Goalkeeping Workshop

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Goalkeeping Workshop

Goalkeeping WorkshopHow Goals are Scored?2 nd March, 2012

Handling & Movement ModuleHandling includes:Holding BouncingBalancingCatching RollingThrowingCarrying Lifting PuttingDown

Handling and Movement ModuleMovement – includesRunning Walking JoggingForwards Backwards SidewaysHopping Bending BalancingQuick Movements SlowMovementsAgility Changing DirectionStretching Co OrdinationSkipping Flexibility

Goalkeeping Workshop• Task;• How are goals scored?• Distance from goal?• How many touches?• What type of finish• Second phase?• Set plays?• In your/pairs discuss the above – thinkback to your last game/s

EURO 2008 : 75 GOALS•62 Goals 1 Touch(16)4016 / 10R (24) 8 /•40 within 12 yards of the goal (Central)•1goal from the D, 5 from outside thebox•16 headers / 3 Penalties / 2 CFK’s410L

Goalkeeping Workshop• How would this type of information effect your;• Practice/ training sessions/ match preparation?• For Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfield and Attackers?• Can you build into your sessions a benefit for theGoalkeeper?

Goalkeeping Workshop• For example;• Increase the amount of practices with GK notstatic and having to move into line of the ball• Reduce number of practices which arepredictable• Varying types of service• Strikes from inside v outside of the box?• ‘Reaction’ themed practices – GK on the move• Role of coaches? Is there a need to change thetype of practices used with players• Opposed v unopposed practices

Goalkeepers – Good Practice• Include GK in your planning at the beginning – not as anafter thought• Give them relevant tasks – GK startspractice/server/score by getting ball into GK hands• GK needs to make decisions for themselves• Make distances, angles, rules realistic?• Be ‘active ‘ in the practice• Ensure other players are aware of what the GK isworking on – playing from the back, throwing, goal kicks• Devise practices specifically for the GK• Give them confidence and deal with mistakes sensitively

Shooting Practices• Some tips;• Consider the area, size of goal, ground conditions..• Control the practice – don’t expect GK to make saveafter save, allow time to ‘set self’• Work with right size ball• Consider the physical demands• One ball at a time• Need to be realistic• Involve other players – defenders, midfield…

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