2007 Annual Business Development Report - Niagara Falls, Ontario ...


2007 Annual Business Development Report - Niagara Falls, Ontario ...

2007 Business Development ReportConstruction startedin 2007 on the new$100 million, 58-storey,464-room expansionto the existing HiltonHotel on FallsviewBoulevard.2

Tourism & Commercial Sector OverviewNiagara Convention & Civic Centreretail and entertainment facilities, including theNiagara Falls will be home to the region’sone billion dollar Fallsview Casino Resort.convention and civic centre in 2011. BuildingThe $100 million Niagara Convention andupon significant private sector funding commit-Civic Centre project plans to attract approxi-ments and $70 million in Federal and Provincialmately 500,000 visitors per year to the Niagarafunding, plans for the new convention centreregion and create 1,000 person-years of employ-moved into high gear in 2007. Local municipalment annually. The facility is forecasted toand regional government support was also realizedin the form of leased parking land and thewaiving of potential development charges andproperty taxes for the city-owned facility.With funding secured, the Niagara Conventionand Civic Centre began advertising for apresident and general manager in late 2007. KerryPainter, an Ontario native, was the successfulcandidate and will start in her new position inthe spring of 2008.Cundari Group, the advertising and brandingagency, was retained to design the “brand”awareness campaign for the new facility aimedat the conference and event sector.The convention centre will be located merely500 yards from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls inthe fashionable Fallsview Tourist District. The232,000 sq. ft. complex will feature a 100,000sq. ft. free-span exhibition hall, 30,000 sq. ft.of flexible meeting space, a 500-seat theatre,state-of-the-art technology, and awe inspiringscenery. Presently, the convention centre site issurrounded by 5,000 upscale hotel rooms withina one mile radius, along with numerous dining,generate $93 million in economic benefits annually.Once completed, the project is expected tobe a model for environmental sustainability andwill seek to achieve Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design certification.www.fallsconventions.comNiagara Falls Hilton Hotel expansionunderwayConstruction started on the new 58-storey,464-room expansion to the existing Hilton Hotelon Fallsview Boulevard. Once completed in2010, the $100 million development will includea concert facility for 1,000 people, a spa, and anentertainment and retail area. The developmentis expected to create 600 new jobs and helpsbolster the presence of the ever growing numberof “brand name” tourism and hospitality serviceproviders operating in Niagara.www.niagarafallshilton.comCasino Niagara to remain openThe uncertainty surrounding the future of CasinoNiagara was clarified in 2007 when the Premierof Ontario, Dalton McGuinty stated, “You cancount on two casinos in this community. It’sLocation of the Niagara Convention & Civic Centre.important to you and it’s important to me.”Negotiations for an extension of the 2010 CasinoNiagara lease continues between Casino NiagaraHotels and Ontario Lottery and Gaming.Casino Niagara was constructed within sixmonths thanks to around-the-clock construction,and opened in 1996 by the Government ofOntario. The original plan by the Province was tohave Casino Niagara up and running while theywere planning for a larger casino resort property.The immediate economic boost of CasinoNiagara prompted direct and indirect economicspin-offs from the operation of the casino attraction.During its first two years of operation it wasthe most popular attraction in Canada with anannual attendance figure of 10 million patrons.Casino Niagara generated significant privatesector investment surrounding the casino andother tourism developments.The new $100 millionNiagara Convention &Civic Centre will openin 2011 in Niagara Falls.The 232,000 sq. ft.complex will boast stateof-the-arttechnologyand awe-inspiringscenery.3

2007 Business Development ReportWhen the Niagara Fallsview Casino ResortNiagara Falls to ensure the current and long-Strong popularity of the entertainment venueopened in 2004, the Province of Ontarioterm economic vitality of the local tourismhas prompted Falls Management Company, thecommitted to keeping Casino Niagara in opera-sector, in particular now with the design plan-operators of both Niagara Casinos, to undertaketion, giving Niagara Falls a critical mass of twoning phase of the Niagara Convention & Civica feasibility study to explore the construction ofmajor casino gaming attractions.Changes within the local marketplaceincluding a strengthening Canadian dollar, andCentre proceeding.www.casinoniagara.comwww.fallsviewcasinoresort.coma new 5,000-7,000 seat entertainment venue aspart of the Fallsview Casino Resort complex.Both Niagara Falls casinos have placed a417 Noir, located insidethe Niagara FallsviewCasino Resort, receivedan Award of Excellencefrom the prestigiousThe Wine Spectatormagazine.increased competition from a new casino inNiagara Falls, New York, gave rise to concernsregarding the long-term plans for Casino Niagara.Local business owners expressed to the Provinceof Ontario that $2 billion dollars of private sectorinvestment in the community is fueled by havingboth casinos remain open in Niagara Falls.Championed by the private sector, acommittee was formed to include tourismoperators, and city officials. An economic impactstudy was prepared and presented to Provincialofficials indicating the economic powerof keeping open both casinos. Lobbying andpublic awareness campaigns for the two-casinoinitiative stressed the economic impact closingCasino Niagara would have on local businesses,families and the community in general. Bothcasinos, Casino Niagara and the Niagara FallsviewResort, are seen as being significant to theattraction of visitors and are considered integralcomponents to future tourism development inNiagara Falls and the Niagara as a whole.The committee will continue to lobby theProvince to keep both casinos operating inFallsview Galleria update -New Stores & AttractionsNew retail and entertainment attractions atthe Fallsview Casino Resort Galleria in 2007included:• Shoeless Joe’s sport-themed casual diningrestaurant;• LaVie en Rose elegant lingerie boutique;• Bikini Bay swimwear for women and men;• Royal Doulton fine gift ware boutique;• Fans sports emporium and gift store;.For a complete listing of Galleria shops, visitwww.fallsviewcasinoresort.com.Niagara Fallsview Casino Resortentertainment venue newsThe Avalon Ballroom, Niagara Fallsview CasinoResort’s popular entertainment venue, continuedto book premier entertainers during 2007.Changes to the venue’s ticket policy now limitshows to persons 19 years of age or older. Plansfor 2008 will see an enhanced roster of marqueeentertainers added to the show season includinglegends such as former Beatle Ringo Starr andTonight Show host Jay Leno.greater emphasis on improving their on-siteentertainment offerings in an effort to boostattendance at the resort properties.www.fallsviewcasino.com17 Noir recognized by The WineSpectator MagazineThe Wine Spectator listed the most wine-savvyrestaurants in Ontario during 2007. Included onthe list of 86 award-winning restaurants was17 Noir in the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort,for the Best of Award of Excellence and MonticelloGrille and Wine Bar (Niagara Falls) whichreceived an Award of Excellence.New Westin Hotel announcedCanadian Niagara Hotels announced their plansto build a new $130 million Westin Fallsview atthe east end of Robinson Street at the top of themoraine, near the Skylon Tower. The 26-storey,518-suite Westin Fallsview Hotel will employ 600people. Plans for the new hotel include a conferencespace, an upscale spa, a 200-seat restauranton the top floor with panoramic views of NiagaraFalls and an indoor aquatic center that includesa swimming pool and slide.

Tourism & Commercial Sector Overview2007 Performance Figures (April 1, 2007 - March 31, 2008 - Fiscal Year)Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino Resort (Consolidated)Gaming Revenue($ Million)Number of Patrons(Daily Average)April 1 - June 30/07 July 1 - Sept. 30/07 Oct. 1 - Dec. 31/07 Jan. 1 - March 31/08FIRSTQuarter ofFiscal 2007-8YTDSECONDQuarter ofFiscal 2007-8YTDTHIRDQuarter ofFiscal 2007-8YTDFOURTHQuarter ofFiscal 2007-8$157.4 $157.4 $172.4 $329.8 $152.0 $481.8 N/A N/A30,885 2,810,559 33,360 6,104,960 30,640 8,426,091 N/A N/ASlot Machines 4,791 4,807 4,819 N/A N/AYTDTable Games 200 200 194 N/A N/AEmployees 5,236 5,236 5,181 N/A N/AN/A - Figures Not Available at Time of Publication2006 Performance Figures (April 1, 2006 - March 31, 2007 - Fiscal Year)Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino Resort (Consolidated)Gaming Revenue($ Million)Number of Patrons(Daily Average)April 1 - June 30/06 July 1 - Sept. 30/06 Oct. 1 - Dec. 31/06 Jan. 1 - March 31/07FIRSTQuarter ofFiscal 2006-7YTDSECONDQuarter ofFiscal 2006-7YTDTHIRDQuarter ofFiscal 2006-7YTDFOURTHQuarter ofFiscal 2006-7$168.1 $168.1 $165.4 $333.5 $158.4 $491.9 $151.8 $643.730,733 2,796,680 34,428 6,300,266 32,729 9,000,398 30,630 11,180,101Slot Machines 4,887 4,889 4,886 4,767YTDLobbying efforts byCity officials and localstakeholders paidoff in 2007 with theProvince of Ontario’sannouncement to keepboth Casino Niagaraand Fallsview CasinoResort operating inNiagara Falls.Table Games 219 218 210 196Employees 5,478 5,147 5,009 5,1105

2007 Business Development ReportCanadian Niagara Hotels has more thanCountry Inn & SuitesEducational tours in English, French, Italian,2,000 hotel rooms in Niagara Falls, includingCountry Inn & Suites located at 5525 VictoriaGerman, Spanish, Japanese, Korean andthe Crowne Plaza (Brock), Sheraton on theFalls, Skyline Inn and Inn on the Parkway. TheAvenue (near Bender Hill) opened in May 2007.The new $8 million, seven-storey, 110-room innMandarin are available at the gallery.www.krieghoff.ca6The Krieghoff GalleryCafé on Victoria Avenuefeatures the worksof artist CorneliusKrieghoff (1815-1872).Johnny Rocco’s ItalianGrill opened in 2007 atthe former location ofFrank’s Tomato Pie onthe corner of Lundy’sLane and DorchesterRoad.company also owns a Days Inn in Niagara Falls,N.Y. near the Rainbow Bridge. In 2006 it openedthe Fallsview Indoor Water Park that neighboursCasino Niagara and the Rainbow Bridge.www.niagarafallshotels.comNew owners for Sheraton FallsviewThe Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, which has beenoperating since 1990, was acquired by Abovethe Falls Inc.www.fallsview.comRenaissance Fallsview Hotel soldLong-time owners the Saks family, sold theRenaissance Fallsview Hotel (6455 FallsviewBlvd.) property to Fallsview Group Inc. in 2007.The new owners have prepared their renovation/additionplans for the hotel and will startconstruction in the spring of 2008. The FallsviewPlaza Hotel addition will include 120 rooms tobring the hotel up to a total of 382 rooms. Thenew brand name will be “Four Points by SheratonNiagara Falls - Fallsview” and will include a newEast Side Mario’s 1220-seat restaurant plus retailand attraction space.www.fallsviewplaza.comoffers guests a friendly “welcome home” atmosphere.Guests are minutes away from CliftonHill, Casino Niagara, Great Canadian Midway,Ripley’s Entertainment and a short walk downthe hill to Victoria Park for a close up view ofthe falls. The inn is 100% smoke free and offerscomplimentary breakfast, indoor pool, whirlpool,fitness centre, games room, high-speed internetaccess and meeting space for up to 75 people.www.countryinns.com/hotels/onniafalKrieghoff Gallery CaféKrieghoff Gallery Café is a unique cultural andeducational setting in Niagara Falls, located at5470 Victoria Avenue (near Bender Hill/CasinoNiagara). The featured artist, Cornelius Krieghoff(1815-1872), was a passionate painter ofpeople and nature in North America who foundhis inspiration in the everyday lives of ordinarypeople and the surrounding countryside. Theimages of people, village life, travelers on horsesleigh and merchants selling their wares werebeautifully captured by Krieghoff.Peter Meier converted a historic property intoan elegant gallery and café. The Café featuresNiagara wines and fine spirits, desserts andspecialty coffees. Lunch menu includes homemadesoups, quiche, sandwiches, salads etc.Sandstone RestaurantSandstone Restaurant, formerly known as Tony’sPlace on Victoria Avenue, underwent a completeredesign renovation and opened in the summerof 2007.Johnny Rocco’s Italian GrillJohnny Rocco’s Italian Grill opened in September2007 at the former Frank’s Tomato Pie site onthe north-east corner of Lundy’s Lane andDorchester Road. Niagara partners in the restaurantinclude Fernando Coavechia, Rocco Valleriani,Frank Ianniello and Tony Visca. The themeof the decor to the menu is designed for casualelegance where families will enjoy great serviceand “Nona’s home-style cooking.www.johnnyroccos.comClifton Hill Fudge Factory StoreHOCO Ltd. opened the new Fudge Factory storeon Clifton Hill in the spring of 2007. The newfudge, candy and collectibles outlet was built onthe site of the old Falls Tower location.www.cliftonhill.com‘Build a Bear’ comes to Niagara FallsNiagara Falls is set to become the newest homeof the highly popular ‘Build a Bear’ stores.Construction began in 2007 on a new Build a

Tourism & Commercial Sector OverviewBear shop on Victoria Ave. next to Ripley’s LouisTussauds Wax Museum at the top of Clifton Hill.The store will be opening in the spring of 2008.www.buildabear.caSterling Inn and SpaNiagara Falls’ first boutique hotel opened in2007. The Sterling Inn and Spa, located at5195 Magdalen St., describes itself as a fusionbetween a luxury hotel and a fine inn that catersto couples. Located on the site of the formerBorden’s Dairy, the Sterling builds upon theheritage of the former landmark dairy.Owner Ashak Merani acquired the propertyin 2005 and began designing the new hotel.During the design phase, it became evidentthat a major reconstruction was needed. Butthe owner, architect, and designers of the hotelpurposefully tried to maintain some elementsof the original building. This can be seen inthe exposed ceiling beams, as well as the verydistinctive three-storey milk bottle entrance thatstill stands at the front of the Sterling Inn.The ultra contemporary inn and spa offersthree styles of rooms, a full service spa and finedining restaurant. Each room contains a fireplace,wet bar, refrigerator, flat panel television,and Jacuzzi tub.www.sterlingniagara.comNew Motel 6Niagara Falls welcomed a new six-storey,132-room Motel 6 in August 2007. Located on1 - Construction of a new58-storey addition to theHilton Hotel was startedin 2007.2 - The Country Inn &Suites on VictoriaAvenue opened in 20073 - A new six-storey,132-room Motel 6opened on StanleyAvenue.4 - Niagara Falls’ firstboutique hotel - TheSterling Inn & Spa,opened at the site offormer Borden’s DairyPlant.7

2007 Business Development Report8Niagara’s Fury, the new$7 million attraction, will beunveiled in 2008 as part ofthe $32 million Table RockHouse redevelopment.Niagara Falls welcomedseveral Disney attractionsin 2007 as Mickey andMinnie Mouse were onhand to flip the switch tostart the 25 th Annual WinterFestival of Lights, and SilverMist Productions broughtthe Disney Classic Beautyand the Beast to life on thestage.Stanley Avenue, it is within walking distancefrom the falls, attractions on Clifton Hill, andCasino Niagara. Motel 6 is offering low introductoryrates and their guest rooms feature flatscreentelevisions, free wireless Internet, andmini-fridges.www.motel6.comTable Rock House redevelopmentThe Niagara Parks Commission began work ona $32 million dollar renovation project at TableRock Point in 2007. This two year project willinclude enclosing the incline railway from theFallsview area to enable year-round operation. Itwill also include an overhead pedestrian bridgewalkway over the heavily traveled NiagaraParkway and include major renovations at theTable Rock Pavilion which will see the roofraised and a third floor added.The new Table Rock Pavilion will house a newmulti-million dollar simulation attraction named“The Fury,” a candy shop, and a new restaurant“Elements on the Falls” featuring open flamecooking with an Artisan twist. Further additionsinclude a Bridge of Flowers, which will showcasea distinctive Clock Tower providing coveredpedestrian access to the Center from the FallsviewTourist Area and a Grand Hall year-roundviewing Gallery.Construction is expected to be completed inthe summer of 2008.www.niagaraparks.comMarineland adds Topple Tower familythrill rideVisitors to Marineland experienced a new thrillin 2007 with the addition of the new ToppleTower family thrill ride. Only the second ride ofits kind in North America, the dipping, swirlingTopple Tower takes riders up 21.3 metres (70 feet)skyward in a circular gondola and then tilts backand forth at 60 degrees while the vehicle rotatesgiving the feeling of toppling over.The Topple Tower is the latest in a seriesof new attractions at the Portage Road familyamusement and game park. In addition to severalrecently added attractions, progress continuesto be made on the new River Country attractionwhich owner John Holer Sr. believes will be fullycompleted in the next three years.www.marineland.caWinter Festival of Lights celebrates25 yearsThe Winter Festival of Lights (WFOL) celebratedits 25 th anniversary in 2007. Opening Ceremoniesfor the 2007 Winter Festival of Lights in NiagaraFalls featured special guests Disney’s © MickeyMouse and Minnie Mouse who were on handto flip the switch to illuminate hundreds ofanimated displays, three million tree and groundlights, and launch a kaleidoscope of fireworks tobegin the celebrations.The 2007 WFOL also featured a calendarfull of festive events including the Niagara FallsComedy Fest; The Martins Gospel Concert; TheMantini Sisters Holiday Concert; and daily Fireworksover the Falls.WFOL in Niagara Falls is the foremost illuminationfestival in Canada. With three millionsparkling lights and more than 120 animateddisplays, the festival attracts over 1.3 millionpeople annually. The WFOL has been nameda 2007 Top 50 Festival by Festivals & EventsOntario and honoured as a 2008 InternationalKnown Event by the American Bus Association.www.wfol.comDisney’s Beauty and the BeastSilver Mist Productions Inc. Beauty and theBeast, Disney’s famous musical performedduring the Winter Festival of Lights at theNiagara Centre for the Arts. Formerly known asthe auditorium for the Niagara Falls CollegiateVocational Institute (NFCVI High School), thecentre is owned by Kingston College and wasfreshened up with a new colour scheme, newcarpet, new concession stands and a new boxoffice. The theatre has also been outfitted withnew, high-end audio and lighting componentswhich help in attracting shows like Silver Mist’spresentation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.The Epworth Circle facility offers a largestage and 1,000 seats. Only the Avalon Ballroomat the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort has moreseats with 1,500. Theatre continues to flourish

Tourism & Commercial Sector Overviewin Niagara Falls and is the second production ofSilver Mist Productions who in 2006 introducedDisney’s Aladin Jr. to audiences with performancesat the Greg Frewin Theatre.www.silvermist.caCirque NiagaraCirque Niagara returned to Niagara Falls for asecond season in the spring of 2007. The showran between May and September at their RapidsviewPark location.Wirewalker Jay CochraneFamed wirewalker Jay Cochrane walked on thehigh-wire at the Skylon Tower twice-daily duringthe summer of 2007. Cochrane, at 63 years ofage, signs his photos after each walk and anydonations that he receives for the autographs arecontributed to the Tender Wishes Foundation.www.jaycochrane.comFriendly Foes Above the Fallsdraws 3,500 spectatorsNiagara Falls was once again home to Canada’sbiggest propellor-only air show. On June 7-9,2007, the Russell Aviation Group hosted the thirdannual Friendly Foes Above the Falls Air Showat the Niagara South Airport. The former WWIIAirstrip located at Sodom Road and the Q.E.W.Highway welcomed more than 3,500 aviationfans from across Ontario and the United States.Plans are well underway for the 2008 show whichis scheduled for June 14-15.www.therussellgroupairshow.com1 - $32 million redevelopmentof Table RockHouse by the NiagaraParks Commission.2 - Friendly Foes Above theFalls Air Show attracts3,500 spectators.3, 4 - The 25 th AnnualWinter Festival of Lightslights up Niagara Falls5 - HOCO Ltd. opened anew Fudge Factory storeon Clifton Hill in 2007.6 - VIA Rail employees loadbicycles on the Niagarato Toronto Bike Train.The highly successfulpilot project enabledTorontonians and theirbicycles to visit Niagaraduring the summer of2007.9

2007 Business Development Report10Transit remains a keypriority to the growth ofNiagara’s economy. In2007, the City of NiagaraFalls initiated talkswith senior levels ofGovernment in an effortto bring increased railand bus service to ourarea.VIA Bike Train comes to Niagara FallsA new tourism initiative in 2007 saw bike racksonboard VIA Rail trains. The VIA Rail BikeTrains traveled from Toronto to Niagara Fallsand were equipped with a baggage car thataccommodated up to 56 bicycles. Cost for theround-trip ticket was $59 and $35 for a one-waytrip. The train ran for four weekends duringthe summer of 2007: July 21-23; August 11-12;August 18-20; and August 25-26. The pilot wasa great success and VIA Rail Bike service is setto run in the 2008 cycle season.www.biketrain.caNiagara Falls Tourism Development Proposals (2008-2011)ProjectPeople Mover System ProjectProgress continues to be made on the developmentof a transportation system to help movevisitors and the local labour force to and from thetourism districts in the City of Niagara Falls. Theproject is guided by a non-executive SteeringCommittee representing the City of Niagara Falls,Niagara Parks Commission, Ontario Lottery &Gaming and Falls Management Company. Allof the Committee’s decisions require approvalby Niagara Falls City Council, the Commission ofNiagara Parks and the Boards of Ontario Lotteryand Gaming and Falls Management Company,respectively.The first step in the process was the RFQissued on March 27, 2003. The second stepwas RFP(I) issued December 2003. Short-listedrespondents, Mitsubishi Corporation, NiagaraGreenway Consortium, and SNC-Lavalin Engineersand Contractors will be invited to respondto RFP (I) anticipated to be issued in the summerof 2008. Submissions will be reviewed by theSelection Committee who will select a preferredproponent by early 2009.DescriptionHilton Hotel Expansion $100 million; 58-storey; 464-room; Construction start 2007Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Former Renaissance Hotel; Expansion construction start 2008Niagara Parks Commission Table RockHouse Restoration Project$32 million; New $7 million ‘Niagara Fury’ themed attractionUnder construction. Opening in 2008Niagara Convention & Civic Centre $100 million; 232,000 sq. ft. complex; Opening 2011Westin Hotel (Robinson St.)Rainbow Tower HotelSheraton Fallsview HotelSkylon Tower Hotel Towers (2)HOCO HotelMarriott Courtyard Hotel TowerExpansion26-storey; 518-suite; 200-seat restaurant59-storey; 556 roomsSecond Tower expansion26-storey; 250-room units; 24-storey; 298-room units28-storey, 294-room units with ancillary waterpark adjacentto, Clifton Hill, Great Canadian Midway30-storey; 475-room unitsGO ServicePreliminary discussions began with officialsfrom GO investigating the viability of a minimized“Stop & Go” service from Toronto toNiagara Falls.

Tourism & Commercial Sector OverviewHistoric Drummondville CIP(Community Improvement Plan)(Main & Ferry District)Historic Drummondville Community ImprovementPlan (Main & Ferry District) was adoptedby Council in the Fall of 2006 and was sent tothe Province of Ontario in early January 2007 forapproval of the plan.The Historic Drummondville CIP promotesthe re-establishment of a vibrant mixed use areaby encouraging the development of a Vintner’sMarketplace to replace Sylvia Place Market andthe development of the Lundy’s Lane Battlefieldas a historic tourist destination. These two keymunicipality-led projects are designed to signalthe City’s commitment to this area and act as acatalyst for private sector investment.Redevelopment opportunities for other keysites in the district include vacant sites such asthe former Coca-Cola plant which will encouragethe re-establishment of higher order for commercialuses and multi-residential investment intothe area. There are also a series of complementarymunicipal actions including streetscape andgateway improvements.The CIP includes a comprehensive packageof incentive programs designed to stimulateprivate sector investment in building, rehabilitation,redevelopment and new developmentin the area. An Implementation Action Planaccompanies the CIP which provides the Leadershipsteps for the realization of the plan. Threetargeted improvements being recommended aspriority are: Vintner’s Marketplace, development/promotion of the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield historicsignificance, a tourist destination, and for theimprovements of the connectivity between theHistoric Drummondville area and the FallsviewTourist District.www.niagarafalls.ca/reports/index.asp• Farmers’ Market Feasibility Studyand Business PlanThe redevelopment of the Niagara FallsSylvia Place Farmers’ Market will provide aneeded boost to the Market’s sustainability.The Feasibility Study and Business Plan willbe presented to City Council in the spring of2008.• War of 1812 Bicentennial CelebrationsPlans for celebrating the 200 th anniversaryof the War of 1812 in Niagara Falls movedforward in 2007 with the formation of the1812-2012 Task Force. The new committeewill coordinate commemorative activitiesplanned within the City of Niagara Fallsand will provide/promote a comprehensiveschedule of all commemorative activities andevents leading up to 2012 and through to theend of 2014.Committee membership includes representativesfrom the City of Niagara Falls, NiagaraFalls Museums, business and communityvolunteer organizations.Celebrating one of the most significanthappenings in Canadian history (the War of1812) will bring economic and communitybenefits to the city of Niagara Falls before,during, and after 2012 through increasedtourism. The Lundy’s Lane Legacy Project,will be our community’s permanent, stateof-the-artvisitor centre for Niagara Falls residentsand international visitors to discoverour city’s significant role in forming the borderbetween the United States and Canada.www.niagarafallsmuseum.ca• Lundy’s Lane Legacy ProjectThe approaching Bicentennial of the War of1812 provides an opportunity to focus publicattention on the Lundy’s Lane HistoricalMuseum and to use this nationally significantevent as a catalyst to address long-standingrestoration, expansion and conservation needsfor Niagara Falls’ civic museum, while demonstratingmunicipal leadership in support of therevitalization of Historic Drummondville. TheMuseum building, its collection, its locationwithin the historic Stamford Town Hall andits proximity to the Lundy’s Lane BattlefieldSite and Market, position it as a central hubfor the uptown district of Niagara Falls.The Concept Plan for the Lundy’s LaneLegacy Project outlines an approach tosignificantly expand the size, programmingcapabilities of the museum, while estab-Plans for celebratingthe 200 th anniversary ofthe War of 1812 movedforward in 2007 withthe formation of the1812-2012 Task Force.11

2007 Business Development Reportlishing a stronger visual presence for this keyto assist in the operations of the Main StreetCanadian Historical battleground in Niagaraflower and gift market. Interior renovationsFalls. Major elements of the expanded Visitorof building’s old store-front have helped toCentre include a museum centre which willcreate an artistic and authentic olde-towninclude additional state-of-the-art permanentsetting for the design studio.exhibits, new space for traveling exhibits,Petrullo will be featured in the April, Richexpanded indoor and outdoor educationBride, Poor Bride series airing on the Sliceoutreach space that will service the commu-Television Network.nity and inviting to visitors.• New opportunities for investment• Patterson Funeral HomeThe closing of Saks Furniture provides a greatPatterson Funeral Home’s expansion/renova-opportunity for new investment in the Uptowntions is the first approved application for theDistrict. The Regal Restaurant, Main StreetCity’s Community Improvement Plan financialCafé will re-open in 2008 under new manage-programs. The owners retained Schneiderment. Many other service tenants have movedConstruction to build their significant expan-into the Uptown District in the past year,sion to the Main Street building. The existingincluding Kelly’s Hair Design and a new Dayfuneral home (7,000 sq. ft.) was constructed inSpa which will be opening on Main Street in1830 and represents one of the oldest and besta redeveloped home.12preserved buildings in the area. The architecturalstyle is considered to be neoclassical.The $2 million, 8,485 sq. ft. expansion beganin late 2007 and will continue into 2008.www.pattersonfuneralhome.com• Petrullo Floral Design StudioPetrullo Floral Design Studio is one of thenewest businesses to open in the district(December 2007). Owner, Marty Petrulloclaims that he was inspired by his grandfather,Dr. Charles Petrullo, to open his ownbusiness. Petrullo relies on the strong supportand commitment he receives from his familyDowntown CIP (Community ImprovementPlan)Over the winter of 2007-2008, Historic Niagarathe large developer who owns 60+ propertiesin the downtown district started major interiorrenovations on many of their buildings.The Community Artist Collective onQueen Street will be officially unveiled duringthe Victoria Day weekend in 2008. Openingin spring of 2008, will be the following artgalleries:• Four Triple Five (4555 Queen St.) CulinaryArt, Live Music, Art Gallery, Book StoreLundy’s Lane LegacyProject (HistoricalMuseum VisitorCentre & Battlefield)A new Concept Planoutlines an approachto significantlyexpand the sizeand programmingcapabilities of themuseum and includesstate-of-the-artexhibit capabilities.

Tourism & Commercial Sector Overview• Perspective Art Gallery (4444 Queen St.)Risk SecurityArt School, Gallery and Art Supplies. PumphouseTour - Doug Vanasselstine• Niagara Gallery (4323 Queen St.) Visual ArtGallery, “Go Figure”, Chris Pew, PumphouseTour - Dean Tedesco• House of Art (4438 Queen St.) Visual ArtGallery, Pumphouse Tour - Rick Jacksties• Take 5 Studio Gallery (4430 Queen St.)Visual Art Gallery, Pumphouse Tour - ChrisWitvoet• Jonathan Adam Glass Blowing Gallery,(4440 Queen St.) Artistic Glass BlowingGallery• Brother Loose Films (4536 Queen St.)Visual Art, Film, music video and multimediacreations.• Capture (4661 Queen Street) Capture,A Centre for Photography.• Corlis (4554 Queen Street) Visual Art Displayfeaturing Wayne Corlis paint removal pieces.• Tossounian Gallery (4515 Queen St.) NewAge Visual Art Gallery – Jeannette• Maiden Niagara (4634 Queen St.) Localartist market featuring jewelry, glass and alltypes of craft. – Johannes Chapman• Van Eyk Media (4584 Erie Ave.) VideoDisplay - Paul Lacroix & Todd Van• John Newby (4400 Queen St.) Well establishedN-O-T-L artist coming in 2008.Risk Security will be moving into their new officelocation on Bridge Street early in 2008.Edwin’s Restaurant & Sunshine CateringEdwin’s Restaurant & Sunshine Catering, 4400Queen Street, Chef Edwin graduated from the City& Guild Chef’s College in England and is a twotimeChef of the Year for the Sheraton Hotels.www.sunshinecatering.caThe Watering Can Flower MarketThe Watering Can Flower Market, 4413 Queen Street,is an authentic European-style shop that opened in2007 in the heart of downtown Niagara Falls.www.thewateringcan.caFarr Lumber becomes RonaFarr Lumber on First Avenue became Rona FarrLumber in the summer of 2007, Co-owner TrishO’Neill was approached by representatives fromRona in February 2007 who were interested inconsolidating the do-it-yourself renovation marketin Niagara Falls. The deal with Rona will allowFarr Lumber to remain a family-owned operation,but gain the benefits of a wider product offeringand brand support offered by Rona. Rona FarrLumber will remain in its First Avenue locationand undergo extensive renovations which will becompleted by the spring 2008. The existing RonaCashway store on Montrose Road closed at theend of August 2007, with a majority of the staffjoining the Rona Farr Lumber operation.Proposed Commercial Business Openings,Development Proposals Expected in 2007-08DevelopmentCanadian TireLoblaw’s GreatCanadianSuperstorePartSourceDescription1 - Petrullo Floral Designopened in December2007. Owner MartyPetrullo, working withthe support of hisfamily, has transformedan old store into agreat flower market,design and gift studio.Petrullo Flower Designin one of the City’sfirst CIP projectsin the HistoricalDrummondville CIPDistrict.2,3 - Patterson FuneralHome is undertaking a$1.5 million, 8,485 sq.ft.expansion expected tobe completed in 2008.New 65,000 sq. ft. storeproposed for Niagara SquareConstruction expected tobegin on 202,000 sq. ft. store inspring 2007.6812 Lundy’s Lane.7300 sq. ft. under construction.Opening spring 200713

2007 Business Development Report14Niagara Square redevelopmentNiagara Square, Niagara Falls’ shopping centre(308,153 sq. ft.) celebrated the mall’s 30 th Anniversaryin 2007. The “Square” is home to theCity’s Arts & Culture Wall of Fame and servesas a meeting/special events location for NiagaraFalls residents.Many changes have taken place over theyears at Niagara Square including ownership.In 2004, RIOCAN, Canada’s largest real estateinvestment trust company, purchased the shoppingcentre. The enclosed retail complex, locatedon Montrose Road off the QEW at McLeod Road,completed its first phase of redevelopment in2006. Phase I included the demolition of theformer Zellers store and the addition of severalnew, strong, national tenants including Winners,Linens “N” Things, Future Shop and Petceterawho joined existing tenants, Cineplex OdeonCinemas and Sport Chek. LA Weight Loss Centreopened in January 2007.The second phase of redevelopment workcontinued in late 2007 with the demolition of theformer Bay store and the start of constructionon several new stores including: Michaels Arts& Crafts; JYSK Bed & Linens; and a MandarinRestaurant buffet. In 2008, fashion retailer AdditionElle and Apple Jacks restaurant will beadded to the “Square” tenant mix. A new CanadianTire store is expected to begin constructionin 2008.www.riocan.comVillarboit Holdings Ltd.Villarboit Development Corporation, a familyowneddeveloper, purchased 30 acres of commercial-zonedland from the City of Niagara Falls in2007. The developer is proposing a 200,000 sq.ft. commercial/retail centre at the site, whichis located off the QEW McLeod Road exit atMontrose Road (across the street from the City’sMacBain Community Centre).Oakwood Place Shopping Centre Inc.(Smart Centres Limited)Located at the QEW south-east intersectionMcLeod Road at Oakwood Drive, Smart CentresLimited is planning a 40,000 square metre(430,570 sq. ft.) shopping centre including a13,500 to 20,500 square metre (145,300 to 220,668sq. ft.) department store, a 4,800 to 14,000 squaremetre (51,668 to 150,700 sq. ft.) home improvementcentre, up to 7,000 square metres (75,350sq. ft.) of other retail stores and personal serviceshops, commercial services, restaurants, automotiveservices, recreational and entertainmentuses, hotels and motels.www.smartcentres.comPetro Canada Gas Station and NeighboursFood and Convenience StoreNiagara Falls became the latest home for therapidly expanding Neighbours franchises in 2007.Neighbours is a new retail concept designedto address the busy lives of customers whoare usually under time crunches to gas up atPetro Canada’s newly designed stations and thenfill up on healthy fast food or the required travelsnacks. Robert Pennacchietti, a Niagara native,returned to Niagara Falls to open up the 12 thNeighbours/Petro Canada gas station in Ontariolocated at 7307 Oakwood Drive (southeast cornerof the intersection of the QEW and McLeod Road).Neighbours prides themselves on makinga difference in the local community and in thespirit of being a good neighbour, during theDecember 8, 2007 Grand Opening, Mr. Pennacchiettipresented a $1,000 cheque to supporta local minor hockey house league team. The482.43 square metre facility has helped generate30 full and part-time jobs.New Shoppers Drug Mart StoresThe Raceway Centre, a new commercial plazadeveloped by Goldmanco Inc., welcomed a newShoppers Drug Mart store in 2007. Formerlylocated at Niagara Square, the 17,203 sq. ft.Shoppers Drug Mart store is the anchor tenantin the 5125 Montrose Road Plaza.The Lundy’s Lane Shoppers Drug Mart planswere approved in 2007 and construction beganlate in the year. Completion and relocation to thenew Lundy’s Lane location is expected to takeplace in summer, 2008.Stamford Green Plaza renovationsThe owners of the Stamford Green Plaza at 3483Portage Road completed exterior improvements

Tourism & Commercial Sector Overviewincluding a major façade replacement in 2007.The established commercial centre is home to atenant mix of retail and service industries.Sears Appliance Store opensDrew Bates, locally owned and operated SearsAppliance Store opened June 2007 at 4420Drummond Road.Bank of Montreal opens new branchThe Bank of Montreal completed construction ofa new $1.3 million branch located on MorrisonStreet. The project was completed in September.Caswell’s relocates to Mount CarmelPlazaThis family owned and operated men’s apparelstore relocated to the Mount Carmel Plaza onMontrose Road. The store specializes in men’sformal attire, Tilley men’s and women’s hat andclothing line.My Top Drawer opens in Mount CarmelPlazaMy Top Drawer ladies wear moved into theMount Carmel Plaza on Montrose Road. My TopDrawer is a Canadian retailer of fine lingerie andsleepwear for women of all styles and sizeswww.mytopdrawer.com1,2 - Renovations toRIOCAN’s NiagaraSquare Shopping Mallcontinued in 2007. Planscall for a new MichaelsCraft Store, JYSK HomeFurnishings, MandarinRestaurant, Applejack’sRestaurant and CanadianTire Superstore3 - Smart Centres Ltd. hasbig plans for the OakwoodPlace ShoppingCentre located at thecorner of McLeod Roadand Oakwood Drive.4 - A new NeighboursConvenience and FoodStore was built alongsidea Petro Canadastation on OakwoodDrive in 2007.5 - Autoline Toyota openedat its new location onThorold Stone Road inearly 2007.6 - Two Shoppers DrugMart stores were underconstruction in NiagaraFalls during 2007.15

2007 Business Development ReportMinacs expands employmentCall centre operator Aditya Birla Minacs hiredThe AutoDream GroupThe AutoDream Group moved into the formerNew ‘Golf Resort Lifestyle’ residentialcommunities planned for development16100 new workers at its Montrose Road NiagaraFalls location in 2007. Minacs call centre waspurchased ($200 million) last year by TransWorksInformation Services Ltd. of India.www.minacs.adityabirla.comNiagara Chrysler Sales and ServiceA new Chrysler dealer opened in Niagara Fallsin March 2007, Niagara Chrysler Sales andService is located at 4421 Drummond Road andoffers Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles aswell as pre-owned vehicles.www.niagarachrysler.caAuto Value HyundaiAuto Value Hyundai Dealership relocated fromtheir Montrose Road site to the former Mitsubishicomplex at 7888 Oakwood Drive in the southendof the City.www.autovaluehyundai.caAutoline Toyota expands, hiresadditional staffAutoline Toyota celebrated the grand openingof their new location on Thorold Stone Road inearly 2007. The auto dealership relocated to theirnew, 23,670 sq. ft. state of the art $3.29 millionfacility and plans to boost their employment byadditional 15 percent.Newville Candles (Swagelok) 50,000 sq. ft.facility, 4605 Kent Ave. in April 2007. Formerlyknown as the Quality Restoration company,AutoDream’s new facility includes a 30,000 sq.ft. workspace for retrofitting classic cars. Theyspecialize in concourse restoration, protourand full customization, working with hot rods,British imports and North American classics.The AutoDream Group, lead by co-owner,Doug Fowler, also has a secure indoor storagearea that is kept at a 65 degrees temperatureand state-of-the art security to protect theshowcase cars that are retrofit at the shop.In addition to providing high-qualitycustomization and restoration services, Auto-Dream offers a parts service, vintage storage,and sales and consignment services.www.theautodreamgroup.comPart Source Opens on Lundy’s LaneCanada’s fastest-growing automotive specialistsopened a new location in Niagara Falls inMay 2007. PartSource is an automotive partsspecialty store designed to meet the needs ofmajor purchasers of auto parts for professionalautomotive installers and serious do-it-yourselfers.The new 7,300 square foot retail outletis located at 6812 Lundy’s Lane on the site of theformer Salvation Army buildingwww.partsource.ca• Warren WoodsWarren Woods is a 301-acre “complete community”planned development by Sentex Developmentsand located near the QEW interchange ofMcLeod on Montrose Rd. The development planswill be coming forward to the City in 2008 and willinclude places for businesses to locate, people tolive in an environmentally friendly housing subdivisionand will include recreation uses (i.e. golfcourse, pathways).• Thundering Waters residentialcommunityThundering Waters is John Daly’s first “signature”golf course in Canada. In partnership with MountainviewHomes, the developers are proposing a‘lifestyle’ community to be built around the goldcourse development. Further planning proposalswill be presented in 2008.www.thunderingwaters.com• Grand Niagara Golf Resort movesforward on second courseGrand Niagara Golf Resort is moving forward onthe planning phase for the second golf-course atthe Niagara Falls resort. The new Greg Normandesigned course is scheduled to open in 2010.Further planning proposals will be presented in2008 and will include accommodation and housingdevelopments on the 800-acre development.www.grandniagararesort.com

Tourism & Commercial Sector OverviewNiagara Falls Commercial Sector Development Proposals (2008-2011)ProjectDescriptionSmart Centres Ltd.Wal-Mart Supercentre; Home Improvement Centre430,570 sq. ft.Villarboit Commercial DevelopmentGrocery Store; 30 acres, 200,000 sq. ft. commercialdevelopment.Niagara Square Shopping MallHistoric Drummondville CIPUptown DistrictDowntown CIP DistrictMandarin Restaurant; JYSK Bed & Linens; Michaels Art &Crafts; Apple Jacks Restaurant; Addition Elle; Canadian Tire;Under construction. Opening in 2008Patterson Funeral Home expansion; Main Street Farmer’sMarket; Lundy’s Lane Legacy Project & Battleground VisitorCentre / MuseumTheatres; Art Galleries; Restaurants1 - The AutoDream Groupopens on Kent Avenue.2 - Part Source AutoSupply now servesNiagara Falls from isLundy’s Lane location3 - Auto Value Hyundaimoved to OakwoodDrive in 2007.17

2007 Business Development ReportJay Wright, President and CEO of Vincor Canada (centre) joins Mayor Ted Salci, Vincoremployees and local dignitaries in celebrating the completion of a new 34,000 sq. ft.bottling and warehouse operation at Vincor’s Niagara Cellars on Dorchester Road.18

Industrial Sector OverviewVincor Canada completes Phase II ofthe winery’s $21 million Niagara FallsCellars expansionVincor Canada celebrated the completion oftwo milestones in their multi-phase, $21 millionexpansion to the company’s Niagara Falls Cellarsoperations in 2007.In July, Vincor officials, employees and localmunicipal leaders marked the official opening ofa 34,000 sq. ft. warehouse and bottling facilityat their Dorchester Road location. The bottlingoperations improved process flow changeswhich included the investment in a new filler forpremium VQA wines, which ensures the gentlesthandling of the wine from barrel to bottle.The second phase of the expansion projectincluded the construction of a new 23,000 sq. ft.vintage house for red wine fermentation and anaging cellar. The new vintage house will be dedicatedexclusively to the production of premiumquality Ontario VQA wines. Construction of thenew vintage house was completed in time forthe 2007 harvest. The warm dry summer broughta slightly reduced crop with smaller berry size,intensity in flavour and colouring showing greatvarietal characteristics for the 2007 vintage.Both projects were part of an ongoingimprovement initiative at Vincor’s Niagara Fallsoperations. The final phase of the expansion isexpected to be completed by 2011 and will becontingent on normal harvests over the next fiveyears.Vincor Canada, a Constellation Company,officially announced its sponsorship agreementwith the Vancouver Organizing Committee forthe 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.The six-year agreement provides Vincor Canadawith “Official Supplier” sponsorship rights inthe Wine Product and Service category for the2010 Winter Games, in addition to the sponsorshiprights to the Canadian Olympic Team forBeijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, and the London2012 Games.Commemorating the spirit of the Games withthe launch of a Merlot, Chardonnay. A portion ofthe sale proceeds from each bottle will supportthe Vancouver 2010 Olympic and ParalympicWinter Games and the Canadian OlympicTeam.In June 2006, Vincor International Inc. wasacquired by Constellation Brands, Inc. of Fairport,New York. Vincor International’s Canadiandivision, Vincor Canada, now operatesas a wholly-owned subsidiary of ConstellationBrands. Its international assets have been integratedinto the Constellation Brands regionaloperating companies in Australia, New Zealand,the United States, Europe and South Africa.Vincor Canada is Canada’s largest producerand marketer of wine and related products. TheCompany’s leading wine brands include Jackson-Triggs, Sawmill Creek, Inniskillin, InniskillinIcewine and Naked Grape. The Company’s productsare produced at a family of estate winerieslocated in the provinces of British Columbia,Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Thesewineries are supported by a national distributionnetwork and dedicated sales and marketingteam. The Company’s wine brands are complementedby a variety of popular priced wines,wine kits (RJ Spagnols) and refreshment products.www.vincorinternational.comPalfinger International expandsNorth American headquartersAustrian crane manufacturer Palfinger invested$3.85 million in a 23,000 sq. ft. plant expansionat their North American headquarters locatedin Niagara Falls. Included in the expansion wasthe addition of a 20,000 sq. ft. assembly shop/warehouse; 3,200 sq. ft. office space; and a 55 ft.high testing hall.The testing hall enables their skilledemployees to utilize their $1.75 million state-ofthe-artcomputer controlled testing facility andoil distribution systems.The completion of this latest expansionallows Palfinger to combine their successfulmodel of in-house assembly, customizing andinventory warehousing to shorten lead timesand be more responsive to customer and dealerneeds. Product line offereings include: knuckleboom cranes, timber and recycling cranes,container handling systems, railway applicationsVincor Canada completestwo milestones in theirmulti-phase, $21 millionexpansion to the company’sNiagara Cellar operationsin 2007.19

2007 Business Development Reportand transportable forklifts.Walker-Diggon Construction to build theirof Engineers. The castings are parts for waterSince first opening their doors in Niagarapermanent Canadian operations in Niagara Falls.pumps needed for the reconstruction of the levee20The Industrial Sector inNiagara Falls’ economysaw the re-birth of a formerfoundry; welcoming of anew distribution centre;expansion of a NorthAmerican headquarters;and new owners for one ofthe area’s most-establishedfood processors.Falls back in 1989, Palfinger has experiencedsteady market growth and employs 75 Niagararesidents in their state-of-the art 55,000 sq. ft.operation which is located on a 10 acre site onDorchester Road.Timbro Construction, a Niagara contractor,built Palfinger’s 1990 original facility and wasretained by Palfinger for their 2007 expansionproject.www.palfinger-northamerica.comLouvolite moves to Niagara FallsLouvolite Canada Ltd. relocated to their new28,400 sq. ft. sales and distribution centre at6015 Progress Street (located in the StanleyAvenue Business Park) in 2007. Louvolite is anindependent British company that designs andmanufactures window blind systems and fabrics.Distributing to blind manufacturers in the UKand over 100 countries world wide, Louvolite isrecognized as a company dedicated to innovationand is proud to bring window furnishings ofreal significance to the market.Louvolite Canada Ltd. opened their distribution/salesoperations in Canada in 1993. In 2006the company contacted the City of NiagaraFalls, Business Development team regardingtheir investment interest to purchase industrialland and build their own facility. The companypurchased a 2.74 acre parcel of industrial land inthe Stanley Avenue Business Park and retainedIn the fall of 2007, the wholesale window blindsystems and fabric centre of Louvolite CanadaInc. moved into their new distribution centre.www.louvolite.comCanadian Specialty Castings (CSC)Daniel Russell purchased the former NiagaraBronze industrial plant in March 2006. Hegathered up a core group of former employeesand other experienced tradespeople from thefoundry industry and together, they developeda business plan aimed at recapturing high-endprecision casting contracts that had migratedto China over the years. The company operatesas a service-oriented jobbing foundry specializingin stainless steel and copper-based alloyswith markets in Canada and the United States.Russell worked with his team of 35 employeesto bring back-to-life, an inactive industrialBroughton Avenue operation located in the Glenviewdistrict of Niagara Falls.CSC’s 35,000 sq. ft. facility is capable ofproducing castings that range from 1 oz to9,000 lbs. The company offers 24/7 emergencyservice to their clients located across NorthAmerica. The strategy seems to be workingas the company is attracting some unique andtechnically challenging projects. In March2007, workers poured a 7,800-pound stainlesssteel casting - one of 10 large, propeller-likecomponents ordered by the U.S. Army Corpssystem in New Orleans, La., which was severelydamaged by hurricane Katrina in 2005.www.cscastings.comKraft Foods cereals unit to merge withRalcorp HoldingsKraft Canada Inc. announced plans in 2007 tomerge its Post Cereal operations into RalcorpHoldings Inc. Ralcorp is a leader in private-labeland frozen-bakery products. The merger, subjectto regulatory and shareholder approval, willinclude Kraft Canada’s cereal plant in NiagaraFalls. Niagara employees are expected to betransitioned with the business and becomeRalcorp Holdings employees when the deal hasbeen completed. Further news on the mergerand its impact on the Niagara Falls operationsis expected in the summer of 2008.Known locally as the “Shredded Wheat” plant,the Kraft Foods operation was established inNiagara Falls in 1904 and employs ~ 200 people.The plant produces several well-known KraftPost cereal product lines including Shreddiesand the new look, health conscious, “TriangleShreddie”.www.kraftcanada.comwww.ralcorp.com

Industrial Sector Overview1 - Mayor Ted Salci, MPPKim Craitor and severalCorvette enthusiastscongratulate Bob andRick Collier on thelaunch of their newCorvette replacementframe product line.2 - Inside the new warehousefacility at VincorCanada’s Niagara Cellarson Dorchester Road.3 - Edscha of Canadaemployees celebrate 20years of operations inNiagara Falls.4 - Palfinger completes a23,000 sq. ft. additionto its North Americanheadquarters.5 - Louvolite Canada opensa 28,400 sq. ft. sales anddistribution centre onProgress Street.6 - Canadian SpecialtyCastings (formerlyNiagara Bronze)competes and winsspecialty castingprojects acrossNorth America.7 - Mayor Ted Salci learnshow Star WarningSystems has expandedits workforce sincemoving into a new,larger location inthe City’s MontroseBusiness Park.21

2007 Business Development Report22Collier Technologies launches stainlesssteel Corvette replacement frameCollier Technologies Inc. celebrated the officiallaunch of their new Corvette replacement frameson Sunday, July 22, 2007 during an Open Houseevent held at their Progress Street engineeringfacility. Corvette enthusiasts were on hand forthe unveiling of the new stainless steel undercarriagesthat will help extend the lifespan ofC2 and C3 model Corvettes made between 1963and 1982.Collier Technologies came up with the ideafor the niche product after conversations withNorth American Corvette owners. OwnersBob Collier and his brother Rick learned thatmany collectors had Corvettes in their garageswhere the bodies, engine and drivetrains wereperfect, yet the frame had rusted or rotted-outand rendered the car unsafe to drive. Being carenthusiasts themselves, the Collier brothersrecognized the opportunity to fill the need fora quality Corvette replacement frame while atthe same time, diversify the product line of theirengineering and manufacturing firm.Development of the traditional steel andstainless steel frames took approximately twoyears to complete.Collier Technologies’ in-house engineeringdivision utilized industry leading computersoftware to engineer the superior quality C2 andC3 replacement frames. The frames have alsoundergone extensive performance and durabilitytesting and come with a 100% quality guaranteefrom Collier.Collier’s Corvette replacement frames areavailable in both powder coated carbon steeland stainless steel construction. Models includeC2 (1963-1967) with original suspension; C2(1963-1967) with C4 (1984-1996) suspensionmounting points; C3 (1968-1982) with originalsuspension; and C3 (1968-1982) with C4(1984-1996) suspension mounting points.The advanced manufacturing and engineeringcompany is headquartered in NiagaraFalls and specializes in custom design buildfabrications.www.CollierTechnologies.comwww.davert.orgNiagara Falls industrial businessescelebrate anniversaries in 2007City Council officially recognized several localbusinesses for their achievements and strong,significant history in Niagara Falls. The BusinessRecognition Awards are bestowed uponbusinesses in Niagara Falls who have contributedto the growth and development of the Cityof Niagara Falls in a positive manner. The Mayor,City Council and Business Development Departmentrecognize long-standing local businesseson an on-going basis several times each year.The 2007 Business Recognition Award recipientsinclude:• Bissell Ltd. (100 years)In the mid 1800’s Anna and Melville Bissellshifted their small crockery shop in Michiganin a new direction. Anna presented aproblem to Melville that picking up after theunpacking of the crockery was not only difficult,but contributed to Melville’s allergenicreaction to dust. Melville, being mechanicallyinclined, invented a solution - his new “carpetsweeper machine.” His ingenious designwas a success and word of Melville Bissell’ scarpet sweeper spread quickly. In 1876, theBissell Carpet Sweeper was patented and in1883 the first manufacturing plant opened inMichigan.Following Melville’s untimely death in 1889,Anna stepped in and confidently took controlof the company, becoming America’s firstfemale corporate CEO. Under Anna’s aggressiveand innovate management, Bissell soonbegan to look into new product developmentand expanded their business to service clientsaround the world.In 1894 the Bissell Company founded aCanadian branch briefly in Hamilton andwithin the year opened on Pearl Street,Toronto, Ontario. In 1907, Melville Bissell Jr.,who was the manager of the Toronto factory,discovered a vacant industrial building inNiagara Falls during his short holiday stay inthe city. Bissell purchased the former Peasley

Industrial Sector OverviewShoe Company located on Drummond Road.Within the year, Bissell relocated the Canadianoperations to Niagara Falls, Ontario,employing seven people.Bissell’s innovative product changes overthe years resulted in larger manufacturingoperations in the south-end of the city. Thecompany not only produced carpet cleaners,but moved into vacuums and cleaning chemicalcompound for their machines. Severalexpansions followed over the years and thecompany soon employed 80 people.Manufacturing in Canada halted in 1984,and the company downsized their operationsin Niagara Falls. However, they continueto run their successful 50,000 square footdistribution centre located at 6934 KinsmenCourt.www.bissell.ca• Oxy Vinyls (50 years)Oxy Vinyls is the world’s largest PollyvinylChloride resin manufacturing facility. Thisyear marks the 50 th anniversary of the businessin Niagara. Operations started on ChippawaCreek Road in 1957, known then asBF Goodrich. In 1993 the company becameGEON. With the increase in customer demandfor Specialty Resins, the Niagara operationsdoubled their size in 1996. Three years laterthe company became Oxy Vinyls and iscurrently headquartered out of Dallas, TX.The Niagara plant expanded to includePolyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, among otherproducts. PVC has medical uses, is used inconstruction materials for homes, businesses,hospitals, schools and in the auto sector invehicle air bags.Oxy Vinyls has earned world recognition fortheir reliable manufacturing operations andexpertise in integrating materials to producelow cost production for the highest qualityproducts. All products are manufacturedunder stringent safety and environmentalstandards and vinyl is 100% recyclable. Theplant has earned the OSHA Star certificationfor safety in operations. Oxy Vinyls employs 90people who are all highly experienced, skilledand contribute to the company’s success.www.oxyvinyls.com• Niagara Protective Coatings (NPC)(50 years)Since 1957, NPC has been proudly manufacturingquality architectural coatings forcommercial, industrial and residential facilities.The family-owned and operated businessworks in partnership with their qualifieddistributors to export their coatings aroundthe world.Dean Karachi, Sr. and his wife Nimetfounded their coating manufacturing operationsin Niagara Falls. Their son Dean Karachi,Jr. is the company’s president and continues1 - Bill Calisina, VicePresident representingBissell Ltd. receives aBusiness RecognitionAward from MayorTed Salci in honourof the firm’s 100 yearanniversary.2 - Don Davidson, PlantManager of Oxy Vinylaccepts a BusinessRecognition Awardfrom Mayor Ted Salci inhonour of the firm’s 50year anniversary.3 - Dean Karachi, Owner,and Nimet Karachi,President of NiagaraProtective Coatingsaccept a BusinessRecognition Awardfrom Mayor Ted Salci inhonour of the firm’s 50year anniversary.23

2007 Business Development Report241 - Al Derosches, Presidentand Owner of AppliedStrobe Technologyreceives a BusinessRecognition Awardfrom Mayor Ted Salci inhonour of the firm’s 25year anniversary.2 - Peter Brunner, Owner ofBrunner Manufacturingaccepts a BusinessRecognition Awardfrom Mayor Ted Salci inhonour of the firm’s 25year anniversary.3 - Joe Montgomery, representingOld CountryWoodworking acceptsa Business RecognitionAward from Mayor TedSalci in honour of thefirm’s 25 year anniversary.in his father’s entrepreneurial spirit by continuallydeveloping innovative coatings. He hasexpanded the Oakwood Drive company intoa well recognized global leader for their products.Recently, Niagara Protective CoatingsLimited received the Government of Ontario’sAchievement Award.NPC has earned their world-wide qualityreputation by conducting rigid testing fortheir permanency and compounds to meetthe specifications of the building profession’swaterproofing agent, a fire retardant, andcorrosion inhibitive. Niagara Falls residentsmay not be aware that homes, businesses,airports, hospitals, schools, pools, as wellas floors, walls, and melamine countertopsaround the globe have been coated in NPC’sproducts. The company currently employs 16people.www.niacoat.com• Ground Aerial MaintenanceServices Ltd. (40 years)Ground Aerial Maintenance Service Ltd.(GAMS) is a thriving family-owned electrical/utilitycontractor that has been basedin Niagara Falls since its founding in 1967.Over the past forty years, the Vaughan familyhas grown the company from a staff of twoemployees to more than 35 today.In December 2007, GAMS was honouredto receive a distinguished safety award fromthe Utilities Safety Association of Ontario(E&USA) in recognition of its successfulcompletion of the Commitment Level of Zero-Quest ® . The E&USA ZeroQuest ® Program hasbeen established to guide firms through theprocess of building a sustainable health andsafety system. The Program is completed infour levels. Upon successful completion of allfour levels, GAMS will be recognized for itsefforts to join a growing number of firms thatare actively demonstrating their commitmentto E&USA’s vision of a zero injuries and illnessworkplace.GAMS is located at 8450 Earl Thomas Ave.and is widely regarded as one of Ontario’sleading Utility Live Line Contractors.• Applied Strobe Technology(25 years)Al Derosches and his brother Syd incorporatedApplied Strobe in July 1982. They started outby leasing a small shop area on MontroseRoad. A year later, the business moved andit continues to operate out of 8345 StanleyAvenue.Applied Strobe products include plastic,explosion-proof lights for use in caustic environments.This small manufacturer currentlyemploys four people. Applied Strobe productsare sold across the country and in particulartoday in the “Alberta Oil Sands Rush”. Thecompany is also a global exporter to desti-

Industrial Sector Overviewnations across North America, South America,Russia and China.www.appliedstrobe.com• Brunner Manufacturing (25 years)In 1982, Brunner Manufacturing establisheda manufacturing plant for motor vehicle brakesystems in Niagara Falls. The private, familyoperated manufacturer of heavy duty brakeparts and cam shafts distributes their productsacross North America and to industries aroundthe globe.Tecna, a division of Brunner Manufacturing &Sales Ltd. is also located in the Stanley AvenueBusiness Park.• Old Country Woodworking (25 years)In 1982, Master Cabinet Maker, Manfred Christarrived in Canada from Germany and openedOld Country Woodworking in Niagara Falls.Mr. Christ purchased the company and productionequipment in partnership with the help oflocal investors.Recognizing a niche opportunity in its ownbackyard, the small manufacturer diversifiedinto wooden presentation boxes for many ofNiagara’s wineries. The popularity of the customcrafted boxes grew, in part due to their appearance,but also for the protection they offered forour precious Niagara wines during shipping andretailing. The upsurge in the global popularity ofNiagara wines has helped fuel a rapidly growingexport market for Old Country’s wine boxes.Diversification has been a key to the longtermsuccess of Old Country Woodworking.The Stanley Avenue operations recently addedwooden drum sticks and special drum brushesto their product offerings. Both products aremeeting the needs of national and internationalexport markets.• Edscha of Canada (20 years)Twenty years ago, as part of the company’sglobal expansion, Edscha of Canada openedtheir Canadian manufacturing operations inNiagara Falls. Edscha of Canada is part of theworldwide Edscha Group, whose head office islocated in Remscheid, Germany. The EdschaGroup has been a partner to the automotiveindustry since the invention of the automobile.From 29 production sites worldwide, including23 production plants, the company serves almostall motor vehicle manufacturers and is a marketleader in their product groups of door hinges anddoor checks.Edscha of Canada has moved its focus backto their core business of body components andhave recently invested in innovative productionequipment for their Niagara Falls door hingeparts manufacturing operations located on DonMurie Street. These new investments in innovativetechnologies is helping Edscha maintainits leading position in the maturing global OEMdoor hinge and market.www.edscha.com1 - The employees fromEdscha of Canadareceive a BusinessRecognition Awardfrom Mayor Ted Salci inhonour of the firm’s 20year anniversary.2 - The family-ownedGround Aerial MaintenanceServices Ltd.(GAMS) was honouredto receive both a distinguishedindustry safetyaward and a City ofNiagara Falls BusinessRecognition Award inthe firm’s 40 th year ofoperation.25

2007 Business Development Report26Star Warning Systems expands workforcesince move into new operationsStar Warning Systems, a Canadian owned andoperated manufacturing company, outgrew theirexisting city location and moved forward withtheir long-term business expansion plans byconstructing a new state-of-the-art electronicsfacility.Established in 1969 as Assembly Electronics,Star Warning Systems has blossomed into aleading manufacturer serving the automotiveand industrial sectors with strobes, rotators,LED, and bar lights etc. Star Warning Systems’success has been based on their cutting-edgeengineering designs which enable their dynamicproduction team to create their quality products.Since moving into their new 30,000 sq. ft.headquarters in the Montrose Business Park at7695 Blackburn Parkway, Star has been able toincrease its production capacity. Larger ordersand a growing market share has allowed thecompany to double their existing workforce to75 people.www.swscanada.comRedpathOn February 14, 2007, Tate & Lyle announcedtheir conditional agreement for the sale of Tate& Lyle Canada Ltd. to American Sugar Refining,Inc. The $298 million sale transaction wascompleted on April 22, 2007. Redpath Sugar Ltd.,who markets and sells sugar products in Canadaunder the Redpath Brand, is a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of American Sugar Refining Inc.American Sugar Refining Inc. (widely knownas Domino) is a major, U.S. based sweetenercompany operating cane sugar refineries andproduces a full line of specialty and organicsugar, rice, malt and molasses based sweeteners.Domino is owned 64% by Florida Crystals Corporationand 36% by Sugar Cane Growners Cooperativeof Florida, an agri-co-op owned by 49 sugarcane growers. Florida’s Crystals is a subsidiary ofFlo-Sun Inc. The acquisition will make Dominomore competitive and will enhance their servicesto both Canadian and American customers.Redpath operates Canada’s largest cane sugarrefinery on the waterfront in Toronto, Ontario andprovides sugar products to consumers and foodmanufacturers throughout Canada. Its sugaris marketed under the Redpath trademark, oneof the oldest and most recognized trademarksin Canada. Domino markets its products underthe Domino and C&H sugar brands and ownsand operates sugar refineries in Yonkers, N.Y.;Baltimore, M.D.; Chalmette, L.A.; and Crockett,Calfornia.The company also operates a dry blending andpackaging plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario where itco-manufactures major retail brands and privatelabels products, such as sweetened iced tea andhot chocolate, mostly for the US market.www.redpathsugars.comSaint-Gobain welcomes new plantmanager, celebrates new expansionSaint-Gobain (formerly known as the NortonCompany) welcomed a new plant manager forthe firm’s Niagara Falls operations in 2007. DavidFetzer replaced long-time employee George Deanwho retired from his position as plant manager.The Niagara Falls, Ontario ceramic materialsmanufacturing company rebuilt its 39,000 sq. ft.storage building on Daly Avenue in late 2007.www.saint-gobain.comCentennial Construction buys intoStanley Avenue Business ParkCentennial Construction purchased acreage inthe Stanley Avenue Business Park in 2007. Thefirm plans to open an office and operations centrefor their diverse range of construction disciplinesincluding: sewer and water main construction;land development; concrete projects includingsidewalks/curbs, residential and commercialfoundations; road grading; general construction;and tri-axle trucking and slinging. Late in2007, the company established their first phaseof development on the site which is part of theirCentennial Concrete division.Examples of their work can be found acrossthe city of Niagara Falls and include; ThunderingWaters Golf Course; Patrick Cummings Park;MacBain Community Centre Skate-Park (whichopened in the summer of 2007) and the AutolineToyota Dealership on Thorold Stone Road.www.centennialconstruction.ca

Industrial Sector OverviewCan-Eng purchased by GlobalFurnaces GroupCan-Eng Furnaces Ltd. was purchased in2007 and is now a division of Global FurnaceSystems Group. Established in 1964 in NiagaraFalls Canada, the furnace manufacturingcompany has become one of North America’sleading designers and manufacturers of thermalprocessing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrousmetals.Can-Eng is lead by an innovative in-houseengineering design team that specializes incustom built furnaces to meet the firm’s globalcustomer demands. The experienced work-forceis highly skilled in rebuilding and retrofittingfurnaces.www.can-eng.comNiagara Artcraft WoodworkingNiagara Artcraft Woodworking completed thefinal phase of the redevelopment of their manufacturingoperations in 2007. The third generationfamily owned-operated business moved intoto their renovated office and showroom on KentAvenue. The company employs 90 people.www.artcraftkitchens.com1,2 - Niagara ArtcraftWoodworkingcompleted thefinal phase of theredevelopment oftheir operationsin 2007.27

2007 Business Development ReportNiagara Development Corridorsuch as Brock University, Niagara Collegenies to look to the west for new businessThe Niagara Development Corridor Partnershipand research industries that operate with theopportunities. Area manufacturers havewas established in 2006 and is comprised of sixcombined economic geography.shown their support with 56 companiespartners; City of Welland, City of St. Catharines,Initiatives and events of the Niagara Develop-attending the first information session back inCity of Niagara Falls, Town of Fort Erie, City ofment Corridor include:December 2006 and another 38 in attendance28Port Colborne, and the Niagara Economic DevelopmentCorporation, which are well-positionedalong the QEW-406 highway corridor.With a combined population in excess of400,000 and an experienced labour force of200,000 people including over 36,000 skilledworkers, the corridor is a central hub for theadvanced manufacturing industry. The corridorserves as the focal point for accessing andsharing the newest manufacturing and materialtechnologies due to its thousands of skilledworkers with credentials in science, engineeringand technology. In addition to the advancedtechnologies the region holds, the corridor isideally situated minutes from the U.S. border,making it a gateway to the U.S. market.The mandate of the Niagara DevelopmentCorridor Partnership is to address opportunitiesfor new business development and investmentattraction relating to specific economic clustersthat encompass all partners’ communities. TheCorridor partners recognize that competitivestrength may be derived from proximity and orsynergies between their communities and fromthe proximity and synergies between competingfirms, suppliers, labour markets, institutions• Alberta’s Oil Sands DevelopmentCan Benefit Local BusinessesOver the next 15 years Niagara manufacturingand logistics firms will have an immenseopportunity to tap into more than $150 billionof investment in Canada’s Oil Sands Development.There is no question that Albertawill continue to profit from its oil reserves,however, the shortage of fabricated metalproducts, industrial machinery, equipmentand engineering and construction servicesmay threaten its success.In its continuing role of enhancing Niagara’sbusiness climate, the Niagara DevelopmentCorridor Partnership hosted a series ofinformation sessions regarding the opportunitiesthat exist for cross-provincial business.The seminars served as a precursor encouragingarea manufacturers to register for theNational Buyer/Seller Forum which was heldMarch 13-15, 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta.Niagara manufacturers are hungry for newopportunities and ways of working togetherthat will boost their bottom line. The NiagaraDevelopment Corridor Partnership has beeninitiating meetings and encouraging compa-at the February 2007 meeting.• National Buyer/Seller Forum(March 13-15, 2007)The Niagara Development Corridor team alongwith 25 Niagara manufacturers attended theNational Buyer/Seller Forum. With over 600delegates pre-registered, this dynamic, fastpacedevent showcased oil sands developmentprocurement opportunities and solutions.“This is a tremendous opportunityfor Niagara firms to build the relationshipsneeded to become a preferred sellerto Alberta “Tier One” companies,” saidSerge Fel icetti, Director of BusinessDevelopment for the City of Niagara Falls.The National Buyer/Seller Forum is a jointindustry/government supply chain developmentinitiative showcasing Oil Sandsprocurement opportunities and solutions. TheEdmonton forum provided Niagara manufacturersthe venue to develop partnerships withAlberta companies that have experience andclose ties to the energy firms versus tryingto obtain work from energy firms. A numberof Niagara manufacturers are establishedsuppliers to the Oil Sands marketplace

Industrial Sector Overviewincluding PC Forge, Lakeside Steel and TIWSteel Platework.• Oil Sands 101 Workshop -“How to Do Business in Alberta”(December 13, 2007)The Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship(MSBE) in partnership with CME,Niagara Economic Development Corporationand the Niagara Development Corridor Partnershipsponsored a one-day workshop thathelped local companies gain the necessarymarket intelligence and basic marketing toolsto take advantage of the business opportunitiesin the Alberta Oil Sands.The workshop was tailored to the interestsof Niagara manufacturers and was gearedtowards companies involved in Metal Fabrication,Machining, Equipment Manufacturing,Infrastructure, Environmental Technologies,and Industrial Accommodation.Designed to provide industry education,trade show floor and marketing opportunitiesthe forum presented Niagara manufacturerswith a venue to network and discover thestrengths of Niagara’s industrial landscape.www.niagaracorridor.com• Manufacturing Forum(Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort,February 14, 2008)Extensive preparations in 2007 lead to asuccessful February 2008 event which introducedthe manufacturing industry to thecapabilities available in Niagara and builds onthe next generation of solutions that neededto remain competitive against rising challenges.1 - Niagara Development CorridorPartnership members joinOntario Economic Development &Trade Minister, The Hon. SandraPupetello in Edmonton, AB atthe 2007 National Buyer SellerForum.2 - Lyse Moreau, President ofInternational Sew-Right, andTrade Consultant Bob Kuhns,meet Minister Pupatello at theNiagara Manufacturing Forum.3 - www.niagaracorridor.com.29

2007 Business Development ReportTop Photo:Niagara Falls General Hospital,Jepson Street, 1907-1958(photo circa 1920’s)Bottom Photo:Greater Niagara General Hospital Site,Portage Road, 1958 - Present (2007)(photo circa 2000’s)30

Government & Institutional Sector OverviewNew Greater Niagara General HospitalEmergency Department- 100 years of progressNiagara Falls General Hospital first opened itsdoors on Jepson Street in January 1907 – aboutthe same time as the first power plant, Sir AdamBeck, was being built in Niagara Falls. The20-bed hospital was a welcomed addition to thecommunity of 7,000 people.Over the years, Niagara Falls General Hospitalwas expanded many times to add patient bedsand medical surgery in their infancy such asX-Ray, Laboratory and Pharmacy departments.By the 1940’s, further services and departmentswere added such as laundry, food services, engineeringfor the popular 156-bed facility. In the1950’s, the community rallied behind the urgentneed for a newly built hospital on the formerparkland on Portage Road and constructionbegan for a 239-bed facility. Greater NiagaraGeneral Hospital officially opened in July 1958providing care in a state-of-the-art facility. InpatientMental Health, Chronic Care, Paediatricbeds, two ICU’s and expansion of the EmergencyDepartment were all major construction projectsfrom the 1960’s to today, along with with theever-growing Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratoryand Pharmacy departments.One hundred years later, the doors to the new18,000 st. ft. Jeff Morgan Emergency Departmentat the Niagara Health System’s Greater NiagaraGeneral (GNG) Site in Niagara Falls were officiallyopened on January 16, 2007.Construction of the new Emergency Department(ED) began in August 2005. Built onto thefront of the hospital at the corner of Portage Roadand North Street, the new addition replaced theexisting ED which had been built in 1973 toaccommodate 20,000 patients per year within8,700 sq. ft. That space can no longer accommodatethe 50,000 emergency visits each year.Because hospital expansion is so costly, theNiagara Health System successfully advocatedto the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care tobuild in space for future needs. The new state-ofthe-artunit has plenty of room to grow and willaccommodate 65,000 patient visits per year.The new Emergency Department at GNGHis considered to be a model for future CanadianHospitals to follow. Recent healtcare crisisessuch as SARS and a chemical contaminationemergency have helped shape the design ofthe new ED. The Design and Planning Team forthe new facility were able to incorporate suchelements as self-contained ventilation systemsand satellite nursing stations to ensure patientcare areas can be maintained and contained forinfection control reasons, if required. Because thedesign was developed in the wake of the SARScrisis, it incorporates special compartmentalizedair handling systems and forward thinkingmass decontamination capacity to ensure thatthe facility is in a high state of readiness in theevent of infection control issues, chemical orbiological exposures.Niagara Falls has now is an outstandingand leading-edge facility. The new layout offersbetter teaching facilities for nurses, paramedicsand medical students. Incorporating teachinginto ED practices contributes to better patientcare and the potential to enhance our recruitmentefforts – definitely a win-win for thecommunity.The new department houses a full spectrumof specialized treatment areas. Three (expandableto four) fully equipped resuscitation roomsare located immediately through the ambulanceentrance to ensure immediate accessibility forthe most critically ill patients. A new clinicaldecision area offers a greater level of privacy,patient confidentiality and better infectioncontrol. The unit also contains a dedicatedquiet room for families requiring bereavementcounseling or a private waiting area. A departmentalradiology suite means patients will havex-rays and other diagnostic imaging procedurescompleted right in the ED. Another key feature isthe decontamination room, featuring an outsideentrance with decontamination showers to cleanoff any contaminants on patients or emergencyresponse and hospital staff.The completion of the Jeff Morgan EmergencyDepartment would not be possible without theThe Niagara HealthSystem continued itsefforts to enhance thelevel of health careservice in Niagara Fallsduring 2007.31

2007 Business Development Report32funding support from the community. TheGreater Niagara General Hospital Foundationhas exceeded its campaign goal of $9 million forthis project to cover construction and equipmentpurchases, thanks to the hundreds of individuals,businesses, and service clubs which steppedforward with their support.New Ambulatory Care Centre andFront EntranceThe new Emergency Department may becomplete, but the construction work won’t endyet at GNG. The second phase of constructionstarted January 16, 2007, to convert the old EDand adjacent areas into a 17,000 sq. ft. AmbulatoryCare Centre, housing day surgery, preadmission,ambulatory and medical day stayclinics, as well as a convenient link to endoscopyand other clinic areas. The expanded ambulatorycare unit will provide scheduled clinics for adultand paediatric patients, specialty medical clinics,minor procedure clinics, medical day care, andsurgical day care. The day surgery unit, whenrelocated to the Ambulatory Care Centre, willfeature 25 patient recovery bays directly accessibleto the hospital’s operating suites. Alsotaking place over the winter and spring will bethe expansion of the hospital’s main entrance.www.niagarahealth.on.caCouncil approves Four Pad ArenaOn Monday, May 7, 2007 City Council approvedmoving the Bob Gale Complex forward as afour pad arena complex. This was originallyenvisioned as a twin pad project that would bedesigned to accommodate two additional pads inthe future. The 16 acre site is located off ThoroldStone Road on the former CYTEC Lands. Finaldesigns were prepared in 2007. Land preparationsand site construction is planned to begin inthe spring of 2008. The site preparation contractwas awarded to AIM Environmental and CentennialConstruction.This state-of-the art arena facility, scheduledto open in spring 2010, has been designed tomeet the current and future needs of the community.The fully accessible complex boasts fourNHL sized ice surfaces including one 2,000-seatarena, 20 dressing rooms, several communitymeeting rooms capable of accommodatinga variety of events, a full service restaurant,concession and catering, and is complementedby an on-site pro shop with skate sharpeningservices. The arena will also be home the theCity of Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame.• Cytec Canada donates propertyIn August, the generous donation by CytecCanada of the site for the new arena complexclosed and the City of Niagara Falls becamethe owner of the 16.5 acre parcel of landlocated at the end of Fourth Avenue.• Bob Gale donates $1.25 MillionBob Gale, proprietor of Gale’s Gas Bars, madea generous $1.25 million commitment towardthe arena’s Capital Fundraising Campaign.In honour of this impressive donation, thebuilding will be named the “Bob GaleComplex”.Key Features of the Bob GaleFour Pad Arena Complex• Main Rink NHL Size 2,000 seats• 3 Community NHL Size rinks 250 bench seats• Flexible Community Room for hosting specialevents and public skating• Sports Wall of Fame• Office facilities for all youth user groups• Convenor Room for tournaments• Meeting Rooms with Audio/video capabilities• Fully accessible building• On-site Pro Shop & Skate sharpening services* more details available at www.niagarafalls.ca

Government & Institutional Sector Overview1 - Artist rendering ofthe proposed BobGale Four pad ArenaComplex2 - North and westelevations.3 - Preliminary Site Planfor arena complex.33

2007 Business Development Report34Ontario Power Generationhas contracted HatchEnergy, located indowntown Niagara Falls,and Strabag AG, a largeconstruction group withextensive experience inlarge tunnel construction,as the design-buildcontractors for the NiagaraTunnel Project.One ‘Powerful Tunnel’Ontario Power Generation’sNiagara Tunnel Project consistsof boring a 10.4 km long tunnel140 metres below the City ofNiagara Falls. Once complete, thenew tunnel will help generateenough electricity to power morethan 160,000 homes each year.Ontario Power GenerationNiagara Tunnel ProjectProgress continued to be made on OntarioPower Generation’s, Sir Adam Beck Niagara3 rd Tunnel Project in 2007. Construction of the10.4 km tunnel under the City of Niagara Fallsstarted in 2005 and will continue over the nextseveral years with an expected completiondate in 2010. Once complete, the new tunnelwill connect the Sir Adam Beck generatingstations to the upper Niagara River, southof Dufferin Islands and help create enoughhydroelectricity to power a city twice the sizeof Niagara Falls.The $985 million Niagara Tunnel Project isexpected to generate an additional 1.6 billionkilowatt hours of clean, reliable power —enough to meet the needs of 160,000 homesannually. During the multi-year buildingperiod, the project will create approximately230 full-time construction jobs, most in skilledtrades and will reach 350 jobs at the project’speak.www.opg.com/power/hydro/new_projects/ntp/ntp_overview.asp

Government & Institutional Sector OverviewSmall Business Enterprise Centre(SBEC) Annual Report 2007The City of Niagara Falls Business DevelopmentDivision’s Small Business Enterprise Centreparticipated in several successful initiativesduring 2007. The Niagara Falls Small BusinessEnterprise Centre (NFSBEC) continues to aidpeople in realizing their dream of opening theirown small business.There were 32 seminars offered during the2007 calendar year including: four Small BusinessTaxation Issues; four PST/GST seminars;ten How to Write a Business Plan seminars;four Hiring Employees seminar; and ten MarketResearch seminars.• Salute to Small Business Event(October 17, 2007)Thanks to partners including: The Ministry ofSmall Business and Entrepreneurship; SmallBusiness Club Niagara; and The BusinessLink Niagara, NFSBEC was able to deliver atop-notch event to celebrate Ontario’s SmallBusiness Month. The Salute to Small BusinessEvent was held on October 17, 2007 withapproximately 60 attendees.• Summer Company ProgramAs part of the Youth EntrepreneurshipStrategy, the Ministry of Small Business andEntrepreneurship launched another SummerCompany Program for the summer of 2007.Ashley Phillips was the successful applicantfor the NFSBEC with her plan for “Baggage”recycled leather bags. Ashley had well craftedbranding through her promotional materialand found modest success in wholesaling toa small number of niche retailers in Toronto.Following her graduation from the program,Ashley was featured in the Toronto Starand accepted into the One-of-a-Kind Showin Toronto. She continues her businessthrough her selected retailers and online atwww.baggagehandbags.ca.• Annual Business Plan Competition(Niagara’s winners move on towin the Ontario Competition)The 7 th Annual Niagara High School BusinessPlan Competition began in Septemberof 2006 and ran until June 2007 as a jointeffort between the St. Catharines and NiagaraFalls Area Small Business Enterprise Centres.On June 14, 2007 an awards banquetwas held to honour the finalists from acrossNiagara. Over $5000 in prizes were awardedto 10 students from across the region. Tophonours went to Danielle Daniels, RebeccaPotts, and Jessy Lepine of BeamsvilleSecondary School for their plan titled “LotsaLizards”.• 2007 Regional/Provincial OntarioSecondary School Business PlanCompetitionHosted by the NFSBEC in November 2007, thefinalists, their families, SBEC and MSBE staff,dignitaries and guests attended the festivitiesat Sheraton on the Falls Hotel ConferenceCenter. The audience was entertained witha roaming magician and circus performer inaddition to being enlightened by an inspirationalkeynote speech by R. Les Smith.The Province of Ontario announcedNiagara’s Lotsa Lizards group as the SouthwesternRegion’s winner and later in theevening across the Province it was announcedthat Danielle, Rebecca and Jessy were theOntario Champions.Ashley Phillips was thesuccessful applicant for theNFSBEC Summer CompanyProgram. Her plan for“Baggage” recycled leatherbags is finding successwith several niche retailersin Toronto. Followingher graduation from theprogram, Ashley wasfeatured in the Toronto Star(see above) and acceptedinto the One-of-a-KindShow in Toronto.Visit her store online atwww.baggagehandbags.ca.This unique evening featured a wine recep-This competition allows every local hightion, buffet dinner, highlighted by the keynoteschool student an opportunity to explorespeaker, Paul Copcutt, Canada’s leadingentrepreneurship through writing their ownpersonal brand consultant, and finished withbusiness plan. The top five local finalists area networking activity designed to assist busi-awarded cash scholarships and the winningness owners to build alliances, make contactsand promote their businesses.plan advances to the regional and provincialcompetition to compete for additional prizes.35

2007 Business Development ReportNew Elementary School to open inNiagara FallsA new elementary school will be built in thecity’s west end to ease the overflow at Kate S.Durdan School. Construction will begin in thespring of 2008 on the north side of ForestviewDrive near Kalar Road. The school, the seventeenthpublic elementary school for Niagara Falls,will serve students from junior kindergarten toGrade 8. It will also be home to a new daycarecentre. The $8 million school will have 18 classroomsand a library resource centre with anadjoining computer lab.The District School Board of Niagara lastyear approved a plan to spend $58 million in2006-2007 to improve existing buildings andwhere necessary, to add new schools.www.dsbn.edu.on.caCity opens new park at MacBainCommunity CentreThe City’s of Niagara Falls celebrated theopening of its newest park in 2007. The new park,outdoor playground, and amphitheatre locatedat the MacBain Community Centre opened inthe fall of 2007The new playground will have multiple slidesand climbing apparatuses and separate areas forpreschool and school age children to play. Theamphitheatre will seat 50 people and will beequipped with audio/visual equipment.www.niagarafalls.caThe District School Board of Niagara has announced a newK-8 elementary school to help ease the overflow at Kate S.Durdan school on Kalar Road. Construction of the new 18classroom school, on the north side of Forestview Boulevardjust west of Kalar Road, will serve students from JuniorKindergarten to Grade 8.2007 City of Niagara Falls Building Permits ($)$120,000,000$100,000,000INDUSTRIAL ($9,153,300)COMMERCIAL ($101,378,176)RESIDENTIAL ($59,488,840)OTHER ($29,899,913)$80,000,000$60,000,000$40,000,000$20,000,000$0INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIALRESIDENTIALOTHER36

Sector Highlight IndexTourism & Commercial Sector Overview17 Noir (Page 4)Auto Value Hyundai (Page 16)Autoline Toyota (Page 16)Bank of Montreal (Page 15)Bikini Bay (Page 4)Brother Loose Films (Page 13)Build a Bear (Page 6)Capture (Page 13)Casino Niagara (Page 3)Caswell’s (Page 15)Cirque Niagara (Page 9)Community Artists Collective (Page 12)Corlis (Page 13)Country Inn & Suites (Page 6)Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Page 8)Downtown Community Improvement Plan (Page 12)Edwin’s Restaurant & Sunshine Catering (Page 13)Fallsview Galleria (Page 4)Fans (Page 4)Farmers’ Market - Sylvia Place Farmers’ Market (Page 11)Four Triple Five (Page 12)Friendly Foes Above the Falls - Russell Aviation (Page 9)Fudge Factory Store (Page 6 )GO Transit (Page 10)Grand Niagara Golf Resort (Page 16)Historic Drummondville Community Improvement Plan (Page 11)House of Art (Page 13)John Newby (Page 13)Johnny Rocco’s Italian Grill (Page 6)Jonathan Adams Glass Blowing Gallery (Page 13)Krieghoff Gallery Café (Page 6)LaVie en Rose (Page 4)Lundy’s Lane Legacy Project (Page 11)Maiden Niagara (Page 13)Marineland (Page 8)Minacs (Page 16)Motel 6 (Page 7)My Top Drawer (Page 15)Neighbours Food and Convenience Store (Page 14)Niagara Chrysler Sales and Service (Page 16)Niagara Convention & Civic Centre (Page 3)Niagara Falls Hilton Hotel (Page 3)Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort (Page 4)Niagara Gallery (Page 13)Niagara Square (Page 14)Oakwood Place Shopping Centre Inc.(Smart Centres Limited) (Page 14)Part Source (Page 16)Patterson Funeral Home (Page 12)People Mover System Project (Page 10)Perspective Art Gallery (Page 13)Petro Canada (Page 14)37

2007 Business Development ReportPetrullo Floral Design Studio (Page 12)Renaissance Fallsview Hotel (Page 6)Risk Security (Page 13)Rona (Page 13)Royal Doulton (Page 4)Sandstone Restaurant (Page 6)Sears Appliance Store (Page 15)Sheraton Fallsview (Page 6)Shoeless Joe’s Restaurant (Page 4)Shoppers Drug Mart (Page 14)Stamford Green Plaza (Page 14)Sterling Inn and Spa (Page 7)Table Rock House (Page 8)Take 5 Studio Gallery (Page 13)The AutoDream Group (Page 16)The Watering Can Flower Market (Page 13)Thundering Waters Residential Community (Page 16)Tossounian Gallery (Page 13)Van Eyk Media (Page 13)VIA Bike Train (Page 10)Villarboit Holdings Ltd. (Page 14)War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebrations (Page 11)Warren Woods Community (Page 16)Westin Hotel (Page 4)Winter Festival of Lights (Page 8)Wirewalker Jay Cochrane (Page 9)Industrial Sector OverviewApplied Strobe Technology (Page 24)Bissell Ltd. (Page 22)Brunner Manufacturing (Page 25)Can-Eng Ltd. (Page 27)Canadian Specialty Castings (CSC) (Page 20)Centennial Construction (Page 26)Collier Technologies (Page 22)Edscha of Canada (Page 25)Global Furnaces Group (Page 27)Ground Aerial Maintenance Services Ltd. (Page 24)Kraft Foods (Page 20)Louvolite Canada Inc. (Page 20)Niagara Development Corridor Partnership (NDCP) (Page 28)NDCP - Alberta’s Oil Sands Development (Page 28)NDCP - Manufacturing Forum (Page 29)NDCP - National Buyer/Seller Forum (Page 28)NDCP - Oil Sands 101 Workshop (Page 29)Niagara Artcraft Woodworking (Page 27)Niagara Protective Coatings (Page 23)Old Country Woodworking (Page 25)Oxy Vinyls (Page 23)38

Sector Highlight IndexPalfinger International (Page 19)Redpath (Page 26)Saint-Gobain (Page 26)Star Warning Systems (Page 26)Vincor Canada Inc. (Niagara Cellars) (Page 18)Government & Institutional Sector Overview2007 City of Niagara Falls Building Permits ($) (Page 36)Bob Gale Arena Complex Four Pad Arena (Page 32)City of Niagara Falls Park at MacBain Community Centre (Page 36)Cytec Canada (Page 32)Gale’s Gas Bars (Page 32)Greater Niagara General Hospital (Page 30)Ontario Power Generation Niagara Tunnel Project (Page 34)Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) (Page 35)SBEC - Annual Business Plan Competition (Page 35)SBEC - Ontario Secondary School Business Plan Competition (Page 35)SBEC - Salute to Small Business Event (Page 35)SBEC - Summer Company Program (Page 35)Visit www.niagarafalls.ca for morebusiness news and development updates.Photo Credits:Absolute Communication & Design; City of Niagara Falls; CanadianNiagara Entertainment; Collier Technologies; HOCO Limited;Krieghoff Gallery Cafe; Niagara Fallsview Casino and Resort; NiagaraConvention and Civic Centre; Ontario Power Generation; Ripley’sEntertainment; Russell Aviation Group; Silver Mist Productions; SmartCentres; Sterling Inn & Spa; Toronto Star; Winter Festival of Lights.39

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