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Everything you need to knowaboutMR. BROOKS…and how it relates to youand the world around you.Includes info on the actors,director, with news, reviews,and photos.This presentation byDavid

SHORT SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being HumanConsider Mr. Brooks.A successfulbusinessman, agenerousphilanthropist, a lovingfather and devotedhusband. Seemingly,he's perfect. But Mr.Brooks has a secret --he is an insatiableserial killer, so lethallyclever that no one hasever suspected him --until now.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

KEY ACTORSThe Cinematic Arts Have thePower to Transform(L-R) Marg Helgenberger,Kevin Costner,Danielle PanabakerProduction notes and photos © 2007 MGM

KEY TALENTOur Artists AreOur LiberatorsBRUCE A. EVANS(Director, Co-Screenwriter)RAYNOLD GIDEON(Co-Screenwriter, Producer)JIM WILSON(Producer)JOHN LINDLEY, ASC(Director of Photography)JEFFREY BEECROFT(Production Designer)JUDIANNA MAKOVSKY(Costume Designer)RAMIN DJAWADI (Composer)Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTActors areLiberators UnawareDEMI MOORE (DetectiveAtwood) continues to beone of the most sought afteractresses in Hollywood.Moore’s recent screencredits include “Bobby” aswell as “Charlie’s Angels 2:Full Throttle”. She recentlycompleted production on“Flawless” co-starringMichael Caine, set to bereleased later this year.Additionally, Moore has hada very successful career asa film producer with herproduction company,Moving Pictures.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTActors help us: laugh, be happy, cry, get angry,and even think. Can there be any better gifts?KEVIN COSTNER(Mr. Brooks/Producer)began his career starring inindependent films, graduallyearning small parts in moreestablished movies. His firstmajor motion picture role was inthe coming of age comedy,“Fandango.” Throughout hiscareer, Costner has varied hischoices with comedy, action anddramatic roles. He has appearedin such popular box-office hits as“No Way Out,” “Bull Durham,”“Field of Dreams,” “TheBodyguard” and “Wyatt Earp.”Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTFilmmakers are Revolutionaries,Not Just EntertainersBRUCE A. EVANS(Director, Co-Screenwriter)MR. BROOKS is his secondouting as a director. Evanspreviously directed the comedy“Kuffs” which he also co-wrotewith his long-time partnerRaynold Gideon.Evans and Gideon have been ascreenwriting team since 1979's"A Man, A Woman and a Bank.”They went on to co-write thepopular sci-fi romance “StarMan”. This was followed by“Stand By Me,” their adaptation ofStephen King’s novella “TheBody,” which would become aclassic coming-of-age story.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

EXTENDED SYNOPSISStories areTransformingThe story follows aman with a murderousalter ego. Demi Moorewill play a toughdetective whosedevotion to her craftcatches the attentionand respect of theserial killer she ishunting, which leadsto a symbioticrelationship.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

EXTENDED SYNOPSISStories Embody theEssence of Being HumanTenacious Detective TracyAtwood (Demi Moore), battlingwith her own demons, isextremely frustrated at the lackof clues left by the mysteriouskiller. When Brooks iscompelled to perform one lastmurder, despite his strongreservations, he delivers thegoods with trademark ritualisticstyle.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

EXTENDED SYNOPSISCinematic Story Telling is aProfoundly Humanizing endeavor.But this time he gets sloppyand is seen by a voyeuristicneighbor. Unexpectedlyturned-on by what he sees,the prying neighbor, Mr.Smith (Dane Cook), has anunusual and disturbingblackmail demand.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

Production notes and photos © 2007 MGMEXTENDED SYNOPSISFilm making is aCommunity Event.To complicate matters,Brooks' daughter, Jane(Danielle Panabaker), hasannounced to he and hiswife (Marg Helgenberger)that she is dropping out ofcollege, but "Marshall"suspects there'ssomething about thescenario that she isn'ttelling.

FILM REVIEWMR. BROOKSDavid BruceArt is the Languageof LiberationRobert Louis Stevenson in Dr. Jekylland Mr. Hyde said: “All humanbeings... are commingled out of goodand evil."True enough, indeed. The film evenpersonifies Mr. Brooks’ alter ego into a“devil” that marshals him intochoosing evil over good.The simple but exaggerated truth ofthis film is that the choice betweengood and evil isn’t always easy. And itcan get complicated.Both detective Tracy and Brooks havesimilar demons (don’t we all). ButTracy deals with her and Brooks isovercome by his. How is it with you?Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

LIFE CONNECTIONSArt is aLiberating ForceBottom line:“…sin is lying inwait for you, readyto pounce; it's out toget you, you've gotto master it."-- The MessageBible, Genesis 4:7Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

WHY MOVIES ARE SO IMPORTANTTo Restrict Creativity is to Restrictthe very Nature of the Creator"The meaning of life is the most urgent ofquestions" --Albert Camus (Existentialist thinker).In “Movies and the Meaning of Life” author KimberlyBlessing points out that movies can help us reflecton five of life’s most important questions:1) What is reality and how can I know it?2) How can I find my true identity?3) What the significance of my interactions withothers?4) What’s the point of my life?5) How ought I to live my life?The idea behind Visual Hollywood is that Movies canand must play an essential role helping us explorethe meaning of our existence and our life together.No other quest is more necessary or important.Movies are powerful. Movies bring personalmeaning, and can contribute to a peaceful world.Cinematic story telling can be a transforming event.Visual Hollywood takesan existential approachto life. We celebratewith human freedom.We use movies and thearts as a means ofunderstanding thehuman condition andour collective relationto the world around us.Our basic quest is:1. To know what itmeans to be human inthe world.2. The pursuit of humanfreedom.Production notes and photos © 2007 MGM

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