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“ManagingPeople….Love@work”“j.garrett@lt-consulting.com”© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.

Love@work.... The idea The responses The Divine laws!© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.2

Thought for the day, Richard Harris11/02/11“The Psalms are full of sentences like, “Mydelight is in the law of the Lord”; the psalmistsexperienced Divine Law as a delight and not aburden, because the right ordering of life thatoriginates from Divine wisdom, is designed forour well being.”© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.3

“Good research in God’s world only shows uswhat God always knew”When we look at good management practicesand the data we discover what happenswhen we apply Divine wisdom to peoplemanagement; this enable human flourishing.© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.4

People Management is…..“The relationships and behaviours, processesand routines that help each person to do andbe their best, so that they can add value forthe people they are there to serve”.Sounds like …… “Servant Managementship”? Enabling the saints for works of service? Engaging as well as enabling© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.5

Your immediate manager is thebiggest single determinant ofemployee engagement in theworkplace.© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.6

What the data shows … the marks of grace in management?1. My manager or someone at work cares about me as a person andas a worker. (Compassion)2. I have the chance to do the things I do really well every day atwork. (Gifting/ respect/ part in the body)3. I know what I am expected to do. (Clarity/ order)4. I have the tools/ information I need to do my job well. (Equipped)5. Our processes help me to do a good job for our customers.(Equipped)6. I have opportunities to learn and grow at work. (Discipled)7. Our team has a culture of praise and appreciation.(Love)8. My views are valued. (Respect)9. I understand how my work impacts on the lives of the people weserve, how I contribute to the bigger scheme of things. (Mission)10. Everyone in my team is committed to do good work. (Body/respect)© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.7

Engagement data shows us that poor peoplemanagement fractures the divine order of thingsHigh levels of employee disengagement result in:Higher rates of staff turnover.Higher rates of theft.More accidents.Lower customer loyalty.Higher absenteeism.Gallup International data base on Employee Engagement 2008© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.

People Management can reinforce or fracture thedivine order of things1. Higher levels of praise and appreciation linked to:Increased individual productivityLower employee turnover/ leavingHigher customer loyalty and satisfaction scores (betterjob for those you serve)Better safety and accident figures….The dopamine factor2. Working for a boss you don’t like causes blood pressureto go up significantlycan increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 1/6 thrisk of a stroke by 1/3 rd 9© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.

Process and relationships areintrinsically linked in peoplemanagement.1. Traffic Regulations Office2. Foster Care; releasing Social Workers to work withchildren© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.

The requirements of leadershipPeople Management – a keyleadership activity© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.12

Jesus and people management – 10 marks of grace1. Prayerful, planned recruitment – key decision2. Focused time developing his disciples to be “God’s best version ofthem”, for the sake of the wider community.3. Clear expectation setting and processes to work with.4. Review, appreciation and continuous improvement.5. Fun, sharing and “eating about it”, are part of the culture.6. Building a community; not an organisation7. Valuing diversity enables renewal, boundary extensions andsustainability.8. Modelling the purpose and the values in day to day life.9. Releasing & enabling others; “servant and lord”; key managementprinciple for pioneering leaders.10. The 30 principle….. Letting goLove@work© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.13

We need to change some of our paradigms ofgreat leadership …1. Leadership and management are not mutually exclusive:managing people is an integral to “higher level”leadership. Vision and strategy alone are not sustainable.(Wiseman and McKeown Managing Yourself: Bringing Out the Best in Your People HBRMay2010 “Some bosses stifle their employees—and some make them shine. Which kind areyou?”)2. Working with the detail of the “each one”, as well as the“Big Picture” is key to effective leadership. (Rosabeth Moss Kanter,Zoom in, zoom out, HBR Match 2011© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.15

We need to change some of our paradigms of greatleadership …3. Good research emphasises demonstrating humility,disciplined choices, recognition of others and passion forthe cause… all important features of peoplemanagement. (Jim Collins “Good to Great” 2001)4. Those (business) leaders whose leadership is mostenduring build community in organisations/ groups. Theyengage others, and architect communities/ organisationswhich enable dialogue, collaboration and the desire toimprove. (Hamel and others Moon Shots for Management HBR Feb 2009.) . Mintzberg HBRJuly/ Aug 2009)© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.16

Though management is relationshipand process focused ....... it’s purpose is to build the person ANDachieve the community/organisation’smission or purpose.The focus on and passion for purpose isvital when you have to make tough choices© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009. 17

People management; not everyone’s gifting – buteveryone has a management responsibilities.1. Sometimes leaders and managers fail mainly because(subconsciously or deliberately), those they manage, “setthem up to fail”. (Mazoni and Barsoux Sloane Summer 2009)2. We have a responsibility to pray for those we work with.3. We can ask the questions and make the statements that mayhelp others to manage us more effectively4. We need to manage ourselves – we are human beings whoneed to manage body, mind, emotion and spirit. (Schwartz andMcCarthy Manage Your Energy,Not Your Time HBR October 2007)© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.18

The hardest person of all to manage? …. You Accurate self awareness is key to self management.“Being yourself”, can be self indulgent; self control isvital to having a positive impact on others.We are called to be agents of change – we can only dothat if we can manage ourselves and influence othersEmotional Intelligence trumps IQ both in relationshipmanagement and strategy! ( “When Emotional Reasoning Trumps IQ”by Roderick Gilkey, Ricardo Caceda, and Clinton Kilts HBR September 2010)© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.19

1 Thessalonians 5 v 12-18 (The Message)And now, friends, we ask you to honour those leaders who work sohard for you, who have been given the responsibility of urging andguiding you along in your obedience. Overwhelm them withappreciation and love! Get along among yourselves, each of you doingyour part. Our counsel is that you warn the freeloaders to get a moveon. Gently encourage the stragglers, and reach out for the exhausted,pulling them to their feet. Be patient with each person, attentive toindividual needs. And be careful that when you get on each other'snerves you don't snap at each other. Look for the best in each other,and always do your best to bring it out. Be cheerful no matter what;pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the wayGod wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.Love@work© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.20

Some conclusions about grace filled managementChanging our paradigms of leadership is over due;people management which results in growing people,community, legacy building and reaching out to thosewe serve, sits with mission, vision and strategy as keyaspects of leadership.Process and relationshipsStewardship data reinforces Divine wisdomNot everyone’s gifting – but everyone’s responsibilityChrist modelled grace filled management for us; Hegives us a model for love@work.© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.21

“ManagingPeople….Love@work”“j.garrett@lt-consulting.com”© LT Consulting Ltd. All Rights Reserved 2009.

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