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Stylish Design, Technical - Prodes

Stylish Design, Technical - Prodes

Cleversolutions!makes it

Cleversolutions!makes it possible to fit the tapand the sink directly in frontof windows which have tobe opened.SCHOCK Octaros-ProStainless steel finishChromeSCHOCK GeosStainless steelSCHOCK FactoStainless steel finishChromeSCHOCK SentaChrome■––■–Exceptionally easy to fit––■■–––■■–Cartridge under the sink–■–■–Removable tapClassichandle formwith modernspoutEasy-carereal ceramichandleExtra-longhandleSCHOCK QuadrosStainless steel finishChromeSCHOCK StradosStainless steel finishChromeSCHOCK PrimusStainless steel finishChromeSCHOCK NEOSChromein 17 CRISTALITE ® colours––■■–Classic tap with two-handles––■■–Easy-care real ceramic handle–■–■––■–■–Ideally tuned to SCHOCK sinks6

Storagefunction foradjusting thewater-jetLocking function for adjustingthe water-jet during operation.WorldExclusive:in all SCHOCKsink coloursSCHOCK SentaChromeSCHOCK SentaChromeSCHOCK STILEOChromein 17 CRISTALITE ® coloursSCHOCK STILEOChromein 17 CRISTALITE ® colours–■–■–Lockable jet-regulator––■■––■–■■ alternative (not illustrated)Also available with shut-off tap––■■■ alternative (not illustrated)Also available with shut-off tapTapand sink inperfectharmonySCHOCK STILEO and NEOS – tap and sink in perfectcolour harmony – with 17 trendsetting CRISTALITE ® colours:AluminaCromaTitaniumCayennePietraAquaOnyxLavaArenaColoradoPeraTerraSCHOCK NEOSAlaskaAlpinaMarinSabbiaTaigaChromein 17 CRISTALITE ® colours■––■–Ideally tuned to SCHOCK sinks7

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