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JUNE, 2006A detour to State Route 17 got thisgang back on one-lane Summit Road,which leads to Skyline Drive. OnSummit, there was a pit stop with DonPicker, Mark Pohlson, Brian Muldoonand Don Walker.There was a brief stop in the shadeof some cottonwoods in San Miguel,where Ron Spicer on the yellow R bikeappeared. Don Walker at left, on theFlorida bike, flew from Florida for theweek’s ride.Here’s Don Walker riding his K1200RS on Nacimiento.Mark Pohlson caught Don Walkerand Brian Muldoon riding on SummitDrive.Mark Pohlson photoOne warmer evening at Keefer’s Inn,debriefing was done outside therooms. Mark Eckel had a top box onhis new RT and it proved useful ontrips for refreshments. Turk Konuk, atright, was presiding.Since 9/11, access from Nacimientoacross Hunter Liggett Military Reservationis controlled. This fine rent-a-copwrote passes for each rider by hand.Hunter Liggett is huge, yet many roadshave a 20 (yes, twenty!) mph speedlimit. One radar officer was spotted.Then, at Alice’s Restaurant onSkyline Drive, Herm and the two Donsthought sure they had a sale for Herm’sbook. Don Picker is an expert closer,but his skills were for naught.Mark Pohlson photoThen it was G16, and Carmel and BigSur to Nacimiento Road, the one-lanewonder that climbs the coastal range.Don Picker and Mark Pohlson arenegotiating the lower curves.

JUNE, 2006KING…Don Picker guided one group onHunter Liggett to Mission San Antoniode Padua, founded by Fr. JuniperoSerra in 1771, apparentlyhis third missionin California. Mark12Pohlson thought heought to have hispicture taken with Fr. Serra, and DonWalker was obliging him.Meanwhile, back at Giovanni’s, EricBroeder and Denis Duchene contemplatethe smooth air flow around Eric’snew leathers. Eric restored a beautifulK1100RS.Wesley Ross went off to play inThailand and bought this souvenir. Theearly Honda looks in perfect condition,due to detail work by Wes, who rode itto Giovanni’s but not on the freeway.Note Brian Muldoon’s new Vansonsuit.There’s this hotel on the militaryreservation, built for William RandolphHearst as a hunting lodge for his guestsover at Hearst Castle on Highway One.It’s open to the public as an hotel,now. The gang all had ice cream.Reportedly, a three bedroom two bathsuite is $150 a night. ’Course, you haveto go 20 mph to get to it.And Sharon Kepple celebrated herbrand new Dakar GS by taking it on theMother’s Day ride lead by Gary Walkerthrough the mountains and back to hisestate at Olivenhain. The flowers atGary’s were spectacular, the spa andpool were enjoyed, and the food wasgood.Rex Neilson claims credit for gettingthis fine Harley rider, Mick McGirr,onto this fine GS. It appears that Mickcan straddle it flat footed. The bikecame from Steve Kennedy, who boughta new Adventure.

JUNE, 2006About the first K1200GT showed upat Margarita’s in the capable hands ofJon McKinley. That’s Jon, telling DanToporoski about the bike while GaryWalker contemplates it. Jon has a 650in Oaxaca.Richard Amiton has some specialgoodies on his GS, the GS that went tothe Arctic Circle, including this top casethat fits on a rack of his design. Whilethey last, you can get the top case fromRich. That’s Mick, left, Rich, BobIngram (who’s not a candidate for thecase) and Fulton and Rex Neilson.Stacy Silverwood has been wearingout tires at Sears Point and Willow.Recently he took Hugo Schreiner alongto Willow. Then Stacy and Carol areheading for Switzerland with JohnCollins and twoof John’s sonsin-law.Recently,Herm gave atalk to a groupat the SanDiego YachtClub, andfound himselfsitting under aplaque honoringHugoSchreiner.Hugo plans toride the Alpswith his wife,Martha, in July.At last Don Pickerhas a new GS. It’s silverand Don Nimonapproves.more…13Instant Online Insurance.Then Gary could stand it no longer.He had to try the GT, while Ken Shorttdiverts Jon’s attention.www.motorcycleservices.com800.245.8726

JUNE, 200614Mark Kelly justpurchased the Dakar,his first bike since hewas a kid in Ireland. Atthe May club meeting, he was contemplatingriding for the first time aftersunset.On his third of four corners, TerryBrode from Pennsylvania was gettingtires and service at SD BMW and tookadvantage of the occasion to get asigned copy of Herm’s MotorcycleJourneys Through the Alps and Corsica.Meanwhile, Mark Eckel is booking atrip to Corsica. Chuck DuVivier isheading for Costa Rica, before headingfor the Alps with Don Walker, DonPicker, and Herm. All this month.Gary Walker encouraged arecent Saturday ride to do BoulderCreek. The wet cement crossingcaught a couple. Proving that thereis indeed water in San DiegoCounty, Glen McComb, a new clubmember, Rex Neilson, Gary Keppleand another Gary on an Aprillia.Our own Amos Robinson hasdone it again. His tree sculpturehas been selected by the PortDistrict for display on the waterfront,across from the countybuilding and just north of theBerkeley and Star of India. Remember,he had a sculpture nearAnthony’s Star of the Sea Room inlast year’s Urban Trees exhibition.RSGary Walker photoSean DeAngelis, the parts guru at SDBMW, is gonna have a R1200 GS, just assoon as the parts come in and he canget it together. It seems like the brainsare gone on this bike from WashingtonState.There was all this space in MikeMoore’s garage (that’s Mike on theright) , so he had to getthe new HP2 GS, whichwill fit just nicelybeside the AdventureGS he has on order.Driving into Mexico?INSTANT “MEXICO” AUTO INSURANCEAUTO-RV-MOTORCYCLE800 345 470124 HOURSFAX-A-POLICYwww.INSTANT-MEX-AUTO-INSUR.comBroker Lic.# 0A46980

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