request for proposals (rfp) - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

request for proposals (rfp) - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A139. New road to SW Aviation area (Hangar Line Road)10. Perimeter Fence with access controlled gatesH. Airport StatisticsStats Canada and NAV CANADA show historical operations averaging 33,000 movements within the last5 years, split evenly between local and itinerant operations. The number of aircraft currently based atthe Airport is approx.75 aircraftAirport In-Field Hangar - Area 13The Niagara District Airport Commission is interested in receiving proposals from parties interested inbecoming a tenant for development of an In-field hangar (West Apron Area) identified as area 13located at the Niagara District Airport. Area 13 is a parcel of land approximately 40,815 square feetlocated at the western side of the airport directly adjacent to Taxiway “A”. The Niagara District AirportCommission is seeking and will select a tenant that best demonstrates the ability to financially securethe area and will build a hangar that meets specific building requirements and will be complimentary tothe area. The tenant will operate a commercial aviation business such as, but not limited to:1. Scheduled Service2. Aircraft Rental.2. Air Taxi/Charter.3. Aircraft Sales.4. Aircraft Painting.5. Aircraft Refurbishing.6. Aircraft Repair and Overhaul7. Aircraft Parts and Assembly8. Avionics Repair and overhaul.9. Aerial Surveying/Photography.10. Specialized maintenance (upholstery, etc.).11. Flight training12. Any other type of aeronautical service not listed as may be acceptable to NDACConfidential Proposals with the words "CYSN-13 – Airport In-Field Hangar –Area 13 marked on the sealed envelope will be received at the office of theAirport Manager, Mailing address – Box 640, Virgil, Ontario, L0S1J0 or physical address at 468 NiagaraStone Road, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, L0S1J0 up to 2:00 pm local time on Monday November 5,2012 for:Infield Hangar Area 13 - Twenty year termFurther information and instructions may be obtained from or the officeof the Airport Manager between 8:00 - 1:00, Monday to Friday.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A135. Proposal Evaluation:The Airport Manager and the Niagara District Airport Commission will review the Proposals submittedfor the RFP process. The Airport Development Committee will score the Proposals, determine thehighest qualified Proposals. Interviews of Proposers may be required. The Niagara District AirportCommission reserves the right to refuse any and or all proposals.6 Prior to Being Awarded a Lease the Successful Proposers Must:Present to the Niagara District Airport Commission acceptable proof of insurance as defined in samplelease agreement.Niagara District AirportPART 2 GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS1.This is a Request for Proposal ONLY.The Niagara District Airport Commission is free to negotiate with any of the proponents and as a resultof the negotiation process the Niagara District Airport Commission is required to treat all proponentsequally.2. Qualifications and Competency of Proponents:The Niagara District Airport Commission reserves the right to reject Proposals from Proposers who areunable to provide evidence that they are capable of providing the necessary labour, materials,equipment and adequate financial arrangements for satisfactory performance and provision of servicesas herein specified. Evidence of such competency and experience must be provided on the RFPQuestionnaire and the proposal shall be evaluated taking such evidence into account.3. Liability:The Proposer shall ensure that the Niagara District Airport Commission, its officers, agents andemployees, are saved harmless from any liability whatsoever arising out of Proposer’s performance ornon-performance of the term of this Proposal.4. Local Conditions:The Proposer shall by personal inspection, examination or by any other means, satisfy himself withrespect to the local conditions to be encountered and practicability of hangar development.5. Right to cancel RFP and to accept Proposals:a. The Niagara District Airport Commission is entitled to cancel this RFP at any time by addendumwithout liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or suffered by any Proponent as a resultof that cancellation.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A13b. In considering any delivered response to this RFP, the Niagara District Airport Commission reservesthe absolute and unfettered discretion to:c. Accept or reject any proposal that fails to comply with the requirements set out in thisRFP for the content of proposals;d. Assess proposals as it sees fit, without in any way being obliged to select anyproposal or Proponents;e. Assess and select proposals as it sees fit without being obliged in any way to selectthe proposal that offers the highest offer;f. Determine whether any proposal or proposals satisfactorily meet the selection criteriaset out in this RFP;g.The right to require clarification after the dates and times set out above from any oneor more of the Proponents in respect of proposals submitted;h.The right to communicate with, meet with or negotiate with any one or more of theProponents respecting their proposals or any aspects of the project;i. Reject any or all proposals with or without cause, whether according to the selectioncriteria set out herein or otherwise.j. By submitting its proposal to the Niagara District Airport Commission, each Proponentrepresents and warrants to the Niagara District Airport Commission that the information in itsproposal is accurate and complete6. Ownership of Proposals:All responses to this RFP become the property of Niagara District Airport Commission and may beincluded as part of any future contractual arrangement.7. Proposers’ Expenses:Each prospective Proponent is solely responsible for the risk and cost of preparing andsubmitting its proposal.8. Waiver and Allocation of Risk:The Niagara District Airport Commission accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy orcompleteness of this RFP including any schedules or appendices to it.9. Special Provision:Proponents who, either directly or indirectly through another corporation or entity, havebeen or are in litigation, or who have served notice with intent to proceed with court action against theNiagara District Airport Commission in connection with any contract for works or service, are ineligibleproponents. Receipt of proposals from such proponents will be disqualified from the evaluation process.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A1310. Governing Law:This RFP and any contract entered into between the Proposer and the Niagara District AirportCommission will be governed by and be in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario.11. Permits, Notices, Law & Rules:The Proposer shall have the ability to apply and pay for all necessary permits or Leasesrequired for the execution of the lease. The Proposer shall give all necessary notices and pay for all feesrequired by law and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations relating to the work and tothe preservation of the public health. The Proposer shall be responsible for the safety of all workmenand equipment on the project in accordance with all applicable safety legislation passed by Federal,Provincial and Local Authorities governing safety.12. Compliance with Workers Compensation Board Regulations:a. The Proposer shall ensure compliance on his part with the Workers Compensation Act andany regulations there under, especially provisions of said Act or of regulations under said Acthaving to do with the prevention of accidents, the prevention of diseases and the provision ofsafe working conditions, including proper sanitation and ventilation.13. Protection of the Work, Property & Public:a. The Proposer shall comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations andlawful orders of any public authority having jurisdiction for the safety of persons orproperty or to protect them from damage, injury or loss.b. The Proposer shall protect the property adjacent to the work area from damage as the resultof his operations. The Proposer shall protect the work and the Niagara District Airportproperty from damage which may arise as the result of his operations.14. Acceptance of Terms:All the terms and conditions of this RFP are deemed to be accepted by the Proposer and incorporated inits proposal, except those conditions and provisions which are expressly excluded by the proposal.17. Contractors Insurance:The following insurance is to be purchased and maintained by the successfulproponent:a) Public Liability & Property Damage Insurance containing the following representations: TheContractor shall save and hold harmless the Niagara Airport Commission, its officers, agents, servants

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A13and employees, from and against any and all suits or claims alleging damage or injury (including death)to any person or property that may occur or that may be alleged to have occurred, in the course of theperformance of this Contract, whether such claim shall be made by an employee of the Contractor, or bya third person and whether or not it shall be claimed that the alleged damage or injury (including death)was caused through a wilful or negligent act or omission of the Contractor, its officers, servants, agentsor employees, and at its own expense, the Contractor shall defend any and all such actions and pay alllegal charges, costs and other expense arising there from.i) With a limit of not less than Three Million Dollars ($1,000,000), inclusive, peroccurrence for bodily injury, death or damage to property, including loss of use ofproperty in question.ii) The Niagara Airport Commission, shall be an additional insured on the policy.iii) Extensions of coverage:a) premises and operations liabilityb) products or completed operations liabilityc) blanket contractual liabilityg) contingent employers’ liabilityh) personal injury liability arising on a false arrest, detention or imprisonment, ormalicious prosecution, libel, slander or defamation of character; invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction orwrongful entry, discriminationi) liability with extension to non-owned Licenced vehiclesiv) Any other insurance specifically required by the owner.v) The Contractor shall at the time the Proposal is approved, submit to the Niagara Airport Commission,one copy of the insurance policies required under this Article and shall also provide to the NiagaraAirport Commission, from time to time, as may be required satisfactory proof that such policies are stillin full force and effect.b) Equipment Insurance containing the following representations: Notwithstanding anything containedelsewhere herein, it is understood and agreed that the Niagara Airport Commission, shall not be liablefor any loss or damage to Contractor’s equipment including loss of use thereof. Each and every policyinsuring the Contractor’s equipment to be used on the work shall contain a waiver of subrogation.c) Automotive Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 of public liability and property damage on allautomotive equipment.d) General Insurance ProvisionsBefore starting the work, the Contractor shall file with the Niagara Airport Commission,, certificates ofall insurance policies acceptable to the Niagara Airport Commission,. These certificates shall state thatthe insurance complies with the requirements of the Contract Documents and that the territory of thepolicy includes the country in which the work is to be constructed. Each insurance policy required underthis Contract shall contain an endorsement to provide all named insured’s with prior notice of changesand cancellations. Such endorsement shall be in the following form: “It is understood and agreed thatthe coverage provided by this policy will not be changed or amended in any way or cancelled until thirty(30) days after written notice of such change or cancellation shall have been given or sent by registered

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A13mail to all named insured’s.” Should the Contractor fail to make payment of premiums or otherassessments required by the Contractor’s insurers to maintain such policies in force and effect, theNiagara Airport Commission, may in his discretion make payment of such premiums or assessments anddeduct the amount thereof from such monies as may be then or later payable to the Contractorpursuant to the Contract documents or recover the same from the Contractor as the Niagara AirportCommission, in its discretion may determine. Whenever the word “Owner” is to appear in the insurancepolicies, the legal name shall be inserted.PART 3 TERMS OF REFERENCE – AIRPORT IN-FIELD HANGAR – AREA 131. Area: Irregular - Approximately 122 Width X 304 feet length X 125 feet width X 304 Feet Length= 37,642 Square feet Approx. – See Attachment “A”. If extra width and length is required,please notify the Airport Manager as to desired width/length.2. Rate: Basic Rent (2012 rate) to be $.267 per square foot and to be increased each year by theCanadian Consumer Price Index3. Lease: 20 Year Term must be signed with 30 days of award.4. Hangar: Permit within 180 days of Lease start, construction complete within one year ofreceiving permit.5. Extra Costs: Any utilities, water, fire hydrant, or underground infrastructure must be relocatedat awardees expense.6. Utilities: Water, electricity, and natural gas are available for connection at awardees expense.7. Preference: New Tenants to the Niagara District Airport will be given preference.8. Map: Refer to Attachment “A” – Site location and approx. measurements9. Sample Lease Refer to Attachment “B”10. Schedule – Refer to Schedule “C”..\Lease Applications\Lease Application COMMERCIAL.pdfPART 4RFP QUESTIONNAIRE / PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONIf necessary, Proponent may attach additional pages to this RFPquestionnaire / proposal submission.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A131. Legal name of individual, organization, firm or partnership submitting thisproposal______________________________________________________________2. Address (if a business, principal place of business):_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. If an Organization, Type of Organization: Specific if the organization is a corporation,partnership, sole proprietorship, joint venture, etc. Explain any details or factors that areneeded to clarify your organizational structure and business activity:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Are you currently or have been a tenant at the Niagara District Airport? If yes,Provide details:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Proposed Hangar Structure: Describe the style of proposed Hangar (series 200 or300 include colour, cladding or other pertinent information about the structure. Outlineproposed building schedule_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bidders Name :_______________________________________________________

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A136. Identify what aircraft(s) / helicopter(s) that will be utilizing the hangar.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7. Will the hangar be used for any business purposes? Is so, detail the proposed business and expectednumber of employees? Identify if this is a new business to the Niagara on the Lake_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# of employees to be employed at site:______________________________________8. Proposed annual fuel consumption from the Niagara District Airport:Avgas: _________________ litresJet fuel: _________________ litres9. References – Provide current information of references. The Niagara Airport Commission will becontacting these individuals. Family references shall not be used.Reference # 1 of 3Personal Reference:Business Reference:Contact Name: ______________________________Telephone:___________________Relationship with Proponent_______________________________________________Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Reference # 2 of 3:Personal Reference:Business Reference:Contact Name: ______________________________Telephone:___________________Relationship with Proponent________________________________________________Other: _________________________________________________________________

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A13Having thoroughly read the RFP document; asked the Airport Manager any questions you may have hadabout the terms, conditions and responsibilities described, visited the proposed site, sought legal andfinancial advice as needed and researched the applicable laws, ordinances, statutes and regulations, youare submitting a proposal as per the RFP (RFP # CYSN-A13 – AIRPORT IN-FIELD HANGAR – AREA 13) tothe Niagara Airport Commission_______________________________________________CONTACT NAME:_________________________________________________________________ADDRESS:______________________________________________________________________TELEPHONE:_____________________FAX:_________________EMAIL:____________________SIGNATURE:__________________________________________________________________



REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A13Attachment “B”Commercial Lease Application – separate document

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)CYSN – A13C. ScheduleIssue Request for Proposal ………………………………... September 4, 2012Airport Site Visit *…………………………………………………September 4 – October 1, 2012Last day for questions by Respondents…..……….. ..October 1, 2012Proposals Due………………………………………………………November 5, 2012Selection or Optional Shortlist……………………..….....November 15, 2012Selection of preferred Candidate………………………..January 17, 2013Airport Commission Approval………………………….….To Be Determined*Note – Airport Site visit – please call Airport Manager at 905-684-7447 Ext.11 for appointment

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