Rincon Group Neutral on Transportation Plan - Arizona Sierra Club


Rincon Group Neutral on Transportation Plan - Arizona Sierra Club

ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Gatheringsat the Botanical GardensJoin fellow Sierra Club members at the Tucson BotanicalGardens, 2150 N. Alvernon Way, for educational, entertainingand social gatherings the second Thursday of eachmonth. Free, ample, on-site parking. Refreshments served.Programs are free. Donations are always cheerfully acceptedto help pay for putting on these programs. For further informationon any of these programs, call Linda Rothchild at(520) 747-5078.THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 7 P.M. Water, Water, Everywhere!As a part of the ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong>’s commitment topresent an ongoing series of water programs, for thisFebruary’s program we have invited Staffan Schorr and GregHess of the Pima Association of Governments,as well as Julia Fonseca ofthe Department of Transportation, whospecializes in flood control, to talk tous about the quality of our tap water,groundwater, surface water and stormwater, etc. Water supplies in relationto streams and riparian areas will alsobe discussed. We hope you’ll join usfor this vital program and discussion.Calendar of EventsJoin us at theTucson BotanicalGardens!THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 7 P.M.March Roars in Like a (Mountain)Lion! Come learn more about thisamazing creature, its status in Arizona,its role in ecosystems, and the prospectfor its future across landscapesand through time. Lisa Haynes, wildlifebiologist in the School of Natural Resources at the Universityof Arizona, will present a program titled MountainLions: Catalysts for Connectivity and Consensus. This programwill explore the mountain lion’s role in land use aswell as in transportation planning. Currently a research specialistwith University of Arizona, Lisa was previously a biologistwith the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s ResearchBranch. She has participated in several field studiesof mountain lions in Arizona, recently assisted with jaguarresearch efforts in Sonora, Mexico, and is a board memberof the Northern Jaguar Project. Lisa is currently working ona long-term study of urban bobcats in the Tucson area.THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 6 P.M. Every Day Is Earth Dayto the Sierra Club! And as in the past three years, the ong>Rinconong>ong>Groupong> dedicates its April program to Earth Day. Althoughstill in the planning stages, we are asking a variety of environmentalpartners and some surprise guests to celebrate4ONGOING LOCAL ISSUES• Open Space Preservation• Sonoran DesertConservation Plan • Energy• Transportation • Water •National Monuments/PreservingOur Heritage • Border Issues• Environmental JusticeEarth Day with us, so save the date and spend a lovely springevening with us on the patio of the beautiful Botanical Gardens!For more updated information, be sure and check theong>Rinconong> Web site, the Canyon Echo, or call Linda at 747-5078. Please note the earlier starting time.○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○Executive Committee MeetingsThe ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Executive Committee meets to conductclub business the last Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. inthe main floor conference room of the Historic YWCA, 738N. 5th Ave. Executive Committee meetings are open to SierraClub members only. For more information, call (520)620-6401.○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○Conservation Committee MeetingsThe Conservation Committee normally meets the thirdThursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Historic YWCA,First Floor Conference Room, 738 N. Fifth Ave., to hear presentations,discuss issues, and plan and take action. Open toSierra Club members. Join in and become active in the SierraClub’s mission of preserving and protecting our naturalheritage. Call 620-6401 for information about topics and toconfirm meeting dates.○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○Tucson Inner City Outings GatheringsThe Tucson Inner City Outings Subcommittee meets onthe second Tuesday of each month. We eat pizza and socializeat 6:30 p.m., then at 7 we get down to the enjoyable businessof scheduling trips with local youth. The activities includeday hikes, overnighters, nature walks and communitycleanups. All are fun outings and volunteers are needed. Ifyou are interested, contact Matt Nelson (404-7992,onejourney@juno.com) for more information.I go to nature to be soothed and healed,and to have my senses put in order.—John Burroughs, American writer

ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Luncheon/FundraiserFebruary 18, 2006 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.with Special GuestDavid YetmanBehind the Scenes with The Desert SpeaksThe ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> of the Sierra Club cordially invites you to a fabulous, fun-filled fundraisingluncheon at the beautiful Tanque Verde Guest Ranch (14301 E. Speedway, Tucson) with veryspecial guest David Yetman as he gives us a funny and charming behind-the-scenes look at themaking of Channel 6’s The Desert Speaks! Join us for a sumptuous, all-you-can-eat buffet in agorgeous ranch setting, included in this special afternoon. Optional hikes after lunch.Reserve your space now! Seating will be limited.For more information or to make a reservation, call (520) 747-5078or mail your check with the clip-and-send RSVP coupon below to:ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong>c/o Linda Rothchild250 N. Arcadia #1302Tucson, AZ 85711Reservations must be received by February 15!ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Luncheon/FundraiserPlease reserve ____ places for me at $35 per person.Enclosed is my check for $_________.I am unable to attend. Enclosed is my contribution of $______.I would like to additionally help the ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> at this special level:Defender of the Catalinas $500 Defender of the San Pedro $75Defender of the ong>Rinconong>s $250 Defender of the Santa Cruz $50Defender of the Rillito $100 Defender of Sabino Creek $25NAME:PHONE:ADDRESS:

FEBRUARY 4-5 (SATURDAY-SUNDAY) “A-” WhetstoneMountains Hike and Car Camp (7-9 miles, 2500'-2800' elevation change). Join us for a challenging exploratoryoff-trail hike of the seldom-visited Apache Peak, highpoint of the Whetstone Mountains southeast of Tucson, andenjoy a fantastic view. The Whetstones are an inventoriedroadless area. We’ll examine the natural resources and conditionof the area so the Sierra Club can better contribute tomanagement issues. Good high-clearance, 4WD vehicles areneeded. We’ll have a nice canyon walk and car camp Saturdayevening in French Joe Canyon and climb Apache fromthe east Sunday morning. Nearby French Joe Peak may beconsidered as an option. Most of the hike is a rough bushwhack.Experienced, easy-going masochists only. Trip limit10. Contact trip leader David Mowry at (623) 915-5509 ormowrydsi@quest.com, in Phoenix; or Paul Huddy at (520)881-4772 or pasha3m@aol.com in Tucson.ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> OutingsFEBRUARY 11 (SATURDAY) Outings LeadershipTraining Day. All current Sierra Club outing leaders andpeople interested in becoming outing leaders for the SierraClub are required to take a new training course, and the certificationwill be good for four years. During the OutingsLeadership Training (OLT 101) Day, we will be spending aneasy and enjoyable time discussing outing leader requirements,the logistics in planning an outing, trip screening,location and route, safety, publicity for your outing, trailheadtalk, outdoor ethics, emergencies and other important topics.Discussions will be free-form and open-ended, with everyoneencouraged to participate. The session will be from 8a.m.-noon at the YMCA building, 738 N. Fifth Ave., Tucson(first floor). The presentation will be led by Jim Vaaler, GrandCanyon Chapter Outings Chair. Contact Janet Krisinski-Saxer or Chris Saxer for details at (520) 743-8017(jski@cox.net).Join fellow Sierra Club members on organized hikes to enjoyexercise, the environment and the good company of likemindedpeople. Photo by Brian Beckland that provides one of the loveliest river vistas of the SanPedro. Joint hike with the Friends of the San Pedro River.Contact Elna Otter at otter@theriver.com (preferred) or (520)212-9736.FEBRUARY 18 (SATURDAY) “C-” San Pedro River andPresidio Santa Cruz de Terrenate Walk (5 miles). Childrenwelcome. How far into Arizona did Spanish explorationintrude? Why wasn’t the Spanish presidio (fortress) inthe San Pedro River Valley ever completed? How did ongoingwarfare with area Apaches affect life in the presidio?Join us as we look for answers and explore the surroundingCheck the Web Sitefor Outings UpdatesBe sure to check the ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Web site forthe latest information and upcoming hikes thatmay not be listed here:http://arizona.sierraclub.org/rincon/outings.html5FEBRUARY 19 (SUNDAY) “B-” Tucson Mountain MysteryHike! (about 7 miles, 1200’ elevation change). Comeexplore some secret jewels of the Tucson Mountains. If youwant to know where we are going, you’ll have to come onthe hike—you won’t be told ahead of time. Expect to seesome things you didn’t know were there. There will be somesteep sections and a small amount of off-trail hiking. Bringplenty of water and a lunch. Trip limit 12 people. ContactDrew Milsom at (520) 621-2678 (daytime) or (520) 908-1087(evening)FEBRUARY 25 (SATURDAY) “D” Nature Walk inSabino Canyon (suitable for those with mobility problemsand children). Contact Sandee Binyon at (520) 232-0226 forthe time and meeting place. Bring a hat and water.Continued on next page

Continued from previous pageMARCH 18-19 (SATURDAY-SUNDAY) Queen CreekCanyon Rockclimbing near Superior. The plan is to doeither a one- or two-day climbing extravaganza at LowerLooner Land on Saturday and Sunday, depending on the accessto the Oak Flats campground. A variety of routes willbe set up on top rope in the 5.6 to 5.10 range. We’ll learnmore about the congressionally legislated land swap involvingResolution Copper Company which threatens access tothis recreation area within the Tonto National Forest. Sponsoredby the ong>Rinconong> Mountaineering Section, this outing requiresSierra Club membership, rock climbing experienceand personal climbing equipment. Contact Janet Krisinski-Saxer or Chris Saxer for details at (520) 743-8017(jski@cox.net).APRIL 1 (SATURDAY) Zappa Wall Rockclimbing, CochiseStronghold, Dragoon Mountains. Join us as we revisitthis superb climbing area located in the East Stronghold.A variety of routes will be set up on top-rope in the 5.5to 5.10c range. At an elevation of around 5,000 feet, participantswill appreciate this area’s beautiful rugged canyons,spectacular vistas and Apache history. The approach is a 15-minute steep hike from the parking area. Free camping shadedby trees below the domes. Sponsored by the ong>Rinconong> MountaineeringSection, this outing requires Sierra Club membership,rock climbing experience and personal climbing equipment.Contact Janet Krisinski-Saxer or Chris Saxer for detailsat (520) 743-8017 (jski@cox.net).APRIL 15 (SATURDAY) “D” Nature Walk in SabinoCanyon suitable for those with mobility problems and children.Contact Sandee Binyon at (520) 232-0226 for time andmeeting place. Bring a hat and water.ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Outingsby Janet Krisinski-Saxer, ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Outings Co-ChairHave you ever thought about being an outingsleader? Please join us for our next ong>Rinconong>Outings Section quarterly get-together to planand discuss leading outings for hiking, biking, backpacking,camping, climbing and other outdoor activities.We’d also like to recruit leaders for other types ofoutings such as happy hours, dinner and movie/theatrenights, and other social activities. The gathering willbe held Wednesday, March 8, at 7 p.m.It will be a great opportunity to get better acquainted,so come and find out what it’s all about!6Outings GuideA—More than 16 miles/more than3,000 ft. elevation changeB—8-16 miles/1,500-3,000 ft.elevation changeC—3-8 miles/500-1,500 ft.elevation changeD—less than 3 miles/500 ft. or lesselevation change• Outings are by reservation; call the leader early. ong>Groupong>limit is 20.• The trip leader has absolute authority to question trip participantsas to their equipment, conditioning and experience beforeand during the trip.• No firearms, radios or pets are allowed.• Sierra Club liability covers leaders only.• Each participant is responsible for his or her own first aidequipment. If you are injured, notify the leader immediately.• If you leave the trip, with or without the leader’s permission,you are considered to be on your own until you rejoin the group.• Hikers are encouraged to carpool and share the driver’s fuelexpense. Suggested compensation is 5 cents per mile.• Donations are accepted from all participants at $1 per memberand $3 per nonmember. Money is collected by the tripleader and deposited with the sponsoring group treasurer.APRIL 15 (SATURDAY) “C-” St. David MonasteryMorning Birding Walk. Bring water and be prepared to getyour wet feet. We’ll explore the nature trails at the monasteryand walk along the San Pedro River. We should see avariety of warblers, tanagers and various raptors. Beginningbirders are welcome. Joint hike with the Friends of the SanPedro River. Contact Elna Otter at otter@theriver.com (preferred)or (520) 212-9736.Outings Leaders Gathering to Make PlansCurrent outing leaders are encouraged to attend andtake an active part in the planning.If leaders have an event that you’re planning to puton the calendar for May/June/July but can’t make it tothis meeting, then please send your date/event inadvance to me and Chris so that the rest of us can beaware of it. Others, please feel free to attend if you arethinking of becoming a leader, want to offer suggestions,or see what we’re up to. Please RSVP if you planto attend. Location TBD. Snacks and refreshments willbe provided.Contact Janet Krisinski-Saxer and Chris Saxer atjski@cox.net (preferred) or (520) 743-8017.

Get the Latest from the ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Web Siteby Kim Beckong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Newsletter Co-EditorHave you checked out theSierra Club ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong>Web site? Go to the site athttp://arizona.sierraclub.org/rincon tofind out about the latest news onoutings, who is currently on theexecutive committee, what issuesneed action right now, as well asmany other items, including photosand an electronic version of thenewsletter. There’s even an environmentalcomic strip on the site.You can also download a volunteersurvey and join our other dedicatedvolunteers in their efforts to preserveand protect our Sonoran desertenvironment.The ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong>’s Web masterand volunteer, Bart Beck, frequentlyupdates the site with new service andrecreational outings, announcementsand action alert items as he receivesthem. Check the site regularly to stayinformed.In the near future, Bart will beadding new features and he welcomesany input or ideas on what memberswould like to see. You can e-mailBart at bbeck2@mindspring.comwith news and suggestions.ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> Appearing at Peace FairThe ong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong> will have atable again this year at theTucson Peace Center’s annual PeaceFair on Saturday, Feb. 25, at the ReidPark Bandshell, which is also knownas the DeMeester Outdoor PerformanceCenter.The Peace Fair runs from 11 a.m.to 5 p.m. Music, food and children’sgames are featured along withfriendly and informative tabling bymost of the peace, environmental andsocial justice groups in Tucson andPima County. Please come out andenjoy the day. If you want to helpwith the table for an hour or two,contact Linda Rothchild at 747-5078or ltepper@juno.com.○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○○Thanks for Making Our Holiday Party/Fundraiser a SuccessMany thanks go out to thefollowing donors and all of youwho helped to make theong>Rinconong> ong>Groupong>’s third annualholiday party and fundraiserfun and successful. With yourcooperative spirit andgenerosity, we were able toraise over $600 that evening!Thank you!For the ESA ProgramSandy Bahr, Sierra ClubConservation OutreachDirector, Grand CanyonChapterMichael Robinson, Center forBiological Diversity, NewMexicoFor Collecting DonationsGrace RichFor Raffle, Welcome & DoorPrize HelpBarbara CainJan AndersonFor Room Set-Up (as always)Jim NelsonFor Our Coffee & Tea BaristasKim & Brian BeckFor Our Silent AuctionAficionadoRoy EmrickFor Leading Our SingalongVince BostonFor Room Cleanup & StreetFair HelpMike Colbert and manyothers!For Calendar & MerchandiseSales (as always)Lee OlerFor Food Donations for thePartySafeway/Grant & CraycroftSafeway/Prince & CampbellFry’s/22nd and KolbFry’s/Alvernon & GrantFor Their Generous Donationsto our Auction & RaffleArizona InnArizona Theatre CompanyAntigone’s Books on FourthAvenueBahti’s Indian Arts in St.Phillips PlazaFood Coop on Fourth AvenueOrdinary Bikes on FourthAvenueThe Summit Hut on SpeedwayTrader Joe’s on GrantTrader Joe’s on WilmotCarol Tepper for donating theenvironmental videos, teapotand all door prizes7

RINCON GROUP738 N. 5th Ave #214Tucson, AZ 85705(520) 620-6401Nonprofit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDTucson, AZPermit No. 258RINCON GROUP NEWSLETTERFebruary 2006-April 2006Printed on recycled paperGot Stock? Use It to Turn Companies ‘Green’from the Sierra Club Insider newsletterThe Sierra Club has longconfronted corporate environmentaldegradation in thelegislative and regulatory arena. Now,we’re taking the campaign directly tocorporate headquarters and askinginstitutional shareholders to supportresolutions that must be addressed bythe Chair of a corporation, its boardand officers, and voted on by millionsof investors.Here are things you can do:1. If you own an individualstock...You can write directly to theCEO and Board of Directors aboutyour environmental concerns. Be sureto vote your proxies with attention toenvironmental resolutions. You canattend the annual meeting and raiseenvironmental concerns directly withthe CEO, Board of Directors andcorporate management.2. If you own a mutual fund...Yourmutual fund votes on shareholderresolutions for you (and too oftenvotes against environmental, labor orcorporate governance resolutions).You can contact your mutual fundand ask them to support progressiveshareholder resolutions.3. If you have held over $2,000 ofa company’s stock for more than ayear...you can submit a shareholderresolution to be voted on by theshareholders.For help and information abouttaking these actions, see the SierraClub’s Action Task Force Web site atwww.sierraclub.org/cac/shareholder/mutual_fund.asp.STAY INFORMED WITH THE RINCON GROUP NEWSLETTER!Yes, I want you to continue to send me the ong>Rinconong>ong>Groupong> newsletter. I’ll help with expenses by sending acontribution to:Sierra Club Newsletter738 N. 5th Ave., #214Tucson, AZ 85705NameAddress$10.00 $20.00 OtherCity/State/ZIP

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