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Download - Community Education

Download - Community Education


Registration InformationCommunity Education ...Where Learning Comes Alive!"Striving for FUN, EXCELLENCE and MEANING"When should I register?• Now! (As soon as you can.) Many classesfill quickly and instructors need to ordersupplies. Help ensure that your class hasenough students by registering at leastseven days ahead of the start date.• Please include two phone numbers so wecan reach you with any class changes.Where are classes held?• See our Site Directory on page 63.Why pay by credit card?• Register online and know immediately ifyou are in the class.• Transfers are easy, especially whenchanging levels in swim or gymnastics.• Credit card refunds are put throughwithin a day or two. Refund checks aremailed every two weeks.Can I use UCare benefits?• UCare Minnesota is accepted. Includeyour member 11-digit ID numberwhen registering. You may take a $15discount per class. (Seniors may usethis in addition to the 20% senior discount;however, "UCare for Seniors" isnow limited to one class/event per year.)Is there a Senior Discount?• Yes, if you are 60 years or older youmay take 20% off most Adult Enrichmentclasses. You may register onlineusing promo code Senior20; or mail, fax,or drop off your registration. (Discountsare good on MOST Adult Enrichmentclasses. No discounts on Trips andTours, 55 Alive or Online Learning.)Is there financial assistance?• Yes, for youth classes for families on freeor reduced lunch. There is a limit of $250per year. For more information, call 651-458-6600.• For adult classes - based on situation, call651-458-6605 to discuss.Will I receive a confirmation?• Yes, once we receive payment, a confirmationwill be emailed or mailed verifyingyour classes. If you are not notifiedwithin seven days, call 651-458-6624.• If registering online, you may print a receiptimmediately. Please have your spamblocker turned off for I register my child forAdult Enrichment classes?• Yes, if he or she is 15 years or older.Exceptions may be made for youngerstudents. Call 651-458-6605 to inquire.Are there accommodations forpeople with disabilities?• Your participation is our goal. Please call651-458-6605 to discuss your situation.What happens if CommunityEducation cancels the class?• All fees are refunded if a course is cancelleddue to insufficient enrollment orfilled before we receive your registration.Classes are cancelled one week prior tostart date if there is insufficient enrollment.Please REGISTER EARLY.Will classes be held if theweather is questionable?• Check our website at,watch Channel 15 or listen to WCCOAM 830 Radio. When District 833classes are cancelled due to weather, adecision will be made by 3 p.m. regardingevening classes.What if I live outsideDistrict 833? Can I registerfor Community Ed. classes?• Adult Enrichment classes are open to all;for other programs, please check withprogram coordinators (See page 61).What if I want a refund?Call 651-458-6607 as soon as possible.• If more than seven days before class:• Receive a refund minus a $5 fee.• OR select a different class in thesame brochure.• OR send someone else to attend.• If less than seven days before class:• Receive a 50% refund.• On the day of class:• No refunds or credits are given as wemust cover instructor & supply costs.• For Aquatics cancellations, see page 53.Note: Processing fee amounts for youthactivities vary. See flyers in the websitescrollbar at I Change a class?• If you make a mistake while registeringonline, call us. DO NOT re-register.Changes requested within 24 hours willnot be charged a processing fee.• All changes or moves after 24 hourswill result in at least a $5 processing fee.Changes/moves within a week of classare charged 50% of the class fee.What if I’m not satisfied withmy Adult Enrichment class?• Our goal is to meet or exceed yourexpectations. If you have any concernsplease email Gretchen Carlson or call 651-458-6605. In return you will receive a creditvoucher to apply to a future adult class.I still have questions.May I speak with someone?• Yes. Call 651-458-6600 during officehours. We strive to make the registrationprocess as user friendly as possible.2Classes are open to adults 15 and up unless specified. Registration is easy! See page 2.

Community Education Registration FormDistrict Program Center, 8400 E. Point Douglas Road S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016-3324Phone: 651-458-6600, FAX 651-458-6620,• For Office Use Only •Date________Amt Pd_________Mail__Walk-in__Fax_ _________Chk#______CashRcpt#_ ______Please complete a separate form for each participant with a different last name or address. Forms can be printed at www.cecool.comCheck here if you have: a new address. a new phone number a new emailParticipant’s Name_ ______________________________________________ Birthdate (required for youth)____________________First NameLast NameAddress _________________________________________ Apt./Unit # ______Home Phone # (______) ______________________(Home not Cell, for database ID purposes.)City____________________________________State______Zip___________ Work or cell # (______)_ _______________________Adult’s e-mail____________________________________________________ _ Gender: ____Male ____ FemaleMother/Guardian _______________________________________ Work or cell # (______)___________________________________ForYouthRegistrationsFather/Guardian ________________________________________ Work or cell # (______)___________________________________Shirt size InstrumentGrade in 12/13 ______ Special needs*__________________(if included)_______ (if required):_________________________________* Individuals with special needs are welcome to register for our classes and camps. Please note on your registration any needs your child may have or call 651-458-6600 if your child needsassistance to participate successfully and allow at least a two week notice for us to make assistance arrangements.Course Number Course Title Class Date Class Fee Discount Final Fee____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Make checks payable to: District 833 Community Education• Swimming: List first four choices in order of preference. Confirmations sent.• Senior Discount: Seniors 60 years or older may take a 20% discount on most AdultEnrichment classes, pages 5-43 (Discounts not available using online registration.).• Youth Financial Assistance: Call (651) 458-6600, press 0 for information.Charge my:# ______________ - _____________ - _____________ - _____________Exp. Date: ______ Signature__________________________________Insurance Members Only:UCare 11 digit ID #______________________________________Online registration:http://www.cecool.comSelect your classes and use your VISA orMasterCard. If you do not remember yourpassword, call 651-458-6600 to verifyyour email address and have an emailwith registration information sent to you.All discounts, gift certificates and creditvouchers must be mailed or brought tothe Community Ed Office. They cannotbe added to an online registration.By Fax, 651-458-6620HOW DO I REGISTER?By Mail or Walk-inMail or drop off your registration formwith a credit card # or check made payableto District 833 Community Ed.Community EducationDistrict Program Center8400 E. Point Douglas Road So.Cottage Grove, MN 55016-3324Directions:Hwy. 61 to Jamaica Ave. Circle to theright on the roundabout and head northon Jamaica, and west (left) on East Pt.Douglas Rd. (We share a driveway withApplebees and the Country Inn Suites.)District 833 uses a service to electronically recover any checks written to the district for insufficientfunds and returned to the school district. A recovery fee not to exceed the state allowed amount will becharged. If there are any questions, please call Pay Tek Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-641-9998.Total:To Help Us Serve You Better:What is the racial/ethnic group of the registrant?Racial Category___American Indian/Alaskan Native ___White___Asian & Pacific Islander ___Two or more___Black or African American ___Other or unknownEthnic Category___Hispanic or Latino ___Not Hispanic or LatinoCollecting this information helps us to provide programs andservices that meet the needs of our entire community.All classes and information available online at www.cecool.comOffice HoursM-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.Office is closed on holidays.LocationDistrict Program Center8400 East Point Douglas Road S.Cottage Grove, MN 55016Information651-458-6600www.cecool.comCommunity Education (651) 458-6600, Register online at, see page 3.3

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