Contact Information - Kaikoura

Contact Information - Kaikoura

Contact Information - Kaikoura

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Great location, so easy to visitPage 4 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

Great location, so easy to visitGreat location, so easy to visitBy road<strong>Kaikoura</strong> is part of the Canterbury region on the Pacific Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> is an exciting holiday destination conveniently located on State Highway 1 - an ideallocation for both north and south bound travellers. <strong>Kaikoura</strong> is a comfortable 2.5 hours drive fromChristchurch, 1.5 hours from Marlborough-New Zealand’s premier wine region and only 2 hours from Picton - gateway to Wellington and theNorth Island.By airDaily flights are available between Wellington and <strong>Kaikoura</strong> airport (45 minutes). The airport is 5minutes drive south of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> township.By trainThe daily Tranz Coastal rail service provides a scenic and relaxing way to reach <strong>Kaikoura</strong> fromPicton or Christchurch.marine playgroundClose to the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> coast, lies the Hikorangi Trench reaching down to 2000m in places, whichprovides a fertile feeding ground for an abundance of marine life. <strong>Kaikoura</strong> is one of the only placesin the world where sperm whales can be seen almost every day of the year. Orca, humpback, pilotand blue whales also visit the area throughout the year.In addition to whales, the ocean is home to numerous species of marine life including Duskydolphins and New Zealand Fur Seals, as well as remarkable and unusual wildlife such as Hectordolphins– the world’s smallest and rarest dolphins.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> boasts the widest variety and greatest number of seabirds anywhere around NewZealand’s mainland. Numerous varieties of albatross and petrel can be seen and <strong>Kaikoura</strong> providesthe world’s only nesting ground for the Hutton shearwater.Page 5 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

nature up closeVisitors can view this amazing range of marine wildlife in its natural habitat from land or by boat, byplane and helicopter, and can get even closer by swimming with the dolphins or seals in their oceanenvironment.Along the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> coastline, there are many opportunities to see New Zealand fur seals. One ofthe best and most accessible locations is the Seal Colony at the tip of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> peninsula.Seals can be seen most times of the day but low tide is the best time to visit when they can befound at very close quarters basking around on the rocks right next to the car park.Experience the undersea world on a scuba dive or kayak around the ruggedly beautiful peninsula.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> also has some of the most consistent surf breaks in New Zealand.Originally an early pioneering whaling town, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> is home port to a small fishing fleet, andfishing charters are available.walksAs well as guided 2 and 3 day walks there are numerous self-guided walks including The <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Peninsula Walk - a stunning circular walk around the Peninsula over the clifftop. Walkersexperience panoramic views of the sea, mountains and the township as well as South Bay with itsmarina, a part of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> many people miss.There are several interesting bush walks which enable the visitor to see native bush and wildlifeclose up, including the Fyffe Palmer Bush walk, the Hinau Bush walk and the Puhi Reserve BushWalk.arts & crafts<strong>Kaikoura</strong> is home to many artists and craftspeople who are inspired by the stunning naturalenvironment which is reflected in their work. There are several galleries displaying local work whichincludes gold gilding, pottery, paintings and prints, jewellery, wood turning, knitted garments andmore. The <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Art Trail begins at the i-SITE Visitor Centre and provides the opportunity to seeartists and craftspeople at work in their studios and workshops.historyArchaeological remains indicate that Moa Hunters inhabited the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula 900 years ago.The Maori name <strong>Kaikoura</strong> translates to "meal of crayfish" (Kai-food, koura-crayfish), and it iscrayfish for which the region is famous. The area's abundant food sources attracted Maorisettlement, and the remains of several pa sites can still be seen on the Peninsula.In 1770 Captain Cook mapped the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula on his exploration of New Zealand. The firstshore whaling station was established in 1843 and today, visitors can learn more about the earlydays of settlement by visiting <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Museum and also exploring Fyffe House (administered byNZ Historic Places Trust) which was the first whalers cottage in <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, built from native timberswith its foundations made from whalebones.Page 6 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

The EnvironmentPage 7 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

The EnvironmentThe EnvironmentSuch a unique environment deserves special care and protection. <strong>Kaikoura</strong> district has a populationof just 4500 but attracts around 1 million visitors each year. Protecting this special environment forboth residents and for visitors is vitally important. The <strong>Kaikoura</strong> community understands theimportance of genuine sustainable tourism and this is reflected by the community’s involvement inthe Green Globe programme.In 2004 <strong>Kaikoura</strong> became the first local authority and only the second community in the world toachieve Green Globe certification. Green Globe is the leading global certification system forsustainable tourism. Certification is the highest form of participation in this programme.To achieve certification, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> District Council measured the impact that the entire community,including visitors, was having on the environment. These Benchmarks were calculated per personand involved 12 indicators such as water use, energy use and green house gas emissions.Pursuing sustainability through Green Globe is an ongoing process - an independent annual audit ofthese indicators is carried out to ensure that participants can track their performance and canimprove over time.As well as <strong>Kaikoura</strong> District Council & the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> community’s commitment to Green Globe,<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Coast Track is a benchmarked business. In addition, Dolphin Encounter has become thesecond tour operator in New Zealand to achieve Green Globe certification.In addition to commitment to Green Globe, innovative environmental initiatives have resulted in<strong>Kaikoura</strong> District leading the way both nationally and globally. <strong>Kaikoura</strong> has proven that a residentialand business community can work towards sustainability by adopting genuine sustainable practises,based on valuing the natural, cultural and social environment.EcotourismWith most of its visitor activities and attractions focusing on the unique and breathtaking natural andcultural environment along with the district’s innovative commitment to sustainability, it is no wonderthat <strong>Kaikoura</strong> has established itself as the centre of ecotourism in New Zealand.Marine and land based tourism operators in <strong>Kaikoura</strong> value and respect their environment andwork hard to convey their own conservation, environmental and sustainability beliefs and practisesto visitors.For further information on <strong>Kaikoura</strong> District – www.kaikoura.govt.nzFor further information on Green Globe in New Zealand – www.greenglobenz.orgHow can you help our environment? Trees for Travellers is a programme which has beendeveloped to offset carbon emissions form visitors and residents. Locally sourced native plants canPage 8 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

e purchased and are planted throughout the district. For more information, www.treesfortravellers.co.nzwww.treesfortravellers.co.nzAccommodationQualmarkQualmarkQualmarkPage 9 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

Activities<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Fishing ChartersQualmarkActivities: Family Fun, FishingTake home your fresh fish & cray ready for the pan. Join the friendly team at <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Fishing Charters deep-seafishing for blue cod, perch, groper, and the mighty albatross feeding while you fish. Beautiful views, sea and birdlifephoto opportunities.Tariff from: 90.00 to 160.00 Hours: 6 am - 9 pmPrices Valid To:Licensed:Net Rates/Commision:Disabled FacilitiesMeals: Capacity: 10 passengers per tripSeasonality: all year FacilitiesTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Eion Fitzgibbon140 South Bay Parade Phone: +64 3 319 6888 Mobile: +64 27 237 9410 Email: kkfishingcharters@xtra.co.nzSouth BayFreephone: 0800 225 297 Fax +64 3 319 7541 Web: www.kaikourafishing.co.nz<strong>Kaikoura</strong>(New Zealand only)<strong>Kaikoura</strong> KayaksQualmarkActivities: Family Fun, Kayaking & SurfingGuided sea kayaking tours to veiw the NZ Fur Seals. Suitable for all ablities and age's, Family's most welcome. Noexperience necessary.Tariff from: 25.00 to 190.00 Hours: 8am - 8pm 7 daysPrices Valid To:Licensed:Net Rates/Commision: Yes - 10% off rack rate, direc Disabled FacilitiesMeals: No Capacity: 48 people dailySeasonality: Year round Facilities As aboveTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Matt Foy19 Killarney st<strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone: +64 3 319 7118 Mobile: +64 21 462 889 Email: matt@kaikourakayaks.co.nz0800 452 456 Fax +64 3 319 7218 Web: www.kaikourakayaks.co.nzFreephone:(New Zealand only)<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Mountain SafarisQualmarkActivities: 4 Wheel Drive Tours, Adventure ToursTariff from: 55.00 to 165.00 Hours:Prices Valid To:Licensed:Net Rates/Commision:Disabled FacilitiesMeals:Capacity:Seasonality:FacilitiesTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Karl TownsendPhone: Mobile: +64 21 869 643 Email: townie@slingshot.co.nz<strong>Kaikoura</strong>Fax +64 3 319 6424 Web:Freephone:(New Zealand only)Page 12 of 15ActivitiesPrinted on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

ActivitiesMaori Tours <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Endorsed QualmarkActivities: Eco-Tourism, Maori CultureAn authentic cultural experience with a <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Maori family. Learn their history, participate in customs, visitsignificant ancient sites for storytelling, explore bush walkways, learn traditional indigenous uses of trees/plants.Intimate/interactiveTariff from: to 125.00 Hours: 7.30am to 6.00pmPrices Valid To: Licensed: Yes - Qualmark Endorsed VisitoNet Rates/Commision: Yes - Retail & WholesaleDisabled FacilitiesMeals: Morning or Afternoon tea Capacity: 10 (larger grps by arrangementSeasonality: All Year Round FacilitiesTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Heather Manawatu10 Churchill StPhone: +64 3 319 5567 Mobile: Email: info@maoritours.co.nz<strong>Kaikoura</strong>0800 866 267 Fax +64 3 319 5573 Web: www.maoritours.co.nzFreephone:(New Zealand only)Whale Watch <strong>Kaikoura</strong> LtdQualmarkActivities: Family Fun, Whale WatchingThe ultimate marine experience. A breathtaking adventure to see the giant sperm whale. Also meet dusky dolphins,sea birds, fur seals and, in season, the migratory species of whale which frequents the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> coast.Tariff from: to 145.00 Hours: 7am - 6pmPrices Valid To: Licensed: Yes - Flukes Cafe on site openNet Rates/Commision: Yes - On applicationDisabled Facilities Yes - Ramp access and disabledMeals: Licensed cafe on site Capacity: 48 passengers per vesselSeasonality: Open all year FacilitiesTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Shelley FissendenWhaleway Station Rd Phone: +64 3 319 6767 Mobile: Email: res@whalewatch.co.nz<strong>Kaikoura</strong>0800 655 121 Fax +64 3 319 6545 Web: www.whalewatch.co.nzFreephone:(New Zealand only)Wings Over WhalesEndorsed QualmarkActivities: Scenic Flights, Whale WatchingScenic whale watching flight. Sperm whales, dolphins, seals, all with spectacular mountain & coastal background.Unique perspective from 500ft. We do not disturb the whales. Flights depart every hour on the hour.Tariff from: to 165.00 Hours:Prices Valid To:Licensed:Net Rates/Commision:Disabled FacilitiesMeals:Capacity:Seasonality:FacilitiesTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: John MacphailMain South RoadPhone: +64 3 319 6580 Mobile: +64 27 436 2315 Email: john@whales.co.nzPeketaFreephone: 0800 226 6629 Fax +64 3 319 6668 Web: www.whales.co.nz<strong>Kaikoura</strong>(New Zealand only)Page 13 of 15Art & HistoryPrinted on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

Art & HistoryFyffe HouseQualmarkArt & History: Historic Place, Museums & Historic Buildings, Museums & Historic BuildingsTariff from: to 9.00 Hours:Prices Valid To:Licensed:Net Rates/Commision:Disabled FacilitiesMeals:Capacity:Seasonality:FacilitiesTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Ann McCaw62 Avoca St<strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone: +64 3 319 5835 Mobile: Email: fyffe@historic.org.nzFax +64 3 319 5837 Web: www.historic.org.nzFreephone:(New Zealand only)TransportQualmarkPage 14 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

Transport<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Shuttles and ToursQualmarkTransport: Local transport, Personalised ToursLocal transfers to/form whalewatch,Dolphins,fishing,winery, Walkways,motels,hotels or backpackers. We also provide1 or 2 hour sightseeing tours taking in the very best that <strong>Kaikoura</strong> has to offer. 2 tours daily - 10.30am and 1.30pm.Wet or fine.Tariff from: 8.00 to 48.00 Hours: 6.00am - 11pm DailyPrices Valid To:Licensed:Net Rates/Commision: YesDisabled FacilitiesMeals: Capacity: up to 11pax per vehicleSeasonality: all year Facilities Charters also availableTrade <strong>Contact</strong>: Rick KitteltyPO Box 56<strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone: +64 3 319 6166 Mobile: +64 27 210 0188 Email: <strong>Kaikoura</strong>.shuttles@xtra.co.nzFax +64 3 319 6146 Web: www.kaikourashuttles.co.nzFreephone:(New Zealand only)Page 15 of 15Printed on 15-Oct-12 from http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

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