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View the Sponsor and Exhibitor Prospectus - International Oil Spill ...

Exhibit and SponsorProspectusPrevent • Prepare • Respond • RestoreSavannah, Georgia, USA | May 5-8

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSTable of ContentsAboutAbout the IOSC pg 2ExhibitExhibit at IOSC 2014 pg 3Exhibit Pricing pg 4SponsorSponsor at IOSC 2014 pg 5Industry Sponsorships pg 6››Industry Gold Sponsor››Industry Silver SponsorRegistration Materials pg 7Sponsorships››Conference Bags››Lanyards/Badge Holders››ID TagsTechnology Sponsorships pg 8››Charging Stations››Mobile App››Internet Café/Wireless Hot SpotsConference Giveaways pg 9Sponsorships››Conference Program andExhibitor Directory››Reuseable Water Bottle››Pocket GuideLuncheon and Refreshment pg 10Sponsorships››Awards Luncheon››Conference Luncheons››Water Stations››On-Water Demonstration pg 11Refreshments››Film Festival Refreshments››Refreshment and Snack BreaksReception Sponsorships pg 12››Opening Reception››Closing Reception andDinner Entertainment››Closing Reception››Closing DinnerGolf Tournament pg 14Sponsorships››Breakfast››Closest to the Pin››Longest Drive››Hole Sponsors››Hole in One››Beverage Sponsor››Prize Awards ReceptionFormsExhibit Space Application pg 15Exhibit Space Contract pg 17Sponsorship Request Form pg 18

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSPlay a Key Part in the World’s Largest and MostDistinguished Oil Spill Conference.The only chance to meetyour target audience in aU.S.-based, internationaloil spill conference.An urgent challenge todiscuss the Gulf of Mexicoand the world community’sneeds for oil spill remediation.A choice to join elite companiesto discuss innovations and bestpractices across the spectrumof Prevention, Preparedness,Response and Restoration.The International Oil Spill Conference is a uniqueopportunity to extend your brand identity and marketyour products and capabilities to an internationalaudience. Held in the United States only once everythree years, IOSC 2014 is the preeminent event in aninternational series of meetings that also includes theSpillcon conference, held in Australia, and Interspill,held in Europe. All operate on a three-year cycle toensure that there is only one major international eventfor the oil spill remediation industry each year.IOSC 2014 is expected to attract over 2,000participants from over 50 countries – participantswith whom you can make a brand impression.Demonstrate your industry commitment toregulators, buyers of oil spill response equipment,oil industry representatives and spill responseorganizations.Over the course of four days you’ll have the chanceto expose your brand to members of government,industry and non-governmental organizations fromaround the world. Capture the attention of the peopleyou are trying to reach and place your brand beforethe decision-makers to whom you market.Photo courtesy of Savannah International Trade and Convention Center2014 is your year to join the forum of preparednesswithin the oil spill response community, the broaderfield of incident management, and society as a whole.IOSC will not be stateside again until 2017.Become a sponsor or exhibitor at IOSC 2014.It’s where your market meets.International Oil Spill Conference | 2

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSExhibit at IOSC 2014What is the IOSC?IOSC is a proven venue for industry and governmententities to work together and provides a forum forprofessionals from the international community, theprivate sector, government, and non-governmentalorganizations.The conference is jointly hosted by the followingorganizations:››American Petroleum Institute (API)››United States Coast Guard (USCG)››United States Environmental ProtectionAgency (USEPA)››International Maritime Organization (IMO)››International Petroleum Industry EnvironmentalConservation Association (IPIECA)››United States National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration (NOAA)››Bureau of Safety and EnvironmentalEnforcement (BSEE)Who Attends IOSC?At past events, IOSC attracted more than 2,000 peoplefrom 50 countries to its technical sessions and itsdiverse exposition that featured more than 250 exhibits.Participants include operating managers, safety andsecurity officers, regulators, plant managers, EH&Sprofessionals, administrators, attorneys, environmentalmanagers, purchasing agents, engineers, buyers,consultants and others concerned with compliance,oil spill response and/or cleanup.These attendees generally fall into the followingcategories:››Oil and shipping industries››Federal, state and local government agencies››Port organizations››Tug and salvage companies››Pollution response equipment suppliers››Community and public interest groups››Marine scientists and researchers››Environmental organizations››Response specialistsInternational Oil Spill Conference | 3

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSWho Should Exhibit at the IOSC?Exhibiting at IOSC 2014 is a great way to maximize your exposure to your prospects or reinforce relationships withexisting companies. Exhibitors include, but are not limited to:› Area clean-up/restoration› Aviation services/surveillance› Bioremediation equipment or services› Control› Damage/impact assessment› Diving/salvage services› Electrical generators› Emergency response› Equipment manufacturers› Insurance› IT software and training› Mapping› Security› Prevention› Safety/health› Wildlife rescueView a list of past exhibitors at PricingSpace Rate: $25.00 per net square foot(USD) for an inline boothCorner Fee: $150.00 per corner› 50% deposit must accompany anyapplication› Final payment must be received byMarch 3, 2014› Applications received after March 3,2014 must be paid in fullRepresentative photos – actual items may vary.Call today to secure your exhibit space!1-202-973-8689 • IOSCExhibits@courtesyassoc.comFill out the Exhibit Space Application at the end of this package.International Oil Spill Conference | 4

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSSponsor at IOSC 2014!Sponsorships are a unique and innovative way to grab the attention of IOSC 2014 attendees. There are a widevariety of sponsorships available to meet your marketing objectives and budget!IOSC 2014 Sponsors will be visibleto all delegates through:› Your corporate logo or name on the IOSC 2014website, linking to your website.› Your corporate logo or name featured in theconference program.› Your corporate logo on signage in the IOSC 2014Conference registration area.› The opportunity to project your corporate logo ontowalls and/or large overhead screens if you sponsora meal function or reception.› The opportunity to display one key piece of yourcorporate literature in the conference bag.› Signage at your sponsored event.› Other benefi ts as described in this package.Opportunities include:› Industry Gold Sponsorship› Industry SilverSponsorship› Lounge/Wifi Hot Spots› Flash Drives› Luncheons› Onsite RefreshmentNetworking Breaks› Program andExhibitor Directory› Pocket Guides› Lanyards/Badge Holders› ID Tags› Charging Stations› Conference Bags› Advertising› Opening Reception› Closing Dinner› Closing Reception› Entertainment for ClosingDinner and Reception› Mobile App› Branded Water Stations inExhibit Hall› Refillable Water Bottle inConference Bag› On-Water DemonstrationRefreshmentsHave an idea for a sponsorship you don’t see listed?Contact IOSC Show Management at 1-202-973-8689 or via email at IOSCExhibits@courtesyassoc.comto discuss details.IOSC encourages new and unique sponsorships and we look forward to creating something for your organization.International Oil Spill Conference | 5

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSThe Spotlight is on You.Get VIP treatment with a Gold or Silver Industry Sponsorship. These are available to a limited number ofcompanies who wish to play a significant part in IOSC 2014. Demonstrate your industry commitment toregulators, buyers of oil spill response equipment, oil industry representatives and spill response organizations.Industry Gold Sponsor – $40,000As an Industry Gold Sponsor you’ll receive:› High profile branding right alongside the PermanentConference Sponsors› Complimentary VIP attendance at all of the receptionsand the luncheons› Reserved VIP table at luncheons and Gala Dinner› 5 complimentary delegate registrations, including theGala Dinner› Complimentary 10’x10’ inline booth space(upgrades available at an additional fee)› Prominent listing as a Gold Sponsor with your companylogo on IOSC website, Conference Program, PocketGuide, and other conference materials and signage› 1 full page color ad in Conference Program› Sponsorship of golf hole (1) and foursome of golfSPONSORSAvailableAvailableAvailableIndustry Silver Sponsor – $30,000As an Industry Silver Sponsor you’ll receive:› High profile branding right alongside the PermanentConference Sponsors› 2 complimentary delegate registrations, including theGala Dinner› Complimentary 10’x10’ inline booth space(upgrades available at an additional fee)› Prominent listing as a Silver Sponsor with your companylogo on the IOSC website, Conference Program, PocketGuide, and other conference materials and signage› Half-page color ad in the Conference Program› Sponsorship of golf hole (1) and foursome of golfSPONSORSAvailableAvailableAvailableThere is no more important timethan now to become a sponsor!Complete the Sponsorship Request Form at the end ofthis package.For details on additional branding opportunities and sponsorshippromotion for these exciting opportunities please contact yourIOSC Exhibit/Sponsor team at IOSCExhibits@courtesyassoc.comor call 1-202-973-8689.Representative photos – actual items may vary.International Oil Spill Conference | 6

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSGet Carried Away.Make sure your brand is in front of everyone by sponsoring a Registration item. Each and every delegate receivesthese items, so you’re guaranteed to get noticed.Conference BagsExclusive SponsorshipPRICESOLD!SPONSORShellHave over 2,000 delegate registration bags imprinted withyour company’s logo and the IOSC 2014 logo, ensuringthat your brand accompanies delegates throughout theConference. You may also have the opportunity to provideyour own delegate bag.Lanyards/Badge HoldersExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSOR$10,000 One (1) AvailableEvery delegate wears a badge. This is a great opportunityto have your company’s name and logo displayed for theduration of the Conference.Representative photos – actual items may vary.ID TagsExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSOR$5,000 One (1) AvailableOver 2,000 laminated tags include the delegate’s businesscard slot on one side and will be imprinted with yourcompany name and logo on the other side. Wherever theygo, your company’s name goes with them. Instant brandrecognition is yours!Representative photos – actual items may vary.Fill out the Sponsorship Request Form at the end of this package.International Oil Spill Conference | 7

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSTechnology is Everywhere – Your Brand Can Be There Too!Show your technical prowess and your commitment to superior service with a Technology Sponsorship.Internet Café/Wireless Hot SpotsExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSOR$15,000 One (1) AvailableWhere would we be without email or the Internet? Providemaximum exposure to your company by sponsoring theinternet café/wifi hot spots. Your company’s name will befeatured prominently on signage as well as monitors, sonobody gets access without going through your websiteor logo on a splash page.Representative photos – actual items may vary.Charging StationsExclusive SponsorshipMobile AppExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSORPRICESPONSOR$6,000 Several Available$15,000 One (1) AvailableSponsor a kiosk where attendees can come and plug intheir phone. 18 charging tips allow for just about any typeof handheld device to be charged. The kiosk placementwill be in high traffi c areas as determined by showmanagement. Included in the sponsorship are the following:› 17" monitor to feature your video that will continuouslyloop • “Top Cap” advertisement space› Back-Lit billboard advertisement * *Please note, multiplekiosks can be purchasedThe IOSC is going mobile!Enhance your exhibitor listingwith your company logo.Packages include rotatingbanners, alerts that driveattendees to your booth andthe opportunity to have yourbooth highlighted on the app.Enhance your visibility!Complete the Sponsorship Request Form at theend of this package.Representative photos – actual items may vary.International Oil Spill Conference | 8

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSPut Your Name Out There.From conference programs to badge holders, we have a way to put your brand in front of everyone’seyes and in their hands.Conference Program and Exhibitor DirectoryExclusive Sponsorship or Shared SponsorshipPRICE SPONSOR AD LOCATION$4,000 One (1) Available Inside Cover$4,000 One (1) Available Inside Back CoverFor a lasting impression that goes beyond theConference itself, a Conference Program and ExhibitorDirectory sponsorship will take your brand around theworld as delegates carry them back to their offi ces. Asan internationally recognized scientifi c and technicalforum, the IOSC 2014 Program grabs the attention ofthe best minds in the business. Imagine your brand onthe front and back covers of the Program. In addition,receive one full-page ad on the inside cover or insideback cover.Representative photos – actual items may vary.Reusable Water BottleExclusive SponsorshipPocket GuideExclusive Sponsorship or Shared SponsorshipPRICESPONSORPRICE SPONSOR TYPE$3,500 One (1) AvailableEach attendee will receive a waterbottle with your company name,logo and the IOSC logo on it.Water bottles are placed in everyattendee’s conference bag. Waterstations will be conveniently locatedso attendees can fi ll their waterbottles during refreshment breaks.$7,500 One (1) Available Exclusive$4,000 Two (2) Available SharedHaving your company’s name on every Pocket Guidemeans you’ll get attention daily as delegates carry themaround during the Conference. Your company’s name andlogo will be prominently displayed on the front and backcovers, ensuring your brand gets noticed every time adelegate refers to the guide.Enhance your visibility!Representative photos –actual items may vary.Complete the Sponsorship Request Format the end of this package.International Oil Spill Conference | 9

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSEat, Drink and Be a Sponsor.Virtually everyone stops by IOSC’s luncheon or break areas throughout the Conference, making these sponsorshipsextremely popular. Relate your brand to satisfaction with one of our food and beverage sponsorships.Awards LuncheonExclusive SponsorshipPRICE SPONSOR DAY$15,000 One (1) Available TuesdayTuesday, May 6This is the premier luncheon of the Conference duringwhich the awards for the Film Festival are presented.This is a full-service lunch preceded by a 30-minutepre-luncheon cocktail reception for 10. You’ll berecognized in print as well with your company logoin the menu and in the program.Representative photos – actual items may vary.Conference LuncheonsExclusive SponsorshipPRICE SPONSOR DAYWater StationsExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSOR$10,000 One (1) Available Wednesday$10,000 One (1) Available ThursdayWednesday, May 7 / Thursday, May 8Buffet Lunch — Exhibition HallWith good food and refreshing beverages available todelegates and exhibitors at buffet stations strategicallypositioned throughout the exhibition hall, this is a greatway to get noticed by a grateful audience. Your companyname and logo will be displayed on all the stations andyou’ll get the positive attention you deserve.$12,000 One (1) Available (Run of Show)$5,000 Several Available (Daily)Multiple water stations will be located throughout theconvention center for attendees to enjoy. Included in thesponsorship are the following:› Logo displayed at water stations› Cups to feature your logo (show management willproduce the cups and will distribute at water stations)These sponsorships sell out fast, so act now!Complete the Sponsorship Request Form at the end of this package.International Oil Spill Conference | 10

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSOn-Water Demonstration RefreshmentsExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSOR$15,000 One (1) AvailableThe on-water demonstration featuring state-of-the-artspill response technology– on-water, dockside, static andaerial – is one of the most exciting, interactive featuresof the IOSC. Why not take advantage of this captiveaudience? We will display your banner during the exerciseand top it off with an interesting selection of receptionfare. Bars and buffet stations will feature your logo.Representative photos – actual items may vary.Film Festival RefreshmentsExclusive SponsorshipPRICE SPONSOR DAY$1,500 One (1) Available May 6Refreshment and Snack BreaksExclusive SponsorshipPRICE SPONSOR DAY$3,000 One (1) Available Tuesday A.M.$3,000 One (1) Available Tuesday P.M.What’s a film without refreshments?Your name and logo willbe proudly displayedwith the popcornand otherrefreshments.$3,000 One (1) Available Wednesday A.M.$3,000 One (1) Available Wednesday P.M.$3,000 One (1) Available Thursday A.M.Tuesday, May 6 / Wednesday, May 7 /Thursday, May 8Mornings: Coffee, tea, juice and pastries.Afternoons: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks.Representative photos –actual items may vary.Your name and logo will be boldly displayed at each servingstation and in the program. Plus, you can display yourcorporate literature at each station for handy reference.These sponsorships sell out fast, so act now!Complete the Sponsorship Request Form at the end of this package.International Oil Spill Conference | 11

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSLock Your Brand to Fun and Festivities.Get VIP treatment and make a memorable impact with an Opening Reception or Closing CeremoniesSponsorship. These premier events for IOSC 2014 leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.Ensure your brand makes a lasting impression as well with a sponsorship.Opening ReceptionExclusive SponsorshipClosing ReceptionExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSORPRICESPONSOR$20,000 One (1) AvailableSOLD!IPIECAAs the Opening Reception Sponsor, your company logowill be prominently displayed on signs placed at the barsand food stations. The reception will be held in the exhibithall, where you become a part of the exhibition ribboncutting ceremony. In addition, your logo will be on allnapkins and cups. An IOSC tradition, the OpeningReception, and in turn the sponsor, will be the talk ofthe Conference.Attendees will gather for an evening of fun and networkingat a special reception area laid out by the dining hall,and as the Exclusive Sponsor you’ll enjoy a reserved areawith the VIP guests and a reserved table at the dinnerwith additional complimentary tickets for your guests.Your logo will be prominently displayed and you’ll havea special mention in the commemorative menu, plus aspecial thank you from the emcee.Closing Reception and Dinner EntertainmentExclusive SponsorshipClosing DinnerExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSORPRICESPONSORSOLD!OSRLSOLD!MSRCThe entertainment group will be “renamed” in yourcompany’s honor. Have your company’s name and logodisplayed on stage recognizing your company as theExclusive Sponsor, signage at the entrance to the event,and the opportunity to introduce “your” musical group.This is the PREMIER event of the Conference and assponsor you can put your company in the front andcenter of all the action. You’ll have reserved seating at theVIP tables and complimentary additional tickets for yourspecial guests. Your company name and logo will featureheavily in the program, in the hall and on the evening’scommemorative menu, plus you’ll have a special mentionand thanks by the emcee during the proceedings. What agreat way to be remembered at a great event!Representative photos – actual items may vary.Make a lasting impression!Complete the Sponsorship Request Format the end of this package.International Oil Spill Conference | 12

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSTee Up Your Sponsorship at the IOSC 2014 Golf Tournament.Following the great inaugural tournament held inSavannah, Georgia in 2008, we’re holding the IOSC2014 Golf Tournament in the beautiful surrounds ofSavannah again. Starting first thing Monday morningand well before the opening events, this tournamentoffers a large number of cost-effective sponsorshipopportunities to make an impression on your targetaudience. Don’t miss this great opportunity to spendtime meeting with your clients and colleagues in arelaxed atmosphere. It’s an ideal venue to network,share ideas, and discuss the unique products andservices your company has to offer.International Oil Spill Conference | 13

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSScore a Hole in One With Your Customers!What a great way to have fun and get your name and message across right at the beginning of the Conference.Make a great impression before your competitors even wake up!BreakfastExclusive SponsorshipHole in OneExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSORPRICESPONSOR$2,500 One (1) AvailableWelcome golfers with a hearty breakfast buffet as theycollect their score cards and get set for the morning. Yourcompany name and logo will be in the program and boldlydisplayed at the buffet station.Closest to the PinExclusive Sponsorship$1,500 One (1) AvailableImagine giving away a car or other magnificent prize.You’ll surely be remembered for that! But don’t worry– we’ll arrange the insurance to cover the chance thatsomeone does take it away!Beverage SponsorExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSORPRICESPONSOR$500 One (1) AvailableAlways a popular choice, this sponsorship gives yourecognition not only at the hole and in the program,but in the prize that will carry your name.Longest DriveExclusive SponsorshipPRICEAnother popular choice and keenly fought over by thelong distance hitters! This sponsorship offers yourbranding on the program, at the hole, and on the prize.Hole SponsorsShared SponsorshipSPONSOR$500 One (1) AvailablePRICESPONSOR$1,000 Eighteen (18) AvailableA very nice way of getting some recognition as each holecarries the name and logo of a sponsor. Entry fees fora foursome are included, making this a very attractiveopportunity.$2,000 One (1) AvailableWhat better way of being at the forefront of everyone’smind than as they quench their thirst. Your companyname and logo will be imprinted on the beverage ticketsand the beverage cart will carry your logo as well, not tomention your branding in the program.Prize Awards ReceptionExclusive SponsorshipPRICESPONSOR$4,500 One (1) AvailableThis is the time when you have everyone’s attentionand your executive stands up and hands out the prizes.Plenty of good humor, beverages and snacks to keeppeople smiling as the banter flows about spectacularshots and missed putts. Your logo and branding on theprogram along with your company and executive’s name,plus banners at the awards ceremony mean you’ll getthe attention you seek. You’ll be seen as the main eventsponsor and will also tie your name to the good work thistournament is doing.If you have a special idea to enhance this event and don’t see it above please contact Judith Roosat Oil Spill Conference | 14

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSExhibit Space ApplicationPlease complete both pages of this application.Exhibit Space RequestWe request exhibit space in IOSC 2014 with our preferenceslisted below.Preferred Booth Type:◦ Inline ◦ Island ◦ PeninsulaBooth space assignments will occur May 1, 2013. CorporateSponsors receive first right of refusal on exhibit locations.Space Rate:$25.00 (USD) per net square foot$150.00 per corner(minimum booth space 10ft (deep) x 10ft (wide)).› 50% deposit must accompany any application› Final payment must be received by March 3, 2014› Applications received after March 3, 2014 must submitfull payment› Indicate your choices (1-6), selecting several locationsthroughout your desired area(s)› No “end caps” will be assignedPreferred Booth Space:Space Number(s) Size = Total Sq. ft. Cost (USD)1. x = $2. x = $3. x = $4. x = $5. x = $6. x = $Description of products to be exhibited:Note: This copy is for reference only and is not used for anypromotional listings. Use a separate page if necessary.Check all that apply:◦ Area Clean-up/Restoration◦ Aviation Services/Surveillance◦ Bioremedial Equipment/Services◦ Contingency planning◦ Control◦ Damage/ImpactAssessment◦ Dispersants/SpraySystems◦ Diving/Salvage Services◦ Electrical Generators◦ Emergency Response◦ Engineer/RemediationServices◦ Environmental consultants◦ Field Equipment/Instrumentation◦ Insurance (Liability/Pollution)◦ IT/Software & Training◦ Lightering/Salvage◦ Mapping◦ NGOs◦ Oil spill equipmentmanufacturers◦ OSROsPage 1 of 2◦ Port Security/SafetyServices◦ Prevention◦ Protective Gear◦ Safety/Health◦ Satellite Tracking◦ Training (all areas)◦ Transport Services◦ Treatment◦ Vessels/Barges/Work Boats◦ Weather Service◦ Wildlife Rescue/Rehab◦ OtherCompetitive companies which you do not wish to be near:Total Cost: x = $The applicant agrees to accept the space assignment or rejectthe space by notifying IOSC Show Management in writing withinthirty (30) days after receiving an Invoice/Confirmation.If applicant has not rejected the space within such 30-dayperiod, applicant will be deemed to have accepted the spaceupon, and to be bound by, the terms and conditions of thisContract. All refunds after acceptance of this Contract are subjectto the Reduction and Cancellation clauses in the Rules andRegulations. No exhibitor will be permitted to begin installationunless space is paid in full.IOSC Show Management cannot guarantee request if competitoris assigned after this application is processed, or registers undera different name.Exhibitor RegistrationEach 10ft x 10ft booth receives 2 full conference badges, and 2exhibit hall only badges. Additional badges are available at thediscount rate of $850 each (up to 2). Each badge recipient mustbe a direct employee of exhibiting company.Continued on next page ›International Oil Spill Conference | 15

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSExhibit Space ApplicationPlease complete both pages of this application.Company Marketing Representative◦ By Wire to APIPage 2 of 2NameJob TitleStreet AddressCityState/ProvinceCountryPhoneEmailTotal Exhibit Cost (Plus additional exhibitors if eligible):$____________(USD)Deposit must be based on the highest price sponsorshiprequested. Application and Contract received without suchpayment will not be processed nor will sponsorship assignmentbe made. The balance thereof to be paid to API on or beforeMarch 3, 2014 or sponsorship assigned shall be subject tocancellation and/or reassignment at the option of IOSC ShowManagement.Method of Payment◦ By Credit Card (preferred).Please charge the following card:◦ Visa◦ MasterCardCard NumberExpiration DatePrint Cardholder’s NameCardholder’s Zip CodeSignature◦ By CheckPlease make your check payable to the American PetroleumInstitute and indicate the following reference number on thecheck to ensure payment is credited to you properly: SS-2300-XM521-7411. U.S. currency only, drawn on a U.S. bank. Pleasemail the check with your form to:American Petroleum InstituteP.O. Box 1425Merrifield, VA 22116-1425, USA◦ American ExpressPlease add $25.00 (USD) to cover wire transfer fees.TD Bank1030 15th St NWWashington, DC 20005 USAABA Routing # 054001725Credit To American Petroleum InstituteAccount # 4251303172 SWIFT: NRTHUS33Acceptance of TermsI, the duly authorized representative of the undersigned company,on behalf of the said company, subscribe and agree to all terms,conditions, authorizations, and covenants obtained in thisApplication and Contract for exhibit space, and the enclosedRules and Regulations which are a part thereof, governing IOSC2014.CompanyStreet AddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal CodeCountryName (Please Print)Job TitlePhoneFaxEmailSignatureI have read and agree to the IOSC 2014 Rules and Regulations onthe next page. Initial here: __________Do not mark in this space. For official use only.Space AssignedDimensionsCostPLEASE RETURN BY APRIL 15, 2014Fax your application to 1-202-973-8716.No cover sheet necessary.International Oil Spill Conference | 16

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSExhibit Space ContractRules and Regulations1. IOSC: As used herein, “IOSC 2014” or “Exhibition” shall refer to the IOSC 2014.Also as used herein “exhibitor,” “applicant” and “company” shall refer to theparty submitting the Application and Contract. IOSC Show Management willhandle all pre-show and on-site-decisions and its decisions will be final.2. Cost of Exhibit Space: See previous two pages.3. Payments: All checks are to be made payable to: American Petroleum Institute,P.O. Box 1425, Merrifield, VA 22116-1425, USA. Reference SS-2300-XM521-7411(U.S. currency only, drawn on a U.S. bank) Note: A $25.00 transaction fee willbe due on each Wire Transfer received as payment, if not sent as U.S. currency.Please add this amount to your original payment. Credit cards are also acceptedfor payment.No exhibitor admission credentials will be distributed to any company who hasnot paid in full by March 3, 2014; and if any company still has not paid in full bythe time of the first date of installation, Monday, May 5, 2014, they will not beallowed to set up their booth or receive any orders from contractors until theaccount is paid in full by Cashiers or Certified Check. No personal checks orcredit cards are accepted as payment for exhibit space on-site.4. Reduction of Exhibit Space: Reductions of size from original contracted areawill be allowed up to thirty (30) days after the receipt of the official notification ofspace assignment. After that date exhibitors will be assessed a 25% fee for anyexhibit area that is reduced. This fee will be based on the amount of space to bereduced. Based on the original location and booth area, any reduction of spacecould necessitate a change in location, especially if another exhibitor is on the“wait” list for the larger space.5. Cancellation: An exhibitor may cancel or withdraw from the show subject to thefollowing conditions and restrictions:• The exhibitor shall give IOSC Show Management notice in writing of itsintention to cancel or withdraw from the show.• In the event the said notice is received on or before March 3, 2014, theexhibitor shall be obligated and agrees to pay a cancellation penalty of 50%of the contract value.• In the event the said notice is received after March 3, 2014, the exhibitor shallbe obligated and agrees to pay 100% of the contract value.• All refunds due will be paid to exhibitor no later than sixty (60) days after theclose of the Exhibition.• In the event of cancellation, IOSC Show Management shall have the right touse said space to suit its own convenience, including selling the space toanother exhibitor, without any rebate or allowance to the cancelled exhibitor.• API and IOSC Show Management assumes no responsibility and exhibitorwaives any claims against IOSC for having included the name of the cancelledexhibitor or description of their products in the show catalog, brochures, newsreleases or other materials concerning the show.6. Assignment of Space: Corporate sponsors will be allowed a first right of refusalon all exhibit space. Exhibit space will then be assigned on a first-come, firstservedbasis. Whenever possible, space assignments will be made based onthe location preferences requested by the exhibitor. IOSC Show Managementreserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in thebest interests of the overall Exhibition.This Agreement will not be valid unless and until signed by an officer orrepresentative of the Exhibiting Company on this official Space Application/Contract and returned to IOSC Show Management.7. Right of Refusal: IOSC Show Management reserves the right to refuse rentalof display space to any company whose display of goods, service or machineryis not, in the opinion of IOSC Show Management, compatible with the generalcharacter and objectives of the Exhibition.8. Floor Plan Layout Changes: Through the floor plans sent out periodicallyand the plans available through the official IOSC website, all exhibitors shouldfrequently review their space location and changes to neighboring booths/areasfor updates. While IOSC Show Management will send out updates to the layout,it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to keep up with changes to their assigned area.IOSC Show Management is anticipating alterations to the initial printed planand cannot be held responsible for changes which may alter a participatingexhibitor’s selection of space. If a specific exhibitor is impacted by an adjacentmajor layout configuration, IOSC Show Management will notify them directly.9. Subletting of Space: The exhibitor agrees not to assign, sublet or apportionspace or any part thereof contracted for, nor to exhibit, advertise or offer for salemerchandise or services other than those manufactured or sold by exhibitorcompany in the regular course of business. As an example: when articles arerequired for the proper demonstration or operation of exhibit displays, in whichcase identification of such articles shall be limited to the regular name plate,imprint or other identification, which in standard practice appears normally onthe article. Exhibitors may not permit non-exhibiting company representatives towork in their booths except their own dealers and representatives.International Oil Spill Conference 201410. Competitors: IOSC Show Management will attempt to keep competitors nonearer than 20 feet from the other exhibitor if requested in the original applicationto exhibit, however, there is no guarantee if competitor is assigned long afteroriginal exhibitor’s contract has been filed and reviewed.11. Default of Occupancy: Any exhibitor failing to occupy their exhibit booth(contracted for but not cancelled) by May 5, 2014 is obligated to pay the full costof such space. IOSC Show Management has the right to take possession of saidspace and lease.12. Failure to Hold Exposition: Should any contingency prevent the holding ofIOSC 2014, IOSC Show Management shall retain only such part of exhibitor’srental as required for expenses incurred up to the time such contingency shallhave occurred. The exhibitor waives all claims for damages. If, for any reason,the Exhibition shall be cancelled or deferred, the exhibitor waives all claims fordamages or recovery of payments made.13. Exhibit Hours: Exhibitors are required to keep at least one attendant in theirbooth during all show hours, subject to removal of their exhibit from the show atthe company’s expense.SHOW HOURS (Subject to Change):Monday, May 5, 2014:4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.Tuesday, May 6, 2014:9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Wednesday, May 7, 2014: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Thursday, May 8, 2014: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.14. Exhibit Booth Displays: Please refer to the specific rules and regulations that willbe included in the Exhibitors Service Manual for all related rules and regulationsregarding heights, sightlines, demonstration areas and signage.15. Liability, Insurance: Exhibitors shall assume, and shall indemnify, hold harmlessand defend IOSC Show Management and their respective members, officers,directors, employees, contractors and agents (collectively “IOSC Parties”) fromand against, any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs (including reasonableattorneys’ fees) and expenses (collectively, “Claims”) arising out of or in any wayrelating to exhibitor’s acts or omissions while a participant of IOSC 2014, includingbut not limited to any Claims arising out of or in any way related to any bodilyinjury or property damage caused by exhibitor’s acts or omissions. Additionally,exhibitors hereby waive, and release IOSC Parties from, any claim against IOSCParties for damages or to liabilities of any kind, type or nature (including butnot limited to any damage to property or business or injury to persons) arisingout of or in any way relating to the Exhibition, except to the extent caused by anIOSC Party’s gross negligence or willful misconduct. In no event shall exhibitorbe entitled to claim, and exhibitor hereby waives the right to claim, any special,consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of or relating to thisApplication and Contract of IOSC 2014.16. Personal Property: Exhibitor acknowledges that any/all property of exhibitor,including any personal properties of individuals, are the sole responsibility of suchExhibitor/Participant and IOSC Show Management will not assume any liabilityfor such properties in the event of fire, theft, mysterious disappearance or anyloss of physical damage or any indirect damage as a result thereof. Participationattendance of the Exhibition will acknowledge the acceptance of all terms andconditions stated herein.17. Additional Insurance: Additional insurance requirements, minimum coverageand liability clauses will be contained in the complete Rules and Regulationsdocument which will be a part of the IOSC Exhibitors Service Manual, which Rulesand Regulations are incorporated herein and are a part of this Application andContract.18. Children: Conference Sponsor(s) and Management forbid all children under theage of 18 years (including infants and strollers) to be brought onto the expositionfloor prior to, during or after set-up/dismantle hours and all show hours.19. General Requirements: All matters and questions covered in the “Rulesand Regulations” may be amended at any time by IOSC Show Management. Suchamendments or additions shall be equally binding on all parties affected by thisoriginal “Rules and Regulations.”Representative’s Name (Please Print)Representative’s SignatureDate SignedPLEASE RETURN BY APRIL 15, 2014Fax your application to 1-202-973-8716.No cover sheet | 17

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSSponsorship Request FormPage 1 of 2Company InformationCompanyStreet AddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal CodeCountryPhoneFaxEmail◦ By Wire to APIPlease add $25.00 (USD) to cover wire transfer fees.TD Bank1030 15th St NWWashington, DC 20005 USAABA Routing # 054001725Credit To American Petroleum InstituteAccount # 4251303172 SWIFT: NRTHUS33Please select the opportunities your companywishes to sponsor.Companies will be provided benefits as outlined in theSponsorship Package. You will be contacted to confirmyour sponsorship.Complimentary RegistrantNamePhoneFaxEmailMethod of Payment◦ By Credit Card Please charge the following card:◦ VISA◦ American Express◦ MasterCardCard NumberExpiration DatePrint Cardholder’s NameCardholder’s Zip CodeSignature◦ By CheckPlease make your check payable to the American PetroleumInstitute and indicate the following reference number onthe check to ensure payment is credited to you properly:SS-2300-XM521-7411. U.S. currency only, drawn on aU.S. bank. Please mail the check with your form to:American Petroleum InstituteP.O. Box 1425Merrifield, VA 22116-1425, USA◦ Industry Gold Sponsorship◦ Industry Silver Sponsorship◦ Conference Bags◦ ID Tags◦ Internet Café/WirelessHotspots◦ Mobile App◦ Charging Stations◦ Awards Luncheon◦ On-Water DemonstrationRefreshments◦ Conference LuncheonWednesday◦ Conference LuncheonThursday◦ Refreshment BreakTuesday Morning◦ Refreshment BreakTuesday Afternoon◦ Refreshment BreakWednesday Morning◦ Refreshment BreakWednesday Afternoon◦ Refreshment BreakThursday Morning◦ Film Festival Refreshments◦ Program and ExhibitorDirectory, Inside Cover◦ Program and ExhibitorDirectory, Inside Back Cover◦ Lanyards/Badge Holders◦ Reusable Water Bottle◦ Pocket Guide◦ Water Stations◦ Opening Reception◦ Closing Reception andDinner Entertainment◦ Closing Reception◦ Closing DinnerGolf Tournament◦ Breakfast◦ Closest to the Pin◦ Longest Drive◦ Hole Sponsors / Foursome◦ Hole in One◦ Beverage Sponsor◦ Prize Awards ReceptionContinued on next page ›International Oil Spill Conference | 18

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT EXHIBIT SPONSOR FORMSSponsorship Request Form Page 2 of 2Is there something we have not thought of that may be ofparticular interest and benefit to your company? Please let usknow by contacting:Hannah Buccholz or Bobbie ChandlerIOSC Sponsorship ManagersPhone: 1-202-973-8689Email: IOSCExhibits@courtesyassoc.comTotal Sponsorship Cost$____________(USD)Exhibitor AgreementWe plan to attend the event indicated below, and would like toparticipate as a sponsor. We agree to abide by the followingconditions and procedures and will brief our representativesaccordingly:IOSC 2014May 5-8, 20141. Printed Program Notation: Per individual sponsorship benefitsas indicated, an acknowledgment of the level of support, item,or event sponsored will be made in the final printed program.The exact wording will be at the discretion of ShowManagement.2. Registration Signage: Per individual sponsorship benefits asindicated, Show Management will create prominent signageor other forms of recognition that feature the company nameand/or logo of the sponsor. The exact wording and type ofrecognition will be at the discretion of Show Management.3. Liability and Security: Each sponsor must make provisions forthe safeguarding of its goods, materials, equipment and displayat all times. Neither API, IOSC, nor the Savannah ConventionCenter, nor their officers, representatives nor employees will beresponsible for any destruction, damage, theft or loss to thesponsor’s property.4. Indemnification: The sponsor assumes entire responsibilityand hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, save and holdharmless API, IOSC, nor the Savannah Convention Center,and their employees and agents against all claims, losses anddamages to persons or property, governmental charges orfines, and reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or causedby sponsor’s participation.International Oil Spill Conference 20145. Insurance: The sponsor/exhibitor acknowledges that API,IOSC, and the Savannah Convention Center do not maintaininsurance covering sponsor property and that it is the soleresponsibility of sponsors and exhibitors to obtain businessinterruption and property damage insurance covering suchlosses by sponsor.6. Event Cancellation: If unusual circumstances prevail and theevent is cancelled, a full refund of the sponsor fee will be madewithin thirty (30) days of the cancellation. Sponsor waives allclaims that may be made against API, IOSC, its employees,agents and assigns, except the right to a refund of the sponsorfee.7. Cancellation: Sponsors may cancel their obligation up toMarch 3, 2014. However, 50% of the fee is non-refundable.Notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing.Send to:Hannah Buchholz or Bobbie ChandlerIOSC Sponsorship Managers2025 M Street, N.W.Washington, DC 20036Phone: 1-202-973-8689IOSCExhibits@courtesyassoc.comwww.ioscexhibits.com8. Assignment: Neither Show Management nor the sponsor mayassign their rights under this Agreement without the expresswritten consent of all the parties.Name (Please Print)CompanyJob TitleSignaturePLEASE RETURN BY APRIL 15, 2014Fax your application to 1-202-973-8716.No cover sheet | 19

Scan the code for more infoor visit 2013 - American Petroleum Institute, all rights reserved. API and the IOSC logo areeither trademarks or registered trademarks of API in the United States and/or other countries.API GIS Creative: 2013-092 | 06.13 | PDF

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