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Compass Newsletter - Issue 18 (Spring / Summer 2009)

Compass Newsletter - Issue 18 (Spring / Summer 2009)

14TheAmphitheatreA new

14TheAmphitheatreA new leisure centrefor CarrickfergusCOMPASS / SPRING-SUMMER 2009

15The multimillionpound CarrickfergusAmphitheatredevelopment iswell under way.Carrickfergus Amphitheatre representsa major part of the Council’s visionto transform sporting provision inthe Borough and demonstrates theCouncil’s commitment to sport and therecreational needs of the community.It will be the home of cultural andrecreational activities in the Borough,promoting a healthy balance of themind, body and spirit.Members will enjoy full accessto all the world class facilities onoffer including the Fitness Suite, FreeWeights Area, Swimming Arena, Steam& Sauna Suite and Kinesis Room.Fitness is sweetin our Fitness SuiteOur Fitness Suite offers state-of-the-artwellness equipment from Technogym.This provides each user with their ownpersonal training key, television screenand iPod docking stations. Train onthe same equipment used by Olympicathletes and receive expert advice fromour fully qualified staff. Your personaltrainer key will provide you with anexercise programme that’s tailored to yourspecific needs and your wellness goals.Our aim is to help you achieve yourfitness and lifestyle goals and we willprovide you with all the support andencouragement you need to keepmotivated. The Fitness Suite has beenspecifically designed to enhance yourenjoyment and we are confident thatyou will have fun getting into shape inour relaxed and friendly surroundings.WWW.CARRICKFERGUS.ORGCelebrating 60 Years of Partnership and Vision

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