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Compass Newsletter - Issue 18 (Spring / Summer 2009)

Compass Newsletter - Issue 18 (Spring / Summer 2009)

16Our aim is to help you

16Our aim is to help you achieveyour fitness and lifestyle goalsand we will provide you with allthe support and encouragementyou need to keep motivated.The key topersonal trainingWhen joining the Fitness Suite, allnew members are issued with afree Technogym Key. Our qualifi edinstructors will design a programme,which will be specifi cally tailored toyour individual needs, abilities andgoals. Your key holds a memorychip containing your personal data,including your training programmeand medical history. When the keyis inserted into the relevant gymequipment, your programme begins.Simply follow the instructions fromthe key, telling you which piece ofequipment to use next. It will storeand display every workout youhave ever done and will guide youthrough each workout. Once youhave completed your programme,you can obtain statistics and reportson how well you have done. Thissystem not only helps you, it alsoenables us to monitor your progressand help with encouragement andchanges when needed.COMPASS / SPRING-SUMMER 2009

17Splash out in theSwimming ArenaThe Swimming Arena boasts a25m x 12m pool. Lessons andcoaching are available for allages and abilities, with intensiveswimming lessons deliveredthroughout the year. For the youngat heart, there’s a themed kid’s pool.Thermal Steam& Sauna SuiteIntegrated wellness meansspending premium time relaxingand recharging your batteries. TheThermal Suite allows you to simplymelt away the stresses and strainsof everyday life in utter relaxation,leaving you feeling completelyrevitalised and in equilibrium. Inhale....exhale...relax. We’ll do the rest.Kinesis RoomThe objective of Kinesis is to replicatethe movements and exercises thatmost naturally fit the needs of thehuman body and mind to give:• Increased strength• Greater flexibility• Improved resistance• Better coordination• Improved posture control• Better breathing controlWhether performed individually orin groups, people of all ages canuse Kinesis - for general healthimprovement, sports training, muscletoning, rehabilitation and more.The unique design of our KinesisRoom allows for over 200 differentexercises and an infinite varietyof movements, addressing thewellness needs of the broadestpossible range of users.Memberswill enjoy thewide rangeof sportingequipment onoffer at thenew gym in theAmphitheatre.Finding your wayThe ‘Amphitheatre’ brand utilisesbright, positive yellows and reds.This use of strong vivid coloursis reflected in the interior designof new Amphitheatre, helping toidentify the zones within the Centre.MembershipWellness prepaid memberships giveyou the freedom to use the facilitieswithout paying each time you visit.Simply pay a one-off annual fee ora monthly Direct Debit and enjoyunlimited use.WWW.CARRICKFERGUS.ORGCelebrating 60 Years of Partnership and Vision

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