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Female online game users in BrazilOf all those interviewed, 45.8% confirmed that they frequently playonline games.Despite the fact that most players have a low frequency of access tothe games,23% of those interviewed play four or more times duringthe week.Frequency of access to online games per week:

Female online game users in BrazilThe average time of access per day is also concentrated among theclasses with less intensity.66.4% of players dedicate themselves to the games less than 1 hourper day. On the other extreme, 0.7% play at least four hours perday.Time dedicated to the games daily:Considering the time and frequency, the time that women playonline is 02 hours and 48 minutes per week. Or in other words,23.1% of the total time of Internet use in Brazil (considering thetime of 48 hours and 38 minutes/month).

Female online game users in BrazilCompetitiveness is not a distinguishing characteristic among thefemale players.Only 9.1% of female players compete with their female friends.49.2% do not recognize their female friends as players and 41.7% donot compete or have female friends who play the same games.Relationship of competitiveness among female friends:

Female online game users in BrazilThe most preferred games among women are the casual games andsimulators of commercial establishments, such as a gym, restaurantor beauty salon.Thecasual games have the characteristic of simplicity, can be playedduring short periods of time (such during transportation or a breakfrom work), do not require specific skills and quickly reach theirfinal goal.Games preferred by women:

Female online game users in BrazilSocial networks are also present in the world of games.After opening the Facebook Application Programming Interface, orAPI, certain games earned major audiences: Texas Holdem Poker(14.2 million users in July 2009); Mafia Wars (12.4 million users inJuly 2009); Pet Society (12.1 million users in July 2009).After growing more than 100% over the past 12 months in Brazil,reaching 1 million users, Facebook was not highly cited in the polland is still not seen as a games provider.

Mobile Games and WomenOf all those women interviewed, 34.2% are mobile games users.Despite the lower number of female users than the online games,the frequency of mobile game use is similar.Frequency of mobile game accesses per week:

Mobile Games and WomenThe origin of the games is still quite concentrated on the games thatare available on the device (83.5% of the women interviewed usethese games).27.2% of the women interviewed swap games with friends and23.3% perform free downloads.Only 6.0% affirm that they pay for games.Origin of the games:

ConclusionsPlaying online is part of life for the majority of female Internet usersin Brazil (45.8%). This group spends an average of 23% of its timeplaying online. The low level of complexity of the preferred gamesand the non-competitiveness between female users indicates thatthe games are used as a way to spend time and as a form ofdistraction.The implications of such discoveries are very important. For theagencies and advertising companies, the games can be seen as yetanother media and communication space with women. Fordevelopers, the expansion of the market and success among womencan guarantee or stimulate new investments in the area.When the topic is mobile games, despite the relevant percentage ofwoman who access games, the number willing to pay for them issmall. With the growth of the smartphones in Brazil, this percentagetends to increase. Even so, the mobile games can also be seen as anadvertising space since they are used by more than 34% of thewomen interviewed.

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