Bearings for Mining Applications

Bearings for Mining Applications

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCAT. NO. 3710/ESPHERICAL ROLLER BEARINGS UA TypeFeaturesThis design provides a bearing uniquely qualified for heavy, shock or vibratory type ofradial loading.Application ExampleThe type UA spherical roller bearing, with high dynamic capacity, is recommended forapplications having heavy or shock type of radial loading such as vibrating screensand heavy load applications such as reduction gear units.UA TypeVibrating screen4

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCAT. NO. 3024/ELARGE SIZE TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS EA TypeA newly developed special heat treatment allows these bearings to ensure longer operating lifeunder severe operating conditions!!FeaturesApplication ExampleEA bearings have a particularly strong advantage by providinglonger operating life due to their improved crack fatigue strength,wear strength and peeling resistance characteristics, especiallywhen the lubricant is contaminated, but also under clean lubricantconditions. Accordingly, these bearings can be used in mining andore processing applications where marginal lubrication, vibrationsand impact loads often exist. The EA bearings provide advantagesdue to their compact design, longer operating life, and longerintervals between maintenance and inspections. EA materialtreatment can be offered in tapered roller, cylindrical roller andspherical roller bearings.Compound layerof carburized andnitrided materialsCarburized layerCoreFront wheel of dunp truck7

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCAT. NO. 2202/ELARGE SIZE DOUBLE ROW TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGSFeaturesApplication ExampleBack to back arrangement and face to face arrangement areboth available, and they have been adjusted so that eachtype’s internal clearance is fixed. Pairs of duplex single rowtapered roller bearings are also manufactured. For moredetails, contact NTN Engineering.Face to face arrangement types are used for reducers andtire rollers in vertical mills. Especially bearings for tire rollersare designed to endure heavy loads and shock loads. Pintype cages are sometimes selected for maximum capacity.For heavy load and bi-rotational applications, NTN utilizepinned cages with pin seating bush for increased cagestrength. This cage design has gained strong acceptance byequipment operators.Face-to-faceBack-to-backThe tyre roller of vertical mill8

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingSPHERICAL PLAIN BEARINGSCAT. NO. 5301/ESelf-Iubrication typeLubrication typeLubrication type thrust bushingFeaturesSelf-lubricating type spherical plain bearingsSelf-lubricating spherical plain bearings are primarilyintended for situations where a long life, free from maintenanceand lubrication requirements, is desired. They arealso used for applications where lubrication is difficult.Lubrication type spherical plain bearingsLubrication type spherical plain bearings feature slidingsurfaces where both the inner and outer rings are steel.: Fractured outer ring type and fitting groove type areavailable.Application ExampleExcavatorWheel Loader (articulate type)9

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCAT. NO. 3702/ESEALED SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARINGS WA typeSealed spherical roller bearingCross section of plummer block unitFeaturesApplication ExampleThe high load capacity of spherical roller bearings and theireasy adaptability to a variety of applications has led toincreased use in nearly every industry. Compact sealedspherical roller bearings have been developed by NTNspecifically to address the need for longer operating lifesuch as longer maintenance or relubrication.Tail pulleyDirection of movementTension pulleyHead pulley(drive pulley)Exellent sealing performance against dusts, and slurryCan be installed in the standard series plummer blocksRe-grease without removal of sealsUniform sealing capability under misaligned operatingconditions10

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingPLUMMER BLOCKSCAT. NO. 2500/EFeaturesApplication ExampleTightening boltThe bolt protects theplummer block againstloosening due tovibration and impact.Oil fill plugFor relubrication.SealExcellent sealing performance.AdapterSimplifies installationof the bearing.Spherical rollerbearingSelf-aligning ball orspherical roller bearingis built into plummer block.Mounting boltholesAllow easy positioningand installation.Trunnion bearing of ball tube millOil drain plugFor draining old lubricant.Plummer block unitDesigned for greater mechanicalstrength, and manufacturedunder strict quality control program.To suit the intended application, it canbe made of either spheroidal graphitecast iron (ductile cast iron) or cast steel.Dowel ballThe upper and lower housingscan be assembled together athigher accuracy by ball-dowelsystem using steel ball.Also, the upper cover can beinstalled or removed easily.Supporting roller of tube mill11

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingBEARINGS with SOLID GREASECAT. NO. 3022/EFeatures"Solid grease" is a lubricant essentially composed oflubricating grease and ultra high-molecular-weightpolyethylene. Solid grease has the same viscosity asordinary grease at normal temperature, but as aresult of a special heat treatment process, this greasesolidifies retaining a large proportion of thelubricant in it. By this solidification, the grease does noteasily leak from the bearing, evenwhen the bearing is subjected to strong vibrations orcentrifugal force.Solid grease lubrication1. Reduced lubricant leakageBecause the base oil is retained in a solid form, it is lesslikely to leak out of the bearing. During operation,temperature rise and/or centrifugal force will cause agradual release of the base oil into the rolling surfaces.Eliminating grease leakage from the bearing ensures aconsistent supply of lubricant and prevents contamination ofthe surrounding environment.2. Superior lubricationBearings with solid grease resist grease leakage prolongingbearing life in applications where high centrifugal force orvibration are present. The solid lubricant does not emulsifywhen exposed to water also extending both grease andbearing life.3. Sealing effectThough solid grease protects a bearing against ingress offoreign matters (water, dust, etc.), it is not an effectivesealing device. Therefore, for applications that need reliablesealing performance, we recommend the use of contact typerubber seals (deep groove ball bearings, bearing units) orother seals (other bearing types).Solid grease bearing for swing machinery12

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCAT. NO. 3905/ETRIPLE LIP SEALED BEARINGS for BEARING UNITFeaturesApplication ExampleTriple lip sealBalled setscrewFor easy mounting of the bearingon the shaft, tightens securelyand does not loosen.Triple lip sealed bearing units are suitable for equipmentused in locations subjected to splashing foul water andslurry, and heavy dust contamination, including miningconveyors, mixers, pumps and samplers.Fig.1 Triple lip sealed bearingOuterringBallSealing deviceThe rubber seal extends to the outercircumference the shielded plate for bettersealing performance, and prevents contaminationof the bearing by dust or foul water.Sealed plateGalvanized steel plate constructionensures improved corrosion resistance.Optimal design contributes to enhancedpressure resistance.A pillow unit (right) and a square flange unit (left) are used ina conveyor unit operating in an environment with heavyairborne dust.InnerringTriple lipProvides excellent dustproofing and waterproofing,thus protecting against contamination by dust or foul water.Fig.2 Triple seal13

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingNEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGSPK Series needle rollerand cage assembliesSuper high-capacityneedle roller andpressed cage assembliesPKJ Seriesneedle roller andpressed cage assembliesFeaturesPK Series needle roller and cageassemblies are widely used inconstruction machinery, agriculturalmachinery and hydraulic equipment .Often, numerous needle roller bearingsare used in the planetary gear speedreductionmechanism for mining andconstruction machinery.Application ExampleFeaturesIn recent years, customers have requiredfor bearings that have ever-increasingcapacity. In response, NTN created asuper high-capacity needle roller andpressed cage assemblies as the HWTJType. Compared to the standard design,the number of rollers is increased by 20to 30% and basic load rating by 20 to35%. This bearing series satisfies therequirements of large basic load rating,long life under severe operatingconditions and high rigidity.FeaturesPKJ Series needle roller and pressedcage assemblies were developed to dealwith requirements of reduced costcoupled with high durability for toughapplications. It features an outsidediameter guided cage, with the sameplate thickness and high rigidity as PKseries.TransmissionPlanetary speed reducer14

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCAT. NO. 3030/EINSULATED BEARINGS MEGAOHM TM SeriesInsulated Bearings for GeneratorFeaturesApplicationBearings used in electrical equipment such as DC and ACvariable speed motors, generators etc, can exhibit electricalpitting resulting from current leakage. NTN's MEGAOHM TMSeries of insulated bearings has been specifically designedto counteract electrical pitting. These bearings are availablein both ceramic and resin types suited to a variety ofapplications. The MEGAOHM TM Series of insulatedbearings offers the following unique advantages:¡Exhibits insulation resistance of at least 100 MΩ at 500VDC.¡Available in a wide range of variants with variousinsulating layer materials, high voltage resistance andshock immunity that accommodate diverse userrequirements.¡Compatible with ISO 492, DIN 620 and JIS 1514standards.¡Available in bore diameters ranging from 50 to 160 mm.15

NTN Mining ApplicationMining Crushing Transfer ProcessingCONSTANT VELOCITY JOINTSCAT. NO. 5603/EFeaturesThe constant velocity joints are generally designed for driveaxle. Maximum allowable alignment angle is 42˚They have a long re-lubrication interval, high reliability forlong life, high efficiency and smooth rotation & low noise.Available part numbers are BJ125BJ300.Application Example¡Dump trucks¡Wheel loaders¡Shuttle cars¡All terrain trucks and cranes¡Vibrating screens¡Crushers¡PTO for engine -auxiliary equipment or propeller shaftWithout BootWith BootDrive Axile16

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