to download a copy of the Newsletter - Stanwell School

to download a copy of the Newsletter - Stanwell School

Greetings from the schoolIt is with great pleasure that I look back through the achievements of the pastacademic year. Our students’ successes across a range of fields are exceptionallyimpressive and the staff and governors of the school are very proud of allthey have achieved.On a whole-school level, we have enjoyed many highlights this year. Our productionsof ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘High School Musical’, our multitudeof sporting achievements and the academic dedication of our students all combineto make Stanwell an exciting and focused learning environment. We feelproud to be part of such a successful school and I would like to take this opportunityto thank our students, staff, parents, governors and friends in thewider community for their support this year.I wish you all a happy and relaxing summer break.Mr D. Jones, Headteacher.School AnnouncementsAS and A level results are published on Thursday 16th AugustGCSE results are published on Thursday 23rd AugustFirst day of Autumn term for students is Tuesday 4th September. Monday 3rd Septemberis an INSET day for staff onlyStudents wishing to sign up for peripatetic music lessons should attend a meeting at2PM on 11th September in the auditorium

School Calendar 2012 _2013Monday 3 September INSET DAYTuesday 4 September First day for pupils9 October OPEN DAY30 October HALF TERM6 November Year 7 Pastoral Parents' Evening13 November Year 13 Parents' Evening18 December18th to 21st December -School Production- Miss SaigonFriday 21 December LAST DAY OF TERM25 December CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS1 January CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYSMonday 7 January INSET DAY22 January Year 11 Parents' Evening29 January Year 9 TEAMX Parents' Evening5 February Year 9 WORKL Parents' Evening12 February HALF TERM19 February Year 11 Options Evening26 February Year 8 TEAMX Parents' Evening5 March Year 8 WORKL Parents' Evening12 March Year 12 Parents' Evening19 March Year 8 Options EveningFriday 22 March LAST DAY OF TERM26 March EASTER HOLIDAYS2 April EASTER HOLIDAYSMonday 8 April First day of Summer Term16 April Year 10 Parents' Evening7 May Year 7 TEAMX Parents' Evening14 May Year 7 WORKL Parents' Evening28 May HALF TERM25 June Award Ceremony (provisional)2 July New Year 7 Parents' EveningWednesday 17 July Last day of term

Proposed Extra-curricular Trips for 2012/13.February Half Term Art Department Year Group 9, 10 & 11 EuropeFebruary Half Term Skiing Year Group 10, 11, 12 & 13 Austria4 days March Geography Department Year Group 11 & 12 Barcelona7th 10th March French/Welsh Department Year Group 8 Euro Disney, ParisMarch Geography Department Year Group 12 Regeneration in Cardiff Bay14th 15th March History Department Year Group 12 LondonMarch / April German Exchange Year Group 8 & 9 Germany22nd 26th March RE Department Year Group 6th form Rome21st 25th March History Department Year Group 10 BerlinApril Geography Department Year Group 8 Bristol ZooEaster Holidays Skiing Year Group 8 & 9 AustriaEaster Holidays Sailing Year Group 12 France14th June History Department Year Group 7 Cardiff Castle - Jousting27th 28th June History Department Year Group 9 France2 days July French Department Year Group 7 FranceJuly Art Department Year Group 7 Cardiff

School Holiday Dates2012/2013Inset Days 2012/2013:Monday 3rd September 2012Monday 7th January 2013Thursday 18 th July 2013Friday 19 th July 2013Monday 22nd July 2013School Holiday Dates2013/2014

Eco-SchoolsMrs J LaityOver the last few months Eco-Stanwell committeemembers have been very busy workingtogether to make Stanwell School more environmentallyfriendly. Here are some of theprojects they have initiated:Fairtrade - membersvisited the ‘Fair Do’s’shop in Canton and participatedin a workshopbased on Fairtradeproducts. The group arehoping to introduce some more Fairtradeproducts into Stanwell in the near future.Energy Awards - each term the committeeselect pupils/staff who have given time andeffort into saving energy at the school. Thishighlights the need to save energy throughsimple measures such as turning lights offwhen leaving a room. Members were pleasedto present awards to:Mrs T DavisMiss L DonovanMrs J EdwardsThank you and please continue to support thisworthwhile initiative.Recycling– Eco-Stanwell members have beenbusy designing and displaying posters aroundthe school trying to encourage the schoolcommunity to dispose of waste in an environmentallyfriendly way. We have received considerablesupport for this initiative across theschool, which is very pleasing.- Samuel James of Year 7 collected an impressive3,000 Christmas cards for the annualrecycling competition. Well done to Sam forsuch a great effort!-Water bottles are still availablein the school shop if pu-STANWELL SCHOOL WATERBOTTLESpils are keen to support thisproject and help to reduce ourwaste of plastic cups.Look out for these water bottles they will be on sale from theschool shop!!! All profits going to Water Aid.Fairfield Eco meetingOn June 26th 2012 , members of Eco-Stanwellattended an Ecomeeting at FairfieldPrimary Schoolwhere ideas and progresswere discussed.This was followedby a group gardeningactivity, where pupilshelped prepareand improve an outside area of the school.Future eventsCharity and Eco Fund raising projectAfter the success of a joint charity and ecofund raising event in 2012, where over £200was raised for Marie Curie, members of bothcommittees are asking for pupils, parents andstaff to hold onto any unwanted items of clothing,bedding and paired shoes until next year.The Bags4Schools scheme involves these recyclableitems being exchanged for money. Thenext event will involve all proceeds going to acharity that Stanwell pupils will elect in thenew academic year.Stanwell Conservation areaPlans are underway for a new conservationarea at the school. Pupils from the committeeand members of the primary feeder schoolshelped to design a suitable area for this outdoorclassroom. This is very much an ongoing projectand Year 7s have been involved in constructingmany bird, bat and bug boxes duringthe Cosmeston sustainability day.“Thank you to all who have supported the Eco Stanwell cause!”

Duke of EdinburghAward SchemeMiss H JenkinsThis year has seen the largest number of participantsto date and the Bronze studentshave successfully completed their expeditionsection of the Award in the rain! For Bronzeand Silver students there are another 3 sectionsto the Award; volunteering, skills and aphysical section. These are completed for aspecific length of time and the participantsmust obtain their evidence.The expedition section of the Award is usuallythe most memorable for the participants.Training for this section has been conductedon the Thursday evenings in school and hasincluded the Country code, map and navigationskills, escape routes, teamwork, campcraft and first aid. Pupils received certificationof attendance for the first aid coursewhich was tailored specifically for the eventsthey could encounter on their expedition.The Silver participants completed their practiceexpedition on the 22nd—24th March andtheir assessment the week later in the BreconBeacons. The Vale Duke of EdinburghAward officer assessed the groups and reviewedtheir presentation highlighting theaims of their expedition.They were certainly luckier with the weatherthan the Bronze participants who, in themonth of June, have been soaked to the skin!Due to the large number of participants, thepractice expedition was split into twogroups, one on the 21st—22nd June and thesecond group in the 26th—27th June. Thepupils walked from Nash Point to Candleston,taking in the amazing scenery and experiencingthe second largest sand dune inEurope at Merthyr Mawr warren. The assessedexpedition was completed in theGower.All the pupils should be congratulated on passingthe expedition section of the Award, especiallyin the poor weather. Pupils must nowcomplete the remaining sections of the Awardon their eDofE account online before they cangain full certification.Many thanks must go to all the staff who volunteerto supervise the expeditions, those whohelp deliver the training throughout the yearand those who help with the distribution of thekit. Thank you also to those parents who helpensure the kit is returned in an acceptable state!Next year there are 178 Bronze and 70 Silverparticipants enrolled on the Award and thoseinterested in the Gold level will receive informationin September.“pupils should be congratulated on passing the expedition section “

Outdoor PursuitsMiss H JenkinsYear 7 visit to the VelodromePupils in Year 8 and Year 9 were given theopportunity to have taster sessions at CardiffInternational White Water Centre. Followingon from these taster sessions, a group of 14pupils from Year 8 have completed a sixweek Paddlepower course, levels 2—5. Pupilshave gained greater water safety awarenessand have also learned to paddle in boththe canoes and kayaks. They have had to demonstratea number of paddling skills in bothcrafts during the 6 weeks as well as handlingthe boats and equipment correctly.Thirty Year 7 pupils had the opportunity tovisit the Velodrome in Newport earlier in thesummer term. The pupils were provided withall the equipment and given coaching on ridingthe fixed wheel bikes around the tracksafely. The GB team are using this sametrack prior to the Olympics for their trainingso the pupils had access to top class facilities.It was a fantastic day out; one pupil evencommented that it was the best day of theirlife! It was an absolute pleasure to take thepupils on this new experience and the coachsaid how impressed he had been with theirbehaviour. Well done to all who participatedand don’t forget to look out for the track cyclingcompetitions in the Olympic Gamesthis summer!The pupils have also had a chance to go in thelarge inflatable rafts that are used on the whitewater course. Their confidence in the waterand the craft has grown immensely. Well doneto all those who completed the 6 week sessionand we look forward to many more excitingoutdoor pursuits activities next year!Year 8 Paddlepower“best day of my life”

Creative Writing CompetitionWinning Entries‘Sky Full of Lights’Maxine Pwele (Year 7)Lights shimmering across the indigosky like reflections on water. Thenatural wonder’s magic growsstronger as flickering shades ofgreen, pink, blue, violet spread across the sky.You cannot help but stare in awe at this wonderfulyet mystifying event. It helps us to rememberhow beautiful nature is and what it’scapable of. As the horizons brighten, thelights dim. Dawn deprives us of the spectaculardisplay. The Aurora Borealis. The NorthernLights. The night beauty.‘Freefall’Ray Vandyck (Year 8)I stepped out into the great abyss,the wind howling like a derangedwolf, as I hung in mid-air for a splitsecond. Then I was plummeting towards thecloudy blanket, like a strange dream, as Islowly turned like a planet in orbit. Then I hitthe barrier and turbulence rocked my figure,before I emerged out like a fish meeting thesurface. Buildings came into view. I yankedthe toggle and I was pulled back from myfreefall forever.of Pen y Fan. When we got to the top, we sawhorses the size of ants grazing on the grass.Suddenly an icy chill came over me, I realisedit started snowing. The beautiful viewchanged; the sky darkened.Many horses fled for the safety of the surroundingcliff. I stayed, rooted to the spot,unable to move, gazing at the scenery of staggeringviews.Shortlisted Entries:‘The Trenches’ by Harry Jowett‘The Wonder of Africa’ by Emma Davies‘Hanami’ by Lily Machlab‘Around the World’ by Henry Carter‘Africa’ by Ellie Ritchie‘Around the World’ by Lowena Diment‘Rainforest’ by Sophie EgerstromThanks to our judges:Tomei Browne, SuzieCollins, Nils Deeg,Channing Davies, MorganHarley, TommyHiggins and JasonMachlab.Pen y FanBeth Macmillan (Year 8)Aching feet, sore legs and tired arms;it’s worth it for the breathtaking views“Creative Writing Competition”

Department NewsArtPenarthHeightsYear 8pupilshave producedsuperbartworkincludingexcitinganimation using the latest technology such asIpads. They have been working with professionalanimator Ewan Morris Jones and representativesfrom Ffotogallery.‘Invisible Scars’ WorkshopA selected group of Year 8 pupils took partin a day workshop with visiting artists MaciejHoffman and Nicola Tucker. Both artistshave exhibited work relating to difficult issuessuch as the Holocaust and survivingtrauma. Pupils were encouraged to expresstheir own personal experiences, or familystories, through the creative use of mixedmedia.Paris VisitA number of pupils from Years 9 to 13 thoroughlyenjoyed a trip to Paris. The pupilsvisited several galleries to conduct researchinto their class themes and were astoundedby the diverse rangeof the work on displayin the Louvre,Musee D’Orsay andthe Pompidou Centre.The low temperaturesdid notdampen spiritsas the pupils visitedthe Sacre Coeur andenjoyed a leisurelystroll in Montmartre.Ms R LewisNational Museum Wales / Amgueddfa CymruPupils from Years 8, 11 and 12 all visitedThe National Museum of Wales during thecourse of this school year. The pupils found anumber of exciting and useful resourcesduring their visit. They were fascinated andinspired by works on display in the galleriesby artistssuch as AugustusandGwen John,Shani RhysJames andFrancis Bacon.Primary VisitsMany Y6 pupils from our feeder schoolshad the opportunity to visit the ArtDepartment and take part in a ‘taster’ lessonfocusing on the technique of monoprint. Forall pupils it was a chance to see the vastarray of exciting work on display in the Artrooms and to ask questions about future KS3work.By Rebecca Hardess (8M)Global Canvas Award 2012After submitting their fantastic work intothe David Shepherd Wildlife competition,three pupils from Years 7 and 8 were selectedto have their work displayed in the NaturalHistory Museum, London: Aimee Lintern(7L), Alexandra Ruge-Hayes (7A), andRebecca Hardess (8M). Well done all!‘Pupils were encouraged to express their own personal experiences, or familystories through the creative use of mixed media’.

BusinessStudiesMrs J MacnamaraOn Monday 18 th June, ‘TopNotch’ representedCardiff and Vale at the Young EnterpriseWelsh Finals held at 'The RoyalWelsh College of Music and Drama'. Thegroup had already been very successful inorder to reach this point. At a regional levelthey had already won ‘Best Trade Standand Interview’ and ‘Best Company’ at theCardiff and Vale Regional Finals.On the day, the students had to create astand that represented their product andbrand and be interviewed by a range of differentjudges. They then had to give a fiveminute presentation to an audience thatcomprised of a range of business ambassadors,the other teams that were competingand invited guests.At the finals, ‘TopNotch’ were awarded the'Daily Telegraph New Media Award' for theadvertisement that the group created to promotetheir product, the ‘Cwtchi’. This is aproduct that has been designed to protectiPads and phones, manufactured from recycledwetsuits. Each ‘Cwtchi’ had its own‘TopNotch’ did really well and presentedthemselves in a very mature and professionalmanner. They were competingagainst seven other companies on the day;many of their competitors were older studentsfrom Year 12, which made theirachievements all the more, with the current promotions linkedto the Olympics. The winning advertisementwill now go to London to compete inthe UK finals.Well done to all those students who tookpart in the scheme this year! The studentshave demonstrated an excellent range ofentrepreneurial skills. Some of the profitsgenerated from all teams have been donatedtowards sponsoring Ganesh at the PooccholaiChildren’s Home in India and AshgroveCafe.‘Presented themselves in a mature and professional manner’

DramaMiss L MaddyThis has been an extremely busy but successfulterm for the Drama department. Studentsin both Key Stages 4 and 5 have excelledin preparing for their GCSE and Alevel written examinations, covering a widevariety of set texts such as: ‘A MidsummerNight’s dream’, ‘The Chairs’, ‘The RoseTattoo’ and ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’.Year 12 students have also been practisingtheir theatre reviewing skills and enjoyedvisiting the Theatre Royal, Bath to watch‘The Kings Speech’ and the Royal WelshCollege of Music and Drama to see ‘TheMerchant of Venice’.They have also produced some outstandingexamination performance pieces. Both theGCSE and A Level examiners said that theywere impressed with the innovative devisedwork shown and that it was amongst thebest that they had seen! We wish our Year13 students the best of luck on their quest infurther education, especially MilesBraithwaite and Jessica Steed who havechosen to study acting at and Liverpool Instituteof Performing Arts and BournemouthUniversity, respectively.Key Stage 3 pupils have also been showinggreat enthusiasm in lessons and have engagedwith schemes of work based on, ‘TheLost Valley’, ‘Melodrama’, ‘The Grimm’sTales’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’.Year 10 have produced pleasing devisedwork based on the stimulus of the AberfanTragedy and some spotlighted their work duringa Year 9 assembly.Other achievements include:Thomas Elliot (Year 13) joining the 2012summer cast of The National YouthTheatre of Wales.Danielle Evans (Year 13) joining the 2012summer cast of Youth Musical TheatreUK.Katie Alstead (Year 10) attending a final recallfor ‘It’s My Shout’ films.Alexander Collins (Year 9) participating inMark Jermin’s Swansea showcase.Emily Price (Year 13) and Sian Smith(Year 9) appearing with Orbit TheatreCompany’s production of ‘Annie’ at TheNew Theatre, Cardiff.Thomas Elliot, Ross Foley, Jessica Steed(Year 13), Beth Cowley, Seren Vickersand Mikaela Wood (Year 12) attendingthe Young Actors Studio at the ‘RoyalWelsh College of Music and Drama’.Sian Smith (Year 9) attending an ItaliaConti Summer school completing a Musicaltheatre course.This term, the Year8 and 9 productionof ‘High SchoolMusical’ has beenthe main focus ofextra-curricularwork. Staff andpupils have demonstratedgreatcommitment anddedication to producingwhat hasbeen a spectacularproject. It has beena true example of teamwork, proving thatwhen “we’re all in this together”, excellencecan be achieved!‘We’re all in this together!’

DesignTechnologyIt has been a very busy and rewarding year inDT with the department moving into twonew teaching rooms. Both rooms have beenfitted out with new equipment including; adesk top laser, A3 Scanners, A2 Printers, asublimation press and a CAM embroiderysystem. Students studying graphic productsand textiles will now be able to produce artefactsto the highest professional standards.Needless to say, both facilities are proving tobe a fantasticresource forboth theschool andthe department.Mr N GiffordTom Gillanders, EllaMott-Riley and EllieWay were singled out asdisplaying true creativityin their projects, in particularTom who decidedto use concrete to make adesk light. All three havebeen nominated for theStudent InnovationsStudentshave once again displayed the highest levelof creativity and commitment,with manyspending evenings andweekends in schoolcompleting theircoursework and haveall been praised by visitingmoderators.A2 Product Design.Once again the visiting moderator was impressedwith the range and creativity of workon display, stating, ‘Your students at Stanwellclearlyunderstandhow to designand producefantasticwork’.Award in October and we are anticipating greatsuccess in this prestigious competition.AS Product Design.AS students have also wowed the visitingmoderator who felt that the students, ‘clearlyunderstood the principles of good design andhow to use design tools like their sketchbooks’.Alana Thomas’ Cath Kidson inspired dresswas singled out for of particular praise as wasJoe Tucker with his design for a new footbridgeto be placed in Cardiff BayGCSE Design & TechnologyThis year has been a very successful year withstudents once again producing some outstandingdesign work. Ailsa Jones was identifiedby the moderator as producing an excellentfood product.“displaying true creativity in their projects”

DesignTechnologyGraphic Products students have produced anumber of impressivedesigns based on anethical clothing company,most impressiveof which was thesubmission by BethCarter. Her range ofMr N GiffordOlympics and have produced some fantasticwork.Year 8 pupils have exceeded all expectations intheir practical work, creating sophisticated andexotic meals for athletes as part of their Olympictheme.Year 7 pupils have been very enthusiastic andproduced some fantastic and creative cakes.products displayedan empathy for the company and environmentalconcept which again impressedthe visitingmoderator.The RMTfocusarea wastopped byJay Kapuriawho developed a design to store CDs.His attention to detailwas impressive andworthy of praise from theWJEC.KS3During the summer term,students in DT have beenworking on projects which have the Olympicsas a theme.Food Technology students in both Years 7and 8 have been working on the topic of theThe Olympic theme has run through other projectsas well with many hotrods being designedto promote the Olympic games.Year 7 textiles pupils have been working on acushion project. Pupils are enjoying this projectand have produced some excellent workthis term. The bag project in Year 8 continuesto be a success. Pupils have produced a rangeof bags includingBoot bags,hand bags,tote bags anddrawstringbags.After School ClubAfter School club continues to be popular.During the year, many pupils are encouragedto attend the workshops after school to completeprojects and to increase their machineskills or for any extra support.“Year 8 have exceeded all expectations”

Economics andPoliticsMr J BogganThis is only the second year in which theschool has offered a ‘Social Sciences’ prizeand this year it was awarded to Callum Masters(pictured below) from Year Twelve whohas studied Economics with success fromGCSE onwards and now plans to apply toread it at degree level after his A2 examinations.Callum said: ‘No other subject I studymakes me think in quite the way Economicsdoes!’Our summer term is dominated by the examinationperiod. Examinations have never beenmore topical in nature and this makes the subjectmore enjoyable and relevant both to teachand learn. The A2 paper included questionsabout the number of taxi licenses granted byCardiff Council—if there are too many, driversstruggle to make a living, too few andthere is likely to be more anti-social behaviourin the city centre. Perhaps inevitably therewas an essay question on our staying out ofthe euro and an A/S one on the economic effectsof a weak currency. One GCSE paperpondered whether the benefits of the OlympicGames will exceed the costs and consideredwhether or not the ‘Big Four’ supermarketshave too much power. Another considered theeconomic effects of cuts in Governmentspending budgets and what the options are forredundant workers in areas of high unemployment.Year 13 Government and Politics studentshave busy extending their knowledge of USPolitics—in particular examining fascinatingissues such as whether the President possessestoo much influence and whether the US Constitutionstill effectively protects citizens’rights.Year 12 students were given the opportunity toattend a Model United Nations Conference atTy Hywel in Cardiff Bay. The main agenda fordiscussion was the Global Food Challengewhere issues such as population and the environmentalissues of food production to helpascertain whether the world can feed a growingpopulation were discussed. Each group ofstudents represented an individual country. Wewere invited to send two delegations. OwenDavies, John Ellis and Oliver Bird representedIraq while Jordan Geach, Caitlin Ellisand Amy Le Grys spoke on behalf of the UK.Politics students also contributed to a BBConline Schools Question and Answer sessionin May where they were invited to contributeto a live debate. The panellists included MPsfrom the 3 main UK political parties and alsoincluded the colourful and famous individualGeorge Galloway.The Year Nine pupils enjoyed a division oflabour simulation which replicates factorylife. Based in competitive teams, particularlyproductive workers included Chandni Kerai,Erin Duffy and Evgenia Brusnitskaya.These pupils have also been especially committedthroughout the year and deserve praisefor their achievements.‘No other subject I study makes me think in quite the way Economics does.....’

EnglishMrs M WilliamsMany thanks to Jade Eastwood, Amina Safdar,Carys Wilson and Aaron Wingren ofYear 7 who formed the impressive ‘TimesSpelling Bee’ team appropriately named‘Stanwell Legends.’ They were all excellentcompetitors and, despite not winning, foughtuntil the end. They battled in a tense onlineheat and had worked really hard to prepare forthis by learning difficult words and by participatingin the activities that were available onthe website. This was great fun and reallyhelped them to improve their spelling and learnmore ambitious and interesting vocabulary.Thank you to all of those that entered in thefirst heat, it was very popular this year and itwas encouraging to see so many pupils whowanted to improve their Literacy skills andrepresent their school at the same time. If anypupils want to get a feel for the Spelling BeeChampionship and practise their spelling withthe interactive games available, then log on and use the ‘Playand Train’ games. This would be fun for parentsand pupils! We look forward to anotherfierce competition next year.Every year, the Stanwell English Award isgiven to one deserving Sixth Form pupil. Thisyear, no other pupil was more deserving thanHarry Wood. Throughout Year 12, Harry hasproven his commitment to English in numerousways. His effort in lessons has been outstanding.As well as working hard to succeedacademically, as part of his Welsh Baccalaureatequalification Harry chose to complete hiscommunity service by becoming a Year 7buddy in English lessons. Very quickly, Harrybecame invaluable in lessons and pupils wouldfight over who he would work with. Evenwhen he completed his required hours, Harrycontinued to help in the lessons. He should bevery proud of what he has achieved this yearand he will make an excellent teacher one day.As part of the Literacy Programme in Stanwell,pupils take part in a reading challenge inwhich they are awarded different certificatesfor completing a certain number of books. Twopupils have absolutely smashed the record forthe gold award in one year. Esther Bucktonand Maxine Pwele both achieved their ‘Gold’certificates by Christmas and have continued toread avidly throughout the year. Esther managedto read a whopping 56 books and Maxinea fantastic 38! Well done girls; an incredibleachievement.Coming up to Stanwell from primary schoolcan be a daunting experience for some pupils.This term, 8 Year 7 pupils have tried to makethe transition easier by giving a presentation toYear 6 pupils and their parents. In English lessons,they wrote their experiences down andprepared scripts on topics they had been concernedabout before starting Stanwell, like bullying,making friends and scary teachers! Theyworked hard to make their presentation informative,but most importantly reassuring, anddid a fantastic job speaking in front of thepacked auditorium. Thanks to them, we haveno doubt the Year 6 pupils will be thoroughlyprepared and excited for September.Year 10 pupils visited Cardiff Castle to watchan open-air performance of Shakespeare’s‘Macbeth.’ The rain held off for the first halfbut both pupils and staff still enjoyed the performancedespite adverseconditions! Allpupils in Year 7 toYear 10 were invitedto take part in a CreativeWriting Competition,‘Around theWorld in 80 words’.We had a total of 180 entries and the judgingpanel found it a challenging but very enjoyableexperience selecting the winners. Winning entriesare printed at the front of the newsletter.‘encouraging to see so many pupils who wanted to improve their Literacy skills’

GeographyIt has been a very busy term in theGeography department. Year 7 pupils havebeen learning about the impact of ClimateChange on the world around us. The pupilshave been finding some innovative solutionsto the problem of fossil fuels and preparingfor an alternative future. They coulddefinitely give David Cameron a run for hismoney!Year 8 pupils have been studying TropicalRainforests and enjoyed a visit to theeducation centre in Bristol Zoo, where theywere able to get a little too close to some ofthe animals that live in this hot and humidclimate. As you can see from the photosbelow, some of the girls got into the mood bybecoming tigers for the day!Ms H MorganYear 10 students have successfullycompleted a Decision Making Exercise aspart of their GCSE course. Pupils undertookan investigation into Wind Energy and chosewhere a potential wind farm site could beplaced in Cumbria. Their aims were to haveas little social, environmental and economicimpact as possible. Don’t worry readers, it’snot going to be situated off the coast ofPenarth!Year 9 students have made excellentprogress at the start of their GCSE studieswith a visit to the London Olympic Villageand sporting venues, highlighting issues ofurban regeneration and the benefits ofLondon hosting the forthcoming Olympicgames.Our Year Eleven students have nowcompleted their GCSE course and sat theirexaminations in June. We wish them all thevery best for the August results and hope thatmany of them will return to Geography fortheir AS Level studies.“Geography is important because it is relevant to all that we do and opens oureyes to the world we live in.”

GeographyAs part of the AS Level course, Year 12students have visited the River Ilston in theGower and also Cardiff Bay to undertakefieldwork investigations in preparation fortheir AS examinations. As expected, the raincame down on both days, but it definitelydidn’t dampen their spirits!Ms H Morganbuy a bowl of rice. It really made themappreciate their own lives, realising howfortunate they are.Year 13 have completed their Geographyexperience at Stanwell and, on behalf of allthe department, I wish them all the best withtheir Higher Education options.The Cosmeston Cross Curricular day enabledall Year 7 pupils to make shanty townhousing from scrap materials. This teambuildingexercise also encourages pupils’thinking skills. They designed andconstructed some very sturdy dwellings, butwe are not sure that they would want to livein them permanently!Coming Soon.......The Geography Department is lookingforward to:The Year 10 Tenby Fieldworkinvestigation The GCSE Iceland visit in October 2012The Year 8 “Geography of Chocolate”visit to Cadbury WorldThe Year 6 pupils were introduced to theGeography department during a series ofPrimary Liaison visits. Pupils played thePaper Bag game to understand thedifficulties facing people living in poorercountries of the world. They worked veryhard for little pay and only earned enough to“Geography is found in everything we do and everywhere we go.”

HistoryMr G MorganIt has been another very busy and enjoyableterm in the History Department.Year 7 pupils have been investigating whatlife was like in medieval society and the challengesfaced by the rulers of that era. Theyhave been learning about medieval religion,town and village life, as well as the gruesomedetails of medicine, medical interventions andthe Black Death. A large number of Year 7pupils have also recently experienced thedrama and excitement of a jousting contest atCardiff Castle.Year 8 have been enthusiastically studyingthe Industrial Revolution and its significanceand legacy in the present day. They have alsospent the term investigating the many aspectsof the Great War. In particular, they have developeda good understanding of the complexcauses of World War One and have consideredits on-going relevance.Year 9 have been studying the rise and fall ofthe American economy. They have been lookingat the causes of the Boom and the dramaticWall Street Crash. They have workedexceptionally well all year and their impressivework will no doubt be carried throughinto Year 10.As part of theirpreparation fortheir coursework,fifty-fiveYear 9 pupilsrecently visitedthe beaches ofDunkirk tostudy the heroicmission in which 338,000 Allied troopswere saved from the advancing Nazis. Thegroup visited sites such as Dover Castle, Cassel— the scene of valiant resistance fromWelsh Guards, and the memorial to the Battleof Dunkirk, which was symbolically constructedfrom the quayside on which soldierstrod on their way back to Britain. The trip wasa roaring success and a great time was had byall.During the Easterholidays, Year 10pupils travelled toBerlin. They visitedhistorical sites inBerlin with particularemphasis on NaziGermany and theCold War. Sites includedSachsenhausen Concentration Camp,the Olympic Stadium, Checkpoint Charlie, theBrandenberg Gate and the Reichstag. On alighter note, pupils watched, listened anddanced to tribute acts such as Freddie Mercuryand Diana Ross and had a lively meal in theHard Rock Café. The pupils thoroughly enjoyedthemselves and were a credit to theschool.Years 11, 12 and 13 have been busy preparingfor their examinations. We wish them all thevery best of luck for their results in August.“It has been another very busy and enjoyable term in the History Department. “

Information TechnologyMr P DaviesPrimary LiaisonThe summer term saw our feeder primaryschools bring their Year 6 pupils up to the ITdepartment to complete a transition multimediaproject on e-safety. In addition, St Andrewsprimary in Dinas Powys brought theirYear 6 pupils to complete an iPad based transitionproject which took place in the school’snew iPad suite.Leon Appiah (9O), Jac Ursell (9O), KiraGeach (9A), Mark Crothers (9A), BenjaminTanner (9T), John Wall (9M) and JosephFettah (9W)Homework ClubICT clubs for both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage4 have been very well attended again this year .Key Stage ThreeYear 7 and 8 pupils have enthusiasticallytaken part in their ICT lessons this year withlarge numbers attending homework clubs.Our plan next year is to offer a wider varietyof homework clubs including an iPad club.Outstanding achievement in Year 7 camefrom: Menna Bafaqih, Rebecca Bratby,Annie Higgins and Naomi Hills who showedexcellent endeavour with their classwork.Key Stage 4Year 11 and Year 10 pupils produced someexcellent coursework for their Dida Unit 1.Danielle Carey (11M), Laura John (11M),Bethan Mattey (11M), Dewi Fford (11O),Samuel Harry (11E), Daniel Skentelbery(11T) and Sion Thomas (11O) producedsome excellent Graphics and Games Designcoursework. Year 9 pupils who have alsoworked very hard in class are: Liam Quinn(9R), Ella Dyer (9X), Alice Holder (9X),Joseph Coole (9A). Pupils who have significantlyprogressed and improved their workethic from the start of Year 9 are LiamMeaden (9A), Charlie Richardson (9M),The Key Stage 3 ICT Games Design saw over40 pupils regularly attend games design clubeach week.Sixth Form:Year 12Computing students produced some excellentprogramming projects for their AS courseworkof particular note were Allister Hill, BenWare and Jack Bowers. Applied ICT pupilsalso produced some excellent spreadsheet anddatabase modelling coursework notably KatieJones and Allister Hill.Year 13Cerys Young produced some excellent Multimediaand graphics A2 coursework. Best ofluck to all our Year 13 students in their exams!“pupils have enthusiastically taken part in their ICT lessons this year”

MathsMiss E MurphyIt has been a successful year in theMathematics department. Years 11, 12and 13 have taken their GCSE, AS and ALevel examinations respectively. We saygoodbye and good luck to our Year 13students and look forward to welcoming backsome Year 11 pupils for AS Maths and FurtherMaths in September.Year 10 have now finished the GCSE Mathscourse. They will be concentrating on revisiontechniques and practising past papers aspreparation for their GCSE exam in November.A weekly homework club will run fromSeptember and will be open to all pupils.This year a selection of our Year 9 and 10pupils have attended the Royal InstitutionMathematics Masterclasses which were heldat Glamorgan University on a Saturdaymorning. The course ran throughout thespring term and was enjoyed by all the pupilsthat attended. Participating pupils were:Sayalie Borade, Chandni Kerai, AnastasiaMirza-Davies and James Senior (Year 9)along with Megan Doran, Zola Hargreaves,Balaji Krishna, Imogen Sibertand Rebecca Te Water Naude (Year 10).Congratulations to Balaji Krishna, Year 10,who not only qualified for the next round ofthe Intermediate UKMT Mathematical challenge,but achieved a distinction and medal inthe IMOK Olympiad Hamilton challenge.Well done Balaji!In April, the top sets from Years 7 and 8 tookpart in the National UKMT Maths challenge atJunior level. Congratulations to Year 8’sJonathan Wright, who achieved the bestscore in the school and a gold certificate.Other gold certificate winners were Liza Kiss.Seren Marsh, Bill Sims (all Year 8), DanielAnderton and Osian Boland (both Year 7).Well done to all the pupils that took part in thechallenge, in particular those that achieved agold, silver or bronze medal.During March, all Year 7 and 8 pupils participatedin World Maths Day. The pupils thoroughlyenjoyed the online Maths Challengescompeting against people from all over theworld. Congratulations to Lauren Ellis (Year7), Victoria Hill and Alex Langrish (Year 8)who achieved the top 3 scores in the school onWorld Maths Day.This year the Maths department has welcomedselected pupils from the feeder Primaryschools to take part in extended Maths lessonsat Stanwell. Two pupils from each of the primaryschools have taken part in the lessonswhich have been scheduled once a fortnight,throughout the year. Feedback from the pupilsand staff has been very positive. We look forwardto working with these pupils when theyjoin Stanwell in September.The weekly Year 11 homework club and halfterm revision session was again successful thisyear. The feedback was extremely positive andstudents were thankful to be part of the mentoringsystem. A special mention to all ourYear 12 pupils who gave up their valuabletime; the mentoring scheme would not havebeen so successful without them.‘We say goodbye and good luck to our Year 13 students’

Media & FilmMr I O’RourkeIt is most satisfying to look back on a productiveyear in the department; so many thingshave happened and so much has been achieved.Year 9 & 10 students have started to becomeconfident media analysts, with two examinationsunder their belt and some very promisingpieces of early coursework – especially theirself-devised Comics and Science Fiction ControlledAssessment. This work will be on displayin the Autumn Term in time for OpenDay.Year 11 applied themselves throughout theyear to the task of becoming thoroughly preparedfor their GCSE examination. This involvedthe production of a coursework folderreflecting their very best work, and sitting awritten examination in June. Outstandingcoursework was produced by Jacqueline Dich,Zac Ghazi-Torbati and Daniel Skentelbery.This year’s paper focused on Music IndustryWebsites and Music Magazines. Both topicsstimulated great interest and enthusiasm on thepart of pupils, many of whom naturally enjoythese aspects of media output in their personallives.Year 12 seem to have relished their first yearof A Level study, and have just finished thefirst two of their four modules. The first modulewas a series of coursework pieces thattested their creative and analytical skills to thelimit and the second was a tough external examthat focused this year on magazines for olderpeople. Students of note for coursework excellenceinclude Madeline Lynch, Phoebe Pageand Mikaela Wood.Year 13 have concluded their two year programmeof study and we wish them all the verybest for their exam results and future choices.We have seen some of the most accomplishedcoursework pieces ever from this cohort particularlyfrom Emily Davies, Sam Green andJordan Holt for their originality and technical“Outstanding coursework was produced”excellence.The department has also been extremely busywith extra-curricular activities this term. This hasincluded the production of the promotional materialfor ‘High School Musical,’ with the principalphotography by Year 13 Media student, KateHumphreys. Members of the department alsocontinue to provide back stage support and assistancefor the shows. The department also contributedto the design and production of the programmefor the Stanwell School Awards Ceremony.The Media Studies Awards for GCSE and ALevel were won this year by Daniel Skentelbery(Year 11) and Emily Davies (Year 13). Dan hasworked enthusiastically and consistently, producingan outstanding coursework folder, whilstEmily received this year’s A Level Media Prizefor her consistently high standards of attainment.Film StudiesIn 2010/2011, a group of students began the yearstudying for a new A Level in Film Studies andthey have recently completed the first whole cycleof this new subject. Congratulations are due tothat intrepid first bunch! The standard of the actualfilmmaking for the coursework element hasbeen outstanding within the new cohort. In particular,Elis Jones and Alex Van Den Brom haveimpressed.

MFLMrs T DavisFor this year’s Eisteddfod Year 7 French pupilscreated a poster about themselves entitled‘Moi’. The winners were: Rhys Jonesand Maxine Pwele.For Year 8 French pupilsthe title was: ‘Ma chambreidéale’ (my ideal bedroom).The winners in theposter competition wereSeren Marsh, Amy Hickery,Jessica Hawkins andin the 3D/ model sectionElizabeth McCulloch,The stage items was wonby Anton Elliott, Daniel Owusu, TristanWorssam, Gregor McBeth and Ryan Lane.It was a pleasurefor the teachers towitness the pupilsshow their awarenessof differentcultures.Congratulations toDylan Kingstonand BethanHearne who madean outstanding effort to communicate inFrench and Welsh and Bethany Fitt and AmyWalsh who won the quiz.Year 8 German pupilswere asked to create aposter about themselvesentitled ‘Ich’. The winnerswere: Seren Marshand Rowena Cameron.We celebrated Easter this year with a big‘Ostereierjagd’ (egg hunt). The winners wereLily Winnan (8), Grace Loweth (8), StuartMcGavin (9), Megan Doran ( 10), HollyFlynn (11) and Joseph Keenan (12)The annual visit to France was again a greatsuccess with both staff and 55 members ofYear 8 thoroughly enjoying their cultural experience.Pupils had the opportunity to see a number offamous Parisian landmarks as well as spendinga day in Disneyland where a special St.David’s Day celebration was taking place!The Summer term has been a busy one for theMFL Department. July the 2nd saw the arrivalof 46 German pupils from our partner school inStaufen. The exchange is celebrating its 30 thanniversary this year which is a huge achievement.The German children stayed with pupils inYear 8 and Year 9 for ten days. They came tolessons in orderto get a taste ofwhat a Britishschool is like.The children allenjoyed an excursionto Big“celebrating its 30 th anniversary this year which is a huge achievement.”

MFLMrs T Daviswhich was greatfun and rather wetfor some pupils!Pit. This includedan undergroundtour anda chance to lookat the exhibitions.There was also atrip to OakwoodThe pupils visited Nausicaa, Boulogne’s aquariumwhere they got to see some very interestingspecimens of sea life.In addition, theGerman childrenvisited Cardiff, aswell taking part in a treasure hunt in Penarth.It was all rounded off with a farewell BBQ atPenarth Lawn Tennis Club. The visit wasThey also had the chance to barter for trinketsat the morning market in Wimereux.voted a great success and the Year 8 pupilsare already looking forward to the return tripnext Easter.The French department has enjoyed a visit tothe seaside town of Boulogne in July. 43 pupilsfrom Year 7 spent two days practisingtheir French and sampling the delights ofFrench culture and cuisine.One of the highlights was most definitely makingand, bien sûr, eating our own crêpes in atraditional restaurant. C’était super!“pupils from Y7 enjoyed a visit to the seaside town of Boulogne”

MusicMrs J RichardsThe end of the Easter Term in the Music departmentculminated in two noteworthyevents. The first was a superb live performanceof the A Level Music set work(Shostakovich String Quartet in E minor)given by the Richard Hillman Quartet. Theviola player, Bernard Kane, was a past studentand we were able to arrange a presentationand performance of the work for Stanwell pupils,alongside other sixth formers from RadyrComprehensive, Cowbridge Comprehensive,Cardinal Newman and Monkton HouseSchools. This was followed by a revision sessionfor all students in the new Lecture Theatre.It really was such a privilege to hear thework played so superbly, and the studentsfound the experience a tremendous benefit.At the same time, rehearsals were ongoing forthe Key Stage 3 concert which included hundredsof our pupils and took place on the 29 thApril in the auditorium! Another fantasticsuccess, again following Stanwell traditionand presenting lots of the ensemble groups aswell as Year 7 in performance. Very welldone to everybody.The Vale of Glamorgan Festival is an annualcontemporary classical music festival whichpresents a programme of exciting contemporaryrepertoire featuring the works of UK andinternational living composers. Stanwell MusicDepartment has had links with John Metcalf,Artistic Director of the Festival for many years– and this year, on the 8 th May we were delightedto welcome Craig Vear, one of theUK’s most interesting and innovative youngcomposers to school. He had been commissionedto write a new piece which received itsworld premiere on Monday 7 th May during thefestival.The piece’s title was The Passing of CaptainRobert Scott and was performed 100 years afterScott’s ill-fated expedition, which set offfrom Cardiff in 1910, reaching the South Polein early 1912. It is being written for 3 malevoices, bass clarinet, cello and electric guitarplus a treated ‘Ghost’ string sextet and diffusedgenerative soundscape drawn fromScott's diaries and letters, Antarctic field recordingsand hymns. Craig himself spent along time in the Antarctic on a residency andwe were so fortunate that he held a composingworkshop with our Year 10 musicians, followedby a performance of the Scott piece forYear 7.Practical ExaminationsPupils have worked diligently to prepare fortheir practical assessments in GCSE, AS and ALevel Music this term. A number of Year 10GCSE pupils took the practical module a yearearly and the visiting examiners at all levelswere really impressed with their performances.Coursework was presented after a great deal ofcreative effort and we are sure that everyonehas done their best to achieve their potential.Fingers crossed for a good set of results in August.Pupils have worked diligently to prepare for their practical assessments in GCSE, AS and ALevel Music this term.

MusicMrs J RichardsOn the 29 th June, an ICTspecialist from CCVGMusic DevelopmentService spent a day runningtwo workshops forYear 7. Over 70 pupilswere led through a seriesof activities using theimpressive facilities ofthe school’s new Ipadroom, where they usedthe Beatmaker2 App torecord their group ideas.Rotary concertOnce again this year, Stanwell hosted theannual Rotary Club competition, wherejunior schools and members of our departmentpresented prepared musical items inaid of charity. Many thanks to all thosewho performed – again to such a highstandard – and to all pupils and staff whohelped to organise and support the event.High School MusicalThe end of a Summer Term in Stanwellwould not be the same without the traditionalLower School musical! Members of the cast,crew and orchestra have been working tremendouslyhard. A terrific amount of dedicationand work has been put in by teachersand pupils alike. It is an ambitious project,but the achievements are spectacular. Massivecongratulations to everybody involved,including all the backstage and set crew.Pictures of some rehearsalsand theposter from the show.CountyIt is not possible here to list the individualand impressive musical achievements of allour pupils. So many are members of Countyensembles, but also an increasing numberinvolve themselves in WNO and NationalYouth projects –from which they benefittremendously. The latest successful applicantsfor County membership are: AlexWhitfield (Year 7) – High Schools’ BrassBand; Tomas McSorley (Year 7) – HighSchools’ Choir; Robert Cavaye (Year 11),Alasdair Cavaye (Year 10), Rebecca Te-Water Naude (Year 10), Thomas Sharpe(Year 8) and Imogen Sibert (Year 10) wereall successful in their audition for theCounty High Schools’ Orchestra; Ella Maxwelland Thomas Turton (both Year 12)have been accepted into the Youth Choir;Robert Cavaye has also been accepted inthe Youth orchestra and Ray Vandyck(Year 8) will be joining the Youth WindBand. Very well done to all.HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL — “an ambitious project, but the achievementsare spectacular”.

MusicMrs J RichardsWNO singing clubThree pupils from Stanwell - Maxine Pwele,Emily Alford (both Year 7) and Olivia North(Year 8)- were recently part of the WNO dinnerheld at Buckingham Palace and attendedby Prince Charles. Maxine has very kindlywritten an account of the event for us:Welsh National Opera’s Singing ClubEmily Alford, Olivia North and I are membersof WNO’s Singing Club and we enjoy it verymuch! In term time we meet every Saturday atthe Welsh Millennium Centre, and for the pastyear we have been working on a speciallycommissioned new opera ‘Face in the Mirror’.We did staging as well as singing andit’s all been great fun, but hard work too! Weeven went in every single day of the half termholiday from 10-5, including the bank holidays!By now we’ve toured around 4 differentvenues; Western-Super Mare, Port Talbot,Gloucester, and finally Cardiff. These wereprofessional performances, with lighting,stage managers and lots of props and the audiencesloved it. But that’s not all we’ve beenup to!Recently we, as Singing Club, were invited tosing at a WNO gala event... in BuckinghamPalace! This exciting occasion was held inhonour of the company’s patron, PrinceCharles. We were singing in one of the maingalleries as the guests were arriving.On arrival, we entered the palace through aback entrance and climbed many steep staircasesthat led us to a small room where wehad the ‘highest quality’ royal sandwichesbefore the performance. It seemed that everyonestill couldn’t believe we were actuallyeating lunch inside Buckingham Palace, itwas just so amazing!Then we went through a very grand room toget to where we were going to sing. There washigh security at the palace and sniffer dogswere weaving around the room. We moved onquickly to a wide gallery full of huge portraits,gold and yet more gold. It really was a veryimpressive sight.We sang for a long time and everyone alreadyhad dead legs. But then we were told thatPrince Charles was going to come and everyonebecame super excited! We heard the clickingand saw the flashing of cameras and weknew His Highness was on his way up thesplendid staircase.So there we were, singing our hearts out as HisRoyal Highness came up the stairs and looked,listened and smiled. After we’d finished thesong, Prince Charles and the people with himapplauded while smiling joyously. He thencame over and spoke to us about the tour, rehearsalsand what it’s like to be a SingingClub member. Everyone was just smiling andnodding, everyone was in total awe!We were all overjoyed with how well it hadgone and that we had sung in Buckingham Palace!WOW! What a night!Well done girls and thanks to Maxine for writingsuch a descriptive account! For anyonewho thinks that they may be interested in joiningthe WNO singing club – there is no formalaudition process, and it is for pupils aged 10 –14. (See Mrs Richards for further information.)Pupils have worked diligently to prepare for their practical assessments in GCSE, AS and ALevel Music this term.

MusicMrs J RichardsMany thanks to the music pupils who performedso beautifullyin this year’s AwardCeremony. The winnerof last year’s prestigiousRichard FiceAward, PeterMcDonough, playedsolo euphonium – torapturous applause! –and the final musicalitem was given by some of the Lower 6 ALevel musicians, whoperformed ‘Valerie’.This was arranged byJoseph Keenan for agroup of backing instrumentalistsand starvocal soloist, Year 12’sSTOP PRESS!!!Beth Cowley. So manypeople have sent congratulationsfor the excellentstandard of performance –great stuff, guys!Following the tremendous success of‘Phantom of the Opera’ last year, we are delightedto inform you that Stanwell will present‘Miss Saigon’ at the end of next term.Set in 1975 during the final days of theAmerican occupation of Saigon, ‘Miss Saigon’is an epic love story about the relationshipbetween an American GI and a youngVietnamese woman. Look out for casting noticesfrom September!Performances are scheduled to take place onDecember 17 th -20 th inc (4 nights) in theschool auditorium. Information regardingticket sales will be available on the schoolwebsite in the Autumn Term.Instruments for loan and Peripatetic MusiclessonsThere are a small number of school orchestralinstruments available for loan (including anoboe and bassoon!). These are available forfree, but lessons will need to be paid for. Anyoneinterested should see Mrs Richards.Every September, peripatetic teachers hold ameeting so that existing and potential learnerscan sign up for lessons –this will be held onSEPTEMBER 11 TH IN THE SCHOOLAUDITORIUM. Interested pupils should excusethemselves from class at 2.00pm and goto the auditorium.‘Presenting Miss Saigon’

PhysicalEducationMr I SummerfieldIt has been another good term for the P.E. Departmentwith many excellent performances.The term started with very heavy rain whichforced two important Rugby and Football fixturesto be cancelled.The Senior Rugby team performed particularlywell in the Welsh schools competitionreaching the Semi-final stage. After beingpostponed several times, the match vs DuffynTaff school was played at Whitland RFC.Both teams were very well matched and at the79th minute were drawing at 12 points. Unfortunatelya loose kick and poor chase resultedin the opponents replying with an excellentcounter attack and scoring in the lastsecond of the game. The Stanwell team hasshowed they can play at a very high standardthis year and are only losing a handful ofplayers due to their age. With a very strongYear 10 group entering senior rugby in thecoming season, next year could be very promisingfor Stanwell.In May, the Year 9 Girls Basketball team travelledto Wrexham to play in the Final of theWelsh Schools Basketball Tournament.Through their hard work and exceptional performancethey managed to obtain an impressive1st place.They also played two exhibition matches againstclub teams; Bromborough and Chester, whowere two years their senior. They put up a fantasticfight against both teams and were complimentedon their high standard of basketball bymany coaches that observed their matches. Allgirls thoroughly enjoyed the day and were outstandingassets to Stanwell School.Special mention goes to; Rebecca Egerstrom,Tizzy Birch-Hurst, Georgia Atkinson, ShaniceDonovan, Niamh Teague, Lucia Attanasio,Kelsey Murray, Amelia Rowlands and SallyJones.NetballCongratulations to the Year 9 netball team whoreached the county finals in April. The teamcame 4 th overall and played exceptionally well.In the Vale tournament the Year 9 girls came 1st.All our players have had a fantastic season andspecial mention goes to Olivia Hamzelou. Welldone Olivia on an outstanding netball season!‘hard work and exceptional performance’

PhysicalEducationMr I SummerfieldTennisAt the time of writing, the U13 and U15boys’ and girls’ tennis teams had all gotthrough to the AEGON regional tennis tournament.All the teams won the Vale round ofthe competition and now progress to the finalswhere they will play schools from SouthWales. There were some tough matches inthe earlier round but our experienced playersmade it look easy. We now look forward tothem playing at the David Lloyd tennis centrein July where they will hopefully do as welland progress even further. The teams consistof:Niamh Sweeney, Liberty Smith, SerenMarsh, Grace Samuel, Will Marsh, TomMarsh, Ethan Hutchings, Spencer Robinson,Milly Williams, Annabel Richards,Olivia Dwyer, Olivia Hamzelou, GeorgiaAtkinson, Rhys Fford, Niall Seeley, JacobGrant and Scott Dutfield.AthleticsCongratulations to Phoenix Kaged (relay)and Sophie Boyle (200m and relay) whohave been selected to represent Cardiffand the Vale athletics team. Both girls performedwell in the middle championshipsto be selected for the team. In other athleticscompetitions there were impressivewins for Clare Halligan, AnnabelleBirch-Hurst and Maddie Lloyd.“there were impressive wins”

PhysicalEducationMr I SummerfieldCongratulations to all pupils who have representedthe school in athletics this year.There have been some good individual performances.In the Junior ChampionshipsClare Halligan (Year 8) came 2nd in the100m and Annabelle Birch-Hurst (Year 8)came 1st in the high jump. Maddie LloydFootball(Year 7) won the 1500m in the Year girlsChampionships. Sophie Boyle (Year 11)and Phoenix Kaged (Year 10 ) were bothselected to represent Cardiff and the Vale inthe inter-counties in July.Thank you to the PTA who supplied the newathletics kit which was proudly worn by pupilsat the recent athletics competitions. Weare very grateful for the PTA’s continuedsupport and I am sure our readers agree thatthe girls and boys look very smart indeed.Congratulations to the Year 11 Football teamwho won the Cardiff & Vale Cup. They beatBarry Comprehensive 4-3 in the final, scoringthe winning goal in the dying seconds of thematch. They came back from 3-1 down,showing great team spirit, determination andindividual skill throughout the game. Welldone to all involved.Team line up -(Back row L — R) Fraser Hodgkins, DewiFford, Lloyd Phillips, Curtis Boddy, SamJones, Riyad Auckbarally, Scott Taylor,Liam Walker.(Front row L— R) Joe Dyer, Myles Harding,Harry Roberts, Max Bramhill, SamSellick, Dan Spear.“great team spirit, determination and individual skill”

PsychologyMiss K HallAS PsychologyThe Department bids farewell to a number ofexcellent students this year. Congratulationsto Malita Chimuzi on winning the PsychologyAward. Malita has been an excellent studentof Psychology, achieving a very high standardin all her examinations so far and demonstratingan enthusiastic and conscientious attitudeto learning. She is looking forward tostudying Psychology at University next year. Anumber of other students are also intending tocontinue their Psychology studies at University(Jordan Holt, Emily Price, Roxanna Rohbani-Eivazi and Matilda Shepherd) and we wishthem and all our Year 13 students the best ofluck for the future.Next yearThe Department is looking forward to welcominga new member of the staff to the school nextterm.We are also continuing our commitment to increasingthe use of ICT in lessons and next yearwill have access to a department set of laptops.This will allow students more opportunity towork independently on their own projects andhave access to internet resources during all lessons.Year 12 students have recently returned toschool after working on their Welsh Baccalaureate.During this time a number of studentscarried out investigations into variousaspects of Psychology. For example AmyPalin produced an excellent piece of workcomparing the treatment of schizophrenia inWales and China. Other students investigatedtopics such as childcare, forced marriage andeating disorders. Students are now in the processof designing their own Psychology experimentsto be carried out over the summer holidaysand then written up and analysed in September.Many different topics are being exploredand we look forward to seeing the resultsnext term.A2 PsychologyAnother development for next year is the introductionof Health and Social Care at AS Level.The course is designed to give students who areinterested in a career in Health, Social Care orEarly Years services an introduction to some ofthe knowledge and skills they will need workingin these areas. The course covers a varietyof topics such as communication skills and promotinggood health. Students will be visited bya number of Health, Social Care or Early Yearsprofessionals as well as having the opportunityto visit a range of services.“The Department bids farewell to a number of excellent students”

ReligiousEducationAung Sann Suu Kyi’s DilemmaTo provide a link to topical issues with thevisit to Europe of the Pro-Democracy Leaderfrom Burma, Year 8 pupils have been examiningthe life of the Buddhist Nobel prize winnerand elected leader of Burma’s National Leaguefor Democracy in order to provoke challengingquestions about the decisions we make and theservice of others. Pupils have designed posterson the theme ofrights and responsibilities.RE Club UpdateRE Club have beenbusy completing their entries for the “SpiritedArts” competition. Year 8 pupil MorganCrimp is pictured with his entry and Morganalso received the Carol Evans RE award at thisyear’s award ceremony.Mrs J SkiltonRE Student VoiceThe RE Student Voice Group has been meetingregularly and Morgan Crimp, Lex Hermogeno,Amy Hickery and James Lewis are picturedhere discussing their future plans.The group have a badge designed by the Year 8Year 10 Looking BackYear 10 have spent some time reflecting on theissues they have studied during the first half oftheir GCSE course and have produced somestriking posters for display in the RE Department.Here is Ellie Trott’s composition.I have chosen a starfish because it’s got manylegs reaching in all different directions sodifferent religions go different ways but uniteas one. In this case the starfish legs are goingdifferent ways and unite in the middle.Eisteddfod winner Jessica Hawkins.The group have recently made their own badgesusing this award winning design with the help ofthe DT department.18 millionpeople dieeach yearfrompovertyrelatedcausestoday 2.7 billionpeople live on lessthan $2 a daytoday 1.1billionpeople liveon less than$1 a dayYear 11 Full Course GCSEYear 11 have been the first to take the FullCourse GCSE Religious Studies. They took thefirst exam in Year 10 and have completed thecourse by sitting a second exam this summer.They have all worked extremely hard and weawait their results with interest.“RE provokes challenging questions about the decisions we make”

Science Mr P JohnsonChemistryThe Chemistry department has appointed twoYear 12 students to represent the School on thelocal Industrial Community Advisory Panelwhich meets regularly at the industrial site inSully. Isabella Macgregor and Lloyd Allenwill sit on the panel and discuss mattersconcerning the running of the industrial complexand how it impacts on the local community andour environment. They will report back toschool, with particular emphasis on issues linkedto the curriculum.PhysicsThe Physics department has had a very busyterm with more students than ever taking the ASand A level WJEC practical examinationmodules in the first few weeks after Easter. Wehave also been very pleased to see so manystudents attending the department both after andbefore school for additional GCSE and A levelsupport. Best wishes to all with theirexamination results.BiologyTwo highly enjoyable projects have taken placein the Biology department this term. Firstly,Year 9 pupils have participated in a workshoprun by Techniquest which gave them an insightinto the problems faced by paralympic athletes,especially those using wheelchairs.Some 20 pupils in Year 8 have been workingwith researchers from the University ofGlamorgan on a project called ‘Let’s Talk AboutGenes’, thisproject lookedat the linksbetweenenvironmentand cancer.(see separatepage overleaffor a fullreport).Science CouncilThis term has seen the first meeting of thenewly formed Science Council whichcomprises of representatives from each ofthe Year Groups. They will meet at regularintervals to discuss issues raised by thepupils that they represent, ranging fromresources to methods of teaching andassessment. This serves as a vehicle toallow pupils to have a say on how thecurriculum is delivered within a largedepartment and already, some veryimportant and interesting issues are beingraised.The representatives are : Year 7: HarrisKhan, Year 8: Esther Buckton, Year 9:Jessica Boland, Year 10: Zed StrongYear 12: Henry Stephanakis (Biology),Molly Crowther (Chemistry) and AndrewRichards (Physics). Two otherrepresentatives will be appointed whenschool begins again in September.Science Club continues to thrive and giveYear 7 pupils a chance to get together afterschool on a Wednesday to construct andtrial various designs and experiments.Some of the themes this term included :‘Magic Writing’, Chromatography (in a‘who shot Mr Burns’ special!), buildingvolcanoes and making aeroplanes andparachutes. Pupils, especially ScottBagshaw, Osian Bowland, Ben Croll,Samuel Hancock, Moses Lawley, RobMcKellar, Niall McSorley, AlexWhitfield and Kota Wirth, have showninitiative and creative talents in many ofthese tasks.“some very important and interesting issues are being raised”

‘Let’s Talk About Genes’The highlight of this term in the Biology department hasbeen the participation of a group of 20 Year 8 pupils in aproject run by the University of Glamorgan on the subjectof cancer genetics – called Let’s Talk About Genes and IDon’t Mean Trousers.Researchers from the Faculty of Health Sport andScience, led by Dr Rachel Iredale and Kim Madden, havebeen working with the pupils for the last few months toexplore the feasibility and acceptability of discussingcancer and genetics with school children.“I have really enjoyed this project. Ithink that this project will/could bevery beneficial to other kids our age. Ihave learnt a lot and enjoyed beingcreative. Everyone is really friendlyand I have felt confident to talk topeople about cancer and genetics”.Dr Rachel Iredale, Principal Investigator, said“Families share lots of things – their genes,their environment and often behaviours andattitudes – which can increase or decrease therisk of getting cancer. Kids need to be moreaware of the role that family history can play inhealth and disease and need to be exposed tomessages that are relevant to preventing cancer,such as healthy diet, lifestyle and sunawareness”.Using funds secured from Tenovus, the Welsh cancercharity, the researchers explored the interaction betweenthe genetic and the environmental influences on cancerusing stories, games and creative activities. The childrenworked with an animator and some musicians to producea Rap. Both the pupils and the researchers hope that therap will convey to other children their age what theyshould know about cancer, inheritance and the role thatfamilies play in health and disease.The pupils involved found the whole project both fun,interesting and, most importantly, informative. Theinsight that pupils gained has proved to be valuable, andis best described in their own words:The pupils would like as many people aspossible to watch the Rap on YouTube. Wehope that it will be viewed 20,000 times by theend of the year -“I think it would be useful for other young people to know about parentspassing things on . This could cause kids stress which is unnecessary.”

WelshMrs C FlahertyIt has been yet another busy term for theWelsh department. We are delighted withthe increase in the numbers who attendWelsh club on a Wednesday. We wouldlike to give a special thank you to RobertBrown and Harry Newman for their enthusiasmand efforts. Da iawn bechgyn!Congratulations to Kathleen Ahearne fromYear 10 who was awarded the Ann JohnsonMemorial cup for Welsh and Music.Kathleen is a very conscientious studentwho has produced outstanding work inWelsh. She shows a passion for the languageand culture and has contributed tolessons with great enthusiasm throughouther time here at Stanwell.A bilingualism workshop held during theTransition INSET was organised by theWelsh Department and Huw Barton fromYsgol Gynradd Evenlode. The aim of theworkshop was to increase the confidence ofteachers from both the primary schools andfrom Stanwell to use more incidental Welshin the classrooms and around the schools.Resources have been uploaded on toMOODLE under the heading of Datblygu’rGymraeg. Feedback from the primaryschools and Stanwell staff was very positive.Also, congratulations to Jessica Raby ofYear 13 who was awarded the AlwynProsser Memorial cup. Jessica studiedWelsh at A level. During the course she hasshown great enthusiasm for the Welsh languageand culture and has been a committedstudent who has made outstanding progress.She hopes to continue her studies inWelsh and Art at university.‘Yet another busy term for the Welsh Department’

WelshMrs C FlahertyOn the 20th of June, Geraint Scott fromthe Urdd organisation came to Stanwellto give a presentation to Year 8 aboutthe Urdd activity centre in Glanllyn,Bala, North Wales. We are organising atrip to the centre for Year 9 next year toenjoy the many activities offered by thecentre in a Welsh language environment.On July 5th, the organisations Vibe andSWOOSH came to the school to promotethe National Eisteddfod and theWelsh culture. The Eisteddfod is beingheld in the Vale of Glamorgan this August.Their presentation was enjoyed bymany of the pupils and they were encouragedto attend the event and takepart in many activities, such as Zorbingand enjoying listening to Welsh bandsas well as watching the more traditionalevents.Year 7 pupils have been working hardand with enthusiasm and some outstandingresults have been achieved,especially by Juliette Cavaye, CaitlinDuggan, Lauren Ellis, Maxine Pweleand Carys Wilson in Year 7 and SerenMarsh, Will Marsh and Joe Short inYear 8.Many Year 9 pupils have also beenworking particularly hard towards theirend of Key Stage 3 levels and outstandingresults have been achieved bySarah Brabham, Georgina Bartlett,Evie Chatham and Olivia Dwyer. HazelDoran, Gaby Harding, MaisieHallett, Seren James and Sally Joneshave also been extremely positive andhard-working throughout the year.Year 10 pupils have been busy dealingwith the demands of the new GCSEcourse. In the Spring they completed afour week project which culminated ina controlled assessment worth 15% ofthe final grade. Dal ati!!!We, of course, wish our GCSE Year 11pupils, Year 12 pupils, Georgina Attwood,Lauren Gimber,CharlotteGoodway-Sims, Kayleigh Porter,Eloise Procter and Madison Ramsden& Year 13 pupils Bryony Edwards,Jessica Raby and Lucy Nicholls thevery best of luck as they await the resultsof their external examinations.Wishing you all a very restful and enjoyablesummer. Gwyliau hapus!‘The Eisteddfod is being held in the Vale of Glamorgan this August’

WorkskillsMr. R Deighton-JonesCongratulations to the ten Year 11 students AbbieShaw, Bethan Shaw, Corie Wolfenden,Daniel Harvey, Dean Hotchkiss, EmmaSmith, Jake Simmons, Scott Dennison, TaylorKnight and TristanLewis who allcompleted theBTEC ExtendedCertificate qualificationgaining two‘B’ grade GCSEs.Not only have they gained an academic qualificationbut also raised money for charity.They celebrated theirsuccess on a windsweptBarry Island inMay undertakingsome voluntary workwith the Visible Servicesdepartment atthe Vale of GlamorganCouncil. Well done and keep up the volunteeringwork.Good luck to all studentsand make sure you getyour booklets completedplease!Some of the pupils on theirwork experience placements.The Year 9 students have been undertaking the shortcourse Level 2 BTEC in Money and Finance Skills, theycompleted the course in June and achieved accreditation.Congratulations to James Pemberton, Austin Squire-Wood, Thomas Jones and Lewis Carde on successfullypassing the course.This term the Year 10 pupils have been using theWorkskills course to preparefor their Work ExperiencePlacement in July. Here are afew of the students and theirprospective placements.Georgia MurrayJaq AllenLauraTuckerKatie WayKyle StrenstromVishal PatelWei Haw OngCaylum PetherickJake CampbellSully SchoolMcDonaldsWelsh Hawking CentreThe Yard Graphic DesignersPizza HutCity wide Auto CentreBTSpar StoresNSW Auto RepairsUnfortunately, the poor weather has prevented us fromundertaking as much volunteering work as we hadplanned this year, we hope for an improvement in theweather and to take part in more partnership work withthe Vale of Glamorgan Council and Keep Wales Tidynext term.“prepare for their Work Experience”

Year Group NewsYear 7Miss R Sterlini and Mr M BaldwinThe list of awards and achievements for thisyear is most impressive. Year 7 pupils have allmade a wonderful effort to achieve such highstandards in these diverse areas. The level ofcommitment has been exemplary and we areconfident that this year group will continue tomake a superb contribution to school life.7TChloe Adney has won a medal in Sea Cadetsand is now proud to be a Colt. Emily Alfordperformed at Buckingham Palace for PrinceCharles with her singing group at his WelshNational Opera Dinner. Will Branson hasstarted sparring in boxing recently.Lowena Diment swam 100 lengths in 1hr15mins with Rhoose Lifeguards and she hasalso passed her Grade 1 piano exam. NathanEvans has been put forward for Cardiff andVale boys football trials by his PE teacher.Benjamin Jones is pleased to now be thecaptain of his football team. Ben Jones gained100% in his Geography exam. Jodie Knighthas won a medal and a trophy in football.Georgeana Pugsley has been very busyraising money for the LATCH charity with agroup of friends. They raised a staggering £950by organising a talent contest in All SaintsChurch hall. Georgeana is also going to begoing on ‘Got To Dance’, performed on theStrictly Come Dancing Tour and will becompeting in Oceana. Elspeth Robertson hasbeen selected to sing several solos in herPerforming Arts Academy’s SpotlightSummer Show and is looking forward toperforming. Niamh Sweeney was very pleasedto get through to the school tennis finals.Chelsea Williams has won a place on DanceAngels and will be performing in DisneylandParis. Harrison Ashby, Scott Bagshaw,Stuart Bird and Jodie Knight have allimpressed subject teachers and receivedpostcards home.7EMany congratulations to Olivia Price-Milne and Katy Rotherham, who alongwith a small group of friends, raised the£950.00 for Latch, a Welsh children’scancer charity that supports children whoare being treated for cancer or leukaemia atthe Children’s Hospital for Wales. Afantastic contribution, well done toeveryone involved. Congratulations also toElin Gray who has passed her grade 4piano exam. Alex Whitfield has achieved aGrade 4 piano award. He also coacheslacrosse at Evenlode Primary School everyweek and coaches Sailing at Cosmeston.Alex also sails for Penarth and Cardiff Bay.Idrees Maskeen has been selected to playcricket for Cardiff and The Vale U13. Welldone to Harry Smith who has beenselected to play football for Cardiff andThe Vale County Schoolboys (U13).Georgia Midwinter has been promoted toAssistant Patrol Leader in Scouts. Goodluck to Lucy Dutfield who is preparing forher Grade 2 Clarinet exam and Kota Wirthwho is preparing for his Grade 7 Violinexam. Ben Roderick is currently workinghard on his Grade 3 Guitar and Grade 5Piano. He has also achieved his brown beltin karate.7A7A have been a very busy form this year.Well done to Alexandra Slack who wonbronze, silver and gold medals in the WelshU13s karate finals. Jade Eastwoodcompeted in a swimming gala at Coganleisure centre in November and wasfortunate enough to attain 1 st and 2 nd placein her races. She has also sat her Grade 3“£950 pounds raised for LATCH!”

Year 7Miss R Sterlini and Mr M Baldwinpiano exam and is awaiting her Grade 2 fluteexam. Alexandra Ruge-Hayes was runnerupin an art competition that was entered byStanwell school and as a result, her work wasdisplayed in an exhibition in the NationalHistory Museum in London. AlexandraCrandon is part of a dance group calledPopstars, who performed on the StrictlyCome Dancing tour in the new theatre inCardiff this year. 7A has been very busyfundraising; Rebecca Johnson has raised animpressive £120.00 for Cardiff Dogs Homeand Menna Bafaqih, Olivia Griffin andStephanie Knight have all raised asubstantial amount for Children In Need.Finally, Dafydd Morgans and HenryCarter have been part of the Year 7 Stanwellfootball team that came second in the Cardiffand the Vale School League. Overall, anexcellent year!7M7M pupils have proven throughout the yearto be exceptionally hard-working, both inschool and in extra-curricular activities. Anumber of pupils have been involved in fundraising activities; these include a sponsoredbounce, (Saumik Dhar and MatthewCharles) cake making for Sport Relief(Emily Bull, Samanta Caramella-Vickery,Emily Cook, Lucie Isaacs and OliviaTaylor) and nearly all of the classparticipating in the Sport Relief Mile. On asporting front we have also excelled, withLibby Smith winning several tennistrophies in various tournaments. LuciaCavaliere has won over five horse ridingcompetitions and Haaris Khan has shown he hasa natural talent for boxing by wining all fivematches he entered this year. Congratulations goto Eve Barker who has managed to obtain herGrade 2 on both violin and piano, and TomasMcSorley who won first prize in the singingcontest during this year’s school Eisteddfod.7XHolly Courtney and Chloe Taylor enjoy danceand have been involved in the dance showStrictly Come Dancing. Lauryn Perkins entereda competition with the group Dance Angels andher team won 7 out of 10 awards and werepresented with a trophy! Many members of theform have participated in some of the many clubsavailable; Lia-Maree Dyer and Mason Dargieenjoyed joining the tennis club and thefootball club. Mason has represented StanwellSchool, playing striker and scoring 5 goals.Daniel Anderton has also played football andrugby representing the school in both sports thisyear. Niall McSorley has represented the schoolat rugby, playing in every game this season!Seren Mirza-Davies participates in many sportsclubs at school and has been to the USAparticipating in gymnastic competitions.Simran Sandhu took part in sports relief fun runcompleting the 1 mile run. Gwilym Humphreys,George Lush, Chloe Taylor, Holly Courtney,Lia-Maree Dyer, Cerys Johns, Katie Hudd &Lauryn Perkins made gingerbread andshortbread and sold it in the Dining hallextension. They were raising money for Childrenin Need and made over £20.00.Gwilym Humphreys has also auditioned forCBBC Vet school and has made it through to the“7X making cakes for Children in Need”

Year 7Miss R Sterlini and Mr M Baldwinnext round so he may well be on TV in thesummer holidays! He will be going to Leedsto film shortly.George Lush joined the eco-committee andhas helped with all the activities as charity,fairtrade and eco-friendly work. He was alsoa part of the team who designed andintroduced the school water bottles.The whole form agree that they love the foodthat is available in either the dining hall orthe sandwich bar.7W7W have been very busy again this summerterm. Robert Brown entered the WelshEisteddfod Speaking competition and camefirst. Adam Hearne and Macauley Wintonhave both played for the school footballteam which came second in a recent semifinals cup game. Richard Lee and JoshuaLewis have been accepted into the MikeFowler Football Academy. Maddie Lloydcame 4 th in a cross country athletics eventcompeting against schools from the wholeof South Wales. Joshua Meek came 1 st inthe Art Eisteddfod competition. AnnaPringle passed her Grade 2 piano exam andFrazer Wilde participated in a recentBadminton tournament, with the teamcoming second. Finally, the pupils helpedtheir form tutor raise £397 in sponsorshipmoney for a charity skydive over Swansea.7OMorgan Ashton and Sam James have set uptheir own football team ‘Penarth U13’. Theyplay in the local league. Amelia Chick, LilyMcJennet and Olivia Powell have raisedover £900 for LATCH. Andrew Flaniganhas worked hard to make improvements withhis swimming, achieving personal best timesat the Cardiff International Meet. Andrewhas been selected for the swim team that isgoing to Stuttgart and has also taken part in theKayaking Regetta in Cardiff Bay. Tom Trezisehas been part of a ‘Street Dance’ club,performing at the Memorial Hall in Barry. RhysJones is attending the Summer WASA (WelshAmateur Swimming Association) for five events.Amelia Chick and Olivia Powell haverepresented the school in three competitions forcross country running. Naomi Hills has achievedher Grade 4 playing the clarinet and is nowworking towards her Grade 5.7RMembers of 7R have once again been heavilyinvolved in extra-curricular activities. MorganEvans, Cameron Jenkins, Joe Munn and JoeStephens-Collins play football for Sully A teamand recently won the U12s Vale of GlamorganFootball League. Thaine Baker plays rugby forDinas Powys U12s. His team recently came 4 th inthe International Mini Rugby Series and he wasselected as the players’ player of the tournament.Morgan Evans has recently started playing icehockey for the Cardiff Devils and has alreadybeen chosen to play for the U14 team. ThomasGriffiths is a keen tennis player at WindsorLawn Tennis Club where he plays for the U16team. 7R’s achievements also extend beyondsport. Ellis Hawkins-Payne has had a poempublished in a poetry book called ExpressYourself. Juliette Cavaye has passed her Grade 4Modern Dance exam and won the dancecompetition in the Eisteddfod. Lastly, Iman Haqhas received a silver award in Kumon Maths.“Eco-committee design pupil water bottles.”

Year 7Miss R Sterlini and Mr M Baldwin7K7K have had a very busy time sinceChristmas. Ethan Harris and Rhys Wookeyboth play for the Sully A football team andrecently won the Under 12s Vale ofGlamorgan League Cup, while SamHancock, Sam Salisbury and SamStapleton all play for the Penarth Town side.Ethan Harris also made it into the MikeFowler Soccer Skills Academy and SamHancock won ‘player of the academy’ in theFreestyle Soccer Academy over Easter.Olivia Davies, who is also known as‘Penarth’s Best Dancer’, along with SophieChapman and Megan Jenkins and theirstreetdance squad, appeared on the StrictlyCome Dancing tour, and are soon to be seenappearing on the TV programme ‘Got toDance’. Megan Jenkins will also be iceskatingin a gala in July. Ethan Harris hasjoined Glamorgan Athletics Club and willsoon be seen competing in the 100m race andAntonio Peacock has recently come 2 nd in a1500m race. Jessica Johnson came 3 rd in aWelsh gymnastics competition in January.We also have several charitable pupils in 7K.Kitty Dunning completed an 8 milesponsored walk for Oxfam and raised £99and Olivia Davies recently helped organise afundraiser for LATCH, which raised £950.Among 7K’s other achievements are severalmusical ones. Sam Hancock, MadelineLloyd and Jacob Mills will all be playing inthe band for the Year 8 and 9 production ofHigh School Musical this summer andMadeline Lloyd will soon be taking herGrade 8 flute exam. Sophie Page will beappearing in a show ‘Stars in the Making’ inBarry. Finally, Sam Hancock’s scout group wonthe Patrol Camp for Cardiff and the Vale.7LFirst of all, congratulations to 7L (Morgannwg)for winning the Eisteddfod this year along with7X and Owen Day for being awarded 1 st prize inthe French Competition. Alana Stokes competedin an individual competition at The VAGymnastics Sand Dollar, USA in January andfinished a fantastic 6 th out of 600 competitors.We also have some talented musicians in theform; Owen Day has recently sat his theory examin Piano and is awaiting his result, EmilySkinner is Grade 3 in flute and Elysia Hickerywill be playing the clarinet in the band for theYear 8 and 9 production of High School Musicalthis summer. Congratulations to Rachael-LeahLewis, Oliver El-Jawhari, Jack Lee, HelenaHeron, Abbey Carter, Genna Harris, KabirKnupp, Fawziya Ali, Gemma Brinn, AaronWong and Emily Skinner who were all luckyenough to come in the top 100 pupils in the yearto receive the most housepoints and given thechance to go on the Oakwood Reward Trip.Genna Harris, Kabir Knupp and HelenaHeron have had 100% attendance this year.Aaron Wong had the highest score in the yeargroup in the World Maths Day competition.Oliver El-Jawhari and Elysia Hickery haveboth been nominated to receive an award forAcademic Achievement at this year’s AwardsCeremony. Well done to all for their excellentachievements.“8 mile sponsored walk for Oxfam “

Year 8Miss L Jenkins and Mr G PennyThere have been numerous interesting andexciting events involving the year group sinceChristmas. Pupils have been participating in thecanoeing club, where they have received expertinstruction at Cardiff International White WaterCentre. A highlight has been the Year 8/9production of ‘High School Musical’ with itsmany rehearsals and three evening performances.The annual Eisteddfod was very successful withpupils showcasing their talents on stage and inhomework competitions; well done to all thoseinvolved. All pupils have made mature decisionsthis year regarding their GCSE subject choicesready to begin in Year 9. The ‘Let’s Talk AboutGenes and I Don’t Mean Trousers’ project wasfun, informative and a great success!Grace Loweth (100% attendance), JamesPrice (100% attendance),Linda Saji(100% attendance), Charlotte Way (100%attendance), Harry Williams (100%attendance), Francesca Le Guilcher(Stanwell Linguist Award KS3), OliviaBarrett (Drama Cup KS3), LewisCampbell (Young Musician Award KS3),Charlotte Hardy (Young Musician AwardKS3),William Gale (Mrs Y Crotty RugbyShield), William Marsh (JuniorSportsboy), Annabelle Birch-Hurst(Junior Sportsgirl), Morgan Crimp (CarolEvans Award RE), Ben Turpin (MissNancy Jones Cup progress) and JosephGreen (Miss Nancy Jones Cup progress).Llongyfarchidau mawr! A huge congratulations tothe following pupils on receiving an award in theschool’s annual Award Ceremony:Tristan Goodway-Sims (Outstanding Progress),Rebecca Humpage (Outstanding Progress),Megan Jones (Academic Achievement), JessicaMartin (Academic Achievement), PaulMonaghan(Academic Achievement), ThomasMorley (Outstanding Progress), Ellen O’Rourke(Academic Achievement), Jonathan Wright(Academic Achievement), Gregory Cole (100%attendance), Thomas Collins (100% attendance),8TCongratulations to Victoria Pembertonand Hollie Day who have both beenaccepted to play a part in ‘Fame Junior’.Hollie has also completed grade 2 theorypiano and grade 4 piano. Paul Monaghancompeted in the school Eisteddfod with asinging solo and has just completed hisgrade 4 singing exam. Congratulations toElla Buehner Gattis who achieved adistinction in her Grade 5 theory and Grade“The annual Eisteddfod was very successful with several pupils showcasing their talents on stage.”

Year 8Miss L Jenkins and Mr G Penny4 Euphonium. She also came 3 rd in toppers(sailing) with CYRC. Anna Jones completedGrade 1 guitar. Fingers crossed for JoannaHourihan who had a call back for a short filmwith Shout Production Company. Well done toEmma Spray who achieved a merit in herGrade 5 ballet exam. Seren Marsh was amember of the tennis team which won the Valeof Glamorgan tennis tournament.Congratulations also to Seren on achievingGrade 5 piano with merit. Charlotte Hardypassed her Grade 5 flute with merit, she alsosings in the school choir. Sali Harmes will beperforming in two Ascendance Theatreperformances with Solar. Congratulations toTomos Marsh who plays for Sully Afootball— the team won the football cup andleague. Llongyfarchiadau i bawb!8EGood luck to Sophia Holmes who is preparingto take her Grade 3 singing exam. Also, goodluck to Alice Durham who is also about tocomplete her Grade 5 flute and Grade 4 piano.Elizabeth McCulloch has had a poem and astory published. Emily Glaze has passed Grade2 piano and is currently working towards Grade3. Abigail Mock has completed Grade 2 on thedrums. Good luck to Elizabeth McCulloch andAmy McAndrew, both have been chosen toswim in Gemau Cymru, the Welsh miniOlympics. Chloe Poole has passed her Grade 5Music theory and Grade 5 piano. Good luck toSonal Kerai and all the ladies participating inthe Race for Life in the summer. James Adneyhas been promoted to Sully A football team.Well done to Joel Price on completing Grade4 guitar. Ben McCullagh has representedSouth Wales running long distance. ClareHalligan has represented the school in anathletics tournament. Finally, well done to EllaRobertson on passing Grade 4 piano! Daiawn!8ATristan Worssam has been performing withthe 30 th Open air Everyman Production at StFagan’s. Victoria Spray has been working inthe community with the police. BethanHearne has completed Grade 4 trumpet andGrade 2 piano with merit. She has also joinedthe Sea cadets. Well done to Grace Samuelwho won the National Badminton Tournamentrepresenting the school. Esther Buckton hasbeen busy raising money for Ty Hafan.Harry Williams has been very busyrepresenting the school at several sports.George Roberts was in the winning team forSully A football. Congratulations to SpencerRobinson for captaining the school rugby teamto victory this year. Congratulations also toOwen Lloyd who was a member of thewinning rugby team and also been nominatedfor the Cardiff School Rugby Trials. Gwych!“Llongyfarchiadau Mawr”

Year 8Miss L Jenkins and Mr G Penny8MCongratulations to Morgan Rees for receivingan award for being a valuable and versatilefootball player. Well done to Amy Bond whocame 2 nd in the butterfly race and 3 rd in thebackstroke race in the British Swimmingcompetition. Olivia Barrett is currently actingon the Sky 1 TV programme ‘Stella’. FfionMcGowan will be completing her Grade 4intermediate ballet exam. Rhys Capener came2 nd in the shooting District Competition. JamieCross has received a level 2 sailing award.Rosina Peterson was scouted for the Welshbasketball team. Well done to RebeccaHardess who has a piece of artwork on displayin a London Museum. Arbennig!8XCongratulations to Caitlin Ellis on passing herGrade 5 piano and Joe Burge on passing Grade5 guitar. Congratulations to Seren Lewis onachieving 3 rd in a gymnastics competition andcompleting Grade 6. William Marsh has beenbusy representing the school at several sports.He was a member of the team which won theVale tennis tournament, served as captain of thefootball and athletics teams and was also amember of the rugby team. Emily Pearcemoved up a class in kayaking and completed 3levels. Good luck to Rhiannon Pearce who ispreparing for Grade 2 after successfully passingGrade 1 piano. Ethan Hutchings won theDinas Tennis Tournament. He is also a memberof the school’s athletics, rugby and tennisteams. Ardderchog!8WWell done to Sam Wiltshire who is moving upto book 4 guitar. Adam Yusuf has a brownstrip 2 in karate and has won player of the yearin football. Samuel Lawrence has completedGrade 6 performing on the drums. LaurenJennings-Slater came 2 nd overall in agymnastics competition. Well done to BethMacMillan who has completed her Bronzelevel in lifeguarding and floor gold ingymnastics. Cameron McJennett-Housecame 2 nd in the 1500m race. Good luck toShazel Prosser who will be completing herGrade 5 ballet exam. Anhygoel!8OCongratulations to Rachael Salisbury onpassing her level 6 ice skating NWA exam andgood luck with her solo in the Cardiff SummerGala. Tom Pascoe has been busy representingSully at cricket and the Vale at football. Welldone to Emily Wooster who won two silvermedals in the Welsh Regional Championshipsfor Athletics. Congratulations also to MeganJones on achieving a distinction in her brassexam Grade 4. Lloyd Hanson took part in anInternational Swimming gala in Germany. Heachieved a bronze medal in the 100m butterfly.Fingers crossed for Lloyd who will also becompleting his Grade 4 trumpet exam soon.Well done to Faye Bramhill on achievingGrade 2 in her violin exam and coming 2 nd inthe discus. Talentog iawn!“valuable and versatile football player”

Year 8Miss L Jenkins and Mr G Penny8RCongratulations to Izaak Lee on completingGrade 4 guitar. Frankie Norton and BenjaminWalsh are both are members of the victoriousSully A football team. Morgan Haymanattended a charity football training sessionorganised by the FAW and this involvedplaying a match against the Welsh disabledfootball team. Well done to Matthew Rogerswho has successfully completed guitar Grade 4.Da iawn!5x60 tournament. Bendigedig!It is clear that the year group has made aconsiderable contribution to extra-curricularactivities this year and all the pupils mentioneddeserve great credit.8KRebecca Humpage was pleased to be selectedfor the Lily Ann Rogers award while ThomasLam was awarded the Dow Corning award forhis achievements. Sam Jones has beaten hispersonal best for the 100 metres sprint. KaylanCoombs was awarded the Manager’s player forCogan B football team while Basil Crack hasbeen nominated clubman of the year for hisrugby club. Abby Mills has raised £200 forBreast Cancer Care. Robert Harvey hasfinished formulating his second MusicTechnology song. Morgan Rose has becomethe Welsh karting champion. Dylan Jones hassecured his orange belt in judo. Talentog iawn!8LWell done to Tom Collins who has representedthe school at athletics. Elizabeth Ingram haspassed Grade 5 ballet with a merit and Grade 3singing. Good luck to Amy Walsh who will becompleting Grade 4 in Performing Arts. OliviaNorth sang at Buckingham Palace for PrinceCharles with the WNO, she is currentlypreparing for her Grade 4 singing. Well done toMegan Lim who won the National Badminton“ considerable contribution to extra-curricular activities”

Year 9Miss R Povey&Mr A MeddinsThere have been many exciting and interestingevents taking place for Year 9 this year. Pupilshave begun their GCSE courses in all subjectsand have coped well with the challenge this haspresented.Pupils received valuable business advice fromguest speakers in the recent Dynamo Project.The Proto Toy Day was a success with some interestingand innovative designs being shown. Itappears there are some budding entrepreneurs inYear 9!There was considerable interest in applying forcourses at Barry College next year. All pupilsperformed very well in their interviews and thoroughlyenjoyed the taster sessions at the college.100 pupils also travelled for a fun-filled day toOakwood after receiving the most housepoints inYear 9.Many pupils have helped Mr Baldwin with theYear 6 transition days and new parents’ evening,as well as Year 7 parents’ evening - all pupilshave been extremely helpful and have representedthe school with distinction.36 members of the year group have been involvedin the excellent Year 8/9 joint productionof ‘High School Musical’.Year 9 students have had many memorable andinspiring visitors during the term. Carol Evansfrom the Malarchi Pooncholai Trust spoke to theyear group about an Indian orphanage and followingthis the pupils raised enough money tosponsor two orphan children. Also, Hannah Williamsfrom the Vale Volunteer Bureau spoke tothe year group about the valuable aspects of volunteering- many pupils were subsequently inspiredto put their names forward for this. Finally,Godfrey, a Headmaster from Lesotho (seephoto) spoke to the year group in an assemblywhich was a very humbling experience.9TShanice Donovan is a member of the StanwellGirls’ football team that won the leagueand also is a member of the Girls’ basketballteam who are Welsh Champions!Lucy Sharpe has been busy performing inthe Orbit Theatre production of Annie. VerityTucker has passed her modern dancingexams.9EIsaac Dyer is a member of the Cardiff CityDevelopment squad and Sam Jennings is amember of the Swansea City Developmentsquad. Edward Drake has been busy playingfor Penarth Rugby team. Euan Procterhas been regularly attending rock climbing atBolders. Mathew Bennett was a member ofthe Newport Football Academy team whowon their league.9ATom Hann powered through a sponsoredcycle ride from Penarth to Pontypridd andback - it was for Pedal Power and the JohnEllis Tay lending library. Jacob Grant hasplayed tennis for the school team this term.“Pupils raised enough money to sponsor two orphan children ...”

Year 9Miss R Povey&Mr A Meddins9MJoshua Lewis has had trials for CardiffCounty football. Alex Candy has been busyplaying Rugby for Penarth and Football forSully. Rhys Fford won the ‘Road to Wimbledon’tournament at his local tennis club.Sarah Brabham has passed her Grade 1 pianoexam. Ludwig Mai, a German student,is shadowing Max Shepherd for the last 4weeks of term.9XHarry Jowett is working towards his Grade7 Piano. Alice Holder and Kate Wilkins areinvolved in a tap dancing show for charity atthe Paget Rooms. Emma Davies’ cricketingcareer has progressed further – she has nowachieved her 4 th cap for Wales and has hadtrials for England! Kwabena Fordjour tookpart in U15 Athletics competition final atLeckwith; he ran in the 100m and the relay.9WSian Smith was in the Orbit Theatre productionof ‘Annie’. Amelia Rowlands passedher Grade 6 trumpet exam. Katie Moger enteredthe “Race for Life”. Josh Whittakerhas been very busy playing cricket for DinasPowys, and Football and Rugby for Sully.Joe Fettah has been involved in boxing for aclub in Rhoose.9OLauren Jones has raised £90 for cancer researchby completing the race for life. MollieBritton and Lydia Ferriday have beenlucky enough to hold the Olympic torch inCardiff at the Coca Cola festival. CalumO’Neill was a part of the cast for ‘Les Miserables’9RSophie Gracia-Thomas has taken part inrowing regatta. Harriet Alderman andEmily Franks were in the cast of HighSchool Musical and are also taking part inthe UDO Welsh Street Dance Champion-ships. William Brown is a member of theYear 9 football team and Thomas Moretonis a member of the school badminton club.9KRebecca Egerstrom is the goalkeeper for theWelsh Girls’ football team and has attendedWelsh football training camps. She also metOlly Murs on her 14 th birthday before watchinghis concert! Scott Dutfield has playedtennis for the school team and has playedfootball for Sully this term. Kenn Rufo tookpart in the Penarth fun run. He ran 5km andraised money for Lesotho. Edward Herberthas passed his Grade 4 trumpet. Niall Seeleyhas represented Penarth Tennis Club at U14level.9LIoan Morgan-Jones came 1 st in a swimminggala at Cogan Leisure Centre. Max Scott hasbeen busy performing as Ryan in Stanwell’sproduction of ‘High School Musical’.Other pupils that must be mentioned for theiroutstanding performance are the Year 9 netballteam; they won the Vale Netball Tournamentand also came 4th in the South GlamorganCounty Netball Tournament. The Year 9Girls’ basketball team (above photo) werechampions at the Welsh Schools Basketballfinals. Well done!“ ... have represented the school with distinction. “

Year 10Mrs K Chellingworth &Mr H RobertsAs the summer term draws to a close for Year10 pupils, we can look back over a very variedand successful year. Pupils have had to workhard as they prepared for their external GCSEexams and we are now looking forward to resultsday in August. Good luck to everyonewho has worked so diligently. Many subjectshave already completed coursework assignmentsand pupils realise the importance of timemanagement and meeting deadlines.A ‘Work Experience Preparation Day’ hasbeen completed and students found it both funand informative. All Year 10 pupils completedtheir Work Experience and found it very usefuland inspiring.We are very proud of Suzie Collins who carriedthe Olympic torch through Barry; she hasalso been able to share her experience withsome local primary schools.As usual the take-up for Duke of Edinburghhas been impressive, unlike the weather duringthe expeditions! The end of year reward tripwas very popular and congratulations to allpupils who went. Pupils and staff had a greattime.10TKathleen Ahearne has passed Grade 6 clarinetwhile Cengizhan Ziyaeddin has been part ofCardiff Blues U16 training squad. CalumMcWilliam has completed a 100 mile charitybike ride in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust andHannah Green took part in a fun day in aid ofTy Hafan and raised £505. Calum and hisfriend Tom Geen were part of the team whowon the Vale football U16 for Cogan. OllieJones and Jack Powell took part in the YoungEnterprise and Jack had the honour of beingthe ‘Top Notch’ managing director. Well doneto Namika Birchall who helped to raise £750in aid of a local sports club and to Chloe Thomaswho has completed her Bronze Medallionin life saving.10EMany members of the form went to the Goweron their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Aspecial mention must be made of TamsynHarrington who saved a man’s life when hefell overboard and got his leg caught in the anchor.Tamsyn and her dad were sailing inBarry when she heard cries for help and releasedhim from the anchor chain. Well doneTamsyn. Katie Way went on a midnight charitywalk (6 miles) raising money for Ty Hafan.Luke Morley was part of the Young Enterpriseteam that won an award for the best advertisementat the Welsh finals. Congratulationsto Ben Dain-Smith and Thomas Dwyerwho have passed their Grade 7 guitar exams.“We are very proud!”

Year 10Mrs K Chellingworth &Mr H RobertsEmma Donovan has been performing in adance show at the Paget rooms.10AAmrit Banga and Ben Chalke have beenworking towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburghthis year. Ben Chalke has also beenworking towards his Grade 3 saxophone.Daniel Parselle has achieved his Grade 4electric guitar and Richard Arthur is workingtowards his Grade 3 drums. PhoenixKaged has been a member of the school athleticsteam participating in many competitionsthroughout the year. Finally, GeorgiaCarde is preparing for an upcoming showjumping competition. Good luck Georgia!10MFiona McGavin has recently signed up forthe Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’. She willbe running later in the year. Jay Kapuriarepresented the school in the Welsh Finals ofthe Young Enterprise scheme with his group‘TopNotch’. Alasdair Cavaye has recentlypassed his Grade 5 viola with distinction andcame 9 th in an air rifle competition. SerenRobinson played an important part in the‘Phantom of the Opera’ musical. Well done toGeorge Kynaston for representing Wales atbasketball.10XOn the sporting front, congratulations go toJoel Ringer who has been chosen for the CardiffBlues U16 Academy and Lambert Kalongowho has been selected for the Cardiffschools under 18s. Elliott Davies and ThomasChandler have been taking part in the Duke ofEdinburgh bronze award. Rebecca Thompsonhas just taken her Grade 7 in singing and she isnow awaiting her results.10W10W is a sporty form as shown by FletcherMace who is through to the second set of trialsfor Cardiff City FC while Rhys Savory is amember of the Cardiff Blues U16s squad.Spencer-Jon Ward-Henry has played for theWales under 15 rugby league squad and is amember of the Cardiff Blues U16s squad. JamieHitchen has been playing for Cardiff andVale 1 st XI and has made his debut forPenarth’s senior 1 st XI. Jade Detheridge haspassed her St John’s First Aid course, YasmineCole helps out at a youth club for disabledteenagers and Emily Thomas hasachieved distinction in Grade 7 ballet. Welldone to everyone.“Good luck to everyone who worked so hard.”

Year 10Mrs K Chellingworth &Mr H Roberts10OCongratulations to Elisabeth Britten onpassing her Grade 6 drum exam with a meritand Rebecca Te Water Naude on passingher Grade 5 violin with merit. CourtneyBridge has been a valuable member of thetrampoling team. Hywel Ainsworth wasvery proud to represent his Army Cadet Detachmentas a guard of honour when the“Barry at War” plaque was unveiled. Welldone to Ailsa Jones for winning a DT awardand Matthew Holder who was named MiddleSports Boy. A special mention must go toDaniel Hourihan for coming 3 rd in a recenthigh diving competition.10RWell done many pupils who have taken partin local sporting activities. Cea Jay Morganhas captained the Cogan B football team. EdwardBetts, Jack Goldsworthy and JoelFreebury-Jones have played in the PenarthPatriots basketball team. Congratulationsalso to Peter McDonough who has passedGrade 8 with distinction on the euphonium.A talented musician, Peter is also preparingto take his Grade 4 piano and is now playingsecond euphonium for the TongwynlaisBrass Band. Megan Wookey is making aname for herself in the Guides as she workstowards her ‘Young Leader’ qualification.Special congratulations go to Utako Wirthwho has achieved A* in her GCSE Germanexam this year.10KTom Farmer has completed his level 1 squashcoaching course. Tommy Higgins has beensuccessful in his Grade 3 clarinet exam. NilsDeeg was part of a percussion ensemble whichplayed in St David’s Hall. Emma Bright is amember of the “TopNotch” Young Enterpriseteam which went into the Welsh finals. ElizabethTrott is preparing for her Grade 6 singingexam and she is also looking forward to a concertlater this month. Elinor Brunker andEllie Jones have both been involved in charitywork raising money for Marie Currie andShine.10LThere are some very keen and talented performersin 10L. Catrin Morgan was an extrain the Sky TV show “Stella” while GabrielleWilliams has won a Silver Medal at the “StageCoach” drama school. Kate Coker has continuedher excellence in athletics by representingthe school successfully.“TopNotch!”

Year 11Ms L Bekker & Mr B CromptonSince Christmas, Year 11 have been preparingthemselves for the forthcoming GCSE examinationsand deciding on their options for September- whether to stay at Stanwell and study ALevels, to study at college or to seek employment.To aid this process, there has been the 6thForm Options Evening, intention interviews andassemblies to introduce the new subjects availablein the 6th form.Intentions interviews have been carried out withall the pupils to help and support thechoices they make post-16. All this preparationhas been to give the pupils the best chance ofsuccess in their GCSEs and to ensure they makeinformed choices regarding their future studiesand career paths.The GCSE examinations started on Monday14th May and ended on Monday 18th June,during which time formal revision sessions wereheld in Maths, English and Science; further sessionswere arranged by other departments in orderto consolidate learning and ensure key skillswere refreshed immediately prior to the importantexternal exams. Attendance at the formalrevision sessions averaged 85%, which showsthe enthusiasm and commitment of Year 11 pupils.This has been a very exciting year for Year 11with regards to their sportingachievements. Several individualshave had great successin their particular fields.Samuel Jones (11A) hasbeen signed up by PremierLeague champions ManchesterCity on a two yearcontract with their youthteam.Thomas Williams (11A) and MatteoHolmes (11K) were invited to compete atthe Sainsbury’s 2012 School Games inLondon in May. Harry Roberts (11E)was selected for the Welsh Under 16Rugby Squad. He took part in an internationaltournament in Wellington, Englandwhich included teams from England,Canada and the USA. Also, ErinMurray (11T) has represented the Welshladies football team at Under 17 level,scoring against Finland. She has just beenawarded a 2 year FUTSAL scholarshipwith Cardiff City.Nine Year 11 pupils have successfullycompleted a BTEC Level 2 in Public Serviceat the Military Preparation School inCardiff. The pupils took part in a veryimpressive parade and drill formation inan evening Award Ceremony in May.Both Daniel Harrison (11K) and LiamHudd (11T) spoke about their time atMPCT and went on to win awards; theAward for Public Speaking and Best PFTrespectively. Alex ander Huntley (11M)won a Citizenship Award and MatthewAllen (11M) won Most Promising Student.All pupils were presented with aportfolio of their achievements.“This has been a very exciting year for Year 11 ...”

Year 11Ms L Bekker & Mr B CromptonThe Year 11 Senior Football team were proudwinners of the Cardiff & Vale Cup. They successfullyreached the final against Barry Comprehensivebeating them 4-3. This was a massiveachievement considering the match had beenpostponed three times and they played the finalafter their GCSEs had commenced. Max Bramhill(11T) was presented the trophy in the Year11 final assembly in May to a round of thunderousapplause!Sixteen Year 11 girls were invited to attend aprestigious event in Barry Memorial Hall tomark International Women’s Day in March. Thetheme of ‘Connecting Girls—Inspiring Futures’provided the pupils with inspirational andthought-provoking presentations to help themaspire in society and their chosen careers. Speakersincluded Lieutenant Colonel CarolineWhittaker of the 203 Field Hospital Volunteers,who was awarded the Royal Red Cross FirstClass for services in Iraq, and Deputy ChiefConstable Colette Paul of the South Wales Police.Emma Hughes (11M) wrote a letter ofthanks to Councillor Janice Charles, who organisedthe event, thanking her on behalf of the pupilsfor the hospitality shown to them, in particularthe delicious cream tea!The Year 11 Moodle pages have beensuccessfully developed and enhancedthroughout the year. They have proved tobe an invaluable source of information topupils and parents with details of examtimetables, GCSE re-sits and homeworkclubs being published on them. In particular,key information was communicatedto pupils once the GCSEs had commencedand pupils were on study leave.Details of arrangements for results daywill be published via Moodle and theschool website, so please keep checkingfor updates.Indeed, we look forward to results day onThursday 23rd August where we hopethat the pupils’ hard work will be suitablyrewarded with excellent GCSE grades.We wish Year 11 every success and lookforward to seeing many of the pupils returnin the 6th form. We wish those notreturning to Stanwell all the best in theirchosen career paths.“We wish Year 11 every success ...”

Year 12Mrs A Mansfield& Mr M GershensonIt’s been a busy couple of terms for the Year12 students. The new prefect team has beenappointed with 24 of the year group being chosento fill these positions of responsibility.The Senior Student Leadership team were selectedfrom this group; Lloyd Allen and CatherinePorteus are the new Head Boy andHead Girl with Harry McDonough and BethHopkins as their deputies. Jemima Bushby,Daniel Seal, Joseph Keenan and CharlottePreece are the senior prefects who will assistand support this leadership team.Since their return from study leave for theirexternal AS examinations, the students havebeen focusing on completing several elementsof the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. Thevast majority of students have completed oneweek’s work experience and all have beenworking on the Individual Investigation on asubject area of their choice. Work has alsobeen completed on several of the EssentialSkills, namely ‘Improving your Own Learningand Performance’ and ‘Problem Solving’. Theyear group has also enjoyed sessions withsome guest speakers; Damaris spent the daywith the students working on a ‘President for aDay’ workshop and the Friends of Israel delivereda presentation on Israel and the ArabWorld. In addition to this, the whole yeargroup visited the Museum of Wales, St Fagansas part of the Heritage and Culture element.Barrie Clark of Swansea University spoke to thestudents about the advantages of studying at thislevel and Caroline Coleman-Davies, also ofSwansea University, led our Higher Educationevening providing parents with vital informationabout the UCAS process and financing theuniversity years.The Problem Solving Essential Skill task wasincorporated into our Higher Education week.Students were introduced to the UCAS process,given a presentation on gap year choices by‘Lattitude’ and were provided with an opportunityto attend a ‘CV Writing and Advice onSeeking Employment’ workshop.May we take this opportunity to wish all ourstudents the very best of luck for their AS examinationresults and hope that they all fulfilthe requirements for returning to study at Stanwellin Year 13. AS results will be available forcollection from 10am on Thursday, August16th from the sixth form area.Catherine Porteus and Lloyd Allen, the HeadBoy and Head Girl.Students have also started to consider theirpost A Level options. The vast majority attendedthe UCAS Higher Education Fair atCardiff Metropolitan University and the Universityof Wales College Cardiff Open Day inApril. These were opportunities for students tospeak with various institutions and visit academicdepartments of interest in order to helpthem in their decision. Individual studentshave also been attending various universityopen days up and down the country.‘the new Head Boy and Head Girl have been appointed’

Year 12Mrs A Mansfield& Mr M GershensonWO1Good luck to Lisa Gourley who is workingtowards the ISTD intermediate Grade 8 ModernTheatre Dance Qualification and to JoeIngram who is composing music for thePenarth Operatic and Dramatic Society productionof ‘Twelfth Night.’ Joe is also amember of the National Youth Orchestra forWales. Congratulations also to Andrew Richardswho is this year’s Senior Rugby TeamPlayer of the Year.WO2Samuel James has been working towards theDuke of Edinburgh Gold Award and JessicaGreen has been working towards the silver.Well done to Georgina Attwood who won theLily Ann Rogers cup for endeavour at our annualawards ceremony and to James Porteuswho has been chosen to play cricket forPenarth’s first XIs. Both James Chaffey andHamish Couper have completed the EESWEngineering scheme and good luck to LauraElder who will be running the Race for Lifeon July 15 th ; she has raised £150 thus far.WO3Well done to Tom Murray who won the Players’Player award for the Penarth YouthRugby Team, to Joshua Ellis who has passedhis Grade 8 exam on the trumpet, to JosephKeenan for passing Grade 8 exams on thecello and in singing and to Beth Hopkins forpassing Grade 8 on the saxophone. Good luckto Kirsty McGarrigle who is currently fundraisingfor the Joshua Foundation.Well done to Taite Drew who won both the‘Highly Commended’ and Most PromisingSinger awards at the South Glamorgan Festival.He also sang for the Cardiff Bay RotaryClub in a fundraising event for Cancer Research.Good luck to Mikaela Wood who willbe representing South Wales in the Trampoliningcompetition in the Gemau Cymru (WelshGames) which will be held in July. She will alsobegin her third year on the YAS acting course atthe Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.Finally, well done to Alana Thomas who wonan award for her services to Stanwell School inthis year’s award ceremony.WO5Well done to Jessica Leighton-Price who hascompleted her National Award 3 Danceexam, to Jonathan Wise who has been workingtowards Grade 3 on the guitar and toOliver Oswin who has been working towardsthe Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.Leah Dalby has had a final call-back for aBBC Wales short film production, AmyPalin has been working with Penarth YouthAction and the Vale Youth Forum helping toset up youth events and Charlotte Preecehas gained two gold medals in the first partof her swimming club championships.Charlotte has also been supporting theDrama department with the choreography forthe Year 8/9 production of High School Musical.Visiting the Nursing and Midwifery departmentat the University of Glamorgan.WO4‘students have been attending university open days’

Year 12Mrs A Mansfield& Mr M GershensonWO6Well done to Emily Woodley who has passeda judging course for the trampoline, to SerenVickers who has passed Grade 6 saxophoneand has also been accepted into the NationalYouth Orchestra for Wales and to Alex Benjaminwho won the Rotary Club award forCommunity Service at this year’s awards ceremony.Miles Jones has been playing for theSenior Rugby team whilst Rebecca Rumsamhas been involved in this year’s Young Enterprisescheme.WO7Well done to Harry Wood who won the EnglishAward at this year’s awards ceremony andfor playing in the Senior Rugby team, to LawrenceMiddleton who has earned Grade 5 inMusic Theory and to Adam Jones who haswon a WWT photography competition.Adam has also been working towards theDuke of Edinburgh Gold Award and is takingpart in the expedition to Morocco which willtake place during the summer holidays. CatherinePorteus has been working towardsGrade 8 violin and will be accompanying theCardiff County and Vale Youth Orchestra ontheir tour to Florence. John Ellis has beensupporting younger pupils in Homework Club.WO8Gwynfor Parr is playing for the senior rugbyteam and has also been chosen to play for theWelsh under 18s academy squad in bowls,Thomas Downey has won a place in the NationalYouth Brass Band of Wales and is a reservefor the National Youth Wind Orchestra.He has also been chosen to play in the LibertyBig Band. Thomas Lewis has taken part in thesailing trip to France and has also completedEESW Engineering scheme. Well done to AlexandraPhillips who has achieved fifth place ina trampolining competition.WO9Well done to Bethan Morgan who received anaward for academic achievement, to AllisterHill who received the Information Technologyaward and to Ben Ware who was awarded theA. P. Bartlett cup for Computing at this year’saward ceremony. Rebecca Trigg and AlexandraNickels have been working towards theDuke of Edinburgh gold award. Alex has alsobeen working towards Ice Skating tests, fieldmoves 4 and 5. Andrew Ott is a member ofPenarth and Dinas runners and Sol Whiteside’sband, The Knox, has recently been playing gigsaround the Cardiff area including one in theClwb Ifor Bach.Students visit the MediCentre at the UniversityHospital Wales.‘Students have started the UCAS process’

Year 13The Spring term began in earnest with theJanuary examinations. The majority of theyear group were involved in either re-sittingAS units or working towards new A2 modules.The results for these examinations were publishedin March and showed a definite improvement,with a high percentage of the yeargroup improving upon their grades and indeedexceeding their A level target scores.Mrs R Connor, Mr KWatkins andMr R RelphVirtually all UCAS applications were completedand submitted on time and studentshave now made their final decisions. Congratulationsgo to all members of the yeargroup who have been offered conditionalplaces.For much of the second half of this term, completionof the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualificationhas been an important factor for our students.They have worked hard to cover all elementsof this qualification, and it has been encouragingto see the vast majority of Year 13rewarded for their efforts with the ‘WelshBacc’ featuring in many of the offers theyhave received.Visiting speakers have once again contributedto the pastoral programme and this year haveincluded Dr Julian Gould-Williams from CardiffUniversity Business School. He providedour students with a mock lecture based on anexcerpt from the film ‘Antz’ , in order to preparethem for the style of learning and teachingthey will experience at undergraduate level;even setting students a task to complete andsubmit for assessment. Further preparation forhigher education included a most entertainingand interesting address given by Barrie Clarkfrom Swansea on the realities of university life.Tom Hay from Glamorgan University also gavea very informative talk on student finance. Year13 were also fortunate enough to experience avery inspiring assembly given by Dr Mark Picton,who shared with the students recent experiencesfrom his expedition to Antarctica.Of course, many of our students have immersedthemselves in a range of extra-curricular activityranging from music and sport to charitywork. Sinead O’Brien was voted WinningPlayers’ Player for the Satellite netball team inCanton. Laura Soltys has passed Grade 8 piano.Kieran Jones and Matthew Rodwell haveenjoyed a successful season with DinasFootball Club. Congratulations must go toJasmine Vincent who has raised £2000 forthe Joshua Foundation charity and is heading toNew York in the summer to further support thecharity. Alex Samuel and Zachary McCaultook part in a local five a side football tournament.Zachary McCaul also played rugby in ateam which finished 3rd in the Youth Tournament.“Many of our students have immersed themselves in extra curricular activity”

Year 13Mr K Watkins, Mrs RConnor andMr R RelphOtto Putland managed to raise £300 for theTeenage Cancer Trust by doing a press-upchallenge which entailed completing 1000press-ups in a range of unusual places aroundPenarth and Cardiff. He has also become the4 th fastest swimmer at the Welsh NationalSwimming Competition.Ashley Vickery completed a sponsored diveinto the River Taff in order to raise money forcancer research.Iestyn Penry-Williams and Lucie Thompsonhave helped to design the new conservationarea in school. Zoe Tucker is planning a voluntarytrip to Ghana over the summer holidays,where she plans to teach in an orphanage;she has also become involved in conservationand building projects. Liam Pace andJoshua Rees have made their first regionalappearance for the Penarth table tennis team.Hal Szary has been involved in local fundraisingto support people in need in Penarth. TomPain has been teaching sailing to aspiringyoung sailors in Penarth; he has also been chosento represent Great Britain in the Under 18sailing squad and has been elected as theyoung persons’ representative for PenarthSailing Club on the Welsh Platform.Thanks must go to Rhys Ward and CerysYoung, our hard-working Head Boy and Girlwho have led our senior prefect team with dedicationand commitment throughout the year.This academic year drew to a close with theyear group photograph and final assembly. Thiswas a fitting way for students to reflect upontheir school life in a light-hearted and nostalgicmanner, before embarking on the intensity ofthe examination period, which we hope wentwell. We now look forward to the ValedictoryDinner at the Mercure Holland House Hotel inCardiff on the 13 th July and wish all members ofYear 13 the very best, not only for Results Dayon August 16 th , but in everything they do in thefuture. We have enjoyed working with them.“We wish all members of Year 13 the very best”

100% ATTENDANCESEPTEMBER – JUNE (HALF TERM) 2011-2012Please see below for a list of pupils who achieved 100% attendance this year – our biggest number ever! Attendance plays an integral role in success atschool and all our ‘100%ers’ are to be commended on their fantastic achievement.Year 7NameBaker, ThaineBratby, RebeccaBushby, NoahCarr, JakeChamberlain, OliviaCroll, BenDonlan, GwynDuggan, CaitlinDutfield, LucyEastwood, JadeEllis, LaurenFriedl, TobiasGriffiths, ThomasHarris, GennaHills, NaomiHowe, GeorgiaJenkins, MeganKhan, AymenKnupp, KabirMcConkey, JackMcSorley, NiallMcSorley, TomasMorgan, KathrynReg7R7T7A7O7R7T7K7R7E7A7W7R7R7L7O7O7K7K7L7L7X7M7ANamePeacock, AntonioRobinson, AdamScrivens, JosephSmith, HarrySmith, LibertyWhitfield, AlexanderYear 8NameCole, GregoryCollins, TomCrimp, MorganEllis, CaitlinFrench, EliasFrost, NathanGale, WilliamGeen, EmilyGlaze, EmilyGrafton, IsabelGrosfils, DanielHanson, LloydReg7K7X7X7E7M7EReg8W8L8O8X8W8W8L8A8E8R8O8ONameHarvey, RobertHayer, JorawarHermogeno, LexHumpage, RebeccaIgnacio, JonathanJones, AnnaJones, GwennanJones, KyrstyJones, MeganLoweth, GraceMock, AbigailPrice, JamesRees, MorganRees, MorganSaji, LindaShamte, MayaTurpin, BenjaminWay, CharlotteWilliams, HarryWiltshire, SamuelWincott, CalumReg8K8L8X8K8M8T8M8L8O8A8E8M8O8M8A8O8L8L8A8W8W

Year 9100% ATTENDANCESEPTEMBER – JUNE (HALF TERM) 2011-2012Year 10Year 11NameBarber, SimonChapple, AliciaChatham, EvieCummins, LaurenDumitrescu, SebastianDyer, EllaDyer, IsaacEvans, MeganGillingham, HollyGuerrier, RhodriHallett, MaisieHerbert, EdwardJones, JackLieu, KerstinMahdi, SamirMcConkey, JoshuaMoreton, ThomasSeeley, NiallTuthill, PeterReg9R9O9W9E9X9X9E9W9L9X9L9K9W9T9K9E9R9K9TNameChalke, BenFisher, LiamFrost, JacobGale, LauraHowe, BenjaminMonaghan, SienaPaley, PhoebeThorne, EmmaTurton, RobertUnion, SianWeston, JakeWooster, DanielReg10A10A10R10A10T10A10X10K10M10X10O10XNameBeeslee, LaurenBoudier, NicholasCarter, EveDuggan, JessicaHall, JosephHodgkins, FraserJohnson, GeorgePollock, JosephPrusak, SofiaSkentelbery, DanielThomas, SionTurton, ThomasWarren, RalfReg11A11K11W11A11T11W11E11A11R11T11O11R11T

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