Freshers' Week special (Issue 1233) - The Courier

Freshers' Week special (Issue 1233) - The Courier

Freshers' Week special (Issue 1233) - The Courier


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Stevie’s Super Student Savers • Your Newcastle. Your Music. • What’s Next? • Intra Mural Sport • AU Trials and TastersTHEthecourieronline.co.uk · <strong>Issue</strong> <strong>1233</strong> Monday September 26 2011COURIER<strong>The</strong> Independent Voice Of Newcastle Students Est 1948Plan your Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong>Timetable pull out insideFreshers’ <strong>Week</strong> 2011 is here5000 students descend on Newcastle to start the best years of their livesKat BannonEditorWelcome to Newcastle University! Itmay feel like you have stepped intothe world unknown but you are aboutto begin what promises to be the bestthree years, if not more, of your life.<strong>The</strong> city of Newcastle has everythingon offer. From world class bars andclubs, nationally known architecture,St. James Park and the loyal toon army,Tynemouth and Whitley Bay beaches aswell as gigs at the Sage or Metro Arena.No wonder it was rated in the top ten inthe country for student experience!If you are new to Newcastle, or evenif you’re not, be aware you have chosena great place to work, live and play.It won’t take long for you to love theNorth East as your own.<strong>The</strong>n there is the University. You havejust joined one of the twenty RussellGroup institutions in the country witha worldwide reputation for high qualityteaching and cutting edge research. <strong>The</strong>University is well into an £200-millionprogramme of investment in its campusand facilities and you are lucky enoughto be part of one of its most significantperiods of its 171 year history.More so, you are the year that is setto experience the much-anticipated £8million refurbishment of the Students’Union for the first time. Although stillmaintaining the beauty of the original19th century building it is set to be a21st century Union for the 21st centurystudent, combining space for learning,socialising and, of course, student services,in a modern and functional waythat provides the best possible opportunitiesfor you.Combining the prestige of the universitywith the vibrancy of the city it is notsurprising that you have just arrived inone of the most popular places to studyin the country.So, in order to get you started NewcastleUniversity’s Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> isa seven day long introduction to whatis in store. Already hailed as the bestFreshers’ experience in the country 2011promises to be the biggest and best todate, with more activities, more impressivenights, and more value for moneythan ever before.So what’s in store for the upcomingweek? Locked away in the Students’Union building with only Yorkshireteabags and a bike pump for companythis year’s organisers have been plottinga fantastic array of events to suitstudents of all tastes and interests. Withactivities ranging from mud buggy racingand quad biking to cocktail training,beach trips and ice skating you’ll bespoilt for choice in the daytime for newexperiences to share with new friendsand flat mates.Meanwhile the night-time events areset to be unrivalled by other Freshers’<strong>Week</strong>s across the country. Kick startingon Sunday evening with Newcastle’srecreation of their very own Thai FullMoon Party in the Students’ Union,expect a tropical paradise, packed withbeach fancy and, naturally, a lot of UV.To follow through the week are somelegendary club nights with live acts,comedy nights, grub crawls and theatretrips for anyone who needs rest theirdancing shoes for a day of paintballing.Bringing the week to climax is ‘Rumblein the Jungle’, in which Newcastle’s<strong>The</strong> Gate will be unrecognisable aswhat is to become your usual mid weekhaunt. Think the Amazon, but withbanging tunes in place of the bugs.This is a <strong>special</strong> issue of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>,produced with the sole aim of guidingyou through the best week possible. Insideyou will find details on everythingyou need to know to get your studentexperience to the best possible start,from our support services and representationsystem to the opportunitiesfor sport, societies and media that weoffer here at the Student’s Union in orderto enhance your time here.<strong>The</strong>re is also a day-by-day guide of activitiesand events so you can make aninformed choice about exactly how tospend Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong>.<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> will be back in Octoberbringing you weekly up-to-date newsabout what is going on across the university,but until then, be sure that youmake the most of your wristband andenjoy what is truly a once in lifetimeexperience.With 140 societiesto choose from,find the perfect onefor you using ourcompleteguidepage28-29 >>

4 Monday September 26 2011 THE COURIERwelcomeNew Students’ Union building revealedafter £8 million year-long refurbishmentImproved access to student services, better social facilites and learningspaces promises a 21st century experience for a 21st century studentStudents’UnionPresdientLaura Perrypresident.union@ncl.ac.ukWhat happens when you spend £8 millionon a Grade II listed building inthe heart of the campus? Gifted to thestudents of the University in 1925, theStudents’ Union building has played itspart in history and will hopefully haveeven more to give future Newcastle students.Flooding during Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong>2010 went largely unnoticed by many;it’s fair to say the building needed afacelift, and more.Re-opening in time for your Freshers’<strong>Week</strong>, long overdue access improvementshave been made with thecreation of a shiny new Student AdviceCentre, along with a fantastic new activitiescentre for all your volunteering,society and sporting needs. Back in thebuilding are banking, printing and ITrepair services with travel opportunitiesfrom our partner companies downstairs.Hopefully you’ll find some foodand beverage provision that takes yourfancy. And that’s not forgetting the returnof Mens Bar. Enough said.Along with <strong>The</strong> Venue downstairs,there’s more bar and club event spacethan you can shake a stick at (I’m notsure whether I’m allowed to mentionthat 88 pints can be poured in around15seconds.) Remember to drink responsibly!Your Students’ Union is so much morethan a building - for the first time, yourstudent representatives are in the mostaccessible and visible locations. Sothere’s no excuse not to pay us a visit,even if it’s just for a chat or to find outmore.This year promises to be the best inNewcastle Students’ Union history.<strong>The</strong>refore it’s the perfect opportunityto make the most out of your time atUniversity, meeting and getting toknow some pretty decent people alongthe way.• 24 hour social learning space• 1500 capacity basement venue• New Activities Centre for all sport, society andvolunteering needs.• New Mens’ Bar menu• Starbucks coffee on top floor• 70 TV Screens• 50m Island bar in <strong>The</strong> Venue• Lockers• New look Union Shop including mealdeals and discounted nationalnewspapers• Santander• MADadventurer• IT Repair• Sploshh• Subway

THE COURIER Monday September 26 2011 5welcomeYour full time Officer teamFellow students, elected to represent specific interestsWelfare &EqualityOfficerWe are the full-time Sabbatical Officer for you and has your wellbeing at theteam Laura, Liam, Katy, Kat, Alice and centre of everything it does. <strong>The</strong> newlyAnia, elected by the student body to refurbished Students’ Union building isrepresent you. We, alongside a team the heart of the campus Whatever youof seventeen part time officers run the need we are the people to turn to, and ifStudents’ Union, together acting on issuesthat concern or effect its members one who can.we can’t help we promise to find some-<strong>The</strong> Sabbaticals or “Sabbs” all have During Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> and throughoutthe rest of the year we’ll be out anddifferent job descriptions. This rangesfrom democracy and representation, about in our signature purple hoodies.academic issues and course reps, welfareand campaigns as well as sports, hello, we’re here to represent you so anyFeel free to ask any questions or just saysocieties, student media and any volunteeringopportunities.tant to us!ideas and thoughts you have are impor-<strong>The</strong> Students’ Union is not owned bythe University, it is designed by you, runGet involved in your Students’ UnionEducationOfficerLiam Daleeducation.union@ncl.ac.ukAt Newcastle, it’s not just the sabbaticalofficers who run the Students’ Unionon behalf of the students. <strong>The</strong>re is alsoa team of 17 Part Time officer positionswhich any student can run for in theelections.This is a great way to get involved inthe Students’ Union and an easy thingto fit around your studies. Becoming apart time officer is not only a brilliantway to increase your employabilitybut also a way of meeting lots of newpeople, as the Sabbatical Officers andPart Time Officers often work veryclosely together.<strong>The</strong> Students’ Union holds four electionsduring the academic year. <strong>The</strong>seare in November, January, March andone in May, so keep an eye out for theDon’t be another crime statistic Pee in aFay PatersonStudent Liaison CoordinatorNorthumbria Police••Keep valuables out of the sight ofwindows- e<strong>special</strong>ly if your roomis downstairs. By working on yourlaptop in the window you may aswell be invited the thieves in!••Check the window locks, e<strong>special</strong>lyon downstairs and basementwindows and your doors. Makesure they’re strong, secure and withproper locks. Keep your doors andwindows locked when you go out.Sounds simple and kind of obviousbut so many burglaries could havebeen avoided by doing this.••Make sure your wheelie bin is inyour yard, and that your gate is shutand bolted.••If you have expensive items, don’tleave the empty boxes outside yourhouse, rip them up and file themunder a bin.••If you have not already, mark yourproperty. This can make it harderfor a burglar to sell your property onand help the police to return itemsto you. Police will be on campus offeringfree property registration andmarking at various time throughoutthe year - keep your eyes out fordetails of when and where on thepositions which are available and getinvolved with any that appeal to you.<strong>The</strong> Students’ Union is always lookingfor new people with different ideas tohave their say so don’t be afraid to stepforward.Campaigns OfficerChooses and organises many of thecampaigns which are run by theStudents’ Union, finding things thatstudents want changed and workingtowards that goal on their behalf.Chair of Union CouncilIn charge of student council whereStudents’ Union policy is decided.Community OfficerWorks to promote and defend studentsliving within Newcastle.Convenor of DebatesOrganises Students’ Union-widedebates on a variety of interestingand controversial topics and helps toorganise intra mural debating tournaments.Convenor of DisciplinaryResponsible for making sure all disciplinarycases are conducted efficientlyand in a fair manner.Ethics and Environment Officerplasma screens around the Students’Union.••Get insured – better safe thansorry! Be aware that some insurancecompanies don’t pay out if the thiefgets in through an unlocked dooror window. Keep lists of the make,model and serial numbers of yourelectronic items to help police trackthem down if they are stolen. Seewww.immobilise.com for furtherdetails.••Never walk home alone. Meet upwith your friends and if you get ataxi, use a taxi rank at Central Station,<strong>The</strong> Bigg Market and <strong>The</strong> Gate.<strong>The</strong>se are marshalled to reduce antisocialbehaviour and to make surepeople get home quickly and safely.••If you walk home keep to well litpaths on the main routes out oftown. Avoid shortcuts, alleywaysand deserted areas like car parks.Cutting a few minutes off yourjourney by taking a short cut isnever worth it.••Remember, you are not only atrisk of becoming a victim of crime.Drunken behaviour or antics on theway home may be classed as antisocialbehaviour and in Newcastlethis is taken very seriously. If youdo receive any conviction it can beseriously affect your chosen career.This is an increasingly important andactive job, often shared by two peoplewho are responsible for promoting andcampaigning for ethical and environmentalissues across the university.Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> OrganisersNormally a group of four people, it istheir job to organise Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> forthe following year as part of a paid fulltime summer placement.Gender Equality OfficerRepresents the interests of all gendersand raises awareness of issues surroundinggender discrimination.International OfficerRepresent the needs of the large numberof international students we havehere at Newcastle.LGBT OfficerRepresents the rights and needs oflesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenderstudents.Mature and Part Time StudentsOfficerResponsible for representing the viewsof mature students at Students’ UnionCouncil and organising the maturestudents’ forum.Officer Without PortfolioThis post gives individuals the chanceStealing shopping trolleys, runningin front of cars and being drunk anddisorderly are all offences that maynot only see you spending a night inthe police station, butmight also earnyourself a conviction.••Find loads of useful safety advice atwww.safenewcastle.org.uk or www.northumbria.police.uk.••<strong>The</strong>re’s lots of advice and supportout there from finding a GPor dentist, for contraception andsexual health to healthy eating andeverything in between. Don’t forgetabout any long term or ongoingconditions you have. Visit www.nhs.uk/Livewell/studenthealth••Newcastle is proud to be the UK’smost sustainable city, and we hopeyou will do your bit to keep us cleanand green. Putting your bins out onthe right day, recycling and clearingup litter really helps, and makingefficient use of energy keeps ourcarbon emissions low and could saveyou a few quid. Find out more atwww.newcastle.gov.uk/students••Our universities and colleges area great asset to our city and all ourstudents will get a warm Geordiewelcome. Your council and otherpublic services are here to supportyou and make your time in Newcastleas enjoyable as possible.to look at what issues they would liketo work on for the Students’ Union andcreate their own tasks for the year.Postgraduate OfficerResponsible for representing the viewsof postgraduate students at UnionCouncil and organising the postgraduateforum.Racial Equality OfficerPromotes anti-racism/racial equalityaround the Students’ Union and theUniversity.RAG Officer‘Raising and Giving’ week has beenpart of Newcastle’s annual programmefor decades making it the Students’Union’s biggest charity event. This isan amazing opportunity to organise it.Student Parents and Carers OfficerOrganises and chairs the student parentsand carers forum.Students with Disabilities OfficerResponsible for ensuring the fair andequal representation of all studentsregardless of disability.If you want any more informationabout becoming a part time officer,email Laura, the President of the Student’sUnion, at president.union@ncl.ac.uk.what? Pot!Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> is a great time to havefun, explore and meet new people.Some of you will get a bit closer to peoplethan others - I’m sure you’ve all hadthe “safe sex” talk and you’re all thinkingblah blah blah but the crazy thingis some of you are still not protectingyourselves!STIs are not something you wantto get and the effects of them can bereally serious. Scarily, a staggering 1in 8 students are walking around withChlamydia! And it’s not just this infectionto be afraid of - genital warts andgonorrhoea are just as easy to catch.So to help you on your way to beingclean and happy, we will have lots freecondoms available all year round! Wewill also be running regular Chlamydiascreenings, during fresher’s week, inhalls and the Students’ Union. Pleasedon’t be embarrassed – the test isquick, simple and PAIN FREE, everybody’sdoing it!We will also be doing the infamousSHAG <strong>Week</strong>! A week when the Uniongets a bit filthy, a bit one track minded,and just talks about sex! We’ll have lotsof events, free contraception and all theinformation you need to keep it safe,and keep it sexy. Keep your eyes peeled!Katy Hargreaveswelfare.union@ncl.ac.ukHello! My name is Katy Hargreaves andI am your Welfare and Equality officer2011/12 for Newcastle University Students’Union. I hope you’re all having anamazing start to your university experienceand getting stuck into Newcastle’slegendary Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong>!<strong>The</strong>re is so much going on and it’s allvery exciting but as we all know life isn’talways easy and there are some hardtimes along the way. Which is why I’m hereto help!Once all the craziness of Freshers’<strong>Week</strong> has calmed down you can reallystart to think about your new life here inNewcastle.At some point you will ALL feel homesick.This is perfectly normal, it’s a massiveadjustment to make and the first thing todo is acknowledge that it IS hard to be ina new city, away from home, your family,school friends, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. Ipromise this will eventually go away, sokeep your chin up and get stuck in to lifeat Newcastle – it’s a fantastic Universityand city!If you do feel that you’re really finding ithard adjusting to new life or things aren’tquite going how you want them to thenplease come and talk to us! We are alllovely, happy, friendly people and we arehere e<strong>special</strong>ly for YOU. I have an opendoor policy in addition to a specific dropin service (Wednesdays 12-2pm) whereyou can always come and talk to me aboutanything!! It will be nice and informal andcompletely confidential.If you feel you need more than justa chat then you can go to the union’sStudent Advice Centre (SAC) or theUniversity’s Wellbeing service. Both haveprofessionally trained people to help youwith any issues you have, from finance,housing and landlords to mental healthand severe depression.So please, however trivial you’re worriedthe issue might seem, use us! If you findyou need help during later hours, we havea student-run listening service calledNightline (8am-8pm).One thing you’ll have all heard manytimes before and you’ll probably get sickof hearing it - but please watch your alcoholintake! We are not telling you not todrink, but please try not to drink in excess.<strong>The</strong> nightlife at the Students’ Union and inthe Toon is unbeatable and it is very easyto get carried away.Please remember our safe drinkingmessage and drink occasional glasses ofwater. It will keep you safer, more hydratedand slow you down a bit, giving your bodya chance to recover and let you knowwhen you’ve had enough.As a student and particularly a fresheryou will be exposed to hundreds of newexperiences, new friends and situations.Most of these will be great, howeveralways keep your wits about you as unfortunatelyyou may end up in an unpleasantsituation with people who try and takeadvantage of your vulnerability.<strong>The</strong> Students’ Union operates a zerotolerance approach to drug use. If you feelyou’re taking drugs and/or loosing controlwith them please seek help, we will notjudge and again everything you say will beconfidential.Don’t be tempted by legal highs – theymay well be considerably less legal thanyou think! University is about getting adegree and having fun. Always put yoursafety first and make intelligent decisions,don’t ruin some of the best years of yourlife.Again if you ever have any problems orjust fancy a chat (I do love to chat) justcome along and say hi! Ultimately I amhere to keep you safe and happy andensure that your years at Newcastle Universityare the best they can possibly be.

6 Monday September 26 2011 THE COURIER<strong>The</strong>ProdigalDaughterLauren StaffordMy name is Lauren and I am fresher. Again.Alternative EssentialsBedside lamp, duvet, hot water bottle. Check. Done? Not quite...Aimee Philipson C2 EditorAfter spending two turbulent years awayat another university I have returned home.Back in Newcastle to start again I have aqueasy feeling in my gut that is all too familiar.I can confidently say, having experiencedFreshers’ <strong>Week</strong> once before, thatI’m not looking forward to round two. It’seasy to reminisce with rose-tinted spectaclesabout the first weeks of university.A personal ‘highlight’ of mine was wakingup to find an oafish lout unconscious inour kitchen, snoring gently, his pea-sizedbrain nestling amongst our recycling. ‘Howcharming!’ I thought as I stepped over himto get to my cornflakes, ‘this is truly a quintessentialstudent experience’. Herein liesthe problem. <strong>The</strong>re is no quintessentialstudent experience. Sure we are stereotyped,parodied and pigeon holed but mostlikely that those ‘facts’ you’ve learnt aboutstudent life are based on myth. Having survivedit once, I am going to try and offersome frank nuggets of advice:<strong>The</strong>re is such a thing as ‘too friendly’Living with complete strangers is alwaysgoing to be problematic. University will introduceyou to a wide and diverse range ofpeople. It’s okay to dislike some of them.Remember the more ‘fresher friends’ youmake, the more you’ll have to delete fromfacebook later on.Talk to people on your courseCoursemates are invaluable. <strong>The</strong>y havestaying power. You’ll have the same workloadand you’ll need to find the same obscurebooks in the library. Having a friendin the same lectures is a bonus and meansnote swaps during revision time.Be keen, but not too keenUniversity is a great time to explore newinterests so take full advantage of it.Clubbing is fun, but it’s no use writing‘had some sick nights out’ on your C.V.Although, remember when you’re at theFresher’s Fair it’s only a good idea to signup for everything if you intend to follow itup, otherwise you’ll be receiving emailsfrom the Parachuting Society for the restof your life.Be a bit cannyDo your best to dodge anyone handingout leaflets. <strong>The</strong>y may seem friendly andcharismatic now but this charming veil willquickly wear thin and you’ll feel pursued.However now you’re a student you’ve landedyourself a ‘nice debt’, start as you meanto go on and only accept free things of relativevalue. Whether it’s a plastic spatula ora slice of pizza, it’s your right to take it.Remember what happens in Fresher’s<strong>Week</strong> doesn’t stay in Fresher’s <strong>Week</strong>This isn’t Magalluf, this is university. If youdo catch an S.T.I it will be incorporated intoyour nickname for the rest of your academiccareer. No one wants to be ‘ChlamydiaGirl’ or ‘Gonorrhea Boy’. To avoid beingstigmatised, and to avoid serious healthrisks, it’s best to be a bit sensible.Prepare to be underwhelmedYou’re right to be suspicious of anyone thattells you they had ‘the time of their life’ intheir first weeks of university. Be assuredthat they’re lying for dramatic effect. Don’tworry though, it’s not all futile, you’ll atleast have some stories to tell in the pub.So you’ve got your new throw, a bottle opener,some new clothes, enough pasta to feed astarving country and, of course, a few booksto decorate your new room’s bookcase. Jobdone. But sometimes those essentials studentguides your mother bought seem tomiss out, well, the essentials. Don’t fear,some helpful, ‘more experienced’ studentshave compiled a list of things they couldn’thave survived university life withoutso that you can avoid spendingall your overdraft beforeChristmas, getting fined fordrawing on your bedroomwalls and being kept awake allnight by your housemate andhis latest ‘pull’.1. Dry shampooNobody wants to sit next to someonewho woke up late and didn’thave time to wash the sweat/beer/sick from their hair before their firstlecture. If you find yourself in this unfortunatesituation, don’t panic. Helpis at hand in a small multi-colouredspray can of dry shampoo. Just give ita it few generous squirts, rub it in andbrush it out - you’ll be flicking your hairaround like Cheryl Cole in that L’Orealadvert in no time.2. Ear plugsAvoid another unfortunate yet highly likelysituation with a pair of reusable earplugsfrom your local chemist. Imagine; it’s late,you’re tired - perhaps you have an exam orpresentation in the morning - and you settledown in your cosy new duvet just at thesame moment your housemate decides tobring back some of his brand new freshermates for a house party. You can’tsleep through N-Dubz blaringout (Why did they put youin halls of residence withan N-Dubz fan in thefirst place?) so you turnto your trusty new friends,Left Earplug and Right Earplug.Also handy for blocking out noises fromamorous neighbours as well as loud gamesof Fifa or Call of Duty.3. Duzzits<strong>The</strong> ultimate cleaning product. If you onlybuy one thing to clean your flat with beforeyou move out, it should be a pack of Duzzitsfrom the local supermarket. <strong>The</strong>y clean literallyany mark off the walls - makeup, beer,wine, shoe marks, food, pen and blutack toname a few - and they’re only around £2.50for a pack. A fantastic investmentwhich will saveyou getting finedwhen you move outof Halls next summer.4. Travel mugFor the same price asone large tea from Starbucksyou could have 80cups of PG Tips in yourvery own travel mug. <strong>The</strong>seare widely available in supermarketsand students’ favourite,Wilkinsons as well asthe Robinson Library. Need I saymore?5. Sleeping bagA sleeping bag or a spare duvet is agreat investment for unexpectedsleepovers with wanted, or unwanted,guests. Whether youdon’t like sharing a duvetwith a lover, a friend dropsby unexpectedly tocrash on your floor orsomeone can’t quitemake it home froma house party, you’llbe glad you investedin a cheap sleepingbag or spare duvetto sort them outwith. If you’re cheap anddon’t care that much, grab athrowor sheet from Primark for £2 and offerthem that - if they don’t like it, theydon’t have to stay at Casa Tuya.6. Toastie maker<strong>The</strong>re are an infinite amountof ingredients you can addto a toastie maker - all youneed is bread! Some of ourtried-and-tested favouriterecipes include; banana andchocolate spread, cheese andbeans, ham and cheese, marmite andcheese, jam and peanut butter, leftovermeat of any kind with cheeseor chutney, roasted veg and cheese,sausages and beans. Cheap, tastyand mostly nutritious - getinventive!7. ‘Quote Wall’Buy a large piece ofcard or paper,stickit upin a communalareain your Hallsof Residenceor house and lo and beholdyou have your veryown ‘Quote Wall’. Use itto record all inappropriate,hilarious, stupidand inebriated commentswhich occurover the nextnine monthsso you canrelive themduring timesof tensionand pressure(exam time) laterin the year. Justtry to rememberto take it downbefore your parentsvisit - nothingis worse thana comment about yourmum being a ‘MILF’glaring her in the face when she comesround for a cuppa.8. CVIt’s free and essen-- you might evenyou need it fromvery first week ifyou’re tryingtialfindthet o find a parttimejob inNewcastlewhileyou study. It’sa good way to record everythingyou do at university, from playing in asports team to volunteering as a course rep,so you don’t forget when it comes to graduationand you have to apply for real jobs. It’salso a great motivation for getting a job orsome work experience to fill the blank pages.Visit the Careers Centre in King’s Gateif you need help putting one together or ifyou want someone to check it over. When itcomes to applying for a job think not only ofthe wage but the freebies – there can be a lotworse than working at Greggs if it means aweek’s supply of leftover steak slices. Othergreat places to work while you’re a studentare Blackwells, Waterstones, WHSmiths,Paperchase, department stores and gyms/swimming pools.9. Laundry BagsTime to face the evitable – waiting until youreturn home at Christmas/Easter/Summerfor your dirty clothes to be washed, driedand ironed by Winky the house elf justisn’t feasible. Neither, unfortunately,is carrying one of those primarkdirty washing bags to the laundryroom and back without findingyou’ve left a Hansel and Gretalsock trail, or it just generallyfalling apart. So get yourself toPoundland and purchase somen i c ebig plasticbagstoavoid any ‘foxy lady’ knickers or supermanboxers becoming public property.10. DoorstopDo you want to make friends in yourhalls? If you’re only unpacking take thered flashing light warnings to never keepyour door propped open with a handfulof salt. It gives you the chance to chat topeople as they wander by, play loud musicthat might grab someone’s attentionand maybe get offered an odd snack ortwo. Luckily, this essential item is alsovery versatile. It can be anything from acrate of cider to that Oxford English Dictionaryyou’re probably definitely nevergoing to use.

THE COURIER Monday September 26 2011 7Stevie Meagher Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> Organiserstudent cardsYour Student Card<strong>The</strong>re should be one rule of thumb whenit comes to your student card: if you don’task, you don’t get. <strong>The</strong>re’s no harm adoptingthe habit of flashing your student cardat the checkout regardless of whether you’recertain they ‘do’ student discount. Althoughdon’t bother with Primark, I’ve already tried.NUS Extra CardUnfortunately, as you’ll soon find out if youfollow my prior advice, your Student Carddoesn’t give you discount everywhere – butan NUS Extra Card almost does. 5% off atAmazon doesn’t seem much but it soon addsup when you’ve got a million and one bookstravelling homeTrain<strong>The</strong> main key to cutting the cost of travellinghome is booking as far as in advanceas possible as this is when the cheapesttickets are available. What is undoubtedlyworth the investment is a youngpersons 16-25 railcard. At just £28 it savesyou a third off rail travel all over the UKafter 9am, which you could make backin just one journey then benefit fromthe discount for the rest of the year. Anotherway to cut the cost of rail travel isto split your journey up where possible.For example, let’s say want to travelfrom Newcastle to Manchester. It oftenworks out cheaper to purchase a trainfrom Newcastle to York and then a ticketfrom York to Manchester. You’d probablyhave to make this change anyway so itwont really add much time wise to yourjourney. A final top money saving tip fortrain travel is how you choose to purchaseyour tickets! When booking online don’ttravelling around and aboutBikeBuying a bike can be a great way to getround the City quickly, build up fitnessand save paying for public transport inand around the City. <strong>The</strong>re are also numerousplaces around campus and in theCity where you can park your bike up. Butdon’t get taken for a ride with the price ofbikes! Places to get a good bikes and at fairprices include Gumtree.co.uk/Newcastleand ebay.co.uk where in the search sectionjust type in the radius you are will totravel from 10 miles, 15 miles, etcScratchbikesDon’t want to buy a bike, then acompany called scratchbikes can offer analternative. Check out there website formore details and you will find out whythe bright green bikes are dotted aroundtown. http://www.scratchbikes.co.uk/Stevie’s SuperStudent Saversand Scrubs boxsets to order. <strong>The</strong>n you’vegot the 25% you’ll save on National ExpressCoach fairs, 40% off tickets to Thorpe Park,15% saving at Firetrap as well as 20% off atPizza Hut, Pizza Express, Frankie and Benny’sand more! Oh, and did I forget to mentionthe 20% you’ll save online on that newASOS dress, and the 10% discount at NewLook and Accessorize?To top it off it will also bag you some exclusivedeals in the Students’ Union on foodand drink.And yes, it is all for the one-off payment of£11. Go to http://www.nus.org.uk/en/NUS-Extra/ to get yours now.traveluse an operator that charges you e.g. theTrainline. As you can use companies suchas virgintrains.com, http://www.crosscountrytrains.co.uk/or www.eastcoast.co.uk that provide this service for freefor all rail journeys regardless of whetherthey operate that particular route or not.CoachIf you really want to maximise your cashfrom the good old student loans companythen try taking the coach. Megabus andNational express all offer cheap studentsfairs with the latter tending to be thecheaper choice. Again booking in advancemeans you can really pick up some bargains.FlyingUsing either flight checker at moneysavingexpert or skyscanner.net is a goodway to search for flights around the UKand abroad.Metro passIf you commit to the Metro then makesure to get a student pass for £x per weekrather than paying for a day ticket all thetime as this will save you money. It alsomeans you’ll never be tempted to risk itfor a biscuit and end up landing yourselfa £20 fine!Unirider Bus PassIf you live a bit further away from thecentre and are on a Stagecoach bus routeinto town then it might be worthwhilepurchasing a Unirider Bus Pass. Buying amonthly, termly or annual pass will workout cheaper over the course of the year.Check out http://www.buymyunirider.com/Don’tget takenfor a ridewith theprice ofbikes!food & drinkEating OutIf you fancy a treat then heading to a restaurantearlier will mean you bump into morehappy hours, e<strong>special</strong>ly down Osbourneroad in Jesmond which is only a short walkfrom some halls. This period is usually betweenaround 5-7.30pm, allowing you to eatwell without eating into your bank balance.Another way to save is to check websites forvouchers from national chains like Pizza Express,Gusto, La Tasca, Zizzi’s etc. This canbe done using a number of sites. Check outmy top picks below for the best websites fordiscounts and daily deal savers!Eating In<strong>The</strong> Grainger market is the cheapest optionfor food in Newcastle, e<strong>special</strong>y meats andvegetables. Buying from here will keep youfed much longer than a local trip to the nearestTesco metro. A good tip for going to theGrainger is to buy big or go home! <strong>The</strong>n youcan freeze your meat and use it anytime duringthe term.As living next to a large supermarketin Newcastle is rare it makes gettinghome delivery and doing a big shop seemlike a big outlay, but it’s much more cost effectiveover the month!top websitesmoneysavingexpert.comWith advice on car and travel insurance to banking deals as well asrestaurant vouchers and freebies, Martin Lewis is your first port ofcall for all things discounted.studentbeans.co.ukMobile and laptop deals, cheap food offers, discounted travel as wellas advice on jobs, how to make easy money and competitionsgroupon.co.uklivingsocialdeals.co.ukBoth these websites offer daily deals on anything from days outpaintballing and go karting to salon and beauty vouchers, cheapdeals on food, potential presents, learning oourses, weekend breaksand 5* holidays. <strong>The</strong> list goes on. With an up to 60/70% discount theextra couple of emails a day aren’t much to complain about.Girl about ToonNew start, new sex life?Freshers is, by definition, a time to starta new, re-invent yourself perhaps (and no,I’m not necessarily talking about creatinga deeply intellectual connection with yourstudies). This is particularly an importantpoint to consider when faced with bondingwith your new flatmates in halls. For me,the way I found a common ground withsome of my flatmates was recounting the‘exploits’ of the night before.<strong>The</strong> forum of choice for these exploitswas our favourite Monday night. <strong>The</strong>rewere three very different stories withinthis close bond, - wholesome girl, thegorgeous one and then there was me.I hadn’t decided on how I was going toreinvent myself and my fresher’s fortunewas yet to be written.It soon became clear that the intoxicatingfumes of trebles, student nights andhandsome guys on tap was simply toooverwhelming so for the sake of experimentationand the copious banter thatwas bound to come on a Tuesday morning,I decided to venture into this uncharteredterritory of the Newcastle student male.Whilst one of my partners in crime hada boyfriend, my flatmate in the roomopposite seemed to have stories of onecharming admirer after another. I wasn’tso lucky. Freshers’ year, I feel, is all aboutfirsts -- and I had my fair share. <strong>The</strong> firsttime I was the ‘scarlet woman’, the firsttime I saw a guy with a third nipple andthe first time I’d seen a guy who was ‘halfcircumcised’.Not exactly the Sex and theCity, Carrie Bradshaw-esque start to adultlife that I had imagined.Another part freshers is that oh soscientific competition you have with yourflatmates to see who can pull the mostguys or girls. Ours, we conveniently talliedon ‘<strong>The</strong> Pulling Board’ scoring variouspoints for different agreed accolades.I’m not sure my tally really amounted toanything when kept losing points for twoguys on it, who were conveniently in myhalls and had been conquests but usedthe reinvention that comes with universityto come out.Yes, embarrassment is all part andparcel of being a fresher. This, of course,is exacerbated if you manage to have aproverbial Venn diagram of conqueststhat overlaps with your friends. In fact,this common ground of ‘oh I pulled himin Legends too’ becomes a great way tomake friends.<strong>The</strong> most important part of sexualescapades in Fresher’s week is, of course,to be safe. I don’t want this to turn into aMean Girls health class rant but Fresher’scan be as fun and hard-core as you wantit to be just as long you are smart aboutit. One thing I learnt was there may seemto be this rush to ‘add to your tally’ as Iinitially thought, but I didn’t feel too pressuredor too care-free about the basicsthat matter.So, needless to say, out of my lovely flatmates,considering what I had to contendwith and my talent for picking extraordinarycases, I didn’t quite win ‘<strong>The</strong> PullingBoard.’ However, I did learn many lessons,have many memories and managed tokiss many frogs. And Toads. And Rats.And any other unspecified vermin youcould name. But out of the ashes of thiscarnage, I found myself a boyfriend andso did all my other flatmates. It just goesto show, Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> is only what youmake it. It is a blank canvass waiting forstudents to make their own vodka-stainedmark on.


THE COURIER Monday September 26 2011 9Your Newcastle.Your music.Ben Travis Music EditorAh, Freshers week. New city, newclubs, new places to wake up at 5amwith no idea what happened the previousnight. And, as music editor I mustsay (without bias of course), that mostimportantly of all you’ve an abundanceof new venues, local bands and musicaldelights to discover in Newcastle.Music enthusiasts, you’re in luck! Asyou’re bound to discover over the comingweeks, Newcastle and Gatesheadhave a genuinely brilliant music scene,with venues that cover every taste.Whether you spend your days tunedin to Radio 1, logged in to DrownedIn Sound, zoned in to Ibiza classicsor jacked in to the latest online remixes,or even all of the above, you’llfind something here that appeals toyou. <strong>The</strong> best way to find what venueswork for you is really just to get outthere and try them for yourselves, buthere’s a bit of a heads-up to try andgive you a head start.Metro Radio ArenaKeep heading past the Life centre and you’llfind yourself at the Metro Radio Arena,Newcastle’s largest venue. If you’re lookingfor some of the biggest names that the citycan secure, this is where you’ll find them.In the next few months, there’s a fair fewmassive artists on their way, including Rihanna(supported by Calvin Harris)and Katy Perry in October, and TiniestTempah, Britney and Arctic Monkeysin November. Just bear in mind thatyou’ll pay up to £50 for tickets here, sodo it either as soon as your loan comes in,or at least before you inevitably become tooscared to check your bank balance.Head along to www.metroradioarena.co.uk to see who else is playing and to gettickets.<strong>The</strong> SageTechnically in Gateshead, <strong>The</strong> Sage is just onthe other side of the Tyne next to the Baltic.Walk across the Millenium bridge (theweird curvy one) and you’re just a steepset of stairs away from this iconic venue.Expect an eclectic range of artists, fromclassical to indie-rock, folk and worldmusic.Artists set to perform at <strong>The</strong> Sageinclude Givers, Bellowhead, BeverleyKnight, <strong>The</strong> Selecter and Explosions inthe Sky. Tickets here range massively inprice - from about £7-£40 and beyond dependingon who’s playing and which roomthey’re in.Digital and <strong>The</strong> Other RoomsAs a Fresher, you’ve at least heard of Digital,probably been inside already, possibly lostall your mates in there, and if you haven’tthen you’re probably reading this on yourway there right now. <strong>The</strong> most well-knownclub in Newcastle sometimes holds gigs usuallyconsisting of either indie bands or DJs,and has a sister venue next door.Playing at Digital soon are Beardyman,Eddie Halliwell, Andy Moore, <strong>The</strong> Horrors,and of course Mr Scruff’s annual five hourlongTea Party, whilst <strong>The</strong> Other Roomsis welcoming Wu Lyf, Mercury nomineeGhostpoet and Male Bonding. Tickets arebetween £6-£13.See www.yourfutureisdigital.co.uk formore details and tickets.RiversideUnsurprisingly, Riverside is by the sideof the river. Who’d have thought it? Walkalong the quayside and you’ll find it. OnFridays and Saturdays, Riverside hosts yourstandard electro/house/D’n’B/hiphop clubnights, but otherwise makes for a surpris-ingly diverse venue.Amongst the better known names appearingsoon are Benjamin Francis Leftwich and<strong>The</strong> Joy Formidable in October, and there’sa regular ‘Jazzy Lemon presents...’ night withloads of brilliant local bands. Tickets hereare pretty cheap - generally under £15.For more info on upcoming events andtickets go to www.riversidenewcastle.co.uk<strong>The</strong> Cluny and the Cluny2Venture into the Ouseburn Valley andamongst a load of lovely little pubs you’llcome across <strong>The</strong> Cluny and <strong>The</strong> Cluny2,one of Newcastle’s most renowned venues.Loved equally by artists and audiences, you’llfind the best of alternative, indie and folkhere in an intimate setting for a few quid,with a great selection of real ales and ciders.It’s affordable on a student budget, and oneof the best-sounding venues in the city.In the near future, <strong>The</strong> Cluny is set to playhost to Emmy <strong>The</strong> Great, the MercurynominatedKing Creosote, frenetic Scottishsix-piece Dananananaykroyd, <strong>The</strong> LeisureSociety and many many more.Check out www.thecluny.com for morelistings and tickets.O2 Academy NewcastleLocated near the train station, the O2 Academybrings a mix of rock and indie legendsas well as current Radio 1 favourites. Splitinto two rooms, one considerably smallerthan the other, the range of artists you’llfind here varies massively (as do the prices,approximately between £6-£35), so you’llprobably end up going at some point nomatter what you’re into.Upcoming gigs include current indiefavesBombay Bicycle Club and Noah & <strong>The</strong>Whale and dubstep-popper Katy B in October,a visit from ‘90s rock legends SmashingPumpkins in November, as well as Nero,Maverick Sabre, Yuck and Friendly Fires.Eclectic, eh?See who’s coming and buy tickets at www.o2academynewcastle.co.ukAs you can see, there are more venues inNewcastle than you can shake a stick at -and that’s without mentioning rock barTrillians, bass heaven Cosmic Ballroom,the wonderfully tiny Head of Steam,the truly independent World Headquartersand of course the Newcastleand Northumbria Student Unions.<strong>The</strong>re really is a tremendousamount to discover. <strong>The</strong>se placesmay well give you some of yourbest nights while you’re here, soonce the relentless rush of Freshersweek is over make it your priorityto go and see what the Newcastlemusic scene is all about.Well, apart from your lectures obviously,you should probably tryand turn up to a few of those.

Koh Phangnan upon Tyne. <strong>The</strong> opening nightfor Freshers <strong>Week</strong> 2011 and the grand unveilingof the brand new Student Union. Get ready forNewcastle’s take on the world-famous Thai FullMoon Party. Expect a tropical paradise, packedwith UV, beach fancy dress and lots ofGLOW!

WristbandsYou’ve finally arrived at University, unpacked your stuff andwaved goodbye to your parents. Now...what next? It’s time tocollect your Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> Wristband and for the fun to begin!Where to collect your wristband from:Friday 23rd September: <strong>The</strong> Venue (basement level of theStudents’ Union): 10am-5pmSaturday 24th September: <strong>The</strong> Venue (basement level of theStudents’ Union): 10am-5pmHenderson Hall: 10am-5pmSt Marys Hall: 10am-5pmSunday 25th September: <strong>The</strong> Venue (basement level of theStudents’ Union): 9am-5pmHenderson Hall: 9am-5pmSt Marys Hall: 9am-5pmEmergency Wristband Collection (as a last resort ONLY) fromthe Planning Room of the Students’ Union: 7-9pmJoing us on a mouth-watering guidedtour of some of Newcastle’s tastiestvenues. Stop at one restaurant for yourstarter, another for your main and yetanother for dessert.All completely free with your wristband.Meet at the Students’ Unionat 7pm.ADDITIONALEVENTSign Up Required12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00BowlingCocktail TrainingCrazy GolfPaintballingBeach TripHancockLaing art galleryBaltic and Quayside TourComedy Show

FIRST COMEFIRST SERVEDTURN OVER FOR TIMETABLEMEET OUTSIDE STUDENTS' UNIONIce SkatingPaintballingIkea tripTake a trip to Ikea, the perfectopportunity for you to kit outyour new room with all the littlebits and pieces you need tomake it a home from home.Whether you are an experienced ice skater or anabsolute beginner this is the perfect way to breakthe ice with new friends and test out your skillsin the rink. Perfect your speed skating, practicesome new tricks or simply have a laugh watchingyour friends struggle to get to grips with the ice.Free skate hire is included.Declare war over 5 themed arenas containing buildings,tanks, planes army trucks and more. Guns arecapable of firing an amazing 8 balls per second ata speed of 205 mph over a distance of 150ft (bodyarmour is available upon request). We guarantee thiswill get your adrenaline flowing! This is one activity youdon’t want to miss.Cocktail TrainingSpend the afternoon learning how to become an expertcocktail maker in this exciting session. Watch the talentedcocktail bartenders shake, splash and stir the tastiest,most exotic cocktails the Vodka Revolution have to offerbefore giving it a go yourself. You get to practice all of thetechniques and tricks with the added bonus of tastingyour creations at the end.Laing art galleryTake a trip to the Laing Art gallery, home to an impressive collection ofart and sculptures. With an exhibition programme renowned for bringingthe biggest names in historic, modern and contemporary art to theNorth East, the Laing Gallery is a perfect way to spend an afternoonsoaking up some of the culture Newcastle has to offer.Yoga TasterBowlingExactly what it says on the tin! Great if you fancyhaving a bit of a competition with your newflatmates or fancy playing it safe with a morefamiliar and less strenuous activity, e<strong>special</strong>ly ifyou’ve been out late the night before!Is the stress of moving away from home takingits toll? Come along to our relaxing yogasessions instructed by a trained yoga teacher.Whilst there, why not join up to our Yoga societyand enjoy calming yoga sessions all yearround. No mats are required just some clothingyou can get flexible in.<strong>The</strong> Great North Museum: HancockIf you fancy a more of an intellectually stimulating trip why notmake a visit to the Great North Museum? Following a £26 millionrefurbishment in 2009, exhibitions include displays on naturalhistory and geology, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece,Romans and Hadrian’s Wall, World Cultures and Pre-history.Jesmond TourVisit the legendry student area of Jesmond, hometo many 2nd and 3rd year students and a firmfavorite with local celebrities. <strong>The</strong> Freshers’ Crewwill show you around the local area and takeyou to some of the best bars and restaurants onJesmond’s notorious Osborne Road. Look out forNewcastle United footballers enjoying a casualafternoon drink!

Beach tripTake a trip to Tynemouth and visit the stunningbeaches. King Edward’s bay is overlookedby the historic, 1400 year old Priory whilst theLongsands offer a long, uninterrupted stretchof golden sand. Although it may be too cold toswim in the sea the classic British dish of fish &chips will be available from Tynemouth’s famousfish & chip shop ‘Marshalls’.Baltic and Quayside tourTake a leisurely stroll down to Newcastle’sQuayside with its iconic bridges and plushbars and restaurants. Cross over the RiverTyne using the Millennium Bridge which isoften called the ‘blinking eye bridge’ becauseof the way it looks and tilts to visit the Balticcentre for contemporary art situated on theGateshead side of the river.Sign Up RequiredFOR THESE EVENTSSIGN UP IN THE STUDENTS' UNIONBASEMENT THE DAY BEFOREBETWEEN 2PM - 5PMQuad bikingTake on the challenge of deep mud, water pools andslippery descents on your 4 stoke quad bikes. You willbe accompanied by qualified instructors who will explainthe bike’s controls and riding techniques and give youchance to practice and perfect your technique beforeyou embark on the quad biking course.In conjunction with mug buggy racing.Mud buggy racingSeated low to the floor and harnessed in your buggy youwill skid and wheel-spin over grass and mud. As you putthe pedal to the floor in these awesome machines you musttry and stay on the track and catch your competitor.After getting to know the controls and havingsome practice you’ll be able to compete in races!In conjunction with quad biking.Drinking & Non DrinkingSt James’ ParkTake a trip around the world famous St James’ park,home to Newcastle United FC. You’ll be shown all aroundthe stadium including the changing rooms and the viewsfrom the highest point in the stadium, then take a walkthrough the tunnels to the dugouts and you’ll be able tosee for yourself what it’s like to be pitch side.Go ApeRelease your inner Tarzan! Take on lush, green forest and ahealthy dollop of breathtaking scenery; blend with a smatteringof tree-top high wires and wind-in-your-face zip wires.You’ll be kitted out with harnesses, pulleys and karabiners,and let loose into the forest canopy, free to swing through thetrees. Be warned though, this tree-top adventure park is notfor the faint-hearted!Skiing and tubingheld in conjunction with Newcastle University Ski and SnowboardClub (NUSSC), one of the largest and most successfulclubs within the University. Sessions are available for bothcomplete beginners and the more competent skier.If you’re looking for something a little different to skiing orsnowboarding, then why not try tubing? Feel the thrill as youslide down the slope in a huge rubber ring!This is a Non-Drinking Event. Alcoholis not available and should not beconsumed whilst taking part in thisevent.This is an Optional drinking event andalcohol will be available. How ever, theevent is not focused around alcoholconsumption and U18’s will be able toattend but not consume alcohol.This is primarily a Drinking focusedevent. You do not have to drink toattend these events but please beaware that alcohol is available at theseevents. U18s will not be allowed to attendthese events.

Monday -Thursday11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00Clubs and Societies Fair (Mon/Tues)Go ApeGo ApeSt James’ TourGo ApeBeach TripGo ApeComedy TasterBowling (Leaving from the SU half an hour from 11.00-1500)Cocktail Training (Leaving from the SU every hour from 12.00-16.00)PaintballingFencing Taster (Wed)Head down to the Students’Union, for food provided byyour wrist band every day from12pm!Monday and Tuesday: BBQWednesday: Taste the Mens BarThursday: Hog RoastBeginners SkiingQuad biking & Mud Buggy RacingLaing art galleryHancockBaltic and Quayside TourYoga (wed/thurs)TubingSkiingNUTSCrazy GolfIce Skating

LGBT<strong>The</strong> LGBT society is hosting ameet and greet for new membersat SoHo bar. Come alongfor free nachos, discoverwhat the society is about andmeet loads of great people.We are also giving away asmall number of wrist bandsfor our famous Freshers’ Bartour. So come along and joinin the fun!14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30Club’s and societies FairGo ApeGo ApeGo ApeGo ApeGo ApeBowling (Leaving from the SU half an hour from 11.00-1500)Cocktail Training (Leaving from the SU every hour from 12.00-16.00)St James’ TourYoga (wed/thurs)Pilates (Wed/Thurs)TubingPost-grad EventsMeet and Greets!Coffee and CakesFancy meeting students in the same boat as you? Head to‘<strong>The</strong> Lounge’ in the Students’ Union at 11am on WednesdayA selection of hot drinks, cakes and nibbles will be onhand.Men’s Bar DrinksIf coffee and cakes isn’t really your thing whynot come down to the Mens Bar in the Students’Union at 2.00pm on Thursday to meetother mature and post-graduate freshersfor a civilised alcoholic/non alcoholicdrink or two.Fencing Taster (Wed)GolfPaintballingBaltic and Quayside TourHancockSkiingLaing art galleryQuad biking & Mud Buggy RacingNUTS (wed/thurs)Crazy GolfZumba (wed/thurs)Ice Skating (14.00 and 14.45)Jesmond Bar TourIkeaBeach TripComedy TasterDance Taster (Wed/Thurs)Meet other parents starting at University andbring your little ones along to these child-friendlyevents!Teddy Bears PicnicNON WRISTBAND EVENTWed 28th. Meet outside the Union at 12 noon.Don’t forget picnic food and a teddy bear!Discovery Museum TripsMonday- Thursday. Meet outside the Union,12 noon and 3pm.<strong>The</strong> ‘water room’ is a highlight with a model ofthe River Tyne, pop on an apron and have asplash about.

<strong>The</strong> rubix cube concept is simple. Head to Primark and kityourself out in all the colours found on a rubix cube. Tradeyour colours while you sample Newcastle’s legendary nightlifewith the aim of finishing the night in Bambu, a studentfavourite, in one colour!ADDITIONALEVENT<strong>The</strong> Sound of MusicSign Up RequiredLetthis musicalclassic work its magicon you for the first or fiftiethtime. Limited number of tickets availableso makre sure you sign up early.Meet at the Students Union at 6.15pm.<strong>The</strong> Magnets<strong>The</strong>y are the acapella group whose jaw-dropping blends ofrazor-sharp harmonies and beatboxing that the stars havekept to themselves. Recently starring in the latest T-Mobileflash-mob advert, they are emerging as one of the must seeacts on the British music scene at the moment.Meet at the Students’ Union at 6.15pm.

An exhilarating night of livemusic and big name DJ’s, featuring Sub Focus,MC ID and Jack Beats amongst others! With a little helpfrom our friends Wax:On and Metropolis, we guaranteeyou will be raving away until the early hours!REMEMBER!REDMon: PandamoniumTues: RUBIX!What events you attend onthese nights depends on thecolour of your wristband!BLUEMon: RUBIX!Tues: PandamoniumADDITIONALEVENTSign Up RequiredGrub CrawlJoing us on a mouth-wateringguided tour of some of Newcastle’stastiest venues. Stop at onerestaurant for your starter, anotherfor your main and yet another fordessert.All completely free with your wristband.Meet at the Students’ Union at7pm.

‘Toon’ Invader will be sureto leave you in no doubt thatNewcastle is the number onestudent city in the country.Explore some of Newcastle’sliveliest venues on the way tothe toon’s leading clubbingdestinations, Digital. Rankedas one of the the top twentyclubs in the world it’s sure tobe a memorable night!Come and enjoy something a bit different,as two of the UK’s funniest rising stars taketo the stage at 8pm in the Students’ Union.Radio 1 DJ Tom Deacon and Chris Ramseystar of 8 out of 10 cats and Russell Howard’sGood News, both of whom performed at thisyears Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be bringingtheir stand up to your Student Union.Head down the the Students’ Union for9.30pm to enjoy an array of acoustic performancesby some of Newcastle’s talented studentmusicians.Meet outside theStudents’ Union from6PMTour ending at Venue

<strong>The</strong> big finale.An exclusiveone-off eventat Newcastle’spremierentertainmentcentre, <strong>The</strong>Gate. Get readyfor Rumble in theJungle as all of Newcastle’sstudents, not justfresher’s, take over the bars and restaurants!With live acts performing throughoutthe evening, it is the most fitting way tobring to a close your first week of your lifein Newcastle.Get your jungle fancy dress on!U18s’head the theGate for the cinemaat 8pm.Films TBC.

PuzzlesLogic puzzleCrossword22 Monday September 26 2010 THE COURIER<strong>The</strong>re are three switches downstairs. Each corresponds toone of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn theswitches on and off and leave them in any position.How would you identify which switch corresponds to whichlight bulb, if you are only allowed one trip upstairs?DingbatsWork out the word or phrase that is depicted in the image.sta4nceYou can find theanswers to thisweek’s puzzles atthecourieronline.co.ukPuzzle Editor Laura Armitagecourier.puzzles@ncl.ac.uk2 • 1Who Am I?I was born on 4th August 1961I am left handedI recently stopped smoking though I promised my wife Iwould stop in 2008I have authored two best-selling books- each has won aGrammy award for the audiobookMy job requires a lot of tough decision makingWHO AM I?SudokuGive GetGive GetGive GetGive GetModerateHardDown1. <strong>The</strong> theatre located oppositethe union3. <strong>The</strong> name of the universitybuilding that contains studentand careers services4. <strong>The</strong> sporting competition thatincludes 22 different sports andthe rival is Northumbria5. <strong>The</strong> abbreviation of the annualfundraising week6. <strong>The</strong> indoor shopping centre inthe middle of Newcastle, whichhas recently been extended tohouse an Apple Store, Hollisterand Debenhams7. <strong>The</strong> name of the universitylibrary9. Newcastle’s arena that hasDuckett & Hayupcoming gigs from Rhianna,Katy Perry, Arctic Monkeys andKasabian12. <strong>The</strong> surroundings you willgraduate within13. <strong>The</strong> school that has just hada brand new building created14. <strong>The</strong> name of the studentportal used to access moduleinformation and lecture slides15. <strong>The</strong> maths building, whereyou will also find computerclusterAcross2. <strong>The</strong> name of the transportlink that connects Newcastleunderground5. <strong>The</strong> group that NewcastleUniversity is part of8. <strong>The</strong> oldest building on campus10. <strong>The</strong> name of the weeklystudent newspaper11. <strong>The</strong> student bookshoplocated on Percy Street15. One of Newcastle University’shalls of residence16. <strong>The</strong> name of one of the topstudent nights- next event to beheld on Sunday 23rd October17. <strong>The</strong> name of the museumlocated close to the centre ofcampus18. <strong>The</strong> name of the complexthat contains a cinema, bars,restaurants and a casinoIf you’re an aspiring cartoonist and would like to have your work published in <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>, send an email to editor.union@ncl.ac.uk

July.Jonathan Offredomore VIP-friendly.<strong>The</strong> now-shelved project was partof this year’s £50m estate budget,<strong>The</strong> University has indefinitely which includes projects like the newpostponed a £850k refurbishment Business School and Students’ Un-to the King’s Gate building, afteradministration baulked a their own University official say the blitz inproposal to make the £30m building construction is to compensate forprevious years of li tle to no construction,but the sca folding, cranes<strong>The</strong> proposed change to the a l butbrand new, 18-month-old building and construction barriers do tingwould include the construction of campus, come during a time of austerity,when tuition fees could triplea floating bar and the relocation ofVice-Chance lor Chris Brink’s of-and lecturers take industrial actionover pension and pay disputes.John Hogan, the University’s registrar,said not a penny has been spent the 2010-2011 construction budget,<strong>The</strong> project was first introduced inon the project so far, and the decisionto postpone the project was in but after looking at the initial optionand was initia ly budgeted for £150k,light of the upcoming cuts, and how of converting a meeting room into athe spending would be perceived lounge, Hogan said administrationduring a time of austerity.was “not convinced the changes we“If money were no object, you can had origina ly envisaged would besee why we’d do it,” Hogan said.“I would sti l like to wave a magic When asked about why the constructionto King’s Gate was not in-wand and do it, but we have to acceptthat there will be other prioritiesand in this particular case, it’s construction, Executive Director ofcluded during the building’s initiala good message to send that we’re Finance Richard Dale said: “havingbeen here a while now, we re-prioritising two other bits of expenditure,which wi l virtua ly benefiteveryone that visits the campus. in the original spec, in particular, inalised not everything was spot on“That’s probably a good message the way we deal with visitors. <strong>The</strong>to send at this time,” h explained. building needed some enhance-“I couldn’t say it wi l never happen,but I can say it wi l not happen infice.the foreseeable future.”ion refurbishment.successful.”ment.”Continued on page 4D.HAMILLCATTFinola MilesLounge.”Continued page 524 Monday September 26 2010 THE COURIERWhat’s Next?Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> over, no longer sure what to dowithout a timetable of activities to organise yourdays? Check out these ways to get involved.Student Media<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>If you’re looking for a career in media, thenthe best possible head start is right on yourdoorstep.<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> newspaper has been part ofstudent life at Newcastle University since1948 making 2011/12 its 64th year in print.With a readership of over 12,000 studentsand at an average length of 44 pages, <strong>The</strong><strong>Courier</strong> is one of the largest weekly studentnewspapers in the country with a nationalreputation that has seen it win numerousawards, including the coveted GuardianStudent Newspaper of the Year.<strong>The</strong> newspaper comes out every Mondayduring term time and is distributed acrosscampus including every Halls of Residence,the Robinson Library, the Sports Centre,the Medical School, the Law School and theUnion building.If you have an interest in becoming a journalist,working for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> is the bestaddition for your CV that your time at universityhas to offer.In fact many contributors to the newspaperhave gone on to have successful careersin television, publishing and professionalnewspapers including former editors DianneNelmes, who went on to create ThisMorning, Loose Women and Jeremy Kylefor ITV and Gemma Davies who nowworks for Sky Sports News. Also, last year’sNews Editor Simon Murphy was the muchdeserved winner of the prestigious NUSStudent Journalist of the Year Award.Even if you don’t want to be a journalistand are just looking for an activity to enhanceyour student experience, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>is a great way for you to get involved. Althoughinvolvement does not solely residein writing and reporting, there are also opportunitiesin photography, artwork, weband design.This <strong>special</strong> Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> edition is onlya small representation of your standardweekly newspaper.Every Monday <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> brings to you44 pages which cover News, Comment, Lifestyle,Fashion, Music, Arts, Film, Puzzles andSport, as well as day-to-day updates on thenewly developed website, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> Online.Not only does this cater for all readingtastes, it also enables students to try theirhand at a variety of different reporting andwriting styles while helping keep our readersinformed of everything that is going onaround campus.Written by you, for you, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>wouldn’t survive without volunteers.Around 300 students contribute articlesand photographs on a weekly or occasionalbasis, as well as another 30 studentswho together edit each of <strong>The</strong><strong>Courier</strong> sections.<strong>The</strong>se section editors are responsiblefor engaging with new writers, editingtheir material and laying it up on thepages which you then read. <strong>The</strong>y are allfull time students and often work up to 20hours a week alongside their studies to makesure <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> is maintains its nationallyrecognised quality.<strong>The</strong>y form the team that supports the overalleditor, the only paid full-time member ofstaff on the newspaper, and are rewarded, asare all the contributors, by seeing over 70%of students at Newcastle University read andenjoy the pages they have produced whenthe paper arrives every Monday morning.For a budding journalist, photographer,or designer, there really is no better feelingthan seeing your work in print and you havethat chance to do so right now.To get involved, just sign up with yourname and email address at <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> stallat the Clubs and Societies Fair inthe Sports Centre on 26th and 27thSeptember. <strong>The</strong>n come along to theintroductory meeting on Wednesday5th October in <strong>The</strong> Venue,downstairs in the Union, at 12pm tomeet <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> team for 2011/12and hear more about the particularareas you are interested in and howyou can get started.<strong>The</strong> next edition of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> is outon Monday 17th October so if you getinvolved now you could be seeing yourname in print very soon.For more information, please contacteditor.union@ncl.ac.uk.Come visit ourstall at Freshers’Fair on 26th & 27thSeptember to findout more!StudentsevacuateJapanesenuclearzoneUniversitybacktrackson £850kVIP loungeAll 14 Newcastle students told to leaveth earthquake hit on March 11 justFran Infante Editorbefore 3pm local time.“I was actually in bed when theErasmus students are fleeing Japan earthquake started,” he said. “Iafter the devastating earthquake didn’t hear anything but the roomand tsunami that rocked the nation was shaking, as was everything on10 days ago.my shelves and desk. I just crouched<strong>The</strong> British Embassy has advised down on the floor next to my bednationals to leave the region as Japaneseauthorities ba tle to quell the <strong>The</strong> 21 year-old had been stayingand waited.”potential nuclear meltdown at the in Tachikawa, where he said foodFukushima plant.supplies became quickly exhausted<strong>The</strong> University sent out an email in the immediate aftermath of theto the 14 Newcastle students studyingthere requiring them to leave “<strong>The</strong> Japanese way is to not showdisaster.immediately. <strong>The</strong> cost of flights has their emotions but when the localsbeen met by the University as chiefs started getting worried so did I,” hebecame increasingly worried about explained.the safety of students as events unfoldedgetherto watch news reports of theStudents and locals gathered to-Third-year student Jim McCarthy, devastation that had occurred just awho had been studying near Tokyo few hundred kilometres north offor six months, recalled the moment Continued on pages 4 and 5Inside today >>>Influx of UK students toEuropean universitiesLarge numbers of students planto study at foreign institutions inorder to avoid tuition fee rises.News, page 2Can Newcastle make it four in arow? Stan Calvert previewStart planning your summer with our guideto some of the UK’s biggest festivals<strong>The</strong> AV debateTom Saunders and Ha riet Kingdebate whether a change to theAlternative Vote is the way forward.Comment, page 14Festival holidaysaround the worldVicki Dacker discovers why you don’thave to choose between a beachholiday or a festival this summerLife & Style, page 22NewcastleStudent RadioBroadcasting online at www.nsrlive.co.uk12 hours a day, NSR is Newcastle’s onlystudent radio station.Since 1997, NSR has mixed cutting edgemusic of all genres with the latest news andreviews to provide an essential service forstudents interested in news and sport,journalism, music, entertainment andmarketing.NSR’s aim is to produce interesting,engaging radio that Newcastle studentscan be involved in and relate to.Along with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>, NSR keepsstudents at Newcastle up to date with everythinghappening around the Union andbeyond.Furthermore, NSR also gets involved inmany Union events and live DJ sets throughoutthe year, including outdoor live sets duringFreshers’ <strong>Week</strong>, RAG <strong>Week</strong>, Union Dayand also raised funds to be broadcast onFM airwaves last year. This allows studentsto gain valuable experience in DJing at liveevents.If you are interested in radio, NSR providesthe ideal opportunity for you to tryyour hand at presenting, production, marketingor any other aspect of the station.To volunteer to get involved just look outfor the NSR stall at the Freshers’ FairYou’ve made your choicenow they are yoursCOURIERTHECOURIERTHE<strong>Issue</strong> 1229 Monday 21 March 2011 www.thecourieronline.co.uk FREECloser than close: four out of the six newly elected Sabbatical Officers won their ballots by a margin of less than 35 votes. In theAthletic Union ba lot Alice Ho loway won her new role by just three votes in the final round despite trailing Andrew Curry all alongNew Sabbatical Officers announcedin closest election in Union historyFor full election results, page 3Election Results page 3THE INDEPENDENT VOICE OF NEWCASTLE STUDENTS EST 1948<strong>Issue</strong> 1230 Monday 28 March 2011 www.thecourieronline.co.uk FREE••THEManagement wanted King’sGate to be VIP-friendlyVice-Chancellor’s office toonoisy in current locationA l the sports, all the build up, pu l out insideCOURIERNewcastle nearly doubles shares in • BAE subsidiary company sells Libyaarms giant BAE to £989, 914 since 2009 £158 million worth of weapons in 2007Simon Murphy News Editor<strong>The</strong> statistics are not disclosed onthe University’s end of year accounts,and were only obtained by<strong>The</strong> University has almost doubled<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> after a formal freedom ofits investment in an arms manufacturerwhich flogged weapons to Lib-information request.Third year Politics student Katyan tyrant Colonel Gaddafi in 2007,McCrave, who led the occupation<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> has uncovered.against arms trade investments twoA subsidiary company of armsyears ago, criticised the University’smanufacturer BAE Systems – whichactions.the University holds a £989,951“I am appa led by the dramaticstake in – armed the North Africangrowth in their investment in BAEdictator with an estimated £158 millionworth of anti-tank missiles andover the last two years especia lywhen there are more stable industriesthey could choose to invest in,”communications gear.BAE owns a 37.5 per cent share inshe said.MBS Missiles, which brokered theMcCrave presented a number ofdeal four years ago.alternative investment strategiesIn recent months the Libyan conflicthas claimed the lives of thou-at a meeting with the University’sExecutive Board last year, such assands of civilians, with Gaddafi issuingseveral threats to ki l his ownincreasing the University’s involvementin green technologies.people in the rebel-held cities of<strong>The</strong> Students’ Union Council alsoBenghazi and Mistrata.passed a motion in March 2010 callingon the University to cease its investmentsin the arms trade.BAE, the world’s largest armsmanufacturer, has been embroiledin controversy in recent years. <strong>The</strong>company, which posted profits ofmore than £22 bi lion last year, havebeen found guilty of corruptioncharges.<strong>The</strong> country is in turmoil, withIn February 2010, BAE were orderedto pay £185 million in com-rebel forces fighting to wrestle controlfrom the dictator, who had ledpensation after pleading guilty towith an iron fist for 43 years.false accounting and to se tle briberya legations.<strong>The</strong> University had agreed to reviewits ethical investment policy inAbi Haque, who is Universities2009 after a student-led occupationCoordinator of pressure groupof the Fine Arts building.Campaign Agains the Arms Trade,A workin group was establishedslammed <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>’s findings.in June 2010 and i set to report its“Newcastle promised to reviewfindings to University Council inits investment policy. Now it hascompletely disregarded criticismSince agreeing to the review, theby almost doubling its investmentsUniversity’s shares in BAE haveContinued on page 4leaped from £526,000 to £989,951.THE INDEPENDENT VOICE OF NEWCASTLE STUDENTS EST 1948University investmentsfund Gaddafi arms deal<strong>Issue</strong> 1231 Monday 16 May 2011 www.thecourieronline.co.uk FREE•£2,006,356Total amount of research fundingsupplied by arms firms BAE and Ro lsRoyce to the University since 2000Music, page 35THE INDEPENDENT VOICE OF NEWCASTLE STUDENTS EST 1948Ho lywood vs. EuropeFunding controversy: BAE systems, which helped arm Gaddafi, boasts its weapon collections at Farnborough Air Show last yearBleak future: lecturers face a real terms pay cut and demonstrated their opposition incoordinated strike action last week that saw hundreds march through the city centreChris Binding explores the di ferencesbetween Ho lywood and Europeanfilms and their respective successesCulture, page 32Lecturersstandfirm inwagedisputeAcademic sta f took to the picketlines last Tuesday and Thursday inresponse to a pay dispute.Lecturers taking part were dockeda day’s pay as they clashed with theUniversity over a 0.4 per cent payrise, which after inflation, wouldamoun to a real terms pay cut of 4per cent.<strong>The</strong> treasurer of the NewcastleUniversity and Co lege Union(UCU) branch, Dr Geo f Abbo t,explained that the strikes were alsomotivated by disagreements overpension schemes and the dramaticcuts to higher education funding.Members of the UCU from Durhamand Newcastle voted to takeaction in a strike on Tuesday, in additionto the national day of actioninvolving 63 other universities fromacross the country on Thursday.A le ter sent to Newcastle academicsta f by the local UCU branchsaid: “the reason for the strike is toprotest agains the thousands of jobsthat have already been lost, the refusalof our employers to negotiate apackage to improve job security, andtheir insistence on pushing througha real terms pay cut of more than 4per cent compared to inflation.“Two thirds of UK universitieshave already announced their intentionto seek further redundancies,and despite recent reassurances,rendundancies are highly likely atNewcastle. Yet the University iscontinuing to spend lavishly on executiveexpenses and estates, andhas even proposed an £850,000 VIPIn a meeting of one strike commitee prior to the protest, lecturersfrom the School of HistoricalStudies explained that whilst cutsin the pension scheme had playeda decisive role in the resolution ofNewcastle University sta f to strike,they were not the primary cause ofthe strikes.Ca ling for students to see the biggerpicture in terms of the strikes,NWR thrash TeessideWomen’s Rugby Union Firstscontinue their memorable seasonby beating Teesside 38 - 0Sport, page 46-47or contact Station Manager LucyJohnson on: nsr.stationmanager@J. OFFREDOncl.ac.uk.Also, keep aneye out for NSR’slive outside broadcastsat various locationsthroughoutFreshers’ <strong>Week</strong> andlisten to their dailyFreshers’ <strong>Week</strong> podcastson their website.<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>TelevisionBeginning its second year in production isNewcastle’s TV station, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> TV(also known as TCTV).Formed from a rebranding of the NUTVsociety combined with the operating webteam from <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>, TCTV plan tocontinue with projects such as NE1, the studentsoap opera, vox plots and ‘Bigg MarketBanter’, providing have huge plans for theupcoming year, and promise to move rapidlytowards their goal of providing Newcastlestudents with a more rounded studentmedia through the inclusion of a fullyfunctioning TV broadcaster.If you’re looking to be the next Kubrick orScorsese or just want to get together withsome friends to make a mini-documentaryabout the ghost that stalks the ArmstrongBuilding, TCTV are the people to help youmake it happen. Starting from scratch ischallenging but it also offers tremendouspotential for volunteers to get involved andshape the course of the society.If you want to try your hand at this newand exciting branch of student media besure to check out the TCTV stall next to<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> and NSR at the Freshers’ Fairon Monday and Tuesday of this week.Altternatively, keep and eye out for crewmembers who will be out filming throughoutthe whole of Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> in red t-shirts, approach anyone ofthem and they will giveyou all the informationyou need.You can alsokeep checking www.thecourieronline.co.ukfor thelatest TCTV video clips andblogs.If you would like anymore information abouthow to get involved, pleaseemail TCTV’s President CarolineAxelsson at caroline.axelsson@newcastle.ac.uk

THE COURIER Monday September 26 2010 25What’s Next?Give it a GoDo you want to try out new andfun activities for free or low cost?Give It A Go is an opportunityto reinvent your spare time. Everyterm, the Students’ Union puts ona programme of activities varyingfrom dance lessons to cultural tripsand visits, to archery and go karting,all for free or at a very low cost.It’s a great opportunity to meetnew people, take a break from yourstudies, try something different andexciting and maybe learn a newskill. To top that, with no commitmentto any future sessions necessary,there really is no excuse not toGive it a Go.How to get involved:If you want to get involved, pickup a booklet of this term’s activitiesat Students’ Union reception, goonline and check out the timetableto signup!OnlineGo to www.nusu.co.uk/giag fora full, up to date programme andany new information. Also, makefriends with us on Facebook www.facebook.co.uk/giag.newcastle orfollow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/GIAGNewcastle.EmailPlease email us at giag.union@ncl.ac.uk to book your spaces. Ensurethat you include details in youremail of which session you areinterested in, for how many peopleand all participants’ full names anduniversity email addresses.Come and see usWhy not pop up to the first floorof your shiny new building to thefriendly Activities Office and comeand see us in person? Please bringcash money for paid for events, asunfortunately we do not have facilitiesto accept card payments.This is your chance to try outsome different activities for FREEor low cost and, well, Give it a Go.(<strong>The</strong> clue is in the name!)<strong>Week</strong> beginning . . . Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday26th September3rd October10th October17th October24th October31st October7th November14th November21st November28th November5th December12th DecemberBollywood Dancing5pm, FREEQuayside Ghost Walk4pm, FREEMassage Training Course,5pm, £9*Massage Training Course,5pmMassage Training Course,5pmCastle Keep1pm, FREESnowtubing1pm, £4Culture ChallengeMassage Sessions12-6pm,FREEArchery, 1pm ,£4Karate,6.30pm, FREESCAN—Ruperts WoodArts & Crafts Project,10am, FREEBaltic Trip –Turner Prize, 2pm, FREEOrienteering Session2pm, £4Newburn ParkTree Planting, 1pm, FREEIce Skating, 2pm£TBCSCAN—GuerillaGardening, 1pm,FREESCAN—GuerillaGardening, 1pm,FREECity Walking Tour, 11am,FREEMassage Sessions12-5pm, FREEWet n’ Wild, 1pm, FREEZumba Class, 3pm, FREESCAN—Rupert’s WoodBushcraft, 10am, FREEBuilding Tours, FREECircus Skills, FREEBike Polo, 1.30pm, FREESurfing, 1pm, £7Self Defence, 3pm FREEPaintballing9am, £5Rifle Target Shooting1pm, £3SCAN—Ruperts WoodArts & Crafts Project,10am, FREEGo Ape11am, £10York ChristmasMarkets, 9am, £6Culture ChallengeScuba Diving, 12pm, £5City Walking Tour, 5pm,FREEFellwalking8am, TBCGO PLAY!Play sport without pressure to performAU Sports Clubs not for you? Wantto stay active anyway, and have somefun without the pressure of Universitymatches and coaches getting you runningcircuits at 6am every day? Neverbeen sporty, but want to try somethingnew at university? <strong>The</strong>n the GO PLAY!project is just for you. Try a new sportor ease into an old one with entry levelcoaching and no pressure to compete.All you need to do is take part in ataster session ofsomething youfancy, and if youlike it, carry onwith a six weekbeginner course,giving you the skills to know whatyou’re doing. With a rangeof sports on offer there’sdefinitely somethingto take your fancy:• Dodgeball• Canoe• StreetCheer• Rounders• Netball• Basketball• Korfball• Golf• Handball• Touch Rugby• Running• Volleyball<strong>The</strong>re is absolutely no experiencenecessary, no minimum fitness ormaximum age, all you need to do iscome along. Our coaches will guidefrom beginner through all the basics,and we’ll get you playing in no time!Also on offer is the chance to train upas a coach, and if you find the sport isreally your thing, the opportunity to setup a brand new club here at Newcastle,or join the existing one. But there’sno commitment: if you love it, we’llfind ways to keep you playing, if youdon’t, you can forget all about it. Justenjoy the extra fitness and meet a fewlike-minded students: the focus is onfun, fitness, and friends, not how goodyou are.It’s also a chancefor you currentsports playersto try a newsport too,as the sessionswon’t clashwith yourWednesdayafternoonmatches. Sowhat are youwaiting for?If you wantto get involvedcome to theActivities officein the brand newStudents’ Unionbuilding and get your placebooked on the taster session of yourchoice on a first come, first servedbasis. Alternatively, you can checkthe NUSU website or email active.union@ncl.ac.uk for more information.Sessions are just a couple of quid a go,with no membership signup required.Easy peasy!

26 Monday September 26 2011 THE COURIERwhat’s Next?SCANStudent Community Action NewcastleSCAN stands for Student CommunityAction Newcastle and since the 1960swe’ve been based in the centre of Newcastlehelping students access volunteeringopportunities across the NorthEast.We currently offer over 200 volunteeringopportunities in the communityas well as running a successful programmeof young person led projects,and one-off/taster volunteering opportunities.Why Volunteer?Simple: you have everything to gain andnothing to lose!Volunteering with SCAN is free andgives you the chance to develop greatskills in loads of different environments.You are also helping the communityin which you live by giving yourtime and energy to help these projects!Whether you are wanting to beef upyour CV, meet new people or just have abreak from studying SCAN will have aproject for you.Warning: Side effects of volunteeringmay include, a greater feeling of wellbeing, an increase in friends and beingable to sleep easier at night. (Please notethere is absolutely no evidence to supportthe latter claim!)SCAN One-OffsSCAN One-Offs are a simple concept.For a half or full day volunteers help outin a community based project to get atask done. Often these activities takeplace on a Wednesday afternoon whenstudents are free and are a great wayof dipping in and out of volunteering.Activities last year included tree planting,river clean ups, beach surveys andgardening work.<strong>The</strong>se projects are appealing to volunteersbecause:· <strong>The</strong>y don’t require a regular commitment.· <strong>The</strong>y’re a great taster for anyone newto volunteering.· Often you can just turn up and go.· You need no previous experience andequipment is provided.· You’ll learn new skills.· <strong>The</strong>y’re very sociable and make it easyto meet new people.· <strong>The</strong>y provide a chance to visit newplaces.· <strong>The</strong>y’re good fun and you can see thedifference made in a few hours.<strong>The</strong>re are regular One-Off activities(yes we know that is a bit of a contradiction!)throughout the year and weare already looking for volunteers whoare not afraid to get their hands dirty tohelp out at Rupert’s Wood Otterburnon the 7th October. To find out moreemail Phil at scan@ncl.ac.ukGetting credit for what you’re into!With SCAN your volunteering won’t gounnoticed!‘v’ is a national charity promoting youthvolunteering, if you’re aged 16-25 yearsthen you can get recognition for all thehard work you’re putting in to benefitothers.You can apply through SCAN for a‘vfifty’ award if you complete 50 hoursof volunteering in any 12 month period.<strong>The</strong>re is even a certificate for one-offvolunteering.Getting involved is dead easy, everyoneinvolved with SCAN is friendly andwants to help you volunteer!You don’t need an appointment – justpop into our office in the students’ unionfor a chat on Level 1 in the ActivitiesCentre.Check out our website to see all theprojects we offer and to find out moreabout us!Job Title: <strong>Week</strong>end Sales AssistantEmployer: WHSmithClosing date: 29.09.11Salary: TBCBasic job description: You will be responsiblefor providing exceptional customer servicewhilst demonstrating product knowledge tomaximise sales, process transactions accuratelyand efficiently and adhere to policiesand procedures relating to cash and stockhandling. Highly polished communicationand inter-personal skills required.Location: Sunderland.Job Title: Sales AssociateEmployer: H SamuelClosing date: 30.09.11Salary: TBCBasic job description: Playing a key role inhelping the store to maintain performanceand meet sales targets. As new productsare introduced in store, you will build yourknowledge to ensure that you can deal withevery type of customer enquiry.Person requirements: Have excellent customerservice skills, an interest in jewelleryproducts and brands. A positive, ‘can-do’attitude is essential, with a natural abilityfor striking up a conversation with a diverserange of customers.Location: Metrocentre, Gateshead.Job Title: Kitchen/Bar StaffEmployer: J.D WetherspoonsClosing date: 29.09.11Salary: National Minimum WageBasic job description: As a member of ourcustomer-facing team, you will be responsiblefor delivering top quality service andensuring all drinks and food are presented toour high standards.Person requirements: Must have goodcustomer service skills and have the abilityto interact with customers. Must be able towork as a team member and contribute tothe teams overall performance.Location: Metrocentre, Gateshead.Job Title: Sales AdvisorEmployer: DebenhamsClosing date: 01.10.11Salary: £4.92-£5.95 per hourBasic job description: Whether it be at the tillpoint or fitting room your role is to make sureour customers leave with everything theycame in for, including a great lasting impressionof Debenhams. You will fulfil the customersevery need by drawing attention to ouradditional and exclusive services includingthe Beauty Club and Account Card.Person requirements: Applicants must benumerate with good written and verbal communicationskills. <strong>The</strong>y must also be easilyadaptable to work in a fast paced environmentand have enthusiasm and passion forthe role.Location: South Shields.Job Title: Events Security StewardsEmployer: G4S Secure Solutions (UK)LtdClosing date: 01.10.11Salary: CompetitiveBasic job description: Looking for people towork as part time/casual Security stewards,within our events security team. You will havethe opportunity to work at local events andevents around the UK. This role is ideal forpeople who have evenings and weekendsfree.Person requirements: Applicants must beover 18 years of age. Ideal candidates will besmart, professional and approachable, haveexperience in a customer focused environmentand have strong communication skills.SIA Door Supervisors Licence is essential.Location: Newcastle upon Tyne.Job Title: Student Communications TeamMembersEmployer: Newcastle UniversityClosing date: 05.10.11Salary: £6.81 per hourBasic job description: We are looking forenterprising individuals who can supportthe Marketing and Communications teamwithin the Careers Service. In this role you willbe expected to champion and promote theevents and services of the Careers Serviceto students and postgraduates of all degreedisciplines and all academic stages. This roleis an ideal fit around your studies.Person requirements: Applicants must beNewcastle University students throughoutthe academic year 2011/12. You will beself-motivated with excellent communication,planning and organising skills. You will beflexible and have a proven record of reliability.Location: Newcastle University CampusJob Title: Student AmbassadorsEmployer: Newcastle UniversityClosing date: 07.10.11Salary: £6.81 per hour.Basic job description: We are looking torecruit a team of Student Ambassadorsto inform prospective students about theNewcastle University student experienceby supporting a range of recruitment andaspiration-raising events and activities.Person requirements: You must be a currentNewcastle University undergraduate or postgraduatestudent and have had experienceof the British Education system pre-Universitylevel.Location: Newcastle University CampusJob Title: Silver Service StaffEmployer: Solutions RecruitmentClosing date: 31.10.11Salary: Circa £5.93 per hourBasic job description: We are looking for SilverService staff for events in the local area.Main duties to include the hand service offood to diners while in a restaurant environment.<strong>The</strong>se are temporary roles.Person requirements: Candidates shouldbe experienced in Silver Service and haveattention to detail.Location: Newcastle upon Tyne.Job Title: Campus RepresentativeEmployer: Customer Systems Plc.Closing date: 31.10.11Salary: £8.75 per hourBasic job description: Working flexibly aroundyour study, you will be responsible for keepingour profile high on your campus, promotingour campaigns throughout the year, andassisting with the organisation of presentationsand other events as appropriate. <strong>The</strong>workload is expected to be 2 hours per week,term time only.Person requirements: Ideally we are lookingfor people who can identify with our target recruits,and so a similar profile to our graduatescheme intake is desirable. At the very least,you need to be studying towards a numerateor scientific degree.Location: Newcastle University Campus.Project categories available:• Environmental Projects• Asylum seekers andrefugees• Children/young people• Elderly People• Charities admin, ICTand fundraising• Homeless people• Mental/physical andlearning disabilities• Advocacy/mentoring/befriending• Animals• Heritage/Culture• NHS and Healthcareopportunities• SportsCourse RepsTell your lecturers what you really think and influenceUniversity decisions on behalf of your fellow studentsLiam DaleEducation OfficerYou can influence University decisionsby becoming the voice of your fellowstudents.While you are here at Newcastle youhave the opportunity to help to shapeand improve the course you are on.Each course has a number of electedstudents who go to staff-student committeesto tell their lecturers what thestudents really think about their course.Being a course rep is not only an importantway of making sure that studentsare involved in the university’sdecision making process, but it is also agreat way for individuals to better theirCV, improve their employability skillsand get academic credit for their hardwork. By becoming a course rep, youare could also apply for an NCL+ awardand possibly winning £300 for your efforts.Once you are a course rep, there is thechance to go on to become a chair orsecretary of your staff student committeeor even go on from that to becomea Faculty rep – there are only 9 acrossthe university and they represent thousandsof students.<strong>The</strong>re are over 700 course reps atNewcastle, all of whom are trained bythe Student’s Union to make sure thatthe student voice is heard, they are thecrucial link between staff and students.Every course has at least one CourseRep per academic year and it is their responsibilityto pass on the opinions ofstudents on their course to staff at StaffStudent Committees (SSC).Course Reps are elected by studentson their course (you will find out aboutthis in your first few lectures) and areexpected to attend four SSC meetings.If you want to get involved in becominga course rep, just email George atrdc.union@ncl.ac.uk and he can sendyou all the information you need to getinvolved.

28SocietiesMonday September 26 2011 THE COURIERHi, my name is Ania and I’m your Activities Officer for this year 2011/12. NUSUprides itself on its huge selection of societies - with 150 to choose from therereally is something for everyone, and if not it’s so easy to start your own. All youneed is a good idea and and a lot of passion, and soon you could be making newfriends while enhancing your degree and doing something you love.Here at Newcastle there really is a different variety of society - have a look belowto see what takes your fancy and don’t be afraid to give it a go! Most societies willbe available to speak to at the Clubs and Societies Fair on Monday and Tuesday.DepartamentalAccountingSocial and career events related to accountancydegrees.AgriculturalSocial Union for those looking for a break fromUni and a good time both out in Newcastle andfurther afield. Those not from an Agriculturalbackground are more than welcome.ArchaeologyPractical archaeology sessions, guest lecturers andtrips away to archaeological facilities or sites. Alsohost social nights out and Charity events.Architectural<strong>The</strong> aim is to bring together different year groupswhilst welcoming and supporting first year students.Events in previous years include paintballing,beach trips, karaoke, film nights, conversationsin practice and end of year Balls at both theBaltic and the Civic Centre.Bio –Sci (Bio Medical Sciences)<strong>The</strong> BioSci society activities include social/networkingevents, t-shirt/fancy dress bar crawls,charity fundraising events, daytime excursionsand a trip abroad. Basically, the best socials andthe most fun you can have!Bio-Soc (Biology)An academic and social society who aim to bringtogether the students of the school of Biologyas well as anyone with an interest inBiology. We run a wide range of eventsduring the year, from bar crawlsto zoo trips, career talks and theSummer Ball.CEG (Civil Eng and Geomatics)A society aimed at bringing togetherthe department of CivilEngineering, Geomatics andPhysical Geography. Socialsare usually fancy dress themedand there is also an AnnualChristmas Ball and other nondrinkingbased activities. <strong>The</strong>society is open to anyone.Chemical EngineeringOrganises nights out andannual activitiesas well ascompanyvisits andschoolopendays.Chinese Students and ScholarsCSSA is a non political, non religious, non profitorganisation supported by Chinese Government,Chinese consulate in UK and Universities acrossthe country. We hold various social and cultureactivities among Chinese students and scholarsin UK.Combined StudiesJoin the society to meet new people through socials,fancy dress nights, days out and Intra Muralsports teams.EconomicsECOSOC provides a social aspect to the studyof economics as well as helping members witheconomic topics and essential skills required fora successful career. It provides an environmentfor students on similar student programmes tosocialise through organised events throughout theyear, including an annual trip in Europe.Eldon (Law)Based in the Law School, Eldon Society activitiesare aimed mainly at law students.From socials tocareers events to academic activities such as ClientInterviewing and Mooting competitions.EngSoc (English)To provide academic and social support to allstudents of English and to romotesocial interaction, discussions andinterests.EnvironmentalScienceA practical approach toconservation, providing asupport network for allstages of environmentalscience. Get to knowother members of theEnvironmental Sciencedegree. Join us on funsocial activities likepartying, clubbing andgoing to the cinema.ErasmusWe aim to providesupport and a socialnetwork for incomingand outgoing Erasmusstudents, but we are alsoopen to anyone in meetingsstudents from avariety of differentcultures and generallyhaving a good time.Fine ArtFor all art enthusiasts,to get togetherto discuss passions,art or none art related,visit exhibitions,take trips aroundthe North East fromsketching afternoonto just a good day to seeour beautiful northernsurroundings.Genetics.To provide social activitiesand study groups forpeople doing genetics andrelated degreesGeographyWe want to maintain aplace at the heart of thegeography community atNewcastle University. Wedo this through social andacademic events/activitiesthroughout the year such asfortnightly socials in town,the annual Geography Balland assistance with theschool’s mentoring schemefor first years.HistoryHold socials that willinclude evening events:Ania Kurek - Activities Officer - activities.union@ncl.ac.ukgoing out, pub quizzes, cinema trips, meals. A tripabroad for 3 - 4 daysHistory and PoliticsEvening socials, debates, guest speakers.LinguisticsWe promote social and networking activitiesbetween linguistic and language students from thethree schools while boosting awareness of linguisticsand language sciences across the University.ManagementSet up to improve the employability of NewcastleUniversity students through monthly workshops.It also offers social events, intramural sportsteams (netball and football) and a variety of workshopsincluding CV skills, interview techniquesetc.MarketingA society for all students that have an interest orare studying a degree at Newcastle University thatincorporates Marketing. CV help seminars, speakto students on placement for advice and are ableto attend bar crawls and other social events.MathsRuns various events throughout the year includingtrips abroad, pub quizzes, pub crawls, bowlingtrips, guest lectures and Deloitte career talks.Modern LanguagesA society for students of any subject with a loveof Modern Foreign Languages. An opportunity tomeet up with friends, make new friends and takeadvantage of the numerous and various activitiesthe society will have to offer!MusicWe run regular open mic nights, ceilidhs, gigs,formals/balls as well as pub golf, grub crawls,music workshops and various trips to concertsin other cities. A society for anyone into music,whether you are a musician or not!Newcastle Computing SocietyTo bring together and provide support for thestudents of the School of Computing Science (andothers in different disciplines, with an interest incomputing) through working in partnership withthe school and each other.OrthopaedicExpert advice and guidance in progressing inorthopaedics as well as interactive lecturers andpractical experience. We also organise courses inorthopaedic sub-<strong>special</strong>ities and aim to create opportunitiesto attend relevant conferences.PlanningSocials and events to help planning and geographyand planning students meet others in theiryear, across the course and in the planning profession.Events range from nights out, informativesessions with the RTPI Young Planners.PoliticsPolitics Society provides trips, educational eventsand socials for both students studying politics atNewcastle and those with an interest in politicsin general. We aim to help foster social links withfellow students and to provide a forum for discussionand debate.Postgrad PoliticsThis society is to give members a chance to meetup and socially enjoy a game of pool/snooker withfellow members.PsychologyOrganise guest speakers in the department andarrange meetings with psychologists from otherUniversities in order to broaden perspectives onthe education of Psychology.ShockSocPromote community spirit in the School ofElectrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.Providing communication and interactionbetween students and social activities and events.SociologyBeach trips, pub crawls, days out. We provide amedium for all students who study Sociology tomeet and interact with fellow course mates.Speech <strong>The</strong>rapy<strong>The</strong> society aims to provide a peer supportnetwork tackle issues students may have regardingthe course. Other society activities will raiseawareness of speech and language therapy in thegeneral public and university students, includingraising money for clinics within the university.Surgical<strong>The</strong> surgical society is setup in association withthe Royal College of Surgeons to guide and supportmedical students with an interest in a careerin surgery.Wet Soc (Marine Tech)Wetsoc is the society for students of the schoolof Marine Science and Technology. We organiseeducational visits and trips in the UK and abroad.Faith and CultureAfro-CaribbeanWe welcome students from all tribes and nationsunder the sun to celebrate African and Caribbeanculture in what small way we can. We have;social and networking events, charity fundraisingevents, open debates, parties! (Aka Rave’dem.)Anglo ChineseTo encourage relationships between Chinese andChinese natives: to welcome Chinese studentsinto the social life at Newcastle University and tobroaden interest in Chinese culture, language andarts outside of the school.Anglo JapaneseA society for anyone interested in anythingJapanese. It is a great opportunity for Japanesestudents and other Newcastle students to makefriends, and to practice your language skills.Asian StudentsSocial gathering to exchange cultural backgroundsto unite Newcastle University studentsfrom different countries in Asia. To help internationalstudents to adjust to life in the UK.AzerbaijanBring Azerbaijans together and introduce them tothe Students’ Union Newcastle and the area. Tomaintain the culture of Azerbaijan.BulgarianMain aims of the Bulgarian Society are to shareand promote Bulgarian culture and provide ameeting point for Bulgarians those interested inBulgarian culture people at Newcastle University.CatholicWe increase the spiritual awareness of membersin the light of the Catholic tradition and enableyoung people to come together during socialevents and express their views in an unbiased andnon-judgemental manner.DesiDesi Society aims to bring the students of Newcastletogether and give individuals an opportunityto discover South Asian cultures and traditions!We are a charitable and welcoming society whichholds day time events alongside gigs.EgyptianEveryone welcome. Lots of activities includingtrips to new cities, parties, sports, excursions,festivals, theatre trips and inviting speakers fromother universities in the UK.Hellenic<strong>The</strong> Hellenic Society exists to bring together allthe students (not only Greeks and Cypriots butothers) with an interest in the Greek culture andcivilization. Through social events and activities,students are able to meet each other, interact andenjoy themselves.Hindu and SikhImprove your knowledge of Hindu and Sikhculture. Promote awareness of Hindu and Sikhculture within the student popu¬lation. Providean atmosphere for students with com¬mon interestto socialise.Hong KongTo promote and share Hong Kong culture to studentsof Newcastle University. Meet to enjoy andexplore various cultures together via trips, dinnermeetings and other social events.IndonesianExploring Indonesian cultures amongst membersof the society by learning some traditional art,song and dance. Participates in events such asIFAM (International Festival of Arts and Music).InternationalBring together international students at NewcastleUniversity and provide an opportunity tosocialise and get to know the country and culture.IslamicDedicated to the service of Allah, the society willremain above any ethnical or territorial considerationand will not be involved in any controversialpolitical issues.JewishNewcastle J-Soc provides the Jewish connectionfor the time of your life! We run numerous socialand educational events each semester.LibyanSport, social, and Libyan culture activities.LithuanianTo provide a meeting point for all Lithuanianstudents and help and support for new Lithuanianstudents. To promote cultural exchange and to encouragecommunication with Lithuanian studentsfrom other universities and areas.MalaysianMainly events such as gatherings in celebrationof the culture back in Malaysia, trips to places,a platform for Malaysia students to meet fellow

THE COURIER Monday September 26 2011 29Malaysians and to provide people with a betterunderstanding of MalaysiaMauritianDay trips, cultural festivals (Divali/Eid/ChineseSpring Festival/Christmas etc) ice skating, Freshers’Party, Independence Day, paintballing, bollywoodnights, meals, sports tournaments.Mediterranean CountriesOrganise trips to UK and abroad as well as culturalmeetings (dinners with typical dishes).Newcastle KazakhstanTo meet together for discussions, social activities,meetings and celebration of traditional holidaysNigerianTo engage members in fostering unity throughsocialising and networking and for all Nigerianstudents to have a platform for constructive dialogueand reaching out to our host community.SaudiFor local and national scientific and educationalconferences and meetings. Trips and festivals.SingaporeA meeting point for students from Singapore andto allow them to interact with students of differingnationalities. To arrange social and culturalvisits around the country.SyrianAims to bring together Syrian Students for socialand cultural activities as well as introducing Syrianculture to university students and staff.ThaiTo unite all Thai students into the communitywhere we can all interact amongst over selves andexchange opinions with Thai and other internationalstudent through intellectual, cultural, socialand sport activities.TurkishPromoting Turkish cultural events in NewcastleUniversity such as food festivals, movie nightsand parties. Improving the relationship betweenTurkish members of NU and members from otherTurkish states.MediaFilmTo provide a forum for people interested in filmto develop creative ideas in a workshop styleenvironment. To allow people to explore technicalaspects of filming by taking part in production,sound, costume etc.PhotographicAim to encourage those who may be less confidentbehind the lens in addition to encouragingkeen photographers to display their work. Holdexhibitions and master classes throughout theyear, in addition to trips both home and abroad.TCTV (<strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong> Television)Set up to broadcast news and events from aroundthe campus in collaboration with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>.OutdoorConservationWe are an environmentally friendly, outdoorappreciating society that places a strong emphasison doing worthwhile conservation work whilsthaving a good time. We go on a range of taskssuch as coppicing, tree planting, hedge laying,dry-stone walling - and much more!FellwalkingNUFWS is a society dedicated to hillwalking.Walks every weekend can range from difficult ascentsto easy valley rambles. Trips are conductedmost weekends and the range stretches fromWales to the Far North of Scotland.Wilderness MedicsTo promote active interest in health and medicalpractices in a wilderness setting through providinginformation, lectures and training weekends.Performance/Arts/Music/DanceBreakdancingTo train those interested in learning how tobreakdance by hiring professional dancers fortraining.Circus SkillsMeet to practice circus skills such as pei, juggling,diablo, unicycling, devil sticks, acrobatics, etc.DanceA society that caters for all students, both beginnersand those with dance experience. Classesoffer a chance to try new dance techniquesincluding ballet, tap, jazz, street, con-temporaryand many more. Socials include theatre outingsand nights out.Gilbert and SullivanIf you enjoy singing, acting and a bit of dancing.<strong>The</strong>re are no auditions for chorus and this is agreat starting society for those that have neverbeen involved in theatre before.Irish DanceSociety teaching Irish dance to all levels. Classesbroken down into beginners, intermediate andadvanced in preparation for displays and shows.Jazz OrchestraBig band of fun loving and charismatic peopleready to rock your world playing a variety ofmusic including jazz, funk, latin and swing at ourown gigs and balls. Regular social activities.Latin and BallroomA dance loving society that caters for beginnersto the more advanced dancer. Offer latin and ballroomlessons, as well as salsa. Outside of lessonswe arrange plenty of dance events.Musical MedicsOur society is open to all medics interested in anyaspect of musical theatre, performing or otherwise.We also have other events across the yearincluding showcases, socials and fundraisers.Newcastle ComedySessions of improvised comedy, sketch writingand stand-up comedy. Shows and socials.Newcastle Student Orchestra and Choir<strong>The</strong> NSOC are the student-run orchestra andchoir of the University. We offer the opportunityfor students to play and sing music which is bothfun and challenging to perform. Grade 5 andabove, no auditions needed.NUTS (<strong>The</strong>atre)As a society we produce 12 full length shows ayear as well as putting on the NUTS Drama Festivalwhich offers students a chance to writetheir own plays. Whether it is directing,acting, singing, backstage or tech you areinterested in, NUTS has something for alltheatre fans.Pole DancingSessions for fitness, learning new moves androutines for all levels.RaveRave soc brings together people at NewcastleUniversity who like dance and urban music. Wewill also be offering workshops in dance andurban music production and remixing. For memberswho have already produced music we willhelp you put your tracks out.RockTo provide a social atmosphere for NewcastleUniversity students with (or to develop) an interestin Indie/Punk/Rock/Metal music. Providingsocials, band nights, occasional meetings and tripsto other events in other citiesSwing DanceTo promote swing dance and offer membersaccess to tuition in the various styles of dance.Organised trips to dancing events.TangoArgentinean tango classes with a professionalTango teacher from Argentina. You can take partin performances, exchanges with other universities,practice and relax at social tango events orjust come to classes.Vocal HarmonySinging vocal harmony arrangements from oldclassics to modern day hits. Previous experienceof singing in a group is helpful but not essential.ZumbaA latin inspired dance fitness class designed topromote fitness in an easy to follow way.Amnesty InternationalPromoting and protecting against human rightsviolations. Working with Amnesty Internationalon their major campaigns e.g. Control ArmsCampaign, Preventing Violence Against Womenand the Greetings Card CampaignCampaigning,Liberation andPoliticalConservative FutureWe function to provide an arena for politicaldiscussion, activism and as a meeting point forlike-minded people. With the principle objectiveto promote knowledge, discussion and support ofthe Conservative Party through a wide range ofactivities.Engineers Without BordersEngineers without Borders is an internationaldevelopment organisation that removes the barriersto development through engineering. Lotsof hands-on workshops, team work activities,fundraisers and socials.Feminist (formerly Womens)A friendly society which promotes all kinds offeminist ideas and engages in issues of gender andsexual equality through discussions, film, writing,talks, socials and linking with other feministgroups locally and nationally.LabourCampaigning for labour values on campus and inthe local community. Representing social democraticvalues and providing a wide range of socialand political activities.LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexaul andTransgender)To provide a safe space where students can meetfor mutual support and friendship. As well as providingpractical help and information on mattersinvolving sexuality.MarxistRegular meetings to discuss the ideas of marxismand their relevance in the modern world. Socialsaround town to build up a social aspect of thegroup.MedsinMedsin is a group of students from all backgroundsand courses with a common interest inglobal health. As a society we aim to education,engage and empower the student communitywith regards to health issues and inequalities on alocal, national and global level.People and PlanetStudent campaigning on ethical and environmentalissues. Meetings to discusssome of the issues relevant to studentsand the University and plan events toencourage students to think about theirimpact on the world.Sperm and EggThis society aims at developing the member’sawareness of the city of Newcastle. <strong>The</strong> societywill be a useful opportunity to raise money forworthy causes (testicular cancer, HIV) etc.STAR (Student Action for Refugees)Aim to raise awareness and campaign aboutrefugee and asylum seekers’ issues andsupport refugeesand asylum seekers inNewcastle and worldwide.Stop AidsTo raise aids awareness within the Universityand the wider community of the spreadof aids throughout many third worldcountries.United NationsUnited Nations (MUN) Debating, international/globalcampaigns.Women for Women InternationalTo promote awareness for the values of andwork of Women for Women International,though meetings, film screenings and otherfundraising events.Special InterestDebatingAs a society we debate about everything andanything. Whilst the arguments are formal,the atmosphere is not. So come on down!DisneySocialising with people of similar views. To helppeople relive their childhood. To enjoy movies inthe company of people who appreciate Disney.EntrepreneurTo help develop Newcastle University’s aspiringentrepreneurs, providing them with a communitywithin which they can thrive. Networking,interaction with other societies and developingentrepreneurial skills.International DevelopmentTo organise and hold an annual Internationaldevelopment Conference, inviting expert speakersto talk on all areas of development.NU: Think (Skeptic Society)A society for the promotion of science, skepticismand secularism through events such as weeklymeetings, debates, guest speakers, trips out andsocial gatheringsPokerMeet regularly to play poker and to have goodbanter. Chance to improve skills, not just gamblingand create a fun environment within whichto teach and play the basic and high level skills ofpoker.QuestlandsPlay a wide variety of games, including cardgames, war games, board games and role playinggames.Real Ale and Cider<strong>The</strong> Real Ale and Cider Appreciation Societyaims to promote the responsible drinking andappreciation of traditional ales, ciders and perriesthrough regular society meetings and events.Scout and GuideA wide range of social activities including beachSocietiestrips, walks, cinema and pub quizes!TogaTo promote love of togas/stolas and interest inancient history, as well as organising social andintellectual events in the daytime and evening.Trading and Investments GroupThis society is for those interested in tradingequities or a career in financial services. Talksfrom outside speakers fromFinancial Services Sector20 Minute ClubLots of fun and randomevents in andout of Newcastle,including thesecret holidayevery year. All youget is a text sayingwhere to meet andyou have 20 minutesto get there.SportDartsPlay Darts. Chat Darts.Watch Darts.GolfGolfing events for all levels ofcapability.Motor SportA society to bring people who havea similar passion together at socialsand other motor-sport events such asAuto sports International. Also have achance to go karting and maybe even competefor University in the BUKC.PilatesProvide classes to initiate members to theprinciples and benefits of the Pilates method.Pool and SnookerThis society is to give members a chance tomeet up and socially enjoy a game of pool/snooker with fellow members.Rugby RefereesProviding officials for Intra Mural, BUCS andcommunity rugby and helping to develop thegame at a grass roots level.Tai Chi ChuanOriginally one of the internal Chinese martialarts, Tai Chi Chuan is characterized by slowsmooth circular movements performed insolo routines, known as forms. This helpsto being a state of mental calm clarity,promotes relaxation, awareness ofown body and acquisition of a correctposture.YogaOffering affordable yoga classes for students.Classes are suitable for all levels and are an enjoyableway to improve your core strength, flexibilityand muscle tone.VolunteeringCOCOSupports the work of Newcastle based charityCOCO (Comrades of Children Overseas) throughorganising fundraising events.HitchRecruits members to take part in the Moroccoand Prague hitches. To fundraise for these twoevents and to see that the proceeds go to LinkCommunity Development.Kids Action Overseas (KAOS)Fund raising for charity, Light in Africa, in orderto volunteer with them in Tanzania.Link Society (St John Ambulance)<strong>The</strong> student part of the first aid charity ‘St. JohnAmbulance’ run by the students in NewcastleUniversity. In Links, members can gain nationallyrecognised qualifications in first aid, whilstbeing part of a large and vibrant society.SIFESIFE is an international non-profit organisationin which participating students apply businessconcepts to develop outreach projects thatimprove the quality of life and standard of livingfor people in need. SIFE Newcastle Society willengage participants in projects, sustainability andfundraising activities.Visit the Clubs and Societies Fairthis week to get involved!Monday 26th and Tuesday 27thSports Centre 10am - 4pmor visitnusu.co.uk/socs

30 Monday September 26 2011 THE COURIERSportTo get involved reporting for Sports in <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>, email courier.sport@ncl.ac.ukIntra Mural sport: another way to playGet involved in sport how you want,when you want, with who you wantFor those of you looking for sporton a less demanding level there area whole host of Intra Mural teamsavailable to join within NewcastleUniversity. Although if you stillcan’t find anything for you, as withthe Athletic Union sports teams, youcan always start your own!<strong>The</strong> Intra Mural Sports programmeat Newcastle University is one ofthe most extensive in the countrywith over 200 teams and 2,500 participantsin a wide range of differentsports; 11-a-side football, 5-a-sidefootball, 7-a-side football, rugby union,basketball, netball, mixed netballand mixed hockey.In addition to these weeklyleagues, there are a number of onedaysporting tournaments throughoutthe year. Intra Mural competitiongives you the opportunity toenjoy competitive sport at universityeven if you are not quite upto the standard to represent TeamNewcastle or don’t want to committo training twice a week or more.It also gives you the freedom toform your own team, choose whoyou want to play with, pick the teamname and even customize the kit.This added social element is whatlures competent sports men andwomen away from the competitivehard line, toward an environmentwhere the emphasis is enjoyment,fitness and friendship.That said the standard in mostleagues is high and the competitionfor the top sports in the leagueis fierce. Without a doubt the IntraMural programme is packed withdrama and excitement in all sports,regularly covered by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Courier</strong>with match reports, results andleague tables.Intra Mural sport also gives studentsthe opportunity to make newfriends by joining a team that representstheir degree course whetherthat might be law, dentistry or modernlanguages. In this way studentscan get to know and interact withother year groups who can proveto potentially invaluable resourcesaround exam time!Put simply Intra Mural sport isuniversity sport for you. You choosethe sport, you set them team, youinvent the name and then you play,with as much or as little pressure asyou put on yourselves. It’s the mostaccessible and social way to stay fitand have fun during your time atNewcastle.Team registration will start onMonday 26 September at the SportsCentre reception on your right asyou enter the building. <strong>The</strong> registrationprocess is based on a first comefirst served basis so make sure youget in there early. For more informationplease pick up a Campus Sportleaflet from the University SportsCentre or visit the website at www.ncl.ac.uk/cprs . You can also emailDenis Murphy, Participation andEvents Services Manager who coordinatesall the intra mural fixtures atdenis.murphy@ncl.ac.uk or phoneon 0191 222 5349.What’s on offer:Football5-a-side footballSunday 5pm – 7pmThursday 12pm– 1pm or 1pm –2pmFriday 5pm – 6pm or 6pm – 7pmEntry Cost: £25 per teamVenue: Sports HallStart Date: Term 1 – 9/13/14OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-mural7-a-side footballWednesday 5.30pm – 6.45pm or6.45pm – 8pmEntry Cost: £35 per teamVenue: Longbenton 3G pitchStart Date: Term 1 – 12 OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-mural11-a-side footballWednesday 2pm onwardsSaturday 10am onwardsEntry Cost: £160 per teamVenue: External pitches (CochranePark, Longbenton, Redhall, CloseHouse)Start Date: Term 1 – 8/12 OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-muralRugby UnionWednesday 2pm onwardsEntry Cost: £300 per teamVenue: External pitches (CochranePark, Longbenton, Redhall, CloseHouse)Start Date: Term 1 – 12 OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-muralMixed HockeySunday 9.30am – 1.30pmEntry Cost: £35 per teamVenue: Longbenton ArtificialHockey PitchStart Date: Term 1 – 16 OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-muralNetballSaturday 10.00am – 11am or11am – 12pmTuesday 4pm – 5pm or 5pm –6pmEntry Cost: £30 per teamVenue: Sports HallStart Date: Term 1 – 15/18OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-muralBasketballSunday 12pm – 2pmEntry Cost: £20 per teamVenue: Sports HallStart Date: Term 1 – 16 OctoberRegister online - www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/campus/intra-muralPlease note: All players musthave Silver or Gold Sports CentreMembership before they can participatein the Intra Mural SportsProgramme.

THE COURIER Monday September 26 2011 31sportAU Clubs Trials and Taster Sessions• American FootballRookie Camp Taster SessionSunday 2nd Oct at 12pm at LongbentonSports Ground 3G.Returning players will be meeting outsidethe Students’ Union at 11.20amto take players to the training ground.Metro fare required.Astro boots with plastic moulds arepreferable footwear but trainers will do,along with shorts, t-shirt and we recommenda bottle of water. Absolutelyno experience or understanding of thegame, or sign up, is required and allabilities are welcome.• Canoe and Canoe PoloSunday 2nd October£3 + cash for BBQAnyone welcomeMinibuses will be leaving every halfan hour from 11-1.00pm from theStudents’ Union and returning from4-6.00pmFacebook.com/NclCanoeClub• CheerleadingMUST SIGN UP AT FRESHERS’ FAIRTryouts Sat 1st and Sun 2nd OctDance/ gymnastics skills help but areNOT necessary! It will be a mixture ofdancing, jumps, gymnastics and flexibility.Everyone is welcome! Great teamto be part of and a good chance to trysomething different. <strong>The</strong>re are opportunitiesto compete throughout the yearand perform at sporting fixtures.• CyclingWhether you are a keen bean of acyclist or have a bike but have neverreally got into riding it, the first rideof the year is definitely a good way tosee what our friendly and sociable clubis all about. <strong>The</strong> first of the afternoonrides caters for both road riders andXC mountain bikers and will occur onWednesday 5th October, meeting at1.30pm outside the union. Bring a suitablebike in working order, a helmetand some water and you’re good to go.• FencingWednesday 28th September 1-5pmFriday 30th September from 2-5pmBoth of these will be in the MultipurposeRooms of the Sports Centre. Ifpeople want to come try Fencing, theyshould bring long tracksuit bottomsand trainers. A towel and some water isalso reccommended. Fencing kit is supplied.For those who are experiencedfencers and would like to try out for theteam, kit can be supplied, but they willneed to bring trainers and long socks• Football (Men’s)MUST SIGN UP AT FRESHERS’ FAIR28th September, 30th September or2nd October at Longbenton<strong>The</strong>y are going on at longbenton playingfields 1.30-4.30pm, meet outside theunion at 12.30pm with football boots,shin pads and a drink• Football (Women’s)Saturday 1st October - 2-3.30pmSunday 2nd October-2-3.30pm<strong>The</strong> taster sessions will take place atLongbenton sports ground.People will be meeting outside the Students’Union on both days at 1.15 pm toshow you the way.All standards are welcome You will needfootball boots if possible or trainers.• GymnasticsComplete beginners to advancedgymnasts welcome. Taster sessionswill take place on Weds 5th Octoberfrom 3-4.00pm and then 4-5.00pmat Benfield School within the City ofNewcastle Gymnastics Academy. Wedo like people to sign up at the Freshers’Fair to get an idea of numbers andtherefore how many coaches we willneed at the session if possible.• Hockey (Men’s)MUST SIGN UP AT FRESHERS’ FAIRWednesday and Friday 3-5pm• Hockey (Women’s)MUST SIGN UP AT FRESHERS’ FAIRTrials wednesday 12-3pm at Longbentonsports ground. Meet at union at11amExperience required.Must bring own kit and equipmenthockeystick, gum shield, shin pads.Goal Keeper kit will be provided. Moneyrequired for metro.• Jitsu ClubMonday 26th September 6pm -8pmSaturday 1st October 10am - 12pmMonday 3rd October 6pm - 8pm<strong>The</strong>se sessions will take place in themultipurpose room in the Sports Centre.Beginners welcome, please wearloose clothing.• NetballTrials run on 28th September between1-4 pm, with further trials on 29th Septemberbetween 2-4pm and on 30thSeptember between 2-4pm in the mainhall of the sports centre on RichardsonRoad. Come down to the Freshers’Fair to sign up and find out any moreinformation you want to know.• Rugby (Men’s)MUST SIGN UP AT FRESHERS’ FAIR• Rugby (Women’s)Wednesday 5th October, 2-4pmHeaton sports groundSaturday 8th October, 11am-1pmHenderson HallPlayers are meeting at the Students Unionat 1pm Wed and 10am Sat to takefreshers to the pitches.Beginners welcome and encouraged, aswell as those who have played before atany level - just come and have a go!Only need trainers (boots if you have)and sports wear.• Rugby LeagueMUST SIGN UP AT FRESHERS’ FAIR• Shotokan KarateNUSKC will be holding four FREEtaster sessions over FW 2011 in the UniversitySports Centre:Monday 26th, Wednesday 28th andFri30th Septemberfrom 7-8.30pm in MultipurposeRoom B (2nd floor)Sun 2nd Oct, 3-5pm in MultipurposeRoom A (2nd floor)Shotokan is very beginner friendly.All abilities, styles and associations arewelcome. Just turn up in comfortableclothing and be prepared to take yourshoes off.Drinks at the North Terrace pub aftereach session.• Squash (Women’s) andRaquetballBoth beginners and experienced playerswelcome.Racketball is BRAND NEW to theUniversity this year!See our Freshers’ Fair table for informationabout trials and social sessions.• SurfSunday 2nd October at 10am, 12pmand 2pm.10, 12 and 2pm and they will last 2hours. It will cost £10 and will includeinstruction and equipment hire.• Swimming & Water PoloSwimming taster session will take placeat City pool on Thursday 6th Octoberfrom 7-9pm.<strong>The</strong> water polo taster sessions will be atNorthumbria University pool on Sunday3rd October, women’s water polo7-8pm, Men’s water polo 8-9pm.Ideally Freshers should sign up for theseat the Freshers’ Fair.<strong>The</strong> swimming sessions are only opento those who can swim, however it isopen to those who might not want tocompete. Water polo is open to all includingcomplete beginners providingthey are able to swim.• TennisTrials take place at Leazes Park onWednesday 28th September from 12-4pm. We encourage all players to signup at the Freshers’ Fair beforehand.• TriathlonSaturday 1st October.Meet outside the Sports Centre at 3pmfor a chilled out run and a chat aboutwhat the club will be doing this year.Bring a few quid if you want to go for acheeky pint aftewards.This is not a full or complete list of thetrials and taster sessions available. Forfurther information head to:Clubs and Societies FairMonday 26th and Tuesday 27thSports Centre 10am - 4pmAthleticsUnionOfficerAlice Hollowayau.union@ncl.ac.ukAs the head of your Athletic Union (AU)and part of the Students’ Union Sabbaticalteam, I am responsible for co-ordinatingall competitive Sport at Newcastle. <strong>The</strong>Athletic Union finances, organises and supportsalmost 60 sports clubs on campus,and there really is something for everyone.I am proud to say that I have been an activemember of the AU throughout my degree,basketball being my chosen sport, andmy student experience would have beennowhere near as enjoyable and rewardingwithout my participation in Universitysports. It has provided me with the best opportunitiesto make new friends and someof my favourite Uni memories, and it can dothe same for you.<strong>The</strong>re are two main strands of sport hereat Newcastle. Most clubs follow the competitiveBUCS programme in which teamscompete against a number of other universitiesall around the country every Wednesday,but there is also the option to pursueIntra-Mural sports. This programme is forpeople who want to play sport competitivelybut primarily to enjoy the exercise andsociability that it provides. Whichever wayis right for you, Newcastle’s extensive programmeis sure to have a club or team thatsuits you. If you have any problems trackingdown a club to get involved in, or wantsome more info about sport at Newcastle,e-mail me and I will do my very best to helpyou out – even if that means starting upyour own team or club! Like all the othersabbatical officers, it’s what I am here for.

32 Monday September 26 2011 THE COURIERSportTo get involvedreportingfor Sports in <strong>The</strong><strong>Courier</strong>, emailcourier.sport@ncl.ac.ukthecourieronline.co.uk/universitysportRepresent Team NewcastlePhotograph: Lindsay MacKenzieAlice HollowayAU Officer<strong>The</strong> Athletic Union (AU) works alongsideBUCS (British University and CollegesSport), who are the national governingbody for student sport. BUCSorganise inter-university competitionevery Wednesday afternoon and someweekends, working with us to help youget the most out of your student experience.<strong>The</strong> AU’s biggest strength is undoubtedlythe fact that it is student led. Thisallows students to not only get involvedin the sports themselves, but also tohave a real sense of ownership over thedaily management of the AU by gettingelected onto the Committee of theirclub. This input from clubs is taken intoconsideration with every decision wemake via the AU Executive Committee,and is the force that drives Team Newcastleonwards and upwards.Over the last three years we haveestablished ourselves as strong competitorson the sporting scene by maintaininga top 15 position in the countrythroughout, whilst gradually improvingour total BUCS points score by the endof each year. This year we want to provethat we are truly a force to be reckonedwith, with aspirations to climb backinto a top 10 position.Another amazing thing about TeamNewcastle is that, whilst we work extremelyhard in our training and onWednesday afternoons, we also playhard! Every Wednesday night all theAU clubs come together in our exclusivenight in TigerTiger to celebrate thewins and forget the losses of the day’scompetition.However, there is one Wednesday thatis held e<strong>special</strong>ly close to our hearts.This is our annual varsity competitionagainst Northumbria University; theStan Calvert Memorial Cup. On thisWednesday in March we take on ourarch rivals in over 20 sports, with morethan 1500 athletes going to battle invenues all over the city. <strong>The</strong> day of actionculminates in the final men’s RugbyUnion match at Gateshead InternationalStadium, with the presentationof the coveted trophy following soonafter. Team Newcastle have held this allimportant trophy for an unprecedentedfour years and are more determinedthan ever to bring it home for a recordbreaking fifth year!Team Newcastle has shaped my universityexperience and it could do thesame for you – it has never been moreexciting as we aim to break back intothe top ten for BUCS rankings, and it’sdown to you! It has also never been easierto get involved, with 59 sports clubsto choose from there are countless opportunitiesto become part of the Team,taking part in whichever sport takesyour fancy. Many of them don’t requireyou to have done them before, just goalong with an open mind and enjoy!If for whatever reason you can’t find aclub that appeals to you, you can start anew one yourself by coming to see mein the Activites Centre in the Students’Union.Last year both Clay Target Shootingand Gaelic football were started fromscratch and they have both already gonefrom strength to strength. Triathlon,Weightlifting, Handball and Boxing areall new this year, and you could have ahand in making them a success, so getinvolved!Don’t forget to head up to the Clubsand Societies fair on Monday 26th andTuesday 27th of Freshers’ <strong>Week</strong> in theSports Centre (opposite the Richardson• Aikido• American Football• Athletics and Cross Country• Badminton• Basketball (Men’s)• Basketball (Women’s)• Boat• Boxing• Canoe• Canoe Polo• Caving• Cheerleading• Clay Target Shooting• Cricket (Men’s)• Cricket (Women’s)• Cycling• Fencing• Football (Men’s)• Football (Women’s)• Gaelic Football• Golf• Gymnastics• Handball• Hockey (Men’s)• Hockey (Women’s)• Ice Hockey• Jitsu• Judo• Kickboxing• Kite & Windsurfing• Lacrosse (Men’s)• Lacrosse (Women’s)• Mountaineering• Netball• Orienteering & Adventure• Parachute• Polo• Real Tennis• Riding• Rifle• Rugby (Men’s)• Rugby (Women’s)• Rugby League• Sailing & Yachting• Shotokan Karate• Ski & Snowboard• Squash (Men’s)• Squash (Women’s)• Sub Aqua• Surf• Swimming & Water Polo• Table Tennis• Taekwondo• Tennis• Thai Boxing• Trampoline• Triathlon• Ultimate Frisbee• Volleyball (Men & Women)• WeightliftingAll these clubs will be in attendanceat the Clubs and Societies Fair in theSports Centre on Monday 26th Septemberand Tuesday 27th September.You can also email au.union@ncl.ac.ukor visit www.unionsociety.co.uk for fulldetails on all clubs.Road flats) to find out how to get involvedwith individual clubs.Together we can make Team Newcastlestronger, so get involved. I look forwardto seeing you on the pitches andin the sports centre in a few weeks time!

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