OCCD & OCMD – or OC What??

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OCCD & OCMD – or OC What??

OCCDMDOCDAbout layers and lettersoupDavid van DriesscheChief Technology Officer, Four PeesTreasurer, GWGPeter KleinheiderConsultant inpetto:zipconCo-chair Specification Committee,GWG

GWG Packaging• GWG Packaging Subcommittee is lookingat using PDF/X-4 (Plus) profiles for use inpackaging• Goal- Create one digital master that can beexchanged to all parties in a review /production cycle- Where information can selectively be showndepending on the role of the participant


OCG• Each OCG has (can have) the following- A name (shown in the user interface)- An intent (‘view’ or ‘design’)- A usage dict (used to specify when this OCGshould be visible)• OCGs do not state whether they are visibleor not. Their state is not recorded in thedict for the OCG.

Content and OCGs/OC /oc1 BDC% Optional content followsBT/F1 1 Tf12 0 0 12 100 600 Tm(Hello) TjETEMC % End of optional content

OCG LayerPage DescriptionText 1Text 2Image 1Text 3Vector 1Vector 2Vector 3Text 4Image 2Image 3Vector 4OCGsOCG 1“Text”OCG 2“Images”

Standardization• OCGs are identified by name (free text). Inorder to automate based on OCGs youneed- Standardization of those names (‘snijlijn’ vs ‘cutcontour’ vs…)- Use of metadata to further identify each OCG• More information to follow

Spot colors vs. OCGs• OCGs provide object level granularity;each element on a page is either on or off• Spot colors – specifically when used inDevice-N color spaces – provide subelementgranularity• Problem: image using CMYK and spotcolor ‘varnish’

Demo• OCGs versus Layers

OCCD• A document can contain multiple OCCDs- Each OCCD determines which OCGs are visibleand which are hidden• A document must have one default OCCD- The default OCCD determines which OCGs arevisible when the document is first opened


Purpose• Showing / hiding logical combinations ofOCGs• Examples- Multiple language configurations- Multiple regional versions- Different views for different roles in a workflow

Complexity• You can easily end up with lots of OCCDs- Different versions of a document for differentpeople in the workflow- Add different language versions of the file- Or add different geographic versions of the file

Demo• OCCD

OCMD• Used to express more complex cases forcontent, for example:- Show an element if one of a collection of OCGsis visible- Show an element if all specified OCGs arevisible• Contains a list of OCGs• Contains the algorithm to determinevisibility based on that list and otherapplication states

Demo• OCMD


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