Download a PDF file of Rough Notes HERE - The Woodroffe School

Download a PDF file of Rough Notes HERE - The Woodroffe School

Carey Camp 2013

Creepy Crawlies at Camp -and that wasn’t The Staff!On Monday 09 September, 82 blearyeyed Year 8 students arrived at schoolarmed with sleeping bags, rucksacksand a whole lot of excitement as CareyCamp 2013 was about to begin. That isonce the five students who had brokendown on the bus from Bridport finallygot to school: then the adventures werereally ready to begin.As the coaches made their way throughthe rolling countryside, the reality ofthe days ahead dawned on the boysand girls, and horror stories of animalinfestations and sleepless nights inleaking bivvies rippled through thecoaches. When they arrived, theirfears were allayed as they saw rowsof spacious tents basking in glorioussunshine, climbing walls, assaultcourses and dense woodland; theirhome for the next two and a half days.The fears however quickly returned asthey took closer looks at their tents; thesmell of damp, the slugs, spiders and arogue mouse dashing for cover from theapproaching campers was met withmixed reactions: panic from thechildren, laughter fromthe staff.Camp life was quickly underwaywith different group activities startingimmediately. The students threwthemselves into team building activitieson the low rope assault course, inspiredand encouraged each other to tacklethe physical and mental demands of theclimbing wall and faced the challengesof orienteering with gusto, to set upan exciting week of competitions thatpushed them to the wire.The highlight for many (and low pointfor some) was most definitely thehotly anticipated bivvy building. Underwatchful eyes they set about creatingtheir own shelters for a night of outdoorsleeping…with varied success. Somesought safety in numbers and tried tobuild huge constructions which slept tenpeople. They leaked. Others pushed oninto the depths of the forest to find quiet,well sheltered spots to build their basesin. They also leaked. The sight of thereturning bivvy groups the next morningprovided much entertainment for all, astales of sleep talking, toad attacks andgeneral sleeplessness filtered back tocamp.As changeover day approached, sodid the rain, and the second half of theweek introduced new challenges. Neverbefore have I been as utterly impressedwith a group of children as I was duringthe final days of Carey. Not once didthey complain about the weather,even when their bivvieswere quite literallybeing washed away.They maintaineda positive,determined attitude to everything theydid. I saw them conquer fears, supportand encourage one another and makethe most of every opportunity presentedto them at all times. They laughed,they cried, they made new friends andstrengthened bonds with old ones. Itwas a pleasure to be a part of.Here are some quotes from theexperience.“It was all really fun!” “The climbingwall was my favourite; I want to join aclimbing club when I get home.”“I have had the best timeever!” “I’ve worked herefor 5 years and thisis the best set ofkids we’ve everhad!”“The foodwas actuallyreally good!”“I loved theteamworkelement of theorienteering.” “Imiss my bed.”“It was great toget away from mymum and dad fora bit. I coped betterthan I expected.”Mr A Brown,Head of Year 8

Head of Year 9 Has a ComplexAs you might imagine, it is veryconfusing having two Head of Year’scalled Mr A Brown. We are foreverreceiving each other’s emails fromnot only parents but also from staff.Sometimes they are of a confidentialnature which can be awkward to say theleast.Often to make things worse, the emailwill begin with something along the linesof “I hope I have got the younger andgood looking Mr Brown”! Clearly beingthe older of the two these are not meantfor me.On a serious note, to avoid confusion,if you do need to contact either AndyBrown, Head of Year 8, or myself,(Alan) Head of Year 9, our emails are asfollows:abrown1@woodroffe.dorset.sch.ukand abrown@woodroffe.dorset.sch.ukrespectively.Not that I’m bitter.Mr A Brown, Older and better looking,Head of Year 9OlderBetter LookingBring On 2014!Head of Year 9 Head of Year

Meander Across The MoorsIt was a strong easterly wind thatgreeted students from Woodroffe as theGeography department took the wholeof Year 9 on a walk across Dartmoor.The aim was to get a feel for the moorand allow students to consider whetherbuilding wind turbines on Dartmoor is agood idea or not. For some it was thefirst time they has touched one of thegranite tors, where as for others it wasa chance to look at the moor from theviewpoint of a Geographer. Certainlythe strong wind, ponies and overallbleakness that was present remindedus that this was a long way from Dorset!Visiting Princetown and the Old ClapperBridge at Postbridge allowed studentsto get a real feel for what Dartmoor hasto offer. I would certainly urge studentsand parents to visit the moor again soas to explore further what it has to offer.A big thank you to Year 9 for makingit a really good day out, the staff fortheir enthusiasm in leading a groupof teenagers across the moor and theweather for not raining on us! As for thewind turbines, that is for the students todecide upon.Mr Loveland, Head of Humanities

Art Inspired by Claude MonetOn Wednesday 17 July 38 students, ledby Miss David, set off from AxminsterTrain Station bound for London and theEurostar train to Paris. In what seemedno time at all, the group were steppingout from the Gare Du Nord on routeto their quaint French hotel just southof the station. Within a few minutesthe students had their eyes opened bythe colourful sites of inner city Paris.Dodging pick pockets, they made theirway to the hotel to settle in to theirrooms before leaving on foot for theirfirst French restaurant experience. Tofinish the evening Mr Vine led the groupto the famous Sacre Couer Church,high on a hill above Paris, with a viewacross the city. On entry to the buildingthe students were overawed by thebeauty of the interior. Equally they werestunned by all that lay before themacross the city as they viewed it from thesteps of the Church.Thursday was to be a whistle stop tourof the famous galleries and cultural sitesof Paris. First stop was the Museumd`Orsay where the group had theprivilege of seeing works of Art by VanGogh, Renoir, Cezanne Gauguin andSeurat to name but a few. The grouptook time to sketch and photographall that they could. It was then on tothe Musee de l`Orangerie where, intwo huge rooms, they witnessed thewonderful work of Claude Monet andwork by all of France`s major artists.Lunch was consumed in 33 degree heatbefore moving on to Sainte Chapellewith its amazing stain glassed windows.Next the group visited the GeorgesPompidou Centre and a fantastic vistaover the city. Having walked five milesin the searing heat the 38 very satisfiedbut tired students retired to a Pizzarestaurant with unlimited drinks and awide choice of tasty toppings to feedtheir hunger. The final visit of the daywas a cruise along the Seine beforereturning back to the hotel after afantastic and full day.On Friday a coach took the group awayfrom the heat of the city to Giverny, 60miles north of Paris where Claude Monetlived and painted some of his mostfamous scenes. Such was the beautyof the main garden, the house andMonet’s Water Garden, that the groupspent the majority of the day sketchingand painting, trying to recreate someMonet master pieces. All the studentswere really engrossed in this and somefantastic work was completed.Mr Brown, Head of Year 9, said“Personally I left this place stunnedby the beauty and colour that we hadwitnessed. Incredible.”Back into the city centre and a traditionalFrench Restaurant which was followedby a stroll along the Champs-Elysees,past some very expensive shops andon to the Arc De Triomphe. Everybodywearily climbed the steps to the top andwere rewarded with the most incredibleviews across the city. At 9pm and withtemperatures still above 30 degreesthe breeze was a welcome relief as thegroup watched the preparations for theend of the Tour de France that weregoing on below.On Saturday morning the group packedup before making the return journeyback to Axminster.Mr Brown said “I was both delightedand proud of the efforts and the qualityof work produced by everyone over thefour days. Sketch books have beenpacked with some fantastic work andthe behaviour meant staff never neededto reprimand, just enjoy some lovelycompany. On behalf of the then Year8, my sincere thanks to Miss David, MrVine and Mrs Bowskill for their expertiseand enthusiasm for what really is anEducational and cultural experiencenever to be forgotten.”

Click above to view Mr Vine’s movie of the visit.

Sail France 2013This year’s Sail France expeditionwas once more a thoroughly excitingand adventurous affair as Woodroffejourneyed to the south west of France,sailing, canoeing, swimming andclimbing amongst the lakes, shores andforests of the Bay of Biscay.At the helm was Mrs Walker,Head of Year 7, who wasorganising Sail Francefor the lasttime and who did a fantastic job fromstart to finish ensuring that everyonehad a great time. Students werechallenged to learn new skills as theysailed across the lake at ‘La Rive’ andexhausted themselves as they ‘righted’their frequently capsized vessels. Manydiscovered a previously unknown desirefor piracyduringtheseactivities and all gained a mastery ofsword fighting with an oar! Whilst notsoaked in the lake on the shores of theAtlantic coast.Students were climbing 30 metres intothe forest canopy and battling quitefearsome obstacles asthey completedthe high ropestrails using zipwires, muscleand nerve.The weather was exceptional, thecompany fantastic and the activitiesexhilarating, as Ollie Binion put it “thiswas the best trip ever except when themale staff dressed up as women for theMiss Rockley competition,that’s the only pointwhere I felt ill”. Ollie hadno doubt not seen MrParsons in his uniqueswimming gear. Thesuccess ofthetrip owes a great deal to the attitude ofthe students who took on all the physicalchallenges involved of such an activeweek with unwavering enthusiasm andwere a real joy to accompany for all thestaff.We were or course all verygrateful to Mrs Walkerfor thehoursof preparation she put in organising theevent, she really did put together a verymemorable week for everyone.Mr Vine, Head of Art and DigitalTechnology

Quintet Resonates with StudentsWednesday the 24 September saw uswelcome Resonator Strings from theBournemouth Symphony Orchestra tolaunch a string project which will bringtogether Woodroffe, Beaminster andColfox schools.A quintet of two violins, viola, celloand double bass performed a range ofpieces of music from the 1800’s throughto the 2000’s to 180 students.It was a fantastic performance duringwhich you could have heard a pin drop.Following on from this 50 studentshave signed up to be involved in theproject where they will be provided witha string instrument and be coached bya member of the quintet to play three orfour pieces in a concert on 13 Decemberat Sir John Colfox School. Current stringplayers and complete beginners, MissWebb and myself included, will cometogether for this one off occasion whichpromises to be.... Interesting!Any student who would like to beinvolved needs to come and see mein the music department as soon aspossible to register their interest. Noprevious skills necessary!Mr Cullimore, Head of Musicfirst meeting is Saturday 12th October 10-12 atColyton Grammar School Music Departmentand then every second Saturday of the monthStudents and pupils, from any year group, who attend any of the schools in the JCTSA, are invited to takepart in an exciting new venture - a locally based Jazz Orchestra which aims to offer developing players ofall instruments the chance to stretch themselves by playing in a powerful ensemble.Working closely with Devon Youth Jazz, the orchestra will be rehearse locally in the Music Department atColyton Grammar School once a month on a Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The aim will be to reach ahigh standard as quickly as possible in order to take part in a range of public engagements.No formal qualiications are required but students will be expected to be at least grade four/ive standardto begin with. Tuition will be by irst class teachers, drawn from local schools, and we hope to offer arange of further opportunities to develop enthusiasm and musicianship.Anyone interested in taking part should email Mr. Jon Cullimore, Head of Music at Woodroffe, so thatfurther details can be supplied: jcullimore@woodroffe.dorset.sch.ukJURASSIC COASTTEACHING SCHOOLS’ ALLIANCE

FEED THE NEED TOLibrary NewsWelcome back to a new school year, asyou may have heard there are excitingdevelopments in the Library. There arenow going to be two libraries, that’sdouble the amount of places to quietlyread and borrow resources. The SixthForm will have their own place wherethey can study and develop their studyskills ready for university, while thenewly refurbished main school librarywill become a vibrant place to read andlearn. We look forward to unveiling bothvery soon.Scholastic Book ClubLook out for the Book Club leaflets eachhalf term – 20p in every £1 comes backto the school in FREE books.You can order:1. By returning orders to School.Students can bring their order andpayment to Mrs Cropp’s office in theSixth Form Library (B5) by the due dateon the back of each leaflet. The bookswill then be ordered and once deliveredcan be collected directly from MrsCropp.2. Online direct to home.You can buy the books online fordelivery to home and if youselect ‘Woodroffe’ when you check outthe ‘Scholastic Rewards’ will be sentdirectly to the school.Ho Ho Ho!Do not forget Christmas is fastapproaching and books make goodpresents!Coming Soon……….ReadathonThe new Sixth Form Library in B5The newly refurbished Main Library“There are many little ways toenlarge your child’s world.Love of books is the best of all.”Jacqueline KennedyChanges to the GCSE English andEnglish LanguageParents might have missed the followinggovernment announcement that wasreleased on 29th August, the day of theSyria debate.Ofqual has now announced that it is togo ahead with plans to stop speakingand listening assessments from countingtowards final grades in GCSE Englishand English language.The change is being made to thequalifications in England to protectstandards, as there is no workableway to ensure the skills are assessedconsistently and fairly across all schools.It will come into effect for awards madenext summer (2014).Students’ speaking and listening skillswill instead be reported separately onthe GCSE certificate alongside theGCSE grade, giving a more detailedpicture of their achievements than underthe previous arrangements.The changes will also alter thebalance between exams andWoodroffe’s Legal EaglesOn Saturday 30 November fifteenSixth Form students will be risingearly to compete at Plymouth CrownCourt in the first heats of the Bar MockTrial Competition, organised by theCitizenship Foundation.For this competition the team willhave to prepare two court cases. Thedefendants this year are charged withAssault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm(ABH) in Case 1 and fare evasion inCase 2. The team will be marked bythe judges on their barristers’ speeches,controlled assessments, which aremarked in schools. Under the currentarrangements, controlled assessmentsmake up 60 per cent of marks (20 percent speaking and listening and 40 percent reading and writing), with writtenexams counting for 40 per cent. Infuture, written exams will count for 60per cent of marks and the reading andwriting controlled assessments will countfor 40 per cent.Ofqual recognises that this decision willbe “unpopular” with students, parentsand teachers. This school has alwayskept to the letter and the spirit of thecriteria for speaking and listening andbelieves that the process has enhancedstudents’ learning. Students willcontinue to complete the tasks set, asthey remain part of the curriculum, andwill receive a separate certificate toindicate their attainment within it.With the Unit 1 Language exam nowrepresenting 60% of the final GCSEgrade, students will need to be eveninvolvement in court procedure andoverall performance of their witnesses.Both our defence and our prosecutingteams will have to try each case, sofor the next few weeks we will all bepracticing hard.This is a fantastic opportunity for thestudents to gain an understanding of theCriminal Justice System and the way itworks.Three of Team Woodroffe 2012 enjoyedthemselves, so much last year that theymore diligent in developing their readingand writing skills to ensure that theygain the grade towards which they areworking. There are Revision Guidesavailable in the shop and members ofthe English Department are availableevery Thursday evening for studentswho wish to work on improving theirskills. Other forms of intervention andsupport have been introduced whichstudents will be informed about in theirassemblies and lessons.I am sure parents of Year 11 studentsin particular will be as disappointed aswe are that the conditions of the examare being changed during the course,but you can be assured that we will doall we can to support the students duringthis time.Mrs Lake Head of English, andmembers of the English Departmenthave joined the team again this year,two as barristers and one as a witness.Mrs Cropp, Co-ordinator of LearningServices

Boys cricket reached a high standard in the 2013 season. The Under 13 teamcaptained by Sam Norton played in the West Dorset League and remainedunbeaten. They played five league matches and won all five amassing 90 points atan average of 18 pts per game. This resulted in a second place finish in the league,0.5 pts behind champions, Dorchester. The team was made up of a number of Year7 pupils that augurs well for the 2014 seasonIn the schools county cup the team was well beaten by Bournemouth GrammarSchool and received a salutary lesson in how much better they need to become tocompete at county level. This is something that Daley Holmes is learning. He wasselected for the Dorset County U12 team and was then asked to captain the side.He had a most successful season with the bat and the ball and made his debut forUplyme senior Second XI where he was voted Young Player of the SeasonSquad and Awards:Sam NortonDaley HolmesBen SteadHenry DaveyOllie PatchCaptainBatsman of the Season. County Cap awardedBowler of the SeasonFielder of the SeasonMost Improved Player of the SeasonBen Prosser, Ben Plowden, Jamie Hanniford, Felix Randsford, George Hussey,Tristan O’Leary, John Day, Tom Ure, Zac Chantler, Robbie Fowler, Will Rudkin,Zac Robertson, Luke JohnstonThe Under 15 team also played in the West Dorset League and remainedundefeated with four wins out of four. Their points tally was 77, exactly on a parwith Dorchester thus the league title was shared. The team was going well in boththe ECB club county and the Dorset schools county cups but disappointingly, dueto the pressure of exams and work experience they were forced to withdraw fromboth competitions as the deadline dates for the quarter finals could not be met.Nevertheless the squad is made up of some outstanding players many of whommade the grade and played regularly for First and Second XI teams at Uplyme andLyme Regis Cricket Club and other senior clubsSquads and Awards:All of the players express theirappreciation to Uplyme and LymeRegis Cricket Club for their contributionto the school /club partnership whichallows the students to use the changing,practice and playing facilities. The clubalso provides the medals for the awardwinners. The encouragement anddevelopment of young players in thegame is of great benefit to the school,the club and the community.Mr Clarke, PEYear 11 NetballThe Year 11 Netball team have recentlywon the SW Dorset area tournamentwhich was held at Budmouth College onThursday 26th September. They wereconvincing winners with the followingresults:17-2 v Beaminster12-3 v All Saints13-1 v Wey Valley13-1 v Budmouth10-4 v DTHSAs a result they now qualify for theCounty Finals, for the 5th successiveyear. Well done girls.Miss HutchingsAlfie BellworthyNiall WaterhouseOllie LeeGeorge MerrittHarry JobsonTyler WellmanCaptain Uplyme CCSeaton CC Batsman of the Season AwardBridport CC and Dorset U15 capSeaton CC Bowler of the SeasonUplyme CC Fielder of the SeasonUplyme CC Most Improved Player of the YearWesley Holmes, Rhys Davies, Bradley Rowe, Sam Wooster,Uplyme CC Jake Collier, Harry Fellgate.

PE EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES September 2013Whole School Extra Curricular ActivitiesWoodroffe has a wide range of engagingafter-school and lunchtime activities andclubsEvery Day Name Years Time Where? Who? Extra InfoBasketball All 1105-1135 Sports Hall PE StaffLibrary All 1.30-2.30 Library VYCTextiles Club All 1.30-2.30 C12 RGBMonday Name Years Time Where? Who? Extra InfoBadminton 7,8,9 Lunchtime Sports Hall IRSFitness Room All Lunchtime Fitness Room HLMSpinning Girls only Lunchtime SP1 J. ClarkeParkour All Lunchtime Gym OTJSenior Choir 1.30-2.30 Music Dept JCICT Club 7,8,9 1.30-2.30 A1 MJHArt Club 7 1.30-2.20 B3 A. BowskillBREAKS/HALLS/HALLFITNESSROOMLUNCHAFTER SCHOOLSP1 GYM CAGE COURTS S/HALL TOP FIELDJunior Jazz Band 1.30-2.30 Music Dept HSWEnglish Support 11 1.45-2.30 C22 CVPEmaths All 1.45-2.30 D15 NVArts Award Club 8 3.40-5.15 B3 A. BowskillTuesday Name Years Time? Where? Who? Extra InfoInter Tutor Lunchtime Sports Hall IRSFitness Room Girls only Lunchtime Fitness Room SFZMONB/BallBadmintonIRSYears 7 - 9HLCSpinningGirls onlyClarkeJParkour OTJFitness Yoga All Lunchtime SP1 £1 a sessionTable Tennis All Lunchtime Gym MJHArt Club All 1.30-2.15 B3 TLHGerman Club All 1.45-2.30 D7 SKMPuzzle Club All 1.45-2.30 D15 NVLife Drawing 11, 12, 13 4.00-5.00 A3 RJV From 03 JunGraphic Design 9, 10, 11 4.00-5.00 A3 RJVTUESB/BallInter TutorIRSGirls onlySFZFitness Yoga£1/sessionTable TennisMJHYears 7-9X CountryARB AllYearsRugbyTrainingYears 8 - 11A2 Art support 13 4.00-5.00 A3 RJVSTEM Club 8,9 1.30-2.30 C11 MACGCSE Study Club 11 After school B8Hockey 7 After school Courts SFZRugby Training 8,9,10,11 After school Top PitchFood 10, 11 After school B5 JLKEarly Autumn and allSailing Club 3.40-6.00 Sailing Club SRWSummer TermWednesday Name Years Time? Where? Who? Extra InfoFitness Room All Lunchtime Fitness Room SLHWEDB/BallHandballOTJIRSDanceHLC/SFZGirls FootballSLHHockeyYears 8-11Dance All Lunchtime Gym HLM/SFZHandball All Lunchtime Sports Hall OTJGCSE Study Club 11 Lunchtime B6Orchestra 1.30-2.30 JCMaths Help Clinic All 1.45-2.30 D15 NVStudy Club 10 1.30-2.30 A1 MJHTHURSB/BallAtomic TagIRSOTJLegs, Bumsand TumsHLCBoys HockeyJPL andGirls Year 7Hockey3.45-5.00RugbyTrainingYears 8 - 11Art Support 10, 11, 12 3.40-5.15 B3 TLHNetball 9 & 11 After school Courts SLH/HLMCCF 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 4.00-5.30 Various SVR, SRW, AJE, MGGThursday Name Years Time? Where? Who? Extra InfoDrama Club 8 1.45-2.20 Drama Studio TERAtomic Tag Lunchtime Sports Hall IRSFitness Room All Lunchtime Fitness Room OTJLegs, Bums & Tums All Lunchtime Gym HLMCross Country All Lunchtime SP1 ARBFRIB/BallPeer WorkOTJYear 9NetballPeer WorkIRS 1:1Peer WorkDanceYears 7 & 8Table TennisMJHYears 10 & 11Peer WorkAtomic TagBadmintonAcademy IRSGCSE Study Club 11 Lunchtime B6Junior Choir 1.30-2.30 Music Dept HSWSax Choir 1.30-2.30 Music Dept Mrs DaviesChamber Choir 1.30-2.30 Music Dept Mrs Sheppard6th form Maths Clinic 6th Form 1.45-2.30 D15 NVSenior Jazz Band After school Music Dept JCGraphic Design 9, 10, 11 4.00-5.00 A3 RJVA2 Art Support 13 4.00-5.00 A3 RJVFood 10, 11 3.40-5.00 B5 JLKGCSE Study Club 11 After school B8SATRugby -Year7Top Field -Access viaShire LaneDCCRugby Training 8,9,10,11 After school Top PitchBoys Hockey 3.45-5.00 Sports Hall JPLEnglish Support KS4 3.40-5.00 C21 Eng DeptFriday Name Years Time? Where? Who? Extra InfoWell-being Club By invitation only 1.30-2.15 Fitness Room SM/Maureen BaptistePeer Work All Lunchtime Sports Hall OTJPeer Work All Lunchtime Fitness Room IRSTable Tennis All Lunchtime Gym MJHSenior Jazz Band 1.30-2.30 Music Dept JC, HSWWind Band 1.30-2.30 Music Dept JCArt Club All 1.30-2.15 B3 TLHBadminton Academy After school Sports Hall IRSGreenpower Project 10 3.40-6.00 C9 GSWSaturday Name Years Time? Where? Who? Extra InfoRugby 7 10.00-12.00 Top Pitch DCC Access via Shire Lane

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