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Untitled - Weston Creek Cricket Club

The first issue of Cover Point for 1979was rather late in going to press. Januarybeing a holiday month, the Club decided todivert the available resources to running thevery successful Junior Cricket Coaching weeksponsored by the Capital Permanent BuildingSociety.m • • • • • •Some of our teams seem to have got usedto winning'. Earlier in the season, severalclubs have passed very favourable commentsregarding the pleasant attitude W.C.C.C.players displayed on and off the field.Of recent times it has been noticed thata small minority of players have shown their'displeasure at missing catches or bad umpiringdecisions, or loosing games. Unfortunatelythese bad lapses tend to get exaggerated byopponents, who may go away unfavourably di sposedtowards the Club. That is bad for the Club. Badbehavior and bad language has to stop. Thereis certainly no place in this Club for suchattitudes. We certainly want to win every matchwe play, although not at all costs.It is importantto learn to lose graciously. It is the dutyof all members to maintain the high standardof 'on field" behavior that this Club has shownin the past.

The summer of 1978/1979 has seen many"firsts" in cricket. Ugly head gear for batsmenand close in fielders. Coloured clothing inT.V. cricket, and so on..... W.C.C.C. has scoreda "first" which has created a lot of interestand enthusiasm in Canberra Cricket CirclesThe W.C.C.C. Capital Permanent junior cricket school 'held between the 22nd. and the 26th. Januarywas certainly the first such cricket coachingschool held by any organisation in the A.C.T.A total of 105 participants between the agesof 10 and 16 years attended the school whichwas held at the Club>'s home ground, Stir 1ingOval .The Director of the school was Mr, BrianBooth, a former N.S.W. and Australian Captain.He was assisted by Tom Pur cell who plays SydneyFirst Grade Cricket and is a leading coachwith the Mick Pawley Cricket School.The school was divided into 3 sessionsdaily. 10 and 11 year old attended from 9am.to 11.30 am. The 12,13, and 14 year olds from10.30am to 1 pm. and ihe 15,16 year olds from2 pm. to 4.30 pm. Each group had a mixture ofaudio-visual sessions mixed in with practicalcoaching.(

Brian showed a 35 min. film entitled 'TheSummer Game'. This film took the romanticthrough a nostalgic tour through the historyof this noblest game.There were other films that broughtmemories of yester year. Bradman, Larwood,Old field, Woodful and so on,The school was officially opened byMr. David Bastians, the General Manager ofthe Capital Permanent Building Society. Theopening ceremony was attended by hundreds ofparents, friends, children and representativesof all Canberra Clubs and the A.C.T.Cricket Association.The credit for the success of the schoolmust go to our sponsors for their very generoushelp and to the 2 coaches for their hard work,without which the school would not have beenpossible.The Club's thanks go to Don Brooker , Laurieand Di Evans, Chris Harris, Chris Body andRichard Drew for the daily running of the school.The lunch time refreshments on the opening daywere out of the ordinary, and Marg and JimNuttall take the honours for that.It is felt thattheSchood was an unqualifiedsuccess.Capital Permanent Co-operative Building Society Limited hasindicated that they are willing to back usagain and with their help we hope to run thecoaching week again next year

Canberra has at last been given theopportunity to stage a major cricket fixture,A game that would have been played normallyon the Sydney Cricket Ground, the N.S.W. vsPaki stan touring team, will be played at "Manuka Oval from 3rd. - 6th. March.The game was switched to Canberra at thelast moment giving the A.C.T. C.A. just 2 weeksto do all the preparations necessary.The game will be a major step forwardfor Canberra Cricket. If this game is a successthen Canberra can look forward to more firstclass cricket games in the future. Not justwhistle stop games played mid week by touringteams.The success of such a venture will bejudged by the size of the crowds. With this inmind the cricketing bodies in the A.C.T. haved.e fered all games scheduled for March 3rd. toenable club members to attend the game eitheras helpers or spectators.The emergency meeting of the A.C.T. C.A.elected Messrs. Greg Lord, (President of theEast Canberra C.C.) Don Brooker (Presidentof W.C.C.C.) and Pat Garnet, to a specialcommittee to stage the game.The services of this Club have beenoffered to the special committee as this Clubfeels it is th duty of the A.C.T. cricketingpublic to support this game.The junior players are invited to attendthe game free of charge. The juniors gameswill be played on Saturday 3rd. as usual hutafter their game they are expected to goManuka Oval straight after.All • members are urged to comealong to Manuka Oval on this special occasion. '

Our game against Forsevin XI A saw ourfirst defeat. Although weakened by the lossof Julie Higgs and Lorraine Weather all to theA.C.T. team, we still expected to win.Forsevin XI - 149 Weston Creek - 93Bowling/Donna O'Brien 3-10Batting;Cathy Smith 29Maree Anderson 11 ( her highest everscore)Louise Sexton (3 n/o), Audrey Halton (2)Katharina Samara (1), and Chris Pritchard (0)took the score from 64 to 93.Victory came our way again against BelconnenToy land.Belconnen Toy land - 113 Weston Creek - 6 (dec)159 .Bowling; Cathy Smith 5-19Kay Brett 1-0Batting; Cathy Smith 80 ( partnership of 115 forfifth wicket Heather Macdonald) afterbeing 4-29.Resuming after the Christmas break, we met 1st.placed A.N.U. in a 2 day match at Pearce. Thisis traditionally a high scoring game.A.N.U. - 181 Weston Creek - 152Bowling;Lorraine Weatherall 5-31Cathy Smith 3-37Batting; Julie Higgs 21, Cathy Smith 41,JoanFinch 9, Heather Ratford 25, JennyThompson 22 n/o.Our one day match against Norths resulted inan outright win for us.Weston Creek;lst. innings Tiana O'Toole 2-10Allison Brill 1-4, Julie Higgs 6-0( including hat trick).2nd. innings Cathy Smith 3-8,Allison Brill 1-4,Julie Higgs 5-4.Batting; 1st. innings Joan Finch retired 20,Allison Brill n/o 14,2nd. innings Joan Finch n/o 12,Cathy Smith 10.

Julie took the batting aggregate with 134 at13.4 which was the second highest average.Lorraine shared the highest first wicket partnershipof 46 in 38 minutes. Well done'.Although Joan has played her last game, dueto a transfer to Melbourne, we hope she continues her cricket and send her our best wishes.A/Secretary Women's Cricket

POINTS TABLE UP TO ROUND 10.A.C.T. C.A. COMPETITION.3rd. Grade - 4th. GradeA.N.U. C.C. 3 5 24City D.C.C. 27 29E. Canberra C.C. 50 41Ginninderra C.C. 44 68N.Suburbs C.C. 50 4 ?Q'bn District C.C. 18 18S.Woden C.C. 31 25W. Districts C.C. 44 39W.C.C.C. 46 3 5Woden C.C. 35 35C.C. & S.C.A. COMPETITIONA.Grade after Round 12.A.N.U. C.C. 38 Ginninderra C.C. 39Daramarlan R. 18 Teachers C.C. 71Daramarlan B. 49 W.C.C.C. 282 DAY CONCRETE COMPETITION.After Round 8A.N.2. 37 Highlanders 38City 35 Kingston N 34Daramarlan 5 Teacher s 47Easts 3 2 W.C.C.C. 47Ginninderra (B) 27 Norths 12Ginninderra (G) 32

With tha first helf of the season over, menew look forward to a number of teams enterj ng thasemi-finals and finals. With these fast approachingall games scheduled are crucial. Over the yearswe have had a number of successful teams and u/e hopethis year u>ill be no exception.During the holidays we conducted a verysuccessful coaching clinic. Former Test CricketerBrian Booth and Sydney 1st Grade player Tom Purceilconducted the clinic and enjoyed it immensely.Wo hope this will be the start of bigger andbrighter things to come. I sincerely hope all theboys have benefited from this meek and I wouldlike to pay a special congratulations to all ladstaking part, in the way they disciplined and behavedthemselves.The point scores as at the Xmas break mere asfellows:Under 10 - Division 1Tuggeranong 1 57 Grammar 1 33Marist 1 51 Queanbeyan 1 33Wests 1 45 Easts 1 21Ginninderra 39 Weston Creek 1 9Under 10 - Division 2Queanbeyan 2 60 Wests 2 27Norths 1 57 ITIarist 2 26Weston Creek2 57 Ginninderra 1 21South Woden 1 27 Woden 1 15Under 10 - Division 3St.Edmunds 1 66 South Woden 2 33C ity 1 45 Woden 2 21Ginninderra 3 45 Weston Creek3 20Wests 3 45 Tuggeranong 2 15

Under 11 - Division 1(Ylarist 1 57 Weston Creek 1 3SfGrammar 1 51 Ginninderra 1 2]Queanbeyan 1 45 South Woden 1 21Wests 1 45 Tuggerancng 1 7Under 11 - Division 2City 1 57 Ptarist 2 33Ginninderra 2 57 Norths 1 33St.Edmunds 1 54 Wests 2 21Woden 1 45 lYIarist 3 15Easts 1 37 Weston Creek 2 12Under 12 - Division 1Wests 1 61 South Woden 1 31Weston Creek 1 51 Ginninderra 1 30Queanbeyan 1 49 Woden 1 20Grammar 1 43 Marist 1 9Under 12 - Division 2St.Edmunds 1 57 South Woden 2 32Weston Creek 2 57 City 1 27Ginninderra 2 45 Marist 2 19Norths 1 37 Tuggeranong 1 15Under 12 - Division 3Wests 2 63 Marist 3 30City 2 60 St.Francis 1 24Easts 1 48 Woden 2 20Weston Creek 3 39 St.Edmunds 2 7Under 13 - Division 1Wests 1 32 Ginninderra 1 14Grammar 1 26 South Woden 1 14Queanbeyan 1 26 ITlarist 1 14St. Edmunds 1 17 Weston Creek 1 18Under 13 - Division 3St.Edmunds 2~ 32 Grammar 3 20Marist 3 32 Daramsian 2 18City 2 29 Ginninderra 3 13Wests 2 26 Weston Creek2 11

Under 14 - Division 2Ginninderra 1 36 Tuggeranong 1 21Easts 1 36 City 1 21South Woden 1 33 Daramalan 1 18Norths i 26 . Grammar 2 15Wests 2 21 Weston Creekl 15Under 14 - Division 3St.Edmunds 2 38 Ginninderra 20UUeden 2 29 Daramalan 2 18lYIarist 2 23 Wests 3 12Weston Creek 2 22 Grammar 3 11Under 15 - Division 1lYIarist 1 32 Grammar 1 20Weston Creek 1 29 Ginninderra 1 16UJests 1 29 Queanbeyan 1 14Daramalan 1 20 City 1 6Under 16 - Division 1Queanbeyan 1 32 City 1 14Grammar 1 32 Weston Creek 1 14Wests 1 26 Narist 1 14South Woden 1 20 Easts 1 8Under 16 - Division 2Woden 1 42 St.Edmunds 1 24Daramalan 1 33 South Woden 2 24Wests 2 30 Weston Creek 2 18City 2 27 fflarist 2 13Narths 1 27It is most important that this season's Rafflenow being conducted is successful. Each player isrequired to sell at least one bock. Already it isvary pleasing that boys have.phoned for additionalboeks so pitch in lads and lets make this one areally good on«.L.A. Evans.(

Congratulations to Erica and John Derrickon the arrival of Rachael, and to Dave and CaronFlatt on the arrival of Daniel.The toilets at the Pavillion now havebrand new white seats. Thanks to Neil DaviesP/L (Box 141 P.O., Fyshwick) for their kinddonation.