Phono Solar PV Panel Pack -

Phono Solar PV Panel Pack -

Phono Solar PV Panel PackExclusive Pack from BHL

BHL Phono Solar PV Panel PackPack ComponentsComponent DescriptionQuantityPhono 195W Mono Panels 1580mm x 808mm X 45mm20 PanelsAurora 3600 Inverter 1Roof Hook 32Roof Rail (3M) 12Mid Clamp 35 mm 36End Clamp 35 mm 8Roof Rail Connector 8Hexhead Coach Screws No 8 X 70mm 642 Inch No10 Wood Screws 5010/ 1/2 Inch Pro Drive Flange 12Brown Wall Plug 50MC-T4 Female 2MC-T4 Male 2Branch Connector ( SMA ) 2DC Isolator 1AC Isolator 2Solar Cable Black30 MetresStuffing Glands (16mm) 4Stuffing Glands (20mm) 5Junction Box 1Earth Bar 1Consumer Unit 1Armoured Glands 4Ac. 2.5 mm Flex / M1 Metre2.5 3 Core Armoured / M 15 MetresArmoured Cleats 30Tie Wraps100 PackGeneration Meter 1Henly Block 1Timber Board 1Safety Sticker 10Anti Tamper Sticker 10

About Phono Solar PV Panels1. Tempered GlassHighly permeable glass is compared to ordinary glass much more suitable in terms of safety,efficiency and module protection against wind, frost, rain, snow, impact or corrosion. In addition,the surface of this protection glass transmits more solar radiation, thus securing higher efficiencyand lower energy losses during solar energy manufacture.2. & 4. Top Quality EVA Encapsulating MaterialDue to lamination solar cells, glass and film are connected durably, thus providing the systemwith excellent protection. When laminating, the material transforms into highly homogeneousUV radiation resistance jell. Throughout the life of the Phono Solar panels excellent protectionagainst humidity, frost and heat is secured. This results in exceptionally long durability.

About Phono Solar PV Panels3. High Quality Solar CellsPhono Solar cells demonstrate high and stable conversion efficiency. At the same time, highefficiency of whole solar modules is secured. Cell transition resistance is minimum. Instead, thecells demonstrate high tensile strength, homogeneous colour and attractive looks.5. Top Quality Americium Fluoride FilmAn excellent adhesiveness based on the EVA material; excellent resistance against climaticinfluences, insolubility, aging and water resistance. The film is highly impermeable allowing forexcellent protection of EVA material and solar cells against erosive substances (water, oxygen,caustic). Eva material elasticity and americium fluoride film solidity provide the solar cells withexcellent seismic resistance and overall protection. At present there is no better structure andsolar cell protection system available.6. Reliable Connecting BoxExcellent sealing ability provides safe and reliable electrical bonding. As opposed to springcontacts, the contacts here are soldered which is why no excessive heating or contact qualityworsening appears. Cement offers excellent heat absorption, prevents diode damage cause byheat and serves as a protection against escape current.7. Mechanic Conductor JointEasy-to-connect conductor joint secures safety and functionality of connections. Flexiblecomponent units ameliorate economic efficiency and easy operation. Due to low contacttransition resistance no major heat damage or energy losses occur.8. Quality Dural ConstructionAnodized construction provides the module with good mechanic qualities, easy installation andprotection – secures earth bond of the construction; secures long-term module protectionagainst corrosion even in the most severe climatic conditions.9. Silicone Sealing CementHigh efficiency, no chemical reactivity with EVA material and protection PVF film, secureschemical stability. Cement is applied into a groove in the construction and seals the laminationedge in such a way that no module infiltration of erosive gas or liquids occurs. At the same time,its elasticity serves as a protection against possible mechanic impacts during installation or roughhandling.

MONO CRYSTALLINE MODULE SERIESPS160M-190MHigh Performance Solar PanelsPhono Solar’s 160-190 Mono Series is a robust 72 cell PV panel designed foron-grid residential and commercial applications.Quality control measures and strict factory testing ensure that Phono Solarpanels exceed customers expectations.Phono Solar AdvantagesHistoryPhono Solar has been producing PV Modules since 2004.As part of the Sumec Group and the Sinomach family of businesses,Phono Solar is backed by parent companies with 15 Billion USDin annual sales revenue.Financial StrengthAs part of the Sumec and Sinomach family of companies, Sumec has thefinancial support of two of the oldest, most profitable companies in Asia.This is critical when considering that a PV module is meant to last at least25-years. Customers can be assured Phono Solar will be around to honor itswarranty commitment.Quality products at an excellent pricePhono Solar modules carry a STC/PTCof 91% and module efficiency of14.8%. This puts Phono Solar at the top of the CEC approved suppliers list.Higher efficiency modules lead to higher potential rebates. Phono Solar helpsthe customer maximize their system productivity.PerformanceExcellent PTC ratings, efficient manufacturing facilities and industry-leadingquality controls makes Phono Solar’s modules the right choice for any installation.Additionally, Phono Solar PV modules carry a 25-year performance guarantee.CapacityIn relatively short time, Phono Solar has become one of the top exporters inthe Solar Industry. Phono Solar’s three production facilities will produce morethan 500MW of PV Modules in 2011.North American FocusWith a North American sales office and Southern California based distributioncenter, we offer logistical expertise for all regions within the US customers aresupported by a team of dedicated industry professionals that value strategicbusiness relationships and strive to maintain long- term partnerships.Warranty Conditions: 5 years product warranty 25-year performance guarantee (90% up to 10 years, 80% up to 25 years) Product certification to UL 1703 CEC (California Energy Commission) Program Registered Product certification to IEC 61215 (ed. 2) Protection class II / IEC 61730 CE conformity Class C Fire rating FESC (Florida Solar Energy Center) PV Module CertificationA Leader in Solar ManufacturingAt Phono Solar, our mission is to provide ourcustomers with the highest quality PV modules atthe most competitive price. Our focus on quality haslead to our PV modules being used in installationsworldwide. Our most recent installation is a 35MWSolar Power plant in Veprek, Czech Republic, which isthe 9th largest solar power plant on earth.Share the Sun, Power the Future

PS160M-190M MONO CRYSTALLINE MODULE SERIESTypicalapplication24V DCLength[x]1580 (L)62.2”Crystalline Solar ModuleWidth[y]808 (W)31.8”Height Weight JunctionBox35 (H) mm1.4”15Kg33lbsChinaPlugConnectorAmphenolMC4Cable35.4”(0.006inch 2 )Front GlassSurface3.2mmtemperedglassPerformance Classes 160wp 165wp 170wp 175wp 180wp 185wp 190wpPTC Performance 145.1 149.7 154.4 158.1 163.7 168.3 173.0StructureCellsElectrical Characteristics For STCDesignationPmpp[Wp] Glass-foil laminate Anodized aluminum frame Junction box (IP) 65 with 3 bypass diodes Weather-resistant back sheet (white) Cable 12 AWG (4mm)6 x 12 pieces in series Mono crystal Si 125mm x 125mm pseudo squareVmpp[V]Impp[A]Voc[V]Isc[A]TolerancePS160M–24/F 160W 34.6V 4.63A 43.8V 5.05A ± 3 %PS165M–24/F 165W 35.0V 4.71A 44.0V 5.10A ± 3 %PS170M–24/F 170W 35.4V 4.80A 44.2V 5.15A ± 3 %PS175M–24/F 175W 35.8V 4.89A 44.4V 5.20A ± 3 %PS180M–24/F 180W 36.2V 4.98A 44.6V 5.25A ± 3 %PS185M–24/F 185W 36.6V 5.06A 44.8V 5.30A ± 3 %PS190M–24/F 190W 37.0V 5.14A 45.0V 5.35A ± 3 %Note: defined as standard deviation of thousands measurements. Absolute power values depend on the measuringsystem. They can differ by +/- 5% from one measuring system to another.Assembly Notes See installation and operatingmanual at Horizontal and vertical assemblypossible System voltage max 600 VParameter Values UnitOperating temperature -40 +85 °CHail diameter @ 80Km/h Up to 25 mmContinuous windpressureWeak Light PerformanceIntensity[W/m 2 ]Vmpp[%]Impp[%]900 0.0 -20600 -0.9 -40400 -2.1 -60200 -5.1 -90100 -8.7 -90Intensity[W/m 2 ]Up to 130The electrical data applies for25 °C and AM 1.5.Thermal CharacteristicsVmpp[%]Km/hLoad Capacity of Module Up to 30 lb/ft 2Characteristic CurvesDimensionsOperatingtemperature range-40 to 85 °C5.6005.2004.8004.4004.0003.6003.2002.8002.4002.0001.6001.2000.8000.4000.0000.00I (A)1000W/M²Cell Temperature : 25˚CP(W)156.0130.0104. 12.00 18.00 24.00 30.00 36.00 42.00 U(V)1300±1800±12 - Ø48-9x147589001580808Temperaturecoefficient PmppTemperaturecoefficient VocTemperaturecoefficient Isc-0.51%/K-0.37%/K0.03%/KPartner Information5.6005.2004.8004.4004.0003.6003.2002.8002.4002.0001.6001.2000.8000.4000.0000.00I (A)1000W/M²Cell Temperature : 25˚CP(W)156.0130.0104. 12.00 18.00 24.00 30.00 36.00 42.00 U(V)Phono Solar North America9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 8210The Woodlands, TX 77380T

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