Commencing collaboration

Commencing collaboration

EditorialAbroad-ening experienceThe best part of going away has been comingback. Returning after a two-year secondment toKeppel Seghers in the UK has allowed me to view‘home’ with new eyes and a broader perspective,and engendered in me an even stronger sense ofbelonging to Singapore as well as to Keppel.With its cultural vibrancy and cosmopolitanism,London was a dream posting. But while London is aglobal city much like Singapore, living and workingin a foreign environment still presented its ownadjustment challenges and drawbacks.Fortunately, I have been able to draw on the‘toolkit’ of skill sets, discipline and experiencesthat I have been trained and equipped with in myyears at Keppel Group Corporate Communications(GCC) to cope with change and uncertainty.One of the most critical abilities inculcated in usat GCC, is that of being able to think and workeffectively under pressure. This has equippedme well for my work in the UK, whether it hasbeen dealing with a small-scale local communitypicket or workers’ demonstration, or even a pestinfestation at an event hosted by Keppel.My overseas experience has shown me that behindKeppel’s encouragement to its people to stretchtheir limits, is also a commitment to provide thenecessary training and support to ensure they areadequately prepared to scale up and undertakemore challenging roles.and colleagues from headquarters have beenconstant pillars of support as well as reminders thatwherever Keppelites are based, we are all part ofa bigger family that cares.From Belgium to London, and even from Qatarto Singapore, wherever I have worked alongsideKeppelites, I have been heartened to sense inthem a distinctive yet familiar streak of Can-Do!spirit and pursuit for excellence, a part of our DNAwhich integrates us as a Group.On a personal basis, the physical journey out hasalso evoked a kind of inward voyage – every bumpand pothole along the road that I’ve faced offwith has raised a mirror to my true self, reflectingmy fears and revealing the gaps in my knowledgeand abilities. Yet in the process of overcomingand enjoying the challenges, I have reinforcedconfidence in my training, independence and spirit,renewed old ties and built new friendships as wellas bagged a suitcase full of valuable experiencesand lessons.Coming home does not mark the end of thejourney as the voyage, exploration and discoverycontinue. The poet Gael Attal had aptly put it, “Aship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not whatships are built for.” At home or abroad, workingat Keppel opens a world of opportunities for thetaking. It is up to Keppelites to set out and seek thewinds of adventure to lift us to new horizons.Despite being thousands of miles away and ina different time zone, I have never felt like helpwas far away. Advice and concern from bossesKeppelite I November 2012

4 Sustaining Growth GrowthKeppel yards win contractsworth $160mKeppel Offshore & Marine(Keppel O&M) subsidiaries,Keppel Subic Shipyard inthe Philippines and KeppelVerolme in the Netherlands,have secured new contracts,bolstering the group’s trackrecord and position as theglobal choice partner.Delivering synergiesthrough SubicKeppel Subic Shipyard’sc o n t r a c t f r o m S h e l lPhilippines ExplorationBV (SPEX) is to build aDepletion CompressionPlatform (DCP) to supportthe recovery of natural gasfrom the Malampaya gasfield near Palawan Island, inthe Philippines.When completed, the DCPwill be deployed next toan existing shallow waterproduction platform.The DCP is designed tomaintain the currentavailability and deliverabilityof natural gas from theMalampaya field throughregulating the gas exportpressure and flow rates.Keppel Subic Shipyard willbe responsible for thefabrication of the entireDCP, integration of thetopside modules as wellas the fabrication of thelink bridge connecting theDCP to the shallow waterplatform. The DCP comprisesKeppel Subic Shipyard will build a Depletion Compression Platform for SPEX to support the recovery of natural gas from the Malampayagas fieldgas compression facilitiesmounted on a barge deck,supported by four tubularlegs on base footings.Mr Michael Chia, MD(Marine), Keppel O&M, said,“Over the years, Keppel SubicShipyard has establisheda creditable track recordin ship repair and majorfabrication work. This DCPproject is a good platformfor us to further enhance ourcompetencies for complexoffshore work.“With a 1,500 tonne gantrycrane, various other cranesand worksite facilitieswhich are being set up inconjunction with this project,we are positioning our yardwith stronger capabilities tooffer better services, take onmore onshore and offshorefabrication projects as well ashandle conversion work forFloating Production Storageand Offloading units,including the fabrication oftopside modules.“ K e p p e l S h i p y a r d i nSingapore, which hasextensive experience inoffshore production modules,is supporting Keppel SubicShipyard on its work scope.Keppel Subic Shipyardwill work closely with allstakeholders to ensure thatthe project is delivered to thehighest quality, in a safe andtimely manner.”Mr Sebastian Quiniones,MD of SPEX and MalampayaAsset Manager, said,“Keppel Subic Shipyard hasdemonstrated that it is oneof the most comprehensiveyards in the Philippines anda natural choice for us forthis project. We are confidentthat with Keppel’s experienceand competencies, theyard will be able to deliverthe project to our highestsatisfaction and enable usKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 5to support the Philippinegovernment’s goal towardsenergy security.”The development of theDCP forms Phase 3 of theMalampaya Deep WaterGas-to-Power project,which is jointly undertakenby government agenciesand private companies.The Philippine Departmentof Energy leads in thisproject, and is supportedby a consortium comprisingthe Malampaya projectoperator, SPEX, and its jointventure partners, ChevronMalampaya LLC and thePhilippine National OilCompany – ExplorationCorporation (PNOC-EC).Repeat customer inthe NetherlandsOver in the Netherlands,Keppel Verolme has secureda contract from its repeatcustomer Heerema MarineContractors Nederland B.V.(HMC) for the drydockingsurvey of the deepwaterconstruction vessel (DCV)Balder.One of the largest crane vesselsin the world, Balder measures154 metres (m) in length and86m in width, and is capableof lifting 6,300 tonnes.The yard’s work scope forthis project includes thepainting of the hull, bracingsand cranes. It will alsoundertake steel renewals,as well as the maintenanceand repairs to the tanks,i n c l u d i n g p i p i n g a n dconservation works. Thevessel is expected to bedelivered in 1Q 2013.This is Balder’s second visitto Keppel Verolme; in 2001,it underwent an extensiveconversion programme atthe yard. The projectwork scope included theconstruction of facilitiesto receive the 120m-highpipe-laying tower andaccompanying components.Another project recentlyc o m p l e t e d b y K e p p e lVerolme for HMC was thelife extension of the DCVThialf, HMC’s largest suchunit. Over the years, KeppelVerolme has undertakenseveral major projectsfor HMC.Mr Harold Linssen, MDof Keppel Verolme, said,“Keppel Verolme is pleasedto be of service to our repeatcustomer Heerema MarineContractors again andlook forward to deliveringyet another high qualityproject to them safely, ontime and within budget.We pride ourselves on ourability to respond swiftly toour customer’s needs withinnovative and cost-effectivesolutions.” keppeliteKeppel Verolme has secured a contract for the drydocking survey of the deepwater construction vessel, BalderKeppelite I November 2012

6 Sustaining GrowthWork on Jilin Food Zone InternationalLogistics Park commencesThe Logistics Park will provide a consolidated platform for the trading, storage anddistribution of food products to serve the Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone.Officiating at the Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone International Logistics Park work commencement ceremony were Mr Sun Zhengcai (fifth from left), Party Secretary of Chongqing City andformer Party Secretary of Jilin Province; H.E. Mr Stanley Loh Ka Leung (sixth), Singapore’s Ambassador to China; Mr Wang Rulin (seventh), Governor of Jilin Province; Dr Lee Boon Yang (fourth),Chairman of Keppel Corporation; Mr Teo Soon Hoe (eighth), Senior ED of Keppel Corporation and Chairman of Keppel T&T; Mr Chen Weigen (ninth), Vice Governor of Jilin Province; andMr Pang Hee Hon (tenth), CEO of Keppel T&T, along with other senior government officials from Jilin Province and Jilin City as well as Keppel’s senior managementKeppel Telecommunications& Transportation (Keppel T&T)and the Jilin City Governmenthave commenced work fortheir joint venture project,Sino-Singapore Jilin FoodZone International LogisticsPark, in Jilin City, JilinProvince, China.O f f i c i a t i n g a t t h ecommencement ceremonyo n s i t e w e re M r S u nZhengcai, Party Secretaryof Chongqing City andformer Party Secretary ofJilin Province; H.E. Mr StanleyLoh Ka Leung, Singapore’sAmbassador to China;Mr Wang Rulin, Governor ofJilin Province; Dr Lee BoonYang, Chairman of KeppelCorporation; and Mr TeoSoon Hoe, Senior ED ofKeppel Corporation andChairman of Keppel T&T.Mr Pang Hee Hon, CEO ofKeppel T&T, said, “KeppelT&T’s expertise in third partylogistics and 18 years ofexperience in operating asuccessful port in Foshan,Guangdong, positions uswell to provide integratedlogistics services in the Sino-Singapore Jilin Food ZoneInternational Logistics Park,which marks our maiden stepinto northeastern China.“The commencement ofwork on the project, soonafter the signing of the jointventure agreement, reflectsthe strong commitment ofthe Jilin provincial and citygovernments to see to thesuccess of the Logistics Parkand the Food Zone.”Mr Sun Zhu Gang, DeputyChairman of Jilin Sino-S i n g a p o re F o o d Z o n eDevelopment Co., Ltd, whichwas registered by the JilinCity Government for thedevelopment of the Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zoneproject, added, “The Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone hasthe support of the Singaporeand Chinese governmentsand is one of Jilin Province’skey projects.“We hope to synergiseSingapore’s experience infood safety management,business park developmentand technical know-how withJilin City’s rich agriculturalKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 7resources to establish a worldclass food zone aligned withinternational practices. It willbe home to the production ofagricultural foodstuff that isgrown and processed understringent health and qualitystandards.“We are happy to see thatour partnership with KeppelT&T, an established logisticsservice provider in Singapore,is making good speed as theavailability of reliable andquality logistics services iscritical to the Food Zone’sdevelopment.”The first phase of theLogistics Park, spanning about40 hectares, is designed tohave about 240,000 sm offacilities which would includewarehouse space fittedwith cold room facilities,a modern cross-dockinghub and a centralisedtransportation hub. Expectedto be operational in 2014,the Logistics Park will alsolease out space for officesand more than 1,000 unitsof wholesale shops.The Logistics Park is locatedat the northern boundaryof the Sino-SingaporeJilin Food Zone and willoccupy about 114 hectareswhen fully developed. Itwill be accessible via majorexpressways, and futureplans to link a railway lineto the Logistics Park willenhance its accessibility fordistribution of goods.The joint venture company,Jilin Sino-Singapore FoodZone International LogisticsCo. Ltd., is 70% held byKeppel T&T through itswholly-owned subsidiaryand 30% held by JilinSino-Singapore Food ZoneDevelopment Co., Ltd. Itwill be the sole food logisticspark operator serving theFood Zone. keppeliteThe Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone International Logistics Park will occupy 114 hectares whenfully developed. The first phase will span about 40 hectares and feature about 240,000 smof facilitiesThe Logistics Park will provide one-stop services to serve the Food ZoneKeppelite I November 2012

8 Sustaining GrowthAsia’s best business addressMarina Bay Financial Centre(MBFC), Singapore’s largesti n t e g r a t e d m i x e d - u s edevelopment in the newdowntown, has secured newleases at its Tower 3 officebuilding.These new tenants, whichinclude Denmark-basedLEGO Singapore Pte. Ltd.and leading New York-basedinternational legal firm,Milbank, Tweed, Hadley &McCloy LLP, brings Tower 3’soverall commitment level to76% at close to 960,000 sf.The 46-storey Tower 3offers tenants approximately1.3 million sf of primeGrade A office space amidworld-class facilities andseamless connectivity. Itsimpressive column-free floorplates, which range between29,000 and 45,000 sf, hasattracted some of the mostprestigious tenants seekingquality office spaces inthe heart of Singapore’snew business district atMarina Bay.Mr Warren Bishop, CEOof Raffles Quay AssetManagement, the managerfor MBFC, said, “We continueto see a healthy pipeline ofinterest from companiesand prospects for Tower 3who want to be part of thisprestigious development.“With Singapore beingpositioned as the Asianfinancial gateway, weare confident that MBFCr e m a i n s t h e c h o i c elocation for multinationalcorporations, continuingour goal of making MBFCAsia’s Best BusinessAddress.”The latest tenants add to thestellar line up of businessesat Tower 3. Milbank, Tweed,Hadley & McCloy LLP wasone of the first Wall Streetlaw firms to open an officein Singapore in 1985. Thefirm will be relocating toTower 3 in line with itsexpansion plans. LEGOSingapore Pte. Ltd.,a manufacturer of playmaterials, will also set up itsAsian corporate head officeat MBFC.Anchor tenant, DBS Bank,marked the official openingof its new headquartersat Tower 3 on 17 October2012. Other tenants atTower 3 include McGraw-Hill, WongPartnership,Regus, Clifford Chance andAshurst LLP as well as latesttenants signed up in August– Berge Bulk, Clyde & Co.,Clifford Capital and MeadJohnson.MBFC is now home to morethan 18,000 office workerswith 6,000 housed withinTower 3. When Tower 3is fully leased, the threeoffice buildings are expectedto house about 20,000employees across differentsectors.Meanwhile, Marina Bay LinkMall, the retail component ofMBFC, is now 100% leased.The latest addition to themall, Foodology, will offerinternational cuisine to meetthe dining needs of the officecommunity and residents atMarina Bay. keppeliteMarina Bay Financial Centre remains the choice location for multinational corporationsseeking quality office spaces in Marina BayKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 11Top honoursFor his significantcontributions to the offshoreand marine industry, the lateMr Nelson Yeo, former MD(Marine) of Keppel Offshore& Marine (Keppel O&M)and MD of Keppel Shipyard,was conferred the LifetimeAchievement Award atLloyd’s List Asia Awards heldon 8 November 2012.Receiving the award onbehalf of Mr Yeo’s family,Mr Louis Chow, SGM ofKeppel Shipyard, thankedLloyd’s List for the recognitionof Nelson’s contributions tothe industry.Mr Chow shared further, “Ihave been a colleague andfriend of Nelson for 30 years. Iam sure all who knew him willagree that he was passionateabout his work and careddeeply for everyone aroundhim – his bosses, colleagues,staff, customers, businesspartners as well as friends inthe community.“As such, Nelson pursuedexcellence in all work activitiesand played a significant rolein steering Keppel Shipyardto its present leading positionin ship repair, conversionand upgrading services. Healso championed numerousworkplace safety and socialdevelopment initiatives.”Shipyard’s longstandingcommitment to its customers,the yard also received theShipyard of the Year award.The award is given tos h i p y a r d s t h a t h a v econsistently delivered safe,high quality and promptservices. Mr Michael Chia,MD (Marine) and MD(Technology) of Keppel O&Mreceived the award on behalfof the company.Earlier last month, over inMiddle East, the Nakilat-Keppel O&M yard in Qatarwas also named Shipyard ofthe Year at the Lloyd’s ListAwards (Middle East & IndianSubcontinent 2012) event.Keppel O&M also sponsoredthe Ship Operator Award,which is given to thecompany that exhibitsexceptional operationaland safety performances.Mr Tong Chong Heong, CEOof Keppel O&M, presentedthe award to the winningcompany. keppeliteThe late Mr Nelson Yeo, former MD (Marine) of Keppel O&M and MD of Keppel Shipyard,was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award at Lloyd’s List Asia Awards 2012Global shipyards ofthe yearTe s t a m e n t t o K e p p e lMr Michael Chia, MD (Marine) and MD (Technology) of Keppel O&M, received the Shipyard of the Year award on behalf of Keppel ShipyardKeppelite I November 2012

12 Sustaining GrowthChampion of CSRMr Choo Chiau Beng, CEO of Keppel Corporation stood out from over 1,000 business leaders around the region to clinch the coveted CSR Award. With his strategic guidance of Keppel’scommunity engagement approach, the Group is a recognised champion of CSRMr Choo Chiau Beng, CEOof Keppel Corporation, wasawarded the Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) Award atthe 11th CNBC Asia BusinessLeaders Awards (ABLA) forhis commitment to societaland environmental issues.He had stood out from 44regional business leaders,who were shortlisted fromover a thousand entriesacross the region, to clinchthe coveted accolade.Mr Choo dedicated theaward to all Keppelites fortheir unstinting supportof community outreachinitiatives.The ABLA acknowledgesexceptional CEOs across theregion – ABLA recipients arerecognised to be businessvisionaries behind manyof today’s outstandingcorporate success stories.The judging panel tookinto account Mr Choo’sleadership as Chairman ofthe Group SustainabilitySteering Committee, and hisstrategic guidance of Keppel’scommunity engagementa p p r o a c h , n a m e l y i nthree areas – fulfilling theeconomic potential oflocal communities througheducation and skillsdevelopment; engagingt h e i n d u s t r y t o b u i l dknowledge and provide acatalyst for the exchangeof ideas; and caring forthe community throughvolunteerism and strategicsocial investment.The awards ceremony washeld on 16 November 2012at the Kempinski Hotel inBangkok, and broadcastglobally on CNBC in Asia,Europe and the UnitedStates.Business leaders nominatedfor the awards were judgedunder stringent, objectiveand transparent criteria by anindependent panel of worldrespectedmanagementstrategists, academics,corporate personalities andCNBC executives. Headingthe judging panel arerepresentatives from TheUniversity of Chicago BoothSchool of Business. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 13India InsightsMr Teo Soon Hoe (second from right), Senior ED of Keppel Corporation, shared the Group’s experience in India at the inaugural Singapore-India Business DialogueThe inaugural Singapore-India Business Dialoguethemed “Leveraging onUntapped Opportunitiesand Growth”, was held atthe Singapore ManagementUniversity on 19 October2012, attended by some350 guests from public andprivate sector organisationsand academia.Speaking as a panellist atthe event, Mr Teo SoonHoe, Senior ED of KeppelC o r p o r a t i o n , t o u c h e don the difficulties facedb y c o m p a n i e s w h e ngovernments apply policychanges retrospectively.Mr Teo also shared on theKeppel Group companies’experiences in India.Luminaries at the eventincluded guest-of-honour,Deputy Prime Ministerand Minister for Finance,Tharman Shanmugaratnam;Indian High Commissionerto Singapore, H.E. Dr T C ARaghavan; former Presidentof Singapore, Mr S R Nathan;and SMU Provost and DeputyPresident, Professor RajendraK Srivastava. keppeliteBuilding BRICSMr Choo Chiau Beng, CEO ofKeppel Corporation sharedhis insights with 30 seniorpublic sector leaders onhis experience of workingwith BRICS countries (Brazil,Russia, India, China andSouth Africa) and the impactof their rise, at a dialoguesession during the 9thLeaders in AdministrationProgramme (LAP) organisedby the Civil Service College.Participants were keen tounderstand how Keppelgrew from a Singaporeshiprepair yard into a largeconglomerate with a globalfootprint. Mr Choo explainedthat Keppel chose to focuson niche areas such asrigbuilding where it wasable to be competitiveand add value to itscustomers. Singapore’s goodinfrastructure also ensuredan efficient supply chain.Singaporeans were alsoadept at integrating systems,being more flexible andpragmatic.Mr Choo also touchedon Keppel’s long historyof working with Brazilianc o m p a n i e s a n d t h echallenges of working in thelocal environment. He notedthat there were opportunitiesfor Singapore to work withBrazil in the area of biotechnologyand researchas well as infrastructuredevelopment.He highlighted that Keppel’sstrategy to be ‘Near Market,Near Customer’ has meantthat it has been steadilygrowing its yard networkover the decades, enabling itto undertake different partsof the same project across itsglobal yards. Hence, Brazil’slocal content strategy andKeppel’s strategy werecomplementary.The LAP is a 6-week full-timecareer milestone programmeaims to prepare senior publicservants for top leadershippositions in the public sector.keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

14 Sustaining GrowthGreen recognitionWith buildings accountingfor about 40% of the world’senergy use, the propertysector will need to cut energyconsumption by at least 60%by 2050 in order to meetthe global climate changetargets.Committed to do its partfor a sustainable future,Keppel Land’s propertiesare designed and developedto have minimal impacton the environment whileenhancing the quality of lifefor the communities in whichit operates.Benchmarks ofsustainabilityInternational Financial CentreJakarta (IFC) Tower 2 is thefirst in Indonesia to achievethe internationally-acclaimedGreen Mark Platinum Award,the highest green accoladeconferred by the Buildingand Construction Authority(BCA) of Singapore.Mr Sam Moon Thong,President for Keppel Landin Indonesia, said, “Asenvironmental concernsdominate global and nationalagendas, eco-buildingssuch as IFC Tower 2 arefast becoming the preferredchoice by businesses seekingsustainable and quality officespace in Jakarta.“We are confident that IFCwill complement tenants’green credentials and benefitcompanies in areas of longtermenergy savings as wellas enhancing productivityand overall well-being oftheir employees.”The state-of-the-art ecoofficeis located in theepicentre of Jakarta’sfinancial district and withinthe golden triangle zone,with Tower 2 expected tobe completed in 2015.Leveraging innovative greentechnology, IFC Tower 2is expected to save about32% in energy and morethan 62,000 m 3 of waterper annum.Jakarta Garden City (PhaseOne), a Keppel Land-ledtownship project in EastJakarta, was also the firstresidential development inIndonesia to be conferredthe BCA Green Mark GoldAward in 2011.Meanwhile, Elita GardenVista in Kolkata is the firstin India to have received theBCA Green Mark Certification(Provisional). Located withinthe Rajarhat Township inSalt Lake City, Elita GardenVista comprises 1,278 unitsspread across 15 towerblocks varying between 15and 30 storeys.With energy-efficientf e a t u re s t h a t i n c l u d eenergy-efficient lighting aswell as rainwater recycling,the energy consumption atInternational Financial Centre Jakarta Tower 2 is the first in Indonesia to achieve the BCAGreen Mark Platinum AwardKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 15Elita Garden Vista isestimated to be reduced byabout 28% or 1.16 millionkWh annually – saving about$128,105 per year.To date, Keppel Land hasgarnered a total of 32 BCAGreen Mark Awards forits Singapore and overseasproperties since 2006.Skyrise greenery158 Cecil Street, a 14-storeycommercial building underAlpha Investment Partners’(Alpha) Alpha Core PlusReal Estate Fund, haswon the prestigious WorldB e s t Ve r t i c a l G a r d e nDesign Gold Award andthe World Best VerticalGarden Construction QualityGold Award, presentedb y t h e W o r l d G r e e nRoof Congress inH a n g z h o u , C h i n a o n25 October 2012.Alpha acquired the propertyin 2007 against a backdropof challenges – the propertywas close to 30 years old;the acquisition was madeon a forward commitmentagreement prior to theLehman financial crisis andthe asset was delivered forcompletion in 2009 duringthe downturn.The asset managementteam undertook a series ofenhancements, upholdingAlpha’s commitmentin ensuring quality in itsportfolio of properties.Today, 158 Cecil Streetsports an impressive wallgardenformed by about13,000 potted plants,equivalent to half a footballfield. The property has alsoreceived top honours at theSkyrise Greenery Awards2011 jointly presented bythe Singapore Institute ofArchitects and National ParksBoard, and was conferredthe BCA Green Mark GoldAward for its sustainableefforts.The property is well-poisedto compete against otherprime office spaces in thevicinity. Occupancy hasincreased from about 4%at the beginning of 2011to 80% to date, whilerecently concluded rentsrepresent a 15% premiumagainst market rents. Alphacontinues to see healthyenquiries from tenantsseeking well-located andquality office developmentssuch as 158 Cecil Street.Continues on page 16...Eco-breakthroughs at IFCTower 2• Double-glazed low emission glass to reduce heattransfer while providing occupants an optimal indoorworking environment;• Regenerative drive lifts that enable energy to begenerated back to the building so as to reduce energyconsumption from lifts;• Recycling of rain water for irrigation;• Highly-efficient chiller plant system;• Installation of water- and energy-efficient fittings incommon areas;• Green building monitor system to analyse and optimseenergy usage;• Water usage and leak detection system to ensure optimaluse and to prevent wastage of water resources;• Naturally ventilated sky garden to provide tenantsrespite in a natural environment;• Extensive use of drought-tolerant plants to reducewater usage;• Use of eco-friendly materials during the constructionof the development.158 Cecil Street sports an impressive wall-garden formed by about 13,000 potted plantsKeppelite I November 2012

16 Sustaining Growth...continued from page 15.Leading showcaseOcean Financial Centre(OFC) has achieved theinternationally-recognisedPlatinum Level LEED-CScertification under the UnitedStates’ Leadership in Energyand Environmental Design(LEED) Green Building RatingSystem. The building, whichwas completed in 2011,first achieved Platinum LevelLEED-CS pre-certificationduring its constructionphase.Developed by Keppel Landand owned by Keppel REIT,OFC features a myriad ofsustainable features andinnovative applications.These include the harvestingof rainwater for irrigation ofrooftop gardens, the recyclingof condensate water for thecooling tower and the useof water-efficient tap fittingswhich save about 42 millionlitres of water annually –enough to fill 21 Olympicsizedswimming pools.OFC was also the first officedevelopment in Singaporeto achieve the highest BCAGreen Mark Platinum Award.The building stands out withits iconic design and leadingedge green features, such asthe largest assembly of solarpanels for high-rise buildingsin Singapore, an energyefficienthybrid chilled watersystem and an innovativepaper recycling system forall offices. keppeliteArchitectural landmarkReflections at Keppel Bayhas received the globalTop 10 Emporis SkyscraperAward 2011 which recognisesbuildings with outstandingarchitectural design andfunctionality that are at least100 m in height.Completed in end-2011,Reflections at KeppelBay is an architecturallandmark in the southernwaterfront of Singapore.Designed by DanielLibeskind, it features sixcurved towers offeringpanoramic views of thesurrounds.The development hasalso recently clinchedthe prestigious ChicagoAthenaeum InternationalArchitecture Awards 2012and was named the winnerof the Residential (HighRise) Category of SingaporeProperty Awards 2012 byFIABCI-Singapore.Reflections at Keppel Bay was conferred the global Top 10 Emporis Skyscraper Award 2011(Photo courtesy of Woh Hup (Private) Limited)Keppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 17Stellar deliveryKeppel FELS redelivered thejackup rig KS Java Star toKS Drilling and Indonesiastate-owned group,Pertamina, on time and witha perfect safety record.Mr Wong Kok Seng, MD(Offshore) of Keppel Offshore& Marine (Keppel O&M) andMD of Keppel FELS said,“I would like to commendthe project teams fromKS Drilling and KeppelFELS for being able to turnaround a cold stacked rigto be fully operationallyready in just 70 days. Thiscould only be done throughthe excellent teamworkbetween them”.K S J a v a S t a r w i l l b edeployed back to the WestMadura oilfield, off thecoast of Java. It is capableof operating in waterdepths of up to 300 ftand drilling to depths of15,000 ft. The explorationand drilling operation isexpected to commence in4Q 2012. keppeliteProject teams from Keppel FELS and KS Drilling celebrated a successful redelivery of KS Java Star on 29 October 2012Leveraging global synergiesCompleted by Keppel FELS inSingapore, the P-61 topsidemodule has embarked on a17,000 km journey to Brazilwhere it will be joined to thelower hull being fabricated atKeppel FELS Brasil’s BrasFELSyard in Angra dos Reis.When fully integrated, P-61will be the first Tension LegWellhead Platform in Braziland will be deployed tothe Papa Terra field in thesouthern section of CamposBasin, 100 km from CaboFrio, Rio de Janeiro. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

18 Sustaining GrowthEnergy summitsEconomic and urbanprogress is often metwith tension fromenvironmental sustainabilityconcerns, but this alsoprovides opportunitiesfor the development ofmore efficient energytechnologies. As a leadingp l a y e r i n t h e g l o b a lenergy industry, Keppel iscommitted to help shapeand advance knowledge,best practices and solutionswithin the energy space.To this end, the KeppelG ro u p s p o n s o re d t h eSingapore InternationalEnergy Week (SIEW) heldfrom 22 to 25 October2012, which provided aplatform for policymakersa n d c o m m e n t a t o r s t odiscuss pertinent energyrelatedissues, as wellas showcase innovativeproducts and solutions inthe marketplace.Sharing financingviewpointsSolar energy was one of thekey topics at SIEW. With Asiapoised to become the nextregion of growth for theinstallation of solar energyprojects, the solar industrywould need to work hand inhand with the financial sectorto realise developments.To facilitate this, the GlobalPhotovoltaic (PV) FinancialSummit convened corestakeholders in the solarsector and Mr Thomas Pang,CEO of Keppel InfrastructureFund Management (KIFM),Trustee-Manager ofK-Green Trust (KGT), wasinvited to address theconference participants in apanel titled “Novel businessmodels for solar projects”.He shared the business truststructure of KGT and keyfactors that investors lookfor in solar projects.Pioneering solarinstallationsAt the Solar Pioneer Awardsceremony, organised aspart of SIEW by the EnergyInnovation Programme Office(EIPO), led by the SingaporeEconomic DevelopmentBoard and the EnergyMarket Authority, KGT wasawarded a Solar PioneerAward for its PV installationat Keppel Seghers Ulu PandanNEWater Plant (UPNP) aspart of KGT’s assetenhancement programme.UPNP is one of three assets inKGT’s portfolio, Singapore’sfirst “green” infrastructureb u s i n e s s t r u s t . W h e ncompleted in February 2013,the PV installation will be thelargest in Singapore.Covering about 10,000 smof roof space at UPNP, thePV installation is designedto generate up to 1 MWp(megawatt peak) or about1,000 MWh to 1,200 MWheach year. The energygenerated is roughlyequivalent to the needsof 250 four-room HDBhouseholds.Mr Thomas Pang said,“ T h e a d v a n c e s i n P Vpanels have allowed us acost-effective solution toharness renewable energyto reduce the consumptionof conventional power at thewastewater recycling plant.We are happy to be able tolower the carbon footprint ofthe plant and contribute tothe national effort to reducedependency on traditionalsources of energy.”This is the third time that amember of Keppel Grouphas been recognised at theSolar Pioneer Awards for itsefforts to contribute towardsa sustainable future.Mr Thomas Pang (second from left), CEO of KIFM, shares his viewpoint on investing in solar energy assets at the Singapore International Energy WeekKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 19Last year, Keppel DHCSreceived the same awardfor the largest PV cellinstallation on a buildingin Singapore at its districtcooling plant expansion atChangi Business Park with aplanned system size of about550 kilowatt-peak.In 2010, Keppel Landwas recognised for itsimplementation of thelargest PV installation inSingapore’s CBD at itscommercial development,Ocean Financial Centre.keppeliteKeppel DHCS received the Solar Pioneer Award last year for its plant in Changi Business Park, which will have the largest PV installation inSingapore when it is completed in February 2013Best in classKeppel Seghers’ proprietarytechnologies have long stoodout in the global marketfor achieving operationalefficiencies and lower lifecyclecosts.This month, Keppel Seghers’position as a leadingprovider of waste-to-energytechnology solutions wasreaffirmed as it was namedthe Best Equipment Providerfor its flue gas cleaning systemby the China Association ofResource ComprehensiveUtilisation (CARCU),China’s national industrialassociation to promoteenergy conservation andenvironmental protection.Nominations were madebased on recommendationsby waste managementindustry players across thecountry. More than 60companies were shortlistedfor the awards and thewinners were decided by apanel of industry experts.Mr Nicolas Maertens,Operations Manager fromKeppel Seghers BelgiumNV, received the award onbehalf of the company at theawards ceremony in Suzhouon 27 October 2012.Mr Nicolas Maertens (second from left), Operations Manager from Keppel Seghers Belgium NV receives the Best Equipment Provider awardconferred by CARCU in Suzhou, ChinaHe gave a presentation onthe company’s proprietaryflue gas cleaning systems.The systems, employed innumerous projects by KeppelSeghers worldwide, removeharmful and acidic gases,dust and particulates so thatonly clean flue gas, compliantwith international standards,is emitted. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

20 Sustaining GrowthContributing to Myanmar’s ‘Brain Gain’H.E. U Myint Thein, Myanmar’s Deputy Minister for Labour (second from left) and Mr MyoAung (far left), Director General, Myanmar Ministry of Labour were welcomed to KeppelO&M by Mr Yong Chee Min (third from right), GM (Health, Safety and Environment) and GM(Projects) at Keppel O&M; Mr Vincent Campbell (second from right), GM, HR at Keppel O&M;and Mr Mohd Sahlan Bin Salleh (far right), GM (Operations) at Keppel FELSH.E. U Myint Thein, DeputyMinister for Labour ofMyanmar and his delegationvisited Keppel FELS on10 November 2012.During the sharing session,H.E. U Myint Thein witnessedthe confidence and capabilityof the Myanmese officerswhom he met at the yard andexpressed his appreciationof the training Keppel hasprovided for them.“I am glad to see so manyMyanmese workers hereat Keppel FELS and evenhappier to discover thehigh quality of training youhave been providing them.Myanmar is in a period of‘Brain Gain’. We are gladKeppel is helping to train ourpeople to the benefit of bothour countries,” he said.Hosting the visit was Mr YongChee Min, GM (Projects) ofKeppel Offshore & Marine(Keppel O&M), who ledthe corporate presentationand sharing session, whileMr Mohd Sahlan Bin Salleh,GM (Operations) led them ina yard tour. keppeliteWin-win partnershipsSBM Offshore’s SupervisoryBoard and Board ofManagement called onKeppel Shipyard on 12November 2012 to visit theFloating Production Storageand Offloading (FPSO) unit,N’Goma (ex-FPSO Xikomba).Docked at Keppel Shipyard forrefurbishment and upgradingworks the FPSO is slated forcompletion in 3Q 2013 to bedeployed in Angola.The delegation, led by the vicechairman of the SupervisoryBoard Mr R. Van Gelderand COO Mr Jean-PhilippeLaures, was hosted byMr Choo Chiau Beng, CEOof Keppel Corporation andChairman of Keppel Offshore& Marine (Keppel O&M),Mr Chow Yew Yuen, COOof Keppel O&M, Mr MichaelChia, MD (Marine) andMD (Technology) of KeppelO&M, Mr Chor How Jat,MD of Keppel Shipyard andMr Hoe Eng Hock, ED ofKeppel Singmarine.Long-time customer SBMOffshore has successfullycompleted 20 FPSO/FSO/turret fabrication projectsw i t h K e p p e l S h i p y a rdsince 1981. Besides FPSON’Goma, Keppel Shipyard’sother ongoing job for SBMOffshore is the FPSO OSX-2conversion project.M e a n w h i l e , K e p p e lSingmarine is also buildinga prototype Multi-PurposeDive Support Constructionvessel for SBM Offshore.Over in Brazil, KeppelFELS Brasil’s BrasFELS yardis undertaking for SBMOffshore the installationand integration of topsidemodules for the FPSO Cidadede Paraty. keppeliteThe Supervisory Board and Board of Management of SBM Offshore, a long-time customer, called on Keppel Shipyard on 12 November 2012Keppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 21Growing Chinese connections(Front row) Mr Teo Soon Hoe (fourth), Senior ED of Keppel Corporation and Mr Loh Ah Tuan (seated far left), Director of Keppel Integrated Engineering, exchanged views on developmentopportunities in Tianjin with guests from Tianjin T&B HoldingsHosting a continuous flowof visits from delegationsfrom the Chinese businesscommunity, the KeppelGroup is steadily growing itsconnections and boostingties with China.On 22 October 2012,Mr Teo Soon Hoe, SeniorED of Keppel Corporation,re c e i v e d a 1 5 - s t ro n gdelegation from Tianjin T&BHoldings, one of the big fourState-Owned Enterprises(SOEs) in the Tianjin BinhaiNew Area, led by its AGMMr Sun Yaning.At the session, Mr Teoshared Keppel’s experiencesand value-add in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city(Tianjin Eco-City), a bilateralp r o j e c t b e t w e e n t h egovernments of Singaporeand China. The delegationalso exchanged views ondevelopment opportunitiesand potential areas forcollaboration in Tianjin.With a strong track recordin China and globally as wellas its distinct blend of corecompetencies, the KeppelGroup was entrusted tolead the Singapore privatesector consortium forTianjin Eco-City. It has beenworking closely with theChinese consortium partnerto guide the joint venturecompany, Sino-SingaporeTianjin Eco-City Investmentand Development Co., Ltd, inits role as master developerof Tianjin Eco-City.On 6 November 2012,Mr Teo received anotherChinese delegation fromSichuan Province, led byMr Wang Bin, Chairmanof Sichuan Development(Holdings). Comprisingprimarily the heads of SOEsin Sichuan, the 31-memberdelegation was impressedby Keppel’s high standardsof corporate governance aswell as diversified businessportfolios and expressedinterests in exploringpotential partnerships.Keppel has been activelyexpanding its presencein Sichuan, one of thefastest growing provincesin China. Leveraging itsstrong track record inChengdu, the capital cityof Sichuan, Keppel LandChina continued to bolsterits position there with therecent acquisition of its fifthprime residential site in thecity. Keppel Land China’sother four developments inChengdu currently are TheWaterfront, The Botanica,Park Avenue Heights andHill Crest Villa.A delegation from Macaualso visited the KeppelSeghers Ulu Pandan NEWaterplant on 14 November 2012,as part of a study trip tolearn about Singapore’sexperience in managingwater resources, in particularNEWater’s treatment processand operations.Led by Ms Susanna Wong,D i re c t o r o f M a r i t i m eAdministration of MacauSAR, the delegation includedgovernment officials andrepresentatives fromMacao Water Pte Ltd, localgovernment associationsand the Macau media. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

22 Sustaining GrowthCrisis preparedWith a strong focus oncrisis preparedness, KeppelLand routinely reviews therobustness of its BusinessContinuity Management(BCM) plan and provides crisiscommunications training forkey personnel.leave the office buildingwithin a stipulated time andto work from home, andthe emergency operationscentre at Marina at KeppelBay was activated. The ITdepartment also stresstestedits recovery systemsto assess its responsivenessin disaster recovery andmanagement.Mock lock-downOn 1 November 2012,the Keppel Land groupin Singapore held a mockemergency exercise whichsaw its headquarters atBugis Junction Towers ‘shutdown’ due to a suspectedterrorist attack at the nearbyunderground MRT station.The objectives of the exercisewere to test the effectivenessof Keppel Land’s crisismanagement procedures aswell as to identify gaps forbridging.Upon activation of theBusiness Continuity plan,all employees were told toThe Keppel Land headquarters at Bugis Junction Towers underwent an emergency ‘shutdown’ on 1 November 2012 as part of the group’s BCMexerciseMr Tan Swee Yiow, President (Singapore Commercial) of Keppel Land gave a mock interviewfollowing a ‘crisis’ in one of Keppel Land’s properties in SingaporeMr Ho Cheok Kong, President of Keppel Land China, was ‘ambushed’ by members of the’media’ in a hands-on training session on crisis communicationsKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 23Ms April Chang, AGM, RiskManagement at Keppel Land,shared, “Such exercises areuseful as it ensures that thekey people are prepared andready to respond when a realdisaster happens.”Ready to respondA robust BCM programmeshould be reinforced anddelivered alongside ane q u a l l y e ff e c t i v e a n dwell-executed crisiscommunications plan.To t h i s e n d , K e p p e lLand organised a crisiscommunications workshopon 22 October 2012 for itskey management executivesin Singapore. This is thethird workshop organised byKeppel Corporation’s GroupCorporate Communicationsand Keppel Land HR.Over in Shanghai, a similarw o r k s h o p o n 1 2 a n d13 November 2012 sawover 30 senior personnel andappointed spokespersonsof Keppel Land Chinaundergo rigorous training.The executives took the hotseat to deal with hordesof media queries whilstmaintaining composure anddelivering the key messages.The hands-on media trainingalso allowed them toexperience preparing mediastatements and handlingquestions from the press insimulated interviews andmedia conferences. keppeliteCollective strength in ChinaKey executives from Keppel Land China convened in Shanghai for a senior management retreat. This group photo was taken against the Nanpu Bridge, which links Shanghai’s Pudong and PuxidistrictsOver 30 key executivesf r o m a c r o s s C h i n aconvened in Shanghai forKeppel Land China’s seniormanagement retreat from14 to 16 November 2012.The focus was to seekways to further harness thegroup’s collective strength toenhance competitiveness.Addressing the meeting,Mr Ang Wee Gee, CEO-Designate of Keppel Landand Executive Vice Chairmanof Keppel Land China, said,“We need to up the ante andbe ready to seize the rightopportunities. This meanshaving to be more focusedand innovative in the way weapproach things.”The participantsdiscussed proposals andrecommendations on howthe company can add valuethrough design excellence,superior customer serviceand judicious projectmanagement. Talentmanagement and brandingwere amongst the topicsthat sparked robustdiscussions.The Investor & Researchteam also familiarisedthe management on theISO26000 standard on socialresponsibility and the Credit360 data managementsystem.Outside the meetings, thesenior executives bondedover a game of laser tag whichsaw the teams strategisingfor the win. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

24 Special Focus125 years of shipbuilding excellenceGrand celebrations and toasts among old friends, industry partners and staff frompast and present mark Keppel Singmarine’s 125th anniversary.Senior management from Keppel Corporation and Keppel Offshore & Marine raise a toast in unison to commemorate Keppel Singmarine’s 125 years’ journey in shipbuilding excellenceFrom its humble beginningsservicing boats and coastalvessels since its inception asSingapore Slipway in 1887,Keppel Singmarine hascome a long way. Today, thecompany has grown into anestablished shipbuilder witha track record of some 400newbuild projects.To commemorate KeppelSingmarine’s milestoneachievement, a dinnercelebration was held atthe Orchard Hotel GrandBallroom on 30 Oct 2012.More than 400 guestscomprising clients, businessassociates, past and presente m p l o y e e s o f K e p p e lSingmarine and formerstaff of Singapore Slipwaygathered in an eveningof camaraderie and highspirits.The guest-of-honour forthe event was Mr Loh WingSiew, former chairmanof Singapore Slipway,Singmarine Industries andKeppel Marine Industries.Citing achievements backedby 125 years of heritage,Mr Loh shared on thestrong foundations laidby pioneering leaders thatpaved the way for KeppelSingmarine’s success story.Mr Loh said, “It is hardto imagine that KeppelSingmarine today, with itstechnologically advancedcapabilities to provide acomprehensive range ofsophisticated vessels, startedas a single slipway in theearly 1880s at Sandy Point,better known as TanjongRhu today. The company’sfocus on developing humancapital, and its efforts atforging a common bond,has led Keppel Singmarineto where it is today.”F o r h i s o u t s t a n d i n gcontributions to KeppelSingmarine, Mr Loh waspresented with a token ofappreciation by Mr ChooChiau Beng, CEO of KeppelCorporation.Echoing Mr Loh’s thoughtson the contributions ofdedicated men and womenbehind the company, MrChow Yew Yuen, COO ofKeppel O&M and Chairmanof Keppel Singmarine,said “Throughout KeppelSingmarine’s history, we havebeen privileged to have strongboards, management teamsand dedicated people whohave diligently contributedto the growth and successof the company.“They have worked togetherto steer the company throughthe difficult times of theindustry, and each time,the company had emergedstronger.“The strong customer focus,in-house R&D developments,and Near Market NearCustomer strategy are alsokey ingredients to KeppelSingmarine’s journey toexcellence.”Keppelite I November 2012

26 Sustaining GrowthBolstering leadershipKeppel Land has announced new appointments in its leadership team effective from1 January 2013 to further grow the company.The Singapore operations,comprising both residentialand commercial, will beconsolidated into one unitand headed by Mr TanSwee Yiow who will assumethe position of President(Singapore).Mr Tan, 51, will relinquishhis overseas portfoliocomprising Indonesia,Malaysia, Thailand andMyanmar to focus onthe Singapore market.Mr Tan started his career inKeppel Land in 1990. He isalso a Director on severalsubsidiaries and associatedcompanies of the KeppelLand group.Mr Ng Ooi Hooi, 52, whois GM (Regional Head) atKeppel Land China, will beappointed President (RegionalInvestments) to oversee thecompany’s businesses inIndia, Middle East, Thailand,Myanmar, Malaysia andSri Lanka. Mr Ng joinedKeppel in 2007 and hasheld senior appointments atKeppel Land.Mr Sam Moon Thong, 47,President (Indonesia andMalaysia), will relinquishhis Malaysia portfolio tofocus on Indonesia, a growthmarket for Keppel Land.He will be redesignated asPresident (Indonesia).From left: Mr Lim Kei Hin, Mr Tan Swee Yiow and Mr Ho Cheok KongFrom left: Mr Linson Lim, Mr Sam Moon Thong and Mr Ng Ooi HooiMr Lim Kei Hin, 55, who iscurrently the company’s CFO,will also oversee InvestorRelations & Research inaddition to Finance andInformation Technology.Mr Ho Cheok Kong, 56,and Mr Linson Lim, 51, willcontinue in their currentroles as President, KeppelLand China and President(Vietnam and the Philippines)respectively.To achieve greater synergyamong its hospitality assetsacross Asia, Keppel Landhas appointed Mr KhooPeck Khoon, 50, as GM ofHospitality Management.He will manage and operateKeppel Land’s hospitalityassets and projects whichinclude the Sedona hotelsand serviced apartments, golfcourses as well as marinas.Mr Lim Tow Fok, 53, GMof Sustainable Design &Knowledge Management,will relinquish his SustainableDesign portfolio and assumethe position of GM ofProperty Management &Knowledge Management.Keppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 27We recognise that people are our greatest assets and arecommitted to strengthen our core competencies by puttingin place a robust leadership team that will steer Keppel tothe next level.Mr Ang Wee GeeCEO-Designate for Keppel Land andExecutive Vice Chairman of Keppel Land ChinaIn China, Mr DesmondWong, 53, GM of PropertyManagement at KeppelLand China, will succeedMr Ng Ooi Hooi as GM(Regional Head) to overseethe company’s businessesin Kunming, Nantong andZhongshan.Mr Chung Choon San, 55,who is currently GM ofProject Management, willtake over the SustainableDesign portfolio from Mr LimTow Fok and be redesignatedas GM of Project Management& Sustainable Design.Meanwhile, Mr AugustineTan, President (SingaporeR e s i d e n t i a l ) & H e a d(Regional Investments) willbe leaving the company on31 March 2013 to pursuehis personal interests.Mr Tan, 54, started his careerin Keppel Land in 1991 andwas overseeing the group’sresidential developments andinvestments in Singaporeas well as the group’sinvestments in India, theMiddle East and Sri Lanka.Mr Christopher Ho, GM ofProperty Management, willalso be leaving Keppel Landon 31 December 2012 topursue personal interests.Mr Ang Wee Gee, CEO-Designate for Keppel Landand Executive Vice Chairmanof Keppel Land China, said,“We recognise that peopleare our greatest assets andare committed to strengthenour core competencies byputting in place a robustleadership team thatwill steer Keppel to thenext level.“On behalf of the Boarda n d m a n a g e m e n t , Iwould also like to thankAugustine and Christopherfor their commitment andcontributions over the years,which have seen KeppelLand grow to become oneof Asia’s premier propertydevelopers.”Mr Peter Lim, 51, CityHead of Shenyang, will beseconded to Sino-SingaporeTianjin Eco-City. Mr Peter Yu,54, previously City Head ofKunming, will take over asCity Head of Shenyang on1 December 2012.Other appointments includeMr Frank Ong, 40, as CityHead of Tianjin; Mr LauHow Hee, 54, as City Headof Nantong and Mr JackLong, 50, as City Head ofZhongshan. keppeliteNew appointment in NantongMr Edmund Lek, previouslySGM (Operations) at KeppelSingmarine, has beenseconded and appointed asPresident of Keppel NantongShipyard with effect from1 November 2012.He takes over the batonfrom Mr Lee Tai Kwee,who will take on his newappointment as Advisor ofKeppel Nantong Shipyard.Mr Lek will oversee thebusiness operations andstrategic developmentof the yard, as well asmanage and strengthen theyard’s infrastructure, productionmethodology, technical andproject supervision.With Mr Lek’s newa p p o i n t m e n t , K e p p e lSingmarine’s operationswill be re-organised intothree areas headed by ChinLik Kiong (Yard Manager),Alex Neo Tiong Gee (YardManager) and Loh Kee Huat(Assistant Yard Manager).Mr Lek began his careerin Keppel Shipyard in1998. He was appointedGM (Production) in 2008before assuming the role ofSGM (Operations) at KeppelSingmarine in 2012. keppeliteMr Edmund LekKeppelite I November 2012

28 Sustaining GrowthVital alliances(Front row) Mr Chow Yew Yuen (sixth), COO of Keppel O&M, Mr Wong Kok Seng (fifth), MD (Offshore) of Keppel O&M, Mr Aziz Amirali Merchant (third), ED (Engineering) of Keppel FELS withother Keppel senior management as well as the award recipients at Subcontractors’ Night 2012Keppel FELS’ success andgrowth are underpinnedby strong partnershipswith its subcontractors andvendors. These relationshipswere strengthened on29 October at Subcontractors’Night 2012, an annual eventorganised by the company forits subcontractors to providetheir feedback and suggestionsfor improvement to Keppel’ssenior management.At the event, attended bysome 200 Keppelites andsubcontractors, Keppel FELSalso showed its appreciationto subcontractors for theirdedication, strong alignmentto its values and goals, andoutstanding operationalperformances.Straits Innovation Pte Ltdreceived the ‘Best in HSE’award, while FourseasElectrical & EngineeringCompany Pte Ltd and G&CGeneral Contractors Pte Ltdwere both conferred the‘30-Year Partnership’ Award.Promoting a vibrant ecosystemBringing in contracts fromall over the world, KeppelOffshore & Marine (KeppelO&M) supports the growthof the value chain oflocal subcontractors andenterprises in the industry.At the same time, thegroup benefits frombuilding long-standing andreliable relationships withits partners who are criticalmembers of the vibrantoffshore and marineecosystem in Singapore.One long-time partnerthat Keppel O&M countson since 1986 is MectronEngineering Pte Ltd, whichspecialises in the design,installation and testingand servicing of electricalpump systems.Subcontractors play asimilarly critical role inKeppel’s value chain, withsome becoming residentcontractors with offices inits yards. As subcontractorsmake up more than 70% ofKeppel O&M’s workforce,their alignment to Keppel’svalues is vital for consistencyin project delivery andquality.With over 40 projectscompleted for Keppel to date,Heatec JieTong Holdings Ltd’s(Heatec) commitment tosafety, work excellence andtimely deliveries have laida strong foundation forpartnership with Keppel.Heatec has supportedKeppel since the late 1970sand became a residentcontractor in 1996.Theycarry out piping and heatexchanger services andhydro-jetting services forKeppel Shipyard.The staff at Mectron Engineering conduct a comprehensive in-house test on one of theirpump systemskeppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 29Sharing expertiseIn recognition of its positionas a leading provider ofwaste-to-energy (WTE)t e c h n o l o g i e s , K e p p e lIntegrated Engineering(KIE) was invited bythe Sustainable EnergyDevelopment Authority(SEDA) in Malaysia to bepart of a capacity-buildingprogramme on biomass andbiogas resources, energy andtechnologies.Organised by the Institute ofEnergy Malaysia in Putrajaya,the programme includeda workshop held on 1November 2012 targetedat stakeholders in Malaysia’sbiomass industry and themunicipal solid wasteindustry. It was attended byabout 60 people includingmembers of the government,environmental companiesand education institutions.KIE Director, Mr Loh Ah Tuanand GM of Plant OperationsM r V e n k a t P a t n a i kpresented two papers onWTE Technologies and WTEOperations and Maintenanceto positive review.They also shared on thetechnologies used in theKeppel Seghers Tuas WTEPlant, which is one of themost compact plants in theworld. A delegation fromSEDA had visited the plant inJune earlier this year. keppeliteKIE shared on the technologies used in the Keppel Seghers Tuas WTE Plant, one of the mostcompact plants in the worldEco showcaseNg Yong Seng, DGM of Business Development (left) in KIE introducing to trade visitors KeppelSeghers’ capabilities in waste managementK e p p e l I n t e g r a t e dEngineering (KIE) showcasedits capabilities and trackrecord in waste managementand wastewater treatmentat the Eco Expo Asia 2012held in Hong Kong from27 to 30 October.In its seventh edition, theExpo is a leading professionaltrade fair dedicated to greenbusiness in Asia and featuresthe latest technology andindustry development onwaste management andgreen buildings.Jointly organised ands u p p o r t e d b y p r i v a t eenterprises and governmentalbodies such as the HongKong Trade DevelopmentCouncil and the EnvironmentBureau, Hong Kong SARGovernment, the 2012 showplayed host to over 270exhibitors from 14 countriesand regions. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

30 Sustaining GrowthDream homes in HCMCOver 450 residents took asneak peek into their dreamhome at Keppel Land’sThe Estella in Ho Chi MinhCity (HCMC), during abriefing for homebuyers ofunits in Phase One held on16 September 2012.Homebuyers toured thedevelopment and werevisibly impressed by thequality fittings and finishesas well as the comprehensiver a n g e o f re c re a t i o n a lfacilities, which include a50-m lap pool and tenniscourts.The Estella, riding on KeppelLand’s reputation as aleading green developer,was also chosen by the CEO& CIO Club, a non-profitassociation in Vietnam, asthe preferred venue fortheir monthly meeting on26 October 2012.Over 40 esteemed members,including Mr Norman Lim,country manager of ParkerH a n n i f i n , M r M i c h a e lBehrens, CEO of Mercedes-Benz and Mr Than TrongPhuc, MD of DFJ VinaCapital,gathered at the clubhouse ofThe Estella to discuss the topicof corporate responsibility.During the panel discussion,Mr Doan Anh Hung, GMof Keppel Land in Vietnamshared his views on theimportance of corporateresponsibility and how itcan be integrated into acompany’s operations.Citing The Estella as anexample, Mr Doan shared howKeppel Land has incorporatedenvironmentally-friendlyf e a t u r e s w i t h i n t h edevelopment.Mr Doan was also initiated asa new member of the club byits chairman, Mr Thang VanPhuc, who is also the formerDeputy Minister of Vietnam’sMinistry of Home Affairs.Homebuyers of phase one of The Estella took a sneak peek into their dream home at a briefing session on16 September 2012Mr Doan Anh Hung (second from right), GM of Keppel Land in Vietnam, shared his views on corporate responsibility at a panel discussion atthe CEO & CIO Club’s October meetingThe Estella, Keppel Land’sfirst condominium projectin HCMC, is convenientlylocated near the CBD in thepopular residential area ofAn Phu Ward in District 2.Phase one, comprising 719homes was completed ontime and is in the processof being handed over tohomebuyers.Incorporating some of thelatest green technologies,The Estella is the firstproperty in Vietnam to beconferred the internationallyrecognisedGreen Mark GoldAward by the Building andConstruction Authority ofSingapore. It was also namedthe ‘Best CondominiumDevelopment’ in Vietnam atthe South East Asia PropertyAwards 2011. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Sustaining Growth 31Spurring research and innovationyear’s lecture, ProfessorKazuo Nishimoto, a FullProfessor of the Universityof Sao Paulo, is also thelatest appointed memberof the Keppel TechnologyAdvisory Panel (KTAP),having joined in January2012. The KTAP compriseseminent business leaders,professionals and industryexperts to guide and promotea culture of innovation in theKeppel Group.Guest speaker Professor Kazuo Nishimoto shares on deep-water technologies developments in Brazil at the 10th Keppel O&M LectureProfessor Ho Teck Hua (right), VP (Research Strategy), NUS, presents a plaque to Mr ChooChiau Beng (left), CEO, Keppel Corporation, to commemorate 10 years of partnershipbetween Keppel O&M and NUSThe annual Keppel Offshore& Marine (Keppel O&M)Lecture is jointly organised byKeppel O&M and the NationalUniversity of Singapore (NUS)under the auspices of theKeppel Professorship. Startedin 2003, the lecture hasgrown in tandem with thepartnership between bothorganisations to promoteresearch into offshore andmarine technology.To c o m m e m o r a t e t h e10-year partnership, ProfessorHo Teck Hua, VP (ResearchStrategy) of NUS presenteda token of appreciation toMr Choo Chiau Beng, CEOof Keppel Corporation, atthis year’s lecture held on31 October.Professor Chan Eng Soon,Dean of the Faculty ofEngineering in NUS, said,“We are honoured to havereceived strong support fromthe senior management ofKeppel over the years andlook forward to anotherd e c a d e o f s u c c e s s f u lpartnership.”The guest speaker at thisThe topic of the lecturewas “Numerical OffshoreTank – A Deep WaterTechnologies DevelopmentTool in Brazil”. Designed tosimulate deep sea drillingconditions, the modelprovides numerical andexperimental analysis ofoffshore systems and offersa future vision into oil andgas exploration in pre-saltBrazil.T h i s g r o u n d b r e a k i n gtechnology was receivedwith excitement by theaudience, which includedindustry partners,independent researchersand undergraduates.This year’s lecture alsomarked five years of valuablecontributions made byProfessor Andrew C. Palmeras Keppel Chair Professor.Professor Palmer waspresented with a token ofappreciation by Mr Choo inhonour of his service. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

32 Empowering Lives LivesEngineering valueKeppel Corporation wasable to create wealth for itsshareholders in what wastouted as a sunset industryin the 1980s, exposed tothe real threat of constantcompetition. Today, thecompany is poised forlong-term growth, exceedingthe average 40-year lifespanof a Fortune 500 company.It was able to overcomethese challenges, in part,due to its engineering andtechnological capabilities,as well as a committedworkforce. But in additionto these is the Group’s deepseated mindset of long-termvalue creation.This was shared by MrChoo Chiau Beng, CEO ofKeppel Corporation, atthe National University ofSingapore (NUS) Institutefor Engineering ExcellenceDistinguished Speaker Series(IEL DSS) Lecture, organisedby the NUS Engineeringfaculty on 19 November2012.Into its third installment, theLecture invites top businessand academic leaders toshare their expert views onengineering related topics.This year, Mr Choo sharedon the concept of EconomicValue Added (EVA) as wellas Keppel’s experience increating shareholder valueover the years.“Since we began using EVAas a performance metric in2002, Keppel Corporationhas improved its valuecreation by almost five times,transitioning from net valuedestroyer into a significantvalue creator today,” hesaid to the audience of 250students, academics andindustry professionals.Mr Choo emphasised,“However, value creation isimpossible to sustain withoutthe support of a capable andcommitted workforce. Weattract capable and diligentpeople who are suitable forthe company.”But as engineering hasdeclined in popularity withtop students in recentyears, he commented “Thisis a loss to Singapore,and Keppel. If this trendcontinues, we might haveto hire more and moreengineers from Chinaand India.”On R&D, he said, “Applieddevelopmental R&D helpsus to identify gaps in thevalue chain and come upwith improved solutions toincrease the value propositionto our customers.”“The Keppel Group haswitnessed tremendousgrowth over the past decade,balancing the creation ofshareholder value withbusiness needs. We cansay with confidence that itpays to be good stewardsof shareholder wealth,” headded. Mr Choo’s candidsharing generated mediainterest and was reportedin Lianhe Zaobao o n20 November 2012. keppeliteMr Choo Chiau Beng, CEO of Keppel Corporation, shared key insights on wealth creation to a full auditorium at NUSKeppelite I November 2012

Empowering Lives 33Engaging young talents“How do we provide youngKeppelites with opportunitiesto learn, receive training andbe challenged?”This was one of the topicsdiscussed by Mr TongChong Heong, CEO ofKeppel Offshore & Marine( K e p p e l O & M ) w i t hmanagement trainees atthe CEO Dialogue Sessionheld on 23 October 2012.Young Keppelites imbibedinsights from seniormanagement and sharedtheir vision for the company,as well as expectations fortheir own growth.Project manager atKeppel Shipyard, ShawnSdat, recounted his careerjourney, sharing, “My job atKeppel O&M is one of mygreatest assets. The companyhas granted me manyopportunities beyond work,including participation in the2010 National Day Parade’smarching contingent. I havelearnt much through thecompany over the years andlook forward to contribute toits future.”Senior project superintendentat Keppel FELS, Tan KiatHui added, “This dialoguesession reaffirms seniormanagement’s commitmentto develop young Keppelites.It is one of the many examplesof how management goesout of their way to encourageus and build our moralea n d c o m m i t m e n t t oexcellence.” keppeliteManagement trainees in Keppel O&M interacted with the senior management, includingMr Tong Chong Heong, CEO (second from right), Mr Wong Kok Seng, MD (Offshore) (farright) and Dr Lee Chay Hoon, GM (Organisation Development) (second from left)Shaping successMr Chan Cheng Choong, senior managerfrom OTD, speaks on the qualities thatmake up a Keppel engineerEngineers play an importantrole in shaping the futureof the global offshore andmarine industry – Mr ChanCheng Choong, seniormanager from OffshoreTechnology Development(OTD) shared this withacademia at NanyangTechnological University(NTU)’s Leadership SpeechSeries on 17 October 2012as a guest speaker.Speaking to an enthusiasticaudience, Mr Chan avidlyshared the qualities thatmake up a Keppel engineer,which have been pivotalin Keppel’s rapid rise tobeing a leading player in theglobal offshore and marineindustry.He also shed light onKeppel’s technology journeybacked by the work of itsR&D arms, Keppel Offshore& Marine Technology Centre,OTD, Deepwater TechnologyG r o u p , a n d M a r i n eTechnology Development.NTU’s Leadership SpeechSeries is an annual eventheld by its students with theaim to provide engineeringu n d e r g r a d u a t e s t h eopportunity to learn moreabout different industriesand companies, and aboutthe role of leadership incareers. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

34 Empowering LivesEye on the futureSustainability is deeply rootedin Keppel’s culture andbusiness strategy. As KeppelCorporation prepares tocelebrate its 45th anniversaryin 2013, we remain focusedon our shared vision to besustainable and to createpositive social, environmentaland economic impact onour community.This was the conceptualthrust behind the KeppelGroup’s 2013 calendar,which features 31 KeppelKids – children of our veryown Keppelites – in theprocess of discoveringthemselves, their communityand their world.The colourful chronicle isproduced by Keppel GroupCorporate Communications.It features the childrene n g a g e d i n p l a y a n dencapsulating Keppel’s corevalues and our key thrustsof Sustaining Growth,Empowering Lives andNurturing Communities.keppeliteThe future of our childrenis why sustainability formsa basis in every decisionwe make.We aim to nurture the same strong values in our children sothat they can be agents of change for a better tomorrow. Indoing so, we will lay the foundation for a brighter future –one upon which successive generations will thriveKeppelite I November 2012

Empowering Lives 35Faces of friendshipS t a f f o f K e p p e lTelecommunications &Transportation (Keppel T&T)let their hair down at thecompany’s highly anticipatedannual dinner party heldon 19 October 2012 at theGrand Copthorne WaterfrontHotel.Themed ‘Masquerade’, theparty saw Keppel T&T staffand their special guests fromChen Su Lan MethodistChildren’s Home enjoy manyfun-filled activities. Theseincluded a laser show, aperformance by an illusionist,Jeremy Pei, as well as excitingstage games.The highlight of the nightwas the performance by the‘Keppel T&T Superstars’.The talented performerssang, grooved and got theaudience up on their feetdancing to the beat of thedisco tunes. They concludedtheir energetic performancewith a dance number fromthe wildly popular ‘GangnamStyle’ music video by SouthKorean pop artist, PSY.At the curtains came down,staff went home with prizesbut the best gifts were thememories and bonds builtwith their colleagues. keppeliteStaff dressed to the glamorous theme of ‘Masquerade’ at Keppel T&T’s Annual Dinner 2012Slice of StuttgartMarina at Keppel Bay playedhost to the S-One Expoheld from 6 November to 9December 2012. The firstof-its-kindexpo broughtto Singapore a slice ofStuttgart, the capital of thestate of Baden-Württemberg,Germany.Highlights include cookingand handicraft workshopsas well as showcases ofthe music, art, cuisines,wines and lifestyles of bothStuttgart and Singapore.keppeliteVisitors to the S-One Expo at Marina at Keppel Bay can enjoy Stuttgart’s rich heritage,including watching the amazing figurine carvings deftly created by master craftsmenKeppelite I November 2012

36 Empowering LivesGrooming for growthSince celebrating its third anniversary in October, Keppel College has continued itsefforts in talent management and grooming leaders of tomorrow.The third run of the GlobalAdvanced ManagementProgramme brought togethera 28-strong cohort of globalKeppelites from across sixstrategic business units inNovember 2012.The 11-day programme,conducted at the NanyangExecutive Centre, encourageda dynamic exchange ofideas and drew synergisticcollaborations between theattendees.Mr Teo Soon Hoe (left), Senior ED, Keppel Corporation, shared his wealth of experience withthe participants of the Global Advanced Management ProgrammeMr Teo Soon Hoe, Senior ED,Keppel Corporation, whowelcomed the participants,shared words of advice,“Keppel has come this farbecause we could tap intothe strength of the wholeGroup. Use your timetogether to challengeyourselves, as you hone yourmanagement competenciesand leadership capabilities, toinnovate and come up withnew and better ideas.”Mr Teo also hosted lunchwith the participants wherehe shared valuable takeawaysfrom his life experiencesbefore and after joiningKeppel.Over at Keppel IntegratedEngineering, a mentoringworkshop under the FinanceManagement DevelopmentProgramme (FMDP) over24 to 25 October 2012brought together mentorsand mentees from acrossthe Group to exchange andreview their mentorshipexperiences.Spearheaded by Group HR,the one-year mentorshipprogramme is an initiativeunder the FMDP, whichaims to nurture a strongpool of finance talentthrough a structured andholistic approach towardsrecruitment, retention andtraining.The mentorship programmeprovides a platform to developleadership and managementskills in mentees by havingexperienced mentors spurtheir growth with theirstrategic inputs.Mr Paul Tan, Group Controller,Group Control & Accountsat Keppel Corporation,who participated in theprogramme, shared, “Thementoring scheme is anintegral part of the FMDPand I am glad that Keppelitesare supportive towards thisinitiative. The workshop hasdefinitely provided a greattouch point for us to start onthis mentor-mentee journey. Iam confident that mentoringwill be meaningful andbeneficial to both parties.”keppeliteMentors and mentees from across the Group under the FMDP gather to exchange their experiencesKeppelite I November 2012

Empowering Lives 37Casting wide netsExtending its reach to talentsin China, the Keppel Groupconducted a recruitmenttalk on 15 November 2012in Tianjin, which attractedmore than 250 studentsfrom Tianjin University andNankai University.Mr Goh Toh Sim, KeppelCorporation’s ChiefRepresentative in China,together with representativesfrom across the Grouppresented on Keppel’s corevalues, its diverse arms ofbusinesses and the myriadcareer opportunities availablein the Group.Li Feng, a managementtrainee in Keppel Land China,shared on the opportunitiesand broad exposure thatfresh graduates can expectin Keppel. Through thequestion and answer session,the students also got to knowmore about the Group’sefforts in corporate socialresponsibility and peopledevelopment. keppeliteMr Goh Toh Sim (far right), Keppel Corporation’s Chief Representative in China and colleagues shared their experiences in the company with students from Tianjin University and NankaiUniversityHealthy tipsNovember saw a slew ofhealth-centred activitiesat Keppel Corporationorganised by Group HumanResources.From a Korean Bibimbapcooking demonstration toa bazaar offering a rangeof healthier choice snacks,Keppelites were treated andeducated on the essentials ofhealthy eating and living.“I enjoyed learning aboutKorean food and gettinghands-on experience onpreparing Bibimbap,” saidJoanne Koh, AdministrativeExecutive from GroupCorporate Communications.She added “The bazaar alsooffered a wide range ofhealthy and tasty snackswe could buy conveniently,without even having to stepout of the office!” keppeliteKeppelites pick up healthy cooking tips while learning how to prepare Bibimbap, a popularKorean dishKeppelite I November 2012

38 Empowering LivesFinal countdownThe competition heats up as the teams compete in the final two games before the grand finale of the Keppel Games 2012After a two-week hiatus,K e p p e l G a m e s 2 0 1 2resumed in November withtwo more games – bowlingand basketball – before thegrand finale.OverallScoreboard(As at 4 November2012)393TeamAtlantic549TeamCaspian423TeamPacificOn 4 November 2012, morethan 140 Keppelites gatheredat Orchid Country Club, toparticipate in a half-day offun and friendly competitionat bowling.A total of 24 teams fromAtlantic, Caspian and Pacificstepped up to the challengeand players cheered on theirteammates with high-fivesexchanged after every strikeand spare.From Team Atlantic,Arlina Cristina Midoranda,Accounts Officer fromBlastech Abrasives Pte Ltd,took home the Best FemaleBowler award. Her firstbowling tournament was in2010 when she joined thebowling league organised byKeppelite Recreation Club.She shared, “Even thougheveryone is busy, they stilltake the effort to practicein their respective sports inorder to do well at KeppelGames. I like how theevent brings out the best inKeppelites and unites us asone big family.”The Best Male Bowler awardwent to Team Pacific’sKenneth Dolatina, SeniorExecutive at Keppel Land.Over at the basketball courtsat the United World CollegeEast Campus, 24 teams pittheir skills a g a i n s teach other. Quick reflexesand swift movements werethe order of the day as theaudiences were captivatedby the well-rehearsed passingand shooting.With precise shots, EmgeeyarGopal, an apprentice withKeppel Singmarine, helpedhis team Pacific 2 turn thetables and subsequentlyedge out their competitor inthe finals.Emgeeyar, once a schoolplayer who now plays forHome United Basketball Clubin Singapore, said, ”It was thesupport of the crowd, thehelp from my teammates aswell as the encouragementfrom our bosses that hasenabled us to win the game.”keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Empowering Lives 39Huge haulsBuilding on a string ofsuccesses, the KeppeliteRecreation Club (KRC)dragonboat team, whichhas been bringing in medalsat all the races theyparticipated in this year,pulled in another haul ofwins at the Singapore RiverRegatta on 3 November2012.In the Women’s Inter-Corporate category, thefirst women’s team everfielded by KRC at theregatta turned out to bethe dark horse of the day,out-rowing all the traditionalcorporate powerhousesto clinch the gold medal.Keppelites also did well inthe Men’s and the MixedInter-Corporate categories,pulling in a silver medal ineach category.Having trained hard androwing with determination,the KRC teams gave theircompetitors, some ofwhom were former nationalpaddlers, a fight they wouldremember.In another wet and wildactivity organised by KRC –the Fun Fishing event on 18November 2012 at Pasir RisFishing Pond – eager anglersreeled in big catches as well,both at the pond and at thelucky dip. The response forthe event was overwhelming,with the 70 spaces snappedup within two days. keppeliteFirst row: KRC’s dragonboat team hauled in a record number of medals from the Singapore River Regatta 2012Second row: At the KRC Fun Fishing event, Keppelites reeled in fishy catches and a fun day with family and friendsKeppelite I November 2012

40 Empowering LivesConquering mountains“What would life be if wehad no courage to attemptanything?” That was achallenge Mr Lor Bak Liang,Keppel REIT’s IndependentNon-Executive Director,posed to 20 Keppelites ashe recounted his 15-dayadventure in Tibet over lunchon 2 November 2012.B e t w e e n 2 3 J u l y a n d6 August 2012, Mr Lorvisited the sacred LakeManasarovar and trekkedto the base of the 6,714-mhigh Mount Kailash, alsoknown as the ‘PreciousJewel of Snows’. Setting offfrom Kathmandu in Nepal,Mr Lor visited numerousreligious sites and templesthat have withstood the testof time.To take on this challengingexperience, Mr Lor haddiligently followed a stricttraining regimen prior to hisexpedition. His hard workpaid off as it helped himovercome the strenuousdemands during the longhike at high altitudes. He alsoshared how perseveranceand discipline were neededto overcome physical andmental obstacles. keppeliteMr Lor Bak Liang (right), Keppel REIT’s Independent Non-Executive Director, recounted hisadventure in Tibet to 20 KeppelitesAiming highIn 2010, Milton Tan,project superintendent atKeppel FELS, armed with asponsorship by the company,headed to the UK to embarkon a degree programme atthe Newcastle University fora Bachelor of Engineeringin Marine Technology withspecialisation in NavalArchitecture.He was one of those selectedfor leadership training underMilton Tan, project superintendent at Keppel FELS, believes in aiming high and achievingexcellence in all he doesthe Keppel Offshore & MarineManagement Trainee (MT)programme.With the Keppel Can-Do!spirit and a mindset ofexcellence, Milton went onto achieve stellar academicp e r f o r m a n c e , r a k i n gin seven awards for topperformance.These included NewcastleUniversity’s School Prizefor Best Performance inMarine Technology withNaval Architecture, Societyof Naval Architects andMarine Engineers Singapore(SNAMES) Award for TopOverall Performance inMarine Technology withNaval Architecture, andthe Institute of MarineEngineering, Science andTechnology (IMarEST) Awardfor Top Overall Performancein Marine Technology withNaval Architecture.Milton shared, “The decisionto go back to study afterhaving been out of schoolfor five years was a difficultdecision, but the workdiscipline and experienceobtained from Keppelprepared me well. I alsohave my superiors to thankfor their support.” keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Empowering Lives 41Swing of successIt was a victorious momentat Spring City Golf &Lake Resort (Spring City)as 20 year old-Rose Chen,one of their top playersunder Spring City’s JuniorAcademy Programme (JAP),clinched the prestigiousNational Ladies AmateurChampion trophy at theChina Citic Bank AmateurGolf Championship.Held over three days inGuangzhou Fengshen GolfClub from 1 November2012, the event saw 120professionals pit theirskills on the greens for thechampionship title.It was not an easy winfor Rose. The tight andnarrow mountain courseposed numerous challengesbut Rose braved inclementweather conditions tofinish the game with a totalscore of +12, five strokesahead of the second-placedplayer.This is Rose’s secondchampionship win in oneyear. In November lastyear, she also came in topsat the China Citic BankAmateur Tour Match Playin Hainan.The daughter of a farmerin a village near Spring City,Rose first started golfingat the age of 13. Seeinggolf as her only chance torise above rural poverty, shetrained hard almost everyday for the past six yearsunder Spring City’s JAP.important, one’s control overthe distance, as well as theability to employ differentstrategies at each hole andadapt one’s game strategybased on external factors,are equally crucial. I amvery optimistic about herdevelopment over the nexttwo to three years.”Under the JAP launchedseven years ago, middleschoolstudents fromneighbouring villages aregiven the opportunity to betrained in golf.Talented students from therural areas are selected andgiven training from ayoung age to provide themwith career prospects inprofessional golf.She made significantimprovements in the pastyear under the guidance ofPGA-certified coach Mr JohnRae, Director of Spring CityGolf Academy and HeadProfessional.John made an unprecedenteddecision a year ago to be hisstudent’s personal caddy soas to spur her on.Spring City, an AudubonInternational ClassicSanctuary, is managed byKeppel Land. Known forits challenging course andbreathtaking lake views,Spring City has consistentlybeen named one of China’sleading golf courses. keppeliteJohn believes that Rose’sathletic prowess and heraggressive attitude towardslife makes training her “morevaluable and meaningful”.Under the guidance of Spring City’s PGA certified golf coach, Mr John Rae (right), Rose Chen(left) clinched the prestigious National Ladies Amateur Champion trophy at the China CiticBank Amateur Golf Championship 2012He shared, “Not only ishaving the right mentalityKeppelite I November 2012

42 Empowering LivesKeppelites AbroadSoaking up opportunities in São PauloIn spite of its infamous gangcontrolledfavelas (shantytowns), street violence,drug culture and pollution,São Paulo, Brazil, holds vastappeal for Singaporean, TanZheng Yu, Keppel Seghers’Business DevelopmentManager.Posted there for about twoyears between 2010 and2012, Zheng Yu grew tolove São Paulo and its wayof life. Paulistanos, meaninginhabitants of São Paulo,believe in working hardand playing harder; it is aphilosophy that a spiritedgo-getter like Zheng Yuembraces.Based in the cultural capitalof Brazil, Zheng Yu relishedthe exposure to diversevibrant cultural experiencesand vast choices of deliciouslocal cuisine. Picanha nachapa, a cut of beef tenderloinsizzled on a hot griddle tosucculence and perfection,quickly climbed to thetop of his list of localfavourite meals.Another sign of hislocalisation was thatZheng Yu learnt to chat inPortuguese. While choosingnot to converse in Portuguesein formal business occasions,he enjoyed breaking theice with “Qual é seu time(Which football team do yousupport)?”Needless to say, Zheng Yu isa fan. And there is no betterfootball paradise than SãoPaulo, where football is thenational sport. In the landwhich holds the record ofbeing a five-time winner ofthe FIFA World Cup, ZhengYu’s favourite recreationwas kicking up a storm onthe grassy fields with a fewfriends.But most importantly, whatwas truly exciting for ZhengYu about São Paulo, arethe business opportunities.Brazil, the largest countryin South America, both ingeographical and commercialterms, is also one of theworld’s fastest growingmajor economies.There is high growth potentialin Brazil’s environmentalsector, particularly in wastemanagement systems as thecountry acts on its aspirationst o w a r d s s u s t a i n a b l edevelopment. As one of theworld’s largest metropolises,São Paulo holds considerableopportunities for wasteto-energytechnology– high-tech solutions forwhich Keppel Seghers hasextensive expertise.Learning to speak Portuguese was a cinch for Zheng Yu whose affable personality helped himstrike new friendships in BrazilWith his brand of passionand energy, Zheng Yu hasbeen involved in helpingthe company scout for newbusiness opportunities andto set the stage for futuredevelopment platforms.It’s not a walk in the park.Doing business as a foreignerposes a host of challengesand bureaucratic roadblocks.But challenges do not fazethe determined. He shared,“Working abroad is not ascomfortable or easy as inSingapore where everythingis familiar and help is alwaysat hand. But you have a lotmore autonomy and as longas you have the desire tomake an impact and haveself-belief, it will work out.“Brazil is an amazing placeto explore and learn from.I’m proud to have been apart of the team workinghere. Vital to me has beenthe support from the Keppelfamily in São Paulo and Riode Janeiro.” keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Nurturing Nurturing Communities 43Friendship through filmsMr Choo Chiau Beng (right), CEO of KeppelCorporation and Singapore’s Non-ResidentAmbassador to Brazil and Mr Luis Fernandode Andrade Serra (left), Head of Mission,Ambassador of Brazil at KLAFF Singapore2012, a platform that strengthened culturalties between Singapore and Latin AmericaEleven award-winning filmsfrom six Latin Americancountries wowed audiencesat the inaugural KeppelLatin American Film Festival(KLAFF) Singapore, whichwas screened at GoldenVillage, Vivo City from 14 to20 November 2012.The festival, sponsored byKeppel Group and jointlyorganised by the embassies ofBrazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico,Panama and Venezuela,brought together the LatinAmerican ambassadors,communities and supportersat the opening ceremonyto watch ‘Our Father: TheLast Meeting’. The Chileanfilm was chosen for itsraw and honest portrayalof Chilean family culture.H.E. Mr Chew Tai Soo,Singapore’s Ambassadorat-Largewas the guest-ofhonour.Mr Choo Chiau Beng, CEOof Keppel Corporation, whois also Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador toBrazil, reiterated Keppel’ssupport for the developmentof Asian-Latin American tiesin his opening remarks.He said, “This film festival isabout bringing Singaporeanculture and Latin Americanculture closely together. LatinAmerica is an exciting regionright now with possibilitiesextending beyond business.We have much to learn abouttheir long history and culturaldepth and are pleased tosupport the first Keppel LatinAmerican Film Festival inSingapore.” keppeliteShowcasing SingaporeAs one of the firstSingapore developers toinvest in Vietnam, KeppelLand continues to supportinitiatives that promotediplomacy as well as deepenbonds between the twocountries.Keppel Land sponsoredthe inaugural SingaporeS h o w c a s e o r g a n i s e dby Singapore BusinessAssociation Vietnam (SBAV)from 1 to 2 November 2012.The event helped createa “Brand Singapore” inVietnam and also provideda platform for Singaporecompanies to networkwith the wider businesscommunity in Vietnam.Mr Linson Lim, President ofKeppel Land in Vietnam, said,“Through our sponsorshipand participation in theSingapore Showcase, wehope to engage the generalbusiness community aswell as exchange insightsand share experiences withother Singapore companiesoperating in Vietnam.”The company was also one ofthe sponsors of the SingaporePhilatelic Museum’s travellingexhibition, housed at theVietnamese Women’sMuseum in Hanoi from2 0 O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2 t o30 April 2013.Themed ‘Explore Singapore!Mr Raymond Chow (left), Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Republic of Singapore toVietnam, presents a token of appreciation to Mr Wong Yew Siong (right), Senior Manager ofKeppel Land in Vietnam, at the Singapore ShowcaseColours of Heritage’, theexhibition offers a glimpseof Singapore’s rich cultureand heritage. It is supportedby Singapore’s Ministry ofCulture, Community andYouth and the SingaporeEmbassy in Hanoi. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

44 Nurturing CommunitiesMelodies fromthe heartKeppel Offshore & Marine and Keppel Land sponsored a 10-foot Eco Tree each, whichdecorate the Marina Bay Waterfront PromenadeEco Trees debutat Marina BayAdding festive cheer tothe yuletide season are25 ChariTrees, includingeight Eco Trees, which arelighting up the Marina BayWaterfront Promenade from9 November to 28 December2012.Keppel Offshore & Marineand Keppel Land has eachdonated $10,000 fora 10-foot Eco Tree madeof recycled materials andspecially designed by studentsfrom the Nanyang Academyof Fine Arts (NAFA).The event, jointly organisedby Community Chest andthe Urban RedevelopmentA u t h o r i t y, h a s r a i s e d$235,000 which will gotowards helping childrenwith special needs, youths-atrisk,people with disabilities,lonely and frail elderly aswell as families in financialdifficulty.Ms Wang Look Fung, Directorof Group Corporate Affairs,Keppel Corporation, said,“In nurturing communities,Keppel actively playsour part to help the lessfortunate. We are pleasedto support this meaningfulinitiative, which engagesyoung talents from NAFA toshowcase their creativity andartistic capabilities.“The concepts behind thetwo Keppel Eco Trees –Nostalouette and MagicalMiracle - are in line withour commitment towardsb u i l d i n g s u s t a i n a b l ebusinesses and communities.The trees certainly lendcolour and vibrancy toMarina Bay.”Members of the public canalso help the needy by makinga contribution at the MarinaBay City Gallery from 10November to 28 December2012. For every $10 donated,they will receive a Christmasornament which can bepersonalised and hung onthe ChariTrees. keppeliteA s p a r t o f K e p p e lCorporation’s initiativesto benefit the community,the Company donated$50,000 to support theproduction of a fundraisingcommemorative albumtitled ‘Youthful MUSING’by 14-year-old boy soprano,Matthew Supramaniam, andthe Orchestra of the MusicMakers.‘Youthful MUSING’ featuresclassics such as “SilentNight” and “Ave Maria”,and was recorded for thefestive season to raise fundsfor children and elderlyprogrammes supported bythe Community Chest ofSingapore.Ms Wang Look Fung, KeppelCorporation’s Director ofGroup Corporate Affairs,said, “As an avid patron ofthe arts, we are happy toshowcase the best of ourhome-grown talents. Wehope this gift of music willtouch and inspire lives.”Matthew has performedfor royalty and presidents,and was the lead soloist atthe Singapore Arts FestivalOpening Night performancethis year. The Orchestra ofthe Music Makers is the firstSingaporean orchestra to bethe resident ensemble at theCheltenham and Lichfieldfestivals in the UK. keppeliteMr Chan Chun Sing (left), Acting Minister for Social and Family Development and SeniorMinister of State for the Ministry of Defence, presents a token of appreciation to Mr ChowYew Yuen, COO of Keppel Offshore & Marine in recognition of Keppel’s supportKeppelite I November 2012

Nurturing Communities 45A nature of caringMrs Grace Chua (top left), Principal of Queenstown Primary School and Mr Chee Jin Kiong(top right), CEO of Keppel Care Foundation, watch as Guest-of-Honour, President Tony Tan(bottom left), helps a student arrange the airplantIn a first-of-its-kind initiatives u p p o r t e d b y K e p p e lCare Foundation, KeppelVolunteers teamed upwith Queenstown PrimarySchool to bring nature tothe doorstep of elderlyresidents from St Theresa’sHome.Known simply as ‘NatureCares’, the wellnessprogramme, run by GardenCity Fund under the NationalParks Board (NParks), aimsto encourage elderly folksto venture out of theconfines of their roomsto enjoy fresh air, friendlycompany and the healingproperties of nature.‘Nature Cares’ is the onlyintegrated programmein Singapore that planssustainable, nature-basedactivities for school childrento partner working adultvolunteers and spend qualitytime with the needy andunderprivileged.The programme was officiallylaunched at St Theresa’sHome on 30 October2012 by the President ofthe Republic of Singapore,Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam,who graced the event as itsGuest-of-Honour.President Tan, along withMr Chee Jin Kiong, CEO ofKeppel Care Foundation,and representatives fromNParks, Garden City Fund,Catholic Welfare Servicesand Queenstown PrimaryS c h o o l , l a u n c h e d t h einitiative with the ceremonialmisting of an attractivearrangement of airplants ondriftwood.The plant arrangementwill be the first installationin an easy-to-maintaing a r d e n b u i l t i n t h egrounds of the Home,to be enjoyed and caredfor primarily by itsresidents. Airplants areknown for their hardinessand require only a lightmisting of water two tothree times a week.Six nature-based interactiveoutdoor sessions withthe elderly folks fromSt Theresa’s Home involvingKeppel Volunteers andstudents from QueenstownPrimary School will takeplace over the course of2013. keppeliteKeppel Volunteer, Lim Shi Wen (left), Administrative Assistant in Keppel FELS, together with astudent from Queenstown Primary School, helps Berta (right), a resident at St Theresa’s Homewho has a prosthetic arm, to arrange airplants on a piece of woodKeppelite I November 2012

46 Nurturing CommunitiesSharing with the communityFor some years now,Keppelites from Tanah SuteraDevelopment in Johor Bahru,Malaysia have on their owninitiative contributed timeand effort to raise fundsfor Kiwanis CareHeartCentre (KCHC), a vocationaltraining centre for youthswith autism.Keppelites from Tanah Sutera Development contributed time and effort to make the recentfund-raising by Kiwanis CareHeart Centre a successOne such Keppelite isMr Daniel Tan, Senior SalesManager, Tanah SuteraDevelopment, who waspresident of the KiwanisClub from 2009 to 2011.Daniel continues to servein the club’s committee,w h i c h o v e r s e e s t h efund raising activities ofKCHC. Mr Mike Sia, SalesExecutive, from Tanah SuteraDevelopment, took over aspresident of the club from2012.Recently, KCHC held anOpen Day on 3 November2012 to raise funds. Thismarked the first time thecentre was opened to thepublic since moving to itsnew premises in 2011.Volunteers pitched in heartily,organising a food fair with30 stalls selling a large varietyof home-made food andlocal delicacies.The Open Day attractedabout a thousand peopleand raised RM 35,000 whichwill help defrays costs ofoperations, trainers andadministrative expenses.keppeliteCharging forward for charityThe annual charity run, BullCharge 2012, organisedby the Singapore Exchange(SGX) pushed ahead despitethe downpour at the atThe Float @ Marina Bay.Spearheaded by SGX torally its listed companiesand Singapore’s financialindustry in support of itsbeneficiaries, this year’srun saw participation fromKeppel Corporation andvarious other business unitsfrom across the Group.Mr Lim Kei Hin, CFO ofKeppel Land was one ofseveral corporate chiefswho joined SGX CEO,Mr Lim Kei Hin (far left), CFO of Keppel Land, Mr Thomas Pang (fourth from left with orange top), CEO of KIFM, Mr Tan Chin Hwee (seventhfrom left with orange top), Director of Keppel REIT and runners from the Keppel Group put forward strong strides for charityMr Magnus Bocker for theChief Challenge, a 3-km runin the financial district. Mr Limdid Keppel proud by comingin a commendable thirdplace at the challenge, afterMr David Cairns of Bank ofAmerica Merrill Lynch andMr Bocker.Keppel Corporation donated$10,000 as an institutionalsponsor and fielded 10runners from various businessunits. KIFM also donated$5,000 and sent 5 runnersled by Mr Thomas Pang, CEOof Keppel Infrastructure FundManagement (KIFM).The $1.388 million raisedat this year’s event will gotowards supporting theAsian Women’s WelfareAssociation (AWWA), AutismAssociation (Singapore),Fei Yue Community Servicesand Shared Services forCharities. keppeliteKeppelite I November 2012

Nurturing Communities 47Spreading the wordEncouraged by the successfuloutreach effort in Hanoi,Vietnam last year, KeppelLand embarked on its secondWords on Wheels (WoW)volunteer trip from 9 to12 November 2012.WoW is a mobile libraryproject that promotes aculture of reading and selflearningin local communities.The project is sponsored byKeppel Land and managedin partnership with theSingapore InternationalFoundation and the HanoiPublic Library.“I enjoyed myself very muchon this trip. I am glad to beable to interact with thechildren and bring them joy,”shared Mr Foo.For many of the volunteers,the visit was their first tripto Vietnam. But VietnameseKeppelites stepped in andhelped break the ice, playingan instrumental role in theprogramme’s success.Senthil Kathiresan, TechnicalOfficer at Keppel Shipyardshared, “This is my first visitto Hanoi and I was deeplytouched by the warmth andhospitality of the villagers.It was a truly meaningfulexperience for me, and Iam pleased to be able tocontribute in some small wayto the children’s learning.”Another volunteer, JuressaOng, Assistant Managerat Keppel Sea Scan, alsoshared the fruitfulness of theexperience, “I am gratefulto have the opportunity toexperience the way of lifein a village. Seeing thechildren embrace simplejoys certainly puts life inperspective for me.”As part of the volunteereffort, Keppelites alsodonated clothes for childrenand pre-loved toys to thevillage and new stationerygift sets to the school.keppeliteThe recent trip saw 10Keppelites from Singaporeand eight local volunteersfrom Keppel Land in Vietnamcollaborate with staff fromthe Hanoi Public Library.The volunteers travelled withthe mobile library to theDong Truc Elementary Schoolin Thach That District, andorganised outdoor gamesas well as arts and craftactivities and storytelling for500 students of the villageschool.Showing strong supportwere Mr Albert Foo, KeppelLand’s GM for Marketing andMs Serena Toh, Keppel Land’sDGM for Investor Relations& Research who participatedin the outreach effort.Volunteers from the Keppel Group engaged students of Dong Truc Elementary School as part of the Words on Wheels community outreachinitiativeKeppelite I November 2012

48BackPageDelivering Paradise with panacheKeppel FELS has deliveredParadise 400, a highspecificationKFELS B Classjackup rig to Safin Gulf FZCO(Safin) ahead of schedule andwith a strong safety record.The rig is a refurbishmentand upgrade of a KFELS BClass jackup rig that KeppelFELS purchased in 2011.Developed by Keppel’s jackuprig design arm, OffshoreTechnology Development,the KFELS B Class rig is ableto operate in water depths of400 ft with a drilling depth of30,000 ft. It is equipped witha full 15,000 psi blowoutpreventor system, 70-ftcantilever outreach, withupgraded mud pit storagecapacity of 4,000 bbls andaccommodation for up to150 personnel.Mr Wong Kok Seng, MDof Keppel FELS said, “Weare always on the lookoutfor ways to create win-winsituations for our customers.When we saw the opportunityto provide a high qualityrig within a compressedtime frame, we knew thatit would be an attractiveoption for our customersas such jackups are in highdemand, especially forthose scheduled for deliveryin 2012.“Leveraging our expertiseas a designer and a builder,we are able to customiserigs to their requirementsand deliver safely, withinbudget and ahead ofschedule. We thank Safinfor their confidence in us andlook forward to supportingthem as they grow their fleetof rigs.”Mr Raimonds Namikis,Executive VP of Safin said,“Ordering this rig has beena good investment for us.With the large orderbookthat Keppel FELS has, we arepleased to have been able toreceive a high specificationjackup rig within about ayear. This has enabled us tofast track our fleet expansionprogramme and put the rigout in the market ahead ofother operators. We continueto see strong demand forsuch high specificationjackups, from the MiddleEast to the Gulf of Mexico.“The KFELS B Class is aproven design and with theParadise 400’s increasedspecifications, we areconfident that it will be asuccess wherever it operates.This jackup is testamentto Keppel FELS’ reputationas the world’s leading rigbuilder and designer andthe added value they give totheir customers.”The new rig has beenu p g r a d e d w i t h t w oadditional knuckle boomcranes installed on theport and starboard sidesof the cantilever platformKeppel FELS delivered Paradise 400, a customised KFELS B Class jackup rig to Safin ahead ofschedule and with a strong safety recordto improve efficiency formaterial handling andpromote a safe workingenvironment.Besides the increased mudpit capacity to improve rigflexibility for mud mixingoperations, the latest mudtreatment technology suchas balanced elliptical motionand cascade shakers havebeen installed to deliverbetter throughput capacity.A compact, fit-for-purposederrick mounted BridgeCrane has been installed toimprove safety and efficiencyfor offline stand building andpipe racking. Its offline standbuilding capability enablesit to handle drill pipes moreefficiently.Designed for maximumu p t i m e w i t h re d u c e demissions and discharges,the KFELS B Class rigreceived the PrestigiousEngineering AchievementAward 2009 from Institutionof Engineers Singapore forits environmentally-friendlyfeatures. keppelitePrinted on recycled paperKeppelite I November 2012

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