Toll Today March 2011 - TOLL Group

Toll Today March 2011 - TOLL Group


Toll Wins ‘Asia’s Best 3PL

Supply Chain Provider’ Award

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Toll Australian Flood Appeal

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March – May 2011


Opens New

A$46 Million


Facility in


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Message from Management



Introducing Toll Intermodal

The Toll SPD and QRX brands

have been with us for a long

time, however over recent years

it has become more apparent that

they do not reflect what either business

does, and as such these names

mean little to our customers. I am

forever being asked what the SPD

acronym represents and the two

answers I use are Soap Powder

Distribution or Speedy Prompt

Delivery! When talking to our

people and customers, they

refer to the name but

remember the service,

dedication and attitude of the

people within the business.

Under the Group restructure

in January 2010 both Toll

SPD and QRX became part

of the Toll Domestic

Forwarding division. In line

with the Group-wide rebrand,

and some property and senior

management changes, it was

considered a good time to bring

the two businesses together and

rebrand with a fresh new name.

So now, Toll SPD and QRX

will together be known as Toll

intermodal. Brett Curtis, former

GM at Toll SPD, is now the General

Manager of the business, responsible

for the integration. Ex-QRX Group GM

Viv Botsford will continue his role at

Toll Refrigerated and has taken on the

challenge of building and consolidating

our dedicated refrigeration businesses

including Toll Refrigerated, MFL and

Toll Regional Wagga Wagga.

Global Logistics 03

Specialised and

Domestic Freight 09

Domestic Forwarding 14

Global Resources 17

How wiLL ouR CuSToMERS


n Our customers will have a true rail

network business from Cairns to

Perth with complete visibility, track

and trace, and one bill.

n They can access multi modal

(rail, sea, road) capability.

n We’ll be able to offer cross

docking consolidation capability.

n They will deal with a single point

of contact.

How wiLL THiS


n Staff will work within a true

national business.

n There will be greater succession

and promotional opportunities

as part of a bigger organisation.

n Staff will be able to offer customers

a broader range of products

and services.


As we move to one business over the

next 12 months, our customers should

not see any disruptions or change to

their service, and will benefit from new

offers and products. We will continue

to use the same systems so that the

consolidation process runs as smoothly

as possible.

The site at Moolabin, Queensland will

be renovated to cater for the combined

new businesses. Assets, including

fleet will be looked at to ensure we

can benefit from as many synergies

as possible.

Global Express 21

Global Forwarding 25

Toll Group 28

Community 32

Staff Milestones 43

This is an exciting time in the

development of Toll Intermodal,

and we truly believe we are creating

a complete end-to-end road, rail and

sea service provider, from which our

domestic customers within Australia

will greatly benefit. By aligning the

systems, expertise and people of both

of these excellent businesses,

we stand to create a new business

with exciting prospects.

I look forward to reporting the

progress of Toll Intermodal over

the coming months.

Paul Ebsworth

Divisional Director

Toll Domestic Forwarding n


Group Corporate Affairs



Level 7, 380 St Kilda Road

Melbourne 3004

P + 61 3 9694 2888


Toll Wins

Through a joint nomination with customer, Colgate-

Palmolive in China, the award was presented to

Toll Global Logistics at the 2010 CHaina awards

ceremony held in Shanghai on 18 November 2010.

The award is a first class recognition of Toll’s successful

operations with Colgate-Palmolive throughout China

specifically in our proven excellence in developing and

delivering supply chain solutions and services in the region.

Through a rigorous selection and nomination process,

a panel of nine industry experts on CHaINA’s board

of advisors selected Toll Global Logistics over other

leading nominees.

In the nomination submission, Toll Global Logistics

successfully demonstrated the scale, importance and

transparency of its Delivery Schedule System (DSS)

program started in 2008 for Colgate-Palmolive’s

operations in China.

The DSS is a joint effort between the customer and Toll’s

account management team, which used Toll’s continuous

improvement plan model. Some benefits included:

n A more structured approach for placing purchase orders

n More environmentally friendly back-end operations

n Reduced emissions due to better planned delivery

schedules, and

n Improved efficiencies for the customer’s field sales

team in China.

‘Asia’s Best 3PL Supply

Chain Provider’ Award



Stuart Han, Director of Customer Service and Logistics

at Colgate-Palmolive in China, praised the joint effort, “Toll

Global Logistics has been an innovative 3PL provider to

Colgate-Palmolive for over 12 years and the DSS program

is another example of how they have helped us to optimise

our China supply chain.

“The DSS program brought significant benefits to many

parts in the chain, including savings in back office finance

and administration, and enabled the sales team to be much

more efficient than previously,” Stuart added.

wayne Hunt, President and Chief Executive Officer at Toll

Global Logistics said, “This award is testimony to our team’s

tireless efforts and commitment to supply chain operational

excellence. After a successful rebranding exercise in China

in August 2010, the award is recognition of Toll’s capacity to

lead and manage our customers’ supply chains.

“Winning the award of the best 3PL supply chain provider

in Asia further shows our competence as the lead logistics

provider in the retail and consumer sector both in China

and across the region,” Wayne concluded.

This is a fantastic award and great recognition of all

management and employees at Toll Global Logistics

in China and the Asian region – congratulations and

well done to all involved! n

Global Logistics

1 Team from Toll

Global Logistics and


Greater China receiving

the Best 3PL Supply

Chain Provider Award

in Asia.

Toll Today March – May 2011 03

Global Logistics


Toll Global Logistics receives Minister’s

Honours roll at the Home Team National

Service Awards in Singapore

1 Wayne Hunt

receiving the Minister’s

Honours Roll award

from K. Shanmugam,

Singapore’s Minister

for Home Affairs and

Minister for Law, at the

Home Team National

Service Awards

Presentation Ceremony

on 26 October 2010

in Singapore.

Behind every operationally-ready National

Serviceman (NSmen), is a supportive employer.

Despite the sometimes inconveniences, support

given by employers to the NSmen has remained high.

Toll Global Logistics has been a firm believer in

promoting the releasing of employees for their National

Service obligations. This helps staff to focus on their

duties, supporting the safety and security of Singapore.

In recognition of the consistent support to NSmen by top

tier companies in Singapore, the Minister’s Honours Roll

was introduced by the Home Team in 2008 to recognise

top employers who have shown exemplary support for

their NSmen.

Toll Global Logistics is among the five new companies

awarded this year, and put in place initiatives that minimise

deferrals as well as programs to promote physical fitness

among its NS employees and various forms of recognition

for outstanding NS performance.

Dennis Seen, Deputy Director for Integrated Logistics,

explained the supportive role Toll plays in Singapore. He

said, “At Toll Global Logistics we support and recognise the

contribution of every NSman in their total defence activities.

Outstanding performers can look forward to receive

commendations and rewards from the company. They will

be given an incentive equivalent to 50 percent of what is

awarded for their IPPT. In addition, staff who demonstrate

excellent performance will be awarded with an additional

day off ”.

wayne Hunt, President and Chief Executive Officer

represented Toll Global Logistics in receiving the award

from K. Shanmugam, Singapore’s Minister for Home

Affairs and Minister for Law, during a ceremony officiated

by the Singapore Police Force and in the presence of

the Ministry of Home Affairs and Singapore Civil Defence

Force on 26 October 2010 in Singapore.

Wayne said, “Toll Global Logistics has a policy to ensure

all staff who are undergoing their military obligations will

be supported. Their task at work will be redesignated to

other staff while they are away. By doing so, it gives them

a peace of mind to concentrate fully on their NS roles”.

With the support employees receive, they are motivated

for their training and can expect to return to work feeling

fitter and more focussed.

“My company fully supports me when I am required for

my NS duties. My job is planned for and reallocated to

other colleagues while I am away so that I can concentrate

on my NS duties,” said LCP (nS) Effendy Bin Kamsan,

a Home Team NSman and an employee in Toll Global

Logistics in Singapore.

Toll Global Logistics is proud to support its staff in

Singapore as they fulfil their commitment to their country

and community. n


IdeaLab’s Long-range rFID Technology –

FOCuS to Automate Store Management 24 by 7

Today, many companies are leveraging technology

to manage costs, boost efficiencies and enhance

customer service. Yet, many also report constraints

in the ability to operate the technologies effectively. Many

technologies require stringent processes and a disciplined

workforce to operate them.

In December 2010, Tan Tock Seng Hospital Rehabilitation

Center in Singapore renewed its contract with Toll Global

Logistics to manage its linen store with an average inventory

of 10,000 pieces. IdeaLab, a technology innovation unit

within Toll Global Logistics, replaced the existing system

with FOCUS, their newly developed long-range Radio

Frequency Identification (RFID) Inventory Management


The FOCUS system has enabled IdeaLab to manage the

hospital’s linen store unmanned, 24 hours a day, seven

days a week, whilst keeping real time inventory visibility

and on-time replenishments in a timely manner.

Sim Teck Meh, Head of the hospital, said, “My nurses can

walk into the linen store anytime, pick up the required linen

and leave very quickly. It’s natural and efficient. Previously,

they had to sign-in to an inventory system to register the

picked linen before leaving the store”.

“We are definitely not going back to the old way,”

added Sim.

Chua Joo Chye, Operations Manager at Toll Global

Logistics, explained how FOCUS works at the hospital.

“An RFID reader portal is mounted at the doorway of the

store. Every piece of linen is embedded with a unique RFID

tag, while the nurses are issued with RFID staff badges. As

these pieces of linen are taken out of the store or returned

to the store through the portal, the RFID tags are read and

FOCUS will automatically decrease or increase inventory

counts accurately with detailed transactions recorded. The

transaction record will display real time data such as who

has taken what type of linen, when and where was it taken

and possibly why the linen was taken. This level of data

recording also enables us to automatically invoice for

services as provided.

“Now that the data is accurate, timely and complete, a daily

linen utilisation, inventory and movement report is easily

generated. Through simple data analysis, I can then decide

to keep the correct buffer stock for the correct linen types

on site, resulting in fewer and smarter replenishment runs

which includes more freed up store space. I have also

removed the cost of storekeepers too, plus I have a better

understanding of cycle turns”.

“Furthermore, cycle counting can be done within six

man hours, a 70 percent reduction compared to before,”

added Chua.

Prior to the FOCUS implementation, Toll Global Logistics

would occasionally miss service level targets due to stock

shortages in the store. This could occur when the nurses

failed to register out-going linen, especially during the early

hours of the morning. In the past, we had to hire storekeepers

to ensure the inventory system was updated correctly, whilst

cycle counting would take days to complete and reconcile.

With the newly deployed long-range RFID inventory

management solution, we are now able to track and trace

their linen movements more effectively, provide real-time

data on inventory availability and usage as items move from

storage to individual nurses, and ultimately to the patients

who use them. This accurate management of the hospital

supply chain – from scheduling through discharge – is

essential to improving workflow and charge capture.

As in the case of the Tan Tock Seng hospital, RFID

application can provide hospitals with an economical way

to measure a large number of parameters, streamline

workflows and introduce efficiencies and cost savings

across the entire healthcare inventory management chain.

Similarly, the same application can be duplicated in any

environment that requires such needs for example, the

hospitality industry.

IdeaLab will continue to improve FOCUS to be applicable

for any inventory or assets or equipment management,

and is keen for other business units across the Toll Group

to consider FOCUS in their own or their customers’

operations. For more information, contact James Chan

at ideaLab: n

an illustrative Diagram:

a Typical Linen Supply Chain work Flow


Wards /




Warehouse Linen

Clean Laundry

Repair & Service Room


Global Logistics


Toll Today March – May 2011 05

Global Logistics


Lean – up and running at Morningside Facility

1 Toll Auto,


Lean Team in

their training room.

L-R: Simon Allin,

Damian Dunn,

Richard Lockwood,

Cherie Jaillet,

Tony Oelosfe,

Chris Brown,

Darren Piper,

Jason Wright.


Murilo Fabri.

The Toll Auto Komatsu site in

Morningside, Queensland kicked

off its Lean training in early

August 2010, and the team are already

passing on the benefits. The practical

hands-on training structure applies the

basic principles of Lean and puts them

into practice from day one.

The team performed a ‘Waste

Observation’ of their work areas in

the first session which resulted in a

C4 (structured problem solving tool)

exercise. Throughout the following

seven training sessions, the teams

then had the opportunity to use their

new knowledge to further eliminate

waste or refine their improvements.

After completing their final session,

and delivering a report to the senior

management team on what they had

learned and achieved, the Lean team

at Morningside had this to say.

Cherie Jaillet, HSE Coordinator,

Toll auto – Components

“Our Lean report to Joe Serratore

was a great success. All staff on our

Lean team contributed to ensuring our

day was successful and informative.

The Morningside Lean team has

embraced its learnings from Richard

Lockwood and is continuing to make

Lean improvements every week onsite.

“Lean has not only taught us to identify

waste, it has developed a group of

people who now strive to work together

as a team. The Lean training has further

reinforced the Toll culture of working

together as One Toll. We would all like

to thank Richard for the time he has

spent with us”.

Damian Dunn, warehouse

Manager Komatsu,

Toll auto – Components

“Lean was embraced by all involved at

Morningside and the results have been

fantastic. The greatest improvement

from a management perspective has

not been the physical changes or

efficiency improvements, which can

be easily monitored, but the change

in my team members’ approach to

their daily tasks, improved moral

and team building.

“The tools and knowledge gained by

those involved, together with their

change in focus will ensure that

continuous improvement is always alive

in Morningside. The team now has a

clear vision on the standards that need

to be set, how we go about setting

them and ensuring these standards

are maintained. The focus now needs

to be on filtering our learnings down

onto the floor to create a real Lean or

continuous improvement culture”.


PuTTinG LEan inTo PRaCTiCE

The first C4 completed at the site has

resulted in reorganising the receiving

area. The relaid out the area has

greatly improved productivity and flow.

The receiving area now uses less

overall space resulting in a significant

reduction in operator walking. Rubbish

management has improved to further

reduce motion. Containers are now

unloaded and received faster resulting

in improved order to delivery times.

Benefits have resulted in a 67 percent

reduction of operator walking when

sorting freight in the receiving area

and gone a long way to impact the

overall site efficiency improvements.

The site efficiency rating has shown

a 45 percent overall improvement

between February and November

(NB efficiency is a calculation of total

lines processed divided by total direct

hours worked). The next areas of

focus will be despatch and storage

which will yield further improvements.

Even our customers have started to

see the benefits of Lean. Gordon

wilson, National Parts Logistic

Manager, Komatsu Australia said,

“Lean is a business culture change

that when delivered successfully has

significant benefits to all aspects of

the supply chain. Toll Auto is always

focussed on supporting our business

with the highest levels of safety [zero

Lost time injury frequency rate to date,

over 500 days] and total efficiencies.

“Implementing this program within the

largest DC operation at Morningside

has already seen dramatic results

such as delivering increased efficiencies

upon inbound and outbound functions,

and assisting with lead time reductions,

increase parts availability, increase

storage capability and waste removal

in the supply chain. All these elements

impact the total business cost and

customer support favourably.

“I wish to thank the management of

Toll and the complete project team for

being so positive and proactive to this

new culture within this operation”. n

Toll Auto Opens New Centre for vW

Toll Auto will be launching its

exciting new contract with

Volkswagen in a purpose

built facility in Singapore.

The state of the art vehicle preparation

centre is equipped with up to date

facilities including a spray painting

booth and paint mixing room, leather

seat installation area and an accident

repair centre for Volkswagen.

Healthy Living Program Launched

for Melbourne Staff

healthy food and regular exercise. The team wants to turn

this culture around and is determined to take the first steps

to becoming healthier.

Toll Global Logistics staff in Melbourne have started

a healthy lifestyle program. The initiative which will

run for 12 weeks, will aim to promote healthy eating,

exercise and good lifestyle choices in a bid to improve

the wellbeing of the participants.

The team will be supported by a nutritionist who will help

monitor their journey and help them reach their personal


The transport industry is a particularly bad offender when

it comes to healthy living. Drivers who are on the road for

long periods at a time do not always have access to fresh,

From this new location, Toll Auto will

provide a range of services for VW

such as CBU compound and inventory

management, pre-delivery checks,

accessory installation, port clearance,

custom brokerage and car carrying


With the new vehicle preparation

centre, Toll Auto in Singapore now

manages more than 1 million sqft

of compound and parts storage,

as well as 320,000 sqft of warehouse

storage and further office space.

With the completion of the new facility,

Toll is able to meet the increasing

storage demands of Volkswagen, and

accommodate this key customer’s

growth plans over the coming years. n

This program is part of a long term strategy to invest in

the health and wellbeing of our employees as this is integral

for a productive, sustainable and safe business. With over

50 registered participants so far, the program is starting

to get people talking about their health and spreading

the message amongst their colleagues and families.

We look forward to hearing the progress of the team in

the coming months. n

Global Logistics

Toll Today March – May 2011 07

Global Logistics


Singapore Staff Celebrate Long Service Awards

1 25 and 30 years

of service.

2 5 years of service.

3 10 years of service.

4 15 years of service.

5 20 years of service.

The Toll Global Logistics team in Singapore held its

annual Long Service Award on 14 December 2010

at the Temasek Club. Senior management were

invited to attend this event to celebrate together with the

162 recipients.

The function honoured and recognised our employees

that have worked for the company for a period of five years

or more. It also allowed management to show appreciation

and acknowledgement of employees’ loyalty, hard work

and dedication in ensuring Toll Global Logistics’ continued

excellence over the years.

In 2010, long service awards were awarded to 162 recipients

including 159 employees from Toll Global Logistics and

three from Toll Global Resources. The breakdown in years

of service is as follows:


5 years of service – 47 recipients

10 years of service – 32 recipients

15 years of service – 37 recipients

20 years of service – 21 recipients

25 years of service – 23 recipients

30 years of service – 2 recipients.


5 years of service – 1 recipient

10 years of service – 2 recipients

At the awards ceremony, wayne Hunt, President / CEO

of Toll Global Logistics, congratulated and praised the long

service employees for their commitment to the company

and their dedication throughout their service.

Wayne pointed out that Toll Global Logistics has seen

significant growth and development opportunities over

recent years in the Asia Pacific region. He emphasised

that the most important resource in our organisation is

our employees.

Joe Garbellini, Director of Marine Logistics at Toll Global

Resources also presented the award to three Toll Marine

Logistics recipients.

Chan Buay Lang, Karen, Senior Logistics Assistant,

presently employed in GS Hub, Fulfillment Logistics, Toll

Global Logistics shared her thoughts on working with

Toll for over 30 years, “I left school in the early 80s and

joined Chartered Industries of Singapore as a confidential

clerk performing clerical duties.

“Over the years I took courses and found myself working in

different areas of the company. I trained in HR, did some HR

duties and went on to become a senior purchasing assistant.

Over the past three decades, I’ve seen how the company

has grown from a small unit to the established and well

known global logistics company it is today. This company

encourages employees to continually improve their skills.

I hope to continue contributing to the company in any way

I can, until my retirement”.

Another colleague who took the 30 year honour is

Chan Kwok Fai, Logistics Supervisor Automotive,

Fulfillment Logistics, Toll Global Logistics. He said, “After

leaving school in the 80s, I joined Singapore Automotive

Engineering (SAE) as a storekeeper. I worked my way up

and presently I am in the Quality Assurance department

doing inspection of incoming automotive spares from local

and overseas units. Since joining in the 80s, I have seen

the company’s transformation from a small firm to one

of the world’s best logistics firms. I look forward to serving

Toll for many more years to come”. n

2 3

4 5



7 8 9

Toll Express Projects Team Leads the Way

The Toll Express Projects team is a group of industry

experts operating from Toll Express’ Newburn premises

in Western Australia. Working in partnership with the

mining and industrial sectors from the initial contracting

stage through to completion, this team has grown significantly

over the years.

The team was established back in the 1980s with the first

project to mobilise the Western Mining Corporation Kambalda

Mine and Nickel Refinery. This was quickly followed by the

transfer of plant and infrastructure from Western Australia

to Olympic Dam, South Australia to construct the Whelan

Headframe, and consequent sinking of the first mining shaft

at Roxby Downs.

Over the years, clients such as P&H Minepro have come

to expect a high level of service and reliance for on time

every time deliveries. The range of tasks for P&H Minepro

has involved overnight satchels to major project management

in mobilisation / demobilisation of mining shovels / 900T

dragline into Australia’s remote locations.

Whatever the task in hand, Toll Express Projects team has

vast experience in delivering oversized loads in challenging

locations to meet strict time constraints. So when the

team was recently approached by nMT, they took on the

challenge in earnest.

The primary focus of the recent NMT task was to transport

218 loads of cargo from seven vessels from Port Hedland

to the BHP Billiton yandi mine site. The 482km journey

had to be strategically planned to allow for the oversized

freight to pass safely through some of Australia’s most

remote areas.

The range of tasks included the building of a full logistics

program for the course of the project’s construction

comprising heavy haulage, over dimensional movements,

local and interstate deliveries, along with the design of

heavy lift programs. The team also had to coordinate police

and pilot escorts, and closing down the streets of Port

Hedland as loads up to 14m wide, 28m length and 7m high

passed through.

As with any planning event, the success is in the detail.

The input from the WA police, pilots, local shires, main

roads department and contractors were of such a high

standard, that the route planning is now enshrined as

the lead example for future projects.

The team was also grateful for the support of their clients

and partners including Sinclair Knight Merz, nMT Projects

and Laing o’Rourke. n

Specialised and Domestic Freight

6 – 9 Toll Express

carves out a path

for oversized

vehicles through

Western Australia’s

most challenging


Toll Today March – May 2011


Specialised and Domestic Freight

Toll Inventory Capital Solutions

Impresses Caterpillar






The inventory management system is based on risk

management principles and is used for optimising

all classes of stock from raw materials through

to work-in-progress and finished goods. Where needed,

it includes demand forecasting, master production

scheduling and stock replenishment / procurement.

The Toll Inventory Capital Solutions system interfaces with

customer Enterprise Resource Planning systems and the

relevant Toll operations systems. The outcomes are usually

improved product availability, improved stockturns and

lowered operating costs.

Over the past 13 years, Toll Inventory Capital Solutions

has worked with a number of companies to improve their

inventory management, and has recently been working

closely with Caterpillar internationally on a number of

exciting projects.

ToLL inVEnToRy CaPiTaL SoLuTionS


In 2005 the multinational equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar,

acquired a stake in a leading Chinese earthmoving machine

manufacturer Shandong SEM Machinery Co Ltd (SEM).

Based in Qingzhou, China the company had previously

been a hundred percent Chinese owned and had developed

their own operating systems over many years. When

Caterpillar took over the company they realised that

some of these systems were effective, but there was

also some room for improvement. Supply chain planning

and execution, with emphasis on demand forecasting and

inventory management was one of the disciplines that was

lagging behind the current state-of-the-art products this

function produced.

In early 2007, Toll Inventory Capital Solutions was invited to

present its ideas to Caterpillar’s management in Singapore.

The team quickly realised that it could potentially offer them

a very good solution for their newly acquired operation by

improving their inventory and distribution planning, as well

as the associated logistics services of warehousing

and transport.

The outcome of this meeting and the ensuing discussions

was that we were introduced to the Caterpillar China

management in Beijing and then to the SEM management

in Qingzhou to further discuss opportunities. As this was a

new market for Toll Inventory Capital Solutions, we invited

management from Toll Global Logistics to accompany us

to demonstrate Toll’s understanding and presence in the

Chinese market.


Working with Toll Global Logistics in China, we developed

a solution that was well received by Caterpillar and the

SEM management.

The solution focussed on firstly getting a proper planning

methodology and system in place for the SEM supply chain

management. Secondly, we proposed to take over the

warehousing and transport services for SEM by using

the existing Toll Global Logistics infrastructure in China.

In particular we explored the options of increasing the SEM

footprint in China by using the regional Toll warehouses to

increase the number of stocking locations for SEM in China.

This could speed up delivery time to SEM customers and

prevent some lost sales for the business. Clearly this posed

an exciting opportunity for the team.

We presented various prototyped and modelled solutions

to SEM management.

These models and findings, together with a supporting

business case were presented to the SEM and Caterpillar

management and they agreed to start by implementing

the inventory solution. They will then look at the option of

using the Toll warehousing network further down the line.

After four months, the new inventory management system

was implemented and launched.























TRaininG THE TEaM in CHina

Although the system implementation went as smoothly as

we could have expected, the methodology implementation

posed a further challenge – language. The ICS methodology

involved process re-engineering, formal training and

on-the-job coaching. However, the trainees all spoke

Mandarin and the trainer spoke English.

We were ready and able to overcome the language barrier,

working closely with our colleagues in SEM to ensure our

training was delivered and fully understood.

Some three weeks later we handed over the ICS system.

By now the system was live and our role was to process

re-engineer, coach and monitor the team.

Good results had to be obtained at SEM. Our trainees

performed remarkably well and favourable results soon

followed. The graph above shows the stock cover and

service results achieved.

We were delighted, as were our customers, the Caterpillar

and SEM teams.
















Cover Availability











In December 2010 Toll increased its scope of services

at SEM when Toll Auto assumed control of the Beijing

warehousing function. This is the first of what could be an

initial total of nine warehousing projects in China for SEM.

In addition to warehousing services, there is also an

opportunity for Toll to assume accountability for all

transport and local delivery services for SEM in China.

Finally, SEM has enquired about our international services

encompassing forwarding and clearing as well as logistics

services generally in their export markets. Opportunities

exist here for Toll Global Forwarding and Toll Global Logistics.

ToLL oPPoRTuniTiES wiTHin


Thanks to the excellent results at SEM, of which Caterpillar

management in Beijing, Singapore and Peoria (US Head

Office) has full visibility, Toll Inventory Capital Solutions has

been invited to develop new solutions for additional

Caterpillar divisions. Notable among these are Caterpillar

Remanufacturing (US), Caterpillar dealers (Asia) and the

new Caterpillar joint venture truck business (China).

This work is now underway and we are exposing Caterpillar

and the Caterpillar dealer management to Toll services

globally. Working together as One Toll on this project has

opened up the whole of the organisation to Caterpillar,

helping them to appreciate how other parts of the Toll

business can benefit their organisation. As such, new

opportunities for Toll are likely to follow. n

Specialised and Domestic Freight





















Toll Today March – May 2011


Specialised and Domestic Freight


Introducing Toll Transitions Workplace Team

The Toll Transitions

Workplace team:

1 Bob Hughes.

2 Karen Skillings.

3 Bill Symes.

4 Eve Wilson.

5 Paul Dillion.

6 Sarah Langstaff.

7 Kate Pegg.

8 Natalie Pearcy.

9 Deb Lawson.

wHaT wE Do

Move Project


Filing and Storage


Off-Site Storage

Review and


(as part of our Filing and

Storage Consultancy)

Block and Stack

Originally, Toll Transitions

Workplace primarily focussed

on large corporate workplace

relocations, however the team has

now grown and takes care of all

elements of corporate moves.

Since identifying gaps in the market

and to meet client demands, Toll

Transitions Workplace has grown

nationally and now boasts a number

of innovative services that compliment

the original workplace service. Over

the past several years this group has

enjoyed tremendous success with

the roll-out of their Filing and Storage

Consultancy, Off-Site Storage

Analysis, Block and Stack, Asset

Management Consultancy and their

Change / Communications Products

and Services.

This impressive expansion of unique

services fits neatly with the growth

strategy of this business, and has

given this team the leading edge. The

team’s market presence and vast skills

cannot be matched by competitors.

These additional service offerings

have seen major transformations

in Toll Transitions Workplace brand

awareness within the industry and

amongst clients that include

architects, designers, construction

managers and large corporations.

Toll Transitions Workplace is excited

about the future and is currently

delivering successful solutions to an

array of clients such as; Rio Tinto,

anZ, Virgin Blue, Racing QLD,

origin, aBC, Santos, MBF, HP,

aurecon, Vision australia, Lexis

nexis, Leighton’s Contractors,

and Technology one.

In addition to offering a full service

to any relocating business, Toll

Transitions Workplace can now also

offer highly sought after environmental

credentials. The team of Greenstar

accredited project managers can

implement initiatives and best practices

for greener office environments.

For further information about the team

and how they can help relocate your

business, contact Bob Hughes:

or Karen Skillings: n

n Provide move schedules and department Facilities Closeout n Organising checklists of all facilities-related

move plans

activities to closeout and reopen at the old

n Get the best priced removals

and new premises

n Reduce the risks associated with relocating

n Acting as in-house facilities manager

n Attend onsite to supervise the move

in a short or long term capacity

n Review and capture existing file

Asset Management n Implement exit strategies

and storage holdings

n Manage asset audits

n Explore alternative storage types

n Manage the auction and disposal process

and address specific load requirements

n Observe workflow practices and capture

the amounts of storage required for

day-to-day work

n Map storage space to new premises

of redundant assets

n Assess off-site storage to reduce, recycle, Change /

n Create operation manuals

redistribute and dispose of excess storage Communications n Draft up company policy and procedures

and file holdings

Products and

n Prepare and supply staff welcome packs


and induction booklets

n Providing ushers to welcome and direct staff

on first day in new premises

n Validate and forecast staff numbers as well as provide block and stack scenarios










WorkHealth Checks are the Catalyst for

Positive Health Changes at Toll NQX

Toll NQX is on a mission to support the health and

wellbeing of its workforce. With the free WorkHealth

checks being taken up by 95 percent of the team,

planning is now underway for a range of ongoing health

and wellbeing initiatives.

An impressive 104 out of Toll NQX’s 109 staff members at

Altona North signed up for a free WorkHealth check when

the initiative was offered at the worksite. allyson Sullivan,

HSE Coordinator, who organised the WorkHealth checks

for Toll NQX, was a keen supporter of the initiative.

“This is a really important program because workers can

learn about health risks that they might not have known

about before, and receive information on what they can

do to improve their health. We really wanted to give as

many of our staff as possible the chance to have a

WorkHealth check,” said Allyson.

“Our workforce is made up of lots of young guys, who may

not have had their cholesterol or blood glucose measured

before, so in particular we saw it as a great opportunity to

help them get these things checked out”.

With Toll NQX’s workforce comprising a range of job roles,

from drivers always out on the road to depot staff on the

floor, Health professionals started work at 5am to ensure

all could benefit from the health checks, regardless of their

shift pattern.

Allyson appointed two champions in the team, who helped

promote the initiative and encourage staff to put their names

down. The benefits of the WorkHealth checks were discussed

at toolbox and OH&S meetings, as well as updates in the

internal newsletter and messages on payslips to remind staff.

As part of the Christmas celebrations all staff within

the Toll building located at Kerry Road, Archerfield

were invited to participate in the Toll NQX HR

department’s ‘Christmas Decorations’ competition.

Staff worked in teams to decorate their work areas, and

needed to name their display. Prizes were awarded for first,

second and third place, as well as a prize for the most

creatively decorated work area. This was judged by ballot

making it the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Over a three week period, the enthusiasm and

competitiveness shown by everyone was overwhelming

with some wonderful displays and themes emerging.

WorkHealth checks are free, 15 minute, confidential health

risk assessments delivered in the convenience of the

workplace. The initiative is run by WorkSafe Victoria, and

aims to help every Victorian worker learn about their risk

factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, two

increasingly common yet preventable chronic diseases.

WorkHealth also provides tools and resources to businesses

to assist with their health and wellbeing programs. Allyson

was among the first people to order the kit in Victoria, and

has gone on to use some of the tools available in the kit to

plan health and wellbeing initiatives for Toll NQX staff to get

involved with.

“In particular the survey template helped us gain feedback

from staff about what sorts of activities they feel they would

benefit from. One thing that came back is that our workers

would love to have health checks done again down the

track, to see how much they have improved,” said Allyson.

Since the WorkHealth checks took place, some promising

changes have been happening around the organisation.

Several workers have committed themselves to quitting

smoking, and many people are now eating more fruit,

helped by a weekly fruit box introduced by Toll NQX.

“We would recommend this initiative to other business units

at Toll. Apart from staff time involved in coordinating and

making the most of the opportunity, it didn’t cost us anything,

and it’s a great way to show you care about your teams,”

said Allyson.

This program is only currently available to businesses in

Victoria. Please contact your OH&S Manager to find out

if similar initiatives are available where you work, visit or contact andrena Matthews: n

Kerry road gets Creative at Christmas

These included:

n Winter wonderland

n Santa’s den

n Santa’s shack

n Cup cakes

n White Christmas

n 32 Christmas Drive.

Due to the overwhelming response, the judges also

decided to award an encouragement prize, to congratulate

those who had made an effort and got involved in the

Christmas spirit.

The winners, 32 Christmas Drive (pictured), were announced

at the Christmas lunch, where the judges thanked all for

taking part. The competition added to the wonderful Christmas

cheer around the building. n

Specialised and Domestic Freight


10 1st prize

– 32 Christmas Drive.

Toll Today March – May 2011


Domestic Forwarding


4,000 Containers

On Boxing Day, two significant

transport events coincided:

the North Island Main Trunk

railway line closed for annual

maintenance between Pukekohe and

Whangarei, and the new Pukekohe

Container Terminal was opened. This

meant, of course, that every container

in and out of the new site had to be

moved by road as rail was temporarily

off-line. KiwiRail awarded the

road-bridging contract to Toll Tranzlink

and the FCL team geared up for

one of the largest container road

operations in Auckland’s history.

The statistics of the holiday period

work are truly awesome – Toll Tranzlink

moved an average of 220 containers

a day between Auckland, Pukekohe,

Landed in 19 Days…Nice Work!



1 – 4 Moving 4,000

containers by road.

Hamilton, Tauranga and Whangarei.

A total of 24 trucks were dedicated

to the job and they worked for 19 days

solid, 24/7. It’s estimated that more

heavy vehicles drove through Pukekohe

in this two and a half week period than

during all of 2010.

The project managers overcame a

number of challenges including

having to divert traffic to the Hamilton

Container Terminal when the roads

subsided around the new Pukekohe


The residents of Pukekohe who lived

on or near the main truck route put up

with increased noise, vibration and

dust from the constant convoy. However,

they and the local police who closely

monitored the whole effort supported

the whole job with generosity and

good humour.

When it was over and done in

mid-January, the team hung up their

hats and hi-viz jackets and allowed

themselves a quiet celebration to

mark a job well done. They had moved

over 4,000 containers without mishap

in 19 days; a tremendous effort that

can only enhance the already strong

relationship between Toll Tranzlink

and KiwiRail.

Greg Miller, Group General Manager

of Toll New Zealand congratulated

the team for their efforts and said,

“Another grand effort by our road team

in support of our customer KiwiRail”. n

2 3 4


oad Trauma Support Program

Wins Safety recognition

Toll Tasmania was a recent

finalist for the ‘Best Workplace

Solution’ category in the 2010

Tasmanian Safety Awards. Held at

the Grand Chancellor hotel in Hobart,

on 30 October the team received

recognition for their submission relating

to road and accident trauma.

With 239 serious road injuries and

31 fatalities in the state in 2010, road

safety is an important issue for all road

users. As a leading transport operator

in Tasmania, Toll has a responsibility

to demonstrate best practice and this

program does that. By responding

to road trauma with a well structured

Team Lands Top Supplier Award

Congratulations to Toll SPD

on recently winning the

DuluxGroup Supplier

of the Year for 2010.

The team at Toll SPD attended an

awards dinner in Melbourne in

December where they were nominated

for and won the DuluxGroup Supplier

of the Year award for the Transport

and Logistics (ANZ) 2010 category

beating another five finalists to the title.

Later in the evening, Toll SPD was then

shortlisted with four other category

Tui Products Ltd is a large and

valuable customer for Toll Tranzlink

in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Using the Toll Tranzlink supply chain

network in 2010, Tui Products Ltd won

the very prestigious Mitre 10 Supreme

Supplier of the Year Award. This award

was in recognition of delivering garden

horticulture products to all the Mitre 10

stores around New Zealand, in full, on


counselling and support program,

Toll hopes to give drivers the confidence

and support they need to overcome

any accidents they are involved in

or witness to.

winners for the coveted Supplier of

the Year Award 2010 and won. The

team received the award which was

presented by the DuluxGroup CEO,

Patrick Houilhan.

The award is particularly special as

it not only recognises the integral

work Toll does with the DuluxGroup

but also demonstrates the strength

of the partnership. Additionally, as

the DuluxGroup measures suppliers

against 30 core competencies

and then awards one supplier this

prestigious award from over 3,000

The program uses the services

of a specialist provider in assisting

Toll employees, contractors and

third parties in recovering from

road trauma related incidents. n

DuluxGroup suppliers, this makes

the win an even greater coup for

the Toll SPD team.

Mitre 10 and Tui recognise

Toll New Zealand’s Great Service

time, in specification and consistently

throughout the year.

Toll Tranzlink New Zealand was

acknowledged by Tui Products as

being the major contributor to their

success and appreciation was warmly

conveyed. Well done and a special

thank you to all the Toll Tranzlink

branches and staff.

Brett Curtis, General Manager at

Toll SPD accepted the award on behalf

of his team and was delighted with

the recognition his team received from

one of their key customers. He said,

“I wish to make special mention of

the great teamwork and the effort from

the account management team and

the operations teams in all states who

were all given special mention during

my acceptance speech on the night”. n

Toll New Zealand Group General

Manager Greg Miller said, “This is

fantastic news and much appreciated,

but not expected, given that Mitre 10’s

transport provider is our competitor,


“To see Mitre 10 recognise Tui as

the supreme supplier and therefore

acknowledge Toll New Zealand as

Tui’s logistics partner shows we

must be doing something right”. n

Domestic Forwarding

5 The Toll Tasmania

team receiving their


L-R: Dylan Harper,

Andrea Cross,

John Simic,

Steve McNamara,

Ann Murray,

David Holmes,

Wayne Howells,

Phil Giffard,

William Hinds,

and Steve Joseph.


6 L-R: Patrick

Houilhan presents

Brett Curtis with

the award.


7 L-R: Stephen

Thomas, Toll Tranzlink,

Tauranga Branch

Manager; Don Forgie,

MD Tui Products

Limited; and Rob

Pakes, Business

Development Manager

Bay of Plenty / Waikato.

Toll Today March – May 2011 15

Domestic Forwarding


A New Way to Sell Toll IPEC in New Zealand

1 L-R: Stephen

Thomas, Branch

Manager; Graeme

Oliver, New Toll IPEC

Driver / Sales; Elsie

Dorothy, New Toll

IPEC Driver / Sales;

Georgie Green,

Toll IPEC Supervisor

Admin and Customer

Services; Marshall

Shears, Branch Toll

IPEC Driver / Sales;

Brendan Miezenbeek,

New Toll IPEC

Driver / Sales.

To cope with the increased demand over the Christmas

period, Toll IPEC in Tauranga had to call in casual

drivers with vans to meet the increase of parcels into

the Bay of Plenty.

The drivers loved the job so much they wanted to stay

on and become sales people as well as drivers for their

allocated areas. The team has gone and sourced their

newly branded Toll IPEC vans and trucks.

To give the team the skills needed to sell Toll IPEC’s services,

formal sales training has already started after working

hours. The team’s enthusiasm and practical use of their

newly acquired skills has already resulted in 28 leads and

four new customers in less than a month.

Farewell to Darryl Beckwith

After more than 28 years of service, Toll Refrigerated

National Operations Manager, Darryl Beckwith

has retired.

Darryl began working with Carpentaria Transport / QRX

in February 1982 at its Rockhampton branch as the

Administration Supervisor before being promoted to

Branch Manager. Darryl then transferred to Brisbane

in 1988, initially as Assistant Branch Manager and then

worked his way up to Branch Manager.

Nine years later, Darryl became the State Operations

Manager for QRX. Since then, he has held the positions

Toll announced the acquisition

of McLaughlin Freightlines

in December 2010.

A specialist poultry transport business,

McLaughlin Freightlines is a family run

business in this rapidly expanding

The area business development manager, Rob Pakes,

and the Tauranga brand manager Stephen Thomas

were discussing the need to hire a sales representative

to support growth. However they have changed their

minds since the taking on the super sales force.

Both Rob and Stephen now agree that with the passion

and attitude displayed by the drivers to succeed, the sales

would be better suited to owner drivers who would own

their areas and future income.

Stephen explained the initiative as, “another exciting driving

sales initiative underway”. n

of National Operations / Linehaul Manager at QRX, and

National Operations, Linehaul and Produce Manager with

Toll Refrigerated.

Darryl has seen many changes over time but has always

adapted and been a major contributor to the business.

We wish him all the best in his retirement. n

Strengthening our Specialist Freight

Capabilities with McLaughlin Acquisition

sector. It services Baiada, Turi Foods,

McKeys and other key players in

the market.

Paul Little ao commented on the deal,

“McLaughlin Freightlines is a highly

strategic acquisition adding strength

to our existing Toll Refrigerated, Toll

SPD and Toll QRX rail businesses”.

The company generates annual

revenue of A$20 million, and the Group

expects the acquisition to be earnings

per share positive in its first year. n


Toll remote Logistics

– Changing Our Name But Keeping Our Focus



As the remote logistics specialists of the Toll Group, our new

name reflects both who we are and what we do. Although

our name is changing, our focus remains the same.

We provide complete logistics solutions to mining,

peacekeeping and government organisations operating in

remote and challenging locations. We also provide rapid

response logistics in humanitarian and emergency situations.

Our complete logistics solutions encompass the entire

scope of logistics support – from remote supply chain and

catering, through to helicopters and hospitals.

Toll Remote Logistics has a range of established operations

throughout the Asia Pacific and is a growing force in Africa

and the Middle East.

a SnaPSHoT oF ouR CuRREnT oPERaTionS:

australian Defence Force Peacekeeping Contingent

in Timor Leste

Complete camp support solution for 1,400–3,000


n Procurement and remote supply chain

n Rotary and remote aviation support

n Medical, surgical and health services.

BHP Billiton, mining exploration camp support in

Zambia and Ethiopia

Construction and management of mobile mining

exploration camps:

n Mobile and temporary camp construction

n Camp management

n Medical and AME services

n Supply chain and subcontractor management.

international Peacekeeping operations

in Central africa

Providing fuel distribution solutions to some of

the world’s most challenging locations:

n Supply of 2.5 million litres of fuel per month

to remote locations

n Management of geographically diverse and

challenging supply chain

n End-to-end supply chain solution.

australian Federal Police Peacekeeping Personnel

in Solomon islands

Remote aviation and helicopter support services

in Solomon Islands:

n 24/7 helicopter support services

n Emergency medical evacuation

n Personnel movement.

naval Ships’ Husbanding, asia Pacific

Temporary supply chain solutions to support naval vessels

visiting remote ports throughout Asia Pacific region:

n Procurement and supply chain

n Environmentally sound waste management and disposal

n Liaison with local authorities.

attorney General’s office

Airport management and ground handling services on

Christmas and Cocos Islands:

n Airport management

n Ground handling

n Security and administration.

Global Resources

Being part of Toll Global Resources enables us to provide

complete end-to-end solutions that connect the remote

locations we work in with the rest of the Toll network. We

work with Toll Mining, Toll Energy and Toll Offshore Petroleum

Services to customise support solutions specifically for each

customer. We then work closely with Toll Marine Logistics

and Toll Global Forwarding to create complete supply chain,

distribution and freight forwarding solutions. n

Toll Today March – May 2011 17

Global Resources


Barrow Islandupdate

Mammoth Moves on Barrow Island

1 Large water

tank en-route to the


construction village.

Toll Energy is providing a wide variety of logistics

services on Barrow Island, Western Australia for the

Gorgon Project. One aspect of this activity is delivery

of large and unusual equipment and material. Recently, Toll

Energy received and delivered two electrical sub-station

buildings and three large custom made water tanks. The

tanks were 154,000 litres and 340,000 litres in volume and

are for potable and fire fighting water storage in the

accommodation village.

Team Toll has been actively involved in the planning of this

delivery since January. Detailed plans, including engineering

studies for the safe and effective lifting of the tanks, road

transport and environmental approvals, have been

completed together with KJVG Logistics management,

the project engineers, and planners. This approach was

driven by the Toll Energy Safe and Incident Free (SaIF)

philosophy which is underpinned by the idea of ‘Every

Person – Safe – Everyday’.

Prime assets for the task were Toll’s expert riggers, dogmen

and crane operators, led by Paul Marshall, and the

recently commissioned Favelle Tower Crane. The tower

crane has a capacity of 330t; so the sub-station buildings

at 48t and 52t, and the tanks at 37t and 47t, were well within

its capacity.

The sub-stations and water tanks were lifted from a barge

alongside Land Backed Wharf, up to WAPET Heights, an

area raised above the WAPET terminal area and the base

of the tower crane. These proved to be straight forward lifts

which the team managed efficiently and effectively. The two

sub-station buildings were delivered direct to the

accommodation village construction site with minimum

fuss. Following dispersal of the sub-stations, the water

tanks were prepared for road transport on a specialised

Drake 8 axle trailer.

The key issue for the transport task was safety as well as

the protection of the unique fauna and flora on Barrow

Island. Accordingly, the tanks had to be raised above the

height of the vegetation along the whole route. This first

water tank road move was conducted early on Friday

evening, to avoid road closures and other heavy plant

and equipment that operate on the roads during the day.

On arrival at the unload location, the transport crew, led

by Brian wolfsbauer, parked the prime mover, trailer and

tank until morning. Early the following morning, the transport

team completed the final few hundred metres into the

offload point. Toll drivers andy Clarke and Kim Rosswere

assisted by heavy haulage specialist personnel

Hal Robertson and Geoff Dean, successfully completed

these deliveries. The following two nights saw a repeat

of this exercise with the largest tank delivered early on

Monday morning.

This activity, new and interesting as it was, is a rehearsal

for the anticipated delivery of much larger water storage

tanks, a challenge for which the team at Barrow Island

are now practiced and prepared. The operation was well

planned and conducted within the auspices of the Toll

SaIF philosophy and stands the team in a good position

to conduct more complex activities in the near future. n



Executives visit the Barrow Island Team

The Toll Energy Barrow Island Supply Base was visited

by MD, Paul Little ao and CFO, Brian Kruger.

As part of a visit to a number of Toll Global Resources

businesses in Western Australia and the Northern Territory,

the stopover at the Barrow Island site provided the opportunity

to see the diverse work that Toll performs in some of the

most interesting locations in Australia.

Paul and Brian were shown around the site and given a full

safety induction, including an overview of the Toll Energy Safe

and Incident Free (SaIF) philosophy which is underpinned

by the idea of ‘Every Person – Safe – Everyday’.

The past six months have seen some big changes

in the Barrow Island Supply Base. The organisation

has doubled in size to over 100 people and there has

been some new equipment delivered to match the size

of the project.

It has been a really busy period for the Barrow Island Supply

Base, but the most pleasing aspect of all is that growth has

been achieved with a strong focus on safety. Both the Toll

Energy and Tox Free teams have reached and surpassed

the key milestone of 365 days lost time injury free. This has

been a fantastic effort in our remote and challenging

environment. The Supply Base has worked hard to implement

the customer’s incident and injury free culture (IIF) and it is

great to see that difficult work can be done safely.

The equipment available to the Supply Base team is also

changing. The Favelle Tower Crane is the latest addition to

Supply Base landscape. Supplied by Marr Contracting this

heavy lift crane is the largest capacity tower crane currently

in operation in the world with a standard lift capacity

of 330 tonnes at about 15m radius, and will lift 100 tonnes

to 45m radius with around 130m of hook height and no

support ties. It is an amazing piece of equipment and unlike

conventional crawler cranes or truck cranes the M2480D is

fully rated to operate in wind speeds up to 20m per second,

which is more than double that of the crawler cranes and

just what you sometimes need on Barrow Island.

The second equipment change has been the transition from

single trailer operations to road train operations. A great

deal of planning went into this transition to make sure that

all aspects of compliance were considered and the safety

of other road users and the environment were maintained.

They commended the staff for getting behind the philosophy

and discussed how it was clear that activities and tasks

were well planned and conducted with SaIF in mind. They

both agreed that this would place the Supply Base in a

good position to conduct more complex activities in the

near future.

Paul was interested in what employment opportunities the

Supply Base had provided for existing Toll staff, and was

happy to learn that the project had given existing Toll staff

new and exciting challenges with some 28 staff having

transitioned from existing Toll businesses. n

Toll Energy Barrow Island

Supply Base Keeps on Supplying


The Supply Base team undertook a ‘change management’

process that reviewed procedures and job hazard analysis,

driver qualifications, equipment suitability, work and operating

areas and the impact on other road users.

The equipment has come on to the scene without incident

and has made a measurable improvement to the distribution

capability of the Supply Base and the overall productivity

of transport team.

The past six months have been very challenging. However

by utilising Toll Safe and Incident Free as a basis for

undertaking safe operations, the team is well positioned

to face the challenges of the next six months which

include the cyclone season and the hot summer weather.

These additions to the Supply Base equipment show

Toll Energy moving further ahead in providing higher quality

and efficient service to the Gorgon Project, and allow

Toll Energy to continuously remain competitive in the ever

evolving oil and gas sector. n

Global Resources

2 L-R: Michael

Freeman, Paul

Marshall, Paul

Little AO, and

Andrew Buthcer.

3 The Favelle

Tower Crane

– the world’s largest

capacity tower crane.

Toll Today March – May 2011 19

Global Resources


Listening to Staff to Improve our Safety Culture

Toll Mining Services has taken an

employee survey approach to

finding out what their employees

think of the company’s behaviour

safety culture program ‘Thinksafe’.

Supported by the senior management

team and initiated by Roger Swift,

National HSE Manager and his team,

the survey was sent out through a

third party to ensure that employees

knew their responses would remain

anonymous. One of the incentives for

participation in the non-mandatory

survey was a prize of a weekend away

for two, which may have accounted

for the high return rate.

The survey had many uses, but above

all it was a way of seeking feedback

via direct communication with their


The Toll Mining Services management

team agreed that the approach used

is the key to ensuring that the HSE

direction of the company is working to

maintain their drive towards a behaviour

based culture.

The results clearly identified the level

of ownership and perception staff

and employees have of Thinksafe,

and provided the team with valuable

information about where to focus

HSE improvement efforts over the

next 12 months.

The survey was designed to seek

feedback on the five key aspects

of the Thinksafe program:

n How we work

n Walk the talk

n Safety management system

n Consultation and communication

n Visibility.

Safe Work Australia Week

The 2010 Safe Work Australia

Week took on a new flavour


The Toll Mining Services Bulk Chemicals

Division HSET Coordinator Sheena

ward sent out over 100 Safety Week

Bingo Cards to Operators, Sub

Contractors, Managers, Supervisors

and Administrative staff. The Bingo

Cards contained interactive activities

to complete that related to safety

within various work areas.

The Bingo Cards took on a light

hearted approach thanks to the input

from Matt Dillon the Perth Transport

Manager who delivered the safety

In analysing the results, it was critical

to ensure that the four key elements

of People, Compliance, Responsibility

and Understanding are integrated

into the above aspects of the program

and are given equal consideration

for implementing HSE activities in

the future.

TMS will continue to run this survey

annually to gauge if their people

believe that improvements made are

reaching all level of the business.

A pure behaviour based culture must

include everyone. n

message making connections between

the importance of a ‘Truckies All Day

Breakfast’ and a ‘Prestart Inspection’,

and the Slim Dusty song ‘The Pub with

No Beer’ and the Toll Mining Services

‘Drug and Alcohol Policy’.

All Toll Mining Services Bulk Chemicals

sites were issued with gifts for

participation ranging from Toll Racing

merchandise and golf equipment to

fishing magazines and gift vouchers.

The week long event was well received

with excellent feedback. One of the

main focuses was for all sites to

complete their site safety inspections

and Thinksafe observations throughout

the week without even realising it.

The only question now is what

interesting method of delivery will

the HSE Team use to send out the

message during Safe Work Australia

Week 2011. Any suggestions, please

contact Sheena Ward: n


Toll Japan Operations Team

Under the stewardship of neil

Pollington the efforts of the

Toll operations team are having

an impact on the Footwork business

in Japan. The operations team was

assembled from four of Toll’s

businesses and is compromised of

Darren Corneille, Toll IPEC; Jack

Porter, Toll NQX; Kevin Kearney,

Toll Priority; and Tim o’Brien, Toll

Express. The freight profile of the

Footwork business necessitated

an operational team with a blend

of transport experience.

The four Operations Managers work

with full time interpreters as they travel

the network of branches in Japan,

implementing the Toll business

strategy required to make the


Footwork business more profitable,

safe, compliant and competitive.

The team started in Japan in early

May having the initial objective of

forming a profile of the individual

branches, leading to an understanding

of how the business operates. Since

then they have worked on a number

of major projects such as:

n Improvement to the safety

performance of the business.

n Check Weigh Cube program,

ensuring 150 sets of scales have

been installed and are operating

efficiently across the 85 Footwork


n The review of the current linehaul

operation with a view to implementing

a more effective Hub and Spoke

Operation, further adding to the

cost effectiveness of the business.

n Review of the company’s PUD

fleet design and capacity, now

and for the future, including the

implementation of a one driver,

P&L vehicle PUD operation.

n Creation and conducting P&L

training programs as well as in

field monitoring with all Branch

and Regional Managers, now

that the business has recently

introduced branch specific

P&L reports each month.

n Forklift safety and compliance

and maintenance at branch level.

Other key aspects that the experience

of the Operations team has been able

to assist with and add value to the

business include: KPI establishment

and management, vehicle and personal

accident investigation, operational

support to major contracts tendering,

freight damage management, job

descriptions, housekeeping and safety

standards management, mentoring

and succession planning, Branch

Manager training programs, dangerous

goods awareness, vehicle compliance

management, and new terminal layout.

The experience and efforts of the

team will no doubt have a lasting

impact on the future of the Toll

Footwork business. n

Global Express


1 L-R: Darren

Corneille, Kazunori

Mitsugi and Jack


2 Kevin Kearney

plans his itinerary in

preparation for a week

on Kyushu.

3 L-R: Timothy

O’Brien and his

interpreter, Kye Taura.

Toll Today March – May 2011 21

Global Express

Toll IPEC Opens New

A$46 Million Logistics




1 L-R: Councillor

Charlie Zannino being

shown the new facility

by Toll IPEC’s GM

Rodney Johnston.

2 The new reception

at Hazelmere.

3 The official opening

of the site. L-R:

Kenton Muller,

Rodney Johnston,

Councillor Charlie

Zannino and

Shane O’Neill.

4 A panoramic view

of the new depot.

The new 5.4 hectare site at

Hazelmere showcases the latest

in freight distribution technology

and infrastructure. It consolidates Toll

IPEC’s former Forrestfield facility and

the Courier Australia operations

bringing 430 employees under one roof.

Toll IPEC’s new Hazelmere depot

follows the commissioning of a similar

facility in the Brisbane suburb of

Larapinta, opened in February 2010.

The new Perth depot located in one

of the city’s fastest growing industrial

suburbs, continues an ongoing

upgrade of network facilities to ensure

improved productivity and enhanced

service at Toll IPEC.

The new facility is designed to handle

a range of freight types including,

hanging fashion garments, fragile

and sensitive freight, overnight priority

and express road freight. It includes

six dock levellers for rear end loading

and unloading, plus space to handle

a large number of side load trailers.

In total the site is designed to process

up to 60 B-doubles a day.

During the official opening, Divisional

Director, Shane o’neill said, “It is less

than 10 years since Toll IPEC built its

previous depot in Forrestfield. Over that

period Toll IPEC has expanded rapidly


and its new depot in Hazelmere is

a clear reflection of both Toll IPEC’s

success and overall economic

growth achieved in WA.



Facility in Hazelmere



“The new Hazelmere facility is perfectly

located within easy reach of great

infrastructure and that coupled with

the sophisticated technologies will

ensure we can provide an excellent


service to our customers throughout

WA and beyond,” he concluded.

Toll IPEC’s depots in both Brisbane

and Perth utilise similar fully

automated parcel sortation systems,

with the capacity to gently handle

goods with very different dimensions

into multiple discharge lanes. Sort

capacity is a rapid 9,000 cartons per

hour. Parcels are conveyed on a sorter

bed consisting of extruded aluminium

profiles. Shoes slide across these

profiles, diverting parcels to defined

destinations. Gaps between parcels

are optimised through use of a special

batching conveyor and then guided

by means of rubber coated running

wheels that ensure a quiet and

low-wear operation.

With environmental credentials at

the forefront of planning, the new

site incorporates low energy design

features with an intelligent lighting

management system and integrates

a 70,000 litre capacity rain water tank

that provides water for general utilities

and gardens.

With over 13,500m 2 warehouse and

depot plus a further 2,800m 2 of office

space, the new facility gives Toll IPEC

further room to grow and develop. n

Global Express

Toll Today March – May 2011 23

Global Express


Toll Priority GetIT!

1 WorkVentures

thank Toll Priority with a

framed photograph of

the participants.

Toll Priority is a proud supporter

of workVentures, a social

enterprise that aims to reduce

economic and social disadvantage.

WorkVentures supports individuals by

removing barriers to overcome their

economic and personal hardships.

One program run by WorkVentures is

iGetIT! – a computer training program

specifically targeted at indigenous

youth. The program teaches

indigenous and disadvantaged youth

about basic computer assembly and

de-bugging. To conduct the program,

WorkVentures uses decommissioned

computer equipment donated from

corporate Australia.

Training is arranged in partnership with

organisations already working with the

target group that have identified

participants interested in gaining basic

computer skills. The program provides

participants with the opportunity to

learn new skills and build confidence

and motivation to apply for employment

or enrol in further training.

Learning is hands-on and based

around a personal project of rebuilding

a computer to take home at the end of

the course. Everyone who successfully

completes the project will take away

the computer they have personally

rebuilt from components supplied

by WorkVentures.

Most recently, Toll Priority has assisted

WorkVentures with delivery of

equipment to the remote community

of Miniyerri, Hodgson Downs, located

approximately 270km south east of

Katherine, Northern Territory.

The Miniyerri course was delivered

in partnership with iS australia.

WorkVentures delivered two projects

in the community. 17 participants

successfully completed the course

and earned a PC. Additional computers

were donated by WorkVentures to the

community. The course represented a

Toll Bids Farewell to Andrew Price

After 13 years at the top, General

Manager at Stream Solutions,

andrew Price has decided to

move on.

Andrew was the joint founder of Stream

with Tom Pongrass in 1998. Over the

past decade, Andrew has grown

Stream to be a leading independent

print management provider in Australia.

Most recently Andrew’s focus has

been on transitioning Stream into

a fully integrated Toll business.

Andrew believes it’s the right time for

him to move on from this role. He will

continue to work at Toll until 6 May

2011 on special projects, reporting

directly to Maurie Tattle, General

Manager of Toll Priority. He then intends

to take an extended holiday during the

European summer, with the potential

to review opportunities at Toll upon

his return.

As of 1 January 2011, the new General

Manager of Stream is Clive Steele.

Clive has been with Stream since 2001,

great opportunity for the residents of

Miniyerri, who were able to learn new

skills and gain recognised certification.

In November WorkVentures’ Chief

Executive Officer, arsenio alegre,

and Production Manager, Don Quinn,

visited Toll Priority. They presented

Toll Priority General Manager, Maurie

Tattle, with a framed photograph of

the participants of the Miniyerri course

as a gesture of appreciation for the

ongoing support Toll Priority has

provided the iGetIT! program. n

and has most recently held the

position of Director of Business

Development. Greg Higgins will

replace Clive as Director of Business

Development. Several new initiatives

will be announced over the coming

months as Stream affirms its a clear

leadership position in the print

management sector.

We would like to take this opportunity

to thank Andrew for his contribution to

the business and wish him bon voyage

for his upcoming travels. n



Air New Zealand Honours Toll Global Forwarding

On 11 October 2010, air

new Zealand hosted a

cargo agent awards dinner

at the New Zealand pavilion, inside

the world Expo site in Shanghai.

The event was well attended by

suppliers and partners from around

the world. Guests were invited to

explore New Zealand culture with

a day in the life style exhibition and a

chance to understand the true Kiwi

culture. Entertainment was provided

by a live performance from Maori

traditional dancers, and typical cuisine

was served.

As well as understanding the culture

and customs of New Zealand, Toll

Global Forwarding was awarded for its

partnership and outstanding support

to Air New Zealand. The team was

presented a ‘Citation of Excellence’

plaque at the event.


Toll Global Forwarding in Shanghai

would like to take this opportunity to

thank our overseas colleagues and

sales teams for their support. We also

look forward to a continued prosperous

relationship with Air New Zealand

throughout 2011 and beyond. n

Global Forwarding

2 Sophia Lui,

Assistant Customer

Service Manager, Toll

Global Forwarding,

taking part in the NZ

cultural performance.

3 Sophia Lui

accepting the award

plaque from Air New

Zealand’s Regional

Cargo Manager,

Geoffrey Wong.

Toll Today March – May 2011 25

Global Forwarding

Project Logistics for a 10 Hectare

Tomato Greenhouse






1 & 2 Toll delivers

material to the D’vine

Ripe Two Wells

Greenhouse Project.


When Dutch greenhouse builder, Van Der Hoeven

won a contract for the stage two expansion of the

D’Vine Ripe Two wells Greenhouse in South

Australia, they called on Toll Global Forwarding to manage

the logistics challenge.

Construction materials were loaded into shipping containers

at the factory in the Netherlands, and transported to

Australia over a seven month period.

Toll Global Forwarding was instrumental in project

managing this and pulling all of the elements of the project

together. The logistics requirements included:

n International transportation of 218 shipping containers via

ocean. This was managed by the Toll Global Forwarding

office in Rotterdam.

n Customs and quarantine clearance of import shipments

into Australia, on behalf of the greenhouse owner

Como Glasshouse.

n Lodgement of seven tariff concession applications

resulting in duty savings of more than A$300k.

n Temporary imports of construction tools and equipment.

n Road transport of shipping containers from Outer Harbour

wharf in Adelaide, to Two Wells construction site.

n Multiple interstate repositioning of large machinery.

n Handling and express delivery of urgent export and

import air freight consignments.

n Road transport of an over-width, over-height boiler

to Two Wells.

Toll Global Forwarding’s Operations Manager,

Dave Batchelor said, “Toll Global Forwarding worked

closely with the Van Der Hoeven factory in the Netherlands

and local construction teams to execute the logistics plan

with precision. Working with the resources of other Toll

business units, including Toll Auto, Toll Express and Toll

Tasmania, the job was a great success.

“The timeline was tight and delivery needs were significant.

The project was challenging as we had to work with a

dynamic construction environment and changing weather


“However the team did really well. I’d like to highlight the

work Terry Soukoulis and the team from Toll Auto did.

They performed extremely well with the high container

volumes, from a wharf cartage perspective, to help us

to achieve excellent customer satisfaction”.

arthur Tsalamangos, Van Der Hoeven site supervisor

was extremely pleased with Toll’s efforts. He said, “Toll did

a great job managing the logistics particularly considering

all the delays we had with vessels and special mention to

Mark Spencer, Toll Global Forwarding’s cartage coordinator,

who worked to ensure urgent delivery of containers as soon

as they were available from the wharf”.

The A$25 million expansion at Two Wells once complete will

create up to 120 new jobs and double production, making

it the second largest greenhouse in Australia and capable of

growing an additional 10,000 tonnes of tomatoes per year.

For further information, contact Dave Batchelor: n


German Team Boosted with New Sales Head

Stefan Testi has been appointed

the new Sales Director for Toll

Global Forwarding’s operations

in Germany. Stefan’s role is to manage

the German sales team, and to further

accelerate Toll Global Forwarding’s

recent growth particularly within key

markets of the Middle East, Australia

and the US.

Stefan began his logistics career

at chemicals and pharmaceutical

giant Hoechst, before moving into

the forwarding industry. He has

spent over 20 years in a variety of

senior posts with leading companies

including Kombiverkehr, Danzas,

DHL and atege.

Stefan reports to the head of Toll

Global Forwarding’s operations in

Germany, Cédric Faivre. Cédric said,

“Since September 2010 we have

invested heavily in additional

operations and sales personnel

in Germany. We enter 2011 with

a larger and even more impressive

staff resource that will enhance

service standards for our existing

customers, and support our

ambitious growth plans.

“Stefan’s appointment adds

significantly to our sales power.

The performance of our business

is currently very positive, and we

intend to maintain this momentum

with the addition of further business

capabilities, such as perishables”.

Toll Global Forwarding’s team in

Germany has bases at Düsseldorf,

Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart, with

the main air hub in Frankfurt and the

main sea hub in Hamburg. The

German expansion echoes the division’s

growth strategy across the entire

Europe and Middle Eastern region. n

Toll Group Acquires Innovative Asia-Europe

Sea-Air Service Provider

Toll Group is delighted to welcome

SaT albatros a Dubai based

market leading provider of

Sea-Air Services to the business.

Forming part of Toll Global Forwarding,

the new Sea-Air specialist will fit

a niche in the company’s portfolio,

offering customers an alternative

option for transporting freight between

Asia and Europe over traditional full

ocean or full air freight.

Toll Group’s Managing Director,

Paul Little ao said, “The acquisition

of SAT will further cement Toll’s

strategic position in the Middle East

and in the Asia to Europe trade lane”.

“Building our business with a niche

Sea-Air provider gives us further

scope to offer our customers the

opportunity to match speed to market

with a cost-effective service.

“For customers who want to transport

goods quickly but keep costs down,

this integrated option can offer

significant cost savings over pure

air freight”.

“With a strong customer base and as

the market leader in this service

offering, SAT will support our intention

to further develop in this market. The

integration of SAT will allow us to

secure a well-established blue-chip

customer base principally consisting of

European fashion apparel, electronics,

and consumer goods conglomerates

sourcing products from Asia”. n

Indian Managers Praised for Performance

Toll Global Forwarding recently

held its third country managers’

meeting in Delhi. The gettogether

was an opportunity for all

country heads to share their first half

year financial results and discuss

business strategies for the coming

period. The teams also awarded

managers who had excelled over

the last half year.

anil Verma, Branch Manager in

Bangalore received the ‘Excellence

in Overall Management’ award for

exceeding financial goals for the first

half of the year. anish Sehgal, GM

of North India and Gopal Krishnan,

GM of South India received awards

on behalf of their region for sales

and service excellence.

According to Shashi Rao, GM of India,

“The company has made significant

investments in infrastructure in recent

times and while that will continue to

be ongoing based on business need,

it is now positioned to capitalise on

those investments through solid and

sustainable organic growth. We are

very optimistic about the future”. n

Global Forwarding


3 Stefan Testi joins

Toll Global Forwarding

in Germany.

Toll Today March – May 2011 27

Toll Group


Preparing our Teams for Emergency Situations

1 Boardwriter

and Legal Counsel,

Amy Brown.

2 Superannuation

Manager, Cheryl

Barbary offers her

support in the

information centre.

3 Senior management

involved in the crisis

training. L-R: Wayne

Gordon, Nick

Prescott, Andrew

Ethell, Paul Little AO,

Kerryn Barnes and

Bernard McInerney.

4 Nicole Durre takes

a call in the information


As part of our ongoing program of aligning Toll

processes across the Group, we have developed

a new emergency management program. This will

be rolled out across the Group over the coming months.

As an employer of over 40,000 staff, operating 1,200 sites

world wide, it’s imperative that we have a standard process

that everyone is aware of and can use when an unforeseen

situation happens. This system for responding to emergency

situations has been implemented by Group Security

Manager, Jamie Ruscoe with consultant Liz Puddy, and

supported by Paul Little ao and Toll’s senior executives.

Jamie and Liz have been working closely with the team

at Corporate to adapt existing structures and practices to

fit in with the vision for Toll. Each support team has received

training over the past few months, and got the opportunity

to put their knowledge and expertise into practice with a

role play event.

On Monday 20 December the team held a simulated

crisis and emergency management team exercise. Entitled

Exercise Christmas Cheer this provided an opportunity for

participants to practise their recently learnt response skills

and techniques.

The scenario was based on a fictitious fatal accident at an

offshore operation. The team had to work out how to solve

the issue, how to communicate the incident and how to

manage the crisis whilst managing Toll’s image and reputation.

As this was the first time the various parts of the team had

come together to hone their skills, everyone got on with

the task at hand very quickly and did an excellent job of

responding to the emergency, using the new processes

and procedures.

Exercise Christmas Cheer ran for approximately four hours

and with the help of some very talented role-players, team

members were provided with a credible scenario.

Over the coming months, the team will continue to develop

their skills and put them into practice with more simulations.

Other Toll divisions will also start their training and

exercises, so that if and when an emergency does happen,

we are all prepared to deal with it as One Toll.

If you have any questions regarding the exercise,

please do not hesitate to contact Jamie Ruscoe: n

2 3 4


Toll Welcomes 750th Kenworth Truck to the Fleet

On Friday 28 January, MD Paul

Little ao was invited to attend

the handover celebrations of

the 750th Kenworth truck to be made

for Toll.

Joined by Chairman Ray Horsburgh,

Group GM Equipment Steve Granland

and David wright, National Linehaul

Manager, Mr Little was presented

with a commemorative model truck

to mark the significant milestone in

two of Australia’s leading transport


Paul went on to give a speech to mark

the occasion and give the guests

a deeper understanding of the Toll

Kenworth relationship. He explained

that when he bought Toll in 1986 there

were only 230 employees in Australia,

and the company used almost 100

Drip Feeding your Super!

It’s about making a small decision

now that will affect the quality of

your life after you stop working.

Super is a great way to invest because

of the tax benefits it offers. And if you’re

not a great saver, but know you should

be putting something away, super is

your best bet because you can’t touch

your money until you’re eligible to retire.

Will you have enough for a decent nest

egg when you stop working? Do you

need to add a bit more? And it’s

surprising how a small extra amount

can make a big impact on your final

super balance.

One of the best ways to drip feed your

super is by making regular contributions

via salary sacrifice, arranged through

your employer. This is a simple way

to top up your employer contributions

because it’s deducted before your

net pay is deposited into your account.

For people with a marginal tax rate

greater than 15 percent there are also

tax savings.

Salary sacrificing is a voluntary

arrangement so you can cancel it

or change the amount at any time

to suit you.

percent contractors for long distance.

It wasn’t until 1989 that Toll bought its

first Kenworth truck.

It wasn’t long before the company

struck a strong partnership with

Kenworth and the strength of the

relationship even helped Toll win

business. Paul said, “In the early 90s,

we won a very significant BHP tender,

based on a specification of Kenworth

prime movers and B-double trailer

sets. CUB was another major customer

that had a clear preference for the

reliability and security of company fleet”.

“As the business has grown, so has

our relationship with Kenworth. Over

the years we have developed an

excellent customer-supplier relationship

with an Australian brand that we can

completely trust. In business, having

Things to consider with salary sacrifice


n There is an annual A$25,000 on

the amount of concessional

contributions you can make to

super for individuals under the

age of 50. This includes all employer

SG contributions, salary sacrifice

and deductible self employed

contributions. Contributions made

in excess of this cap will be taxed

at a penalty rate of 46.5 percent.

n A transitional concessional

contribution cap of A$50,000

is a transitional cap available to

individuals over the age of 50 at any

time during the transitional period

(2009/10 to 2011/12 financial years).

Contributions made in excess of this

cap will be taxed at a penalty rate of

46.5 percent.

n For individuals already over or

close to age 55, you can consider

increasing your total contributions

to superannuation by utilising a

transition to retirement income

strategy. This strategy could also

allow you to reduce your overall

income tax paid each year.

reliable, high quality suppliers like

Kenworth is very important.

Today Kenworth trucks make up the

majority of our Australian fleet, and

we look forward to seeing our 1,000th

truck roll off the line in the not too

distant future”. n

The best thing you can do about your

super savings is to seek professional

advice about your individual situation.

A financial adviser can discuss ways to

help you feel more comfortable about

the lifestyle you hope to have when

you stop working. They can also help

you avoid some of the pitfalls around

making extra, last-minute contributions

to bump up your balance. To find out

which contribution strategy is right for

you; speak to a financial adviser. After

all, Sir Edmund Hilary was a great

mountaineer, but even he needed a

guide to get to the top of Mount Everest.

If you require further information

regarding Toll’s Superannuation plans,

contact Cheryl Barbary, your Group

Superannuation Manager: n

Disclaimer: This publication has been

prepared for general information and has

not considered any particular person’s

investment objectives, financial situation

or needs.

Accordingly, no recommendation (express

or implied) or other information should be

acted on without obtaining specific advice

from an Authorised Representative Outlook

Financial Solutions Pty Ltd.

(ABN 40 083 233 925, AFSL 240959).

Toll Group

Toll Today March – May 2011 29

Toll Group


Smarter Green Upd

Smarter Green Strategy

Tackles Climate Change and Energy risks

Demand for logistics services will grow markedly over

the next few decades, as the global population leaps

by up to 40 percent by 2050 and new powerhouse

Asian economies dictate significant changes in patterns

of wealth and influence.

This represents a major growth opportunity for Toll, which is

positioning itself as a key global logistics operation focused

on Asia, in particular the region’s three largest economies

of China, Japan and India.

All this requires energy. For Toll this is currently gained by

burning fossil fuels, mainly diesel. This reliance comes with

a number of problems, as our global fossil fuel supply

is finite and it generates greenhouse gases which are

attributed to causing climate change. “Toll therefore faces

the dual risks of meeting rising energy demands in its

operations and at the same time transitioning to lower

carbon emissions intensities,” said nick Prescott,

Toll’s Group Environment and Energy Manager.

Toll’s Smarter Green strategy is addressing these risks

through a number of complimentary programs by focussing

on Smarter Energy Efficiency and Smarter Fuels transitioning

Toll Global Forwarding’s involvement in one of the

world’s toughest air quality programs in the US will

have a positive impact on Toll globally as lessons

learnt are applied to other Toll businesses.

Toll Global Forwarding in the US is an active partner in

the groundbreaking San Pedro Ports Authority’s Clean

Air Action Plan in California.

“The company must meet and exceed some of the toughest

global air quality standards in a precinct rated as the world’s

fifth busiest container seaport,” said Hugh Cushing, CEO

of Toll Global Forwarding.

from diesel to a range of alternative fuels such as biofuels,

natural gas, hydrogen and in the longer term to pure

renewable energy sources, in order to reduce our intensity

of carbon dioxide emissions.

This strategy is being coordinated globally across Toll

by the Group Environment and Energy team.

Nick said, “Effectively dealing with risks and adapting to

change is nothing new for Toll, we have always had an

appetite for smart solutions to minimise risk, particularly

through the ingenuity of our people and systems, and by

applying innovative technologies to problems. So we are

confident of meeting these major environmental and energy

challenges over time”.

Toll’s drive for smart, efficient solutions has put us at the

leading edge of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas

emission strategies in many of our operations. However,

much more needs to be done. And Toll recently announced

a target to further cut its Australian carbon dioxide

emissions by 20 percent of 2010 levels by 2020. Similar

targets will be set for overseas operations. n

Toll Global Forwarding Cleans up in the uS

1 – 2 The Toll

truck bearing its




“We will continue to do this, and will look for opportunities

to apply the lessons learnt to other Toll businesses”.

Toll’s fleet of 50 company owned vehicles, as well as various

sub-contractors, provide a cartage service, known as

‘pier drayage’, to the Port Authority’s Los Angeles port.

They must meet stringent exhaust emission standards for

registration with the Plan’s Clean Truck Fleet Program to

gain access to the ports without paying a volume-based

emission fee of US$35 per TEU.

Registration standards require vehicles to run on diesel fuel

which emits no more than 15 parts per million (ppm) of

sulphur, equivalent to trucks manufactured after 2007. By

comparison, diesel sold in Australia in 2007 had a sulphur

content of no more than 50 ppm.

“Our fleet’s ongoing participation is a major point of

differentiation for us as we minimise the impact of doing

business to our environment and help the bottom line,”

Hugh said. n


Fuels of the Future:

Toll’s Search for


The fuels of the future: what are they and how will

they impact on Toll’s ongoing energy requirements

and our bid to reduce carbon emissions?

“Diesel based fuels currently dominate our transport

operations, but alternative fuels have the long term potential

to help meet Toll’s targets to cut its emissions and well as

provide increased energy security,” said nick Prescott,

Toll Group Environment and Energy Manager.

“A range of alternative fuels will gradually assume importance

in certain segments of the business, including synthetic

diesels, biodiesels, electric vehicles, hybrids and natural

gas,” he said.

Toll’s alternative fuel research teams are working with energy

and equipment suppliers, industry research partners and

customers so we can:

n Understand our alternative fuels options and where they

can be applied

wHo wE aRE

When the former Toll Solutions was

restructured into Toll Global Information

Services, it was important to make

sure its supply chain strategy, consulting

and modelling capability was preserved.

Toll Supply Chain Solutions has therefore

been established within Group Business

Development, providing supply chain

services to the entire Toll Group.

wHaT wE Do

Our purpose is to assist Toll business

units in their business development

activity by differentiating Toll’s offer

from commodity logistics competitors.

We provide tender response support

and assist with existing accounts that

are in need of ‘value add’ or

n Determine where they sit on the product lifecycle

n Decide when and how to apply them into our operations.

“Twelve key programs are now evaluating alternative fuels

and their applications, along with related issues such as

new vehicle configurations and technologies, refuelling

infrastructures, specialist maintenance requirements,

warranty issues and resale issues. We also need to consider

their comparative costs, operational characteristics and

environmental impacts,” Mr Prescott said.

One program has successfully trialled compressed natural

gas (CNG) in the five-vehicle Toll IPEC fleet in Canberra, and

Toll IPEC now plans to introduce a CNG fleet into Melbourne

this year.

The key issue overall for Toll will be where, when, why and

how these alternative fuels should be applied to our business.

Sound risk management means we will not play at the

‘bleeding edge’ of the product lifecycle of alternative fuels.

“Our preferred position is towards the leading edge where

the risks have been qualified, technologies largely proven

and we can adopt the ‘early pragmatist role’. Ideally, the

technologies then provide scope for Toll in energy efficiency,

costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions,”

Nick concluded. n

Introducing Toll Supply Chain Solutions

differentiation. Our team members

have a strong background in supply

chain management, business analysis,

consulting and project delivery.

We assist in the development of supply

chain strategies and solutions with an

aim to improve service levels, optimise

cost, improve efficiencies and add

value. We use supply chain modelling

tools to perform complex data modelling

for fleet mix, route designs and network

designs at an operational, tactical and

strategic level.

Our project delivery capabilities cover

business process analysis, gap analysis

and the identification of business

improvement opportunities. We assist

in the development and implementation

of cross business unit and industry

specific supply chain solutions.

Our project approach provides for

engagement with Toll Global Information

Services when design and delivery

of IT components are required for a

given solution.

nEED To ConTaCT uS? wanT

MoRE inFoRMaTion?

Please contact Bas Huibers, General

Manager Supply Chain Solutions at:

for further information regarding

our capability, credentials and any

customer opportunity which we

may be able to assist with. n


3 L-R: Tamuka


Phillipa Smyth,

Andrejs Millers,

Sam Pluciennik,

Bas Huibers.

Toll Group

Toll Today March – May 2011 31



Toll Australian Flood







1 – 5 Floods in

Carnarvon and

Gascoyne Junction.

With over 20,000 Toll staff based in Australia, the

company has launched an appeal to support our

colleagues affected by these natural disasters.

The Toll Australian Flood Appeal will double all contributions,

matching all staff donations on a dollar for dollar basis.

The money raised will then be distributed amongst Toll

staff who have been most affected. With a number of

staff affected by these events, the funds raised will help

our colleagues to start to rebuild their lives.

The response so far has been overwhelming with many

business units and depots supporting the Toll Australian

Flood Appeal by holding events and raising cash for the

cause. Toll Dnata Airport Services in Mascot, NSW held

a fundraiser on 18 January 2011 involving a sausage sizzle

and raffle. Staff, airline clients and drivers dug deep and

raised A$726 which was then topped up with a A$200

donation from the social club, totalling A$926.

Toll Liquids completed a challenge to remain 120 days

incident free and were awarded A$5,000 from the customer

Shell. This was for the drivers’ chosen charity, which they

nominated as the Queensland Flood Appeal.


Toll Priority was heavily involved in supporting the affected

communities immediately after the event. The team was

quick to step in to send bottled drinking water to the worst

hit areas, together with sandbags to support the preparation

efforts. Toll Priority was able to establish contingency

plans to ensure banking and other businesses remained

operational. We received the following letters of thanks

from two major banks.


I wanted to let you know Westpac’s appreciation for

Toll’s support and actions over the last couple of weeks.

The Queensland Floods have been unprecedented and

your team’s efforts have allowed us to support our staff

and customers at this critical time.

Peter McCray – Head of Partnership Services,

Group Operations, The Westpac Group


While Suncorp group Procurement holds the Brisbane

Toll Priority team in high regard, their support over the

last weeks deserves formal recognition.

It has come to my attention that despite being personally

affected by the Brisbane floods, Julie TeRangi and Michael

Rivers worked throughout the crisis to help Suncorp work

through the movement and holding of mailbags and assisted

with an alternative for our UPSL clearance arrangement.

In our minds this level of commitment to Suncorp and our

end customers is worthy of commendation. Suncorp Group

Procurement is thankful and impressed.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Westbrook – General Manager,

Suncorp Group Procurement









6 7 8 9 10


Toll Priority is also assisting Work Ventures in distributing

significantly subsidised PCs to cyclone and flood affected

QLD households. Further details on this program can be

found at

A large number of staff have also given personal donations

to the appeal, to support their colleagues.

DELiVERinG GooDS in-KinD

Toll has been working closely with the Queensland Government

to coordinate the distribution of food, water and medical

supplies since the flooding began. Toll IPEC has coordinated

the movement of goods and donations to the impacted regions

free of charge. This has included everything from gum boots

and new clothes, to kids’ school supplies and pet food.

Toll IPEC worked closely with operation angel who

coordinate goods donations in emergency situations around

the world. Jacqueline Pascarl, CEO of the organisation

wrote the following letter of thanks.



Toll takes operation angel further

As flood waters inundated Queensland, and a wall of water

swept life and property away in Toowoomba and the nearby

Lockyer Valley, I made a split second decision to reactivate

Operation Angel, a rapid response, humanitarian effort I’d

founded in 1997.

I had already secured 2000 gumboots in New Zealand to be

flown in by Qantas, and disinfectant for 20,000 homes from

a Melbourne company, but this time Operation Angel was

well and truly stuck without wheels. That’s when I received

an amazing phone call from Rodney Johnston, Group

General Manager of Toll IPEC. “You tell us where, and when,

and we’ll do our best to get all of your relief goods up to

Queensland from anywhere in Australia”. No ifs, not buts,

no “what’s in it for us” qualifications, just a black and white

pledge of support.

Toll has been responsible for us being able to gather

massive amounts of corporate assistance, from Rio Tinto

in WA giving us 32 pallets of clean bedding and linen, to

Blundstone donating 6000 new work boots, because we

could guarantee safe delivery to disaster zones. Emergency

Management Queensland now considers Operation Angel

in conjunction with the Toll Group, to be the single largest

corporate donor to the Queensland Relief effort in material

aid – and the most professional.

I’ve made sure to say thank you to Toll on CNN Global TV

and all interviews, but now let me say directly, you are all

amazingly generously, compassionate and so truly

professional – you have changed lives and made suffering

less so. Thank you for being our partners in this enormous

venture and for having much more than a corporate rock

in the place where your heart most definitely is.

Whilst we appreciate this period of recovery is going to be

a long and no doubt painful process for the people most

affected, we must be grateful that our businesses weren’t

too badly affected and that we were able to continue to offer

our customers a virtually uninterrupted service. Credit and

thanks goes to our staff who got back to work quickly and

put their own problems aside to do the best for Toll, it is

truly appreciated. n


6 – 10 Floods

in Bundaberg.

11 Operation Angel

gifts awaiting delivery.

12 – 15 Floods

in Toowoomba.

Toll Today March – May 2011 33




Exciting New Look

for the Toll Holden racing Team



The new car was revealed in January with a dynamic

new team logo, fresh identity and energetic look, and

fierce determination to drive the team back to the very

top of the sport.

2010 V8 Supercar Champion James Courtney has

also joined the team, as Toll HRT set their sights on the

championship in the VE Commodore Series II race car.

Courtney said he was excited about the opportunity to

rejoin the team that kick started his V8 career, especially

now as reigning V8 Supercar Champion.

“I am super excited about the opportunity to drive for the

Toll Holden Racing Team, especially as defending Champion.

My goal is to be the driver to deliver the team its next title,”

Courtney said.

Courtney said working alongside 2007 Series Champion,

Garth Tander would be a motivating factor in his quest for

back-to-back titles.

“Garth is a championship winner and never out of contention.

Like me, he is an extremely motivated person and in a team

environment that adds up to a perfect combination.

I am really looking forward to working together with him”.

Tander said he was thrilled with the look of his new car

and looking forward to the challenges of a new season

and working with his new team-mate.

“Last year did not deliver the results the Toll HRT had

hoped for, but our car showed good speed at times.

“James is a new team-mate, we don’t yet know each other

well and haven’t spent a lot of time together in the past, but

we are both competitors and we both know the challenge

ahead of us. I know we will work well together and fight to

get Toll HRT back to the front.

“From there we can fight it out as to who will be number

one, and who will be number two”.

After it celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010, Holden

Design’s Peter Hughes said it was time for a fresh

identity for the team.

“For 2011 we really wanted to move the goalposts,

so we’ve made a big effort to keep the design uncluttered,

simple and bold,” Hughes said.

“The highlight for us this year is the dynamic new Holden

Racing Team logo, which helps give the car and team a

fresh identity.

“It’s a perfect mixture of more traditional and easily identified

shapes for the lion, mixed in with modern cues which flow

through to the wild new race helmet.

“Credit goes to Holden designer John Leung for perfecting

the new logo,” he said.

Toll also has a new logo which we had to work with as well

and it fits neatly with the new look of the rest of the car”.

From all at Toll, we wish Toll HRT an excellent

2011 season! n

Doing Business in the Fast Lane

Taking valued customers or potential clients to a

V8 race is a great way to impress. Not only can you

do business in a relaxed, fun environment but with

Toll Holden Racing Team, you are able to offer unrivalled

hospitality and one-off experiences to your guests.

australian Sports Marketing (aSM), the official provider

of V8 Supercar hospitality, tours and events to the Toll

Holden Racing Team has just announced its calendar of

events for this year.

During the 2011 season, the team will introduce ‘The Toll

Holden Racing Team Experience’ at all V8 Supercar events.

Staff Show Support

for Men’s Health

During Movember

Since November 2003, Movember as it is now known,

is the month where men around the world put stops

to their daily grooming habits and grow (or at least try

to) a moustache or mo!

With over a quarter of a million men worldwide swapping

their cleanly shaven top lips for a month of stubble rashes

and ridicule, there were certainly going to be a few Toll

employees up for the challenge.

From Toll Corporate, Peter Petito and Mark Jones got

involved and together raised over A$900. As well as taking

great pleasure in updating their mospace sites with their

numerous facial hair creations, the guys held a morning tea

at the end of the month to educate staff about the serious

messages of Movember.

The team at Toll Linehaul were also spirited in getting involved,

with Danny Brady finally parting with his trademark mo

of 25 years. In the top 0.02 percent of Movember

fundraisers in Australia, Danny collected A$2,800 from his

colleagues and customers at Toll Linehaul which the

business unit matched dollar for dollar.

His efforts were so impressive that Divisional Director

Mal Grimmond, together with John Venetsanos,

Larry o’Regan and David wright were on hand to each

shave off Danny’s mo at the end of the month.

Aside from giving men a chance to re-live the 70s without

too much humiliation, Movember has a serious message

behind it. The month is dedicated to raising vital funds and

awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer

and depression.

As men are traditionally less likely to talk about their health

concerns and visit a doctor than women, the month deals

There, guests will have VIP access to all things Toll HRT

including pit tours, merchandise, hospitality and race tickets.

In addition to this, ASM can assist with accommodation

and travel to all V8 events and races.

To book your Toll HRT experience and wow your guests

at any of the upcoming V8 Supercar rounds, email

adam at ASM:

or call 03 9251 3535. A full list of events can be found

on the Toll intranet or by visiting: n



with a number of issues to promote men’s health and raise

awareness of these illnesses.

For more information about Movember and the health

campaign, visit n



1 Danny getting

a shave from

Mal Grimmond.

2 Peter Petito

updating his mo-gress.

3 Mark Jones

from Toll Corporate.

Toll Today March – May 2011 35




Toll Global Logistics Successfully Held its

First 2010 Toll China Family Day in Shenzhen

1 Employees of

Toll Global Logistics

in China taking a

group photo at the

Toll China Family Day.

2 Team game

segment – Return

of the Dragon.

3 Peter Grace with

a colleague’s child.

At Toll Global Logistics in China,

Family Day is also known as

Toll China Family Day.

On 4 December 2010, Toll Global

Logistics in China held its first Family

Day in Shenzhen at the nan Hai Hotel.

Employees’ family members

were specially invited to participate

in this activity.

The event is a chance for employees’

family members to gain a better

understanding of Toll and the work

we do. By learning more about the

day-to-day activities of their partners

and parents, they can have a greater

appreciation of their worklife and

meet their colleagues. It’s also a

good opportunity for staff to socialise

together outside of work.

There were many programs including

family games, talent shows, lucky

draws and an employees’ awards

ceremony. Through the game segments

– employees had a better understanding

on the importance of team cooperation

and enjoyed some family bonding

during the family game segment!

2 3

The most popular activity was the talent

show performance by the children who

attended the Toll China Family Day.

Peter Grace, General Manager for

Greater China, presented prizes for

Shenzhen 2010 Excellent Employee

Awards in appreciation for their

excellent work performance in 2010.

Toll China Family Day is a way for the

management to thank staff for their

efforts and dedication. n


Toll remote Logistics recognised for Support

of the Defence Lake Attack Charity Events

Toll Remote Logistics has been recognised for its

continued support of the Defence Lake Attack

Fun Run / Walk and Charity Ball events.

The Defence Lake Attack is a series of three events,

run by the australian Defence Force (aDF) and the

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, that bring

together Victorian Defence, the local community and

sponsors to raise funds for charity.

In 2010 the charities that were supported were:

Legacy – Caring for Families of Deceased Veterans

Kidsafe – Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia

Redkite – Cancer Fund for Children, and

Compassionate Friends Victoria – supporting Bereaved

Parents and Siblings.

Toll Remote Logistics, formerly as PDL Toll, was one

of three main sponsors and has supported the event for

the last five years.

As a major sponsor, this support included a donation

of A$20,000 and some Toll horsepower to add to the

spectacle on race day. On the day of the fun run / walk,

the Toll HRT V8 display car driven by Mark Leatham

(Commonwealth Program Manager at Toll Remote

Logistics, not Toll HRT’s latest champion driver!) was a real

hit with young and old alike, as was the Helicorp Bell 206

Long Ranger helicopter flown by pilot Roger de Souza.

The Charity Ball was held at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

on 2 October 2010 and hosted by Air Vice Marshall

Margaret Staib Commander Joint Logistics. In attendance

at the Charity Ball was Mark Leatham, Commonwealth

Program Manager representing Toll Remote Logistics and

Warming up for the Global Corporate Challenge

You may remember in the last issue of Toll Today we

announced the Toll Group’s winning Global Corporate

Challenge team for 2010. Since then, the competition

has started to heat up and a number of teams have come

forward to take part in this year’s event.

Starting on 19 May, the 16 week long Global Corporate

Challenge will see thousands of workplace teams from

around the world take part in a bid to walk more and

improve their fitness. With benefits such as reduced

workplace sickness, improved individual wellbeing and

higher workplace morale, the challenge is a really positive

thing for you and your team to get involved in.

Plus the improvements to the challenge this year will make it

even easier to take part. With a brand new iPhone application,

challengers can update their progress on the go, and use


Peter McKenzie General Manager of Helicorp and Aircraft

Services. During the evening, auctions were held to raise

more funds, including a scenic flight in the Bell 206, which

raised more than A$600.

The Charity Ball was a great success and at the end of the

night the total funds raised were A$177,000. This was then

divided equally and presented to each of the charities as

well as glass sculptures of appreciation that were presented

to each of the major sponsors.

Toll Remote Logistics works with the ADF providing

comprehensive logistics support to Operation ASTUTE in

Timor Leste as well as ships’ husbandry for naval vessels

and AQIS cleaning of Defence assets, such as military

vehicles returning from overseas. Toll Remote Logistics also

provides logistics consultancy services to the ADF through

our commercial planning partner embedded within

Headquarters Joint Logistics Command. n

Google maps to accurately measure the distance travelled

on a daily basis.

Over the 16 week challenge, the GCC will also help you

to closely manage weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

With men losing 5kg on average and women dropping 6kg,

the program has significant measurable health benefits.

To ensure you and your team has the best possible chance

at succeeding in the program, why not start a walking group

on a lunchtime, or perhaps after work? This will get your

team enthused for the challenge and increase your chances

of winning!

If you would like to take part in 2011’s GCC,

email: n


4 Toll HRT V8 show

car and Helicorp Bell

206L on display at

the Fun Run / Walk

at Albert Park Lake.

Toll Today March – May 2011 37




Toll Global Logistics Helps to rebuild School

in West Sumatra

1 The school’s

opening ceremony

after the rebuilding

project is complete.


strong earthquake struck

off the coast of Indonesia’s

Sumatra Island near the city

of Padang, on 30 September 2009.

The earthquake destroyed almost

the whole area and killed thousands

of people. Large office buildings and

houses were reduced to rubble in

seconds, with the earthquake also

destroying at least two hospitals and

several schools.

In several discussions with Rolls-

Royce indonesia, management

of PT Toll Indonesia became aware of

their Corporate Social Responsibility

program. The program is managed

by Rolls-Royce’s local Indonesian

staff and identifies opportunities

to contribute to society.

In this instance, the Rolls-Royce

team identified a school that had

been completely destroyed during

the earthquake and decided to

rebuild it in a new location, as their

contribution to the local community.

Through PT Toll Indonesia’s relationship

with Rolls-Royce, Toll Global Logistics

was approached to provide a donation

to contribute to the rebuilding of the

school. Instantly realising the importance

of this to the local community and

the future of the children there, Toll

Global Logistics was only too happy

to help their partner rebuild the new

Muhammadiyah Anak Air Dadok school

Helping those in Need at Christmas

2 Thomas

Underwood and

Ewan Breakey who

worked very hard

packaging the gifts

and attaching con

notes to them.

For many Toll staff, Christmas is a time to spend with

our friends and family. However we cannot forget

those who are less fortunate than us, and in 2010 our

team in WA did not forget.

Working with Toll’s Western Australia-based Chaplain,

Elizabeth Breakey, the teams from Toll Priority, Toll IPEC,

Toll Dnata, Toll Express, Toll Fleet and Toll SPD in Perth took

part in the Prison Fellowship’s International Christmas

appeal, the angel Tree Project.

The project offers the community the chance to provide

gifts to children of prisoners in the WA prison system. The

teams responded very kindly by picking a gift tag from

Christmas trees, which had a child’s name and age on it.

In all, the Toll staff purchased gifts for 120 children. With

such a fantastic response, and a clear willingness to help

these young people, Elizabeth had to return to the Prison

Fellowship on a number of occasions to ask for more

children who the teams could help.

And to help Santa, Toll IPEC and Toll Priority worked as

Santa’s little elves by delivering the gifts to the children

before Christmas Eve! n

located in the Agam Regency, West of

Padang on Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

Toll’s donation greatly assisted the

rebuild of the school which took

almost 12 months to complete. The

community of Agam Regency was

extremely grateful for the facility which

will now give their young people the

start in life that they deserve. n



Teamwork Puts Smiles on Children’s Faces

On Sunday 28 November, staff and families from

Toll Global Information Services gathered at

Myuna Farm in Doveton for the fourth annual

Kids’ Christmas Party.

Families enjoyed pony rides, face painting and train rides in

between visiting farm animals and avoiding the rain showers.

The day wouldn’t have been complete without a visit from

Santa Claus himself. The kids were not disappointed as Santa

arrived on a stylish sleigh. They became excitable when his

bell rang; and followed him over to the Toll Grotto,

enthusiastically waiting in line. After a chat with Santa, a

photo and a present, the kids left delighted with their gifts.

The day was deemed a great success in the words of a girl

who proudly said to her dad, “Toll is the BEST company;

I’ve had the best day ever”.

Four years ago the event started at a local play centre,

and has now grown in scale to cater for over 200 people.

A committee was formed and each year gains new

members. The committee engages help from a large team

of volunteers who donate their time for the event, be it

buying or wrapping gifts, fund raising or helping out on

the day with catering, photography or even face painting.

This event is funded by profits from numerous events

throughout the year including raffles, BBQs and sales from

the confectionery stall. The aim is to offer a fun and relaxed

day for Toll Global Information Services families at minimal

cost with quality catering and of course, a visit from Santa.

Only with help from Toll partners and essential donations,

is the committee able to put on an event of this magnitude.

The committee would like thank Karen Bresnan, from Toll

Auto who kindly donated some goodies to give out on the

day and employees who donated prizes for the raffles.

The committee is very proud to be part of an environment

where people work together to put smiles on children’s

faces. It’s now a part of Christmas that we look forward

to each year.

This type of event is a great example of teamwork and

dedication and shows that things can be achieved if we

work together. A special thanks to all those who volunteered

for the event, it could not happen without their support.

If you are interested in helping out with the event

or providing donations for raffles please email: n


Toll Today March – May 2011 39




A Walk for a Good Cause

1 Dominic Rego

and his twin daughters

enjoying the


Staff from Toll Global Logistics

recently took part in a sponsored

walk to raise money for the

Dover Park Hospice in Singapore.

Organised by the Business Times

and the Dover Park Hospice, the

Sunday walk on 5 September 2010

saw hundreds of people walk along

Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach. The family

event was organised to raise funds for

the hospice and increase awareness

of palliative care issues, which have

become ever more important in

Singapore’s ageing population.

Toll Global Logistics pledged S$5,000

to the cause and a number of staff

took part with their families, including

Director of Business Development,

Dominic Rego who took part with his

wife and twin daughters. Dominic said,

“It was indeed a SUNny day, with

everyone dressed in yellow clothes to

match the Hospice’s emblem. It was a

great afternoon with loads going on for

kids and families. There were people

on stilts, balloon makers and face

painters, encouraging everyone to

join in the spirit of the day.

“We were delighted to be able to take

part in the event and help raise the

awareness of such a vital service”.

According to 2010 statistics, the

median age of Singapore’s population

is 37.4, up from just 34 in 2000, and

care in later life or palliative care is a

subject that the nation is starting to

seriously address.

In his 2009 National Day rally speech,

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

highlighted issues surrounding

Singapore’s ageing population and

how Singaporeans need to prepare

their healthcare system to cope with

future demands of aged care. He also

spoke about the need for step-down

care in community hospitals, nursing

homes, and home nursing care.

Toll Global Logistics is committed in

helping to improve the communities in

which we live and work. The company

is active in supporting the

communities in which it operates,

particularly through corporate giving

and volunteering.

Toll Global Logistics was thanked by

alvin Tay, the Business Times editor

for its support, “On behalf of the

elderly and children supported by the

Dover Park Hospice, a big thank you

for your (Toll Global Logistics)

generous donation”. n


Toll remote Logistics – Working with BHP Billiton

to Bring Christmas Cheer to Zambian Orphans

Staff from Toll Remote Logistics’

Zambia support operation got

together with staff from BHP

Billiton to help bring some Christmas

cheer to children from a local


As one of the world’s poorer countries,

where 17 percent of adults aged 15

to 49 are infected with HIV, Zambia

has more than its share of troubles

and more than its share of orphans.

In order to provide a day of relief, staff

from Toll Remote Logistics and BHP

Billiton invited children from a local

orphanage to come and join them for

a Christmas celebration.

Staff arranged games and activities

including a jumping castle, a live band

and a visit from Santa to top it all off.

Santa’s gifts were a real hit with the

children, each receiving a school

backpack full of books, pens and


Malaysian Team Supports Local Children’s Home

On the 11 December 2010,

the team from Toll Global

Forwarding in Malaysia spent

the day with the children from the

Rumah Amal Anak Yatim YPIN at

KLCC Aquarium.

This home provides refuge for orphans

and children who have been abandoned,

abused and neglected. There, they are



All staff, as well as their young guests

had a great time and are already

looking forward to next year. Not that

they will have to wait that long to catch

up though, with Toll Remote Logistics

committing to help the orphanage with

repairs and maintenance through the

given shelter, love and care, and

a chance to lead a normal life.

To support the work of the home,

staff at Toll gave their time and energy

generously to spend time with the

children at the aquarium.

aquaria KLCC is a world class

aquarium with many species of

year. Hopefully next year, the children

have even more to smile about.

Toll Remote Logistics is in Zambia

providing complete logistics support

to BHP Billiton’s mobile mining

exploration camps. n

colourful marine life from Malaysia

and around the world. For many

of the children, this was the first

time they had visited an aquarium,

and they were understandably

very excited.

The whole experience left a lasting

impact on the children, and the staff

at Toll Global Forwarding. n


2 Christmas

Celebration. Toll

Remote Logistics

Zambia Project

Manager Andrew

Johnston (centre back)

and his wife Annie join

forces with Santa and

BHP Billiton program

manager Johnny

Vellozze and his wife

Joanne to celebrate

Christmas with local

staff and children.

3 The Toll Global

Forwarding team

enjoyed a day at the

aquarium with children

from Rumah Amal

Anak Yatim YPIN.

Toll Today March – May 2011 41




Making a Splash with Sorrento SLSC!

1 Paul Little AO

watching the races

from the beach.

2 Two participants

in the junior swim.



As part of Toll’s ongoing

sponsorship of the Sorrento

Surf Lifesaving Club, we

supported the club’s annual bay swim,

held in early January.

An Australian summer tradition,

swimming competitions in the open

sea are organised in many surf lifesaving

clubs across the country to encourage

health and wellbeing, and water safety

for all ages. For over ten years, Toll has

supported the work the Sorrento Surf

Livesaving Club does in patrolling one

of Victoria’s most popular beaches, as

well as their annual bay swim.

This year, the event was held on

Sunday 9 January with hundreds

of people taking part in the day.

Swim event coordinator, Jim Sheedy

explains how the day went.

“After months of preparation, the swim

finally arrived. The forecasted 10 knot

southerly winds, was to be perfect for

the event.

Success on the Tasman

3 Shaun Quincey

crossing the Tasman.

Toll Global Forwarding New Zealand recently

sponsored Shaun Quincey in his challenge

to row solo from Australia to New Zealand.

Shaun departed Coffs Harbour, NSW on 20 January 2010

and arrived at Ninety Mile Beach, Northland, on 14 March.

He was welcomed by a crowd of over 500 friends and

family. In total Shaun took 53 days to complete this

challenge, the straight line distance across the Tasman

is 2,200km but winds and currents meant he had to row

nearly 3,900km.

“Hundreds of people were on the beach

by 8am to register for their events,

and get prepared for the big races.

The crowd was kept entertained by

club vice president and DJ for the

day Marc Calvin who pleased the

parents with lots of 80s classic tunes.

“At 10am 140 junior entrants started

their 600m race. This was the biggest

junior race to date, and a great event

spurred on by lots of proud parents

and supporters cheering from the jetty.

“Next came the novice race which again

was a huge success, everyone seemed

to enjoy their first taste of racing. This

was followed by the main open swim,

which saw some cross the line of the

1.8km course in 22 minutes. That’s the

same speed as Kieran Perkins

(although the tide did help a lot!).

“The over 60s race also saw more

than 30 entrants. These guys and gals

are a fine example of the health

benefits achieved through swimming”.


With 540 participants safely taking

part and completing the course this

year, it’s a huge triumph for the club

and a great fundraising activity

collecting more than A$20,000, to

fund the club over the coming year.

The team of volunteer lifeguards at

Sorrento patrol the beaches, ensuring

all visitors are safe while playing in the

surf. The team also teach youngsters

or ‘nippers’ how to swim and be

safe at the beach, giving them the

confidence and skills to enjoy the sea.

MD Paul Little ao gave a speech

at the end of the race to thank the

participants and Sorrento’s volunteers

for the hard work they do to keep the

beach a safe and popular weekend

destination for Victorians and many

of Toll’s employees. n

Shaun, aged 25, became only the second person to row

solo across the Tasman after his father Colin Quincey

completed the same challenge in 1977 and this gave

Shaun the inspiration and motivation to go on.

Much of Shaun’s days were spent strapped to his seat

on the oars for up to 10 hours a day, cooking, doing boat

maintenance, and trying to get some sleep. There were

some days where Shaun was confined to the small cabin

on his boat when the weather was so bad it was too

dangerous to go outside.

Shaun had many sleepless nights due to swells of up to 3m,

and he was faced with some extreme situations caused by

storms, one of which resulted in the boat capsizing at 11pm

one night, breaking oars and loosing valuable equipment.

Thankfully Shaun managed to survive this ordeal and was

able to continue his challenge.

These hardships and experiences only added to Shaun’s

tenacity and determination to achieve his goal to complete

his solo challenge.

Shaun is now working on writing a book and planning for

his next rowing adventure.

Toll Global Forwarding was very proud to support Shaun

and wishes him well for his future adventures. n

Staff Milestones


Adrian Michael Andrew – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Alan James Cromarty – Toll Global Resources, Tomago, NSW

Alan McKendry – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Alan Phillips – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Anna Fondas – Toll Express, Chullora, NSW

Anthony Nelson – Toll Express, Gosford, NSW

Barry Douglas – Toll Logistics, Wellington, NZ

Brad Kennedy – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Brian McPherson – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Bradley Croker – Toll Priority, Bankstown, NSW

Brenton Jones – Toll Tasmania, Adelaide, SA

Brett Gear – Toll Express, Richlands, QLD

Brian Gillies – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Bulent Aksoy – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Carlene Holland – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ

Carole Shalom – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

Clive Steele – Toll Priority, Botany, NSW

David Elbourne – Toll Global Resources, Tomago, NSW

Deborah Anne Sturrock – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Doug Hawkins – Toll New Zealand, Auckland, NZ

Eddy Leban – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

George Netschitowsky – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

Graham Barton – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Greg Miller – Toll New Zealand, Auckland, NZ

Ian Morrison – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Ian Seth – Toll IPEC, Perth, WA

Jason William Coates – QRX, Cairns, QLD

Jennifer Hantler – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Jenny Doll – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

John Horton – Toll SPD, Perth, WA

John Popovic – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Joseph Duong – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

Justin Morris – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Kim McMahon – Toll IPEC, Dandenong, VIC

Kym Dobie – Toll Tasmania, Adelaide, SA

Lance William McGregor – Toll Express, Altona, VIC

Leslie Grant Toovey – Toll Liquids, Kewdale, WA

Liangliang Lu – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ

Lynn Battese – Toll IPEC, Albury, NSW

Margaret Kelly – Toll Fast, Belmont, WA

Mark Andronicus – Toll Express, Sydney, NSW

Mark Hosking – Toll IPEC, Brisbane, QLD

Mark Twomey – Toll Tranzlink, Christchurch, NZ

Marten Martin – Toll IPEC, Bentley, WA

Michael Whyte – Toll Priority, Bankstown, NSW

Michelle Francis – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Michael Kalleske – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

Mike Stewart – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ

Minh Luu – Toll Fast, Banksmeadow, NSW

Nathalie Key – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Nicholas Elkins – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

Nick Papas – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Nigel Boxall – Toll IPEC, Canberra, ACT

Patricia Macintyre – Toll Global Information Services, Doveton, VIC

Patricia Mahara – Toll Priority, Bankstown, NSW

Paul Bserani – Toll Global Information Services, Doveton, VIC

Peter Esch – Toll Priority, North Melbourne, VIC

Phillip Anthony King – Toll Global Resources, Carrington, NSW

Phillip Gargano – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Phillip Huia – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ

Raymond Beaton – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Richard Lowey – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

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Robert Clarke – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Rod Lay – Toll New Zealand, Auckland, NZ

Roger Smith – Toll Corporate, North Sydney, NSW

Rose Schillaci – Toll Priority, Thomastown, VIC

Ross Cope – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Scott Anthony Brown – Toll Global Resources, Tomago, NSW

Shane Dixon – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Smita Granland – Toll Global Information Services, Doveton, VIC

Stephen Kenny – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Stephen McKenzie – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ

Steven Ireland – Toll Express, Richlands, QLD

Tom Thompson – Toll Global Forwarding, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tony McGrath – Toll Global Information Services, Doveton, VIC

Troy Atkinson – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Tutanekai Lino – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Vincent Stephens – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ

Wayne Turner – Toll Global Forwarding, Murrarie, QLD


Carmel Harrold – Toll IPEC, Toowoomba, QLD

Cheryl Brown – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Christopher Korzer – Toll IPEC, Townsville, QLD

Cliff Vengtasamy – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC

Darren Reith – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Dave Richardson – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ

Deanne Mitchell – Toll Global Forwarding, Tauranga, NZ

Dianne Wilson – Toll Global Forwarding, Tullamarine, VIC

Fran Pastura – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Frank Gurmai – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Gavin Hawker – Toll Tranzlink, Christchurch, NZ

Geoffrey Day – Toll Express, Richlands, QLD

Graham Edward Drummond – Toll SPD, Chullora, NSW

Graham Troy – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Gregory Jensen – Toll IPEC, Brisbane, QLD

Isabella Douglas – Toll Fast, Murarrie, QLD

James McWilliams – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Joanne Waldron – Toll Tranzlink, Christchurch, NZ

John Kowalczyk – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Julie Ann Holmsted – Toll SPD, Regency Park, SA

Karen Bishopp – Toll Priority, Coorparoo, QLD

Martin Hans Leck – Toll SPD, Chullora, NSW

Morgan Watts – Toll IPEC, Perth, WA

Patricia Polyak – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA

Paul Robinson – Toll Fast, Banksmeadow, NSW

Peter Dransfield – Toll IPEC, Townsville, QLD

Peter Stewart Philip – ORX, Moolabin, QLD

Phillip Eric Johnson – QRX, Cairns, QLD

Robert Charles Sperling – Toll SPD, Brisbane, QLD

Robert Kent – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Robert Symons – Toll Shipping, Burnie, TAS

Robert Ward – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Ronald James – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Ronald Michael Hicks – Toll Global Resources,Tomago, NSW

Sam Debrincat – Toll Shipping, Port Melbourne, VIC

Sam Dib – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Scott Foster – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW

Simon Thomas Wylie – Toll Global Resources,Tomago, NSW

Steven Westerberg – Toll IPEC, Homebush, NSW

Stuart May – Toll IPEC, Perth, WA

Troy Kimmorley – Toll Energy, Barrow Island, WA

Wayne Turner – Toll IPEC, Newcastle, NSW


Alan Burgers – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Bill Anderson – Toll Logistics, Wellington, NZ

David Keith Gilmore – QRX, Moolabin, QLD

George Karkanis – Toll Global Information Services, Doveton, VIC

Graeme Mann – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ

Helen Lauder – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

John TePona Adams – Toll Global Resources,Tomago, NSW

Kathleen Crowe – Toll Fast, Banksmeadow, NSW

Neville Anderson – Toll Priority, Brisbane Airport, QLD

Patrick Walter Haydon – QRX, Moolabin, QLD

Patricia Cassar – Toll Global Forwarding, St Peters, NSW

Paul McGarry – Toll IPEC, Canberra, ACT

Sidney Subritzky – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Tony Lagahetau – Toll Tranzlink / Auto Express, Auckland, NZ

William Smith – Toll Express, Richlands, QLD


David Allen – Toll Global Information Services, Adelaide Airport, SA

James Moore – Toll Express, Perth, WA

Julie Hagen – Toll Global Forwarding, Tullamarine, VIC

Louise Barlow – Toll Priority, Silverwater, NSW

Maria Dmyterko – Toll IPEC, Brisbane, QLD

Maxwell George Rowley – Toll SPD, Chullora, NSW

Pavey Marian – Toll SPD, Chullora, NSW

Peter Kent Corrigan – QRX, Moolabin, QLD

Roland Nicholson – Toll Global Forwarding, Tullamarine, VIC

Steven Lewis – Toll Global Forwarding, Murrarie, QLD

Terry Bartsch – Toll Tasmania, Port Adelaide, SA

Toula Kouros – Toll Express, Wollongong, NSW

Wayne Commerford – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC


Anita Johanna Perry – QRX, Moolabin, QLD

Emma Marderoussian – Toll Global Forwarding, Mascot, NSW

Gavin Edge – Toll United, Whangarei, NZ

John Alderman – Toll Global Information Services, Doveton, VIC

Kenneth William Chellingsworth – QRX, Rockhampton, QLD

Terrence Weatherley – Toll IPEC, Ballarat, VIC

Tony Kilner – Toll Tranzlink, Dunedin, NZ

Trish Rudd – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ


Cecil Franckiewicz – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW

Colin Gerard Graham – QRX, Moolabin, QLD

Glenn Biggs – Toll Global Forwarding, Murrarie, QLD

Gordon Burgemeister – Toll Priority, Adelaide Airport, SA


Bob Coleman – Toll SPD, Perth, WA

Robert Arthur Colman – Toll SPD, Perth, WA

Staff Milestones


Graham Owen – Toll Global Forwarding, Murrarie, QLD

Toll Today March – May 2011


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