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Linking Poverty Reduction with Forest Conservation - IUCN

Linking Poverty Reduction with Forest Conservation - IUCN

CONTENTSIntroduction -

CONTENTSIntroduction - 3IC FundPART 1: LINKING POVERTY REDUCTION WITH FORESTCONSERVATION: a brief review of policies and programmes inVietnamPART 2: CULTIVATING NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTSFOR SECURE LIVELIHOODS: a case study of the impacts ofNTFP domestication and agro-forestry on poverty reduction andlivelihood improvement in VietnamPage25251Vietnam Inlay Linking15/11/04, 2:08 AM

INTRODUCTIONThis document is one of the outputs of the project on Poverty Reduction andConservation: Linking Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystem Management.Funding for this project was provided by IUCN’s 3IC Fund, with additionalfunding for the publication provided by IUCN’s Regional Forest Programmein AsiaIUCN’s 3IC FundIUCN has established the 3IC Fund to provide a positive incentive system tohelp IUCN to adapt to a changing world and guide the course of futureinstitutional programmatic work. The 3IC Fund is designed to:catalyse Innovationpromote Integrationgenerate Informationstimulate CommunicationUse of the Fund is based on an integrated approach across IUCN’sprogrammes (including regional, global thematic and commissionprogrammes) and clear outputs that are scientifically credible, that can bereadily communicated to key audiences and have strong potential to attractfurther investment by donors and partners.In addition to specific results, each project supported by the 3IC Fund is tocontribute to:• Strategy formulation – to identify strategic management optionsregarding the engagement of IUCN in addressing the given issue.• Policy/position formulation – to inform the IUCN programme andthe Union’s constituency by proposing how IUCN could advocatethe issue.• Communication product(s) – to effectively contribute to sharingknowledge and learning on the key issues, in particular beyond thetraditional constituency of IUCN.2Vietnam Inlay Linking25/11/04, 2:08 AM

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