The Royal Province of New France
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The Royal Province of New France

Ch. 8 (p. 236-237)

New France After Champlain• Champlain died in 1635• Company of a Hundred Associates failed to bringsettlers to New France• Iroquois in control of the fur trade• Hurons destroyed by disease and the Iroquois• Iroquois enemies of the French• Start to charge French higher prices for furs• Coureurs de bois become more important in helpingthe French• Went straight to the source of the furs

Help Arrives• 1661: people of New France appeal to King Louis XIVfor help to make the colony stronger, more successful• French King agrees, sends 1100 soldiers to new France(almost doubles the population)• Why would King Louis XIV agree to help strengthenNew France?• Mercantilism• Home country wants access to cheap raw materials forprofitable manufacturing of finished goods (p. 237)• Beaver pelts = Raw materials, Fancy hats = finished goods

Question•Does mercantilism still exist today?

CD Animation• Colonization and Imperialism

The New New France• French soldiers attack and defeat the Iroquois• French regain control of the fur trade, gain access to thewest• Iroquois focus on expanding their territory elsewhere• 1663: France officially makes New France a RoyalColony• Would be run by French government, French officials

The New Leaders of New France• Governor• In charge of colony’s defence, treaties with the FirstNations, and represented the King• Intendant• In charge of the day-to-day operations of the colony, lawand order, colony’s economy• Bishop• Represented the Roman Catholic Church, in charge ofpriests and nuns working to convert the First Nations

The Sovereign Council• The Governor, Intendant, and Bishop form thegovernment of New France• Called the Sovereign Council• Some settlers represented on the Council as well• The French leaders wanted New France to beminiature version of the home country (Mini-France)• Nobles and the church in charge• Colony would be supported by the work of Frenchpeasants• Champlain had wanted the French to intermarry with theFirst Nations

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