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Through BSF (Building Schools for the Future) and the primary sector we have a unique opportunity to build schoolsthat will not only impact today’s sustainability learning environments but will have a major role to play in the waythat pupils and communities aspire to, and engage with, a sustainable future.Sir Neville Simms – Chairman, Governments Sustainable Task Group; Chairman BRE TrustSchools Design Forum – delivering a step changein sustainabilityThe pace of change demanded by the Government’s BSF programme is relentless.However, this is not reflected at a national level in terms of designing or buildingsustainable schools or understanding their impact on pupils, the learningenvironment and communities. If this shortcoming is not addressed soon, manyschools will fall short of their full potential – something we as a nation will have tolive with for 60 years or more.The objectives of the Schools Design Forum (SDF) is to deliver a step change in:•••sustainable schools design and construction (delivering today’s objectives)the interaction between the built environment, pupils, learning and thecommunity (delivering tomorrow’s objectives)sharing experience and best practice for the benefit of clients, users and thesupply chainsThe SDF will deliver these objectives by bringing together like-minded people who have a desire tobring about a change in the way sustainability is understood, delivered and shared in schools. The Forumwill not just advance sustainability thinking, it will integrate its many issues in such a way that makes itbecome just a part of best practice procurement, design, construction and use.Key objectives are to: a realistic but stretching vision of a sustainable (zero carbon) school for 2020produce a road map for delivery that includes all stakeholders inputsintegrate sustainability in a way that makes it ‘open to all’identify obstacles and barriers and recommend solutionschampion a national agenda for sustainability alongside Governmentreduce the disparity between those that do it well and those that do notinfluence research and innovation to support a step change in sustainabilityshare and promote best practice

Connecting people, connecting sustainabilityHow to become a member of SDFIf you are interested in becoming a SDF member please register your interestat or return the form below.NameOrganisation/companyAddressTelephoneFaxEmailPlease return to:Schools Design Forumc/o BRE Trust, Bucknalls Lane, Garston, Watford WD25 9XX

Over the next 15 years the majority of schools will be rebuilt or refurbished. Thisrepresents a unique opportunity to bring about a change in sustainable learningenvironments that will not arise again for many generations to come. The potentialto integrate and learn from the synergies of curriculum, campus and community anddeliver a sustainability message to future generations must not be missed.Without integrating sustainability in to the whole fabric of the schools’ sector it willremain as an add-on, resulting in a failure to deliver its true potential – a sustainablefuture for us all.

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