Minnesota Department of Agriculture's New and Established ...


Minnesota Department of Agriculture's New and Established ...

Minnesota Department of Agriculture’sNew and Established BiologicalControl ProgramsMonika Chandler, Minnesota Department of AgricultureJ. Plunkett

When to use biocontrol?• Large infestation• Environmentally sensitive area• Other single control methods areineffective or too costly• Integrate with other control methods• Long-term, sustainable management

EAB Biological ControlAdult emerald ash borer beetle, Agrilus planipennis (A) and theparasitoids that control it in China including the egg parasitoid,Oobius agrili (B), and two larval parasitoids, Tetrastichus planipennisi(C) and Spathius agrili (D).

Emerald Ash Borer(EAB)M. Abrahamson

Oobius agriliUSDAH. Liu, USDA

J. LelitoSpathius agriliJ. Lelito

J. LelitoTetrastichus planipennisi

Data Collection and Monitoring

Bioagent ReleaseRelease totals:Spathius agrili: 1,172Tetrastichus planipennisi: 2,154

EAB ManagementWikimedia CommonsJ. Lelito

Gypsy Moth Biocontrol

Data Collection and Monitoring

Leafy Spurge, Euphorbia esula

Leafy Spurge Beetles, Aphthona spp.

SpurgeDecreaseFrom BeetleDamage

Spotted Knapweed, Centaureabiebersteinii

Seedhead Weevils, Larinus spp.P. Samerdyke, WI DNR

Root Weevils, Cyphocleonus achates

Canada ThistleBiological ControlResearch ProjectStem weevil,Ceutorhynchus litura

Common Tansy, Tanacetum vulgare

Biocontrol CandidatesCassida stigmaticaRhopalomyia tanaceticolaAll rights reserved © JeffHiggottIsophrictis striatellaPhytoecia nigricornisLongitarsus noricusMicroplontus millefollii

Contact InformationMonika Chandler, Monika.Chandler@state.mn.usMinnesota Department of Agriculture, 651-201-6537

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