POLYAMIDE &INTERMEDIATESCONFERENCE14-15 October 2009Hilton Hotel, Düsseldorf, GermanySpeakers: Automatik Plastics Machinery, Colloids, Coperion,Dupont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Gneuss, HuntsmanPerformance Products, ICMA, IQ Holding, Fraunhofer ITWM,MOVEngineering, National Technical University of Athens,NGR, Nurel, PHP, Rhodia, Swisstex, Tecnon OrbiChem, TTRI,Uhde Inventa FischerPhoto Courtesy of RhodiaPOLYAMIDE CONFERENCE

Polyamide & Intermediates ConferenceP R O G R A M M E 1 4 - 1 5 O C T O B E R 2 0 0 9Polyamides have a long history ofpioneering new applications, both as fibresand now increasingly as engineeringpolymers. Competition from other fibres isstrong, but PA textile filament is holding itsplace in applications where its uniquetoughness and comfort-to-the-touchproperties are at a premium, whileindustrial filament continues to grow in newapplications such as airbags. Polyamidesoffer high performance-to-price inengineering applications, for examplemaking a continuing contribution to weightreduction in automobiles, assisting the driveto greater fuel efficiency. The extensiveproperties of the polymers, principally PA6and PA66 but supported by a range ofhigher polyamides, with their highcompatibility with reinforcements, enableprocessors to develop the ideal compoundfor a new component.The Polyamide & Intermediates conferencewill provide a platform to review thepanoply of new uses being made ofpolyamides, while assessing the supplyposition of the intermediates – caprolactam,adipic acid, HMDA, etc. – from establishedfirms but also some newcomers. TheOctober 14-15 conference will provide youwith an unrivalled opportunity to hear aboutthe latest developments in polyamideapplications, to learn about opportunitiesfor diversification and to meet key playersfrom around the world in the polyamidebusiness.Wednesday 14 October08.00 Registration08.55SESSION ONE – WORLD OVERVIEWChairperson: Roger Lee – Tecnon OrbiChem09.00-09.301.1 Polyamide Chain Global OverviewCharles Fryer, Chairman, Tecnon OrbiChem09.30-10.001.2 PA 66: A Producer’s View of the Past andthe FutureSpeaker to be Confirmed, Rhodia10.00-10.301.3 Changes to the Fiber World Due toPolymers’ InfluencesMr Andre Lienert, VP, Swisstex10.30-10.45 Discussion10.45-11.15 Refreshments11.15SESSION TWO – NEW DEVELOPMENTSChairperson: Charles Fryer - Tecnon OrbiChem11.15-11.452.1 New Challenges from the Polyamide 6Market. Developing and Engineering ofFuture TechnologiesMr Viktor Janzi, Senior Process Engineer,Uhde Inventa-Fischer11.45-12.152.2 Pivotal Research Issues in PolyamidesScience & TechnologyProfessor Papaspyrides, Director, NationalTechnical University of Athens12.15-12.452.3 Real Applications & Development ofNanotechnology in PADr Miguel Caballero, Managing Director,Nurel12.45-13.00 Discussion13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30SESSION THREE – POLYAMIDE FIBRES UPDATEChairperson: Faycal Charaf - Tecnon OrbiChem14.30-15.003.1 Polyamide Fibres Global OverviewMr Roger Lee, Managing Director,Tecnon OrbiChem15.00-15.303.2 Filaments & Non-Wovens: Modelling,Simulation & OptimizationDr Dietmar Hietel, Vice-Head DepartmentTransport Processes, Fraunhofer ITWM15.30-15.45 Discussion15.45-16.15 Refreshments16.15-16.453.3 The Impact of Raw Materials Fluctuationsfor a Fibre SupplierMr Volker Siejak, Business Director, PHP16.45-17.153.4 Nylon 6 & 66 Solutions for Cost EffectiveProductionMr Mignani, Manager, MOVEngineering17.15-17.45 DiscussionThursday 15 October 200909.00SESSION FOUR - PA APPLICATIONS OVERVIEWChairperson: Faycal Charaf – Tecnon OrbiChem09.00-09.304.1 Polyamide NanocompositesMr Moneta, Project Manager, ICMA09.30-10.004.2 ELASTAMINE ® Amines for Nylon Fibers& PlasticsMr Koen Gebruers,Global Market Manager,Huntsman Performance Products10.00-10.304.3 Development & Application of NewDiversified Nylon 6 FiberMr Yu-chi Tseng, Director, TTRI10.30-10.45 Discussion10.45-11.15 Refreshments11.15SESSION FIVE - COMPOUNDING &PROCESSING UPDATEChairperson: Roger Lee – Tecnon OrbiChem11.15-11.455.1 Pelletising of Polyamide in Virgin andCompounding ApplicationsMr Frank Gloeckner,Director, AutomatikPlastics Machinery11.45-12.155.2 Applications & Developments inCompounding & Recycling of PolyamidesMr Peter von Hoffmann, General Manager,Coperion12.15-12.455.3 New Extrusion & Filtration Technologiesfor Polyamide ProcessingMr Andrew Prangnell , Manager, GNEUSS12.45-13.00 Discussion13.00-14.30 Lunch14.30SESSION SIX - ADDITIVES/RECYCLING RECENTDEVELOPMENTSChairperson: Charles Fryer – Tecnon OrbiChem14.30-15.006.1 Colouration Techniques for PolyamidesDr Roger Storey, Technical Director, Colloids15.00-15.306.2 Advances in Maleic Anhydride GraftedModifiers for Polyamide ModificationMr Karl Heinz Hausmann, Manager, DupontPackaging & Industrial Polymers15.30-15.45 Discussion15.45-16.15 Refreshments16.15-16.456.3 A Novel Impact Modifier Technologyfor PolyamidesMr Roman Eder, European Manager,Novorene Business, IQ Holding16.45-17.156.4 Creating Value from Fibre WasteMr Pichler, Head of Process Technology, NGR17.15-17.45 Discussion17.45 Closing Remarks

POLYAMIDE &INTERMEDIATESCONFERENCE14-15 October 2009ONLINE REGISTRATIONEarly Bird registration (to 14 August): Euros 1300*Normal registration: Euros 1400*Late registration (1 October onwards): Euros 1500**In addition VAT at 19% will be charged.Multiple Registration DiscountEuros 100 discount from the above rates if at least three delegates register fromthe same company.To register please click here :-https://tecnon-orbichem-polyamide09.regware.beConference Fee Includes:-Admission to the conference, conference documentation when supplied by speakers,refreshments and lunch on 14 and 15 October.Cancellation DetailsYou are welcome to make a substitute at any time. No refunds are possible forcancellations after 24 September.Hotel AccommodationAccommodation at the Hilton Dusseldorf can be booked online when registering.A special conference rate of Euro 179 for standard single room and Euro 199 perstandard double room (VAT included) is available only to delegates registeredfor the conference.Hilton Dusseldorf, Georg-Glock Strasse 20,Dusseldorf, Germany D-40474For information on the programme pleasecontact: Tamsin Fryer, Tecnon OrbiChemTamsin.fryer@orbichem.com+44 20 7924 3955For more information, please visit our website:www.orbichem.comREGISTRATION

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