General introduction: What is the GCCA? - Global Climate Change ...

General introduction: What is the GCCA? - Global Climate Change ...

Global Climate Change AllianceSupport FacilityGeneral introduction:What is the GCCA?Training workshops onmainstreaming climate change

Enhanced dialogue with developingcountries on climate change• First pillar of the Global Climate ChangeAlliance (GCCA)• Promote a convergence of visions on a post-2012 climatechange regime between the EU and partner countries• Regional conferences, policy dialogues and jointdeclarations– Asia, May 2010– Africa, Oct 2010– Pacific, March 2011 (e.g. specific dialogue on climate finance andaid effectiveness)– Caribbean, March 2011• National policy dialogue (see pillar 2)

Increased support for climatechange• Second pillar of the GCCA• € 200 million (2008-2011)• € 60+ million (2012-2013)• Promote approaches to integrate climate change intodevelopment planning and budgeting• Focus on integration of climate change in poverty reductionefforts, adaptation in water and agriculture, REDD, CDM andDRR– Mainstreaming programmes and workshops– Implementation of NAPAs• Budget support as preferred modality

Lessons learned: aid effectiveness,mainstreaming & budget support• Ownership: supporting developing countries’ agendas‒ National development or sector strategies‒ National adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs)• Alignment: using country systems‒ Promoting CC integration into national dvpt planning & budgeting• Country programmes• Training workshops with ministries of finance‒ Budget support for climate change• Harmonisation: improved coordination (within EU, with other partners)‒ Joint financing (e.g. GCCA with IE, CY, CZ, SE)‒ Joint programming (e.g. GCCA with DK, GE, UN)=> Paving the way for scaled up climate change response throughdialogue, capacity building and actions

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