.uni-leipzig.deWolfgang Reisig COMPUTER A. Ritter HISTORY GARitter@web.deHerbert W. Roesky CHEMISTRYhroesky@gwdg.deManfred Rühle MATERIALS SCIENCEruehle@mf.mpg.deEdmund Runggaldier Saedler MOLECULAR PLANTGENETICS saedler@mpiz-koeln.mpg.deBert Sakmann MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICSberninger@neuro.mpg.deKlaus Sander PLANT & ANIMAL SCIENCESJürgen Sarnowsky MEDIEVAL HISTORYjuergen.sarnowsky@uni-hamburg.deMichael Sarnthein-LotichiusMARINE GEOLOGY ms@gpi.uni-kiel.deJoachim Sauer CHEMICAL SCIENCES Sauerländer ARTHISTORY necKurt Schaffner CHEMISTRY schaffner@mpi-muelheim.mpg.deFritz Scharpf POLITICAL SCIENCEscharpf@mpi-fg-koeln.mpg.deLudwig Schätzl GEOGRAPHY schaetzl@wigeo.uni-hannover.deChristoph Scheidenberger PHYSICSc.scheidenberger@gsi.deHeinz A. Schilling MODERN EUROPEANHISTORY schilling@geschichte.huberlin.deDagmar Schipanski PHYSICSkgerling@tmwfk.thueringen.deEdward Schlag PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYschlag@ch.tum.deWolfgang P. Schleich THEORETICALPHYSICS wolfgang.schleich@uni-ulm.deSiegfried J. Schmidt LITERATUREsjs3811@uni-muenster.dePeter H. Schmitt THEORETICALCOMPUTER SCIENCE pschmitt@kit.eduMonika Schmitz-Emans COMPARATIVELITERATURE monika.schmitz-emans@ruhr-uni-bochum.deHelmut Schnelle LINGUISTICShelmutschnelle@t-online.deClaudia Schnurmann ATLANTICHISTORY claudia.schnurmann@unihamburg.deHasso Scholz PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY h.scholz@uke.uni-hamburg.deWolfgang Schön LAW wolfgang.schoen@tax.mpg.deClaus Schönig TURKOLOGY clcs@gmx.deWerner Schreyer EARTH Schricker LAW inb@intellecprop.mpg.deDieter Schuh TIBETOLOGY, HISTORYIrene Schulz-Hofer PHYSIOLOGY irene.schulz@uni-konstanz.deWinfried Schulze MODERN HISTORYwinfried@schulze-wum.deGünther Schütz MOLECULAR &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY g.schuetz@dkfz-Heidelberg.deHelmut Schwarz CHEMISTRY Seeger PHYSICS seeger@physix.mpi-stuttgart.mpg.deEugen Seibold EARTH SCIENCE seiboldfreiburg@t-online.deJohannes Siegrist MEDICAL SOCIOLOGYsiegrist@uni-duesseldorf.deRainer K. Silbereisen PSYCHOLOGYrainer.silbereisen@uni-jena.deDieter Simon LAW simon@bbaw.deArndt Simon CHEMISTRY a.simon@fkf.mpg.deKai Simons MOLECULAR BIOLOGYsimons@mpi-cbg.deWolf Singer NEUROSCIENCE wolf.singer@brain.mpg.deVolker Soergel PHYSICS v.soergel@tonline.deHans Spada PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES spada@psychologie.unifreiburg.deTilman Spohn PLANETARY PHYSICStilman.spohn@dlr.deGünter Spur ENGINEERING spur@ipk.fhg.deHeinz A. Staab ORGANIC CHEMISTRYKlaus Starke PHARMACOLOGY,NEUROBIOLOGY starke@ruf.uni-freiburg.dePeter Starlinger GENETICSpeterstarlinger4@compuserve.deGabriele Stein LINGUISTICS gabriele.stein@urz.uni-heidelberg.deWolf-Dieter Stempel LINGUISTICSWStempel@dom.badw.deKarlheinz Stierle LITERATUREkarlheinz.stierle@uni-konstanz.deGünter Stock PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINEguenter.stock@bbaw.deHorst Stöcker PHYSICS H.Stoecker@gsi.deDietrich Stoyan MATHEMATICS stoyan@math.tu-freiberg.deJoseph Straus INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY47

Academia Europaea Directory 2012j.straus@ip.mpg.deWolfgang Streeck SOCIOLOGYstreeck@mpifg.deGotthard Strohmaier GREEK HERITAGEIN ISLAM strohmaier-wiederanders@tonline.deErwin Suess MARINE SCIENCE esuess@ifm-geomar.deWerner Sundermann ORIENTALSTUDIES sundermann@bbaw.deJürgen Teich EMBEDDED SYSTEM DESIGNteich@informatik.uni-erlangen.deUlrich Teichler EDUCATION teichler@incher.uni-kassel.deVolker ter Meulen CLINICAL SCIENCEvolker.termeulen@mail.uni-wuerzburg.deGunther Teubner LAW g.teubner@jur.uni-frankfurt.deRudolf Thauer MICROBIOLOGY thauer@mpi-marburg.mpg.deJörn Thiede EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESjthiede@geomar.deHans Thoenen NEUROSCIENCE hans@neuro.mpg.deWolfgang Thomas COMPUTER SCIENCEthomas@informatik.rwth-aachen.deKlaus Thurau PHYSIOLOGY, NEPHROLOGYklaus.thurau@med.uni-muenchen.deThomas Trautner MOLECULAR BIOLOGYtrautner@mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.deJürgen Troe PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYshoff@gwdg.deJoachim Trümper ASTROPHYSICSjtrumper@mpe.mpg.deKlaus Tschira COMPUTER SCIENCE klaus.tschira@kts.villa-bosch.deAxel Ullrich MOLECULAR BIOLOGYullrich@biochem.mpg.deJosef van Ess ISLAMIC STUDIES, SEMITICLANGUAGES josef.van-ess@unituebingen.deDietmar Vestweber CELL BIOLOGYvestweb@mpi-muenster.mpg.deWolfgang Viereck ENGLISH LINGUISTICSwolfgang.viereck@uni-bamberg.deHeinrich Völk ASTROPHYSICS heinrich.voelk@mpi-hd.mpg.deGerhard Vollmer PHILOSOPHY OFSCIENCE g.vollmer@tu-bs.deMichael von Albrecht CLASSICSKlaus von Beyme POLITICAL SCIENCEklaus.von.beyme@urz.uni-heidelberg.deChristoph von der MalsburgPSYCHOLOGY schmitz@fias.uni-frankfurt.deHartmut von Hentig EDUCATION necKlaus von Klitzing PHYSICSk.klitzing@fkf.mpg.deRudolf von Thadden HISTORYbkausch@gwdg.deC. Christian von WeizsäckerECONOMICS weizsaecker@coll.mpg.deHeinz Georg Wagner CHEMISTRY necHermann Wagner NEUROSCIENCEwagner@bio2.rwth-aachen.deChristoph Wagner HISTORY OF ARTchristoph.wagner@psk.uni-regensburg.deHeinrich Wänke ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH waenke@mpch-mainz.mpg.deKlaus Weber BIOCHEMISTRY Wegner CHEMISTRY wegner@mpip-mainz.mpg.deJoachim Weickert SCIENTIFCCOMPUTING weickert@mia.uni-saarland.deSigrid Weigel LITERARY HISTORY litera@zfl.gwz-berlin.deGerhard Weikum INFORMATICSweikum@mpi-inf.mpg.deElmar Weiler PLANT PHYSIOLOGY elmar.weiler@ruhr-uni-bochum.deHarald Weinrich LINGUISTICSDietrich Welte EARTH SCIENCE iesdhw@aol.comFriedemann Wenzel ENGEERINGSEISMOLOGY friedemann.wenzel@kit.eduRichard West ASTRONOMY,ASTROPHYSICS richard@rmwest.netSimon D M White ASTROPHYSICSswhite@mpa-garching.mpg.deFelix Wieland PROTEIN-LIPIDINTERACTIONS felix.wieland@bzh.uniheidelberg.deReinhard Wilhelm COMPUTER SCIENCEwilhelm@cs.uni-sb.deGünther Wilke CHEMISTRY guenther.wilke@t-online.deLothar Willmitzer GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY willmitzer@mpimpgolm.mpg.deEkkehard Winterfeldt CHEMISTRYwinterfeldt@mbox.oci.uni-hannover.deEugen Wirth GEOGRAPHY necAlfred Wittinghofer BIOCHEMISTRY48alfred.wittinghofer@mpi-dortmund.mpg.deDietrich Wolf ENGINEERING dietrich.wolf@iap.uni-frankfurt.deGereon Wolters PHILOSOPHY gereon.wolters@uni-konstanz.deHans Zachau MOLECULAR Zacher LAW zacher@mpisoc.mpg.deDon Zagier MATHEMATICS makela@mpim-bonn.mpg.deHerbert Zimmermann NEUROSCIENCEh.zimmermann@bio.uni-frankfurt.deKlaus Zimmermann LABOUR &POPULATION ECONOMICS zimmermann@iza.orgBernhard Zimmermann CLASSICALPHILOLOGY bernhard.zimmermann@altphil.uni-freiburg.deGisbert zu Putlitz PHYSICS putlitz@physi.uni-heidelberg.deOtto Zwierlein CLASSICS zwierlein@uni-bonn.deGHANAGeorge Benneh GEOGRAPHYgbenneh@ghana.comGIBRALTARClive Finlayson EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGYjcfinlay@gibraltar.giGREECEDimitri E. Beskos PHYSICS &ENGINEERING SCIENCES d.e.beskos@upatras.grGeorge P. Chrousos PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE chrousge@med.uoa.grGeorge Contopoulos ASTRONOMYgcontop@academyofathens.grAngelos Delivorrias ARCHAEOLOGYdelivorrias@benaki.grChristos Doumas ARCHAEOLOGYdoumases@otenet.grEmmanuel E. Gdoutos ENGINEERINGMECHANICS egoutos@civil.duth.grYannis Ioannidis INFORMATICSyannis@di.uoa.grKonstantinos Kerameus LAW hiifl@ath.forthnet.grAnthony Kounadis ENGINEERINGkounadis@central.ntua.grVassilis LambrinoudakisARCHAEOLOGY labrin@otenet.grNikolaos Makris STRUCTURAL DYNAMICSnmakris@upatras.grGeorge D. Manolis STRUCTURALENGINEERING gdm@civil.auth.grMaria Petrou IMAGE PROCESSINGpetrou@iti.grConstantine Sekeris BIOCHEMISTRYcsekeris@eie.grGregory Skalkeas CLINICAL SCIENCEgdskalkeas@bioacademy.grPaul G. Spirakis COMPUTER SCIENCEspirakis@cti.grConstantine Stephanidis COMPUTERSCIENCE cs@ics.forth.grGeorge Veis SPACE GEODESY asep@otenet.grEmmanuel Voutiras CLASSICSvoutiras@hist.auth.grElizabeth Zachariadou ORIENTALSTUDIES nikosveta@ath.forthnet.grChristos Zerefos ATMOSPERIC PHYSICSzerefos@geol.uoa.grHONG KONGPhilippe G. Ciarlet Banati FOOD SAFETY d.banati@cfri.huDénes Berényi PHYSICS berenyi@atomki.huZsolt Bor PHYSICS bor@physx.uszeged.huJulius Csikai PHYSICS csikai@delfin.klte.huTamas Csorgo PHYSICS csorgo.tamas@wigner.mta.huArpád Csurgay COMPUTING,ENGINEERING acsurgay@itk.ppke.huIván Z. Dénes HISTORY diz@kodolanyi.huDénes Dudits PLANT SCIENCE dudits@nucleus.szbk.u-szeged.huGyörgy Enyedi GEOGRAPHY enyedi@rkk.huZoltan Esik COMPUTER SCIENCE ze@inf.u-szeged.huZsuzsa Ferge SOCIOLOGY fergesp@axelero.huTamás Freund NEUROSCIENCE freund@koki.huJános Ginsztler MATERIALS SCIENCEmma@mail.bme.huLaszlo Györfi MATHEMATICAL STATISTICSgyorfi@szit.bme.huBéla Halász NEUROSCIENCE halasz@ana2.sote.huJózsef Hámori NEUROSCIENCE hamori@ana1.sote.huIstván Hargittai CHEMISTRY istvan.hargittai@gmail.comMagdolna Hargittai INORGANICCHEMISTRY hargittaim@gmail.comAttila Harmathy LAW harmathy@ajk.elte.huGyörgy Hazai ORIENTAL STUDIESdr.hazai.kinga@pronet.huFerenc Horváth EARTH SCIENCEhorvath@rkk.huGyula Horváth ECONOMICS horvath@rkk.huSzabolcs Kéri BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCESszkeri@phys.szote.u-szeged.huFerenc Kiefer LINGUISTICS kiefer@nytud.huKatalin E. Kiss LINGUISTICS ekiss@nytud.huÉva Kondorosi MICROBIAL GENETICSkondorosie@baygen.huJános Kornai ECONOMICS janos.kornai@uni-corvinus.huLaszlo Kovacs CELL PHYSIOLOGYkovacs@phys.dote.huIlona Kovacs BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCESikovacs@cogsci.bme.huZoltan Kovacs GEOGRAPHY zkovacs@iif.huNorbert Kroo PHYSICS kroo@office.mta.huErzsébet Ligeti CELL PHYSIOLOGYligeti@puskin.sote.huAndrás Lipták CHEMICAL SCIENCESliptaka@tigris.klte.huRezso G. Lovas NUCLEAR STRUCTURETHEORY rgl@atomki.huLászló Lovász MATHEMATICS lovasz@cs.elte.huFerenc Mádl LAWMiklós Maróth GREEK & ARABICPHILOLOGY maroth@btk.ppke.huErno Mészáros ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEmeszaroserno@freemail.huPál Michelberger ENGINEERING jvkt@kme.bme.huEmil Monos PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICSmonos.emil@med.semmelweis-univ.huLászló Muszbek CLINICAL SCIENCE &MICROBIOLOGY muszbek@med.unideb.huZoltan Nusser NEUROSCIENCE nusser@koki.huJozsef Palinkas PHYSICS palinkas@atomki.huMiklós Palkovits PHYSIOLOGY &BIOPHYSICS palkovits@ana.sote.huLászló Pap TELECOMMUNICATIONS pap@hit.bme.huCsaba Pléh PSYCHOLOGY pleh@cogsci.bme.huZsigmond Ritoók CLASSICS ritookne@citromail.huTamás Roska ENGINEERING roska@sztaki.huBalazs Sarkadi PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINEsarkadi@biomembrane.huLászló Sarkadi ATOMIC & MOLECULARPHYICS sarkadil@atomki.huFrigyes Solymosi PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYFrigyes.Solymosi@chem.u-szeged.huLászló Somfai MUSICOLOGY somfai@zti.huAndrás Spät PHYSIOLOGY spat@eok.sote.huEörs Szathmary ORGANISMIC &EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY szathmary@colbud.huMihály Szegedy-Maszák LITERATUREszegedy@caesar.elte.huGyörgy Székely NEUROSCIENCEszekely@chondron.anat.dote.huGabor Tamas NEUROSCIENCE gtamas@bio.u-szeged.huBalazs Trencsenyi HISTORYtrencsenyib@ceu.huPál Venetianer MOLECULAR BIOLOGYvenetpal@brc.huE. Sylvester Vizi PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY esvizi@koki.huINDIAC.N.R. Rao CHEMISTRY Bates ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE ray.bates@ucd.ieTerence Brown LITERATURE tbrown@tcd.ieAnne Buttimer GEOGRAPHY anne.buttimer@ucd.ieNicholas Canny HISTORY nicholas.canny@nuigalway.ieLuke O’Connor Drury ASTROPHYSICSld@cp.dias.ieGeorge Eogan ARCHAEOLOGY eogan@eircom.netJohn Fitzpatrick ENGINEERING john.fitzpatrick@tcd.ieBernard F. Gannon MOLECULARBIOLOGY Harvey CELL & MOLECULARPHYSIOLOGY bjpharvey@rcsi.ieSeamus Heaney LITERATURECharles Hepworth Holland EARTHSCIENCE hepwholl@tcd.ieAlan G Jones EARTH SCIENCE alan@cp.dias.ieAlun R. Jones POLITICAL GEOGRAPHYalun.jones@ucd.ieThomas Kellaghan EDUCATIONtkellaghan@erc.ieDennis Kennedy THEATRE &PERFORMANCE STUDIES dkennedy@tcd.ieRoger Little LITERATURE rlittle@tcd.ieGearóid Mac Eoin CELTIC STUDIESStephen J. Mennell SOCIOLOGYstephen.mennell@ucd.ieFionn Murtagh INFORMATICS fionn.murtagh@sfi.ieMichael Ryan ARCHAEOLOGY &EARLY-MEDIEVAL ART HISTORY gmfryan@gmail.comEda Sagarra LITERATURE esagarra@tcd.ieJohn Scanlan ENGINEERING eleceng@ucd.iePeter Simons PHILOSOPHY psimons@tcd.ieJames Slevin ATOMIC PHYSICS james.slevin@ichec.ieDavid Spearman MATHEMATICS david.spearman@tcd.ieRoger Stalley HISTORY OF ART &ARCHITECTURE rstalley@tcd.ieDa-Wen Sun APPLIED & TRANSLATIONALBIOLOGY dawen.sun@ucd.ieAntony Tatlow COMPARATIVE LITERATUREatatlow@tcd.ieRichard S. J. Tol ECONOMICS OF ENERGYrichard.tol@esri.ieDenis Weaire PHYSICS dweaire@tcd.ieBarbara Wright FRENCH LITERATUREbwright@tcd.ieISRAELNoga Alon COMPUTER SCIENCE Avnir ORGANICALLY DOPED Barkai SYSTEMS Ben-Avraham MARINE Bergman MOLECULARIMMUNOLOGY Cedar MOLECULAR J. Ciechanover INTRACELLULARPROTEOLYSIS M. Cotton CLASSICS Harel COMPUTER SCIENCE Kellerman HUMAN Kimchi CELL DEATH/CANCER Langer PHARMACOLOGYlanger.salomon@gmail.comRaphael David Levine Levitzki CELLUARSIGNALLING Meyerstein INORGANIC Oren MOLECULAR & CELL Ravid LINGUISTICS Sachs HEMATOLOGY Segal NEUROBIOLOGY OFLEARNING & MEMORY Shamir CRYPTOGRAPHY Sharon BIOCHEMISTRY Tenne NANOMATERIALS Aikema HISTORY bernard.aikema@univr.itLuciano Angelucci PHARMACOLOGY& TOXICOLOGY luciano.angelucci@uniroma1.itFortunato T. Arecchi PHYSICSarecchi@ino.itGiorgio Ausiello COMPUTER SCIENCEausiello@dis.uniroma1.itCarmela Baffioni ISLAMIC & GREEKTHOUGHT cbaffioni@katamail.comVincenzo Balzani CHEMISTRY vincenzo.balzani@unibo.itBruno Battaglia GENETICS segret2s@bio.unipd.itFabrizio Benedetti PHYSIOLOGY &NEUROSCIENCE fabrizio.benedetti@unito.itLuca Benini COMPUTER SCIENCE luca.benini@unibo.itMarina Bentivoglio NEUROSCIENCEmarina.bentivoglio@univr.itRoberto Benzi COMPUTATIONAL FLUIDDYNAMICS roberto.benzi@gmail.comGiovanni Berlucchi NEUROSCIENCEgiovanni.berlucchi@univr.itGiorgio Bernardi GENETICSgbernardi@uniroma3.itPaolo Bernardi MITOCHONDRIALPHYSIOLOGY bernardi@bio.unipd.itPier M. Bertinetto LINGUISTICSbertinetto@sns.itIvano Bertini BIOCHEMISTRY bertini@cerm.unifi.itFrancesco Bertola ASTRONOMYfrancesco.bertola@unipd.itFrancesco Blasi CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY blasi.francesco@hsr.itMario Boccaletti EARTH SCIENCEmarioboccaletti@yahoo.itEgon Boerger COMPUTER SCIENCEboerger@di.unipi.itTito Boeri ECONOMICS tito.boeri@unibocconi.itPiero Boitani COMPARATIVE LITERATUREpiero.boitani@uniroma1.itMartino Bolognesi STRUCTURALBIOLOGY martino.bolognesi@unimi.itEnrico Bonatti EARTH SCIENCES enrico.bonatti@ismar.cnr.itEdoardo Boncinelli CELL &DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY boncinelli.edoardo@hsr.itEnzo Boschi EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESenzo.boschi@unibo.itIrene Bozzoni MOLECULAR BIOLOGYirene.bozzoni@uniroma1.itMaurizio Brunori BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY maurizio.brunori@uniroma1.itRaimondo Cagiano de AzevedoPOLITICAL SCIENCE & DEMOGRAPHYraimondo.cagianodeazevedo@uniroma1.itFulvio Camerini CLINICAL SCIENCEGiuseppe Camodeca ROMAN HISTORYgcamodeca@tin.itRenzo Canestrari PSYCHOLOGYLuigi Capogrossi Colognesi HISTORYluigi.capogrossicolognesi@uniroma1.itGian V. Caprara PSYCHOLOGYgianvittorio.caprara@uniroma1.itMichele Caputo EARTH SCIENCEmcaputo@g24ux.phys.uniroma1.itErnesto Carafoli BIOCHEMISTRYernesto.carafoli@unipd.itEmilio Carbone GENERAL PHYSIOLOGYemilio.carbone@unito.itGiorgio Carmignoto NEUROBIOLOGY,BIOMEDICINE giorgio.carmignoto@bio.unipd.itSergio Carra PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYsergio.carra@polimi.itEttore Casari PHILOSOPHY casari@sns.itGiulio Casati PHYSICS giulio.casati@uninsubria.itAntonio Cassese LAW cassesea@tin.itAlfonso Cavaliere ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH cavaliere@roma2.infn.itAlessandro Cavalli SOCIOLOGYaless_cavalli@hotmail.comStefano Ceri WEB & DATA MANAGEMENTstefano.ceri@polimi.itGian Paolo Chiusoli CHEMISTRYchiusoli@unipr.itMaria Cita Sironi GEOLOGYFrancesco Clementi PHARMACOLOGY,NEUROSCIENCE francesco.clementi@unimi.itFilippo Coarelli CLASSICS pabrak@unipg.itGiacomo Corna-PellegriniGEOGRAPHY giacomo.cornapellegrinis@tin.itRiccardo Cortese GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY riccardo_cortese@merck.comGiulio Cossu MYOGENIC CELL LINEAGEScossu.giulio@hsr.itLellia Cracco Ruggini CLASSICS,ROMAN HISTORY lellia.ruggini@unito.itGiorgio Dal Piaz EARTH SCIENCEdalpiaz@geol.unipd.itGiuseppe de Natale PHYSICS OF THEEARTH pino@ov.ingv.itRocco De Nicola INFORMATICS rocco.denicola@imtlucca.itEnnio de Renzi NEUROSCIENCEderenzi@unimo.itElisabetta Dejana CELL BIOLOGYelisabetta.dejana@infom-ieo-campus.itFabrizio Della-Seta MUSICOLOGYf.dellaseta@unipv.itMariangiola Dezani-CiancagliniCOMPUTING dezani@di.unito.itPier P. Di Fiore CELL BIOLOGY pierpaolo.difiore@ifom-ieo-campus.itDario DiFrancesco PHYSIOLOGY &BIOPHYSICS dario.difrancesco@unimi.itCarlo Doglioni EARTH SCIENCES carlo.doglioni@uniroma1.itMauro Dorato PHILOSOPHY dorato@uniroma3.itAnnibale Elia LINGUISTICS elianni@tin.itClaudio Faccenna EARTH & PLANETARYSCIENCES faccenna@uniroma3.itFrancesco Fedi TELECOMMUNICATIONSfrancesco.fedi@tiscali.itCinzia Ferrini HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHYferrini@units.itGiorgio Fiocco ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEfiocco@g24ux.phys.uniroma1.itMarco Foiani MOLECULAR BIOLOGYmarco.foiani@ifom-ieo-campus.itLuigi Frey LABOUR ECONOMICS Fusaroli NEUROSCIENCEEmilio Gabba CLASSICSGiovanni Gallavotti PHYSICS giovanni.gallavotti@roma1.infn.itLuciano Gallino SOCIOLOGY luciano.gallino@unito.itAntonio Gambaro LAW antonio.gambaro@unimi.itPierangelo Garegnani ECONOMICSDante Gatteschi INORGANIC CHEMISTRYdante.gatteschi@unifi.itGiovanni Geraci CLASSICS giovanni.geraci@unibo.itFranco A. Gianturco CHEMICAL PHYSICSfa.gianturco@caspur.itAndrea Giardina ANCIENT ROMANHISTORY andrea.giardina@sumitalia.itCarlo Ginzburg HISTORY ginzburg@history.ucla.eduGherardo Gnoli ORIENTAL STUDIESpresidente@isiao.itMarco Gozzi MUSIC HISTORY marco.gozzi@unitn.itEmanuela Guidoboni HISTORICALSEISMOLOGY guidoboni@sga-storiageo.itElisabeth Kieven ART & ARCHITECTUREkieven@biblhertz.itEugenio La Rocca CLASSICS larocca@comune.roma.itLionello Lanciotti ORIENTAL STUDIESRomano Lazzeroni LINGUISTICSs.vari@ling.unipi.itAldo Leggeri MEDICAL SCIENCEMaurizio Lenzerini INFORMATICSlenzerini@dis.uniroma1.itRita Levi-Montalcini NEUROSCIENCEscientific.assist@ebri.itMario Liverani ORIENTAL STUDIESmliver@mclink.itSiro Lombardini POLITICAL SCIENCEsirolombardini@alice.itAntonio Longinelli EARTH SCIENCElongi@ipruniv.cce.unipr.itLuigi Lugiato PHYSICS luigi.lugiato@uninsubria.itLamberto Maffei NEUROSCIENCEmaffei@in.cnr.itClaudio Magris GERMAN LITERATURElongoit@yahoo.itFabio Marchesoni NON EQUILIBRIUMSTATISTICAL MECHANICS fabio.marchesoni@pg.infn.itFranco Mariani SPACE RESEARCH franco.mariani@roma2.infn.itGuido Martinotti SOCIOLOGY guido.martinotti@unimib.itPaolo Mazzarello HISTORY OF MEDICINEpaolo.mazzarello@unipv.itJacques Mehler PSYCHOLOGY jacques.mehler@gmail.comJacopo Meldolesi PHARMACOLOGY, CELLBIOLOGY meldolesi.jacopo@hsr.itGerry Melino BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY gerry.melino@uniroma2.itUgo Montanari COMPUTING ugo@di.unipi.itCesare Montecucco CELLULAR BIOLOGYcesare.montecucco@unipd.itLorenzo Moretta Nespor GENERAL LINGUISTICSnespor@sissa.itJohn Nicholls NEUROSCIENCE nicholls@sissa.itMario Nuti ECONOMICS dmarionuti@gmail.comAnna Orlandini CLASSICS sid6158@iperbole.bologna.itGianmarco I. P. OttavianoECONOMICS gianmarco.ottaviano@

unibocconi.itMassimo Paci SOCIOLOGY m.paci@ing.unipi.itGiuliano Panza EARTH SCIENCE panza@units.itRodolfo Paoletti PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY rodolfo.paoletti@unimi.itPaolo Papale VOLCANOLOGY papale@pi.ingv.itMaria Paradiso GEOGRAPHY paradiso@unisannio.itDomenico Parisi PSYCHOLOGYdomenico.parisi@istc.cnr.itGiorgio Parisi PHYSICS giorgio.parisi@roma1.infn.itCarlo Patrono CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGYcpatrono@unich.itAngelo Peccerillo GEODYNAMICSpecceang@unipg.itGiuseppe C. Perola ASTRONOMY &SPACE RESEARCH perola@fis.uniroma3.itLuciano Pietronero CONDENSEDMATTER THEORY luciano.pietronero@roma1.infn.itAlessandro Pizzorno SOCIOLOGYpizzorno@datacomm.iue.itPaolo Poccetti COMPARATIVE PHILOLOGYpaolopoccetti@tiscali.itSandor Pongor BIOINFORMATICSpongor@icgeb.orgTullio Pozzan PHYSIOLOGY & Preziosi PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY ppreziosi@rm.unicatt.itFrancesco Profumo ENGINEERINGfrancesco.profumo@polito.itLuigi Radicati di Brozolo PHYSICSPietro Rescigno LAW p.rescigno@unlaw.itAntonio Restivo THEORETICALCOMPUTER SCIENCE restivo@math.unipa.itPio Enrico Ricci Bitti PSYCHOLOGYpioenrico.riccibitti@unibo.itFranco Ricci-Lucchi EARTH SCIENCEfrarilu@libero.itLuigi Rizzi LINGUISTICS rizzil@unisi.itGiacomo Rizzolatti NEUROSCIENCEgiacomo.rizzolatti@unipr.itCarlo Rizzuto PHYSICS carlo.rizzuto@elettra.trieste.itRosario Rizzuto GENERAL PATHOLOGYrosario.rizzuto@unipd.itMaria G. Roncarolo PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE m.roncarolo@hsr.itPietro Rossi PHILOSOPHYpietrorossi.w@virgilio.itPaolo Rossi PHILOSOPHYRoberto Sabadini PHYSIC OF THE EARTHroberto.sabadini@unimi.itRodolfo Sacco LAWFrancesco Salamini PLANT SCIENCEfrancesco.salamini@iasma.itMassimo Salvadori POLITICAL SCIENCEGiorgio Salvini PHYSICS segreteria@accademia.lincei.itMarcelo Sánchez Serondo HISTORYOF PHILOSOPHY academy.sciences@acdscience.vaDavide Sangiorgi INFORMATICS davide.sangiorgi@cs.unibo.itLuigia Santella DEVELOPMENTALPHYSIOLOGY & BIOLOGY santella@szn.itAngela Santoni MOLECULAR MEDICINEangela.santoni@uniroma1.itStefano Schiaffino CELL BIOLOGYstefano.schiaffino@unipd.itGiancarlo Setti ASTRONOMY setti@ira.inaf.itSalvatore Settis CLASSICS direttore@sns.itWilliam Shea HISTORY OF SCIENCEwilliam.shea@unipd.itPiergiorgio Strata NEUROSCIENCEpiergiorgio.strata@unito.itGlauco Tocchini-Valentini CELL& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY gtocchini@emma.cnr.itGianni Toniolo ECONOMIC HISTORYtoniolo@economia.uniroma2.itAnna Tramontano BIOCHEMISTRYanna.tramontano@uniromal1.itVictor Uckmar LAW studioge@uckmar.comCarlo Umiltà PSYCHOLOGY carlo.umilta@unipd.itBoris Uspensky LINGUISTICS borisusp@gmail.comEdoardo Vesentini MATHEMATICSvesentini@lincei.itCarlo Viano PHILOSOPHY cviano@tin.itRoberto Vivarelli HISTORYJohn Woods MARINE SCIENCEJAPANMasakazu Anpo PHOTOCHEMISTRY ONSOLID SURFACES Fujishima PHOTOCATALYSISfujishima@newkast.or.jpMasatake Haruta CHEMICAL E. Leakey ANTHROPOLOGYleakey@turkanabasin.orgKINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIAJean-Marie Basset Auzinsh PHYSICS marcis.auzins@lu.lvAndrejs Cebers THEORETICAL PHYSICSaceb@tesla.sal.lvRusins M. Freivalds QUANTUMCOMPUTATION Grens GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY Tamuzs MATERIALS SCIENCEtamuzs@pmi.lvLITHUANIAArvydas Janulaitis GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGYJuras Pozela PHYSICS pozela@uj.pfi.ltMONACOMichel Boisson MARINE SCIENCEmboisson@gouv.mcNEW ZEALANDCristian S. Caludeørn Aakvaag ENDOCRINOLOGY,PHYSIOLOGY asbjorn.aakvaag@getmail.noOdd O. Aalen MEDICAL STATISTICSo.o.aalen@medisin.uio.noPer Andersen NEUROSCIENCEandersen@basalmed.uio.noFredrik Barth ANTHROPOLOGYFinn Benestad MUSICOLOGY finn.benestad@getmail.noPetter E. Bjørstad MATHEMATICS &COMPUTER SCIENCE petter@ii.uib.noArnoldus Blix PHYSIOLOGY & POLARBIOLOGY asb000@uit.noGro H. Brundtland PUBLIC HEALTHLászlo Pál Csernai NUCLEAR PHYSICScsernai@ift.uib.noRolf K. Eckhoff PROCESS SAFETYTECHNOLOGY rolf.eckhoff@ift.uib.noOlav Eldholm EARTH SCIENCE olav.eldholm@geo.uib.noJens Erik Fenstad MATHEMATICSjfenstad@math.uio.noDagfinn Føllesdal PHILOSOPHYdagfinn@csli.stanford.eduRoy Gabrielsen STRUCTURAL GEOLOGYroy.gabrielsen@geo.uio.noSigmund Grønmo SOCIOLOGYsigmund.gronmo@rektor.uib.noJens Christian Hansen GEOGRAPHYjens.hansen@geog.uib.noHarald Herresthal MUSICOLOGYherresth@online.noAlex C Hoffmann PHYSICS alex.hoffmann@ift.uib.noEinar Hope ECONOMICS einar.hope@nhh.noIvar Isaksen ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES ivar.isaksen@geofysikk.uio.noErnst Håkon Jahr LINGUISTICernsthakon.jahr@uia.noEgil Kraggerud CLASSICAL PHILOLOGYegil.kraggerud@ifikk.uio.noOle Didrik Laerum PATHOLOGY ole.laerum@gades.uib.noJan Mangerud EARTH SCIENCE jan.mangerud@geo.uib.noOle Ar. Misund MARINE SCIENCE olem@imr.noEdvard Moser NEUROSCIENCE edvard.moser@ntnu.noMay-Britt Moser NEUROSCIENCE maybritt.moser@ntnu.noJacob Natvig IMMUNOLOGY j.b.natvig@medisin.uio.noElse-Ragnhild Neumann EARTH &MARINE SCIENCES e.r.neumann@geologi.uio.noDag R. Olsen BIOMEDICAL PHYSICS dag.olsen@mnfa.uib.noSjur Olsnes GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY olsnes@radium.uio.noDan Olweus PSYCHOLOGY olweus@uni.noEivind Osnes PHYSICS eivind.osnes@fys.uio.noDieter Roehrich EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICSdieter.rohrich@ift.uib.noAnne G. V. Salvanes BEHAVIOURALIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plECOLOGY anne.salvanes@bio.uib.noAgnar Sandmo ECONOMICS agnar.sandmo@nhh.noKirsten Sandvig PROTEIN TOXINSksandvig@radium.uio.noFrancis Sejersted HISTORY fse@isaf.noEivind Smith LAW eivind.smith@jus.uio.noSölvi Sogner HISTORY solvi.sogner@iakh.uio.noNils C. Stenseth POPULATION BIOLOGYn.c.stenseth@bio.uio.noLeiv K. Sydnes CHEMISTRY leiv.sydnes@kj.uib.noTrond H. Torsvik PLATE TECTONICStrond.torsvik@ngu.noClaes Goran Tropé CLINICAL SCIENCE &MICROBIOLOGY c.g.trope@medisin.uio.noJan S. Vaagen NUCLEAR PHYSICS jans.vaagen@ift.uib.noLars Walløe PHYSIOLOGY lars.walloe@medisin.uio.noPOLANDJerzy Axer CLASSICS Bialas HIGH ENERGY Bialynicki-Birula ALGEBRAICGEOMETRY Blikle COMPUTING andrzej.blikle@blikle.plTomasz Dietl PHYSICS Domanski GEOGRAPHYr.domanski@ue.poznan.plRafal Dutkiewicz MATHEMATICS rafal.dutkiewicz@um.wroc.plKatarzyna Dziubalska-KolaczykLINGUISTICS Fisiak LINGUISTICS Fraczek PSYCHOLOGY adamfra@poczta.onet.plJan Glinski AGROPHYSICS jglinski@demeter.ipan.lublin.plRyszard Gryglewski Guterch EARTH Jurewicz ORIENTAL Kaczmarek Kielan-JaworowskaPALAEONTOLOGY zkielan@twarda.pan.plMichal Kleiber COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCEmkleiber@pan.plJerzy Kolendo CLASSICSJacek Kossut PHYSICS OFSEMICONDUCTORS M. Langer PHYSICS Legocki GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY legocki@ibch.poznan.plJanusz S. Lipkowski PHYSICALCHEMISTRY janusz.lipkowski@wp.plJan Loboda GEOGRAPHY jan.loboda@uni.wroc.plAdam Lomnicki ECOLOGY Luty CHEMISTRY tadeusz.luty@pwr.wroc.plMieczyslaw Makosza Mazurkiewicz COMPUTINGa.mazurkiewicz@ipipan.waw.plWitold Morawski SOCIOLOGYmorawski.k@aster.plKazimierz Obuchowski PSYCHOLOGY& BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Otlewski BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY otlewski@protein.plHenryk Ratajczak CHEMISTRY henryk.ratajczak@gmail.comJanusz Reykowski PSYCHOLOGYjreykow@psychpan.waw.plWojciech Rytter COMPUTER Samsonowicz HISTORYwydzial1@pan.plMieczyslaw Sawczuk LAW Sawczuk@temida.umcs.lublin.plMichal Seweryñski LAW mseweryn@uni.lodz.plJózef Smak ASTRONOMY Soltysinski INTELLECTUALPROPERTY LAW stanislaw.soltysinski@skslegal.plLeszek Starkel GEOGRAPHY starkel@zg.pan.krakow.plJan Strelau PSYCHOLOGY Sztompka Tarkowski DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Tarlecki COMPUTER Tiuryn INFORMATICS Wesolowski SOCIOLOGYwwesolow@ifispan.waw.plMaciej Zylicz MOLECULAR Buescu LITERARY STUDIESh.buescu@netcabo.ptArsélio Pato de Carvalho NEUROSCIENCEcarvalho@cnc.uc.ptCarlos M. Ferreira PHYSICS &ENGINEERING SCIENCES P. Ferreira MUSICOLOGYmpferreira@fcsh.unl.ptJosé Mariano Gago PHYSICS &ENGINEERING SCIENCES gago@lip.ptJorge Gaspar GEOGRAPHY jbgaspar@netcabo.ptMaria Lago ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH mtlago@astro.up.ptEduardo Marçal Grilo PHYSICS& ENGINEERING SCIENCES iandrade@gulbenkian.ptJoao S. Pereira ORGANISMIC &EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY jspereira@isa.utl.ptAlexandre Quintanilha BIOCHEMISTRYalexq@ibmc.up.ptAntonio Ribeiro STRUCTURAL GEOLOGYaribeiro@fc.ul.ptJose A. R. Salcedo LASERPHYSICS & ENGINEERING jsalcedo@multiwavephotonics.comMaria-Alzira Seixo LITERATUREJoao Sentieiro COMPUTING joao.sentieiro@fct.mctes.ptROMANIAMarius Andruh CRYSTAL ENGINEERINGmarius.andruh@dnt.roCorneliu Dinu EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESIonel Haiduc CHEMISTRY ihaiduc@chem.ubbcluj.roGheorghe Paun INFORMATICS george.paun@imar.roMircea Sandulescu EARTH & MARINESCIENCES Simion LITERATURE esimion@acad.roMonica Spiridon COMPARATIVELITERATURE mspiridon@ines.roIonel V. Vlad PHYSICS-OPTICS vlad@nipne.roRUSSIAEvgeny V. Antipov CRYSTAL CHEMISTRYevgeny.antipov@gmail.comJoseph G. Atabekov GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY atabekov@genebee.msu.suOleg Atkov PHYSIOLOGY cz-oa@css-rzd.ruAlexey Bogdanov BIOCHEMISTRY& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY bogdanov@belozersky.msu.ruVladimir B. Braginsky PHYSICS brag@hbar.phys.msu.ruVictor Brumberg ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH brumberg@quasar.ipa.nw.ruMarietta Chudakova RUSSIANLITERATURESergey M. Deyev MOLECULAR BIOLOGYdeyev@ibch.ruDmitri I. Diakonov THEORETICALPHYSICS dmitri.diakonov@gmail.comValentin P. Dymnikov MATHEMATICALTHEORY OF CLIMATE dymnikov@inm.ras.ruLudwig D. Faddeev MATHEMATICSEvgueniy Fesenko PHYSIOLOGY &BIOPHYSICSVladimir E. Fortov PLASMA Galeev PHYSICS agaleev@esoc1.iki.rssi.ruMikhail S. Gelfand BIOINFORMATICSgelfand@iitp.ruGeorgii P. Georgiev MOLECULARGENETICS georg@biogen.msk.suPavel Georgiev MOLECULAR GENETICSgpg@mx.ibg.relarn.ruSofia Georgieva MOLECULAR Ghendon CLINICAL SCIENCE &MICROBIOLOGY yurighendon@gmail.comGeorgui Golitsyn GEOPHYSICSmail_adm@ifaran.ruEugene Grishin MOLECULARNEUROBIOLOGY grev@mail.ibch.ruYurii Ilyin GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY ilyin@eimb.ruMikhail G. Itkis NUCLEUS RESEARCHitkis@jinr.ruYuri M. Kagan PHYSICS kagan@kiae.ruAcademia Europaea Directory 2012Serguei Kapitza ENGINEERING,PHYSICSsergey@kapitza.ras.ruNikolai S. Kardashev ASTRONOMYnkardash@asc.rssi.ruArkady Karyakin ELECTROANALYSISaak@analyt.chem.msu.ruAlexei Khokhlov PHYSICAL CHEMISTRYOF POLYMERS khokhlov@polly.phys.msu.ruVladimir Klyuev ENGINEERING,MATERIAL SCIENCES v.klyuev@spektr.ruDmitri G. Knorre CHEMISTRY knorre@miboch.nsc.ruVladimir M. Kotlyakov GEOGRAPHYigras@igras.geonet.ruLeopold Lobkovsky EARTH & MARINESCIENCES llobkovsky@geo.sio.rssi.ruIlya Moiseev CHEMISTRY iimois@igic.ras.ruGalina Mozhayeva NEUROSCIENCEYuri Natochin PHYSIOLOGY natochin@iephb.ruSergei A. Nedospasov IMMUNOLOGYsergei.nedospasov@gmail.comOleg Nefedov PHYSICAL ORGANICCHEMISTRY onefedov@ras.ruAnatoly Nikishin REGIONAL GEOLOGYnikishin@geol.msu.ruSergei P. Novikov MATHEMATICSIgor Novikov ASTROPHYSICS novikov@asc.rssi.ruLev Okun PHYSICS okun@heron.itep.ruVictor Polterovich ECONOMICSpolterov@cemi.rssi.ruSergey Razin MOLECULAR BIOLOGYsergey.v.razin@usa.netViktor Sadovnichii IMAGE PROCESSINGAlexander E. Shilov N. Shiryaev MATHEMATICSalbertsh@mi.ras.ruVictor Shnirelman ANTHROPOLOGYshnirv@mail.ruVladimir P. Skulachev BIOCHEMISTRYskulach@genebee.msu.ruNikolay Sobolev EARTH & MARINESCIENCESAlexander S. Spirin MOLECULARBIOLOGYRashid A. Sunyaev ASTRONOMYEugene D. Sverdlov MOLECULARBIOLOGY sverd@humgen.siobc.ras.ruYuri Tretiakov CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALSyudt@inorg.chem.msu.ruYuliya I. Troitskaya EARTH & COSMICSCIENCES yuliya@hydro.appl.sci-nnov.ruLev Vinnik EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESvinnik@ifz.ruIgor Vinogradov LITERATUREValeriy Zagrebaev NUCLEAR &THEORETICAL PHYSICS zagrebaev@jinr.ruVladimir Zakharov MATHEMATICALPHSYICS zakharov@math.arizona.eduTatiana Zaslavskaia SOCIOLOGYcommon@inerc.msk.suIgor Zhimulev GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY zhimulev@bionet.nsc.ruSERBIAFedor Mesinger ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEfedor.mesinger@gmail.comVeljko Milutinovic COMPUTERENGINEERING vm@etf.rsDjordje Sijacki PHYSICS Andersson BIOCHEMISTRY Solter CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Paul Thieryár Elschek MUSICOLOGY hudvelos@savba.savba.skDaniela Jezova PHARMACOLOGYueenjezo@savba.skSLOVENIARobert Blinc PHYSICS robert.blinc@ijs.siIvan Bratko ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEbratko@fri.uni-lj.siAleksandra Kornhauser CHEMISTRYaleksandra.kornhauser@guest.arnes.siMarijan Pavcnik LAW marijan.pavcnik@pf.uni-lj.siJanez Peklenik ENGINEERING janez.peklenik@fs.uni-lj.siPeter Raspor BIOTECHNOLLOGY,MICROBIOLOGY peter.rasport@bf.uni-lj.siAlenka Selih CRIMINOLOGY alenka.selih@siol.netVito Turk BIOCHEMISTRY vito.turk@ijs.siRobert Zorec CELL PHYSIOLOGY robert.zorec@mf.uni-lj.siSOUTH AFRICAJean Cleymans PHYSICS jean.cleymans@gmail.comSPAINJoan Albaiges CHEMISTRY albqam@cid.csic.esAlfonso Araque CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGYaraque@cajal.csic.esJesús Avila CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY javila@cbm.uam.esEnric Banda EARTH SCIENCE enric.banda@fcri.esMariano Barbacid TUMOUR BIOLOGYbarbacid@cnio.esCarlos Belmonte NEUROSCIENCE carlos.belmonte@umh.esMaria A. Blasco MOLECULAR ONCOLOGYmblasco@cnio.esIgnacio Bosque LINGUISTICS ibosque@filol.ucm.esPere Brunet COMPUTER GRAPHICSpere@lsi.upc.eduManuel Bustos-Rodriguez EARLYMODERN HISTORY manuel.bustos@uca.esAngelo Camerlenghi MARINEGEOSCIENCES acamerlenghi@ub.eduRamon Canal ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH ramon@am.ub.esManuel Castells SOCIOLOGYmcastellso@uoc.eduAvelino Corma CHEMICAL KINETICSacorma@itq.upv.esEugenio Coronado CHEMICAL SCIENCESeugenio.coronado@uv.esConsuelo de la Torre PLANT SCIENCEconsuelodelatorre2009@hotmail.comLuis Diez-Picazo LAW luis.diezpicazo@diez-picazoabogados.comEsteban Domingo MOLECULARVIROLOGY edomingo@cbm.uam.esJosé Dominguez STRUCTURALENGINEERING jose@us.esCesar Dominguez PrietoCOMPARATIVE LITERATURE cesar.dominguez@usc.esCarlos M. Duarte ECOLOGY,OCEANOGRAPHY carlosduarte@imedea.uib.esManuel Elices MATERIALS SCIENCEmelices@mater.upm.esElias Fereres ECOLOGY ag1fecae@uco.esAlberto Galindo Tixaire PHYSICSgalindo@eucmos.sim.ucm.esEduardo García de Enterria LAWabogados@garciadeenterria.comAntonio García-BellidoDEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY agbellido@cbm.uam.esFrancisco García-Olmedo GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGYMaria-Dolores Garcia-RamonGEOGRAPHY mariadolors.garcia.ramon@uab.esJavier García-Sancho PHYSIOLOGYjgsancho@ibgm.uva.esGonzalo Giménez-Martín CELLREPRODUCTION delatorrec@cib.csic.esRafael Giraldo PROTEIN-DNAINTERACTIONS rgiraldo@cib.csic.esThomas Graf MOLECULAR BIOLOGYthomas.graf@crg.esJoan J. Guinovart BIOCHEMISTRY& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY guinovart@irbbarcelona.orgManuel Hermenegildo COMPUTERSCIENCE herme@fi.upm.esCarlos M. Herrera PLANT & ANIMALSCIENCES herrera@cica.esMiguel Julve Olcina CHEMICALSCIENCES miguel.julve@uv.esJuan Lerma Gomez PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE jlerma@umh.esFrancisco José Llera Ramo POLITICALSCIENCE cppllraf@lg.ehu.esJosé López-Barneo MOLECULAR &CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY lbarneo@us.esCarlos López-Otín BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY clo@uniovi.esAndrés Maldonado MARINE GEOLOGYamaldona@ugr.esGenoveva Marti PHILOSOPHYgenoveva.marti@gmail.comRosa M. Martinez de Codes HISTORYrmcodes@ghis.ucm.esCarlos Martinez-A CELL BIOLOGYcmartineza@csic.esAndreu Mas-Colell Mayer Olivé CLASSICSmayerolive@yahoo.esFederico Mayor BIOCHEMISTRYf.mayor@inves.esAurelio Menéndez Menéndez LAWmm@uria.comMaria T. Miras-PortugalBIOCHEMISTRY mtmiras@vet.ucm.es49

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Pérez-JiménezCOMPUTER SCIENCE marper@us.esLuis Puelles NEUROANATOMY puelles@um.esPere Puigdomènech MOLECULARBIOLOGY pere.puigdomenech@cragenomica.esAngeles Rodriguez Pena CELLBIOLOGY arodriguez@iib.uam.esFrancisco Rubio-Llorente LAWrubiollorente@telefonica.netMargarita Salas GENETICS msalas@cbm.uam.esMontserrat Torné GEOPHYSICS dgi@micinn.esCarme Torras ROBOTICS & ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE torras@iri.upc.eduGabriel Tortella ECONOMIC HISTORYgtortella@yahoo.comAgustin Udias GEOPHYSICS audiasva@fis.ucm.esMateo Valero COMPUTER ARCHITECTUREmateo@ac.upc.esJeroen van den BerghENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS jeroen.bergh@uab.esManuel G. Velarde PHYSICSmgvelarde@pluri.ucm.esJosé Vicente MATHEMATICS jlvc@us.esErwin Wagner MOLECULAR BIOLOGYewagner@cnio.esFrancisco Ynduráin PHYSICS fjy@delta.ft.uam.esSWEDENPer Ahlberg ORGANIC CHEMISTRYörn Akerstedt Allén LINGUISTICS sture.allen@svenskaakademien.seLars Bäckman COGNITIVE Bäckvall ORGANICCHEMISTRY Berggren EXPERIMENTALENDOCRINOLOGY per-olof.berggren@ki.seGunnar W. Bergström ETHOLOGICALCHEMISTRY oddsoxinventions@comhem.seChrister Betsholtz CELL & MOLECULARBIOLOGY christer.betsholtz@ki.seAnders Björklund A. Brändström POLITICAL SCIENCEdan.brandstrom@telia.comPatrik Brundin NEUROLOGY Canlon PHYSIOLOGY &PHARMACOLOGY barbara.canlon@ki.seLennart Carleson MATHEMATICScarleson@math.kth.seArvid Carlsson PHARMACOLOGY Carlsson MECHANICS jannec@kth.seLena Carlsson ENDOCRINOLOGY Cooper LINGUISTICS Coquand COMPUTER SCIENCEcoquand@chalmers.seÖsten Dahl LINGUISTICS Daneholt MOLECULAR Diczfalusy PHARMACOLOGY egon.diczfalusy@glocalnet.netSuad Efendic PHYSIOLOGY suad.efendic@ki.seGösta Ekspong PHYSICS Engdahl LITERATURE horace.engdahl@svenskaakademien.seLars Engwall BUSINESS STUDIES lars.engwall@fek.uu.seRobert Erikson SOCIOLOGY Fälthammar PHYSICScarl-gunne.falthammar@ee.kth.seHans Forsberg ENGINEERING forsberg.hans@telia.comTore Frängsmyr HISTORY tore.frangsmyr@idehist.uu.se50Kerstin Fredga SPACE RESEARCH fredga.jonsson@nacka.mail.telia.comBertil B. Fredholm PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY bertil.fredholm@ki.seKjell Fuxe NEUROSCIENCE Gärdenfors COGNITIVE J. Gaunt HISTORY david.gaunt@sh.seDavid Gee EARTH SCIENCES david.gee@geo.uu.seRoland Gorbatschev EARTH & MARINESCIENCES Grenthe CHEMISTRYingmarg@kth.seSten Grillner NEUROSCIENCEázs Gulyás NEUROSCIENCE balazs.gulyas@ki.seSten Gustafsson ENGINEERINGBengt Gustafsson ASTRONOMY bengt.gustafsson@astro.uu.seGunnel Gustafsson POLITICAL SCIENCEgunnel.gustafsson@nordforsk.orgGunnar Hambraeus ENGINEERING,INFORMATION SCIENCE ehg263m@tninet.seGöran K. Hansson PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE goran.hansson@ki.seJohan Hastad THEORY OF COMPUTATIONjohanh@kth.seGerd V M Haverling LATIN gerd.haverling@lingfil.uu.sePeter Hedström SOCIOLOGY peter.hedstrom@iffs.seCarl-Henrik Heldin MOLECULAR CELLBIOLOGY c-h.heldin@licr.uu.seStaffan Helmfrid GEOGRAPHY staffan.helmfrid@swipnet.seGöran Hermerén PHILOSOPHY Hillert METALLURGY mats@met.kth.seJan Hjärpe ISLAMIC STUDIES Hökfelt NEUROSCIENCE Höög MEIOSIS christer.hoog@ki.seLars Hörmander MATHEMATICS lvh@maths.lth.seBengt Hultqvist SPACE PHYSICShultqv@irf.seCarlos Ibanez Molecular Neurobiologycarlos.ibanez@ki.seAnita Jacobson-WiddingANTHROPOLOGY anita.jacobson-widding@antro.uu.seCecilia Jarlskog THEORETICAL PARTICLEPHYSICS cecilia.jarlskog@matfys.lth.seAnders Jeffner PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGIONajeffner@hotmail.comBarbro B. Johansson CLINICAL SCIENCE& MICROBIOLOGY Jonsson LITERATURE fredga.jonsson@nacka.mail.telia.comErland Källén DYNAMIC Kärre IMMUNOLOGY Klein IMMUNOLOGY georg.klein@ki.seMaria Koptjevskaja-TammLINGUISTICS Lewin POLITICAL SCIENCE Leif.Lewin@statsvet.uu.seSiegfried Lienhard ORIENTAL STUDIESsiegfried_lienhard@yahoo.comAssar Lindbeck ECONOMICS Olof Lindblad ASTRONOMYpolindblad@hotmail.comJan A. 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Archer SOCIOLOGYmargaret.archer@epfl.chDuilio Arigoni CHEMISTRY arigoni@org.chem.ethz.chAntoine Bailly GEOGRAPHY antoine.bailly@unige.chMarc Ballivet NEUROSCIENCE marc.ballivet@unige.chHans Balsiger ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH hans.balsiger@phim.unibe.chYves-Alain Barde NEUROSCIENCEYann Barrandon CELL BIOLOGY yann.barrandon@epfl.chKonrad Basler MOLECULAR BIOLOGYbasler@molbio.unizh.chOskar Bätschmann HISTORY OF ARToskar.baetschmann@sik-isea.chMartin Beniston CLIMATE MODELLINGmartin.beniston@unige.chBotond Berde PHARMACOLOGYMargarethe Billerbeck CLASSICSmargarethe.billerbeck@unifr.chMartin Billeter MOLECULAR BIOLOGYbilleter@access.unizh.chMax Birnstiel BIOCHEMISTRYmaxbirnstiel@bluewin.chJean-Pierre Blaser PHYSICS jp.blaser@bluewin.chRoger Bonnet SPACE RESEARCHrmbonnet@issibern.chBernhard Böschenstein LITERATUREbernard.boeschenstein@lettres.unige.chElisabeth Bronfen ENGLISH &AMERICAN LITERATURE bronfen@es.uzh.chMax Burger CELL RECOGNITION max.burger@group.novartis.comWalter Burkert CLASSICS walter_burkert@bluewin.chMichel Cuénod NEUROSCIENCE michel.cuenod@inst.hospvd.chJean-Pierre Danthine ECONOMICSjean-pierre.danthine@snb.chHuw Davies ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE huw.davies@env.ethz.chGiovanni De Micheli INFORMATICSgiovanni.demicheli@epfl.chAnik de Ribaupierre PSYCHOLOGYanik.deribaupierre@unige.chAlvaro de Rùjula PHYSICS alvaro.derujula@cern.chPierre Dillenbourg COMPUTER SCIENCEpierre.dillenbourg@epfl.chWillem Doise SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYwillem.doise@pse.unige.chDenis Duboule DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGYdenis.duboule@zoo.unige.chJack Dunitz CHEMISTRY dunitz@org.chem.ethz.chJean-Pierre Eckmann MATHEMATICS &PHYSICS jean-pierre.eckmann@physics.unige.chErwin Engeler MATHEMATICS engeler@math.ethz.chRichard Ernst CHEMISTRY ernst@nmr.phys.chem.ethz.chAlbert Eschenmoser ORGANICCHEMISTRY eschenmoser@org.chem.ethz.chAngela Esterhammer COMPARATIVELITERATURE esterhammer@es.uzh.chBouda Etemad ECONOMIC HISTORY OFEUROPEAN COLONIZATION bouda.etemad@unige.chErnst Fehr MICROECONOMICS ernst.fefr@econ.uzh.chWitold Filipowicz MOLECULAR BIOLOGYfilipowi@fmi.chJörg Fisch GENERAL MODERN HISTORYjfisch@access.uzh.chKlaus Foppa PSYCHOLOGYRichard Frackowiak NEUROSCIENCErichard.frackowiak@gmail.comClaus Fröhlich ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICScfrohlich@pmodwrc.chJürg Fröhlich MATHEMATICS juerg@itp.phys.ethz.chSusan Gasser MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGYsusan.gasser@fmi.chWalter Gehring DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY walter.gehring@unibas.chJohannes Geiss PHYSICS geiss@issi.unibe.chAlan Green EARTH SCIENCES alan@aug.ig.erdw.ethz.chHarold Haefner GEOGRAPHY, REMOTESENSING haefner@geo.unizh.chErnst Hafen ZOOLOGY ernst.hafen@ethz.chChristiaan Hart-Nibbrig LITERATUREchristiaan.hartnibbrig@unil.chGerald H. Haug CLIMATE GEOLOGYgerald.haug@erdw.ethz.chAri Helenius BIOCHEMISTRY ari.helenius@bc.biol.ethz.chHans-Joachim Hinrichsen HISTORY OFMUSIC hjhinrichsen@access.uzh.chBarbara Hohn PLANT SCIENCEhohnba1@fmi.chThomas Hohn MOLECULAR BIOLOGYthomas.hohn@fmi.chJuraj Hromkovic INFORMATICS juraj.hromkovic@inf.ethz.chMartin Huber SPACE RESEARCH mceh@bluewin.chDieter M. Imboden AQUATIC PHYSICSimboden@env.thz.chMichel Jeanneret LITERATURE michel.jeanneret@unige.chJosef Jiricny BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULARBIOLOGY jiricny@imcr.uzh.chWalter Keller MOLECULAR BIOLOGYwalter.keller@unibas.chChristian Körner BOTANY ch.koerner@unibas.chUlrich Laemmli MOLECULAR BIOLOGYulrich.laemmli@molbio.unige.chChristian Lehner GENETICS christian.lehner@imls.uzh.chArjen K. Lenstra MATHEMATICS akl@epfl.chPatrizia Lombardo LANGUAGES &LITERATURE patrizia.lombardo@lettres.unige.chMichele Loporcaro COMPARATIVEROMANCE LINGUISTICS loporcar@rom.uzh.chWilliam Lowrie GEOPHYSICS lowrie@mag.ig.erdw.ethz.chThomas Lüscher VASCULAR BIOLOGYcardiotfl@gmx.chMax Lütolf MUSICOLOGY max.luetolf@access.unizh.chLaurenz Lütteken MUSICOLOGYluetteken@access.uzh.chAndré Maeder ASTRONOMYPierre Magistretti PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE Pierre.Magistretti@unil.chAndré Martin PARTICLE PHYSICS andre.martin@cern.chBruno Messerli EARTH SCIENCE,GEOGRAPHY bmesserli@bluewin.chUrs Meyer PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGYurs-a.meyer@unibas.chBertrand Meyer INFORMATICSbertrand.meyer@inf.ethz.chPhilippe Michel MATHEMATICSphilippe.michel@epfl.chHanns Möhler PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY mohler@pharma.uzh.chPierre Mounoud PSYCHOLOGY pierre.mounoud@pse.unige.chKevin Mulligan PHILOSOPHY kevin.mulligan@lettres.unige.chHeini Murer RENAL PHYSIOLOGYhmurer@access.uzh.chErich Nigg CELL CYCLE CONTROL erich.nigg@unibas.chRolf Nöthiger GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY rolnot@zool.unizh.chLelio Orci CELL BIOLOGY lelio.orci@medecine.unige.chGuy Paic PHYSICS guy.paic@cern.chRenato Paro DEVELOPMENTAL GENETICSrenato.paro@bsse.ethz.chThomas Peter ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESthomas.peter@env.ethz.chIngo Potrykus PLANT SCIENCE ingo@potrykus.chHarald Reuter PHARMACOLOGY reuter@pki.unibe.chTimothy J. Richmond STRUCTURALBIOLOGY richmond@mol.biol.ethz.chJean-David Rochaix BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY jean-david.rochaix@unige.chHeinrich Rohrer PHYSICS h.rohrer@gmx.netBernard Rossier PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY Bernard.Rossier@unil.chCarlo Rubbia PHYSICSUlrich Rudolph ISLAMIC STUDIESu.rudolph@access.unizh.chDietmar Salamon MATHEMATICSsalamon@math.ethz.chWalter Schaffner MOLECULAR BIOLOGYwalter.schaffner@molbio.uzh.chGottfried Schatz BIOCHEMISTRYgottfried.schatz@unibas.chKlaus Scherer PSYCHOLOGY klaus.scherer@unige.chUeli Schibler MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ueli.schibler@molbio.unige.chHerwig Schopper PHYSICS herwig.schopper@cern.chMartin Schwab NEUROSCIENCEschwab@hifo.unizh.chDieter Seebach CHEMISTRY seebach@org.chem.ethz.chJoachim Seelig BIOPHYSICS joachim.seelig@unibas.chKurt Seelmann PHILOSOPHY OF LAWkurt.seelmann@unibas.chHansjakob Seiler LINGUISTICShjseiler@bluewin.chNorbert K. Semmer PSYCHOLOGYnorbert.semmer@psy.unibe.chJean Starobinski EUROPEAN LITERATUREjean.starobinski@bluewin.chJack Steinberger PARTICLE PHYSICSjack.steinberger@cern.chDieter Steiner GEOGRAPHY, HUMANECOLOGY steinerhamel@bluewin.chThomas Stocker CLIMATE &ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSICS stocker@climate.unibe.chAlain-Sol Sznitman MATHEMATICSsznitman@math.ethz.chBrigitte Tag CRIMINAL LAW lst.tag@rwi.uzh.chGustav Tammann ASTRONOMY g-a.tammann@unibas.chLothar Thiele COMPUTER ENGINEERINGthiele@ethz.chHans Werner Tobler SOCIAL ECONOMIC& POLITICAL HISTORY hans.tobler@history.gess.ethz.chMinh Quang Tran PLASMA PHYSICSminhquang.tran@epfl.chRudolf A. Treumann THEORETICALPHYSICS treumann@issibern.chSimon van der Meer PHYSICSvdmeer@freesurf.chAndrea Volterra NEUROBIOLOGYandrea.volterra@unil.chPeter von Matt LITERATURE von.matt.peter@swissonline.chRudolf Wachter COMPARATIVEHISTORICAL LINGUISTICS rudolf.wachter@unibas.chRüdiger Wehner ZOOLOGY rwehner@zool.unizh.chEwald Weibel CELL BIOLOGY weibel@ana.unibe.chEmo Welzl COMPUTER SCIENCE emo@inf.ethz.chClaes B. Wollheim BIOCHEMISTRY claes.wollheim@unige.chGisbert Wüstholz MATHEMATICSwustholz@math.ethz.chKurt Wüthrich MOLECULAR BIOLOGYAntonino Zichichi PHYSICSPeter A. Ziegler EARTH SCIENCEpaziegler@magnet.chRolf Zinkernagel IMMUNOLOGY rolf.zinkernagel@usz.chWilly Zwaenepoel COMPUTER SCIENCEwilly.zwaenepoel@epfl.chTHE NETHERLANDS Ana AchucarroTHEORETICAL PHYSICS achucar@lorentz.leidenuniv.nlPaul A. Andriessen ISOTOPE R. Ankersmit PHILOSOPHY OFHISTORY f.r.ankersmit@rug.nlKrzysztof R. Apt COMPUTER SCIENCEapt@cwi.nlHendrik Barendregt COMPUTING &MATHEMATICS A. Bergstra COMPUTERSCIENCE j.a.bergstra@uva.nlRené Bernards CANCER GENETICSr.bernards@nki.nlAnton Berns MOLECULAR GENETICSa.berns@nki.nlHans Bertens MORDEN LITERATUREj.w.bertens@uu.nlRené J. M. Bindels PHYSIOLOGYr.bindels@fysiol.umcn.nlJohan Bleeker SPACE RESEARCHj.bleeker@sron.nlLeonard Blussé HISTORY vblus@chello.nlHendrik Bodewitz ORIENTAL STUDIESDirk Bootsma GENETICS bootsmad@planet.nlPiet Borst BIOCHEMISTRY p.borst@nki.nlLans Bovenberg GOVERNMENT FINANCEa.l.bovenberg@uvt.nlDouwe Breimer PHARMACOLOGYddbreimer@lacdr.leidenuniv.nlJan Breman SOCIOLOGYHans Clevers DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGYh.clevers@hubrecht.euSierd Cloetingh EARTH & MARINESCIENCES sierd.cloetingh@uu.nlAnne Cutler PSYCHOLOGY anne.cutler@mpi.nlKarel Davids HISTORY c.a.davids@vu.nlJaco de Bakker COMPUTINGjacoenlien@hotmail.comCornelis de Jager ASTROPHYSICS cdej@kpnplanet.nlIrene J.F. de Jong CLASSICSi.j.f.dejong@uva.nlAbram De Swaan SOCIOLOGYa.deswaan@xs4all.nlPeter de Witt Huberts PHYSICSpdwh@nikhef.nlRobbert Dijkgraaf MATHEMATICALPHYSICS r.h.dijkgraaf@uva.nlPieter J. D. Drenth PSYCHOLOGY pjdd@xs4all.nlPieter C. Emmer HISTORY p.c.emmer@hum.leidenuniv.nlJürgen Enders POLITICAL SOCIOLOGYj.enders@utwente.nlBen L. Feringa CHEMISTRY b.l.feringa@rug.nlJacob T. Fokkema EARTH SCIENCESj.t.fokkema@tudelft.nlWillem Frijhoff EARLY MODERN HISTORYwillem.frijhoff@gmail.comWillem H. GispenNEUROPHARMACOLOGY w.h.gispen@uu.nlFrank Grosveld GENETICS f.grosveld@erasmusmc.nlCarlos Gussenhoven Habing ASTRONOMY habing@strw.leidenuniv.nlMuhsin N. Harakeh NUCLEAR PHYSICSharakeh@kvi.nlCoenraad Hemker BIOCHEMISTRYhc.hemker@thrombin.comEwoud Hondius COMPARATIVE LAWe.h.hondius@uu.nlWalter Hoogland PHYSICSw.hoogland@uva.nlPaul Hooykaas PLANT DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY p.j.j.hooykaas@biology.

leidenuniv.nlMichiel Janse CLINICAL SCIENCEm.kraayenhof@amc.uva.nlUlrich Jessurun d’Oliveira LAWhudo@xs4all.nlJan W. Klop THEORETICAL COMPUTERSCIENCE j.w.klop@vu.nlMaarten Koornneef PLANT GENETICSmaarten.koornneef@wur.nlNicolaas Kossen ENGINEERING Kruisbeek IMMUNOLOGYa.kruisbeek@vumc.nlJoseph T. Leerssen LITERARY HISTORYleerssen@uva.nlHendrik W. Lenstra MATHEMATICShwl@math.leidenuniv.nlWillem Levelt PSYCHOLOGY pim@mpi.nlStephen C. Levinson PSYCHOLOGY &ANTHROPOLOGY stephen.levinson@mpi.nlFernando Lopes da SilvaNEUROSCIENCE silva@bio.uva.nlLeo Lucassen SOCIAL HISTORYl.a.c.j.lucassen@hum.leidenuniv.nlJohan P. Mackenbach PUBLIC HEALTHj.mackenbach@erasmusmc.nlJaap Mansfeld PHILOSOPHY jaap.mansfeld@phil.uu.nlMartin C. Michel PHARMACOLOGYm.c.michel@amc.nlJohn A. Michon PSYCHOLOGYmichonja@xs4all.nlWillem Mook MARINE SCIENCEwgmook@xs4all.nlMout HISTORY OF EARLY MODERN EUROPEmehn@xs4all.nlAlexander Muller EPIDEMIOLOGYwildemuller@gmail.comPieter C. Muysken Nijkamp REGIONAL & URBANECONOMICS p.nijkamp@vu.nlEd Noort HEBREW BIBLE e.noort@rug.nlJohannes Oerlemans GEOPHYSICSj.oerlemans@phys.uu.nlFrans Oort MATHEMATICS f.oort@uu.nlMichel Orrit SINGLE MOLECULESPECTROSCOPY orrit@molphys.leidenuniv.nlHenk van Os ART HISTORY h.w.vanos@uva.nlHerbert Pinedo CLINICAL SCIENCEhm_pinedo@hotmail.comHarm Pinkster LINGUISTICS & CLASSICSh.pinkster@uva.nlHenri W. Pleket CLASSICS pleketbot@versatel.nlStuart Pottasch ASTROPHYSICSpottasch@astro.rug.nlJan Reedijk INORGANIC COORDINATIONCHEMISTRY reedijk@chem.leidenuniv.nlRobert Reneman PHYSIOLOGYreneman@maastrichtuniversity.nlWop Rietveld PHYSIOLOGYw.j.rietveld@circadia.nlPiet Rietveld SPATIAL Rigney COMPARATIVE LITERATUREa.rigney@let.uu.nlGrzegorz Rozenberg COMPUTINGrozenber@liacs.nlE. Joost Ruitenberg Schalekamp CLINICALSCIENCEWolfgang Schlager MARINE Schrijver MATHEMATICS lex.schrijver@cwi.nlRoger Sheldon ORGANIC CHEMISTRY &CATALYSIS r.a.sheldon@tnw.tudelft.nlTitia K. Sixma STRUCTURAL BIOLOGYt.sixma@nki.nlBo G. Sundholm PHILOSOPHY OF LOGICgoran.sundholm@gmail.comJohan van Benthem MATHEMATICS,PHILOSOPHY, COMPUTING johan@science.uva.nlDirk van de Kaa DEMOGRAPHYdjvandekaa@cs.comEdward van den Heuvel ASTRONOMYe.p.j.vandenheuvel@uva.nlWil van der Aalst COMPUTER SCIENCEw.m.p.v.d.aalst@tue.nlAlex van der Eb MOLECULARCARCINOGENESIS lex.vandereb@crucell.comHarry van der Laan ASTRONOMYvdlaan@astro.uu.nlJos W M van der Meer PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE j.vandermeer@aig.umcn.nlHenk van der Molen ENDOCRINOLOGYvandermolen@ext.eur.nlHerman van der Wusten GEOGRAPHYh.h.vanderwusten@uva.nlEmeri van Donzel ORIENTAL STUDIESevdonzel@casema.nlHans van Ginkel GEOGRAPHYvanginkel@concepts.nlJan van Leeuwen INFORMATICSj.vanleeuwen1@uu.nlRuurd van Lieshout PHYSICS vanlies@xs4all.nlFrits van Oostrom MEDIEVALLITERATURE frits.vanoostrom@let.uu.nlJohannes van Rood MEDICAL SCIENCEvanrood@europdonor.nlFrans A. van Vught POLICY SCIENCESf.a.vanvught@utwente.nlLeendert van Wijngaarden FLUIDDYNAMICS l.vanwijngaarden@utwente.nlWillem van Zwet MATHEMATICSvanzwet@math.leidenuniv.nlPieter A. van Zwieten PHARMACOLOGY& TOXICOLOGYHerman Verstappen GEOGRAPHYhergraverstappen@planet.nlPaul Vitanyi COMPUTER SCIENCE paulv@cwi.nlHermann von der Dunk HISTORYhwdunk@hotmail.comWillem Wagenaar PSYCHOLOGYw.a.wagenaar@umail.leidenuniv.nlBert Weckhuysen SPECTROSCOPY &SURFACE CHEMISTRY b.m.weckhuysen@uu.nlHenk Wesseling HISTORYh.l.wesseling@tele2.nlRinus Wortel EARTH & MARINE SCIENCESwortel@geo.uu.nlPieter Zandbergen MATHEMATICSpieterjz@netscape.netTURKEYTüzin Baycan URBAN & REGIONALDEVELOPMENT Nihat Berker STATISTICAL MECHANICSnihatberker@sabanciuniv.eduAyse Erzan PHYSICS Ihsanoglu HISTORY OFSCIENCE ircica@superonline.comNamik Kemal Pak PHYSICSâl Sengör EARTH SCIENCE Suhubi THEORETICAL & APPLIEDMECHANICS ebsuhubi@gmail.comAhmet M. Tekalp IMAGE Y. Gleba PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGYAlexander Guz ENGINEERING guz@carrier.kiev.uaOleg Krishtal NEUROSCIENCE krishtal@serv.biph.kiev.uaBoris Paton MATERIALS SCIENCE office@paton.kiev.uaPetr Tolochko ARCHAEOLOGY ira@iarh.kiev.uaUNITED KINGDOMSamson Abramsky Abulafia HISTORY N. Adams CLASSICS Allen CHEMISTRY sir.geoffrey@virgin.netNicholas Ambraseys Anderson EPIDEMIOLOGY OFINFECTIOUS DISEASE Anderson OCEANOGRAPHY dlta@btinternet.comEric Ash ENGINEERING Ashburner Ashby ENGINEERING Atiyah MATHEMATICS Atkinson ECONOMICS Atkinson DEVELOPMENTALCOGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE R. Ayers PHILOSOPHYmichael.r.ayers@btopenworld.comAlan Baddeley Baker MATHEMATICS Macleod Ball Barber PLANT Barlow NEUROSCIENCE D Barrow Barton LITERATURE Bassnett COMPARATIVEIf you see any errors contact: info@acadeuro.wroclaw.plLITERATURE R. Bates MEDIEVAL Battersby CHEMISTRY Baulcombe PLANT MOLECULARBIOLOGY Bayly HISTORY R. Beddington APPLIEDPOPULATION BIOLOGY Beggs MOLECULAR Behrens-Abouseif ISLAMIC ART& CULTURAL HISTORY Belsky DEVELOPMENTAL Bengmark CLINICAL Bent MUSICOLOGY R. Berdal INTERNATIONALRELATIONS Berg GLOBAL HISTORY Berridge Bird GENETICS Biscoe PHYSIOLOGY cazillac@gmail.comJohn Bishop GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY scotlbisjo@aol.comBonnie J. Blackburn MUSIC Blakemore PHYSIOLOGY &BIOPHYSICS Blondel POLITICAL SCIENCE &DEMOGRAPHYDerek Blundell EARTH SCIENCEderekjblundell@btinternet.comTom Blundell BIOCHEMISTRY D. Blundy EARTH Boden Bodmer GENETICS Boksenberg Bolton SMOOTH MUSCLEPHYSIOLOGY Borsley THEORETICALLINGUISTICS K. Borysiewicz IMMUNOLOGY &VIROLOGY J. Braddick EXPERIMENTALPSYCHOLOGY J. Bradley Brenner GENETICS backhill.brenner@googlemail.comSarah J. Broadie PHILOSOPHY Brockes DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Brook MATERIALS Brown G. W. Brown PHYSICSrobert_g_w_brown@hotmail.comJudith M. Brown HISTORY G. Brownlee GENETICS Burgen PHARMACOLOGY Burgoyne CELL Burke HISTORY Boscawen Burland SOILMECHANICS Burnstock Burrows Burstall Butt MUSIC Butterworth Cadogan CHEMISTRY N. Cannadine HISTORY Cantor MATERIALS SCIENCE Cardelli COMPUTER SCIENCE luca@microsoft.comRoger Cashmore PHYSICS A. Casselton FUNGAL Cave LITERATURE K. Cheetham MATERIALSCHEMISTRY Clark CHEMISTRY F Clarke MUSICOLOGY David Cliff GEOGRAPHY D. Clout GEOGRAPHY H. Coates Cocking CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Coen DEVELOPMENTAL Coles ARCHAEOLOGY jmcoles@btinternet.comGraham L. CollingridgeNEUROSCIENCE Collinson HISTORYDavid Colquhoun Cook MUSIC G. Corbett Cornish INTELLECTUALPROPERTY LAW Cottrell MATERIALS SCIENCEah.cottrell@virgin.netAlan Cowey NEUROSCIENCE Cox MATHEMATICS Cox ATMOSPHERIC Crane PHILOSOPHY cranetim@mac.comMichael Crawford CLASSICS John Crawley Creer EARTH SCIENCE J. Crowley PALEOCLIMATOLOGYtcrowley111@gmail.comMichael J. Crumpton GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY mikcrumpton@googlemail.comVincenzo Crunelli L. Culhane ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH Cuthbert Daintith LAW terence.daintith@wanadoo.frJohn Darwin HISTORY OF EMPIRE S. Dasgupta Davies GENETICS M. davies DEVELOPMENTALNEUROBIOLOGY Davies HISTORY norman@normandavies.comMargaret Davies-MitchellLITERATURE Davis SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY Davis THEORETICALPHYSICS Day CHEMISTRY Dewey EARTH SCIENCE dewey@geology.ucdavis.eduJohn Diffley CELL CYCLE M. Dobson BIOCHEMISTRY& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Dockray PHYSIOLOGY &BIOPHYSICS Dollery MEDICAL SCIENCEcolindollery@aol.comWilliam David Donachie MOLECULARBIOLOGYAthene Donald PHYSICS Donaldson P Dowling MECHANICALENGINEERING Drakakis ENGLISH Driver COGNITIVE R. Duchen Duff PHILOSOPHY Dummett PHILOSOPHY necRobert Edwards Eglinton EARTH SCIENCEgeoffrey.eglinton@dartmouth.eduDavid A. Eisner CARDIAC Europaea Directory 2012John Elliott HISTORY J. Elliott PHYSICS Ellis MUSIC Enderby PHYSICS john.enderby@btinternet.comAnthony Epstein Evans HISTORY Farr PSYCHOLOGYMalcolm Ferguson-Smith MEDICALGENETICS Fersht CHEMISTRY N. Fisher LOW TEMPERATUREPHYSICSNorman Fleck MECHANICS OF J. Flower Follett ZOOLOGY Forsdick FRENCH Fox NEUROSCIENCE Fraser NUCLEAR Freedman POLITICALSCIENCE Frith PSYCHOLOGY Frith NEUROPSYCHOLOGY B. Furber COMPUTERENGINEERING Garthwaite NEUROSCIENCE J. Gaston ECOLOGY Gelenbe COMPUTER G. Georghiou SCIENCE &INNOVATION POLICY & MANAGEMENT Giddens F. Gilmore ASTRONOMY F. Gladden MAGNETIC A. Glover MUSIC jglover912@aol.comIan Glynn PHYSIOLOGY Goldthorpe SOCIOLOGY Gombrich ORIENTAL Goodfellow GENETICS &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY pngoodfellow@gsk.comJulia M. Goodfellow COMPUTATIONALBIOCHEMISTRY Goody ANTHROPOLOGY Gottlob COMPUTER Gowans CELL BIOLOGY,IMMUNOLOGY jamesgowan@btinternet.comFrancis Graham-Smith ASTRONOMY &SPACE RESEARCH fgsegs@talktalk.netRichard K. Grencis Griffin NUCLEIC ACID Gurdon DEVELOPMENTAL Haggett Hahn ECONOMICS Hall GEOGRAPHY Hall COMPUTER SCIENCE G. Halliday THEORETICAL PARTICLEPHYSICS ian.halliday@e-halliday.orgAlbert H. Halsey EDUCATION Hand FRENCH Handley CLASSICS Happé COGNITIVENEUROSCIENCE Harris LINGUISTICS Harris PHILOSOPHY, BIOETHICS J. Harrison Harvey Harvey ZOOLOGY Hassell ECOLOGY Hastie BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Haynes ATMOSPHERIC Heap PHYSIOLOGY Hewish ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH Hide GEOPHYSICS arhide@ntlworld.comEdward J. Hinch FLUID Hinde PSYCHOLOGY Hirsch MATERIALS SCIENCE Hitchin MATHEMATICS Hoare COMPUTING thoare@microsoft.comJohn Hobcraft POLITICAL SCIENCE &DEMOGRAPHY Hodgkin GENETICS Holt HISTORYErnest Hondros Hopper COMPUTER Hopwood GENETICS Hoskins ATMOSPHERIC Houghton METEOROLOGY Housley HISTORY Houston HISTORY Howard HISTORYmichaelhoward@supanet.comRay Hudson GEOGRAPHY Humphrey SOCIALANTHROPOLOGY Humphreys MATERIALS J. Humphries CELL Hunt CELL CYCLE CONTROL C.R. Hunt APPLIED E. Huppert THEORETICALGEOPHYSICS J. Hutchings HETEROGENEOUSCATALYSIS Huxley PHYSIOLOGYGeorge L. Huxley CLASSICS necAinsley Iggo NEUROSCIENCERobin F. Irvine BIOCHEMISTRY Israel HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHYLeslie Iversen NEUROSCIENCE Jeffreys GENETICS R. Jennings COMPUTERSCIENCE Johnson CHEMISTRY Napier Johnson BIOCHEMISTRY& MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Anthony Jolowicz Jones CLIMATOLOGY Jordan ASTRONOMY & SPACERESEARCH Julian CLINICAL SCIENCEdjulian@dial.pipex.comAlejandro Kacelnik BEHAVIOURALECOLOGY Kafatos MOLECULAR Kamoun PLANT MICROBEINTERACTIONS Karmiloff-SmithPSYCHOLOGY Kelly MATERIALS J Kelly PHYSICS & Kempson LINGUISTICS Kennard CHEMISTRY Kenny PHILOSOPHYTom Kibble THEORETICAL M Kielty CELL BIOLOGY King POLITICAL SCIENCE necDavid King CHEMICAL PHYSICS

Academia Europaea Directory 2012John Kingman MATHEMATICS Kirwan J Kivimäki Klug MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Knight PHYSICS Kohn PHARMACOLOGY rkohn@harleystreetholdings.comJohn Krebs PLANT & ANIMAL Kroto CHEMISTRY Kuper ANTHROPOLOGY adam.kuper@googlemail.comMarta Z. Kwiatkowska COMPUTERSCIENCE La Fontaine Lachmann Lahiri LINGUISTICS Land BIOLOGY P. Lane BIOCHEMISTRY R. Langslow CLASSICS Laskey MOLECULAR Lauritzen MATHEMATICALSTATISTICS H. Lawton ENVIRONMENTALBIOLOGY Leaver PLANT Leech LINGUISTICS Lewis CHEMISTRY Lindahl MOLECULAR N. Livingstone Llewellyn-SmithPHYSICS Lloyd CLASSICS Lockwood SOCIOLOGY Longair ASTROPHYSICS A. Loud MEDIEVAL S. I. Loudon PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE H. Lowden HISTORY OF ART Ludden EARTH & COSMIC F. Lyon MAMMALIAN J. Macintyre Maclean INTELLECTUAL HISTORY Marmot PSYCHOLOGY &BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Marslen-Wilson Mason ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE necTimothy P. Mathews Mathias ECONOMIC May PLANT & ANIMAL McIntyre ATMOSPHERICDYNAMICS J. McKitterick HISTORY OF THEBOOK D. McKitterick EARLYMEDIEVAL EUROPEAN HISTORY McLean MATERIALS M. S. McMahon LINGUISTICS McNeill AlexanderBIOMECHANICS Mellars PREHISTORIC B. Metcalfe BEHAVIOURAL &PHYSIOLOGICAL ECOLOGY Mirrlees ECONOMICS Mitchell CLIMATE & CLIMATECHANGE Mitchison CELL Moffatt PHYSICS E. Moffitt ANTI-SOCIAL Monaghan EVOLUTIONARY Moncada Morpurgo Davies Morton PSYCHOLOGY Murdin ASTRONOMY paul@murdin.comKenneth Murray MOLECULAR M. Murray PSYCHIATRY Nasmyth GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGY Neary ECONOMICS Nicholson METALLURGY rbnich@aol.comPierluigi Nicotera PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE Noble PHYSIOLOGY A. North PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE Nurse GENETICS paul.nurse@royalsociety.orgVivian Nutton HISTORY OF O’Brien ECONOMIC HISTORYp.o’ O’Hare BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY O’Neill METEOROLOGY O’Neill PHILOSOPHY O’Nions EARTH SCIENCERonald Oxburgh GEOLOGY oxburghe@parliament.ukFrank Palmer LINGUISTICS B. Parekh PHYSIOLOGY Parekh POLITICAL PHILOSOPHYb.parekh@bigfoot.comRoger Parker MUSIC C. T. Parker ANCIENT Parkin ANTHROPOLOGY Parsons CLASSICS J. Pedley BIOLOGICAL FLUIDDYNAMICS Peers CELLUAR Pelham MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Penkett ATMOSPHERICCHEMISTRY Perham BIOCHEMISTRY Perkins PHYSICSMauro Perretti Perryman ASTROPHYSICS mac.perryman@gmail.comKeith Peters CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGYKeith.2.peters@gsk.comOle Petersen PHYSIOLOGY Pettifor MATERIALS Peyton-Jones COMPUTERSCIENCE simonpj@microsoft.comChristopher A. Pissarides Plotkin COMPUTING V L Potter CHEMICAL Pounds ASTRONOMY David Price GEOPHYSICS R Priest SOLAR PHYSICS Pyle GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGY Quirk LINGUISTICSGeorge Radda BIOCHEMISTRY Raff NEUROSCIENCE Rang PHARMACOLOGYhumphrey.rang@btopenworld.comSusan K. Rankin G. Rapley CLIMATESCIENCE Rees ASTRONOMY Rees PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICSreesl@gosh.nhs.ukDavid Rees CHEMISTRY Reik EPIGENETICS Renfrew ARCHAEOLOGY B. Rhodes STRUCTURALBIOLOGY Roberts LINGUISTICS J. RobertsonDEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY & Rolls NEUROSCIENCE edmund.rolls@oxcns.orgOlof P. Rorsman PHYSIOLOGY,BIOPHYSICS W. Roscoe COMPUTER J. Rothwell PHYSIOLOGY &MEDICINE Runciman SOCIOLOGY wgr@wgrunciman.u-net.comJulian G. Rushton Rutter PSYCHIATRY J Rycroft ATMOSPHERIC & SPACESCIENCES michaelrycroft@btinternet.comVladimiro Sassone COMPUTER Schmidt-Beste Scott EDUCATION M Scott EARLY MODERN Sennett Shallice PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOURALSCIENCES Shepherd CLINICAL SCIENCE &MICROBIOLOGYMaria Shevtsova THEATRE Silverman Simmons GEOGRAPHY Skehel VIROLOGY Skinner POLITICAL A Slack HISTORY Smith DEVELOPMENTAL Smith STEM CELL BIOLOGY C. Smout ENVIRONMENTALHISTORY P Somogyi NEUROSCIENCE R. Speakman BIOLOGICALSCIENCES Steedman COMPUTATIONALLINGUISTICS Stein LEGAL HISTORYFrancis R. Stephenson APPLIEDHISTORICAL ASTRONOMY B. Stephenson STATISTICALCLIMATOLOGY Steptoe HEALTH Stewart PLANT & ANIMALSCIENCESMarilyn Strathern SOCIALANTHROPOLOGY Strohm MUSICOLOGY Sulston BIOLOGY Surani CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Surprenant PHYSIOLOGY &CELL BIOLOGY Swinnerton-Dyer R. A. Syms ELECTRICALENGINEERING S. Taylor CANCER CELL Thirsk HISTORY jthirsk@onetel.comJohn Meurig Thomas PHYSICALCHEMISTRY Thomas BIOCHEMISTRY Thomas HISTORY M. T. Thompson STRUCTURALENGINEERING Thoresen NEONATALNEUROSCIENCE Thrush CHEMISTRY Toumazou RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTRONICS Treisman CELL Trewavas PLANT Trudgill LINGUISTICS peter.trudgill@unifr.chJohn V. Tucker COMPUTER Tyler COGNITIVE Verkhratsky Vinen PHYSICS Walker PLANT & ANIMAL Walker BIOCHEMISTRY Wardle PSYCHOLOGY Watkins NEUROSCIENCEjeffwatkins@onetel.comFiona M Watt CELL BIOLOGY Watts MARINE Weatherall MEDICAL SCIENCE Weiskrantz Weiss CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY O. Weiss MATHEMATICALASTROPHYSICS West CLASSICS West BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Wilkinson PHYSICSRobert Williams CHEMISTRY Williams MEDICAL Wilson URBAN & REGIONALGEOGRAPHY Wilson ARCHAEOLOGY dmw@mcb.netGlynn Winskel COMPUTER Withers Wodak LINGUISTIC Wolfendale Wolpert DEVELOPMENTAL Wray PHYSIOLOGY Wrigley HISTORY Wyllie CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY Zeki NEUROSCIENCE Zeldin HISTORYAnton Ziolkowski GEOPHYSICS STATESJan D. Achenbach THEORETICAL& APPLIED MECHANICS achenbach@northwestern.eduBruce Alberts CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY balberts@ucsf.eduBernard Bailyn HISTORY bailyn@fas.harvard.eduDavid Baltimore BIOLOGY baltimo@cco.caltech.eduAlbert-Laszlo Barabasi PHYSICSalb@nd.eduGrigory Isaakovich BarenblattENGINEERING gibar@math.berkeley.eduTamas Bartfai NEUROSCIENCE tbartfai@scripps.eduAlexander Beilinson MATHEMATICSsasha@math.uchicago.eduAlain Bensoussan MATHEMATICS alain.bensoussan@utdallas.eduIvan Berend ECONOMIC HISTORYWolfgang Berger GEOLOGY wberger@ucsd.eduLisa F. Berkman SOCIAL EPIDEMIOLOGYlberkman@hsph.harvard.eduGuy Bertrand CHEMISTRY gbertran@mail.ucr.eduJohn Michael Bishop MICROBIOLOGYbishop@cg1.ucsf.eduGünter Blobel CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY blobel@rockefeller.eduEnrico Bombieri MATHEMATICSJean Bourgain MATHEMATICSbourgain@math.ias.eduRichard Breen SOCIOLOGY richard.breen@yale.eduHaim Brezis MATHEMATICS brezis@math.rutgers.eduWilliam Catterall PHARMACOLOGY &TOXICOLOGY wcatt@u.washington.eduThomas R. Cech BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRYpresident@hhmi.orgAngelos Chaniotis ANCIENT HISTORYachaniotis@ias.eduNoam Chomsky PHILOSOPHYchomsky@mit.eduLeon O. Chua ENGINEERING chua@fred.eecs.berkeley.eduLinda J. Colley HISTORY lcolley@princeton.eduJosep M. Colomer POLITICAL SCIENCEjosep.colomer@gmail.comNicolaie Cristescu ENGINEERINGcristesc@ufl.eduRobert Darnton HISTORY robert_darnton@harvard.eduJohann Deisenhofer BIOPHYSICSjohann.deisenhofer@utsouthwestern.eduAndré A. Dhondt ORNITHOLOGY aad4@cornell.eduCarl Djerassi CHEMISTRY djerassi@stanford.eduSidney Drell PHYSICS drell@slac.stanford.eduSeymour Drescher HISTORY syd@pitt.eduThomas Eisner PLANT & ANIMALSCIENCES tel4@cornell.eduFelipe Fernández-Armesto HISTORYfelipe.fernandez-armesto@nd.eduHarinda J Fernando ENVIRONMENTALFLUID MECHANICS fernando.10@nd.eduLennard Fisk SPACE RESEARCH lafisk@umich.eduRichard Flavell PLANT GENETICSrflavell@ceres-inc.comJean M. Fréchet CHEMICAL SCIENCESfrechet1@gmail.comRoland Fuchs GEOGRAPHY rfuchs@agu.orgRoland Glowinski MATHEMATICSroland@math.uh.eduAgust Gudmundsson EARTH Guillery NEUROSCIENCErguiller@wisc.eduYuri Gurevich COMPUTER SCIENCEgurevich@microsoft.comAlan Hall CELL BIOLOGY halla@mskcc.orgJoseph H. Hamilton EXPERIMENTALNUCLEAR PHYSICS j.h.hamilton@vanderbilt.eduJames Hansen ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEjhansen@giss.nasa.govWilliam Harris HISTORY wvh1@columbia.eduHelmut H. W. Hofer MATHEMATICShofer@ias.eduRoald Hoffmann CHEMISTRY rh34@cornell.eduDavid Hubel NEUROSCIENCE david_hubel@hms.harvard.eduMichel V. Huglo MUSICOLOGY mhuglo@aol.comOscar H. Ibarra COMPUTER SCIENCEibarra@cs.ucsb.eduEugenia Kalnay ATMOSPHERIC & OCEANDYNAMICS ekalnay@atmos.umd.eduRobert Kates GEOGRAPHY rwkates@gmail.comVladimir Keilis-Borok SOLID EARTHSCIENCE vkb@ess.ucla.eduMarc Kirschner CELL BIOLOGY marc@hms.harvard.eduHans Kornberg BIOCHEMISTRY hlk@bu.eduDavid Landes HISTORY dlandes@harvard.eduJuan Linz SOCIOLOGYGünter Lugmair COSMOCHEMISTRYglugmair@ucsd.eduRaymond Lund NEUROSCIENCEraymond.lund@hsc.utah.eduSyukuro Manabe GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGYmanabe@splash.princeton.eduFrancisco Márquez LITERATUREfmarquez@fas.harvard.eduFrançoise Meltzer FRENCH & GERMANLITERATURES mltz@uchicago.eduWalter M. Mooney GEOPHYSICSmooney@usgs.govJorge Moscat BIOCHEMISTRY &MOLECULAR BIOLOGY moscatje@ucmail.uc.eduEdward W. Muir HISTORY e-muir@northwestern.eduAlexander B. Murphy GEOGRAPHYabmurphy@uoregon.eduJens K. Norskov SURFACE CHEMISTRYnorskov@stanford.eduChristos H. PapadimitriouCOMPUTER SCIENCE christos@cs.berkeley.eduJoseph Pedlosky OCEANOGRAPHYjpedlosky@whoi.eduMartin Puchner WORLD LITERATUREpuchner@fas.harvard.eduJulian Raby ORIENTAL STUDIES julian.raby@si.eduVeerabhadran RamanathanCLIMATE DYNAMICS vram@ucsd.eduTom Rapoport CELL & DEVELOPMENTALBIOLOGY tom_rapoport@hms.harvard.eduAlexander Razborov COMPUTINGrazborov@cs.uchicago.eduJulius Rebek Jr. CHEMISTRY jrebek@scripps.eduNicholas Rescher PHILOSOPHYrescher@pitt.eduJohn C. Reynolds COMPUTER SCIENCEjohn.reynolds@cs.cmu.eduFrank H. T. Rhodes EARTH &ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES mjw11@cornell.eduEvgeny I. Rogaev GENETICS evgeny.rogaev@umassmed.eduSaskia Sassen SOCIOLOGY sjs2@columbia.eduMichael Schlesinger ATMOSPHERICSCIENCES schlesin@atmos.uiuc.eduGerald Schubert GEOPHYSICS &PLANETARY PHYSICS schubert|@ucla.eduDana Scott COMPUTING, MATHEMATICSdana.scott@cs.cmu.eduMarlan Scully PHYSICS & ELECTRICALENGINEERING scully@tamu.eduYakov G. Sinai MATHEMATICS sinai@math.princeton.eduJacqui Smith PSYCHOLOGY smitjacq@isr.umich.eduSusan Solomon ATMOSPHERICCHEMISTRY solomon@al.noaa.govChris Sommerville PLANT BIOLOGYcrs@andrew2.stanford.eduPol D. Spanos STOCHASTIC MECHANICSspanos@rice.eduSeth Stein GEOPHYSICS seth@earth.northwestern.eduMichael Steinmetz MOLECULARBIOLOGY msteinmetz@clarusventures.comJoan A. Steitz CELL & MOLECULARBIOLOGY joan.steitz@yale.eduEdward M. Stolper GEOLOGY ems@caltech.eduJohn Tooze GENETICS & MOLECULARBIOLOGYCharles Townes PHYSICS cht@sunspot.ssl.berkeley.eduMoshe Y. Vardi COMPUTER SCIENCEvardi@cs.rice.eduAlexander Varshavsky CELL BIOLOGYavarsh@caltech.eduAlessandro VespignaniNONEQUILIBRIUM STATISTICAL PHYSICSa.vespignani@neu.eduHarald von Boehmer IMMUNOLOGYharald_von_boehmer@dfci.harvard.eduDiter von Wettstein PLANTMOLECULAR BIOLOGY diter@wsu.eduJames Watson MOLECULAR BIOLOGY necCharles Weissmann MOLECULARBIOLOGY charlesw@scripps.eduTom Wigley ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCEwigley@ucar.eduPeter Wyllie IGNEOUS PETROLOGYwyllie@gps.caltech.eduRobert J. Young ENGLISH LITERATURErjy2@nyu.eduMeinhart Zenk PLANT

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