TWelfTh nighT - Stratford Festival
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TWelfTh nighT - Stratford Festival

this new king is another layer of the play’s title, forTwelfth Night, January 6, is also the Feast of theEpiphany, when the new king was revealed to thethree Wise Men.Wisdom and folly in love are recurring motifs inthe play, and Feste, the professional fool, remindsus that the truly wise man admits that he is a fool.He is another example of the changing Elizabethanworld. In an earlier time, he would have beenattached solely to one household, as Touchstoneis in As You Like It. Although Feste lives in Olivia’shouse, he also seems to freelance, working forboth Olivia and the Duke, and he must constantlyask for money.Feste also reminds us that words can betwisted to mean their opposite. And deceptionin all its forms runs rampant through Illyria,as the lovers of the play must indulge theirindividual follies to excess before they learnthe lessons of love. Mad and madness arealso recurring words in Twelfth Night, and fromits half-way point through to the end, its lovesickcharacters ask if they are mad indeed.Only Malvolio refuses to admit that he is, and onlyhe remains outside the new social order that isestablished at the play’s end. His parting shot, “I’llbe revenged on the whole pack of you,” however,reminds us that he will not remain low on the socialladder for very long. Forty years after Shakespearewrote Twelfth Night, the Puritans, under Cromwell,would overthrow the British monarchy – and closethe theatres.Twelfth Night is the last party of the Christmasseason, and Twelfth Night is a farewell to an Englandthat is now on the brink of the Queen’s death. Theword carnival means farewell to things of the flesh.Feste ends the play with a song that begins:When that I was and a little tiny boy,With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,A foolish thing was but a toy,For the rain it raineth every day.That melancholy song goes on to list work andlove among the foolish things of the world of adults,where the constant wind and rain are alleviatedonly by fleeting entertainments such as the gloriousone Shakespeare gives us here.Robert Blacker is Dramaturge for theStratford Shakespeare Festival.4

Shakespeare thePostmodernistIdeas and InsightsArcelorMittal Dofasco applauds the artists, artisansand staff behind every outstanding experience at theStratford Shakespeare Festival.So many different cultural and historical influencesenrich our lives nowadays that we seldom givethem a moment’s thought. We see nothing strangein the idea of enjoying an Indian or Chinese meal(accompanied perhaps by a Spanish or Chileanwine and rounded off with an espresso or an Irishliqueur), followed by, say, a French film adaptedfrom a Russian novel. Yet the same eclecticism wetake for granted in our everyday lives can perplexsome of us when we encounter it in art.Eclecticism – the mingling of styles from differentperiods or different cultures – is one of the definingfeatures of what today we call “postmodernism,” aterm associated with the avant-garde. Yet this modeof creative juxtaposition is hardly new; indeed,it is one of the most striking characteristics ofShakespeare’s art.In play after play, Shakespeare combineselements from different eras, blends historicalfact with obvious fantasy, and juggles stylesthat range from the highest flights of poeticfancy to the authentic voice of the commonman. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is an obviousexample, bringing together as it does figuresfrom classical Greek mythology, a supernaturalworld of fairies and sprites, and a comic troupeof “Athenian” tradesmen who hail unmistakablyfrom Shakespeare’s own England.Even at his most self-consistent, Shakespeareis always writing as much about his own time andplace as about his story’s nominal setting, whetherit be eleventh-century Scotland or ancient Rome,and this dual focus was reflected in the costumingof his actors. On the Elizabethan and Jacobeanstage, modern dress was the norm, with the theatrecompanies of the time relying heavily for their regalwardrobes on cast-off finery from the aristocracy.There is evidence, though, that the contemporaryclothing was sometimes combined with elementsfrom other eras to evoke remote or exotic settings.In a pen-and-ink drawing from the late sixteenthDirector Des McAnuffcentury, one Henry Peacham left us what isbelieved to be the only contemporary illustrationof a Shakespearean performance. The drawing isof Titus Andronicus, and it shows Titus wearing arough approximation of a Roman toga with the othercharacters in full Elizabethan attire. We can onlyassume that Shakespeare’s original audiences sawnothing untoward in such a “mash-up” of periods.The use of deliberate discrepancy seemsparticularly appropriate to the world of TwelfthNight – a play whose alternative title, What YouWill (or, as a teenager might say today, “Whatever”),practically dictates a postmodernist approach.Certainly the “Illyria” where the action takes placeis not so much an actual geographic setting as it isa confused and ever-changing state of mind. In thistopsy-turvy fairy-tale world, the hierarchy has beenturned upside down: the ruler, Duke Orsino, hasessentially abdicated his responsibilities in order tomoon over a woman who won’t give him the time ofday, leaving a power vacuum that allows the likes ofSir Toby Belch to become a “lord of misrule.”The play’s title refers to the Twelfth Night ofChristmas, though nothing else in the text points tothat time of year. We instinctively feel that its action,which covers a span of three days (or three months;5

Director Des McAnuff (centre) with members of the companyhere too the play contradicts itself), is taking placein the summer. But the meaning of the title isconceptual, not literal. The idea of Twelfth Nightsuffuses the play: the last giddy day of holiday timebefore you go back to work. This is a world of play– of eating and drinking, of gambling and sportivepranks and, particularly, of music. Music abounds,not only in the multitude of songs but in the poeticimagery as well. Mellifluous sounds drift through theair and at times Illyria seems to float in space, as ifwe’ve all entered some kind of musical dream.To provide a framing device for this eclecticworld of imagination, I have turned to the pastsixty years of popular music. Since the middle ofthe twentieth century, diverse genres from variouseras and cultures have been adapted, combinedand reinvented to produce some of the mostexciting music in the world – whether folk, rock,blues, country, folk-rock, country rock, electropop,electric-country-blues, reggae or zydeco,as Polonius might have put it. Popular music hasinformed the production by giving us an eclecticstyle that serves costumes, lighting and scenery. Inour production, Illyria is the magical world of musicon a holiday weekend.If music, as Orsino says, be the food of love,then perhaps the songs that dominate TwelfthNight have a central role to play in advancing theemotionally mixed-up inhabitants of Illyria towarda more balanced and integrated state of mind inwhich love can be trusted again so we can all goback to work.Des McAnuffDirectorThe StoryOrsino, Duke of Illyria, pines with unrequited love for the Countess Olivia, who has shut herself up athome as a mark of mourning for her deceased brother. Meanwhile, Olivia’s uncle, Sir Toby Belch, isegging on another suitor for her hand: his drinking companion Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Complicationsensue when a shipwreck causes the twins Viola and Sebastian to be washed up on separate partsof the coast, each fearing the other to have been drowned. To protect herself, Viola assumes maledisguise and, as the youth “Cesario,” enters the Duke’s service. Her disguise, however, soon provesmore effective than she had bargained for.6

Twelfth NightBy William ShakespeareThis production is dedicated to the memory ofPeter Donaldson, a cherished member of ouracting company.Artistic CreditsDirectorDesignerLighting DesignerMusic Composed byMusical Direction andArrangementsSound DesignerDramaturgeChoreographerFight DirectorDes McAnuffDebra HansonMichael WaltonMichael Roth andDes McAnuffMichael RothTodd CharltonJacob Gallagher-RossNicola PantinTodd CampbellAssistant DirectorRachel SlavenAssistant DesignerScott PennerIan and Molly Lindsay Young Design FellowAssistant Lighting Designers Chris McEwen,Siobhán SleathAssistant Sound Designer Verne GoodAssistant Fight Director casey HudeckiFight CaptainIan LakeDance CaptainJaz SealeyStage ManagerAssistant Stage ManagersProduction AssistantProduction Stage ManagerTechnical DirectorThe. John GrayMarie Fewer,Crystal Skinner,Zeph WilliamsStephanie MeineMargaret PalmerJeff ScollonCastViola, later disguised as Cesario Andrea RungeA Sea-CaptainTimothy D. StickneyOrsino, Duke of Illyria Mike SharaCurio, attending on Orsino Jaz SealeyValentine, attending on Orsino Ryan FieldOlivia, a CountessSara TophamSir Toby Belch, her kinsman Brian DennehyMalvolio, her steward Tom RooneyFeste, a jesterBen CarlsonMaria, her waiting gentlewoman Cara RickettsFabian, a member ofher householdJuan ChioranServantBarbara FultonSir Andrew Aguecheek,companion of Sir TobyStephen OuimetteSebastian, Viola’s twin brother Trent PardyAntonio, another sea-captain Michael BlakeFirst OfficerStephen RussellSecond OfficerIan LakePriestMusiciansLords, Attendants, Sailors:Viola (standby)Roy LewisBrad Canning,Holly Shephard,Merlin WilliamsVictor Dolhai,Miranda Edwards,Barbara Fulton,Sarah Kitz, Aaron Krohn,Ian LakeSuzy Jane HuntUnderstudiesVictor Dolhai (Sebastian, Valentine), Miranda Edwards(Viola), Ryan Field (Priest), Barbara Fulton (Maria),Sarah Kitz (Olivia), Aaron Krohn (Feste, Curio), Ian Lake(Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Fabian), Roy Lewis (Antonio,Captain), Robert Persichini (standby Sir Toby Belch),Stephen Russell (Malvolio), Timothy D. Stickney (Orsino,First Officer, Second Officer)IntervalThere will be one interval of 20 minutes.7

Juan Chioran (Fabian) and Brian Dennehy (Sir Toby Belch) withmembers of the companyMike Shara (Orsino)Production CreditsResponsibilities backstage during the performance accomplished by:Stage CarpenterAlternateMaster ElectricianAlternateProperty MasterAlternateHead of SoundCrewWardrobe MasterWardrobe AttendantsSwingWigs and Makeup Show HeadWigs and Makeup CrewArt FortinAnthony GentileAlec CooperMichael WalshNick GlennRory FeoreMichael DuncanWilliam Gosling,Tim Hartman, Karl WylieWilliam C. KraftIna Brogan,Tracy Houston-McIntyre,Michael Karn,Annette LenzeBrigitte NazarLinda LangeneggerLena G. FestosoAcknowledgementsSpecial thanks to Norman Cruz, MD, Stratford;Jennifer Anderson, MD, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto;Brian Hands, MD, FRCS (C), medical voice consultant,Vox Cura voice care specialists, Toronto; Simon McBride,MCISc, MD, London Health Sciences Centre vocal functionclinic, London, Ontario; John Yoo, MD, London HealthSciences Centre, London, Ontario.Pianos tuned and maintained by Don Stephenson.Front cover image provided by STEAMco., creativeadvertising agency for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.Front cover and page 1 photography by Andrew Eccles.OrchestraMichael Roth, Conductor/Piano/Percussion; Michele Fox,Violin; Ben Bolt-Martin, Cello; Merlin Williams, Flute/AltoFlute/ Clarinet/Contrabass Clarinet/Alto Saxophone/TenorSaxophone/Baritone Saxophone/Classical Guitar/Electric/Guitar/Twelve String Electric Guitar/Electric Bass Guitar;Holly Shephard, Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet; Kate Stone,Horn; Rob Stone, Bass Trombone; Brad Canning, ClassicalGuitar/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/Mandolin/DrumsTrent Pardy (Sebastian)Music PreparationFanfare MusiciansJohn Montgomery,Don SweeteGraham Hargrove,Mary Jay (FanfareLeader), Holly Shephard,Kate Stone, Rob StoneThe Birmingham Conservatory for Classical TheatreFrom General Director Antoni Cimolino and Artistic Director Des McAnuffThirty-two members of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s 2011 company have come out of ourprofessional training program, now known as the Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre.Founded in 1998, the Conservatory has helped to launch the careers of some of our leading youngactors, many of whom we have had the great pleasure of directing. Providing opportunities for youngCanadian artists is part of our mission at the Festival, and we hope you will find it as satisfying as wedo to watch their growth as they share the stage with some of the finest actors in the world.Under the leadership of Martha Henry, the Conservatory is made possible by the support of the Birminghamfamily, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival Endowment Foundation and the Department of Canadian Heritage.We thank them for helping us to nurture and support these talented artists in our 2011 company:Skye Brandon 08/09Evan Buliung 99Shane Carty 03Dan Chameroy 03Laura Condlln 04Victor Dolhai 10Miranda Edwards 10Josh Epstein 10Martha Farrell 04Paul Fauteux 02Bruce Godfree 09/10Carmen Grant 10Ashleigh Hendry 10Dion Johnstone 03Chilina Kennedy 09Sarah Kitz 10Ian Lake 07/08Amanda Lisman 09Keira Loughran 05 (new plays)Kennedy C. MacKinnon 99 (voice coach)Brendan Murray 00Paul Nolan 09Trent Pardy 07/08Gareth Potter 03Christopher Prentice 08/09Andrea Runge 09Tyrone Savage 10E.B. Smith 10Evan Stillwater 04 (tailor)Sara Topham 00Dylan Trowbridge 10Sophia Walker 058

Director of ProductionProductionJohn TiggelovenTechnical Director – Scenic Construction Andrew MesternWardrobe ManagerAnne MooreProduction AdministratorCheryl BenderDesign CoordinatorAlix DolgoyAssistant Technical DirectorDavid CampbellTechnical Management Assistant Michael BesworthAdministrative AssistantCindy JordanResident Sound DesignerPeter McBoyleDirector of MusicRick FoxMusic AdministratorMarilyn DallmanElectronics TechnologistChris WheelerTransportationCharlie Fox, Ian A. Fraser,Michael Taylor, James ThistlePropertiesHead of PropertiesLead BuilderAssisted byProperties BuyerAssistant Properties BuyerScenic ArtHead Scenic ArtistAssistant Head Scenic ArtistAssisted byDona HrablukKen DubblestyneEric Ball, Lucas Commerford,Carolyn Horley,Michelle Jamieson,Shirley Lee,Jennifer Macdonald,Brian McLeod, Dylan Mundy,Heather Ruthig,Elizabeth ThomasTracy FultonPenelope SchledewitzChristopher KleinDaniel McManusKevin Kemp, Amparo Patterson,Lisa Summers, Laurie Tomé,Jo-Anne Vezina, Blair YeomansWardrobeHead of WardrobeAssistant Head of WardrobeSeasonal Wardrobe SupervisorCuttersCutter’s ApprenticeFirst HandSewersBijoux/DecorationAssisted byBoots and ShoesAssisted byCostume PaintingDyeingAssisted byMillineryAssisted byWardrobe BuyerAssistant BuyerWardrobe ApprenticeWarehouse SupervisorWarehouse AssistantBradley DalcourtElizabeth CopemanLinda SparksTerri Dans,Melanie Farrar-Jackson,Margaret Lamb, Carol A. Miller,Evan StillwaterLela Stairs MurphyLaurie Krempien-HallSusy Arnold, Wendy Bendle,Denise Bott,Dolores Brodhagen,Diana Brown,Natalie Crittenden,Allison Erb, Ilana Harendorf,Patricia Hawkins-Russell,Monique Hodder,Marian Hughes,Shona Humphrey,Olga M. Kouzmina,Norma Lachance,Karen Merriam, Emma Pawluk,Cynthia E. Rusak,Georgina Schinkel,Rachel Seburn, Silvia Widmer,Lindsey Winter, Christine Yundt,Joanne ZegersLiane GuttadauriaKathi PosliffConnie PuetzKaren Beames, Sarah CookLisa HughesSylvia MinarcinLinda PinhayThea C. CrawfordHelen Flower, Kaz MaxineMichelle AshbourneCaitlin LuxfordSamantha AylsworthMadonna DeckerValerie LariviereScenic CarpentryHead CarpenterHead of AutomationLead HandsAssisted byNeil R. CheneyIan PhillipsJohn Currie, Geoff TaylorSimon Aldridge, Jeff Baici,David Bedford,Dan Bingeman, Mark Card,Gino Difilippo, Ryan Flanagan,Craig Geiger, Gary Geiger,Anthony Gentile, Paul Gorman,Hal Harley, Paul Hyde,William Malmo, Allan Moffat,Wayne Nero, John Roth,Joe Saunders, Mark Smith,Geoff Taylor, Cliff Tipping,Joe Tracey, Michael WoodsWigs and MakeupHead of Wigs and MakeupConstruction CrewAdditional Wigs byGerald AltenburgTeddi Barrett, Jessica Elsbrie,Lena G. Festoso, Tracy Frayne,Dave Kerr, Linda Langenegger,Angela Moncur, Barb NewberyChristine VaughanThe Michael Langham Workshop forClassical Direction“The Michael Langham Workshop for Classical Direction will continueMichael Langham’s tradition of mentorship in a risk-free environment,allowing directors to develop their craft with the rich history and evolvingartistry of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.”– Des McAnuffWe extend our thanks to the Department of Canadian Heritage,the Philip and Berthe Morton Foundation and Johanna Metcalf.Participants in the2011 workshop:Sharon BajerEric BensonDian Marie BridgeHeather DaviesAlan DilworthVarrick GrimesThomas Morgan JonesRachel PeakeAndrew ShaverRachel SlavenLezlie WadeFunding for artisan apprenticeships is provided by the William H.Somerville Theatre Artisan Apprenticeship Fund, funded by the J. P.Bickell Foundation, and by Robert and Jacqueline Sperandio.A member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, theStratford Shakespeare Festival engages, under the terms of the CanadianTheatre Agreement, professional artists who are members of CanadianActors’ Equity Association. Stage crew, scenic carpenters, drivers, wigsand makeup attendants and facilities staff are members of Local 357of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).Wardrobe attendants are members of IATSE Local 924. Scenic artists aremembers of IATSE Local 828. The Festival acknowledges with thanks theco-operation of the Stratford Musicians’ Association, Local 418 of theAmerican Federation of Musicians.9


William ShakespearePlaywrightBorn in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, WilliamShakespeare was the eldest son of JohnShakespeare, a glover and tanner who rose tobecome an alderman and bailiff of the town, andMary Arden, the daughter of a wealthy farmer. Theexact date of his birth is unknown, but there is arecord of his baptism on April 26. Since an intervalof two or three days between birth and baptismwould have been quite common, tradition has itthat he was born on April 23 – the same date as hisdeath fifty-two years later.The young Shakespeare is assumed to haveattended what is now the Edward VI GrammarSchool in Stratford, where he would have studiedancient Roman literature in its original Latin. In 1582,when he was eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway,a farmer’s daughter who was eight years his senior.Anne was pregnant at the time, and the couple’sfirst daughter, Susanna, was born a few monthsafterwards in 1583. Twins followed two years later: ason, Hamnet, who died at the age of eleven, and asecond daughter, Judith.Nothing further is known of Shakespeare’slife until 1592, by which time he was sufficientlyestablished as an actor and writer in London to bethe target of a literary attack by a jealous fellowplaywright, Robert Greene. Soon afterwards, anoutbreak of plague forced the temporary closure ofthe theatres, and Shakespeare turned his attentioninstead to his long narrative poems Venus andAdonis and The Rape of Lucrece. He also beganwriting the Sonnets, a series of 154 love poems thatmany believe to be at least partly autobiographical.By 1594, Shakespeare was back in the theatre,writing and acting for the Lord Chamberlain’sMen. His income as one of the country’s mostsuccessful dramatists enabled him, in 1597, to buy amansion back in Stratford, and in 1599 he became ashareholder in London’s newly built Globe Theatre.In 1603, Shakespeare’s company was awarded aroyal patent, becoming known as the King’s Men.Possibly as early as 1610, the playwright retiredto his home in Stratford-upon-Avon, living thereuntil his death on April 23, 1616. He is buried in thetown’s Holy Trinity Church.William Shakespeare11

The CompanyMichael BlakeStratford debut: Corporal Bardolph in The Merry Wives of Windsor andAntonio in Twelfth Night. Elsewhere: Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet), Eilif(Mother Courage), Joseph (Nativity), A Christmas Carol (National ArtsCentre); title role (Othello), Angelo (The Comedy of Errors) (Bard on theBeach); Gratiano/Morocco (The Merchant of Venice) (SITR); Simba (TheLion King) (Mirvish/Disney); Mitch (Putnam County Spelling Bee) (Belfry/ArtsClub); Orlando (As You Like It), A Raisin in the Sun, Blink, Three Sisters, The Time of YourLife, The Threepenny Opera (Soulpepper); Rock and Roll (Canadian Stage); Wilbur CountyBlues (Blyth); Jacob Two-Two (LKTYP); Big River (Drayton). Film/TV: Senior Trip, YTV Rocks,The Planet of Junior Brown, Earth: Final Conflict, Due South, Degrassi Junior High. Radio:Numerous CBC radio dramas. Training: Inaugural member of the Soulpepper Academy,graduate of the National Theatre School, St. Michael’s Choir School. Et cetera: Residentmember of National Arts Centre English Theatre acting company.Juan Chioran12th season: Fabian in Twelfth Night and Philinte in The Misanthrope.Stratford: Kiss Me, Kate, Evita, Hamlet, As You Like It, A Midsummer Night’sDream, Man of La Mancha, The Winter’s Tale, The Mikado. Elsewhere: TheMadonna Painter (Factory); The Light in the Piazza, A New Brain (Acting UpStage); Cymbeline, The Three Musketeers, Hecuba (Chicago Shakespeare);Private Lives (Theatre Athena); Blithe Spirit, An Ideal Husband (Citadel);Much Ado About Nothing, Goodnight Desdemona… (Canadian Stage); Love’s Labour’sLost (NAC); The Producers (Mirvish – Dora Award); Present Laughter, The Play About theBaby (Soulpepper); Anything That Moves (Tarragon); Kiss of the Spider Woman (Broadway/first national – Ovation, Carbonell and Jeff awards). Film/TV: The Border, Finn on theFly, Republic of Love, Roxy Hunter, The Call, This Is Wonderland, Cheetah Girls, Monk,Dracula (Gemini Award), Dan for Mayor, What’s Up Warthogs?, How to be Indie. Webseries:Guidestones, Papillon.Todd CampbellThird season: Fight director of Camelot and Twelfth Night and stuntcoordinator of The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Homecoming.Stratford: Dangerous Liaisons, King of Thieves, Zastrozzi, BartholomewFair. Elsewhere: Todd has arranged fights for the Tempest Theatre Group,Neptune, Theatre in Port, Sudbury Theatre Centre, Repercussion, BirdlandTheatre, Absit Omen, Driftwood, Tribal Productions and ResurgenceTheatre, to name a few. He also recently produced/directed a remount of his hit fight showDuel of Ages in the 2011 Next Stage Festival. Training: Certified fight director and instructorwith Fight Directors Canada. Website: Et cetera: Todd teaches stage combatat the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and Rapier Wit Studios and is a foundingmember of the award-winning Riot ACT stunt team. Todd resides in Toronto, where he worksas an actor, director, fight director and teacher.Brian DennehySecond season: Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night and Max in TheHomecoming. Elsewhere: Brian Dennehy has maintained a strong presencein film, theatre and television for three decades. In 2007 he starred withChristopher Plummer in the critically acclaimed Broadway production ofInherit the Wind. He returns to Stratford from a successful run of John B.Keane’s The Field at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. Awards: He has twicewon the Tony Award for best actor: honoured for playing James Tyrone in Eugene O’Neill’sLong Day’s Journey Into Night in 2003 and for playing Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s Death ofa Salesman in 1999. Film/TV: Death of a Salesman was also filmed for Showtime by directorKirk Browning. His feature films include Ratatouille, Tommy Boy, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo +Juliet, Gladiator, Cocoon, Gorky Park and, most recently, The Big Year with Jack Black.Brad CanningStratford debut: Musician in Twelfth Night. Elsewhere: A 25-year-old multiinstrumentalist,Brad began his career at age 12, playing drums on a tour ofNewfoundland with a Southern gospel-style group. He has shared the stagewith such big names as Ron Sexsmith, Wide Mouth Mason, Jim Cuddy (BlueRodeo), The Guess Who and Jordan John, and has opened for such greatCanadian artists as Jack de Keyzer (2003 Blues Artist of the Year), Valdy(Country Male Vocalist of the Year and Folksinger of the Year), producer/singer/songwriter/guitarist Colin Linden, David Francis and Jimmy Bowskill. He has on many occasionsaccompanied one of his favourite artists and friends, Juno-nominated Dayna Manning, andgave private guitar instruction to pop superstar Justin Bieber for his YouTube video of “CryMe a River.” Recordings: Brad recorded his first LP, Take a Chance, in 2006.Ben CarlsonFourth season: Feste in Twelfth Night and Alceste in The Misanthrope.Stratford: Touchstone in As You Like It, Leontes in The Winter’s Tale, JohnWorthing in The Importance of Being Earnest, Brutus in Julius Caesar,Tranio in The Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet in Hamlet. Elsewhere: Ben hasworked throughout Canada and the United States. Shaw Festival audienceswill remember his 12 seasons, and his marathon John Tanner in an uncutMan and Superman. His Stratford Hamlet was preceded by playing the same part for theChicago Shakespeare Theater, where he also played Macbeth. He was most recently seenas Mr. Lockhart in The Seafarer at MTC, and in Cloud 9 for Mirvish Productions. Film/TV: GreyGardens, Angela’s Eyes, Slings and Arrows, The 11th Hour, Hemingway vs. Callaghan, MyDog Vincent. Awards: Joseph Jefferson, Hamlet; Dora Mavor Moore, The Doll House.Victor DolhaiSecond season: John in The Merry Wives of Windsor and appears inTwelfth Night and The Misanthrope. Stratford: As You Like It, The Winter’sTale. Elsewhere: Pygmalion, King Lear (Birmingham Conservatory); Prideand Prejudice (Citadel); Brilliant! The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla(Belfry/Electric Company Theatre); Little Women (Persephone); As You LikeIt, Death of a Salesman, The Fantasticks (Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre);The Full Monty (Patrick Street Productions); The Pirates of Penzance (Chemainus TheatreFestival); Narnia (Kaleidoscope Theatre); Grimm Tales (Itsazoo Productions); WoyzeckSongspiel (Ecce Homo); Guys and Dolls, Tartuffe, Metamorphoses, Tyrants, The Streetof Crocodiles (Phoenix Theatre); 11th and 12th Wreck Beach Butoh (Kokoro Dance); 14cabarets with Atomic Vaudeville. Training: Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre,Citadel/Banff Centre Professional Theatre Program, University of Victoria. Et cetera: Victor isa founding member of the award-winning SNAFU Dance Theatre. He dedicates this seasonto the memory of Denis Simpson and Jeremy Tow.Miranda EdwardsStratford debut: Appears in Twelfth Night and understudy in TheHomecoming. Elsewhere: The Madonna Painter, Toronto the Good (FactoryTheatre), who knew grannie: a dub aria (Obsidian), The Taxi Project (PENCanada), ’da Kink in my Hair (Mirvish, Theatre Passe Muraille), Danny,King of the Basement (Roseneath Theatre). Film/TV: Covert Affairs (NBC),The Bridge (CTV), The Line (CBS), Kevin Hill (CBS), At the Hotel (CBC), BlueMurder (Global), P2 (Summit), Mean Girls (Paramount). Radio: The Adventures of a BlackGirl in Search of God, BeatDown (CBC Radio). Training: The Birmingham Conservatory forClassical Theatre, York University. Et cetera: “Lots of love and thanks to my Nicholas and tomy wonderfully supportive family and friends.”Todd Charlton14th season: Sound designer of The Grapes of Wrath and Twelfth Night.Stratford: Last season: As You Like It, The Winter’s Tale, DangerousLiaisons. Other highlights include Palmer Park, Hamlet, Of Mice and Men,the Swanne trilogy, Timon of Athens. Elsewhere: Courageous, Democracy,Scorched, Wild Mouth (Tarragon); Intimate Apparel (Obsidian/CanadianStage/Citadel); Rock ’n’ Roll (Canadian Stage); Cabaret, The DrowsyChaperone, Carnival, Anything Goes, Chicago, many others (Theatre Sheridan); six seasonsas Resident Sound Designer with the Blyth Festival, including Innocence Lost, HockeyMom, Hockey Dad, A Killing Snow, Pearl Gidley; Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (AdeonaProductions). Awards: Four Dora nominations for outstanding sound design. Training:Honours English and Drama, UWO; Theatre, Banff School of Fine Arts. Et cetera: Todd is thesound instructor for Humber College in Toronto. He lives happily in Stratford with his wife,Melissa, and three boys, Harper, Jack and Devlin.Marie FewerSeventh season: Assistant stage manager of Twelfth Night. Stratford:Previous credits at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival include Evita, KissMe, Kate, Macbeth, Rice Boy, Romeo and Juliet, Caesar and Cleopatra,My One and Only, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Duchess of Malfi, The Blonde,the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead and Noises Off. Elsewhere: Othertheatre credits include Hush and Léo (Tarragon Theatre); That Summer(Theatre Erindale, University of Toronto at Mississauga); The Babysitter (Theatre DirectCanada/Eldritch Theatre); Better Parts, Fish Eyes, Jamaica Man and blood.claat (Stage3:word.sound.power, produced by Theatre Passe Muraille/Obsidian Theatre Company); Wrongfor Each Other (Bluewater Summer Playhouse). Training: Graduate of the theatre arts –technical production program at Sheridan College. Et cetera: “I dedicate this season to thememory of my father, who always encouraged me to do something I enjoy.”12

Ryan FieldStratford debut: Peter Simple in The Merry Wives of Windsor and Valentinein Twelfth Night. Elsewhere: Oil and Water (Artistic Fraud); Romeo andJuliet (Shakespeare in Action); Oh What a Lovely War, Window on Toronto,A Chorus of Disapproval, The Winter’s Tale, The Beggar’s Opera, SheStoops to Conquer (Soulpepper); Hair (Canadian Stage); Romeo and Juliet,The Taming of the Shrew (ShakespeareWorks); Jacob Two-Two Meetsthe Hooded Fang, Blue Planet (LKTYP); Dream Girls (Stage West); Angels in America, TheThreepenny Opera (George Brown). Film/TV: Wingin’ It (Family Channel), This and That,Transform It, host/producer of The Space (TVOKids), The Ladies Man (Paramount), TheBest Years (Global), This Is Wonderland (CBC), 1-800-MISSING (CTV), System Crash (YTV).Training: Claude Watson School for the Arts, the Royal Conservatory of Music, George BrownTheatre School graduate. Website: Et cetera: Ryan released hisalbum, The New Beginning, on iTunes on November 11th, 2010.Barbara Fulton17th season: Appears in The Merry Wives of Windsor and Twelfth Night.Stratford: Peter Pan, Dangerous Liaisons, Lise (Cyrano de Bergerac),Elizabeth I/Widow (The Taming of the Shrew), Fatima (Pentecost), Mrs.Sowerberry (Oliver!), Jack’s Mother (Into the Woods), Mrs. Keller (TheMiracle Worker), Sister Helena (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie), QueenAnne (The Three Musketeers), Fruma-Sarah (Fiddler on the Roof), Peep-Bo(The Mikado) and Nicole (Bonjour, là, bonjour). Elsewhere: Mrs. Webb (Our Town, MercuryTheatre), Grizabella (Cats, original Toronto production and across Canada). Recordings:CBC/Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s The Tempest, Dark Lady of the Sonnets, Fanfare:Stratford Music of Louis Applebaum; debut album, Somebody New; all available at theTheatre Store. Training: Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.; Bird College, London England.Awards: Recipient of four Tyrone Guthrie Awards. Website: Gallagher-RossSecond season: Dramaturge of Twelfth Night. Stratford: Assistantdramaturge of The Tempest. Elsewhere: Dramaturge of Troilus andCressida, The Robbers, Edward II (Yale School of Drama). Jacob is adoctoral candidate in the dramaturgy and dramatic criticism program at theYale School of Drama, and an associate editor of Theater magazine. Hisessays have appeared in TDR, PAJ, TheatreForum, Theater and CanadianTheatre Review. He is a regular contributor to the Village Voice’s theatre section. Training:University of Toronto, Yale School of Drama. Awards: John W. Gassner Memorial Prizes forCriticism, 2007 and 2009 (Yale School of Drama).16-29?Get $25 tickets!Get the behind-the-scenesscoop and fabulous ticketdeals with the Play Onprogram at the StratfordShakespeare Festival. Youthcertainly has its privileges!The program provides $25tickets for patrons 16-29,plus exclusive deals whereyou shop, eat and stay!For more details, check get with the program!SPONSORED BYVerne GoodSecond season: Assistant sound designer of Twelfth Night. Elsewhere:Sound design: Theaturtle’s Alphonse, Tarragon Theatre’s Communion,Groundwater Productions’ Epic of Gilgamesh, Theatre Awakening’s Buriedand In Darfur, Seventh Stage Productions’ Or, 9 Parts of Desire and TheRed Queen Effect. Sound and lighting design: Praxis Theatre’s Section 98and Jesus Chrysler. Associate lighting designer: Crow’s Theatre’s EternalHydra, Peggy Baker Dance/Necessary Angel’s Are You Okay. Upcoming: Sound designsfor Tarragon Theatre, Seventh Stage Productions and SummerWorks Festival. Training:Recipient of Theatre Ontario Professional Theatre Training Program grant, under which sheassisted Todd Charlton at the Blyth Festival (full season) and at Stratford on Palmer Park.Verne is a graduate of Bishop’s University and the National Theatre School of Canada.P LA YO NP L A YO NA YP LO NStay connected! Follow us onThe. John GrayFifth season: Stage manager of Twelfth Night. Stratford: Measure forMeasure, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Uncle Vanya, The Wingfield Trilogy, Ah,Wilderness!, King Lear, Oedipus/The Critic. Elsewhere: Rock of Ages, TheSound of Music, Dirty Dancing, The Lord of the Rings, The Producers, TheLion King (all in Toronto); Indian Ink (Toronto and Ottawa); Chicago, The Kingand I (both U.S. national tours); opening and closing ceremonies of the 15thAsian Games (Doha, Qatar). Training: National Theatre School. Et cetera: “That may be. Butthe muffins are the same.”13

Debra Hanson20th season: Set designer of Camelot and designer of Twelfth Night.Stratford: Head of design, 1990 to 1994. Elsewhere: San Diego and St.Louis opera companies, NAC, Shaw Festival, CentreStage, MTC (residentdesigner), Theatre Plus, Toronto Free, Banff Centre, Theatre Calgary,Theatre New Brunswick (resident designer). She has taught at McGill,Queen’s and Bishop’s universities, John Abbott College, Humber Collegeand the University of Victoria. Film/TV: Chloe, Casino Jack, Adoration, Away from Her,Outlander, Childstar, In God’s Country, I Was a Rat, Verdict in Blood, A Killing Spring,Society’s Child, Love Come Down, What Katy Did, One Heart Broken into Song, Cra$h& Burn. Awards: Pauline McGibbon Award (1984), Dora Award for Translations, Doranomination for Saint Joan, Genie nominations for New Waterford Girl and The Gospel ofJohn, Gemini nomination for Stormy Weather, Gemini Awards for Roxana (2007) and Othello(2009).Suzy Jane HuntStratford debut: Standby Viola in Twelfth Night and understudy in TheMerry Wives of Windsor. Theatre: Jane in The Good Book of Pedantry andWonder (Boston Court Theatre, Circle X), Martha in Battlehymn (Circle XTheatre Co., L.A.), Grigsby in Our House (Denver Center), understudy inSubUrbia (Second Stage, N.Y.C.), Lucy in Girl (Cherry Lane Theatre, N.Y.C.),Belly in We Are Not These Hands (German Theatre Abroad), Chorus inHecuba (The Pearl Theatre). TV: The Forgotten and As the World Turns, ABC. Training:University of Evansville; The Actors Center, N.Y.Sarah KitzStratford debut: Appears in Twelfth Night and The Misanthrope. Stratford:Eliza in Pygmalion, Fool in King Lear (Birmingham Conservatory).Elsewhere: Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Celia in As You Like It (St.Lawrence Shakespeare Festival); Therese in Box and Window (HumberRiver Shakespeare Company); Hali in The Sicilian (Fringe); Mother/QueenJahan in The Veil (OneLight Theatre, Canadian/Iranian tours); One WomanFreakshow in Cheap Queers (Buddies in Bad Times); Hero in Much Ado About Nothing(Shakespeare in the Square); Helen in Problem Child (Alumnae Theatre); Sylvia in TwoGentlemen, Anne in Richard III, Hermia in Dream, Ariel in Tempest (Shakespeare by the Sea).Training: University of Windsor, Birmingham Conservatory. Directing: Oliver! (Leah PoslunsTheatre); Cabin Fever (Fringe); The Laramie Project (Working Productions). Et cetera: Cofounderof Here Is My Hand Theatre. “Love to my family.”Aaron KrohnStratford debut: Lenny in The Homecoming and appears in TwelfthNight. Broadway: The Farnsworth Invention, The Coast of Utopia, JuliusCaesar, Henry IV, The Invention of Love, Sam Mendes’s Bridge Project(years one and two): As You Like It, The Tempest, The Winter’s Tale, TheCherry Orchard. Off-Broadway: The Glass Cage, Echoes of the War (MintTheatre); Philoktetes, by John Jeserun (LaMaMa). Regional: Divine Rivalry(Hartford Stage); Beauty and the Beast (TUTS); Sheppey, Much Ado About Nothing (AlabamaShakespeare); The Hostage, As You Like It, Romeo and Juliet (Old Globe); In the Jungle ofCities, Macbeth, Cyrano de Bergerac (Alley Theatre); Ireland tour of The Complete Works ofWilliam Shakespeare (Abridged). Film/TV: Law & Order: SVU, Welcome to New York, manyvoices for anime films including Kaji (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Murakomo (Blue Seed), Go(Super Atragon). Training: MFA from The Old Globe Theatre, San Diego.Ian LakeFourth season: Second Officer in Twelfth Night and Joey in TheHomecoming. Stratford: Silvius in As You Like It, Florizel in The Winter’sTale, Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Trouble-All in BartholomewFair, Berowne in Love’s Labour’s Lost, Sentinel in Caesar and Cleopatra.Elsewhere: For This Moment Alone (Theatre Aquarius); Twelfth Night,Macbeth, The Provoked Wife (BCCT); Buoyant Billions, Star Quality, LesDeux Aveugles (Theatre Lac Brome); Amadeus (Segal Theatre); Schoolhouse, Lost Heir (BlythFestival); Oedipus Rex (Gravy Bath); Much Ado About Nothing (Resurgence Theatre). Film/TV: Flashpoint (CTV); Caesar and Cleopatra (Bravo!/CTV); SPIT, a short (Precip Productions);He Was Perfectly Fine (Sheridan Media Arts). Training: National Theatre School of Canada,Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre. Awards: Proud recipient of the 2009Michael Mawson Award. Et cetera: “I’d like to dedicate this season to Michael and Peter:two great men and even greater mentors.”Roy Lewis10th season: Priest in Twelfth Night. Stratford: Credits include Hymen (AsYou Like It), The Winter’s Tale, Old Man (Macbeth), Bellerose/Renaudot/Bertrandou (Cyrano de Bergerac), Montague (Romeo and Juliet), Achillas(Caesar and Cleopatra), Reverend Sykes (To Kill a Mockingbird), Cyclops(The Odyssey). Elsewhere: Raoul Bhaneja’s Blues Project as Howlin’ Wolf.He has worked at the Shaw Festival and the National Arts Centre. Actingroles of note include Baron Van Swieten in Amadeus, the Stage Manager in Our Town,Prospero in The Tempest, Posthumus in Cymbeline, Lysander in A Midsummer Night’sDream, Lightbourne in Edward II, Norfolk in A Man for All Seasons and Mr. Visconti in Travelswith My Aunt. Directing credits include Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Tempest, Cymbelineand Waiting for Godot. He is a founding member of the Obsidian Theatre Company andShakespeare in the Rough.Des McAnuffFifth season: Fourth season as Artistic Director of the StratfordShakespeare Festival. Director of Jesus Christ Superstar and Twelfth Night.Composer (with Michael Roth) for Twelfth Night. Stratford: Director of AsYou Like It, The Tempest starring Christopher Plummer (2010); Macbeth,A Funny Thing… (2009); Romeo and Juliet, Caesar and Cleopatra starringChristopher Plummer (2008); Macbeth (1983) with Nicholas Pennell andRoberta Maxwell. Elsewhere: Des McAnuff was part of Toronto’s burgeoning theatre scenein the 1970s. As Artistic Director of La Jolla Playhouse, he directed over 30 productionsof Shakespeare and other classics, new plays and musicals. Broadway: Guys and Dolls(2009), Aaron Sorkin’s The Farnsworth Invention (2007), Jersey Boys (2006, Tony and Olivierawards: best musical), Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays (2004, Tony Award), How to Succeed…(1995), The Who’s Tommy (1993, director/co-author with Pete Townshend, Tony and Olivierawards: best director; Olivier: best musical), A Walk in the Woods (1988), Big River (1985,Tony Awards: best director and musical). Other New York: Crazy Locomotive, Mary Stuart,his play Leave It to Beaver is Dead. Australia: New musical Dr. Zhivago premièred in Sydney(February 2011). Opera: Faust (N.Y.’s Metropolitan Opera, 2011, and English National Opera,2010). Film: Cousin Bette and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (director), IronGiant (producer) and Quills (executive producer). Stratford’s Caesar and Cleopatra and TheTempest were also filmed for wide Canadian theatrical release to sold-out houses acrossthe country. Training: Attended Ryerson University (honorary doctorate June 2011). OtherAwards: Two-time Tony, Olivier and Dora award-winning director and 2005/2006 recipient ofthe Drama League’s prestigious Julia Hansen Award for lifetime achievement.Chris McEwenStratford debut: Assistant lighting designer of The Merry Wives of Windsor,Camelot and Twelfth Night. Elsewhere: Touring head electrician, Scrap ArtsMusic (Canada, U.S.A., Guatemala, Spain, Scotland, Wales, Hong Kong,South Korea, Taiwan and Belgium), head electrician/technical director,Victoria Playhouse Petrolia. Installation and systems technician at HorizonSolutions. Training: Fanshawe College, ETC Certified Technician. Et cetera:Chris also works with various theatres including The Grand and the Stratford ShakespeareFestival doing electrical special effects and special projects. In his spare time Chris likessailing the waters around Bayfield with his wife on their boat, Tardis.Stephen Ouimette18th season: Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night and Sam in TheHomecoming. Stratford: Leading roles in The Importance of Being Earnest,All’s Well That Ends Well, The Tempest, King John, No Exit, Hamlet, RichardIII, Amadeus, Waiting for Godot, Julius Caesar. Director of Timon of Athens.Elsewhere: Theatres across Canada, including the Citadel, Tarragon,National Arts Centre, Soulpepper, Canadian Stage, Theatre Passe Muraille;The Alchemist, Endgame (Yale Repertory Theatre); Troilus and Cressida, The Taming ofthe Shrew (Chicago Shakespeare Theater); La Bête with Mark Rylance, David Hyde Pierceand Joanna Lumley (Broadway/London’s West End). Film/TV: Mentors, I Was a Rat, AfterAlice, Conspiracy of Silence, The Adjuster, Firing Squad. Awards: Gemini Award (Slingsand Arrows), Blizzard Award (Heater), Dora Awards (Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, SevenStories, B Movie: The Play), Ottawa Critics Circle Award (I Am My Own Wife), Sterling Award(La Bête).Margaret Palmer28th season: Production stage manager of the Festival Theatre. Stratford:Maggie has been production stage manager at the Avon and Festivaltheatres for 19 seasons. Stage-management credits include Will Power;Henry IV (parts 1 and 2); Iolanthe; The Imaginary Invalid; My Fair Lady;A Man for All Seasons; Kiss Me, Kate; Guys and Dolls; The GovernmentInspector; Coriolanus; The Mikado (national tour, London’s Old Vic); andTwelfth Night (U.S. tour). Elsewhere: Maggie apprenticed at Neptune Theatre (1966/67)and worked at the St. Lawrence Centre (Toronto Arts Productions), MTC and the GrandTheatre. She stage-managed Eugene Onegin (Manitoba Opera), the first Dream in HighPark and the first Dora Awards. She was publicity director for the NDWT Company, workedfor Fountainhead Theatre in London and toured Canada with the Charlottetown Festival.Training: Graduate of the National Theatre School, where she returned to coach last winter.14

Nicola PantinSeventh season: Choreographer of Twelfth Night. Stratford: Credits includeThe King and I (ensemble) and choreography for The Tempest, As YouLike It, Hamlet, Fuente Ovejuna, Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing,The Liar, The Glass Menagerie, The Donnellys: Sticks & Stones, Measurefor Measure, The Count of Monte Cristo and Timon of Athens. Elsewhere(selected): Harbourfront World Stage, Corpus, COC, Hamilton Opera,Creative Habitat. Theatre choreography includes work at the LKTYP, Expect Theatre, RedBarn Theatre, Victoria Playhouse, Shakespeare in the Rough, Humber River Shakespeare,Theaturtle and 3 Degrees Dance and Theatre. Film/TV: Various music videos, Bare KnuckleDuet, The Supreme Task of Whip It and Alleluia, Big Chief Ballet, Stuck, Blues Brothers 2000,The Table Dance, Year of the Lion. Awards: Two Dora Mavor Moore Awards for outstandingchoreography, Les Jeux de la Francophonie (gold).Robert PersichiniNinth season: Standby Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night and standby Maxin The Homecoming. Stratford (selected): The Two Gentlemen of Verona,The Tempest, The Importance of Being Earnest, Fuente Ovejuna, Timonof Athens, Much Ado About Nothing, The Cherry Orchard, Night of theIguana. Elsewhere: Most recently: Saint Carmen of The Main (CanadianStage/National Arts Centre). Hamlet (Necessary Angel Theatre); Jitters,The Lonesome West (MTC); Half Life (Necessary Angel; Scottish, Canadian and Australiantours); Amadeus, The Stone Angel, Communicating Doors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,The Weir (Canadian Stage); The School for Wives (Soulpepper); Lion in the Streets, CounterService, Impromptu on Nuns’ Island (Tarragon Theatre); Lulu, Point Valaine, Drums in theNight (Shaw Festival). Various productions for Factory Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille, TheGrand Theatre (London) and Blyth Festival. Narrator for The Grand Tour (Tafelmusik BaroqueOrchestra). Radio: Performances for CBC Radio Drama and Historica.Trent PardyFourth season: Fenton in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Sebastian in TwelfthNight and Acaste in The Misanthrope. Stratford: Twin in Peter Pan, Christiein King of Thieves, Bartholomew Cokes in Bartholomew Fair, King ofNavarre in Love’s Labour’s Lost, Samson in Romeo and Juliet, appearedin Three Sisters and Caesar and Cleopatra. Trent is a graduate of the2007/2008 Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre. Elsewhere:Pastor Ray in Haunted Hillbilly and Teach in American Buffalo with SideMart TheatricalGrocery, Billy the Kid in Everyday Above Ground – SaBooge Theatre, Cupid/Penthus/Adonis in Tales from Ovid – Centaur Theatre, Ariel in The Tempest – Segal Centre. Film/TV: The Dead Zone (U.S.A.), Black Eye Dog (independent), The Secret (Max Films). Training:Graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada (2004) and Mount Royal College (2001).Et cetera: Trent is a founding member of the critically acclaimed SideMart Theatrical Groceryin Montreal. “Love to family, friends and Stefanie.”Scott PennerIan & Molly Lindsay Young Design FellowSecond season: Assistant set designer of Camelot and assistant designerof Twelfth Night. Elsewhere: Scott’s recent designs include Richard III,King Lear, Arcadia (Hart House Theatre); Fairytale Ending (Next Stage/Role Your Own Theatre); West Side Story, Footloose (Randolph YoungCompany); Twelfth Night, Macbeth (Classical Theatre Project); Stellaluna(Kids Entertainment); An Experiment With an Airpump (U of W Drama); The Rocky HorrorShow, Lucky Stiff, Little Shop of Horrors, Hair (Toronto Youth Theatre); Stranger, Underneath,Jesus Chrysler (Praxis Theatre); The Killing Game, Top Girls, Doctor Faustus (RandolphAcademy); Dom Juan (Theatre Glendon); You Are Here (Alumnae Theatre). Scott has assistedset designer Michael Levine for productions of The Magic Flute (Hungarian State Opera), ADog’s Heart (De Nederlandse Opera), Tannhäuser (Royal Opera House), Parsifal (Opera deLyon). Training: BFA York University, Royal Court Theatre Young Writers Programme 2005.Website: RickettsThird season: Maria in Twelfth Night and Ruth in The Homecoming.Stratford: Celia (As You Like It), Perdita (The Winter’s Tale), Weird Sister(Macbeth), Portia (Julius Caesar), Hippolyta (A Midsummer Night’s Dream).Elsewhere: Pauline Newberry (Eternal Hydra) (Crow’s Theatre); Juliet/Ophelia (Shakespeare: If Music Be...) (Art of Time Ensemble); Beneatha (ARaisin in the Sun) (Soulpepper, Theatre Calgary); Queen of Sheba (WiseWoman of Abyssinia) (b current Theatre); Titania/Hippolyta (Dream) (Canadian Stage); SaintMonica (The Last Days of Judas Iscariot) (Birdland Theatre; five Dora Awards); Antigone(Antigone: Insurgency) (One Little Goat Theatre); a one-woman show called Domestic byd’bi young (Volcano Theatre); Peggy Sue (Born Ready) (Obsidian Theatre). Film/TV: Bonnie(The Gathering) (Lifetime Network), Cyda Smith (Mayday) (Discovery), The Tower (CBS pilotwith Davis Guggenheim). Training: Humber College, 2009/10 Birmingham Conservatory.Et cetera: Cara dedicates this season to Viola Desmond and her contribution to Canadianhistory.Tom RooneyFourth season: Master Francis (Frank) Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsorand Malvolio in Twelfth Night. Stratford: Duke Frederick/Senior (As YouLike It), Autolycus (The Winter’s Tale), Narrator (For the Pleasure…), Porter(Macbeth), Cassius (Julius Caesar), Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream),Horatio (Hamlet), Lavache (All’s Well That Ends Well). Elsewhere: MichaelHealey’s Courageous (Tarragon); My Mother’s Feet (Munich, Germany);Hairspray (New York, Toronto); Benevolence, The Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion (Tarragon);I Am My Own Wife (Vancouver Playhouse); Homechild, Rice Boy (Canadian Stage); title role inHamlet, The Winter’s Tale (NAC); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Citadel); The Tempest (Globe);Othello (Persephone); Romeo et Juliette, Richard III, Twelfth Night, Macbeth (Shakespeareon the Saskatchewan); Angels in America (ATP). Film/TV: Three seasons as Crown AttorneyDavid Kaye on CBC’s This Is Wonderland (two Gemini nominations), The Gilda Radner Story,The Day After Tomorrow, Everest ’82 (CBC miniseries), Flash of Genius. Et cetera: For Gina.Complete your experiencewith a trip to theTake home a piece of the drama withoriginal clothing and giftware, books andmusic; this is the place for every theatrelover! Make every visit unforgettable witha memento to take home.TWO LOCATIONSDiscovery Centre, across from theFestival Theatre.Downtown in the Avon Theatre lobby.Or shop online

Michael RothFourth season: Composer (with Des McAnuff) for Twelfth Night. Stratford:Composer: The Tempest, As You Like It, Dangerous Liaisons, Macbeth,Romeo and Juliet. Film/TV: Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (musicdirection, music by Randy Newman), Jews and Baseball (documentary,theatrical and PBS), Your Name Here (with Bill Pullman). Theatre: Over 250Broadway/off-Broadway/regional credits including collaborations with TomStoppard (American premières of Indian Ink, The Invention of Love), Culture Clash, SarahRuhl, Alice Ripley, Daniel Sullivan, Mac Wellman, many others; resident composer, La JollaPlayhouse. Recordings: Their Thought and Back Again (opera), available via and iTunes. Et cetera: With Randy Newman, Harps and Angels, Faust, editingfive songbooks; music/sound for the UN’s Landmine Safety DVD; new chamber piece,Imagination Dead Imagine (text by Samuel Beckett) for string quartet, premières in LosAngeles in 2012. His work at Stratford is dedicated to Nicholas Pennell.Holly Shephard29th season: Musician in Twelfth Night. Stratford: As a trumpeter, Holly hasbeen part of over 100 productions at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.Apart from her work in the Festival orchestra she has the distinction ofhaving performed the famous Louis Applebaum fanfares more than anyother living person. During her tenure Holly has appeared on stage in twoother shows but this is her first time as a rock-and-roll icon. Et cetera: Hollythanks Des and Michael for helping her live the dream and her family for getting a real kickout of it. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon.Andrea RungeThird season: Anne (Nan) Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor and Viola inTwelfth Night. Stratford: Rosalind in As You Like It, Mopsa in The Winter’sTale, Cecily Cardew in The Importance of Being Earnest, Sister Marthein Cyrano de Bergerac. Elsewhere: The Misanthrope (Tarragon Theatre);Frost/Nixon (Canadian Stage/Playhouse Theatre); Between Friends(Lighthouse Festival Theatre); Bluebeard (GromKat/Toronto Fringe); Cloud 9,Loves and Hours, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Pennsylvania Centre Stage); MuchAdo About Nothing, Macbeth (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan); A Man for All Seasons,The Coronation Voyage (Globe Theatre). Film/TV: Corner Gas, Incredible Story Studio,Sliced, The Risen and Try to Remember. Radio: The Beginning of the End of the World; KilljoyWas Here; Youth Poetry (CBC). Training: Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre, MFAin acting from Pennsylvania State University, BFA in acting from the University of Regina.Crystal SkinnerThird season: Assistant stage manager of Twelfth Night and TheMisanthrope. Stratford: King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, Harlem Duet.Elsewhere: Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, Pride and Prejudice(The Grand Theatre); Honk! The Musical, Peter Pan, Doubt, A Parable, AMidsummer Night’s Dream (Globe Theatre); We Will Rock You (Mirvish); The25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Oliver! (Drayton Entertainment);apprentice stage manager, The Lord of the Rings (Mirvish). Film/TV: Maria coordinator, HowDo You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, CBC Television/Temple Street Productions; internationalvenue manager, Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Training: Technical Theatre Production, RyersonUniversity; Film Production, Vancouver Film School. Awards: Recipient of the 2007 TyroneGuthrie Jean A. Chalmers Apprentice Achievement Award. Et cetera: Crystal dedicates thisseason to a revolutionary.Stephen Russell29th season: First Officer in Twelfth Night and appears in The Merry Wivesof Windsor. Stratford: Credits include Doc (West Side Story), Slim (Of Miceand Men), Mr. Brownlow (Oliver!), Chorus Leader (Oedipus Rex), Cornwall(King Lear) at the Lincoln Center in New York and the title roles in JuliusCaesar, Richard II and Henry VI. Elsewhere: He has appeared in theatresacross Canada. Film/TV: His most recent film project is the part of PontiusPilate in The Gospel of John. Et cetera: He lives in Stratford with his wife, Astrid.Rachel SlavenSecond season: Assistant director of Twelfth Night. Stratford: Assistantdirector of Kiss Me, Kate (director John Doyle). Elsewhere: Broadway:Assistant director of Good People and Accent on Youth (director DanielSullivan); The American Plan (director David Grindley). Off-Broadway:Assistant director of Equivocation (director Garry Hynes); Romantic Poetry(director John Patrick Shanley). Toronto: Assistant director of Evil Dead:The Musical (directors Chris Bond/Hinton Battle). Director of Fake (Ensemble Studio TheatreN.Y.); Canon in D Minor (SummerWorks); Ike and Pearl, A New Canadian Musical (TorontoFringe); 365 Days/365 Plays Week 51 (Core Theatre); Secrets of Skeleton Park (TheatreKingston); Urinetown (Queen’s University). Training: Graduate of Queen’s University DramaDepartment. Directing Fellow at Manhattan Theatre Club. Et cetera: Rachel was a memberof Stratford’s inaugural Michael Langham Workshop for Classical Direction in 2010 and isthrilled to return this season.Jaz SealeySecond season: Curio in Twelfth Night and appears in The Misanthrope.Stratford: Kiss Me, Kate, Hortensio/Paul understudy; Evita. Elsewhere:Joseph…, Judah (Grand); A Christmas Carol, Ghost of Christmas Present(Aquarius); Robin Hood, Lil’ Sean John (Ross Petty); Dirty Dancing, Titounderstudy (Mirvish); High School Musical, Chad (Drayton); Beauty and theBeast, Beast understudy (Neptune); Guys and Dolls (MTC/Theatre Calgary/Citadel and Port Hope); Seussical, Wickersham (MTYP); She Loves Me, Arpad (Dry Cold); TheWizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Joseph…, The King and I, Big (Rainbow Stage). Film/TV: Make It Happen (Weinstein); Everybody’s Doing It (MTV); Manitoba Dental commercial.Training: Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Faculty of Music (University of Manitoba), Grant ParkPerforming Arts. Et cetera: Jaz is so excited to return to the Festival and would love to thankhis friends and family for all their support. “Love to My Mignon. Habbagoodah Mom!”Mike SharaThird season: Orsino in Twelfth Night and Teddy in The Homecoming.Stratford: As You Like It, Cyrano de Bergerac, The Winter’s Tale. Elsewhere:The Doctor’s Dilemma, Nothing Sacred, Picnic, Rutherford and Son, YouCan’t Take It With You, Marsh Hay (Shaw Festival); Black Comedy, TheWay of the World, Our Town, Platonov (Soulpepper); Long Day’s JourneyInto Night, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Shunning (MTC); TakeMe Out, It’s a Wonderful Life (Canadian Stage); Anatol (Vancouver Playhouse); An InspectorCalls (Theatre Calgary); Richard III, A Man for All Seasons, The Cherry Orchard (CitadelTheatre); Skylight (National Arts Centre); Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Theatre Aquarius);Mojo (Theatrefront). Film/TV: King (Global); Little Mosque on the Prairie (CBC); TheGathering (Lifetime); Queer as Folk (Showtime); Due South (CTV); XIII – The Series.án SleathFifth season: Assistant lighting designer of The Merry Wives of Windsor,Camelot, Twelfth Night and The Misanthrope. Stratford: Lighting designexecution of Kiss Me, Kate. Assistant lighting designer for As You Like It,The Tempest, Dangerous Liaisons, Cyrano de Bergerac, The Trespassers,Rice Boy, Zastrozzi, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Taming of theShrew, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Comedy of Errors, My One and Only.Elsewhere: Lighting design for Back to X (Larchaud Dance Project); Twelfth Night (DirectFlight Theatre/GromKat Productions); Richard III (Hart House Theatre); Confluence, Fridaand Herself (Anandam Performance Group); Les Belles-Soeurs, The Killing Game (RandolphAcademy); Bluebeard (GromKat Productions); Fat Pig (Geek Girl Productions); Disciples (DMTProductions). Associate lighting design on Anne and Gilbert: The Musical (Campbell WebsterEntertainment). Siobhán also worked on Nuit Blanche 2008 designing the lighting score forBrendan Fernandes’s installation Future (…---…) Perfect. Training: BFA in Theatre Productionfrom York University.Timothy D. StickneyFourth season: Corporal Nim in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Sea-Captainin Twelfth Night and understudy in The Misanthrope. Stratford: Sebastian(The Tempest, with Christopher Plummer), Banquo (Macbeth), Theseus(A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Pothinus (Caesar and Cleopatra, withChristopher Plummer); years after his debut with the National ShakespeareCompany, reprised Tybalt in Stratford. Elsewhere: 2011: Stickney wasMacbeth (Repertory Theatre of St. Louis). 2007: Hamlet (AUDELCO-nominated, Take Wing andSoar), Oswald (Public Theater’s King Lear with Kevin Kline) and Escalus (Romeo and Juliet,Central Park’s Delacorte). Timothy’s led award-nominated productions of Othello (Africa Arts)and Richard III (TWAS). Previous: The Taming of the Shrew (Public Theater); Achilles, Troilusand Cressida (Shakespeare Theatre); Orsino, Twelfth Night (Seattle Rep.); Lorenzo, TheMerchant of Venice (Hartford Stage). Directed AUDELCO-winning The Pecong and King Lear,with Trezana Beverly, for TWAS (associate artistic director). Film/TV: Best known as One Lifeto Live’s R.J. Gannon. Training: American Academy of Dramatic Arts/Company.16

Sara Topham12th season: Olivia in Twelfth Night and Célimène in The Misanthrope.Stratford: Credits include Wendy (Peter Pan), Tourvel (Dangerous Liaisons),Gwendolen (The Importance of Being Earnest), Laurencia (Fuente Ovejuna),Cordelia (King Lear), Mabel (An Ideal Husband), Jessica (The Merchantof Venice), Laura (The Glass Menagerie), Grace (London Assurance),Rosalind (As You Like It), Brooke Ashton (Noises Off), Anne Bullen (HenryVIII), Cassandra (Agamemnon), Dot (The Swanne 2), Diana (All’s Well That Ends Well), LadyMortimer (Henry IV), Princess Katherine (Henry V). Other Credits (selected): Gwendolen: TheImportance of Being Earnest (Roundabout Theatre Company, Broadway); Governess: TheTurn of the Screw (Belfry Theatre); Constanze: Amadeus (Theatre Aquarius); Grace: Annie,Mary: It’s a Wonderful Life (The Grand Theatre); Rachel Peabody: Eloise at Christmastime(Disney). Et cetera: “In loving memory of Domini Blythe, who made this place and my time init more beautiful by her presence.”Merlin WilliamsFourth season: Musician in Twelfth Night. Stratford: Multi-instrumentalist;has played over 20 different instruments in productions including Cabaret,West Side Story, Kiss Me, Kate, The Tempest, As You Like It, A MidsummerNight’s Dream, Macbeth. Elsewhere: Merlin is host of the popular weeklyStratford Jazz Jam and co-leader and arranger of the Orange Devils BigBand. He has also performed with Grammy-winning artists Paul Anka, DameShirley Bassey, Rob McConnell, Dave Grusin and Vincent Mendoza. He is currently workingon a new recording of surf rock versions of classic Canadian songs. Merlin is an artist/clinician for Jupiter Music Canada. Radio: Solomon Gursky Was Here (CBC Radio). Training:Studied woodwinds and arranging at Humber College. Et cetera: Merlin resides in Stratfordwith his permanent fiancé, Lindsay, and their two basset hounds.Michael WaltonSeventh season: Lighting designer of Twelfth Night and The Misanthrope.Stratford: The Tempest, As You Like It, King of Thieves, Macbeth, AMidsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet. Elsewhere: The Year of MagicalThinking (Belfry tour – NAC/Tarragon); The Three Musketeers, Little Women(Citadel Theatre); The 39 Steps, A Christmas Carol, White Christmas, Oliver!,Blood Brothers (Theatre Aquarius); The Cryptogram (Belfry Theatre); Mimi(or a Poisoner’s Comedy), East of Berlin, Generous (Tarragon Theatre); The Last Five Years,The Drawer Boy, Sexy Laundry, Moonlight and Magnolias, Over the River… (Grand Theatre);’Night Mother (Soulpepper); A New Brain (Acting Up Stage); Offensive Shadows (Studio 180);Norway.Today, Tiny Dynamite (Theatre Smash); Oliver!, This Is How It Goes (Neptune); TheGoat, or Who is Sylvia?, The Last Five Years (MTC); The Vertical Hour (PTE); associate specialeffects designer, The Lord of the Rings (Kevin Wallace Inc.; London and Toronto).Zeph WilliamsSixth season: Assistant stage manager of Camelot and Twelfth Night.Stratford: Kiss Me, Kate; The Music Man; Moby Dick; Oklahoma!; King Lear;Richard III; The Threepenny Opera; The Trials of Ezra Pound. Elsewhere:Jersey Boys (Dancap); Oliver!, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Diary of AnneFrank, The Goat (Neptune Theatre); The Lion King, Mamma Mia! (Mirvish);Hair, Homechild (Canadian Stage); Das Rheingold (Canadian OperaCompany); The Nutcracker (Royal Winnipeg Ballet/NAC). Recently he was a senior productionmanager for Princess Cruise Line in the Hawaiian Islands and a supervisor at the 2010Olympic Games. He was a stage manager for Cunard Line’s QE2 2003 World Cruise andPope John Paul’s visit in 2002. Film/TV: Director’s assistant, A Christmas Wedding (LifetimeTV). Training: Technical production, National Theatre School of Canada. Awards: 2001Tyrone Guthrie. Et cetera: “Love to Maria and Mum and Dad for always being there.”For biographies of the entire 2011 Festival company, please visit the “About Us”section of our website: Lust. Betrayal. Irony.(And that’s just our political coverage)Proud sponsor of the Stratford Shakespeare FestivalFOR CONVENIENT HOME DELIVERY, CALL: 416-367-4500Stratford Fest_3 111-03-01 3:49 PM17

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