Recording Student Attendance – Faculty Commons - Argosy University

Recording Student Attendance – Faculty Commons - Argosy University

Recording Student AttendanceFaculty CommonsThe Faculty Commons Grades & Attendance area provides an interface with the CampusVue academicdatabase allowing faculty to: View courses they are assigned to teach View students registered in their courses Enter attendance and grades for students registered in their courses View information such as address, schedule and degree audits for those students (Advisors only).This document describes how faculty will use the Grades & Attendance area to post/view attendance.Attendance posting is an essential administrative responsibility for all faculty and has direct impact on activestudent standing and financial aid.Please note:Attendance impacts Student Status and financial aid and must be accurately reported as soon as possiblefollowing class meetingsFaculty will post both positive and negative attendance for all students for their face-to-face meetingsOnline Services will post attendance for the online portion of online, blended and Dissertation coursesbased on discussion board posts, dropbox submission, journal entry and specific embedded labs.Additional information about attendance policies are available at the AU Policy and ProcedureRepository SharePoint site as well as the “Attendance” item under Section Seven, Academic Policiesand Procedures of the Academic Catalog.Recommended Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or 9 (PC); Firefox (Mac)Important for all faculty attempting to access the attendance toolFaculty need to be provisioned into CampusVue academic database before they can access the system forattendance and grade posting. The faculty’s home campus must submit a User Access Request Form (UARF)after the new hire paperwork has been processed. If you are unable to see courses Faculty Portal, you may stillneed to be added to the CampusVue Instructor list. Please contact your Program Chair for assistance.The CampusVue Faculty Portal is accessed through the Faculty Commons. If you are unfamiliar withaccessing the Faculty Commons, please refer to document at you need to have your password reset or need further assistance contact your local Human Resourcesdepartment and the EDMC IT Services Help Desk 1.888.424.4435Updated 2.04.13 | 1

Accessing the CampusVue Faculty Portal via Faculty Commons1. To access the CampusVue Faculty Portal, log in at https://aufaculty.argosy.edu2. Enter the Username and Password used for your Argosy email3. Click Log In4. Look for Get Logged In section on the right side of the landing page.5. Click Grades & AttendanceYour CampusVue Faculty Portal “Home Page”Upon successful login, you will see the Home Page. You have two locations available to post attendance. “Classes” section below the“My Calendar” on theHome page. “Gradebook” in the leftside navigation under theMy Classes section.These instructions will take youthrough the Gradebookmethod.Updated 2.04.13 | 2

About Posting AttendanceEach course that you teach may require a slightly different method or combination of methods to postattendance depending on how your class meets (regular or irregular meeting patterns) and where yourclass meets (fully on ground, part-on ground/part-online (i.e. blended), or fully online.Some courses will display a calendar with particular dates you must post attendance while others will requireyou to select a date range to “build” a calendar.Students are either in class “Present” or not in class “Absent”. When entering attendance ONLY use the valuesof Absent (A) or Present (P). Do NOT use any numeric values OR “E” for Excused as the University does notallow for excused absences in relation to attendance.BEFORE YOU BEGIN:To begin posting attendance:Only use the blue “Back” button within the Faculty Portal page or links within the pagewhen navigating.Do not use the browser BACK button.Have your attendance information ready. You will be automatically logged out of thesystem after a period of time.1. Click on the My Classes heading in the left-side navigation and click Gradebook2. In the right side Grade book area, you will see a list of courses you have been assigned to in theCampusVue system. You may need click on the Term drop down menu to choose the session if youhave taught courses previously or have been assigned to future courses. If you do not see a course,please contact your Program Chair and Student Services/Registrar group.If a course has information in the “Day/Time” column, it has a regular weekly meeting patternIf a course does NOT have information in the “Day/Time” column, it has an irregular meeting pattern.Updated 2.04.13 | 3

5. The screen will refresh and display a drop down menu in the “Time Present” or “Time Absent” columnnext to the status of each student for students.Click on the dropdown menu for EACH student. ONLY use the Values of A (Absent) or P(Present). Do NOT use any numeric values OR “E” for Excused.6. You must click on each entry field and select “Present” or “Absent” for each student. Forexample, if a student already shows “Present” you must click on the drop down and reselect“Present”. This is required for the system to recognize that faculty entered the attendance value.7. Once you have entered attendance for all students, click the blue button when finished. Thisposts attendance for a course with a regular weekly meeting.If you make an error when posting attendance, you will need to contact your StudentServices/Registrar’s office to make the change. You can only submit attendance once.8. To continue posting attendance for the next course, click the blue button to return to the courselist and make your next selection.Updated 2.04.13 | 5

Attendance for a course with an Irregular Meeting pattern (Calendar/Grid or Grid)1. If a course does not have a “Day/Time” displayed in your Faculty Portal view, it is considered tohave an irregular meeting pattern. These courses may meet totally online, on ground in a classroomas well as online, or have sporadic meeting dates. Courses that will use this option include blended,online, Dissertation, Tutorials, Internship, and Practicum. Online Services will post attendancedaily for any online activity but you will post attendance for the days that you meet face-to-face.Section codes can help give you a clue. Courses with BL[letter], OL[letter], DC[number] section codeswill have irregular meeting patterns.The CampusVue system enables you to post attendance according to a “Student Specific Time”.2. To enter attendance, click on the title of the course, e.g. “Economic Analysis”, that appears to the rightof the course code.3. In the Class Attendance window near the bottom of the screen you will see a Student Specific Timebutton. This may appear at the lower left corner (blended courses) OR the lower right.Note: Blended courses will usually have acombination of required meeting dates noted ina calendar and “Student Specific Time”attendance posting.If there is a date highlighted in the calendaryou will be required to post attendance forthat meeting date. Follow the instructions forthe Regular Meeting pattern (page 4) to postattendance on the specified dates.Class Attendance Sample 1 - BlendedOnline activity will be posted by the OnlineServices group but you can use the blue“Student Specific Time” button to postattendance for additional dates that you maymeet with your students outside of those.“Stu”Class Attendance Sample 2 - DissertationUpdated 2.04.13 | 6

Student Specific Time” means that at least some of the days you might meet with a student foracademically relevant activities are not predefined dates hard coded to your course in the CampusVuesystem. For example, you may meet with a Dissertation Candidate at various times during a semesteror meet with a student from a blended course so they can make up an exam. These meetings would bespecific to that student, hence the “Student Specific Time” designation.To enter attendance for these meetings, click thebutton4. Select a range of one or more days to enter attendance and click the button.5. Click on the dropdown menu for EACH student on the appropriate day. ONLY use the Values of A(Absent) or P (Present). Do NOT use any numeric values OR “E” for Excused.If attendance has already been posted by you or Online Services, you will not see a dropdown.Updated attendance will reflect minutes even though you did not enter those values. This is normal.6. Click the blue button when finished.Updated 2.04.13 | 7

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