Guide to IC Visit - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Guide to IC Visit - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University(PolyU) is a university where innovationmeets application.PolyU has always soared to great heightsby staying close to the practical needs ofour community and our country. Bearing inmind our motto “To learn and to apply, forthe benefit of mankind”, we take pride inoffering a wide range of quality academicprogrammes which nurture the muchneededprofessionals and leaders for oursociety. We also have a long-established,application-oriented research culture, andwe are keen to support our academics inconducting research that has impact andpractical value.WHERE INNOVATION MEETS APPLICATIONApart from being a close partner ofbusiness and industry, PolyU has strongregional and global connections. Weare weaving a growing and increasinglyeffective global network which furtherfacilitates our educational and researchdevelopment, as well as enhancing ouracademic and cultural exchanges. Wehave achieved significant progress ininternationalization, and have strengthenedour establishments on the Chinesemainland.2

The Industrial Centre (IC) is asupporting unit of PolyU providingapplication-oriented multidisciplinarypractical experienceand other learning activities aspart of the overall educationpackage for largely engineeringand construction students. Inaddition to this major role, IC alsoprovides support to students,departments, industries andthe community in the followingareas: research and projectsupport, product and processdesign, product realization,manufacturing services, technicalmanpower development,consultancy and knowledgetransfer.WHERE INNOVATIONS ARE ENGINEEREDIC is the only establishment of itskind among the local eight UGCfundeduniversities. IC thereforealso provides service to otherlocal UGC-funded universities.IC is renowned for its applicationoriented,practical and handsoncapability, and has beensupporting the University inrealizing many innovative, noveland niche ideas and concepts toreal and practical applications.3

ORIGINIC was founded in 1976 under theleadership of Dr the Hon. Sir CHUNG Szeyuen,Founding Chairman of Council, HongKong Polytechnic to echo the needs of theindustry and community through:◊ Nurturing students to future professionaltechnologists and technicians byproviding them with industrial andengineering hands-on applicationorientedlearning activities andexperience.◊ Serving major professional technologistsand technicians providers (Hong KongPolytechnic, City Polytechnic andHong Kong University of Science andTechnology).◊ Providing industrial and engineeringsupport to industry and community.For these reasons IC is quite unlike otheracademic establishments. You will not findanother similar establishment in HongKong with such a variety of facilities andtechnologies and most importantly, withsuch a high emphasis on applicationorientedhands-on learning and application.Nowadays IC has introduced many newdevelopments to meet the changing needsof our community. Yet, IC is still unique andrenowned for what it is: a technology basewhere multi-disciplinary technologies arehoused and integrated under one roof andpractically applied.4

ROLESThe following are the major rolesof the Industrial Centre:◊ To support and contributeto University learning andprogramme.◊ To provide industrial andengineering support tostudents, academic, researchersand universities.◊ To enhance Hong Kong andChina’s manpower technicalquality by offering andsupporting knowledge transferand continuing educationactivities.◊ To support the development oflocal industry and technologyvia active participation intechnology integration,development and technologytransfer activities.5

FAST FACTSLOCATION The Industrial Centre is locatedat Core W and Core U of The Hong KongPolytechnic University.SPACE The Centre has a space of 6 floors withapproximately 11,000 m 2 .STRENGTH Multi-disciplinary technologieshoused and integrated under one roof. Currentlyit houses more than 20 technical workshopsand 10 accredited, authorized and joint trainingcentres.ACCREDITATION The Centre is also an approvedtraining centre of the Hong Kong Institution ofEngineers (HKIE) Graduate Scheme A Training.STUDENT Around 3,000 students participatein IC’s multi-disciplinary learning and trainingactivities each year.PROGRAMME The Centre provides multidisciplinaryapplication-oriented practicallearning and training activities for 50 academicprogrammes offered by 4 local universities and 1college.6

EXPERTISE◊ Building and Construction◊ Building Services Engineering◊ Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing◊ Computer Networking◊ Digital Imaging and Modeling◊ Electronic Product Testing◊ Form Exploration and Modeling◊ Forming and Fabrication Processes◊ Intelligent Home◊ Machining Processes◊ Measuring and Inspection◊ Mechatronics◊ Photochemical Machining◊ Power Switching and Control◊ Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Processes◊ Rapid Prototyping◊ Surface Finishing7

ACTIVITIESLEARNING & PROGRAMME◊ Technology-based practical training◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊Project-based practical trainingReal-life industrial projectIntegrative learningWork-integrated Education and PlacementIndustrial visitLecture and tutorialFYP supervisionContinuing education programmeCorporate technical trainingAccredited trainingTrain-the-trainer programmeTECHNICAL SUPPORT◊ Product and process design◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊Product realizationSystem design and integrationTechnology integrationTechnology consultationPrototypingManufacturingFabrication & assemblyTestingSafety Audit8

BEFORE VISIT...SAFETY FIRSTThe Centre houses many large and small scales ofmachines and equipment and therefore safety isstrongly emphasized in IC. All visitors should strictlyfollow the instructions given by the IC tour guide andtechnical workshop staff. Visitor should keep clear fromany operating machines and should not touch or moveany tools, equipment and materials in all technicalworkshops unless otherwise stated. Please report tothe IC tour guide or technical workshop staff immediateif you need urgent help or have accidents.LET’S START THE TOUR9

TECHNICAL WORKSHOPComputer-aided ManufacturingRoom W501, 5/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPRapid Prototyping and ManufacturingRoom W503, 5/FACCREDITED/AUTHORIZED/JOINT TRAINING CENTRE3D Systems SLA Demonstration & TechnologyCentre for Rapid Prototyping & ManufacturingRoom W503, 5/FACCREDITED/AUTHORIZED/JOINT TRAINING CENTREStratasys FDM Technology CentreRoom W503, 5/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPNon-conventional MachiningRoom W503, 5/F10

TECHNICAL WORKSHOPElectronicsRoom W311, 3/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPBuilding Services and ElectricalRoom U302, 3/FACCREDITED/AUTHORIZED/JOINT TRAINING CENTRESiemens EIB-LOGO! and KNX-CertifiedTraining CentreRoom U302, 3/FMINI GALLERY & STUDENT ENQUIRY COUNTERRoom W309, 3/FCOMPUTER CENTREComputer-aided DesignRoom U204, P/F13

TECHNICAL WORKSHOPRapid Prototyping and ManufacturingRoom W002, G/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPFoundryHot Metal ProcessRoom W002, G/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPSheet Metal FormingPress ToolRoom W001, G/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPFabricationRoom W001, G/FTECHNICAL WORKSHOPWeldingRoom W001, G/F15





VISIT APPOINTMENTPrior appointment must be made for all visitsto the Industrial Centre for safety and otherreasons. Contact us at tomake a visit appointment. You will be askedto fill in an application form for our ease ofprocessing. To obtain the application form andrelated information, please visit our web site 2012Industrial CentreThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityT: (852) 2766-7579 F: (852) 2334-4634 E:

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