ACKNOWLEDGEMENTRECEIPT OF ADDENDUM #1RFB 12-PR01Upon receipt of documents, please email, fax or mail this page to:City of MiltonAttn: Rick Pearce, Purchasing Office13000 Deerfield PkwySuite 107GMilton, GA 30004Phone: 678-242-2511Fax: 678-242-2499Email: rick.pearce@cityofmiltonga.usI hereby acknowledge receipt of documents pertaining to the above referenced RFP.COMPANY NAME: ___________________________________________CONTACT PERSON: _________________________________________ADDRESS: __________________________________________________CITY: _________________ STATE: ____________ ZIP: _____________PHONE: ______________________ FAX: _________________________EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________SignatureADDENDUM #1______________________DateRFB 12-PR01

City of MiltonFY12 Construction of a ParkAt 12785 Birmingham HighwayPre-Bid Meeting and additional written questionsStatements highlighted in yellow are the City of Milton’s official answersDate: January 4, 2012Begin Time:Facilitators:10:00 AMRick Pearce, Purchasing CoordinatorCarter Lucas, Public Works DirectorJohn Rebar, Parks and Recreation DirectorJohn Nicol, P.E. – Lose & Associates, Inc.Scribe:Sudie Gordon, City Clerk(Transcribed Verbatim)Rick:John Nicol:Rick:Welcome. Thank you for coming today. My name is Rick Pearce, I am in Purchasing.We have John Rebar and Sudie Gordon who will scribe today. And sir, I will let youintroduce yourself …John Nicol with Lose & Associates, Inc.We also have Carter Lucas from Public Works today. For process today, John Rebar willstart. But, when we get into the questions, I will ask you all to come up to themicrophone so we can capture what you are asking as we will put them on theAddendum. Official answers will be in the Addendum on January 12th. Today we willgive our best answers.RFB 12-PR01

John Rebar:As Rick said, the main purpose of this is to ask any questions you may have. However,going into this, I have two things to note before you ask: C0.02 - where it says ExistingShed to Remain. That shed is being removed, so you can consider that in yourproposals. The other comment I have, we will be releasing some specifications that arecoming …. Specifications that Loose has prepared that will be on the web. Other thanthat, the floor is now to the people in the audience.C0.02 – Reads Existing Shed to Remain – This shed is to be removed. Bidders need to include removal intheir bid.Lose & Associates, Inc. has provided specifications for this project. Bidders should consider thesespecifications when preparing their bid. Please use the follow link for specifications – Maschavotee – Atlantic Pia StructuresSid:Rick:I have two questions: one regarding the soils and materials testing and the secondquestion regarding the permitting fees. Who is responsible for obtaining the permits?Thank you.We will get back to you and include that as a question and get back to you in theAddendum.The contractor is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits.Charlie Sheffield – Kids ZoneCharlie:John R:I was just wondering, Polygon is specked on the shade structure pavilion – is that theonly thing you are going to accept or will you accept another shade structure/manufacturer?An equal alternate will be acceptable.David Caragher – Strickland PipelineDavid:Rick:First question is on dewatering ….. it is a line item charge as opposed to a change orderif dewatering is necessary? If dewatering is necessary, it shows up that it should be aline item charge as opposed to a change order?We will get back to you on the Addendum.Please see specification documents regarding dewatering in the link provided above.RFB 12-PR01

David:John R:To follow up with this gentleman as far as the permitting . . . as far as demolition of thehouse and the shed. . has that or will that be required to go through the Design ReviewBoard for permitting or do we have to go through the whole process of a typicaldemolition within the City standards as far as getting pest inspections, asbestos surveys. . . all of that stuff that you would normally do if you were going to demo a building?We will answer that in the Addendum. I know the School Board, school property hasgone through some of that testing, so let me confer with them and we will give youthe direct answer.The project will need to go in front of the design review board. All necessary documentation fordemolition will be required for this demolition. The FCBOE has completed the asbestos certification. Allother necessary inspections, etc will be the responsibility of the contractor.David:Rick:It indicates on the plans that the water line will tap the school’s fire line. Will that nothave any adverse impact on the fire system for the school?We will get back on that one too. Good information.Water supply will be tapped as detailed on the plans.David:John N:Just to clarify . . . the pavilion is being constructed on top of a retention pond? Is thepond to be demucked and put back in shape prior to ………Yes sir.Christy Strickland – Strickland PipelineChristy: It looks like the C.5 in the C200 – those plans . . . . ?John N:Rick:Christy:Carter:Must be a bad reference.Is everybody okay to pull the plans off so far, no issues?Are they to scale?You should be able to print them.Trevor – CRS Building CorporationTrevor:John R:I submitted a question to Rick earlier on in the program regarding the lead time on thepolygon structure. Probably from the day that we sign the contract with Polygon toinstallation, it will take about 16 weeks. We are only allocated 12+ weeks to build thisentire project. I want to see if there is some consideration that can be made on theamount of time that we can finish the project in?Rick forwarded me that question. I am talking to Polygon to see what we can do.The project timeline will be extended 30 days for a total of 120 days.RFB 12-PR01

Sid:Rick:Sid:Rick:Carter:Rick:I have one more question. Are there any liquidated damages?You mean contractually?Yes.I will get back on that. My guess is normally…. What do you think Carter?We haven’t included them normally (….. inaudible). . it depends on our IGA with theSchool Board … (inaudible).You are looking for liquidated damages . . . if it is over 90 days and you miss it?liquidated damages. We will get back on that one.Liquidated dames will be $100.00 a day.Rick: We will still take written questions – email me up through January 10 th .End Time:10:11 AMAdditional Questions:Have asbestos/hazardous material inspections been done at the house that will be removed?Do we provide costs for inspections o r removal of this material(s)?Asbestos has been removed by FCBOE. Any additional inspections will be responsibility of contractor.Does fire line get tapped for water line as shown for park irrigation system? Should tapand associated fees be covered in this proposal?YesIs temporary fencing required? If so, to what extent?THE CONTRACTOR IS REQUIRED TO SECURE THE SITE WITH A CONTINUOUS CHAIN LINK FENCE; WITH ITNOTED THAT A LARGE PART OF THE SITE IS ALREADY FENCED. GAPS IN THAT EXISTING FENCE SHOULDBE MANAGED TO CREATE A COMPLETE ENCLOSURE AT ALL TIMES DURING CONSTRUCTION.YesPer notes on L1 .02, trees provided and installed by City, correct?Can we level dirt on site? If not, then do you have an area we can haul dirt to or we have to dispose ofit?Contractor is responsible for disposal of dirt.RFB 12-PR01

Since this project is for the most part a grading and utility project, would a Utility Contractors License bea suitable alternate for the GC license?Is a GC license even required due to the only structure already having been selected/specified by theProject Engineer?A GC License will not be required.Under O.C.G.A. § 43-41-17, specialty contractors who offer or contract to perform orundertake or perform for an owner limited, specialty, or specific trade contractor workdo not have to hold a license as a residential or general contractor if they are performingwork within their specialty. However, nothing in Chapter 41 shall permit a specialtycontractor to perform work that falls within the licensing requirements of Chapter 14 ofTitle 43 where such specialty contractor is not duly licensed under such chapter toperform such work.Will there be any synthetic turf surfacing or rubberized safety playground surfacing?NoDo we need to do anything to be an official bidder or can we just download docs from City of Miltonwebsite?You may download the RFB documents and submit a bid.Is the site to be graded to balance? Will we be allowed to adjust grades to make the site balance? If notdo we need to include export or import in our proposals?You will need to include export or import in your proposal.For the soil underneath the proposed sod will we be allowed to use existing topsoil or will there be aspecial soil mix that will need to be placed under sod?Soil specifications are included in the specifications linked in this addendum.Is there a Geotechnical Soils Report?NoWill there be any permit fees?The City of Milton will not charge a fee for permits in which they are the issuing agency. Any requiredpermits issued by other agencies may require a fee to be paid by the contractor.RFB 12-PR01

Is there any liquidated damages specified for the project.$100 a day.What is the project price estimate?The City does not have a price estimate at this timeAre there any specifications for this project or is everything included in the plans?Yes – They are included in the link above.Does GC pay for permits of any type within the scope of the project? It refers to review fees, is thatassociated with permitting or a separate issue?All permit and review fees have been waived by the City. Any fees assessed by outside agencies will bethe responsibility of the contractor.Will a playground be a part of the project at North Crabapple Park?A playground is not part of the project.I had noticed there were no restrooms included at this time. Is the city planning on adding one in futurephases of development?There are no plans to add restrooms at the siteRFB 12-PR01

Sign in sheet January 4 th , 2012 pre-bid meeting:RFB 12-PR01

RFB 12-PR01

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