REAL HeartChart February 26-CS4.indd - Canadian Curling ...
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REAL HeartChart February 26-CS4.indd - Canadian Curling ...

The Usual SuspectsIn addition to our “Old Classic” full event pass –for the fans who crave the excitement of everysingle draw – we’re introducing the Double Impactticket option that allows you to double up on thedraws that work best for your schedule.Sponsor of the dayFor tickets, visitNovember 30 - December 4Cranbrook Rec PlexJanuary 12-‐15Langley Events Centre

Page 2HeartChartTHE SCOTTIES Page 1/2 Game Jones train just keeps on rollin’Larry WoodHeartChart EditorOne win. Just one win.Defending champion JenniferJones of Winnipeg needs onemore win for her fourth straight ScottiesTournament Of Hearts skipping title, tyingthe legendary Colleen Jones of Winnipeg.Manitoba’s Jones also needs just onewin on Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. forJones’s six skipping successes.Manitoba’s Jones and her second playerPezer and Lee Morrison of Saskatchewan.Yes, just one measly little win . . . in theto within that one win on Friday night,twice battling from behind to defeattion, Holland dropped into Saturday’s 5earlier playoff match between Ottawa’sof Halifax.Meanwhile, Jones was ecstatic with herCanada third Kaitlyn Lawes signals the key moment in the Page 1/2 playoff game – a three-spot in the ninth againstSaskatchewan’s Amber and the result.“It’s so much fun to play with thisteam,” she allowed.been a part with the ice” and “a bit sharper”.Jones followed the same route a yearing a pair at the outset. Then they forcedone in the second.Continued on Page

Saturday, February 26, 2011THE SCOTTIES Page 1 vs. 2Continued from Page 2Holland drew a piece of the buttonlooking at a pair in the third and Jonesdrew the four-foot looking at three in thethin double-kill to score two and take a5-2 edge.Jones turned up the offence in thesecond half. Holland was in the glue forThe turning point arrived when Jonesburied two rocks in the four-foot andHolland’s last in-turn of the seventh endthe double theft and the go-ahead pointsfor her foe.Another double-kill set up an eighth-endingto get an in-turn freeze into the fourfootand yielded a count of three beforeJones even threw her last rock whichwrecked.Holland had an open hit for a tyingewanskip had opportunities for tightburies in the four-foot with both turns onwrecked with her second.Jones wasn’t required to throw her laststone.leader.“You have to make shots against a teamyou strong.And they took advantage of some poormiddle-of-the-end shooting from us.“There was nothing wrong with the ice.I think it’s more the player in the hacknot focusing in what needed to be done.And on a philosophical note . . .“Now that we’re down to sudden death-The green faithful are hoping for another shot at Team Canada, Sunday.Page 3 Osoyoos caters to all occasions.The rich beauty of this South Okanaganparadise, combined with acapacity for over 400 people, makesOsoyoos the perfect choice for your nextimportant gathering or event.YEAR-ROUND VENUES WITH UNIQUEDESERT/CULTURAL/ABORIGINALEXPERIENCESOffering spousal programmes, golf,spa, wine, cultural & historical tours!Pursue the experience

Page 4The Best ShotOn Ice.The creamy consistency of Amaruladelights with lingering subtle flavoursof vanilla, caramel and chocolate.Affirming its unrivaled taste,Amarula Cream was recentlyvoted “Best Liqueur in theWorld” at the InternationalWine and Spirit Competition.Time out for triviaHeartChart StaffQUESTION 0FTHE DAY:When last the Canadianwomen’s curling championshipwas played inCharlottetown, whichprovince won the title?2. Name the skip of theteam.3. Name three skips whohave won two Canadianwomen’s championshipswhile losing four gamesin each of them.4. A total of 25 playershave competed in theScott Tournament ofHearts representing atleast two provinces and/or territories. Name any(including fifths) who arecompeting at the currentScotties and for whichprovince/territory.5. Name the other province/territoryfor whicheach played.6. Name any other playerswho played for P.E.I.and one other province/territory.7. And the other province/territoryin eachcase?8. Name any who havewon the Canadian title,where and when. Hint:There are five.9. Name the only playerin Hearts history whoK-Rock 105.5 PlaysTHE ROCK YOU WANT!HeartCharthas represented threeprovinces/territories andTeam Canada.10. Did she win a worldtitle? If so, where andwhen?11. Name the only otherplayer who has representedthree provinces/territories at the Canadianwomen’s champion,the provinces/territoriesrepresented and theyears.12. Four skips havebeen required to win adozen games each inorder to win the ScottTournament of Hearts.Name them.13. In what years didthey score the dozenwins?14. Who skipped P.E.I.teams in those years?THE OFFICIAL SPIRITOF CHAMPIONSHIP CURLINGAmarula is the official spirit of the Tim Hortons Brier, Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and Ford World Men’s CurlingChampionship.Represented Amarula by PMA is Canada the official Ltd. spirit of the Tim Hortons Amarula Brier, is a rare Scotties find. Appreciate Tournament it accordingly. of Hearts,and Ford World Men’s Curling Championshipwww.krock1055.comRepresented by PMA Canada Ltd. | www.pmacanada.comAmarula is a rare find. Appreciate it accordingly.

Saturday, February 26, 2011TIEBREAKER: Nova Scotia 9 B.C. 8Page 5Bluenosers sail on to SaturdayLarry WoodHeartChart EditorIt was over early for two-timeScotties champion KellyScott and her Kelowna matesin Friday’s tiebreaker, even thoughthey battled down to the last gaspand forced Heather-Smith Daceyof Nova Scotia to throw her lastrock to ensure a 9-8 victory.stride at the right moment,” saidthe diminutive Scott, “but we justfew ends.”They certainly didn’t in a loseand-you’re-goneencounter at theCivic Centre.After the Bluenose skip hitend which was determined on ameasure, Scott missed shots in thesecond, third and fourth ends andtumbled 6-0 in arrears.How was she feeling at thatpoint?“We were wondering if we couldstart over or maybe rewind?” saidScott.“You just have to dig deep andtry to make a game of it. We hadsome moments there that couldhave gone our way but they didn’tgive us too many breaks.”The win moved Nova Scotiainto another sudden-death playoffcas,set for 12 noon today againstOntario’s Rachel Homan.The winner of this tilt willadvance to the championship semi-“We had a game plan going into keep the pressure on and that’swhat we did,” said plan early and that gave us alittle breathing room.”That proved to be a relative relieffor the Nova Scotians.“When we beat Alberta the otherhad to score two in the 10th (coachand hubby) Mark said, “How doyou like skipping at the nationallevel now’?”Much has been made of the factSmith-Dacey isn’t a long-timeNova Scotia skip Heather Smith-Dacey (left) took control of the tiebreaker early and cruised to a 9-8 win over B.C.’s Kelly Scott.skip. But she has had her share ofsuccess on the teehead.“I’ve skipped in junior and won,and skipped in the Scotties (2004),and it came back to me reallyquickly,” she said.“The team’s really behind me soSmith-Dacey rolled out on a hitkill for a deuce. But the Bluenosersto run the advantage to 8-2.Scott again put together a deucein the seventh. Smith-Dacey blewan open draw for two in the eighth,then rolled out in the ninth to leaveScott a draw for two.Smith-Dacey faced three and rolled out to clinch whatwasn’t as narrow a decision as the“You knew they’d bring it rightdown to the end,” said Smith-Dacey with a shrug. “In fact, Markwas mad that we gave them a stealof two in the 10th. He said I shouldhave stuck on that last rock.”Added Scott, who won the 2006and 2007 renewals of the eventand added a world title in 2007:“Coming here, everybody wasthis was and we’re pretty proudthat we got to through the roundrobinportion and were still playingtoday.“Maybe we should have pickedup on our practice ice a bit better.It’s the trickiest draw ice we’veseen at a Scotties. But it wasn’tunfair. It was swinging more thana lot of Scotties which is fantastic.But draw weight? Boy, you almosthad to throw a rock in a track andhow often do you get those freebiedraws to know?“You threw what you thoughtyou wanted, it didn’t end up whereyou wanted, and what could youdo? At this level you don’t wantice that’s just an automatic given.You want to have ice reading andthe players out there really pickingup on the conditions and using it totheir advantages.“But we got caught several timesthroughout the week and we foundit irritatingly tricky.”

Page 6HeartChartHome province now my favouriteShelley MuzikaHeartChart Guest ColumnistOne more Scotties contenderwas eliminatedFriday and will join the otherseven teams that are now engagedin diversions while trying not tohave regrets.They now have an opportunityto relax, sleep-in, do some sightseeingand, perhaps later, join theparty at the HeartStop Lounge.The four remaining teams arestill in their routine and preparingfor one of the biggest games oftheir lives.The round-robin games at thisdrama. P.E.I. had a rollercoasterweek during which the SuzanneBirt team showed real signs ofbeing a team that would makethe playoffs. For that they can beproud of themselves.I stick by my pre-Scotties beliefin them as contenders for theCanadian title. It just will not bethis year. But in many ways the2011 Scotties was a good one forthe P.E.I. team. The drama of thegame against Team Canada andthe electric crowd were amazing.The convincing win againstthe defending champs sparked athree-game run which broughtthem back into the playoff hunt.Their two wins on Thursday wereimportant as P.E.I. earned a winningrecord, which I am sure wasa bottom-line goal for this team.robin can be the most excitingand this year was no exception.The B.C. team became the starsof Draw 17 by arising from thepull off a memorable win.I always have had a great dealof respect for Kelly Scott. She isboth determined and gracious;; agood teammate. These qualitieswere on display again when sheencouraged and led her team tovictory, one shot and one end ata time. It was a big challenge asberth and in a must-win situationagainst Saskatchewan, the bestteam in the round robin.Ontario is an impressive teamishedthe round robin with a win.They are young and very good,can throw big weight and seemto have great determination. Withthe win, they avoided potentialtiebreakers. This week has proventhat being young is not a limitationat the Scotties.Alberta had its destiny in itsown hands on Thursday night.The Kleibrink team went into thegame against Team Canada at6-4 and a win would have placedthem into at least the tiebreakerround. The team made some greatshots, just not enough. TeamCanada played with some greatspirit, as they needed the win toqualify for the Page One-Twogame. Jennifer Jones made an incredibletap-up against a numberof Alberta stones in the seventhend which stalled a Kleibrinkcomeback bid.At this point, with only fourteams left, it will be hard to picka winner. All the teams have demonstratedthe ability to dominateother teams this week. Jones hasa great deal of experience in thisposition. Saskatchewan will belooking for a breakthrough winand are deserving of it.I am now cheering for a Saskatchewanvictory in the Scottiesthe playoffs I will be supportingthe province in which I was born.Although an Islander at heart, IFrom-Away). It is great to haveoptions. .

Saturday, February 26, 2011Page 7Red Deer 2012 promises a partyLarry WoodHeartChart EditorThe second-highest at--------Red Deer 2012 Scotties organizing committee members Lyle Treiber (left, vice-chair facilities), Tracy Ferguson-Bush (vicechairvolunteers), Sherri Ryckman (chair), and Bob More (vice-chair hosting) are in Charlottetown this week.------

Page 8SCOTTIES SCHEDULE AND RESULTSUpcomingGamesSaturday*Ontario vs Nova Scotia NoonSask vs 3/4 Winner 5:00 p.m.Bronze medalSundayGold medalCanadian Curling Association*Hammer in 1 B.C. leadJacquie Armstronghad the highestshootingpercentagein the tiebreaker.Canadian Curling Association Canada lead DawnAskin curled 91per cent inFriday’s 1/2 Game. P. 2 / 2P. 2 / 2HeartChartFinal Standings Nova Scotia’s front end: Second Blisse Comstock (back) and lead Teri Lake.

Saturday, February 26, 2011Editor: Larry WoodAssistant Editor: Fred RinnePhotographer: Andrew KlaverPrinted by: TranscontinentalPage 9Fusion Media | PBC Branding 20094 COLORPROCESS18 QUEEN STREETCHARLOTTETOWNdeltahotels.com1-866-894-1203

Page 10The Party Line Your guide to what’s goin’ onyour guide to what’s goin’ onToday at 5:00 pmCynthia MacLeod and JonMatthews graced the stage of theHeartStop Lounge Wednesday evening- and the Islanders are coming back todelight the fans once again tonight.MacLeod is a young fiddlingsensation who is developing a a strongfollowing around the globe. With herastounding talent and unbridled energy,she has performed for audiences acrossCanada, the New England states andJapan. She was introduced to a hugeCynthia MacLeod and Jon Matthewsnew North American audience last summerwith an appearance on the “Regis and Kelly Live!” hit TV show.Accompanying her on guitar is Jon Matthews, an accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.Over the past 15 years, Matthews has become one of the East Coast’s most popular entertainers, on the meritsof his live performances and acclaimed recordings.Today at 10:00 pmThe ChevellesThe Chevelles are synonymous with good timesat Season of Champions events – rocking the crowdsat the Tim Hortons Brier and Scotties Tournament ofHearts over the past several years.Hop in for a high-speed blast back to the livemusic scene of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when theChevelles hit the stage! These guys deliver a liveperformance that’s fuelled on raw, explosive power.Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience asthey draw on a lengthy playlist of classic rock hits!The band features Buck Chevelle (lead vocals/lead guitar), Kitty Chevelle (lead vocals/bass), WoodyChevelle (lead vocals/rhythm guitar/keyboards) andT.T. Chevelle (vocals/drums). Join them tonight inthe HeartStop Lounge – and make sure you wearyour best dancing shoes!The Cool Curling championship playdownsget underway today at 3:00 pm in the HeartStopLounge.Friday’s $60 daily prize winners – BrentGallant and Hilary Thompson – along with therunner-up team of Peter and Karen MacDonald- are the last two to qualify for the finals. They’llbe joined by another 10 teams from the past sixdays of action.When the dust settles this afternoon, thechampions will take home first prize of $350,second place picks up $150 and third place$130. Thanks to all the competitors who tookpart in the Scotties Cool Curling tournament!The Championship FieldRoy Doucette and Alan MurphyDave Porter and Evie PorterAlex MacFayden and Leo GallantBob Acorn and Darlene AcornAmy Cormier and Ian CormierKathy Thompson and Bruce ThompsonAndrew MacDougal and Steve McKinnonJamie Newson and Jeff GallantBrent Gallant and Hilary ThompsonPeter MacDonald and Karen MacDonaldSunday, February 26Fiddlers’ Sons – 5:45 pmHeartStop Lounge MC Stuart Brown andRoger Powell, Manager of Talent andProduction test the table in preparationfor the Cool Curling playdowns.

Saturday, February 26, 2011Page 11There’s onlyone word todescribe theadded value ofevery ticket...up closeandpersonalup closeandpersonalautographsessionsjuniorstarsschoolautographsessionsToday3:30 pm – All teams availableprogram juniorstarsToday’s your last chance to collectthe autographs of your favouritecurlers at the 2011 ScottiesTournament of Hearts. The finalTeam Autograph session takes placeat 3:30 pm in the HeartStop Lounge– featuring all the competitors fromthe available teams.programschool50/50draws$33,658.00and counting…of the50/50drawsYou can be a big winner at the Scotties! 50/50draws will be held during every draw with ticketsgreat tastessold through a convenient electronic system.patchThe total is automatically updated with eachpurchase… so while you’re watching the actionon the ice, you can also watch the pot grow.great tastesThe winners are:patchof theDraw 17 Treena MacDonald – $3,298.00Tiebreaker Lloyd and Louise Hardy – $1,373.00Think you’re a winner? Call 1-902-393-8546 to check the number of the winning ticket for each draw.So, you really enjoy the excitement of the live experience of championship curling… but at thesame time, it’s always nice to have the expert analysis provided by the TSN commentators.Well, now you can have it both ways! TSN coverage for all draws at the Scotties will be carriedlive on 89.9 FM radio. Just bring your own portable radio and tune in to the broadcast… while youenjoy the action on the ice.

Page 12SaskatchewansecondTammySchneiderListen to The Scottiesinside the arena on TSN.Tune your dial to 89.9 FMFrom Our Houseto YoursHeartChartOfficial Wine Supplierof the Scotties Tournament of HeartsScotties2011-HeartChart-PellerEstates.indd 112/2/10 4:38:49 PMProud sponsors of thescotties tournament of hearts

Saturday, February 26, 2011Page 13Counting down the Top 10 ScottiesLARRY WOODHeartChart EditorThe major problem, ofcourse, is choosing thecriteria when assignedto selecting the Top 10 Scottiestournaments in history.Do you go for the top-10 spectacularlast-rock shots to win? Orthe top-10 most attended affairs?Or the top-10 most competitivejousts? Or the top-10 most exoticlocales? Or the top-10 most organizedproductions? Or the top-10joints with the best restaurants. Ora mixture of all of them?Whatever the case, the HeartChart has burrowed deep into thememory banks of its editors andassorted spies to produce the followingTop 10 Scotties.Dissenters may line up to theright in orderly fashion.No. 10 —— 2003 at Kitchener-WaterlooThis was the year of the socalledAtlantic Storm with threeeastern teams qualifying for playoffs.And the 44-year-old ColleenJones and her Halifax teammateswon their third straight nationalwomen’s curling championshipshading Newfoundland’s CathyCunningham 9-7 in an extra-endthey come. Jones completed thevictory with an open out-turn hitafter Cunningham wrecked onher draw attempt behind a cornerguard. Newfoundland appearedto have it wrapped by setting upa winning split for a deuce in the10th. After Kim Kelly wrecked ona guard, Peg Goss had an open hitto sit a widely-separated two withfour stones remaining. But theJennifer Jones-won Scotties make three entries in Larry Wood’s Top 10 list.St. John’s vice-skip rolled out hershooter. Cunningham eventuallywas forced to draw to the fourfootfor a single point to force theextra end. Prince Edward Island’sthe round robin a dominant 10-1,Jones was 8-3 and Saskatchewan’sIn the sudden-death Page playoff,Cunningham stole a tying ninthendsingle and a winning 10th-enddeuce against Betker, then wonNo. 9 —— 1995 at CalgaryManitoba’s Connie Lalibertetwice defeated defending championSandra (Schmirler) Petersonof Regina, who was looking for athree-peat, and conquered formernational junior champion Cathya tension-packed championshipof 13 games in all. Alberta droppedManitoba from the unbeaten ranksin the fourth round of the prelimi-only blemish on Laliberte’s week.In an assortment of tiebreakers,Borst dumped Prince EdwardIsland’s Rebecca Jean (MacPhee)MacDonald, a rookie back then, byby Peterson. Hence Peterson wasposesbut she couldn’t solve No.Borst, meanwhile, drummed outa 3-3 tie with a four-ender in theget her last rock hidden andLaliberte’s shooter narrowly hungaround for the winner following alast-rock takeout.No. 8 —— 2010 at Sault SteMarieDefending champion JenniferJones of Winnipeg skipped herteam of Cathy Overton-Clapham,third straight Scotties TournamentOf Hearts title at Sault Ste. Marie’sEssar Centre with a thrillingvictory over Kathy O’Rourke’sPrince Edward Island upstarts. Ifyou’d come in late on the week’sscenario you might have thoughtthis would be something less thanhas produced a Canadian women’scurling champion. But those whohad seen the previous two collisionsof these teams knew thematch would be anything but arunaway. In fact, the Islandersends with a stolen deuce and appearedheaded home and dry to thethrone room. But, then, the heatends, the Jones team stole threepoints and exhibited the reasonswhy they’ve won four titles in sixyears. Jones compiled a 10-win,three-loss record over the nine-daychampionship. The P.E.I. teamfavourites of a crowd of 3,911, fea-and Geri-Lynn Ramsay throwingfourth and third rocks respectively,-stones and 39-year-old Tricia Af-preliminaries and wound up No. 1the defenders in the Page One-Twowomen’s curling championshipContinued on Page 14

Page 14WOODContinued from 13No. 7 — 2000 at Prince GeorgeKelley Law and her NewWestminster team recorded oneof the great rebounds in the historyof the Scotties in this one.Law faced not one, not two, notstraight sudden-death matchesround-robin shootout but, as lateopponent turned out to be thethree-time Canadian championConnie Laliberte, who’d lostwhich catapulted Ontario’sAnne Merklinger directly to thecracked a three in the eighth for ahome and dry. But Law and Co.,ninth and stole the winner in thelingeryielded single thefts in theeighth and ninth ends and it endedentire tournament for Merklinger.No. 6 —— 1982 at Reginamentof Hearts but Colleen Jonesadopted playoff format calledfor Alberta and Saskatchewan toat stake and Arleen Day of Reginadropped former champion Cathyto Day despite Saskatchewan’sScotia turned it on and triumphedof Winnipeg, a winner in thischampionship with Betty DuguidHONOURABLE MENTIONS . . .2009 — Victoriaweather. Yah!1999 — Charlottetownentertainment. Wonderful food. Historic city rolled out thered carpet like no other.1987 — Lethbridgestop Shorty from dancing at all the Lethbridge Curling Clubparties.1983 — Prince GeorgeMayor fell asleep at the head table.1996 — Thunder Bay2006 — Londonoutdoor curling rink across the street. Celebrating ShannonKleibrink’s return from the Olympics.2005 St. John’s-here you always come back.”2003 Brandonriders storming the Heartstop Lounge. Host Committee Chair-boar and walleye.Footnote:showcase their city and to welcome all of us – curlers, sponsorsand fans - from across Canada with open arms and hearts.but Rose got three right back,-steal by Jones in the eighth whichNo. 5 —— 2001 at Sudburyturedresurrections and collapses,surprises and disappointments,game-deciding measurements,-the outset, then suddenly losingfour in a row and appearing outof it. But the Bluenosers threwup the barricades and won aneryone of them but one in whatamounted to a sudden-deathother teams one game behinddefending champion Kelley Law,and ranked second for playoffwith the champs in the Page One-and stole a critical single in theand a slide into the championshipclimactic debate. But Jones fashioneda tying three in the eighth,stole control in the ninth andforced Law to settle for a tyingplaced two counters in the rings,both in the eight-foot, one hidden.Jones needed not only herpatented out-turn hit on the openreach shot-rock position. At thelast second, the rock picked upinch or so off the hit while bothsecond Mary-Anne Waye andlead Nancy Delahunt, who calledbegan sweeping. What followedwas near-pandemonium. An of-But there was the matter of twoteeline or just behind it, a breachof the game’s rule that allowsonly one sweeper per team in that-result was upheld.No. 4 —— 2005 at St. John’s,Hackner’s Shot Of the Centuryand Manitoba’s Jennifer Jonesof Winnipeg, trailing by twopoints heading into the last end,won in dramatic style by playingdouble-takeout from a stone inhidden Ontario shot rock on thebutton. Jones’s in-turn rock hitthe outside stone at the perfectangle and caromed to the centreof the rings to pluck JennHanna’s counter off the pin andJones trailed Hanna of Ottawathroughout the game, yielding asteal of two in the second end andHeartChartteam battled back with a single ineighth before forcing Ontario totake one in the ninth end, settingScott’s British Columbia entryHanna won two tiebreaker gamesFour playoff against StefanieLawton of Saskatoon who loggedComeau of Moncton eliminatedanother surprising tiebreakerNo. 3 —— 1998 at Reginatwo-time national junior champposted no less than three heart-of Anne Merklinger of Ottawain what turned out to be thekey matches of the entire piece.the difference in the eighth endcatapulted the winner straightit was Alberta-Ontario again inthat climactic battle during whichBorst stole a key point in theand then withstood a witheringrally from Merklinger’s troops towin with the last rock of anotherbe the triumphant homecomingfrom Olympic glory for defendingchampion Sandra Schmirler andestablished an attendance recordas a result. But it wasn’t quitepreferred. Schmirler’s three-timechamps battled Olympic-inducedwell as some tough opponents,could fare no better than a tertiaryConcluded on Page 15

Saturday, February 26, 2011WOODContinued from Page 14No. 2 —— 2008 at ReginaWinnipeg’s Jennifer Jonesstaged a miraculous comebackand won her second Scottieschampionship in four yearsat Regina’s Brandt Centre,stealing the title from Alberta’sShannon Kleibrink 6-4 in acold bury with her last rock andKleibrink narrowly missed alast-rock raise-takeout in whichshe needed to spill both Manitobastones, was the eighth in arow for Manitoba and capped acomeback for a foursome thatstumbled out of the round-robinled 5-4 in the 10th end andKleibrink had the last shot thatthrough the round robin with a10-1 record, losing only to Quebec’sMarie-France LaroucheSherry Middaugh of Coldwaterfashioned a 9-2 round-robinrecord while Larouche was 8-3and Jones won four in a row toforce a tiebreaker with Heatherthe Manitobans claimed earlycontrol and sidelined LaroucheNo. 1 —— 1993 at Brandon.Although often riding theedge, Sandra (Schmirler) Petersonof Regina always had theshot when it was needed andposted an immense success consideringshe faced two stronghost teams from Manitobalost only to Quebec’s AgnesCharette of Buckingham at atime when Saskatchewan was arunaway leader and Quebec wasrunning dead last, and to Al-was juggled like popcorn untilMaureen Bonar of Brandon andemerged from the confusion inincluding clutch conquests ofdefender Connie Laliberte, JulieSutton (Skinner) of VictoriaMerklinger, who was 3-4 withfour games to go, won them allincluding a last-round battle forthe semi, setting up an edge-be remembered with the bestof them and probably the mostson needed the hammer to winPage 15Sandra (Schmirler) Peterson won the 1993 Scotties in Brandon.Proudly supported by theTourism Accommodation Levy

Page 16HeartChartJones with Smith-Dacey crew in spiritLarry WoodHeartChart EditorA ghost from Scotties past is lurking within the con- Heather Smith-Dacey was saying of the team’s original“She was going to come as our alternate player,Continued on Page 19Colleen JonesPROUD SPONSORTo find a Castle store nearest you, visit Castle.caWe take the “HURRY”out of your

Saturday, February 26, 2011PREVIEW Three/Four Page PlayoffAfter a break,Page 17Ontario’sRachel HomanHoman ready to rockLarry WoodHeartChart EditorNova Scotia’s Heather-Smith Daceydraws a different kind of curling opponenttoday at 12 noon in the sudden-deathPage-Three playoff at the Scotties TournamentOf Hearts.It’s Nova Scotia versus 21-year-old RachelHoman of Ottawa, third-place playoffat the Civic Centre.tory Friday while Homan’s Ontario team,one year out of the junior ranks, had theday off.skip who went 13-0 in last year’s Canadianjunior championship.“Lisa’s (lead Weagle’s) shoulder still isa little sore, and it’s good to rest that. Itdoesn’t matter who we play, we’re goingRarely does a national junior champ13 months. But Homan and her team mayHoman admitted Friday she didn’t thinkshe said. “It was our goal and we achievedhere so soon. It’s amazing to get thatsuccess early. Hopefully we can continueContinued on Page 18DESTINATION OSOYOOS – PROMOTING“CANADA’S WARMEST WELCOME”Destination Osoyoos is the tourism marketingand visitor services agency for Canada’shottest travel destination! Located in thecountry’s only true desert, and with its hottestclimate and lake, the South Okanagan resorttown of Osoyoos, B.C. offers “Canada’sWarmest Welcome”. Visitors experiencescenic mountains, sandy beaches, lushorchards and vineyards, water sports, firstclassresorts, wineries, spas, golf courses,winter ski hills, championship bass fishing,fine restaurants, First Nations history, and oneof the country’s largest Canada Day fireworksshows. Now Osoyoos is a top destinationfor weddings, business meetings, and forcelebrities – in major movies filming in thearea, and at star-studded Wine Festivals!Destination Osoyoos manages an impressiveprovincial ‘gateway’ Visitor Centre. See or call toll-free1-888-OSOYOOS.Sponsor of the DayOrange should be used as:C-0, M -60, Y-100, K-0 or Pantone 144 onlyGrey should be used as:C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-50 or Pantone 430 only.Friends of the ScottiesCAT The Rental StoreJet IceGlobal Convention Services Ltd.Greater Charlottetown AreaChamber of Commerce (GCACC)Maritime ElectricConfederation Centre of the ArtsPeake’s Quay Restaurant & BarKenmac Energy / Petro CanadaYou’ll beswept away!Mark’s is proud to sponsor the 2011 Scotties Tournament of Heartsmarks.comVisit one of our two locations on PEISummerside Granville Street Plaza 902-888-5668 | Charlottetown Belvedere Plaza 902-566-5668Marks_Scotties_HartChart_v2.indd 111-02-08 10:38 AM

Page 18OntarioContinued from Page 17Homan says she’s nervousbefore every game.“But I think it’s good nervesand I’m really excited to be playingand I’m hoping for a long day(today).“The results don’t matter, we’lltry our hardest for sure and ifthings don’t go well we’re stillpretty happy.”And this team has eons in frontof it to make amends.Smith-Dacey was asked abouttwo-playoff schedule in one day:“We’re used to be playing twogames in a day, we’ve been doingit all week,” she said. “So we’llout to do what we’ve been doingall week.”Nova Scotia played Ontario atthe outset a week ago and suffereda 9-3 throttling.“That seems like a long timeago,” said the Nova Scotia skip.“But we had opportunities in thatgame early and we’re lookingforward to playing them again.“Everyone here is so good, agedoesn’t seem to matter. Look atDanielle (Parsons) with us. She’s21 and plays as well as anyoneon our team so . . . it’s whateverIt’s a big game for both of us andI expect it to be a battle to theend.”Smith-Dacey isn’t under-estimatingthe enormity of the task.“What they (Ontario) are doingis unbelievable. It’s so great tohave that unit sticking together.You get so comfortable witheach other that it’s all routine,right. You’re just playing againstthe rocks. I think when you’reyounger you don’t over-think,you just play. And they do it very,very well.”Vanquished B.C. skip KellyScott gave an equally positivereview of the Homan team.“Normally, those juniors thatusually rope them into a fewthings,” said Scott.“You know, strategy, arenaiceconditions, sometimes thoseyoung players need an experience“But this team has kept it goingthroughout. They’ve had asolid week. They’re by no meansscraping out their wins. They’rehere to play, they’re controllingtheir games, they have realwouldn’t be surprised to see themget through another playoff gameor two.“I think they’re pretty hard andtheir longevity playing togetheralready is helpful. They’vegrown up together, they’vebeen well-coached togetherand they’ve learned every yearthey’ve played together.“They throw quite similarly,all of them, and they’re all onthe same page. Living so closeto each other, it lets them traintogether, practise together, traveltogether, it’s really good. It’s areal asset.”HeartChartSecondAiisonKreviazukSave withBell Aliant Bundles.Get the storiesthat matter to you.CompassKevinGallantBruceRainnieWeekdays at 5, 5:30 & 6 pmMaritimes Late Night, following The National

Saturday, February 26, 2011TRIVIAANSWERSFrom Page 4QofD: Nova Scotia2. Colleen Jones3. Heather Houston,Colleen Jones, Jenniferjones.4. Shannon Aleksic,B.C.; Dawn Askin,Canada (Manitoba);Chelsey Bell, Alberta;Sherry Middaugh(Ontario); Dawn Moses(N.W.T.)5. Saskatchewan, Ontario,Saskatchewan,Saskatchewan, Yukon.6. Nancy Cameron,Elsie Farquhar, KarenJones.7. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,Alberta.8. Dawn Askin 2008at Regina, 2009 atVictoria, 2010; Debbie-Jones Walker 1985at Winnipeg, 1995at Calgary; ChristineBodogh Jurgenson,1986 at London; CathyPidzarko Shaw, 1978at Sault Ste. Marie;Cathy Caudle Walter,1983 at Prince George.9. Bodogh Jurgenson.10. Won the world titleat Kelowna in 1986.11. Cathy (Pidzarko)Shaw – Manitoba1978, Northwest Territories1980, Alberta1982, 1983.12. Connie Laliberte,Marilyn Bodogh, Cathy(Borst) King, KellyScott.13. Laliberte (1995),Bodogh (1996) King(1998), Scott (2007).14. Rebecca Jean(MacPhee) MacDonald(1995), Susan McInnis(1996), Tammi Lowther(1998), Suzanne(Gaudet) Birt (2007).JONESContinued from Page 16“But I love it. She has been throughthis so many times and won this somany ways, she’s got the best advice.I’d certainly listen to her over a lot ofother people.“After we lost to P.E.I. on Tuesday,she told us . . . ‘It’s all about controllingyour own destiny. Don’t worryabout a Tuesday night loss, just focuson the moving day on Wednesday’.“And we did focus on that and wewere able to come out and win twobig games on Wednesday. Turned outthat was really good advice. You can’tdwell on the past. Tuesday’s gone.You just carry on.”The Smith-Dacey team recorded acredible 7-and-4 record in qualifyingfor Saturday’s Page Three-Four matchat 12 noon.“I’ve just been focused on notchanging the goal because we’ve hada change in the lineup,” said the NovaScotia skip.“The more people you have rootingPage 19Nova Scotia’s Danielle Parsons and Heather Smith-Dacey.for you and cheering for you on the the one that’s on the ice and that’s justbetter. Now we’re the home team. The the way we operate. We’re in touchonly eastern team left. It’ll be awesometo have fans on our side.“She’s part of our team. In person orwith Colleen every day.“We have a much bigger team than in spirit.”

Page 20SCOTTIES PHOTO GALLERY Shannon AleksicNova ScotiathirdDanielleParsonsHeartChartKnown as the birthplace of Canada,Prince Edward Island is home to a wide variety of experiences.Each year, this beautiful province welcomes thousands of visitorsto explore our miles of sandy beaches, play our world-class golf courses,taste our famous seafood and explore our rich culture and heritage.Islanders make you feel at home with their upbeat, friendly hospitality. Winter is also great season to visit Prince Edward Island. While you’re here, spend some time outdoors, enjoying cross country ski trails, snowshoeing, tobogganing, skating, snowmobile adventures, and downhill skiing. Call 1-800-463-4PEI to learn more about all that we have to offer.We hope your stay during the Scotties Tournament of Heartsis memorable and that you plan to visit us again in the future.

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