Commando Quarterly #2

Commando Quarterly #2

Issue 67-01 – Summer 3067 – Page – 1 –

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Tortuga PrimeSystem Catalog:Stellar Data:Star:Type:Mass:Luminosity:Radius:System Data:Planetary System:Bodies: 5Planetoids: 1Asteroid Belts: 1Planetary Data:Planet:WorldBook:By Joel SteversonWorldbook is the standard stellar cartography and planetaryinformation database in the Inner Sphere. Abbreviated selections arepresented for the interest of our readers. Additional information,including sales, and volume licensing, is available at ComStar & WordOf Blake installationsHVX2-7-7891-7547HVX2-7-7891-7547(Unnamed)G2IV0.998 Sol1.10 Sol1.02 SolHVX2-7-7891-7547-3Common Name:Tortuga Prime(AKA Tortuga)Position In System: 3Mean Orbital Radius:0.89 AUOrbital Inclination: 8.62 %Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0248Perihelion:0.8897 AUAphelion:0.8902 AUPeriod:257.49 Standard DaysMass (1024kg):5.069 (0.84 Terra)Equatorial Diameter:11261.35 (0.88 Terra)Mean Planetary Density (kg/m3): 7932.24 (1.43 Terra)Mean Surface Gravity (m/s2): 11.76 (1.2 G)Escape Velocity (km/h): 40,341Rotational Period:32.98 HoursAxial Inclination: 1.49°Atmosphere:Class 5 (MarginalTerran Type)Composition: 79.14% Nitrogen (N 2 )17.37% Oxygen (O 2 )1.27% Sulfurous (SO 2 )2.22% OtherHydrographics:74% of the surfacecovered by liquid H2OMean Temperature (°C): 41.2Temperature Range (°C):23.6 to 32.9 Polar43.1 to 58.8 EquatorialPlanetography:Radius (km): 5339.04Circumference (km): 33,529.17Total Surface Area (km2): 358,027,172.40Land Surface Area (km2): 93,087,064.83Inhabited Surface Area (km2): 8,310.21Surface Topography:Topographic Range (km): 14Ocean/Sea/Lake: 57%River/Basin 17%Steppe/Plains/Lowlands 13%Valley/Rift: 3%Rising Ground: 2%Low Hills: 3%High Hills: 3%Low Mountains (> 2000 m): 1%High Mountains (< 2000 m): 1%Arable Land: 15%Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 3 –

Satellite Data:ComStar Data:ComStar Facility Class:ComStar Representative:Com Guard Units On Site:Economy:Natural Resources:Processed/Manufactured Goods:Labor Force:N/ANoneNoneNoneFoodstuffs, WaterNoneSlave Labor (varioustypes) 93%Other Labor 7%People:Population: 80,378Population Density (km2): 9.67Urbanization: 82.65 %Ethnic Groups: European (41.78%)African (18.32%)Asian (17.42%)Others (22.48%)Religion: Gregorian (25.7%)Inheritor (21.5%)Sunnis (16.4%)Omniss (14.3%)Unfinished Bk (8.6%)Buddhism (5.1%)Others (8.4%)Education:Literacy Rate: 12.4%Primary School Enrollment:N/ASecondary School Enrollment: N/ATertiary School Enrollment:N/AScience/Technical Graduates: N/AFinance:Currency:Queensnote(approx. 0.32 Cb)Per Capita Income:5,236 CbGross Domestic Product:420 Million CbImports:Military EquipmentMunitionsPrincipal Sources (< 10%): New Port Royal (37%)Fletcher’s Feast (24%)Mean Tariff:N/APercent Tariff Exempt: N/AExports:FoodstuffsWaterPrincipal Markets (< 10%): New Port Royal (43%)Fletcher’s Feast (37%)New Hati (15%)Growth In Export Amount: 4.7%Growth In Market Share: 3.6%Government:Allegiance:Government Type:Principal Official:Planetary Capital:Health:Tortuga DominionsMilitary DictatorshipTwyla SumeralRaider’s RoostLife Expectancy At Birth:44.7 YearsBirth Rate: 6.7 %Mortality Rate: 12.4%Population Growth Rate: - 5.7 %Military Data:Defense Spending:37% GDPMilitary Manpower Potential: 44,208 (55%)AeroSpace Forces:Orbital: 0Deep Space: 0Warships: 0JumpShips: 5DropShips: 16Aerospace Fighters: 36Ground Forces:Tortuga Fusiliers‘Mech Forces:1 Battalion (07% Upg)Armor Forces:NoneInfantry Forces:1 RegimentTraining Facilities:NoneSubjects:N/ATransportation:Recharging Station:NoneDistance To Jump Point:10.18 AUTravel Time:218.64 HoursChief Ports: 1Off Planet Facilities:Orbital: 0Deep Space: 0Merchant Fleet:JumpShips: 0DropShips: 0Shuttles: 17Climate:Situated on the inner fringes of thehabitable zone around an unremarkable yellowstar, this tropical planet bakes its inhabitantswith a scorching average temperature of 41ºC. Plentiful large bodies of water keep the airmoist and humid, while violent weather,hurricanes and lesser tropical storms, ravagethe costal regions and deliver upwards of 203days of rain a year to inland regions.Summer and autumn bring the worst ofthe seasonal weather, where violent stormscan spend two weeks or more exhaustingthemselves upon the coast. Winter heralds thearrival of calmer weather and milder 30 ºCdays. Temperatures soar early into the spring,and while plentiful rainfall accompanies thewarmer weather, the more violent stormsgenerally remain at bay until the waningmonths of the season.Ecology:While there has never been a formalstudy of Tortuga Prime, scant information isavailable from the observations of the late Dr.Bonacieux, chief medical officer of the AFFC9th RCT. His notes describe a tropical jungle,vis-à-vis the fractious wild described by Terrannovelist Edgar Rice Burroughs, filled withlethal predators, ranging in size from theIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 4 –

meter-long Tortugan Wolverine to the twelvemeter-long Ararcara a close relative to theTerran Python. Considering the predilection ofthe vagabonds who make Tortgua Prime theirhome, it is highly probable all of the predatoryspecies were intentionally introduced.The deadliest of land-based predatorsis the Crossfield Krait. A distant descendant ofthe Terran Coral Snake, it inhabits GatewayIsland, where its bite accounts for roughlythirty percent of the annual deaths. Victimsexperience a slow and agonizing failure of theircentral nervous system characterized by violentspasms leading to paralysis within tenminutes. Blindness and arrhythmia follow,leading to death within six hours.The rough oceans, home to a myriad oftransplanted and native life, are temperateclear to the poles. Far from a tropicalparadise, this would-be haven for recreationalactivities lies practically infested with schoolsof Robsart Sharks who account for nearly halfof the planet’s aquatic life. These natives ofthe low-tech world of Robsart in the FederatedCommonwealth quickly adapted to the oceansof Tortuga Prime where they found abundantfood in schools of previously introducedspecies. The dominant species in the aquaticfood chain, the Robsart Sharks would likelyoverrun the oceans if not for their fiercelyterritorial nature and intra-species predation.Tropical flora cling fiercely to everycentimeter of land, kept at bay only throughslave labor and liberal use of herbicides. Manyspecies of plant are edible, though their valueis clearly lost on this non-agrarian society.On a world with only the barest ofmedical essentials, Malaria, Xanthian Fever,and other diseases run rampant. Passed bymyriad insects, disease ranks as the numberone killer on Tortuga Prime accounting fornearly one third of the annual deaths.Sociology:Tortuga Prime, and by inference theTortuga Dominions, was a case study in themost deplorable forms of human governmentand society. Since the apprehension of PaulaTrevaline in 3042, living conditions actuallyimproved. Twelve years later, Fuchida’sIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 5 –Fusiliers further enhanced the quality of life onTortuga Prime, surprisingly by doing nothing.Twyla Sumeral, the current leader ofthe Tortuga Dominions, seems content leavingher citizens to their own devices, which hasthus far proven remarkably more efficient thanTrevaline’s so-called “Reign of Death”. Freedfrom the fear of wanton violence at the handsof their government, the citizens of Tortugaprime have invested in their community. Thecorresponding economic surge led to thereestablishment of trade between many worldsin the Dominions; a first since before theSuccession Wars.Justice in Raider’s Roost, the onlyofficial settlement on Tortuga Prime, is harsh,swift, and most often at the hands ofConstables; the current moniker assumed bygang leaders. Trials, when they do occur, arealways for capital crimes, and generally stagedfor the entertainment of the ruling body.In this uncouth society many unusualevents are cause for jollity, with the arrival ofthe latest booty, whether goods or slaves –often considered one in the same - always acause for festivities. Scant revelries (on or offworld)are more macabre than the annualRetribution Day celebration. Armed citizens,either enduring the week long wait in line orpowerful enough to command preferentialtreatment, enter the city council building,where three hundred randomly selectedprisoners are gathered together in thecourtyard. There, they endure a day of jeers,taunts, and worse at the hands of the crowd,until, as the last rays of daylight sink behindthe mountains, they are shot dead by theassemblage.Local folklore tells of countlesssettlements lost to the jungle. The mostfamous tale dates back to the latter half of the27th century when the Pirates Of Tortuga firstdefended their home from marauding bandits.The Pirate aerospace forces shot down anopposing DropShip, the type often varies, butthe ship purportedly made an emergencylanding on an unknown island, where itssurvivors lived in secret for years before finallysuccumbing to the jungle. Not surprisingly,the DropShip is said to have been loaded withcountless riches.

Topography:Tortuga Prime features three principalcontinents along with nine smaller landmasses and several island chains accountingfor about one fourth of the total planetarysurface. Topographical variation is minimalwith the deepest ocean trench and highestmountain separated by only a handful ofkilometers.Mountainous terrain predominates onthe smaller land masses, leaving only smallcoastal plains suitable for settlement. Thistectonically active planet is home to more thanone hundred active volcanoes, with countlessothers lying dormant. Twenty-nine volcanoesexperience regular eruptions, some occurringon a nearly monthly basis. On the continent ofNew South Hampton, the original home toRaider’s Roost, the volcano Cursed Prince hasbeen erupting every forty-three days since theplanet was first settled.The northernmost continent,Strongpoint, is home to vast savannahs, fertileplains, and, presently, the planetary capital ofRaider’s Roost. Across the shallow seas to theeast lies the continent of Harlan, and formerhome of Raider’s Roost. The planetary capitalhas moved nearly a dozen times in the historyof Tortuga Prime, with the last move occurringin 3042 after the previous capital was razedby the AFFC.History:“It might be a sweltering den of putrescence,but just let the First Prince try and come get us,and he’ll see how much we love our newhome.” – Attributed to Colonel J. B. Strong,Commanding officer, Federated Suns 237 thLight Calvary Regiment - October 21 st , 2587.Tortuga Prime would likely have goneunsettled if not for the Reunification War.During the later days of the War Of StarLeague Oppression (as it is still called by manyPeriphery nations) the Federated Suns 237thLight Calvary Regiment was nearly annihilatedby Taurian defenders. The survivors deserted,eventually settling the planet Tortuga in 2587.Under the leadership of Colonel Strongthey established a small colony. After livingout of their DropShips for the first year, theneed for material and machinery forced themIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 6 –into action, and would doom their decedentsto a life of savagery. Leaving the bulk of hisforces on planet, Colonel Strong took thesurvivors of Alpha Battalion on a raid intoFederated Suns territory. After successfullylooting a factory complex on Skepptuna, one ofColonel Strong’s lieutenants, determined toexact his vengeance upon Alexander Davion byproxy, turned his SMG on the capturedworkers. In what the Pirates Of Tortuga wouldlater call the First Shot Of Retribution, overthree hundred people where murdered.With the unofficial stopgap on violencenow open they committed countless atrocitiesby the close of the 26th century, acquiringmachinery and supplies at the expense of theFederated Suns. They chose their targets welland wisely left behind no survivors keepingthem safe from reciprocities by First PrinceAlexander Davion. For nearly two hundredyears they kept their base of operations secret,all the while marshalling their resources. ThePirates Of Tortuga colonized their fifth world,Morgan’s Holdfast, in 2731, and proclaimedthe formation of the Tortuga Dominions in2742, renaming their capital planet TortugaPrime.In 2765 the AFFS, having finallycaptured and “interrogated” the crew of aTortuga Dominions JumpShip, was prepared toattack. The sudden and violent assassinationof the Cameron line threw the entire InnerSphere into turmoil. Many lesser militaryoperations abandoned, and the TortugaDominions grew even stronger.For the next three centuries littlechanged for the average citizen of TortugaPrime. Piracy was the way of life, with little tobe garnered from an honest living. Whilecapitalism and greed conspired to strip theplanet of its natural resources, its citizensturned to a life of crime. Those who didn’t jointhe pirates often found themselves enrolled inone of the many street gangs, or earning theirkeep guarding the local slave population.Enmity begat enmity and civility graduallydeclined until Paula “Lady Death” Trevalinebegan her rule in 3015.Trevaline’s rule was absolute andtyrannical, the worst in a long line of despots.It was under her auspices that the infamous

penal island of Hard Labor was created.During the 3030’s when her actions againstthe Federated Suns had made Tortuga Prime apriority target, Tortugan piracy suffered.Keeping her seat of power in the TortugaDominions required constant income. Ifrumors are true it was while entertaining arepresentative of the Mica Majority with theslow and torturous death of a prisoner thatLady Death received the inspiration for HardLabor. Supposedly Lady Death’s companywas so enthralled with the execution it gaveLady Death the idea for creating a localewhere she could guarantee death, and sell it tothe highest bidder. After making necessaryarrangements, Lady Death began sellingverdicts and sending, oftentimes innocent,prisoners to their deaths. A lucrative practicepicked up by Twyla Sumeral shortly after herarrival in 3054.During the War of 3039, her increasedraiding activities against the Federated Sunswould later lead to the destruction of herempire. In 3042 the AFFC 9th RCT, afternearly three months on planet, finally capturedher and razed Raider’s Roost in an effort to puta final end to Tortugan piracy. Those whosurvived the collapse of Lady Death’s empireeked-out a meager existence until 3054 whenFuchida’s Fusiliers broke their contract withthe AFFC and fled into the Periphery, wherethey took up the reigns of the shatteredTortuga Dominions.At the direction of Sumeral, rebuildingthe shattered Tortugan aerospace assets hasbecome the number one priority. Largelyfunded by Hard Labor, it is a project seeingexcellent success. Barring any externalinterference, it is estimated that the newPirates Of Tortuga will soon pose considerablethreat to travel in the Rimward reaches of thePeriphery.Notable Settlements:Raider’s Roost:Not so much a city, but a collection ofdisassociated neighborhoods, Raider’s Roostpasses for the planetary capital. Of the nearlyeighty thousand people who make TortugaPrime their home, nearly three quarters residein Raider’s Roost. It is the only officialsettlement, and home to the planet’s onlymaintained space port, though several othercommunities and ports exist.Over the last three hundred years,Raider’s Roost has been relocated multipletimes, due to natural (or unnatural) disasters.Not a single structure from the original city isknown to remain, however the city councilbuilding, home to the infamous Council OfDeath, is built in part from pieces of theprevious Raider’s Roosts.Raider’s Roost also boasts the planet’sonly officially maintained space port, howeverother unofficial ports do exist; the majority ofwhich are in poor repair.Present Day:Although Tortuga Prime (and theTortuga Dominions) suffered significant lossesduring the AFFC raid of 3042, the arrival ofFuchida’s Fusiliers and skillful leadership ofTwyla Sumeral, have fostered an economicboon to the careworn settlement. For the firsttime in over a century commercial trade, existsbetween planets in the Tortuga Dominions,and while Tortuga Prime has little to offer inthe way of valuable exports, it’s abundantwater supply and aquatic life help providefoodstuffs for many neighboring planets.Prisoner imports continue to rise, lendingcredence to Tortuga Prime’s reputation as thePeriphery’s prison planet.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 7 –Gateway Island:Gateway Island is home to Hard Labor,the worst place on an unforgiving planet. It isa prison where the question of death isanswered in days or months, and a nameconnoting death to many inhabitants of thePeriphery.GPS tracking devices are implanted inprisoners when they arrive at the walledcoastal encampment called Gateway. Thisallows the extensive surveillance system totrack (and broadcast) their every move,facilitating wagering upon the fate of individualinmates - a popular pastime. The currentrecord holder, J.C. Strangefeld, has surpassedthe average prisoner life expectancy of sixmonths by nearly eight years. Rumors tell that

this ex-pirate from Federated Suns space isimmune to the bite of the deadly CrossfieldKrait. More fantastical is the claim that hesecretly manufactures anti-venom anddistributes it to members of his gang.Transported, in the company of heavilyarmed guards, via armored J-27 to HardLabor, nearly half of the malnourishedprisoners fail to survive the sweltering heat.Those who do quickly labor to bury the deadfrom their convoy, lest the stench of rottingflesh attract the copious deadly predatorsintentionally seeded upon the island. Thattask completed, they suffer a miserableexistence while fighting to keep the rampantjungle growth at bay, sans the help of evenrudimentary tools.Those seeking escape first mustcontend with the jungle itself, then a plethoraof nefarious booby traps, before finally facingthe motion tracking machine guns guardingGateway, where they might steal a ship.Should they find that option unsavory they canmake for the shores where it’s a two hundredkilometer swim through Robsart Shark infestedwaters to the nearest island.Classic BattleTech Simulator Notes• High Gravity World: 1.2 G• High Temperature World: Assume55°C for encounters near the equator[These creatures were made using theCreature Creation rules for the upcomingClassic BattleTech RPG Companion. Atreasure trove of information for 3rdEdition Gamemasters and Players alike.Look for it in December!]Banded Crossfield Krait(Bungaris Fasciatis Tortugas)The Crossfield Krait is a snake native to TortugaPrime. First identified by early settler Jamison Crossfield thissnake has many traits that make it singularly deadly. Extremelyaggressive, this snake makes its home in the lower junglecanopy of the equatorial islands of Tortuga Prime. A uniqueability of the Crossfield Krait allows it to flatten its body and glideshort distances from trees. This silent ambush attack is thesnake’s primary hunting method. The Crossfield Krait will attackany creature that passes beneath its perch, regardless of size. Abite from a Crossfield Krait results in an extremely potentneurotoxin being injected into the victim. The venom acts quicklyon the victim’s neurological system, first paralyzing muscles inthe vicinity of the bite, and then suppressing respiration.Untreated bites are invariably fatal within 6 hours, although somecolonists have survived bites on their extremities by immediatelyamputating the bitten body part. A crude anti-venom exists, butIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 8 –must be administered immediately and only successfullyneutralizes the venom in 35% of the cases. If a bite victim can begiven advanced supportive care within one hour of the attack,(respirator, I.V. fluids) the venom will work its way out of the bodyin 48-72 hours and the victim usually makes a full recovery.Name: Banded Crossfield Krait(Bungaris Fasciatis Tortugas)Homeworld: Tortuga Prime,Tortuga Dominions, PeripheryType:NativeBody Shape: Snake-likeColoring:Dark grey with yellowbands from head to tailLength:Up to 2 metersDiameter: 25 cmWeight:10 kgSTR BOD DEX RFL INT WIL EDG1 2 1 13 4 6 3Traits: Aggressive, Bad Hearing (4)Cold Blooded, Good Smell (2)Skills:AniMelee +10 (Poison),Perception +4, Stealth +3Size: Very Small (-2)Armor: -Attack:1•1D6 (Bite)Bite [9D6; Lethal; Injected; 5minutes; 2 Doses; Cont. Effect]Movement: Ground 6/10/---; Air 15 (Glidefrom above only)Tortugan Wolverine(Gulo Canis Tortuga)Originally mistaken for a species of wolf, and thoughtto have been produced by the genetic engineering of wolf andwolverine, the Tortugan Wolverine bears little resemblance to itsTerran namesake, aside from its temperament. Averaging onemeter in length, the Tortugan Wolverine prefers to make itshome in deadfall or small caves.Tortugan Wolverines hunt and live in packs, and arequite capable of killing prey four or five times their size. Theylearn to hunt from the alpha pair of their particular pack, and theirpreferred prey are large herbivores (such as cattle). Fearlessand aggressive, they pose a definite threat to unwary travelers,and in times of food shortage are known to venture intosettlements and prey upon children, the elderly, or anyoneunlucky enough to be caught alone and outside.Homeworld:Environment:Type:Body shape:Coloring:Length:Height:Weight:Tortuga PrimeTropical ClimatesIntroduced, Possibly Genetically AlteredFur-leggedReddish fur with white stripe-like bandingrunning lengthwise along the torso100 cm58 cm52 kgSTR BOD DEX RFL INT WIL EDG5 5 2 7 5 8 2Traits:Aggressive (2), Bad Vision (2), Blood Rage,Good Hearing (1), Good Smell (3), NightVision, Pack Hunter, Showy ColoringSkills: AniMelee +7, Bite Grip +3, Climbing +2,Perception +2, Swimming +2Size: Small (–1)Armor: Furred hide [1/0/0/0]Attack:1•2D6 (bite)Movement: Ground 6/12/24; Water 3/6; Sprinting 6turns; Jumping 4 meters

Tactical Analysis:By Ron BarterContinuing on from the last analysis briefing, we have arrivedat the medium weight class of ‘Mech, more commonly referred to asthe medium ‘Mech. An old Terran adage can be applied to theusefulness of this design, “Jack of all Trades”. The medium ‘Mech by far is the most common‘Mech that can be seen on the battlefield and serves a very useful purpose as being able to covera variety of niches in military units requirements, both effectively and more importantly, cheaply.Following the 3 maxims discussed inthe last analysis:1) Speed2) Firepower3) ProtectionLet’s have a look at how these maximsapply to the medium ‘Mech.With regards to speed the maximumrunning speed an Inner Sphere medium canattain is 129.6 KPH, while not as fast as somelights, the mediums that can attain this speed(the Wraith for example) rival such light‘Mechs as the Raven or Razorback, and thereare no Heavy or assault ‘Mechs that can reachthis speed, and most cannot average mediumrunning speeds of 80 or 90 KPH (Clan Heaviesbeing the exception to this of course).As for firepower, a 35 ton light ‘Mechwith a maximum speed of 129.6 KPH has anunmodified (i.e. no endo steel chassis or ferrofibrous armor) payload capacity of 12 tonswith maximum armor protection. A medium‘Mech with a top speed of 90 KPH has anunmodified payload of 18 tons. An additional6 tons of payload allows for heavier weaponsto be carried, more specialized equipment likejump jets, ECM, advanced targeting systemscan be allocated, and perhaps moreimportantly extra ammunition can be carried.The third maxim is protection, light‘Mechs can carry a maximum of 7.5 tons ofarmor protection whereas a medium canmount a staggering 12 tons of protection,coupled with increased weapons payload anda very good speed capability, allows themedium to fill more roles than light ‘Mechscan.Since the medium role is a generalpurpose one, the variety of missions and rolessuited to this class weight are numerous, butthere are several key roles worth mentioning:1) Patrol/ Reconnaissance Hunter-Killer2) Fire Support3) Flank Guard and Escort4) Picket5) Urban Defense6) SkirmisherA Patrol ‘Mech is essential to anymilitary unit; it maintains lines of security,limits opportunity of infiltration and warns ofapproaching enemy attacks. At the same timethey can also be tasked with detecting andneutralizing enemy recon ‘Mechs, denying theenemy the needed intel for a successful attack.Although lacking the speed of most recon‘Mechs, they usually carry sufficient long rangeweapons that combined with there own speedto make up the difference and if not kill theenemy ‘Mech at least drive it off, thus denyingthe intelligence anyway. Examples of thisinclude the StarSlayer, and Lynx both withspeeds of 80 KPH and large lasers or ERPPC’s to reach out to that enemy ‘Mech.Every combat unit needs fire support tolay down a needed barrage to repel a enemyassault or to assist in a attack, this supportcan be provided by field artillery, aircraft, orarmored vehicles. A medium ‘Mech usuallyfollows the age old axiom of the Artilleryman“Shoot and Scoot”, heavy and assault class‘Mechs can fill this role to, but they usuallylack the mobility of a medium, the Trebuchetfor example has a top speed of 80 KPH andmost variants are fitted with jump jets as well.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 9 –

BSW-X1 Bushwacker – 80 Km/hrtop speed, mounting a ExtendedLarge Laser, Class 10Autocannon, machine guns and 2Class 5 Long Range Missilelaunchers; this ‘Mech canperform all of the above statedroles quite adequately, with aemphasis on Long range combatand fire support roles.More importantly for any unitcommander is the cost- effectiveness ofmedium fire support ‘Mechs, a SingleSalamander ‘Mech costs 18 million c-bills, forthat price you can purchase a lance of 55 tonApollo ‘Mechs (4.9 million c-bills each) andhave enough cash left over to purchase a hoverscout vehicle equipped with Target acquisitiongear (TAG), to allow for designation of semiguidedLRMs or indirect spotting. A singleSalamander can fire 60 missiles at a target, 4Apollo’s can rain down 120 missiles on atarget, plus there are 4 targets in a lance toengage compared to a single Assault ‘Mech.Flank guard, escort and picket aregeneral duties best suited for the medium‘Mech, lights have the speed but not enougharmor or firepower to go head to head withenemy forces that may encroach on theseareas. ‘Mech laager points (i.e. re-supply orrepair points), need to be protected as ‘Mechsare usually powered down. Pickets are forwardsentry’s that warn of approaching enemy unitsand can delay them until the powered downunits can reach combat status again or escape.Flank guards, protect your flank from enemyencirclement, mediums have the advantage ofmobility to check out the flanks at great speed.As for escorts, they are the best units toprotect convoys bringing up needed suppliesfrom enemy ‘Mech raiders.LNX-9Q Lynx – 80 Km/hr topspeed, can make jumps of up to150 metres, all energy armamentmakes this ‘Mech an excellentskirmisher, and recon hunterkiller.TBT-7M Trebuchet – 80 Km/Hrtop speed, 150 metre Jumpcapacity, makes this fire support‘Mech a very mobile and deadlyopponent with 2 LRM-15 racksand a NARC Beacon for addedaccuracy.As stated, in the previous article small‘Mechs are best suited to urban defense, whilelight ‘Mechs are ideal, medium ‘Mechscomplement light ‘Mechs and provide heavierweapons to deal deadly damage at medium toclose range, with the lights luring the enemyforces into traps. During the Second WorldWar on 20th Century Terra, the German Statewhen fighting the English state in the MiddleEastern campaign would send out 2 or 3 lightunits to harass the English forces. The Englishforces would respond and chase the probe unitwith a mixture of heavy and medium tanks,only to be lured into a kill zone of heavy Tankswith direct fire artillery. Imagine the surpriseon a Enemy ‘Mech pilot in say a Zeus chasinga defending Raven, only to turn around acorner to not only face the Raven, but a pair ofHunchback medium ‘Mechs with fully loadedClass 20 Autocannon!!Perhaps the best role of the medium‘Mech is that of a skirmisher, in this role,medium ‘Mechs are deployed forward of anassault or after a successful attack.Skirmishers, probe enemy defenses and snipeat command ‘Mechs. This type of action isdesigned to harass enemy units, keep them offbalance, probe defensive perimeters forweaknesses and more importantly causeconfusion and disorder by going aftercommand ‘Mechs.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 10 –

SYU-2B Sha Yu – 119 Km/Hr topspeed, light armor, equipped withstealth armor, Target acquisitiongear, and extended range lasersallows this ‘Mech to hunt enemyrecon ‘Mechs, act as askirmisher, and deliver precisionartillery onto enemy targetsAPL-1M Apollo – Fire support‘Mech, with only a top speed of60 KM/hr , features a standardengine for increased survivability,Artemis IV for better fire controland 2 LRM-15 launchers. Thedesign is very inexpensive, andideal for planetary militias andcash strapped units to fill outthere fire support lances.Famous Medium’s? Well the current Champion ofSolaris has used a medium to good effect including theprotection of Victor Steiner-Davion on Alynia. During therecent fighting in St. Ives a House warrior unit known as the“Arcade Rangers”, used medium ‘Mechs and unorthodoxtactics to help defeat veteran units on several differentoccasions. Little Richard’s Panzer Brigade makes extensive useof Medium ‘Mechs along with Heavy ‘Mechs for a goodbalance of force.The 2nd Khorsakov’s Cossacks are perhaps one of thebest units that make use of fast, well armed ‘Mechs over heavyand assault class, relyingalmost exclusively onmedium class designswith light and a fewheavy designs to roundout there unit.So are MediumBattleMechs the solutionfor every tactical problemthat a unit can face onthe battlefield? Theanswer is a resoundingNo! However, they are auseful component of anyunit and a wise unitcommander must makesound decisions on unitselection based on theoverall role of the unit,and what the budgetallows for.ENF-6T Enforcer III – 80 Km/Hr andjump jets with a 150 metre capacity,this version mounts a Gauss rifle and asingle extended range medium lasertied into a fearsome targetingcomputer. In the skirmisher role, this‘Mech has the capacity to hunt enemycommand ‘Mechs, strike at them, thenjump to safety, only to attack againlater.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 11 –TR1 Wraith – 119 Km/Hr topspeed and a astounding 210metre jump capacity, thismedium is suited to deeppenetration recon, hunting enemyrecon ‘Mechs, and makes anexcellent flank guard.TSN-1C Tessen – a new foray byComstar, 97 Km/Hr top speedenergy weapons coupled withTAG, INARC, and the New C3icommand and control system.This ‘Mech is the ultimateskirmisher that can also act as adesignator for fire support ‘Mechs,wading into enemy lines at highspeed, it can seek out the mostdangerous enemy ‘Mechs and/orthe command units use iNarc tofoul up there sensors, and thentag them for fire support missiles,while using C3i target handoff toallow its lance mates to add to thedevastation.

Brother against BrotherBy Jason WeiserPealey Flats, Lowell TownshipNew Rhodes IIIKentares PDZ, Draconis MarchFederated Commonwealth (Suns)January 16 th , 3063“Dammit, little brother, why in hell areyou supporting her? She’s no more a Davionthan a Liao,” snapped Captain James Greevy.Why can’t he see this?Why is he forcing myhand?“Like it or not,she is our right-“ saidLeftenant MartinGreevy, with a bit of asmirk framed by hisgreen eyes and dirtyblond hair. The smirksoon faded to a frownas he was cut off by hisbrother’s retort.“Rightful what?Soverign? My ass.She’s nothing to us;she made that clear in3057. She’s power mad Martin, and she aspoiled Lyran princess who hasn’t done a thingrough in her life.” His long black hair blew inthe wind, his dark blue eyes shone with a madfury. They seemed alone in that open field, butthey weren’t. James had met his brotherMartin in an attempt to head off what wascoming, but Martin was an obtuse man, evenas kids- Dammit to hell, he has to see, wehave him outgunned and numbered. All themilitia has is 1 lance of ‘Mechs and a coupleregiments of armour and infantry whoseequipment was old in the 4 th war. We’re acombined arms merc unit, with a battalion of‘Mechs alone. Raddick’s Ravagers aren’t theKell Hounds, but dammit, we don’t need to befor this. God help me, Colonel Raddick doesn’twant this any more than I do. A third of theRegiment is from New Rhodes andsurrounding worlds.“What is goingto get you and the restof your scarecrows tosee reason, littlebrother? Jamespleaded. He wasgetting desperate. He’dbeen alone with him inthis stuffy old tent foran hour now, withorders from ColonelRaddick to “Make yourstubborn brother seereason before we areforced to wax him andthe rest of thatcollection of Sunday soldiers they call militia.”It was proving to be a Herculean task.“You and your money soldiers comehere, to your supposed home world?” Martinretorted, a nasty sneer crossing his face, “Andyou have the nerve? The very nerve, No!Unmitigated gall! To tell us about honor andduty to our homeland and our ruler, to theoath we both took? Now, James, I know I amnot a graduate of the Goshen War College, nora “well-traveled” sell sword like you.” as hewaggled his fingers for emphasis on the “sellsword” comment. “But I think I learned a fewthings during my time in my OTC class inCollege and with the Bryceland TrainingBattalion. One of them happened to beIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 12 –

loyalty.” Martin’s face was turning red, he wasangry, he flung to his feet, and his camp chairflew back, right into the knees of the militiasentry standing behind him, who, if he hadn’tbeen wearing his issue knee protectors, mighthave gotten a nasty sprain out of it at least.Martin came around the table to theleft, and brought his face to within inches ofJames. “I think, you forgot that lesson, bigbrother.” spitting out “big brother” as if it werea curse. “And if I have to kill you to reinforcethat lesson, as well as to clean the stain on thefamily honor, the same honor you-“James saw red, his hand moved beforehe thought a thing about what he was doing.Before he realized it, his hand had wrappedaround his brother’s throat, safeties on smallarms from guards snick-snacked as they werebeing turned off, in preparation of what wasseeming to come.A voice whispered into James’s ear, itwas a calm, gravelly voice that he’d heardmany times before, in worse circumstances.“Come on now sir, throttle down before awhole bunch of people die when they don’thave to.” Sergeant-Major Foxton intoned.James looked closely at his brother, itseemed that the boy he’d once grew up withand loved fiercely, for all of his faults, hadmorphed imperceptibility into a man ofbitterness and not a bit ugly in character.James turned to leave, but then, turnedback, his brother rubbing his throat trying tosooth the nagging ache.“I am going to say this once littlebrother, I am going to give you one chancewhen we next meet. Here’s hoping you takeit.” James spat. With that, he stormed fromthe tent, Sergeant Major Foxton and twoRavager Sentries in tow.Sedrick Heights, Lowell TownshipNew Rhodes IIIKentares PDZ, Draconis MarchFederated Commonwealth (Suns)January 20 th , 3063The small arms fire was tapering offnow, as the militia resistance began tocollapse. It was obvious to many of the militiathat the resistance had been doomed from thestart, but they had decided to try..not that itchanged just how dumb a move it had been.One of the damn fools said it was for the honorof the flag? What flag, what honor? They onlymanaged to get themselves slaughtered.It was mostly clean up now, mostly ofinfantry and downed MechWarriors, as most ofthe militia ‘Mechs and tanks had beenaccounted for early and crushed outside ofSedrick, the survivors fleeing pell-mell intotown with the Ravagers hard on their heels.Then, the Ravagers began to take casualties,not many mind you, but some of the militia gotmad, and decided to make what stands theycould. It didn’t work out very well for them inthe end.All this was jumbled in James’s mindas he walked his Warhammer down a street ofquiet homes, many had been fought over andwere in various states of disrepair and damage,Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 13 –but few were outright destroyed, though one ortwo were afire.It was then that both the proximityalarm and the incoming missile alarm wentoff, as two flights of LRMs smashed into theback of his ‘Mech. The ‘Hammer staggered,with James barely able to keep it upright, heswerved it around in a jerky motion, the ‘Mechagain almost skidding and falling on thepavement. It was an enemy Dervish, mostlyblackened from various hits, and it’s left armhung limply at a strange angle, obviously outof action. Enough however, remained of thepaint job to recognize just who the Dervish’swarrior was.James opened a tight-beam to the‘Mech. “Martin, it’s over, don’t make me dothis. You’ve obviously fought well, but thereisn’t any hope you can win this.”The response was the right arm comingup, and a flight of SRMs and a maroon beamof a Medium Laser stabbing forth at James’s‘Hammer. Both missed wide to the left.

Martin must be hurt; he wouldn’t havemissed a shot like that. Better end this quickbefore he gets lucky and kills me.James backed off a bit then aimed bothPPCs at the Dervish, who was shuffling in astrange, damaged gait that suggested somekind of actuator damage. He placed thereticule over the right leg, which looked theworse for wear, and triggered both PPCs. Theman-made lightning made a loud CRACK as itleft the cannon andproceededdownrange, the lefthand cannon missedand turned a onestoryrambler intomatchwood, and theright hand beamconnected andsevered the legbelow the knee. TheDervish, stopped,then slid straightdown on its face.Jameslooked on hopefully;he idled his reactorand undid hisharness, thenpopped his hatchand threw down hischain ladder. Hisleaving his ‘Mechbecame a blur, ashe suddenly foundhimself outside theDervish’s accesshatch with hisMydron drawn. He tried the manual hatchrelease, it didn’t work, he then grabbed intohis haversack and produced a jury-riggedframe charge he carried around to helpextricate fellow MechWarriors from theregiment. As he began to apply the charge tothe hatch, it was then that he smelled it. Itwas burning cockpit insulation. Something inthe cockpit, probably the survival flares orsome electrical system had caught fire and itwas spreading. Then, the poundingstarted...and the screaming, one could hear iteven through the armor of the BattleMech “OhGod, NO!”James frantically completed the prepwork on the charge then lit the friction fuseand took cover behind the ‘Mech’s rear headcowl.The charge went off seconds later witha loud THUWMP.But, it hadn’t blown the hatch awaycompletely; Jamesgrabbed his 12cmescape tool and beganto use it to pry awaythe hatch a bit moreso he could somehowget in to save Martin.Martin’sscreams becamelouder and moreincoherent. He wasscreaming, “I forgiveyou” very loudly now,and soon, theychanged to “Momma!”Jamesmanaged to pry openthe hatch just enough,when a 2 meter longjet of flame came outof the hatch, forcingJames back andimmolating thecockpit. Martin’s lastseconds were onesJames never forgot, asthe screams becamesomething that hewould have sworn would never have comefrom a human throat.James collapsed in the mud, silenttears streaking his face. He raised his face tothe sky and roared an incoherent and patheticscream of rage, fury and loss.Infantry from the Ravagers happenedupon James, kneeling and catotonic, his eyesglistning with unshed tears in the shadow ofhis fallen brother's Dervish.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 14 –

Simulator Tech: WeaponryHow To Make A Rotary AutocannonBy: Brian StullWith the release of the Field Manual: Federated Suns, manypeople have enjoyed the raw firepower that a Rotary Autocannon canprovide. Designs that employ Rotary Autocannon such as the Templarand Argus have become favorites of many players. The problem with the Rotary Autocannon isthat there are no miniatures out yet that correctly depicts what one of these weapons would looklike. Many people have made modifications to their miniatures using pieces from other games.Often these pieces are not the same scale as the Battletech miniatures, and cause the ‘Mech tolook odd. I have found a way to make Rotary Autocannon out of simple brass tubes and rods,and I will share the process of constructing them with you.Tools and Materialsglue or other metal bonding substance like JBWeld.The first things that you will need to constructa Rotary Autocannon from scratch are toolsand materials. Tools are pretty easy. I usetwo types of hobby files, a round file and a flatfile. I also use a pair of small dikes or wirecutters, a pin vise with hobby drill bits, someneedle nosed pliers, and a K&S pipe cutter.This pipe cutter is a special tool that can befound at most hobby shops for around $5.K&S is also the company that provides thebrass tubes and rods to most hobby shops.The tubes and rods come in many differentsizes. I attempted to stay in scale as much aspossible when I chose tubes sizes. I chose a1/16” tube as the barrels for RAC 5 designs,and a 3/32” rod for RAC 2 barrels. I also putbands around the barrels once I have them inthe proper shape. For these I use 7/32” and3/16” tubes. You will also need either someIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 15 –The ProcessThe first thing you need to do whenmaking a RAC is cut the barrels. The choiceto use tubes or rods will determine the tool youuse for cutting. Use the pipe cutter if you areusing tubes, and use the dikes if you are usingrods. The rods and dikes do speed up theprocess, but they do not have the nice openend on the barrel that the tubes have. Usingrods adds an additional step to make themlook like they have an open end. I will talkabout this later.Start by cutting 6 equal length piecesfor the barrels, and one piece that is just a bitlonger. This longer piece will be the center ofthe RAC and what you attach the other barrelsto. Once this is complete, some filing may beneeded depending on your methods. If you

used the pipe cutter, filing the ridge off that itcreates as it cuts is essential. This allows thebarrels to fit flush with each other. Do thesame thing for the center piece.Now you may begin attaching thebarrels together. I like to start with twobarrels. While holding them with my needlenose pliers, I place them side-by-side in thepliers with the ends I am holding flush, andthen I add a drop of glue. Then I take thecenter piece and place it in the glue and slideit up until there is just a little bit extendingbeyond the other end of the barrels. Thisextension is what I use as an attachment pointfor the RAC on a miniature. Next I removewhat I have from the pliers and carefully beginattaching the rest of the barrels around thiscenter piece, until I have something that looksnot unlike a Gatling Gun.The next step is to add the bandsaround the barrels. You will need to use thepipe cutter for this. The size of the banddepends on what size barrels you used. Takethe pipe and cut thin bands (less than 1/8”wide) off with the pipe cutter. Next, to get itto fit over the barrels may require some filing.Take the round file and insert it into the pipethat you just cut, and file the inside down untilit will just fit over the end of the barrels. I alsolike to file the sides down and any ridges thatmay be present from the cutting process.Next, fit this over the barrels and secure it intoplace with a bonding substance. I like to placea thin band toward the front of the gun, and athicker band toward the back.The next step is optional. Use someKneadatite or some other putty and fill in thegaps that are visible between the bands andthe barrels. This makes the gun look morerealistic. Also, if the barrel ends don’t line uplike they should, just take a flat file to themuntil they look pretty even. Then take a pinvise to drill open the end of the tubes again.If you use rods for your barrels insteadof tubes, take a pin vise with a drill bit that isslightly smaller than the rod, and indent theend of the rod. This will make the rod looklike it is hollow like a gun barrel.Now you should have a beautiful handmade RAC ready toattach to the ‘Mechof your choice. Ifyou don’t get it tolook the way youwant the first time,don’t give up. Youwill learn from yourmistakes and thenext attempt youmake will turn outmuch better than thefirst.Enjoy!Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 16 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 17 –

Monte Diablo: Both SidesSpeakMonte Diablo, very few names evoke the tragedy of theFederated-Commonwealth Civil war more than this lonely peak. Thepivotal battle of a two-year struggle for control of the planet Giauser, Monte Diablo is seen bymany as a turning point in the struggle for control of the spinward Lyran Alliance. As famous asthis battle has become, much of the details of the battle have remained shrouded in mystery, untilnow.The Martial Olympiad brought together under a flag of truce combatants from both sides of theCivil War. The storm scoured plains of Tukkayyid played host to teams from the Lyran Allianceand the Federated Suns. It was here that I found Staff Sergeant Samuel Grant, LAAF andSergeant Major Richard Jablonski, AFFS. Both veterans of the Clan Wars, these two erstwhileAFFC comrades had both been at Monte Diablo, but neither was aware that the other had beenpresent. I interviewed them separately at first, then brought them together for a freeformdiscussion of that fateful day.This interview is first in a three part series.CQ: Staff Sergeant Grant, prior to the Battle ofMonte Diablo, what was the campaign onGiauser like?Grant: It was slow. I mean one of those “23hours 45 minutes of boredom, 15 minutes ofterror a day.” kind of situations. We’d go outon 48 to 72 hour patrols by company, thenhave a week or so back at base camp. It waspretty routine at first.CQ: But you knew that the 4 th Crucis was outthere?Grant: Oh yeah, the Lancers let us know theywere there. When we first grounded, the 2 ndhad been engaged on Giauser for close to ayear, and their morale was really in the toilet.The 4 th Crucis had been ambushing everypatrol they sent into the bush and casualtieswere pretty high. For whatever reason, the 2 ndC.O. (Leutnant-General Delmar Voss) wouldn’talter the patrol patterns, even though theywere getting hit every single time.CQ: Did this pattern continue after the arrivalof the 7 th Donegal.Grant: It did for the 2 nd . Our old man(Leutnant-General Daniel Voss-Steiner) put usonto a rotating patrol schedule. We’d go outIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 18 –and set up a listening post, or an ambush, andjust wait. A lot of the times we’d shadow the2 nd ’s patrols. Kind of ambush the ambusher.We hit the 4 th Crucis pretty hard in the firstthree months or so.CQ: What happened then?Grant: Well, we were on a Battalion strengthpatrol. It was Kilo, Bravo, and Echocompanies. Some kind of big push that thepuzzle palace (2 nd and 7 th Donegal GuardsCombined Headquarters) had dreamed up.Anyway, it was planned to be a Recon in force,but things changed beau-coup rikki-tik whenwe ran smack dab into the Comguard LZ.CQ: You mean the 167 th Comguard?Grant: Yeah, their DropShips grounded withina klick of our point lance, near a place calledShorthorn’s Ridge. Hauptmann Carmenradioed for support and we spread out andpinned them in the landing zone. Theydeployed under fire and we cut them to pieces,I mean we hammered them for a solid 6hours. The minute the last ‘Mech was clear,the DropShips dusted off, so they didn’t havediddly for support. After dark a few of their‘Mechs, about a battalion, were able todisengage and break clear. We overran their

perimeter about an hour later. The MP’s camein and took everybody left alive prisoner. Iheard we got a lot of good intel out of thoseguys. After that, things got really quiet in oursector for a few months.CQ: Monte Diablo happened on August 17 th ;can you tell us what led up to the battle andhow you happened to be there?Grant: Well, throughout the summer we fellinto a routine of patrol, ambush, and counterambush. It worked pretty well, but what wereally wanted to happen was for the 4 th Crucisto come out and fight with their main body. Imean everybody knew that if we could pinthem, we’d do them pretty easily. After we didthe Comguard at Shorthorn’s Ridge, the moralereally boosted. A lot of the guys began to seelight at the end of the tunnel, so they becamea lot more aggressive, especially the 7 thDonegal. We thought we’d have this thingwrapped up by Christmas.CQ: What about the 2 nd Donegal?Grant: Well, all I know is what I heard, but itseems that their C.O. really lost it. He wasone of those “Boy Generals” that sometimescome out of the Nagelring. As far as anybodycould tell, he was being groomed for one of thetop slots in the corporation and he just neededone tour as C.O. of a Combat command topunch his ticket to Theatre Command. Thething was, the kid didn’t seem to be able to doanything that he hadn’t learned at theNagelring. He was good, especially at tactics;Shorthorns Ridge showed that. But it was allin a textbook sense, and that made himpredictable.CQ: How did that effect the Lyran operations?Grant: As far as the 2 nd went, they were prettymuch out of the fight. Voss’s J.O.’s (JuniorOfficers) wouldn’t piss if their pants caught onfire unless they got an ok from Headquarters.Voss had taken to biting the head off of anyonewho brought him bad news. Being assigned toVoss’s CMS (Command Martial Staff) took on awhole new meaning for them. They startedreferring to the CMS as the “CareerModification System.” Nobody wanted to workthere, and it really showed in the stuff thatcame out of 2 nd ’s C.P. All they had the 2 ndpatrolling were areas that we’d cleared a yearbefore, I mean there was zero chance ofcontact in there. The 7 th did all of the patrolsthat had any chance of contact, so we endedup pulling all the long-range stuff, which reallyhad the guys pissed off.CQ: Then how did the 2 nd end up having twolances at Monte Diablo to the 7 th ’s one?Grant: Well, the main reason was that we’dcleared the Ephraim Valley back in May of ’65.It wasn’t even a free fire zone. Weapons weretight in there, that’s how safe we thought itwas.CQ: Why was your lance from the 7 th Donegaloperating in a cleared area?Grant: We were transiting back to base campwhen the word came down to move to contactat Monte Diablo. We’d already been out forthree days and we were pretty tired. That woreoff as soon as we learned that the 4 th CrucisHeadquarters Company was up there. We allsaw a chance to end this thing that day.CQ: Tell us about the early battle.Grant: Well, we were about 8 klicks away fromMonte Diablo when we got the call. It waspitch black, I don’t know, about 0330. Therewas no moon, so we ran on thermal. It madefor slow going, because the ground was prettybroken and rocky as we approached the hill.We reached the base of the mountain about0515, by that time the elements from the 2 ndwere already engaged on the far side of themountain. That gave us time to deploy and getready to hit the 4 th Crucis from over theridgeline.CQ: Was there enough light by this time?Grant: There was on the eastern slope of themountain. The side we were on was still inshadow, so it was a little trickier going. Therewas a lot of chatter on the Tac-Comfrequencies, so we could hear what was goingon with the 2 nd and we were in a real hurry toget into the fight.CQ: You were piloting a Barghest BattleMechs,right?Grant: No, at Monte Diablo I was piloting aRazorback. I drive a Barghest now.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 19 –

CQ: Ah, my notes say there was a Barghestthere.Grant: Yeah, there was one with the 2 nd . Ithink that the ‘Mech-jock driving that one got afew kills before they brought that Barghestdown.CQ: What happened as you neared theridgeline?Grant: We picked up some really accurate PPCfire from further up the hill, so we were pinnedfor about 15 minutes. The fire was relentlessand really on the dot. We finally ID’d aComguards Hussar that was spotting for alance. We found out after the fight that theyhad that new iC3 rig, and that was why thefire was so on the spot accurate. Anyway NickOrazco was able to work his Lynx around anddefiladed the Hussar. Once they lost targetingthe fire let up and we were able to close withthe Comstar lance.CQ: How far from the peak were you at thattime.Grant: We were only about 150 meters belowthe ridgeline when we closed with theComguard. I remember seeing the Thugsilhouetted. Let me tell you man, that is ascary sight. The upside was that he made onehell of a target. We all unloaded on that Thug,but the damn thing wouldn’t go down. It finallyended up going hull down over the ridge. I losttrack of it after that because I tangled with theTessen that came up on my right. Both of usgrabbed cover and began sniping at each otherfrom behind boulders, it was pretty much astand-off, but I knew from the Tac-Com thatthings were starting to slip on the other side,and if we were going to make a difference we’dneed to make a move really soon.CQ: What time was it by then?Grant: I’m not sure, but I’d say around 1000.Between the Comguard lance and how steepthe hill was it took us quite a while to get nearthe top.CQ: What happened when you reached thetop?Grant: We never did. After the Comguard firelet up a lance of 4 th Crucis machines cameover the ridge and really bore down on ushard. By this time it was pretty obvious fromthe Tac-Com that the 2 nd was going to pieceson the other side, so as much as we wantedto, we didn’t push the issue.CQ: Had your lance suffered any casualties atthis point?Grant: Yeah, Ray Capazzutto had hisCommando gutted.CQ: Were you able to pick him up?Grant: No, he was killed. The 2 nd ‘s losseswere much worse though. A Hauptmann, twoLeutnants and two Sergeants.CQ: Many people considered the Lyran missionat Monte Diablo a “Headhunter” mission. Wereyou ever ordered to specifically target anyone?Grant: By “anyone” I assume you meanGeneral Giggens. I wasn’t given any specificinstructions to target any particular ‘Mech orperson. I can’t speak to what may have beenpassed on discrete, because I wasn’tmonitoring discrete. I can tell you that no oneever told me to come up on discrete, so if theyever passed any instructions like that, theyweren’t meant for me.CQ: But you did know Giggens was there,right?Grant: Yeah, we knew he was there. But thenagain, we were all there. Buy the ticket, takethe ride.CQ: Had you been ordered to eliminateGeneral Giggens, would you have done so?Grant: Yes.CQ: Would you consider that a lawful order?Grant: YesCQ: AFFS High Command might disagree.Grant: AFFS High Command doesn’t sign mypaycheck. Listen, in combat you just don’thave time to second-guess orders, if you havea job to do you do it. It really is that simple.CQ: What prompted the Lyran forces towithdraw from Monte Diablo.Grant: After the Hauptman in charge of the2 nd ’s lances was killed they really fell apart. Itwas pretty evident that we weren’t going todislodge them from the mountain, and as faras anyone knew the command structure of the4 th Crucis had been eliminated. We just didn’tsee any reason to keep fighting up-hill withIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 20 –

what we had on hand, when we could justcome back later with more.CQ: Did you later return to Monte Diablo?Grant: Yes, but it was almost 72 hours later.By that time the 4 th Crucis was long gone.CQ: Why the delay?Grant: I wish I knew. What I heard was thatVoss was furious that Voss-Steiner had orderedthe 2 nd in without consulting him. According tofolks that were in the C.P. Voss and Voss-Steiner had a screaming match that ended ineach trying to relieve the other of command.Man, sometimes the shit piled up so deep youneeded wings to stay above it. Anyway, by thetime they got it together enough to probe themountain, there wasn’t anything there. Theynever had any sort of combined HQ afterMonte Diablo.CQ: After the battle at Monte Diablo, what wasthe campaign like?Grant: It stopped. We just stayed in basecampand held on to what we had. No moreoffensive patrols, no more nothing. As far asthe 7 th Donegal was concerned, the fight wasover.CQ: What about the 2 nd Donegal?Grant: Pretty much the same, except the 4 thCrucis raided their firebases more becausethey were further back and had a lot loosersecurity. That’s how they ended up losing theirC.P.CQ: What can you tell us about the raid thatended in the loss of Leutnant-General DelmarVoss?Grant: Just that Voss was in the C.P. when the4 th Crucis overran their base camp. The 4 thCrucis targeted the Mobile H.Q. and Voss lostan eye, his left arm, and both his legs. I heardthat the doctors said that they could havesaved his legs if they could have operatedearlier, but they had to medevac him all theway to New Munich because a fighter crashedinto the MASH unit that was attached to thebase camp and took it out.CQ: How did the loss of Voss affect the 2 ndDonegal?Grant: If they were ineffective when Voss wasin command, they were non-existent after hewas wounded. It pretty much brought theentire campaign to a halt. We all just stooddown and waited for the next shoe to drop.CQ: Which was?Grant: Caesar Steiner’s arrival on Giauser. Hefor all intents and purposes showed up andtook command of the 2 nd Donegal. The thingis, he did it without any prior authorization. Hejust showed up and did it.CQ: And the Cavanaugh Theatre Commandersigned off on this?Grant: That was the thing, Caesar Steinerdidn’t even ask! He was well known in the 2 ndDonegal because he’d been C.O. when he wasyounger. After all the crap that they’d beenshoveled under Voss they felt safe with him, soit wasn’t any big stretch when he took overcommand and they left. We weren’t sheddingany tears when they left either because wewere tired of pulling their patrols for them.CQ: Do you have any thoughts on Giauser,Monte Diablo, or the whole campaign?Grant: Just that it was a waste of time andgood people.CQ: How has it affected you?Grant: I’m not sure, I miss Ray Capazzutto, Iknow that. He was funny as hell and never letany of the crap get him down. It’s a damnshame he had to go out for such a stupidreason; because a couple of spoiled silverspoons couldn’t share a sandboxCQ: Voss and Voss-Steiner?Grant: Victor and Katrina Steiner-Davion.Promoted to Staff Sergeant after the GiauserCampaign, Staff Sergeant Grant is currently aBasic Military Training instructor at the RoyalNew Capetown Military Academy.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 21 –

Monte Diablo In MemoriamBy Joel SteversonFor the two year anniversary of the battle of Monte Diablo onthe planet of Giauser, Archon Peter Steiner-Davion and First PrincessYvonne Steiner-Davion each sent representatives to dedicate the firstmemorial to the fallen warriors of the Federated Commonwealth CivilWar. Little could they have suspected the extent to which MonteDiablo touched both sides of the conflict. Scarcely could they believe the impact that smallceremony would have on their realms, or the overwhelming feeling of closure it provided to thesurvivors, successors, and victims of the war. Commando Quarterly was fortunate enough tohave attended the ceremony, and is proud to reproduce, for the first time anywhere, the text ofthe commemorative plaque lain atop hill 1253; its words inspired by ancient Terran head ofstate.In Memoriam:For those who gave that last full measure of devotion to thecause in which they so deeply believed, let our gratefulnations never allow their sacrifice to have been in vain.These seven hundred names, the honorable soldiers whofought upon this planet, shall never be forgotten.Archon Peter Steiner-DavionFirst Princess Yvonne Steiner-DavionAllen, TXMichael S. TroutJerome M. JacobsonDavid MartinJeff LemayBentley DeMarsSteve BlazoAdam DavisRahim F. DewjiAdam HarrisonSean K. ArcherRoger (ICER) WilsonWanda WilsonGabriel RatliffRichard L. HamerArlington, TXTom StanleyJohn DomanslayClay CroweRay KadleckPeyton CellJoel SimmonsEric AllenPaul MannDennis Gilchrist IIJustin HarrisJackie LeafScott JohnsonTerence HarrisNoble HaysWilliam LeafDarrel CastilloArlington, WADenise JennerKevin JennerJon OhlemeierJoseph KnightScott JewellMike PalaseJeff EhrhardtMark MillsDan NiesingerLucas FrerlingerDarin DwickaDavid RiesAustin, TXRobert PigeonDarren BlairChristopher PetersonWade HollmanStephen YungStephen GawenisEarl MillsJames BlairJames LillianChris FriedeCameron MacDonaldTom DerryberryDavid FrederickJohn KraemerBellvue, NEAndrew HallChris MeyerNate BoardmanDan EveansBoise, IDKelly GomerChris PerkinsJay FreemanLoren LyleJohn LambertDave StingerChris RiceLloyd LyleKevin RankRichard D. GennIsacc HowardShawn EnglebertChad WalkerCarbondale, ILDavid BruceLucas WebsterDale StaleyTony HicksKevin CollierChantilly, VABen KlinefelterCarl LucasBen CatesPaul WolfChris SearlsEric PeddicordDave FanjoyJason ElrodMike DuValDavid BriganceChristopher PerkinsKurt LetaChad DerrenbackerTodd DerrenbackerMatthew ShawWilliam Compston Jr.Andrew ZinnEric KillmonMandy KillmonCleveland, OHRobert GranforsEthan EberleDon RempinskiDon KolochekJoe SwartzPhil RobyIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 22 –

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Ye Olde Paint ShoppeThe Basics of WeatheringBy: Ron BarterSo, you just finished painting a ‘Mech.As it is drying you realize that even though ithas an incredible paint job, it looks like it justwalked out of a ‘Mech Showroom.Now some Battletech players like theirminiatures like this, and that’s fine, I prefer tomake my ‘Mechs look like they have seensome action and show signs of wear and tear.That is where weathering comes in, atechnique used by modelers to age an item,and make it appear more realistic by showingsigns of use and exposure to the elements.Weathering can accomplish this using manytechniques, but the two I will mention here aredry bushing and washes.Dry brushing involves using smallamounts of paint that are lightly brushed overthe surface of the area being painted. Smallamounts of the paint are picked up byirregularities on the surface area enhancing thedetail of the miniature. For example, an easyway to show wear and tear on a BattleMechsminiature is to dry brush silver or steel colorpaint on the joints of the miniature.To accomplish this you will need anolder paintbrush, as the bristles tend to besofter and have a higher degree of flexibilitywhen wiping over the surface of the area beingdry brushed.Next you will need a small amount ofpaint, dipping the brush into a paint jar is toomuch paint!!!! The easiest way is to vigorouslyshake the paint jar (Cap on of course!), thenremove the cap, the paint on the inside surfaceof the cap is more than enough to do the job.Dip the tip of the bristles into the paint residueon the cap.The next step involves removing mostof the paint that you just dipped the brushinto, gently rub the brush into a piece of paper(newsprint works best) each time moving awayIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 25 –from the last brush stroke, continue to do thisuntil the paint looks dry.The brush is now ready to start drybrushing, quickly run the brush back and forthover the area you wish the effect to bedisplayed. Besides joint wear, you can drybrush black or gunmetal around gun portmuzzles to mimic carbon build up from firing,brown paint on raised footpads to mimicacquired mud, you can paint an entire mini’sbody then after drying, do a dry brush in alighter shade of the same color; the ideas areonly limited to your imagination.The next weathering feature is a wash,washes enhance and actually raise the sunkenor recessed detail of a miniature, cracks andgrooves in the miniature become visible andadd considerable detail to the miniature. Awash is not so much as paint that is thinneddown, but as thinner that has paint mixed in.To do a wash you first must select a paintcolor, as you are trying to bring out detail, usedark colors if the overall color of the mini is alighter color such as gray, and similarly lightcolors if the mini is painted dark overall.First and foremost, with thisweathering technique make sure THE PAINTIS DRY! 2 hours is a safe bet before you try todo a wash, otherwise your brand new paint jobmay be lost.Again, like with dry brushing the paintcap is your best friend with this technique aswell. I would first however get a smallcontainer (the medicine type pill holders ormedicine dispensers that come with the Vicks44 cough medicine, which are readilyavailable at pharmacy’s), and fill it with paintthinner (acrylic paints can be thinned withrubbing alcohol, enamels can use commercialbrush cleaner) about 1/3 of the way up.After shaking the bottle, remove thecap, and using another old brush dip the

istles in the paint, a little heavier than youwould for dry brushing. Then dip the brushinto the thinner, allowing the paint to come offthe brush and mix with the thinner.Remove the brush and clean it,ensuring that it is dry, dip the brush back intothe thinner/paint mix and transfer the brush tothe miniature. Lightly touch the brush againstthe area you want to apply the wash to,capillary action will actually draw the thinneroff the brush onto the mini, if you applied tomuch a paper towel or cotton ball can drawthe excess off, if it appears to light add a littlemore paint to the thinner and try it again.I would suggest that you may want to practiceon something other than the miniature thatyou just finished painting some hours ago, butwhat ever you decide to practice on make sureit also has some raised surfaces so you can seethe effect.Finally, for the more experiencedpainter you can also try a straight thinner washabout 15 minutes after the last coat of paint,this should cause streaks in the paintedfinished that will give the appearance of repairwork in the field (ie. Old armor bolted overholes).An Example Of This TechniqueAnother Example Of ThisTechniqueIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 26 –

News From The FrontRecounting battles from around the Inner SphereBy Joel SteversonBlack Mountains, Outside Raider’s RoostTortuga PrimeTortuga DominionsMarch 20 th , 3042Janell watched as the fleeing pirate‘Mechs stole towards a small mountain, hereyes sending voluminous rounds ofautocannon firechasing after them. Aday of reckoning hadfinally come for thePirates Of TortugaPrime. Only fourremained, one lanceout of nearly acompany, and in one ofthose ‘Mechs, theinfamous Lady Death.Bringing herEnforcer to a stop atopa small hillock sheleveled her BlazeFireSweetshot extendedrange large laser andsited her target. Thenew weapon was infield trials, a gift fromthe prestigious NewAvalon Institute ofScience. Improving theweapon’s range bynearly fifty percentcame at the cost ofsignificantly increasedheat output. Shewasn’t sure if the trade off was worthwhile,particularly on a planet as searing as TortugaPrime. As her targeting reticle flashed goldshe squeezed her primary trigger sending megajoules of coherent light racing towards hertarget, nearly 570 meters away. Armor meltedlike liquid skin from the bandit Trebuchet’s leftarm, coagulating around the elbow and ruiningthe joint. Janell’s brow briefly perked withexcitement, then furrowed in disgust as wasteheat poured into hercockpit, but the heatcouldn’t suppress herrapidly growing cherubicgrin. I hit it!The enemyTrebuchet sidestepped leftmoving obliquely acrossher field of view andanswered with a volley ofmissiles. Fire blossomedacross its chest as theexhaust from fifteenLRM’s kissed theTrebuchet goodbye.Seconds later thewarheads detonated onJanell’s left leg showeringthe ground with ruinedarmor plates. The color ofher Enforcer’s left legshifted from green toyellow on her damagedisplay, indicating minordamage. If that’s allyou’ve got, this is going tobe easy. The Trebuchetturned to duck teasinglybehind a small hill before Janell’s laser couldrecharge. Glowering, she urged her fifty-tonprototype forward into a loping gait.As she rounded a small copse shetoggled her lance’s frequency. “Shel, sweeparound to the left. Take Argyle with you andkeep them from getting past that mountainIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 27 –

ahead of us. I’ll go right with Jason and makesure they don’t double back.”“Got it boss.” Sheldon’s voicecrackled back at her.“Who do you think she is?” Jasonasked. Even the poor quality of thecommunication system could not keep theexcitement out of his voice.“I’ve got my money on the Wyvern,”she replied, glancing at her HUD for itsposition. “Could be the Champion too. We’vegot pretty sketchy intel though. I say we slagthem all just to be sure.”“Fine with me,” Jason replied, hisvoice partly drowned by the staccato bark ofhislightautocannon.The enemyChampion shruggedoff the damageinflicted bySheldon’sBlackjack, andcontinued towardsthe mountain. Aneyesore against thelightly forested hillsthe black peak rosenearly seventymeters above thesurrounding terrain.Bathed in jaggedboulders itresembled a hastilypiled collection ofslightly melted coralmore than a mountain. It formed theoutermost point of an extensive stretch ofmountains running southwest from Raider’sRoost. If the bandit ‘Mechs made it safely tothe mountain range the task force, of whichJanell was a part, would spend monthstracking them down.“Looks to me like they want to getround there pretty badly,” Jason added,squeezing off more shots from his autocannon.“Yeah…” Janell’s voice trailed off asshe contemplated the situation.Her lance was closing in on thebandits, pushing them south towards themountains, but her opponent had to realizethat they could ill-afford to scale the face withJanell so close in pursuit. It was more likelythat they would circle the mountain, using itfor cover while scaling its back. If she couldreach the face first, she could cut them off andherd them back towards Argyle and Sheldonwhere she’d have them caught in crossfire.She and Jason were slightly closer to themountain, and while slower than the pirate‘Mechs, they could just beat them there, if sheacted fast.“Push it to the limit Jason,” she calledinto her comlink. “We’re going to get to themountain first, then drive them home.”“Right with you!”Janell,focused uponreaching themountain aheadof her prey, firstmistook it forfeedback in herneuralhelmet; adeep baritonesound, floatingnondescriptly justoutsideperception,possibly nothingmore thanbackground noise.Planting herIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 28 –Enforcer’s rightleg, she twistedback to the left,carving a deep rutin the unusually spongy ground. Myomerpulled taunt, like corded muscle, swinging themassive laser into line with her target. Thenoise grew. Her hand wrapped tight aroundher joystick, Janell wrestled with inertiabringing her ‘Mech’s massive right arm inlinewith her target. Rising in volume and pitchthe crescendo nibbled at her subconscious.Somewhere, tucked safely away in a part ofherself she kept locked away during combat,the part that thrived upon methodicalreasoning, something stirred; a pricklysensation dancing at the edge of her senses.As lock-on tone rang in her ears instinctscreamed at her to squeeze the trigger, and

just as she was tightening down upon thatlethal device, the sensation, like a ravenousanimal, finally clawed through into herconsciousness. Her chest tightened, and witha sharp breath, the spasm raced down herarm, spoiling her aim, and as the laser missedhigh and left, an overwhelming sense of dreadstole her senses from the fight, and pulledthem back towards the mountain. The worldseemed caught in the briefness of an instant,as the now shrill sound pulled her in, andJanell knew, withall the horribledread of someonewho sees beforethem the last fewseconds of theirlife speeding past,that which wasabout to come.The firsttremor knockedmesmerizedJanell from herfeet, yet as her‘Mech crashed tothe ground in atangle of steeland stone, sheremainedtransfixed uponthe mountain.Like the fire thatbursts from thecore of anoverloadingreactor, the red gout stole from the top of themountain. Arcing towards the heavens, itbegged, with all its furious pent up energy, todefy the rule of gravity. Janell dared tobelieve, if just for an instant, that somehow,someway, it might indeed succeed, though asthe spray reached its perihelion and streameddownward, she knew, and she screamed.The lava, thousands of degrees ofsearing hot liquid rock, cascaded down,scalding the ground, flash boiling theremaining globules of water from the morningrain. Within seconds the flow washed overJanell’s splayed out‘Mech blistering armorand threatening toconsume it entirely.Never morepanicked in her life thanat that instant, Janellmade her last mistake.Consumed withdesperation, she thoughtnot of her predicament,but solely of her quickest,safest, and surestmethod of escape. Itwas something drilledinto her during her daysin the academy, a lastditch effort to be usedwhen everything hadgone wrong.Reaching behindher head, Janell yankedher ejection cord.Her lancematesnever recovered from theviolent and unexpected nature of her death.* * * * * * * * * * * *Lady Death, using the chaos to her utmost advantage, escaped into the Black Hillswhere the AFFC task force spent three weeks chasing her before finally trapping her in a boxcanyon. Major Janell Sheridan of the 9 th Armed Forces Federated Commonwealth RegimentalCombat Team, was never recovered.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 29 –

Simulator Tech: MartialOlympiadPictures By Jason WeiserThe popularity of the New Star League’s Martial Olympiad hascreated a groundswell in the number of simulator games, manyattempting to recreate the epic engagements of the Olympiad.For many people living on lower tech worlds, the standard holotable or tri-vid gamingconsole are well beyond reach. On those planets, many people still enjoy the Classic BattleTechsimulator game in the old-fashioned stylus and paper method. The following pictures weretaken during a historical recreation simulation of this year’s Martial Olympiad in which Comstarfaced off against the Draconis Combine. Featured above left, Comstar Adept Jason Robinette,and above right, Draconis Combine Tai-I Ed Lasso. The winner, Adept Robinette’s units finished24 th overall in the simulated Olympiad.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 30 –

Simulator Tech: Scenario #1Recon, In ForceBy Robert PigeonWith input from: Ross HinesBackground:Personal Journal: Adolph GuentherI was afraid we were going to have touse riot gas upon our own forces whenPrecentor Cabral asked for volunteers for thismission.The Precentor Martial needed tacticalinformation about the new units that the Wordof Blake has been fielding in the last fewyears. Precentor Cabral was given the task ofputting together a “pirate” force that was toland on New Earth and test, not only theBlakist’s machines, but also their will to fight.ROM had discovered that a newly formedLevel II has recently been deployed to NewEarth, and that these “Expatriates” have beenoutfitted with many new ‘Mechs.The Precentor Martial doesn’t want usto openly start anything with the Word ofBlake, so our forces will be going in as“Pirates,” but Precentor Cabral told us that hewasn’t going to be sending his “lambs” to theslaughter. He called this mission a, “Recon…In force!”lines on Terra, St. Jamis has also ordered thedevelopment and production of many brandnew designs. It is these designs that ComStarhas come to test.On the dry, desolate hills of the AustinWildlife Preserve, selected elements ofComStar’s 31 st Division will meet the newlyformed Devine Retribution Level II, a unitcomposed completely of Expatriates; formerCom Guard officers that were trying to redeemComStar from the inside many left whenVictor Steiner-Davion became PrecentorMartial, and they realized that their missionwas impossible. Devine Retribution is a unitcobbled-together from the officers that left atthat time. This will be their first trial by fire.Game Setup:Lay out the BattleTech maps as show.Use Both Open Terrain maps from BattleTechMap Set 5, both Rolling Hills maps fromBattleTech Map Set 3, the Scattered Woodsand the Lake Area maps from BattleTech MapSet 2.Situation:Austin Wildlife PreserveNew Earth, Chaos March1 Apr 3067For the past decade the Word of Blakehas been stepping up is propaganda campaignin the Chaos March. Through any meansavailable to them, they have bribed, coerced,or browbeat their way into administering to theHyper-Pulse Generators and garrisoning manyof the planets in the March.At the same time, Precentor Martial St.Jamis began a large build up of military forcesto strengthen and expand the Militia. Alongwith continuing production of already existingIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 31 –

ACTIONVICTORY POINTSAttacker:The attacker consists of a Level II fromThe Molehill Climbers III-kappa 31 st Division(The Lost Boys IV-theta), ComStar’s 6th ArmyThe Volunteers II-alphaDemi-Precentor VIII Adolph Guenther (P 2, G 2)BL6-KNT Black Knight (BV: 1,846)Demi-Precentor II Walter DuPonce (P 3, G 2)THG-12E Thug (BV: 2,214)Adept XIII Tos Newson (P 2, G 2)MON-76 Mongoose (BV: 1,122)Adept XX Morgan Blakcheque (P 3, G 3)SPT-NF Spartan (BV: 1,664)Adept VII Victory Hassan (P 4, G 3)ST-8A Shootist (BV: 1,596)Acolyte IIX Jeremy Thredgil (P 4, G 3)EXT-5E Exterminator (BV: 1,566)Deployment:The Black Knight, Mongoose, Spartan,and Shootist will enter from the eastern edgeof Desert Mountain Map on turn one. TheThug and Exterminator will enter from any sideof either map on a later turn (see special rules)Defender:The defender consists of a Level IIfrom Dreams of Revenge III-alpha 10 th Division(Shooting Stars), Word of Blake MilitiaDevine Retribution II-alphaDemi-Precentor (Adept IV) Ord Mandell (P 4, G 3)WHF White Flame (BV: 1,676)Adept V Janice Brothers (P 4, G 3)VQR-2B Vanquisher (BV: 2,290)Adept II Bruce Burns (P 4, G 3)LGC-02 Legacy (BV: 1,551)Acolyte XII Vito Kawasaki (P 5, G 4)GUR-2G Gurkha (BV: 895)Acolyte IV Willis Markham (P 5, G 4)BLF-21 Blue Flame (BV: 1,676)Acolyte II Jennifer Motiff (P 5, G 4)LNC25-04 Lancelot (BV: 1,256)Deployment:The defender may set up anywhere onthe Desert Hills map.ComStarPer WoB ‘Mech Destroyed before turn 10 10Per WoB ‘Mech Crippled before turn 10 5Per WoB ‘Mech Destroyed after turn 10 5Per WoB ‘Mech Crippled after turn 10 2Word of BlakePer ComStar ‘Mech DestroyedPer ComStar ‘Mech CrippledVictory Conditions:Special Rules-10-5VICTORY TABLETotal PointResults31 or higher Decisive ComStar Victory16 to 30 Substantial ComStarVictory6 to 15 Marginal ComStar Victory–5 to 5 Draw–6 to –15 Marginal WoB Victory–16 to –3026 Substantial WoB Victory–30 or lower Decisive WoB VictoryHit and Run RulesComStar is not here to destroy theWord of Blake Level II (no matter how muchthe individual warriors want to) They are hereto asses the fighting capabilities of the Word ofBlake’s new ‘Mechs; to this effect the ComStarmachines are all broadcasting their battleROMs to a nearby Skulker scout vehicle.Precentor Martial Gavin Dow has determinedthat 90 full seconds of fighting should be longenough to get the intelligence that he needs.After turn 15, all ComStar ‘Mechs will exit, atbest speed, the western edge of the battlefield.First RoundDue to the unexpected assault by theComStar forces, and the relative inexperienceDevine Retribution has with working together,the Word of Blake Forces will be too shockedto return fire on the first turn.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 32 –

Word of Blake InitiativeDue to the fact that this Level II hasbeen together for less than a month, they areunable to work together well until somethingspurns them on. To represent this, the Word ofBlake will always loose Initiative until the first‘Mech (ComStar or Word of Blake) has beendownedAttacker DeploymentThe attackers are trying(without any real conviction) toappear as pirates. To helpaccomplish this, the ComStarforces will only deploy the four‘Mechs mentioned in AttackerDeployment, until the first ComStar‘Mech is crippled or destroyed. Atthat point, the last two ‘Mech mayenter from any edge of either map,on the next turn.Aftermath:“I have never professed tobe a ‘True Believer,’ but the waythe ComStar was heading wasfundamentally wrong and againstthe tenants of the organization thatI joined all those years ago.That being said the ‘Pirate’raiding forces certainly proved whyComStar and not the Clans werevictorious at Tukayyid. Theymauled us, but they have alsolearned that we too fought andbled on Tukayyid.Though they came out ofthe exchange ‘ahead’ it was theywho were forced to flee the field,not us.This battle may not havebeen the Word of Blake, but hisWill be Done!”- From the personal log ofDemi-Precentor (Adept IV) Ord MandellIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 33 –

Simulator Tech: Scenario #2The Hunt For November-231By Dave BaughmanSituation:Upland PlainsKathil, Federated CommonwealthJune 25 th , 3065As the fighting in the Formed FederatedCommonwealth heated up, the Word of Blake devised aplan to steal key technologies from the Steiner and Davionmilitaries. One such operation was the move to steal theDavion targeting computer; though this operation spannedseveral works and numerous different methods, oneparticular phase of the operation took place during thefighting on Kathil. Several months earlier, the Word of Blakespecial forces team Merciful Cleansing II-Alpha hadassassinated and assumed the identities of EmphaticCommunication II-Alpha, a Com Guard unit that hadvolunteered to help the Allied forces fighting on Kathil.After their arrival on Kathil, the false EmphaticCommunication was integrated into the 2 nd NAIS Cadre,where they fought with great skill. Ultimately, however,Merciful Cleansing dropped its pretense when November-231, who piloted a tarcomp-equipped Templar wasseparated from her lance by a “chance” rockslide. Pouncingquickly, the WOB unit descended on the lone ‘Mech. Justover a minute into the fight, the WOB operatives detonateda satchel charge that had been concealed in the leg,shattering its hip – after this, it was only a matter of timebefore the mighty assault ‘Mech fell before the light WOBmachines.“Emphatic Communication” II-Alpha disappearedless than an hour later, but thanks to the jamming ofNovember-231’s communications, the Cadre’s ‘MechCommanders never realized what had happened. Anyinvestigation into the vanished ‘Mech unit ended when the2 nd Cadre was wiped out in the course of the fighting.Set-Up:Set up two standard BattleTech map sheets sideby side. TheDefender sets upin the hex row onthe far left of theplay area; seespecial rulesbelow for attackersetup conditions.Attacker:The attacker consists of Merciful Cleansing II-Epsilon, a Word of Blake special forces team masqueradingas the Com Guard unit Emphatic Communication II-Epsilon.Precentor IV-Epsilon Ronald Anderson(Gunnery 0, Piloting 2) EXT-4D ExterminatorAdept XII-Epsilon Denise Kramer (Gunnery 1,Piloting 2) JR7-D JennerAdept IV-Epsilon Juan Rodriquez (Gunnery 2,Piloting 3) HSR-200-D HussarAdept X-Epsilon Aaron Stein (Gunnery 1,Piloting 3) JVN-10N JavelinAdept I-Epsilon Richard Pierce (Gunnery 3,Piloting 2) THE-N ThornAdept V-Epsilon Herman Beecher (Gunnery 1,Piloting 2) NXS1-A NexusDefender:The defender is November-231, a MechWarriorfrom the 2 nd NAIS Cadre who has become separated fromher unit, and is now being stalked by Merciful Cleansing II-Alpha.Leftenant Barbara Franks (Gunnery 3, Piloting 4)TLR-1OA Templar-AVictory Conditions:The goal of Merciful Cleansing II-Alpha is tocapture a working example of the Federated Suns’ newtargeting computer; they must also eliminate any evidenceof their ambush, so the Templar’s pilot must not survive.• The Attacker wins a decisive victory if they renderthe Templar inoperable without destroying itstargeting computer.• The Attacker wins a marginal victory if they renderthe Templar inoperable, but also destroy itstargeting computer.• The Defender wins a marginal victory if it exists offthe far right edge of the play area.• The Defender wins a decisive victory if it exists asdescribed above after destroying three or moreenemy ‘Mechs.Special Rules:Attacker Arrival: The attacker arrives during theend phase of turn one, placing one ‘Mech on each of the“six” map edges (that is, one on the left, one on the right,and one on the top and bottom of each of the two mapsheets.Sabotage: Word of Blake sympathizers havesabotaged the Templar. During the end phase of turn 5, theplayer controlling Precentor Anderson should roll a criticalhit check against the Templar’s right leg. Re-roll any resultsof “12.”Optional Rules: If playing with level 3 rules, theExterminator is equipped with a null-signature system.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 34 –

Simulator Tech: Scenario #3Vive la Patrie!By Buster G. McCallBackground:Siouxsie’s BansheesDropShip SpiritFort LoudonTamar March, Lyran Alliance24 December 3062The Union-class DropShip, Spirit,groaned in protest at the infernal temperaturesgenerated by her steep angle of approach intoFort Loudon's upper atmosphere. CaptainSiouxsie Nansouty ordered the rapid 2G, 4-day, return to Fort Loudon as soon as sheentered the system. Her best response toVictor Davion's call to arms. Victor's call wassure to draw the units stationed on FortLoudon into what appeared to be a full-scalecivil war. Siouxsie wanted to land herreturning raiding party on-planet before theconflict engulfed her support personnel leftgarrisoned near Monterre in the junglecontinent of Brunei. This was definitely notthe homecoming Captain Nansouty envisioned.Nansouty's 5-month foray into Clan occupiedterritory had proved extremely profitable. Shebrought back a large stash of Clan weaponryand expendables at the cost of only onemedium ‘Mech destroyed, zero casualties.Returning to Fort Loudon was supposed toherald a great celebration to ring in the NewYear, not more fighting.The Spirit suddenly dropped as the shipencountered heavy turbulence. The sensationleft Siouxsie's stomach somewhere near theback of her throat, but switched her focus fromher musings back to the landing at hand.Data feeds connecting the cockpit of herLeopard, a highly modified Thug, to the Spirit'ssensor array didn't register any hostile craft,but ship-to-’Mech connections sometimesfailed. Siouxsie wanted confirmation from theperson commanding this ship."Captain Pitán, what's going on out there?"The calm, heavily accented replybelayed the concern Captain Murice Pitán feltfor his beloved DropShip as it bucked throughthe atmosphere over Brunei. "CapitaineNansouty, il fait beau. All is well. No cidevantsanywhere on our scopes."Ci-devant was a term Siouxsie heardseveral Fort Loudon locals use over the pastyear. From its use, she figured it must be aderogatory term some native Loudonites,especially the anti-Katherine activists, adoptedwhen referring to any loyalist forces. Hermercenary liaison, Major Lawrence Montkreith,tried to explain the term's origination, bornduring an ancient Terran revolution in a statecalled France. Siouxsie remembered studyingthe French Revolution while at the War Collegeof Goshen, but more as a backdrop to the riseof a young Corsican officer named Bonaparte.Typically, she had dismissed the story asirrelevant and steered the conversation back tothe preparations for her expedition into clanspace. But now, her own troops werebeginning to use the term. Tensions were highbetween the three major units garrisoning FortLoudon. Captain Nansouty prayed her troopshad not already entered the fray.Siouxsie sensed the animosity betweenthe house units garrisoning Fort Loudon evenbefore she departed for the deep raid into ClanJade Falcon space five long months ago.Marshal Orsina, Commander of the FourthDavion Guards, actively led anti-Katherinemovements across the planet. Evensubmitting signed editorials to the popularresistance newsletter, Libérateur. Siouxsieexpected Orsina to rally behind Victor'sIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 35 –

standard and challenge Major General Ito'sFifth Alliance Guards for control of FortLoudon. What Siouxsie didn't know was thechoice other units on planet would makebetween maintaining defenses against the Clanthreat or joining what promised to be a bloodycivil war. With all communication from FortLoudon down, or jammed, Captain Nansoutywould have to wait until she landed at theZettle Metals mining company spaceport inMonterre's industrial sector to learn moreabout Loudon's political climate.Siouxsie felt the Spirit slow and rotateroughly 45 degrees in preparation for landing.External cameras focused on the spaceport,searching for any signs of potential enemyactivity. Captain Nansouty exhaled a heavysigh of relief when all she saw were the heavyloaders and other equipment common to anindustrial port. Seconds later, the Spirittouched down in one of the empty pads."Capitaine, we have landed safely,"proclaimed the now cheerful Captain Pitán,clearly relieved his ship made it relativelyunscathed, "Souhaiter la Bienvenue enMonterre.""Merci Captain Pitán," replied Siouxsie,"an excellent landing. My complements to thecrew. Please leave your sensors active and letme know if anything tall and metallic headsour way.""As you command, Capitaine," Pitánacknowledged.Siouxsie then gave the sign for techs tolower the ramp. She triggered the automaticdisconnects to external communication andpower feeds as the bay's restraints freed herLeopard from their protective embrace.Stepping slowly at first to avoid damaging anyequipment in the bay, Captain Nansoutygracefully led the three remaining ‘Mechs ofher command lance out of the DropShip andinto the sweltering jungle heat of Fort Loudon'sequatorial regions."Cap'n, it's sure good to land on afriendly DZ," said the youngest, yet mostdeadly, member of her company, the crackshot Trent "Headshot" Thiébault, riding a stateof-theart Enforcer III."The kitten's words do not befit awarrior," added Budgie, the massive formerIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 36 –Nova Cat elemental turned MechWarrior. "Awarrior lives to sharpen his claws in combat.A warrior does not revel in time away from thefight.""Oh, lighten up big guy," taunted theindomitable Trent, "we've got to get you ahobby. Maybe you'd be interested in tyin' tincans to the tails o' stray cats. Oh! But thenagain, I guess that wouldn't be your cup o'milk."Budgie gracefully pivoted his Yu Huangtoward the much smaller Enforcer III andpointed to his ‘Mech's massive LBX-20autocannon with the stubby barrel of his ERPPC. "I might begin collecting the remains ofneurohelmets I have forcibly removed fromsmart-mouthed kittens.""Stand down!" ordered CaptainNansouty. "Captain Pitán just reported a lanceof unidentified ‘Mechs headin' this way. He'stried to hail them, but no response."* * * * * * *Siouxsie gingerly stepped over theremains of a 5th Alliance Guard Jenner as shebrought both of her ER PPCs in line with anenemy Highlander. Twin arcs of azurelightening reached out to caress the Alliance‘Mechs already battered torso. Armor flashboiledand ran in rivulets down theHighlanders legs as smaller, more deadly boltsof ravenous, highly charged particles searchedthe vulnerable internals for succor. One sparkmust have located a still full ammo bin. For inthe next instant, a series of rippling explosionsblasted the back casing from the Highlander,rocking the assault ‘Mech violently. The leftarm hung limp at the hapless ‘Mech's side asthe huge machine dropped like a rag doll, facefirst, to the ground. Battle damageassessment (BDA) registered the ‘Mech as stilloperational, but the uncontrolled fall clearlytold of a pilot knocked unconscious from themassive feedback created by the ammoexplosion.Not wasting any time, Siouxsie chargedforward to point-blank range and raked thedowned ‘Mech with six Medium Pulse Lasers.The already taxed heat sinks struggled todissipate the massive amounts of heatproduced by the lasers' focusing ‘Mechanisms.Siouxsie was forced to hit her shutdown

override as the emerald beams stitched deepfissures into the back, arms, and legs of theHighlander, but the tough rear armorprevented any serious wounds. Exasperated,Siouxsie drove her foot through the batteredtorso, crushing the remaining structure anddestroying the Highlander's fusion heart.Glancing down the street, CaptainNansouty noted Budgie's lame, yet stillfunctioning, Yu Huang, laying barely 30meters from it's severed leg and surrounded byat least 14 burning Fenrir battle armor husks.Tactical showed two Fenrir retreating to thenorth. They were done for the day. Trent stillhad the Alliance Nightsky on the ropes, butthe Caesar seemed to have disappeared afterabsorbing Siouxsie's last volley. Just asNansouty started to switch to IR, hoping tospot the heat plum that rose above all but thecoolest running ‘Mechs, her proximity alarmswarned her of an enemy emerging from a sidestreet directly behind her.Before Siouxsie could dodge out of thestreet, a violent crash struck her ‘Mechsquarely between the shoulders, shatteringnearly all the Leopard's back armor. Luckilythe Caesar's ER PPC missed low and to theright, turning a parked hovercar into a smallsunburst shattering any remaining unbrokenglass in a nearby bakery. Wishing to avoid anyfurther exploitation of her nearly non-existentrear armor, Siouxsie triggered her jump jetsand sailed out of the Caesar's line of sight.Siouxsie continued to track the Caesarthrough Budgie's targeting system. TheAlliance MechWarrior seemed uncertain abouthis next move, pivoting back and fourthbetween the downed, unmoving Yu Huang andthe building Siouxsie just bounded over.Seizing the opportunity presented by theCaesar's indecision, Nansouty formed a plan.She contacted her number two, putting theplan into action."Budgie, don't respond. I want you toplay possum. Lay there like your ‘Mech'sdead. In about eight seconds, I'll give you atarget warriors dream of."Bounding her Leopard back into thestreet with the Yu Huang directly between herand the Caesar, Siouxsie dropped prone asclumsily and violently as she could. TheIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 37 –Alliance Caesar immediately turned and movedtoward the 'downed' Leopard, apparentlylooking for an easy kill. Just as the Caesarbegan to step past Budgie's Yu Huang, bothBudgie and Siouxsie rolled to bring nearly alltheir offensive weaponry to bear on the stillconfident Caesar. Siouxsie sent five lasers,coupled with one of her ER PPCs directly intothe legs and torso of the advancing Caesar.Some of the deadly beams found their wayinto the vulnerable internals, but all missed theCaesar's vital components. Budgie's strikeproved much more lethal. Propelling himselfonto his back using his ER PPC wielding leftarm; the former Nova Cat toggled for standardammo in his large bore autocannon,unleashing a deadly hail of fire directly into theCaesar's already battered right side. Under theYu Huang's withering fire combined with thesympathetic, and equally violent, discharge ofthe Caesar's Gauss Rifle capacitors, theAlliance ‘Mech simply ceased to exist.Siouxsie made the Sign of the Crossand sent a prayer of thanks to God when shesensed another presence on the street. Shedeftly righted her ‘Mech and faced the newarrival.Waving his Enforcer III's right hand in amock salute, Trent bowed to the tacticalprowess displayed by his elders then gesturedover his right shoulder. "You'll find a onearmed,decapitated Nightsky about threeblocks east of here and a couple of squashedFenrir about five blocks north."Siouxsie returned Trent's salute thenstood in awe as hundreds of locals poured ontothe, until recently, deserted streets around theBanshee ‘Mechs. Some moved to help Budgieout of the cockpit of his downed Yu Huangwhile others were leading the survivingAlliance warriors down the street where youngand old jeered and cursed the ci-devants.Then the crowd began to chant in unisonwaving old Lyran Commonwealth banners.Captain Siouxsie Nansouty didn't know if thiswas the type of response Victor Steiner-Davionexpected, but she did know she would thankGod for another victory and stay here, doingwhatever she could to protect these people.The next thing she knew, Siouxsie was

standing on her battered Leopard's shoulderchanting with the people...Vive la Patrie! Vive la Patrie! Vive la Patrie!Game Setup:Lay out the BattleTech maps as shown(hex 1501 is the northeast corner of bothmaps).Deployment:Siouxsie's Banshees have moved out ofZettle Metals Incorporated's spaceport tointercept advancing elements of the 5thAlliance Guard.Attacker:Enter from the east edge of the boardon Turn 1.First Leutnant Rudolph von Klebber (Piloting 4,Gunnery 3) Caesar CES-3R (BV 1,775)Leutnant Christopher Plummer (Piloting 5, Gunnery3) Highlander HGN-732 (BV 2,206)Leutnant Aaron Baugh (Piloting 4, Gunnery 4)Nightsky NGS-4s (BV 1,080)Leutnant Christi Henderson (Piloting 5, Gunnery 4)Jenner JR7-D (BV 669)1 Fenrir Battle Armor Platoon (Gunnery: 4)4 Squads, 16 Troops (BV 888)Budgie (Piloting 4, Gunnery 3)Yu Huang Y-H9G (BV 2,226)Trent "Head-Hunter" Thiébault (Piloting 4, Gunnery3) Enforcer III ENF-6T (BV 2,018)Special Rules1. The Banshee player may seize the initiativetwice during the scenario. The Banshee playermust declare this before rolling the dice forinitiative. This represents Siouxsie's knack foranticipating the enemy's next move.2. The Banshee ‘Mechs will not withdrawduring the scenario. 5th Alliance Guard‘Mechs will withdraw off the east edge of theboard if stripped of all offensive rangedweapons capable of inflicting 5 or more pointsof damage. The Guard battle armor willwithdraw off the north edge only after 12 ofthe 16 suits are destroyed.Victory Conditions:The 5th Guard player wins a totalvictory if all Banshee ‘Mechs are destroyedwhile only losing one friendly ‘Mech (the Fenrirare expendable). The Guards win a marginalvictory if the above conditions are met, but twofriendly ‘Mechs are destroyed (again, the Fenrirare expendable).The Banshee player wins a decisivevictory by destroying or forcing the withdrawalof all attacking units while losing only one unit.The Banshees win a marginal victory if twounits are lost while destroying or driving off allattacking units.Any other result is a draw. Happy hunting.Defender:Banshee ‘Mechs enter anywhere alongthe west edge of the board on Turn 1.Captain Siouxsie Nansouty (Piloting: 3, Gunnery 2)Leopard LPD-D1, 3054 (BV 2,400) ** You can find this ‘Mech in HM Pro under the ‘MechForce UK‘Mech directory. Looks just like the old Battledroid CestusNOTE: May substitute a Victor VTR-10D (BV 2,584)Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 38 –

Simulator Tech: Scenario #4Chasing DeathBy Joel SteversonBackground:In 3042 the Armed Forces FederatedCommonwealth 9 th Regimental Combat Teamdescended upon Tortuga Prime in the TortugaDominions. Their goal: The utter destructionof the Pirates Of Tortuga, and capture of theirleader, Paula “Lady Death” Trevaline.Their unexpected arrival caught theTortugan defeders by surprise, and a runningbattle ensued.Situation:Black Mountains, Outside Raider’s RoostTortuga PrimeTortuga Dominions0627 March 20th, 3042Following a brutal initial engagementwith the Pirates Of Tortuga, the AFFC forcespursued several scattered elements. Pursuitgroup 4 gave chase as their opponents,believed to include Lady Death, raced towardsthe Black Mountains, and potential safety.“I still get shivers just thinkingabout it. One minute we had the piratestrapped between us and the major.Then the next thing I knew the mountainjust exploded. This enormous fireballcomes out of the top and crashed downon the major.I remember hearing her screamright as the eruption hit. I don’t reallyknow what happened next, it was all sodisjointed. We blew it though. For allthe effort we put up after the Majorwent down, we may as well have laidout the red carpet for the piratesretreat.That’s what gets me the most. Ifwe’d at least brought them in I couldhave told myself that at least she’d havebeen proud of us. At this point I almosthope there isn’t an afterlife. I don’tthink I could stand facing her after wefailed her like that.”- From AFFC Leftenant SheldonJackson’s personal journalSpecial Rules:Earthquake:At the beginning of every turn roll 2D6.If the result is equal to 6 or more, anearthquake occurs. After the first earthquakeoccurs, increase this target number to 10.The first earthquake is a pre-eruptiontremor and imposes a +3 to hit modifier for allweapon attacks during the turn in which itoccurs. Additionally, all ‘Mechs standing atthe start of the movement phase must make aPSR at +3 modifier.If, for the duration of the game, anyadditional earthquakes occur, they add a +1modifier to weapons fire, and require a PSR foreach ‘Mech standing at the beginning of themovement phase with a +1 modifier.Eruption:At the end of the movement phase onthe turn in which the first earthquake occursthe volcano erupts. The eruption is centeredon hex 0808 on the Large Mountain #1mapsheet, and has a blast radius of 8 hexes.All hexes within this radius are converted toLiquid Magma hexes and retain their currentelevation.Standing ‘Mechs within the blast radiustake 2D6 points of damage to four randomlydetermined locations (determine which columnof the hit location table to roll on as if theattack came from hex 0808). Prone ‘Mechswithin the blast radius take 2D6 points ofIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 39 –

damage to every location. In either case,make separate damage rolls for each location.After the eruption the Magma willspread by one hex each round until it reachesa 10 hex radius.Exiting The Field:Unless an attacking ‘Mech is missing aleg, it must attempt to exit the field once itmeets any of the following conditions:• Three Pilot Hits• Two Engine Hits• One Gyro Hit• Unable to do 5 or more points ofdamage with weapon attacks.Defending ‘Mechs may fight to thedeath.Gravity:Due to the increased gravity of TortugaPrime, all ‘Mechs suffer the following effects:Divide the Walking MP of each ‘Mech by 1.2(round down at .5) and calculate a newRunning MP.Calculate the damage for any fallsnormally, then multiply the result by 1.2 andapply that amount of damage per normalfalling rules.Heat:Due to the tropical nature of the planet,all ‘Mechs generate 1 additional heat point perround.Magma:Magma hexes cost 2MP per hex andgenerate additional heat for ‘Mechs standing inand/or moving through them.Additionally, at the end of theMovement Phase, each ‘Mech’s movingthrough Magma takes 2D6 points of damageto all locations exposed to Magma (legs if the‘Mech is standing, all locations if the ‘Mechfalls while moving through Magma).Furthermore, if a ‘Mech both starts and endsits movement in Magma it takes an additional2D6 points of damage to each locationexposed to Magma.‘Mechs moving out of a Magma hexgenerate an additional 5 points of heat, while‘Mechs standing in a Magma hex generate anadditional 10 points of heat.‘Mechs entering a Magma hex maybecome stuck. For each Magma hex enteredmake a PSR. If the roll fails, the ‘Mechbecomes stuck and may make no furthermovement during that round. A failed rolldoes not cause the ‘Mech to fall, though a‘Mech may fall due to a subsequent failedPSR. At the beginning of the following turn’sMovement Phase, make a PSR for any stuck‘Mech. If the roll is successful, the ‘Mech maymove normally. If the roll is unsuccessful the‘Mech may not move, but may make anotherPSR in subsequent turns.A ‘Mech that jumps into a Magma hexautomatically becomes stuck.A ‘Mech that falls while stuck, remainsstuck.Attacks against stuck units receive a -2to hit modifier.Finally all PSR’s made by a ‘Mechoccupying a Magma hex suffer an additional+4 modifier.Nonfunctional:For purposes of this scenario, a ‘Mechunit is considered nonfunctional when it losesa leg, suffers two gyro hits, or is unable toinflict 5 or more points of damage withweapon attacks.Game Setup:Lay out theBattleTech maps asshown. You will needthe Large Mountain #1map from BattleTechMap Set 5, and theWoodland map fromBattleTech Map Set 6.Treat all Woods hexeswithin 10 hexes of hex0808 on the LargeMountain map as roughterrain. Treat all waterhexes on the LargeMountain #1 map asclear hexes of the sameelevation.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 40 –

Deployment:See each unit’s entry in the followingtwo sections.Attacker:The attacker consists of Pursuit GroupFour, AFFC 9th RCT. The Enforcer andBlackjack enter through either Large Mountain#1 map hexes 0117 or 0216. TheWarhammer and Clint enter through eitherWoodland map hexes 0101 or 0201.Pursuit Group FourMajor Janell Sheridan (Piloting 3, Gunnery 2)Prototype* ENF-5D Enforcer (BV 1334)*The prototype replaces the Enforcer’s Large Laserwith an ER Large Laser.MechWarrior Jay Downes (Piloting: 5, Gunnery 4)BJ-1 Blackjack (BV 795)Leftenant Shel Jackson (Piloting: 5, Gunnery: 4)WHM-6R Warhammer (BV 978)Victory Conditions:The scenario ends when all the unitsfrom both sides have been destroyed, exitedthe field, or are rendered nonfunctional.Victory points are awarded as follows:• Per enemy unit destroyed (+ its BV invictory points)• Per friendly unit lost (- its BV in victorypoints)• Per defending exiting the field (+ its BVin victory points)Aftermath:Although the AFFC was successful incapturing Lady Death and eliminating thePirates Of Tortuga within twenty years a newgroup of outlaws would take over and revitalizethe Tortuga Dominions.MechWarrior Argyle Jones (Piloting: 3, Gunnery 2)CLNT-1-2R Clint (BV 931)Defender:The defender consists of survivingelements of the Pirates Of Tortuga. They enterthrough either Large Mountain #1 map hexes0106 or 0107.Pirates Of TortugaPaula Trevaline (Piolting: 3, Gunnery 2)TBT-5N Trebuchet (BV 1296)MechWarrior Dan Wilson (Piloting: 4, Gunnery: 3)WVE-6N Wyvern (BV 996)MechWarrior Tara Vance (Piolting: 5, Gunnery 4)CN9-A Centurion (BV 772)MechWarrior Ron Windsor (Piloting: 5, Gunnery:4)CHP-2N Champion (BV 839)ObjectiveThe attacker’s objective is to preventthe escape of, and destroy all the defending‘Mechs.The defender’s objective is to escape,exiting through the north edge of theWoodland map, and to destroy as manyattacking ‘Mechs as possible.Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 41 –

Commando Painting GalleryPictures Of ‘Mechs painted by various Commandos"The Toronto Touqued Scumdogs"Painted by: Martin PlutThe lance was painted using Testors modelpaints. After priming, the units were painted with abase coat of "Flat Battle Grey". The minis thenreceived a coat of black wash to darken all the cracksand details. A rough gray dry-brush was appliedfollowed by a dry-brush of white. After the courseinitial dry-brushing, the minis were again blackwashed.A final dry-brush of flat gray was applied.The course white dry-brush followed by the secondink-wash is what contributed mostly to the "mottled"effect. A thinned white paint was then absorbed ontoan old toothbrush and sprayed onto the minis in amist/spray manner to augment the "mottled" effect.Commando Bio:Martin has been playing Battletech for over15 years, since the original release of the box-set.Over the years, he has acquired every Battletech(non-battledroid) miniature and painted them all withgood skill. Martin joined the Commando ranks afterthe creation of Classic Battletech by FanPro Games.Martin was once identified as "Setting the bar of excellence for other Commandos to benchmark" by the ComandoCO during theMartial Olympiad. Great pride was taken with this criticism and hard efforts are endured to keep up to the expectations of his fellowCommandos.As an Engineering manager, part-time university student, husband and recent father, Martin has difficulties scheduling timefor Battletech events. Efforts have been made by Martin to recruit two new Commandos for the Toronto area that will assist inspreading the love and enjoyment of ClassicBattletech to southern Ontario as well as sharing the glory and truth of the WORD OFBLAKE!Stone RhinoPainted By Tim PiazziI based painted the Stone Rhinoblack. Then I used a wash of Fortress Grey.The gray was a little thick and washed over theblack in a marbleized pattern. Then, Ihighlighted with Red and Orange. I printed outthe Decals Scum posted and applied theCommando Logo and painted my Commandonumber.Commando Bio:I have been married for 14 years tomy lovely wife Dana and have my daughter Gail(11years old) and son Tony (just turned 22months). Except for my tour of duty with theMarines, I have lived my life in Michigan. I amjust two months short of my 10th Anniversary atFord Motor Company. All but the first sixmonths have been spent as aToolmaker/Machining Specialist.I got introduced to BattleTech in 1987 While stationed at Camp Pendleton CA. I was a founding member of Morguhn'sMarauders. In 1988 when I came home I brought a copy of the Marauders home and Introduced BattleTech to my friends. We playedBattleTech off and on for some eight years. In 1996 We started up BattleTech playing full time, My job as a Machining specialistprovided the time and opportunity (computer controlled machines provide lots of down time while they run) to roll and record all of theClan Toumans. I got Clan Star Adder and Goliath Scorpion as my two Clans.The highlight of my gaming career was back in 1998. My daughter (all of 7 at the time) and I entered a local BloodnamedTournament. When the dust settled and lasers cooled, my daughter Gail had won herself the Kerensky Bloodname. A father couldnot be prouder!Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 42 –

Commando CenturionPainted By Joel SteversonI painted this ‘Mech with Polly’s acrylic paints. I startedwith a wash of dark gray (I don’t primer my mini’s) and began layeringon different shades of gray, white, and silver, working from dark tolight and using mostly dry-brush techniques. The weathering detailswere added later using a combination of rust colors, and highlights forworn spots. Finally, I finished with a clear coat spray. I chose theCenturion for my Commando ‘Mech as it has always been a favoriteof mine, and I was particularly interested in seeing how the colorscheme would turn out. I found the degree of detail in the miniaturechallenging enough to make it a rewarding piece to paint.Commando Bio:Joel Steverson has been playing Classic BattleTech since1985. He’s been married to his wonderful wife, Lara, for almost fouryears. Together they have a dog, cat, Greenwing Macaw, but notkids, yet. He works in the Information Technology field, as an e-mail& network administrator. When he’s not tied to a computer he enjoysreading, writing, and a variety of outdoor activities – including therecently acquired hobby of skydiving.Commando CatapultPainted By Andrew HallI started with a base coat of greyfollowed by applying watered down black inkindiscriminately over the ‘Mech. A higherconcentration was played on top, which allowedthe downhill flow of water to carry some ink downto the lower extremeties to balance out theconcentrations. I then used red ink for thehighlights followed by orange ink to give it areddish-orange appearance. Afterwards, I addeddetails such as warning stripes, writing,commando symbol, etc. For the base, I used ametal file to smooth the sides. Next, using Elmer'sglue, I glued on dirt and placed flock above theglue dirt mix.Commando Bio:Andrew Hall, an eight year veteran ofBattletech, is currently a pre-health Biology majorat the University of Nebraska-Omaha. For anoccupation besides student, Andrew is a 3rd yearAFROTC cadet and laborer at the Offutt AeroClub. For interests, Andrew is a devoted fan ofthe Nebraska Cornhuskers and is very involved inpolitics.Commando LynxPainted By Robert PigeonIssue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 43 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 44 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 45 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 46 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 47 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 48 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 49 –

Issue 67-02 – Autumn 3067 – Page – 50 –

A Classic BattleTech Fanzine

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