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MAXGenerally it is used with its complete configuration.We have already driven it without the dolly in orderto be able to access places which are particularlydifficult. Some of the excellent attributes of thisFaymonville product among others are, it’s excellentfinish (I think especially about the electrics) and thesmooth operation of all the components. It is a vehiclewhich is easy to work with, equipped with logicalcontrollers. We also appreciate the excellent servicingprovided by Faymonville.”The Pendelmax 3+5Tare weight : 35,000 kgPayload: 90,000 kg at 80 km/h and120,000 kg at 30 km/hLowbed platform: 7,000 mm long and4,500 mm extension with a loading heightof 650 mmExcavator trough: 500 to 850 mm wideand 600 mm deepAxle load: technically 15,000 kg at 50 km/h,13,920 kg at 80 km/h in The NetherlandsSuspension clearance: 450 mmSteering angle: 60°Total length without extension: 23,560 mmGooseneck length: 4,270 mmLoading length on 3 axle bogie: 4,500 mmLoading length on 5 axle bogie: 6,840 mmPRODUCT TO THE MAXWhy choosethe Prefamax?✓ Increased stability✓ Modular design✓ Metallization(resistant to corrosion)✓ StyleRalf Plattes,Project Engineer :“The Prefamax nowfeatures increased levels ofstability and resistance.”NEW PREFAMAXEven more featuresLaunched 12 years ago for the transport of precast concrete components,the Prefamax inloader has been given a major facelift. While keeping itsintrinsic qualities, it offers new features, just for the sake of respondingeven better to the requirements of a growing market.Last year, Faymonville turned out around onehundred Prefamax inloaders. And this is agrowing market, according to Sales Manager,Arnold Luxen: “This number increases with everynew year, and this is true for the whole of Europe.The Prefamax increasingly comes out as thesolution for the safe transport of precast concrete.”Finiteelementsmethod.More stableToday then, Faymonville is producing theprototype of the new Prefamax, an inloader stillincorporating its traditional assets, such as itssafety features in fact, but also offering new ones:increased stability, metallization, and a modulardesign to name but a few. Says Project Engineer,Ralf Plattes: “We worked on various levels. Firstof all, the tare weight and stability. The inloader isnow more stable without having to increasethe tare weight. To achieve this, we used asoftware that calculates on a finite elements basisallowing us to optimize the stability aspect. Forinstance, we perfected the design of the mainframe, improved some suspension components,and we reinforced the part of the inloader that issupported by the tractor. We then looked atproduction itself. We asked the staff employed onthe assembly lines to indicate the difficulties fromtheir perspective, such as the places for whichwelding presents a problem, or the manner inwhich the cableway is drawn for example. Theobject of the excercise was to avoid weak orpoorly protected points on the inloader. This is allthe more crucial, since we are now applying ametallization process to the Prefamax. In layman’sterms, this means that we apply a basic coating,a combination of zinc and aluminium, which ismore resistant to corrosion than a traditionalprimer. It can be considered to be a guaranteeagainst corrosion. We had opted for a modularapproach as a third product developmentobjective. The new Prefamax was thereforedesigned in such a way as to facilitate thestraightforward addition or removal ofaccessories. As a result, the customer may requestfor a tool box, tie-down rings, etc. without havingto modify the inloader at a later stage.”Last but not least, when developing a newproduct, exterior design is also critical. Thisapplies also to the new Prefamax, which featuresmore contemporary lines, thanks to the use of apolyester-based cowling in particular, which offersa wider range of stylistic effects than aluminium orsheet metal.Faymonville intends to mass-produce the newPrefamax from March 2007 on.P. 03

NETWORK TO THE MAXFRÉDÉRIC HEUZE, BELGIUM AND FRANCE“Increase ourmarket shares”A new member of the Faymonville Group since the end of 2005, Frédéric Heuzeis bubbling with ideas. One of his aspirations, for instance, is to benefit as muchas possible from the economic recovery which has now started in the Walloonregion of Belgium, or else increase Faymonville’s presence in France.Having graduated in Foreign Trade from a third levelestablishment in Liege (Belgium), Frédéric Heuzealready boasts a significant experience with regardto sales. Indeed, for over four years he was able toacquire first-hand knowledge during his previousemployment with a major company in the region.Another important detail: his activities at the timewere focused on Walloony, which is the Frenchspeakingarea of Belgium, and the Grand-Duchy ofLuxembourg. This area remains his to cover in hisnew appointment with Faymonville, and he thereforeknows it well in geographical terms…“Since, in all other aspects, the job is very different,”adds Frédéric Heuze. “From a staple product,I switched to the sale of an investment product.I needed to spend two months in training in orderto be truly operational.”The missionNonetheless, since the beginning of 2006, thenew sales representative in charge of Walloony,Luxembourg, and, last but not least, the North ofFrance, has had time to ponder over his mission.“I intend to take full advantage of the recoverynow visible in the Walloon region to make ourproducts known. Companies which had, for manyyears, put a halt to their investments have startedreplacing their equipment. I also feel very driven bythe challenge that consists in increasing our marketshares in the North of France, which, historicallyhas been the preserve of a local producer.This area comes under my responsibilities sinceApril and represents a sizeable potential.”Identity cardA Full Branch in SpainFaymonville is widely active as aninternational company. It sees its duty toprovide the best service possible to bothclients and partners, wherever they maybe in Europe.Faymonville has had a full branch inSpain for around a year now, calledFaymonville Ibérica. As one of the largestEuropean countries with numeroustransportation activities, Spain is animportant sales and distribution market forFaymonville. Faymonville Ibérica islocated in Saragossa and from there isable to offer all of Faymonville’s broadspectrum of services and products. Thecommercial management is in the handsof the experienced Juan Manchado, whohas been able to give a proper responseto all the questions of Spanish clients foraround the last two years.A new development in Spain isFaymonville’s 24-hour emergencyassistance service. Any potentialbreakdown will thus be limited to anabsolute minimum, enabling clients to usetheir professional time as fully as possible.At the end of 2005 Fermin Arangoa wasalso contracted for this, to continue to helpclients with regard to the technical aspectsof their operations.ADDRESSFAYMONVILLE IBERICASpecial Trailers S.L.Polígono Industrial Centrovía -Avenida los Angeles, 94E - 50196 La Muela – ZaragozaCONTACTJuan ManchadoTel : +34 669 540 795Fax : +34 976 455 169E-mail :juan.manchado@faymonville.com24-hour emergencyassistance contactFermin ArangoaTel : +34 609 947 176As from June 2006,Faymonville Ibéricadispose of MAN 6x4 and8x4 tractors from stock.Name: Frédéric Heuze • Age: 29 years oldPosition : Sales representativeLeisure: soccer and rock music concerts“I also feel very driven by the challenge that consists inincreasing our market shares in the North of France.”Faymonville has recentlyorganised a 24-houremergency assistance service.For further information,please contact :Juan ManchadoTel: +34 669 540 795P. 04

LEGISLATION TO THE MAXUK AgencyFlying start for TraffcoSPECIALIST HAULAGE INDUSTRYUniform legislationPeter Dougan, his brother Mike andpartner David Phizacklea set up Traffco inMay 2004 to capitalise on their longexperience in the transport industry.“We established our base inWellingborough in central England, andbegan by selling traffic managementproducts made at David’s Acklea factoryin Swindon. It was my task to seek a semitrailersupplier partner – and Faymonvillewas at the top of our list”, explains PeterDougan.“I approached John Green, whose RydamUniversal was marketing their vehicles intandem with his primary activity of spareparts, service and repair. He kindlyintroduced me to the principals inBelgium, and we reached an agreementto work together.”Further increase“After a few months, it was decided thatTraffco would take over as the sole agentfor new semi-trailer sales, while Rydamfocused on the after sales, service andparts side. The fact that Rydam haveremained in position has been anenormous benefit as we believe we areable to offer a superb all round package.”Peter continues. “That meant we could bemore proactive in approaching customers,and it quickly became clear that there wasa ready market for tailored transportsolutions. In fact, we topped the salesobjectives for 2005, and hired a newrepresentative to cover northern Englandand Scotland. We expect to show afurther significant increase by the end ofthis year.”The European Union is working on a guide for ‘exceptional transport’,which will bring together the directives set by each Member State.For safety reasons, the driver or escort should therefore speak thelanguage of the country that they cross.This was the answer given by Jacques Barrot, theEuropean Commissioner for Transport, when questionedby Finnish MEP, Henrik Lax.The specialist haulage industry is exceptional atmany levels. A regulatory uniformity has been inplace in traditional road haulage since 1996 already.In order to avoid over-regulating, specialist andexceptional transport has been governed strictlyat national and regional levels. As a result, a differentset of regulations is applicable in each countryor region. It was therefore high time some orderwas created in this chaos.Various consultants have examined the main problemslinked to this type of transport, and compileda guide on directives, which is due for publicationlater this year. It is worth repeating this again:even though the guide contains directives, the relevantregulations remain under the national or regionaljurisdiction.The directive whereby the driver or escort is requiredto know the language of the country is one ofthe directives set down for the sake of safety. It isalready being implemented in Germany. The commentmade by European MEP Henrik Lax, whobelieves this goes against the free movement ofgoods and people, was not heeded by the EuropeanTransport Commissioner Jacques Barrot.“I had to seeka semi-trailersupplier partnerand Faymonvillewas at the topof our list”,explains PeterDougan (middle).Will a driverneed to takelanguageclasses in orderto speak thelanguagesof the countriesthrough whichhe travels?P. 06

PRODUCTION TO THE MAXINNOVATIONWire-arc spraymetallizationFaymonville has developed anew spray-up process:wire-arc metallization.Since May, Faymonville is using wire-arc spray metallization on itsproduction lines at the plant in Büllingen. This process, which aims tosolve corrosion problems, will also be implemented at the productionfacility in Luxembourg from the month of August.The traditional process in manufacturing semitrailersconsists of the following stages: sand or shotblasting, the application of a priming coat and sprayup.However, due to the impact of the external environment(air and water), metals tend to turn intometallic oxide as time passes. This degenerativeprocess is generally called corrosion. In addition tothe quality of the base metal, the surface refining,or rather the sealant in this case, is paramount toguarantee the resistance of the material.Technological advances in automobile manufacturinghave brought about new solutions to this problem,based on galvanization. This process shows limitationshowever, when it is necessary to treat exceptionallylarge semi-trailers...Keen to improve its products as well with regard tosurface refining, Faymonville has developed a newspray-up process: wire-arc metallization.A longer life for thematerials treated“The benefits are many!” enthuses Yves Faymonville,Coordinator for this project. “Thanks to only a slightrise in the temperature of the construction elements,there is no deformation.”Metallization generates a very good bonding basefor spray-up, and various coating thicknesses arepossible. Moreover, this process offers a very goodresistance to shocks. In contrast with galvanization,a process which is carried out by means of a bath,there is no size limit with this method. Another advantage:we were able to integrate this process fullyinto the production line. Metallization comes justbefore assembly, followed by painting.”Thanks to this process, Faymonville improves thequality of construction components by increasingtheir protection against corrosion. The result: a longerlife span for the materials thus treated! These materialsare then subjected to a corrosion test in a saline solution,with 100 hours spent in the solution correspondingto a year in use.“For our customers, this means in reality that theywill not only receive the Faymonville products, whichare traditionally built in a special steel grade,but that they will also be able to order the ‘MAX’surface treatment,” concludes Yves Faymonville.«Our customers will beable to order the “MAX”surface treatment»Yves Faymonville,coordinator of the projectP. 07

PRODUCTION TO THE MAXNEW PLANT IN POLANDObjective: Build 350 semi-trailerchassis by year-endInitially a small ironworks business in the 1960s, Faymonville hasconstantly gone from strength to strength, finally becoming the leadingBelgian manufacturer of specialist semi-trailers. Another milestone in thisdevelopment: the start-up in late April of a new production plant in Poland.For several years now, Faymonville stands for anexpertise in building semi-trailers that has been sellingthroughout Europe, with emerging markets towardsEastern Europe in particular, where sales are onthe up and up. As a result, a production plantin Poland has recently been added to theBelgian facility (Büllingen) and the plant inLuxembourg (Lentzweiler). “We are currently carryingout metallic construction work there,” explainsYves Faymonville. “In other words, all the sheet metalwork. We therefore have the cutting equipment, alaser, and a brake press at the facility. The chassisassembly work, including welding, is also carriedout in Poland. However, the remaining stages of thebuilding process, i.e. shot blasting and finishingwork on the semi-trailer, are still taking placein the Luxembourg plant. As a matter of fact,transhipments are organised twice a week betweenthe two facilities.”Plans to increase staffingand productionThis provides Faymonville with a great vantagepointto offer its products and services to Eastern Europeancountries, a market that the Group is keen tofurther develop. “The choice of Poland as the countryin which to set up our new facility was based amongother things on the quality of the staff we can hirethere,” explains Yves Faymonville. “This country is fullof excellent welders. In addition, since we no longerhave to worry about clearing customs now that Polandis a Member State of the European Union, having aproduction unit in Poland is not an issue. All the moresince our new plant is only 850 kilometres away. »With a floor area of 5000 m 2 , Faymonville is able toproduce one semi-trailer chassis each day in this plant.The staff includes around twenty workers under themanagement of a foreman who has previously attendedan eight-month training course in Belgium.“The staff number will rise to approximately fifty byyear-end, in order to be able to reach our target,which is to turn out 350 semi-trailer chassis from thePolish plant each year,” concludes Yves Faymonville.FAYMONVILLE POLSKAPL-72-100 GoleniowTel. : 0048/(0)91 43 21 730Fax : 0048/(0)91 43 21 731Floor area: 5000 m 2Number of staff: 20 workersProduction: more than onesemi-trailer chassis per dayP. 08

THE RANGEThe main production of the company encloses trailersfor the heavy haulage from 20 up to 120 tons :MULTIMAXStepframe semi-trailers 3 to 9 axles, extendable up to 48 meterMULTIMAX-SNT(Screw Neck Technology), the bolted gooseneck enabling the semi-trailerto be adapted to different types of trucksMEGAMAXLowbed semi-trailers, 1 to 5 axles, with different lowbed-possibilitiesand removable gooseneckVARIOMAXModular semi-trailers, rear axles with hydraulic axle-compensation,swing-axle bogie behind the gooseneck with different lowbed-possibilitiesPENDELMAXLowbed semi-trailers featuring rear bogie with swing axles, as well asan integrated excavator trough, upon request supplied with a bogiewith 2 or 3 swing axles between the gooseneck and the lowbed.Different lowbed possibilities available.TELEMAXFlat deck semi-trailers, from 2 until 5 axles, extendable 1 - 2 or 3 times,up to 48 meter.CARGOMAXFlat deck semi-trailers, from 3 to 7 axles, for ballastPREFAMAXInloader for the transport of concreteFLOATMAXInloader for the transport of glassTIMBERMAXSemi-trailer for the transport of logs or faggot woodTWINAXLE1 and 2-axle DOLLY TWIN-AXLE-SYSTEM, allowing 12 tons/axlein Germany (for Megamax and Variomax)OPEN DAYSSuccessfulTransport DaysDuring these Transport Days well over 750 representativesfrom a total of 200 companies came toget acquainted with the products and services ofFaymonville and Renting Car-WTS. The highlightwas the new Pendelmax 3+5 with swing axles combinedwith a trough for excavator buckets.EVENT TO THE MAXGetting the word out about us through events is one of Faymonville’s mostimportant pillars of communication. In the middle of March, on 11 and12 March specifically, Faymonville and Renting Car-WTS organised theTransport Days on the premises of Renting Car-WTS (the Faymonvillerental pool) in Lummen (B).P. 09

EVENT TO THE MAXTRADE FAIRS AND EVENTSDespite the poor weather conditions, a number ofvisitors took part in the demonstration, in whichthe behaviour and the manoeuvrability of thevehicle were shown. But attention was also givento the vehicles which make up a part of theRenting Car range of rentals, and the entire rangeof semi-trailers from Faymonville was displayed sothat the visitors could get to know the high qualityof Faymonville’s vehicles. It was clear that theseTransportation Days were a success, just going bythe praise of those who attended and the varioussales and rental contracts which were concluded.Every event has itsidentityNetworking and making and maintainingcontacts: for many years now Faymonville hasbeen present at the important exhibitions andexpos in Europe. Last spring was one of thebest as far as these kinds of events areconcerned, as Faymonville had never takenpart in so many exhibitions for the transportand construction industries before.Faymonville participated for the first timeat Logis Trailer in Saragossa (Spain).Despite the less pleasant weather, theturnout and interest in the FaymonvilleTransport Days were a great success.For many of them, this was Faymonville’s firsttime in attendance, including at the LogisTrailer in Saragossa in Spain and Autotec inBrno in the Czech Republic. Traditional topexhibitions where Faymonville has beena participant for some time already are thebusy expositions Transpotec, held this year inthe new expo-halls in Milan, SED in England,also in a new park in Corby, and CTT inMoscow. Two other exhibitions in whichFaymonville had already taken part in the pastwere the MAWEV Show in Enns in Austria andAutostrada in Kielce, Poland.Finally, there were the Logistics Transport inHelsinki and the Scotplant in Edingburgh,where Faymonville was represented by apartner. The attendance of Faymonville isinteresting from both a commercial interest aswell as relationship standpoint.The MAWEV Show in Enns in Austria is a truedemonstration show, where Faymonvillecan display the high points of its products‘live’ for spectators.SCHEDULE FAYMONVILLELASTBIL SE - JÖNKÖPING 23 - 26.08.06DEMOMAT BE - MONS 08 - 10.09.06IAA DE - HANOVER 21 - 28.09.06BUILD'TECH UA - KIEV 03 - 06.10.06TRANSPORT (RENTING CAR-WTS) BE - MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE 20 - 24.10.06“Our strategy is to offer those products andservices from our selection which closely matchthe transportation requirements of eachcountry,” says Faymonville’s Marketingresponsible. “For the most part this has to dowith specific semi-trailers, and we are trying toexhibit vehicles which we have sold to a clientin that country. This has a positive effect on theconfidence of potential new customers. Theseexhibitions are the perfect place for our localpeople to meet prospects and interestedpartners.”Transpotec in Milan is one of the traditionalattractions for professionals in thetransportation industry. Faymonville couldcertainly not miss this opportunity.P. 10

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